Here Kills the Bride (2022) Movie Script

(projector rattling)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
(engine purring)
(ominous music)
(woman laughing)
Can I, really?
- Yeah!
(group laughing)
(ominous music)
Hey, hey.
We're all good. We're all good.
It is over.
(man mumbles drunkenly)
[woman] Yeah!
(ominous music)
I love it!
- I know.
No, tell me he wouldn't do this.
(ominous music)
All right. (men cheering)
(upbeat dance music)
[Man 1] A little
bit of sunshine!
[Man 2] Lighten
up your evening.
Woo! All right!
[Men] Woo!
(upbeat dance music)
- While you still can!
It's a bit too much.
(music thumping)
(men chattering)
(upbeat dance music)
- All right.
(ominous music)
[Man 1] All right,
come to me, baby.
Looking good! God!
(ominous music)
Oh my god!
(men clapping)
You swore there'd
be no secrets.
(ominous music)
- Where's my money?
Let's go.
(music thumping)
It was such a pleasure
getting to know you tonight.
I think you're a
really nice person.
Good night.
- So, wait.
(ominous music)
Bro. Bro, she was
so into me, bro.
She wanted me, bro.
Oh, bro.
(ominous music)
(knocking on door)
What'd you guys forget?
(ominous music)
Natalie! Sweetie!
Wow! What a surprise.
I'm sorry. I
couldn't help myself.
I know, I know.
We're not supposed to see
each other before the wedding,
but I just wanted to be
with you tonight so badly.
How was the bachelor party?
Well, it was good.
- Yeah.
You know, we just
drank a few beers
and watched the game on the TV.
So you guys didn't
do anything else?
(ominous music)
My friend Andy might have a
little trick up his sleeve.
No, no, no,
nothing unusual, no.
You wouldn't be
lying to me, right?
Sweetie, no.
I, it was no big deal.
Okay. Good.
I'm glad.
Well, why don't we
have a little fun?
(ominous music)
Just the two of us.
- Yeah.
(ominous music)
(Alex grunts)
I saw that stripper!
(Alex gasping)
Poor Alex.
The potassium chloride
messing with your heart?
What about what you
did to my heart?
(ominous music)
(Alex gasping)
(ominous music)
(upbeat music)
I'm so nervous, Carlos.
What if Jasmine doesn't like me?
I told you, you have
nothing to worry about, Grace.
Yeah, my sister can be a
little intense, I know,
but I also know that
eventually she's gonna love you
just like my parents and I do.
When are you gonna tell
them about her big news?
Oh, trust me. I
got it all covered.
(gentle music)
We're here!
There you are!
I'm so sorry we're late.
Sorry, Brenda. It's my fault.
My shift ran late at the hospital.
No apologies.
You are a hard
working career woman.
And Grace, you look
as beautiful as ever.
Thank you.
My son is a very
lucky man. (chuckles)
I wholeheartedly agree.
Well, come out back.
Your dad's here.
What can I get you to drink?
[Carlos] Do you
have some tea, maybe?
Hi, Dad.
Hi, Mr. Lopez.
Oh, please.
I told you, call me Jose.
Mr. Lopez makes me
feel like an old man.
(Brenda laughs)
Oh. Thanks, Mom.
Here you go. Relax.
When'd you say
Jasmine's gonna be here?
Oh, she should be here
from Charleston any minute.
Our dinner reservations
are at 6:00 PM.
It's gonna be so wonderful to
finally have her back home.
Can't wait for
you to meet Jasmine.
(ominous music)
(car horn honking)
(sighs) The return of
the prodigal daughter.
(gentle music)
You're here!
Oh! (laughing)
Hi, Mommy. (laughing)
(Jose speaks Spanish)
(Jose laughing)
- Hi, Papi.
Hi, sis.
- So good to see you.
Oh my god! (laughing)
- Hi. - Hi.
- Hi, Jasmine.
Jasmine, this is Grace.
I've heard so much about you.
I'm just so happy
to finally meet you.
Me too.
Well, Jasmine, honey,
why don't you let
daddy help you upstairs
and get freshened up, and
we'll leave for dinner.
Oh, great.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Okay, Papi.
All right, I'm
gonna do the same.
Excuse me.
- Okay.
Hey, relax. She's
gonna love you.
Just wait.
(ominous music)
[Jose] Salud.
[Everyone] Salud.
And I, for one, am so happy
to have both of my
kids home again.
Thanks, Poppa.
So, Carlos hasn't
told me the exact story
about how you two met.
It was something about
a work conference?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
That's actually a
very good story.
I was in Orlando for a
architectural conference
and Grace was in the same conference
center for a nursing conference.
- Mm.
Carlos landed himself
an angel, I tell you.
She works in the pediatric wing
of the new hospital in town.
[Jasmine] Oh, really?
So I was there with Clark,
you know Clark from
the Savannah branch?
And we were going back
to a meeting after lunch,
and Clark just suddenly
started feeling chest pains,
and he suddenly
collapsed in front of me.
Oh my god.
And then, out of
nowhere, this angel here
just magically appears and
starts doing CPR on him.
She basically saved his life.
Wow, that's amazing.
I know.
After a couple of
days in the hospital,
he was back on his feet.
I mean, heart attacks
really are a silent killer.
You never know when
they're gonna happen.
So I invited Grace
to dinner to thank her,
and to our surprise,
we found out that we
lived in the same city
(Grace laughs) and that she had
just moved here.
It was like destiny,
Which is why last week I
asked Grace to marry me.
Oh my god! How wonderful!
I'm assuming she
said yes. Right?
I did. Yes, I did.
I can't wait to
be Carlos's wife.
It's kind of
quick though, right?
Yeah. Yeah, sis.
- We know four months
is pretty quick,
but you know what?
Nothing ever felt so
right in my whole life.
Congrats, Son.
Thanks, Dad.
(glasses clinking)
We have to start planning!
No, no.
Mom, easy there.
I've been talking with Grace,
and we decided we don't
want anything but, you know,
just a small ceremony,
and in fact, we're thinking
maybe we should have it
a week from Saturday,
if you're all available.
What do you think?
But how are you gonna
pull all this together
in that amount of time?
