Her Only Choice (2018) Movie Script

Hey Tasha, do you want
to go to the playground?
We've been sitting here
all day.
Let's go inside and
play on my Game Boy.
No Bernie, I just
wanna sit here.
Look at what we got here.
Let me see this.
Give it back!
Give it back to him!
Go home and cry to
your sickly mother!
Don't you ever
say that again!
Come here.
Come all the way here, baby.
What's wrong?
What happened?
You and Bernie get mad
at each other again?
I see, somebody bothered you?
Who was it?
It was William.
He was being mean.
Oh girl, that boy ain't
nothing but trouble.
I'll go handle this.
Uh Mama, lay back down.
No, I can't have that, baby.
I guess as much as I wanna get
up I can't, baby. I...
I just can't.
It's okay, Mama.
Go on stand in the
middle of the floor.
Go on.
Now what?
All right, I want you
to ball your fists up
as tightly as you can, and I
want you to spin 'em around
like a windmill.
You know, like the big
windmills we see on the farm.
Because when something or
somebody bothers you, sweetie,
you gotta fight back.
I'm not always gonna be
around to defend you.
No, uh uh. Don't do that.
Pick your head up.
All right? Now on
the count of three,
I want you to spin your
arms as wild as you can
until you knock 'em down, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- One, two, three.
Spin 'em Tasha, there you
go, there you go, baby.
I'm dizzy.
All right, come here.
Get up here with me.
You see Tasha, strength
isn't just physical,
it's mental and emotional too.
And I need you to be strong.
All right? You understand?
You promise?
Come here.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Tasha
My beautiful, sexy,
intelligent wife
Who always makes me put
the toilet seat down
Oh God Bernie!
You woke me up when I have
15 minutes of sleep left.
Well, so what?
It's your birthday.
Happy birthday to you
Oh sing, my Barry White. Sing!
So go ahead.
Make a wish and blow
out that candle.
Yeah, oh.
My goodness, baby.
Ohhh, I hope your wish
was for fresher breath.
- Bernie.
- Goodness, woman.
You need to use all of the
toothpaste this morning.
Are you serious--
And the mouthwash and
you need to floss too.
And you need to get
a pack of Tic Tacs
on your way to work.
Shut it, Bernie.
I'm just saying.
Would you shut up?
Anyway, uh, me and Tony
we gotta go lay a carpet
at that new office
complex on Blakely Road.
It's not that far. I
should be back in time
to head out to your
dad's for dinner.
Is that tonight?
Your birthday on another
night we don't know about?
No, it's just, you know
I was just trying to think
if maybe we could
skip all the dramatics
and just spend a nice quiet
evening just the two of us.
Like he's going to allow that.
Melvin ain't the boss of me.
No, he's just the
boss of your birthday.
- Hmm, he is isn't he?
- Hmm.
You know, I'm going back to
sleep for ten more minutes then.
You got a little
icing right there.
Mmm, thank you.
You get your last ten minutes
of sleep birthday girl.
All right my Barry White.
- And I'll see you later.
- I heard you.
breath day to you
Stop, stop.
Boys and girls, I need you
to be writing these math--
Math equations in
your notebooks.
Enough with all the giggling.
Okay, what did I te--
birthday, Mrs. Jackson.
Oh, would you look at this.
Thank you, that was so kind
and thoughtful of each of you.
Now if you would, please line up
and place your beautiful
cards on my desk.
I will enjoy them later.
Single file line everyone,
single file line.
Thank you, my dear.
Thank you so much.
That's so thoughtful.
Kids, if-- If you could excuse
me for a moment,
Take your seats.
Take your seats. Okay.
You know I threw
up in front of the kids
and grossed them out today?
Yes, yes you
told me several times.
I got my usual morning coffee
but... maybe the milk was sour.
Yeah, maybe and you
told me that too, look.
We just stay a little while
then we leave, all right?
Hour tops.
You promise?
Yeah, I'm not trying to
stay here all night.
Come on, let's get
this out of the way.
Why is it so dark in
here, man. It's nighttime.
Turn the lights on.
my birthday girl.
Were you surprised?
Surprised is an
understatement, Daddy.
You really didn't have to
go through all this trouble.
It was Brenda's idea.
Melvin get that
camera out of her face,
the girl just got here.
Happy 30th birthday, Tasha.
Thank you so much, Brenda.
Somebody make Tasha a plate.
She's the birthday girl.
She gets served first.
And put a heap of my
mac 'n' cheese on
there, not Carol's.
You don't want any of
Carol's mac 'n' cheese,
she don't use the right
cheeses or seasonings,
and I don't even know
why she brought it
when she knows mine is the best.
Oh, trust me, I don't need a
heap of anything tonight, okay?
Of course you do, look at
you, you're skin and bones.
What you have against
hips I'll never know.
Wait are you serious,
have you seen my, mmm.
Okay, well put it there.
Uhhh, uhhh.
One more.
- All right now.
- All right now.
Wow what a spread
we got tonight, huh?
Everybody come on in
here and get some food.
Okay, 'cause after
this we're gonna watch
Tasha's birth video.
No, Daddy not tonight.
Please, can we skip the
birth video this year?
You talking crazy.
We watch that video every
year since you was born.
But we can skip this year.
How about--
Help me.
Hi everybody.
Daddy, we really gotta
upgrade you on that camera.
It's the best investment
that I ever made this camera.
Get that God damn
camera out of my face
and help me you idiot.
- Screw you!
Oh my God.
Baby, hey, Tasha.
- Baby, hey, hey.
- What happened?
somebody get some water?
- Hey listen.
- Hmm.
- Um...
- What?
I think you should
take one of those
home pregnancy tests.
Oh, Bernie. Honey for what?
Seven years of being told
that my eggs aren't fertile?
Bernie, a baby isn't
possible for us.
Well, babe I get
all that, but look...
You threw up at school,
you passed out at the party
and your cycle is late.
Isn't that what happen to a
woman when she's pregnant?
It's impossible.
Okay, how late are you?
- Two weeks.
- See, two-- Come on.
- What?
- Just take the test, baby.
Honey, if I am pregnant, I
need a doctor to confirm it.
Honey, listen it's almost
time for my annual exam,
I'll just get the
full work up, okay?
