Here Comes the Navy (1934) Movie Script

That's my ship .. the Arizona.
It's in here for repairs.
We're building a machine shop
onboard. Would you like to see it?
Oh, love to.
Let's have a hot one.
Here it comes.
Oh, look at that sailor
catch that thing.
Ah, he's no sailor, lady.
He and those scaffold monkeys ..
Are just civilian help doing the work
the Navy personnel ought to be doing.
Why don't you write to
your Congressman, flatfoot.
Why you little ..
Let's have a hot one.
Hot iron. Coming up.
Will you watch it, you slob. Can't you
see the hole in the beam there for that?
The only hole I can see from
here is the one in your kisser.
You'd better shut it or
I'll drop my tongs in it.
Ah, you couldn't drop a
line home to your folks.
Oh no?
Coming down.
Save your strength. I'm coming up.
[ Hooter ]
A lucky day for you, sailor.
I'll postpone the licking I'm going
to give you until after lunch.
Ah, nuts to that.
When I get through with you, you
won't be able to eat for a month.
Mr Martin!
Don't fight, please.
Okay, lady.
Remember monkey, you
still got something coming.
Okay sucker, but I'm coming back.
When? Let's make it a date, sweetheart.
I'll be waiting for you.
Get a load of the 3-dollar a day Admiral
bringing in a new flock of suckers.
Ah, now don't start anything.
Alright, sailors. Come on.
Hustle along. Get going.
That's the mug that put on the show
for those dames this morning.
Watch this.
Alright. What wise-guy yelled that?
I did. What are you
going to do about it?
So it's you again, redhead, huh?
Nothing is going to happen now but
plenty when I get back from this detail.
Stick around. See what's going to pop.
Come on boy-scout. Get going before
someone takes your toy sailors from you.
Squad ..
- Halt!
Alright, wise-guy. But we'll meet again.
26 dollars too much.
Imagine how long some dope had to stay
down the hold to dig out all the silver.
If you ask me Chesty.
I think you're awful selfish.
What do you mean I'm selfish?
- Spending all that money on a tin mug.
You're like that are you.
I wish I could get this
thing to lay down.
It cuts my throat.
Where did you get that outfit?
You look like a head waiter at a casino.
- Waiter, nothing.
Waiters wear Tuxedos.
That's why I didn't rent one.
The crack still goes.
How much did you have to put up?
Three bucks for tonight.
And forty bucks deposit in
case I bring it back damaged.
You must have been chump enough to tell
'em you were going to A Riveter's Ball.
Will you stop cracking at me.
And get your coat on.
- What's the hurry?
I must lead the grand march.
Come on, get going.
What's the idea?
I want to get a pillow slip to
lug that thing up there in.
What's the matter with
the case it came in?
It looks too much like a casket.
I'll get arrested for grave robbing.
- Well.
I'm ready.
Hi, Chesty.
- Hiya, boy.
That's Chesty O'Connor, a swell guy.
Hi, chesty boy.
- Hiya, boy. What do you say?
That's Chesty O'Connor.
That guy ain't afraid of nothing.
Is that lady his dame?
- Yeah.
And she's nuts about him.
Nice going, baby.
- What do you mean?
Don't be a flirt.
Try to blow fiddle. You'll get more.
Don't be silly. Why are
you always so jealous?
I ain't jealous, baby. Just
want to see you get along.
Check your hat?
No, I don't think so.
I'm not going to stay long.
Excuse me.
Where you going?
- Must I tell everything?
See you in a few minutes.
Still want this?
- Oh.
- Make it two.
2 lemonades.
- Right.
You with somebody?
- Uhuh.
My boyfriend.
- Gee, that's tough.
Oh .. excuse me, I got
this dance with him.
Yeah, well look.
It ain't against the law
for me to cut in, is it?
I wouldn't know.
I'm a stranger around here.
Yeah, you and me both.
- Here's your lemonades.
Drink it yourself.
I've changed my mind, sister.
Stow that away will you.
Sorry pal.
- Well, you ought to be.
Oh, so it's you.
- It ain't a marine.
Say, big boy. What would
it take to keep us apart?
A magician, baby. A magician.
Looks like the Navy has
landed and taken full control.
Not today.
Sorry sailor, I'm cutting in.
- Yeah? Don't do it with a sledgehammer.
Drop it you two guys.
You want to break up the dance?
There's an alley outside
for this kind of stuff.
That's okay with me.
- And it goes double with me.
Well, come on.
Relax honey, I'll be right back.
This won't take long.
Give me your coat, chief.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
It's a gentlemen's fight between
me and him. You guys stay out of it.
This is my fight.
- That goes for me too.
Nobody steps in and the best guy wins.
You want to take off your coat, Chesty?
Nah, I won't even work up sweat.
Come on, stand back everybody.
Get back. Give us plenty of room.
Give me a bugle.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The next dance will be a waltz
contest for the Chesty O'Connor Cup.
This contest will be run
strictly by elimination.
Alright ladies, get your partners.
The contest just started. Come on up.
That Cologne will fix
up your face, boss.
But it will take more than
that to fix up this coat.
Don't look bad.
No, sir. You don't look bad.
Ladies and gentlemen.
It gives me great honor.
To present the Chesty O'Connor mug
to the winners of the waltz contest.
Miss Gladys Hawkins and
her partner Mr Biff Martin.
Of the USS Arizona.
What's this?
- A day and a half's pay.
I'm sorry Chesty but you was off two
days and I got my orders from the front.
You know how it is.
Alright Mike. Never mind the
song and dance. I'm fired, huh?
