Here Alone (2016) Movie Script

- Should we pack everything?
I mean, how long
are we gonna be?
- I don't really know
how fucking long but just
pack everything up and do
it as quickly as possible,
- Jason?
- Just pack everything,
right now.
- Okay.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Berries.
Red berries.
- The department
of health has been notified
by the federal emergency
management agency
that a viral infection has
severely infected the population.
Symptoms of the virus
include a small circular
red rash on the abdomen
or chest and is followed
by nausea, delirium and
aggressive outbursts
or unpredictable behavior.
If you or anyone you know are
exhibiting these symptoms,
immediately contact
emergency medical services.
Officials have been
advised that at this time
the viral infection poses an
immediate danger to the public.
As a precaution, resident
should stay indoors,
keep all windows, doors and
vents closed.
Turn off all air
conditioners, ration your...
- Stop, stop the car.
Jason stop the car.
Christ, Jason,
stop the fucking car.
They have a child.
- So do we!
So do we.
- Hi there, how are you?
Looks like it's going
to be a beautiful day.
Do you want to play?
I miss you, hope to see
you soon.
- One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three.
Fuck, fuck!
- The most important thing
here is the saw-tooth leaf.
Turns red during the spring
See that?
How to make a deadfall trap,
you need a
support stick, a weight
stick, a bait stick.
And you set them up, notches
matching, balance the...
Ann, are you listening?
This is important.
- Yes, I can't write as fast
as you can fucking talk.
- Don't curse in front of her.
- Fine.
- Red berries.
Red leaves.
It's a bad thing.
Especially during the spring.
You're jerking the trigger.
- And I hit it!
- That's 'cause it's not moving.
It's a rabbit gun, you need
to hit head or heart to kill
so I need you to control
your breathing and lightly...
- squeeze, not pull, I know.
We should save our bullets.
- Well, they're of no use if
you don't know how to shoot.
- How many do we have?
- Enough.
Do it again.
- We can't survive on
a handful of berries.
- I know.
- Hi there, how are you?
Looks like it's going
to be a beautiful day.
- Okay.
- Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
Hi there, how are you?
- Damn it!
Jason, what happened?
- No, don't touch me!
Just get everything in the car.
- What happened?
- Just get in the fucking car!
Her fever break?
- No.
Jason, what happened?
- There were a few boxes
of food.
- But they were there.
- Yeah.
They were there.
- But you've avoided them
Why did they attack this time?
I don't know.
I don't.
There was enough food to eat
there, there was enough bodies.
I thought they would've
moved on.
Everything was fine until
I cut myself breaking
into that house.
The blood started flowing
and screams grew
and they swarmed.
It was like they knew.
They knew I was bleeding.
They could sense it.
- What are they?
- I don't know.
But some part of them is human.
- Why is that?
- Because they can die.
- Come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Please, please.
- Is he infected?
- No.
- Show me.
- Your name?
- Olivia.
You'll help him?
I can do that.
- Press here.
He'll be okay.
Grab an arm.
You coming from the south?
You and your father...
- stepdad.
Well, sort of.
Chris and my mom were,
you know, together, but
they never married.
They planned it for September,
- You can sleep in the car
if you want.
- No, it's fine.
I want to sleep near him.
We'll leave, when he's better,
I mean.
We'll leave you alone.
Why do you have two campsites?
- In case I lose one
or the other.
- Oh.
- Helps cover your scent,
throws them off.
You headed north?
- Yeah.
- You wanna hear it?
- That's what's up north?
- Mm-hmm.
- Do you know what
they're saying?
- No.
- So that's it.
- That's all there is.
- Chris?
- It's alright, Liv.
It's okay.
- She says you're heading north.
- Yeah, trying to at least.
We hear it's in check up there.
Who the fuck knows, right?
You have a pretty nice setup
Most people would kill
for this stuff.
You gotta tent.
Food, from what I can tell.
