Hero of the Underworld (2016) Movie Script

Butterflies, tinted
eyes falling down
To the sea, at high tide
Bringing me back to the place
I can feel
She bring me back home
Coffee cup,
belly up to the bar
We walk in pairs
Scattered by numbers
Dare us to stare at the signs
Written everywhere
The end of time is here
If you believe
There's a heaven
Somewhere between
You and me,
You and me, well I will
Try to believe
There's a heaven
But the angel gone blind
In the sweet summer snow
I hardly remember
What I used to know
What I used to know
What I used to
Rattling across open plains
Truth look on with disdain
At the fear
No one will claim
At the end of the day
- Hey, where's Jerrod?
- In the back.
- Tell him to put
his food order in.
Hey Chris.
- Dylan, you look worse than me.
- Can't get a hold
of these hours.
- You got the rap group,
Killer Kane on the sixth floor
already causing
trouble, one guest VIP,
Amber Strong, adult film star.
- She's VIP?
- Her money says she is.
- What's the count?
- Negative 16.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
Hey, put your food order in.
What's the average
no shows lately?
- Holding around 5%.
You got 600 rooms, 30
guests, you should be fine.
- Fucking reservations assholes.
They sell 616 rooms
'cause they're not here
when the hotel is filled up
and you gotta walk a guest.
- Preaching to the
choir, brother.
I worked night shift
for five years.
You got it.
- Ah, yes.
Here you go.
- Did you put your food in?
- I will in a bit.
Who's the bellman?
- Rico.
- I wonder if that was
Linda's first time tonight?
- Jerrod! How you feeling, sir?
- Hot!
- How bout you, Dyl?
- Feel like I still
can't get used to these hours.
- You try what I said?
- Yeah, yeah.
I got home at seven, and I
didn't go to sleep until 1 pm.
- How long did you sleep?
- I slept til nine.
- Well, you should
be well rested, then.
- Nah, I don't think
it works for me, man.
Tonight as soon as I get
home, I'm going to sleep.
- It's your call, but
you been on nights
what, three months?
I been on it seven years.
- C'mon Jerrod, call it in.
- What is your deal
with the food order?
- The kitchen's
been giving me shit
because we're making
'em stay late.
- Tell 'em to go
fuck themselves.
- Yeah, then you
would go home and
we'd have nothing to eat.
C'mon, go.
Where's Marco?
- I think a guest called
him up to his room.
- So he's gonna
leave the front desk?
- It's Marco.
- Lisa, can I get
a burger, medium?
Thank you.
- Ah, let me guess, assholes
starting early tonight?
- Mr. Capso in 305 says his
air conditioning is too loud.
- So let's transfer him.
- He's in a one bedroom suite.
All of them are booked.
- I'll call Dylan.
Hey Dyl, we need you back.
Thank you.
- Can I help you?
- Are you the manager?
- Yes, I am.
- I need a new friggin room.
- And why is that?
- Air conditioning's
too freaking loud.
- I'll send Pablo up
to take a look at it.
- Your boy Marco was already up.
- Marco's not the repairman.
- Just give me a
new friggin room.
- Sir, there are no other
one bedroom suites available.
I could give you a room
with a king size bed.
- I'll take a two bedroom suite.
- None available.
- You know what, fine.
I want a refund; I'm
going to another hotel.
- Okay, you can
speak to Brad, he's
the reservations
manager, he's on
Monday through
Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
- Fuck you.
- I'll send a bellman up
to help you with your bags.
- Fuck all you.
I don't need help.
- Bring up his account.
I'm praying, truly.
- Score. He rented
one last night.
- What's it called?
- Balls in Play.
- Sir?
Remember to bring down
the adult DVD you rented,
I think it was
called Balls in Play?
You gotta bring that down, sir.
- Love the fact that we hand
deliver all of our DVDs.
- It's a little outdated,
but it's a touch of class
from the Century Grand.
- Check this guy out.
- Sir, can I help you?
- Yeah, lost something.
- What'd you lose?
- Lost my dick.
- How're you gonna find it?
- Find it up my
girlfriend's ass.
- Okay sir, thank you
for letting us know.
