Her Side of the Bed (2018) Movie Script

[slow paced music]
I took out a photograph
From my collection
Of the first day
I opened my heart
You sat by a tree
You said you're my only bee
I kissed you on the cheek
My sweetheart
A very small kiss
Like the ones you won't miss
We promised that
we'd never part
[slow humming]
Now I walk without shoes
With the first morning rain
There's nothing to say
I love you
And you're throwing me away
Like a can of hairspray
I can't hold it in
Still in love
She lives.
She breaths.
Come on.
She speaks.
did you break up?
[faint sobbing]
[loud rock music]
He met someone else.
In front of all his
friends he just told me
"I met someone else."
So I just left.
He didn't even
give me a warning.
Let alone a chance to
even say how I feel.
I did everything for him.
Oh, I know.
You've just got to put a
positive spin on it, right?
You'll have plenty
to write about.
You know what?
I'm just going to call him.
I'm going to say "You
made a terrible mistake"...
No you won't, because
you lost your boyfriend,
do you want to lose
your dignity too?
I just need closure.
He doesn't want you.
Why is that not closure enough?
[Rachel] Please
just let me call him.
I just want to hear his voice.
Move along, people!
Nothing to see here!
Give her a break!
She just got dumped
by a guy named Goux.
What did you say?
His last name is Goux.
It's French.
I don't care.
Are you going to marry
a guy named Goux?
Be Rachel Goux?
Pardon me, Mr. and Mrs. Goux.
Yeah, your table is ready.
Okay, Nicole.
Plus, he's a straight up goo.
Like, I'm very surprised
that he found someone else
because who the hell
would want to be with him?
I want to be with him?
You are talented.
You are intelligent.
You can be very funny
when you're not throwing
yourself a pity party.
Although I do see how this
can be funny from like a
tragic point of view.
Mmm mmm.
You're beautiful.
You're going to find
somebody worthy of you.
He's not.
He's a goo.
[Rachel] More bubbles.
Yeah, you want
some more champagne?
[Rachel] Yeah.
Bottomless mimosas for you.
[Rachel] I want...
Ah, we found the bottom.
There is no bottom, nope.
I'm going to go
upstairs and change
because I've been wearing the
same clothes for 31 hours.
You know what?
You smell like it.
Oh, thank you.
Fuck you.
Oh, I love you too.
What the fuck?
Nicole, where's my bed?
I'm sorry?
What's that?
I can't hear you.
You got rid of my bed?
About that.
Um, you weren't living here.
I was paying rent.
I wanted a meditation space.
You can't even sit
still for five seconds.
How are you going to meditate?
Are you kidding?
Look at me, I'm Zen as fuck.
You can literally
mediate anywhere.
I'm going to be real with you.
I traded your bed for an ounce
of weed and an army jacket.
You traded it for what?
For an ounce of weed
and an army jacket.
An army jacket?
It's vintage from
one of the world wars.
Well I hope it's bulletproof
because that bed was $4,000.
And a graduation gift
from my great aunt,
who is recently deceased.
So, namaste.
I'm tapping into my
third eye chakra right now,
and I'm getting the
feeling that you're upset.
But you're going
to share my bed,
and we're going to
be cuddle buddies,
and it's going to be awesome.
You're buying me a new bed.
[faint knocking]
Who's that?
It's Cameron.
What the fuck?
We had plans, motherfucker.
The world doesn't stop spinning
because you got dumped by a goo.
Oh, great.
Because what I really wanted
to hear was a 28-year-old loser
from Bed-Stuy wax philosophically
about existentialism.
Oh hi, Cameron!
Rachel, a pleasure, as always.
Oh take off your shoes.
We wouldn't want
any track marks.
Ha, ha, cute, cute.
So, what are we
celebrating, girls?
Oh, we are actually
celebrating Rachel,
who has just today
been emancipated from the
shackles of Richard Goux's
oppressive regimentation.
Free at last, free at last!
Thank God almighty we are free!
To freedom.
And to getting along?
[loud rock music]
So what did you even like
about that guy, anyway?
I don't know, stability?
Yeah, well you're
better off without him.
Thanks, Cameron.
Have you been
with anyone since?
[loud laughter]
What do you mean "been with"?
You know, "known"
in the Biblical sense.
I don't know, lain with.
We broke up this morning.
It's never too early
for a rebound fuck.
That's like the whole point.
Oh you would, wouldn't you?
I'm far from ready for that.
What do you got
to get ready for?
You just lay down
and spread your legs.
Emotionally ready.
This just further
proves my theory.
And which theory is that?
That women can't
separate sex from emotion.
Whereas men can.
Because of the primal
urge to spread their seed?
Misogynistic bullshit.
Hey, I'm not a
misogynist, okay?
I love women.
Okay, that's real rich.
[imitates pig]
Thank you.
[loud drumming]
[Rachel] So let me
get this straight.
You can have sex with somebody,
and never think
about them again?
[Cameron] Correct.
[Rachel] I don't understand.
[Cameron] I don't
expect you to.
You're a woman.
[Rachel] I don't see what
that has to do with anything.
[Cameron] It's just sex.
Okay, pardon me, excuse me.
I have, I have a question.
Is that how you justify
having fucked a dude?
Oh, come on.
Wait, you fucked a dude?
I did not fuck a dude.
Oh, that's right,
he fucked you.
Wait, so he fucked
you or did you...
[Cameron] He did not fuck me.
Just tell her the story.
[faint clapping]
Story time.
So, we had this gig in
Chelsea and afterwards
I'm hanging out at the bar
and this guy comes up to me
and asks if I want to come
over and do some coke?
So I told him "Yeah."
And he says to me
"Hey, I really like feet.
"Is that okay with you?"
So I was just like "Whatever."
We're sitting on his
couch and after, you know,
a few lines of coke,
he comes up to me
and he removes my shoes.
And I'm thinking, like,
"Okay, he's going to give
me like a foot massage
"or something like that."
So then he pulls
down his pants...
His dick rock hard!
He takes my feet, presses
them together, spits on it,
and proceeds to fuck the
hole in between my feet.
It gets better.
Just as he's about to finish,
he looks me dead in
the eyes and he says.
[Cameron And Nicole] "Did you
ever do this with your dad?"
He fucking cums
all over my pant leg.
Oh my God.
So what's the moral
to this little story?
That men can separate
sex from emotion.
Hence the phrase
"It's just sex."
I'm not sure that that
is the moral to that story.
Yeah, it also
sounds pretty gay.
Yeah, well, you know,
that's just a misconception of
gender roles in our society.
Well I suppose you think
like when two girls hook up
with one another they're
just having a little fun?
Don't think I forgot
about that little
lesbian rendezvous you had.
You hooked up with a girl?!
Yah, that little curly
haired number from the studio.
Wait, Naomi?
