Her Smell (2018) Movie Script

What is this?
Just some bullshit magazine.
- This is the infamous Becky Something,
- Loser number one!
uh, Ali van der Wolff,
- ALI: Yeah, yeah.
- ...and Ms. Crabby Witch, Marielle Hell,
"back and ready to conquer."
- Fucking major level corporate whore!
ALI: Sellout bitches get
on the cover of magazines.
- Doin' it.
- (IMITATES PHONE RINGING) Hello, Paragon Records.
- Oh.
- Oh, is that me?
- You're a beauty.
- You're a beauty.
MARIELLE: Excuse me,
is that you?
- Is that...
- BECKY: It is. I...
GIRL: Would you sign
our magazine for us, please?
That's me,
on my magazine cover.
- We look pretty cool.
- We do.
I mean,
it's pretty fucking cool.
ALL: We won! We won! We won!
Becky! Becky!
I always flirt with death
I always flirt with death
It's not over yet!
I'm not fucking finished!
- GIRL IN CROWD: I love you, Becky!
- I love you, too.
I always flirt with death
I always flirt with death
I look ill
But I don't care about it
I always flirt with death
I look ill
But I don't care about it
I'm a razor blade
Stand up straight and tall
And shout out
I think
I'm on another world with you
With you
I'm on another planet
With you
With you
You get under my skin
And I don't
find it irritating
You always play to win
But I won't need
Whoa no I think
I'm on another world with you
With you
I'm on another planet
With you
With you
Another girl
Another planet
Another girl
Another planet with you
Space travels in my blood
There ain't nothing
I can't do in my head
Long journeys burn me out
And I don't care
anything about
Whoa no I think
I'm on another world with you
With you
I'm on another planet
With you
With you
Another girl
is loving you now
Another planet is
Is holding you down
Another planet
MARIELLE: I am a free woman,
no more fucking door.
Party time
Thanks, Meredith.
- I'll take her. Did she eat?
- Yeah, an hour ago.
- Hi, baby.
- Ooh, yummy!
Mama's busy right now.
Well, Ali's gonna
play with you. (BLOWS KISSES)
- Danny needs these signed, so... okay.
- Oh, yeah. Okay.
Thank you.
Mama missed you,
Mama missed you.
Come on, come on. Gimme, gimme, gimme.
Come on, come on. Yay!
Whoa! There she is,
the princess.
- Danny brought her?
- I don't know.
- Dan's not here?
- I haven't seen him.
Did he not see the show?
Is Ya-ema here?
- There you are.
- Yeah, here the fuck am I.
Where's Danny?
Where's Ya-ema?
Uh, Danny's saying
goodbye to people.
- Is she with him?
- She... She was...
(GASPS) Ah, I want her away from my
kid, okay? I want her away from my kid.
Now, is he gonna come
pick her up tonight
or am I supposed to? What's happening,
because I've gotta do that thing tomorrow
so you've gotta come pick her up
first thing in the AYEM, all right?
I mean, I don't know how
you can show yourself.
I assumed you worked it out
with him.
That's not true. That's not true.
I hadn't worked it out.
That's not true.
Oh, Ya-ema. My darling.
Becky needs friends.
- Yes!
BECKY: Ya-ema, onward.
Come here, darling!
Come here.
What's his deal?
She calls him Ya-ema
but I think
his real name's Alvin.
- I call him Sauron.
BECKY: There she is.
Hi, honey.
YA-EMA SPEAKS: The orange one.
We've purged the essence
of invasive forces
from this place.
What is she doing here?
Can't you see this is
a fucking religious ceremony
you have zero respect for?
Good show tonight.
Liar. You didn't see it.
Don't call people liars,
Becky, unless you know...
Sorry, was anybody speaking
to you, Little Miss Tiffany?
Huh? Tiff-a-ny.Tiff-a-ny.
I can't believe you're raising our
daughter around a woman named Tiffany.
- You're an angel.
- It's true. It's true.
- Could you excuse us?
- Yes, excuse us, Tiff.
TIFFANY: What the fuck?
- Where did you get these?
- DYMOKE: Ya-ema requested these items
to envision
the purity of people
whose auras
we must investigate,
before mistress Becky allows
them near the child.
- Is this for real?
- It's just important that she feels safe
when Tama is
with us, that's all.
- So, you put a curse on me?
- BECKY: No, no, no. We haven't cursed you yet.
We probably won't
unless Ya-ema sees
something in the smoke
that he doesn't like.
This is sick. You are sick!
DANNY: That's not helping.
Can you just give us a minute?
BECKY: Goodbye, Tiffany!
Don't be such a cunt, Beck.
Ooh, C-U-N- Everyone's accusing me
DYMOKE: We must resume
our ritual.
BECKY: Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
You were right.
What can we do
for you, Daniel?
DANNY: I wanted you to see her.
It shouldn't be this difficult.
I really want to see Tiffany.
- To see your child.
- Ooh.
DANNY: Unless you'd rather walk out on
her, too, in which case...
- How can you let yourself be like this around her?
- Hey, man. I'm working.
And you said Tuesday,
not Friday,
which, how am I supposed to keep track if
you're just gonna keep changing your mind?
Well, I thought you'd want to
see her before going to Europe.
Oh. I forgot. You're not going
to Europe. Did you know that?
- Of course, I knew.
- Well, you didn't act like I was wrong when I said it.
I was testing you. There is no European
tour. I would know if there was.
- Oh, you would?
- Yeah. Because I would have packed a bag,
which as you can see,
clearly I have not.
- What's that?
- You're a mess.
- You're a mess. No, you're a mess.
- You're a mess.
BECKY: No, you're a mess.
- No, you're a mess.
Oh Danny boy, the pipes,
The pipes are calling
From glen to glen
- Hi, baby.
- Hi, Mari. Mm.
From glen to glen
You seem well.
And down the mountain side
LAUREN: Are we ready to rock?
Laurie, baby, we just
finished rocking.
Rocking and-a-rolling.
Only problem is I did not get to
visit the other place with Ya-ema.
Because old Danno came in,
interrupted my spiritual
journey. It was postponed.
So, we still got that
to tend to.
As you know, I am not myself
if I do not visit
my other realities.
Where the fuck is my lighter?
Why... Why do you
let her do this?
I'm not a fuckin'
babysitter, mate.
Looks like I got it.
Hey, man, don't discriminate.
Here's to whatever gets people spiritual
balance... That's like fucked up!
Hello! Exactly.
You know you'll hate yourself forever
if you miss these years with her.
- MARIELLE: Heavy shit, Dirtbag Danny.
- Nobody calls me that anymore.
- This is the night show
- with DJ Dirtbag Danny,
- Ah.
playing all the dirty,
nasty rock you can only hear after dark.
DANNY: Becky?
- Becky?
- ALI: Becky?
WOMAN: Becky?
- Becky?
- Becky?
Becky! Becky! Becky!
- ALI: Hmm.
You seen Tiffany?
You shouldn't come around here
and see her like this.
What choice do I have?
I'm the loser
who always crawls back.
Twice, she fired me
from this tour
and forgot about it the next morning.
We all crawl back.
DANNY: How much
is she paying the shaman?
I'm not sure.
But in all likelihood,
that answer would upset
you and me both.
How's business?
Euro tour's canceled but I
guess you already knew that.
- Yeah.
- They're opening the vaults for an AP or something.
(GRUNTS) Oh, if she's gonna fuck this
up for all of us it doesn't end well.
- TAMA: Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah. And don't be
so negative.
What's about?
You need cash?
Tama needs more
than I can give.
Becky has
to take responsibility, right?
- May I?
- Sure.
Howard might cancel the dates
we're holding for the new record.
- He knows we're not ready.
- What does that mean?
It means that I hope you have a plan
B to put this one in private school.
Is she in breach?
Should I talk to someone?
No. Our lawyer's got it
sorted out.
No one's really expecting much
for her at this point though.
She handed me
my walking papers,
seven months later
she hands me Tama.
Ever since then
my life's been a nightmare,
in some ways.
Wow. That's heavy-duty.
It's my fault. I thought you two
would be a match made in heaven.
I want her out now.
I want her out.
- Fuck off! She has to go...
- You can't be serious.
Now! We saw it in the smoke.
The child will be my downfall. Ya-ema...
- I did not decree this.
- You did, you did, you did.
You saw a prophecy when we
were in the other place.
You said the child would
be my downfall.
We have a lit stick of dynamite
that needs tossing out the tank!
Becky, this is your child
we're talking about.
DYMOKE: Mistress Becky!
Mistress Becky!
Look at my king.
What do you see?
Tell us.
