Her Sey Asktan (2016) Movie Script

I'll keep it short.
I don't like fancy stuff.
I mean..
Not anymore.
Do you think it's normal
for a young girl...
to go on a roof on a Sunday
and look at the people?
There's only one reason for this:
- Sometimes, you are more.
- Sometimes, you are less.
Sometimes, you run.
Sometimes, you slow down.
Sometimes, you try to understand.
Sometimes, you give up trying.
Sometimes, you speak.
Sometimes, you get tired of
hearing your heart's voice.
It's all about love.
It's all about love.
The pain, the joy, the life...
It's all about love.
I don't like talking about myself.
My name is Pelin.
I'm the second child of an ordinary
family, born in an ordinary town.
I've always loved shopping.
Stores shining bright, great perfumes,
nail polishes of all colors...
Sparkly lipsticks
and wonderful clothes...
Fashion changes every year.
In order to keep up, you need
a big, fat purse and a rich husband.
And for good shopping,
you need good accomplices.
I like making
wonderful chocolates and cakes.
By the way, I'm getting married soon.
To the love of my life!
"It's All About Love"
- Good morning, dear.
- Nese, look...
This pair would go great
with my wedding dress.
If only they weren't 3000 liras.
- They are 2990 liras.
- Then you shouldn't miss them!
- Yes!
- Don't be ridiculous. Come on.
Am I being ridiculous?
You only get married once.
Girl, are you crazy?
They are too expensive.
Come on, my love.
We're late for work. Come on, darling.
- Here. We hope you enjoy it.
- Thanks.
This is exactly your size.
It looks so good on you.
Do you have a bigger size of this?
It's the one Beste wore in the
latest episode of "Fountain of Love".
I'll be right back.
I feel sorry for them. Watching TV shows
at home all day, they become delusional.
I also feel delusional
on my way home in the evenings...
after having forced people to buy
practically anything.
Ilker is calling.
Hold this.
My love? Yes?
I can't believe it!
I love you! I love you! I love you!
- What happened?
- That wedding in Ethempasa is cancelled.
It's our turn now!
What are you talking about?
- Look. Don't go anywhere after work.
- Okay.
I'll work day and night
to pay for these shoes.
Maybe I'll wear them
to your wedding too.
I hope so, Pelin.
Cihan hasn't even proposed yet.
- 26 installments, please.
- I'm sorry. I can only do 6.
- Ladies, make a decision. Is it a yes?
- Yes! Yes! A million times!
I love this one!
Look how cute it is!
Look at these.
It's the shape of a hand.
Why did you buy graters and egg brushes
so early in the morning?
What could have possibly happened
last night?
If you're stuck
taking care of everything, it means...
you have to buy your ironing board
on the day of your bachelorette's party.
Why are you taking care of it all?
Give some responsibility to Ilker.
- He works so hard. Poor thing.
- "Poor thing. He works so hard."
Are you ready for the wedding?
We are, dear.
Ready to kiss hundreds of people!
Ready to stand up
until our heels hurt!
Ready to laugh
until our cheeks hurt!
- Hi.
- Hi, Belgin.
What's up, dear?
- Did you get the invitations?
- I did.
The groom is not very resourceful.
It took them too long
to get the invitations ready.
He's always off-kilter.
Belgin, what would you like to drink?
I won't have anything.
Or, I can have a mocha.
Excuse me.
It's so funny.
One mocha, please.
- I'm reading it.
- Okay.
"We are getting married.
One dose of love in the morning."
One dose of respect at noon.
One dose of romance in the evening.
"We would like you to join us
on our first day."
Well, what did you expect?
Ilker picked it.
It's like our family is organizing
the wedding on its own.
This poor girl is buried in debt.
Belgin, don't say that.
At least you have a groom
to be present at the wedding.
Thanks, dear.
- Hello? Muhsin?
- Miss bride. I couldn't get in.
Nobody's home.
What do you mean?
Ilker was home.
He's not. I'm at the door.
I knocked, but no one answered.
Wait a minute. Did you call him?
Girls, I need to take care of this.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Goodbye.
- Call us when you can.
- See you.
Pelin, where are you going?
We have a great concert tonight.
I'm very busy, Mazhar!
I'm tying the knot!
There are always things to do, dear.
What the hell are you doing?
You were going to run over me!
And you're honking!
What are you people?
You live in the city.
Be a little civilized.
If you're sassy like that all the time,
you'll be just fine.
Why were you scared?
Shame on you!
Three, four...
What the hell?
What's all this noise?
Oh, champ!
I missed you. Where were you?
It's been a long time.
I missed you too, brother.
I've been taking care of the kids.
I have many stories to tell you.
- Oh, I missed you so much.
- A tsunami has just happened.
Was that girl just in here?
Yes. She was here.
- What's her deal?
- Well, I don't know.
Let's see
if you're going to like the house.
It's nice, but everyone's
so conceited around here. So aloof.
I have many friends. I always stock
lots of tea and sugar on weekends.
We have many guests.
If you die here,
it'll take them 6 months to find you.
- Pelin?
- Mustafa?
What the hell?
God damn you!
How could you do this?
- Stop! My love, stop!
- God damn you!