She's old.
Cunnilingus knows
no age, only beauty.
I can't believe you
never told me this.
Because it's meaningless.
Contrary to popular belief,
women can have sex
without emotion.
I want to know every detail.
You know what?
Why don't I just show you?
Wait, wait, what are you doing?
Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about!
Let me see them feet!
[Rachel] No!
Yeah, yeah girl.
Oh yeah!
My feet are
virgins, and sacred.
Well, it was much more
romantic that that, okay?
We were on cocaine.
Keep your chin up kid.
Thanks, Cameron.
I'll see you at Nicole's show?
You get what you want
You found a weak ground
[Nicole] I miss you.
[Cameron] Nicole.
[Nicole] Stay.
Don't talk to strangers
Don't care what they think
'Cause you will break your
Alright, drunky.
I'll see you, okay?
You're moving too fast
You're moving too fast
You're moving too fast
You're moving too fast
A crispy bullshit
A glass of water
You're looking so hurt
You haven't caught her
Shake your habits
How do you do that?
Do what?
See him, still?
Rach, we are artists,
with tortured souls.
Much of the torture
is self-inflicted.
It's an illusion
Ha ha
What are you doing?
Are you taking a selfie?
Mmm hmmm, I look good.
Well use a filter.
[Rachel] I can't believe
you got rid of my bed.
Like who does that?
You bitch.
Actually that's pretty good.
Keep doing that.
[Rachel] Is this
what you did to Naomi?
This, this is
what I did to Naomi.
Ah, you're killing me!
Uh huh, go to sleep!
I can't breathe, really.
Sleepy time.
- I actually can't breath.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
[Rachel] I really loved him.
I know.
[loud ticking]
[loud horns honking]
Ugh, shit!
I took the liberty of
calling in for you.
You what?
I told them you
ate some bad sushi
and it's coming
out of both ends.
Well I'm glad you told them it
was coming out of both ends.
Well I had to sell it.
You're welcome.
And now you can come
to work with me.
Oh, you have a job?
Did anyone ever tell
you you are such a
precious gem when
you are hung over?
Here you go.
Ugh, I can't even
look at this shit.
Don't look, just drink.
Hurry up.
Brush your hair.
You brush your hair.
[upbeat music]
[Nicole] Yes.
[Rachel] You hooked
up with a girl?
[Cameron] Yeah, that curly
haired number from the studio.
[Rachel] Wait, Naomi?
Let's get you into
outfit number two.
Everybody else take 10.
Oh, thank God.
Excuse me.
Yeah, yeah, indeed.
Yep, we are a full
service studio.
We do offer hair and makeup.
Yeah we do have hair
and makeup, absolutely.
Stylists if you need.
Okay, I have you on the books
for Naomi on December 18th.
Good bye.
Hung over?
Are you comfortable
down there, or...
Yeah, I like the way the
cement feels on my body.
Want a cigarette?
Oh, I don't smoke
but thank you.
[Rachel] Oh, thank you.
It's been awhile.
Yeah, I've been
kind of off the radar,
I guess you could say.
Back and better
than ever, I see.
Yeah, I mean it takes true
talent to hold a bounce board.
All that geometry.
Hey, and don't
forget my astoundingly
strong tricep muscles.
Yeah, you make it
look really easy.
You're welcome.
[faint chuckling]
Hey, so I'm
doing this reading,
and yeah, you should come.
What are you reading?
It's kind of sick and twisted.
Childhood diary entries.
Rewritten with an adult
perspective and vernacular.
But seriously,
you should try, you should come.
You're in luck.
I'm going to be reading a passage
about my first ever boner.
So, there's that.
[loud laughing]
Oh, that's amazing.
Hi, excuse me, slave.
- Oh, wow.
- Need ya.
[Rachel] Okay,
I'm being summoned.
So off to work you must go.
Hi ho.
[Rachel] Hi ho.
The dwarves.
[Rachel] Hey,
thanks for the invite.
[loud buzzing]
Ugh, fuck.
What's your problem?
I have my meeting
with Charles.
I think I'm just
going to cancel it.
Dude, you've been blowing
that guy off for two months.
When's your meeting?
It's in 15 minutes.
I'm not even dressed,
I feel like shit...
Okay so your meeting
is in 15 minutes?
Yeah, you're going.
- No, you're going.
- No.
[Nicole] I'm very
glad that I'm here
because I'm a positive
influence on you...
Oh yeah, a very
good influence.
[slow instrumental music]
You look like hell.
Well that's funny, because
I feel like an angel.
How have you been?
Oh, well, I've been great.
My boyfriend took me
out for a nice meal,
humiliated me in front
of all of his friends
and then he dumped me.
Well, you'll have plenty of
time to make these changes.
It's not about time, Charles.
I just, I don't have
the backbone anymore.
Well there are lot of other
writers out there who do.
They're hungry for this.
But I'm here because I
see something in you.
What do you see in me?
I see someone who if she
would just challenge herself,
and push past the point
of feeling uncomfortable,
could do great things.
And in doing so make
me a lot of money.
But right now all I see
is someone who wants to
throw in the towel
when times get tough.
This is a gift, Rachel.
Don't throw it away.
[slow paced music]
[Nicole] Dude, look at you.
You are prime for
rebound sex right now.
I'm not, I'm not
even there yet.
Rach, what is the point
of us going if you're not
going to flirt with the
cute front desk guy?
Well first of all,
his name is Trevor.
[Nicole] Whatever.
And I'm not going to
flirt with him, okay?
Okay, I'll see you later, bye.
I don't even
know how, anymore.
Look, you go up
to him afterward,
be friendly, smile.
Tell him you liked it,
whether you did or not,
offer to buy him a beer.
Well, what if he says yes?
What are you going to do?
You'll be the third wheel.
No I won't.
Ernest is meeting us there.
Oh, Ernest.
Who is that?
Your flavor of the month?
Yep, tastes like
money and Aqua Di Gio.
Red pricklies, up my legs,
starting from my
toes and down my back
starting from my brain.
Coursed through my frame.
All leading to one place.
The center of my being.
My penis was alive.
Vigor was its name.
What used to be a spongy flesh
and a collection of filth
was now a beacon
like the lighthouse
at Long Beach Island,
it stood on end, shining.
Was there a bone down there?
[Narrator] Stop,
this is special.
Would it be this way forever?
My pants were
slightly disfigured,
as if an elf was reaching
through my jammies
for Jesus' help.
Jesus isn't real.
The work itself
was just so profound.
He took an experience
we could all relate to,
males of course, and expressed
it in a way that maintained
the naivety of youth while
incorporating the complexities
of adult thought processes.
Oh my God, you were so great.
[Trevor] Thanks.
[Rachel] You
were really funny.
[Trevor] Cool,
I'm glad you came.
Thanks for coming.
