Heritage (2019) Movie Script

There may not be a physical wall
but there is definitely still a wall,
an emotional mental wall
like the Eastern Germany
is still dealing with the atrocities
that happened to them.
And-- and they will as long
as we all-
Did you want to go somewhere else?
I am not your therapist.
Why would you say
that you're my therapist?
"Hi Anna, how was your day?
What have you been up to?"
That would have been a good
way to start off tonight.
Come on, you know how important
this presentation is tomorrow.
Yes, I do.
So how was your day?
Okay, so maybe my interest is-
- Obsession?
- A bit intense.
- But you as a German should
know how important this is.
- Yes.
And I as a German can tell you
how esoteric the whole thing is.
- It matters. Yeah.
- To you?
Miles, if you want a girl to stick
around for more than three dates,
you should really find something
more to talk about.
- It's academic.
- Nobody cares.
Not Germans, not academics,
not girls.
Look, from all that you've told me,
I think you should really consider counseling.
That might be a better
use of your time.
Okay. So today I'm going to present
my grant proposal for the study
of the transgenerational impact
of the German reunification
on the inhabitants of
the Harz mountains.
Oh, goodie.
Okay, so-
Three times you've presented
this project for funding.
The first two times we rejected it.
What makes you think
we've changed our minds?
We all know about the
wall, we all know it fell.
You as an outsider might
feel the need to go there.
We don't.
Are you kidding me?
To me this sounds like you're
requesting private funding
for a personal project.
- Well, if you--
- Miles, the university isn't interested
in spending thousands just to help you
with your family issues.
Look, the purpose of this project is to research
and document how Stasi oppression
affected the people of this region and the
generations that followed.
Yes, it's personal because
of my family history and yes,
that pushes me to investigate
the issue. But --
don't confuse my passion to make
a difference with some sort of twisted therapy.
Call it what you like, either way it's asking
too many resources
for too little academic return.
What about Charlie Price? He's down there
trying to get academic perspective
on regional folklore like that
hasn't been done to death.
Charlie Price got his funding because he also
agreed to carry out major artifact acquisition
for the university archive.
I'm not sure if Charlie Price is the name
you really want to bring up right now.
I didn't quit that fucking analyst job
at the CIA so that I could come here
and recycle a bunch of shit already written
and locked away in some dusty library.
People like my father were never held
accountable for what they did.
The lack of research on this
subject is an embarrassment.
How can we change, how can we make
amends if we don't know the facts?
I grew up never knowing
who my father was,
but always dreading
what he might have been.
You know it sounds funny.
You say it isn't personal and yet here
you are again making it about you.
It's always about you, isn't it?
In your application letter to this program
you wrote about your East German roots,
your family emigrating
after the wall fell,
how you never felt like you belonged
anywhere after your dad killed himself,
had no identity
and maybe, just maybe, if you study here,
you could find answers to all that.
But you keep asking
us for more and more.
And for the third time we say no.
Thank you very much,
Herr von Siegler.
I might have something for you.
It might not be what you're looking
for right now but it's something.
Do you have time this afternoon
for a private meeting with Dr. White and myself?
- What's this about?
- When was the last time you saw Charlie Price?
Well, Charlie, congrats man.
You earned it.
Maybe you lucked out, man.
Not quite what I hoped for either.
I wanted to see how folklore survives
in the 21st century world.
They won't help building an archive.
Yeah, what's in it for them?
It's always the same bullshit here.
Maybe that's what you gotta do, find a way
to make it more lucrative for them.
I know it's important for you to find out
about your dad and all but
there's got to be an angle
to grab their interest too.
Just gotta have something to offer.
Right. Miles, I don't know if you notice
the elephant in the room this morning
when you mentioned Charlie Price.
Did you?
My attention was kind of elsewhere.
In your proposal, your list Price as
a primary resource.
Is there a problem with that?
How well do you know Charlie Price?
We were both analysts at the CIA.
- Do you talk to him much?
- Not often.
A couple of emails back and forth.
Been a while though.
The department has a bit
of a situation. And --
we were hoping you could help us
deal with it.
We learned fairly quickly
he wasn't to be trusted.
He had conflicts about the truth.
Initially we were very pleased
with the work Price was doing.
But he seems to have disappeared
and as you see there,
also managed to get himself
in a lot of trouble.
We received this from Price
about a week ago.
Underground, stop.
In my case the past
keeps me sane, stop.
