Here for Blood (2022) Movie Script

(typewriter clacking)
(typewriter dings)
(runner panting)
(feet tapping)
(music playing from headphones)
(keys clinking)
(door clattering)
(door closing and locking)
(shower running)
(roommate panting)
(keys clinking)
(roommate thudding)
(ominous music)
(roommate panting)
(glass clinking)
(sipping drink)
(shower running)
(feet tapping)
(door creaking)
(door closing)
- I'm back.
(lamp clicks)
Maddie? What do you
wanna wear tonight?
(shower running)
(shower running)
(eerie music)
(door creaking)
(ominous music)
(knife stabbing)
(woman grunting)
(blood gushing)
(Loverboy shushing)
(knife stabbing)
(blood gushing)
(woman whimpering)
(knife clattering)
(glass breaking)
(woman crying)
(Loverboy panting)
(woman yelling)
- Oh, sorry.
(cart rolling)
(pen clattering)
(Phoebe sighing)
- Hello.
There you go.
- Oh, thank you.
Guys, I can't read anymore.
My eyes are burning.
- Well power through, okay?
Our first exam is in less
than forty eight hours.
- I thought that balancing
three jobs in college would...
You're right. You're right.
I knew it would
suck and it does.
This sucks. I have no life
outside of these textbooks.
- Well, buckle down.
Your collegiate ambitions
depend on this exam.
(hand smacking)
- Thanks, Mike.
I'm painfully aware of that.
- Okay, well, why
don't we get together
tomorrow night and cram?
- I can't, I'm babysitting.
- What?
- Why the hell would you do that
the night before an exam?
- I know, I know, I know.
But look, they pay so well
and I couldn't afford
to turn it down.
I need money for rent and don't
even think about groceries.
I'm living off of
instant ramen right now.
- Well, why don't you
get Tom to cover for you?
(Mike snorting)
- Tom? As in my Tom, look after
a living, breathing child?
- Yeah. You get to study
and he can collect
the money for you.
- No offense, Phoebe,
but I don't think Tom's
exactly kid friendly.
(Christine muttering)
- Okay, Tom can
totally do it, alright?
All he has to do is
just keep the kid alive
for a couple of hours.
It's really not that hard.
- Tom?
I don't know.
He's just so-
(Tom smacking)
- [Announcer] He's
down. Tom O'Bannon
(camera snapping)
is down again.
(crowd member yelling)
His third match of the night.
He's really being
taken to his limit
by Tyson Dux.
(crowd yelling)
(arms smacking)
(camera snapping)
O'Bannon is a juggernaut.
(fists thudding)
He's a powerhouse,
but I don't think he has
what it takes to last the night.
(arms thumping)
(audience yelling)
(fists thudding)
(camera smacking)
(punch thumping)
(camera snapping)
- [Crowd] Come on Tom!
(camera snapping)
(audience yelling)
(fist thumping)
(camera snapping)
- [Audience Member]
Fucking kill him!
Kill him!
(camera snapping)
(arm thumping)
(camera snapping)
(audience yelling)
(camera snapping)
(fist thudding)
- [Announcer]
O'Bannon is furious.
Tyson Dux is messed up.
Time's up. Pure
strike from O'Bannon.
(wrestler thudding)
Oh, that one's got to hurt.
(audience cheering)
- Yeah!
(camera snapping)
(heads crashing)
- [Announcer] Oh, with a
blind side headbutt to Dux.
This crowd is really
behind O'Bannon.
(ropes twinge)
(wrestler thudding)
- [Audience Member] Yeah!
- [Announcer] Oh, he's got him
(camera snapping)
in his own suplex.
He's holding him. Holding him.
(camera snapping)
Tyson Dux can't get
down. O'Bannon has him.
(camera snapping)
(wrestlers thudding)
(can spraying)
A back breaking maneuver.
(bell dings)
And O'Bannon is fired up.
This crowd really behind him.
(crowd cheering)
- [Crowd] O'Bannon! O'Bannon!
O'Bannon! O'Bannon!
(camera snapping)
(crowd cheering)
(hand thudding)
- There's your cut.
- 20 Bucks? That was
a sold out crowd.
How do I only get 20 bucks?
- Take it or leave it, O'Bannon.
- Come on, man.
I got my ass kicked out there.
And this 20 bucks
doesn't even cover gas.
- Hey, you don't like it?
You can piss off.
I got plenty other people
more than willing
to take your place.
- Hey, you know what?
(Dusty sighing)
- What?
- See you next month, Dusty.
- Uh-huh. Bye-bye.
You know, life sucks,
son and then you die.
Keep up the good work.
You missed a spot.
(woman muttering)
(Dusty mumbling)
- Crap.
(door creaking)
(door closing)
Hey, baby.
- Hey, babe. How'd the match go?
- Oh, it was fine.
(can hissing)
- Yeah? Did you win?
- Obviously.
Oh, another missing girl.
- What?
- Oh, my god that's Elise.
I know her.
No, she's so nice.
What happened to her?
- If they knew that
she wouldn't be on a
missing poster, babe.
- Oh, my god that's so sad.
(TV clicks on)
(objects clattering)
Are you okay?
- Yeah, babe.
- Good, because I need you
to babysit for me tomorrow.
- I need to do what?
- I need you to babysit
for me so I can study.
- Come on, Phoebe.
I don't know how to
take care of children.
- Yes, you do.
You'll be fine. It'll be easy.
It's only for a couple of hours
and right when
I'm done studying,
I'll come back and take over.
This way I can still
prep for my exam
as well as getting paid.
- So you get to keep the money?
- Duh, I'm broke.
We're- you're broke actually.
Please, it would really
be helping me out.
And Grace, she is
such a cute kid.
You're really gonna
like her. She's so fun.
- No way.
- Yes way.
- I can't.
- You can.
- I don't want to.
- Okay.
How many times have I helped you
with any of your wrestling stuff
or whenever you need
your underwear sewn?
- Trunks.
- Oh, god.
- Wrestling trunks, so what?
- Sure. Whatever. Fine.
My point is, you owe me.
(Tom sighing)
- Can't you just ask one
of your friends to do it?
I mean, guys don't
babysit. Girls do.
(Phoebe huffing)
- Wow. What an outdated,
sexist way of thinking.
A guy can babysit.
- Yeah, a guy can babysit,
but then everybody's
gonna assume he's a
creep or something.
- Yeah, but you're not
a creep or something.
- But everybody's
gonna assume that I am.
- Okay. Okay, babe,
you know what?
I need you to babysit
for me tomorrow,
and you are going to do it
because you love me.
- God dammit.
Well, yes obviously
I am going to do it.
- Yes, thank you.
