Hermanas (2005) Movie Script

Are you happy you're
finally meeting your aunt?
Know when
I last saw my sister?
- When?
- Eight years ago.
My age.
The same.
Did you tell her
to bring me a skateboard?
- You already have one.
- I want another.
Tomi, that's enough.
- Look, Tomi, she's on that plane.
- Yes, there.
Not yet...
- She isn't coming.
- She will.
- You look just the same.
- No.
- You look the same.
- No.
How are you, Sebas?
Toms, a handsome boy.
Did you bring a skateboard?
- Tomi!
- What!
Mom said you'd
brought Dad's stuff.
Did you know
he was writing a novel?
- Really?
- I'd love to read it.
We could look for it later.
Watch out, Tomi.
Do you like it?
Well, we're just moving in.
There's a lot to be done.
It's so big!
And all that light.
Come on.
I'll show you around.
This is the guest room.
When the painters finish,
you can give it a try.
I can't believe you're here.
Ten days.
Can't you stay any longer?
No, I can't.
I'll come more often
now you're here.
Will you?
- You're sharing with Tomi.
- That's fine.
Excuse me.
Your aunt.
Can I sleep on the top?
Only joking.
- Do you want to rest?
- Ok.
Help me set the table, Tomi?
Oh no, God.
Thanks, Auntie.
Can I wear it?
- There it is.
- Can you?
- It suits you.
- It's beautiful.
Keep it,
I want you to have it.
No, no, no...
Are you crazy?
I don't usually
wear dresses like this.
I don't go to parties,
or to the embassy.
My life isn't glamorous.
- Are you kidding me?
- No. The moths will get at it.
Sarita Levin
just came out of you.
Don't ever say
that again to me.
How could you think
of Aunt Sarita?
Moths, mothballs.
That's true.
How beautiful!
Did you see
that picture with Tomi?
- Remember that day?
- Of course.
Student's Day.
No. My birthday. We spent
the weekend on the island.
Wasn't that the day Sebas caught
a huge dorado and some dogs ate it?
No, Sebastin wasn't there.
It was me who caught it.
- Remember?
- Not really.
This is Sebastin.
He wasn't there.
- And who took the picture?
- Martn.
I'm wrinkling your dress.
Got any more photos
of that day?
I don't know.
There must be...
Let's look at old pictures.
I haven't opened
the boxes since we moved.
- Give it to me. Let me.
- No. That's it.
Hold on,
it's all twisted.
Let me see.
I feel weird going through it.
I'd forgotten
Dad's curved Js.
It was buried in the garden.
Just before he died,
Daddy told Mom.
Later she asked me to bring it.
I guess she thought
it would be safer here.
Elena, here it is.
The novel.
Mommy how are you?
Yes, I knew it was you.
She arrived perfect.
Beautiful and full of presents.
Happy. Imagine...
Ok... yes.
I promise we'll spend Christmas
together in Argentina.
Love you.
Bye, mom. Bye.
I pick up the other phone.
How was the trip?
Hello, Mom.
As usual,
I wanted to get off
as soon as we took off.
Nati, there's a tribute to your
father at University in October
with the re-edition of "Shelter,"
You must come, Please,
- I can't speak in public,
- I can't make it.
They finally publish Dad
and you can't make it?
I have to work, I'll be
in Nicaragua in October.
Couldn't you choose
a more dangerous place?
Mother, I'm not a travel agent,
I'm a journalist.
So cover the return
of democracy in Argentina,
Guess who I saw the other day,
She asked about you,
She came back from France
with two beautiful sons,
- People are coming back,
- We've been over this.
I'm not coming back.
- Elena are you there?
- Yes, Mom. I'm here.
Thanks for the Newell's jersey.
Tomi never takes it off.
I got your transfer, I'll pay
you back when I get the pension,
Sebastin's earning good so as
long as we can help you, I'm glad.
Thank you, darling,
Let's hang up now.
I'll call you Sunday.
Love to Sebastin
and Tomasito,
Love you.
- Can you put Nati on again?
- Of course.
I'm here.
