Herd (2023) Movie Script

[birds chirping]
[animal growling]
[engine racing]
[man panting]
[tires screeches]
[door opens]
[tools clanging]
[ominous music]
- TIRED GOVERNOR: We ask all
residents to remain calm,
- await further instructions.
- Come on!
Come on, come on.
Answer your phone.
I want our citizens
to have confidence in us.
While the military which
I have immediately ordered
into emergency action,
finishes their duties.
We are there to help working--
Damn bureaucrats!
Would you answer your phone!
Robert for Johnny?
Johnny, come back.
Johnny, are you there?
- TATER: Yo, Robert?
That you?
- Tater? Tater?
Yeah. Yeah, uh,
where the hell is Johnny?
- TATER: Oh, he just went to the
house to grab more supplies.
I heard you was up
at the hospital.
- I'm-- I'm-- I'm fine.
I'm telling you, man.
I've never seen anything like
this in my whole goddamn l--
[hep grunting]
- TATER: Robert? I don't copy
you, you there, Robert?
Come back.
- HEP: Qwep? Help? Help?
- TATER: What you saying?
I don't copy.
Can you come back for me?
I'm waiting on Big John.
What do you think?
He should be back
any minute now.
- HEP: [grunting] Help!
- TATER: Robert?
[hep grunting]
[gun clicking]
[gun shots]
- Okay, get back! Get back!
- Hi there. You've reached
Robert Miller of Miller Motors.
Leave me a message.
[phone beeps]
- Of course, he didn't answer.
[birds chirping in background]
I can't believe I even tried.
You ready?
- Almost!
Still gotta make my tea though.
- I already made it for you
and I packed your bag.
And I confirmed
with the canoe rental,
they want us to be there
in an hour and a half.
So, we should be leaving... now.
- Be right there.
Just gotta brush my teeth.
[cat meows]
[birds chirping]
- Haven't you seen in a while,
little buddy.
You're gonna need
to get you meals
wherever else you've been
roaming for the next week.
I'll be on a trip.
[birds chirping]
Ah, you'll be fine, won't you?
You're out there
doing your own thing.
You don't need any help.
What do you say?
You wanna trade with me?
You go on a canoe trip and
I'll hang out here
in the neighborhood by myself?
Yeah, I don't blame you.
Alex! You coming or what?
- And remember things seem
to be uh, improving,
but we have seen
with these events,
how quickly uh,
it can turn
from a manageable situation--
[Alex sighs]
...to an overwhelming outbreak.
- Should we still be doing this?
- TIRED GOVERNOR: ...My office
are staying diligent...
- You are not getting out of it.
- I'm not trying to get out of--
- You can't keep
running away from this.
We had a deal.
- I wasn't trying
to get out of it, I was--
- And you have to hold up your
end and actually give this
a shot.
Not just go
through the motions.
You promised five days alone
to focus on us.
- TIRED GOVERNOR: ...the latest
9.6% versus 12.6%...
We have no hope to fix this
if you just keep
pushing me away.
...From the week before.
I'm sorry the day before.
Now what I was saying about
our most densely populated areas
was that uh, the link we saw
over the past two days,
now if we took back the...
[indistinct speech]
As you can see...
- Whoa, easy!
- I'm fine.
- Well, just be careful moving
around like that,
'cause you could end up tip--
- I'm not gonna tip the boat.
How you doing?
- Great.
- You seem a little tense.
- It's just um...
This is the closest I've been
to being back home
in a long time.
[hep rasping]
[woman chuckling]
[people chatting]
- Jessie, happy birthday!
You're really cute.
- ALEX: Jaime?
Where are you?
- I'll be right there.
[metal clink]
Is someone there?
Alex, is that you?
[brush rustling]
Oh. You scared me, little guy.
I guess you're the one
who's scared here, huh?
[eerie music]
- Jamie. Jamie
[indistinct announcement]
- Jamie.
I'm so sorry.
There were complications.
We tried everything.
[water flowing]
- Jaime?
- Yeah!
- Sorry,
I didn't know where you were.
- I was gone for like a minute.
I didn't mean to upset you.
- JAIME: You didn't upset me.
I'm not upset.
I'm fine.
I'm having a great time.
What do you think?
Ready to get moving?
- You know,
you don't have to hide it.
- What?
- This morning.
When you were gone.
You were smoking.
- I took like two quick drags.
- I'd rather you not hide it.
- Well, I--
I knew you'd be upset.
- I want you to feel
you can be honest with me.
- I don't want to
fight about it.
- I don't either!
This is a discussion.
- JAIME: Oh!
Would you mind being just
a tiny bit more careful?
- Okay.
- What?
- I don't like being spoken
to as if I'm an idiot.
- What?
- Did I tip the boat?
- Ah...
- Is this how
this whole trip's gonna go?
You go avoiding me
and being all pissy?
What are we even
doing here then?
If you aren't gonna try,
then what are we doing out
here all sweaty, and gross,
and surrounded by bugs.