I mean the food, the decoration-
Can you pass the salt?
Well, Mom, we found
this wedding planner
who specializes in
quickly planning weddings-
- And they even have
a venue we can use
if we want to, so...
We'd love to host it at
our house, if you'd like.
That's a-
- Yeah.
That's a great idea.
That is so sweet of you.
I do have some
decisions to make,
and I was hoping you'd find
time to help me with those.
Both of you.
We'd be honored. Right?
Yeah, absolutely.
I don't have much
family, just because,
so I'd love to have
you all involved.
Like, tomorrow I need to
go try on some dresses.
If you guys can come
along, that would be great.
Try and stop us. (laughing)
This is so great.
And Jasmine, I've
always wanted a sister,
so I'm really excited about
getting to know you better.
Me too. Me too.
(ominous music)
I'm a little concerned about
our bid in that office
building downtown.
I'll be back.
Mom. Do you think we
can talk for a second?
Sure. Okay.
[Jose] Can you give them
a call early in the morning?
Mom, what the
hell just happened?
- What do you mean?
- What do I mean?
I mean, Carlos barely
knows this woman.
Four months? Really?
She makes your brother happy.
I've never seen him
so much in love, ever.
What do any of us
really know about Grace?
Jasmine, this is
your brother's life.
We need to respect his wishes.
And Grace has been just lovely
ever since we met her.
Well, you've only known
her for a few months.
(ominous music)
Please don't start again.
You're way too overprotective
of your brother.
Mom, it is not about that.
I need you to be on board
for this for your brother.
I need to use the restroom.
(ominous music)
Natalie? Is that you?
I'm sorry?
Or, I went by Cinnamon at work.
We danced at the Hotlanta
Jaguar Club together
back in 2015, remember?
I know it's you.
You're mistaken.
You must have me confused
with someone else. (ominous music)
Mm, well. I get it.
You're all fancy now, aren't ya?
I remember you were going
to college back then.
Hey! I get it.
I left my days on the
pole behind me too.
I even bought myself
my own business.
I'm a florist.
If you ever wanna grab
a few drinks sometime,
my shop, The Budding Rose,
is at the corner
of Third and Main.
We can share old war stories.
Call me tomorrow.
(ominous music)
Hey. Is everything okay?
Yeah, I was just headed
back to the table.
Did you know the woman
who just walked out?
No. She thought
she recognized me.
I guess I have one
of those faces.
You know, I was thinking
we should head back to
your parents after this
and help you unpack your car.
Oh, you don't
need to help with-
It's the least I can do
with you coming to the
fitting with me tomorrow.
I'll go tell Carlos.
(ominous music)
(Jasmine sighs)
(ominous music)
Someone help!
(Jasmine sighs)
All the boxes are in your room.
That's sweet of you
guys to do that for me.
No problem.
Hey, um, I know moving back home
wasn't part of the plans,
but maybe it would lead
to something better.
I still get unnerved
looking at this pool.
(ominous music)
You've gotta let
it go, Jasmine.
It was years ago,
it was an accident.
I remember every second.
I still dream
about it sometimes.
(ominous music)
Have you met any of the
Grace's friends, family,
or even coworkers, Carlos?
You're doing it again.
Playing the
overprotective sister.
Don't do this, Jasmine.
But yeah, yeah.
I went out with Grace and her
friends from the hospital,
and you know what?
They're all nuts about her too.
It was just two months ago
when you told me that you
were moving in with her,
and I thought that was moving
really fast, but marriage?
I'm in love.
What can I say?
Grace is...
She's amazing.
She's kind, and
thoughtful, and generous.
She worries so much
about other people.
I don't know, I...
She's just the kind of woman I'd want
to be the mother of my kids.
Is she pregnant?
No, she's not pregnant.
Well then what's the rush?
I just know.
Are you sure this isn't more
about you than it is about me?
- Why would you say that?
- I don't know.
Maybe you're jealous
because your own
engagement ended badly.
How could you say that?
Hey, guys.
Do you wanna head out?
Yeah. Yeah, that's
actually a good idea.
It's late, and I have a meeting
in the morning, so I'll be in the car.
Jasmine, I know this may
all seem a bit rushed.
Yeah, I have to admit it does.
But I just want you to know
that I am totally in love
and devoted to your brother,
and I want nothing more
than to make him happy.
And I hope that the two of us
can become friends, sisters.
Is something wrong?
I just hate the
smell of chlorine.
(ominous music)
(crickets chirping)
(ominous music)
I'm gonna make some tea.
Want some?
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
Hey, you were awfully
quiet on our way home.
Is everything okay?
It's nothing.
Grace, come on.
What is it? Talk to me.
Tell me about
what's going through
that beautiful mind of yours?
It's Jasmine.
She doesn't like me, does she?
She's just
overprotective, you know?
She's always been like that,
but something happened
where it got worse.
What was it?
Well, I think it started
when I had this accident in
my parents' swimming pool.
You know, I noticed she was
sort of tense around the pool.
Yeah, well we were teenagers,
and our parents left
us alone for the day.
So we were just hanging
out by the pool,
and Jasmine wanted
to be a rebel,
so she snuck into our
parents' liquor cabinet.
She was sunbathing, drinking,
and I was just, you know,
swimming and practicing my dives,
and then she dared me to
do a back flip, and...
And I hit my head
during one of the dives,
and I lost consciousness
for a few seconds.
And Jasmine had dozed off
because of the alcohol,
so when she woke up,
she found me floating
in the pool, face down.
Please! Grab my hand!
Carlos, please! Grab my hand!
Oh my god.
The neighbor actually
heard her screaming
and rushed over and
pulled me out of the water
and did CPR on me while she
called for an ambulance.
That's horrifying.
Jasmine thought I was dead,
but I pulled through,
thanks to the neighbor.
But after that, though, she...
she became extremely
anxious, you know,
to the point that
she had a hard time
just getting through her day.
She couldn't forgive herself.
She became so paranoid
that eventually our parents
had to hospitalize her.
She had a mental breakdown.
Oh my god. Poor thing.
She can be and seem
on edge, you know?
I mean, do you worry about her
having another mental breakdown?
No, no.
I think it's past her.
So if she came off as
unsure, it's not you, really.