Hi, I'd like to
introduce myself.
I'm Ernest.
Oh, are you?
Oh, he is.
I am.
Why don't we all get a drink.
Yeah, yeah, I was going
to suggest that actually.
I know the perfect place.
- Let's go.
- Let's do it.
[Ernest] Grand.
I mean that vulnerability,
that most people don't
even delve into, and to
take that and to share it
amongst a group of strangers.
I mean it's, it's provocative.
[Rachel] Very provocative.
Thanks, man.
in its boldest form.
But I mean not just
for the viewer,
but for your own personal being.
Nicole, can you please stop?
I'm trying to have
a conversation.
Hands where I can
see them, right guys?
Hey, Trevor, did you know
that Rachel is a writer?
Oh, really?
[Rachel] No.
No, I did not know that.
I'm not really a writer.
I don't know.
I haven't really put pen to
paper in a very long time.
Do you just have
nothing to write about?
There's always
something to write about.
You know what it is?
I think it has to do with fear.
You know?
[Rachel] Yeah.
Like we as artists, we're
afraid that what we create
is not going to be good enough.
Or, you know, perfect.
The worst enemy to
creativity is self-doubt.
Sylvia Plath.
You studied.
And see, look at how
well she turned out.
Didn't she commit suicide?
She did.
Yeah, man.
You know, it's hard
to find inspiration.
I'm sorry.
I can't hear you.
What was that?
I was saying it's
hard to find inspiration
when your head is in an oven.
[loud laughing]
Ernest, I'm kidding.
I'm sorry, I'm just
trying to make a joke.
Don't, don't try.
No, but I am serious.
I do think it is hard
to find inspiration.
Well if you sit around
and wait for inspiration,
it might never come, you know.
But that's why I
try to force myself
to write every single day.
Let the juices flow.
Sometimes I'll sit
there for hours.
And other times, phew,
stroke of genius.
Hey, better than
a regular stroke.
I mean, I don't understand
that from an artistic concept,
but from a business
standpoint absolutely.
[Trevor] Yeah.
[Rachel] Oh, wow.
Please sick bitch
I mean I don't want to impose
my beliefs on anyone else,
but it's just, my uncle
died of lung cancer
and he didn't even
smoke in his life.
But his second wife
Marjorie smoked these big...
Shut the fuck up, okay?
So tonight was
oddly entertaining.
I thought it was fun.
It was fun.
Hey, I was serious
about what I said before.
If you want to be a writer, I
think you should be a writer.
The inspiration will come once
you get out of your own way.
I'm like lecturing you.
I'm being a total jerk.
You're not a total jerk.
I mean, God, with the
amount of time I've spent
feeling sorry for myself lately,
I could have written like
three self-help books.
And like nine erotic novels.
You're not a total jerk.
I mean a quasi-jerk, maybe.
That's kind of a given.
A quasi-jerk.
Here I am thinking I just
ruined our first date.
I'll rip your stockings.
I don't care.
Yeah right there.
Right there, right there.
The Holy Spirit.
Mother, father, creator.
With being the
truth on the street.
See, she's got the right idea.
[Rachel] Praise Jesus.
No, but look at her though.
Isn't she beautiful?
Just loving her life.
Not giving a fuck about anything
but the Big Guy upstairs.
[loud honking]
You think I could
ever be free like that?
Probably not.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Well, I think I better go.
'Cause I've got to make sure
that Ernest is still alive.
She is a man-eater
That's very true.
Good night, Trevor.
Keep your head out of the oven.
Okay, well I'll try.
Keep your head out of the oven.
Keep your head out of the oven.
[loud moaning]
[imitates bird calling]
[Nicole] Oh hey!
Oh, don't mind me...
No, no, no, no!
Hey hey, we're done, we're done.
You go.
So I'll call you tomorrow.
Looking forward to your call.
I had a lovely evening...
[loud slamming]
[Rachel] So, you're
going to call him tomorrow?
[Nicole] I am
literally never going
to see that human again.
He's somehow more
boring than you are.
Let me tell you, I macramed
a potholder last week, okay?
On two cups of decaf coffee.
Let's talk about boring.
Do you remember when
you use to be fun, Rach?
We used to stay out
every single night
till six a.m., shit house drunk,
dancing out little tushies off,
talking the L train of
shame home every morning.
Oh yeah, and
getting pussy scooped
by the heinous bouncer
at the Lit Lounge.
Or how about when I was
holding your hair back
while you were puking up
bile in Marcus Garvey Park?
The dictionary definition, fun.
God, those were the days.
September 27th 2012.
Cutting The Cord, A
poem by Rachel Nolan.
Nicole, don't.
"When your mother's
cervical cave
"yawned upon your arrival
"and met the sun halfway
betwixt hither and dither,
"love was made."
Nicole, stop it.
"Honeyed, and candid"...
This isn't funny.
Are you embarrassed?
This is who you are, okay?
Look at us, we are youngish,
better than average looking,
weirdo artsy types
living in the best
god-damned city in
the world, okay?
I'd say we have it
pretty fucking good.
And you, you have a book deal.
I don't have a book deal.
Okay, I have a shitty
manuscript that continuously
gets ripped to shreds and
it will never be good enough
to publish and I'm
fucking over it.
Oh, Negative Nancy, I
didn't see you arrive.
Okay, I'm Negative Nancy now.
I don't know, Rach, but
I don't know who this is.
Richard turned you
into this conservative
little cardigan wearing
house trained Stepford Wife.
This is not you.
Okay, well since you
obviously know me better
than I know myself, if
'Rachel' was here right now
what would she be doing?
She wouldn't be here.
She would be with
Trevor having a hot
and heavy make-out sesh.
Depending on his worthiness,
probably feeling his
boner a little bit
but keeping it classy and not
fucking on the first date.
Okay, is that
what she would do?
She would.
Well I don't know who
you think I am or was
or should be, but I'm
not that person anymore.
Yeah, well, maybe
you should be.
Because that person was fun.
A lot happier than you are.
[Rachel] Richard
Goux made sense.
He was not what I wanted.
Deep down I knew that.
But my life so far
had been a series
of unfulfilled dreams
and unfulfilled desires.
So I tried not to dream.
Not to desire.
Not to feel.
An empty vessel I gave
myself to him completely.
Blended into him
with the hope he'd
mold me into
something worthwhile.
[Narrator] Hey, girl.
[Rachel] Jesus.
You look like you've been
dragged through the mud.
Do you want to go to lunch?
You know, not today.
I'm sorry, I'm kind of...
You always say that.
Look, Jessica, Richard
and I just broke up.
I'm not really in the mood...
I know.
I saw it on the internet.
You what?
[Jessica] I was wondering
when you were going to tell me.
You don't have to...
I am here for you.
Okay, you just let me
know if you need anything.
Wow, thank you.
