Her Deadly Night in Paris (2023) Movie Script


[sighs] just take a taxi.
[sighs] stupid bus driver.
[sighs] oh, god. Shoot. Okay.
[exhales deeply]
good. Where are we at?
Where'd, uh...Yes!
Oh, finally. Thank god. Oh!
[sighs] what am I, invisible?
[exhales deeply]
Believe me.
You're anything but invisible,
I was expecting your mom.
Her last message said
she'd be here to pick me up.
I know. Dsol.
She got held up.
Uh, I'm sorry. [chuckles]
Uh, it's just...You look
so different from your picture.
Shall we?
[exhales deeply]
I didn't realize
we were actually taking a boat.
I just thought we were
meeting here because
The charles de gaulle airport's
such a mob scene.
It's your first time in paris.
I have to show it to you
the right way, yeah?
Come on, sit.
-[engine starts]
[exhales deeply]
So, you haven't been
to France before?
I've never been anywhere before.
So, you've become
an exchange student because
You wanted to see the world?
That's one reason.
What else?
Honestly, I just wanted
to get out on my own.
That I can understand.
I thought you got along
with your parents.
Madeliene seems so wonderful.
It's my father.
He is...He's strict.
He is a judge.
That's a pretty serious
But I prefer your dad's job.
-My dad?
He's an actuary.
I thought he was in the navy.
He was.
But after my mom died,
he quit and went into insurance.
Ever since then, all he sees
is the downside of everything.
He was sure something terrible
would happen if I came here.
-This is your house?
But usually
I go around the back way.
It lets me sneak in and out
Late at night
when I'm supposed to be asleep.
-there she is!
Welcome to our home,
ma chrie.
Ah, with all our emails, I feel
like I've known you for ages.
[in french]
[speaks french
in american accent]
Oh, you're so lovely.
No need to be so formal with me.
As long as
you stay in our house,
I want you to think of me
as your mother
And antoine as your brother.
Did he offer to carry your bags?
Uh...Yes, he did.
Well, next time he will.
[chuckles] come with me.
So, how was your flight?
They put you
on first class, I hope?
Economy, but it was fine, so...
I can never sleep
in those horrible seats.
You must be exhausted. [laughs]
So, come.
I'll show you to your room.
[antoine exhales deeply]
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
I'm so excited to have you here.
We're gonna
spend some family time.
It's gonna be great. So, this is
the dining room, and...
[ice clinks]
I didn't know you were home.
Oh, sorry.
Lucy, this is my husband, remy.
Lucy, madeliene has
told me so much about you.
It's a pleasure to
finally meet you in person.
[speaks french
in american accent]
[in french]
Trs bien. Very good. [laughs]
Actually, that's just about it
for my conversational french.
I'm...I'm sure I'll pick up
more while I'm here.
Six months will--
should be plenty of time.
I understand you were
an honor student in high school,
So maybe your work ethic
will rub off on antoine.
Law school requires top marks.
[clicks tongue]
But where are my manners? I'm...
I'm sorry.
I'm embarrassing our son.
-What time is dinner?
-7, as usual.
-Smells delicious, maman.
-Merci, mon cher.
I'd like to take her
on a little walk
As well before dinner.
-[ice clinking]
-what a lovely idea.
[ice rattling]
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
You two, go on, yeah.
We'll talk more later.
Great. So, remember,
we are family now, okay?
So, you can ask me
anything you want, all right?
Follow me.
I'll show you to your room.
[in french]
[suitcase rolling]
-Has lucy come down yet?
-Not yet.
Remember what I said before.
Lucy--now she's like
your sister.
-Mm, no.
[sighs] it's important
to your father, hmm?
Appearances matter.
Do you understand?
[in french]
[whispers] je t'aime.
[in french]
So, what did your father mean
by "consequences"?
I thought you said
you didn't speak much french.
I...May have exaggerated
a little.
It's an empty threat.
He thinks the only way
to get results is to say
The same thing over
and over again, only louder.
Ah. Parents are
the same everywhere, I see.
Mm. Except mine wants to be
mayor of paris one day.
So, everything
is a photo op for him.
That's why he's encouraging you
to become a lawyer?
Yeah, that he can control

Let's stop here.
I want to enjoy
this beautiful afternoon
With a beautiful lady.
[indistinct conversations]
Can I trust you?
My lips are sealed, I promise.
I want to be an artist.
Cool. Like a painter?
Yeah, exactly. I...
Well...But I want my art bold,
you know?
I want to influence people,
Open their minds.