I phoned you this morning. They said
you'd checked out and gone to Frisco.
So what?
Well, you aren't making much headway.
I don't know. I'm doing alright.
- Oh, are you?
By the looks of your kisser,
his aim is awful bad.
Who is it?
- A gentleman.
And he's awful nice.
- Oh, I get it.
I don't happen to have a houseful on me.
So we're washed up, huh? Through?
Funny how quick you catch on.
Who was it? That guy Martin?
- Maybe.
Listen, I start now to catch up with
him. When I do it will be too bad.
Hey. You're pretty safe making cracks
like that with him on the water.
What water?
He just left on the
Arizona for San Pedro.
Well even so, I'm just signing up to
join the Navy to get even with him.
They only want men in the Navy.
Oh yeah? Well look here, Twist.
When I catch up with Martin ..
The Navy will know they made a
mistake in taking him in for a man.
I, Chester O'Connor do solemnly swear
or affirm that I will bear true faith ..
And allegiance to the
United States of America.
And serve them honestly and faithfully
against all their enemies, whomsoever.
I will obey the orders of the
President of the United States.
And orders of officers appointed over
me, according to the rules of the Navy.
And I further swear that all statements
made by me in this record are correct.
I do.
Say Doc, now that I'm in the Navy ..
How about putting me on the Arizona?
From now on, when you address
an officer, you will say "Sir".
You are leaving tonight.
For a Naval training
station in San Diego ..
Where you'll spend ninety days
learning to become a sailor.
Ninety days?
- Ninety days.
I quit.
- No you won't.
You're in the Navy now. Sit down.
Roy Brent.
Raise your right hand.
Hey, where you going?
That's alright. We're the new sailors.
Are you in charge of this draft?
- I certainly am.
Have you any orders?
- Oh yeah. I got a note for you.
Fine. Let's have them.
Mack, take charge of this gang.
Alright. Fall in like two rows
of corn and follow me.
He don't mean liquor.
Detail .. halt!
Face the flag.
Take off that hat.
Take off that hat.
For what?
- For Uncle Sam.
For him I'll do it.
Alright, let's go.
Put on that hat.
You just told me to take it off.
- Well, put it on.
Have you ever tried making up your mind?
You know there is something about
this place that gives a guy a thrill.
What is it about it that
gives you a thrill?
Well, if you feel that way about
it what did you join up for?
With me it's strictly a matter
of personal business.
I owe a lug in this
outfit something and ..
I'm the type that goes to extremes, see.
Pipe down.
Oh. Pipe down, pipe up.
Pipe up, pipe down. What is this?
What size shoe do you wear?
- Eight.
I don't wear ten. I wear eight.
You wear ten now, son.
You are in the Navy.
What size shoe do you wear?
I guess ten.
Daily report.
First squad present. Accounted for.
- Second squad present. Accounted for.
All present and accounted for, sir.
- Very well.
Any man here can handle a car?
Take two paces forward.
Follow me.
Alright, here's your car.
Now push it down to the dump.
Come on, snap into it.
Come on, give it gas.
Can you hear me?
I don't see why we got to
keep sweeping these streets.
They look pretty clean to me.
I don't know what you're
complaining about.
I think it's swell. To be dumping
garbage and sweeping streets.
It's great training. Great training.
For what?
- Sweeping streets.
Henry Wood.
Yes, sir.
- James Butler.
Yes, sir.
Assigned USS California.
Wilbur Mullins.
Here sir.
- Chester O'Connor?
Here sir.
Assigned USS Arizona.
The first break I've got in
this broom-pushing outfit.
The time you've spent here,
ninety days, have been short.
And the lessons, many.
We hope you remember them.
And we hope that you
bring credit to the station.
Now goodbye, good luck
and a pleasant cruise.
Take charge, sir.
- Aye-aye, sir.
There is a guy named
Martin on the Arizona.
And I'm going through all
this to catch up with him.
And here it is.
Take up your bags.
Right and left.
Forward, march!
- Alongside.
Crew for Arizona reports for duty, sir.
- Very well.
Yes, sir?
Have the Master at Arms
take charge of this detail.
Take these records up to
the executive officer.
Aye-aye, sir.
Have them disembark.
Take these men to the Exec's
office for assignment.
Aye-aye, sir. Pick up your
bags and follow me.
He likes us already.
- I think he's cute too.
Say, you got a guy named
Martin on this ship?
You mean Chief Martin?
- Yeah.
He's ashore.
That's too bad.
Now I got to postpone my date with
him until tomorrow. Alright, thanks.
Have you got twenty bucks?
Yeah, sure.
- Would you lend it to me?
Is it for a dame?
- Well yes. In a way.
Well then, you don't get it.
I ain't going to work like no slave just
to have you spend it on some twister.
Yeah, I know. But this is different.
Different, my eye.
Look at me. Just because of a bone
and a hank of hair. Look where I am.
Will you wait a minute and
let me say something?
Don't try to tell me nothing.
Dames is out of my life.
From now on every frail is
just going to be a straw ride.
Yeah, but this ain't no
dame. It's my mother.
Next week is her birthday and I want to
surprise her with a set of false teeth.
If I knew her size I could order
them here and send them to her.
But the doctor says
she's got to have them.
Because she got to eat meat.
Well, that's different.
I never knew you had a mother.
Well, everybody has got a mother.
Oh yeah?
Well here .. for Mama.
I wish they'd give us
ladders in the Navy.
No, no, no, no.
What do you think this is,
an excursion boat?
Come on! Heave out!
You, move.
Well if it ain't you.
I've been waiting ninety days for this.
Come on, clear the decks for action
because I'm coming to get you.