You have value.
[loud honking]
[clears throat]
I hate you.
You love me.
So I have to slave
away at my dead end job
while you get to sleep all day?
I was working.
Uh huh.
I'm so sure.
I have just developed the
final piece for my show.
A self-portrait.
It's part of a much larger
installation of
course, entitled,
are you ready?
Photos of My Nipples.
I've always said that nipples
are the eyes to the heart.
You've never said that.
Well, I'm saying it now.
So I try to get a nip pic
of every new person I meet.
Black nipples.
White nipples.
Puerto Rican nipples.
Pierced nipples.
Pretty nipples.
Engorged nipples...
Okay, that's a lot of nipples.
Let me take a photo
of your nipples.
Oh, hell no.
Okay, just one.
Just the wonky one.
Richard always
liked my wonky nipple.
He said it was like bringing
another woman into the bedroom.
That's weird.
Show me the one-eyed bandit.
No, what are you doing?
Get off of me.
I'm going to get you.
No, stop!
I'm going to get you.
[loud camera shuttering]
Kill yourself.
That's mine.
I don't think so.
You've got your problems
I've got my happiness
How do I look?
Hold on.
Dude, I am so happy for you.
Shut up.
I remember my first Quinceanera.
Oh, because I
look like a pinata.
And because you're
full of sweet things.
Shall we go inside?
Yes, we shall.
[upbeat music]
Why do you think she should
cover herself better?
Because I can see from
my eyes, I can see her...
That's exactly why
she needs to be naked.
Because you have a
vulture ass opinion...
[Male] Well she can at least,
you know, show me her tits.
They're just kind
of like hiding.
That's like [faint speaking].
[Trevor] Hey.
Where's your bounce board?
Oh, my God, I can't
believe I left it.
Is there a lost-and-found
around here?
You know it should never
leave your side to begin with.
God, you're so right.
I need one of those
little pocket ones
so I can whip it
out and be like,
oh, find your light!
You know?
[Nicole] Hey.
[Nicole] Can you hold this?
I've got to pee.
Hey Nicole, how ya doing?
Hi, Trevor.
[Rachel] Okay, maturity.
Let me know if you
see Cameron, okay?
[Rachel] Sure.
So, I got you something.
[Rachel] You did?
Oh my God...
It's no big deal.
It's just, I saw it and
I had thought of you, so.
This is so great.
Yeah, yeah, no problem.
You just write your
thoughts in it, or not.
Or you know, my
first ever boner.
I can write about that.
Endless possibilities
in that.
This was really sweet.
[faint upbeat music]
[techno music]
You will never
guess who is here.
Steven Anthony Lawrence.
I know.
I invited him.
He really likes photography.
Yeah and your
nipples, as I recall.
Look, Steven Anthony Lawrence
is the Willy Wonka of drugs.
His apartment, the
Chocolate Factory.
Anything could happen.
If my top just magically
happened to fall off,
I can't be held
accountable for that.
[Rachel And Nicole] Steven!
Come to papa.
Wow, did you
skin this yourself?
You must have
been working out.
Oh you ladies are so funny.
Nicole, your pictures
are so beautiful.
Thank you, Steven.
I've always said, "Nipples
are the eyes to the heart."
Okay, that is not at thing.
Especially the self-portrait.
They are as divine
as I remember them.
Steven, you're
making them blush.
Ladies, I wanted to
give you something.
Pure M D M A.
Steven, are you
trying to seduce me?
Because it's working.
Have fun, ladies.
Bring that ass back here, girl!
Remember that musical
with the song about beans?
Or was it greens?
Did you just take that?
Mmm hmm, your turn.
I'm not taking it.
You're going to let me go
down the rabbit hole by myself?!
No, you didn't even
think about this,
we didn't talk about it...
Steven Anthony Lawrence
is a trusted source.
You know this.
No, it's not him.
It's just I don't,
I don't, I'm scared.
It scares me.
Rach, there's a reason
they call it Ecstasy, okay?
Plus you've done it
like a thousand times.
I've done it four
and a half times.
Half because that one time we
went to that warehouse party
that definitely wasn't Ecstasy...
Take the the damn pill.
[upbeat music]
The nipple
is a very
intimate part of the body
we don't often have
a chance to share.
My project affords
my subjects the
opportunity to
express themselves
and their nipples with freedom.
[fireworks popping]
I'm changing lives, people!
Excuse me.
Steven, I will
never forget the time
when you went and got burritos
and I let my wallet at home.
And you bought me that burrito.
I don't think I've
ever paid you back.
It's cool, yo.
[Rachel] Are you sure?
Hi, can I borrow
her for a minute?
I love you.
[upbeat music]
Hi, how big are
my pupils right now?
Pretty fucking big.
Let's dance.
Do you want to go pee?
Yeah, let's go pee.
Hello, I'm rolling
balls right now.
Oh, God, it's hard
to pee on drugs.
Well why don't you
quit trying so hard?
[loud splashing]
You hear that?
That's the sound of the
stream of consciousness.
You are a genius.
Thank you.
I saw you give your
girlfriend googly eyes.
Why are you so upset?
Because it's fascinating.
Well if you're so
fascinated by it,
why don't you just do it?
Why her?
I don't know.
She's been eating
pussy since 1982.
[loud laughing]
No, I mean why her and not me?
Is it because I'm
not pretty enough?
No, you're obviously
just way too classy for me.
I'm serious.
Um, well, okay, one,
you're my best friend.
Two, you don't
even like girls.
And three,
you get weird.
I do not get weird.
How do I get weird?
You're really,
you're going to make me
spell this out
for you right now?
Okay, well with every
guy you've ever dated
and every guy you've had
sex with for that matter
you get really clingy and weird.
I do get weird.
Sometimes everything just
feels so out-of-control.
I just can't...
Rach, you are completely
missing the point.
Okay, this is you.
Are you ready?
You're looking at your
watch, you're like
"Hmmm, what time is it?"
The time is always a clock.
Okay, the only time you have
any semblance of control
is in this current moment.
This is the only moment
that we're ever in.
This is the only moment
that ever exists.
This moment right now?
Yeah, the now one.
What are you doing?
[upbeat music]
It's your turn now
Come to the river
To wash our bodies away
[faint knocking]
[loud banging]
Let's go.
Not a Bentley right?
What the fuck, a Bentley?
Yeah, that's wack.
Yeah, thank you.
Oh my
How do you've grown now
Outside human
But on the inside
you're all soul
[Nicole] Come
home to bed away to.
I'm done.
Look at the way
these lights just
intertwine with one another.
It's like they're all a family.
Well you know what they say,
"Home is where the heart is."
That's what they
say in Scotland.
It sounded better in my head.
I'm sure.
Second star to the right and
straight on until morning.
I'm king of the world!
God, wait, what
movie are you doing?