I'm renting a loft in montmartre
and working on a portfolio.
-How fantastic.
And your parents don't know
anything about this?
A few years ago,
My father got wind of my work,
And he destroyed
all my paints and brushes.
I'm...So sorry, antoine.
Never mind.
I'm ruining
our lovely afternoon.

[horn honks]
Hi, honey.
This is your dad.
You haven't responded
To my emails or text messages
since Sunday,
And I know you're rolling
your eyes at me right now,
But if you could just
take a moment to let me know
How you're doing,
that would be great.
Okay? I love you, honey.
Hi, dad.
I saw your video.
Sorry it took so long
to get back to you.
I've been
really busy with school.
Anyway, I've got to go.
I'm literally buried
in homework.
-Love you, too.
-Your dad?
So, how's it going?
I haven't seen you much.
I, um...
Actually was wondering
if you were avoiding me.
Never. The--the law school is
Just on the far side
of the campus,
And I like to study
at the library instead of home.
Well, I...Better get going.
I've got a paper on charlemagne
due Tuesday.
You're going to study. Now?
It's Friday.
Yeah. So?
My cousin vincent is a dj,
And he has a gig tonight
in montmartre,
And I thought maybe
you'd like to join me.
Wait. Did you say montmartre?
So, what do you say?
Do you want to see
the real paris, lucy cunningham?
[electronic dance music playing]

[crowd cheering]
[cheering continues]

Hey, excusez moi. Um...
[speaking french]
No, she won't.
Mm. Okay. Uh, what are you,
her mother?
Yeah. I am.


What? What was that for?
I know him.
His hand will be all over you
in 20 seconds.
I'm sorry.
Uh, I-I just thought...
Wait. Wait. Wait a minute.
Are you...Jealous?
Okay, just let me apologize.
It was my idea to come here,
And I just wanted you
to meet my cousin. Um...
Let's wait until after his set,
And I'll introduce you, okay?

[speaking french]
-[speaking french]
Bye, baby.
I want you to meet lucy.
[in french]
Oh, no, we're not...
-I'm not his...
Ah, you're
the american exchange student?
Okay, well, in that case,
welcome to paris.
Thank you. Your set
completely rocked, by the way.
Thank you. [chuckles]
When antoine is famous, we're
going to tour america together.
I can't wait to see
some of his paintings.
You mean you didn't...You...
You didn't...Oh, I know. It's--
-It's not ready.
-It's not ready. Come on, man.
I think you need a little
attitude adjustment here.
You know, street art--
it's about being seen.
No? It's about
going in your face.
It's about grabbing the world
by the balls
And telling it,
"now they know me!" right?
-Yeah, yeah. [laughs]
I know, I know. Come on, lucy.
I'll buy you a drink.

I heard that you were having
a little party, vincent.
I feel insulted
that I wasn't invited.
-Who is that?
-Vincent's parole officer.
Parole officer?
You know, one of the condition
of your early release
Is that you associate
with the right people,
Be an upstanding citizen. Yes?
Yeah, well, I'm just having
A bite to eat, bernard,
that's all.
Vincent. Vincent.

Do you think
I was born yesterday?
-[whispers] come on.
[gasps] okay.
[both panting]
Man. [continues panting]
What did vincent do?
[sighs] he stole
my father's car and crashed it.
What?! Why?
Because it belonged
to my father.
That's why you didn't want him
to see us here,
Because he'd tell remy.
[exhales deeply]
So, what do we do now?
There's no way out
except past bernard.
We'll have to wait.
And you see "stupid"
written on my forehead? Hmm?
I saw you djing earlier.
Yeah, well,
djing is not illegal, is it?
No, but it all started
like that, right? Remember?
First, djing, then the drugs,
then the stolen--
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I hear you, bernard. I-I do.
Good, good. Good.
I'm happy
that we're on the same page.
Now, since you mentioned
I'm hungry.
What are you buying?

And I thought this
will be a fun night out.
It was. It is.
You know what I'd like to do?
Tell me.
See some paintings by
a really talented local artist.
If you hate them,
You have to promise to lie
and say they are genius.
That's not going to happen.
Thank you...
For getting me away
from my books tonight.
I had a lot of fun.
We should...Probably pretend
that didn't happen, right?
Because you're my brother.

You're tired?
We should have taken a taxi.
I like walking.
It gives me a feel for the city.
-You sound parisian now.
Here we are.
You're not coming?
No. I'm going back
to montmartre and my studio.
Someone asked me
to see my paintings,
Which means I have a lot
of work to do this weekend.