- Yeah?
- That work?
- That works.
- Good.
Good, all right.
Get some rest.
Okay, fine so
let's play what if.
Are you ready?
Do I have a choice.
- No. Okay.
- Okay.
What if, by some divine
intervention, I am pregnant?
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Would you want a baby
boy or a baby girl?
Yeah, I don't know. It
doesn't really matter.
I just want a healthy baby.
Boy, stop playing.
You know you want a boy. You
know you want a baby boy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I
mean, I admit I would...
have a little more
in common with a boy.
Mm-hmm, just a little.
Just a little bit.
- If he was anything like me
he'd have that throwing arm.
- Mm-hmm.
I'd train him all
the way up to the NFL.
And he could buy us a
big house in the Hamptons.
Where all the rich people live.
We could go to all
the dinner parties,
and sip on our wine, and um...
I would develop an accent,
and I would go
around saying things
like um... "Lovely weather
we're having, darling."
Right, right?
"How do you do?
How do you do?
How is the weather; Crisp
and clean and fresh?"
- Right.
- You see I talk well?
Yeah, yeah you
gonna talk like that?
You gonna have to do that on
the other side of the room.
Oh. And you don't
drink wine so...
- I bet I would start.
- Right.
When you're paying a hundred
dollars a bottle, or a sip?
- Shoot.
Okay so, what if we had a girl.
Oh, a baby girl?
She'd be so cute.
I don't know maybe she
would become president.
And bring about world peace.
I like that.
- You like that?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm pretty sure your using
that word in the wrong context.
I told you I just like
saying it, joy stealer.
All right, you keep saying
it. Say it real low
'cause I'm going to sleep.
- Go to bed lady, goodness.
- Whatever.
Well Tasha, we're all done
with your annual physical,
we have your blood work,
but because of your family's
history with breast cancer...
Ah, let me guess, you
need me to go to radiology
next door for my mammogram?
I've been getting mammograms
for the past five years
Doctor Bailey, I
know the routine.
But those machines, oh my God,
they are so uncomfortable.
I know that mammograms
can be uncomfortable,
but because you carry the
mutated gene for breast cancer,
it's really important
that you get your checkups
at this early age.
But what if I am pregnant?
I mean is it okay for me to
get a mammogram right now?
With all that radiation,
it's just-- I don't--
Normally, mammograms
are safe during pregnancy
because the amount of
radiation is minimal.
But Tasha, I don't want
you getting your hopes up.
Your chances are less
than five percent
of becoming pregnant.
Your eggs just aren't fertile.
I got it.
I know.
Are you gonna be okay?
I will be.
Okay well, get dressed
and we'll talk soon okay?
Thank you, Doctor Bailey.
So we get the carpet
out, ready to install it,
and I unroll it and
I see all these cuts,
all through the whole roll,
a whole bunch of
cuts on the carpet.
Yeah, it was completely
ruined. Couldn't use any of it.
The customer was unsatisfied,
of course, for obvious reasons.
And it set me and
Tony back two days,
we'll have to get new carpet
and still have it
installed on time.
- Hmm.
- It's crazy.
What's up?
Have you listened
to a word I said?
Yeah, you said, "carpet,
slices, pushback."
It's this funny thing about me
though, you know, it's like
when I talk to someone, I like
when they interact with me, so.
- Honey, I'm sorry.
- Hmm.
I don't know. I've just been
having so much on my mind
and of course I'm tired,
I don't know what's
going on with me.
Well, thinking about
the test results
is not gonna make the
phone ring any faster.
Well, it did make something
ring now didn't it?
- Mm, mm, mm.
- Yeah, you're funny. Not really.
- Be right back.
- Mm-hmm.
We have a guest.
Just thought I'd come by
and see how she was doing.
Oh, I'm doing good
Daddy, much better.
How you doing, young man?
I'm good man, we
just having dinner.
'Cause I am hungry.
Oh, I'll get you a bowl.
So, Bernie informed me
that the other night
you got some really
great video footage.
- I always get good
video footage.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, she says
that she can't stand
the fact that you always
gotta video tape everything.
I don't video everything.
I just video the
important stuff.
So, me passing out at
my party was important?
Well, yeah.
Daddy, come on,
that is embarrassing.
Don't show that video to anyone.
When you say
anyone, you mean what?
But one day, you're gonna
look back at that footage
and you gonna appreciate it.
And then you gonna realize
why I video everything.
Because life is precious, baby,
and I capture those moments
so that you have
something to hold onto.
You even hold onto your
mothers memory because of it.
Yes, Daddy, and I
do appreciate it,
but video of me fainting
needs to be destroyed.
Have you gone to
the doctor to find out
why you passed out?
Yes, and we're
waiting on the results.
Well, Brenda and I think it's
because you don't eat right.
You seriously gonna
start that tonight?
Well, just look at
this for example, huh?
I mean, what is this okay,
this "egg poo young" nonsense?
It's egg foo yong, Melvin.
"Poo young". Whatever it
is, okay? It's not a
wholesome meal.
You know what you
need to do, right?
Take some cooking classes.
Excuse me?
I didn't say nothing.
You didn't marry me for
my cooking, now did you?
Mm. No ma'am I did not.
Excuse me, I ain't trying
to hear all that now, all right?
What, Daddy?
That we have sex?
Let's get it on
I tried to have
that talk with you
when you was a little girl.
That talk with you about sex?
You didn't want to
hear nothing about it.
Now look at you.
Tasha. Tasha.
I want to talk to
you for a minute.
Brenda suggested that
maybe you stay home today.
You know since you, well you
know, started menstruation.
God Dad, don't
say that out loud.
I'm sorry, okay? I don't
know all the rules.
Um, did she teach you about
those little pads?
Please let this to
be the end of the talk.
Or my life.
Do you want me to
take you to the store?
Do you need something?
So, do you have any questions?
Tasha, you know, since you are
becoming a woman as of today,
I don't know, I thought maybe
you might have a few questions.
Questions about what?
What do you know about sex?
I'm not having
this talk with you.
Yes you are, okay.
Your mother is not
here, okay so,
who else are you gonna
talk to about it but me?
Look Tasha, I am
serious about this okay?
