Hero (2019) Movie Script

'One must strive to pursue knowledge;
Even when forced to beg for a living.'
Ask a child, "What do you want to be
when you grow up?", and he'd say...
"I want to become a doctor
and save lives."
"I want to become a policeman
and save my village."
"I want to become an army man
and save my country"
The child would talk like a superhero.
But when you ask the same question
after he completes his education, he'd say...
"I want a fat monthly salary."
"I want a bank balance
of a million."
"I want a house on the coastal road."
The adult would talk like a selfish man.
Who turned the child superhero
into a selfish man?
Our education system.
I don't want that selfish man.
I want the hero who lived within me
when I was a child.
I tell my son to open
his books and study...
but he's constantly glued to the TV
shouting "Shakthimaan, Shakthimaan!"
That is why I unsubscribed
to the paid channels in my house.
Shakthimaan comes on
free-to-air government channel.
Not the paid channel.
- Present, Miss.
- Present, Miss.
- Present, Miss.
When I took him to buy new clothes
for his birthday...
he was adamant that he only wanted
a Shakthimaan costume.
He has stuck a photo of Shakthimaan
on the mirror.
Can't even comb my hair in peace.
Is this your ration card
or Shakthimaan's?
It's got Shakthimaan's photo
as the head of the family.
Is the subsidy sugar
for you or Shakthimaan?
I'm not going to teach anything today.
Let's talk about career guidance.
Krishna, what do you wish to be?
I wish to become a great doctor
like my father.
Very good. Sit down.
Kishore, what do you wish to become?
A lawyer, like my father.
That's no reason for you
to argue non-stop in class.
Sit down.
Shakthi, what do you wish to become?
Miss, I want to become a superhero,
like Shakthimaan.
Are you going to become a TV actor?
No, Miss.
I meant in real life.
I will fight for justice.
If someone is in trouble,
I will help them.
You are going to become
a superhero?
Yes, miss.
Boy, superhero isn't an actual profession.
Doctor, engineer, lawyer...
these are real professions.
No, I want to become Shakthimaan.
Yes, Miss.
Shakthimaan is his friend.
Shakthimaan bought him clothes, too.
It's right here in his bag.
Yes, Miss.
Yesterday, he promised me...
that he'd take me to meet Shakthimaan
if I wrote his homework for him.
Yes, Miss.
He made me write his assignment, too.
What is this?
You've doodled all over your notebook
about superman.
If you ever try to fool others
with your Shakthimaan stories...
that will be the end of you.
Show me that costume.
Miss! Miss, Miss!
Miss! Miss!
Shakthimaan is your friend, isn't he?
Ask him to collect it from me.
Liar, liar, pants on fire!
You cheated me
and made me write your homework.
Liar cock!
Get lost.
Wait, I'll go and get Shakthimaan.
My son wanted a Shakthimaan costume.
It costs 500 rupees!
Just when I was wondering how to
pay for it, I got this...
What is it, little one?
Shakthimaan saved me, didn't he?
Dear lord!
Son, it was no Shakthimaan.
It was the lineman Pechimuthu
who brought you here.
The doctors saved your life.
If your mother were alive,
she'd have wailed so loud.
And I'd have thrashed you.
Now I don't know if I should wail
or thrash you.
I'm sure Shakthimaan wanted to come.
[Shakthimaan on TV]
Hello, kids!
His arch-nemesis Kapala
must have got in the way.
I'll knock your teeth off!
You wanted to give up your life
for an actor?
[Shakthimaan on TV]
I wish to advise you.
[Shakthimaan on TV]
A lot of you, in an attempt to meet me...
Your Shakthimaan is speaking.
[Shakthimaan on TV]
... have put your lives at risk.
[Shakthimaan on TV]
Shakthimaan is not real.
[Shakthimaan on TV]
He is just a character.
You hear that?
Did you?
not just Shakthimaan...
nobody will come to save us.
We need to save ourselves.
Study well, and score good marks.
Become a doctor
or an engineer.
Become somebody the whole town
will look up to.
That's the original Shakthimaan.
That is what makes you a superhero.
Listen to your Daddy
and be a good student.
[Shakthimaan on TV]
Please don't lose your future in the belief
that I will come to save you.
[Shakthimaan on TV]
Your future lies in your hands.
Sir, look at these files.
What is this?
So many fake certificates?
These look so authentic!
Sir, every college and university has
a different hologram on its certificate.
When our guy uses his hologram imported
from Vizag and stamps your certificate...
even the CB-CID won't be able find out.
A two-wheeler or four-wheeler,
I can pull out all the parts and re-assemble.
When I apply for a job
at big companies...
they reject me because
I don't have a degree certificate.
I've been running this shop
for 10 years.
But no one would let me
marry their daughter.
All they want is a groom
who holds a degree.
My son died in an accident
two years back.
The graveyard refused to let me bury my son
without a certificate.
The young man got me that wretched
caste certificate to bury my son.
He handed a piece of paper to turn me
overnight from a trader to a scholar.
He turned me, a mere mechanic,
into a mechanical engineer.
Donald Trump has a degree
in Tamil Literature?
Look at this, sir.
He's turned the illiterate leader Kamaraj
into a degree holder.
He's awarded a doctor's degree
to Mahatma Gandhi, too.
Looks like he's a wicked good criminal.
He is the man we are looking for.
'I'm serious about having fun;
Always sharp and keen.'
'Yeah, I'm playful;
And yet I'm wakeful.'
'I'm a quiet guy on a light day;
Wanna, spar? I will slay.'
'Oh, don't mess with me again;
Or I will be your bane.'
'I hold no grudge, let's come together;
Let's make some cash in our venture.'
'No need for those airs, kick that away;
Stop showing off, respect will come your way.'
'Gotta blow this roof off! Let's rock, bro;
Just stay modest, and you're good to go.'
'Our plan's solid, we'll find our spot;
If they hit us, we'll show them what we got.'
'Talent goes to waste without opportunity;
Brain goes to sleep without eligibility.'
'We covet fancy titles to follow our name;
If we don't get the education, life is a pain.'
'Toil the right way, victory is yours;
Don't ever give up hope, open new doors.'
'Let the whole world see your greatness;
Let nothing stop you, perform your miracles.'
'We have no semesters;
We have no professors.'
'But we're lesser to no one;
We will rise and shine on.'
'We see no gates;
We see no padlocks.'
'The walls will come crumbling down;
Your day will come.'
'Just have fun and rock;
And life will be a cake-walk.'
'Oh, I'm not going to stop;
Never going to fall in the trap.'
'We know no boundary.
Don't be brought down by the mockery.'
'We will hit back;
But it won't be a physical attack.'
They're going to wring our arms
for singing, man.
Are you going to cuff these untainted arms?
I know justice is dead and buried.
You only arrest good people
and revolutionaries in our country?
Then take him in.
Dude! What?
Take him in, sir.
Take him in!
First lower your hands.
Who said we're here to arrest you?
Then why did you
chase after me?
I don't have educational qualifications.
So I've been a constable
for 26 long years!
If I retire a constable,
I will hardly get a good pension.
If you would be gracious enough
to print me just one degree certificate...
I could become a Sub Inspector.
I'll get a good pension too.
I'll get my three daughters married.
Oh wow!
Shakthi, look how crowded it is.
Like the cattle market on Sundays!
Of course.
Parents believe this is will secure
their children's future,
and take a loan, pay a hefty interest
to bring their children here.
Poor souls.
A modern cattle market.
Blue Shirt, looks like
business is booming?
It is going really well.
Shakthi, please build a good image
for our college this year.
Forget about building an image,
have you built the campus yet?
Half the construction is done...
help fill the seats
and we will finish building.
Yeah, right. First build our trust
by paying us the commission.
Hello, sir. How is engineering going?
Kids hardly pick engineering these days.
They have become wiser?
We end up paying you
a lofty commission, too.
Should I become an "Educational Philanthropist"
like your college owner, then?
I will get you a cut by charging
lab fees or typing fees.
Just send the people my way.
Sure, we will.
Shakthi, look who is here!
It's the loafer!
Hey, man!
You know one thing?
I control the management seats
of 15 colleges.
If you want college admission,
you must come to me.
You need to first lay roads
to reach those colleges!
You're getting cocky
'cause you have company, Ink?
Oh, sir, you are in a different league!
You stamp holograms from liquor bottles
on degree certificates!
Just wait and see how we
secure seats this year.
Secure seats in what?
A bus?
It's not funny.
- That's why we laugh at our own jokes.
Go, get a shave, kid.
Shakthi, look at the things they do
in the pretext of coaching centres.
We keep harping on about colleges.
They rake in 120 crores a year
through NEET preparatory classes.
Why don't we sell our company
and start a coaching centre?
Little devil!
You leave.
- Get going, little mousey.
This place is for bright students.
What brings you here?
I'm wondering the same thing...
what business have you got
among bright students?
The fate of these students
lies in our hands, you know.
I don't want to waste my time
talking to you. Out of my way!
And do what
with the time saved, Madam?
Motivation class.
Look here.
- Look at that!
I don't want to see your faces
till the exams are over.
The only person who doesn't respect
us in our hood... is Mathi.
A motivation class in our turf?
How come we didn't know about it?
Let's find clients for that, too.
A new business!
What's this, Ink?
Wasn't this supposed to be a class?
People are playing with balloons!
Let's leave.
All the stalls here would have given you
plenty of pamphlets, brochures,
college application forms, tuition forms etc.
But you don't need any of those here.
The balloon in your hands,
and a marker is all you need.
Whether it's the pressure,
or the stress...
whatever you consider to
be your biggest problem...
write that down on the balloon.
Have you written it?
I don't know what you
have written.
But let me guess.
How many of you
wrote about your exams?
Put your hands down.
Are exam your biggest worry?