Now wait a minute, sailor.
Wait a minute. Take it easy.
You overlook one thing.
When you came over that gangway aboard
this ship all private battles stopped.
When I'm ashore I'll gladly accommodate
you by taking off this coat ..
And settling our little fight.
But when you're aboard, remember you're
in the Navy and I'm your senior officer.
Now, rise and shine.
And after this, when you address me
treat me with respect. Now pick that up.
Find a handle to it and go on
up and manicure the deck.
And from now on .. call me "Mister".
Now I know why they had us sweeping
streets at the training station.
This ain't no broom but
it's the same motion.
Yeah .. they got us in
training to be janitors.
Anyway, I'm glad we've
got liberty tonight.
The first thing I got to do is send my
old lady the dough for her choppers.
Is my brother on board?
- Yes, Miss. He's up on deck somewhere.
Messenger, locate Martin.
- Aye-aye, sir.
Thank you.
Holy smoke, look at the
trim lines on that destroyer.
Ain't that just my luck.
She would come aboard. And me
with the ugliest part of me nude.
Now when are you going
to stop being a sucker?
Why don't you profit by my experience
and lay off of them dames?
Why? Did one of them do you wrong?
Listen, fellah.
I had a piece of silk give me a joyride,
keep me flat broke, get me beat up ..
And then thrown out of
my job, in the bargain.
Boy, that's what I'd
certainly call a sad life.
And then to add insult to injury ..
She ties up with the guy that
put the lug on me: Biff Martin.
It's why I won't have anything
to do with them again.
I don't blame you for being sore
and only going for the pick-ups.
He couldn't have done it if that
dame hadn't distracted my attention.
Hit me when I wasn't looking.
Big game guy.
Hello Biff.
- Hello, Dot.
Well there is something
that will curl your hair.
Pipe that.
Hello kid. Gee, I'm glad to see you.
What are you doing aboard?
I had to go to work this afternoon.
I had to see you about something.
What's that guy got anyway?
Just what the doctor ordered as
far as the dames is concerned.
Ah, you're full of canal water.
You can pick up fleabags like her easier
than picking lint off a blue serge suit.
I'm telling you.
I knew a guy up in Seattle.
One of the swell-est guys
you ever saw in your life.
Excuse me a minute.
Alright, lay off the speakers table.
Bend down on those brushes.
He tells me he knows
a fellow in Seattle.
Yeah, I know. Come on, get going.
Oh yes.
Did you say that dame was hard to get?
Why, she even looked at us
like we was a couple of boots.
Uhuh. Hey, sailor.
Tell me something. Where does
that dame hang out? That one there.
She works at the telegraph
office over in town.
That's a break for you and
your old lady too. - Why?
Because Mama gets her money for
her choppers wired to her tonight.
Awfully sorry to have kept you waiting.
Not too sorry.
Did you want to send a wire?
- Yeah.
How much would it cost to wire a
party in Walla Walla twenty bucks?
That's in Washington.
326 Summer Street. My mother.
That will be exactly 24 dollars
and 61 cents including tax.
Oh that's tough. We've got
only 22 bucks between us.
We'll have to mail the dough to your old
lady the next time we come ashore.
I'm awfully sorry.
Oh .. forget it.
Sure, forget it.
Wasn't you on our ship today?
- Hmm.
Don't you remember us?
Sure, you remember him.
That's the guy with the
quarter of three trilbies.
Like that.
I'm sorry, but I have to close up now.
That's the third time you've been sorry.
Maybe you're sorry we came in?
Maybe I am.
Why don't you go and pick up
those botany books at the library.
Suppose you weren't sorry? Then what?
Oh nothing. I suppose I'd
walk home just the same.
I always walk home alone.
That's all I wanted to hear.
Now look.
This is just supposing, just supposing.
Supposing some nice guy was
to ask to walk you home?
What would you say?
I suppose I'd say ..
Oh, like that, huh? Now wait, wait ..
Well, if you didn't let a
guy walk home with you ..
I don't hope you'd give
him your phone number?
I certainly wouldn't.
Well in case you did.
I mean this is just in case.
It wouldn't be San Pedro, say, 3142?
No, not if he wanted
to get me it wouldn't.
How come?
Because my phone number
is San Pedro 9697.
Aha. San Pedro 9697.
I don't suppose if a guy come over
on liberty tomorrow night he'd ..
He'd have any chance of calling you?
Well, where do you suppose he'd call?
At the office or at the house?
Because I'm not working tomorrow night.
I was just thinking that the Navy land
is so close to the telegraph office ..
I wouldn't have to use a phone.
I could just holler over.
Well, here is where I live.
Now wait a minute, kid. Wait a minute.
What are the chances of stopping
in and picking up a pencil?
I'm sorry. I keep all
my pencils at the office.
Well, there wouldn't be any
harm in my stopping in and ..
Having a cup of coffee with your
old man would there? - No.
No, there wouldn't be any harm in that.
- Well then, it's alright?
Not tonight.
- Why not?
You see, Papa doesn't live here anymore.
Oh, Miss. Hey!
[ Whistle ]
[ Whistle ]
[ Whistle ]
[ Whistle ]
In case I want to call. Just in case.
What do I ask for?
If you want me, ask for Dorothy.
Alright, Dorothy.
- Goodnight.
Did you ask her if she
had a girlfriend for me?
Just the one, just the one. All you got
to do is whistle. Whistle right there.
[ Whistle ]
[ Whistle ]
Oh, getting fussy, huh? Wait a minute.
Hello there. How are you?
Hiya, baby.
Me, I'm swell. Say ..