Titanic, what are you doing?
Peter Pan.
Oh, that's right.
I can fly!
Oh, so good right now.
What do you want?
[faint drumming]
Her eyes how
they've turned now
Black and shiny
Her greed as good as new
Slip slide
Watch your fingers
This feeling is fragile
Thigh highs,
belts, and boots
Is this okay?
Oh Chief you are the
rhythm on my fancy
Underneath the
ribbons and the furs
Ecstasy in form of candy
But the world can't
be seen through a pill
Don't take
I'll give it
Don't take
I'll give it
Oh Chief you are the
rhythm of my fancy
Underneath the
ribbons and furs
Ecstasy in form of candy
But the world can
be seen through
Oh Chief you are they
rhythm of my fancy
Underneath all the
boots and spurs
I believe you are
the shaman incarnate
Don't take, I'll give it to
Don't take I'll give it to
Don't take I'll
give it to you
I love you.
I love you, too.
You're going to
be late for work.
[piano solo]
[Nicole speaks foreign language]
[Professor speaks
foreign language]
[speaks foreign language]
[professor speaks
foreign language]
It's beautiful.
Oh, I'm so excited.
- I'm sure I am.
- I'm so excited.
[Nicole] Well, [speaks
foreign language].
[professor speaks
foreign language]
[Nicole speaks foreign language]
[professor speaks
foreign language]
[slow paced music]
Excuse me, miss.
Is a paper bag okay?
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Baby it's so early
It smells like a dream in here.
You did all this for me?
I love you.
Let's kiss a little longer
Let's touch a little longer
Just stay a little longer
You will never guess
who I saw today?
Go ahead, guess.
Never mind, you'll never get it.
Professor Petrini, my
old Italian professor.
Oh really, what happened?
Okay, so I see
him on the train.
I go up to him, I'm like
[speaks foreign language].
He totally remembered me.
He told me I was one of
his favorite students.
And I'm feeling kind
of bold and I was like
"I had the biggest
crush on you".
And he's like "I know".
He fucking knew, can
you believe that?
And then he says to
me "If you're good
"I will show you my nipples.
"If you're great I
will take you to Italy
"and show you my Naples."
Are you alright?
Yeah, no, sorry.
That's really funny.
He's so hot.
Nicole, he's
like 100 years old.
I know, he's like old-man hot.
That's the best kind.
Is this for us?
Yeah, I made brisket.
Your favorite.
Oh my goodness.
Oh shit.
I just pulled it
out of the oven.
One stroke of her finger
tips and my heart fell.
Leaden into the
pit of my stomach.
And the next stroke rose up
again to the back of my throat.
That exhilarating feeling
like the first drop
on the Coney Island cyclone or
standing behind the curtain,
poised, waiting to
enter the scene.
My whole life I've been
my biggest adversary,
standing in the way
of my own pleasure.
Now all I want is that feeling.
That touch.
Again and again.
[faint ringing]
[Nicole] Hey there.
What's up?
What are you up to tonight?
I don't know.
I rented this bizarre
film called Dog Tooth.
Wow, cool.
Let's watch it.
See ya later.
Okay bye.
Didn't get to say
bye last night.
[Trevor] No worries.
[Rachel] So, bye and hi.
P. S. I've been writing.
[Trevor] Can't
wait to read it.
That is, if I have
the privilege.
Of course, after
all you are one of my,
you are my muse.
[loud knocking]
[Jessica] Knock, knock, knock.
Hey, hey.
Hey, you're in a good mood.
Over Richard so quickly?
You're right.
It's none of my business.
I was just going
to say that like,
what's it been,
less than a week?
You know, in spending
some time apart
I'm starting to realize
that Richard may not
be the right person for me.
I'm really happy
for you, Rach.
[Rachel] Well,
thank you, Jessica.
You know, don't let
a man bring you down.
You are absolutely right.
Hey, do you want to get lunch?
Let's go now.
I'm starving.
So yes, I mean there is
a part of me that wants
to see her get over
Richard because, you know,
she's my best friend
and I don't want to
see her suffer and all that.
But there's a slightly
larger part of me that just
doesn't want to hear
her whine about it.
Yeah, she does love
to whine, doesn't she?
[Nicole] Yeah, but still.
Well listen, if you
can help her, help her.
And don't worry,
I'm sure even Gandhi
felt some self-satisfaction
in all of his altruism.
You know what?
You're right.
And I am much like
Gandhi, only thinner.
[Naomi] And more humble.
Cameron suggested
we get her laid.
You're talking to him?
Well, it's not
a horrible idea.
Just make sure you
get a guy to bone her.
Don't you do it.
[light chuckling]
You know, she and Trevor
were totally digging
on each other.
- I could just...
- She, no.
She is way too good for him.
- Oh, are you serious?
- Are you kidding me?
[Nicole] You're such
a fucking dick, dude.
Come on.
Fine, hook it up.
He's always liked her
for some bizarre reason.
You know what?
Maybe I will.
And sure, you should
do that right now because
obviously I don't
need any help here.
Yo, yo, yo.
So, are you working hard?
On my friend Rachel I assume?
Not really work, per se.
Let me tell you something.
She totally digs you.
You know, it is
really hard to tell.
Oh my God, I so feel that.
You know, you know what it is?
Rachel is the like
shy, silent type.
You know, you've got
to put in the work.
Like the full court
press and shit.
Full court press?
Well thank you, Nicole.
Hey, no prob, Bob.
So Amber was going
out with Justin.
And you know what she found out?
They're related.
I mean it's like second
cousins like once removed
or whatever but
like still, like ew.
But she still agreed to
go out on a date with him,
and so she was telling me about
it and I decided to be like
"Sure, it's so great" whatever.
And then she told me this,
and you can't tell anybody.
I won't, I swear.
She said that after
giving him oral sex,
she felt so guilty about it
that she cried on his penis.
[Rachel] Oh my God.
I know, I can't believe it.
It's totally embarrassing.
[Nicole] Make your famous
popcorn for Dog Tooth.
What are you so happy about?
Who's that?
[Rachel] It's nobody.
No, like seriously
who was that?
Oh my God, what's his name?
It's nobody you know.
Plus I don't want to jinx it.
Well be careful, Rachel.
You know, you don't want
to rush into these things.
You still have a fragile heart.
[perky Italian music]
[loud honking]
[loud screaming]
[speaking foreign language]
This movie is so weird.
I know.
[loud screaming]
I'm cold.
Oh my God, look at this.
[Rachel] She called
herself an open book.
Which may have been true.
A book with faded print.
Written in a language
with no rules.
No structure whatsoever.
But so intriguing is
the art of the chase.
So attractive is the...
[loud slamming]
Trevor really likes you.
Have you talked
to Cameron at all?
Maybe he was getting
his feet fucked.
It's the only viable excuse.