Or is it the people who say,
"Exams are approaching, study hard."
"Attend this tuition classes, not that."
"Don't talk to your friends."
"Don't watch TV."
"Don't go out to play."
your parents, teachers, neighbours,
and relatives...?
Are these people your problem?
Write that down.
Have all of you
written your problems?
Yes, we have.
When you look at it...
don't their words collect in your mind
in the form of stress?
Don't you want to throw that away somehow?
Look again.
Who is holding onto it?
Let go of it.
Our problems don't hold on to us.
It's us holding on to the problems.
If we let go, it will be gone.
Sure. Gone.
Now all of you are
happy and stress-free, right?
Yes, we are.
Now go and write
your exams.
All the best.
Thank you, ma'am.
Where are you going?
The medical college guy
is waiting, let's go.
If you just follow my methods,
you can score 100 in all subjects.
Sir, we offered you a special price
since the minister put in a word.
Just send me the student.
We will take care of it.
Okay, sir.
Sir, 75 lakhs in
one instalment.
The client is ready.
I'll have them come in?
75 lakhs?
The price for admission to a seat
is 2 crores.
2 crores?
See this?
100 percent success rate.
They are playing this ad
on TV every half an hour.
So many enquiries
and such high demand!
People are fighting over these seats.
And you're surprised that it's 2 crores?
But sir, the public exams
aren't over yet...
We could get into trouble if we
ask for such a huge amount already.
Sir, the courts have ruled in favour
of NEET entrance exam this year, remember?
Who cares about NEET scores?
We only care about rupee notes.
Seats sell for money, kid.
Tell the client our rate.
They will agree.
Hello, sir.
We will get the seat, right?
I sold the machines in my factory
to arrange for this money.
I told you I can get a seat in some
other college for a lower price.
But only this college has a
100 percent success rate.
That's what they say on TV.
Our children's future
is most important, isn't it?
Believe everything you see on TV...
Come with me, sir.
Yes, Shakthi.
Sir, please wait for a moment.
He will check for you.
Please be seated.
- I'll be back.
Let's run away with the money?
You never know, they government
may devalue 2,000 rupee notes.
Same stew as last week?
You hungry or what?
Keep walking.
Hello, sir.
- Welcome, Shakthi.
The receipt?
Oh, a medical seat?
- Use that machine.
Excuse me, sir?
It was 500 rupees short...
If you pay it now,
we can confirm the seat.
Sign here, sir.
Sir, the police are here.
Just bribe them
and send them away.
Sir, not that kind of police.
The POLICE are here!
Why are so many cops here?
What do we do?
Sir, one moment.
Hurry up.
The police are here.
Pack it quickly.
Wait for me!
Check upstairs.
Thank God.
At least the money is safe.
The entrance exams aren't over yet,
but you have already sold the seats?
Madam, please. No such
thing is happening.
I know what's going on.
Sampath, search every room.
Who are you?
I don't want to talk to you!
I want to talk to
somebody in authority.
Go call your MD.
Right now!
What seems to be
the problem, madam?
We have received information.
You have filled up
60 seats so far.
120 crores in total.
I'm going to raid the money
in the next 10 minutes...
and seal this college shut.
Remote control, madam.
Remote control, please.
Can you pass it?
Thank you.
Chennai City's Commissioner.
is here to raid the biggest
medical college in the city.
The press and media are gathered outside.
But there's no news in any channel.
Why, madam?
I am the one who decides what makes
it to the news, and what doesn't.
Are you threatening me?
When I seal this college shut...
that will be the headlines
on all newspapers.
That's right, madam.
When you seal this college shut...
and step out to give your interview...
a student on the 7th floor...
will jump down.
Let me go, please.
Let me go!
Shut up!
I'm scared. Please let me go!
All the media cameras will
turn their focus from you...
to the dead body.
Every single one of the 1,200 students
in this college...
will riot.
The parents of the dead boy
will turn up at the Commissioner's office...
threatening self-immolation in protest.
And I will set them on fire.
The headlines won't read
"Girija Rajan shuts corrupt college."
It will read, "Girija Rajan ruins the lives
of 1,200 future doctors"
if you still want
to shut this college...
go ahead.
Excuse me?
Hold on a second.
Is this raid politically motivated?
Is this a stunt to distract the public?
Are the rumours of shutting down
the college true?
We found no wrong-doing in the college.
We got incorrect information.
We need to set-up an enquiry commission
before arriving at conclusions.
Thank you.
Okay, sir.
You're a lucky guy.
Father, you should have
bought another packet.
I'll get you an extra packet tomorrow.
Okay, then!
You don't get tired of eating
raw mangoes and chickpeas?
Hi, sister.
Dad, remember, I told you about Meera?
Hi, uncle.
- Hello.
I'm passing through this neighbourhood...
shall I drop you home?
That's okay.
I will walk with my father.
Why? Get dropped at home.
- Go ahead.
Why are those people
blowing up balloons?
Come with your sadness,
throw it away, and leave.
Co-presented by...
Force of habit.
All your worries, sorrows and tension...
write it all down on that balloon.
Careful not to burst them.
Son, but I can't read or write.
Like it matters.
Well, that's what Ink is meant for.
Think about your problems
and press your thumb print.
Take it.
- Thanks, Ink.
Listen, Mullai.
You aren't writing anything.
Don't you have any problems?
I thought hard..
The reason for all my worries,
troubles, sorrows and miseries...
is my wife.
Then write her goddamn name.
Have all of you written down
your problems on the balloons?
Yes, I have.
- Yes, we have.
Problems don't hold on to us.
It's us holding on to our problems.
- Superb.
He is talking just like you.
Does your heart start beating fast
when you think about these problems?
It is!
Calm down, or you'll die.
Now you are going to let go
of all the problems in your life.
- One!
- Two!
Three! Throw it up!
Do you see it?
All the problems that only
you could see...
can you see them disappearing?
Can you see them disappearing?
Can you see, it's gone?
What's this?
Why are the balloons falling down?
Maybe these people were
truly attached to their problems.
Now they will blame us!
Ink, you said it would be gone
but it fell back on my lap!
I don't mind my
problems coming back to me...
but his wife has ended up
on my lap!
What did you just say
about my wife?
Who is laughing?
Who is it?
Ink, tell everyone to leave!
Leave, people. Get lost!
You fool.
- You called me?
Only Helium balloons float up.
How could ordinary balloons float?
You could have said so when I gave you
the pamphlet and saved me the humiliation.
You're plotting against me.
But I will cover this up.
May I know what
you are trying to do?
You, of course.
He meant, I am trying to
do what you do.
Doing good isn't wrong.
But you need to do it right.
This sounds good.
Write it on our shop's
display board.
I am actually a volunteer.
I work for a foundation called 'Hand.'
Human Action for Needs and Development.
It has developed now.
You could join our team
if you want to.
Oh, sure!
This is my business card.
See you.
What are you staring at?
Buzz off! - Go to hell!
I almost forgot.
- Meera...
I love you!
I love you too.
Success, bro!
Success! Success!
What did he just say now?
- He said, "I love you."
What was your reply?
- I said, "I love you too."
Let's do some social service?
- Sure.
- Yes?
Here you go, bro.
What should I do?
The sewers are clogged there.
You need to clean it thoroughly.
Why, of course.
- Okay, bro!
He is a nice guy!
Go over there and check
if it has been cleaned.
He must have confessed
his love by now.
Is is a success, Shakthi?
Ink, I missed it by a hair.
What are you saying?
Hi, Meera.
I love you.
I love you too.
Is she a highway toll gate,
for everyone to get a token?
I'm coming!
What did this guy say now?
He said, "I love you."
What was your reply?
I said, "Love you too."
What do I do now?
There is a lot of grass
in that area over there.
You want me to pluck them out?
Sure, I'll pluck them out!
I will.
The same pose.
The same rose.
Another guy just proposed to her.
She said okay.
Superb! You should
propose too.
She will say okay
to you too.
All of you can love her together.
How many people are you in love with?
I am single, bro.
Please remain single.
It's better for men that way.
I love you, Meera.
Love you too.
Why are you standing in the rain?
Come here.
If you don't mind,
can I ask you something?
Go ahead.
I would understand if you
said okay to one person...
but three guys?
Why are you laughing?
How can one person be in love
with three different people?
But I just saw it.
One guy proposed to you...
and you said, "I love you too"
Then the next guy proposed to you,
and you said, "I love you too" again.
Son, what does "I love you too" mean?
It means one is in love.
See, even that passer-by knows.
So you did tell them that
you were in love with them.
You've got it all wrong.
After I finish volunteering here,
I take calls for a suicide helpline.
Those three boys used to
call me for counselling.
We studied in a boys school.
We aren't even used
to talking to women.
Others talk to women so easily,
without any inhibition.
We can't even get ourselves to
propose to the women we love.
Why should we 90s kids
even live?
So I told them...
"Talking to a girl or confessing
your love to her isn't difficult."
It's just your inferiority complex.
I'm a woman, right?
You can confess your love to me
and get past your complex.
That's why they came.
When they are confident
enough, they will go away.
This is unfair!
What if someone who truly loved you
saw this...?
got his heart broken,
jumped into the sea and killed himself?
Then who would be responsible
for that suicide?
Who would propose like this these days?
How should one propose, then?
When someone truly loves me,
he would stand in front of me,
and call me by my name confidently.
Like, "Meera..."
And then?
He would meet my gaze,
and forget to even blink.
After holding my gaze with confidence
until that moment,
he'd turn shy for a second.
It's so beautiful
to see a man turning shy.
I know, right?
Then he would regain
that confidence from within...
Letting go of that shyness,
stand before me again...
He'd say "I love you."
You built it up to this moment...
and said the most important thing
like it's nothing!
I'll see you tomorrow.
'I... am feeling a little too much;
Been feeling really feverish.'