And aren't you always saying,
how you want to get out
of the city and get away
from how busy you are.
- JAIME: Yes! Yes! Get away!
Not be trapped for a week
with the last person I--
- The last person that what?
What, Jamie?
- My whole life is
for someone else.
We live in the city,
because that's
where you are more comfortable.
I stay at a fucking job I hate,
that I am extremely
overqualified for,
so there is a house,
and retirement account,
and insurance--
- Where is this all coming from?
You and I always talked
about everything.
- Hey, you talk.
You talk and I listen.
And after Ally--
- Don't you do that.
Don't use her as an excuse.
- You wanted kids.
I wanted you, and now--
- Fuck you, Jamie!
You think that-that
doesn't affect me, too?
Like, I'm not in agony
over the whole thing?
I feel so,
so sad.
And angry.
And guilty.
But I can't even talk
to you about it,
because you just shut down.
- Look,
I think we both know
this is just postponing
the inevitable.
No! Don't stand--
[muffled shouting]
[bone breaking]
[muffled scream]
JAIME: Alex!
- ALEX: Oh fuck!
- I got you!
JAIME: Come on.
Shit! All of our stuff...
[Alex sobs]
You're gonna be okay.
- Oh, my leg...
- The town is just
a few miles away.
You're gonna be okay.
We will go slow.
Hey, hey, Lex?
- My leg...
- Hey! Hey! Lex?
I need you to stay awake, okay?
- Can we stop?
We're almost done, okay.
We're close,
just a bit farther.
Hey, a car!
Hey! Hey Lex, look!
[whistle blowing]
Oh, thank God, a person.
Hey! Hey!
Hey, we need a little he--
We need a little--
Oh, Lex.
Lex, hey!
Hey, we're almost done.
Okay. Help is almost here.
Just stay with me.
[gun shot]
Holy shit! He just--
Oh, no! No!
[tense music]
Hey, is anybody there?
Hey! Hey!
Hey, please!
Move away from the Hep!
- Wait, what?
- Step aside.
I can see she got the bug.
- We were just trying to
get to the hospital.
- Step aside.
- No, please! He is insane.
He just shot a man over there.
- Tater?
- This one won't move aside,
otherwise I'd have that Hep
down already, Big John.
- I-- I don't even know
what he's talking about.
- You're just gonna
shoot us for no reason?
- It spoke.
What happened to you all?
- She hurt her leg.
We're just trying to get
to town for a hospital
when this psycho
started shooting at us.
- I-- I thought
she was one of 'em.
- He just killed someone
right over there!
We saw him.
- Jamie?
Jamie Miller?
It's Bernie.
We went to Junior High together.
That's Jamie Miller,
Robert's daughter.
- You know my dad?
- Well, yeah, of course!
Hell, our home base
is in his warehouse.
But he went out to--
- Bernie!
Get back in there and
get this thing ready to roll.
- Yeah, yeah.
- What happened to her?
- Broke my leg.
- Seems we have a bit of
a misunderstanding here.
- We need to get
to the hospital.
- Hospital's no good.
It's been overrun.
- Overrun?
- Where y'all been?
- We-- We've been out camping.
What the hell is going on?
- This outbreak
or whatever it is.
Hit us fast and hard.
- They were saying
they had it under control.
- Seems there's what they say
up there, and then,
there's what we see
here on the ground.
- DIANE: Gruber? Sterling's boys
just turned off the
main road up here,
they're heading your way.
- Copy that, Diane.
Bernie, how long?
We gotta get this off the road.
- BERNIE: She's ready.
- Tater, you get this RV
back to the warehouse.
- You got it, Big John.
- BERNIE: Yeah.
- In the back of the truck.
Make sure nothing
bothers these two.
- Yes.
Get her over to Louie's.
It's a vet clinic.
Fix up her leg.
You can trust me.
- Again, we ask everyone,
please stay indoors
and wait further instructions
from the authorities.
Now, I have some data
for you which is uh, good news.
- [dog howling & barking]
- What we're seeing in my office
from the more populated areas,
those are the areas
with a population of uh,
- Oh, son of a bitch!
50,000 or more. 50,000.
Uh, we're seeing less infections
per day than two days ago.
- GRUBER: Louie!
- Alright, alright.
- GRUBER: Open up!
- TIRED GOVERNOR: That's good.
That's an improvement.
What we need
from the rest of the state...
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Don't bring her in here
if she's got it.
- She doesn't.
It's just a broken leg.
- You have to help us. Please.
- GOVERNOR: Our city has mo--
more populated places.
As my father used to say
and I agree with this
- Bring her back.
- GOVERNOR: from my TV show
in the 1950s.
Just the facts, man,
just-- just the facts.
- Alright.
Put her down right here.
You can wheel that cart over
to put her legs on it.
- GRUBER: You're doing
the right thing here.
- I'm not gonna be
your personal physician.
- We need you, Louie.
- Don't start with me again.
We talked about it.
- This is a critical situation.