Do you ever sleep?
Not much.
Especially lately.
Good night, antoine.
Good night, lucy.
[remy shouting in french]
[shouting in french continues]
[madeliene sobbing]
-Oh. Oh!
-[knife clatters]
[crying] no.
[madeliene wailing]
What...What happened?
[madeliene sobbing]
I tried to stop him,
but he...He resisted,
And then...
[madeliene continues sobbing]
Isn't that right, madeliene?
-madeliene. Madeliene.
[voice breaking]
yes, of course. Yes.
-I did not...
I did not have a choice. I...
I had to defend myself.
But, uh...Lucy, uh, listen.
The laws here are
not the same as in america.
It's much harder to argue
self-defense in french court.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
We--we should call the police.
[madeliene continues crying]
No. We have--
we have to get rid of the body.
If we don't,
my career will be ruined.
Everything, all that,
and so will antoine's life.
There has to be another way.
No, there isn't. Believe me.
I know the system,
and I know how it works.
[madeliene sobbing]
Is that what you want?
To ruin everything? Is it?
You can't tell anyone
about that.
Is that clear?
[breathing shakily]
-is that clear?
Now...Go around to the back door
while we clean this up.
[madeliene continues crying]
[breathing shakily]
Antoine: Lucy.
[bell tolling]
[bell continues tolling]
If you're
worried about my father
Finding out about the party...
A-are you okay?
Listen, ever since last night,
All I can think about is--
I have to get to class.
I'll see you later.
[remy and madeliene
speaking french]
[continuing in french]
Woman: Mademoiselle?
-Are you lucy cunningham?
-Yes. Uh... Oui.
Lieutenant laurent,
judicial police, paris.
May I see your passport, please?
Sure. [grunts] okay.
You are here under
a student exchange program, yes?
That's right.
What's...Going on?
There has been a murder.
Gaston moulin, age 45.
His body was found this morning
earlier near your university.
Did you know him?
No, but I've only been in France
for a few weeks.
Then how do
you explain the presence
Of your dna on his corpse?
[scoffs] uh...
That's impossible.
I mean, how could it be
if I didn't even touch him?
I mean...
Uh... [sighs]
[door opens]
Why are the police here?
-Don't interfere.
if you will come with us.
What? I...
What happened?
[footsteps depart]
[siren wailing]
I told you, I'd never even
seen him before last night.
But you did see him last night.
I think I need a lawyer.
Of course.
And I wanna speak
to somebody at my embassy.
Those requests
might take a few hours.
We can wait,
Or you can answer some
of my questions now,
And we can get you back home
that much quicker.
What do you say?
Did you see the victim
last night?
Did he try to assault you?
Because that would be
an extenuating circumstance
The court
would take into account.
I saw him get stabbed.
Okay? By remy verdier.
Are you saying
Examining magistrate verdier
murdered this man?
after he broke into our house.
It was self-defense.
At least it's what they told me.
there have been a number
Of sexual assaults in this
arrondissement on students.
Monsieur moulin
fits the description
Other witnesses have given.
And the body was found
between your house
And the campus on the route
you take to school every day.
If you were
the victim of such a crime,
You need to be honest with me.
-I am being honest.
And yet you insist
on wasting my time
With ridiculous accusations
against a respected magistrate!
Unless you're willing to tell me
the truth, I can't help you.
Do you want me to lie?
Because I could tell you
this moulin guy raped me
If it'll get me
out of here sooner.
He did sexually assault you?
No, you're not listening
to what I'm saying!
-wait a minute.
The dna you found--
how do you know it was mine?
What do you mean?
You couldn't have possibly
gotten a sample of my dna
And compared them that quickly.
Oh, my god. Verdier put you up
to this, didn't he?
First the parole officer,
now you.
[cellphone buzzing]
Oh, dad.
-What are you doing?!
Do you think
we let prisoners walk around
With their mobile phones?
I think I've heard enough.
Mademoiselle cunningham,
You are under arrest
for the murder of gaston moulin.
[indistinct chatter]
[siren wailing in distance]
[indistinct conversations]
[speaking french]
-[alarm wailing]
[speaks french]
[alarm continues wailing]
[whispers] sorry.
[alarm continues wailing]
[in french]
[alarm continues wailing]
[sighs heavily]
[alarm continues wailing]
[in french]
[cellphone buzzing]
-Dad, it's me.
Lucy. Thank god.
-I didn't recognize this number.
-I found a burner phone.
A what? A burner phone?
Is everything all right?
-No, dad, I'm in trouble.