Okay, so I am just
gonna give Barb
a call and let her know that
you're coming.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Are there like special rules
for a kid or something?
- Yeah. Don't feed
her after midnight.
She's not a gremlin,
Tom. She's a kid.
You'll be fine, okay?
Great, thank you.
Barb, Hi. Yeah,
it's Phoebe calling.
Okay, so there's a mistake.
(Tom sighing)
- You're a gremlin.
(drink slurping)
- [Man On TV] There's
a dinosaur here.
That's it now you've
really made me mad.
(yelling from TV)
(phone buzzing)
(phone beeping)
- [Caller] I need you
tomorrow. Bring your tools.
(phone clicking off)
(ominous music)
(door creaking)
(knife clattering)
(door closing)
(Tom grunting)
- Morning, sexy.
How you feeling?
- Mm. Work wasn't
easy last night.
(water running)
Almost got dropped on
my head a couple times.
- Mm. Oh, you're tough.
You'll pull through.
So I called the Fosters.
- Who?
- Fosters? Remember, you're
babysitting for me tonight?
- I'm still doing that?
- Damn, right you are.
Hey, look, it'll be fine.
I called them and I told them
I am sending a
trusted replacement,
and they were actually
really cool about it.
So it'll be good. You
have to be there at four.
Grace is seriously awesome,
she's a good kid, promise.
Okay? It'll be fun.
Love you.
(floor creaking)
(Tom sighing)
(rock music)
- Babe, what time do
you have to be there?
(Phoebe giggling)
- [Phoebe] Stop.
(rock music)
(cars rushing past)
(muffled rock music)
(car door slamming)
(stones crackling)
(gentle music)
(Tom knocking on door)
(door creaking)
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Tom.
- Oh, oh you're the-
- Babysitter.
- You're a man.
- Yeah.
- Sorry. Barb told me
someone was filling in.
I just assumed... You don't
often see men babysitting.
- No, you don't.
- You're not a weirdo, are you?
- No.
- No offense. I just,
I mean, you hear horror stories.
You know what, let's
forget about it.
Phoebe trusts you, I
trust you. Gill Foster.
- Tom. I promise
I'm not a weirdo.
- Thank God. Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Barb. Sitters here.
(door creaking)
- Yeah, let me take your coat.
- Thank you.
- I'll introduce you to
Barb and her daughter.
- Yeah.
- Our daughter. I'm still
not used to saying that.
We've only been married
for seven months.
- Congratulations.
- Yeah, never had
kids of my own.
So this whole family man
thing, it's all very new.
Yeah. It's, yeah.
It's a great experience.
I love it.
Phoebe mentioned
she'd be by later.
- Yeah. Yeah, she's gonna come
by when she's done studying.
Thanks again for
letting us do this.
Oh, hey we're just thrilled
you didn't cancel.
It's not often we get
a night for ourselves.
Barb, the sitter's here.
Barb, this is Tom.
He's not a weirdo. I vetted him.
(tray cluttering)
- Hi, Barb. It's
nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
- Let's go introduce
you to Grace.
Oh, she's just up
in her playroom.
She really likes
hanging out up here.
Grace, the babysitter's here.
Hi, sweetie.
- Grace, this is Tom.
- Where's Phoebe?
- Well she has some exams
she has to study for
so Tom will be here
until she's done.
- Okay.
- Your bedtime tonight is 8:30
and you can have one cookie.
8:30. One cookie.
Feel free to help yourself.
They're really delicious.
- Alright, got it.
- Oh, and she likes to have
a cup of tea before bed.
Just helps her relax.
- Any questions for us?
- Does she have
anything wrong with her?
Like, is there anything weird
that I need to be worried about?
Like a peanut
allergy or something?
- Oh.
- Oh, no, no. Should be
pretty straightforward.
- Okay. Awesome.
- Alright, well let's
head on back downstairs.
(door creaking)
- Oh, sorry you said Phoebe
should be here around 10:30?
- Yeah. Yeah, thanks again
for letting us do this.
- Oh. We're not gonna be late.
We'll probably be
home before midnight.
- Yeah, it would've
been a nightmare
to find someone last minute.
So we're really happy you came.
Oh, geez.
Here. That's for you.
And there should be
pizza money in there.
And enough for you
to tip the driver.
- Will do. Thank you.
(car horn honking)
- I'm coming.
(car door closes)
(car starting)
(car rumbling)
(soft music)
(door creaking)
(door locking)
(ominous music)
(Tom knocking)
- Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey, babysitter man.
I don't remember your name.
- It's Tom.
- Okay.
- Oh, cool, building blocks.
- Don't touch it. I
have it organized.
(toys clattering)
- What game are you playing?
- Bonsai Racers 5.
- Oh, Bonsai Racers 5. Badass.
- You said a swear.
- What?
- That's a bad word.
- Ass is a bad word?
- Yes.
- Are you homeschooled
or something?
- No.
- All right.
Well, I'll be downstairs
if you need anything.
- Okay.
- Don't teach her to
swear. You fucking idiot.
(ominous music)
- [TV Woman] We used to sit
around our TV really close.
(remote clicking)
(chattering from TV)
(mysterious thumping)
(remote clicking)
(Tom sighing)
(Tom knocking)
- [Grace] Hey.
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Did you fall or something?
- No.
- I thought I heard a noise.
- Wasn't me.
- Okay.
(door closing)
- What a nerd.
(wood creaking)
(footsteps tapping)
(eerie music)
(door opening)
(wood creaking)
I'm hungry.
- You want some
of those cookies?
We shouldn't have
dessert before dinner.
We should order a pizza first.
- All right, pizza first.
What do you want on it?
- Double cheese.
- Double cheese pizza.
- Triple, if they let us.
- I'll make it happen.
(footsteps departing)
(door closing)
(wood creaking)
1, 2, 3, 4
(rock music)
(car rumbling)
(knocking on door)
(door creaking)
- Aloha.
- All right, how you doing?
- Good. How are you?
- Not too bad, thanks.
- Alright.
- Here, keep the change.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Decent. Thanks, bro.
Wait, wait, wait a second.
Wait. I know you, dude.
You're Tom O'Bannon, bro.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
(Pizza Boy laughing)
That's so dope.
I've seen you wrestle
so many times.
You are such a badass man.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, man, I am a huge fan.
This is so cool. Dude,
I've been training.
Look at that. Look at
that. Not bad, right?
Feel it. Go ahead.
Just, just-
- Yeah, that's the real thing.
- Not bad, right?
- Good job, man.
- Yeah, man.
Dude, is this your place?
Do you live here?
- Yeah, yeah. No, this
is, this is my place.
Just hanging out with a lady.
You know how it is, right?