How things are out there.
Difference between
life and death,
is a game of inches.
- Don't give me your game
of inches bullshit, alright.
It won't gonna work on me,
I'm not gonna join up
with you and your buddies.
- You have an obligation
to this community.
- I have an obligation
to not take a side
in this pissing contest.
- Oh, damn.
- What's your name?
- Jamie.
- Alright, want you to
take this towel, Jamie.
I want you to press down.
- I have already explained you
it's not safe for you out there.
You're too valuable
to leave in harm's way.
- LOUIE: I'm not gonna be
ammunition for your little--
- How hard do I press?
- Very firmly.
- What do you think
happens to you
if Sterling gets a hold of you?
[Alex gasps]
- She's awake.
- I am following the
- Governor's orders.
- Jamie?
- The Governor's got bigger
problems in the cities.
- Is this a hospital?
- It's a vet's office.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
- Louie,
people are dying out there.
If we don't take action,
more will die.
- What did you give her?
- Just something
to help her sleep.
Alright, will you guys
get the hell out of here now!
So, I can focus.
- Is she gonna be okay?
- Ah, I don't know.
I mean, uh, yeah.
I mean, that's a bad break,
but she'll be okay.
- What the hell is going on?
- Well, this virus
or whatever the hell it is,
it's just tearing through here.
- But how did it
get this fucking crazy?
- Well, my guess is,
they were lying about
how quickly it was spreading.
Look, Jamie,
whoever you know, you call 'em.
Say whatever you say,
do whatever you got to do.
But don't get sucked into
whatever those assholes
are cooking up.
Get the door.
- Yeah.
- Looks like this is it.
Go to that medicine cabinet.
Get everything in there,
home meds.
I'll meet you out back
in the truck.
- Yes, sir.
Got a big journey.
- Yes, sir.
[dogs barking]
- JAMIE: How is she?
- Well, she's all set
and sown up.
She should be ready in--
That son-of-a-bitch!
I told him no!
John! You got no right.
I want you to unload it all
right now!
- GRUBER: I know you're upset,
but this is what's needed
for the community.
I don't give a shit, John,
I want you to put it back!
Calm down! This stuff ain't--
If you cannot isolate yourself
from that person,
it is best to uh,
stay calm, do not antagonize,
or provoke them in any way.
It's very important.
I wanna-- I wanna emphasize
they have been proven
to be docile,
when not threatened.
They're people
who are only seeking help.
Do not antagonize
these individuals.
It is been under a tremendous
amount of medical and physical--
- That's bullshit!
Oh, no! No! No!
Fuck you!
You are...
I said you are nuts!
look at these charts.
As you can see,
the numbers don't lie.
We're dealing with facts.
We're dealing with numbers.
We're dealing with science.
So, it is imperative
that you uh,
follow the steps
we are advising you.
Ah, ordering you to
follow for lack of a--
of a better word.
Now uh, my offices
working again with
the National Guard as I said,
from the state level all the way
down to the local level.
So, if we have deployed
the National Guard
in the state.
They are there to help you.
They are there to protect you.
They are there
to save your life.
If you encounter
any National Guard,
it is imperative that you uh,
do as they say.
Listen to their uh,
to their orders, demands,
their instructions.
[indistinct speech]
[telephone beeps]
[dials numbers]
We're all fighting for
the same thing, your safety.
[indistinct speech]
[eerie music]
[phone rings]
[taking deep breaths]
- Hi,
you've reached Robert Miller.
I'm most likely
at the shop working.
[hep rasping]
You can leave me a message here,
but I don't always check those.
You can try my cell phone.
And that's...
[indistinct speech]
...If you really want--
If you need me,
come on down to the shop.
Door's open.
Bless you and yours...
- Help.
- Alex! We have to go!
[Alex groans]
Come on, come on, wake up!
[taking deep breaths]
- I don't give two shits!
I want you to put it back!!
- I know you're upset,
but this is what's--
- I'm not gonna be steamrolled--
- There's one's of them!
Right behind me.
- Move! Move!
Stay quiet.
They'll move on,
if we stay still.
[taking deep breaths]
- Gross, ain't it?
That's one of the ways
you can tell they have it.
Gives 'em a terrible headache.
Right there.
[heps rasping]
- GRUBER: Hey!
Let's get the truck.
Louie, get in the cab.
- No!
- Louie, get in the dig. Get up.
- I can't! Let go of me!
- Go get yourself,
you stubborn-- Just get--
- Let go of me!
- Take both of 'em.
Let's get her in the back.
No, Bernie!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Jamie...
- Oh my God.
- Didn't I tell you
to not bring
the damn bullet action?
This isn't hunting out here.
You need an appropriate weapon.
Will you listen to me
next time, son?
- Yes, sir.
- Jamie.
Did he get you?
- Oh! Son of a bitch!
What do you think? God damn!
- Hey, watch your mouth there.
- Oh shit.
- You guys just get
the hell away from me.
- Louie, hey! Think.