I'll kill you both!
I'll kill you!
God damn you!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
Wait for me.
I'll kill you! Wait.
Just listen to me for a minute!
I'll kill him!
Get out of my way!
Come on!
Get out of my way!
Kill him!
I'm going to kill you!
- It was a bachelor's party. I swear.
- I'll show you!
Come here!
Come here!
I said come here!
My love, wait a minute.
Come here, bastard!
I'll kill you! I'll kill you both!
Come here!
How could you do this to me?
I'll kill you!
God damn you!
Do you think it's normal
for a young girl...
to go on a roof on a Sunday
and look at the people?
There's only one reason for that:
Sure, go ahead, shit on me!
Knock out!
Win this match!
- Call an ambulance!
- She fell down.
- Call an ambulance.
- Somebody call an ambulance.
Wait a minute.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Am I dead?
What the hell?
You again?
Oh God, I want to die.
Can you get up?
Leave me.
I don't want your help.
We'll take you to the hospital, okay?
Come here.
I don't want him. No.
- Will you marry me?
- Yes.
It's okay.
Oh, God... Why me?
Why are you still here?
Fate. Can you blame it?
That was such a soft landing.
Nothing's broken.
Oh, God. What are you, a doctor?
I should call my mom.
- You can use my phone.
- Does this thing work?
Its battery goes for a week sometimes.
I'll be right back.
Please don't jump from there until then.
Oh, you're hilarious!
I can't remember my mother's number.
But I still know that idiot's number.
- Superman! Where are you going?
- To see my mom.
Okay, I've got you.
It's okay.
Okay. It's over.
Hi. Here you are.
You need it.
The prettier the face,
the crazier the girl.
I have learned that from experience.
Why are you flying off the roofs
like Superman?
Tell me.
There's nothing to tell.
What's your name?
Aren't we moving too fast, young lady?
- That's not funny.
- Okay. Sorry, you're right.
- Nice to meet you.
- Are you living alone?
You must have noticed Timu, right?
Timu! Make some noise, son.
Forget about me now.
Yes. What were you saying?
What can I say?
I followed a wonderful dream.
Just when I got close to it,
I found myself on the ground.
- I see. That's deep.
- Bastard!
Is this your house?
It's like a storage area.
How can you live here?
- Why wouldn't I?
- I don't know. I could never do it.
That's your problem.
I have everything in place.
I'm so happy.
I don't want anything more.
Okay, fine.
I'm going through a trauma,
so I can't totally understand but...
Forget it. You're not the only one
who doesn't understand me.
Would you like anything to eat or drink?
I don't.
Who are these kids?
They are my children.
- Oh, good Lord. God bless them.
- Amen.
Okay, then. Alright.
I need to go now.
- You need to rest.
- But I really...
You really need to rest.
Look. Listen to me.
I have a gig tonight.
I'll go take care of that.
Then, I'll come back and take you home.
Please get some rest until then.
Come on.
Don't be late.
Where the hell were you?
I was so worried!
What happened to you? Get in!
God damn you!
Get in!
Good job.
It's all good now.
Look at you. She's laughing!
Look at that hair.
You're so cute!
Here, take this.
God bless you.
When I was a kid,
I was so scared of getting shots.
- Who didn't get a toy?
- Me.
- Welcome, Suat. How's it going?
- Hello. Not bad.
You know.
I'm waiting for the gentleman.
Here you are.
Welcome, dad.
Will it take long?
No. You can leave if you're busy.
Don't wait for me.
I was just asking.
I'm waiting.
I'll be right there.
- Okay, champ. Calm down.
- Okay. I am calm.
Don't do this.
Think about your mother.
I know.
It's been three days,
and I've lost myself.
He made me believe in a lie,
that asshole.
I just can't get over it.
Darling, wake up.
Eat. Come on.
My father used to say...
"if you love the sea,
you should also love the waves".
I loved Ilker in spite of
all his mistakes. I was so naive.
"In A Relationship"
"In A Complicated Relationship"
But it's over now.
You know how much I loved you.
Now, watch me forget about you.
- Did he call you?
- He did. He also called the landline.
Of course, I didn't speak to him.
Well done, friend.
What is he going to say anyway?
"I was busy working on
my commitment issues"?
I got into a huge debt
to marry that idiot!
They said: The bride's family
should buy the bedroom furniture.
We had to buy the major appliances.
What happened? What happened?
I'm this deep in debt!
God damn him.
This is not working.
I'm losing my mind here!
I keep replaying that scene
over and over again in my head.
I should've choked them both,
but I couldn't do it.
You should've stabbed both of them.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Bastard.
I asked Cihan. Ilker is very unhappy.
They say he's not talking to anyone.
I hope he dies.
Don't touch it!
Pelin! You've been making a mess
in the kitchen all day.
What are you doing?
Mom, leave me alone.
Don't get close.
I'm being rehabilitated.
Okay, dear. Go ahead.
We can clean it up later.
Take that veil off and
put it down on the ground. Now!
Oh, God! Come on.
She's gone nuts.
She's totally nuts.
What the hell are you doing?
My dear.
We spent all that money.
If it takes you three years to talk a
guy into marriage...
how can you expect anything good?