- Oh, bro I know how it is.
Dude, I know how it is.
Hey, can I get a photo with you?
Is that all right?
- Yeah, man.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
- My friends would
lose their minds, man.
- You got five bucks?
(Pizza Boy stuttering)
- Yeah, dude.
I mean, you just
gave me a good tip.
- I'm just fucking with you.
- Yeah? (chuckling)
That was good.
All right, you got
me, you got me.
Okay, okay, okay.
Here we go.
And (camera clicking) boom.
(Pizza Boy chuckling)
Look at that. That's so dope.
- Looks good.
- Thanks, man.
You were an absolute
beauty, bro.
- You drive safe.
- Yes, sir.
(Pizza Boy giggling)
Tom O'Bannon.
(car starting)
(door locking)
(rock music)
(Pizza Boy coughing)
Hey, man.
(car door closing)
Yo, what are you doing, bro?
You peeping on these
people, bro? Are you spying?
Yo, you better not be, man
or I'm gonna call the cops.
(car music playing faintly)
Hey, you better not
come at me either, man.
I've been practicing
my wrestling moves
and I'll be happy
to suplex your ass.
(ominous music)
(eerie music)
Alright, amigo.
I'm calling the cops.
(knife thudding)
(blood gushing)
(Pizza Boy choking)
(blood gushing)
(Pizza Boy coughing)
(Grace coughing)
- Ugh. Too much cheese.
- Well, you gotta chew
before you swallow.
- It went down the wrong pipe.
(cellphone dings)
- Is that Phoebe?
- It is.
- Do you love her?
- I do.
- Gross.
- Wanna play some video games?
- Sure, yes.
- Alright, grab everything
let's go upstairs.
- Alright.
(car tire bursting)
(air rushing out)
(metal clanking)
(foot thumping)
So you want some
of those cookies?
- No, I'm stuffed.
Can I ask a question?
- Go for it.
(game controller clicking)
- Have you ever
seen someone die?
(eerie music)
- Can't say that I have, no.
- My dad got really sick when
I saw him die at the hospital.
- I'm sorry that happened.
You want to talk about it?
- Not really.
The worst part is after he
died, my mom married Gill.
- Well, Gill
doesn't seem so bad.
- Gill's an asshole.
- Grace, you just
said a bad word.
- Yeah, but you said
one so I could say one.
- Fair enough.
- Come on, play.
(kettle clattering)
(stove clacking)
(mug clanking)
(footsteps tapping)
(mysterious thumping)
(footsteps departing)
(cellphone dings)
(lid clanking)
(dark music)
(cellphone clattering)
(video game music)
(wood creaking)
(eerie music)
(footsteps thudding)
(video game music)
(ominous music)
(spoon clinking)
(knife droning)
(bright music)
(dishes cluttering)
(cabinets creaking)
(foreboding music)
- What the hell are
you supposed to be?
- Lie down on the floor.
(intense music)
(Grace yelling)
Lie down on the floor now.
(tea kettle whistling)
- Make me.
(Bernie grunting)
(kick thumping)
(Bernie crashing and grunting)
(tea kettle clattering)
(water splashing)
(Bernie yelling)
(Bernie panting)
(skin bubbling)
(Bernie yelling)
Come, on.
(knife clanking)
(head thumping)
(skin sizzling)
(Bernie wailing)
(Bernie straining)
(skin continues sizzling)
(blood dripping)
(skin bubbling)
(Bernie grunting)
(body thumping)
(Tom panting)
(Grace yelling)
(footsteps shuffling)
- Get away from me!
(Grace straining)
- What's going on?
What do you, what do you want?
Do you want- You
want some money?
I got money. You
can have my money.
(knife clinking)
Here, take it.
Take it.
Just let the girl go.
Do you want me? You can have me.
- We don't need you.
We need the child.
(knife clinking)
- Yeah. Well, that's
not happening.
(Grace grunting)
- Let me go!
(blocks crushing)
(fists thumping)
(knife clinking)
(fist thumping)
(Tom yelling)
(Tom panting)
- You should have done
this the easy way, asshole.
(blood gushing)
(ominous music)
(Spinhead huffing)
(Tom grunting)
(blood gushing)
(door creaking)
Hello, sweetie.
Don't be scared.
(door opening)
(Tom grunting)
(Tom yelling)
(blood gushing)
(Tom sighing)
(knife clattering)
(blood dripping)
(door closing)
We don't have time for this.
(Grace gasping)
(intruder chuckling)
Nice try.
(footsteps thudding)
(mattress squeaking)
(Grace yelling)
(Spinhead thudding)
(Grace yelling)
Come on.
Come on, you little shit.
(foot stomping)
(Tom yelling painfully)
(Spinhead crashing)
(Spinhead thudding)
(Tom screaming)
(Grace crying)
- Grace. Come on.
It's okay. Come on.
- Blood.
- Yeah, yeah, that's blood.
- Is that guy dead?
- No, he can't be.
(foot stomping)
(Spinhead grunting)
- Oh, god.
- See honey, he's still alive.
(eerie music)
(hand thudding)
(knife clinking)
(Bernie panting)
- What did he want with me?
- Oh, well that doesn't
matter now. It's all done.
And this guy, he's going to
jail for a very, very long time.
I just need to call the police.
(cellphone dings)
(suspenseful music)
(cellphone tapping)
Do your parents have a landline?
- A what?
- A phone with a cord in it?
- Phones have cords?
- Okay, Jesus.
Do you have a smartphone?
- No, my mom says I have too
much screen time as it is.
- Yeah, that sounds about right.
Okay, well, let's
go find my phone
and we'll call the police.
(Tom groaning)
(floor creaking)
(stove burner crackling)
(door creaking)
(knife clanking)
Let's go for a drive.
(front door creaking)
They got the pizza guy
and they got my tires!
You assholes!
(wood creaking)
- What the heck was that?
- Okay, back inside.
Back inside.
- Oh, my god. Hurry up.
(door creaking)
(both panting)
- Okay.
So they got the pizza guy.
(blood gushing)
They slashed my tires
(air rushing out)
and they came in here after us.
How'd they get in the house?
(eerie music)
(mysterious music)
Wait here.
(wood creaking)
(mysterious music)
(wood creaking)
(candle flickering)
(foreboding music)
- What was up there?
- Nothing.
Why don't you go and
lock yourself into
the bathroom, okay?
- Okay.
Can I grab some of my
toys so I won't be bored?
- Yeah, that's fine.
- Okay.
- And I'm gonna
go and have a chat
with our tied up friend.
(Spinhead grunting)
(door creaking)
I know you're awake.
Quit playing possum.
So I saw your little arts and
crafts display in the attic.