Where we going later?
- Let's not go out any place tonight.
I have dinner on the stove.
Wouldn't you like to come up for
a nice home-cooked meal?
Would I?
She asked will I go to
dinner there tonight.
Try and keep me away.
Will be there in a half hour.
Yeah. A half hour.
Alright, baby. Bye-bye.
What's doing?
- It's all over but the shouting.
Me and her is having dinner at
her place, and we're staying in.
Did you ask if she
had a girlfriend for me?
Oh .. I didn't think of it.
Ain't that funny.
You always forget to ask that.
Yeah, that's right. But I promise,
next time I will. I promise you that.
Say, listen, You got any
of that twenty bucks left?
Oh, sure.
Well, can you slip me ten of it?
- Uhuh.
- My mother's choppers.
That's alright.
Write and tell her to stay on oatmeal
for another week. It's okay. Come on.
I hope I'm not keeping you waiting.
That's up to you, baby.
- Yeah.
Come on over here and I'll
tell you all about it. Now.
- Come here.
I can't, Chesty. I have to watch dinner.
- Come on, sit down.
I'm sorry, Chesty. No.
I guess it's my fault.
What is this?
I suppose it looked like
just what you thought ..
When I invited you up here tonight.
You're kidding.
Chesty, I did want to like you but ..
I guess we both had the wrong idea.
You'd better be going.
If you're on the level
it's okay with me.
I can't shove off fast enough.
So you're trying to give me a fast exit?
- Well ..
You know, this is funny.
I don't usually go so
far wrong on a dame.
Don't you think you owe me an apology?
Yeah, sure. And if you ..
Show me how to make one and tell
me what to say, I'll be glad to do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Dorothy.
Now I'll say it again.
I'm sorry .. very sorry.
Was that hard?
- No.
In fact it isn't enough.
You're one of the swell-est girls
I've met in my life. I'm a chump.
So from now on anything you want to ask
to even things up, you just name it.
Chesty, that's the sweetest
apology a girl ever got.
And it's all the nicer because
you made it yourself.
The potatoes.
Going bad?
- Not too badly.
[ Buzzer ]
There's the bell, Chesty.
Will you answer it please.
What do you want here?
Get up on your pins, sucker. Get up!
I'm up.
Biff. Chesty!
Keep out of this, Sis. Keep out of it.
- Let him alone. I invited him up here.
You invited him up here?
- What's this mug to you?
My brother. Now, will you
both try to be gentlemen.
You brother?
- Yes, her brother.
Let him alone.
I'm ashamed of both of you.
You might have a little respect for me.
Come on. We'll finish this downstairs.
- That's alright with me.
Biff, if you go out there I
will never speak to you again.
Well okay, quiet down.
I'll stay. But you get this.
I'm not going canary. I'm just
trying to give her a break.
If I catch you within eight blocks
of this place I'll go to work on you.
And I won't fool around about it.
Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
Well I'll see Dorothy whenever
I like and as often as I like.
And nobody is going to stop me, see.
Sorry, kid.
Your company has spoiled my appetite.
Hard-headed little wharf-rat.
Biff, won't you listen to me.
Sure I'll listen if you can give me half
a reason why you invited him up here.
Because I enjoy his company.
Honest Biff, you'd get a great kick
out of him if you knew him.
Knew him?
I know him well enough to know
that he's not fit company for you.
What is it that you have against
him that makes you hate him so?
Well, plenty.
Met him in Seattle.
I scrapped with him in a cheap dance
hall where decent people shouldn't go.
What were you doing there?
Well, I was .. uh .. going to meet ..
How did I know what the place
was like until I got inside.
That's beside the point anyway.
Now look, Biff. Tomorrow onboard ship.
I want you to apologise to him
and invite him back to dinner.
I want you to be friends.
Sure. I'll send him a gold
watch and chain too.
Do I look that daffy?
Now listen, Dot.
I never tried to tell
you what to do did I?
You heard what I said at
the door and it still goes.
I don't want you to see him again.
I'll see him as much as I want.
No matter what you say or think.
I like him and I hope he likes me.
Well, I got to hand it to you.
Out of all the guys in the
Navy, you pick him out.
Hey O'Connor. Telegram.
Oh. Thanks.
What is it, a telegram?
Why, how do you like that?
You mean they didn't
spell "liberty" right?
It's from my girl you dope. She wants
to see me tonight. It's important.
How am I going to get off ship?
- A pass.
No, I had liberty last night.
Well, show them the telegram.
Hey, that's an idea.
Just because it comes
from you, I don't like it.
I thought you was the guy that was
going to give dames the quick shuffle.
I can change my mind, can't I?
Or is that privilege going to
be taken from me too?
Oh, it's okay.
Only I let you give me the idea that we
was going to pick them up, play and run.
Yeah, you're just one of those
guys that would acquiesce.
"Acquiesce". Agree.
Become a partner to. Give it the nod.
You mean say yes?
Boy, here I am wasting time
at a moment like this.
I got another idea. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute, will you!
Wait a minute! Hey!
Wait a minute!
Hey, wait a minute!
I beg your pardon, sir.
I'd like special liberty tonight, sir.
It's very important.
You rate liberty?
No, but my girl needs me.
I just got this wire from her.
This doesn't seem very imperative.
But if you can get relief.
And the Master at Arms gives you a clean
ticket I've no objections to your going.
Aye-aye, sir.
- Martin.
This man wants special liberty.
He's got this telegram from
his girl. What about it?
Why this man is a liberty hound, sir.
I'd like to see him kept aboard.
Special liberty not granted.
- Aye-aye, sir.