I see the void of eternity.
- Hey. Hey!
- BECKY: Howard! Howard.
HOWARD: They loved you.
BECKY: How are you?
- HOWARD: And I love that they loved you.
- It was a good show, huh?
- Danny, what's happening?
- Holding it together.
- You wouldn't understand.
- Oh.
Uh, Becky, Zelda is waiting.
Ah, fuck. I forgot.
What does that bitch want?
MARIELLE: Easy, love.
HOWARD: Express regards
to your celebratory remarks.
BECKY: (GIGGLES) Whatever.
HOWARD: She said you were great tonight.
What, did she just come here with fucking
obvious stuff that I already know or what?
Of course, I was great.
I am always good.
I believe I saw her
with an olive branch.
Would I lead you astray?
- No, Howard...
- Do it for me. Come on.
She's not lying.
You were great tonight.
DYMOKE: She brings negativity.
You see? You see?
What is Zelda Ezekiel coming
and doing here anyways,
coming backstage at our show when I'm trying
to spend quality time with my family,
- and just demand an audience?
- ALI: Chill out, Beck.
Zelda's all right.
Okay. Where is she, Howard?
- HOWARD: Um...
- While we're on the topic,
can you please tell me, are we doing those
recordings of our tracks like last time?
Ali says you're doing an EP
instead of a whole record.
BECKY: Yeah, she, like, found some pretty
powerful stuff in the '92 sessions.
Of course. Anything you need.
- Can't get a fucking straight answer out of them, you know?
- Anything you need.
That's because
you understand me, don't you?
You really know I can't count
on anybody crazy.
What kind of world is this when we
can't even get straight information...
- Let's just say hello to Zelda.
- ...I'm recording an album.
- Okay?
- Why do you insult me?
- Well, I will sort it all out
- ...Or an E-fucking-P...
- while you're meeting with her, okay?
- ...guitar or something?
Just, dear, please, Howard.
Please just get me an answer
and please make it
an honest one.
She is very excited
to see everybody.
- Everybody.
- Everybody.
- Everybody? Wait, we're all going?
- Yes.
Why didn't you say so?
I don't wanna do it alone.
Come to me, my ex...
On the right, and to the left.
On the right, and to the left.
To the right, and to the left.
To the right, and to the left.
Oh, man, I wish
I had your patience.
I'm a communicator.
I communicate.
Anything I can do?
Help her.
That'll help me.
I'm trying.
Always trying.
- Hand bone, hand bone's connected to the
Butt bone,
Butt bone's connected to the...
And that's the word
Of the Lord
And that's the turn
Of the Lord
- Great show.
- Oh, that's easy for you to say
from the comfort
of that chair, isn't it?
This is my love, L-L-Lauren.
ZELDA: Oh, what a beauty.
Come on. Marie's told me
all about you.
Ah! I can just go
if y'all want some alone time.
ALI: Calm down, girl.
MARIELLE: What do we owe the
pleasure of your visitation?
'Cause you're killers.
I want to see the new shit for myself.
ALI: Well, what do you think?
I'm green with envy.
So, Howard said that you guys
are almost up in this one.
Yeah, I don't know if I'm really feeling
the stage life, know what I mean?
ALI: Why, what did he ask?
I've got a string
of dates coming up.
I was wondering if maybe you guys would
be, uh, interested in joining me.
- BECKY: Oh, I don't know.
What do you mean?
Like, opening act for you?
That doesn't really make
any sense, don't you think?
What is it, like,
six years ago?
Oh, wait, if it was
six years ago,
you'd be opening for M-E, me.
And you would be trying
to run off with this one.
Hey, when are the...
when are the dates?
What are the dates?
How about
a simple "No, thanks"?
And thank you,
by the way, for coming
to personally bitch slap us
in all of our faces.
We do rock music
for rock people.
And didn't I hear
that on your last record,
you didn't even have
any guitars?
- BECKY: I will never
- share a stage with you.
- ALI: Fucking be careful with that shit!
It's fine.
BECKY: Hey, don't fucking
talk to her.
Don't even look at her.
Here's an idea. How about you
march-ish right out of this room
into your limousine and take
that fucking offer with you?
We need a break, not a tour.
We just finished this one
like, what, an hour ago.
Who's interested
in another tour?
You brought me
on my first tour, Beck.
I'll never forget it.
Look, I'm not your enemy.
I never was.
Despite what you think
happened at the festival thing.
You're gonna make me beg to
get you to bury the hatchet.
Listen to me.
Your music
used to be awesome.
And now it sucks.
So, I don't
wanna tour with you.
And now you come to bury me?
I mean, I think I can speak
for all of us when I say
that we have zero interest
in retreading the past,
which includes
your fabled support.
As I am trying
to move forward here,
not backwards,
which means I don't wanna
slip down your fucking bill.
I mean, don't you have, like,
the next generation of pansy,
art rock babes
who are just dying
to share your light?
Why don't you ask one of them?
Because my answer is no.
And where I go, they go.
- LAUREN: I should go.
- Babe, don't go.
Stay, please. I feel
like we're not...
You're one of a kind,
I'll give you that.
BECKY: That's right, it's an original,
stick to your guns and your roots...
P-U-R-E spells Becky
- You are fucking lovely.
- So, do we have a deal?
Howard, how could you?
- You set me up. I trusted you.
- Now, I thought you might feel this way
but just hear us out. Okay?
It's not what you're thinking.
It's not gonna be clubs. It's theaters.
- Theaters.
- It's an intimate tour.
It's fuckin' boring.
It's really boring. Pass.
- Well, I'm sorry you feel bad.
- BECKY: God, if you're not gonna leave,
I will. I have an interrupted
journey to complete.
And, by the way, you are all
being incredibly rude to Ya-ema
in the spiritual calm
that he requires.
I am not done with you.
You are in big trouble.
- Becky?
- Having fun in Becky-town?
Whatever could you mean?
ZELDA: Say it.
- It'll be fine. It'll be fine.
- Just say it.
MARIELLE: It's nothing.
ZELDA: Who is Ya-ema?
ALI: Uh, Sauron,
the all-seeing guru.
ZELDA: I'll go.
ALI: Yeah, I think
that might be for the best.
I'm so sorry.
It was worth a shot though.
Maybe we should...
take another swing
when she's not so... so...
I can't find the word.
Door's open. I'm all ears.
You know, you used to pack
places twice this size.
What happened?
Canceling tours, twice, at the last
minute has, oh, untested side-effects.
MARIELLE: It'll be fine.
If you change your mind...
Cold smothered crap,
you're still here?
Jesus Christ, take a hint.
Zelda has left the building!
The Legend of Zelda
is stink to the air,
has come to an E-N-D,
if you please.
I'm leaving. Don't overreact.
I hardly think I'm overreacting.
I'm just normal reacting.
I'm sorry to be so fucking...
HOWARD: Hey, this was entirely my idea.
Don't blame her.
- Just let me take her. Let me take her.
- No, stop it.
DANNY: No, you shouldn't
be holding her in this state.
BECKY: What, is that
the state of rage,
or the state of New York?
'Cause I don't know where I am.
DANNY: Let me take her.
BECKY: ...fucking clown...
- (THUD)
That was a fun ride.
Wanna go on another sky ride?
- Huh? With Mommy?
- Fucking mess!
HOWARD: Perhaps we should all retreat
to our separate rooms for a bit?
Aren't you enjoying the show?
Huh, you got nothing to see now?
ALI: Come on, it's fine.
MARIELLE: It's all right.
- Her job at the mall...
- No. Not right now, not with us.
- Am I running my mouth? Am I saying things I might regret?
- No, stop. Don't. Enough!
Why don't you... if you run you
can catch up with Zelda, huh?
She's boring and easy and fun.
And isn't that what you want?
- Beck, don't.
- Yeah.
Don't what?
MARIELLE: Chill. BECKY: And what,
show everyone a G-O-O-D time?
Huh? Come here, baby.
Tough job, but somebody's gotta do
it, you know?
I gotta get out of here.
I've got to go to Becky's room.
This stinks of Zelda's shit.
Bitch, you would do... Hibbidah hibbidah
hibbidah. That's all fuckin' bullshit.
- Wee!
- You all right?
- I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Becky, you're okay, sweetie.
Beck, come on. Come on, Beck.
- Come on, Beck.
(TAMA CRYING) Daddy, daddy!
ALI: Her head.
WOMAN: What's wrong?
- ALI: Good girl.
- ALI: Good girl, come on.
- Not right now.
We go way beyond.
We go way beyond.
BECKY: I can't believe
you're doing this to my child.
