Her Worst Nightmare (2018) Movie Script

Well, um, I wanted to tell you something.
Um, ever since I met you, you've made
me feel like a totally different person.
Um, you know, I've been
in many different relationships,
but I've never felt as strong
as I have for you.
Since I met you, you've made
me feel cared about and loved.
Doing the things
that we do together, going out...
I just really wanted to spend
a lot of time with you...
What's he doing?
Getting ready to go to work.
Tell you something,and I just
didn't know howto explain it...
What time is it?
Has to be 7:45.
Okay. All right.
It feels later.
We can't rely on how it feels, Terri.
We have to be smart. Stick to the plan.
Now he's getting ready to watch
the morning talk show.
I've been in many different
relationships, but I've never felt...
So we have seven minutes.
Maybe he won't even come down.
He always comes down before work.
It's just not gonna work.
It's not gonna work.
Kurt's gonna get mad,
come down and beat us...
Minda, shut up.
I hope this sicko gets sepsis.
We blew the breakers.
I knew the hot plate was...
Now he's really gonna kill us this time.
No, he's not, okay?
We just have to stick to the plan.
What's that?
Stand clear. Get back!
Everyone, down on the ground.
How many are down here?
Three.There's three of us!
All right. Stay calm. Stay calm.
You're safe now. Stay calm.
What's your name?
Dakota Haggerty.
Stay calm. Stay calm.
You're safe now. You're safe.
None of you,
no matter what you choose...
There are three underlying causes
you should always look for with PTSD.
They are these.
Number one, large scale conflict...
Combat, natural disaster.
Number two, social conflict, poverty.
And finally, intimate conflict.
Domestic violence, physical abuse,
sexual harassment, et cetera, et cetera.
Now, most survivors
will have complex trauma,
so each one's stress profile
will be unique.
That is why it is so important to deeply
examine the source of the trauma.
Only when we understand what exactly
has happened to a person
can we begin to understand
why they behave the way they do.
Max, are you ready?
Uh, Max, since Ella has abandoned us,
has agreed to fill in as my GA.
He is going to pass out your midterms.
Some of you are going to be disappointed.
Yes, Gibson?
This is kind of an ethical question.
Since Ella isn't our TA anymore,
we can ask her out now, right?
Oh, be my guest, Gibson,
but please be advised
that a bruised ego will not be considered
a medically-excused absence.
If you have any questions about your
assignments, your grades, ask Max.
If you have any questions about your
unrequited crush on Ella...
I'm afraid you're on your own.
Have a nice day, everyone.
Dakota, right?
Is there more than one?
No, it's just an unusual name,
that's all. There you go.
- Dr. Campbell?
- Hi, Dakota.
Can I talk to you?
Yeah. I have some office hours later.
Why don't you come see me then?
Uh, you may not remember me.
I'm Addie.
We had Intro to Feminist Lit together.
Oh, hi.
I was surprised
you're not in the advanced level.
We're reading Joanna Russ'How To Suppress
Women's Writing and The Female Man. Crazy!
Yeah, I was, uh... carrying too many hours
this semester. I might take it next year.
So, I wanted to ask you something,
but you never stuck around after class.
Are you from Illinois?
Look, I read all the coverage.
The rescue, the trial...
That's why I became a journalist.
I mean, after all, how many
Dakota Haggertys can there be?
I'm not her.
You were the only one who didn't testify
at the trial.
You've got a completely untold story,
and I think people would
find it inspiring.
Where you are,
- what you've overcome...
- I don't know what you're talking about,
but whoever you're looking for,
it isn't me.
Just leave me alone.
Oh, hi, Dakota. Come on in.
Oh, no, um, I... I get...
warm in small spaces.
Oh. Okay. Have a seat.
So, I assume you wanna talk
about your midterm.
Well, I was just wondering if there is
any kind of extra credit I could earn.
Now I understand
why youwant the door open.
Well, you signed up for my
Advanced Psychologyof Trauma class
without completing
any of the prerequisites.
So, I'm not surprised you're struggling.
I know I bombed the midterm, but...
I can do better
if youjust give me a chance. I'm...
willing to put the work in.
I can't quite figure you out, Dakota.
'Cause on the one hand,
you clearly lack the foundation
and the basics of this subject matter
and the research methodology.
On the other hand, you have this...
incredible insight into the deviant mind.
Your paper on sexual obsession
was light years ahead of anyone else's.
How did you know all that?
If I'm so lacking, then why did you
approve my admission to the class?
A colleague said I'd find you interesting.
He's right about that.
I just... need to pass this class.
My job is on campus, and I need to keep
my GPA up to keep it.
Well, there are tutors, uh...
You could find a study buddy.
Gibson is obnoxious,
but he's also acing the class.
Or, uh, you and I could meet.
I hold office hours at O'Shea's bar
on Friday evenings.
It's a little less intimidating
than an office.
I'll study harder.
Thanks, Dr. Campbell.