Listen, Cinderhead.
I thought I told you to keep
away from my sister, didn't I?
What do I have to slug you
with to make you savvy?
You and your whole Navy couldn't keep me
away from her. What you say to that?
You won't see her tonight.
No? - No.
What makes you think so?
Because Romeo, I'm putting you
on the fo'c'sle watch from 8 to 12.
Oh yeah?
Well alright, puss.
And I'll be on your neck
from 12 o'clock on.
You look sore.
I almost think you didn't get it.
- Well, I didn't.
Besides, Martin put me
on watch for tonight.
Well, can't you do something?
Like ..?
Talk to the Admiral.
I'm going to do plenty.
Me and this man's Navy is
parting company for good.
I never want to see water again.
Before I'll see one of
these battle wagons.
You aren't hinting that you're
going to swim ashore, are you?
I'm going just the way I came.
In a liberty boat.
And if you don't believe me ..
Come and watch.
Hey, cookie.
You've got liberty tonight, ain't you?
- Sure have, sir.
Want to make some dough?
- How much?
Three bucks for your liberty card.
I would like to oblige you
Mr Chesty, but I've got a date.
I'll make it five.
It's a lot of dough for
one night's liberty.
Doggone, I almost come.
But I just can't disappoint my honey.
She won't be disappointed.
Yes sir, she will.
Well look, I'll make it ten bucks.
Look, got ten bucks on you?
Got my hand right on it.
I knew what was coming.
Here you are, look. A nice new crisp ten
dollar bill all for you. What you say?
You know, this thing does things to me.
I guess you got me.
Listen Chesty, if my mother
don't get those china teeth ..
She'll lose her job as
well as her health.
What's her racket?
- She sings in a choir.
Can't she hum?
- Hum?
Yeah, hum.
Tell her to hum until we
play our next crap game.
Hum, hum, hum, hum. That's alright.
Hum, hum, him.
Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum. I like it.
Hum, hum, hum.
Hum .. hum .. hum.
[ Whistle ]
[ Whistle ]
Now lay up .. all the liberty party.
Open ranks.
Front rank.
About face!
What have you got there?
- Shoes, sir.
Alright. Remember, men.
Liberty expires at midnight.
- Yes, sir.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Liberty expires on the dock at midnight.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Nice work, Chesty.
Hello, baby.
It's me, Chesty.
Oh my gracious, not even your
own mother would know you.
Yeah, I know. I had to smear this stuff
on my face so I could get ashore.
Come on, tell me. What's up?
- Well, it's Biff.
He is trying to make me promise
not to see you anymore.
Oh yeah? Well look, let's go someplace
and I'll wash this stuff off my face.
We'll talk it all over. Come on.
Well, supposing I got a
job in some other place?
Would you come?
Are you going to be transferred?
No. I'm quitting the Navy tonight.
You're just fooling, Chesty.
I'm not kidding. I mean it.
I know what's wrong with you.
- What?
You're just sore as you
can't get even with Biff.
You're taking it out on the Navy.
I'll admit that's part of it but I
don't like the rest of it either.
You can take the Navy and
put it right in your eye.
The only way to get me back into
it is to send me back in a box.
What's the matter?
Come on, tell me. What is it?
Chesty, I just can't like a deserter.
I never dreamed you were a quitter.
I ain't quitting.
I don't like the Navy.
Isn't that enough for you?
It is for me.
I'm tired. Let's go home.
Am I being a chump again?
- Not yet.
But you will be if you run away.
Alright, I quit.
I'll go back to the
ship and stick it out.
Oh honest? Will you promise, Chesty?
I'd promise you anything.
Hey, mister.
Oh, go away will you. Go away.
The two dollar bill you
gave me is all ridden out.
But the crowd out there.
Are passing the hat to
keep you riding all night.
Is it okay?
And Biff.
I want you to know
if you'll shake hands ..
And Biff.
I want you to know
if you'll shake hands ..
I'll forget the past
and try to be friends.
What's more, I'll try
to be a better sailor.
Now wait a minute. That last ..
Sounds kind of abracadabra.
You know, lah-di-dah.
It's out.
- Well ..
Then I'll watch myself and
try to be a credit to the ship.
Alright. I'll say that.
Oh Chesty, I'm proud of you.
I want you to know.
I wouldn't do it for nobody else in
the world but you. Nobody but you.
Oh, honey.
Goodnight, baby.
- Now don't forget.
I won't.
Goodnight again.
Hey, skipper.
I jumped ship. I must get back. Will
you take me out for a couple of bucks?
Sure, but it costs three.
- Right, let's go.
Alright, Bob. Shove off.
How you going to get back on
board if you jumped ship?
You know it's much tougher getting
back on than it was getting off.
It's a tough rap.
You're liable to get about
ten days in the brig for this.
Hey, do me a favor, will you.
- Yeah, sure.
When we get close to the ship,
slow down and switch off your lights.
Will you do that?
- Yeah. Sure.
Yes, sir.
Mullins, what are you doing here?
I'm on watch.
See, Chesty wasn't feeling very well.
As a matter of fact he was sick
and he said to me, he said ..
"Droopy", he said ..
He wasn't feeling very well.
You feel fine, don't you?
You're not a very good liar, Droopy.
- Yes, sir.
No, sir.
I know where he is.
- What will I do?
Stay on watch until you're relieved.
I've got some watching to do myself.
Alright, Bob. Slow down.
Help .. help!
Man overboard!
Man overboard.
Man overboard!
Man overboard. Port side.
Man overboard, port side.
Man overboard.
Lower away.
Is there anything I can do to help?