-Okay, okay.
What kind of trouble?
Tell me what I can do to help.
There was a murder.
I witnessed it.
-Now the police think I did it.
-Wait, what?!
A-a murder?
Why would they think that?
Who was murdered?
This man, gaston moulin.
Judge verdier killed him,
And I think
he's trying to frame me for it.
Frame you? Lucy, honey,
you're not making any sense.
Just listen to me, dad, please.
They took my passport,
so I can't leave the country.
Honey, did you call catherine
from the exchange program?
Maybe she can help.
No, I didn't call her.
I need real help.
[breathing heavily]
What about that old
navy buddy of yours who's, like,
An ambassador now or something?
Didn't you save his life once?
You mean my--
my old friend reuben
From the state department?
Yeah, that's him!
Reuben at the state department.
But I haven't spoken
to reuben in years.
Listen, sweetheart, the--
the smartest thing you can do
Right now is go straight
to the u.S. Embassy, you know?
Tell them everything
that happened.
They'll know what to do.
Do you know where to find it?
-Yes. I'm on my way.
-Good girl.
I love you, dad.
[cellphone clatters,
running footsteps]
You're back.
The police
wouldn't tell me anything.
You know that lucy
couldn't have killed someone.
You know that, right?
I don't know anything.
But I can see
you weren't listening
When I told you
appearances matter.
What are you talking about?
Antoine, you're falling for her.
Don't try to deny it.
I can hear it in your voice.
We must let the police
handle this,
And you must never
see her again.
Do you understand?
He did that to you?
No. Antoine!
How did that happen?
No, I don't need excuses.
Just take care of it.
You said
you wouldn't hit her anymore.
You promised!
Yeah, but that was before she
invited a killer into our home.
-Lucy didn't do anything.
-You know this how?
Because she was with me
last night!
We were in montmartre!
She was with me the whole time!
So, you were with vincent?
I've told you I don't want you
anywhere near that boy.
Because I might end up like him
instead of like you?
Oh. We are not
having this discussion.
You have a curfew
until further notice.
When you aren't at school,
I want you in your room
No exceptions.
Oh, let him go.
What can he do? The boy is
as useless as his cousin.
-[clicking tongue]
Don't make the mistake
of thinking I won't hurt him.
You gave your word.
[whispers] yeah, I did.
But things have changed.
[door slams]
[door squeaks]
[in french]
Come on, lucy, pick up. Pick up.
Bonjour, antoine.
-Who is this?
-Lieutenant laurent.
We met briefly earlier today.
If lucy cunningham
gets in touch with you,
You are to let me know
[doors unlock, beep]
Pay attention.
If she's not here already,
she will be on her way.
Don't let her get past you.
[door opens]
[telephone rings in distance]
[door closes]
Lucy cunningham?
-I'm debra with the consulate.
I understand
you have a legal issue.
I saw a man killed,
And now the person who did it
is trying to pin it on me.
Look, I know how this sounds,
but his name is remy verdier.
He's a judge.
Verdier? That rings a bell.
Hmm. Oh.
That's the name
of your host family
You're staying with here?
Yes, I've been living with them.
His wife's part of this, too.
Look, I don't know
what's going on,
But we can't interfere
In criminal investigations
on french soil.
You're 18. That means
if you're charged with a crime,
All we can do
is offer legal assistance.
Fine. Then I want
legal assistance.
[telephone rings]
Excuse me for a moment.
I see.
All right. Thank you.
[receiver hangs up]
That was the front guard gate.
The lieutenant laurent
with the judicial police
Has requested we hand you over.
Apparently, you resisted arrest?
And escaped from her custody?
Is that true?
I didn't have a choice.
They weren't listening to me.
Then I'm sorry.
You're seriously
gonna let them take me?
Those are the rules.
But we'll be in touch
with the prosecutor's office
To make sure you have everything
you need for your defense.
And if you want me
to call your family for you,
-I can do that.
-No, you don't understand.
They've already decided
I'm guilty.
I know this must be
very stressful for you,
Miss cunningham, but they
respect due process here.
Just like back home,
you'll get your day in court.
[breathing shakily]
Wait. Can I at least
go to the bathroom first?
Of course.
Will you please
show miss cunningham
To the restroom first?
This way, ma'am.
Be quick.
[loud scream]
Is everything okay?!
[door locks]
-Guard: Lady, hey, come on!
-[pounding on door]
Come on, lady, you need
to open the door right now!
[door knob rattling,
pounding continues]
Hey! Stop!
Stop her! Stop!