If they scratched you,
you go--
Come out here, Louie.
- LOUIE: Just get the hell
out of here, all of you!
- BERNIE: You've been scratched.
We all saw it.
We know you're gonna turn
into one of 'em.
You come out here,
be a man about it.
- LOUIE: You already got
what you came for.
So, just leave me alone already.
- Either you open this door
or I will break it down, Louie.
- Bernie?
- I will break this door down!
- Sterling.
Leave him!
[engine starts]
- Aah.
[tires screeches]
- What the fuck?
- Might as well move on.
They already cleared me out.
Tell your friends to get their
hands off me please!
Aah! What the fuck do I have
to do to get everybody
to just leave me
the hell alone, huh?
I don't have
anything left to take.
Gruber took it all.
- Yeah.
Looks like we're a little late
to the party.
A hep do that?
- Oh, you must have been top
of your class at the academy!
No actually,
a horse did this.
See I had a big fruit basket
on my head
and he thought it was
a fucking apple.
Of course,
it was a fuckin' hep.
Who else attacks people
except you fucking rednecks.
At least, the heps
don't steal my shit!
I am so sick
and tired of you guys
just doing whatever you want,
as if there's no consequences
what so all you--
you bust into my office,
you push me around,
you treat me like
a sack of shit.
[dramatic music]
- STERLING: I feel sorta bad
for those hillbillies,
just blindly following Gruber.
That grunt doesn't know his ass
from a hole in the ground.
[men chuckling]
[horn honking]
- Alright, ladies.
Let's see you all inside.
- You okay?
- I never thought
I'd see this place again.
- Don't worry.
Everyone here wants
the same thing you do,
a safe place to sleep.
Hey, Diane!
Why don't you go fetch
that wheelchair
and help these two inside?
And show 'em to
a room over by you.
Listen, once you get settled,
why don't you come find me?
We need to have a...
little chat.
- DIANE: Sorry, it's not such
a warm welcome.
Most everyone is out
getting things or
trying to gather up folks
who haven't got the bug yet.
Uh, well, uh down there,
there's supplies,
and storage,
and-- and things, and...
and past that,
that's the end bay,
where most everyone else
has their room set up.
Y'all roomies?
- Yeah.
Ever since college.
- My sister had five roommates.
[Diane chuckles]
With the ROTC,
I used to tell her all the time,
I don't know
how she lived
with that many people.
Imagine what she would think
seeing me living with
all of these folks now
if she was still alive.
I just want you to know
I am super grateful
your dad was so prepared
and has let me here
with the others.
And I can't ever repay him
enough for it.
- Um, ok-- okay.
- Of course,
this is the common area.
We've been having family meals.
It's a God send, I think.
A couple times day
where we can feel almost normal.
- Bitch...
What the fuck you looking at?
- DIANE: You okay?
- Oh yeah.
- Did I say something to
upset you?
- No, no. You're--
you're fine.
I-- I um...
I'm fine.
Big John and the boys
put us all together
a couple of days ago.
It's rustic, but comfy.
Here we are.
Home sweet home.
This will be your room.
Uh, mine is just
next door here.
- Yeah.
[Alex coughs]
- We're pretty lucky though.
Over here,
there's a little more room
for those of us that,
need a little more privacy.
- Who is this
handsome young man?
- Andrew, yeah.
Can you say hi to Miss Alex?
Andrew, come back here!
- It's okay.
Maybe later.
- He's just so timid.
- I think that's normal
for his age.
- I'll let you all get settled.
Get you a fresh shirt.
- Thank you.
- We are not safe here.
- I'm not going to lie
about being--
- Alex, listen to me.
You don't understand
these people.
- You mean the people
who saved us?
- I'm just saying,
don't go assuming you trust
every smile you see.
- I'm just saying why do you
have to always assume
that people won't do
the right thing?
- Experience.
[ominous music]
- Do you think he's here?
- I'm gonna go find him.
- I'll come with you.
- No. You stay here.
I don't want you to
have to go by yourself.
- He is my father,
and I will take care of it.
I'm-- I'm just gonna
get cleaned up and
you just rest.
- Be happy you know
you got your wish.
I completely regret
ever taking this trip.
- Jamie, hi!
It's funny,
I was just coming to find you.
- I want...
Is my dad in there?
- I need you to brace yourself.
He was in a bad way
when I found him.
He's in quite a bit of pain.
Keeled over in the work bay.
I locked him in here
and did everything
I could think of.
But he...
He just kept getting worse.
In the end, he had the strength
to do what I didn't.
He had a gun room in here
I didn't know about.
ROBERT: [shouting]
Found him yesterday morning.
[indistinct speech]
- Bullshit!
You're doing this shit
in my house!
Who the fuck--
the fuck do you think you are?
- We all owe him everything.
If it wasn't for him
raising the alarm
and getting us moving,
I don't think most of us
would still be here now.
Your father,
he was kind of my only friend
when I was in really dark place.
Told me a little bit
about your uh, condition.