MARIELLE: What are we supposed to do
with it, though? I don't really know.
Well, just hang it. What do you
mean, "What are we supposed..."
Here you go.
- BECKY: Yeah!
I mean, we are the first
and only girl band to ever
sell this many records.
I'd like to say...
BECKY: Oh, shit!
BECKY: We're never gonna
make a record this good again.
- MARIELLE: Howard!
MARIELLE: We need a new one.
- We have another one.
- ALI: I'm not touching that.
- Wait, wait, wait...
We're sorry, sorry.
Wait, get the record!
Okay. I got it. I got it.
Run, run, run, run. (GIGGLES)
You rotted away
Tied to your own mistakes
I never wanted to be
that crutch for you
All in denial
With every word you breathe
I'm not to try
and piece it back for you
I finally understand why you
begged me to stop checking in.
That's a fucking bummer,
I told you you shouldn't
come back.
I had to see for myself
who was occupying the studio
that I had stopped paying for.
Or did they not
give you the memo?
MARIELLE: Well, Becky
decided to pay for it
and must have old you about it,
(CHUCKLES) out of respect. I guess.
Isn't that nice of her.
I have this room booked
for my new group,
but it's not yet vacated.
That's why you came back.
Did they not tell you
you needed to leave?
Yeah. They did.
And what did she say?
I... I'd rather not repeat it.
Well, if this is the best she's
got to show after nine months,
I'm, I'm... I'm very screwed.
We know you're out on a limb
for her on this, big time.
(CHUCKLES) Laid off workers
to cover overages,
mortgage on my beach house.
I'm not out on a limb.
I'm lying on the ground
next to the damn tree.
I didn't know that. I'm sorry.
Releasing their new album this year
would help cover your mess, if I could...
What is this,
Talk and Tea time?
Are we doing a session
or is this
a goddamn book club?
Jesus Christ!
Am I the only one...
This is the first day in two weeks
she's been here for longer than an hour.
Also, she came in at 2:00.
- HOWARD: Well...
- AM.
We've been here. She's
in the self-proclaimed groove.
Show of hands.
Who is committed to greatness
and will do whatever
it takes to achieve it?
And a show of hands, who is lazy
and doesn't care about the music
that we are recording here?
That's one for greatness.
Anyone else?
Thank you, Keith. It's nice
to know someone is on my side,
the winning side.
And we all know who writes history.
You all can just go home
and take a nap or something
'cause your level of
dedication has been exposed.
Right, Howard?
Did you come to check up
on your prized project?
Thank you for giving us
some space lately,
but I gotta tell you,
I'm sorry, but it is
going terribly.
- At best.
- Well, there is a solution to this.
I just need to figure out
what it is.
If we could all just take
a step back, and think
- for a second.
- BECKY: That is a grand idea.
Why can't you two be
more like team players,
- like Howard?
- Just give it a rest, lady.
The show's exhausting.
And I've seen it too many
times to stick for the finale.
Sorry, what? What did you say?
- HOWARD: She said that...
- No, I heard her.
I just wanted to make sure
I heard her correctly.
Ali darling, care to take it one more time
from the top with feeling, s'il vous plait?
Look at yourself.
HOWARD: Easy, now.
Would Becky Something wither and die
if she interacted on an adult level?
Let's just be calm, all right?
We can withdraw
to some neutral place,
- and discuss a compromise, so that we can...
- Boring, Howard.
- No, I'm fucking tired.
- We can work this out.
Maybe she could make some
sort of grand final statement.
ALI: What? Why? Why would
I explain myself to you,
when you're only gonna
remember your version?
I'm fucking done!
She's still talking.
She's leaving.
That is hers though.
ALI: And, oh,
I took care of this band
while you took care
of yourself.
I didn't want to be thanked.
I didn't want the gloss.
That was your thing.
You just plucked me into it.
So, enjoy it. Have fun.
HOWARD: Ali, come on. Don't...
Well, that is just
as Ya-ema prophesied,
and what a fitting moment.
Just when I was seriously
doubting your commitment.
It's been a rotten year
bringing this mongoloid to term.
But I knew it. I knew it.
I knew today was gonna be the final straw.
I knew it when I walked
in the D-O-O-R.
There was a fetid stink
in the elevator, you know?
(SIGHS) Big whoop, right?
Watch this, watch this.
Watch how quickly we're gonna bounce back.
All right? You watch this.
- You watching?
- HOWARD: I'm watching.
- Are you watching?
HOWARD: I'm watching.
- HOWARD: I'm looking.
Look, I'm Ali!
Watch! I'm Ali now!
- Excuse me.
- HOWARD: Wait, Mari. You can't just...
Mari. Mari, don't just...
Fucked up!
You fuckin...
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
WOMAN: Marielle, help.
Fuck, what a fuckin' honor.
No, Mari's fine.
Um, we're booked. I mean,
we were booked.
- I don't... Howard said...
- Yeah, yeah, I heard. I mean, it's just a...
It's just
a whole nightmare right now.
Are you kidding? We only want this
place 'cause you guys record here.
Yeah. Shameful to say,
it's like an honor
to be bumped by Something
She, like, the top.
- Sorry, I'm a little nervous.
- No, no, that's all right.
I mean, it's just a terrible
time to join a woman in.
She's all gone,
like the worst she's ever gone.
- Keith, where's Howard?
- He's in the back office.
You might wanna check on him.
He doesn't look good,
and I think he's dry-heaving.
See, exactly.
I mean,
not to get too deep, but...
She's, like,
falling apart big time now,
so, maybe actually...
We move out and you
girlies just take over.
Because you're young
Sharp as a knife
You need that buzz
To come alive
On the edge
Out on the town
You ain't got time
To settle down
Fuckin'. She's the queen.
No, I won't let her
hear you say that.
Actually, does she even know
you're even here?
MARIELLE: So, I don't know
if she's gonna be into that.
I mean, the behavior in here's
been, shall I say, erratic lately.
Erratic on a good day.
- On a bad day?
- They're all bad days nowadays.
HOWARD: Well, it seems like
we have a logjam.
We're all family here.
Business family. One
big, happy business family.
- CRASSIE: Um, yeah, you know, if there's like a problem...
- Nonsense. No problem at all.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
We'll record your album.
We'll release it.
Everything will work out easy as pie.
Becky... Becky'll understand.
Uh, I also think she knows
we're here now.
ROXIE: Oh, yeah.
MARIELLE: Here she comes.
Who the fuck are
these bitches?
The Aker girls.
(STAMMERS) Did I not send you their
seven inch... You're gonna love them.
You're gonna
love them. They're...
I've signed them. And...
We're not interrupting, so, like,
no disrespect Ms. Something.
We're huge fans.
HOWARD: And as thrilling
as it is to see your...
Your passion and commitment, I was
counting on the studio being free by now.
I... perhaps,
it's my mistake.
- Because I haven't exactly been around.
- You cut us off.
They tried to evict me.
- Why would you do that to us, Howard?
- It's a misunderstanding.
I was giving you
space and freedom
without my breathing
down your neck.
You know?
And I did what I had to do
to tighten my belt
but can you blame me?
- Did you know about this?
- Nope.
We just showed.
She had no idea.
Howard, you fucking genius.
What are the odds?
What are the odds that we would find
ourselves one apple short of a bushel,
and you would unknowingly
bring me a solution
to all of
the world's problems?
Who plays the drums?
Are the rest
of you ready to jam?
Because if I had to guess, I would say
that we are 15, maybe 20 minutes away
from pure magic exploding
into this room.
And silly me, I lost a drummer
on the way
to grandmother's house.
Here I thought we'd have to
scrap paper and go home.
And what should
happen instead,
three witches come
to my rescue.
Look at all of you.
Just look at you.
My god, you're so beautiful.
You're stunning.
I'm Crassie Cassie,
this is Dottie OZ, and Roxy Rotten.
She's the life of the party
and we'd be honored.
Cut the shit.
Come on, you're making me feel
like I'm a hundred years old.
But goddamn, I just
really feel a connection
to you babes, you know?
You feel that, Mari?
Yeah, Beck, I feel it.
I've been out here feeling it.
It feels like I were waiting
for you to fucking feel it.
BECKY: And that's
what I'm talking about.
Howard, my goodman.
I'm ready to party.
Let's make an album because
I have been sent some angels
to work the angles, you dig?
And what better way
to introduce new...
...blood into
this turgid process,
than actual new blood?
Let's bathery these bitches.
Learn a thing or two about what
the kids are feeling nowadays, huh?
Inward, ho.
HOWARD: Keith,
can you give us a minute?
What the hell are you doing?
Well, it looks like
I'm saving your asshole
and keeping
this record on schedule.