(Grace sighs)
She will come around.
Come on. Let's go to bed.
(Brenda laughing)
It's so good to have you home.
It's good to be home, Mom.
I put some extra
towels in your bedroom
if you need them.
- Aw, thank you.
And you know where the
blankets are if you get cold?
Oh yeah, yeah. I do.
Everything will be okay
with you and with Carlos.
It's a whole new
chapter for our family.
I sure hope you're right.
You'll see.
[Carlos] Honey,
I'll be in the shower.
Okay. I'll be right in.
(ominous music)
Just how much did
you hear, Jasmine?
(ominous music)
- Natalie, is that you?
You're all fancy now.
Hey, everything okay?
I've gotta keep my eye on you.
(teapot whistling)
(bells jingling)
We're here!
(gentle music)
Thank you so much
again for this.
Aw, are you kidding?
We live for weddings.
(Grace laughs)
So wonderful to see
you again, Jasmine.
I'm sure you must
still be exhausted
after your long drive yesterday.
Oh, no worries.
We're happy to be here.
- Oh, good. Is everyone here?
- Yes. Yes.
Everyone's here.
This is Carlos' mom, Brenda.
- And his sister, Jasmine.
[Brendan] How do you do?
This is Winston-
- Hi.
The speedy wedding planner
Carlos had mentioned.
He offers a one-stop shop
for all wedding needs.
It's so nice to meet you two.
We are so thrilled
about this wedding.
Grace and Carlos are
the perfect couple.
I Have never heard of a speedy
wedding planner before now.
It's my specialty.
There's fast, and then there's
Winston fast. (chuckles)
So I've got the first
of a few dresses,
which I'm sure you're
just gonna love.
Should we go try
on the first one?
Yes. I'd love to.
I've got it all
alphabetized now.
This is my assistant, Vanessa.
This is the Lopez wedding
party I told you about,
including our bride, Grace.
Of course.
- Good morning.
Vanessa is planning
one of our weddings
on her own for the first time.
She's heading to Savannah today.
Oh my gosh, that's huge.
- I've had the best teacher.
- Oh, well...
Oh, I know you're in a
rush, but before you go,
can you make sure to
drop off those checks
for the flowers at
the Budding Rose?
(ominous music)
The Budding Rose?
Yes. Oh, they do all
our floral arrangements.
They're always gorgeous.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
We'll be right back, ladies.
You are going to love-
- I need you to amp up
a bit more excitement.
I'm trying, Mom.
Well try harder, honey.
You know, something
kind of weird
did happen yesterday
at the restaurant.
(ominous music)
What happened?
When I was about to
walk into the restroom,
I heard Grace having a tense
conversation with some woman.
I mean, I couldn't
hear everything,
but she said she
owned a flower shop.
I think it's the same one
the wedding planer
just mentioned.
I just forgot
something in my purse.
Oh, just let it go.
Okay, Jasmine? Let it go.
Hey, Cassandra.
Hey, Vanessa. Good to see you.
- How's Winston?
- Great.
He loved the arrangements you
did for the Holloway wedding.
- I have a check for you
and a order for the
upcoming Lopez wedding.
(laughs) It couldn't be.
What are the odds?
The bride listed here,
Natalie Grace Baxter,
what does she look like?
Oh, she's...
Well, she has a...
Winston has a picture of
the couple on our website
for upcoming ceremonies,
- Okay.
(gentle music)
Well, she landed
herself a new one.
Wait, you know the bride?
Oh, yeah, honey.
I used to know her pretty
well back in the day.
You did, huh?
We did some modeling
jobs together.
She could be a feisty
one, to say the least.
- Oh, yeah.
A while back, I heard
from another mutual friend
she was engaged to this
handsome lawyer in Augusta,
and he upped and died on her
the night before the wedding.
He was only in
his thirties, too.
I don't know. It sounded
suspicious to me.
Your bride here had
quite the temper, too.
I might have to deliver
some of these flowers
the day of the wedding myself.
It could be a lot of fun.
Let's just keep this
between us, okay?
Now let's go over this order.
Yeah, okay.
So we were looking at some
of the color arrangements,
and it's gonna be outside.
It's stunning!
You do. You look beautiful.
Thank you.
I mean, I know it's one of
the first ones I tried on,
but God, it just feels
so right, you know?
Well it's absolutely
gorgeous on her.
It's from the Parisian
designer, Mademoiselle Bella.
It's one of a kind.
She also designed the
tuxes for my own wedding.
They were perfection.
Oh, she's crying.
Oh. Oh.
Are you okay, honey?
Are you okay?
- Yeah, it's just,
you don't know how hard I prayed
to find a good man like Carlos.
Jasmine, there's been something
I've been meaning to ask you.
I haven't been able
to make many friends
since moving here with
work and everything,
and both of you know I
don't have a lot of family.
Her parents passed
away a few years ago.
Oh my god. I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I do have a brother,
but he's serving on a
relief mission in the Sudan,
so he can't make it.
Basically what I'm
trying to ask you is
do you mind being
my maid of honor?
(Brenda gasps)
I know we just met, but-
No, of course.
Thank you!
Sounds like we need to
look at bridesmaid's dresses.
(Grace chuckles)
- Oh, okay.
I was not expecting this.
- Thanks for doing that.
I think it'll make Jasmine happy
to be part of the ceremony.
She's doing me a huge favor.
I just want this day to
be memorable for everyone.
(gentle music)
(Grace sighs)
That was the most fun
I've had in a long time.
Wanna head out to lunch now?
Oh, I actually texted Carlos.
I planned to stop by his office
so we could grab lunch together.
But you two could
come too, of course.
No. No.
Spend some quality
time together.
Are you sure?
- Definitely.
Oh, well maybe you and I
could grab a bite together.
We can look over the website
and the flower choices.
That sounds lovely,
but would you mind a rain check?
I have to run a
couple of errands
before my shift at the hospital.
When do you start work?
Well, Harmony wants me
to stop by tomorrow evening
to get a lay of the land
before I start officially.
Maybe you can arrange the
catering from your new place.
You need to mention
that to Winston.
Yeah, I'll talk to him.
Well, I won't keep
you any longer.