- Yes. Keep out of the way.
Who is it?
I hope it's who I think.
It is.
What happened?
- Why ..
I was leaning against the side when my
foot slipped and I fell into the water.
Yeah. Your foot slipped
alright. Well, stupid ..
You brought this on yourself. You'll be
reported for being absent without leave.
Ahoy, Arizona!
Did that dumb sailor who just jumped
off this speedboat get aboard alright?
Okay skipper, we got him.
What's your name?
- Chesty O'Connor.
Seaman 2nd Class, sir.
The man is AWOL sir.
Furthermore he jumped his watch tonight
and let another man substitute for him.
O'Connor. That's a very serious offence.
You're restricted to this ship.
Awaiting action of the
Commanding Officer.
Aye-aye, sir.
You've been called here to testify
in the case of seaman O'Connor.
He's charged with leaving the ship with
no authority on the night of April 2nd.
Also, on the same night of leaving his
station and duty without any authority.
Tell the court what
you know of the case.
I was on duty on the
night in question, sir.
And I had assigned seaman O'Connor
to the 8 to 12 fo'c'sle watch.
On inspection I found
that he'd gotten ..
Seaman Mullins to stand
his watch for him.
Well, I immediately
searched the ship and ..
Found O'Connor was not aboard.
One o'clock in the morning.
I was standing on the fo'c'sle deck.
When a shore boat came close in
to the bow and I heard a splash.
Shortly afterwards,
I heard a man yell ..
"Man overboard".
We found the man to be .. O'Connor.
However sir, he did not fall over
from the fo'c'sle deck because ..
The only two on the
fo'c'sle deck were ..
Seaman Mullins and myself.
Does the accused desire
to make a statement?
Yes, sir.
Martin has had it in for
me for a long time.
He's just making this thing worse.
Just to make it tough for me.
Well go ahead and sentence me.
And when it's all over.
I'm going to get off this wagon.
I don't like the sea and I never have.
I want to go into some other
branch of the service.
And as for you, gumshoe ..
- Silence!
O'Connor you're only making yourself
liable for further discipline.
Take charge of the prisoner.
- Aye-aye, sir.
Left. Face.
I have the court-martial papers, sir.
Very well.
The court before which you
were tried has found you guilty.
And this is the sentence of the court.
To be confined to the limits of the
ship for a period of two months.
And to lose 24 dollars
per month of your pay.
For a period of three months.
A total loss of pay
amounting to 72 dollars.
Signed by all members of the court.
Approved by the commanding officer.
And the immediate superior in command.
Master at Arms.
Take charge of O'Connor.
Aye-aye, sir.
Division. Dismissed.
Too bad, Chesty.
That's really too bad.
Hey listen, O'Connor.
I'm sorry about that.
Now wait a minute, hothead.
You've been in the Navy long enough to
know what I did was in the line of duty.
Any trouble between you and my sister
and me has got nothing to do with it.
Onboard ship I do my
duty just as I see it.
But you get this through your skull.
I'm no squealer.
Alright. Gangway.
No, he's no squealer.
So that's the way they
do it in the Navy, huh?
If that's the way it is, I don't want
anything more to do with any of it.
And that goes for the whole
outfit and anybody in it.
You're nothing but a lot of whip-dogs ..
Boot-licking and kowtowing
to a flock of mugs in uniform.
Who push you around
like a lot of rag-dolls.
A wrong guy.
Sure, sure.
You guys wouldn't laugh if you heard my
mother sing this song in Walla Walla.
I can see her now sitting in a rocking
chair waiting for me to come home.
And as I step in the door she'd say ..
Drunk again.
Thanks, guys.
To show you how that song gets me.
Once I heard a mother singing it
to her kid while she was feeding it.
You know what it made
me feel like doing?
Having a baby.
Why did those guys leave when I came in?
I've been trying to learn the words
to that song for eight years.
I know one mistake I've been making.
Instead of singing ..
"The violets of early spring".
I've been singing ..
"Sweet peas on a pearly string".
I asked you.
Why did those guys get up
and leave when I came in?
You know what I think I will do?
I'm going to have it tattooed on me.
Then it will stay with me.
Answer me! Why did they leave?
I don't want to tell you, Chesty.
- Come on.
Well they got the thumbs down on you.
They think you're a wrong guy.
Because of that speech I gave them?
They like the Navy.
Well if that's the way they feel
about it, it's alright with me.
The further they're away
from me, the better I like it.
And that goes.
"Oh promise me that
someday you and I .."
Oh, wait a minute.
Oh, my sweetheart.
"Sweet violets of early spring."
"Oh promise me that
someday you and I .."
Not here. Biff will see us.
Boy, I'm glad to see you. It seems ages.
Here, sit down.
What do you think of that big
brother of yours? - What?
What he did to me when I took your
advice and came back to apologise.
I'm certainly not proud of you Chesty
for what you said after the summary.
Why did they want to give
me such a stiff jolt for?
Lots of guys go AWOL and get
extra duty for only one day.
But you jumped your watch.
Well I do it because I want to see you.
I don't want you to neglect your duty
no matter how much I want to see you.
Well, whatever I did he
shouldn't have turned me in.
He had to do it, Chesty. It's his duty.
He's sick about it.
What are you always
sticking up for him for?
He is the only one I
have left in the world.
Naturally I defend him
because I love him.
Maybe you don't need nobody else?
Don't talk like that.
Well, if he's such a big-shot with
you maybe I'm wasting your time.
Do you really feel that way?
- Yes, certainly.
If he's that man, I might as
well bow out of the picture.
Whatever made you think you were in it?