Don't you worry about reimbursing
me for the studio, it's my treat.
HOWARD: I can't afford
another eight months,
I will go bankrupt
while you finish your opus.
I'm on my last credit line,
and you're on life no. 9,
and these girls might
be our salvation.
So, it would be swell if you didn't
torpedo them in the process of drowning.
Howard, you confuse torpedoing,
which I don't know anything about,
with making an album, which
you'll, if you'll excise me,
I'm quite eager to resume
before my juices dry up again.
HOWARD: Can you
make her aware?
Ugh. What,
do I need a translator?
I got it, loud and clear.
It's ear
on the rear of a deer.
Look, we don't need to do this.
We just fucking met 'em.
- We can take...
...a day to regroup
and we can just call Ali.
Who? Who?
I don't know anybody
by that name.
It's actually kind
of a funny name. (GIGGLES)
If you think about it.
Except if you're a Muslim.
BECKY: Mari.
My love.
You have my attention.
And I, yours.
Is there something
that you wanted to say,
or was that just
a challenge to a duel?
We don't get another chance...
...if we fuck this up.
Sorry, if you fuck this up!
If you'll
fucking fuck this up,
it's bye-bye, Something She.
You dig?
HOWARD: That's
the short of it.
I'm gonna finish the record.
You have my word.
Cross my heart
and hope to die.
BECKY: ...Three, four,
skip to my Lou...
- It's over.
That's that.
I trusted you to be alone
and you burned down the house.
Oh, god.
Yeah, I'll... I'll sort it.
Look, the lioness is...
You know,
seen threatening cubs.
She's forcing them
into the pride
rather than killing 'em
and eating 'em.
Can you handle her?
I mean, it's been nearly seven years.
What's another seven days?
Yeah. If we wanna
run without Ali, I...
I can't help you.
But I need you.
Yeah, I got this, man.
Do you need
your rocket fuel?
Yeah, I need
all the help I can get.
Are you okay to do this?
Any second now.
I'll be fine.
Can you give me a minute?
All right, who's ready
to do this shit?
- DOTTIE: Anything you say.
- Easy, easy. Easy there. It's simple as that.
I'm comfortable
in a leadership role
but let's slide
into this hot spring.
Do you want us to look at any
sheets or just follow along?
Oh, you chicks read music?
Fuck, what a loser I am.
Well, there's some pieces
we've been playing with,
but doesn't it make more sense
not to rely on old scraps,
and start a feast
with a new family instead?
The album's written
if that's what you mean.
Let's hit it. Whatever you need.
Just, uh, say the word.
BECKY: Yeah,
there is an album.
There's some music, but, you
know, maybe that's the problem.
It's cursed.
It's done to death.
There's a new sound.
Let's see what the kids are doing.
- CRASSIE: What, just play?
- Could I have made myself any clearer? Yes, play!
I mean, if we're gonna be working
together, let's see what you've got.
Sweet tooth
Let it consume you
You know you want to
You know you want to
But baby I can't
Wait around for you
Tell me what
You think you're gonna do
You know that
I'm still in love with you
But baby I can't
Wait around for you
I keep coming round
for you at home
I keep calling you
up on the phone
Am I such a fool to assume
You think about me
The way I think about you
Say it could change
It could just fade away
I feel the same of you
calling from grace
I'm leaving today
But I can't wait around
Can't wait around
Can't wait around for you
Tell me what you think
You're going to do
You know, in my heart
You'll always be true
But baby, I can't
wait around for you
Can't wait around
Can't wait around
Can't wait around
Can't wait for you
Can't wait around
Can't wait for you
Can't wait for you
Can't wait around for you
I love it. Love, love, love.
Who wrote it?
- Music...
- BECKY: All of you?
I've always longed
for that kind of connection.
You know? But for some reason,
it just never worked.
I just always did it.
All by myself
Oh, sure, Mari. Your contributions
have been, you know, helpful.
But I'm talking about, like,
a ground-up collaboration.
- Yeah.
- I wish I could give it to you now
but, I just, I know
myself too well,
and it's you know,
highway or her way.
CRASSIE: We're gonna jam,
you know, back you up.
- Anything.
- BECKY: It's what I need, followers.
Silent peons
to worship at my feet.
Ladies, ladies,
what harmony you have found
within one another.
What spirit shared
and just divided three ways.
God, it is
the rarest of things
that should not
be taken lightly.
Capture it, my sisters,
hold on to it,
and then never, never release
that bond you share.
Wise advice
from a true original.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You know, I hope you girlies
don't buy this bullshit.
I mean, you seem smart.
Smarter than me.
Dumb old merry
grade-A sucker.
Bought it, hook, line, and sinker.
Fool me once, shame, shame, shame.
Sorry, what?
(CHUCKLES) I mean, who better
than the great Becky Something
to dispel wisdom
on the value of others,
who does more
to express appreciation
and dedication to those
you fucking support.
I support.
This is not a two-a-day
two-way street, darling.
No, it's a dead end, darling.
It is a dead end.
Mari, Mari, better be careful,
or you're gonna offend
our guests.
Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.
CRASSIE: We can just leave,
you know?
We don't wanna be flies on the
wall while you sort this stuff out.
See? Now look
what you've fucking done.
Alienating the acolytes.
Vanquish the venerating.
Exile the exuberant.
This is a blessed thing.
It's the next.
Hold them close we should,
not exile them.
This is in poor taste.
Yeah. It always is.
And then it's not.
Run away. Flee!
Flee! Big Bad Bossy Becky
Makes Maudlin Mari Mope.
Get the bullshit out of here.
It belongs... it belongs
on fucking Mars.
Enjoy it because...
'Cause it could be fun. Enjoy it.
Well, that's the first logical
thing I've heard all day.
All I ever ask is for a little
respect, you know?
If you can't get that in the
workplace, then where can you get it?
You dig, right?
Mush. You will mush.
- Mush! Mush, mush.
- Okay.
Onward, into the future.
CRASSIE: Okay. You know what,
I think we should just come back.
This doesn't seem
like the right time...
BECKY: Night time is the right time.
Bed ways is the right way,
so tally-ho.
CRASSIE: Not that we're not
organized product. We are, of course.
Let the wild rumpus begin.
Garbage dump
Oh, garbage dump
Why are you called
the garbage dump
You could feed the world
with my garbage dump
You could feed the world
with my garbage dump
CRASSIE: Mari just left.
We don't need to be here right now.
We can give you your space.
This must not be super easy.
I am the heart and soul
of this band.
Hello, I named it
after myself.
I found those girlies, and they were not
the first, and they will not be the last.
I put Something She together
from the ashes
of failed junk bands,
wanting to have
something in my own name,
like God spewing mankind.
That's ancient history,
and so are those ungrateful wenches
who suckled
at the teat of success
that I placed
upon their mouth.
Before we embark
upon this journey,
promise me one thing.
Show me honesty,
and I will do the same,
because that is the pillar
of my music.
So, enough
with this jibber-jabber
and let's rock!
And that sums it up
in one big lump.
DOTTIE: What should we do?
Well, for starters, go into that
booth, and wake those turds up,
and tell them it's blast off
to the fucking stars.
We gonna hit
the fucking switch
because the circus is leaving
town and it ain't coming back.
CRASSIE: We'll go get
the rest of our gear?
Oh, yeah!
MARIELLE: You know,
you can't be fully acquainted
with Becky Something until
you want her to fuck off.
Remember that.
You'd rather die
Than apologize
But fuck it I didn't need
To see this through
I'm back
Back to the same shit
I was drowning in then
If I'm gonna be pulled down
Then I'm taking you with
I'm back
Back to the same shit
I was drowning in then
If I'm gonna be pulled down
Then I'm taking you with
ANIA: We need
to lose their minds.
- ALI: Oh, my God...
- ANIA: Girls, I am so proud of you.
My mom would never ever,
ever come to something like this.
Oh, I never missed a show,
a concert, a school play.
Becky, tell them.
MARIELLE: It's basically,
you're our mum, too, aren't you?
- Oh, she's so nervous.
- I'm not nervous.
- She's so nervous.
- Mom, shut up. I'm not nervous.
- I'm just trying to practice.
- ALI: I'm really happy you're here.
- I'm...
- ALI: Thank you, Mom!
This is so much fun.
Oh, God, you're so amazing.
I'm so proud...
Hey, you seen Becky?
She checked in yet?
MAN: Nah, man.
How's my grandbaby?
She's at home with Tiffany.
She's miserable.
- Her mom's a deadbeat who never calls.
- Poor Daniel.
Drawn into family saga.
I'm her new family.