Dakota, are you sure you're okay?
You know, if you have any
extenuating circumstances,
it would really be in your best interests
to let me and the other faculty
know about them.
That way, we can make exceptions for you
if you need them.
Get you any help you might need.
I don't need special treatment.
Please throw me out.
Your back is better suited for this.
Uh, sure.
Hey, wait!
I have to go. I'm sorry.
You haven't finished yet.
Most trauma survivors
are torn between rejecting
their experienceand recreating it.
This is because the brain naturally
adapts to its circumstances,
no matter how horrible
those circumstances might be.
Uh, this is one of the reasons
why soldiers
often request to go back
to combat situations.
It's the place where their adaptation
makes the most sense to them, right?
On a smaller scale, that's why many of you
will seek out
a seriesof bad relationships
until your friends stage an intervention.
But breaking that cycle,
staging that intervention
is the keyto moving past trauma.
Uh, sadly, many people never get there.
And many people die trying.
On that happy note,
I'll see you all next week. Thank you.
You know, Campbell was really
laying it on thick today.
Really? 'Cause I thought he was
sugarcoating it.
He usually saves all the really
gnarly stuff until after the drop date.
When we're stuck in his class?
There's no sense in spooking
the normies, right?
I'm Max, by the way.
Yeah, I know. I was in class, remember?
Hey, maybe you could
answer something for me.
Professor Campbell, is he usually...
- Overly-friendly professor vibe?
- Yeah.
Well, I mean, he's young,
for a professor.
He's funny. He's good-looking...
For a professor. Yeah, I get it.
It's so not like that, though.
I mean, not for me.
You don't think that'll affect my grade,
do you?
No. Honestly, he just likes to flirt
with all the pretty girls.
Unless you're thinkin'
about taking him up on it.
Oh, no, no. He's all right, but...
For a professor.
Yeah, but no.
Besides, it's not like my grade
could get much worse.
I've got to say, I'm kinda surprised.
You seem to handle the material
much better than most undergrads.
It's just there's, um...
some stuffthat I've been dealing with
or failing to deal with, I guess.
And now there's this person who keeps...
bringing all that stuff back up
that I'd really rather forget.
I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm telling
you all this. You must think I'm a freak.
No. Relax. Uh, seriously, look,
if you actually ever do need help,
inside of class or outside of it,
let me know, hit me up.
You never know. Maybe I will.
Duty calls?
- Yeah, I've got to get back to work.
- Okay.
- Thanks for the pep talk, Max.
- Yeah, anytime.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
I work here, duh.
I was off last semester,and now I'm back.
Did you just start?
But you've basically been following me.
I mean...
class, the quad, now where I work?
I told you, I don't...
wanna talk about it,
so can't you just leave me alone?
Look, if I freaked you out the other day,
I'm sorry.
I'm not always great at social stuff.
I just wanna be friends.
Everybody needs friends, right?
- Jose?
- Good. You're back.
Go down tothe supply closet
and get this stuff.
I'm on hold with interlibrary loan.
- In the basement?
- Yep, that's the one.
We're trying to track down
a copy of the Berlin Codex,
a photographic reproduction,
if you have one.
Hey, who's out there?
Come on, this isn't funny.
Come on, this isn't funny! Let me out!
Let me out of here!
Come on, let me out of here. Please!
You have to let me out. Please!
Please let me out of here!
Let me out. Please! Let me out!
You have to let me...
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Come on!
And you're sure you didn't lock
the door accidentally?
I didn't even close it.
Uh, she couldn't have locked it.
How do you know that?
Because, well... truthfully, it wasn't
locked when Addie and I arrived.
Hey! I'm not making this up.
Someone... Someone's tryin' to...
To do what?
I'm telling you, someone was there.
Someone is doing this on purpose.
Like who?
Addie, maybe? She's been following
me around, giving me the creeps.
Addie was with me
the whole time at the deskuntil we...
heard the commotion.
Maybe you're right. Maybe somebody's
pulling a harmless prank.
Either way, you're fine.
That's the important thing.
So, that's it?
You're justgonna forget about this?
I can file a non-criminal incident report
if it'll make you feel better.
Dakota, are you okay?
What... What'd they say?
Hi, Detective Martin?
It's Dakota Haggerty.
Yeah, um, I was just wondering,
um, is he, uh...
Is he still in prison?
He is. Okay. Okay, um...
Uh, then have you heard from
Terri or Minda?
Or has he gotten any, uh,
visitors or phone calls that...
Uh, privacy laws?
His privacy. Seriously?
Yeah. No, I, um...
I understand.
Some patients
will exhibit signs of trauma
but not admit to any traumatic experience.
Who can tell me why that might be?
Because, um...
Because sh... Uh, the patient may not
have begun to process the trauma yet?
Or because peer-reviewed studies
of my girlfriend
show that four out of five women
are completely nuts.
You are a sad and pathetic excuse
for a human being, Gibson,
and if you weren't so obviously terrified
of women, I might even think it was funny.