Have a good lunch.
Okay, come on, Mommy.
- Let's go.
(ominous music)
(telephone ringing)
Hey, how was lunch
with your sister?
[Carlos] It was great.
I think we cleared the air
up about a lot of things.
That's wonderful.
[Carlos] What are you doing?
I'm just headed
to the hospital
to fill in for my
coworker Carol,
and I just have to run
an errand beforehand.
[Carlos] Okay.
Have a great day.
Thanks, babe. See you at home
Love you.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(ominous music)
Yes. Yes.
The order's coming along great.
White roses.
Yeah, they'll be delivered
tomorrow by noon.
At 345 Fifth Avenue.
Thank you.
(ominous music)
(object rattles)
What the hell?
(ominous music)
Oh God.
What are you doing
here, Natalie?
What is it with you people?
Every time I get close
to finding happiness,
someone has to come
along and destroy it.
And I will not end up like Ma,
changing men fast as
she changed bed sheets.
Look, you need to go.
I'm gonna call the police.
You are crazy!
I hate that word.
[Cassandra] What are you-
(Grace grunts)
(vase shatters)
(ominous music)
Damn it.
Is anybody here?
Are you open?
(Jasmine sighs)
(ominous music)
Oh, Mommy, those
enchiladas were delicious.
You really haven't
lost your touch.
- Grandma would be so proud.
- God bless her. (Jasmine laughing)
- I was so lucky to get the recipe
before she passed. - Oh my god.
(Jasmine gasps)
Hey, I was just at this place.
And this woman, identified
as Cassandra Reynolds.
She was fatally attacked
in the back room
of an area florist this
afternoon in an apparent robbery.
Anyone with information
regarding this incident
should contact the
local authorities.
Remember I was trying to
tell you at the bridal shop
that I heard Grace having
a heated conversation
with a woman at the restaurant?
I'm almost 100% sure she said
she worked at that
very flower shop,
and so when I went
to it to talk to her,
no employee was at the store.
Oh my god!
What if they were...
Don't jump to conclusions.
Mom, I have to call the police
and tell them what
time I was there!
It could help with
their investigation.
No, Jasmine.
- I need my phone!
- No, Jasmine. Wait.
Jasmine, wait!
[Carlos] Hey, baby.
I just went on break and
wanted to hear your voice.
Aw, that's nice.
How was work tonight?
We had a four car accident come
in a couple of hours ago.
Two were kids, and
they're in my unit now.
I'm so sorry. That's horrible.
The way you manage to stay calm
no matter what happens
always amazes me.
What are you up to?
Oh, I have to stop
at my parents' house
to get my dad's signatures
on some documents.
He's not coming to work tomorrow
because of a
doctors appointment.
[Grace] Oh, okay. Well I hope
he's okay and everything-
- What the?
- What is it?
Baby, I'll have
to call you back.
There's a police car
at my parents' house.
Okay, just let me
know what's happening.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
(ominous music)
Mom? Dad?
What's going on?
- Yeah. - Is everything okay?
- Okay.
Please, continue.
I wish I had more
I could tell you,
but I think that's
pretty much it.
Thank you for contacting us.
Your information does help with
the timeline for the murder.
Call me if you
remember anything,
no matter how small.
Okay. Thank you.
Oh, what brought you to
the florist to begin with?
Oh, I was just wanting
to get a quote on flowers
for the restaurant
that I work at.
Thank you again.
Thank you.
Is everything okay?
Everything is fine.
I'll explain.
What is going on?
I've been so worried.
Oh, it's fine.
Apparently someone was murdered
at a florist downtown today.
That's horrible.
Yeah, and I guess
Jasmine was there
right before it
happened or something.
[Man On Intercom]
Nurse Baxter,
please report to pediatric.
- I have to go.
I'll talk to you
when I get home.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
[Man On Intercom] Baxter,
please report to pediatric.
What does it take for a girl
to get married these days?
(gentle music)
Ready for your
first day at work?
(chuckles) I'll just be
shadowing Harmony today.
Are you okay?
Jasmine, are you
still thinking about
what happened at the
florist yesterday?
Yeah, I can't help it.
I can't stop thinking that Grace
may have known the
woman that was murdered.
Please don't go down
this road again, okay?
You're looking for trouble
where there is none.
Trust me.
Let me make you some breakfast.
I'm so excited for you.
(gentle music)
(Jasmine sighs)
(ominous music)
Good morning, beautiful.
Everything is coming along
perfectly with the wedding.
I mean, Winston
is, he's amazing.
I don't think Jasmine has
really warmed up to me yet.
Baby, you really can't
let that get to you.
I love my sister so much,
but she can be a little...
It's like I said before,
she jumps to conclusions
when she's anxious,
so you have to take her behavior
with a grain of salt sometimes.
But she will loosen
up around you.
I promise. Okay?
Hey, doesn't she start
her new job tonight?
Yeah. Why?
I'm just happy
for her, that's all.
I hope she has a
great first day.
(ominous music)
So what do you think?
What are your first
day impressions?
Well, I think that
you're an amazing friend
for doing this for me, Harmony.
Oh, please.
Now I can finally
take a night off,
and you'll have things
under full control.
Yeah, absolutely.
(Harmony laughs)
I was really surprised to
hear about Carlos's engagement.
I didn't even know he
was seeing someone.
She's really cute.
Yeah, it happened
pretty quickly.
And I sense you don't approve.
I'm just not so sure.
- Mm-hm.
Why don't you head home?
You'll be spending plenty
of nights here soon enough.
Thank you.
- Absolutely.
Thank you so much.
- Mm-hm.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
(ominous music)
(police sirens blaring)
(ominous music)
(dog barking)
(motorcycle starts)
(Jasmine gasps)
(motorcycle revving)
(ominous music)
(pipe clanging)
(ominous music)
(smacking on window)
(ominous music)
(Jasmine screams)
I forgot to give
you the cannolis.
Someone was following me!
There's no one here.
No, no.
Somebody was there!
Somebody was there, I swear!
Hey. You're okay.
Why don't we go back
to the restaurant?
Yeah? Come on.
You can't drive like this.
I thought somebody was there.
(ominous music)
[Harmony] It's okay.