She's not telling us anything, but
I'm sure Ilker changed his mind.
Here, babe.
We would never be able to
get along with his family anyway.
They are from Kayseri.
If you ask them two times two, they ask
"are you going to buy it or sell it".
Birds of a feather
should flock together.
Ilker wouldn't make a good husband
for my daughter anyway.
Oh, Ilker. Welcome, son.
Hello, aunt Sukran.
Is Pelin home?
I need to talk to her.
She's not answering my calls.
She's here.
She's a bit under the weather,
that must be why.
Come in. Come in, dear.
No, thanks.
It's better if we talk in the yard.
Every murderer
comes back to scene of the crime.
Nese, shut up.
I'm trying to read their lips.
- How dare you come here?
- You're not taking my calls.
You never text back.
What else could I do?
I had to come here to talk to you.
What's left to talk about?
Please. Don't do this.
I know, I made a huge mistake.
Please let me explain, my love.
Don't you ever call me "love". Don't.
What are you going to explain?
We were going to get married in 10 days.
Were you aware of that?
I trusted you and set out on a journey.
What do you...
Listen to me.
I panicked as the date came closer.
Like all men do.
The guys arranged a bachelor's party
to cheer me up.
I had no idea.
I swear to you, nothing happened
between me and that girl.
I was so drunk.
Are you finished?
No, I'm not. You can't just throw away
three years over a nonsense like this.
Let me make it up to you.
Make it up to me?
We've been living your life
for three years. Do you realise that?
Ilker's job. Ilker's dinners.
Ilker's stuff.
We did everything the way you wanted.
I organized a wedding all by myself.
Just because you were so busy.
What about me?
I don't even remember
which perfume I liked.
Because for three years,
I've been using the perfume you liked.
I dressed up for you.
And I did all of this willingly.
But it wasn't enough for you.
None of it was enough for you.
I wish you hadn't bothered to come.
There's nothing left to make up to me.
Pelin, you are right. Okay.
Look on the bright side.
I'm no longer afraid of
getting married now.
What kind of a person are you?
What kind of a person are you?
Ilker, leave.
I swear, I'll finish what I started
and stab you right here.
Throw all the bachelor's parties
you want.
- Pelin.
- What?
These came for you.
Bills and stuff.
You should have a look at them.
Have a good day, aunt Sukran.
Throw in the towel, Pelin!
- Ilker! Ilker!
- Pelin.
I gave up on the possibility of you
to love me. Go to hell.
Do you need a ride?
I'd better walk.
I'm going to Karakoy.
You're still mad at me, right?
but maybe mom is.
You can stay and apologize
for a little longer if you like.
Look, son.
If you need anything...
I don't need anything, dad.
Thank you.
- Are you going to go on like this?
- Like what?
You work at a cafe for so little money.
You don't care about anything.
We don't even know what you are doing,
where you are staying...
Don't worry, dad.
Despite what you think,
I'm not doing anything wrong.
I just don't want anything from you,
that's it.
And I wish you knew what I...
I don't want to see you waste yourself.
Whatever. I'm going to be late.
See you.
I've been crying nowadays.
I cry in front everybody.
I'm so sorry.
I cry over everything.
I feel so small among
millions of people.
They say when you are in pain,
you can't feel anything else.
My heart is in pain.
I can't find my place in the world.
We love you.
My dear friend...
- Here, sister.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- God bless his soul.
Thank you. Yes.
Thank you.
I'm sorry for your loss, dear.
You're so young.
Thank you, aunt.
Thank you. It's fate.
- How did he die?
- He fell on a knife at home.
- Oh, dear.
- God's will.
Pelin, enough.
Your tears will cause a flood!
What can I do? I can't get over it.
I just can't pull myself together.
I want to die.
Or I'm going to kill him.
Don't be ridiculous.
There are seven billion people on earth.
Half of them are men.
There are plenty of men for you.
You should always follow your heart.
Of course not.
What's up?
Easy. You're going to choke.
Okay, guys. You see.
Grief, sorrow, love, betrayal.
We have it all.
I just want an answer to this:
Why does a man cheat?
If the relationship isn't going
anywhere, and the other girl is hot...
- No way.
- Whoa!
Men are so simple.
Women should use their heads.
Please men both mentally and physically.
It's as simple as that.
No. I disagree.
I think there are still some honest,
loving men out there...
who care about
the beauty of the soul.
I think so too.
Lady, can I ask you something?
- Yes, sir.
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- No. He's dead.
- I rest my case. Thanks.
Well played.
I'll kill them too.
Okay. Don't make fun for once.
We're asking a serious question.
Why do you all cheat?
Please don't generalize.
Look, I try to keep my nose clean,
At first, everything is great, right?
As things get serious, the guy realises
it's not what he's looking for.
So he starts to sneak off. But the woman
is smart. Of course she notices that.
So she starts shopping,
goes on a diet, works out.
She makes huge investments,
but the damage is already done.
- Girl, this one knows everything.
- Don't encourage him!
Okay, I'll ask something else.
Is there no hope?
There is.
If you hit rock bottom,
you can only go upwards.
Bravo, bravo.
Okay, guys. We're going to rehearse.
Wait a minute.
I have a question.