(SIGHS) Life goes on.
Hopefully it does.
She's not here.
Everybody's looking.
What happened
to my baby Rebecca?
Did I do something that wrong?
Daniel, everything
we've been put through,
and for what?
- For love?
- Ah, yes.
- For love.
- She in here?
- DANNY: No.
GREG: We're 40 minutes behind.
Venue's lights out at midnight.
DANNY: Don't set your watch
to Becky-time.
What are we doing here?
She won't perform.
Yeah, she has to.
She has to? Why?
Well, we got a bad feeling
this is it for Becky.
She's opening in a small venue
with proteges.
She's sold out arenas.
Why do you fall for it?
(SIGHS) She cut the head off our life
together swiftly, and with no mercy,
and apparently I'll never
come to terms with that.
She's way behind
what we agreed on for Tama.
I've been trying
to get her and these
in the same room
for three months.
Her lawyer quit. He called me.
Yeah, her plan is to ignore anybody
suing her until they give up or die.
I should have knocked.
- Alexandra.
- You fell for it!
DANNY: She'll be here.
She will be here.
Ooh, where do
you find the faith?
It's a curse. If you have anything to
have, it'll never be weighed.
I cannot believe
I got talked into this.
- She needs you.
- Yeah, no, every bully needs
a weak punching bag to swing
back for one more smack.
No one cares about
the players, right?
They're just here for Becky.
I mean,
what am I gonna do, quit?
Be a nobody?
I don't even belong
in this world.
I used to play church basements
and I was happy there.
Never even played
venues this big.
Really big.
A block from the underground.
Footnote in the defining
oral history of the era.
We all rely on her
for something.
ALI: We rely on Ms. Something
for something.
Work. Glory.
Money. Love. Support.
Our golden goose sprays
golden piss in our faces.
She supported me
for many years.
Yeah, me too.
What a wretched feeling.
As you know.
And such is the end
of the saga of Something She.
So, let's go.
ANIA: I'm gonna
go talk to security.
ALI: She ain't here.
Fuck. Fuck, I fucking knew it.
- No, I think she's gonna show.
- Don't fucking touch me.
- DANNY: That's the spirit.
Dirtbag Danny,
it's really you!
It's just... just Danny.
Dude, I taped
your show religiously,
- like, every night, bro. Yeah.
- Oh, yeah?
I don't even have the early tapes.
You got some special stuff there.
KAT: Yeah, this is really
fucking great, but this is
kind of, like, a big
fucking deal for us, so.
ALI: And don't mind me trivializing
your professional dilemma.
I just... I've been in your shoes
more times than I can count.
DOTTIE: Can you give us
a success ratio? Anything?
I mean, like, this is not okay.
This isn't okay.
There's a plan, right? You make the plan,
you stick to it. It's written in ink.
ALI: Hey, she will be here.
Might be any second.
Might be in two hours.
But, no, it's...
it's really cool and all what you're
doing for Becky and me, I guess.
But Beck's not used
to not headlining.
So she forgets that
nobody waits for the opener.
All right. So what do we do?
You got any
vocal warmups, or...
I don't... I don't know
what your pre-show is.
You wanna jam?
Or just, like make out?
This is beyond me, okay?
Just find me when the nightmare's over.
I'm done.
DANNY: Oh, boy.
She needs this.
ALI: She's going through
a lot. We all are.
Shit's like wobbly with us,
you know? Heartbreak.
ALI: Wiser folks have
tried and failed.
But, pay, guys. I signed
the contracts for today.
So, if she doesn't show,
you can sue her, too.
And I think that'll make
a baker's dozen.
Oh. Hi. Sorry. Um. Roxy.
- Hi.
- That was Dottie, and this is Crassie.
- Hi. Hey.
- Nice to meet you.
Thanks for giving her this chance.
I know she doesn't make it easy.
She'd do it for us.
Already did, actually. So.
Oh, yeah? How'd you repay her?
By fucking it up?
She'll be here.
It's a pattern.
Thank you so much.
Disappear, make you miserable,
keep you waiting,
then come back
when you're out of options.
My mom wouldn't step foot
in a place like this, so.
Well, I'm not just here to watch
Becky inflict pain on others.
We have enough of that
to last lifetimes.
- Nothing?
- ALI: Nada.
This is great!
Well, that's it.
I'm done. It's over.
She has cost me a house,
half my company.
Can anyone here accuse me
of not trying hard enough?
Have I not provided
opportunity after opportunity,
and this is how it ends?
Ah, forgive me. Ania.
- You know it, and I know it.
- Lovely to see you.
At this point, does it even
matter if we wait any longer?
CRASSIE: We were supposed
to go on five minutes ago.
We're going on hour two
of a sold-out crowd waiting
- for something to happen.
- I am deeply sorry.
How could I know?
Start the show!
All right, we'll give her
ten more minutes.
No, make that five.
Then, it's over.
I am sorry. I am so sorry.
You know no one wants this night
to come off more than I do, but...
Hey, you want to flip for it?
I don't suppose
there's any benefit
in an Ali van der Wolff
acoustic solo set.
At this point, anyone on stage but
Becky is only gonna make matters worse.
ALI: Oh, I figured as much.
DOTTIE: So, what now?
She's here.
I always tried to do what was
best for my baby girl.
Music lessons,
drives to concerts.
WOMAN: Start the fucking show!
Start the fucking show!
Get on the fucking stage!
- HOWARD: Becky?
HOWARD: Becky!
Ding dong,
and the bitch is back!
Show of hands,
who missed me?
- HOWARD: Two hours.
- Two minutes till midnight!
Hey, you're actually suing me, right?
Or is that somebody else?
- I'm suing you.
- I'll see you in court.
Judge! Your Honor!
Is it a crime
in this country
to prefer the witching hour?
I was born
with an internal clock.
The doctor left it
inside me. (LAUGHING)
I call to the stand my mother,
Mrs. Ania Adamcyzk.
Nee Smolenska...
"Mrs. Adamcyzk,
"do you swear solemnly
that your daughter was born
"with a rare
neurological condition
"that renders the passage
of time and enforced illusion
"from the external world?"
"Judge, please. I just can't seem
to get going until later at night.
"Do you think I wanna be late?
"Those people deserve a show!
"And you have no idea the hell
that I've been through.
"I am wishing there was any
way on earth I could get going
"but I just don't think
I'm gonna make it."
Promise me, Mama, when I die,
have the coffin arrive
half an hour late,
and on the side,
written in gold the letters of the words,
"Sorry for the delay."
Rebecca. My sweet Rebecca.
(WHISPERS) Mom, stop it. You're
embarrassing me in front of my friends.
I told you to wait in the car.
They're making
a movie about me,
and I want them
to see, like, the real me,
so ixnay on the ebecca-ray,
ANIA: How can you
inflict such pain?
(SCOFFS) Can you fucking stop
it with the dramatics, Mom?
I haven't seen you in months,
you want to play this now?
Don't be ungrateful.
Tell me I was always there.
You're right.
You deserve a pass.
'Cause you were
in the fucking trenches, lady.
You really were, you know?
And you were alone,
weren't you?
Weren't you?
You remember
how alone you were?
You remember?
You remember how you were
always, always alone?
Your father wanted
you to have this.
Where was he 15 years ago,
when I was nobody but his daughter?
Great! Throw it in the trash.
- How is married life, Dirtbag?
- Get out of my face.
- We should go.
- BECKY: Hey, hey, hey, stay, babes.
Your loyalty will be rewarded.
That's how it works.
Isn't that right, Ali?
ALI: It's funny. I didn't
know you saw me here.
Kid, your energy is
so fucking foul,
I could see you in the dark.
- Don't be mad.
- No, I'm not mad.
- Come on, I'm ready.
- Yeah, you ready to rock?
I was born ready.
Doesn't everyone know that by now?
What, do you think I need to
warm up like some mere mortal?
I don't think so, Tim.
I wouldn't step foot
in this joint
if I wasn't ready
for v-v-victory!
Children, come here.
Come here.
Join me in the sacred circle
for a spiritual cleanse.
Where's the third member
of your coven?
Dottie OZ, you get your butt
in here this instant,
or you are grounded!
How am I doing, Mom, huh?
Mother of the year, right?
Hah, come here,
come here. Finally.
Join the circle
of energy, come on.
Come on.
Anybody who does not
want to be here, look away.
Or you can leave. Not you.
Come here, come in.
Get in there, yeah.
Dear goddess
of creativity and positivity,
Becky here. How's it going?
I am speaking to you tonight,
not only on behalf of myself
but on behalf
of my little sisters,
Dottie OZ, Crassie Cassie
and Roxy Rotten.