Thank you, Dakota.
Uh, well, you're half right.
Just, not about Gibson.
To admit to the trauma
is to begin processing it.
I'm assuming you need a security
detail to walk you to your car, right?
Your boy, Gibson, might be lurking
in the bushes, plotting his revenge.
Man, I really lost it.
Kinda proved his point for him.
Oh, don't worry about it. There's
honestly a new crop of guys like him
every year and they grow out of it.
You know, maybe.
Well, Campbell thinks I need a tutor,
and believe it or not,
he actually suggested Gibson.
He's a smart guy, but he's kind
of a horrible judge of character, so...
Yeah, but I need...
somebody... Hmm. Um...
Somebody you can trust?
It's kinda too bad Ella flaked out,
but, um...
Are you around Friday morning?
I've got a couple of hours I can kill.
Why don't you meet me
and we'll do it then?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
You've got to ace the class, right?
And plus, you got to piss Gibson off.
Well, yeah, and, you know, keep my job,
further my education,
someday graduate and have a good career.
Oh, yeah. Of course. That too.
Thanks for coming, Terri.
It's really good to see you.
- What?
- It's Cynthia now.
Say that other name again and I walk.
Okay. Got it.
You definitely look different.
I mean, you look great. Just...
You wanna come in?
Well, thanks for coming.
I figured I owed you that.
So, I'm in college, finally.
Good for you.
Do you talk to Minda at all these days?
I couldn't find her.
Nope, but if you finally track her down,
forget you ever saw me.
Well, this is my place.
Not much to see.
There's a lot of windows.
Yeah, I know. I... can't get enough light.
Yeah, me too.
So, how's your family?
It's pretty much just me now.
My dad died when I was, uh...
Maybe it's for the better.
My dad could hardly even look at me
afterwards. Like I was...
So what's your life like these days?
All those years in that basement,
I used todream
about doing all the normal stuff.
Now that I'm actually doing
some of those things,
it's not fixing anything.
I was in therapy, but...
Therapy? God!
That's the last thing I'd want.
To dredge up that garbage and relive it.
I changed my name, became somebody else.
Somebody who was never
even in that basement.
You should do the same.
I don't think I could just erase my past.
Well, then it's going to consume you
for the rest of your life.
You want some advice?
Don't try to make up a life you could've
had if you hadn't met Kurt Weber.
Just move on.
Get the life you want now.
And lie to everybody?
Does your fianc know?
No. Nobody from my new life knows,
and that's how I want it.
So don't expect a wedding invitation.
What is it that you want, Dakota?
I wanted to ask you
if anything weird or...
unsettling had happened to you lately.
Yeah. You found me.
I mean...
Has anybody been harassing you?
Stalking you?
Leaving you weird things?
What are you talking about?
I think someone's stalking me
and that maybe... Kurt put him up to it.
Who could be talking to Kurt?
He's locked up in a cell.
You're the only person I can talk to.
The only one I can trust.
Wait, wait. Terri, please!
Do you know how many crazies
came out of the woodwork,
guys who thought that Kurt Weber
was some kind of hero?
And now you're leading those
crazy SOBs right back to me?
I knew coming here was a mistake.
Don't contact me again. Ever!
If you wanna complain to my boss,
you're gonna have to wait
till he gets out of his intramural
lacrosse game.
Excuse me, "match."
What are you doing?
A friend sent me a bottle
of thatexperimental nail polish.
God, what a weird sentence.
You know, that those guys made
to detect date rape drugs?
So, I'm running
a less-than-clinical trial.
Does it work?
Hard to say.
There are at least
ten different drugs out there,
and how's one thing gonna detect them all?
So, I'm skeptical.
So, it's supposed to be that color?
Not exactly subtle on a date.
Look, I know I haven't exactly been...
But what happened to me, it's the kind of
thing that makes you weird with people.
Friends, your family, even...
people you went through it with.
But then why are you here?
Because I need a favor.
From someone who isn't afraid
to ask rude questions.
So, naturally, you thought of me.
I'm tryin' to get Kurt Weber's
prison logs.
Isn't there something that reporters
can do to get that kind of stuff?
Prison's publicly funded.
Those should be public records.
You think Weber had something to do
with what happened yesterday?
I don't know.
I mean, he's still locked up, but...
could be pulling the strings.I mean...
control's always a big thing
for guys like that.
Yeah, that checks out.
Somebody's stalking me,
and I really need to know who it is.
Well, I need a good story.
Or else I'm gonnabe stuck covering
alumni meet-and-greets
until I graduate or I die,
whichever comes first.
Well, somebody stalking girls on campus
sounds like a pretty good story to me.
You're sure it doesn't bother you?
Honestly, it's...
kind of a relief to have at least
one personI'm not hiding it from.
You're 21?
Wait, aren't these drugged?
Nah. Control group.
Making sure
the liquor wasn't making it react.
- Oh!
- Yeah, not a fan of shots.