So it's one of those things, huh?
Anyway, I wouldn't marry you. Not while
you were still a 2nd Class seaman.
Hmm. A snob.
Why didn't you wait
until you were asked?
What's the use of prolonging it?
If this ends it, at least
let's talk as friends.
Yeah, sure.
It's been nice.
You can't even be a good sport, can you.
Go on home, will you.
You've said your piece.
- Not all of it.
I'm going to tell you something
though you don't deserve it.
You've signed up for four years.
And you'll spend them either
on board ship or in naval prison.
But you will still
spend your four years.
Go on, blow will you. Blow.
And how you spend them depends on you.
You certainly started out wrong.
You can fool a CPO.
You can annoy a Captain.
You might even trouble an Admiral.
But there is one thing neither
you nor anybody else can do.
And that's whip the Navy.
Everything alright?
That's fine.
All hands take stations
for getting under weigh.
Anchors aweigh.
Anchors aweigh, bridge.
I don't see why we
got to wash this thing.
It's coming right out of the water.
We got to wash the germs off it.
- For what?
They're going to use it in the
officer's mess to crack nuts.
Bugler, sound general alert.
Aye-aye, sir.
My range. 8-0, double O.
My range, 178 double O.
Coming on the range.
One minute to go.
Alright boys, remember we're
out for the fleet record. Let's go.
Stand by.
Ready one.
- Ready two.
Ready three.
That's five.
Ready one.
Watch it men.
Fire. Fire!
Control, control! Fire in gun
room number one turret!
Close those plugs.
Don't turn those on.
Get that powder out of here.
How do you feel, Chesty?
- Alright, kid.
You sure?
- Yeah.
Well you certainly are a big-shot.
You ought to hear what the
guys are saying about you.
What did they say?
Well, they think you're a swell fellow.
And you must be a great guy to
risk your life to save all those men.
And you are an amazing character.
You're going to be
recommended for a decoration.
Ah, bull.
I'm the same guy they gave
the goodbye to, ain't I?
Well they gave it to me once and I don't
want to have no truck with them now.
I did it to save myself.
And I want them to know that.
You oughtn't to feel that way, Chesty.
You are going to get a
medal and everything.
Times up.
Take good care of yourself, Chesty.
And do everything they tell you.
Not much chance of doing anything else.
How about it? Is he convalescing?
Not while I was in there.
What did he say when you said
the boys were all for him?
It ain't fit to be repeated.
I get it.
All hands aft, sir.
Seaman 2nd Class C.J. O'Connor.
Front and center.
Sir, Seaman O'Connor is
present to be decorated.
Publish the order.
"The Secretary of the
Navy, Washington, D.C."
"25 August, 1934."
"The President of The United States has
pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross."
"To seaman 2nd Class,
C.J. O'Connor USN."
"For gallant conduct upon
the occasion of the .."
"Disastrous fire of accidentally
ignited powder charges."
"Which occurred in the forward
turret of the USS Arizona .."
"During target practice
on the 9th July 1934."
"O'Connor by his complete
disregard for his own life .."
"Succeeded in smothering the burning
powder which threatened the lives .."
"Of the turret's crew and the
very life of the ship itself."
"O'Connor's heroic conduct
upon this occasion .."
"Reflects the greatest
credit upon himself .."
"And upon the United States
Navy of which he is a part."
"For the President, J.M. Samson."
"Secretary of the Navy."
Orders are published, sir.
It gives me great pleasure.
To join with the Navy department in
commending your conspicuous courage.
My congratulations and best wishes.
Thank you, sir.
My pal.
Station officers take charge.
Dismiss divisions.
Divisions, dismissed!
Chesty, let me congratulate you.
I'm glad I know you.
There ain't many guys got one of
them things. I'm not envious mind you.
But I certainly wish I had one.
Like it?
- Sure. - Alright.
It's all yours.
Feel like a hero?
What are you crabbing about?
You ought to be tickled to death.
- Ah, what is it?
Nothing but a tin novelty you can buy
in any hock shop for a dime a dozen.
What do I get out of it, for
getting my eyebrows singed?
It's the two bucks a month that goes
with it that interests me. So here.
Send that to your Mama
with my compliments.
O'Connor is a good man but I guess
he needs a change of scenery.
He's already asked for a transfer of
duty to lighter-than-air craft, sir.
Well, I'll see if I can't help it along.
You sent for me, sir?
O'Connor, I have received orders
from the Bureau of Navigation.
Detaching you from this ship.
You are ordered for duty
to lighter-than-air craft.
I hate to see you go.
But you seem to be headed
wrong in this ship.
The Navy tires to make
men, not break them.
You've got the stuff.
I wish you a happy cruise at Sunnyvale.
Thank you, sir.
The first break I've had since
I've been in this man's navy.
The next break you'll
get will be your neck.
Don't you kid yourself. The neck
to be broken will be Biff Martin's.
The first time I meet the guy ashore I'm
going to break every bone in his skull.
I've heard that so many times
it's getting to be a monopole.
A what?
You know, one guy talking to himself.
- Oh.
Look, Chesty.
- Yeah?
Would you like to make a nice gesture?
- Well ..
My mother ain't got her false teeth yet.
And like I was telling you, her
choir singing job ain't so secure.
0kay, kid. Here.
Here is ten ..
Ten. Twenty bucks.
Buy your Ma a new set of porcelain fangs
and dedicate the upper plate to me.
I wish I could be there for the opening.
I ..
I got something for you.
0h yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, you might not like it.
I thnk you'll appreciate it.
Because it is nice.
Now what did you want to
go to all that trouble for?