I'll call Carlos.
(crickets chirping)
Wait, what?
Are you serious?
Wait, is she okay?
Did she say anything
else to you?
(sighs) Okay.
Thanks for calling, Harmony.
I'll come by and pick her up.
Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.
Thank you. Thank you.
Hey. What's going on?
It's Jasmine.
Apparently she thinks
someone was stalking her
in the parking lot
next to her new job.
That was Harmony, her new boss.
She's walking Jasmine
back to the restaurant.
Apparently she's
still pretty shook up,
so Harmony thinks it's
not a good idea for her
to be driving right now.
No, I mean, that's terrifying.
Why did you say
she thinks though?
Well, you know how she
struggles with anxiety, right?
So there were a
few times in the past
where she claimed that
someone was following her,
but we never found any
evidence to back that up.
It was all her paranoia.
So after she cried wolf
so many times, we just...
I don't know. It's
just very frustrating.
I remember you saying
something about that.
It must be hard to know
when to believe her then.
Poor Jasmine.
I mean, do you think she's
slipping back into her old ways?
I don't know.
I'd like to think that
she's passed that.
Let me get changed
and I'll come with you.
No, honey. You
don't have to come.
It's late, and you're
probably exhausted from work.
Don't be ridiculous.
Jasmine is my family now, too.
Just give me five minutes.
(gentle music)
(ominous music)
No one believes me, do you?
Well, we're just a little-
That I'm slipping again?
That was a long time
ago. I'm much better now.
Are you taking
your anxiety meds?
Yes, Dad. I'm taking my meds.
He's just asking, honey.
(sighs) I know.
You said someone was
following you, right?
Did you get a good look at them?
I just, um, I just
saw shadows, so-
I mean, that's terrifying.
Yeah, and then my
friend Harmony showed up.
I mean, thank God for that.
You know, you've been
under a lot of stress.
Someone was there.
Okay. I believe you.
Do you?
Do any of you?
Tell you what, Jasmine.
I have to see Winston for one
last fitting tomorrow morning,
and you don't work
until later, right?
Why don't you come along?
I'll pick you up.
We can grab a bite to eat,
and we can finally have
some one-on-one time.
Maybe we can even
get mani-pedis too.
That sounds like
a wonderful plan.
(ominous music)
(birds chirping)
I forgot. How many sugars?
Just one, please.
I brought back donuts.
Can you believe they
were out of glazed?
I mean, seriously.
What kind of donut place let's
themselves run out of glazed?
(laughing) I'm sure
they'll be fine, Mr. Lopez.
Hey! Morning, my
favorite daughter.
If I recall, I am
your only daughter.
(Brenda laughs)
- Details.
I really thought somebody
was following me last night,
you know?
If you said it
happened, it happened.
Thanks, Papi.
Even though I know you're
just saying that to pacify me.
I just...
- Well, Grace will be here
to pick you up soon, right?
And it sounds like
a wonderful day.
No worries.
Everyone knows calories
don't count before 9:00 AM.
Well, okay then.
(Brenda laughs)
(bells jingling)
(door shuts)
Back from Savannah.
The whole wedding
went off perfectly.
Oh, good.
I can't believe you threw that
one together in just four days.
Is something wrong?
I was waiting to tell you,
but they found Cassandra
murdered in her shop.
Murdered? What?
I was just reading
the latest news on it.
I didn't wanna upset you while
you were on the Savannah job,
but they think it was
a robbery gone bad.
Oh my god. Poor Cassandra.
I've gotta pull
myself together.
Grace and her maid of honor
will be here any second.
Now that I remember,
Cassandra said something weird
about Grace.
- Ah, morning.
We're here for me to try on
the dress after the alteration.
Yes, I've got
it waiting for you
in one of the dressing rooms.
Thank you so much.
I know what kind of time
crunch I gave you guys.
No problem. It's my specialty.
We do need to talk
about the flowers.
There's been a
little tiny hiccup,
but we'll get it taken care of.
Vanessa, will you inventory
the new decorations
that arrived while
I work with Grace?
Yes. Of course.
Shall we?
I'll actually
just be a minute.
I have to talk to Harmony
about the restaurant.
Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah. Just
checking (chuckles).
I've got some great new ideas
about floral arrangements.
- Oh, I can't wait
to hear about it.
(ominous music)
Natalie Grace
Baxter from Augusta?
(ominous music)
I'll let you get changed.
If you'd like some help,
I can go get Vanessa for you.
That's okay. I'm
sure Jasmine can help.
I'll go get her in a second.
Of course.
Just let me know if I
can be of assistance.
Thank you.
Uh, yes.
Do you mind helping
me get into the dress?
Oh, absolutely.
- Okay, thank you.
You look beautiful.
I hope Carlos thinks so.
I'm sure he will.
I don't wanna take it off.
But I should.
Where do you wanna go for lunch?
(phone chimes)
- Oh, sorry.
Somebody's texting me.
You know what, I'm gonna
have to head into work.
It's Harmony's little girl.
She's sick, and she needs
me to cover for her.
Oh, I hope it's
nothing serious.
Oh, no. She says it's
just a stomach bug.
Do you want me to drive
you to the restaurant?
Oh, no, no, no,
It's out of your way.
I'll just take a car.
- Are you sure?
- Okay.
Have you seen my purse?
Oh, yeah.
I think I saw it in the front.
Thank you for keeping
an eye on it for me.
My mind is all over
the place these days.
Of course.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, it is.
Are you sure I
can't drive you?
Oh, definitely. I'll take a car.
I hope you have a good day.
And remember, I have
a rain check for lunch.
For sure. Bye.
(bells jingling)
(ominous music)
Nosy bitch, digging
through my purse. (sighs)
Yeah, sure.
I mean, it could look
all like a coincidence,
but it all seems, I
guess, normal or whatever,
but it's so weird, Winston.
Vanessa, I'm swamped. Okay?
I don't have time for this.
And I'm still processing
what happened to Cassandra.
Last time I saw Cassandra,
she told me she knew Grace.
And the things that
she said about Grace,
it made it sound like someone
you wouldn't wanna cross.
It's weird. I don't know.
Vanessa, I cannot deal
with this right now. Okay?