Hey, what are you guys, huh?
Some sort of mask wearing
sex perverts or something?
- You should have just
let us take the child.
It would've been so
much easier for you.
- Yeah, you're batshit crazy.
- We will take the
child then the girl too.
When the girl gets
here, she will ascend.
It must be done.
- What do you mean, girl?
What girl? Do you mean Phoebe?
(Spinhead chuckling)
(hand smacking)
Have it your way, shithead.
If shit hits the fan,
you're the first to go.
(door slamming)
(upbeat music)
(car rumbling)
- Oh guys, thank you
so much for driving me.
I really appreciate it.
- No problem, Pheebs.
Mike loves to drive.
- I sure do.
- Oh, hey, do you guys wanna
come in and say hi to Tom?
- No.
- Sure.
- Yeah, he'd love it. Let's go.
- Sure.
(door cluttering)
- Door, Mike?
- [Mike] Yeah.
- I got it.
(car door slamming)
- This is a creepy
fucking house.
(car door slamming)
- Is there a pizza?
Okay, how do you think
it's actually going?
- It's fine, okay.
Don't stress out.
- Kid's probably dead.
- Nice.
- What?
- Michael.
(door handle cluttering)
- That's so weird. Okay, I'm
just gonna text him quick.
- Okay.
We are here.
(grass rustling)
He should just be a second.
- That's fine. All right.
(cellphone dings)
That's weird.
(Phoebe yelling)
(all screaming)
- Michael do something!
- Okay.
- [Phoebe] Help me!
- Come back with
the car, Michael!
(Phoebe yelling)
- Do something!
(fists thumping)
(Phoebe yelling)
(Bernie scowling)
(bottle spraying)
(Bernie thumping)
(girls yelling)
- [Girls] Oh my god!
(knocking on door rapidly)
(car horn honking)
- Michael! Michael!
- Escape! Get in
the fucking car!
(car horn honking continuously)
Get in the fucking car!
Get in the fucking car!
- Phoebe!
- Tom!
(car keys clinking)
- Mike!
(car starting)
- Oh, my god Mike
get out of the car!
- Mike, behind you!
- Get out of the car, Michael!
- What? What?
(ominous music)
- Mike! Now!
- [Tom] There's
somebody in the back.
- [Christine] Michael,
get out of the car!
Get out of the car, Michael!
- Get out! Get out
of the car, Michael.
(blood splattering)
- Mike! (crying)
(Mike shuffling)
- [Tom] We have to get inside.
- No, we can't just leave him.
(Mike thudding)
Get up, Michael!
(blood gushing)
(Christine sobbing)
- He's dead. We have
to get inside now.
- No, he's not dead.
(Mike grunting)
(knife thumping)
- [Christine] Michael!
- [Tom] We need to go inside.
- [Christine] We
can't just leave him.
- [Tom] No, he said
we need to go on.
- [Christine] He's not dead!
(blood dripping)
(knife thumping)
(blood spraying)
(Christine sobbing)
- He's definitely
dead. Let's go.
- Let's go. We
gotta go. It's okay.
- Tell me what the
fuck. (sobbing)
- Breathe.
- I need your phone. We
need to call the police.
- Okay, well I don't know,
the fucking creep took it.
- Breathe, breathe, breathe.
- Christine.
- Chris.
- [Tom] Christine, focus.
We need to call the police.
Where is your phone?
- It's okay.
- It's in Mike's car. (crying)
- Of course, it is.
- Tell me what the
fuck's going on!
- Okay, everybody
calm down, alright.
I think I've figured out
what's going on here.
We are under attack by
a gang of sex perverts.
(intense music)
(Christine crying)
(Bernie wailing)
(grass rustling)
(door creaking)
(Bernie grunting)
(body thudding)
(Meat growling)
(Slackjaw chuckling)
(hay stack rustling)
(mysterious music)
- What's taking so long?
(eerie music)
(voices whispering)
(bottles clanking)
- So a couple of them
attacked us earlier.
I fought them off.
And there's a head in the attic.
- A head?
- Your foot's bleeding.
- Hmm. It sure is.
- Tom, Tom, you're getting
blood all over the floors.
- Yeah, babe, that's really
not the biggest problem
we need to deal with right now.
We need to get the girl
and we need to get
the hell outta here.
- Oh, my god, Grace.
Where the fuck is grace?
- She's fine. I locked
her in the bathroom.
- You what? Tom, you idiot.
- She's got toys and
shit. She's fine.
(Christine sniffling)
- Mike's dead.
- Yeah.
(Christine gurgling)
- I don't like beer.
- Grace, sweetie.
- [Grace] Phoebe?
- Yes, it's me.
Can you open the door?
- [Grace] Is it safe?
- Yeah, it's safe.
- Oh God. Come here, sweetie.
Are you okay? Are you okay?
- I'm okay but what's going on?
- Well, um.
- Well, there's a gang
of mask wearing psychos
that are after you
for some reason
and we think they're perverts.
- What are perverts?
- It's a bad person,
honey. Come here.
Tom, can you do something
about that foot please?
Here, don't look.
- Yeah, I could
probably use a bandaid.
- Chris, you have
your first aid, right?
- I can do CPR, but
that's kind of it.
(blood gushing)
(dark music)
- Handle this.
(Slackjaw giggling)
- Come on, come on.
Let's go. Let's
go, babe. Let's go.
- Okay, ready?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
(Tom yelling painfully)
- Ah, fuck. Got duck.
I am trying my best here.
- Okay, we gotta find
a way out of here.
They have my purse, Tom.
They have my phone.
They have my keys.
- They killed Mike.
- And they killed Mike, right.
- We're going to die.
- Oh, god. No, no, no.
No, honey, no.
Are we?
(Tom grunting)
(distant crashing)
- [Phoebe] Oh my God.
- Okay, I'm gonna go
figure out what that is.
- [Phoebe] What? No, no, no.
Like hell you are.
You're not going anywhere alone.
- Yeah.
You stay here. Stay with them.
Keep the door closed
after I leave, okay?
- What? Tom.
Okay, keep the door closed.
- Phoebe.
(Christine crying)
It's okay.
(mysterious music)
(glass breaking)
- [Slackjaw] Door, door.
Door, door, door.
(glass breaking)
Door, door, door.
(door creaking)
(Slackjaw yelling painfully)
(drawer clattering)
- Don't do it, Tom!
- Jesus.
- Don't kill him.
- I'm not gonna kill him.
I'm just gonna bash him.
- Yeah, but what if you
accidentally killed him?
- I won't.
- Well accidents happen
all the time. You could.
- If I did, I probably
wouldn't feel so bad about it.
- You wouldn't feel bad
about killing a person?