Martn's mother,
Clara, came yesterday,
You know she's with the Mothers,
They want you as
a witness for the Conadep,
Ok, Mom.
I'll think about it.
Love you. Bye.
What's that?
Souvenir. Punk years.
I was a waitress
in the Gothic, a neighborhood.
Did it hurt?
Can't remember.
I was high most of the year.
Mom's lonely,
she wants to see you.
I offered her
a ticket to Spain...
But she wants you to go there.
It's not that easy.
- Hello, Nati.
- Hello.
No, how's Dad?
- Is he at his desk?
- Yes.
He's writing.
It's an honor to be laid off
by those fascists.
Maybe I can talk
to Sebastin's uncle.
- Maybe they need a professor...
- Dad at a priest's school?
He could teach literature
and make a living.
It's good.
It's direct
and poignant.
You should lighten it a little.
Martn, don't be so erratic...
- But you've got talent.
- Thanks.
Now we have to see
if you have discipline.
Writing takes
more sweating than soccer.
Would you sign this?
Yes, of course.
- I've read it 3 times.
- Dad.
I'm here baby.
Excuse me, you have a call.
Ok, I'm coming.
Martn Garca, my student,
my daughter, Natalia.
Didn't you write
the essay on Cortzar?
Dad gave it to me.
I loved it.
Well, thank you.
Martn wants to be a writer.
And Natalia's
a very sharp reader.
I criticized
some of his adjectives...
Don't fool yourself.
She looks sweet,
but she doesn't forgive.
- Bye, thanks.
- Thank you.
Did you know Rimbaud
was 20 when he wrote it?
Isn't it amazing?
It's intimidating.
Oh, sorry.
You're still in bed.
Good morning.
I'm reading Dad's novel.
"In the bed of the siesta they made
their plan to join the combatants.
Marcelo Segu received
the order with enthusiasm.
At the age of 19
his idealism and arrogance
prevented him
from smelling betrayal. "
This character resembles Martn.
There's a girl
who reminds me of you.
- Really?
- Here.
"Teresa read the note, straightening
her hair, calming her anxiety. "
Just like you.
"Teresa bursts into tears,
she then falls into a deep sleep.
Soon she'll discover
she's pregnant.
She'll become more sensitive,
more solemn,
more beautiful. "
What does my pregnancy
have to do with it?
- You never told me about Paco.
- Paco?
It ended on Christmas Day.
- No kidding.
- Yes.
- I sent him home, ribbons and all.
- No!
I swear, no more journalists,
especially married ones.
A mess.
The journalist
is just a detail.
You always go for the most difficult
ones, as Sebastin says.
- He says that?
- Yes.
No, don't take it wrong.
You know what I mean.
It seems you do everything
to remain lonely.
Maybe it's your way of life,
always travelling...
But Martn wasn't a hard one.
I wasn't talking about Martn.
I was.
I don't understand how
they knew where he was hiding.
- You know he's writing about this?
- No.
Maybe he knew something else.
Come on, we have
to return the bikes.
"When her mother got sick,
Teresa did all the cooking, helped
her sister with her homework...
She took care of everything
with devout generosity. "
Teresa is definitely you.
Does it say I almost poisoned the
family thinking that Odex was flour?
Let's see...
No. We have no poisoning.
Dad was very generous
to forget that.
And I didn't play teacher out of
selflessness. It was to bother you.
Thank you.
- Why?
- The monthly check.
It was Dad's money.
No, after I left,
he signed two checks.
But you never accepted yours.
You wired it to me.
How did you know about it?
Mom told me when she was in Spain,
after Dad died. Thanks to you
- I was able to finish University.
- You needed it more than me,
and it was my excuse to quit
medicine, I was fed up with it.
Whatever, I owe you a lot.
Plus interest. I don't know...
at least an apartment in Paris.
When I sent you the ticket
to Europe you stood me up.
I wanted that trip
with you so much.
Yes, I know.
And I'd have loved it
but I never found
the time and Tomi
got chicken pox.
And then this thing...
You never find
the time, do you?
I'd cancel the debt anytime.
The invitation still stands.
You pay the Old People's Home
and we're even.