'You caramel moon!
I care for you, I do!'
'You... are chatting with somebody else;
Meeting all these fellows.'
'I only have a 2 GB heart;
You're making it over-heat.'
'This ice-cream in my cup,
Is it for someone else to scoop?'
'This romance in my dreams;
Is for a scene in someone else's movies?'
'In every little gap,
Comes this blue-eyed chap.'
'Will I get this?
If I get this, will it last?'
'Come on, come on, my walnut!
Your heart needs no helmet.'
'Tea needs no T-shirt;
You and I are a set.'
'You delicate velvet doll;
I will serenade you, flowers and all.'
'We'll invite the whole town, and say -
Take it! Talk it!'
'Everyday, the desire grows;
To profess my love in Tanglish prose.'
'I'm a son of Tamil soil;
Now Shakespeare's brimming from within.'
'All of the FM Stations in town;
Seem to play your name as a tune.'
'At a loss of words to speak to you;
Even Tamil language goes to school.'
'Something's wrong with me!'
'You living, breathing flower plant!'
'Girl, don't play Pubg with men's hearts!'
'Your face is made of the moon!'
'Is your heart made of stone?'
'I'm not just some guy with a crush on you.'
'Come on, come on, my walnut!
Your heart needs no helmet.'
'Tea needs no T-shirt;
You and I are a set.'
'You delicate velvet doll;
I will serenade you, flowers and all.'
'We'll invite the whole town, and say -
Take it! Talk it!'
'She's your Queen lady;
Let's book your wedding band?'
'Plan a great honeymoon;
And take her away.'
Greetings, sir.
My name is Santhosh.
This is my invention.
This is coco peat.
I made this out of coconut husk.
When you pour water onto this,
it doesn't dry up for six months.
With the nano technology employed,
to sow seeds or grow plants,
we don't need soil.
Coco peat is sufficient.
Even in dry lands...
we can farm without any soil.
There would be no need for a single farmer
to commit suicide ever again.
Soil-less agriculture.
Soil-less agriculture.
If this invention reaches
the public...
pesticide industries,
irrigation companies,
GMO seed manufacturers,
fertilizer industries...
five major industries that account for
a daily turnover of 50 billion dollars...
will vanish.
Disruptive innovative technology.
Share any details you have
about the boy. We will find him.
I've performed lobotomy on him.
Sir, please don't do it.
Let me go.
His pre-frontal cortex
won't function anymore.
Lift your hand.
Lower your hand.
He has no such thing as self-will anymore.
We have been performing
lobotomy for 50 years now.
Without needles :
in classrooms.
Stand up on the bench.
Stand up on the bench!
Finger on your lips.
Fingers on your lips.
Sit down.
Mind your business.
This is what our education
system teaches us.
The only aim of our
education system...
is to create educated labour.
Not to encourage ideas like these.
How many more people
like him are out there?
I need to know.
Find his master.
Pre-frontal cortex.
It's here.
The reason God gave us this part...
is so we can
think for ourselves.
But unfortunately...
none of us use it.
Why do you say that, sir?
For example...
When we buy a new vehicle,
we do a ritual at the temple...
and crush this lemon
under its wheels.
Master, my grandparents tell me to do it.
Master, they say if we crush
a lemon under the vehicle's wheels,
they say the vehicle performs really smooth.
We have followed
this practice for ages.
What's wrong with that?
It is wrong.
In those days...
vehicles meant bullock carts
or horse carts.
These bulls and horses walked on
muddy, rocky, wet paths.
You already know this.
So their hooves would get injured.
When these scabs got exposed to dirt,
it would get infected with worms.
When these scabs got exposed to dirt,
it would get infected with worms.
And a cart infected with
worms won't run.
So they made bulls and horses
crush lemons with their feet.
The citric acid in the lemon
kills the bacteria in the wounds.
But our ancestors only told us...
"Crush the lemons
with your vehicle's wheels."
And what do we do now?
We asked no questions,
and to this date...
we are running rubber tyres
over lemon.
The problem is, we didn't understand
what our elders were trying to say.
We are used to writing answers
to questions.
When we answer questions,
we get marks.
But when you ask the questions,
you get smarter.
There is another name for it -
Disruptive thinking.
Don't waste your time.
Okay, master.
- Is it ready?
Visas and passports are ready
for all 5 of them.
But master, Santhosh hasn't returned yet.
We couldn't contact him either.
Tell one of our staff to visit his
hometown and check on him.
Okay, master.
Uncle, how come you are here?
It's nothing.
What is that trophy
you are holding?
Mathi won this in 6th grade
at a science exhibition.
Her exam results
came out today.
I totally forgot.
What are her results?
- She passed.
She scored 256 marks.
That's a good thing, right?
I'm happy she passed...
but I got carried away before
her results came out...
and asked her what
she wished to study.
She said she wished to study aeronautics.
Mathi is really intelligent.
Ask her any question,
and she will answer immediately.
But I think she had a problem
writing down the answers...
so her marks were low.
Her marks aren't good enough
for aeronautics.
I even asked Shakthi...
he said it will cost
20 to 30 lakhs.
Which Shakthi?
"Press" Shakthi.
What would he know about
college admissions?
What a question to ask!
This is his profession!
If you pay him the money...
he can secure any seat for anyone
in any college of their choice.
But I don't have the money.
Fine, don't worry.
Only good things will happen to Mathi.
I will talk to her.
Thank you.
Welcome, Meera.
Where is Shakthi?
He is upstairs.
Are you a fraud?
You did this despicable thing
just to impress me?
No, Meera.
Then why did you do this?
You told me children wished to die
when they got their mark sheets.
You said the mark sheets were
proof of their failure...
but they don't have anything to
make them believe they can win too.
Don't try to justify things!
You think printing fake certificates
would fix everything?
They will also turn out to
be frauds, like you.
I'm a fraud?
Am I the one
printing fake certificates?
Look over there.
You see those people there?
All of them are degree holders,
or engineers.
They work tirelessly round the clock,
deliver food to men who drink all night
and people too lazy to cook.
Is that even a job
for an engineer?
The men who say, "Study hard for
4 years, you will make it big.".
and swindle students with exorbitant fees,
with the promise of jobs right after college...
rob the student of everything they have,
and make them run around in the streets...
he is a fraud.
The degree certificate printed
in his college...
that is a fake certificate.
More importantly...
every single person who says
that marks are everything...
is a fraud.
There is no relevance to one's education
and the life they lead.
At least the certificates I print
are relevant to their jobs.
You don't deserve to speak
about education or life.
Have you ever had an ambition in life?
Have you ever toiled towards it?
How would someone like you
understand the importance of education?
You think I don't understand
the importance of education?
In 2006,
do you know who scored
top marks in Tirunelveli District?
Why are you so nervous?
We're getting our results today.
By any chance, if I should pass--
- You will!
No, I don't want to.
Then my father will put me in
an engineering college.
Four years gone to waste.
You have scored 1,156 marks!
Not just the school.
You have topped the entire district!
Don't act too cool.
You don't know my father.
He won't praise me for the 98 marks,
but hit me for losing those 2 marks.
Even if I am the first rank holder
in this district...
I don't know if that's
good enough for him.
Can I make a call?
- Sure.
Is this Chellakannu?
- Yes.
This is Muthuswamy speaking.
- Tell me.
How much has Shakthi scored?
He has scored 1,156 marks!
He topped our district.
He only topped our district?
He didn't top the state?
Top the state?
You are incorrigible.
He will get an admission
in any college, with his score.
What happened?
He's over there.
your father's condition
is very critical.
Since worked in an aluminium factory
for all these years...
he constantly inhaled those fumes.
His lungs have been severely damaged.
They say we need to perform an operation
immediately to save his life.
They also said it would cost over a lakh.
Where would I get so much money?
I know this guy.
We can borrow money from him.
He's only a school kid.
His father is sick.
What's the guarantee on my money?
He will do any work you give him.
He is a good student.
He scored 1,156 marks.
How much?
Come here.
1,156 marks.
Do as I say,
and we can save your father.
Will you?
There is a client of mine.
He wants to send his son to America.
But he didn't study well.
His marks were poor.
Sell him your certificate?
Just change the name in the marksheet
and his son can go to America.
He will take care of your father's
hospital expenses too.
We will be able to save him?
- Shakthi, don't!
Okay, then.
You scored 1,156 marks?
It's a great score.
You will get a seat
in Palayamkottai Medical College.
No, Dad.
- What?
I don't wish to study.
you'd rather go to Kottayam?
What do you want?
Why did I toil in that toxin
for twelve long years?
You think I didn't know I'd die?
I had to educate you.
My dream is to see you
become a doctor someday.
What are you thinking about?
I'll sell off my head if I must,
to give you an education.
No, Dad...
I sold the marksheet.
What do you mean?
I didn't know any other way
to save your life.
I toiled so that at least your generation
may get an education, and make it.
You sold your marksheet?
Even if I had died,
I would have died happily knowing that my son
is going to study and become a doctor.
You have saved my life
and stabbed me in the back!
I don't wish to see your face.
Go away.
Please leave.
Get out!
Even though I saved my father's life,
he still considered me a failure.
I studied so hard and
memorised every word in the books.
It was my effort.
But this world didn't trust me.
It only trusted my certificates.
He threw money at me,
like a biscuit to a dog,
and went to America with my certificate.
He had survival skills.
That's when I understood...
people value certificates
more than efforts.
I decided to become skilled
at survival, too.
- Yes?
How much can you pay me
for my 10th grade certificates?
In this world, someone with survival skills
is perceived as successful.
You talk like a hero, Shakthi.
Everyone who does something wrong
has a justification for it.
You are doing the exact same thing.
Due to every certificate you print
to save people's lives...
do you know how many people
end up losing their lives?