- Not this guy. This
is a bad fucking guy.
- Tom!
- Just let me handle this, okay?
- We're gonna get you!
- Okay, bash him.
(frying pan thudding)
(glass breaking)
Didn't need to call me a whore.
(suspenseful music)
- You can fuck off.
(rock music)
(door slamming)
(voices whispering)
(hay rustling)
- What happened?
Did he fail?
This babysitter is
really pissing me off.
It's time we let him
see our true power.
(voices whispering)
(lightning pounding)
(distant yelling)
(bones cracking)
(Spinhead grunting)
(fists punching)
- What the hell was that?
(body thudding)
- Yeah, I forgot to mention,
I have one of those
bastards tied up
in one of the other bedrooms.
- They've been here
the whole time?
- That's right.
(Christine scoffing)
- With with Grace?
- That's correct.
(Phoebe chuckling)
- And what would've
happened if they got in
and killed her, babe?
- What?
- Well, that didn't
happen, obviously.
(objects clattering)
- Oh, my god. It sounds like
they're trying to get out.
- Yeah, it does sound like that.
Which is fine 'cause I'm
gonna go and deal with it.
- [Phoebe] What?
- Wait here.
- What the hell am I
supposed to do with this?
- Chop.
- Chop?
(intruder clamoring)
- Hey.
(door thudding)
Okay, listen, pal.
I don't know if you're thinking
about coming out of there,
but just fucking don't.
(door creaking)
(neck cracking)
(intense music)
Holy shit.
(Spinhead yelling)
(Tom crashing)
(Tom choking)
I wanted to negotiate.
- Negotiations are over.
(Tom thudding)
Oh, I'm waiting. Now
let's go, pretty boy.
(Tom yelling)
(fist punching)
(bones cracking)
Now it's my turn.
(fists thudding)
(Tom thumping)
Come on.
(kicks pounding)
(ominous music)
(Tom shuffling)
(Spinhead chuckling)
(frying pan clanking)
(skin squishing)
(mask clatters)
I'm going to eat you.
I'm gonna crack your bones
and suck out the marrow
for an appetizer.
Next, I'm gonna bite your
eyes outta your skull
and chew out your tongue
for the main course.
For dessert I'm gonna
snap your vertebrae
one by one
and drink the spinal fluid.
- Yeah?
There's just one
problem with that.
- What's that?
- Chop.
(knife clinks)
(Spinhead blabbering)
(Phoebe yelling)
Come on, asshole.
(Phoebe thudding)
(frying pan clanks)
(blood dripping)
(blood splattering)
(frying pan clanking)
(knife clattering)
(blood splattering and gushing)
(Phoebe yelling)
(blood spraying)
- Jesus fucking Christ!
(blood gushing)
(blood spraying)
(Phoebe yelling)
(blood dripping)
(dramatic music)
(Slackjaw muttering
and laughing)
- Phoebe!
(glass shattering)
(knife thumping)
(blood gushing)
(knife thumping continuously)
(knife thumping)
Phoebe, he's done! He's done!
(knife thudding)
- Oh my god. Did we
just kill those people?
- Did you see their
faces? They weren't human.
Alright, we chopped his head
off and he kept coming at us.
Babe, I'm starting to think
these aren't sex perverts.
(dramatic music)
- Yeah, no shit.
(scoffing) Aw, fuck.
- Yeah, well.
(blood spraying)
(door creaking)
(metal clanking)
What was this thing?
(severed head thudding)
Have it your way.
I'm sure I'll be seeing you.
(door creaking)
So here's what we know for sure.
We're dealing with
something supernatural.
Now, I don't wanna say
that it's vampires.
I don't wanna say
that it's zombies.
I don't wanna say
that it's demons,
but they're
definitely not human.
Maybe they used to be
human, but they changed.
And I have no idea how
many of them there are.
- No, no. We know that
there's at least two.
There's the one with the messed
up face that stole my purse.
And the one in the
backseat of Mike's car.
- Right. Well, either way
we gotta arm ourselves.
So everybody grab a knife.
- Okay.
- You too, kiddo.
- No, no. Tom. She
can't have a knife.
- If one of those
things comes at her
I want her to be prepared.
(Phoebe whining)
Maybe just don't
tell your parents.
- Oh, god.
- Okay. I just need to
go get a glass of water.
- Ah, ah. Arm yourself.
- Thanks.
This is really gonna help
against demon fucking zombies.
- Right.
- I need help.
- So we're not actually
planning on using this, okay?
- Okay.
- But if you do need to
stab someone. Mm-hmm. Tom?
(mysterious music)
(severed head thudding)
- The others failed.
We're running out of time.
- I am aware we're
running out of time.
I don't need you telling
me. I've never had a ritual
completely fall apart like this.
Look at his face.
(skin squishing)
- Let me go in there. You
know, I can take care of him.
- You killed a
pizza delivery boy.
That was amateur and sloppy.
You've done enough.
I sense a weakness in
there. I can feel it.
We'll go in through the heart.
(voices whispering)
(doors thumping)
(Mike gasping)
(bones cracking)
(heart beating)
(Mike panting)
(Christine sniffling)
(hand thudding)
(metal clanking)
- [Mike] Christine.
(Christine sniffling)
Christine, let me in.
- Mike?
- Christine, let me in, please.
- Oh, my god. Oh, my God.
- Christine, they
might come back.
- I knew it.
(door lock clicking)
- Wait, what the
hell are you doing?
(lock clicking)
- Phoebe, Mike's out there.
- Chris, Mike's dead. He's dead.
- [Mike] I'm alive.
- See.
- We saw him die.
We saw him die, Chris.
- No, he's alive, Phoebe,
let me open the door, please.
- Do you see those things in
the kitchen? That's not Mike.
- Move Phoebe.
- Chris, it can't be
Mike, okay? It's not him.
- Christine!
- Move Phoebe or I
swear to fucking god!
- Chris.
- Move.
- Chris, it's not him.
- Please. Move.
- Chris, Chris don't.
- I love him.
- [Phoebe] Chris.
(door lock clicking)
(door creaking)
- Mike, I knew you weren't dead.
- It's okay.
I'm here now.
(knife clattering)
(Christine sighing)
(ominous music)
(blood gushing)
- Chris. No, no, no.
(Phoebe yelling)
(Mike gurgling)
(Mike spitting)
(blood spluttering)
(footsteps shuffling)
- Fuck me, it's a zombie.
- Hi, Tom.
(Tom yelling)
(Phoebe thudding)
(blood dripping)
You know Tom, I never liked you.
(fist thudding)
(blood dripping)
Oh, Tom.
(Tom crashing)
You're no pro.
You're a fake wrestler.