Thanks, kid.
Don't worry,
it's just the smoke.
When they fired me from the paper
and things started to get rough,
we decided it would be safer
for you to come and live here.
I didn't want
to leave the country.
Now I think
it wasn't fair on you.
You could have studied
in Buenos Aires.
I like it here.
But there's
no future here.
- Where would you study medicine?
- I don't want to be a doctor now.
Physical education's no career.
I love it. Besides, I'm doing
better than I expected.
Always so self-controlled.
Never a complaint.
But, a gym teacher?
Professor of physical education,
I love working
at the gym, really.
- It's good.
- I don't think it's bad,
until you can enroll
for university.
And if I don't want to?
And I choose
to marry Sebastin
and have children
and be a housewife?
- Don't even think about it.
- Why?
A baby would leave you
with no options.
I'm not looking for options.
I don't know,
I'm lucky to have
what I love right here.
Don't worry.
Mom and I will arrange
for you to go
to Buenos Aires next year.
- You're not listening.
- What?
They always fitted you better
and you always
got the pink, remember?
Of course.
How could I forget?
To Natalia...
This week she saved us
from diet food,
small salad, yogurt,
cottage cheese...
Come on,
it's not that bad.
- To Aunt.
- Cheers.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
It's a bit spicy, isn't it?
No, it's delicious.
- It isn't burnt?
- Don't be obsessive.
That means fat.
That means perfectionist.
Mom's a perfectionist.
A pain in the ass.
- What?
- Nothing.
Look what your aunt gave me.
It's from a tribe.
A tribe?
Yes, the Zulus.
From South Africa.
- It's the symbol of struggle.
- Are they warriors?
No, but they're
fighting right now.
Did you go to fight with them?
No, I didn't go
to fight with them.
I went to work for TV.
Daddy, is it true
she works for TV?
Yes, and sometimes
for newsreels.
And were they communists?
My granddad was.
But don't tell anybody.
No, well...
It's not like that.
It's nothing
to be ashamed of.
Yes. Nobody said that, Tomi.
I went with Grandma to Cuba
and I can't tell
anybody here.
It's no secret.
But nobody will understand.
What's to understand
about a 7-year-old
going to Cuba for the summer?
Fine, and now I protect him.
From what?
You're making him
- deny who he is.
- Wake up, Natalia.
You're in the United States,
1984, and the reds
are on the way out.
- Time's taught nothing.
- We finally agree.
You sound like kids.
Anyway, Havana
was old and ugly.
I can't say a word
without her attacking me.
Come on,
stop playing the martyr.
Tomi, go to bed.
Mom, it's almost over.
I don't know, be careful.
Do I need to tell you that she
suffered a lot? That she was young.
- She asks for it.
- Just let it go, just one time.
I am not an ogre
and she is no little lamb.
Who made Molotov cocktails
in the yard?
Watch what you say.
Leave my family alone.
And me? What am I?
We are your family, Elena.
10 years without
seeing each other...
And suddenly
she's your only family.
Tomi, go to bed.
Go to bed.
Mom, what's a Molotov cocktail?
- What?
- A Molotov cocktail.
It's a drink,
a Russian drink.
You should knock
before you come in.
How come you're still awake?
And also a story
to hand in tomorrow.
- Where will it be published?
- In "La Opinin. "
Well, not me.
It's an unpublished Russian
author from last century...
Lia Divnev.
Too fake?
You're always
playing with letters.
That's my job.
Do you need help?
- Aren't you tired?
- I can type.
You're the only one
who can read my scrawl.
Let's see.
Serrano... 3.
Ruiz... 6.
Garca Sols...
Four point five.
Nine point five.
what do you think?
I love it.
The end is sad
but simple and perfect.
Crab writing,
from end to beginning.
I can't write till
I know what the end is.
I can make notes but I only begin to
write when I'm sure about the end.
Then I write backwards,
searching the origin of the story.
It seems so natural,
and what you say
is so premeditated.
I think it was Berger
who said that a story only becomes
a story once you know the end.
The end gives it sense.
Writing is associated with death
by definition.
Dad, you need fresh air.