You gotta full tank?
- No.
Just a place to hide
from the rain.
- Ugh.
Thank you.
For what you did,
for both of us.
Not a lot of people
would do that nowadays.
We'll be gone in the morning.
- Okay.
- Get up, kiddo, let's go.
Let's get in the tent.
- Come on, get in!
- So, how long you been
out here?
- Since it started.
- Hmm.
Why you all the way out here
in the middle of nowhere?
- My husband grew up
in these woods.
He lived in a town
a mile or two west.
He brought us out here.
It's where he felt safest.
- Is that who taught you
how to be woods woman-y?
- He taught me what he could.
- What?
- Come on, Liv.
We kept hearing things,
you know.
How Philly went down in
a day but some backwater,
berg like bethel didn't
get hit for a month.
So Suzanne, Liv's mom,
she said, "let's wait."
Let's just fucking wait.
She even thought that the
red cross was handing out
the cure in bottles over
in trout run.
Turns out they were just
handing out hot chocolate
and cheese sandwiches.
And then Suzy got some sores
on her belly,
they just looked like
little circles.
You know?
Little flea bites.
And then they started
getting worse.
Started bleeding and giving
off some sort of white puss.
Two days later, she,
she attacked Liv.
She tried to rip her
apart with her bare hands.
So that's when I tied her
to the bed.
And all she did was scream.
We left her there
for a few days.
Just listening to her scream.
- You just left her?
Tied to the bed?
- In a way,
I took a kitchen knife and,
shoved it in her ear.
And I kept on pushing
and pushing.
Until the screams stopped.
I like to think that
she forgave me, though.
That she heard me say I'm
sorry and believed it.
- Oh, my god, oh my god, no!
- Come on, you're going in!
Here we go!
Bath time.
What, I didn't even throw
you in.
- Oh my god.
- These waters aren't
even that cold.
- Oh man.
- See, it's nice.
- It looks awful.
- I don't trust you
behind me, get out of here.
- Well, I can push you.
God, are there even
any fish here?
- Law of the lake, Liv.
Where there are fishermen,
there are no fish.
- Yeah, but we're on a river.
- Rules still apply.
I went on this fishing
trip once with Matt Theil.
You remember Matt, Liv?
Guy was built like a fucking
He could open bottles
of beer with his teeth.
Use to play call of duty 24/7.
Anyway, Matt rented a boat one
time, well, it wasn't really
a boat, it was more of a skiff.
Tiny one at that, couldn't
even fit a case of fucking
natty light in it.
- Stop.
- What?
- Just
- Okay.
Hey, why did you stop
me earlier at the river?
- You know sometimes you,
it feels like you forget
what's out there.
I don't know, one minute
you're telling me about
how you killed your wife.
And the next, it's just like,
we're on a weekend camping trip.
We'll all return to normalcy
on Monday.
You know those rings
your wife had?
We saw them before anyone
knew what was going on.
We get patients in the
er oozing puss and blood.
The rings just devouring
the skin around it.
Feeding on it like it knew
what it was gonna become.
The only thing keeping them
down there
is the fact that they haven't
eaten all the bodies yet.
You know, all those people
like your wife,
just left and tied to the bed.
I can't.
I can't just choose to forget
- I didn't forget.
I just choose what to remember
and when to remember it.
Get some sleep, alright?
- They took two
houses before I found
the last amount.
- Hailey needs something
to bring her fever down.
And we need food.
You can't just quit.
You brought us out here
for a reason, Jason.
This was your call.
And we survived.
We've gotten by.
- Getting by isn't life.
- Getting by is all
we have left.
You need to go.
- Yeah.
Will this mud work?
- I don't know.
Should mask the scent.
- Right.
- Gosh.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, hey.
We're not just getting by.
We have more left
than you think.
- Okay.
- You seen her?
- Nah-uh.
When are we leaving?
- Soon.