So you say that a woman
only takes care of herself...
in order not to be cheated on?
I told you so many things.
Is this what you understood?
Competition means better quality. Yes.
I can help you if you like.
Shall we meet at the last exit
before the bridge?
- Oh, God! Take me!
- You don't need to go anywhere, honey.
Can we talk outside?
I told you, I regret it.
I apologized. Don't be so stubborn.
What are you talking about, Ilker?
Every time I look at you,
I'm reliving that moment.
You were the one
who insisted to get married.
We were so happy
as boyfriend and girlfriend, my love.
Don't call me "love".
Don't piss me off.
Is that what you call
a bachelor's party?
Tons of people get married.
It was a bachelor's party!
Let me gather all men here
and ask them.
Look. Leave before I smash this table
over your head.
I won't give up before
you call my mother "mom".
You'll see what will happen.
- I want to blow his head off.
- He's so shameless!
Okay. Don't get upset.
Now, I'll tell you about everything
that's going to cure you.
Are you with me? Look.
You're going to read lots of books
and get to know yourself.
"Get Over Yourself, Be Yourself".
"Love Yourself, Love The Mirrors".
"The Monk Who Sold His Phone".
"11 Steps in 10 Steps".
Forget about that now.
Look at the cards.
"Forgive, feel lighter, breathe,
break your shell and give it time."
"Where did I go wrong?"
Let's put this one away.
- Come on, pick a card.
- Come on, pick one.
"I promise to let go of the past and
live in safety from now on." Amen.
You're going on a diet.
It's over. Say goodbye to chocolate.
No. No way.
Don't ask me to do that.
No. I can't.
Three: You're going to purify
your soul with a detox.
You're going to go to parks.
You know the 4L rule.
If you love, you are loved.
If you are loved... You are also loved.
Four: You're going to stay away from
social media.
Starting now. Delete him from Twitter.
Block him on Facebook.
Then you say "amen".
Five: You're going to keep your anger,
your hatred under control.
You won't take it out on yourself.
Yes. That is so true.
All that negative energy will be
channeled towards somewhere else.
Rip him apart!
I can't self improve anymore!
I don't want to beat this pillow!
I want to beat that cheater!
A battle is won on the front!
That's it!
Oh, God! Take me!
Believing is half the success,
they say.
I think the real success is accepting
the truth. I was cheated on. Yes.
I was wronged. Okay. But am I
the first person to experience this?
No, you're not.
You are going to do everything I tell
you and be completely obedient, okay?
But I...
Okay, fine.
I have no other choice anyway.
We're going to get up early. At seven.
If there's a loser,
there cannot be a winner.
You can't just buy everything
and steal from your future.
So, get yourself together.
If you want to change,
start from yourself.
Keep going.
You'll find a second job.
But I don't know anyone.
Who would give me a job?
No complaining. Don't complain.
What did I tell you? You'll knock on
every door, if necessary.
Don't let challenges discourage you.
Remember: Work won't come to you
if you don't look for it.
Give me five.
Don't expect anything from anyone,
other than yourself.
You should get strong first.
But you're pushing me too hard!
No! No complaining.
You'll get rid of everything
that is unnecessary.
Think about what you do best.
That will help you.
The only thing I want to do in life.
I've got it!
I used natural ingredients. No sugar.
So, you have skills other than talking?
Do you want to tell her, or should I?
Good news shouldn't wait.
After you, sir.
This is great.
- Congratulations on your new job.
- Really?
You can bake these for 50 years.
Do I look good?
God damn me.
Why did I even want a wedding?
"I'll wear these to the engagement.
I'll wear these on the honeymoon."
We've seen it all.
What the hell are these?
If you kept on buying,
you were going to be a hoarder.
"Get rid of everything
that is unnecessary."
Come on! Come on!
One for 5 liras, three for 15!
- Don't just look, come over!
- We have brand new items!
I wish I had the money
to buy them myself!
Come on!
These are so cheap!
Don't look from a distance!
Come on!
- We have brand new items!
- Don't miss these!
We're selling it all!
We have fancy sunglasses!
All sorts of colors!
Ajda Pekkan is our customer!
Don't miss these!
Come on! Five liras!
- Give me your keys.
- Why?
- Give them.
- What's going on?
We're going to do a little operation.
Give them. Come on.
- That was so good.
- Good for you.
Here you are.
This is for the children.
You're so thoughtful.
- That means we deserve a meal.
- Meal? Anytime.
Fish sandwich?
Okay, but I'll pay.
Okay, boss. After you.
I know a shortcut.
Do you know the best way
to erase bad memories?
- What?
- Collecting new ones.
Pick up the damn phone!
- Oh, God.
- Sorry.
Don't you ever look back in the past.
If Aschenputtel had gone back to
get her shoe...
she would never have become
May I sit?
All the other seats are taken. Thanks.
What's up?
I'm fine. I'm great.
I'm on fire.
I'm getting ready to go on "Survivor".
Forget about that now.
If I said I would answer any question
right now, what would you ask me?
What do we need in life?
Is there such a thing as fate?
Love or affection?
- Are you ready to hear the answer?
- Pass.
Tomayto or tomahto?
Tomayto... Tomahto...