- Sure.
- Seemed like a nice guy.
- Yeah.
- Hey sweetie.
- Hey Linda, how are things?
- Eh, they're slow.
- What you got?
- Euro. Swedish dude.
Thanks sweetie.
You have a good one.
- You too.
- No, euros, why?
- It's usually yen, right?
- Those Japanese businessmen
love their hookers.
- Hey, hey. Linda's a
high-priced call girl.
I forgot.
That's how hotel
management wants us
to refer to her as we
turn the other cheek.
- I always ask her
how her night's going.
She always says the
same thing: slow.
No matter how many
times she goes
up and down that elevator
to service some guy,
she says it's slow.
I'm dying to find out what
a busy night is for her.
- Dylan, you didn't
say hi to me.
- I saw you banging the phones.
- They call all
at the same time.
Hey, Jerrod.
- You sure you don't
want to date her?
- Positive.
- I love how you
get all serious.
You should give her a shot.
- She has crazy eyes.
- She has pretty eyes.
- Crazy eyes.
Trust me.
- You tired?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Linda wants to
exchange more money.
- I'm kidding.
Fucking with you, bro.
Go back to sleep.
- I don't know, I
just feel better.
You know?
Maybe not on the
inside, but just knowing
that I made a choice, you know?
Knowing that you're not a
victim, you're not weak,
you know, something like that.
- Hola, Seorita,
how are you tonight?
Mr. Dylan, so good
to see you again.
- Hi, Enrique.
- Enjoy it.
- You shot up again, didn't you?
Dammit, Rachel, we're supposed
to be in this together.
I just,
We can do this, believe it.
Together, please.
Dammit, why won't
you believe it?
Dammit, why?
- Dylan!
Dylan, we got a problem.
- What is it?
Holy shit.
Ma'am, ma'am?
What happened?
Call 911, now!
No no no, don't touch her.
Don't touch her.
Ma'am, did someone
do this to you?
- My name is Holly.
My boyfriend beat me up.
- Where is he now?
- Room 618.
- Okay, call Jeff security, go.
Holly is there,
is there anything we should,
no wait, call Pablo.
Okay no, just do
it, do it, do it.
- He just walked up.
- Pablo, you have the gloves,
the plastic gloves?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Gimme 'em. C'mon, now!
Holly, everything's
gonna be okay, all right?
- Oh, fuck.
- Yeah.
Get that guy out of the lobby.
Shit's about to go
down, all right?
Holly, okay, I'm here.
It's okay.
- I called him twice, no answer.
- Candice, come here.
Pablo, give a pair
of gloves to Candice.
Please, Candice.
I'm going to have Candice
take you to the bathroom
and get you cleaned up.
Call him again.
- C'mon bro, get up.
Hey, you're cute.
- Get up.
Go to your room.
Can't sleep in the lobby.
Go to your room.
- Hey, Rico, chill.
- Sorry, Dyl.
- Security's still not here.
- All right.
Okay, 618, bring him
down, no violence,
do not touch him.
I mean it. Go.
- You know how to get
to the China Club?
- You're a guest here?
- Yeah.
- What room?
- 642.
- You go to 46th Street, make
a right, it's a half a block.
- All right, thanks buddy.
- Hey, you in charge here?
- Yes, I'm Dylan Barrick,
I'm the overnight manager.
- Did you call it in?
- No, my operator Candice did.
- Where's the girl?
- She's in the
bathroom with Candice.
This girl walks in the
lobby, and her face is
a mask of blood.
It turns out her
boyfriend beat her up.
- Where's he?
- Room 618, I got two of my
staff escorting her down.
- How bad?
- Oh, it's bad.
Oh, hey Jeff, nice
of you to show up.
- Ah man, we had
some shit going on.
- Who's this?
- This is our
security guard, Jeff.
He wasn't here; he had
some shit going on.
This girl,
- Did you get a name?
- Holly.
- What is it?
- Let's just say I'm not 100%
sure she's his girlfriend.
- What do you think, call girl?
- Well I was wearing
gloves, and I got
my operator Candice
doing the same thing.
- Fuck you think
you're going, bro?