Intentionally or not,
you have only been creating
frauds like you.
Feeling helpless that the system
is unfair, the society is unfair,
giving up, and walking away -
that's not heroism, Shakthi.
You need to get down to business
and try to bring about a change.
With no regard for qualifications,
you have traded college seats for money.
Mathi wishes to study
Aeronautical Engineering.
She has the talent too.
If you can...
get her an admission through fair means,
without paying any capitation fees.
Then I will agree...
that you are a hero.
Why didn't you tell me?
Tell you what?
If your dream is to study aeronautical
engineering, you could have told me?
I would have arranged
a seat for you.
I know you would have arranged
a seat for me.
But I gave up that dream because I know
my father wouldn't be able to afford it.
Mathi, I can get you this seat
without paying a single paisa in bribe.
You just have to come with me.
You are the one who always
pays me the commission promptly...
how can you ask me
to give away a seat for free?
Please consider it
just this one time.
She is a good student.
Oh, come on.
We need to give away seats on merit.
And we need to set aside seats
for reservation quota.
Then when will we get to
give seats for money?
Stop joking. Go away.
He agreed to give a seat,
but I declined his offer.
- Of course...
Flights are meant to be big.
This is nothing!
This looks like some toy flight.
You want to play with it?
I can't study here.
You shouldn't study here.
You should study in a bigger college.
Come, I'll get you
a seat elsewhere.
You speak very well.
Shake my hand.
If you turn up with empty hands,
my boss won't even shake your hand!
No one gives a damn about talent.
Money is the only thing that matters.
Her marks aren't good enough.
If she had been of my caste,
I could have made some adjustments.
But she isn't.
...She doesn't have money either.
She is good looking too.
They might ask her for favours.
- Sir!
Why are you getting angry with me?
You don't get anything for free
without any expectations.
These days, you need to give
something to take something.
We have helped so many people
buy college seats!
This is karma.
All these years, I felt bad
about not having children.
But when I see these parents...
and the things they go through
to get college seats for their children...
I don't feel bad about
not having children.
We helped the "philosopher"
become education minister.
We could go to him?
We won't get it by honest means from him.
Honesty will get us nowhere.
- What should I do, then?
Tell her she isn't getting a seat.
- Shut up!
Brother, my father isn't home.
I need to go to school.
Can you take me to school?
- Sure.
Mathi, we have crossed the city limits!
It's only farmlands here.
We are almost there.
Do you come this far daily?
After I failed my 6th grade,
none of the schools took me in.
This was the only school
that agreed to take me in.
So my father didn't mind the trouble
of dropping me and picking me up everyday.
what is that?
Our master taught us a class
in 8th grade on kinetic energy.
He said we can fly kites in this pattern
to generate electricity.
See that Primary Health Centre
over there?
Two dialysis machines
were lying idle in there.
Then we worked with our master
and started flying kites this way...
and generated electricity
for the machines.
Now it works really well.
- They teach you all this?
Yes, of course!
Our master says...
"Whatever you learn
shouldn't just benefit you,"
"but help other people, too."
"That's a lesson you will never forget."
My teacher told us
that memorising in enough.
But your teacher
is asking you to learn!
Superb, right?
This is our school.
What is this, Mathi?
- This is a balloon satellite.
It detects global warming, pollution levels,
climate change around the campus.
Mahesh is the one
who invented this.
Grandpa, you walk miles
everyday to turn the motor on.
I've saved a number as 'Sugarcane'
on this phone.
If you dial this number,
the motor will turn on.
Dial it again,
and it will turn off.
Mathi, there are people
who can't even turn phones on...
he turns motors on over the phone?
That is just a small project.
There is a lot more.
Come in!
Everyone seems to
have invented something.
Are these students, too?
All of them are students who failed their
exams and couldn't get into other schools.
Our master took them in
and taught them.
What is this place, Mathi?
This is our innovation lab.
What is this?
This is a machine to separate
stones from rice.
Separating stones from rice
is no big deal.
It may be an easy feat for us...
but my mother needs this.
Because she can't see.
I wanted to do something
for my mother...
and so I invented this machine.
Now it will be easy
for my mother, right?
Don't get emotional now.
Hi, Mathi. How are you?
- Hi! I'm good.
Mathi, everyone here has
invented something.
What have you invented?
It's nice.
What is this, Mathi?
It looks like an engine.
It is an engine.
But it's a little different.
What does an engine run on?
It runs on petrol, diesel,
sometimes even kerosene.
But this engine runs on water.
On water?
- Yes.
Salt water, to be exact.
Are you messing with me?
You can ask anyone!
So you think I won't ask?
Son, what does this engine run on?
Salt water.
Come again?
- Salt water.
An engine that runs on salt water!
How did you invent this?
It's there in the 11th grade
text books - electrolysis.
Oh yeah, electrolysis.
You separate hydrogen
and oxygen through that process...
I know that!
But how did it occur to you to use that
to invent this machine?
My father comes this far
to drop me at school.
Just the petrol must cost him
a lot of money.
With the rising petrol prices...
my father eats less and less.
He used to eat 5 idlies a day...
and now he eats only 2 idlies.
I wanted to do something
before that becomes one idli.
That is why I invented this.
an engine that runs on salt water
is such a big deal!
Why did we even
walk in and out of colleges?
Mathi, they would give you an admission
in BITS Pilani for this.
Let's go.
Oh, no! If my master finds out,
I will get into trouble.
I will speak to your master.
Where is he?
I'll take you to the planetarium next week.
Hello, master.
I am Mathi's brother.
This is about her college admission.
Mathi wished to study
Aeronautical Sciences...
We tried all the colleges,
but none of them gave her a seat.
If you give me the salt water engine
that she has invented,
I can use that to get her
a college seat.
You want to make a cut
from my student's invention?
I don't want any commission.
This is Mathi's dream.
I know how to look after my students.
You are a fraud.
Get out.
Master, we can show the machine
and get a seat in any college.
You have no survival skills, master.
I'm saying this for the last time...
Get out.
Sorry, master.
What did my master say?
I couldn't meet him.
I think he is busy.
Let's come back tomorrow
and convince your master...
and then...
Will this even work?
It will!
I'll handle it.
I'll see you.
- Okay, brother.
What's the big hurry?
Why did you want this done overnight?
It's done.
It's ready.
Why does the engine
look a bit odd?
There was a problem with the gear shaft...
but I've somehow managed
to fit it in.
why did you ask me to
get salt water from the sea?
Wait, wait, what are you doing?
Don't pour it in!
You'll ruin the engine if you pour
salt water in the fuel tank.
Brother, please stop it!
I worked hard to fix this thing.
Why aren't you listening to me?
What happened to you?
- It's over.
Start the engine.
Start what? We can only
scrap this thing now.
I said, start the engine.
Don't be an idiot!
How will it run on salt water?
This thing is ruined.
Just shut up and start it.
You've gone mad!
- How will it work?
The engine has started!
Rev it up.
It's revving!
I got the salt water
from the sea myself.
How is this possible?
We are going to use this
to get Mathi a college seat.
Brother, this looks like some exhibition.
This is an exhibition!
Look, it's Chitti, the Robot!
What are we doing here?
A surprise?
Can you whistle?
Go on!
Look here, ladies and gentlemen.
Right before you is your past,
your present, and your future.
This invention encompasses everything
and bagged several Oscars.
A wonderful invention!
Blue shirt...
take a sip of this.
Don't be afraid.
It is so salty!
This is certified salt water freshly
obtained from Marina Beach.
Ink, pour this into the engine.
Start the engine.
Let it roar, Mani.
The first engine in the world
to run on salt water!
Mani, take it for a spin.
- Sir...
There is an auto here
running on just salt water.
Are there any modifications
done to the auto?
No, sir.
They haven't done any changes
to the existing industry model...
they have just replaced the engine
and made it work.
Give them a college seat.
Okay, sir.
Go to the right.
Go on.
It works! How did
you invent this?
What material have you used?
What is the composition of this engine?
How did you know
it could run on salt water?
Is there another process?
What is the mileage?
How long did you do
a test run?
Sir, I didn't invent this engine.
This is Mathi,
she's a girl from my hood.
She invented this.
I just discovered her!
Answer them.
Can you explain this process?
Go on.
Sir, we are taught a process
called electrolysis in 11th grade...
I designed this engine using that.
That part of the engine separates the
hydrogen from oxygen in the saline water...
and uses the hydrogen as fuel.
That is how this engine works.
It's a really simple process, sir.
How can you call this simple?
This is such a huge project!
Sir, all the inventions here are by
university graduates and doctorates.
She just finished her 12th grade.
She wishes to study
Aeronautical Sciences.
Many of you here are from colleges.
If one of you could offer her a seat,
it would be great.
She is worthy of it.
I will!
Hello, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Excellent work.
- Thank you, sir.
I am from Rio University.
I will give you an admission
with a 100 percent scholarship.
Hostel fee, lab fee, semester fee...
absolutely free.
On one condition.
Just like how you made this
auto run on saline water...
you should make an aeroplane
run on saline water too!
She will make a ship
sail on water!
All the best.
- Thank you!
- Thank you, sir.
Good job.
- Thanks a lot, sir.
I'll inform you after we reach there.
Keep these documents safe.
- Okay, master.
Take care of the kids till I'm back.
- I will, master.
Hello, master.
100 percent scholarship.
Without having to pay
a single rupee in fees...
Mathi got admitted into Aeronautical
Sciences at a reputed university.
How did she get in?
With this good news,
I also tender my apology.
Though you forbade me,
I took her engine to the exhibition.
They took her in upon seeing that.
Why did you do that?
Take your hands off me.
You fool!
Evacuate the campus.
No one should enter
till I say so.
Come on!
- They have seized the auto.
- The police.
They confiscated it as there is no permit
for engines that run on salt water.