- Tomayto.
- No way! Tomahto.
You lost.
My turn.
Where are you going?
Shall we go to the movies?
Shall we go to dinner?
I'll be working.
After work.
Let's have breakfast in the morning.
I'm on a diet.
- I'll tell you something.
- Yes.
You are a gift to me in this life, Nese.
I'm so lucky we've been together
for all these years. My love.
- Baby...
- Thank God I have you.
- You as well, my love.
- To many happy years together.
Darling, why did you take the trouble?
I'm the one who's lucky.
For wasting my life
with a jerk like you, Cihan!
God damn you! What is this?
What are these earrings?
Will you please calm down?
People are staring.
I can't. I can't calm down!
I've had enough! For seven years,
I've been waiting for you to propose!
Seven years! A seven-year relationship!
It's like a mortgage payment!
Darling. Your favorites Angelina Jolie
and Brad Pitt just got married.
After eight kids!
That's Brad Pitt's fault!
I don't care!
Besides, are you Brad Pitt?
Your head is like a jerry can.
Do I look like Angelina?
Your lips are similar, my love!
No, they are not!
I'm so tired of waiting, Cihan.
God damn you.
- My love.
- It's over. Okay.
My love...
Shove those earrings...
Up your ear!
But, my love...
Guys should never think
they are unforgettable.
A woman gets her hair done three times,
goes shopping eight times and...
buries you deep in history.
You would not even know it.
Whose side are you on?
You wasted us all.
I'm telling the truth, son.
God created man first.
Then, he made an upgrade
because he didn't like the first one.
You say "woman".
You should tremble with fear
when you hear her name.
Yes, wifey!
- Burak.
- Oh.
- What's up?
- Welcome.
- An espresso, please.
- Sure.
Why are you here?
How did you find me?
It's good that you have yourself
in this mysterious atmosphere.
I called your sister.
Ilker. Leave.
It seems that
coffee business is profitable.
You seem to be doing well.
Come with me for a minute.
What do you want from me?
You'll pay the price
for trashing my house.
Don't forget that it's still our home,
and you're going to live there with me.
In your dreams!
That is never going to happen, okay?
How long are you going to suffer here?
I know you're in debt.
Let me help you.
Please, let's just go home.
Pelin. The friends I mentioned to you.
Sude, Arda. Pelin.
- Hello.
- Hello. Nice to meet you.
- Me too.
- Coffee?
- We can have coffee.
- Okay.
- You can sit over there.
- Okay.
What about my coffee?
Damn it!
Burak. Champ. We're out of brown sugar.
Can you get some?
- Sure.
- Burak.
Champ. Please.
Whenever I feel any better,
something always happens.
Whenever I pull myself together...
Pull yourself together.
Do you realize how far you've come
in such a short time?
Look, you have friends.
You have me.
We're here for you.
You have Mazhar. You're not alone.
So pull yourself together.
I'm so tired.
It's like everything is against me.
My debts... Ilker...
I want to close my eyes and,
then I want everything to be gone.
Believe me when I say there's no pain
in life that doesn't end.
Give it a few days.
Then you'll understand.
Everything passes.
And besides, you're the strongest girl
I've ever seen.
Misery doesn't look good on you.
Just so you know.
Come on, smile.
A little more.
Smiling looks good on you.
If you're done crying, come inside.
Pelin. Your friend is not doing well.
Seven years!
I waited seven years for him
to get over his fear of marriage.
What happened then?
I got left with a pair of earrings.
If I waited any longer,
I would be going through menopause.
- Trouble tonight.
- She's got the blues going on.
Excuse me then.
Good luck to you.
- I said he was my soulmate but...
- What happened?
I was giving advice to her,
but look at me now.
Okay. It's over.
From now on, I'll invest in
at least 10 guys, not just one.
If I don't do that, don't call me Nese!
There's an emergency.
We're going out tonight!
Girl, you're like a suicide bomber. We
won't go out anywhere with you tonight.
- Fold.
- Me too.
I'll crack your heads now!
Fold? I'm all in!
I'm all in for everyone!
I'm all in for the whole world!
This is so bad.
Can you cover for me tonight?
Is it that bad?
Okay, fine. Go.
Go. I'll cover for you.
Thank you.
But wait.
Not that easy.
I have terms.
I'll change and be right back, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Champ.
- Thanks.
Girl. I have no money.
You keep ordering drinks.
Don't be ridiculous.
A true lady never pays the check.
She gives a man the motivation to pay.
Is that right?
Mind your own business.
Have fun. I'll take care of that.
Girls! Selfie time!
- Take 30 liras from this.
- I only drank water.
Take 10 liras from me.
When did men stop hunting and
start being parasites?
- I didn't ask, but do you want some?
- I'm done.
I don't even want any burgers.
That's how bad I feel.
Shut up, skinny Esra.
You drank like there's no tomorrow.
What the hell was that check?
It caused me a lot of pain.
I was choked.
I thought you were taking care of it.
It's all your fault.
You couldn't even charm
two sluggish hipsters.
On my saddest day!
Look at that. She's blaming us.
You should have had
a toothpick in your mouth.
You were throwing money all around.