- Jerrod, ease up.
This is Jerrod Percy,
he's our front desk agent.
This is Rico Taylor,
he's one of our bellmen.
- Well, it's good
to see you, Jeff.
Glad you took your fucking time.
When we got up
there, he was packed
and headed for the stairs.
- Fuck you, man.
I had shit to do.
- Enough.
- What's your name?
- Davis Riley.
- What happened?
- We got in a fight.
- Dylan.
- Cuff him.
- Let's go.
- Mr. Barrick.
Mr. Barrick?
- Yeah? Yeah?
- We're gonna need to
get a statement from you.
All right?
- Okay.
Yeah. Whatever it takes.
I gotta go check that room.
- She says he took her money.
- Shit.
- What is wrong with you?
- I was up all night.
- Yeah, you're the
night shift manager.
- It was a tough night, asshole.
- Hey, don't you
talk that way to me.
- Back the fuck off, Henry.
- Guys.
- I don't know what
to tell you, Chris.
Yeah, he might have
come to the desk,
asked for the
safety deposit box,
but he had a key.
I mean, how do I know
whose money it is?
- I'll tell her to
file a police report.
- How much money
did she say he took?
- Try four grand.
- He had a key.
- I can't believe I'm
here on my day off.
I can't get away
from this place.
When did all this happen?
- 30 minutes ago.
Right when I came
in to relieve Henry.
The girl from last night...
- Wait, Holly?
Is she here?
- She said she checked in
and deposited the money
before she went upstairs.
- Did the police find out
if she's a working girl?
- Turns out she really
is his girlfriend.
- Let's go talk to her.
- Ma'am?
We believe you're gonna have
to file a police report.
- I can't do that.
- Your boyfriend had a
key, you both checked in,
he was able to
retrieve the money.
- I just want my money back.
- I'm sorry, but
we don't have it.
- Please give it to me?
- Sister, you need
to lower your voice.
- Hey, back the fuck off, Henry.
- Don't you yell at me.
- I'm sorry, would you
give us a moment, please?
Guys, come on.
Don't ever pull that shit
in front of a customer.
I don't care what you
two have between...
- I'm sorry, Chris.
- Help me.
- Yo, you lost, bro?
- What's that?
- Yo, give me your motherfucking
money, motherfucker.
- Yo, fuck you man.
- No, fuck you.
It's so great being
with you, Rachel.
I love you so much.
- Mr. Dylan.
I have not seen you
around here for so long.
How have you been?
- I'm good, Enrique, good.
- And how is your girl, eh?
- We're not together anymore.
- Oh.
Oh, I am so sorry to hear that.
But good to see you, seor.
- So you are saying
he took her money?
- She's saying he
gave her the money.
- What do you
think about it all?
- What happened?
The guy's a piece of
shit, he got drunk
and he beat up his girl.
- So what are you doing here?
- This girl Holly, you know,
I just feel bad for her.
I want to see if
maybe there's a way
I can help her out.
- What happened to your hand?
- Some guy tried to mug me.
- How'd you do?
- I kicked his ass.
- So this girl, Holly,
she'd have to come down
and fill out a report.
- I figured as much.
But I'm thinking maybe I can get
her full name and her address?
- For what reason?
- You know man, I just
want to check up on her,
make sure she's okay.
Well we wouldn't
have her address, just his.
And wouldn't you have
the same information
from when he checked
into your hotel?
- Yeah, we might.
- So just get it there.
- Yeah, I'm here now.
You know, I'm
thinking I might want
to stay away from that
place for a day or two.
- What are you gonna
do with his address?
- Look man, I'm just
gonna check up on her.
I feel a little
responsible, and I just want
to make sure she's okay.
- I have to go talk to
somebody down the hall.
You know your way out?
- Yeah? Who're you?
- You were at the Century
Grand the other night?
- Yeah, so?
- I'm looking for Holly.
- Why's that?
- I have something
that belongs to her.
- Holly's gone.
So what do you got for her?
- Where'd she go?
- She has some apartment
up on 34th Street.
I don't know the address.
You know, my guess
is she's back out
on the street, but I
never know with her.