And how he reacted when you
shared that news with him.
I want you to know
I told him that
he was wrong to do that,
and he should be supporting you
no matter what.
- I bet he took that well.
- He didn't talk to me much
after that.
I don't claim to be an expert
in these things, but
I know we should all be
sticking together.
Especially in the tough times.
It's a hard lesson,
but if you're lucky
you only have to learn it once.
Never miss the chance
to tell someone you love 'em.
- BERNIE: Hey Big John, Bernie--
- Give you some time.
Be right outside if you need me.
- I spent years
imagining what I would say
if I ever saw you again.
Running it in my head,
over and over
I pictured you apologizing,
telling me you were wrong,
begging my forgiveness
while I walked out of the room.
I would give anything
not to hate you.
Anything if I could just...
be indifferent.
Not give a shit just like you.
[dramatic music]
People I loved,
they just fade away.
I can't even see
mom's face anymore.
It just...
But you
won't fucking leave me alone!
You don't even have
the goddamn decency
to let me have that.
Every time I hear Johnny Cash
or I see the score
of the Royals game.
here is what I have to say.
I pray I forget you.
That is all you deserve.
if I can get
far enough away,
maybe, you will finally vanish.
[tarp rustles]
You know,
I think I understand what you're
going through, little man.
Most of the time all I want
is to be left alone.
Know what I mean?
You know what, I--
I think I have something
you might like.
is a magic whistle.
I got it from
a secret survivor kit, so
if you take it,
you have to promise
to take good care of it, okay?
the thing that makes it
magic is uh,
you can blow it
and it takes away
any scary feelings.
Just blow it real, real hard.
And they just vanish.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
[Alex coughs]
- ALEX: It could be so much fun.
We definitely need new--
like I want one of those couches
that have like
huge fluffy cushions
like huge fluffy armrests.
You know what I mean?
How do you feel?
You don't-- You hate it.
- No, I like it.
Like, it seems cozy.
I was just thinking like
just not too many cushions.
- Yes!
And we should definitely
put a love seat
right there,
so we can watch the sunset.
What do you think?
- I like it.
- Yeah.
I think this place is gonna
be perfect for us.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
- Hey.
- Good evening.
- We're about to--
Get back to your room.
I was just coming to tell you
family dinner will be
in an hour.
- Thanks, Diane.
Were you able to sleep?
- Yeah.
- I didn't feel like
I could sleep for...
[ominous music]
Should we tell someone?
- I don't know.
Hey, hey...
I won't let anything
happen to you, okay?
Want some water?
[Andrew gasps]
- BERNIE: Take it away!
[country music]
Will the circle be unbroken?
By and by, Lord
By and by
There's a better
Home awaiting
In the sky, Lord
In the sky
There's a better
Home awaiting
In the sky, Lord
In the sky
That's right, boys.
[audience cheering]
[indistinct chatter]
- Oh, shit.
- Hey!
I'm not sure
if y'all remember me,
I was with y'all last night.
- Yes, yes.
Thank you for your help.
- Ah, no sweat.
You were all in bad way
last I saw you.
Jamie Miller,
I bet you don't recognize me.
- Sorry.
- Nah,
I'd be surprised if you did.
Bernie Newson.
Your dad was my baseball coach.
He kinda became like
a father to me.
- Oh, yeah, Bernie.
- Yeah, little Bernie.
I was a late bloomer.
Didn't fill out
till I was like 23.
Then one day I could just
grab the rafters in my house,
pull myself up
on either side of it.
I could do as many times
as I want,
it's no big deal.
Now, I remember you.
You were like,
the best-looking girl
on the soccer team.
- Yeah, well, that was before
my body took its revenge.
- What are you talking about?
I think some shape
on a little lady is great.
Ah, shoot.
I'm so sorry.
What was I thinking?
I should grab the food for you,
you guys should take a seat,
- Oh, no, that's fine. We--
- No, no, I insist.
I wouldn't be able to
live with myself.
Now, y'all don't drink all
Diane's sweet tea there now.
That's the highlight
of my evening.
- You think this is funny?
I'm telling you
don't encourage that guy.
- Please, he's harmless.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
[whistle blowing]
What's so funny?
- Nothing.
- Alright!
Hot off the presses.
The best pulled pork sandwich
out of can money can buy.
[clears throat]
It is actually pretty good
despite how it looks.
Fresh stuff's kind of been
hard to come by
since Sterling raided
the stores.
- Thank you again.
- So, Alex, where you from?
- I grew up
just outside the city.
- Ah, a city slicker.
I knew it.
I can always spot 'em.
What brings you all
out this way?
- Camping.
Then my leg got broken.
- Phew. Yeah, I saw it.
Never want a break like that.
I'll tell you that.
I just got a feeling
about you two.
I think we're gonna be
thick as thieves.
So, you two... Y'all are uh--
- Alright! Alright!
I get everybody's
attention real quick.
I want to thank Diane
for the food
and the boys for music.