Uh, beer?
I think this is the first time
I've been out since the semester started.
One thing I don't know
is how you live without a car.
I mean, you seriously don't drive?
I jump at everything.
You do not want me on the road.
Hey, Trey. Two IPAs.
- Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome.
So, this book I was
telling you about, you have to read it.
It's about these three badass women,
all right?
Oh, hey. If it isn't the professor
with the past.
What do you mean?
Before he came to teach here, he was
involved in this massive court case.
We tried to do a story on it,
but the records were sealed.
What kind of a court case?
Beats me.
The source who tipped us off
said it was "sexual improprieties."
Which could mean almost anything. So...
You know, his grad assistant, Ella,
just stopped showing up to class.
Everyone thought they were dating.
She just dropped out, out of nowhere.
No one's heard from her since.
Maybe he didn't take
the break-up too well.
I'm gonna run to the ladies' room.
Uh, if the waiter comes by,
you wanna order anything, it's on me.
Shouldn't you be studying?
It's a free country, right?
That it is.
That it is.
Enjoy it while you can, Miss Haggerty.
You about gave me a heart attack.
What are you doing in here?
Someone left this for me in my house.
In my bed.
When was the last time
you saw one of these?
Uh, Kurt Weber's basement.
He kept VHS tapes of all of us.
Sorry. I didn't mean to...
I mean, you didn't know that, though,
right? It was never in the news.
So then how could whoever did it know,
unless Kurt told them?
Have you watched it?
No. How could I?
Jose is old school.
He never wants to let a format go.
Dakota, you have to take this to the cops.
So after that horror show,
you're probably not gonna be too thrilled
about my most recent developments.
What is it?
I talked to the prison administrator.
Good news and bad news.
Good news, we can have access to Weber's
prison visitor logs and his phone list.
That's great. When can they get here?
That's the bad news.
We have to go get them ourselves.
They aren't exactly in a rush
to join the 21st century up there, so...
nothing's digitized.
And they won't use state resources
to do a journalist's job for them.
That's a quote.
Charming people.
It's no big deal.
They're on one side of the bars,
you're on the other.
I did a job shadow
at Danville Correctional
when I was in high school.
Totally safe.
Scary, but definitely safe.
No, you don't understand.
I'm gonna be locked up in there. With him.
I'll go.
No, you don't know what he's like.
He can manipulate anything.
And I don't want him to have any knowledge
of you or any way into you at all.
We could just drop it.
Let it go.
It's totally up to you.
It's totally your call.
Hey! I was startin' to think
you weren't comin'.
Oh, no, I just, um...
Some stuff came up.
- You seem like...
- What?
Nothing, just edgy.
I was just worried about you.
Do you ever feel like someone's
deliberately trying to drive you nuts?
You're giving Gibson way too much credit.
You need to let it go.
I'm kidding. What's up?
It's just...
Before... When I was little...
I felt like I always just knew what to do.
I didn't think twice.
I just did it.
It's not like I just did what I want.
I mean, I knew... what I wanted.
I can't even get breakfast
in the cafeteria
without second-guessing myself.
Yeah, I know that something
happened to you.
I don't know what, and you don't
have to tell me, obviously,
but something happened.
In my experience, I just...
It can change a person, but it doesn't
always have to befor the worse.
Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.
What are you doing tonight?
If you're free, maybe we can go
to O'Shea's, grab a drink, you know.
Sometimes these things go down
a little bit easier that way.
- That sounds nice.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
- Hey.
You ready?
Can we get that drink another time?
I have this thing I have to do today.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Just promise meyou'll be careful, okay?
- Okay.
- All right. I'll see you.
Check it out.
Xanax in gin got a positive result.
Did the cops look at the tape?
Yeah, but I doubt it's gonna go anywhere.
Are you kidding me? They should be able
to CSI that thing six ways from Sunday.
I mean, they took my statement, but...
I could tell
they thoughtI was making it up.
Just like that stupid campus rent-a-cop.
I know you're nervous.
I saw you doingthe finger thing.
What is that anyway?
My therapist wanted me to develop
a self-soothing ritual.
Something I could do that wouldn't
draw a lot of attention.
You weren't supposed to notice.
You weren't counting
on my crack powers of observation.
But who wouldn't be nervous?
I think it's amazing
that you're doing this at all.
Dude, I would be catatonic,
hiding under my bed
if I went through
a tenth of the things you have.
You are a certifiable badass.
I can do this, right?
Badass, remember?
Hi. We're here to pick up some records
regarding one of the inmates.
Dakota... Hey.
We can leave whenever we wantto,
all right?
Just focus on me.
It's just that I haven't been in the same
building as him since I was rescued.
It's another reason I didn't testify.
It's a big building with lots of guards
and guns.
He had a gun...
the night he took me.
I was at a sleepover.
In the middle of the night, my friend,
Seeta, got up to go to the bathroom.
And the closet door opened,
and he wasin there,
pointing a gun right at me.