It's a big night for them,
so let's take care
of our Aker girls.
They're swell kids.
They deserve the best.
As for me,
I need this.
I need this bad.
'Cause this is it
for old Beckster.
Last train is
leaving the station,
and if I'm not on it
when the whistle blows,
that's it for me.
Lights out, last call,
soup's cold,
ice cream's melting.
Beer's warm. Yuck.
Let's rally...
One more time.
And you can take
that soul I promised you.
Did you get it?
Perfect. Start with that,
it'll be fucking phenomenal.
Now let's burn
this fucker down
for the big finish!
HOWARD: All right. Let me...
- Let me go tell them you're ready.
- BECKY: Fuck yeah!
Another poor decision.
I'm leaving.
ALI: I'll join you
in a moment.
DANNY: Make sure
that she gets these.
Yeah. You're not gonna...
you're not gonna watch the show?
I don't wanna see
what happens next.
But I have one thing that
I need to say to my daughter.
ALI: We'll talk tomorrow.
DANNY: Yeah.
Let's make it sooner.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
DANNY: Well,
have a great show.
CRASSIE: Is she gonna be okay?
No, she's not.
I don't know. Um...
Guys, I know that you don't
need a fucking...
Uh, listen
to an old has-been like me,
but you're gonna
kill it tonight,
and after tonight, just...
Please love each other.
- Go, go, go.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
So, is there something
we should do?
What else can we do?
We shouldn't have asked her to
play tonight. She's not straight.
No. I'm sorry,
we gave her a chance.
Kill your idols.
Give 'em enough rope
and they'll do it themselves.
I never even
wanted any of it.
I just wanna rock with you.
Where's my camera?
The fuck is
that still doing here?
ANIA: He has things
he wants to say to you.
I see no harm in that.
Do you understand forgiveness?
Can you understand regret?
You weak, stupid wimp.
After everything
he has put us through.
He used to look up to you.
He thought you were
better than this.
Deep down I knew you weren't.
You're more like your father
than you'll ever know.
Come on, let's go.
BECKY: Give it to me.
Destroy it.
ALI: Beck, stop!
- ALI: Becky, no.
- Ow!
- Wipe this from the people.
Let in the light
and forsake the darkness!
- Do it.
- Do you speak not to me.
ALI: To hear your words is to
open myself to your trickery.
BECKY: I have fought you
in 11 other lives,
in 11 other lives,
you have destroyed me.
ALI: Stop! You're hurting me.
Fuck, fuck!
I have lived across time
and I see how to defeat
those who will
see me destroyed.
For the first time,
I have the power to do what must be done,
and for the last time
we struggle!
Somebody, help.
Help me please.
We're just in a...
Be cool, all right. Be cool.
No, no, no.
- Raise your glass.
- Fuck!
- Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
HOWARD: Just take it easy.
Let's keep her okay, all right?
ALI: Howard!
Please, stop her.
- HOWARD: Gentle with her!
HOWARD: Just step back now.
HOWARD: All right, okay.
Okay. Drop it.
She dropped it.
She dropped it.
ALI: Can you not
hurt her please?
- HOWARD: Are handcuffs necessary? Look at her.
Now, when do I get
my lousy phone call?
Just leave her...
Fucking don't... She's...
MAN: Take a step back!
- BECKY: Hey!
- It's fucking over!
Stop! I said stop filming!
Get out!
- Steven, can you stop them from filming?
HOWARD: Get out of here!
HOWARD: Becky?
Where are you...
HOWARD: Becky? Beck...
Don't go out.
Becky! Becky! Becky!
Do you ever get the feeling
you're being followed?
WOMAN: Fuck yeah!
- BECKY: I've been back through the ages of earth
- Back it up!
and I've witnessed centuries
of conflicts.
I've regressed to the moment
of my conception,
- and I've watched myself being born!
- WOMAN: What the fuck?
You know what?
That's why I'm leaving,
because when I needed it,
nobody ever put
a hand on my back
and told me it was
gonna be all right!
It's the little things!
(SNIFFLING) The little things.
- (THUD)
MAN: Hold on, Becky.
- WOMAN: Oh shit!
Come on, Becky.
Sometimes I don't even
know myself. Mom?
I wanna stay home
with my baby.
No tour, no record.
I like it here.
See. You ready for me
to take her home now?
All right, take her.
Take her, I'm too tired.
I got you.
Fuckin' tired.
- BECKY: Baby.
- Mommy.
Momma missed you.
- I missed Momma.
Hey, kiddo, Mommy
and Daddy need to talk.
Maybe you want
to play pinball?
Yeah, okay.
You look good.
I'll have a year next week.
I know.
That's really great.
She's been asking
about you all the time.
She misses me?
She doesn't really know you.
She has no memory
of living with you.
I had this dream.
We were brothers
in a past life.
And we were Native American.
And you killed
all the children in our tribe.
And that's why I was so
horrible to you in this life.
Before I forget...
You need to look at those.
- I will.
- Today. I'm taking 'em back with me, so.
Does it make a difference?
Yes. Yeah, it does.
Including you, do you know how
many lawsuits I have against me?
Yes, I do.
Would you care
to say it out loud?
Would it make a difference?
Settling with M and A.
Child support.
Breach of contract. Contracts.
Promoters. Howard.
- I've lost track.
- Yeah, well, don't lump us in with all of that.
There's nothing left.
They gave me my band name
in exchange for publishing.
I don't own my own music.
I'm broke.
I can't give you anything.
I don't want you
to sell the house.
I just need to know that...
Half of whatever dollars
you find go to Tama.
I can't leave this house.
I can't go back
into the world.
Mari's here.
- Excuse me, what?
- She drove up with me. She's in the car.
You shouldn't have done that.
That's okay.
She just wants to talk.
She took everything I built.
She didn't take it.
You lost it.
And besides,
you built it together.
Well, I can't
see her like this.
She's sober, too. She's been
through it. She understands.
Yeah. I just need a minute.
Go get her, and count to 100.
Momma, I lost my free balls.
Come here.
(GROANS) You're
getting big, kiddo.
What's Daddy feeding you?
Chicken fingers
and fish fingers.
I wish I had
some of those.
And noodles.
I don't know
if we have any of that,
but if you're not too big,
you know, I could maybe get you
some peanut butter and jelly.
Peanut butter?
All right, all right.
Play me a song, Mommy.
What kinda song?
A song that reminds you of me.
A song
that makes me think of you.
- You ready?
- I'm ready-o.
This next one's a cover.
Oh, thinking about
All our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young
And wild and free
Now nothing can take
You away from me
We've been
Down this road before
But that's over now
You keep me coming back
For more
Baby you're all that I want
When you're lying here
In my arms
I'm finding it
Hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there
In your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven
Ooh, once in your life
You find someone
Who will turn
Your world around
Lift you up
When you're feeling down
No, nothing could change
What you mean to me
Oh, there's lots
That I could say
But just hold me now
And your love will
Light the way
Baby you're all that I want
When you're lying here
in my arms
I'm finding it
hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there
in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven
I've been
waiting for so long
For something to arrive
For love to come along
Now our dreams are
coming true
Through the good times
and the bad
I'll be standing there
by you
Baby you're all that I want
When you're lying here
In my arms
I'm finding it hard
to believe we're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there
in your heart
It wasn't too hard to see
We're in heaven
Hey, M.
Hey, B.
Hey, Mari, did you hear?
Mom sang a song just for me.
Oh, yeah. I heard.
Sweetie, why don't you
come fix lunch with Daddy?
Mom said she'd make me
a sandwich.
Dad can get this one.
I'll get the next one.
Okay, Momma. But you have
to make the next one.
She's so beautiful.
I lost
so much time with her.
Yeah, but she's lucky
to have you back.
I had a vision of you
holding her at my funeral.
I saw you
and Danny holding her hands.
And I was so happy
that you were her godmother.
I mean, I've seen
my death a dozen times
in a dozen different ways.
In every vision,
I'm surrounded by people.
I never die alone.
Well, you're alone now.
Beck, you should
leave this place.
There's an ache in my bones.
Oh, presents from Howard.
Thanks, Howard.
How's he doing?
Yeah, well, actually,
the Aker girls are big.
I mean, their new stuff ain't my cup
of tea, but they've done well for him.
He'd love to see ya.
Hey, thanks for taking
my call back then.
Yeah, you didn't have to.
Yeah, I know.
I was
always the bigger person.
Ali didn't.
You didn't try to stab me.
Except in the back.
Yes, you did.
How's she been?
She's put out an album
with her husband and...
it's pretty great.