[alarm wailing]
[alarm continues wailing]
[metal thudding]
[beeps, buzzer]
I thought you might
try something like this.
Think this through, lucy.
You're in a strange country,
You don't speak the language,
and you don't have a passport.
Running will accomplish nothing.
-[horn honking]
-antoine: Lucy?
Get in!
[alarm continues wailing]
[tires peal, engine revs]
[alarm continues wailing]
[engine turns off]
Where are we?
Safe for the moment, but we
have to figure out a plan.
How'd you find me?
Where else would an american in
paris go if she was in trouble?
Are you okay?
I didn't...Kill anyone.
You know that, right?
Would I be here if I didn't?
[exhales deeply]
Wait. Whose car is this?
My father's.
We can't go too long.
It was remy.
He killed gaston.
I saw him do it.
So did your mom.
He said I couldn't tell anyone,
not even you.
He said the guy broke in.
It was self-defense.
Was it?
I...Don't think so.
And you told the police
all this?
Yes, but they didn't believe me.
I know this sounds crazy,
But I think laurent's in on it
She's doing what
my father wants. We're screwed.
I'm not letting you go
through this alone.
Thank you.
[cellphone rings]
[ring, beep]
I hope you have
good news for me.
Laurent: Are you aware
your son is helping her?
What? What do you mean?
She just escaped
from the u.S. Embassy
In a car antoine was driving--
your car.
-[trunk opens]
He's always prepared.
[exhales deeply]
What's our next move?
I was hoping you would tell me.
This is your country.
I'm sorry, but I've never
been a fugitive before.
Me neither.
Let me think.
There's a water bottle, too.
Oh, great.
They'll probably be looking
for remy's vehicle.
It's too recognizable.
We should
definitely dump the car.
What else?
We need somewhere to hide,
to spend the night.
What about vincent?
That's the first place
they'll look for us.
You're right. [sighs]
My studio.
I have been working
on my portfolio.
I told you, my father doesn't
know anything about it.
No one does.
[in french]
[siren wailing in distance]
[door creaks]
[in french]
[horn honks in distance]
These are all yours?
[keys clatter]
Who is she?
Just a model.
Just a model?
If you asked whether
I slept with her, the ans--
Never mind.
None of my business.
Speaking of sleep...
Oh, you can use the mattress.
That's better than floor.
I'll do that.
That doesn't sound
very comfortable.
It's not.
Listen, why don't I take
the floor,
And you take the mattress?
I'm the one who got you
into this mess.
Well, what kind of man will I be
If I let the woman
sleep on the floor?
I...Didn't realize
you were so traditional.
What can I say? I'm french.
Some of us still believe
in chivalry.
Come on. You must be exhausted.
[dog barking in distance]
Listen, lucy...
I-I know we said we will pretend
that we are just...
Sister and brother.
...No matter I try, I...
I just...Can't forget our kiss.
Me neither.
There's enough room
in this mattress
For us...Just to sleep.
Are you sure?
Honestly...I don't wanna
be alone tonight.
Then I stay.
Hey, it's lucy. Please leave
a message after the beep.
-[door opens]
Excuse me.
Are you parker cunningham?
-I thought so.
I'm catherine,
your daughter's advisor
With the paris
student exchange program.
I'm sorry I'm a little late.
It was not easy finding a cab
at the airport.
Have you heard from lucy?
No, but if you let me, I'd very
much like to help you find her.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
[remy and gaston shouting
in french]
[shouting continues]
[madeliene screaming,
shouting continues]
[yelling, screaming]
[madeliene wailing]
You killed my gaston! [sobbing]
[exhales deeply]
What are you doing?
Well, the--the light
on your face was...Perfect.
I couldn't resist.
I'm sorry. I should have asked
your permission first.
No, it's...
It's... [sighs]
You like it?
I love it.
You're incredibly talented.
You know that, right?
You inspire me.
You're beautiful...
Outside and inside as well,
...I've never met anyone
half as brave as you are.
I think...
I'm falling in love with you.
I think I'm falling
in love with you, too.
Antoine, I remember
something your mom said.
She knew the guy
who was killed that night.
She called him "my gaston."
do you know that name?
No. No, I...
I've never heard it before.
I thought it was something.
Wait, what--what time is it?
Only 10.
Oh, god. Uh...
My dad must be going crazy
without an update.
-Is there a phone around here?
-Yeah, in the kitchen.
[sighs] okay.
-[cellphone buzzing]
-excuse me.
-Dad, it's me.
Lucy. It's her.
Oh, listen, sweetheart.