What can I tell
you, she's on horse,
she's a heroin addict.
- Why'd you hit her?
- Cause she wouldn't
listen to me.
I told her to stop injecting
that shit into her veins.
So I come in the other night...
- Drunk off your ass.
- Yeah, and, but she
was about to do it.
So I stopped her.
- By punching her in the face.
- Yeah. I mean, what
do you want me to say,
I'm a total dick.
There's nothing
you're gonna say to me
that's going to make
me feel any worse
than I already do.
I got huge problems, and
I really have trouble
controlling myself,
especially when I get drunk.
- No. No man.
I don't understand how
a guy can beat the shit
out of a woman like that.
- Well, that's
'cause you're not me.
And you don't fucking know me,
so don't fucking judge me.
So, what are you, hot
for Holly or something?
- No.
- Lookit, I took
her off the street.
If she wants to go back on
the needle, fine, fuck her.
She wants to hit rock bottom
again, that's her business.
But if she comes back
here and she starts
fucking lying to me again,
I'm gonna fucking kill her
just to put her out
of her own misery.
- You took her money.
- Fuck you. That
was my money, bro.
- I ain't your bro.
- Lookit, I gave her
money, and I said
she could keep it if
she stayed straight.
- Well, I want to
give it back to her.
- What, so she'll just
go buy drugs again?
- Give me the money.
- Fuck you.
- I ain't playing, bub.
- What'd you come up here to
shake me down or something?
I'll put you in jail, you fuck.
- Hey.
- What you need, man?
- I'm looking for a tall girl,
redhead, name's Holly?
- You a cop?
- No.
- What are you, then?
Her boyfriend?
- No, man.
- I get it.
You trying to be a hero.
You got a picture of Miss Holly?
- I don't.
- How was I supposed
to help you find her?
- I was hoping you'd know her
by her name and description.
- I don't.
- Anywhere else you
can buy around here?
- Where she live?
- I'm not sure, exactly.
Maybe 34th Street.
- Shit, you on 34th Street now.
Unless you talking
bout by the river.
- I might be.
- That's Tino
Henoya's area, bro.
- I'll look him up.
- We done?
What else you need, bro?
- Give me two bags.
- What you need?
- I'm looking for this tall
redhead, her name's Holly.
You know the girl
I'm talking about?
- You a cop?
Oh shit, long time, D.
- Yeah.
She left something at
the hotel I work at.
- And you tracking her down?
- It's important
that I find her.
- You the one that beat her up?
- No way, man, some shitbag
boyfriend did that to her.
He also stole her money,
and I got it back.
- You want to just give it
to me and I'll pass it on?
- Tino, I gotta find her.
- You still work
at the same place?
- Century Grand,
it's 46th Street...
- Yeah, I know where it's at.
I'll tell Holly you
got her money, aight?
- Just tell her I got something
I want to give her, all right?
- You want her to come
to the hotel to get it?
- I doubt she's gonna
want to go back there.
Look, how bout this, let me
give you my home address.
Just tell her to
come here, all right?
- So you at the same spot?
- Yeah.
- Yo, that chick Holly,
you change her hair, her face,
she looks just like...
- Yeah.
- Look, all I do is sell, man.
People don't want to
buy, I don't force shit.
I promise you, I
had nothing to do
with what happened to Rachel.
- Yeah, I know.
- You still on that heavy stuff?
- Off and on, you know,
I don't shoot up anymore.
- Where you buying from?
- Here and there, man.
Don't worry bout it.
- I do worry about it.
Some of that street shit
is crazy, you heard?
- Look man, could you just
pass this on to her, all right?
- I got you.
Fuck, let's drive around
the block or something, man.
What you need?
- Give me one bag.
- Hey, baby girl. How you doing?
- I'm okay.
- Some guy came around
here looking for you today.
- Tell him to fuck off and die.
Tell him to give me my money.
- He did say he had
something for you.
- Who? Davis?
Not a chance.
- Nah, this guy's
name was Dylan.
He's the hotel manager
at the Central Grand.
- Did you fall asleep again?
- Uh, yeah.
I'm the boss, I get
to do what I want.
- I know.
I'm just wondering.