Yeah. Uh, and he told me
that if I screamed
or made any noise
he was going to kill my little sister.
And that's when I knew he thought
I was Seeta.
So, um,
what'd you do?
Um, you know, if he didn't know
who my real family was,
then he couldn't hurt them.
We walked...
for a few blocks,
and then he blindfolded me
and threw mein his truck.
And we drove around for...
um... hours.
Then what... What happened?
At first...
came to visit me...
about three or four times a day.
And then Minda came, um, which was better
and worse at the same time.
I wasn't alone anymore, but now he had...
two people to do horrible things to.
I remember her...
at the trial.
He abused us...
every day.
Not just physically,
but psychologically. Um...
He told us how happy
our parents were that...
we were gone.
How much better their liveswere
without us.
That we should be proud
for sacrificing ourselves.
That he was protecting us,
that he loved us.
And then he took Terri.
Right off the street.
Yeah. He, uh, got crazier as he got older,
if that was even possible.
So we were planning an escape.
I said it before...
and I will say it again.
You're incredible.
And someday...
when you're ready...
people should hear your story, Dakota.
It's only got to get better
from here, right?
No way.
What you got?
Dr. Campbell.
Campbell, as in your psych professor,
Dr. Campbell?
He came to see Weber?
Well, it doesn't mention
Weber's name specifically,
but he facilitates
a men's sexual offenders' support group
right here at the prison.
'Cause that's not creepy at all.
Do you think this is enough evidence?
Well, he admitted me to his Advanced Psych
class. He singles me out all the time.
There's Ella's disappearance.
Would he have been able to track down
where you live?
My address would be in school records.
I hate to say it, but it is adding up.
And he is a regular visitor
to Kurt Weber's home away from home.
And then there's that whole
sexual improprieties thing.
What do you wanna do?
We could go to the cops,
but we don't haveany real proof.
But we could get some.
You mean, like a sting?
Like, with a wire?
I think it's time to turn the tables,
don't you?
Let's do it.
Dakota. Dakota...
What's going on?
You said you wouldn't tell anybody.
- I didn't!
- You're the only one who knows.
This pretty muchblows my scoop.
Why would I do that?
So that's all I am to you. A scoop?
I am so sick of people using me.
Dakota... Dakota, wait!
- Leave me alone!
- Look, watch out.
Have you seen the other girls?
Hey. I called security, all right?
- I said leave me alone!
- Guys!
- Dakota...
- Yo, come on. Leave her alone.
Hey, all that stuff they're saying...
Yeah, it's all true.
Dakota, I wish you had told me.
What... What difference
would it have made?
It's my life. It was stupid to think
I could just outrun it.
Why don't we blow off class?
We'll grab that drink
we talked about earlier
and we can forget about everything.
What, and have everyone think
I'm just like Ella?
What are you talkin' about?
You're nothing like Ella.
Yeah, well, let's hope Campbell
doesn't think so.
What does that mean?
He's the one
that's been doing all thisto me.
Stalking me, threatening me.
Okay. Look, Dakota, I know that Campbell
can be, like, kind of a lech,
but that's a little bit beyond him, right?
Well, who else would it be?
I'm sorry. I know he's your mentor.
I shouldn't have said anything.
Look, you can talk to me, okay?
I told you that.
Just... I don't...
I don't even feel safe
at my apartment anymore.
He knows where I live.
Well, stay at my place.
I just realizedwhat that sounded like,
but it's...
I swearit's not a come-on, all right?
I live...
I live with my mom, actually, and, um...
Look, we have a spare bedroom.
I'm gonna give this to you.
It's my address.
In case you ever need it, day or night.
Thanks, but I can just stay at Addie's.
After she just sold you out and told
the reporters about everything?
I just feel like you need
to be with somebody
who's not gonna cause more problems
in the first place.
- Somebody who can protect you.
- Max, Max, I'm...
I'm grateful...
but I'm gonna figure it out on my own.
I don't need your protection,
and I really don't want your pity.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to lash out.
What are you gonna do about Campbell?
For now, just...
keep going to class.
All right.
Shall we?
Good afternoon, everyone.
"The effects of trauma on psychology
and neurology cannot be separated."
Can anyone give me an example?
From the reading, of course.
Well, the brain, as an organ,
is finely calibrated to detect danger.
It's part of its survival function.
But exposure to trauma,
especially prolonged
or repeated or intimate trauma...
can rewire those danger-seeking
portions of the brain,
thus causing it to wrongly perceive danger
in every situation.
Yes, Dakota.
What if it's not wrong?
How do you mean?
Well, if danger really is all around you,
then isn't your brain sending you
the right signals?
Well, I'm not sure that's a reasonable...
Oh, really?
Have you ever walked home at night
with your keys between your fingers?
Listened over your shoulder for footsteps
when you enter a public restroom?
Smile at someone who frightens you
because maybe if you're nice enough,
if you don't wound their pride,
maybe they won't actually hurt you?