Catherine from
the exchange program
Told me what happened.
You're--you talked to her?
-Sure. She's here with me now.
-With you?
You're in paris?
Yes. Didn't you get my message?
Uh, uh, listen to me.
This has gone too far.
You need to give yourself up
To the first gendarme
that you see.
I can't do that.
Why not?
Because at least
some of them are in on it.
In on it? In on what?
The murder?
[sighs] yes, look--
Listen, honey. I'm here now.
We can work this thing out
together, okay?
Maybe you're right.
Of course I'm right.
I'm your father.
Uh, why don't we, uh,
meet and--and talk, hmm?
Catherine says
there's a place called
The, uh, grand cascade, uh,
bois de boulogne.
15 min--
give me a half-hour.
I love you, honey.
I love you, too, dad.
You on the police radar again,
For break and enter
in the 7th district.
You don't have anything
better to do?
Don't you?
Now...I could point
that investigation
In a different direction...
...Maybe even
dismiss it entirely.
Just tell me
what you want me to do.
Dad! [gasps]
Oh, god, it's good to see you.
Who's this?
Antoine, my father.
You're remy verdier's son?
He's on our side.
He's been helping me.
Then I'm grateful to you.
Pleased to meet you.
Now, are you gonna tell me
what this is all about?
I think I can handle it
from here.
Catherine, what are you doing?
That's not catherine, dad.
That's a cop.
Lieutenant laurent,
paris judicial police.
Lucy cunningham
and antoine verdier,
You're both under arrest.
When I said some of them
are in on it, I meant her.
She's helping remy frame me,
Your daughter is paranoid,
monsieur, and a killer.
Get down to the ground and put
your hands behind your head!
-Run, honey.
-Move from--
-Go! Go!
-Stop! Move!
Oh! Oh!
You want to play
the big american hero? Fine.
-You can do it from a jail cell!
[lucy panting]
[antoine panting]
I can't believe
we just left him there.
We didn't have a choice.
He knew what he was doing.
Getting himself thrown
into jail?
Protecting his daughter,
like parents are supposed to do.
What's wrong?
I just remembered
something your mom said.
"I will do anything
to help antoine."
This is all about your mother.
What do you mean?
Don't you get it?
She's the key.
If we can convince her
to turn on remy,
That helping you
means helping me,
Then his whole plan falls apart.
It's worth a try.
But...How do
we get her away from him?
She'll have to go out
And when she does, we'll follow.
[birds chirping]
So...This was your secret.
You wouldn't understand.
Then explain it to us.
Explain why you had to help remy
frame me for murder.
I'm truly sorry, lucy.
I'm sorry,
but you shouldn't be with him.
You should leave here
and forget you ever met my son.
Excuse me?
You know what I'm talking about.
This...This whole thing
between the two of you.
We are in love, maman.
Oh, please, antoine,
what you're feeling isn't real.
It's just the excitement
of doing something
That is against the rules.
You shouldn't be with her.
I shouldn't be with her?
You shouldn't be with him.
Oh, come on, antoine.
You know the situation.
No, I don't believe it!
Whatever he thinks of me,
I'm still his son.
No. You're not.
gaston...Was your father.
Your real father.
I was already pregnant with you
when I met remy,
But I had money problems,
really bad ones.
Remy promised to solve them,
But only if I left gaston
for him.
Remy knew
I'd never stop loving gaston.
So, we had our understanding.
I would never see him again.
And no one would ever know
antoine was another man's son.
As time passed, I grew lonely.
And gaston soon refused
to stay in the shadows.
Remy...Remy threatened
to tell the truth.
You never told me.
Never let me know
my real father.
I couldn't. [sniffles]
Antoine, please forgive me.
[exhales deeply]
I couldn't bear
to have you hate me.
Antoine, please.
You could still stop this.
Tell the police the truth
that remy did it
And that you lied about what you
saw because you were scared.
Remy: That's right, madeliene.
Tell them
just how scared you were.
Tell them.
[antoine coughs]
What I threatened to do
to your son
If you say one more bad word
about me, what I might still do.
Lucy: Madeliene?
Oh. Look at that.
Fear is the most powerful
motivator of all.
You may scare her,
but you don't scare me.
-Let's see about that.
Wait! Oh!
Bring her
to fontainebleau forest.
If they find the body,
I assure you,
they will never find yours.
[gasps] antoine.
[sobbing] antoine. Antoine.
[exhaling deeply]
Where is she?
You're awake.
What did you do to her?
Tell me.
You mean, uh...
The murderer you've been
helping escape from justice?