Cease contact, everything is fucked,
- He wrote you a telegram?
- That was an email.
We got word from a man
called Gerhard Schmidt.
That's a photo of him right here.
He's a police chief in a small
village called Kreuzfeld.
The cops believe there were situations
there along with some police reports
and stolen artifacts from museums,
private collections in the area.
Two weeks ago that rare clock, you see there,
showed up at auction in Munich.
Seller was arrested, but
Price's fingerprints were also found on it.
What do you want me to do about it?
You said it yourself this morning
you used to work for the CIA.
Yeah, but I was an analyst.
I was never an officer.
Miles, as you know, we instructed Price
to find several of these artifacts for us,
but we never imagined he'd be stealing
and selling them.
If Price goes to prison
while under our grand funding,
the foundation will be demolished.
You're his friend,
you know his methods.
Find him before he does something
that ruins all of us.
And from all of this, I'm supposed to believe
that you'll give me department approval
on my funding?
If you're successful in getting
Price back, absolutely.
Miles, look, the department just needs
a clean bill of health.
That's all we're asking for.
That's what you want,
a chance to spend some time
in your father's homeland.
As soon as you arrive in Kreuzfeld,
you'll need to make contact
with this Gerhard Schmidt,
the police chief we told you about.
Try to make contact with as many people
who interacted with Price as possible.
But be careful.
People in these villages
can be very provincial.
We have no way of telling
who all might be helping Price.
Good luck, Miles.
And stay in touch.
I'm sorry that you had to come all this way
down here when you didn't have to.
- What?
- Your colleague is already dead.
Have a look.
We found him two days ago.
He was barely recognizable.
To be honest with you, I didn't really
know him at all.
He always seemed a bit nuts.
And the more he came around,
the stranger he seemed to get.
I had a few run-ins with him and
his little girlfriend, Heike Grauhaus.
She's always been a troublemaker.
Is your name Heike Grauhaus?
You came here to look for him,
didn't you? Of course.
Yeah, I mean I had.
So how did you know how
to come talk to me about it?
You're in some of the reports
Gerhard has sent us.
Fuck, yeah.
I don't know, Price, he got weird to his
end, longer trips away.
Whenever he did show up,
all his time was spent with Gerhard.
Gerhard said they didn't know each other.
Don't trust him.
Come on, I have some stuff of his
he left behind if you want it.
It's an old Harz melody.
The words keep changing from region to region,
but those are the words my mother taught me.
- Does she still live here?
- No.
They left when I was very young.
It's late.
But no, no, you can stay.
Work as long as you need.
Okay, thanks.
Yeah, sure. You can also sleep here
if you want, if you feel like it.
- What are all those strange symbols?
- I have no idea.
Well, I'll be in here
if you need anything.
Good night.
Good night.
Von Siegler.
All right, Price.
Anything in here that's gonna help me
find out what happened to you?
Great notes, man.
I guess it's true what they
were saying about you.
These caves up here,
prehistoric apartments.
No one comes here anymore.
The villagers believe they are haunted,
except I always found Price moving around up here.
I found the relics he collected, were in here,
same place that we found his body.
Most of what is missing now are some antiques,
or rather a large collection of diamonds.
So I met Heike Grauhaus last night
and she told me that-
I'm going to tell you something I shouldn't.
The reason Heike doesn't like me is
back in the DDR I informed
on her parents to the Stasi.
They were arrested
and never returned.
And she thinks
I'm responsible for that.
- Are you?
- I didn't have a choice.
None of us did.
But right now I have bigger problems.
- But I guess there is nothing more we can do.
- Yeah.
Listen, Dr. Evers, if it's all right
I was gonna stay down here
for a few more days and just sort of
do some independent study.
Certainly. But understand that
you're now on your own.
The university can't afford anyone
to get to your exposure down there.
You know you can tell a lot about
a man by the way he packs.
- Oh yeah? What was this telling you?
- Oh, no, I mean a real man.
What are all these?
Stuff Price stole, reportedly stole,
who knows.
- Don't you think you should try
and find some of these first?
- Not my job.
In fact, I think I've learned
all that I can from this place.
So I'm gonna move on to the next town.
- Is it cool if I leave some of the stuff
here with you?
- Sure.
You sure you don't want to stick around?
I mean you can keep crashing here,
it's not a problem.
My talk today with Gerhard reminded me that
I have a bigger purpose down here.