When I was a kid, no one
told me anything about sex.
Everything I learned about sex
was from a song called
"Let's Get It On."
Have to look that one up.
No you don't.
Look many years from now...
maybe when you're 60 or so,
you know you're
gonna wanna have sex.
60 dad?
Come on.
All right, 40, 45,
something like that.
I'm not waiting that long,
and let me save us both
from this devastation.
I've already had
sex ed at school.
I know about sex, the vagina,
penis, egg, and sperm.
Sexually transmitted
diseases, all that.
- Okay, but there's more--
- But nothing, Dad.
Stop stressing. I'm gonna wait
till I get married to have sex.
I want to have a
beautiful wedding,
just like you and Mom had.
I want a house full
of children, five.
And I have their
names picked out too.
Patricia, after Mom of course.
Candice, so I can
nickname her Candy.
Oh wait, that sounds like a
stripper name. Scratch that one.
And Alfonzo is gonna be amazing.
Okay. I see you have this
all planned out, all right?
We don't have to go through
every single detail.
Great. Now I
gotta go to school.
Good talk, huh?
I hope.
Great work, Zinobia.
All right class, I need
to return a quick call,
but I will be right at
the door if you need me.
You may talk. Quietly.
Yes, this is Tasha Jackson
returning your call.
Okay, so my results aren't in?
Oh, they are?
Well, why can't you just give
them to me over the phone?
Oh, of course my husband
and I will be there
if Dr. Bailey insists.
I apologize for the delay.
It's all right.
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson,
Tasha's results are in
but I wanted to speak
with you personally
because her results are
well, delicate in nature.
What is it, Doctor?
I thought about
how to tell you this
but there's only one
way to say it so,
I'm just gonna come out with it.
You have defied the odds, Tasha.
You're pregnant.
- Oh my God!
- Are you serious?
Oh my God!
Oh, Bernie.
Are you serious?
Nine weeks along.
A baby.
But a mass was found
on your mammogram.
- Wait.
- What?
Wait no, no, no. I've been
getting my mammogram for years,
and my results have
always been clean.
I know, and I'm sorry,
but unfortunately
this result was not.
Whoa hold on a second, wait.
Just so I can
understand you clearly,
are you saying my wife
has breast cancer?
No, I'm not saying that at all.
A biopsy will have to be
preformed to determine that.
What I'm saying is
that Tasha has a mass,
and as you both already know
she carries a mutated gene.
The BRCA1 she inherited
from her mother.
This mutation causes
a greater risk
of developing breast cancer.
Okay, but...
but, she can get the biopsy back
and find out the
mass isn't cancerous,
and she and the baby
will be fine, right?
Yes, of course.
The mass can be benign.
And what if it isn't?
If it's malignant,
then your oncologist will
talk to you about
the next steps.
No, no, Doc, you could
just tell us right now.
You're a doctor, you have
an idea of what'll happen.
I'm sorry I...
Listen, we've been wanting
this baby for a long time.
Right, we've been through
too much so just, just tell us.
Okay normally, in a case such
as this, with the pregnancy
in it's early stages, if the
mass is indeed malignant,
depending on the
stage that it's in,
then your
oncologist might suggest
that you terminate the pregnancy
and receive treatment
Terminate the pregnancy?
God. Bernie.
If it's between
you and this baby...
I mean, it's no... real choice
in the matter, you know?
Are you serious?
Just, we have options.
Tasha let me order the biopsy
and let's look at the results
before you get yourself upset.
I mean, in your condition
it is very important
that you remain calm.
Oh God, I can't.
Tasha, baby.
I can't!
Thank you.
Don't you speak to me.
Wait, don't use that
teacher voice on me.
How dare you say
that if it's between me
and the baby there's
no other choice?
My body, my choice.
Hey, wait a second,
you're my wife, okay?
- I have a say in this.
- No, you don't, Bernie.
Yes, I do, Tasha!
I do have a say! Okay?
Why is this happening to me?
Why is this happening to us?
Let's not do
this to each other.
Not right now.
The biopsy could
come back benign
and everything will be okay.
All right?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- I'm sorry, Bernie.
No, that's okay, come on.
It's gonna be all right.
It's malignant.
Damn it.
My baby, my baby, my baby.
When I had that biopsy done,
I just knew that everything
was gonna be okay.
But the oncologist
said that I have...
I have invasive ductal
carcinoma stage two.
It's an aggressive
form of breast cancer.
I know. It's what your
mother had, stage four.
Yeah so, Melvin,
Brenda will you please
help me talk some
sense into her?
The oncologist said that we
should terminate the pregnancy
now so that she can
start her treatment.
Terminate the pregnancy?
This is our baby, Bernie.
How many times do I have
to remind you of that?
That's our baby.
Tasha honey,
this is your life.
Yes. Yes. This
is my life. Mine.
Who around this table
understands that?
What is there to understand?
The oncologist said that
her cancer's treatable
if we start now, Tasha.
Did you ask the
doctor what would happen
if she's waits till
after the pregnancy?
Yeah, and if she waits
until the baby is born,
then the cancer could grow
and it may be too late
to do anything about it.
Tasha, baby, what
do you want to do?
I want to have our baby.
Look, whatever time I
have left on this earth
I would rather spend it
having a baby to love,
than without one.
Daddy, this is a miracle.
This baby is a gift from God.
What part about that don't
you understand, Bernie?
You know what, I'm not gonna
sit here and listen to this.
So what, you're
just gonna walk away?
You're just gonna walk away?
Let him go. He has
a lot to process.
Trust me, I know.
The thought about
losing the only woman
that you've ever loved...
It's a lot to deal with.
So what?
You two gonna gang up on me too?
Is that it?
We're not gonna
gang up on you, Tasha,
but if your doctor is urging
you to terminate the pregnancy,
then you need to listen to him.
I seen what this disease
can do first hand
and baby, I don't
wish that on you.
Hey, come here.
Come over here with us.
My girls.
And I try to care from
an angel made for me
Made for me
Made for me
Made for me
Tasha, call 911 like
we practiced, come on.
Tasha, now!
Even though I
saw how much pain this
disease caused her,
I was equally hurt
that you had to grow up
without her guidance.
Hey Tashy,
you wanna come out
and get something to eat?