Do you have the binder
for the Thompson wedding?
I'm sorry. I left
it at my apartment.
Then will you run
home and get it, please?
We're behind as it is.
(Winston sighs)
Oh, good!
Thought you may have
left without your dress.
Oh my god. Never!
Vanessa, will you
please help Grace
take her dress to the car?
Thank you.
So sweet of you.
- My pleasure.
See you tomorrow. Big day.
Yes. Thank you, Winston.
(ominous music)
I'm sure Harmony won't mind
if I use this for a minute.
Okay, how many
Natalie Grace Baxters
can there be in Augusta?
(sighs) Can't hurt
to do a quick search.
What the hell?
(ominous music)
(birds chirping)
(ominous music)
What are you doing home?
What's wrong?
The florist we use at
work was murdered, Brady.
Last time I saw the florist,
she said something
weird about a bride
who we're working with.
I can't shake the feeling
that there's a connection.
Why do I even try with you?
Why do you gotta
be so dramatic?
I'm gonna go take a shower.
Yeah. Great.
Yeah. You're a terrible
roommate, you know?
And an even worse boyfriend.
Yeah, yeah.
[Vanessa] What?
Guess we're done.
(ominous music)
I've got no choice.
It's collateral
damage at this point.
(ominous music)
(doorbell rings)
Just a minute.
Uh, Grace? This is a surprise.
Not as much as this will be.
(Vanessa gasping)
What the hell? Oh my god!
What'd that florist
say to you about me?
Please, get out!
I heard you tell Winston
that the florist said
something about me.
I don't appreciate
people spreading rumors.
Now tell me!
I don't wanna hurt
you more, Vanessa,
but I will!
Please, I haven't
said anything!
(Vanessa sobs)
You're lying.
(ominous music)
Why are you making this
(indistinct), Vanessa?
Just give in!
I have to do what it takes
to protect my happiness.
Don't you people understand?
You're crazy!
I hate that word.
(Vanessa sobbing)
No, no, no, no!
(Vanessa screams)
Vanessa. What's wrong?
(ominous music)
Are you okay?
Oh my god!
I need an ambulance
and the police.
Please! Please!
No, I don't know what happened.
I think someone
attacked my girlfriend!
Yes, she's still alive.
Please, come quick!
Five entertainers at the
Hotlanta Jaguar Club in Athens
were arrested in the
suspected connection
with the selling of
illicit substances?
Those arrested for
the alleged crimes
include Natalie Grace Baxter,
of 340 Elm Street, Augusta.
Oh my god, could
it really be her?
Only one way to find out.
Guess I'm taking a
road trip to Augusta.
(machines beeping)
(ominous music)
How have you been?
I'm surprised to see
you down here in the ER.
You can never
have too many eyes.
I mean, I learned that
from you, after all.
(Patty laughs)
They didn't transfer
you, did they?
Oh, no. I was just
taking a shortcut
through the ER.
- Oh, okay.
They trippin',
what you sippin'
I'm just trying
to have some fun
Won't you bring
it over here, girl
And let me get some
We can get it,
come on get it
'Til we get gone
We can get it,
come on get it
'Til we get gone
We can get it,
come on get it
'Til we get gone
- Sorry, hun.
Auditions are over.
Come back next time, hon,
and whatever this is
you have going on,
the sexy accountant?
Not working.
Oh, I'm not here to audition.
I'm actually trying to
find some information
on one of your dancers.
Of course you
are. Let me guess.
Pissed off housewife, right?
No, it's nothing like that.
Her. Did she ever work here?
I don't know. Maybe.
We can get it,
come and get it
We can get it,
come on get it
'Til we get gone
It'll cost you a
lot more than that.
Okay, fine.
What's it to you, anyway?
She's engaged to my
brother, and I'm concerned.
Well, after what happened
to her last fiance...
Last fiance?
I need to go check on
some girls in the back.
Find yourself a seat at
the bar, and I'll be back.
[Man On Intercom] Dr. Wheeler,
please report to anesthesiology.
Dr. Wheeler, please
report to anesthesiology.
Hello, Grace. A
visit from pediatrics?
Hello, Stan.
I haven't seen
you around lately.
I'm working a lot
of night shifts.
Excuse me. Gotta
get back to work.
Okay, great.
(ominous music)
So I'll see you around soon?
Hello, Marie.
- Forget it, Stan.
(ominous music)
(machine beeping)
I'm so sorry, Vanessa.
But I can't risk what you
may have heard about my past.
Is this Vanessa's
room right here?
Thank you so much.
- Yes, sir.
Oh, Grace.
(machine beeping)
You heard?
Yes, Winston, I did.
Poor thing.
I just finished administering
a prescription the doctors hope will help.
(machine beeping)
I still can't
believe this happened.
But I want to assure you
this will in no way impact
the planning for your wedding.
Oh my god, no, no, no.
You don't even need
to worry about that.
I just happened to be in the
ER when she was brought in.
I'm happy I could be one of
the nurses to care for her.
I don't know why anyone
would do this to her.
It doesn't make sense.
I know. She's such a sweetie.
Oh, her family's
gonna be here soon.
Hang in there.
(machine beeping)
Vodka and cranberry, Otis.
You got it.
So you wanna know about Angel?
I'm sorry, who?
Oh, right.
I never forget anybody
that worked here,
customer or worker.
I make it part of my job.
Sometimes, though, their
real names escape me.
That was her stage name. Angel.
How long did she work here?
Oh, um.
This is all I have left.
This is before
I became manager.
She was just here long enough
to steal some of my regulars,
which is the only reason
I'm telling you anything.
I mean, except cash.
She wasn't here very
long, maybe six months.
She got wrapped up in
a drug bust one night.
Charges didn't stick, though.
She was involved, anyway.
Well, how do you know?
Some girls come here for
the easy money, you know?
And they get all caught
up in the drug scene.
Some, like Angel, Natalie,
they are laser focused
on making money only.
I think she was in nursing
school or something
and she wanted the cash.
A nurse.
Well it's definitely her then.
[Man] Karen.
One sec.
Manager duty calls.
All right.
Drink up.
We can get it
(Grace breathing heavily)
You're getting sloppy!
Pull yourself together!