Got a little bit of extra time now, gonna
spend it doing my own studies for a bit.
Well, let me give you a lift to Thale then.
I'm meeting a friend. Then you can catch
the train from there, save you some time.
Shit, I don't think I can turn around,
but the station is right back there.
Also be careful, okay?
It's obvious you're not from here and there's some
crazy people in these small towns.
Okay, great. Thanks for the ride.
Here hold on, let me-- let
me give you my number.
I don't know, maybe if you ever come back
down here or the university needs anything.
Thanks again.
Hi, how are you?
Look, I don't know who put you up to this,
but haha, very funny, nice joke.
- But look--
- We're looking for a friend of
yours, the other American.
- Price?
- Good, you know him.
I don't know if you know
this but Price is dead.
I just came to pick up some of his stuff.
And-- and his stuff.
- Do you have them with you?
- Yeah, some of it. It's in my backpack.
Okay, okay.
Give it to me.
- And this, you don't-- you
don't have this with you?
- No.
- No?
- I mean-- I mean just a picture.
- Just-- just a picture?
- Yeah.
I told you.
Price was supposed to bring it
to me and he never showed up.
He's dead, okay. Okay, he's dead.
But now you're hired to find it.
Isn't it great? So, name your price.
Come on!
It's worth a lot and I like to share.
Okay, 15,000.
Ten thousand? Five thousand? You know,
they'd stop if you answer.
I don't think you get it. Um,
your life? Ah, good, good.
That works for both of us.
So you bring me the necklace and
I won't kill you. okay?
Why are you doing this to me?
Well, you're here, right, and Price was
your friend, your little buddy.
And I have a feeling, I have this feeling that
you have more of his stuff than you let on.
So, um, do we have a deal?
The necklace for your life?
To make it official, Boris will go over
the terms of the contract with you.
And Boris, you know the conditions, right?
So don't touch his face.
I don't want him drawing any
unnecessary attention.
So, I gotta go tell my daughter
to break a leg.
Look, but you boys have fun.
Not so hard. He has a job to do.
Oh, and fill the pool
when you're done.
It's gonna be gorgeous
this weekend.
Klaus once asked to keep an eye on you
while you searched for the necklace.
So let's get the show on the road.
Here, try to stand up straight.
I know it hurts.
But don't be such a...
and out.
Hey! Why are you running?
We just want to talk.
Come on! We are going
to find you anyway.
And now I'm coming for you.
What moron goes straight to the train station
after making an escape?
So I took a look at your passport
and noticed your last name is von Siegler.
That wouldn't make you the son
of Ullrich von Siegler, would it?
- What?
- The infamous Stasi officer.
- You knew him?
- Your dad did some pretty nasty things in his day.
Wait a minute. Tell me what
you know about my father.
You know, during the DDR several
Stasi officers like your daddy
found a pretty clever way
to make some extra money.
When certain enemies of the state
were arrested, the Stasi might offer them
a way to buy out of their troubles,
you know.
They traded mostly with
untraceable goods like gold,
jewels or antiques, valuable necklaces.
So, when the East fell,
most of them fled in fear hiding
the treasures throughout the mountains.
And most of them never came back.
So finders keepers, I say.
All right. Hold on. You knew my dad?
I knew of him.
- Well, are the rumors true?
- That doesn't matter right now.
Was he involved in all the stuff you
were just talking about?
Price sort of fell into my lap
much like you did.
He was already down here looking
for many of the same things I was.
So I convinced him to get them
to me instead of the university.
He wanted to be paid in left-over relics
I couldn't sell.
He wanted that necklace too.
And Boris foolishly gave it to him.
Boris, what was the other thing our
little friend had in his backpack?
Put this in with it.
Someone should report it soon enough
and I think there will be enough evidence
for the feds to know who to look for.
Oh Boris, I'm impressed.
Find me that necklace and I'll have
one of my errand boys
take the fall for your
little trouble here.
If not,
good luck talking your way out of it
with Homeland Security.
- You bring Price's bag with you?
- Packed it in the back.
Do you know anywhere
I can lay low for a while?
I know a place.
- Is that so bad?
- Terrible.
- What is this place anyway?
- It's a house.
After the reunification a lot of the wealthier families
in the East went West for economy.
- And they just left it here?
- Left for the forest to reclaim, I guess.
All set.
Thank you.
There's a word for guys
like you in German.
- What?
- It's called...