- Night manager gets to
make the rules, okay?
As long as we get
through the night and
the hotel's here in the
morning, I've done my job.
- I heard that when Elan
that the night shift manager,
he spent half his time at
the Kevin St. James bar.
- Patrick used to talk
to his girl all night.
Okay, what's up?
- We're all out of rooms, and
this guy wants to check in.
- Shit, we're at full capacity?
- I told you that
20 minutes ago.
- Yeah, I know, yeah,
I remember that.
You caught me in the middle
of a sleep cycle or something.
- All right, who's got rooms?
- The Marriott Marquis.
- I'm gonna be able to
sell to all the top people.
It's just a matter of
convincing them on the upgrades.
Hold on a minute, Jim.
What the hell is taking so long?
- Sir, unfortunately we
don't have any rooms left.
- What?
Jim, did you hear that?
Are you serious?
- Yes.
- Well, what the fuck
am I supposed to do?
- We have to walk
you to another hotel.
- Well this is fucking bullshit.
This is,
what the fuck does, what
does that even mean?
We've arranged a room for
you at the Marriott Marquis.
We'll pay for your
cab fare there.
You get the same room
rate as you would here.
Tomorrow night you're
guaranteed a room here,
and it's free.
It's actually a
really good deal.
- Really?
See, I don't see it that way.
I'm here now,
and my bags are here,
and the company's paying
for the fucking room,
so what do I care?
- That's what you get for
checking in after 5 am, jackass.
Did you hear Cesar's
back on nights tomorrow?
- Yep, Rico told me.
- Guess we can expect to see
more call girls and escorts.
- I've never worked with
Cesar on nights before.
- He has a deal with every
call girl in the city.
Foreign businessman walks
in and says he wants action,
Cesar hooks him up
with whatever he needs.
And he gets a little bonus money
from both the call
girl and the guest.
The bastard's making
more money here
than both of us put together.
- Hear Scarlett Johansson's
checking in tomorrow night?
- Yeah, you mentioned it.
So what's her name?
It's like Greta Wanderking,
something ridiculous.
- Thought they changed the names
to throw off the
paparazzi as well?
- Yeah, no, they
change the names
every five months or so.
She has reservations
at a bunch of hotels.
- Hmm. Where's she staying?
- She's staying here.
Chris knows her manager.
He said we'd give her
the star treatment.
How much time we got left?
- 57 minutes.
Watching every one.
- I'm gonna go downstairs.
I don't really feel like
seeing Henry tonight.
If he needs me,
tell him to call me.
You can hold down the fort
for a little while, right?
- Putting me in charge?
Hell, all I've got to do
is make sure the hotel
is still here in
the morning, right?
- You listen.
- Yeah.
All right, wait.
All right, cool.
Um, yeah.
No no no, that's
fine, that's fine.
Let's do that.
I don't know, we'll work on it.
All right look,
I gotta go, okay?
- Hey Phillip, what's up man?
- Everything good?
- Yeah Phil, you know,
I'm just working.
- Yeah, I heard you're at the
Grand now man, that's great.
Good for you.
- I'm the overnight manager now.
- What? Good for you.
That's awesome.
- I can't handle
the hours, though.
- Ah, don't whine to
me about the hours.
You think all I do
is jerk off all day?
I wish I had time to do that.
All I do is work.
- Well, you got a lot more
energy than I do, Phil.
You talked to Mom lately?
- C'mon bruh, I thought
we were just going
to have a nice dinner.
- Jeez, I'm just
wondering, Phil.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I talk to her.
- What's she been up to?
- Same stuff.
- Maybe I should
call her, you know?
- Yeah, I don't know about that.
- Why not?
- Don't give me that
shit, you know why.
- 'Cause my girlfriend hung
herself in my apartment?
- Jesus fucking Christ Dyl,
what the hell is wrong with you?
- I'm just asking if that's why
she doesn't want to talk to me.
- You really want
to go there, huh?
- Go there.
- Maybe it's because she thinks
you still got problems.
- And not talking to
me is the solution?
- You wanna put the
cards on the table, huh?
Are you still on the stuff?
- No, no man, you know,
yeah, no.