It was weird the stuff he
was saying about sexuality.
Yeah, I try not to
listen when he speaks.
The stuff about like
women not being able
to separate sex from emotion.
Oh yeah, and about us
chowing each others' boxes.
And look, we put it
all into practice.
Should we talk about that?
What is there to talk about?
We're cool, right?
Sorry about Cameron.
Don't be.
Good night.
[melancholy music]
[loud slapping]
Do you want to go to
lunch with Jessica and I?
No thanks.
I have a date with
the professor today.
What are you doing with that?
What do you mean?
Like, what are
your intentions?
To go to lunch,
maybe take his photograph?
Are you trying
to, what, date him?
Why not?
He's brilliant.
He's charming.
Devastatingly handsome.
You're just going to end
up hurting him, Nicole.
I know you.
You're going to have your fun,
and you're just going
to toss him aside.
It's not going to last.
Well, like you said, Rach,
he's an old man so I'm
pretty sure he knows how to
handle himself by now, but
thanks for your concern.
You look really pretty.
Thanks, you too.
[melancholy music]
[Rachel] Tell the professor
I said [speaks
foreign language].
[Nicole] And this
is why we're here.
I don't know what it is with
all the beautiful things
in here I keep
going back to this.
Isn't it gorgeous?
Like you, my dear.
Stop it.
No don't stop, keep going.
[loud laughing]
Here, please do me
the honor of posing
right here on this pillar.
Oh no, no, no.
Please, Professore,
you can't, you have to.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Okay, okay.
[Narrator] You've
reached Charles Harwell.
Please leave a detailed message.
Hey, Charles, it's
Rachel, Rachel Nolan.
Look, please give me
a call back, okay?
Thanks, bye.
Okay, ready?
[Nicole speaks in
foreign language]
Professor, I don't
mean to alarm you.
You are extremely handsome.
Now, don't break character.
Let's go, let's
go, stoic, serious.
[Nicole speaks foreign language]
[loud ringing]
Hi, mom.
[Mom] Hi, stranger.
Oh I know, I know.
I'm putting it on
a little too thick,
but I just miss you, that's all.
[Rachel] How's dad?
Oh, you know dad.
He's the same.
He's fine.
Hey, how are you?
How is work?
Oh well, you know,
it's a paycheck.
Every week.
How is that essay
thing coming along?
It's a novel, mom.
And it's, it's going
to fall through.
Oh, honey, I am so sorry.
Well, I always say you only
learn by bad experiences.
Yep, you do always say that.
Rachel, I know the
nine-to-five isn't all the glitz
and glamour that
you could imagine,
but you are a sensible girl,
and I don't know,
maybe you could
do that writing thing
as a hobby, huh?
Or just for fun.
Yeah, fun.
And then when you and Richard,
you settle down and talk
about raising a family.
You're really
going to appreciate
having that paycheck
once a week.
Believe you me.
The boundaries of
relationships are a farce.
You know, they're just
like, they're not there.
Because when you're
in a relationship,
you're in it.
Well no one's like
really in it, in it.
You know what I mean?
It's just me and I'm all alone.
My heart was once like this.
But now it's this.
I mean,
you know how I'm feeling.
You were in Vietnam.
Hold on.
I'm going to make a call.
You've got to,
you've got to press dial.
[loud ringing]
[loud honking]
Wondering where I am?
Where are you?
I don't know.
Where are you?
I'm walking home.
How much have you had to drink?
Not enough.
Because my heart is
still [blows raspberry].
Please find out where you are.
How am I supposed to do that?
Hand the phone to someone
less drunk than you.
That would be anyone in the bar.
[loud thud]
You've got it.
Hello, can you help me?
I don't know where I am.
Oh, oh hello?
Honey, she's at Louie's.
[Nicole] Gracias, can you
give her the phone please?
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
[Attendant] Sure.
You're really like.
Here, thank you.
Oh jeez, I'm so sorry.
Okay, sure.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
- Ah, it's okay.
- I'm sorry.
[Attendant] This will pass.
[slow paced music]
Dee de dit.
Dee de dit.
This one's for you, Roger!
Look at me now boys!
Okay, Shirley Temple.
Time to go home.
Nikki, it's so
good to see you!
Oh, look, look.
This is Roger.
[Nicole] Hi Roger.
His mother is Greek.
His father is not Greek.
But, we're going to be
travelling the world together
on his motorcycle.
Okay, it's time to go home.
I don't even
have a motorcycle.
We're actors.
We're just here, we
just got off set.
This isn't even a real goatee.
Roger, I don't care.
Time to go.
No I want to...
[loud thudding]
[Nicole] Been in
the city long, or?
Well, I studied biochemical
engineering at Cornell,
but then I moved back to
the city to pursue acting.
Oh, really?
You know what, this is us,
so why don't you just
let her down, gently.
Roger and his blushing bride.
Thanks, Roger.
Could I take a photo
of your nipples?
I like it when you sit with
me while I'm in the bath.
While I'm bathing.
Well I like it when
you don't drown, so.
Don't be mad at me.
Where's Roger?
He's in a better place now.
Here you go.
Here you go.
[loud vomiting]
So you getting trashed is
obviously not getting you
over Richard, so we need
to find a new tactic.
I don't want to
get over Richard.
Besides, Roger and I
are getting married.
You need a rebound guy.
Not Roger nor any of the
other Sons of Anarchy.
Like a real human being.
Like Trevor.
Can we just go to bed?
Carry me.
[Nicole] Okay, don't
slip and fall, okay?
Pick me up.
[Nicole] Okay.
[slow paced music]
I love you.
You too.
Let's just go to bed, okay?
The bed had suddenly
become crowded.
The space between us unbearable.
But who had changed?
Was it me?
[loud vibrating]
[Charles] Rachel, I'm
returning your call.
Right, thank you.
Is everything all right?
I mean, you didn't sound well.
Yeah, everything is fine.
It's good.
Great in fact.
I was calling to tell you
that I've been thinking
about our conversation, and,
[faint beeping]
and I've been writing.
It's a new piece.
It's inspired.
It's passionate.
I think you're going to love it.
Yes, well I,
[faint beeping]
I look forward to reading it.
Yes, do.
I won't let you down again.
I hope you know this is not
about you letting me down.
Now if you need some
more time, I'm sure...
Charles, I'm so sorry.
It's Nicole on the other line.
I think it may be an emergency.
I'll call you soon okay?
[Nicole] I'm
picking up your stuff.
When are you going?
I'll come meet you.
[loud doorbell ringing]
No, I'm already
here, it's happening.
[Rachel] I'm on my way.
Hey, Rach?
Stay where you are, okay?
Hold on.
[loud knocking]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Nicole.
Richard, hi.
I'm just here to pick
up Rachel's things.
I'll be out in just a few, okay?