I know you must be hungry.
I'm not hungry.
You sure?
You know, Tasha you can
talk to me about anything.
Just like your momma did.
I mean, I wasn't her
best friend for nothing.
I'm here if you need me.
Hey, Tasha.
Hey, Bernie.
Your mommy's
gone to Heaven, huh?
My dog Split went to heaven
too, guess it's a good place.
That's what they say in church.
Remember the day
of the funeral?
How could I forget? Yeah.
Heard your mom kicked
the bucket, shrimp.
When I pulled you
out of that fight...
Tasha, stop!
Tasha, I said stop!
...I knew right then and there,
I could only do so much for you.
You really need to think
about the possibility
of this child growing
up without you.
Now come on, Daddy's
gonna take you home.
I mean one minute we
can't have any kids.
The next minute...
You know?
It's all so much all
of a sudden, man.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, I can't pretend I never
wanted children, you know?
But when we found out
Tasha couldn't have any,
I was cool with that, you know.
I wasn't going
anywhere. I love her.
Yeah, I get it.
I don't want this baby, Tony.
It might not be right
but, that's how I feel.
You'll come around.
I doubt it.
- She needs you man.
- Mm-mm.
Bro, she don't need me.
She got it all figured out.
She's so damn stubborn.
I tucked her in just like
I did when she was little.
She was spent.
I'm sure.
I can't believe
this is happening.
Not to her.
Can I get a cup of tea?
You mad at me?
I don't know, am I?
What does--
What's that
supposed to mean.
It means... When will I
be enough for you, Melvin?
I don't know what the
hell you talking about.
All these years I've been here,
I feel like I'm
invisible to you.
You're standing
right in front of me.
Do you see me?
'Cause I feel like I'm
standing in Patricia's shadow.
Nothing I do is ever
good enough for you.
Not when I helped you take care
of my best friend
until her death.
Not even when I
helped you raise Tasha
while I'm raising my own boys.
Not once have I ever
felt appreciated.
We're in a relationship Brenda,
that's not enough for you?
No, it's not.
Then what do you
want from me, huh?
A thank you?
Do you love me?
My only child
just walked in here
and told me she
has breast cancer
and she's foregoing treatment
for a child she may never raise.
Every bit of love,
every bit of support,
every bit of strength,
everything I have in me
is going to my daughter.
You either accept that, or not.
I'm going to bed.
Tasha baby,
please open the door.
Tasha's in the bathroom,
she won't come out.
I didn't know what to
do so I called you.
It's fine. She's 12 years old.
If she's not coming out of the
bathroom it's for one reason.
Sanitary napkins. She's
crossed over into womanhood.
How could I not know that?
Don't beat
yourself up about it.
Tasha honey, it's Brenda.
Can I come in?
I'll be in the kitchen.
It'll be fine.
She's growing up.
Best to let her stay
home from school today.
Experiencing that
for the first time
can be a little traumatic.
Thank you, Brenda.
Mm-hmm. No problem.
You know,
with Patricia
gone I just feel as though
there's so much
she's missing out on
that I can't give to her.
Well, I'm not her mother,
but I'm always here
to help you with her.
I don't want to burden you.
It's no burden.
I can help her.
And you.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
You're a man with needs.
I'm a woman with the same needs.
My needs are taken
care of just fine.
Oh, I see.
So, you can be with other
women, just not me. Is that it?
Brenda, it's not
easy for you and me.
You were her best friend.
It's been four years.
You think I don't know that?
She's gone Melvin, and
I'm here, and I love you.
And that little girl upstairs,
- I love her like she's my own.
- I know that.
Then why?
I just-- Look I
just can't, okay?
Can't is not a reason.
Why don't you just
consider the fact that--
Look, I'm still in
love with my wife, okay?
Look, I don't want
to hurt you, Brenda.
I took care of her
when that cancer
was just eating her away.
I did everything I
could to keep her here.
Because Tasha needed her mother.
I took care of her too.
I was right there with you.
So you expect me to just
make love to her best friend?
You just don't understand.
I can't betray
Patricia like that.
You can't betray a dead woman.
I didn't mean that. I'm sorry.
Look, I know she's dead, okay?
And she's not coming back.
And you're a beautiful
woman. Any man would be
lucky to have you.
But I'm not gonna sit here
and pretend that I want any
more from you than friendship.
I don't need anymore friends.
I can't do this anymore.
Brenda, don't leave.
Tasha needs you.
If only you needed me too.
I have a sonogram
appointment this morning.
You think you could make it?
Um, yeah, I don't think so
babe. I don't think I can.
Could you try?
I gotta work.
All right. Okay, thanks
for telling me. Okay.
That was Tasha. She has
a sonogram this morning.
What? You still
not talking to me?
For what?
I don't have anything to say.
Then don't say
We just uh...
make up.
Aren't we a little
too old for make up sex?
I don't know.
Tell me when we're finished.
The gel is warm.
All right, here we go.
It looks like a
little kidney bean.
Yes, that's what it's supposed
to look like at this gestation.
Well, is everything okay,
is the heart beating?
Heart beat is strong.
You're about 11 weeks along.
Miss Jackson, are you okay?
I wish my husband
was here is all.
We'll print a
picture out for him.
No one wants to do
the first... ya know,
sonogram alone, you know?
Oh yeah, I understand.
Did we miss it?
Oh my God, you're here?
Oh, Brenda and Daddy.
Oh, here you go.
We would have been
here earlier but um--
- Yeah.
- We were caught in traffic.
Yeah, caught in traffic, good
traffic-- I mean, big traffic.
All right, let's fire this thing
up so I can see this baby.
Oh, yeah, sure thing.
Oh, yeah.
Look, I got the baby
on film before it's even here!
I know. It's so tiny.
Okay, here goes nothing.
Hello there, um... well, today
has been all in all, uh...
Oh my God.
What the hell am
I trying to say?
Oh, I got it.
All right, um... Hey there
little person, whoever you are.
My name is Tasha, Tasha Jackson
and um...
I recently turned 30 and um...
Damn it. This thing's
not even recording.
Okay, okay here we go.
Hello, little one.
I am your mommy, Tasha,
and right now you
are in my tummy, see?