- You always say we have
to keep moving.
Those who stay, die.
- We'll keep going,
just not yet.
- So what, we're staying
because of her?
- No, we're staying because
she has access to food
and water.
We should be thankful, Liv.
- Why does it matter if
we're leaving anyway?
- Well, it does matter.
She deserves it.
Lord knows what she's
been through.
- Yeah but we've been through...
- we'll, we've all been
through shit, Liv.
But at least you and I
had each other.
She didn't have anybody.
- Here.
- I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Let me see.
- No, it's fine.
- Let me see.
Why do you still wear it?
- Habit, I guess.
- I use to love that show.
- My daughter
loved the colorful ones.
What happened to them?
Your family, I mean.
- Same thing that happened
to everyone elses.
- You're rationing.
- Yeah.
Can't always find food
on the road.
- You're leaving, then.
- Yeah, soon.
- You can take more if...
- nah, nah, please.
The more food we take, the
more you have to go down there
and get some.
Hey, why don't you come with us?
Why not?
- How do you know
if what's out there
is any better than what's here?
- I guess we don't really.
But, I mean, this place can only
be paradise for so long.
- It's not a paradise.
You've got Liv so you need
to find a place to survive.
For you, it's north.
For me, it's here.
- Hey, what would you give me
if I hit that tree right there?
What are you, like five?
- I am 12, thank you very much.
Seriously, what are you gonna
give me?
That tree right there.
- Um.
I'll cook you dinner.
- Dinner, really?
You cook us dinner every night.
Plus that tree's 50 yards away.
- 50 yards?
- Uh 30, tops.
- Alright, fine.
Still, what are you
gonna give me?
- Fine.
We won't ration.
- My god, you have to.
You have to!
- So from here, is this okay?
- Yeah and you have to
make precisely that,
you see that little hole
at the bottom there?
- The one right in the middle.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
What are you gonna give me?
- The dinner thing.
- You can't have that
thing, that's Ann's thing.
- Yeah but we get to eat more
than four fucking crackers.
- Alright, fine then,
but what are you gonna give me?
Come on.
- We can swim.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- You hate swimming.
- You hate swimming?
- Just in lakes.
I don't like not seeing
the bottom.
- Alright.
This right here, it's for all
the marbles.
- Okay, come one.
- Big ol' dinner and swim time.
Alright? Here we go.
Oh wait, no, no, I slipped.
- Oh, nope, nope.
That was a false start.
Give me one more shot,
I get a second shot.
Come on, now.
- Oh my god,
something just touched my foot.
Did it again.
- What?
- Nothing.
- It's not nothing.
- It's nothing.
Yeah, it's nothing.
Oops, sorry.
See you later.
Mmm. Never thought I'd miss
this shit.
Oh, you want me to make you one?
I'm really good.
Let me try.
There we go.
Little beet.
Little olive.
There you go.
It's good, right?
Need more cheese, though?
Come on.
Want some cheese, Liv?
- She looks like mom.
I mean, not the hair but.
She's good at this stuff,
you know?
I mean, if it was me,
I would just be like, ah!
Is that why you want her
to come with us?
I mean, 'cause she's good
at this kind of thing?
- Now, where would we be if
she didn't find us that day?
I'd be dead and you'd be alone.
Nobody deserves that.
Not you, not her.
I want her to come
because of you.
Because she takes good
care of us.
Because I wanna take care
of her, too.
- Can I try that on?
- Sure.
- How did he ask you?
- Well.
I found out I was pregnant
on a Friday.
It was late and I told him.
And he just looked at me
and he left.
At midnight, he came
back, smelling like liquor
and he just sat down
at the edge of the bed
and showed me a ring.
He didn't asked me,
but I said yes.
And then we went to bed.
I think it came from a pawnshop.
Part of me didn't care.
Somehow I knew that was the
only way it would happen.
- Chris took my mom to Maui.
