Her Vengeance (1988) Movie Script

He's hairy like you
You promised to take me there
Yes, follow me and you'll be satisfied
Have another round
As I said, you can't out drink with me
How beautiful!
Here's another one
How many of you, sir?
We want to see something good
The second one on the left is beautiful
I like the fourth one
I'm lucky
A beautiful girl
Sorry, sir, this is not for you
It has already been booked
Your mammy has been booked?
It really has been booked
Keep away
Hit me
Are you all right?
Go back to work
Please behave yourselves, everybody
Bitch, get away! Stop nagging!
Apple polisher
Please be more civil, will you?
Damn you, don't be in the way
Sit down
You can talk vulgar, so can I
Please behave, or I'll call security
Miss, let me wipe it for you
Damn it, how dare you?
What's it? Don't try anything foolish
Sit down. Are you alone?
Your tiff with my brother has been settled
Why are you here again?
My brother's drunk, nothing serious
I see
Let's go
You're cocky
Next time don't make trouble here anymore
Uncle Yun, still working at this hour?
Give me $10 worth of chestnuts, please
Please guve me some more
Slap me? Slap me?
Should be my turn now
Harder, harder
Harder, harder
Everything is OK?
Hurry up, all the beautiful women, show time.
Is it ready?
Yes, OK
Come in
Please be free to come in
In fact, this is nothing serious
Anything can be cured in this enlightened age
Earlier, a HK movie director came to me
for treatment and I cured him
Don't worry, take off your pants
You can't be checked with your pants on
You've got AIDS
It can't be cured without a lot of money
You felt some itch and pain, then
Some yellow excretion from your vagina, right?
Later the hymen may decay and stink
blocking the oviduct
If no treatment is given, the breast may shrink
There will be gum bleeding and loss of hair
Miss, take it easy. Have faith in me!
And you'll be recovered
Miss, don't
If you go on, I'll call the police
The you'll be in trouble
Calm down. Don't worry, calm down
Don't worry!
Don't worry!
Don't go away
Don't go away
Miss, how do you feel?
Sister, I'm hungry. Got anything to eat?
Today's daddy's death anniversary.
Go and bow
Don't fool your sister in daddy's presence
What happened?
You came back late the night before last
You've been staying at home these nights
You were not like that before
Your sister's blind of eye, but not of mind
More people come to our shows on
It's not true
Sister, don't mislead me any more
I met those 5 villains who killed daddy
Did you fight with them?
No, not exactly a fight
I had a row with them
I came home thinking everything was alright
But the 5 pounced on me
and took me to the cemetery and.
Tell me how I could kill those bastards?
Tooth for tooth; vengeance must be done
Go to Hong Kong and get Hsiung to help
We're all of a family
Forget it, sister, I can't leave you behind
Don't worry about me
I can make a living by massaging
And the auntie downstairs can take care of me
You know me
Are you still in contact with Hsiung?
Just tell him I'm all right. Nothing else
Many things are pre-destined
Three 7's
Good, three 7's
Lots of coins
Friend, go on
I'm lucky
Now $1,000 is gone. What now?
Could there be $1,000 here?
How do you know? Have you counted them?
Nonsense, Pay now
What now? Are you going to pay?
Let's talk it over
Frankly, it wouldn't come up to $1,000
She'll pay, but not so much
What now?
Don't you know how much
we dropped at sea, kid?
I'll beat you up
Don't, or I'll call the police
Call the police?
Nonsense! Beat him up
What do you want?
To beat you up
Let go
Don't! I'll pay
I only have $500. Please charge less
Forget it
Don't be cocky, kid
If I weren't in the mood, I'd beat you up
Let's go
Watch out, kid
You don't know what's right or not, damn you
All hotels are full in this hour
Thank you
Coming, coming
It will be ready after heating for a while
Since Taiwan relaxed trips to the mainland
most hotels in H.K. Have been
booked by Taiwanese
I'll ask my friends to book for you
If you don't mind, you may put up here
Come on!
I'll go and clear up. Make yourself at home
Are you looking for help, sir?