- We'll go fishing this Sunday.
- All right.
Good night.
Sleep well.
- What?
- Did dad leave this?
Yes. Why?
The end's missing.
- Maybe he didn't finish it.
- Impossible.
He did write the end.
It must be somewhere.
Get dressed.
Let's go and pick Tomi up.
I can't get a word right.
Don't worry,
Thomas "estar bueno. "
You said "fuck"
in front of the teacher.
Stay away!
Sorry, please.
I swear I'll learn English.
- "Estar bueno!"
- "Estar muy bueno!"
My uncle Luis
gave me this plane.
He knows everything
about planes.
He took me and Grandma Lucy for
a helicopter ride for my birthday.
It was great.
Do you know Grandma Lucy?
Yes, of course.
Do you miss your Grandmas?
Yes, and I miss
my uncle too.
He's a Newell's fan like me.
He takes me
to the stadium.
Want any more?
Good barbecue
for a writer.
- Well...
- It's very good.
Let me see...
- Rodolfo Walsh, very good.
- I devoured it.
He is so passionate
and poignant in his writing.
- You worked with him, right?
- A few months in the newspaper.
He was a warm guy,
very funny and brilliant.
- Who?
- Walsh.
And you?
Elena told me you're training
- for the national team.
- Yes.
Good. Soccer now.
Excuse me
but I am lost there.
There are a few books...
Come with me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Open up, Martn!
Take him out, he's a zombie.
This boy only plays
well when he wants.
Play soccer, Martn.
You're standing there.
- It was a foul, Sebastin.
- You see?
He's the same in school.
No respect for authority.
Does what he wants,
and my nephew lets him.
Luis Morini, Sebastin's uncle and
Head at San Jose School. My sister.
Martn Garca Sols' girlfriend.
And I'm a genius
at public relations.
She's not
very diplomatic either.
- Congratulations!
- Why?
I hear you're
top of your class.
Your father must be proud.
Yes... I haven't told him yet.
Do these names sound familiar?
Peralta, Ordez, Stein...
None of them, Why?
I'm sure they're based
on real people.
I'll find out,
They've found a tutor at San Jose,
a collaborator with the military,
They're making inquires,
What do you know
about Sebastin's uncle?
Morini, An asshole,
Flirts with Peronists,
wants to be a deputy,
A reactionary,
What was that?
Clarita Garca Sols
using the word "reactionary"?
Darling, lots of water
went under the bridge,
- Nothing about Morini?
- No, nothing,
It's hard, Nobody
- wants to talk about it,
- I know.
You must testify,
Not just for Martn,
- Try to be here before the 5th,
- Ok, Clara.
I'll see. Bye.
Hello, kid.
Hello, old man.
I've come to play soccer
with the kids.
I heard there's a field around here.
Anybody know the way?
- Me!
- You? Ok, let's go. Go!
Comrades, comrades.
The University Youth
Movement expresses
its solidarity
with the meat workers,
who were fired
for being honest
and fighting leaders,
opposed to union bureaucracy,
- the mafias...
- We're not here to use people.
This is the only way.
No charity but politics.
I don't want
to be part of this.
Let's go, Martn.
And build
a better society,
with equality and solidarity.
It's the Youth Team!
You'd only miss
a week of class.
- I can talk to my uncle...
- I can't.
- Why can't you go?
- Because I must stay here.
What could you possibly miss
in this dump?
I said I'd go
with the Youth.
- They're a bunch of lazy charlatans.
- No, it's not like that.
You won't catch anything,
if you don't shut up.
I'm hungry. Anybody want
- a sandwich?
- Me.
This is the one chance
in your life.
Factories are taken over
all the time. Go to the next one.
I've given my word.
Ok, Superman, but with or
without you, they're screwed.
The thugs'll come from Buenos Aires
and fix things with the bosses.
Spoken like a reactionary.
I am not a reactionary,
I'm realistic.
- You're naive. Normal at your age.
- Your realism is comfortable
and bourgeois, did you know?
You sound like a montonera,
Has she had a rabies shot?
- Sit, Monto, sit.