- That's great.
If that's true, that's great.
- I still got
problems, though, Phil.
You know, it's
dealing with the pain.
- Are you clean or not?
- Every once in a while I
still got problems and...
- C'mon man, get
your life together.
I gotta take this all
right, give me two minutes.
- Yeah, man.
- Hey.
What the fuck do
you have to give me?
- Holly?
- Tino said you had
something for me?
- Yeah I do, but it's inside
and I'm late for work.
- What do you have?
- Look, can we just meet
up tomorrow sometime?
- Unless you're telling
me that your fucking hotel
found my money, I don't
know what you have
to give me that's worth a damn.
- Look, do you have
a place to stay?
- What are you doing?
You want me to
stay at your place?
Is that what you want?
You want to bang me?
- Look, let me at least give
you some cab fare, all right?
- Why are you helping me now?
You should have helped
me the other night.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What you got?
- Negative five.
- Stomachable.
- Heard you walked
a guy the other day.
- Some business jerk off
who couldn't give a shit
that he was getting a free room,
'cause his company
was paying for it.
- So let's charge him.
- Good idea.
- Hey Marco, you
watching the front desk?
- No sir, I am
off early tonight.
Ciao, boss.
- What's the deal, Cesar?
- Hey Dyl, long time.
We need to get this guy
in that two bedroom suite
and it ain't ready.
- We'll have it cleaned ASAP.
- Nope, it's occupied.
- Sir, could you
excuse us for a moment
while we figure this out?
- I hope this doesn't
take too long,
'cause we been waiting
for 30 minutes.
- We'll have you in there ASAP.
Excuse us.
What happened?
- Henry.
He put somebody else
in there this morning.
- That prick fuck.
I'm assuming all the other two
bedroom suites are occupied?
- Yup.
- Shit.
- Some guy offered
me $500 if I'd
show him my dick
earlier tonight.
- Did you do it?
- Nah.
- Why not?
- I got morals, bro.
- All the one bedroom
suites are taken as well.
- We gotta do a water leak.
- Let's do it.
- All right, call
Jeff from security,
get Pablo up there as
well, and move her stuff to
1221, it's the
king down the hall.
- 1221, I'm on it.
- Dylan.
- You're late.
- So what, it ain't busy.
- That douchebag Henry gave
away a two bedroom suite
and now the guy who
reserved it wants in.
- Whaddya gonna do?
- I got Cesar up there
now with Pablo and Jeff.
They're gonna move her stuff
to a king down the hall.
- What are you gonna do
when the lady gets back?
- We do a water leak.
- What's that?
- You'll see.
Put your food order in.
- Already did.
How you feeling, Dyl?
- Fine, why?
- You just been off the
past couple of days.
- I'm tired.
I just can't get
used to these hours.
- Okay.
It's gonna be fun to have
Cesar on tonight, huh?
I can't wait to see what
shit he's gonna pull.
- Yeah, he better
take it easy, okay?
This whole place
has been on edge
ever since that thing
went down with Holly.
- Holly.
That was her name?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
How did you know that?
- She told us,
don't you remember?
- I can help you over here.
- Could you call
me a cab, please?
- Yes.
Hi, I need a cab to the Grand.
Yes, thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey, hot stuff.
How are things?
- Same as always. You?
- Eh. Slow tonight.
- Yen?
- I think so.
- You got a family, Linda?
- I do.
Have a little girl,
nine years old.
Why do you think I'm doing this?
- Where's her father at?
- Well he's out working,
making lots of money,
and not giving a shit.
- Sucks.
- Yeah, I know.
But, I am so glad that
Cesar's back on nights
because Rico don't do
shit for my business.
- Some guy asked Cesar to
show him his dick tonight.
- For free?
- No, he said he'd
give him $500.
Cesar said no.
- Really?
Well maybe Cesar's
got a little problem.
- My pants would have been
down on the word dollars.
Show me your dick and I'll
give you 500, bang, pay up.
- Have a good night, Dyl.
- You take care, Linda.
- Ma'am?
- Are you the fucker
who authorized somebody
to go into my room and
touch my personal things?
- Yes.