Um, I am recording this
because apparently
your grandfather Melvin
had it right all along.
Important things should
be captured on film.
So here I am recording
this just for you.
So, I am 11 weeks
pregnant with you
and I also have breast cancer.
Just like my mom.
But I want you to know
that no matter what
happens, I chose you.
You are loved,
and I will always,
always be here with you.
That's your loud daddy.
What's all this?
What do you mean,
it's breakfast.
Well, I can see that, it's
just your idea of breakfast
is usually cereal.
Yeah, well.
Not today.
Bernie, don't do this.
Do what?
Start doing all this
extra unnecessary stuff.
It's just breakfast, Tasha.
No, it's not, it's um...
"You know I think you're
gonna die soon,
so let me start doing this
extra stuff to compensate
for what I should have
been doing all along."
That's not fair, Tasha.
Okay? I made breakfast
because I wanted to.
So this is the
part where we start
talking about what's fair?
No, you don't want to
have that conversation
with me right now, trust me.
Oh, yes I do. I do want
to have this conversation.
All right, let's have
the conversation.
How are you gonna
convince me or anybody else
that you're being fair to
yourself and your husband
by keeping this baby instead
of saving your own life?
Hmm? Explain to me how
that's fair. I'm listening.
Bernie, this is not 25 years
ago when my mother had cancer.
There are new treatments
and medicines...
You are acting as if you're
about to plan my funeral.
I might have to.
Do you understand that,
Tasha? I just might have to.
God, you don't think
that I'm afraid of that?
I am, God knows I wanna live.
Then do what needs
to be done, okay?
You are so damn
stubborn and naive.
And what if I lose you, huh?
Hmm? What then?
What do I do?
I've loved you my
entire life, Tasha.
Oh Bernie, I am so sorry.
I am so--
I am so sorry.
Ok, um...
Look, you ready to go?
Oh my God, my feet
are killing me.
You're walking around
campus all day
and then you come
here work at night,
I bet your feet do hurt.
Don't expect no foot
rub or nothing, though.
Thanks for coming all
this way to pick me up.
It aint nothing, you know,
that's what best friends
are for, right?
am I picking you up?
Because I asked you to.
I know that, your dad
couldn't pick you up?
- I'm trying to surprise him.
- Aww.
Ain't that sweet.
Why are you coming home now?
It's not a holiday or
a break or anything.
Tomorrow's the
anniversary of Mom's death.
I don't like leaving
him home alone you know?
Yeah, I bet that.
That's what's up.
Don't act like you
ain't gonna put no money
in my gas tank, though.
So what, you broke again?
Girl, you got jokes.
Nah, I ain't broke.
I got a little
something happening.
Doing what?
Don't look at me like that.
I ain't doing nothing
illegal, Tasha.
Hey yo,
for real, I'm not.
I got a job at this
carpet company.
Bernie, you the dude
that can barely vacuum.
Well, I guess that's something
we got in common then.
Well, good for you then.
Take care of you
too, if you let me.
Okay, you see Bernie that's
what I'm talking about.
You play too much.
Brenda, hey. It's been a while.
Melvin, hi.
Yeah, what five years at least.
Six years to be exact.
What are you doing here?
Well, you know a
little market like this
is the best place to
get a good steak.
It's the best market in town.
I was just picking up my
seasonings for my jerk chicken.
Ah, your jerk chicken, yeah.
I remember that.
So, how's Tasha?
- She's in college now.
- Wow.
Yeah, actually I was
hoping she'd come home
in a few days, for you know...
Uh, but she's busy studying.
Tomorrow's the anniversary
of Patricia's passing.
Yeah. What's going on
with you? You married?
You not married? What?
No, no, no. Been
there done that.
Yeah, I remember you having
a hard time with your divorce.
Oh, no not really. He
was a lying, manipulative,
narcissistic, weak example of
a man. Easy to walk away from.
Damn, tell me how
you really feel.
Well, listen, it was
good to see you Melvin.
Give Tasha my love and
tell her I miss her.
What about me? I mean, do
you miss me even a little?
You were such a constant
in our lives for years,
and these past years without
you, I really regret it.
If I could go back I
would-- Well it's not important.
I really miss you, Brenda.
I'm not Patricia, Melvin.
I know that.
I was never trying
to take her place.
I was just trying to be there
in whatever capacity I could.
I realize that, and I took
you for granted and I'm sorry.
Yes, I do miss you.
Well, what are you
doing tonight?
Are you busy?
Would you like to have dinner?
Remember, I cook a mean steak.
Thank you, but um...
I'm gonna pass on dinner.
You take care of yourself, okay?
I like my steaks rare.
Daddy, I'm home!
Oh my God, I can't believe this.
And on the anniversary
of my mother's death?
That is totally disrespectful.
Well, technically it's
not on the anniversary.
That's tomorrow, but I mean--
To me, your dad and Brenda
makes sense, you know?
Really, Bernie?
She was my mother's best friend.
Yeah I know, but I mean...
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
Look, it's not like he's
cheating on your moms, you know?
And Brenda, I mean, I'm just
saying-- I'd hit it.
Ow, hey come on
stop hitting on me.
No, not when you
say dumb crap like that.
Come on Tasha, are you serious?
What, you think your dad's
gonna go the rest of his life
without gettin' some?
Come on man, you
need to chill out.
I don't need to do anything,
but go back to school right now.
No. no. Right now?
- Yes.
- No, no.
We're not going back right
now, we just got here.
I'm not turning around and
taking you all the way back.
Can I spend the night
at your house then?
I really don't want
to got home tonight.
Are you finished yet?
Bernie, I told you not to look.
I'm not looking,
all right? I'm just tired.
You know, it took me four
hours to come get you
and four hours to come back.
Okay, I'm done.
Thank you.
Bernie, what are you doing?
I'm not sleeping
in my clothes.
Oh, man.
No, no, no, no, no,
you sleep on the floor
and I'm gonna sleep in the bed.
Tasha, I am not sleeping
on the floor okay?
I'm tired. I just wanna
get in my own bed.
Ain't nobody gonna
touch you girl, move.
But, what if your mom comes in?
She's not coming in here.
She works the night shift now.
How many girls
have you been with?
Tasha, you crazy girl,
go to bed.