Sorry, the vacancy has already bee filled
Thank you!
Give me a glass of grape juice, Please
Three dollars
Thank you!
That day I fished a big garoupa
It's really big
It's as long as a man's height
I don't believe it.
I should have taken you to see it
Bitch, what are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
Sorry, my mistake, only a misunderstanding
Sorry, my mistake
Mistake? Why have you chosen me of all men?
You deserve to be beaten yp
Are you looking for hell?
She's my friend, she's a bit screwy
She shouldn't have hit me. Look
Susan, make her wash her face
Come on, let me buy you a drink
Wipe the blood off!
What now?
Lock her p. Luckily I'm the victim
or you'll be in trouble
I'm really sorry
Here's the wine
Cheers. Forget it!
Take it easy. Don't take it seriously
Come on. Wash your wash
Miss, lead me to you boss please
You want to find work
I need a job badly
I'm sorry about what happened
My boss hates trouble-makers
He won't hire you!
Miss please do me a favor
I need a job badly
Please do me a favor!
Okay, I'll try
Thank you
Come in and sit down
Your feet.
They can't still be cured
Why have you come to HK to see me?
If you want vengeance, go back
Hsiung, it's for the good of dad, you and me
You bugged the conversation. Go out
I still have to take medicine
Chieh-ying, excuse me, go now
Hsiung, you're daddy's sworn brother
Why won't you help us?
Don't you know how I because a cripple!
We're not their match
I don't wish to see you end up like me
You're still young. Forget the whole thing
You're still keeping Sister's favorite record
How are her eyes?
Same as your feet
I don't understand the two of you
Bosom to bosom when right
Hammer and tongs when wrong
One doesn't escape from love
I though of dying with her together
but we didn't have enough courage
So she went blind and I went lame
Go home and give my regards to your sister
I won't until I've had vengeance
You sisters are both as stubborn
Any plans?
Any place to live?
Yes, Hsiung?
This is Fang Chieh-ying from Macao
She has no place to stay
Move in to join me. I'm all alone
Arrange for her to do some odd job here
I've decided to go to HK tomorrow
I'll come to see you later
If you want to avoid me.
No need to see me off
I have many friends in HK
Hurry up
It's urgent
Why did you take so long to brush your teeth?
Damn that creep
He played tricks on me because
I turned him down
You got pawed over regularly?
Can you take it?
I'll do the same to him.
There's no other way out
People in our line are like that
To fight over a trifle will only ruin myself
To play dumb and be regularly ravaged
I'm used to it
Anyway, I'll quit when I've earned enough
Susan, you have a nice figure
Why do you have to work here?
I didn't want to, but he helped me before
I only have myself to blame
Susan, isn't Hsiung powerful in Wanchai?
Why is there no one collecting protection fees?
Only an ex-big brother, what's so special?
Luckily he's on good terms with those villains
otherwise, he'll collect money
and make a mess
How long have you worked here?
Over 10 years, since I was 15
I'll take things as they come
Have you got VD?
I'll take you to see a doctor
Only ordinary VD
You won't get it from me
Hsiao Hao, it's for you
Who's that?
You didn't call. Thought you went to Macao
Sorry, I left without saying goodbye!
I'm grateful to you for your hospitality
I want to tell you I've found work
Where are you working now?
The San Francisco Bar in Wanchai
I'll look you up after office hours
Very good
Bring Johnny Walker along
How are you?
Let's go and have some fun
OK, one thousand five hundred dollars an hour
One thousand five hundred dollars an hour?
You must be kidding
OK, see you
See you
Who's trying to drink me?
I am
Yes, me
Aren't you afraid of getting drunk?
Come on
Have a drink
Have another one
I'll get you drunk tonight
How do you feel?
Are you here?
Sit down, I'll return right away
What will you have for the drink?
No, thanks. Sit down and relax
It will be much busier later
It's hard work.
Let me find a job for you in a newspaper
The pay's low, but the environment's good
I won't change, they're all nice to me
Well, if you want a change, come to me
I've learned how to mix. Try one
Miss, I want the new wine. Mix it for me
Never mind him. Come for a chat with me
What are you doing?