You are the murderer.
You killed my real father.
So madeliene told you.
Did she also tell you
That he was trying
to extort money from me?
That he was a 3-time loser?
Common criminal of the lowest
and most pathetic kind?
Shut up!
Or I swear to god I'll cut you!
Don't be ridiculous.
Put that thing down
before you hurt yourself.
I'll do it!
If you kill me...
You'll never find her.
She will disappear,
Like so many other
naive young women,
Who are stupid enough to
fall in love with the wrong man.
Just ask your mother.
Have you hurt her, too?
I haven't done anything
to either of them.
But that could change.
So, control yourself.
Put this down.
[speaking french]
You've done the right thing
for once, my boy.
I just want to see her.
Sure. Yeah.
We'll talk about that
when you wake up next time.
Maybe by then, you'll be
a bit more reasonable.
What's happening now?
No. [gasps] no, no.
Antoine! Antoine!
It was just supposed to be
the girl!
You promised it was just
supposed to be the girl!
-It is just the girl.
-You're a liar! You promised me!
-I'm not a liar, madeliene.
-You're a liar!
-Calm down!
-A liar!
-Madeliene, calm down!
[sighs heavily]
[under breath] so stupid.
[engine turns off]
[keys jangle]
Wake up.
Come on, hurry.
Hurry! Hurry up.
Stay here.
Wait, wait, wait.
Let's go.
[telephone ringing,
siren wailing in distance]
[door closes]
It's about time.
Let me outta here.
You seem to
have trouble understanding
What is happening here,
You are a foreign national
Who has aided and abetted
a wanted criminal.
This is a serious offense.
Now...I would like
nothing better than
To reunite you
with your daughter,
But to do that,
I have to find her.
So, you need to cooperate.
I wanna talk to somebody
at my embassy.
And don't try to tell me
that I can't.
I spent a lot of time
in foreign ports
When I was in the navy,
and I know my rights.
You give me my phone call first,
and then I'll help you.
Finally, I found it again.
Sit here. Sit here.
Okay? Sit down. Yeah?
Don't move!
If you move,
I break your pretty face, okay?
Don't move.
I just need
to finish digging this,
And then...
We will do what
needs to happen, okay?
I don't wanna die!
[continues sobbing]
[continues sobbing]
[continues sobbing]
-My god.
-[continues sobbing]
Stop crying.
-Just stop crying, huh?
-[continues sobbing]
Don't make this more difficult
than it needs to be.
Stop crying, please!
Aah! [grunting]
Christoph: Where are you?!
Come back! I'll kill you!
Where are you?!
[christoph grunts]
I'll kill you! Come back!
[christoph grunts]
Christoph: Where are you?!
[yells indistinctly]
[engine starts]
[yells] no!
-[shovel thuds]
[laurent speaks french]
I understand. Uh, thanks anyway.
[receiver clatters]
I told you they wouldn't help.
I had to try.
She's my only daughter.
All the more reason
to help me find her.
Oh, yeah, about that.
I think lucy was right.
I don't think I can trust you.
So, if you want to find her,
you'll have to do it without me.
I hope you have a good lawyer.
Oh, yeah, the best.
His name is reuben.
[siren wailing in distance]
Monsieur... [speaks french]
[antoine speaks french
over recording]
-antoine, it's lucy.
I knew you wouldn't recognize
this number and pick up, but...
[sniffles] I hope you're okay.
I got away from remy's thug.
[breathes shakily]
I found this phone
in his glove compartment,
Don't worry. I... [sniffles]
...Ditched the car somewhere
no one will ever find it.
I'm going to get help
from you-know-who,
And then we're gonna come
for you. I promise.
[in french]
[inhales and exhales sharply]
Lucy: [over recording] I'm going
to get help from you-know-who,
And then we're gonna...
I'm going to get help
from you-know-who,
And then
we're gonna come for you.
[sighs] vincent.
[line rings]
Yeah. I need you
to do something for me.
Lucy? What are you doing here?
Antoine's in trouble.
[breathing heavily]
I would love to help you.
I would, but I just
can't get back to jail.
I get that, but remy's the one
pulling the strings.
He's behind all this.
You, me, and antoine,
If we take him down,
then all of this goes away.
-[knock on door]
What else can happen today?
Bernard: [singsongy] vincent.
That's bernard. That's--
that's my parole officer.
Antoine said he works for remy.
If he finds me here...
[pounding on door]
Bernard: Open up, vincent!
We need to talk!
-I have to let him in.
-I have to hide.
Come on, vincent.