Did you love any of them?
So, you've never been in love?
Well, yeah.
With who?
With you.
You can't be in love with me.
I'm your best friend.
That's more the reason, right?
Make love to me, then.
What do you mean, "nah"?
What, is there
something wrong with me?
No, there's nothing
wrong with you I'm just...
Okay, well then why not?
I'm not making love to
you until I marry you, okay?
Marry me?
Bernie you are so stupid
sometimes. Oh my gosh.
Marry me.
No, I'm not stupid, Tasha.
I'm gonna marry you one day.
I'm serious.
But, for right now I'm gonna
get some sleep. All right?
Come on in and take a seat.
We're just getting started.
Okay. Thank you.
I know we are
all going through
a lot of emotion right now.
Ranging from fear
to self pity to, well,
feeling less than a woman.
But your focus should
not be on those things.
Your focus should be
sharing your information
and your resources
to help one another.
Black women are more
likely to be diagnosed
with breast cancer, and
have more aggressive forms
of the disease than white women.
Each of you have your own
set of unique circumstances,
but we are dealing with a
disease that can be cured
if monitored and
treated properly.
We need to give our breasts
the attention they deserve.
So, does anyone want to share?
Oh yeah, Denise.
Well, I just had day 30 of
my chemo, I'm almost done.
I know, what a wonderful thing.
And I feel good today.
I'm strong.
I know I can beat this thing.
How wonderful for you, Denise,
but some of us don't
have enough time left
to think about next year.
Let me just remind you
that we were just at Jasmine's
funeral last weekend.
I mean, she was just sitting
here with us, now she's gone.
I haven't forgotten
about Jasmine.
Yeah, well, some of us are
barely hanging on to hope.
But y'all wanna post your
little pictures on social media
of your bald heads
and your smiles,
like this isn't killing women.
Women do that to
encourage one another;
to let each other know
they can get through this.
I'm angry.
I'm hurt.
And I hate...
that this
is happening to me.
My cancer is terminal.
I have kids for God's sake.
What are they gonna
do without me?
Tell me that?
Look, I know that
you are so angry--
You're damn right I am.
I wanna live!
Oh, God, we all want that.
I'm sorry, excuse
me? What did you say?
You wanna talk?
Tell me your name.
I'm Tasha Jackson and
I was simply agreeing
with the fact that
we all want to live.
Well, the great news is
that I just found out
that I'm pregnant
with my first child.
A baby that I have wanted and
prayed for my entire life.
A baby that, clinically
speaking, I was never supposed
to be able to conceive
because I'm infertile. I was.
On the flip side is the
reason we are all here.
I too have been diagnosed
with breast cancer.
My doctor has advised that
I terminate my pregnancy
in order to begin
treatments immediately.
But sacrificing my
child's life in order
to save mine is a decision
that I simply cannot make.
Adopt a baby.
Terminate your pregnancy
and save your life.
Take it from someone who
isn't gonna beat this thing.
Charlene, please.
Can you tell me, why
is it so important
that you would risk your
own life for this baby?
Do you have children?
Yes, I have three.
Would you risk your life
in order to protect them?
Would you die to save them?
Of course I would.
Even though my child
is still inside of me,
I feel that exact same way.
Okay ladies, I'll
see you next week.
Uh, Tasha.
This is Dr. Lopez's card.
I know you think
you're the only woman
who has cancer while
pregnant, but you're not.
Go see him.
I was told that you
could help me Dr. Lopez.
There has to be another option.
Now, I have received all
of your medical records
that were transferred
to my office,
and I cannot say that
terminating your pregnancy
at this juncture was the wrong
advice from your oncologist.
In fact, it's normal practice
to suggest termination
in the first trimester when
there's cancer present.
You need treatment Mrs.
Jackson, you need it now.
You have an aggressive
form of breast cancer.
Hormones that your body's
producing during your pregnancy
will only cause the tumor
to grow and possibly spread.
You cannot afford to wait.
What I can't afford
is to abort my baby.
Then I will do
everything in my power
to keep your baby safe
while you receive treatment.
You will?
I will.
But this will be
a long hard road,
nothing about this will be easy.
What do we need to do?
Well, the first step is a
mastectomy of the left breast
with a partial
reconstruction, immediately.
I understand your concerns.
Surgery is always a
risk, pregnant or not.
And the closer the
surgery is to the uterus,
we run the risk of a
spontaneous abortion.
However, I feel certain that
we can preform the surgery
and keep the baby safe.
So that's it?
We do the surgery now,
while I'm pregnant,
and the chemo after?
You will be receiving chemo
during your pregnancy
Mrs. Jackson.
How on earth is that possible?
Dr. Lopez, I saw first hand what
that chemo did to my mother
and it sucked the
life out of her.
How could I go through
something like that
while I'm pregnant? How
could my baby survive that?
While there are certain
types of chemo that would harm
the baby, there are other
types that will be harmless,
spread out over a period of
every three weeks for six
and I will connect
with your obstetrician.
We will monitor both you
and the baby very closely.
I'm sorry, but this
is a lot to process.
I must tell you that
while I am certain
that we can keep the baby safe,
I cannot be certain of
how the cancer will react.
So what you're
telling me is that
I could go through all of
this and still won't be cured?
The reality is we can
give you this treatment
and it will not work.
Even as doctors we cannot
ignore the possibility
that your husband would raise
this child, your child, alone.
The choice is yours,
Mrs. Jackson.
But I promise to be with
you every step of the way.
I see that you're married too.
What would you tell your wife
if she were the one
that was sitting here?
I'd tell her to keep that baby
and to start her treatment now.
This is the...
This is the lobby.
All right, this
must be upstairs.
I hope they got
the AC up there.
I know, this
heat is killing me.
You ain't lying.
And this is the extra for...
I don't even know
what this is for.
We got room
for the other one.
I need to talk to you.
Hey, Tony.
Hey, Tasha.
Bernie told me about the
baby, congratulations.
You mind giving us a minute?
I'll be inside.
Good seeing you, Tasha.
What do you gotta tell
me that couldn't be--
couldn't be said
on the phone Tasha?
All right, first you need to get
rid of your little attitude.
I'm working babe, okay?
What is it?