- I think you mean schmetterling?
- Not quite.
I'll look it up.
Come, let me help you with this.
- So what about you?
- What about me?
Don't seem to be a lot of
young people around here.
- I'm pretty sure you're the only one I've met.
- Yeah. Well,
the inn that I own, it's been
in my family for generations.
After my parents disappeared,
I was raised by my aunt and
I just now feel like it's my
responsibility to keep it.
My parents wouldn't like that.
You don't think they would have wanted you
to move on, make something better?
I don't know.
You know, when my parents were entrepreneurs,
self-employed with the inn,
the state, the DDR did not like that.
Too capitalistic.
I feel like the inn had something to do
probably with them disappearing.
So, I feel I owe it them to keep it.
Me too.
But I guess that's just
how it was back then.
You should get some rest.
I'm gonna go back into town
and see what the situation is like.
Well, you're in luck.
Sounds like no one was injured
and they don't have any leads yet.
I don't know how long that'll last.
You're probably safe to stay here
for a while at least.
I don't think that's an option.
- What then?
- I think my best bet is to find
the necklace and head east,
try to find a way to get some
travel documents made.
I'd hate to see it go though.
Something about you
being here felt hopeful.
Miles, Miles, Miles.
You know, Gerhard showed me this old cave
apartments outside Kreuzfeld.
Said that the people won't go
near them, they're too afraid.
Yeah, they're all superstitious too.
The legend says during the Saxon time
they were the houses of nachzehrer,
vampire-like creatures.
If you went near them at night,
they would take you to be never seen again.
- Is it arts and crafts time?
- I couldn't sleep. Come take a look at this.
According to Price's notes,
every legend in the Harz
is mirrored at least once in
some version in another town.
Shurka, Hasselfelde, Bekinschtein,
Price consumed himself
with these fairytales.
- So?
- So, Kreuzfeld, the devil caves.
Something about the cave
kept the people away.
Both you and Gerhard confirm that.
That means in one of those other towns
there must be a cave where Price hid the rest
of what he reportedly stole,
including the necklace.
We retrace his footsteps,
we see what we find.
It's not as silly as it sounds.
I don't think it's silly, I think it's stupid.
Do you even get how much trouble you're in?
And you want to keep chasing it.
- What else do you want me to do?
- I just don't want to see you get hurt.
You're not as good at this
as you think you are.
Well, that's why you're coming with me.
Cute smile like yours
could come in handy.
You're an idiot.
Well, my friend, what you are looking
for is something very precious.
Ah, here it is.
This is the necklace of Saint Walpurga
crafted from a precious stone
pulled from the heart of
the Harz back mountain
and blessed by the Saint Walpurga.
It was once part of the Domschatz Treasury,
you know,
before it disappeared
during the Saxon invasion.
- So this necklace--
- Walpurga sketer.
The material value of the necklace is
maybe only in the thousands,
but its religious and historical ties make
it quite valuable to certain collectors.
What I would give to have it
back in the hands of a museum.
Go to Ellrich.
Meet me at this bridgeabout 10 kilometers
outside the village.
I have information.
Get to Ellrich.
So what do you think?
Maybe we should take this
back road towards Zorgan
then we'd be able to pass
Bantch on the way.
The old school is there.
Thought it might be worth a look.
What's that?
It was originally built by the Nazis,
but then the Communists took it over and
used it as a place to teach the youth who wanted
to enter the political system.
After the wall fell,
it was just abandoned.
And rumor has that the old files
and documents are still in there.
Don't you think we should try and get
to Ellrich first, check out this bridge?
I don't know, but it's on the
way, so let's just check it out.
My mother used to study here
for a bit, but then
she started dating my father
and they kicked her out.
Because he wasn't a party member?
No, he introduced
her to Pink Floyd.
What a mess.
These people call themselves Germans?
Maybe we should split up.
Someone's awfully quiet.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I guess it's just
this stuff you said about your
parents that got me thinking.
About what?
My dad died when I was just a baby.
And I always knew he
wasn't a great person,
I just never understood
to what extent and I--
I guess I just assumed it was always worse,
not actually knowing what he did.
We aren't responsible for
the lives of our parents.
Heike, I have to tell you something.
Something about my dad.
- He--
- Let's go for a swim.
I think it would be good for you
to wash off all the self-pity.
Get in here, you bandousha.
It's getting late.
I'm heading to bed.
I didn't mean alone.