(Mike wincing)
(Mike thudding)
(Phoebe blubbering)
(Mike grunting)
- I'll show you fake.
You hipster asshole.
(rock music)
(body slamming)
(Christine choking)
- Hey, look at me.
Don't try to talk. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's gonna be okay.
(rock music)
(body slamming)
Hey, it's gonna be good.
You're gonna be okay.
(Phoebe sobbing)
(Tom grunting)
(blood splattering)
- That's how it's
done, you fuck!
(car doors closing)
- What's with all the cars?
- I don't know. Maybe they
had some friends come over.
- Well, that's not,
we didn't okay that.
- Relax, Gill. I'm
sure it's fine.
- There's a pizza
delivery car here.
(body thumping)
(Tom grunting)
(door creaking)
What the fuck?
- What the hell are you doing?
- We were attacked.
- We really gotta
get outta here.
- You both stay away from
me. I am calling the police.
- [Phoebe] What?
- No, we need to get outta here.
- [Phoebe] Yeah, we really need-
(fist thudding)
(Gill wincing)
- You stay back or I'll
fucking hit you again.
- Jesus.
- What? Where's Grace?
- She's upstairs. She's in the
bathroom. She's safe, okay?
- We were attacked by
masked men, alright?
They killed Mike.
- Who's Mike?
- That's Mike.
(blood gushing)
I know what it looks like,
but he was already dead.
He came back to life. I had
to kill him a second time.
- Barb, get Grace.
- Yeah.
- We're leaving.
- No, no, no.
There is a head in your attic.
Yeah, I need to show you that.
Then you can call the police.
(eerie music)
- Let's go get Grace.
- Grace. (knocking on door)
Open the door. Grace.
(wood creaking)
What the fuck?
Who the fuck gave you a knife?
(knife clattering)
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, you okay?
- I'm okay.
- It's just up here.
- Okay.
- What in the?
- Yeah, see, I told you,
it's a fucking head.
Alright, those people, they
were up here waiting for us.
The people that attacked
us. This was planned.
This was fucking planned.
- What are you talking about?
- Phoebe, what the
hell is going on?
- Behind you!
(Barb yelling)
- Oh! Oh God. You scared
the hell outta me.
- The people that attacked us.
Somebody had to
let them in, Gill.
(Gill panting)
- That wasn't supposed
to be obvious.
(Tom panting)
I've never stabbed
anybody before.
- I thought you
could handle this.
- There were complications.
- Mommy, run!
- Oh, oh, Grace it's okay.
This is a friend of mommy's.
- Grace, don't move.
- Wait, we have to go.
Okay, we have to go now.
- Grace, stay with me.
- What's going on?
- Grace, listen to your
mother. Come here now.
- No, no, no.
- I'm so sorry, Phoebe.
I know you probably
don't understand
what's going on right now.
- [Grace] Don't touch.
- He's down. I got him.
I stabbed him. I feel
so powerful in life.
- This has to be done.
It'll all make sense soon.
- Yeah, this was all
supposed to be a lot easier.
Tom and Grace were
supposed to eat
the cookies that Barb made.
- I drugged them
so they'd pass out.
I was worried that he
wouldn't eat the cookies.
I mean, you don't get a body
like that eating cookies, right?
- We were all going to ascend
together. Quick and easy.
But your boyfriend he
really fudged this up.
This is our night.
- What did you just say?
What the hell, ascend?
- Yeah.
Yeah, we all die together
in honor of the eternal ones
so that we can live
forever in paradise.
- You two have lost
your goddamn minds.
You can't really think
that you're gonna get
away with this, do you?
- We are.
Tonight we walk into the void
to achieve our purest
forms as a family.
I mean, this world
means nothing to us now.
- Why me? What the hell
did I do to you people?
- Nothing. No, no, we're doing
this because we like you.
You're our gift to
the eternal ones.
It's a key part of the ritual.
It doesn't work without you.
Young women like yourself,
you hold a special
place for them.
I mean, everybody
loves college girls.
(hand smacking)
Not me, not me. I'm not
into that kind of thing.
But, you know, a lot of people
find young women alluring.
I mean, even the
eternal ones do.
- No, no. There is no way that
I'm gonna be a part of this.
This is insane.
- Well, I'm sorry sweetie,
but you don't have a choice.
- What about Tom? Should
I? (tongue clicking)
- No.
I'll feed him to The Head.
- Ah.
- Tom! You gotta get down.
- Let's go.
- Oh, god, Tom.
- Let's go.
(Phoebe yelling)
- Tom!
- [Grace] Phoebe!
- [Gill] Let's go.
- Tom, get out!
- Forget about him he's dead!
- Tom!
(Gill groaning)
(metal clanking)
- Oh, hell.
- You're gonna bleed out
if you move too much.
(Tom panting)
I'd stay down if I were you.
- Yeah.
How do you want to do this?
You want a fist fight?
You want to use your
knife like a coward?
(Loverboy chuckling)
- I don't need a
knife to kill you.
Look at you.
You're a dead man walking.
No, I'm gonna feed
you to The Head.
(upbeat music)
- The Head?
- He was the first.
He brought the power of the
eternal ones to our dimension.
And they blessed him
with immortality.
Obviously some shit has
happened over the years.
The old man is still with us.
Wake up.
- Feed me!
- I am.
- Feed me!
- [Loverboy] I am!
- Feed me!
- I'm going to feed you.
He gets cranky when
he just wakes up.
(Phoebe crying)
- [Grace] Mommy,
I have to go pee.
- [Barb] We don't have
time, sweetie, okay.
- But I really have to go.
- You've been locked in
the bathroom all night,
why didn't you go then?
- I didn't have to go then.
- Oh, she should go.
We don't want her wetting
herself at the ritual.
- Grace.
- Fine, then you take her.
I'll take Phoebe to the barn.
- Oh, no, Grace you need to run.
They're trying to hurt you.
You need to get out.
- Zip it.
- Don't listen to her,
Grace. She's lying. Come on.
- Make this easy and
approach the alter.
- Eat me.
- (chuckling) That's
kind of the idea.
(Tom grunting)
(fist thudding)
(metal music)
(The Head groaning)
(footsteps shuffling)
- Okay. Pee quick and
wash your hands after.
(door closing)
- [The Head] Feed me!
- Wow. We are so blessed.
(door creaking)
Did you wash your hands?
(Gill grunting)
You little asshole!
Barb! Barb!
- You're the asshole!
(rock music)
(Tom yelling)
(Loverboy chuckling)
(Loverboy exclaiming)
(knife clattering)
- You stabbed me.
You know what's next, kid?
- Chow time!
- [The Head] Feed me.