[loud classical music]
[Richard] Alright, this way.
[Nicole] You have
a beautiful home.
Did your grandmother
help you decorate or?
I go to a lot of estate sales.
[Nicole] That makes all
of the sense in the world.
So how is she doing?
She's great man.
She's actually like really good.
That's good to hear.
She certainly loved plushies.
That she does.
It's alright, Richard.
I mean, you guys
both kind of knew
it was going south
for awhile, right?
I guess so.
[Nicole] You know, you're
just so conservative,
I don't think she's
really free to be herself.
You know what I mean?
[Richard] Right.
But she's doing
so much better now,
so I'm glad it
was a clean break,
and no hard feelings, right?
Well, hey, it's been real.
Peace out, Goux!
You should have seen
the look on his face.
I should have snap-chatted it.
Defending my honor.
Wow, you're a better
boyfriend than he was.
Hey, Rach, remember
when we talked about you
getting weird?
[faint beeping]
Hey, hold on a second.
Oh my God, it's him.
[Richard] Rachel, how are you?
Doing well,
Richard, very well.
That's great to hear.
You were pretty shaken
up when you left.
I thought for sure you'd call.
Anyway, I was thinking
maybe we should go
get a cup of coffee so
we can talk about it.
It would be nice to
get some closure...
[Richard] What?
[Female] Who are you
talking to, Richie?
Oh, no one.
[light classical music]
[loud music]
[Nicole] Nicole's phone.
[loud beep]
Nicole, you will
never believe it.
Guess who grew a pair of balls?
He asked me out for coffee,
and I was just like "No.
And I hung up the phone.
It was amazing.
Call me back.
Call me.
[upbeat music]
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Good luck with that Iawaska.
The question is, where
is your girlfriend tonight?
Well, she's right
here actually.
[Nicole] No, stop it.
[Narrator] Yes, it is
my way disgusting way
of saying I'm single
[Nicole] Oh, okay.
Well your misfortune
is my fortune.
Oh, hey Rach.
Guys, do you remember Rachel?
Hey, Rachel.
Nicole, can I talk
to you for a minute?
Yeah, sure.
I'll be right back.
What's up?
What are all these
people doing here?
All of these people
are friends from work.
I invited them over.
Trevor is not your friend.
You didn't even know his
name until this week.
Well I thought that maybe
you would want to see him.
Don't you think it's
a little fucked up?
You, are you on
your moon cycle?
Tough day at work.
It happens to the best of us.
Is she all right?
Yeah, no she's fine.
You know what?
You should go upstairs
and go get her.
Make her come down here.
Yes, go.
Please, dazzle her with
your wit and charm.
No, no, no, no...
Yes, if anyone can get
her to come down it's you.
In fact I order you.
You go.
You go now.
Okay, alright, alright.
I will not take
no for an answer.
Okay, here, take my drink.
Okay, thank you, you go.
I'll go get her.
You need two hands.
[Trevor] Is this where
all the cool kids hang out?
Hey, Trevor.
Hey, I don't want to
interrupt you or anything.
Oh, no, you're fine.
Come on in.
May I sit down?
Yeah, please, have a seat.
[Trevor] Nice couch.
Yeah, thanks.
It looks like a
smurf got murdered.
It did.
I buried it in the back.
So watch out.
Pretty wild.
I see that you've been
putting my little gift
to good use over here.
Yeah, I've about
filled every page.
Let's open it up, first page.
Are you making love in here?
Do not move a muscle.
Stay right there.
Nicole, I'm really
not in the mood.
Look, you can't deny me, okay?
It's for my next project.
It's perfect.
Do not move.
This is the famous
photographer Nicole Weinberg.
We can't deny her.
Smart man.
Okay, one photo.
That's all I need.
Okay, now why don't you
lean in as if you're
whispering sweet nothings
into Rachel's ear.
Go ahead.
I think you're cute.
This is so stupid.
You two, are
beautiful together.
Now come downstairs
my anti-socialites.
Yes, she has a point.
I guess.
My lady.
My lord.
[faint whispering]
Michael put the beast away.
The policia are coming.
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Okay, I'm going to
go get you a drink.
Fuck you, put it in
your god damned mouth.
Put it in your god damned mouth.
[Nicole speaks foreign language]
I am loving this.
Please wear a condom.
Good to see you, call me later.
I love you.
And good night, Trevor.
Good night.
A penny for your thoughts?
Do you ever feel
like you don't really
know yourself?
It's terrifying,
because you start to look
at your relationships
and you think,
like, "How well do
I know this person?"
Like truly know them?
And how could I?
How could I know someone if I
don't even know myself?
[loud train horn]
And you start to think, like,
how much of them is real?
Or how much of them is
this myth I made up?
You know, am I deluding myself?
Am I just looking for
any random sack of meat
to project my hopes
or my dreams, or,
God I don't even know
what I want to say.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, I definitely get it.
I just, I really need
a friend right now.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't really, I
didn't mean to come on.
Hey, I'd love to be your friend.
I'm going to head out.
And I'll see you around.
Cool, have a good night.
Sorry about earlier.
[Nicole] Don't worry about it.
It's just there were all
these people here when I got
home from work and just didn't...
[Nicole] Hey Rach, remember
that conversation we had
at the gallery where
you talked about
not wanting to be
needy or weird?
Well, you're doing it
and it makes me not want
to be around you.
You're going out?
See ya later.
Cool, have fun.
[solemn music]
[loud buzzing]
[loud buzzing]
Hey, what's up?
Hey, I'm kind of
busy, what's up?
Well, are you going
to be home later or?
[Nicole] Yeah, I think so.
Cool, let's hang out.
[Nicole] Cool, sure.
See ya later.
Okay, bye.
[loud buzzing]
[Trevor] Hey,
it's Nicolas Cage.
It's Trevor.
Honey, I'm home!
Where are you going?
I've got a date
with the professor.
I thought we had plans.
I have Chinese food and booze.
We'll eat it tomorrow.
Chinese is better
the next day anyway.
Well, where are
you guys going?
Some restaurant
in Fort Greene.
When are you going to be home?
I don't know.
What's with the inquisition?
I just thought we had plans.
You'll survive.
See ya later.
[slow paced music]
I try to feel it inside
But the fire that
we had is all gone
Sometimes you
think about why
As the sand in
the hourglass runs
[Rachel] I run toward it.
Gaining velocity, yet
the distance grows.
And still I dread a misstep
for fear I may
lose it completely.
But in reality,
it's already gone.
But you know I would
But you know I would
Only let you down
You know I'm gonna change
We look for comfort
where we can't find it.
Like a dream instantly forgotten
the moment you
reach the good part.
I wanted to freeze time
and just live in that
moment in tandem.
Like a dream,
instantly forgotten.
Afraid of admitting
what I'm afraid of.