- Where did you find this gorilla?
Cut it out.
Go, go, go.
Thank you, comrade.
It was when we lived in Urquiza.
My mom had a store.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- I spoke to Martn's mother.
- Yes?
- How did you meet him?
- Soccer.
Martn was 15 years old. I was
starting as a coach at San Jose.
Was your uncle Morini the Head?
Yes, of course.
What did he say
about you and Martn?
- He hated it.
- Nati,
when Martn got mixed up in politics
my uncle was not thrilled.
Yes, he wanted him expelled.
You opposed.
Martn told me.
I didn't want
to lose my best forward.
And then when they painted
"Morini fascist pig"
on the door of the San Jose,
you said Martn had been
with you all night.
My contribution
to the revolution.
And your uncle's
contribution to the coup d'etat?
Look Nati,
my uncle is a bit fascist,
but no rat.
He didn't share your dad's ideas
but he got him out, didn't he?
That's what they say.
Anyway, he couldn't know
where Martn was.
Who else knew he was
in Los Parasos?
I don't know.
I didn't know.
Martn and I avoided
talking about politics.
I went on a soccer tour.
Martn was like
a brother to me.
I came as soon as I heard.
Clara and I searched
all the police stations,
your dad the hospitals.
This is where the party is.
- Can I go to the party?
- No, it's for grownups.
You stay with your aunt
and watch a movie.
Did you know Tomi
makes the best "poror"?
- Popcorn.
- Popcorn.
If you teach me,
I'll teach you to take pictures.
- Dad?
- Come on, Tomi, you're a big boy.
We'll be back before 12.
Take care of the watch and of your
aunt, she's our special guest.
- Bye, my love.
- Bye.
Here, Nati. This is the number.
Call if you need to.
Ok, have fun.
Thank you. Bye.
I don't want to dance.
There's one
that goes like this...
Can you make popcorn for me?
Auntie, I found the tape!
Natalia! It's burning!
Natalia! Come!
- Get away!
- Hurry, Natalia!
Get out!
Look what you've done.
You almost burned
my house down.
I want you to leave.
- I want my mom and dad.
- It was an accident.
No, it wasn't an accident.
I knew you were a terrorist.
And I knew
you were a montera,
- Montonera?
- Yes, go away.
I wanted to caress you
when you were in your mom's belly.
I asked her
to name you Toms.
Did you know that?
No, of course you didn't.
And you don't know how many times
I wanted to visit for your birthday
and couldn't.
So I sent
the walkie-talkies,
the Batman costume...
- They don't have batteries.
- What?
The walkie-talkies.
We'll buy some tomorrow.
Now go to bed.
Your mom will worry
if she finds you sleeping there.
Turn around.
Why did you never
come and visit?
The military was in Argentina
and I couldn't go back.
That's why I didn't come for
your birthdays, or Christmas,
or when my dad got sick.
Not even when he died.
You can turn around now.
And why don't you go
and visit Grandma Marta?
The military are gone.
I'm scared.
Scared of what?
Give me your gun.
Put those down
or I'll shoot her.
On the ground, slowly.
I won't forget your face,
you son of a bitch!
What have you done
to your hair?
It was beautiful.
- Do you want some tea?
- No.
I'm pregnant.
Sebastin doesn't know yet.
No-one knows but you.
No! Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Tell my family...
85509, tell them!
Tell them! No! No!
- Luis.
- Elena.
- Where's Sebastin?
- He's not here.
- What is it?
- I was coming from the supermarket.
They beat and arrested
a pregnant girl.
Calm down.
I'm one month pregnant.
Are you sure?
That's great, baby!
How did it go?
Fine, he just fell asleep.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Have a good time?
Today Sebastin told me Dad
was searching the hospitals
when they took Martn.
If he'd talked,
he wouldn't have gone.
- Dad was no hypocrite.
- No, of course not.
How could you suspect him?
I don't know.
They could have tortured him.
That morning they came for me,
they didn't find me and took him.
He was out in the afternoon and on
the same night they found Martn
- in Los Parasos.
- Dad didn't talk, Nati.
Morini knew the Chief
and that's how he got out.