Let go
What are you doing? Let go!
Please behave yourself, sir
Behave your bloody mammy's self
How do you feel?
Don't, sir
She's only an all-round worker
I'll introduce to you a pretty one
I prefer her
Don't go away
Let me have a kiss
Let go
Buddy, don't, only a misunderstanding
Let me go, let me go, buddy
Go now
What a creep
He's making trouble here
Clear everything up
Open up! Are you going to open?
Are you going to open it?
See if you're coming out or not
What now?
Break out, quick!
Go now
It's something good
Time's hard. I can't pay till next week
Okay, Chou, I trust you
How's it?
Will have to be next week
Borrow a few thousand bucks from him now
What? Who are you?
How dare you tease me, bastard?
I'll get you
How dare you?
Don't try anything foolish
So what?
If not for them, I'd have chopped you off
Get out, get out
Sorry, he's out of his mind
Go on, it's all right
Go on
Let's have a cup of coffee first
Why are you standing there?
Look at that idiot
Which one?
That one who's taking fish balls
That idiot?
See if you can lure him in
This is easy
Why are you taking an interest now?
It's only for fun. I want to tease him
Okay, learn a lesson
One more
Buddy, taking fish balls alone?
You have a big stomach.
When can you get fed?
Come in for a drink
Come on
Here. I won't kidnap you
I'll come back for you, Beautiful
Not bad
There are better things inside, of course
Why have I never been here before?
Sit down
This way, closer
Come on, have a kiss
Boss, please buy me a drink
A drink? Okay
Order it yourself
No hurry
Have a kiss
Hello, boss
You look familiar
She was in commercials
Susan, let me take care of him. Go in
So she's a starlet
Shall I keep you company?
Youe pushing me too hard
The closer the better
I'm only a bargirl here
Look, they're staring at us
Don't worry. Don't heed them
Let's go and have snacks
After snacks, do anything you want
Pay the bill. I'll go get my handbag
Hurry up
Where are you going?
Are you going out with that creep?
He doesn't look like a good man
I know
Let them pay for their drinks
No reason for me to pay for it
$300 for a small cup only? Are you crazy?
You bought it for them.
Please pay, or we'll be in trouble
I won't pay it anyway
Charge i to my account. Let's go
Why are you doing that?
Let's go. Forget it
Where are you going?
To a hotel
Keep away!
A code?
A call from Pheasant - 3-296003
Calling me at this peak hour, idiot?
You promised to have snacks with me
You want to have snacks?
Come on, eat
Do you recognize me?
You raped me
Rape me back then
Come on, sit near me
I'll rape you
What are you up to?
Let me go, bitch
What are you doing? It hurts
Let me go. What are you doing?
Let me go! Let me go!
Let you go!
Rape me?
Rape me? Rape me?
Morning Light
Call 633
The code?
You've got two calls
One from Da Li Production Co., 3-7564312
another from Pheasant Yuan, 3-296003
Thank you
What are you doing? What's it?
Why did you kill Long Fellow?
I didn't
Why did you kill Long Fellow?
I didn't
Don't deny
Still denying?
Why did you kill Long Fellow?
I didn't
Mr. Yuan, please
This is the Oriental Insurance Company
There's an insurance with
you as the beneficiary
Insurance? Me as the beneficiary?
I'll come to see you in your tomorrow
Sorry, I'll be on 1 month's leave tomorrow
Give me your address, and I'll process for you
Let's find another place to talk
Okay, see you in Yucca de Lac at 11
Thank you
Who was it?
My mammy
So early? Going out?
Yes, I want to have a hair set
Susan, I have a friend in Hong Kong
but I can't reach him by phone
Could you please check his address for me?
My friend in a Telephone Company
can find it for me
Thank you
Did you read the newspaper?
Such news appears every day
The deceased looks like your overnight stand
Why did you pay to go out with him?
Answer me
I only want to know what happened.
Maybe I can help
You'd better mind your own business
Are you Mr Pheasant Yuan?
You must be the lady from
the Insurance Company
Please sit down
How much is the Insurance money?