Vanessa, Vanessa cannot wake up.
(somber music)
If at first you don't succeed,
try, try again.
(patrons chattering)
You mentioned another fiance.
Look, that's just some stuff
I heard through the
grapevine from some girl
that kept track of her
a little bit after here.
It was long after her days here.
Well what did
you hear exactly?
She got engaged to a
great-looking lawyer.
I don't know if he knew
about her days here
or if he even cared.
I mean, really.
Come on.
It's not like we're doing
anything illegal, right?
Anyway, he died the
night before the wedding.
He was pretty young.
Talk about bad luck.
Police looked at her for a
second regarding his death,
but it got ruled a heart
attack pretty quickly.
Let's just say she
was not one to cross
when she was here.
One day a new girl
mistakenly did a lap dance
for one that was
meant for Angel.
I mean, nobody that
was here that night
will ever forget it.
She was giving
that girl a beating
before they tore them apart.
I mean, obviously they
let her go that night.
I just always felt like she
was focused on her goals,
whatever those were.
Anyway, that's all I got.
(phone ringing)
Hey, sis. What's up?
Are you and Grace up
to anything tonight?
No, it's just me home alone.
I don't know how she
does it sometimes.
She just called and
said she's covering
for a sick coworker
even though her own
wedding is tomorrow.
I guess she'll be
home late tonight.
Do you think I could
stop by for a few minutes?
I really need to talk to you.
Yeah, sure.
I'll be here. Just come on by.
See you soon.
See you.
This is hard for me
to tell you, Carlos,
but I can't let you
get married tomorrow
without telling you.
Grace hasn't been honest
with you about her past,
and I have proof.
What do you mean proof?
I did a search on her.
Look, just listen to what
I have to say, okay? Please.
Fine, just tell me about
all this proof you have.
She was a dancer
at a club back then,
and it sounded like
she wasn't somebody
you wanted to cross either.
She had another fiance. He died.
The police did look at her
with suspicion at first,
but she was cleared though.
I guess it was a heart attack.
Are you listening to me, Carlos?
She even went by a different
name then. Natalie.
(ominous music)
(machine beeping)
Time of death?
The second this hits your heart.
(machine beeping)
Why aren't you
saying anything?
'Cause I already know about
all that. Every single bit.
She told you all of this?
- Yeah.
But you couldn't just leave
this and Grace alone, could you?
Not long after Grace and I met,
she told me everything
about her past.
So yeah, she danced at a
strip club to pay for college.
That's not a crime, you know?
I know.
But it's just-
And her fiance
Alex's family too,
and especially his brother.
What was his name?
Andy or something?
Well they insisted that
she had something to do
with his death, which
is just ridiculous.
And that's the whole story.
Grace wanted to
start her life anew,
so she accepted a job here.
But why the name change?
Well she always
preferred her middle name,
so when she moved here,
she just switched them.
Lots of people go by
their middle names,
it's not unheard of.
I know they do,
but it's just...
Don't you find that all
this raises red flags?
I feel it in my gut, Carlos.
These are warning signs.
Stop, Jasmine. Just stop.
I'm not gonna let you tear
apart the woman I love.
Grace is a kind, loving,
thoughtful woman.
And she came along
at a point in my life
where I just...
Damn it, Jasmine!
I don't have to
explain myself to you!
You know what, taking your
feelings into consideration,
I think that maybe it's best
if you're not Grace's
maid of honor.
Carlos, you don't mean that.
I'm sorry, but this
wedding is supposed to be
the happiest day of my life.
Jasmine, I think
we can both agree
that it's probably for the best
if you're not the maid of honor,
all things being considered.
I'm sorry, you should go.
I just, I can't deal with
this and with you right now.
- I'm just so worried that something bad
is gonna happen. - Yeah, you worry.
All the time.
But this is my life, Jasmine.
Just go, please.
I'll see myself out.
(somber music)
(ominous music)
Jasmine, what a nice surprise.
I know about your past, Grace.
What are you talking about?
The Hotlanta Jaguar Club,
you going by the
name Natalie before.
I don't know what you
think you found out,
but Carlos knows about my past.
Yeah, at least the
parts you've told him
and the ones that
I've found out so far.
Jasmine, it's very clear
you're not a fan of this wedding,
but I am marrying
your brother tomorrow,
and I suggest you start
getting used to that idea.
It's not over 'til
the "I do's," Grace.
(ominous music)
Have you talked to
your brother today?
I hate to see the two of
you with so much tension
on such an important day.
I don't like it
either, Mom, but there's-
But nothing. Nothing.
You will be the perfect
wedding guest today,
and you will make up
with your brother.
Carlos and Grace will
be here any moment.
Be good.
(ominous music)
Here you go.
The perfect room for
you to get ready in.
(gentle music)
Thank you so much,
Brenda, for everything.
Of course.
I'm just sorry about the
way things are with Jasmine.
She really does mean well.
Don't worry about it.
I'm just over the moon that
today is finally happening.
Me too.
I'll leave you to it.
(gentle music)
(birds singing)
You haven't said much
at all this morning.
What can I say?
Carlos is making a huge mistake.
I wish you could
move past this.
How can I?
I feel it in my bones.
Please, I'm begging you.
Don't make waves today.
Grace is already without
a maid of honor now.
I hate it to come to this.
Excuse me.
- Hey.
I just wanted to
say I am so sorry
about what happened to Vanessa.
I was just shocked when I heard.
Thank you.
I still can't quite
believe it myself.
Do they know
what happened yet?
They were looking
at the boyfriend,
but there's just no
reason he would do this.
I don't know why anyone
would hurt Vanessa.
And you're still here working?
That must be difficult.
I do best when I stay busy.
And Grace was so sweet
last night at the hospital.
(ominous music)
You ran into Grace there?
She was working in the ICU.
- [Man] Winston.
- Excuse me.
I left the makeup
bag in the car.
(Grace sighs)
So I heard a couple
of your buddies
took you out for beers.
Yeah. Yeah.
We knocked back a couple.
More than a couple, actually.
[Jose] How were the strippers?
There were no strippers, Dad.
It was a pretty mellow evening.
Grace is the only
one I have eyes for.