- Husband?
- Yeah, Roy.
Yeah, they're
really amazing together.
I should get a copy.
- Well, I can just... Mine's in the car, so I can...
- I'll buy my own.
All right. Okay.
I don't think
she's mad at you anymore.
I don't think I'm mad at you
anymore either. You were...
You were horrible.
But it never
made me not love you.
I'll always love you.
Oh, man,
I fucking miss you, mate.
seven months pregnant.
Oh, I heard. Danny told me.
Oh, that's rad.
Yeah, it's crazy.
She's like so big.
I'm so happy for you.
You're gonna be
a really good mom.
- You think?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
You... still jamming then?
Just alone, you know.
A lot.
Well, do you wanna?
Don't tell anybody
about what you hear, okay?
No, I won't.
Just like if anybody asks you.
Does anybody ask?
Not as much as they used to.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Be kind, all right?
Yeah, just between us.
Just between me and you.
Slipping out
I caused you pain
I shake at the thought of it
Anyone could shift the blame
On the root
The cause of it
I don't think I've learned
anything since you
Taking ten steps back
Polarize the view
How can
I be expected to grow
If I'm stuck living
in what I already know
I don't wanna quit
I just wanna be
In control of it
I don't wanna quit
I just wanna be
In control of it
Control of it
What I recall is
cold and mean
I owe good health
and time to you
But I get stuck
to the wrong things
And only space shows me
the truth
I have not learned
anything since you
Taking ten steps back
Polarize the truth
Polarize the truth
And how can I be
expected to grow
If I'm stuck living
in what I already know
I don't wanna quit
I just want
to be in control of it
I don't wanna quit
I just want
to be in control of it
Control of it
I don't wanna quit
I just want to be in control
I don't wanna quit
I just want
to be in control of it
BECKY: Just a little thing.
Mostly junk.
I don't think I can let people hear this.
It's just too...
Too much.
So, what are you...
Stay here
and die in this house?
I always thought
I'd die on stage.
There's nothing here that can hurt
me so I can't leave the house.
- Or else...
- Or else what?
Somehow I cheated it.
It's very real.
It wasn't that time,
so maybe it'll be next time.
- So there just can't ever be a next time.
- Nah, that's insane.
No, it isn't.
Ya-ema once told me
that Tama would be my downfall
and I always thought he meant
that she would bring my downfall.
And it wasn't until later
that I realized
that he meant my love
for her is my true weakness.
No, I don't buy any of that.
You know, you shouldn't
still talk about him.
He's a fraud and he took
advantage of you
and lots of others,
and is in jail for it now.
He understood me.
All right, whatever.
You know, you don't need him,
and you never did.
You never knew
when to rely on others.
That's your weakness.
You know, people are waiting.
They're waiting.
They're waiting to see
who Becky Something really is.
Who is she?
She's a woman.
- She's a user.
- A mother.
- She's a deadbeat.
- A person.
A persona.
- But you're healthy.
- Recovering.
All right.
Well, who was Becky Something?
A way to hide
from Rebecca Adamcyzk.
- And who is she?
- I don't know.
Nobody has seen her
since I was 16.
Momma, I'm bored.
I know, sweetheart.
Mommy's just catching up
with Aunt Mari.
Can we go outside to play?
Let's go outside.
Come on.
WOMAN: It hurts.
That's how I broke my virginity.
- Look at you.
Hi, baby.
Is this a mistake?
MARIELLE: Nah. Feels good.
- ALI: Yeah, it's pretty.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's pretty great.
- HOWARD: Ah, you all look incredible.
- Oh.
Christ... we're not
Lady Lazarus' damn phoenix.
Oh, and this is my night.
You tried hard as you could
to torpedo the business,
but somehow the company has
survived for nearly 20 years,
so let me throw a
living wake for you.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Anybody mind if we
get a few quick photos over here?
- Yes.
- ALI: Oh, that's why you're here.
HOWARD: Oh, you didn't think I actually
wanted to see any of you? Come on.
How's this take?
BECKY: Never seen
this place sober.
ALI: Yeah, I told you.
It fuckin' sucks.
- I miss her.
- All right. I'm starting to feel like a specimen.
We ran from the stage
when we heard you were here.
Oh my god.
BECKY: So, how are things?
CRASSIE: Arms, our new record
just came out.
Yeah. No, I know.
Oh, I know.
(WHISPERS) And it's
the best one yet.
Everyone says the one we made
together was the best one.
That's because
they're fucking assholes
who don't want
artists to change.
I'm serious. Do you know...
We have it on repeat.
- I love it.
- ROXY: Thank you.
Appreciate it.
CRASSIE: Hey, what about you?
You doing anything after this?
MARIELLE: Tonight?
CRASSIE: No, like,
in the future.
- ALI: That's unknown.
We're just trying to get
through tonight. (CHUCKLES)
DOTTIE: How crazy is this?
You see Zelda's here?
- No.
- DOTTIE: I'm sorry. Shit.
Oh, man, no.
It's totally fine. It's cool.
We, you know, we talked and she
heard what I had to say, so...
Actually, is she still around?
ROXY: Down the hall.
Maybe this...
Maybe this means something.
Excuse me.
- MAN: Something She?
You're on in 20.
DOTTIE: It's so nice to see
you guys together.
She looks
like she's doing great.
Yeah. Yeah,
she actually is, I think.
You know there's, like, a lot of shit
going on tonight, she cool with that?
Yeah. I mean,
probably, maybe...
- We'll see.
- MARIELLE: Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, people are
getting really fucked up.
- Yeah, we'll keep an eye on her.
- MARIELLE: Yeah, we got her.
Don't worry.
Oh, fuck.
- You look awesome.
- Yeah, Viv, I thought you'd be here.
- For Howard, right?
- BECKY: Yeah, right on.
- You wanna hang?
- No, no.
I just was looking for Zelda.
She's partying with us.
She just stepped out.
Wait for her.
No. No, I can't. But, um,
just tell her I was looking for her.
It's good to see you.
Yeah, yeah.
You doing the thing after?
Maybe. Probably not, because,
um, my daughter's here.
- How's Tama?
- She's really good.
She's good. She's really big.
- She's like seven, so.
- I wanna see her.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'll...
I'll come find you.
Change your mind?
No, I'm sorry.
I just didn't...
I didn't realize it was...
Becky Something,
as I live and breathe.
Hey, Z.
Yeah, I was
just looking for you.
What's it all about?
Hey, are you guys on soon?
Well, well...
Never thought I'd live
to see the day.
Yeah, you and me both, girl.
You look good.
Really good.
You looking for me?
Yeah. You can say no,
and you probably will,
but I was just gonna have
a little seance right now.
Just like a very pure,
just trying to find a clearing
on my path before we, like,
you know, do this thing,
and I know
it's only this song...
So you'd probably just...
I wanted to be
surrounded by my...
By some women, because I thought
that that might help with...
I'd love to.
- Yeah?
- It's cool.
Time passes.
- Yeah, yeah, that's... All right. Cool.
- All right.
Yeah. After you.
I'm Rebecca Adamcyzk.
I rely on the strength
of others for support.
Thank you all
for being here with me.
Hi, I'm Mary Louise Hella.
I'm here for you.
Thank you
for all being here with me.
I'm Alexandra Derringer.
I'm here for you.
Thank you all
for being here with me.
I'm Caroline Sassinger.
I'm here for you.
Thank you all
for being here with me.
I'm Danielle Zakian.
I'm here for you. Thank you
all for being here with me.
I am Michelle White.
I'm here for you.
Thank you all
for being here with me.
I'm Zelda Ellen Benson Harmon.
And I'm here for you.
Thank you
for being here with me.
- Your name really is Zelda?
- Mm-hmm.
Fuck, that's so cool.
No matter what happens next,
thank you
for letting me be who I am.
I've tried and I've tried
and I've tried,
and you've all
stuck with me...
Till the very end.
ZELDA: Well...
I better finish getting ready.
- Thanks for letting me crash.
- MARIELLE: You're very welcome.
I, uh... I know I wasn't always
front row at the Becky show.
Come on. You're backstage
at the Becky show.
Yeah, you are.
All right. See you in a few.
we should go chill.
- ROXY: I'm beat.
- DOTTIE: We're watching her set though.
CRASSIE: Oh, shit, yeah. That's one
thing we absolutely cannot miss tonight.
MARIELLE: Wow. Well, I hope
we don't disappoint. Pressure.
CRASSIE: You never do.
What did you think she meant
by "Until the very end"?
DOTTIE: It's just
something people say.
Yeah, maybe. Or...
What are you thinking?
No. I mean,
what did we just do?