Have you ever worried
that what you're wearing
might draw the wrong kind
of attention, or worse,
make people think that it was your fault?
No, I haven't.
Well, then, respectfully, Dr. Campbell,
I don't think you know how dangerous
the world really is.
- Hey.
- Jesus! Lurk much?
Sorry. I was just looking for Dakota.
Did she miss another big study date?
Look, in case you haven't noticed,
she's got bigger things to worry about.
I realize that, but I can help her.
She can help herself. I think she's had
enough male protection, don't you?
I'm just worried about her.
Hey, come on. You should be, too.
Have you talked to her?
She says there's somebody out there
trying to mess with her, torment her.
Dakota has faced down monsters
and survived.
She's tougher than either of us.
She needs help.
She doesn't need your help.
Hi, you've reached Dakota Haggerty.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Please leave your name and number
and I will call you back.
Sorry, I, um...
forgot something.
Okay. All right.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I... I think so.
I got part of the license plate.
It was 6-6-F...
6-6-F something. I can call the cops.
If you want me to.
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
Yeah. I'd like to report an attempted
Listen, Dakota. I've... I've been thinking
a lot about what you said in class.
a lot, a lot.
I've saidsome really dumb things
to you...
and to other women, too, because
I didn't know and I didn't think...
Gibson, it's not...
And I'm sorry.
I'm gonna try
to not be such an entitled jerk.
It was nice of the cops...
putting you up in a hotel.
Local cops still don't believe me,
but Detective Martin made a few calls.
If Campbell got my address
from school records...
He can get mine, too. Yeah.
Dakota, I...
found something...
you may not wanna know.
No, tell me.
It's okay. Just tell me.
I figured out whyyou couldn't find her.
She's dead, isn't she?
She killed herself...
a couple of months ago.
What about Campbell's records?
- Dakota, did you just hear me?
- I did. Campbell's records?
Jesus, at least give
yourself... I can't!
I need to nail this guy
before he has the chance...
No, you don't.
And, anyway, what if...
What if we're wrong?
What if it's somebody else?
You're scared.
Yes, I'm scared. For you.
Did you ever think
that by focusingon this guy,
by letting him live rent-free
in your head,
you might actually be making it worse?
So this is my fault?
Obviously not,but you're not a cop.
You're the victim. It's not on you to...
I can't eat.
I can't sleep.
I hear footsteps
when there's nobody there.
The things I see...
when I close my eyes...
Do you wanna know why
I'm not surprised about Minda?
Because I get it.
I get wanting a way
to make this all stop.
For good.
Dakota, please...
What I need is to keep moving,
keep going forward
so I don't slide down
into the same place she was.
I need to focus on Campbell,
whether you help me or not.
So you dated Dr. Campbell?
We hung out,
but I had to call it after a month.
How did he react
when you cut it off?
I don't know.
He was mopey, but not for long.
The man's easily distracted.
I mean, I knew we weren't serious,
but come on,
texting back is like a bare minimum.
He wasn't possessive at all,
or controlling?
I mean, he's a flirt, sure, but...
trying to buildany kind ofrelationship
with him, it's like, good luck.
I don't know. Maybe it was me,
but it just always seemed like his mind
was on something else or someone else.
Why? Are you... Oh, just curious.
Well, if you're curious to know
if it's something you should invest in,
I suggest you look elsewhere.
All right. Thanks.
- So, did she move out?
- All her stuff's still here.
Did you tell anyone?
Did you call Ella's parents?
We didn't want to freak them out.
And the rent's paid for the rest
of the semester, so...
Okay. Thanks.
It's not a problem,
we'll get that taken care of right away.
Sure. All right. You have a good day.
Thanks now. Bye-bye.
Uh, I'm helping Addie Johnson
over at the school paper.
Do you have a list
of all the research grants
that have been awarded to the department?
Oh, great. Thank you.
Rose. Rose, Rose, Rose.
Hey, Rose. How are ya?
Couple of things.
Would it be too much trouble
to ask you to email those PDFs again?
The expense report PDFs? Okay.
And then the other thing is...
Oh. One second.
Thank you.
So, now that we understand
the relationship between the brain...
brain functionand psychology
in relation to trauma,PTSD,
I'd like to, uh...
I'd like to discuss and investigate
some of the different
therapeutic modalities used
to treat PTSD,
especially some of the latest ones...
uh, such as neurofeedback,
which, for those of you who don't know,
stands for Eye Movement Desensitization
and Reprocessing.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Only because you chose a public place.
- What are you having?
- Water.
You want something stronger?
Good with water.
Excuse me. Could I get your house bourbon
on the rocks, please?
So you've been...
a little tense
and inattentive in class lately.
I think it's been warranted.
I understand, you know?
I'm listening.
Thank you, sir.
I understand why you wanted
to be in my class.
And I also understand
why you wouldn't wanna talk about
why you wanted to be in my class.
Is that why you gave me special treatment?