Okay, I'll handle it.
- Mathi has been arrested.
They refused to give any explanation
and just took her away.
She isn't at the police station.
We don't know where they have taken her.
I'm coming right away.
Master, don't do it.
Master, please. I worked
so hard to invent this.
Master, please don't.
Master, don't do it.
These are all just objects.
But you have the talent
to create these again.
Nobody shall come here
till I send word.
If anyone asks you
about this school or me...
don't say a word.
Everybody get out.
They haven't taken her
to any police station.
They have taken her to Arakkonam Court
because she is a minor.
Remember Sekar?
You got him admission.
Sekar is a public prosecutor in
Arakkonam now. Go to him.
I'll talk to him, sir.
Let's meet in the evening.
- Okay, thank you.
Sekar, this is Shakthi.
- Hello, brother!
Is there a girl
called Mathi?
Yeah, the case involving the minor.
She just went in.
She is very dear to me.
Like a sister.
Can you look after her
till I get there?
Okay, take your time.
I will take care of her.
Madam, it's the A1 file.
Sir... the accused is a minor.
A minor?
- Yes, sir.
Close all the doors.
She is a big fraud, your honour.
Sir, I didn't do anything.
How can an average student who scored
just 256 marks in her 12th grade exams...
invent an engine that runs
on salt water?
She has passed off someone
else's invention as her own...
and committed intellectual theft.
But sir...
Did you commit the theft?
Sir, I didn't steal anything.
I invented the machine.
All of them are lying, sir.
Even if what you say is true...
how do you expect me
to believe it?
Do you have any proof?
Sir, I can demonstrate it right here.
In Mechanical Engineering,
do you even know the name
of the first chapter in the first semester?
Answer me.
You don't know?
See, your honour...
A girl who doesn't even know the name
of a single chapter
in the first semester
of mechanical engineering...
claims to have invented an engine
that runs on salt water...
does it sound believable?
It's not at all possible.
What is her motive?
To secure a college seat.
To secure admission
at a prestigious institution
with 100 percent scholarship
and study for free:
that's why she committed this forgery.
Were you offered a college seat
with hundred percent scholarship?
The motive and method
is very clear.
Someone has already filed a patent
for an engine that runs on saline water.
I've submitted the relevant evidence,
Exhibit A1, to your table.
She stole this concept...
and tried to secure
a university admission.
But she got caught
in the process!
The next hearing for this case
will be on the 16th.
Listen, child.
You can't leave this town
till the next hearing.
You need to report to Saidapet
Police Station and sign everyday.
Am I a thief?
Sekar screwed up?
He didn't screw up...
he stabbed us in the back.
Are you happy?
- Of course...
You've done a good job.
- Thank you, sir.
I hope you are throwing a party.
- Sure, man. See you soon.
I'll see you at the party.
How dare you?
- It's okay...
I know him.
Let me handle this!
How dare he grab your shirt.
- This is the court!
I trusted you but you betrayed me!
- This is the court, be civil.
You know nothing.
Do you know that she stole the idea?
What do you want me to do?
Do you want me to argue for the girl,
that the college cheated her?
They paid me 10 lakhs
to take up this case!
If I refuse to take this up
on moral grounds...
they will get another lawyer
for 20 lakhs.
If he refuses, they will pay 30,
40, or 50 lakhs to a lawyer.
They would even pay crores
and bribe the Judge!
This is the only justice here.
From buying me an admission at law college,
to watching me wear this coat...
my father has spent 40 lakhs
on my education.
He even paid you 2 lakhs
for securing my seat.
Hoping that his son
will someday support the family,
he mortgaged our house,
pledged my mother's jewels...
saved every last penny,
even hiding his illnesses,
he struggled to give me
this education.
Where else would I
recoup all that money?
Brother, it isn't just me...
this is the situation of every single student
who spends money for education.
An investor only cares about his returns.
How is it fair...
that we can't even find justice
even at the court?
Brother, you still don't get me?
You can get justice here
only at a price.
You need to pay some money
if you want to save the girl.
Don't ask me to suffer
for the girl's sake!
Mathi, I just spoke to Sekar.
He spoke that way,
so that, in the High Court--
Why are you still crying?
You can take the bike, Ink.
I'll come with Mathi.
Mathi, let's go.
- Goodbye.
They branded me a thief.
Mathi, listen to me...
I spoke to Sekar.
He says we can definitely win the case
if we take it to the High Court.
So I'd be called a thief
till the High Court says otherwise?
Mathi, please try to understand...
we can get a good lawyer
and prove it at court.
We would still be dependent
on the lawyer, right?
We can't count on the truth
that I invented it?
So, no one will believe me,
till the end?
I know how to make you feel better.
Wait a moment.
How much for raw mangoes
and chickpeas?
Ten rupees.
One packet.
Yes, Meera?
What is Mathi doing?
She is in there.
Saying the same thing
over and over again.
I stepped out to get
chickpeas for her.
Pass on the phone to her.
What happened?
Do it!
Sure, one moment.
Please hurry up.
Add a lot of raw mango.
- Sure, son. One moment.
Here you go.
please forgive me.
Shakthi, don't worry.
I'll take care.
You stay here.
What's the case?
Head injury.
Internal bleeding.
Looks like her intra-cranial pressure
is also rising, doctor.
The chances of her surviving
are about 5 percent?
Yes, doctor. It is a very critical case.
If we treat her now,
and she ends up dying...
our ratings will take a hit.
Tell them to take her
to another hospital.
Our hospital has a
hundred percent success rate.
Don't forget that.
The neurosurgeon isn't available.
Can you try some other hospital?
There must be other doctors.
Can you ask them to treat her?
Brother, please understand.
We don't have time.
Madam, get an ambulance immediately.
- What is the patient's ID?
I don't know her ID.
We just brought her here.
I must take her to another hospital.
Sorry, sir. We can't provide
an ambulance without an entry.
Why don't you call 108?
I'm calling from MRS Hospital...
Can you get here? We need to
take her to a government hospital.
So typical of that hospital.
Such a pain.
According to law, we can only
drop people at hospitals.
We can't pick them up.
Brother, please.
- Fine, do this...
There is a Mariamman Temple
next to the hospital.
Get the patient there.
I'll meet you there.
Okay, please come quickly.
- Okay.
Mathi, the ambulance will be here.
We will go to the hospital.
Sir, lift her up.
She has lost her pulse, sir.
Let a doctor say that.
Please. - I'm telling you.
I'm telling you. It's over.
Look at this!
- Are you happy?
Yes! My father would be so happy.
I couldn't safeguard her life...
but I will definitely
safeguard her legacy.
Shakthi, even the complainant
hasn't turned up at court.
Someone from the patent
office has come instead.
His name is Guru.
Sir, please wait!
I need to see Guru.
Let go of me.
I need to see Guru!
- Who are you?
Tell Guru to come out!
The office hours are over.
You can't see anyone now.
No, I am not leaving
without seeing him.
Security, come here.
What is the problem?
Office hours are over.
- Sir, I am not going to leave.
Tell him Mathi's brother is here.
He will come out.
You can't see him.
- Get out!
Sir, I will leave after meeting Guru.
- You should leave.
You heard me. Get out.
- Stop it!
Come to my office.
I am Guru.
What do you want?
Do you know Mathi?
When was the engine that
runs on salt water invented?
Five years back.
Where are the documents?
If I show you the proof...
will you leave without causing
any further trouble?
First, show it to me.
I will take care.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, before we could get here
the entire building burned down.
Did you rescue anyone
from the building?
Sir, no one in this area even knew
such a building existed here.
No one should know
we came here.
Especially the media.
- Okay, I'll take care.
Please make way.
Hello, sir.
I enquired everyone
in the area...
they say this is a tutorial
for failed students.
Even the government didn't
know of this school's existence.
Electricity through solar trees.
Roads from plastic waste.
Even the maps didn't
show this area.
None of these people
even use phones.
Then how did the students
No idea, sir.
We are trying to find out.
What did you say
the girl's name was?
Has the girl invented
anything else like this?
I don't know.
Do you know which school
the girl studied in?
I don't know.
Know anything about
the girl's school master?
I don't know.
Walkie-talkie, sir?
Ham radio.
A secret communication device.
This is how they communicated.
Look at this.
Patent registration number.
Title name - salt water engine.
All the records are here.
With the diagrams.
You filed a case against the girl
claiming she didn't invent anything.
Then why did you ask me if
she invented anything else?
Is this a place for granting copyrights,
or a place where you copy from others?
Are you trying to fool me?
This evidence is enough for me
to put an end to all of you!
Who else studied with the girl?
Where are they now?
Find them.
Hit him!
Don't get beaten to death.
Just tell me the truth.
You brought the girl
to the exhibition.
You don't know where
her master is?
That's enough!
Don't kill him.
You are a fraud
who scams for money.
Do you want to
get beaten to death?
Tell me where the master is,
I will let you go.
Who could run a school like this?
I know.
Tell me where the master is!
I don't know.
Cut him up.
I destroyed him 10 years back.
he is still alive.
Lift him up.
What is it?
Guards, alert.
His idea is still alive.
Where is he?
Go and look for him!
Who, sir?
Who the hell are you?
Everybody, move.
Break that down.
The accused Mathi's involvement in
intellectual theft was proved with evidence.
Unable to bear the guilt,
the girl killed herself, which is regrettable.
I order the printing press that aided Mathi's
intellectual theft to be sealed immediately.
I also order the police to immediately arrest
Shakthivel alias Shakthi, and Inbaraj alias Ink...
for being complicit in her crime.
The court rules that
Mathi is guilty of intellectual theft.
When I told people,
Mathi is intelligent...
she will study well
and make it big...
no one believed me.
But when they call her a thief,
people believe it immediately.
they branded me a thief.
Master, I'm really scared.
Let us come to you.