If you don't like it you can
make a calendar out of it.
You know .. there's one nice thing
about it. - Yeah? What?
There is no doubt in your
mind as to who it is from.
The boat is ready, Chesty.
I'll be right there, kid.
- I'll take the bag, Chesty.
Well, there goes your hero.
If you want to say goodbye
to him you'd better do it now.
He won't speak to me, Biff.
Give him this.
Goodbye, old pal.
Bye, Droopy.
The old ship ain't going to
be the same without you.
It couldn't be any worse.
Say, what's the matter? You got a cold?
No, it's my voice.
I think it is changing.
I certainly wish I was going with you.
- Oh, you'll be alright.
Now look, don't forget
what I told you. Right?
I never had any man go over the side for
the lasts time without being friends.
Come on. What do you say?
Okay hothead, if that's
the way you feel about it.
That's for you.
So long, Chesty.
- So long, kid.
Good luck, old boy.
How can ..
How can you figure a guy like that?
Woo, switch! What are you
two guys? A couple of violets?
Ah, mind your own business.
Goodbye, Chesty!
Here's a lug for your whiskers.
I get a letter from a pal of mine. He
tells me about everything but the ship.
What a mug.
What do you expect?
Those sailors are all dumb.
Oh, is that so?
Listen, I want you to know the boys on
the Arizona are the best in the world.
Well, all except one.
All present and accounted for, sir.
- Very good.
"United States Fleet."
"Aircraft battle force."
"26th October."
"Movement order."
"Number 1734."
"Task organisation: A."
"USS Macon Commander Denny."
"USS Macon visits Los Angeles California
in order to participate in the local .."
"Navy Day program. 27th October."
"Paragraph 3."
"USS Macon departs Sunnyvale 4 days,
8 hours. Arriving Los Angeles 14 hours."
"C.E. May, Rear Admiral US Navy."
"Commander. Aircraft Battle Force."
"Leave quarters."
The Arizona has been detailed to provide
this ground crew for the Macon.
Which lands at Mines Field today.
Take charge.
- Aye-aye, sir.
Right, face!
Light smoke bomb.
What did they do that for?
- To see which way the wind is blowing.
I always do this.
Left rudder.
- Left rudder, sir.
- Steady, sir.
The wind seems a bit gusty.
I think we can make it though.
This old bag is going to have
a tough time landing today.
Better get the hatch ready
for dropping those trails.
Okay. Open up.
You said it. That wind
is getting stronger.
Those ground monkeys
better watch themselves.
We'll try it.
- Aye-aye, sir.
Steady as she goes.
- Steady as she goes, sir.
Come left.
- Come left, sir.
Drop the trail.
- Drop the trail, sir.
Trail is dropping.
We've got to make another approach.
- Aye-aye, sir.
Full right rudder.
- Full right rudder, sir.
Stand clear!
Look at that monkey hang on.
Let go, you chump! Let go!
There is a man on our
starboard trail, sir.
Up elevator.
- Up elevator, sir.
We can't drag that man
through the trees.
Don't touch that rope.
I don't know how long he's going
to be able to hang on, sir.
I'd like to go down that
rope and get that man, sir.
I've only one man to worry about now.
If you go down I must worry about two.
It's nothing to worry about. It's easy.
- I can't risk it.
Aye-aye, sir.
Hey O'Connor, what are you going to do?
I hope he can hang on.
- Where you going?
To pick that guy off that rope.
- You chump. You'll break your neck.
Well, I'll try it anyway.
Well good luck, kid.
- Happy landings.
Can you hang on another minute?
Well if it ain't flatfoot.
I might have guessed it.
The only guy in the Navy dumb enough
to hang on to the end of a rope.
Put both arms around me.
Both of 'em.
Alright. One.
Here we go. Two, three.
We're going down too fast to suit me.
- Hope we make it, kid.
How are you? I'm bouncing.
- Awkward.
Well it looks like O'Connor
has joined the Navy.
Oh, Chesty.
Get back. Get back.
Alright Chesty, you stay right where you
are. Dorothy you get a little closer.
Chaplain, you stand
on the port side here.
Giving orders, huh?
Who's running this thing?
I'm the lug that's getting married.
Who's the guy that's giving
her away? I am, ain't I?
Go on being so stinking officious
and I won't even marry your sister.
You'll marry her or I'll
slug you with a crutch.
That will be the best
day you ever lived.
Boys remember, this is our wedding day.
Come on, slow down sailor.
I'm still giving orders.
Oh yeah?
Cast a loving glance at that and
see what it does to your dignity.
"The President of the
United States of America."
"Know ye, that proposing
special trust .."
"Chester J O'Connor."
"I do appoint him Bosun in
the United States Navy."
To be obedient to his orders?
Hey, this warrant puts you above me.
Well, I am a son of ..
Who is giving orders now?
From now on, treat me with respect.
And whenever you speak to me.
Call me "Mister".
Yes, sir.
If you boys will remain
quiet for just a minute.
We are ready, Mullins.
You may have your mother sing.
Alright, mum.
Mr O'Connor, will you take the
hand of your beloved bride.
I'll stand for this.
Hey, Biffy.
Do you think you could part with one of
your good legs for just two minutes?
There you are, Admiral.
Can you play "0h Promise me"?
I think so.
Now I'm so nervous I've
forgotten the words.
Go ahead. Play it from memory.
Come on, Ma. Chirp.
"Oh promise me that someday you and I."
"We'll take our love
together to some sky."
"Where we can be alone
and faith renewed."
"And find the hollows
where those flowers .."
"Oh promise me."
"Oh, prom .."
T-G o