About $60,000 after tax
When can the money be collected?
Sign this contract first
Sign it and you'll get the money soon
Sign on the space marked with "X"
Okay, Okay
I'm lucky
You brought trouble to others again
What have you got against them?
You've got back safe and sound now
But what about next time?
I don't care, I must kill them all
Have you thought of the consequence?
Say you killed them all, what then?
Will you be satisfied or gain something?
It's easier to offened than to reconcile
Let it pass. Stop it
Nothing good will come out
You'd better pack and go back to Macao
You're too weak, aren't you?
Maybe, but that gives me peace
Hope you'll listen to me
Think it over here
So you're going back to Macao?
Not till I've killed them all
Can you cope with them all?
Even if you don't mind death,
think of your sister
I left her only because
I didn't want to ruin her life
She's now blind and needs other's care
Do you want her to visit your tomb?
Give up
My sister encouraged me to do that
If I can't kill the scum
I'm unfair to myself and my dad
and more so to my sister
I want to go to sleep
Feeling sleepy so soon?
Where are you taking me to?
To have fun
I must return home
Where, We are not finished yet
There are many good games inside
Come with me. I'm serious
Hell with you! What's taken you so long?
Come on, go in
I'll get you something nice to drink
Oh, no
Are you afraid I might poison you?
Are you?
Let me have a kiss
Drink, it's nice
A little higher, bastard
Higher, hear me
Turn to right position
Move back a little to accommodate her
Right, right
How's it?
What happened?
Brother, it was her, that bitch
I'll get her out and tear her to pieces
Bitch, I won't let you go
She'll hide in Macao for sure
after finishing off Yao
Let's go to Macao to find her
What do you want?
Where's your sister?
Who are you?
You know better
Your sister killed my 2 brothers
Where's your sister? Speak up!
Speak up
I've made love with all girls except a blind one
Would a blind girl scream in bed?
I've got her address in the room
Take it
Bitch, don't fool me
Tramp, where's your sister?
I'll ruin you forever
Don't fight. You're not their match
What about the death of my sister?
This is a villains world
If you go on, even you may get killed
You're toying with fire, understand?
Chieh-ying, I'll take you out of HK
Take the past for a nightmare
Are you sure you want to be with me?
Yes, I won't regret, Chieh-ying
My gonorrhea is serious. Dare you touch me?
I don't care
You're crazy! It's not worthwhile
I've already got sister killed.
I won't involve you
Listen, I won't give up vengeance
To follow me means death only
We don't see each other any more
This is troublesome, I think
We need planning
They say those three are brutal
I'm now on pension, I can't help you
Hsiung, you'd better keep out of this
or you'll get yourself involved
He'll come to me even if I don't come to him
We didn't have the courage to die together
Now that you have let me know
I shall care for Chieh-ying all the time
Rest in peace, please
You're sick? Go to sleep
Only a cold, nothing serious
Here's fungus soup. Take it
Don't smoke so much
Take it hot
How's tonight's business?
Well, sleep more while you can
Don't bother about the trifles
Has my absence affected the business?
Ying, what are you doing?
What's wrong? Where's your medicine?
I've taken it all
Bear with it. I'll go and buy some for you
Chieh-ying, don't.
Calm down
I must kill him
Don't be impulsive
I must kill him
Chieh-ying, calm down
Calm down
Don't be impulsive
Chieh-ying, calm down
Hsiao Hao
Bastard, I must kill you
I shall kill all of you bastards
Hold it! Going out now means sure death
Never mind me
You really want to get killed in vain?
I don't want to see that happen
But I don't want to involve you
This is my business
Not yours. Consider it a purge
Listen to me. You are young
Let me settle this
Death means little to me
Just your own self?
I still have legs to help
If you want to help me
try to get him down. The rest is mine
If I die, this bar is yours
This way you are truly helping
The most fragile parts of the human body are
eyes, ears, nose, throat
If you had a change to grasp
your opponents's throat
Grasp it tight with your fingers
Are you alright?
Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you
Are you alright?
It's about time, be prepared