We shall leave this place soon.
You fainted because you were exposed
to phosphorus pentafluoride fumes.
Take this and you will be okay.
What did Mathi do wrong?
Is it wrong that she wanted to help others
with her knowledge and wisdom?
That's not wrong.
It's our method of studying that's wrong.
What must an education imbibe?
But what does our education
give us instead?
Fear of living.
Fear of asking questions.
Fear of helping others.
Fear of losing.
It is that very fear which makes us
think it is okay for others to die...
and makes us selfish.
You printed fake certificates for years,
did anyone try to stop you?
But when you tried to get a girl
admission through fair means...
this happened.
The entire police force
is waiting out there for you.
That's the bloody system
we are living in.
How would you understand this?
You knew this would happen.
That's why you sent me away.
Tell me the truth, master...
Who are you?
A thief.
I didn't become a thief.
They turned me into one.
We only need to protect education
from those who turn it into a business.
And the nation will prosper.
I decided free education
will be the solution to all problems.
I stole a lot for free education.
And that was when...
That is when I realized.
the problem wasn't with our education.
but our education system itself.
I decided to change that.
Ask a child...
"What do you want to be
when you grow up?", and he'd say...
"I want to become a doctor
and save lives."
"I want to become a policeman
and save my village."
"I want to become an army man
and save my country"
Ask the same question after he
completes his education, he'd say...
he would still want to be a doctor.
but he won't care about
saving lives anymore.
He would want to buy a
house on ECR...
and a Benz car.
A child that thought like a superhero
starts talking like a selfish man.
The reason is...
our educational system.
Sir, are you saying
our education system is wrong?
150 percent.
For example...
if we want to judge the ability
of a fish by asking it to climb a tree...
it will fail every time.
Because it doesn't know
how to climb trees...
It can only swim.
We don't understand the individual
capabilities of each student.
We have created a system where
everyone undergoes the same test...
and make them believe that if
they fail that test...
they are failures in life.
Each child has an unique ability.
Our educational system should
be identifying and nurturing it.
Sir, you are just finding fault at things.
Do you know how many successful people
have emerged from our educational system?
Do you know who is Adobe's CEO?
An Indian.
Who is Micron Technology's CEO?
It's Sanjay.
An Indian.
Look it up.
You are right, sir.
All the CEOs you mentioned are Indians.
But their bosses?
Our educational system has taught
us to work for other people...
but it hasn't taught us to work
for ourselves or our country.
We don't nurture creativity.
We raise labourers.
That needs to change.
Sir, you studied and climb up the ladder
through this educational system...
and now you are finding
fault with it!
I am not finding fault.
I'm saying it needs to be fixed.
Okay, so what do you propose?
I'll tell you.
I have created a new syllabus.
I have chosen three fisherfolk children
who have been deemed unfit for school.
I have identified their unique skills,
and developed a project with them.
You say this syllabus will be successful...
but how can we believe it?
Give me an opportunity.
I will prove what the future India
could be like.
My darling boy!
Are you all set?
Yes, mother.
They are going to show
your work on TV!
I'll ace it.
Don't worry.
Don't be afraid.
- Okay, master.
Today is the time for you
to prove yourselves.
- Yes, sir.
Where is he?
- He should be here.
- Be brave.
Be confident.
God bless you.
Hello to everyone.
This is our invention.
It's called bloom box.
This is beach sand.
From our beaches.
We have invented this machine
to generate electricity using beach sand.
Now Raghu will explain how we came up
with this invention, and how it works.
We have used heated beach sand
that's easily available to us as the board.
One side acts as the anode,
and the other as the cathode.
Stacking these boards, one on top
of the other,
with a metal running through it,
is what makes the bloom box.
We can meet the annual energy requirements
of a middle class house with the bloom box.
When we switch on the bloom box,
you will see those lights turn on.
Turn it on.
Sir, should we go in now?
This is what happens
when you don't have proper education...
and try to invent something
with half-baked knowledge.
See, the entire town is burning now.
Please send your children
to a proper school.
All of this is your fault.
You promised to educate my son,
but now you have killed him!
You've turned the entire town
into a graveyard!
You will rot in hell!
Let's go!
Move aside. Move!
Hello, master.
When you spoke at the syllabus committee...
no one believed you.
But I did.
I believed you were capable
of doing those things.
That is why...
now I've destroyed it.
If you change the syllabus...
what would happen to us?
You once said...
India is the youngest country
in this world...
with the youngest minds.
You are correct.
We have the largest student
population in the world.
And that student population
is the biggest resource...
for educated labour.
That population shouldn't have
the capacity to think for themselves.
Because that is when...
they will work for me.
education is not my business.
Students are my business.
If a student says
"A for Apple"...
he is my product.
I will sell him.
But if he says
"A for Aeroplane"...
he is my competitor.
I will kill him.
How can I spare people like you
who only create competitors?
I should have finished you long back.
But I don't want to destroy you.
I want to destroy your idea.
The next time someone
even mentions 'innovation'...
the sight of burning hoods
and the sound of people crying...
you must remember this.
Finish him.
Oh, you've got a temper?
Get up, kid.
It's raining, you idiot. Go in.
They lobotomised these children, too.
The biggest mistake of those kids...
wasn't being born with talent.
It was being born with talent
in this country.
If they had been born
in any other country...
they would have turned out to be
great scientists or achievers.
That's when I started it.
A school exclusively for students
who failed their exams.
I wanted to educate them...
and take them to places
where their talents are recognized.
Now, my students are all over the world
- US, UK, Mexico.
They have achieved great things.
How long can we keep
making them emigrate?
What else can I do?
They deserve a better place.
Our system gives people
a chance to study...
but it doesn't give them
a chance to achieve.
They won't allow it to happen.
Anything that might affect
corporate companies...
like disruptive innovative ideas
they will uproot those ideas,
and the innovator of those ideas.
Just like how they
destroyed Mathi.
When we know all of this,
why should we remain silent?
Let's fight them back.
You think you are some hero?
Fighting them isn't as easy
as printing fake certificates.
You are a fraud.
Not a hero.
Get going.
[Father's voice]
Shakthimaan won't come for you.
[Father's voice]
Only education will save you.
[Teacher's voice]
Superhero is not even a profession.
[Children's voice]
Liar cock! Liar cock!
[Children's voice]
Liar cock! Liar cock!
[Mathi's voice]
They branded me a thief.
[Master's voice]
Think you're a hero?
[Master's voice]
You're a fraud, not a hero.
[Meera's voice]
Giving in or putting up with atrocities
is not heroism.
[Meera's voice]
You need to get down to business
and bring about a change.
Who asked you to come here?
Master, the other students were
wondering what needs to be done.
I told you to be patient and
not come here till I send word, right?
Leave now!
I'm scared, master.
Strange things are happening.
Where would I go, master?
I don't have anyone.
I told you, didn't I?
Master, please wake up!
Master, get up.
They are coming.
Let's get out of here.
Just go!
- Come with me, master.
We came for the boy.
He led us to his master!
I'll call you after it's done.
Let go of me.
Master, save me.
Let me go.
Let go of me.
He is an intelligent kid...
so lobotomise him.
Who is that guy?
It's The Mask.
Get him.
He isn't a hero.
Just a joker.
Masked face...
feeling confident?
Let's catch him!
It's not the green button.
It's the red button.
Take master and leave.
Is it done?
No, sir.
Mask saved them both.
Yes, sir.
The same Mask who turned up
at the patent office.
How did they find
your location, master?
Fox hunt.
It's a device that can
track down ham radios.
I saw them holding it.
All of my students have ham radios.
We should hurry up.
Where are the students now, master?
- The ham radio is here.
Where is your son
- He's not here!
We need the models, documents and designs
of all the inventions.
What have we got?
Design for genetically modified mosquitoes.
This could put an end to inspect
and mosquito repellent companies.
Documents for self-repairing roads.
road contracts, toll plazas and
construction companies will crash.
He has invented a bio-degradable
alternative for plastic.
All the polythene manufacturing companies
Those students are living copies
of these inventions.
I want those guys.
It's too risky to go into the hood.
The police are all over
the place, looking for you.
I have no idea
where Ink is.
- Yes, sir?
I'll tell you where to go.
Okay, sir.
Pass me that bag.
This has all the passports with visas.
A truck will come now.
A truck?
The truck driver will honk three times...
and leave.
He won't wait for anyone.
You should get these kids
into the truck and leave.
He will drop you at Manapad.
Board a ship from there
and go to Australia.
One of my students lives there.
He will tell you
what to do next.
Why are you telling us
to go there?
According to Mahadev,
the documents he found were waste.
These kids are the living copies.
He will definitely come for them.
He must have already
started tracking them.
Moorthy's school...
couldn't be tracked through
Google Maps or GPS.
From now, you should obey him.
Be careful.
Why, master?
Why should these kids
flee the country?
There is a reason
behind every invention.
Mathi invented the engine
that runs on salt water because...
she didn't want anyone struggling
to buy petrol like her father did.
You invented the genetically modified
mosquito because...
you didn't want people in your hood
dying due to malaria and dengue, right?
If he goes to some other country,
he will save the people there.
But people in his hood
will still be dying, right?
What did you invent?
- Drainage cleaning machine.
So that no one else
suffers like my father did.
If he leaves our country now...
people like his father will
continue living their old lives.
The reason behind an invention
is as important as the invention itself.
You told all of them
to think for themselves...
and now you want them
to just obey you.
Is this even right?
The theme park was hidden, too.
Same encoding.
I was a naive kid who waited
for Shakthimaan to beat up the bad guys.
But now I finally realize...
a Shakthimaan isn't going to
be born somewhere...
we must get down to business
and hit back.
They should be heroes
in their society.
Why should they flee from
some villain they can't see?
The kids didn't escape from us.