A sickness that doesn't
want to be healed.
[loud knocking]
Ugh, it's you.
When it's over
It's over
It's over now
Hey, where's Nicole?
Nicole is on a
date with an old man.
Why lie you get me so high
My desire blocks out the sun
I hate orange chicken.
I try to keep it in line
Maybe I'm just not the one
What are you working on?
[Rachel] Nothing.
But you know I would
But you know I would
Keep it under cover
We could have each other
But you know I would
But you know I would
Only let you down
I can't have you
drinking alone there.
Things just don't stay
the same no more no more
You know I'm gonna break
You know I'm gonna
break your faded heart
When it's over
She's really upset
with you, you know.
What, did she say something?
Of course not.
So, who are you upset with?
Myself, I guess.
Well that's pointless.
I'm just going to call her
and see what time
she's coming home.
[Cameron] She's on a date.
She'll answer.
[loud music]
I'm really sorry.
Do you mind if I?
I'm sorry.
[Nicole speaks in
foreign language]
[professor speaks
in foreign language]
[Nicole speaks in
foreign language]
Where were we?
It's her.
What's her?
The reason why you're upset.
You have no idea what
you're talking about.
Oh, don't I?
I mean I dated that
thing for two years.
Don't say shit like that.
Well you obviously have
some shit you need to say,
so fucking say it.
Say it.
She's an inconsiderate
fucking bitch.
Okay, now we're
getting somewhere.
No, I didn't, I
didn't mean that.
You're right.
She is an inconsiderate
selfish little bitch.
It's everything on her terms.
She's my best friend.
Come on.
You grovel under her
like a sick puppy.
She's the authority
on your life.
I mean she cares
so much about you?
Here you are drinking
yourself into oblivion.
And she can't even
take your phone call.
Quite being such a fucking
pussy and do something about it.
You know I'm gonna change
Things just don't stay
the same no more no more
You know I'm gonna break
You know I'm gonna
break your faded heart
When it's over
It's over, it's over now
When it's over
It's over, it's over now
[Cameron] What?
No, get off me.
[Cameron] Fuck, what?
[Rachel] This is
a terrible mistake.
You need to go.
Get the fuck out of here.
Are you serious?
Just like two peas
in a fucking pod.
Hi, Cameron.
[Nicole] Are you
fucking kidding me?
Nicole, listen to me.
Is this a fucking joke?!
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?!
We didn't have sex, okay?!
What did you do?
We made out.
And he fingered me
a little bit, but...
[Nicole] Oh, my...
Here is your reward
for being the most
selfish cunt in the universe!
Oh, I'm selfish?
Yeah you are.
Wow, you might be
an actual human being.
I never knew you were
capable of feeling emotions.
I don't like to tell
you how I'm feeling
because I don't
want to burden you
with the dark and
depressing shit
that runs through
my mind all day!
But you don't have a problem
unloading, do you, Rachel?
Oh, burden me?
You're the one that is so
fucking wrapped up in your own
world that you can't even
see how badly you've hurt me.
How did I hurt you?
Not everyone is
like you, Nicole.
You go from one guy to the next,
and you take what you
can get and disappear.
You can't just go around doing
whatever the hell you want
and not expect
normal feeling people
to get emotionally involved.
How did I hurt you?
We had sex.
And then you go around pretending
like everything is fine
- but it's not.
- No.
- And you know that.
- No, no, no!
[Nicole] We hooked up one
time when we were on drugs.
Oh, really, Nicole?
Was that it?
Because you seemed
very lucid at the time.
I'm not a dyke.
Neither are you.
Oh, my God.
I am so fucking sick
of people telling me
who I am and what I want.
Rachel Nolan, the
perpetual victim.
I'm not going to
fucking pity you, okay?
you were very clear
on what you wanted that night.
You practically
begged me for it.
And I just gave you
what you wanted.
So you can honestly say
that you didn't feel anything?
Not a thing.
You're above it all,
aren't you, Nicole?
Maybe you didn't feel
anything, but I did.
I was really fucked up, okay.
I didn't know if I was in
love with my best friend.
But I know I was alone,
and you were conveniently
absent when things got weird.
That fucking killed me.
So what did I do?
I did something stupid,
and it was wrong,
and I was wrong
and I am so sorry.
It's just I wanted
you to feel something.
I wanted you to feel how I felt.
Because I was hurt and I wanted,
I wanted you to hurt.
I have nobody to
blame but myself.
I am so
that you've
reached enlightenment,
but I can't forgive you.
Nicole, please.
[upbeat music]
Nicole, may I please
have you autograph?
Sure thing.
Big night tonight, huh?
Yep, you coming?
I'll definitely
try to make it.
Cool, see you later.
[Charles] Yes, that
sounds great, Judy.
[Judy] Yes, alright.
Thank you, Charles.
We're all very
pleased over here.
As are we.
[Judy] Yeah, bye bye.
Good bye Judy, thank you.
How does it feel?
I don't know.
I guess it hasn't
really hit me yet.
Thank you, Charles,
for everything.
You've earned it.
[Rachel] Hey, sorry I'm late.
Hey, don't worry about it.
I sign the papers on Monday.
Oh, I'm taking you out
this weekend to celebrate.
Yeah, you are.
Will Emily be joining us?
Ah, no.
Ah, lady-killer?
On to the next one, huh?
I think I'm going to
date myself for awhile.
That's good.
So, are you going tonight?
Are you?
She doesn't want me there.
I think she would.
[instrumental music]
To my biggest challenge
What a curse
To live with such regret
My blood's too thin
To love your kind
Won't coagulate in time
To unfulfilled desires
In the name of
Love and respect
[Rachel] I had set ablaze
the bridge we built in our bed.
A path once easily
crossed was rendered
crumbling charred remains.
But fire is an instrument
of change, of purification.
I'll miss her.
But when one chapter ends,
another can begin.
Maybe we never fell in love
Maybe we never
Maybe we never fell in love
Maybe we never
Fell in
To never caving in
And calling you
When you popped into my head
To being strong enough
To turn you down
When you did
My blood's too thin
To love your kind
Wont coagulate in time
Maybe we never fell in love
Maybe we never
Maybe we never fell in love
Maybe we never
Fell in
[slow paced music]
I wont drink
I'll say too much
Puff my chest
And act real tough
Swallow down
All this pride
Raise my glass to
toast this night
God knows I tried
Maybe we never fell in love
Maybe we never
Maybe we never fell in love
Maybe we never
Fell in
It's your turn now
Come to the river
To wash our bodies away
Oh my
How you've grown now
Outside human
But on the inside
you're all soul
Oh chief, you are the
rhythm of my fancy
Underneath all the
ribbons and furs
Ecstasy in the form of candy
But the world can't
be seen through a pill
Her eyes
How they've turned now
Black and shiny
Her greed as good as new