I know you're in there.
[door creaks]
Oh, hi, bernard.
Do you want
to talk about something?
Because I have
some things I want...
-Where is she?
Lucy cunningham. The girl.
Lucy? Lucy?
You mean the--the american chick
staying with my cousin?
Don't play dumb with me,
When I know
she was on her way here,
And I know she was at
your little party the other day.
Now, if you're hiding her...
I mean, come on, man,
what's your deal?
You're branching out
on harassing women now?
-[loud smack]
Shut your mouth!
I own you.
Vincent. Vincent. Vincent.
Now we're gonna stay here
and wait for her to show up.
-Is she really that dangerous?
-I said shut up.
Because if she is, perhaps
I should get a weapon, too.
You know what?
[dog barking in distance]
It's actually a brilliant idea.
[gun clatters]
Nice, ah?
Go on. Pick it up.
I said pick...It...Up.
You're going to kill us both
because my uncle said so?
You know, your uncle is
a very influential man.
I do that for him,
I get a nice chunk of cash,
And I'm out of this rat race.
Now...Are you going
to pick up the knife...
Or am I going to plant it
on your body after I shoot you?
[exhales deeply]
Still worried about going
to jail?
It's locked.
Can't you pick it?
I thought you were a criminal.
Well, I'm a former criminal.
Can you pick the lock or not?
Yeah, I can. Of course I can.
[breathing heavily]
[footsteps approach]
[door opens in distance]
[footsteps depart]
[continues grunting]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[singsongy] lucy.
Come on, lucy.
Is that you?
[singsongy] lucy!
[clicking tongue]
Um, I thought...
I know.
[singsongy] lucy.
Don't you even think about it.
Guys, I have him!
[speaks french]
You all right?
Still breathing, cousin?
No thanks to him.
-I don't want to hear it.
You tried to kill lucy,
and you're trying to kill us.
If I wanted you
and your mother dead,
I would have done it already.
I just want us to be together.
I want us to be a family again,
Like we always were.
And that can still happen.
You just need...
To stop with this--this girl
And listen to me.
I know I'm not your real father.
But I'm the one who's
always been there for you,
Your whole life.
You have to think about it.
I'm the one
who's always been there.
So, please,
when she's out of the way,
can go back to normal.
Never again.
Laurent: Drop it!
[whispers] good night, vincent.
Excellent timing, you know.
And now...
This needs to disappear.
I need you to take care of them.
It depends on what you mean
by take care of them.
What do you think I mean?
The girl who was desperate?
She convinced
the convicted criminal, vincent,
To help her take me hostage.
Misguided attempt to...
Earn their freedom.
You arrived
while we were struggling,
Saw their weapons,
And you shot them both
in self-defense.
Look, planting dna
And helping you manipulate
the investigation was one thing,
But now you're asking me
to commit murder.
Oh. How disappointing.
That doesn't sound like someone
Who wants to be
commandant division.
You have to step up, you know.
The hardest decisions
are the ones
Where what's right
and what we want
Are two different things.
I wish the real world
was as black and white
As you seem to think it is,
miss cunningham.
Then do it.
Lucy, please.
Go ahead.
Come on. Shoot her.
[inhales sharply]
Well... [gasps]
Come on. Come on.
[exhales deeply]
I think it's time
you clean up your own mess.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, you're right.
[both grunting]
You shot a police officer.
[clicking tongue]
And then you tried to kill me.
We wrestled for the gun,
And in the confusion,
it went off.
You think they'll believe that?
I'm an examining magistrate
with the best prosecution record
In the history of the ministry.
Who will dare to question me?
Madeliene: I will.
And I'll make sure
they do it, too.
I'll tell them everything.
Every last sordid detail.
I owe you an apology, ma chrie.
I would do just about anything
for your son, too.

Reuben at the state department.
It seemed right to call him,
not the embassy.
And he calls,
and things get done.
You were right.
Of course I was right.
I'm your daughter.
-Let me help it.
-Thank you, antoine.
Thank you so much.
Give me your--
Oh, one more. [grunts]
I cannot wait to get home.
After all the trouble
we've caused?
All right.
Well, I'll--I'll hop in
and let you guys say
Your goodbyes in private.
You're leaving?
[car door closes]
There's an expression
in english.
"a picture is worth
a thousand words."
[exhales deeply]
This is how I see you,
lucy cunningham.
I'm gonna miss you.
Until I get to america.
Next semester.
I decided
I want to see the world.
Time to get out on your own,
No, actually...
I've realized...
I never want to be alone again.
Me neither.