No, you're bright and you'reintriguing.
And you're very pretty.
Those things enough?
I'm sorry.
I just flirted with you. I'm sorry.
That's a defense mechanism of mine.
Why would you feel defensive?
Are you afraid, Dakota?
I think some of that's my fault.
What do you mean?
When, uh...
When Dr. Roy recommended you,
she didn't tell me anything.
So now I keep running back
over my lectures...
Your lectures?
All I ever talk about is trauma.
I go on and on about the worst things
that could possibly happen to a person,
and the whole time, you...
You just have to sit there.
I mean,
it's no wonder it was hard for you.
And you want me to believe
that you had no idea
the entire time,
that Kurt never told you anything?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Someone has been torturing me.
Someone with knowledge of my past,
and someone who's been in contact
with Kurt Weber.
And you think that someone is me?
Dakota, no.
Yes, I do run a men's support group
at the prison,
but it is solely for the purpose
of research for my writing.
Kurt Weber has never attended
a single meeting.
So you're saying you haven't
spoken to him once?
Not once.
And you just happen to specialize
in what goes on in a predator's mind?
I've read your journal articles,
your book.
You write like someone...
you know, with experience.
You're right about that.
That is not an accident.
He was a friend of my parents.
And I called him "Uncle."
It was a long time ago,
but it went on for years.
You're a victim?
What about the lawsuit?
You know about that.
They were trying to raise
the statute of limitations on abuse.
I agreed to be a test case.
I thought maybe it would fix things.
Of course, it didn't.
So I started the support group.
How can you stand to...
be in the same room with them?To...
To talk to them?
Well, you know the stats.
You know that most offenders
were victims themselves.
So I needed to know.
I needed to know if he made me like him.
I think...
my research was probably
a way to get some distance.
For me to intellectualize
what I wasn't ready to feel.
Unfortunately, Dakota, the world
is not gonna make exceptions for you.
You're gonna have to be strong.
Don't be like Ella.
Wait, what are you talking about?
She was in a very fragile place.
And she told me about some unwanted
attention she was getting from someone.
So I told her to...
stand up to him.Set boundaries.
Instead, she just disappeared.
- She didn't say who it was?
- No.
She just copied me
on an email to the dean.
It was disappointing.
Listen, I have to go,
If I've made you feel uncomfortable...
in any way...
I'm sorry.
Listen, if you're in real danger,
the police should...
Oh, they're well aware.
But I think I can handle it.
I'll see you in class?
Hope you're thirsty.
How did you know I was gonna be here?
Addie told me.
You seem, like,really on edge, stressed.
Yeah, I, uh...
Maybe this will help you feel better.
I said I owed you a drink.
You know, actually, I'm gonna run
to the ladies' room really quickly.
I can hold on to thistill you get back.
Watch it.
Come on, Addie.
Hiya. Addie Johnson here.
Sorry I couldn't make it to the phone.
Doing something super amazing right now.
If you got something better, let me know
and I just might call you back.
Addie, it's me. Um, it's not Campbell.
I'm at O'Shea's, and Max is here.
I think he followed me here,
and I don't think...
I don't think Ella dropped out of school.
I think that he has her. I think
he took her, and he's here, and...
And I don't know how to get out.
I can't find a way out.
I can't. I can't. I just need you to call
me back as soon as you get this, okay?
You okay?
Stay at my place.
Addie, it's me.
It's not Campbell.
I'm at O'Shea's, and Max is here.
I think he followed me here,
and I don't think Ella dropped out
of school. I think that he has her.
I think he took her, and he's here,
and I don't know how to get out.
I can't find a way out. I can't. I can't.
I need you to call me back
as soon as you get this, okay?
Ella, are you down here?
Ella, it's Dakota Haggerty.
I know you're scared.
I know he probably threatened you with...
false rescues.
It's what Kurt Weber did too.
Ella, Max isn't here yet,
but I don't knowhow much...
how much time we have.
Not as long as you think.
Maybe we have all the time in the world.
Here! Come here!
Don't fight it.
That's right. You think so?
Is she gonna give up? Is she?
Hey, Trey, did you see my friend
from the other night
here with a guy, kinda creepy?
No, not until the police get here.
Remember this?
I knew a girl like you would be wary
of taking a drink,
so I spiked the water pitcher
behind the bar.
Max, you don't have to do this.
I know.
But I want to.
I've always wanted to.
What about your mom? She'll be home soon.
She's in Florida for the winter.
She won't be interrupting us.
You think she'd be okay with this?
She'd be proud of you?
You know, mommy issues
really aren't my thing.
What is your thing, then, Max?
Why don't you tell me?
Come on. Please, Max.
You keep doing this thing where you're
repeating my name, and it's not working.
It's like, Psych 101.
You're gonna have to try something else.
Only you can help me.
Only you have the power to let me go.
Power is all about the taking.
Do you know who told me that?
Kurt Weber.
How did you find out about Kurt Weber?