I went to see a new
oncologist this morning
to get a second opinion.
So, you went to the
doctor without me?
I mean, it's not
like you were there
for my sonogram appointment,
so what's your point?
Babe, you're really
pushing it, all right?
Just tell me what happened.
He said that I
can keep the baby
and begin treatment for
the cancer right now.
That he could keep
our baby safe.
He said that?
But in addition to the chemo,
I also have to have a surgery.
What kind of surgery?
A mastectomy.
That I have to have my left
breast removed immediately.
But Bernie, the point is,
we can keep our baby.
Yeah, yeah.
That's exactly what
we're gonna do.
Oh God, I was hoping
you would say that.
My big announcement is...
my husband and I are
having a baby.
Now, because I will
need plenty of rest,
I am going on leave after today,
and you all are getting
a substitute teacher.
I know, I will miss each
and every one of you
very, very much.
Yes, Aubrey?
But your tummy isn't big.
That's because the
baby is still growing.
How did the baby
get in your stomach?
We all know the
stork doesn't drop off
the baby at the hospital.
Okay, let's change
the subject, shall we?
If you all could open up your
science readers to page 11,
and not that kind of science.
Okay mammals, that's what we're
gonna talk about, mammals.
Bernie honey, come on,
come on and sit down.
You gotta think positive.
I'm sure Tasha and the baby
are gonna get through
the surgery just fine.
And what if they don't?
You know, cause if
Tasha wakes up,
and finds out anything
happened to that baby.
She'll never forgive
herself, or me.
None of this is your fault.
It is my fault, Melvin.
I should have done something
else, I don't know.
Mom and baby are fine.
Mrs. Jackson did great.
We were able to get her
left breast and the tumor.
Thank you, Doc.
Thank you.
Your welcome.
Hey, you'll be able
to see her soon.
Butterflies and
Barbie dolls
Pigtails, playing
in my mothers heels
Summer days playing dress
up just being so innocent
Catching fireflies
trying to count the stars
Singing and dancing no
matter where we were
Finding laughter in
anything and everything
Just being girls
And that's all I want
That's all I've
got to remember you
When we were young
wild and free
There you go.
You showed me this recipe, now
you're gonna eat this thing.
Double Dutch and lollipops
One dollar bills running
for the ice cream truck
- Ok, ok sweetie.
Fire crackers on the fourth
Hit the pool do a
belly flop
Come on not too much, Brenda.
If there's one thing I know
how to do it's beat a face.
All right, here ya go.
Do you like it?
Oh, I look just like Mama.
Yeah, ya do.
Brenda, I miss her so much.
Me too, but she would
be so proud of you.
And so happy about
that grandbaby.
I know.
Brenda, I know for
the first two years
I was very upset
about you and Daddy.
Oh, listen that's water
under the bridge girl.
I know that I was young,
and I just didn't understand.
But, I want you to know
how beyond grateful
I am that he has you.
And even though he may be a
little complicated at times...
-...know how much he loves you.
- Well,
I can certainly
say I love him.
Now, let's get that dress on.
We are going to
shower you with gifts.
That is so adorable.
Look at these booty shorts.
Baby booty--
Come on man.
Look at this!
The little-- Who did this one?
Oh my God, that
is so beautiful.
Oh. Precious. Isn't
that sweet, Carol?
It's so precious.
Oh, we're not gonna have
to buy clothes for years.
Thank you so much.
A diaper bag.
You can use that.
Oh, let's see if I
can put it on now.
Oh, look at that.
That is so great.
Oh, get up off the floor.
What is wrong with you?
Would you get up off the floor?
You are out of your mind.
Get up off the floor, would you?
You are in the way.
Daddy gets every shot--
Oh, here we go again.
Here we are again bro.
Here we go. Look.
Today, I am 33 weeks pregnant,
and we also had
your baby shower.
The biggest news, is that
you are gonna be here
in about, oh just
a few short weeks.
Oh honey, see the
doctor's gonna perform
what they call a C-section.
And that means he's gonna
cut you outta mommy's tummy.
Now, I know that may sound gross
and it may be too
much information,
but the point is that you
are going to be here soon
and safe.
Keep on doing what you're
doing girl, you are so strong.
And promise me that you're
always gonna be that way.
My goodness, time
for a potty break.
Mommy can't keep going like this
with a three pound
Patricia on her bladder.
All right.
How do I get out of this chair?
Okay, here goes.
Oh my God.
Bernie? I think my
water just broke!
The baby's here.
She and Tasha are
doing just fine.
Congratulations, Daddy.
Ah, thank you. Oh, my God.
She's uh... She's a
little small, but they say
she's doing good.
- Yeah.
- And how's my baby girl?
She was a champ bro.
Melvin, she was a champ.
Oh, that's my baby.
Thank God. Thank God.
I cannot believe this.
I'm a papa.
Yes, you are.
And uh...
you're a proud grandpapa.
Yeah, uh, okay. I guess I am.
Baby, you did so good.
Oh yes, we just saw
the baby in NICU.
Daddy, could you stop?
I look a mess.
What you talking about?
You look great, I
mean considering.
Tasha's a mommy. You did it.
I did, didn't I?
Yes, you did, baby.
She's healthy and wonderful.
Yeah, she is.
Knock knock.
Oh, Dr. Lopez.
Your OB called my office
and let me know you
delivered the baby last night
and everything went well.
Thank you.
No thanks needed. I'm just
glad she arrived safely.
A little earlier
than we would have liked.
A little early.
What about Tasha?
Well, she has two
more chemo sessions.
And then we'll get the
MRI, see if she's cleared.
Could we not talk
about that right now
and focus on celebrating?
Well, you do that and
I will see you later.
Everybody take care. Huh?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Well, I don't know about ya'll,
but I can't wait to
get that baby home.
Now listen, you don't have
to worry about a thing.
I'm gonna come over. I'm
gonna sleep on the couch.
I'm gonna fix the formula.
I'm gonna change the diapers.
I'm gonna get up in the middle
of the night with the baby.
I know Bernie don't know nothing
about taking care of no baby.
I was praying
you would say that.
I don't know what we would
do without you, Brenda.
I don't think Bernie knows
how to change a diaper.
I don't think so either.
Look who's here.