Besides, how could Dad know
where Martn was hiding?
I don't know.
Fuck. The doubt
has been with me for ages.
Leave Dad in peace.
- Do you remember?
- No.
Ever go back
to Los Parasos?
Nobody ever went back.
I'll miss you so much.
I may be back
sooner than you expect.
What are you saying?
You're playing great.
I'm sure they'll want you
and you won't come back.
What is it?
My stomach's upset.
Want some tea?
No... Yes.
No, wait.
Are you okay?
Who do you think you are?
Joan of Arc?
Are you stupid?
The world talking about
the coup and you do this?
Take them away
or I'll tell them.
- You won't tell them anything.
- Yes, I will.
No, you won't.
If you do, I'll tell them
their perfect daughter
has been sucking her boyfriend's
thing in their bed. Got it?
Shut up, perfect, pregnant.
You don't get it.
- What happened?
- They came this morning.
For your sister. She wasn't
there so they took your dad.
I called Larguia's son,
he's a lawyer.
I also called Morini.
He's here.
Maybe he can do something.
Would you go home
and pick up his medicine?
- Yes.
- Tell your sister
to go to Chiche's.
They won't look for her there.
- I'll get your father out.
- Ok, thank you.
- But...
- You stay calm.
- Go on, I'll stay.
- Where are you going?
- For my dad's medicine.
- I'll drive you.
- Thank you very much.
- Easy.
I love you.
- What?
- I love you.
I love you too.
No matter what happens,
remember I love you.
Of course, love.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
A nightmare.
Mom, did you meet
the other Toms?
- What Toms?
- He was Natalia's boyfriend.
No, but Natalia
never dated a Toms.
Yes, she told me
he played soccer with Daddy
and he was brave.
And that's why
she asked you to name me Toms.
I don't know...
I didn't know.
Will you give me a hug, Tomi?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Where do you get all your energy?
What did you tell my son about an
ex-boyfriend of yours called Toms?
I told him he was named Toms
after Martn.
- What?
- Sure.
Toms was Martn's secret name,
that's why I asked you.
But you never told me.
How could you ask me to call
my son by somebody's war name?
What do you mean "somebody"?
It was Martn's. You liked
the name and for me it was
a tribute.
A tribute would have been to have
your baby instead of an abortion!
Then you could have
called him anything.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
I'm sorry.
What did you tell Toms about me?
That you lived far away
and that you were
always very busy.
That I was busy?
- What did you expect us to say?
- The truth.
Tell a 6-year-old boy
about exiled people
so he'd be
scared all the time?
He's scared of me instead.
Somebody told him I was a terrorist.
I wish you'd told him...
I know what you'd have loved.
But at that time
you couldn't say a word.
I'm sorry, Natalia.
I'm sorry.
You know what?
I'd like to know what
Sebastin's uncle thought of me.
Then buy a ticket, go to
Argentina and ask for yourself.
Your room's ready.
Son of a bitch!
Hold it tight.
That's it.
- Take another, go on.
- All right.
Now, focus.
Like this?
- Another?
- Ok.
- Now you take one of me.
- Ok.
Yes, now another.
Mom, I'll take
a picture of you.
Ok, hug each other.
Yes, she's here.
I'll put her on.
Martn's mother.
- Hello, Clara. How are you?
- Darling, you were right,
We found out through the tutor,
that Morini could be involved,
When are you coming?
We need your father's book,
Ok, I'll make a copy
and send it.
Thanks. Bye.
- Natalia.
- What are you doing here? You ok?
- I'm fine. We need to talk.
- No, no I can't.
Natalia, I don't want you to go.
I have to.
They haven't eaten in a long time.
I'll take you to Montevideo,
get a ticket,
you can go to Spain,
stay with Sarita.
To Spain?
I can't leave them here.
You'll do what I say.
- The fuel!
- Don't go!
- Give me the fuel.
- Don't go!
I'm sorry. I must go.
Get up. Get up.
Get up. Walk.
Fuck you. Get up.
- We deserve a break, don't we?
- Yes.
Tomi, your milk's ready.
- Toms...