Someone saved them.
He is hiding and
playing games with us.
So many people told me
that superheroes don't exist.
But I can tell you now.
Anyone who can think for himself
is a superhero.
Who is that Hero?
What you say is right.
This system cannot be changed...
by a gentleman.
We need a hero.
So, are we going to create a hero?
A superhero.
'He who believes in equality;
And treats fellow men with parity.'
'He's the hero!'
'He who can think for himself;
No matter who he is,'
'He's the hero!'
'He who speaks up against injustice;
He who speaks the truth in front of audience.'
'He who is rooted in the face of recognition;
He who is a slave to affection.'
'He's the hero!'
'He's the hero!'
'Rise, touch the skies - But when you do;
Pushing you down, some will laugh at you.'
'Rise again, look around - Those people laughed;
You will have the last laugh.'
'Yesterday's pains,
Will show you new ways.'
'Let's go, my man;
Let's do this!'
'All our hopes, all our dreams;
They turn to ashes in exam papers.'
'All these delicate, baby wings;
They crack under the weight of books.'
'Our classroom is not a jail;
To dream is not criminal.'
'Who will give us answers?'
'Quit running behind marks;
Run towards your mark!'
'You write answers to questions;
Learn to ask questions.'
'Failing in chemistry doesn't make one a dunce;
Come on, you can become a math genius.'
'Education is to lay mind's foundation;
Memorising is nothing but indoctrination.'
'NEET is designed to filter your thoughts;
Jump that hurdle and prove your worth.'
'Failure in tests is not failure;
Tests don't test individual ability.'
'I felt the wave on my hair;
When I saw you across the hall.'
'You're wearing a coat;
That spells H-E-R-O fireball.'
'Everytime you walk into my space;
I'm always blessed with your everlasting grace.'
'Boy, you got me good;
You're the king, you're the saint.'
'You're a Knight hood;
Can't take you down with smother.'
'Gonna hold you tight,
Daylight, firefight.'
'You're my Kryptonite;
I'll never trade you for another.'
'Gonna hold you tight,
Daylight, firefight.'
'You're my Kryptonite;
I'll never trade you for another.'
What have they changed
in that auto?
Petrol costs about 75 rupees a litre
in Chennai.
You sell about 41 lakh barrels a day.
So, doing the math...
you would stand to lose
15,000 crore rupees a day.
And that's just in Chennai.
Who has got the patents?
Where is the working model?
I have the patents.
I have the working model.
Destroy the engine and handover
the patents to us.
What's your price?
We got the orders.
Destroy this thing.
This is no ordinary machine.
It's a patented engine.
Even if a single part gets out,
we would all end up behind bars.
What should we do?
Melt it.
What's that?
Come with me.
Brother, it's just the fuse.
No problem.
No problem?
Where's the other guy
who came here with you?
Where are you?
Who is that?
Get him!
Who is it?
We are from Rio University.
I will give you an admission
with 100 percent scholarship.
Who is that?
Rio University?
Rio University?
What, Rio University?
What do you want?
I enquired thoroughly.
But no one knows
where the college building is.
Where is Rio University?
Rio University doesn't exist.
It is just a paper university.
Paper university?
- What does that mean?
It has a website.
It has brochures.
It even has admission forms
available online.
But it doesn't exist physically.
Why did you buy patents for a university
that doesn't even have a building?
We buy patents through
fake universities because...
it is easier to sell them.
We sell the patents, close the
university, and move on.
You know what would happen
if the government gets to know?
The government?
The government gave a 1,000 crore grant to this
university that doesn't even have a building!
Not just that.
Even if the police
file a case...
according to our law...
the fine for running
a fake university...
is only a thousand rupees!
Just thousand rupees?
Do you know the engine's worth?
60,000 crores.
We would sell the engine and
gladly pay the thousand rupee fine!
What else do you know
about the deal?
I don't know anything else.
Okay, I'll tell you!
Tell me.
Mahadev is meeting the Sheikh on Monday.
Through video conference.
I don't know anything else.
The engine...
is missing.
Yes, sir.
What did Nandha say?
Nandha has gone absconding.
No contact.
Sir, should we stop the deal?
No, proceed with the deal.
We have the documents.
Mask and the engine.
We'll deal with both.
Okay, sir.
Proceed with the deal.
We may have this engine...
but Mahadev has all the patent documents.
If he sells them, Mathi's death
will have been for nothing.
What do we do now?
We should somehow
steal the patent documents...
and the money he is going
to make through the deal.
Then the deal will be called off.
And he won't be able
to give their money back.
We can easily break the reputation
he has in the corporate world.
But we need to know when and where
the deal is going to happen.
You have the prototype
of the crawler, right?
One minute, master.
Yes, I have it.
- Good.
Complete it.
Okay, master.
I have an idea
to enter the room.
What is it?
Turn on the laser scanner
and place it around the building.
I am at the 14th floor.
Shall I sneak in?
Sneak in!
This is the crawler cam.
It can go in anywhere
and record video and audio.
I invented this to identify broken parts
and internal cracks in flights and trains.
We are going to
use this as a spy.
It's switched on.
Okay, brother.
I can see now.
Where could Mahadev's office be?
There are a lot of CCTV cameras in there.
Brother, turn left now.
Okay, you have got past the cameras.
He's gotten past it!
Go, go, go.
Where is Mahadev's room?
It is the first room to your right.
Are you sure this leads
to Mahadev's room?
Yes, brother.
Brother, this is the room.
Good morning, Mahadev.
Good morning, Sheikh Musafir.
Have you destroyed the engine?
- Good.
Is the patent agreement ready?
Of course.
You'll receive it soon.
So, when shall I
send the money?
On the 14th.
To MRS college.
Master, why are they closing
the deal in his college?
This is admission time.
Hundreds of crores will be passing
through the college at this time.
Capitation fees, college fees etc.
No one will ask any questions.
Fine, I can arrange.
They have chosen the University
as it won't arouse suspicion.
Everything is being recorded, right?
Everything is recorded.
We have got all the information,
including the location of transaction.
Now we just need to get the files,
and get you out safe.
Thank you.
- Thank you, Mahadev.
Those are the documents!
The ones he gave to the fatso.
Please change it somehow.
We have located the greenhouse.
The master and those four kids
are here.
Spare them the courtesy.
Don't spare anybody.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Hurry up.
Get in, quick.
Master, come in.
Master, we can't leave you behind!
You're what matters.
Why did you leave master behind?
He told us to.
You shouldn't have!
The master made the children escape
and let himself be caught.
Master Moorthy.
Long time no see.
How are you doing?
Very well.
Because I've got nothing to lose.
Your students can't continue
to roam freely for long.
I'll find them.
I'll find The Mask.
And I will destroy him.
It's not easy.
They aren't just people.
They are an idea.
Master, my job is to destroy ideas.
Try your luck.
Finish him.
Shall I kill him, sir?
I didn't mean him...
I meant his ideas.
Get that off my face.
Point that toy properly.
Listen, you jerk.
You can destroy a man.
You can destroy the statue
built for him.
But no one can destroy
his ideas and his ideology.
my ideas will continue to live forever.
I don't need to be alive for that.
Good luck to you.
God bless.
Is master gone, brother?
Master promised to come back.
Mathi's engine...
the deal is done.
We couldn't do anything, could we?
Hi, Mask.
I don't know what you look like.
I don't need to know.
Because apparently
you aren't a person.
You are an idea.
But unfortunately, your idea won't sell.
When you say innovations are the path
to progress of the country,
they will applaud you.
They will appreciate you.
But no one will do the hard work.
A job right after education.
A handful salary.
This is my idea.
People will study.
Get a job.
He will gladly take the salary I give him,
watch TV at home, go to sleep...
and come to work the next day.
He won't care about anyone.
"Mind your own business."
That is his philosophy.
He only wants comfort.
Not risk.
This is a materialistic society
where people wish to own a house and a car.
Tell him you want to change the system,
he won't be on board.
He won't stand by you.
There is some news
everyday about innovations.
He will read them.
But forget about it.
Just like your idea.
Your idea is merely news.
My idea is a lifestyle.
As long as people don't change...
a hero would win
only in films.
In real life, the villain would always win.
Are you going to save the world?
First, try to save yourself.
I'm coming for you.
What are we going to do now?
All this time, the master believed in you.
But now it's time for you
to believe in yourself.
He believes his system has proof of concept
but ours doesn't.
But master told us...
"You can destroy a man..."
"but you can't destroy his idea."
All of you are living proof
of his idea.
There are thousands more like you.
We need to show the world
that our system has proof too.
We need to bring out the talent
of children like you.
'He who doesn't just complain;
The one who gets the job done.'
'He's the hero!'
'He who applauds others' success;
And feels genuine happiness.'
'He's the hero!'
'He who speaks up against injustice;
He who speaks the truth in front of audience.'
'He who is rooted in the face of recognition;
He who is a slave to affection.'
'He's the hero!'
'He's the hero!'
Just like Mathi, there are tens of Mathis
in every town.
We must bring them out.
'Rise, touch the skies - But when you do;
Pushing you down, some will laugh at you.'
'Rise again, look around - Those people laughed;
You will have the last laugh.'
'You know you're never gonna fight alone;
Standing so tall like a Firestone.'
Sir, the vehicle has arrived. Over.
[PUBG player] Gopal, I'm online.
- Look to your left!
[PUBG player]
Look to your right!
You're good to go.
Get moving.
What happened?
Who's that?
Who the hell is it?
Have you got the money?
- Okay, then.
Shall we start, Mr. Mahadev?
- Sure.
Has the vehicle left?
Answer me, has it left?
Somebody respond.
Has the vehicle left?
Check inside.
Sir, the money is gone!
Who's that?
Look around.
Answer me!
Who are you?
Get him!
Close the gate!
Right away, sir.