You see right there,
there should be something.
Miles, is the food still in your bag?
I'm going back to Kreuzfeld.
Look Heike, I can explain.
Your father is the reason
my parents are gone.
The reason I'm alone.
And the fact that you would hide this
from me goes against everything
you've been telling
me this entire time.
But, why you're
here to begin with?
Heike, we aren't our parents.
We aren't responsible for the things
they did, the lives they led.
I'm not responsible.
These are your words.
I know.
Those were just words
and now this is reality.
It's too close to home for me
to ignore how I feel about it.
Will you at least stay with
me until we get to Ellrich?
I can't have you in my life anymore.
I can't be responsible for you.
- You know it?
- Of course I know it.
It's a song of Saint Walpurga.
Belongs to the town of Ellrich.
I thought it belonged to Kreuzfeld.
They do maybe.
The melody was shared
all over Germany.
But in the Harz, the textiles of Saint
Walpurga and the town of Ellrich.
Does this have anything to do
with the Walpurga sketer?
Yes, everything to do with that.
- Ellrich?
- Yeah.
You're already on your way there.
So what you're saying is people stay away
from the cave because they're afraid of it.
Let's see what you got.
I know you like to tell everybody
you left that agency voluntarily,
but after seeing this incompetence,
I'm surprised they didn't just drop your ass.
Come on.
Everyone thinks you're dead.
Yeah, and I'm keeping it that way.
I saw pictures.
Well, whose body did they find?
One of Klaus's guys
caught up with me.
Happy accident, I guess.
I can't believe you're alive.
I'm not.
- Why are you following me?
- Why is it you're coming after all my stuff?
Because I need it to buy my way out
of a problem that you caused.
I knew you would say that.
What is it?
I make it from all the
roots around here.
You know what this is, right?
- A necklace.
- It's a currency to you, right?
What you can buy,
how much.
Look, man, I get it,
believe me, I do.
But that thing is my ticket out of here.
I'm sorry if-- if you
can't understand that.
She's not gonna let you out.
You think I signed on voluntarily?
I was right where you are once.
- What do you expect me to do then?
- Find another way.
And what way is that?
Roll over and play dead?
Just tell me what the fuck
happened to you, man.
Not long after I started
running relics for Klaus,
I met an old Stasi informant.
He knew an old officer who stashed his
treasure all around here, diamonds mostly.
That's when I realized
it's all blood money.
That necklace doesn't belong
in Klaus's bank account
and it doesn't belong to
the university either.
It belongs to the people of the mountains,
okay? Their history.
She's not just making money,
she's robbing a people of their lore,
their identity, okay? Now
it's up to me to protect it.
Price, it doesn't have to be like this.
Come back with me. We can sort
this whole thing out together.
I have to do this, this is my work.
Help me, Miles.
Work with me on this.
Look, man, I wish it didn't have
to go this way.
I'm not sure what
else I can do here.
I just want to go home.
All right? The stuff that I've learned here,
the stuff about my dad, it's
becoming too much
for me to handle.
What did you say you put
in this again?
"If you change your
mind, come find me."
Find anything good?
Wasn't expecting to see you again.
Yeah, well, surprise.
I'm leaving.
I'm gonna deliver the necklace to Klaus
and then head east, fly home, sort things out.
Come with me.
I can't.
Why not?
You know why not.
Who's the babe?
Looked kind of pissed.
Time's up.
Yeah, whatever, I got
your necklace right here.
Did that bitch rip you off?
Well, I guess that makes
it much more fun.
Not for you, you're kind
of screwed now.
I'm gonna pick up your lady,
bring her to the pool.
Klaus has a little bit easier time
slapping girls on.
You stay put.
I'll let you know what Klaus
wants me to do with you.
You're going to get
your ass kicked.
Here pussy, pussy.
Where are you?
Pussy, pussy, pussy.
Meow, meow.
I hear you.
You can't hide forever.
Don't move.
You are in pretty deep shit,
my friend.
I'm telling you it wasn't me.
Oh, the train exploded
all by itself, hmm?
You know,
these mountains here are strange
but not that strange, Herr von Siegler.
- Gerhard, I swear to you--
- You think I wouldn't be aware of
a bomb-making housewife
who was running an underground racket
just here in front of my nose?
I have been building a case against
that bitch for months now.
And you admitted involvement and
the bombing only makes things easier for me.
Price is alive.
- What did you say?