(body clattering)
(The Head yelling)
(Loverboy wailing)
(blood dripping)
- Oh, my, oh, oh.
- Ew.
(Loverboy shrieking)
- [Loverboy] Oh, my god!
(Loverboy screaming)
(Tom grunting)
(body thudding)
(Tom straining)
- Good job, Grace.
- I stabbed Gill.
- Well, Gill's an asshole.
- Told ya.
- You did.
I gotta stop the bleeding.
- Feed me!
- Shut up.
- [The Head] Feed me.
(flies buzzing)
(Tom huffing)
- What are you doing?
- I gotta cauterize the
wound to stop the bleeding.
- Won't that hurt?
- Oh, yeah.
- Can I help?
- You can get me a
beer out of the fridge.
- It's kind of
bloody. It's fine.
- So does Gill have any
other weapons other weapons
other than these kitchen knives?
- Maybe in the work shed.
- Oh, thanks, sweetheart.
(beer can hissing)
(Tom slurping)
(knife clinking)
(Tom yelling)
(The Head chuckling)
Shut up!
- You okay?
- (sipping) No.
(The Head laughing)
(loud thudding)
(Phoebe whimpering)
(door creaking)
- [Gill] Fuck.
- Where's Grace?
- She stabbed me. I ran and-
- You ran?
- I've been stabbed,
honey. It really hurts.
- Well go get her.
- It was my leg.
I can't walk fast.
- Dammit, Gill, we need her.
- Do we both need to
go? My leg really hurts.
- Gill!
- Fucking Gill!
Search the property.
We need to find the child.
So fucking move!
(Bernie muttering)
(dark music)
- I don't know why she stabbed
me. She is really acting out.
- I just can't
believe you left her.
- I was scared. I've
never been stabbed before.
- This is a fucking mess.
- Yeah, well, you're
the one who said
you could send a replacement.
- Oh. Oh, it's my fault.
You're the one who said
we couldn't tell grace
about the eternal ones.
- Well, you know how kids are.
They can't keep their
little mouth shut.
She'd say something
to a kid at school
who'd say something
to their parents
and then that dickhead
principal would get involved.
- Shut up, Gill.
- Oh, nice. Get nasty with me
on the eve of the
ascension. That's great.
- I killed my husband
for you, Gill.
You promised me eternal life.
- And you'll get it, my darling.
You just need a little patience.
We're almost home free.
(ominous music)
- Grace, Grace, honey come out.
- He's gone, Barb.
- What about Tom?
(feet tapping)
- He's gone too.
- Shit.
- And The Head's gone.
- What?
- If he does anything to that
head we are in big trouble.
- Fuck!
(Gill screaming)
(door creaking)
- Stay out here, okay.
Son of a bitch.
- Feed me.
- Oh, man.
- Is that guy dead?
- Yeah, he is.
Sucks 'cause he was
a fan of mine too.
Rest easy, pal.
(keys clinking)
- Tom.
Is my mom bad?
- Yeah, she is.
But I don't know why yet so
let's just blame Gill, okay?
(The Head muttering)
(nearby creaking)
(Grace gasping)
(nearby muttering)
(tools clanking)
(grass rustling)
(suspenseful music)
(ax clinks)
Now we're talking.
(Bernie muttering)
Go for it.
(dramatic music)
(The Head groaning)
(ax crashing)
(The Head laughing)
(blood spraying)
(Bernie wailing)
- Feed me!
(wailing continues)
Feed me!
Feed me.
(The Head panting)
- You want some finger?
(The Head munching)
- Grace, don't feed The Head.
- How the hell can you
even eat right now?
- Stress eating.
- I am shocked you
even have an appetite.
Look, look at what
happened to our friends.
- Well, we all knew the
risks of joining a cult.
This is, I mean it's tough,
but after we ascend,
it'll all be worth it.
- I'm just so
disappointed in Grace.
You know, I just, I
can't believe she ran.
- Honey, after all the
stuff she's seen tonight.
I'm sure she's just
a little worked up.
- I just, I hope that
she knows, you know,
that she feels that I am,
I'm just doing the best
that I can, you know?
- Honey, come on, she knows.
- Am I a bad mother?
- No. No.
You're a great mom.
You know, someday she's
going to appreciate all this.
(Bernie crashing)
- Oh, Jesus!
- What the fuck happened to him?
(blood dripping)
Oh, no.
(Bernie groaning)
(blood spraying)
Oh, no.
Don't do it, man.
(blood gushing out)
(hand sizzling)
(Bernie yelling)
(body thudding)
- Okay,
(clapping) back to the barn.
- Yeah.
(cryptic music)
- Well, well, well.
- Hello, Tom.
Sorry, I stabbed you.
Shouldn't have done that.
Hey, let's talk
this through, huh?
There's no need for
any more violence.
- Oh, fuck no.
I like violence.
So here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna go
and fetch Phoebe,
and then we're gonna
drive the fuck outta here.
If you don't, I'm gonna
practice my golf swing
on old chatty Cathy here.
What do you think?
Maybe I could just start
with you, Gill, huh?
(The Head thudding)
- Ow.
- We will not negotiate
with terrorists.
- That's fair enough.
- You know what, wait, wait.
You need to talk to our leader.
Please, just let
him talk to you.
I'm sure you can come to a deal.
- Fetch him.
(Gill and Barb muttering)
(grass rustling)
(The Head groaning)
(suspenseful music)
(grass rustling)
(mask squeaking)
- You're a pretty
good babysitter.
Did you kill all the others?
- As far as I know,
it seems that people have a
hard time staying dead tonight.
- It would seem so.
What do you want?
- Give me Phoebe or
The Head gets it.
- Oh, I'm afraid I
need to keep Phoebe
and the little one there too.
Hello there, sweetie pie.
Do you want to
come be with mommy?
- Fuck a duck.
- Atta girl.
Look, I'm gonna count to three,
and if I don't see Phoebe,
I'm gonna go full Paul
Bunyan on this skull
and smash it to fucking pieces.
- Go ahead.
- Two. I will smash
this fucking thing.
- Kill him.
- What, you don't
want your head?
- I would like The
Head, but I need Phoebe.
The eternal ones grant
us unlimited powers
and everlasting
paradise when we ascend.
In exchange, we
sacrifice copious amounts
of beautiful young women.
If Phoebe isn't
presented as a tribute,
there will be death on a
scale that you can't imagine.
The sacrifice must be done.
- Yeah, well, that doesn't
really work for me.
- Well, you have two choices.
One, you step away from The Head
and I'll allow you to slither
back to your pathetic life.
And the ritual will
proceed as intended.
Option two, you kill The Head,
my man here kills you.
And the ritual will still
proceed as intended.