And I want to thank all of you
for another hard day's work.
These days have not been easy,
I know.
But you can lay
your heads down proud.
Proud that you can reap
the fruits of your own labor.
- WOMAN 1: Hell yeah!
- WOMAN 2: Oh yeah!
[group cheering]
- The days and weeks ahead
will be harder still.
But we all here are a team.
And we live, sleep, eat,
fight as a team.
- Yeah.
The bureaucrats say
they want you to rely on them.
That they're gonna
come help you.
That's a lot of horse dung.
Now is the time to have faith.
The faith in yourselves.
More importantly,
faith in your neighbors.
We're all a family.
And I know we can rely
on each other
to do what's necessary to keep
this family safe.
- BERNIE: Whoo!
[group cheering, whistling]
That's right, Big John.
- Thirty years from now,
when you're sitting
in front of the fire
with your grandson
on your lap,
these will be the days
you tell him about.
Our founding fathers knew that--
- MAN 1: Hey John...
[indistinct chatter]
- Tater, Bernie,
get your equipment.
Turn the perimeter lights on.
Keep them at a safe distance.
Sterling and his crew are here
saying they wanna trade.
We don't know how dangerous
these men can be.
Stay alert, and everybody to
your positions. Let's move!
[indistinct chatter]
Hurry up, fellas.
- Big John, what's going on?
- Everything will be fine.
Just keep calm,
stay back here.
- On it now.
You gonna take this here.
Just like we practiced, okay?
This here's your spot.
Nothing should happen.
But you just keep your eyes
on the back door here.
Anyone tries to get in,
you pull that trigger, alright?
Don't hesitate, okay?
Alright, go get 'em, buddy.
- Alright, open the perimeter.
Let 'em inside the outer walls.
- Time to show 'em
what you're made of.
Boy! Get over here!
Come on!
- Calm down.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Just stay vigilant
in that corner.
- Alright, Big John, I'm ready.
- Let's do this.
- Hey, get back down
to your station
on the other end.
- But I figured you'd want me
back here with you.
- You figured wrong.
Your post is the back roll top.
Now get back down there.
- Well, I'm telling you,
it's all locked
and loaded back there.
- I don't want to hear about it.
Get back to your station.
- You don't trust me!
It's all secure.
Now you're gonna want your
best guns down here
front and center
where the action is.
And that's where I belong.
- Alright.
- Alright.
[door rattling]
- John...
You gonna let me stand out here
like a beggar?
- Why don't you just come back
in daylight hours, say noon,
we'd be more than happy
to trade.
- Afraid I can't do that, John.
Not since you took all the gas.
- We took the fuel, because you
raided the grocery store.
- We have a young man
with a real bad fever.
The vet office
is pretty picked over
when we got there, too.
I'm not here
to split hairs.
We're here to trade.
[tense music]
- What do you want?
- What you got?
- Don't jerk me around,
You got us out here
in the middle of the night.
- I wouldn't dream of jerking
you around, John.
[door opens]
- Then what do you want?
- Like I said,
we've a young man
who's not well.
Antibiotics, pills.
- We can't afford to part
with any of our meds.
I got too many families here.
Go, go, go, go...
Go! Cover the back!
Cover the back!
Cover the left!
[overlapping speech]
[fire shots]
[fire shots]
[indistinct shouting]
- Shut the fuck up!
- I'm just trying get to my son.
Please, please. Don't!
- Get down on the ground!
Do it!
Do it, I said, put 'em up!
- Shit! They broke in
through the factory, John!
Sterling is getting away!
- No!
- GUNMAN: Put your hands up!
Put 'em up! Put 'em up
and get on the ground!
- Please!
Don't do this!
We're unarmed, please.
- I-- I'm sorry.
- [grunting] Aah!
- Whew! Fuck yeah!
Let's go!
Did you do this?
Get some Diane, shit.
I didn't think you had it in ya!
But you did, didn't ya?
Yeah. Fuck yeah, son.
How's it feel? How's it feel,
did you get that tingle?
That tingle's the best part.
- [Diane sobs]
- [Bernie chuckles]
- Hey!
What was you thinking, boy? Huh?
You damn near got us all killed!
- JAMIE: Hey!
- You were supposed to watch
that door!
That's your responsibility!
- What the hell
is wrong with you?
- He let them--
he let 'em walk right past him!
He just let 'em walk right in
- You okay, son?
It's okay to be scared.
And sometimes we have to do
things we don't want,
we never dreamed
to keep people safe.
You understand?
Good boy.
But next time,
you won't hesitate--
[Diane coughs]
- It's-- it's just
a little tickle.
I swear, Big John. I--
I'm okay, I promise.
- BERNIE: Oh damn!
[Diane sobs]
- Please no, no, Big John.
Big John,
I just need a little time, okay?
- Lock her up in the office.
- John, please, no.
- Lock her in the office?
Big John, she got the bug!
She's a danger to us all!
- I know she's... I know.
[Diane pants]
I need time to think.