Sir, I've closed the gate.
The bike?
Oh, that's gone.
You fool! - If you have
his number, I can ask him to come.
Let's go!
Catch him!
- What?
- What?
Chase him down!
The money was gone.
Where is the money now?
Stop the car!
Turn the car around!
The money should be
inside the college.
Look everywhere -
The office, auditorium, classrooms.
Look on the other side.
The money is not in here.
- Or here.
What? The money is not in the college?
Where is it?
Come in!
Have you found the money?
- Found it, sir!
It's raining money, sir.
- Sorry, sir.
Did you see this?
What is TASMAC?
This is not the patent document!
This is not it, Mr. Mahadev!
This is fake.
Brother, those documents
he gave to the fatso!
Mathi's original blueprints are in there.
I'm sorry, there must be some mistake.
You made a mistake?
You must be joking!
Are you trying to cheat me?
You think I'm a fool?
I'll get to the bottom of this.
And then I'll get back to you.
And then we can finish the deal.
You have 24 hours to give me back
my money.
What's going on here?
- Sir...
The money...
- What happened?
Sir, watch the TV please.
[TV News Anchor]
It's raining money in Chennai.
During a football match at the
MRS College Auditorium,
a shower of rain shocked everyone.
The notes were of 2,000 rupee denomination.
It estimates to about 60,000 crores.
Is everyone watching the TV?
Okay, brother.
This runs on Android.
I think it's a roadblock.
All the channels
are running the same program.
[Shakthimaan theme music on TV]
The same program on every channel?
[Shakthimaan theme music on TV]
I am the reason behind the money rain
that you witnessed on TV.
60,000 crores totally.
That's the price for the invention of a girl
who scored only 256 marks in 12th grade.
But it wasn't paid to the girl.
She invented an engine
that runs on salt water.
The man who stole that idea from her
got that money.
60,000 crores.
The talent of so many is being stolen,
preventing them from shining.
But it's not just the thief
who is to be blamed.
It's you as well.
You're wondering how?
See for yourself.
We have no electricity in our village.
We must walk in the dark past
two thorn forests to go to the next village.
Look at the colour of our river.
It was clear as glass.
The effluents from that company
have turned it to muck.
Did you see any roads on your way here?
Where did you park your vehicle?
Even ambulances can't come
beyond that point.
When a child is sick,
we must run to the hospital.
It takes an hour
to get to that road.
Our land has seen the open skies.
But now they've sold off all the plots
where rainwater used to collect.
It's not just the rivers
that are polluted by the effluents.
Look at our wells.
Drinking this, day after day,
our children are dying.
Even the men can manage somehow.
The women struggle to
walk past the forest.
Just last week,
Selvi from the next street...
was electrocuted in the fence
they put up to keep us from crossing.
But the government doesn't provide
electricity to our homes.
They said borewells
will give us water.
I sold my house and property,
spent 10 lakhs to dig up a bore.
But there was no water.
We submitted several petitions
demanding the closure of the factory.
The government officers
just don't care.
They refused us roads because
only 400 families live here.
They say foreign companies
running companies here is progress...
and chased us
out of our own homes.
We are just 400 votes to them.
Our lives mean nothing to them.
What has our education taught us?
It's taught us to become angry
at the problems.
Taught us to post status messages
on Facebook and Twitter.
But not to find a solution
to the problems.
Will our village never have electricity?
Where's that light coming from?
Is that a bird?
Or is it an airplane?
It's drizzling?
From where?
Why are you putting this
in the water?
What's this?
It's coming this way.
It's so huge!
With no shame, I staged a naked protest
outside the collector's office.
Our river has become clean!
We threatened to self-immolate
if our village doesn't get water.
The police chased us away.
We lived in darkness for 17 years,
now there is light!
Everyone said drinking this water
has made my sister infertile!
How is this possible?
The government couldn't give us water.
But now we have it.
If this had happened sooner,
I wouldn't have lost my wife and child.
Do you know who invented
all of these?
The people you branded dumb, unfit,
untalented, illiterate.
"The failed students".
My name is Thendral.
I invented this gravity light.
After 9th standard,
they pulled me out of school.
I invented this paraglider.
I only studied till 7th standard,
I couldn't afford education.
I studied till 10th standard.
But I failed.
I invented this water purifier.
I did fail the 6th grade, I invented
this machine to turn air to rain.
We are looking for solutions outside.
But we don't realise
that the solutions lie within.
There are thousands of children
to invent these new things.
But nobody to discover them.
Nor is there the right system.
Find out where The Mask is
transmitting from.
I want to know the position now.
- Arrest everyone who came on TV.
They seem to have
the people's support.
Damn their support.
It's all good for the people.
But your politics?
My business?
You got votes promising
to bring them water.
If he gives them water,
how will you ask for votes?
Try asking for votes now.
Arrest each and every one of them.
I will, sir.
Sir, the masked man on TV...
Sir, we've found him.
I'll deal with him.
I've sent you the fax.
Arrest them immediately.
None of them had
any authorisation or permit.
Seize their inventions.
The only children afraid to display
their talents to their parents...
are born in India.
Because their parents don't perceive
their talent as talent.
They only value marks.
You monitor your child's classwork,
their test papers,
marksheets, and their exam papers,
but have you ever seen their rough notes?
Therein lies their talent.
Therein lies there dream.
Trashing the rough note,
is like trashing their dreams.
Please look at your children's rough notes.
Then you will see them
for what they really are.
Somebody once told me...
as long as you don't change,
heroes will never win.
Only villains will win.
Each and every child is a hero.
Please let the heroes win.
It's him!
He's a fraud!
He's playing hero?
Get up!
You write poetry?
I love Tamizh.
I write good poetry.
How do you know music?
- I taught myself.
Wildlife rehabilitation.
They say wild animals
will go extinct in fifteen years.
We must save them, mustn't we?
You did this?
Yes, mom. I want to be
like Kalpana Chawla.
Sorry I drew on the rough note, mom.
If this is what you want,
you should become an artist.
I will put you in a music class.
Thanks, dad.
It's not enough to kill him.
We must kill his idea.
Bring the chair.
Turn the camera on.
He gave the world courage
behind a mask.
With the same mask...
I'll make him admit
that it was all fake.
Lobotomise him.
Shakthimaan is not real.
Not just Shakthimaan.
Nobody will come to save you.
Before sunrise, the police would have arrested
all the innovators you televised.
It's just a news item.
It will die down
in the ten day news cycle.
The word 'innovation'...
shall only elicit fear.
I'll destroy your idea
Call up the control room.
Call the control room!
Sir, whom to arrest here?
The people who came on TV.
Sir, everyone here looks the same.
They are not slaves
you can walk over.
They are heroes.
There are too many people here.
We can't get past them.
You said my idea won't sell?
I didn't sell my idea.
I sowed it as a seed.
The fan rotates from the force
of the wind.
From a stationary state,
it comes into motion.
This converted energy lights up the bulb.
'A thousand faces have come together;
And become one...'
'Who is this stranger? Who is this friend?
He has brought progress to the masses.'
'A chance to achieve;
A stage to showcase the skills.'
'Everybody should have it,
Inspite of several attempts
by the police for six months...
you could not be tracked.
I can easily lock you up
with the evidence in hand.
But that's not why I'm here.
No one else should find this evidence.
That's why I've brought it here.
I got to know about my son's dreams
only after seeing his rough notebook.
This Hero shall live.
When the Hero lives,
so does the Gentleman.
I am Raja Gnanaprakasam.
I am from Vayaloor.
I invented a low cost paraglider.
I only studied till 8th standard.
My name is Rifaq Shah Rukh.
This is Kalaam Sat,
the world's lightest satellite.
I was in 12th grade
when I invented it.
I scored 750 marks
in my 12th.
- 880
I am Manikandan, from Muthupatti Village
in Madurai.
I invented a robot to rescue children
fallen into borewell holes.
No matter how deep,
what position, the child can be rescued.
I studied till the tenth grade,
I scored 360 marks.
I am Saravanan Muthu, from Nagerkoil.
I studied till 10th.
I invented the toilet bed
to help elders.
I won a national award for it.
I only studied till 3rd grade.
I am Subash Bose from
Pazhanjinapatti, Pudukottai.
I invented a solar seed sower.
It can sow seeds quickly
and in close columns.
I was in 7th grade
when I invented it.
Subash Patel from Hyderabad.
This is Dew Drop.
This device can
literally produce water from the air.
It can produce upto 1.86Litres of water
in one hour.
My 12th marks are 437.
I'm Sriram from Chennai.
This is India's first
3-D model printer structure.
You can build a house within two days
using this machine.
Himanshu Kumar from Bihar.
I invented homosep when I was
twenty years of age.
Homosep will go inside the tank and homogenise
the slush by breaking it down and circulating it.
It has been designed
to be portable.
Our mission is to completely eliminate
the despicable practice of manual scavenging.
I am Gautaman from Pollachi.
Cocopeat is made from waste
of coconut fibre.
One litre water in one kilogram of cocopeat
will not dry up for six months.
Foreign countries use cocopeat
for soil-less farming.
India is the youngest
country in the world...
as we have the highest
number of students.
Two lakh patents are registered
in Japan every year.
One and a half lakhs in Korea.
But only 12,000 in our country.
And none of these inventions
are implemented.
There are thousands of people
to invent new things.
But there's no one here
to discover them.
Every school should have
an innovation lab.
Students must have creative space.
It should be mandatory in
every single school.
Do we know what list we top?
Student suicide.
Two lakh thirty thousand students
commit suicide every year in our country.
When the number of suicides go down,
and the number of patents increase...
that day, we will know that our
education system is on the right track.
We should know our place.
Jai Hind.
I've reached the position.
Five containers.
80,000 crores.
You have one hour.
On your mark...
Get set...
Game starts.