Oh, honey.
I know, I know.
Oh my God, would you
look at that girl?
Look at this big old baby.
- Hey, little mama.
- Oh.
- Come here.
- How precious is she?
Come here, what
you smiling at?
- Hi.
- Huh, what you smiling at?
Come on.
- I know, I know, I know.
- It's okay.
- Come to Mama.
It's okay.
Patricia, it's fine.
It's all right, baby.
Don't cry, honey.
Here you go.
It's okay.
- Here you go.
- There you go.
That's what that girl wanted.
Good job, Daddy.
And Mommy can't wait
to get up from here
and take care of you herself.
Mommy needs to
give it some time.
I know.
All right, don't over do it.
You just finished your
last chemo session,
and you need your energy
to celebrate this
little lady coming home.
Hey, baby.
Oh, wow.
Honey, could you
please take her?
Take her I can't.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I got you. I got you.
When are, um, Daddy and Brenda
supposed to get here?
Um, they said they should
be here within the hour.
Did you make that last
bottle before you left?
I'm doing it right now.
Baby, are you sure you
got it? 'Cause I don't...
Yeah, sure, yeah.
You don't sound too convincing.
I got it.
Okay, okay, Mommy's coming.
Mommy's coming, baby.
Don't cry, honey.
Just give Mommy some time, okay?
Mommy time.
Oh, Patricia don't cry, baby.
Okay, I'm coming baby.
I'm coming. Just give
me some time, okay?
Okay, I'm coming, baby.
Okay, I'm coming.
Here we go. I don't know if
this is gonna be enough, but...
Between the chemo
and the pregnancy,
she's extremely anemic.
She's losing blood
flow to her brain
and it's caused her
to slip into a coma.
Now, there are different
medicines we are trying,
but a blood transfusion
may have to be performed.
Without proper blood
flow to her brain,
her organs could shut down.
And if that happens, there's
not much that we can do.
Mrs. Jackson needs to fight.
Did you know you were
named after your grandmama?
That's right.
I loved me some her.
She was my bestest friend
in the whole world.
I had just moved
to the neighborhood,
and I didn't have one friend.
For weeks I sat up on my porch
and watched her playing
jump rope across the street.
Finally one day, she
marched over to me
and said, "What's
wrong with you?
Get off that porch right now
and come and play with me."
And from that day forward we
were connected at the hip.
Until the day she passed.
I never heard that story about
how you and Patricia met before.
I didn't hear you come in.
How's Tasha?
Nothing's really changed.
I mean, she had a...
a mastectomy, chemo,
delivered a baby
safely, all for what?
So she can get laid up in a
hospital fighting for her life?
And we still don't know
if the cancer's gone
into remission yet.
I know.
It's so unfair. I wish
I could go see her.
You can. I can sit with
the baby.
No, she'd want me to stay
here and take care of Patricia.
I was thinking that uh...
we should get married.
I've been waiting a long
time to hear those words, but...
But what?
You're scared
right now, Melvin.
You don't know what's
gonna happen with Tasha,
and you want me to stick around.
That's not it.
Yes, it is.
I left once and you're
thinking maybe I'll leave again.
And you don't like to be alone.
Don't tell me what I'm
feeling and what I'm thinking.
I asked you because I love you.
And yes, I know what I said
to you when I found out
about Tasha was harsh,
and I'm sorry for that.
But I really do love you.
And you've taken care
of my family for me.
You think I do
all this for you?
I take care of all of
you because my best
friend isn't here
to take care of you herself.
I'm taking care of the baby
and trying to make sure
Bernie has a hot meal
when he gets home.
I don't have time to think
about marrying you right now.
Wake up.
Patricia needs you, baby.
I need you.
I'm sorry. It'll be over...
It'll be over soon. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Oh my God, I'm sorry.
Oh my God. I know.
I know, I'm sorry.
I thought I
taught you to fight?
You did.
Well, why aren't you
fighting this, baby?
Mama, I fought the
good fight, but I can't.
- I'm tired.
- Oh, you fight anyway, honey.
You ball your fist up and
you swing at this thing
with everything you got, honey.
- But, I can't--
- No buts.
Don't give up.
You can't give up.
- Mama.
- You got it.
Mama, wait.
Mama, wait don't go.
Mama, don't leave
me again, please.
Bernie, wake up. She's awake.
I'm gonna
go get a nurse.
Okay. Hey, hey look
at me, hey baby look,
you have a tube in your throat.
Somebody's coming to get it.
Melvin went to go
get someone, okay?
They'll take it out, okay.
Happy birthday, Mommy
Happy birthday, Mommy
Happy birthday dear Mommy
Happy birthday to you
Go ahead. Make a wish.
All my wishes have come true.
Where's that little munchkin?
She's finally asleep, right
as we're about to leave.
Oh, course she is.
You know what, um, I've been
playing with this for a while.
This short hair's
not so bad is it?
I think you look
gorgeous either way.
Gorgeous and cancer-free.
Gorgeous and cancer-free.
So what, you're just
gonna eat my cupcake?
You gonna eat this?
- Really, Bernie?
- What?
When I heard your
heart beat
When I heard your
heart beat
I made me right
Oh Oh
When I heard your heart beat
When I heard your heart beat
I changed my life
When I heard your heart beat
When I heard your heart beat
And it's about time
you put a ring on it.
There we go.
This overwhelming
love I have inside me
Could ignite the
city lights, yeah
Unconditional love I
understand now as I hold you
Ever so tight
When I heard your heart beat
when I heard your heart beat
I made things right
This overwhelming love
I have inside me
Could ignite the
city lights
Unconditional love I
understand now as I hold you
Ever so tight
When I heard your heart beat
when I heard your heart beat
I changed my life
Changed my life
When I heard your heart beat
when I heard your heart beat
I made things right
Made things right
When I heard your heart beat
when I heard your heart beat
I made things right
Just to know you are
on your way
Makes life more living
every day
To give a home
and your seed
And she'll give you
back your legacy
When I heard your heart beat
when I heard your heart beat
I changed my life
When I heard your heart beat
when I heard your heart beat
I made things right
When I heard your heart beat
when I heard your heart beat
I changed my life
When I heard your heart beat
when I heard your heart beat
I made things right