- Ain't no thinking to be done.
It's like you been saying,
"Room for doubt
equals room for death".
- TATER: You bet ya.
- No, no, Big John.
I-- I-- I swear.
I swear!
- There ain't no reason
you need to do this, Big John.
Tater and I can take care
of this for you.
- I'm in charge.
I'll do it.
- No...
- Go on.
- No. I feel--
I feel better already.
I'm feeling better already.
I promise!
If you just give me some time.
Just give me some time,
I can get better!
[Diane cries]
Don't do this! Don't do this!
- Close the door.
Forgive me, Lord.
- No...
Please, John.
John, please.
Please John, please, no...
Andrew, baby,
you are always the strong one.
Be a good boy.
[Alex coughs]
[tense music]
[gun shot]
- Shh.
Here, drink this.
- Aah!
Jesus, my head!
- Don't do this!
- My head.
It's unbearable!
- Alex, listen to me, stop!
[muffled breathing]
We can't stay here.
If they find out you're sick...
[tense music]
Get down.
[Bernie whistling]
[Alex coughs]
- I know you're out there.
[Alex coughs]
I can't see ya.
But I can feel ya.
This one's for you, boys.
[door closes]
- Come on.
[Alex coughs]
Oh Lex,
we can come through this.
What are you doing up?
You okay?
It's okay.
I'm not gonna-- I'll just...
I'll stay here.
What's going on?
Something scare you?
You know, that's okay.
This is...
This is all scary.
There's a lot
that scares me, too.
- Jamie, we need to go.
- Andrew, listen to me.
You don't have to do
what they say.
You don't have
to be the person
that they tell you to be.
- Jamie...
- Be your own boy, okay?
[ominous music]
[Andrew whistles]
[Alex grunting]
Roll down about big town
I'm coming up
[indistinct lyrics]
I'm a deadbeat cricket
- What the hell's going on?
- BERNIE: Stealing the damn RV.
- Hey! Get the truck!
[country music blaring]
- Shut the fuck up!
[Alex coughing]
[Alex coughing]
I'm getting you to help, okay!
[Alex groaning]
Just stay with me.
Drive you fucking
piece of junk!
[tire screeches]
Alex, you with me?
Move, you son-of-a-bitch!
Not now you fucking bastard!
Alex? Alex? Alex?
[Alex groans]
- Oh!
- Hey!
Is anybody there?
[tire screeches]
- BERNIE: Alright, ladies!
Step away from the RV!
- Jamie...
- She sick?
- No!
Lex, get back in the RV, okay?
- [spits] Son-of-a-bitch.
She's sick alright.
- She is fine!
We are leaving.
- Everybody, stop!
- Stay back!
- Put the gun down, Jamie.
- Stop!
Stay where you are!
- Put those down.
- Just leave us alone!
- Okay.
It's okay.
- She got the bug.
- Tater,
I said lower your weapon.
It's okay.
Now we can talk.
- I don't wanna talk.
I want to leave!
- I understand.
But we need that RV.
It's important to keep
all those families we have safe.
Think about them, Jamie.
- I won't let you hurt her.
- I want to help.
- I saw how you help.
We're leaving.
- I'll tell you what.
I'll drive you there.
I'll take you
wherever you want to go.
- You can't do that, Big John!
That one's got the bug!
- Tater!
I said put that weapon down!
- No, you said we had a mission!
- I said lower your weapon!
- He's right, Big John.
We can't let her
infect anyone else!
- I'm in charge!
I'm in command!
Now lower your weapons.
Jamie, do we have a deal?
No! No!
Listen to me!
- We cannot
just let them get away!
[tense music]
[tires screeches]
- Jaime, get behind me.
- You all tried to kill us!
- Please, Jamie.
- Please, sir.
Sir... Sterling?
Is it?
We just want to go home, please.
Please, just let us go home!
Please, just let us go home!
- Jamie...
[indistinct shouting]
[shots fire]
- So, I...
I just wanna say...
it would be you.
[indistinct shouting]
[shots fire]
- Jaime!
- No! Let me go!
I have to get her!
Alex, Alex.
[shots fire]
[somber music]
- Can you carry her?
- What?
- Can you carry her?
- Yes.
- Come this way
and get the hell out of here!
[shots fire]
[Alex coughs]
- Lex?
Hold on.
Hold on just a little longer.
I'll-- I'll--
I'll get help.
- I'm...
[breaths heavily]
- Don't you be sorry.
You're-- you're gonna make it.
You're gonna be okay.
You have to...
You have to believe that.
You hear me?
I love you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry about everything.
please just stay with me.
All I want is to go home.
Oh, can we please just go home?
Can we please just go home?
- Hey, you.
- I thought you left me.
Oh, please.
I'm not gonna leave you.
Don't you leave me.
- No.
Don't threaten them.
- Kwep?
- Alex?
Hey, hey Alex?
No, no...
[heps rasping]
Please help me!
Anyone, help!
Help me please!