If that guy in glasses isn't gay, you
can wax all my facial hair right here.
How could you tell?
I made the wildest dance moves.
He didn't even hold my hand. Loser.
Pelin, I'm in pain, but
don't think that I haven't noticed it.
What was Burak whispering in your ear?
What whispering? Nonsense.
We're coworkers.
He's so hot.
God forgive me.
There's no way
I could be friends with that.
Why are you laughing?
Girls are all over you all the time.
You keep saying "no".
I'm just helping her.
Can you help me as well?
You give advice to everyone.
Why don't you have some for yourself?
I'm helping her.
Mr. Kado must be so good at his job.
People speak highly of him.
- What could he tell me? It's over.
- Don't be ridiculous.
If there's a fortune teller who tells
you people's names, you should go.
What's with the attitude?
Who knows?
It's Ilker.
"You will pay for what you have done."
- Moron.
- Jerk.
"Ilker is a jerk."
- Come, please.
- Okay.
- Yes, ladies. This way.
- Okay.
- Aries.
- Yes. Aries.
He knows!
- Who is Ilker?
- What?
I told you he knows names!
Don't talk unless I allow you to.
Aries. Run away from it.
It's the most flirtatious sign.
He's so playful.
His house is flirtatious.
He would break his head,
but not his connection with women.
I hope so.
I hope he breaks his head.
B, U, R, K...
- Oh.
- Burak is calling.
For God's sake!
- Hello? Pelin?
- You're stressed out, right?
Saturn is in the reverse angle.
You're running away from the stress
in the city.
- What the...
- But don't be like those celebrities.
Don't leave everything behind
to start organic agriculture.
- What Saturn? What organic? What?
- Come to Kado.
- Brother, who are you?
- Come to Kado.
- Where's Pelin?
- Nevermind.
Hello? Pelin?
For God's sake...
Girls. You are so screwed.
What? What are you talking about?
Jupiter and Mercury are in retrograde.
Like veins on top of each other.
So everything is going wrong.
But Leo...
- Leo sign...
- Cihan is Leo.
My man is Leo.
He got so focused.
It's extra after this point.
We can end it if you like.
I have no money.
Mr. Kado.
What about the Leo?
Don't worry.
That jerk will suffer.
Devil with a yellow aura. Demon.
Are you talking about my man?
Shut up! I told you not to talk
unless I allow you to!
You talk too much!
Well, the sun is in Aries.
So you can't express yourself.
That's normal.
I'm sure the guy ran away
because of your talking.
Oh, Mr. Kado.
I couldn't ever shut up.
But don't be sad.
Your awakening is positive.
I promise.
He'll come back to you
when Mars is in its fourth phase.
Mark my worlds.
And it's sealed!
Mr. Kado. Which month is
that Mars thing? Is it on March?
- Nese, please!
- Pelin, I'm so sorry.
- We lost all our money.
- I didn't know he charged that much.
I'm terribly sorry.
Insufficient balances!
I'm laughing now, but it was terrible.
And he's Aries.
Stay away from them. Ahmet is also
like that. He was also an Aries.
Ahmet... Aries...
Are you hungry?
Thank you.
- Come on, bunny. Call them in.
- Alright.
Girls are all over him.
You found your band-aid, Pelin.
Well done.
What band-aid?
Come on, hurry.
I'm with you, friend.
Go for it.
I loved my mother more.
I couldn't get along with my father.
He wanted everything to be as he liked.
His only goal is that
I take over his business. Classic type.
That's so nice.
A regular job, ready to go.
Your father can adopt me if he likes.
That's not how it goes.
Thank God I'm a guy. Look. My father
used to plan everything for my mother.
Even the place she was going to shop.
Even her friends she was going to meet.
Then one day, he left.
There was another woman.
What happened then?
Then my mother died.
She had a weak character.
She couldn't handle it.
Those were hard times for a teenager.
Then one day, brother Mazhar came,
as usual.
"Do you think you're the only one
with a problem" he said.
He brought me here.
These children are orphans.
- I'm sorry about your mother.
- It was a long time ago.
- Do you see your father?
- Sometimes.
He still has great plans for me.
Thank you!
I wanted to study culinary arts.
But I had to work after my father died.
Then I got lost.
Lost in clothes and shoes.
It's not too late.
Mazhar put on four kilos
thanks to your cakes. Think about it.
But I'm not baking for myself.
I'm baking to pay my debts.
- It's okay.
- I wish I never met him.
I thought we got rid of wishes.
What happened? Did you forget that?
You were saying...
What was that?
If Cinderella backs off,
she would hit a tree? What was that?
No. It's not like that.
If Aschenputtel had gone back
to get her shoe...
she would never have
become Cinderella.
Yes. Yes, that was it.
Okay. You should do that.
Okay, I will do it.
I'm single now.
I'm taking care of myself.
No relationships. I'm done.
You have my point of view now.
Your point of view?
God forbid!
You were good.
You were also good.
You were also good,
but you were the best.
- Thanks.
- Yes, dear.
- Brother, at the end of the night...
- Attention please.
I paid for all the girls' drinks.
What? We went out for a girls night.
Dutch style.
Oh, please. Turkish girls like it
when you insist. They like to play hard.