- He can tell you himself.
- You talked to him?
- Yesterday.
you prove it to me.
I said I didn't want to talk to you.
Give me back my necklace
and you won't have to.
Your necklace? I have no idea
what you're talking about.
- I need your help.
- Go fuck yourself, Miles.
- Price is alive.
- Bullshit.
If you can help me
get him out of hiding,
together we can bust Klaus
and Gerhard to clear my name.
Miles, enough, okay?
You have this blind
and somehow selfish trust
in people who only want
to screw you over.
Yeah, you're right.
I guess it started with you.
You know, the one thing Price had over
you was the decency to disappear from my life.
I have stuff to do. So fuck off.
Out. That's my comfort chair.
I called them to report
about Klaus to the feds.
I left your name out of it for now.
But without Price to
back up your story,
I may have to hand you over
as well when they arrive.
- What is it you keep playing with?
- Something Price gave me.
Let me see it.
The Wolkenpalast.
I almost forgot about this thing.
In the late '80s, the party was
building a new headquarter here.
The wall came down
before they had finished.
It was left to rot in
the middle of nowhere.
Let me see that again.
No way.
We need to go get my bag
from the house.
Yeah, it's the only one
of Price's markers.
I never checked out because I just
thought it was a random doodle.
I mean, he draws it all over
his books too.
This has to be it.
There isn't anything else
around for kilometers.
He has to be here.
Give me a few minutes
before you follow me.
I want to try and talk to him alone.
If he's even here.
I knew you'd change your mind.
Glad to see you found the place.
Guess you're not
so dumb after all.
You came alone?
Come here.
I want to show you something.
Hell of a thing.
Price, let's just go, man.
Let's go home.
There's no way Klaus even
knows where we are.
Miles, I can't just suddenly
reappear in the world.
- I talked to Gerhard.
- Gerhard?
He's the whole reason
this is happening, okay?
The guy's a fucking criminal.
Do you know how many people
are dead because of him?
He was supposed to help me
get out from under Klaus.
Then double-crossed me
and keep all the diamonds he hired me to find.
- Didn't Heike tell you about him?
- I thought--
Don't go too close.
Last guy didn't have much luck.
I can't believe he had them on him.
But I probably wouldn't leave
them lying around either.
- What is it?
- The diamonds.
I knew there was more than
what he claimed to have found.
And I think it's only fair
if you get your share.
Most of them belong to
your father anyway.
I'm sure you figured it out by now.
The whole Harz racket was his idea.
- What the fuck do you know about my dad?
- Well, we worked together.
Great guy.
I had a lot of respect for him.
Then he decided to take
the easy way out.
A coward.
That seems to run in your family.
Think very carefully before you make
your next move, my friend.
All right, CIA, hm?
Go ahead.
Do it.
Do it.
They don't teach that
to the analysts, huh?
Let's do it your way.
So how do you want me to end this?
I can gut you like a pig.
Or you'll take a leap of faith like
your friend? It's a tough one, huh.
Let me give you a little taste of what
the first option might feel like.
Drop it.
Okay, okay.
- Calm down. Please calm down.
- Drop it! Drop it!
I know you think you have me,
and you want me.
So before you do anything stupid,
try to use your brain.
You can throw over as many
of those as you like.
Even if it takes me a year
to find just one of them,
it's still more money than
I've seen in a lifetime.
You have got nothing for then.
What? You think he can help you?
Look at him.
He's a little wimp.
He has already sold out
one friend to me today.
What's one more?
And that necklace,
as much an heirloom
to him as it is to you.
- What are you talking about?
- Oh, you didn't know.
Not everything can be right,
I know.
What is it you think he really wants?
From whom? I forget myself
30 years ago.
- Fuck you!
- No!
You just threw away the only
bargaining chip you had.
And from where I stand,
you are both pretty fucked.
Let's get you out of here.
Wait, wait. Just a second.
Just a second.
It's fine, it's fine.
I'm sorry.
it's okay.
- Heike.
- Give this to Klaus.
Do what you gotta do.
Let's get me out here.
Pretty impressive
what do you did there, mister.
Giving all those diamonds
to the victims' families.
You sure about this?
Yeah, I think it's time
I finally let this place go.
So, what now?
We finished Price's work.
Try and get the stuff back
to the people it belongs to.
Do you know where to begin?
I think I have a pretty good idea.
Not the vandersch you thought I was,
Well, we'll see about that.