[heps rasping]
[heps rasping]
[helicopter whirring]
Hey! Hey!
Hey, hello!
Help us!
Help us, please!
Help me!
Ladies and gentlemen,
as of 10:00 a.m. this morning,
my office
is pleased to announce,
that the outbreak has been
mostly contained in our state.
the events of the past week
have been the most significant
in the generation.
What started out
as a localized outbreak,
quickly spread,
prompting a statewide emergency.
The National Guard was deployed,
as were the Army reserves
in an effort to contain
infected individuals
and suppress local militias.
I'd like to thank our military
as well as our first responders
for the sacrifices
they have made for us
over the course of this event.
It was touchy for a while.
But I believe this shows
the strength of America.
How we can band together
in times of distinct need
and do what is necessary
to overcome any obstacle,
any challenge, any hardship.
[gun shot]
- Ms. Miller, I wanted to
give you an update
before we go into surgery.
Alex has a grade three
splenic laceration
and likely a few broken ribs.
A CT scan revealed
that the bullet stopped just
short of her spinal cord
and the good news is
that it didn't appear
to enter her chest cavity.
So, it didn't hit her heart,
her lungs
or any of the arteries
in her abdomen.
I'm gonna go in.
I'm gonna remove the bullet.
I'm gonna pack the spleen
and we'll proceed from there.
- Doctor, um...
You should know that she was...
She was scratched
by an infected person.
- Miss Miller, I saw the wound.
- We can go--
- Miss Miller--
- Just don't say anything
and I'll take her if--
- We treated the infection,
which can be quite serious
if left untreated
for a long period of time.
But in Miss Kanai's case,
we caught it early
and she's responding
to the treatment.
At this point,
I'm much more concerned
about the damage to her spleen.
I'll-- I'll be back with you
as soon as I can
with another update.
[indistinct chatter
in background]
- Lex?
- [sighs]
- Oh. Easy, here.
The doctor said
if it hurts to push this.
And it'll release
more painkillers.
That better?
- We need one of these for home.
How long have I...
- Couple of days.
Oh no, don't worry.
It was treatable.
Another day or so,
and we can go home.
Here, they said your throat
might hurt.
How about something cool?
Ice cream?
Well, they kicked my damn door.
And they confiscated
every single gun that I own.
They didn't knock or nothing.
- Let me see
if I can go get some.
- BERNIE: Yeah, me too.
Took a search warrant
to my mom's house.
Broke half her damn
Precious Moments Figurines
trying to move the false wall
to get in to my gun room.
I was like,
"I don't why
you're so mad at us?
We basically just did your job
for you, Mr. Government."
- TATER: Hmm.
- They was talking about
jail time,
talking about pressing charges
until I told 'em it was
all Big John's idea.
- Yeah, I said the same thing.
They made me write it down,
make it all official and shit.
- TATER: Hmm.
- I said, "Sir.
"How many times
you gonna ask me
the same question
over and over again?"
- TATER: I was in there
for damn near an hour.
- Mm-hmm. I told him...
I told him, "I know my rights."
- Hmm.
- "I'm allowed by the
constitution to protect myself
and my property."
Got all red in the face.
He didn't know what to do
with that, so.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, careful now,
you'll wake him.
- Him?
No, don't worry about him.
He's practically a vegetable,
doctor said.
- Oh...
Big John...
Hell, that's a shame.
- Yep.
Sure is.
Problem is we didn't come out
hard enough on day one.
- Hmm.
- Make sure everybody knows
who's in charge.
- Mm-hmm.
- I mean,
if they ain't afraid of ya,
how are ya supposed
to do anything?
- We shoulda had twice as many
guns on at all times.
- Hell, ain't much
negotiating to be done
when you're looking down
the wrong end of a bolt action.
- No, you can't do it.
- Hmm.
- Can't do it.
[door closes]
[birds chirping]
- Oh, thank God.
It is so good to be home.
- Alex, I...
I want to say...
- I know.
- No.
Uh, please let me say this.
I haven't been myself
after Ally.
I got twisted up,
and I had to find a way to...
I felt like-- like I was...
- Like you were trapped?
- It felt like
all I could try was to run.
Like, I've always been running.
But now, it was
from the only person
who ever made me feel...
But it doesn't matter
where I go.
It's not about getting away
or going somewhere else.
It's about
where you choose to be.
And I choose to be here.
With you.
If you will have me.
I love you.
So much.
- I'm gonna make tea.
Do you want some?
[dramatic music]
Will the circle be unbroken?
By and by
By and by
There are loved ones
In the glory
Who's dear forms you
Often miss
When you close your
earthly story
Will you join them
In their bliss?
Will the circle
Be unbroken?
By and by
By and by
There's a better
Home awaitin'
In the sky
In the sky
One by one
Their seats were emptied
One by one they went away
Now the family is parted
Will it be complete one day?
Will the circle be unbroken?
By and by
By and by
There's a better home
In the sky
In the sky
Will you join them
In their bliss?