(gentle music)
Okay. Thanks again for
covering for me today, Harmony.
So soon after I just started.
Oh, sure. Not
a problem at all.
It's horrible what's happened
to the wedding assistant.
It's just...
Gosh, I really hope they
catch whoever did it.
Yeah, me too.
What are you thinking?
(sighs) About Grace.
Somebody seeing her
working at the ICU,
I just can't stop
thinking about it.
I've got an hour
before the ceremony.
I gotta check this out.
Grace is dangerous, and I'm
gonna prove it once and for all.
Listen, thanks again.
- Okay.
Let me know.
(gentle music)
It looks fantastic.
Especially when you
factor in the time crunch.
I know.
I couldn't be happier.
And You look beautiful.
Where's Jasmine?
Well, now that
you mentioned it,
I haven't seen her for a bit.
(gentle music)
(ominous music)
Oh. Is there something I
can help you with, ma'am?
Yes, I had a friend of mine,
Vanessa, in here recently,
and she passed away,
and I just, I really
wanted to thank
the nurse who helped her.
The family said she
was just wonderful.
Okay. So you just
wanna thank the nurse?
Yeah. It would
mean a lot to me.
Just wait one
second, I have it here.
Oh, that's Grace
from pediatrics.
Well, I'm the patient's nurse,
and the woman in
the picture, Grace,
she works in a different
department, not the ICU.
- Are you positive?
- Yes.
It's so weird.
Why do you say that?
You're not the first person
to think that Grace was
this patient's nurse.
And I have seen her
around the ICU a few times
while the patient was here.
But I can assure you that
our hospital requires
a high degree of training
to work in our ICU,
and Grace, yeah, she
doesn't have that,
so I'm not sure
what to tell you.
(phone buzzes)
I'm sorry, I've gotta
go check on a patient.
- You good?
- I'm good. - All right.
Ma'am, you know what?
Now that I think about it...
Nah, nevermind.
No, what? Please, tell me.
Well, now that I think,
I saw Grace leave
that patient's room
right before she died.
You're not here to
thank anyone, are you?
No, I'm not.
Please, I really need
to know if that nurse
could have had anything to
do with Vanessa's death.
Are you suggesting
something sinister?
Listen, why don't we take a
look at that security footage
from right around the time
that your friend died?
Just to confirm.
Yes, please.
Also, I am running
short on time.
Well, then let's go.
45 more minutes,
and I will finally
become Grace Lopez.
I will get my
happily ever after.
(gentle music)
It's almost time.
Where's Jasmine?
I don't know where she is.
Is she going to
at least be a guest?
I'm going to call her.
You know, I always thought
there was something wrong
with this particular nurse,
but to think that
she might have-
(phone ringing)
You know what, this would
have been the time right here.
My god, if this can
even possibly be true,
I need to contact
the authorities.
Thank you so much
for showing me this.
Hey, do you think I
could record this video
straight to my phone?
- Yeah, sure. Yeah.
- Oh, great.
Thank you.
Make it quick.
- Okay.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
Mrs. Lopez?
It's about that time.
Shall I go get Grace?
Well, if you could just
give us five more minutes.
We're not waiting.
Um, we've been
delaying quite a bit, so-
Excuse me, what's the holdup?
Well, Jasmine is
nowhere to be found.
No, we're not gonna
wait on Jasmine.
Could you go please
get my fiance?
I wanna start the ceremony.
Grace, we're ready to start.
(ominous music)
(wedding music)
[Woman] Wow, she's gorgeous.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
We are gathered here today
to celebrate the love and life
commitment of Carlos Mateo
and Natalie Grace.
(wedding music)
(ominous music)
When two hearts come
together as one,
it's the most beautiful
of all human connections.
(ominous music)
Do you, Carlos Mateo Lopez,
take Natalie Grace
Baxter to be your wife?
I do.
And do you,
Natalie Grace Baxter,
take this man,
Carlos Mateo Lopez,
to be your husband?
(ominous music)
- What's happening?
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry, Carlos,
but I need to ask Grace.
Jasmine, what on Earth?
What were you doing
working in the ICU
right before Vanessa died?
You're not allowed
to be in that area.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I wasn't in the ICU
when Vanessa died.
I don't know who you spoke to,
but I was not
around the ICU then.
Well that is not what
the security video shows.
(ominous music)
What video?
Stan, one of the security
guards, showed it to me,
and he let me record
it on my phone.
(ominous music)
Damn that nosy wannabe cop.
You killed her, didn't you?
Why can't any of you
people just let me be happy?
Honey, what's going on here?
- It's okay, we-
- Nothing is okay!
You have been wanting
to destroy my happiness
from the moment you
got here, you bitch.
And that loudmouth Vanessa
just couldn't mind her
own business either
after talking to
that pole dancing,
pot-stirring florist, Cassandra.
Grace, what are you saying?
Why do people keep making
me do things I don't wanna do?
I am just trying to
be happy over here!
Baby, just calm down. Okay?
Do all of you think I
wanted to kill Vanessa?
Do you?!
Oh my god. You're crazy.
- Stop saying that word!
I deserve to have some
happiness, finally.
Don't you all understand?
If Vanessa had said
what she heard,
today would have never happened.
Grace, just wait for a second.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa! Wait.
Just put the knife down, okay?
You're turning against me.
Grace, no-
Just like all the other men
in my life did, aren't you?
Put it down.
Just like Alex.
(Jasmine grunts)
(guests gasp)
I am not going to let
you hurt my brother!
Jasmine, oh my god.
You were right about
her this whole time.
I'm always gonna protect you.
(gentle music)
- [Carlos] I didn't know her.
- [Brenda] Oh, honey.
(gentle music)
[Grace] Stop trying to look.
Fine, fine, fine, fine.
So how's it feel?
You know.
Full house.
Read 'em and weep.
I'm gonna be eating so good.
(people chattering)
(gentle music)
You new around here?
Uh, yeah.
But that's none of
your concern, inmate.
Welcome then.
It's nice to have
a little eye candy
in the place for a change.
You're single, right?
Get back to your game, ma'am.
(woman blows kisses)
Okay, Officer Rogers.
(woman laughing)
He's single.
So are we playing again?
- Yes.
(ominous music)