He asked her on the beach
during a sunset.
She said it was the best day
of her life.
It's nice.
- It is.
Sorta weird to think it was
someone else's
before it was yours.
- Yes.
I'll be back.
Mama loves you, okay?
Alright, you know that?
You know how much I love you?
Bye, baby girl.
Bye, sweetness.
Shh, mama's here.
I'm so sorry I left you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Y'know, I don't
know anything about you
other than the fact that
you're stubborn.
- I'm not stubborn.
- Aha!
Only stubborn people
instantly deny being stubborn.
- It's called entrapment.
- Maybe.
But now we know beyond a shadow
of a doubt
that you, Ann, whatever
the hell your last name is,
is stubborn.
- You're good at that.
- What exactly?
- Making me forget why I'm here.
Goodnight, Chris.
- Goodnight.
Come with us.
- We've talked about this.
- Things can change.
Annabelle rose Marshall.
Organ donor.
Good for you.
- Stay.
Stay right here.
- No. We can't.
Those that stay put, die here.
- Well, I'm alive.
- Yeah, but look what
happened to your family.
Ann, I didn't mean it.
Ann, I'm so sorry, I didn't...
- she must've taken some.
I mean, there was at
least a box of crackers...
- Oh fuck! Olivia!
- Chris!
Chris, wait!
- Olivia!
- Liv, where are you?
- Did you get any in your mouth?
- No.
- You?
- No, I don't think so.
- You would've tasted it.
- That thing that came up here.
- They didn't.
Food must be scarce.
- You still wanna stay.
We're leaving in the morning.
- How are you, pretty girl?
What do you see?
What do you see?
Yes, you like being
with your mama?
Yes, yes, here we go.
Oh, Hailey.
Come here, my love.
Here we go, here we go.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Chris, stop.
- Why won't you come with us?
- Because,
I'm, I'm not ready.
- You're gonna fucking die here!
- Well, maybe I deserve
to fucking die here.
- Oh, so that's what this is.
This is some sorta punishment.
Fucking atone for whatever
it is you did
and move on, already.
- This isn't a world
where you can just forgive
and move on.
We use to be able to fuck
up and then say you're sorry
and feel better until the
next time you fuck up.
With my daughter, there was
no next time.
So who can I apologize to?
Huh, Chris?
There's no one here.
- Yeah well, my wife,
she isn't here either.
I fucking killed her in
front of her daughter.
And it doesn't matter if
she was one of them or not,
I confronted it.
And I don't blame me, I don't
blame her, I blame them.
The only world that won't
right itself, Ann, is your own.
And the reason for that
is because of you.
Not because of what happened
here or what's north, you.
Look, your family, they
aren't here anymore,
but you are.
So please, just tell yourself
you're sorry, accept it
and move the fuck on, already.
- We're gonna need more food.
And I won't be able
to get it by myself.
- You just tell me what to do.
- I'm coming, too.
- Liv, no your not.
- I'm coming!
I'm just the same as Ann
or anyone else, I can help.
Three carrying food is better
than two.
- Fine.
- Chris will distract them.
All you and I will do
is fill our packs
with everything you can.
Just food, nothing else.
And then we run.
First sign of them, you
run, don't worry about me.
Okay, Liv?
Liv, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Okay.
Look, we're all gonna be fine.
Chris, Chris is gonna be fine.
- I know.
I know he's gonna be fine.
That's us. Let's go.
Grab any food you can find.
Liv, we gotta be quick!
Just grab any food you can.
Olivia, what the hell?
We gotta go.
What are you...
We have to, we have to...
We have to...
- Thought it would bleed more.
- No!
- Liv!
What's wrong?
- They're after me,
- where's Ann?
No, they're not.
I lost them.
Where's Ann?
- She...
- where's Ann?
- She's...
- Oh fuck!
Get in the car.
- Chris, I...
- Get in the fucking car!
- Olivia!
- Okay.