I always enjoyed
reading about the famous ones.
And fantasizing about
how they would do it.
How I would do it even better
than they did.
What happened with Ella?
Ella was no good.
She resisted.
She fought you.
She didn't obey.
It's like Kurt said.
Sometimes they need to be trained.
what did you do?
You're so much better than her.
You're perfect.
I knew from the moment I saw you.
You're perfect.
Kurt made you perfect.
Hi. Rose? Can you do me a huge favor?
I'm supposed to drop something off
to one of the grad assistants,
and I lost the address.
Max Peterson. Uh-huh.
Oh, you're the best, Rose. Thank you.
Give me his phone number too, would you?
Got it. Thank you.
You used Campbell.
I wanted access,
and he had clearance.
So once I got in, it was actually
pretty easy to go back.
He never even bothered to check.
And that's how you knew about
the airplanes? And the videotapes?
I didn't wanna do that.
Not at first.
I wanted you here with me right
from the very beginning.
But Kurt taught me that the hunt
was part of the thrill.
So watching those big, beautiful eyes
constantly looking over your shoulder...
Each little reminder.
Do you like the planes?
The videotapes?
See, Kurt knew that nothing
would get to you more
than little mementos of him,
and he was right.
The hit-and-run, though,
that was completely improvised.
I wanted a front-row seat for myself.
You bet I did.
Kurt was jealous.
Why would he ever help you?
'Cause you were his first.
You were special.
You never forget your first.
Even from prison, he wanted to make sure
you were getting the attention
you deserved,
and I was giving that to you,
but you thought it was Campbell.
Why would you think that?
He was attentive.
Besides, he's attractive, like you said.
He was a predatory professor,
and you were the victimized student.
You fell for that stupid clich
right from the very beginning.
Not stupid. You made me think...
- I never saw you coming.
- I know what you're doing.
- You made me think it was Addie.
- Shut up.
Do you want me to love you, Max?
Shut up! Lay down!
If you're a good little girl,
I might even let you keep the bucket.
Ella, are you in there?
What's up? Thank God you called.
Okay. Not what I was expecting.
Have you, uh, heard from Dakota?
I was worried about her.
I haven't heard from her.
It's weird, okay.
I ran into her at O'Shea's.
Okay, but she's like... She's acting
really, really, like, really strange.
Ella, hang on. I'm gonna
get this open, okay?
Think about this.
I feel like she's isolating herself
from everybodythat cares about her.
At first she thought it was Campbell,
you know,
stalking her,and then she thought it was
you, and now she thinks it's me.
Yeah, that's pretty crazy.
What if she's having a psychotic break?
Think about it.
She's been suffering years of abuse
from that guy, just like...
You know, I'm worried about her.
We should call the police.
Let them knowanywhere she might go.
Campus, my house, your house.
No, um...
Look, Addie,I just, uh...
I think she's scared.
Dakota? Scared?
- Oh, my God. Are you okay?
- Uh-huh.
- Are you okay?
- Dakota? Dakota, he got you?
No, he didn't. No, he didn't, okay?
We're gonna get out of here. Are you okay?
Okay, all right, just...
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Okay. Can you get your legs through?
Can you stand?
No, no, no. He said he'll kill me...
No, he's not gonna do that, okay?
He's an amateur, okay?
He's not gonna do that.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
We're gonna get out of here.
We're gonna be safe, okay?
I promise. I promise you. Come on.
Pass this to me when I get up there, okay?
Ready? One, two, three!
I'm gonna go out
and look for her
and I'll talk to you
in a little bit, okay?
No! Wait. I mean, if she shows up at
your house, you should be there, right?
To make sure nothing happens to her.
All right. Okay.
Can you run?
I think so. But where?
Just the nearest person that you see,
the nearest neighbor.
Whatever you can see. All right?
You got it?
Go ahead, give me your address,
just in case I need to come find you.
Just keep going
and don't look back, all right?
No! No!
Obey me. Do you understand me?
You're nothing but a copycat.
You will obey me!
Thank God, Dakota.
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. I didn't...
I wasn't even thinking.
- I should've been here.
- No, no, no. It's okay. I'm okay.
- You're okay?
- Mm-hm.
Look at you. I mean...
Calling the cops and saving the day.
Um, it doesn't look like
you needed much saving.
Watch out.
Some of you will, uh,
go on to do some research.
You'll become clinicians
or therapists.
But none of you,
no matter what you choose,
should ever lose sight
of the real human beings
who are at the center of each case study.
It's important that we put
a name and a face
to the experience of trauma
and its recovery.
And, so without further ado...
My name is Dakota Haggerty.
Some of you probably
already know who I am.
I'm a survivor of repeated,
long-term trauma,
and, as a result, have complex PTSD.
It's taken me a lot of work
to get to where I am,
where I can stand up here
and talk to you guys about this.
And I still have a long way to go.
But I have a strong support system.
And I know how important it isto let
others know that they are not alone.
It'll be worth it.