- [The Head] Feed me.
- Shut the fuck up.
(skull cracking)
Well, looks like I'll take my
chances with the big fella.
(blood spraying)
- A fool's choice.
- I have an ax.
- Bring me the girl, make the
babysitter know true pain.
(rock music)
(rock music)
(Meat growling)
(Tom grunting)
- Alright, so I
don't have an ax.
(Meat grunting)
(fists punching)
- Yeah, Tom!
(body thudding)
Kick his ass!
(men grunting)
(fists thudding)
(rock music)
- You hit like a 10 year
old girl at a pillow fight.
(men grunting)
(Meat grunting)
(Tom choking)
- No, leave him alone.
(hands smacking)
(Tom coughing)
(Meat yelling)
(fists thudding)
(Meat growling)
(Meat exclaiming)
(rock music)
(fists thudding)
(Meat coughing)
(body thudding)
- Feed me!
Feed me!
- No fucking way.
Grace, feed The Head!
- I'll get him.
- Grace!
(Meat yelling)
(The Head chewing)
(Grace cheering)
(body thudding)
- Are you okay?
- No, but that's not
important right now.
Right now we need to get Phoebe
and get the hell outta here.
- How?
- I'm gonna go into that barn
and I beat the ever
loving shit outta
that pretentious bastard.
Now we're gonna get Phoebe
and we're gonna leave.
- Get my mom outta there too.
- Yeah, I can get
your mom out too.
She's probably
gonna need some help
and likely spend some
time in jail, but...
- Thank you.
- What about Gill?
- You gotta do
what you gotta do.
- This is gonna sound
like a dumb question,
but have you ever
driven a car before?
- When my dad was alive,
he used to let me steer
sometimes when he'd drive.
- All right, close enough.
Go to the pizza guy's
car, (keys clinking)
get it running.
Wait 10 minutes and if either
Phoebe or I don't come out,
go find the police or
somewhere safe, okay?
- Okay.
(keys clinking)
See you in 10 minutes.
- Hey,
good job.
I'm a damn good babysitter.
(Tom groaning)
Oh, okay.
(intense music)
- What's taking so long?
- What?
- Are you alright?
- No.
- Why won't you just die?
- Where's Grace?
- She's gone. Game
over. You lose.
- Do you have any idea
what you have done?
(punch thudding)
Shut up, Gill.
- Oh, god.
- You childish,
ignorant asshole.
The eternal ones
will tear their way
through our dimension
and destroy us.
- Ah, well you play with fire.
(doors booming)
What the hell is that?
- They're knocking.
They want in.
- If we don't finish
this, we're dead.
We're all dead!
(thunder booming)
(storm thundering)
- Tom, what did you do?
- I'm trying to save you.
- How?
- I don't know. I'm
just winging it.
This is a bit of a
curve ball, babe.
- They need a tribute.
She needs to jump in or
else they'll destroy us all.
- A tribute?
- Yes.
- You'll do.
- No, no, wait, wait, wait.
(Barb yelling)
(storm thundering)
- Well, that takes care of that.
(doors hissing)
All right, come on, babe
let's get you outta here.
(doors clanking)
Come on.
(voices yelling)
- I think you pissed him off.
- Uh-huh.
So what do we do now?
- You just threw in the
only person who knew.
- I'm going in.
- What?
I'm gonna go in and fight
whatever's on the other
side of that door.
- No, no, no, no.
Tom, you can't.
You can't.
- Phoebe, I love you.
This is the way it's gotta be.
(heroic music)
- Come back to me.
- I will.
(fist thudding)
(The Jackal yelling)
- Weep! Weep!
For I am the harbinger of doom.
(Tom grunting)
- Forgive us, eternal one.
We are mortal and
weak, forgive us.
Forgive us.
(storm booming)
(Gill yelling)
- Fuck!
- I will sow pain and misery.
(clothes ripping)
I will harvest flesh and blood.
(clothes ripping)
Total destruction is nigh.
(fist thudding)
(The Jackal laughing)
(hand cracking)
You pathetic mortal.
(Tom groaning)
Your soul will feed my power.
The sacred contract was broken.
I'll take you all as slaves.
- Fuck.
- You will serve us
for all eternity.
No one can stop our power.
Oh, shit.
(car rumbling)
(car crashing)
(The Jackal yelling)
(voices yelling)
(bones cracking)
(storm booming)
(The Jackal screaming)
(air sucking)
(door closing)
(car door creaking)
- It was 10 minutes.
- Oh my God. Grace,
are you okay?
Are you sure? Are
you hurt at all?
Okay. Nevermind, okay.
- Sweetie, you saved us.
Bring it in. Group hug.
- No. Don't fucking
touch me. Come here.
Don't talk to her, okay.
(Tom panting)
- Alright, let's get
the hell outta here.
- Okay. Are you okay
to come with us?
It's gonna be okay.
(Tom crashing)
(Meat grunting)
- Oh! Oh! Oh, yeah.
Come on, get him.
Kill him!
(Tom choking)
(Phoebe grunting)
- [Barb] Kill him! Come
on rip his face off!
Kill him!
(metal clanking)
(blood gushing)
Fuck. Come on.
(rock music)
(Phoebe straining)
(Meat spitting)
(chains clattering)
(Meat sputtering)
Go! Get her! Come
on! Rip her head off!
(chains rattling)
- [Phoebe] Pull!
- Get him! Rip her head off!
- Come on, pull.
- [All] Pull.
- Fuck.
- [All] Pull. Pull!
- Come on pull!
(chains rattling)
(Meat straining)
(head bursting)
(blood spraying)
(all panting)
Good job.
(blood dripping)
(Tom grunting)
Come on.
- Wow, way to go
everybody. We did it.
- Mrs. Foster.
- Yeah?
(Barb thudding)
- I quit.
(gentle music)
Okay, sweetie, get
in the back seat.
(car doors closing)
- Yeah?
- I still have to
write my exam today.
- Okay.
(car starting)
(car rumbling)
(bird cawing)
(footsteps thudding)
(breathing heavily)
(perilous music)
- [The Head] Feed me!
(Bernie groaning and laughing)
(rock music)
Come out to see
The main attraction
I give you thee
The one, the only
That will take
you all the way
The man, the main attraction
Step up and see
Come feel the action
No one as he
The one, the only
That will take
you all the way
The man, the main attraction
Get your money's worth,
full satisfaction
No place on this earth
compares the action
He's the, the man, the one
Come out to see,
the main attraction
I give you thee,
the one, the only
That will take
you all the way
The man, the main attraction
Get your money's worth,
full satisfaction
No place on this earth
compares the action
The man, the main attraction
Come out to see
(ominous music)