What did Becky want from us?
Strength to overcome, maybe.
Yeah. Huh. Or...
No. No, she's open.
Not high.
She was good. (SLAPS SHOULDER)
- Yeah. Yeah, I hope you're right.
No, of course, of course.
All right. Enjoy the show.
- Can I get one?
- Of course, yes.
- Thank you.
- Danny! Bye guys.
Hey, how's it going, Zelda.
Great to see you.
- Hi. You must be Becky's mother.
- Nice to see you.
From the down the hall,
I could have sworn it was her.
Oh, right.
(KISSES) Hi, beauty.
- And you remember my wife Tiffany?
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Look at you. Hi, love.
- I'm Zelda.
- Roy.
- Miss Z, can I get you anything?
- I'm sorry.
No, I'm all right, love.
Thank you.
So, how's radio, Dirtbag?
You know, it is good.
You know, we're merging
with the competition.
Payout, can't complain.
Have you seen the girls yet?
I just came from their room, actually.
Want me to show you where it is?
No, I think I can remember.
- Okay.
- Are we supposed to go through the balcony?
Oh, nonsense.
Come watch it from back here.
I'll show you. Come on.
Come with me.
Ali is such a great singer.
I always knew.
I really love the album
you two did.
- Ah, you're the one.
- Oh, stop it. Here it is.
Guys, enjoy the show.
Stop it, it's marvelous.
- Seriously.
- Appreciate it.
All right, enjoy.
MARIELLE: You all right?
Oh, yes, yes, yes!
- Just who I wanted to see!
- Aunt Mari!
- Where's Rebecca?
- Ah!
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
- TIFFANY: Congratulations to you too.
- She's, um...
She's just gone to unwind
or something before we play.
- DANNY: Oh, yeah? Which is when?
- Ten minutes.
- Ten minutes.
- Yeah.
I mean, she's probably
meditating or something.
- MAN: Something She?
Eight minutes
until Something She.
Eight! Geez, all right.
Well, I'm gonna
go look for her.
I love you. Wait here.
- Mari, hey.
- Hey, V.
- Have you seen Becky?
- I saw her.
- When?
- Like two minutes ago in our room.
- Okay. But you're all here.
- Yeah, I left.
Right, but when did you go?
I'm sure it's fine.
- Did you see how stoned Vivvy was?
- Yeah. So, that's Vivvy.
Becky shouldn't
be hanging with her.
Okay, I think she just said,
"Hey Mar."
Yeah, but it's not good to be
around her. It's not good.
It's fine. Give her the benefit.
She's probably in her room.
- No...
- Just... no. Then she's somewhere else.
Look, just relax. You're just
nervous about the show.
Did we lose Becky already?
I mean, well, that is the
question at the moment, actually.
I was joking.
Oh, goddammit. Not this again.
One smooth night
after all these years.
Is that too much to ask?
Look, I'm sure
she's back right now.
Oh. I'll just go,
say hello to Dick, all right?
I'm having a stroke.
Where is she?
Uh, Tama had to use
the bathroom
so Ania said she looked there.
The Aker girls?
Uh, negative.
I just saw them.
All right, that's five minutes, folks.
Five minutes till show.
- ALI: Thank you.
- Vivvy?
Uh, no.
We have to play.
So let's just...
let's just go to the stage,
and we'll find
Becky waiting there.
- Okay?
- HOWARD: Yeah. Sure, we will.
- Why don't you do your thing, okay?
- Okay.
We'll go find our seats?
- They're on...
- Seats? That way, yeah.
Holy shit, look.
She's there. She's ready.
GREG: All right, four minutes.
- ALI: Fuck.
- HOWARD: Why is she standing like that?
- ALI: I don't know.
- MARIELLE: She's nervous.
- I know I am.
- She's nervous?
She's alone.
- We need to get her out.
- Yeah.
- Should I...
- Just us.
ALI: She'll be fine.
GREG: Three minutes.
"She'll be fine." What does
that mean, "She'll be fine"?
- She'll be fine.
- Is she straight? Is she messed up?
- Can she perform?
- She's good!
Greg, hey! Find Zelda.
See if she can get on.
Zelda's not going on. We are.
Then tell me,
what does this mean?
It means whatever you want
it to mean, Danny Boy.
ANIA: Did she take something?
- Guess what?
- Huh?
Tama's here.
I wanted to say good luck
before your concert, Mommy.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Thank you.
Go to Daddy, okay? Go on.
I just have to be me,
you know.
And I know I've caused you
a lot of pain, I'm sorry.
And I don't know
how to do it like that.
For myself,
I don't know how to do it...
I can't. I don't know
how to do it, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
GREG: Five seconds, guys.
Forty-five to show.
Howard, are you gonna
introduce them in?
- HOWARD: Here goes nothing.
- Oh, Becky.
Becky, darling,
are you okay?
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
I, uh... I first saw
this next band
almost ten...
God, no, eleven years ago.
Uh, they were opening for...
Well, it doesn't matter
who they were opening for,
'cause I left
right after their set,
ran backstage,
dropped to my knees,
and begged
to let me sign them.
And... And this woman,
this once in a lifetime,
never been anyone like her in the world,
firebrand of a woman.
Her hair dyed bright blue.
Rebecca never knew how to go
out there, exposed and alone.
She never knew how.
Yeah, but you're
not alone now.
- Yeah, you are never alone.
- Okay.
- HOWARD: Maybe their ninth...
- Yeah, okay.
So, you know what she does?
She looks me in the eye
and says "Who the fuck are you
"to want to work
with a star like me?"
We have
been together ever since,
through the ups and the downs,
a... friendly lawsuit or two.
But mostly...
Mostly it's the good times
that I think about.
- Both of them.
No, seriously, I love and respect
the hell out of these women.
And I'm proud
to call them family.
So please,
give a paragon welcome
for the first time together
in nearly four years,
- Becky Something,
Ali van der Wolff,
Marielle Hell.
Ladies and gentleman,
Something She!
Something She!
Is it today?
Is today the day
I don't make it?
No, today's not the day.
- What do you think?
- HOWARD: Get ready for the band!
HOWARD: Come on out, ladies.
HOWARD: Come on.
There they are.
Where you been?
Thanks for
the bullshit speech, Howard.
I don't remember it happening
like that at all.
Do you remember it at all?
I do remember the blue hair.
Uh, wow. What to say,
what to say, what to say!
Uh, I know this is
all about Howard,
uh, but I've heard
enough kind words about him,
you know, to last a lifetime.
Those are ones
he just says himself.
- What else is there, what else?
Gosh, it took me a lifetime...
It took me a lifetime
to realize that, uh...
That, uh, without people
like these women up here
beside me, nobody's nothin'.
And, um, I know that you've heard
we haven't done this in a while,
and I guess I'm a little, you
know, pee-shy or whatever, and...
I don't really even
talk to them about this,
and I'm sure Howard has some
big bullshit finale planned
that we're not included in,
and I don't want to ruin it.
But, uh, I'm gonna,
'cause I've been
through some shit. So...
Uh, there's lots of people
that I wouldn't
be here without,
and, um, there's like,
only eight of 'em here tonight
and only four
of 'em are musicians
who are not in this band.
- So, um, would Crassie Cassie, Roxie Rotten,
and Dottie OZ,
and, you know what,
just because I am full of love tonight,
Zelda E. Zekiel, care
to come up on stage
and help me stumble
through this bullshit?
Becky! Becky!
...bullshit. We love
each other, right?
Come on. Come on.
I stopped counting
Lost track of time
Ran out of patience
I know what's mine
I know what's mine
You read me angry
You read me right
I kinda like it
Just to belong
Just to belong
If I don't breathe
I can hear her barely walking
Take over me
She's alive
And I'm on to something
I'd give ten years for
a piece of her mind I would
I'd give a 100 just
to hear the way you laugh
My hands are oozing
Eye in the sky
This is the feeling
Control my mind
Control my mind
I beg to love you
To love alone
Nothing's forever
This much I know
This much I know
If I don't breathe
I can feel her barely walking
Take over me
She's alive and
I'm on to something
I'd give ten years For a
piece of her mind I would
I'd give 100 just to hear
the way you laugh
If I don't breathe
I can feel
Her barely walking
Take over me She's
alive I'm on to something
I'd give ten years For a
piece of her mind I would
I'd give 100 years
to hit rewind
If I don't breathe
If I don't breathe
Did you see Mommy up there?
I saw every song.
Mommy's gonna be better,
I promise, for you.
Okay? I promise.
Okay, sweetie?
They want more.
You got one more?
Go play more, Momma.
That's all I've got.
It's over.