Men took the revenge of many years.
Okay, come on. Get in the car.
Not everyone can fit in yours.
Let's take mine.
No. We can go. No problem.
Okay, fine.
Burak, don't forget my birthday party
on Sunday.
Pelin, tell him.
- Yes. You're coming, right?
- I promised Mazhar for Sunday.
Okay, champ. It's ok.
Okay, you go.
You're going in the opposite direction.
You go.
Normally, he would have an attitude.
I love you both.
You look great together.
What's that?
Like some kind of documentary.
- Then...
- Soup.
Shall we have soup?
I should get up at eight.
Can you get up?
I can call you if you like.
Thanks, dear.
You musicians wake up late.
Waking up early is for losers like me.
Why are you playing for sympathy?
I can wake up.
I mean, if you want me to.
Hearing your voice makes me feel good.
You know?
Come on. Let me take you home.
It's close. I can go.
No, dear. No way.
I won't leave you alone.
- No, the weather is so nice.
- No, Pelin.
- Really.
- I'll take you by car.
Good dog!
Here you are, dear.
"Dinner tonight?"
Come on, run! Come on.
Are you tired?
No way!
Oh, God!
- What are you doing?
- Leave me alone.
Excuse me.
Sorry. Do you work in a bank?
Why? Are you going to transfer money?
For God's sake.
The guy in blue was holding my feet.
I shook him off like that.
I was like Usain Bolt, man.
The guy couldn't even see me.
Look at me.
Are you texting Cihan again?
I'll beat you with that phone.
No, I'm not.
I'm not even texting him back.
I only send him Candy Crush lives.
Ilker is here.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.
- Dude, look.
- Yes, I saw her.
What are you doing here?
Just a minute, dear.
I'll be right back.
Okay, honey.
Don't panic.
Ilker is here. 12 o'clock.
Get rid of that surprised look on
your face and put on a smile right now.
Don't look that way.
He's looking at you.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I sent everyone an invite on Facebook.
It was too late when I realized it.
Please forgive me.
My mood is ruined.
I won't stay long.
No. Please. Don't leave me
on my birthday. Don't.
Okay, fine.
Come on.
Cheer up.
Give me a drink.
- Can I tell you something?
- What?
You're so beautiful.
What would you like to drink?
I'll have whiskey.
I didn't ask you.
- Ilker, please leave.
- Where were you, my love?
Where were you?
What love? What are you talking about?
Go away.
Is it a crime to talk to my future wife?
Do I need to take permission
from this waiter?
Future wife?
Please leave before you make a scene.
A scene? Is this cissy
going to make a scene?
- Ilker, stop it. Leave.
- Enough!
Quit treating me like a child.
Come on. We're going to talk.
- No.
- Dude. She says no.
Why are you forcing her?
How can you call me dude?
Please don't!
Pelin, can you please get in the car?
What happened? Are you not okay?
No, I'm not.
- Why?
- Didn't you hear what people said?
It's like I set you against each other.
I didn't hear that.
I was busy punching him.
I guess that's why.
That is the problem.
Why did you punch him?
I can't believe you're asking me this.
He said horrible things. He insulted us.
Where were you?
He was drunk.
He didn't know what he said.
Being drunk is not an excuse.
He shouldn't have had that much.
He was bothering you, right?
And I saved you.
What's wrong with that?
What's wrong?
- What?
- Did I ask you to do that?
Excuse me?
Look. I'm just trying to
get my life back on track.
I'm not looking for a hero.
You fighting him is...
This is ridiculous.
Do you know what you are?
You are a selfish, spoiled little girl
who has no idea about what she wants.
But the fault is mine.
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Stop the car!
I just wanted to help you.
Okay? As a friend.
I'm not your mother, okay?
No one can call me "spoiled".
Can you please take the lady
to her address?
Of course, sir.
You are all the same.
You're so rude!
You're disgusting!
"Forgive me.
Your existence touched my soul.
It turns out that
I can't breathe without you."
"Longing for you, my skin tingles
as I smell you in every kiss."
The poet tries to convince idiot Pelin.
But we're not buying it.
- Sure, he's the RC type.
- What the hell is that?
If you run away, you get chased after.
Run and Chase.
Your ex cannot be your next.
Well done. Good job.
Thank God I have you.
I'm terribly sorry.
Oh, you're so clumsy.
Please watch your step!
I was just...
- No, get away.
- I didn't mean to. Really.
Oh, of course you didn't!
Do you know how much this dress costs?
You can't buy it if you sell yourself.
Did you hear what she said?
She says I have to sell myself.
What are you people?
Who do you think you are?
- How can she talk to me like this?
- You screwed us!
You're going to fire her right now!
Or else,
I won't be shopping here ever again!
What's with that face, champ?
I guess girls didn't leave you alone
last night.
- I couldn't sleep last night.
- Coffee?
It must be serious, then.
Spill the beans.
You know about Pelin and I.
We had an argument the other day.
At first, I wanted to help Pelin.
I had no other intentions, brother.
I guess we got each other wrong.
That's so silly.
I mean...
- See you.
- See you.
- Welcome, Cinderella.
- Hello.
What's up? Are we moving the cafe?
They are going on a tour.