- What?
Drink your milk.
You'll break something.
Take off your shoes, Natalia.
Tomi, listen to me.
Take off your shoes. I've cleaned
the carpet for the party.
- Take them off now.
- Mommy, don't be "obsessive. "
Go inside. I don't like you
skating in the street.
Tomi, I am talking to you.
But there are no cars!
- It's ok. I'm watching him.
- You stay out of this.
Tomi, I'm talking to you.
Come here.
You are such
a pain in the ass.
What did you say?
What did you say?
Don't ever talk
to me like that again.
You make me feel uncomfortable
in my own house.
You want my son against me?
No, don't say that.
We were finally making friends.
I don't know
if you were or not.
Since you came, you haven't
stopped asking questions.
Why does it bother you so much?
I don't know.
I thought you came to visit us.
Yes, that's why I came.
To visit you.
What a nice record!
Dad blacklisted,
anti-American sister.
Good family portrait, couldn't
you keep it for some other time?
There's nothing to hide.
This isn't a dictatorship.
Exactly, so why
talk about it right now?
I organized this party for you,
because I'm proud of you.
Ok, I'm sorry.
- I won't talk of politics anymore.
- Please.
You know what?
I'll talk in Catalan from now on.
Seriously. Talk about your trips,
important people you know.
When you want, you know how
to talk. Make me look good.
Excuse me,
can I come in?
You know how much
your mom loves you?
She was very young
when you were born,
and she was brave.
She wanted you
with all her heart.
But she hit me.
Yes, I know.
She got nervous.
Forgive her.
But I didn't do anything!
She's so cranky lately.
And bossy.
Because she wants
to take care of us...
You, me, your dad,
even your grandparents.
She's always been like that.
Family is the most
important for her.
She doesn't want
anything to go wrong.
Let's go,
there's a party outside.
- How are you doing?
- Fine.
He's beautiful.
- A party-crasher.
- I invited him.
Where did you find him?
In a second-hand store.
Are you saying yes like crazy?
- Everything was fine, wasn't it?
- Yes, really nice.
Leave that now.
Just a second, just arranging...
I won't wash up.
- Why don't you come to bed?
- Ok.
All right.
It was a nice party.
I'm sorry.
I know...
I was unbearable.
I come to see you
and we end up fighting.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
I wish I could
leave it in the past,
but I can't.
I know.
- Sorry.
- Don't say sorry.
I need to know what happened.
It's the least
I can do for Martn.
I'm sorry.
This is the novel's end.
I didn't want you
to know anything.
Dad was in jail
and Morini said nothing
would happen to Martn.
It was me who said
where Martn was.
I think they want Martn.
Do you know where he is?
- but I can ask Natalia.
- Don't even think about it.
If Natalia warns them,
might do something foolish.
Martn should turn himself in,
and he'll be fine.
His family's very powerful.
They won't dare touch him.
Whereas if your dad
gets caught up in this,
he'll never get out of it.
I know the commissioner,
but we must move quickly.
If your father
is sent to the Executive Power,
I won't be able to do anything,
and these guys don't mess around.
If they want to make him talk,
who knows if
his heart will take it...
you're the only one
who can save your father.
Where are you?
Are you all ok?
I'm fine, And Dad?
He's fine. He's here.
Nati, listen to me.
Go to Chiche's.
Mom's waiting for you there.
- No, I can't,
- Why? Where will you sleep?
Nati, don't go to see him,
I must go.
Tell Mom and Dad
I'm fine and I love them,
- Natalia... Nati.
- Give it to me.
She's going to see Martn.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Forgive me.
Ma'am, you can't go in there.
Curfew in 40 minutes.
I'll be right back.
- You promise?
- Yes.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Natalia.
- Dad, what are you doing here?
We need to talk.
There are some clothes
in the back.
The plane leaves
Montevideo at noon.
Sarita will pick you up
at the airport.
She'll lend you some money.
Got any photos?
It's a couple of months...
You'll see, sweetheart.
You'll be back
with pictures from Spain.
Go on, get some sleep.
It's me.
I'm coming home.
Yeah, I'm fine.