For how long?
- Champ, how long will it take?
- Two months, brother.
- Have a nice trip.
- Thanks.
Life forces us to make choices.
You choose right or wrong.
You take the dark or the light.
Every option takes you
to a completely different place.
The problem is
having trouble reading the signs.
Then you always end up
in the wrong place.
Time takes side with the truth.
And there is no such thing
as coincidence.
You should be honest
with yourself first.
Then, you should make a real decision.
A decision on what you want
and what you're going to do in life.
If you are honest with yourself,
whatever you want to do...
the whole world steps aside.
It's been one month and a half.
My whole life has changed.
People love my cakes.
Mazhar put on eight kilos
and turned the cafe into a bakery.
This is for you.
Oh, Pelin.
If I were you,
I'd shown the white flag long ago.
You know, Mazhar?
He never gave up.
He didn't want to let her go.
I appreciate that.
Pelin, let me take it.
Maybe I'm not Brad Pitt,
but you're my Angelina.
Will you marry me and have eight kids?
I can't believe it!
It would be a lie if I said
I became another person.
I was so happy when I was working.
But everytime I wasn't working,
I kept on recalling the past.
I kept on thinking and writing.
All that shopping was gone.
My life was simple now.
As I was simplifying things,
my life was becoming colorful.
I was like a light piece of wood.
The lighter you get,
the easier you float on the water.
I travelled a long way.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I thought about him
every once in a while.
I keep hearing his words.
Sometimes, I think I see him.
I ask myself
"Is he's thinking about me?"
It was just about
taking the same road we took as we left.
And meeting the same people everytime.
I don't like those costumes.
But your t-shirt is okay.
I had a huge dream
and found myself on the ground.
After that, all I had was reality.
There's no need to be too serious.
If we're alive, there's always hope.
Good things are always on our side.
Life can't always be bright.
And it can't always be dark.
You can't always be happy.
You can't always be sad.
Everthing goes by
in wonderful harmony.
Now, I care about everyone,
and I care about no one.
And today, I understand that
I am very precious.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
Maybe you've heard about it.
Nese and Cihan are getting married.
This is your invitation.
- So, they are getting married at last.
- Yes.
But I... I have a gig for the foundation
on that day. I can't make it.
Send my best wishes to them.
By the way,
I only accept cake orders now.
This is for you.
Thank you.
I'm not working at the store. Mazhar...
Just a second.
You know
what you don't want to do now.
I'm happy for you.
I appreciate that.
Good luck with your concert
and have a good day, Mr. Burak.
Have a good day, Miss Pelin.
- Hello.
- Hello. Welcome.
You're so beautiful.
My dear.
I'm so glad that I have you.
- Girls.
- Look who's here!
- Mazhar!
- Let me have a look at you.
You look so beautiful, Nese.
- Thank you very much.
- Would you like a drink?
No, thank you.
This is a small gift from the cafe.
- What's this?
- And this is for you.
- Where was it? I was looking for this.
- Burak gave it to me.
There's a gig for the kids
at the cafe tonight.
When was this taken?
I didn't know that.
You're not on this one.
You were abroad.
That is so nice.
So nice.
- Oh, dear. Pictures taken everywhere.
- They are all great. So lively.
This one looks like...
- Why were you so surprised?
- I don't remember.
- Thank you so much.
- You're such a beautiful bride.
Okay guys, see you.
We can walk you out.
Come on.
Everybody's going to dance.
If anyone sits, I'll show you.
Totally. Congratulations.
Thank you so much.
I won't need these for a long time.
This is the best gift
I can give you right now.
I'll be so happy if you wear these.
Oh, you silly thing!
Come here.
Don't cry, okay?
Don't you ever cry.
Don't ruin your make-up.
Okay, then.
We should write the names under these.
Welcome to this blessed day
of the Turgut and Oylek families.
- I can sit here, right?
- Sure.
Your application has been approved.
There are no legal barriers
against your marriage.
Now, before our distinguished guests
and the witnesses...
I'm going to ask you once again.
- Your name?
- Cihan Oylek.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
I know you're mad at me.
I'm not saying
let's get back together right now.
Just give it a try.
I'm really not mad at you anymore.
I should even thank you.
Do you take Mr. Cihan as your husband?
What do we need in life?
Is there such a thing as fate?
I don't know if it's called fate, but
there's a plan that you talk about...
there's the one you never tell,
and there's the one planned for you.
Love or affection?
You can't understand that right now.
- I'll ask you something.
- Okay.
- What do we need in life?
- I don't know.
A house, a car, a boat.
Everything that you need
for a good life.
Is there such a thing as fate?
Of course, dear.
But only losers whine about fate.
You know what they say.
Being born poor is not your fault,
but dying poor is yours.
Oh, God.
Love or affection?
Passion, Pelin.
You know, I always followed that.
Would you sing a song for me?
A song that has apologies,
regret and love in it.
Come on, Burak.
You were right.
I acted like a little girl.
When you left,
I realized what I needed.
What is it that you need?
Nothing but you.
Love or affection?
Only you.
Tomayto or tomahto?
Tomahto, dear.
- Tomayto.
- Tomahto.
- Tomayto.
- Tomahto.