- I'm going to fucking ruin you.
You violated me.
You violated my
personal property.
- Okay, no one
violated anything,
it was all supervised
by two staff members
and a security guard, okay?
- My hands are
fucking shaking here.
They touched my clothes,
they touched my toothbrush,
they touched my underwear,
my fucking underwear!
- Okay ma'am, ma'am, you're
gonna have to lower your voice.
- Oh fuck you, you asshole.
My company is gonna
sue this fucking joint.
- Look, how long are
you staying here?
- What are you going to
give me a fucking free room?
I don't give a shit,
because nothing you can do
can save you from the fact that
you raped my stuff.
- Did you really want
all your stuff destroyed?
- What?
- You probably have
10 to 15 minutes
before everything was gone.
- What are you talking about?
- Why do you think
we moved your stuff?
What do you think
this is all about?
- Because your
operator said that
you double-booked my room.
- Well, she doesn't know
what she's talking about.
The computer doesn't
even allow us to do that.
We moved your stuff
because a pipe burst
and there was a water leak.
So for what it's worth,
we'd like to give you
a complimentary
room for tonight.
- Well, I'd appreciate that.
- Go up to your room and
enjoy your nice dry bed.
I'll have a complimentary
bottle of wine
sent up to you.
- Thank you.
- That was fucking brilliant.
- God damn, man.
I almost lost it, I swear
to god I almost lost it.
- Yeah, but you kept
it together, man.
Water leak? Shit.
- Patrick created it.
- Patrick's running
the Royalty now, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
Best manager in the
history of this hotel.
- You know, people
were saying that about
you for a while there, Dyl.
- They were saying it?
What, before the night shift?
- Before the night shift.
God damn, that bitch
got me all wound up.
Standing there
screaming in my face.
I'm gonna fucking knock
Henry's teeth out tomorrow.
- Fuck him, okay?
Don't let him get
to you like this.
- No, no, no.
He's a piece of shit, okay?
His stupidity, it
causes this woman,
he double books a
room and now she's
screaming in my face, okay?
We moved her underwear.
Like anybody wants to touch
her fucking underwear.
God dammit!
Now I'm fucking wound up.
My hands are shaking.
- Jesus dude, you
need to calm down.
- Yeah, no, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm just all
wound up right now, okay?
I need to get outside,
you want some coffee, dude?
Can I get you coffee?
I'm gonna get some.
- I'm good, bro.
I'm good, I'm good.
- Dude, what the fuck happened?
- I got jumped.
- Fuck bro, how?
- What time is it?
It's 4:30.
- I'm gonna go lay down
in the back for a bit.
How bad do I look?
- I mean, you'll be all right.
How big was the guy?
- Big.
- Unprovoked?
- He yelled something
and I yelled back.
- You should've
ignored him, man.
- Hey dickhead, nice
job in the double book.
- Ah, what are you
blaming me for, asshole?
- Are you that much of an idiot?
- I had no choice.
Plus, she fell for your
water leak bullshit,
so who the fuck cares?
- Chris is gonna have your ass.
- Oh really?
Who was she screaming
at, me or you?
- I fucking hate you, Henry.
- Oh, well right
back at you, druggie.
- What did you just say?
- Like we all
don't fucking know.
- What, I smoke a
little pot, so what?
- Oh, is that it, what else?
Shoot fucking heroin much?
- Show me the needle
marks then, prick.
I did it once in my life.
- Don't you fucking bullshit me.
You and your girlfriend
got fucking high every day.
That is why she hung herself.
- Tell Chris if he
wants to fire me,
call me before 8 am so I know if
I can sleep in or not.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry about last night.
I really don't know what I said.
- I been there.
Why don't you come inside,
I'll give you that thing.
Sorry the place is such a mess.
- I can't take this from you.
- It's not from me.
- Yes it is.
- No, it's from Davis.
- You got it from him?
- Yeah.
- Bullshit.
If there's one thing I
know about that cocksucker,
it's that he never let
anyone shake him down.
- The money's yours.
- Oh yeah, why?
- How long you lived
in the city, Holly?
- Three years.
- Where are you from originally?
- Red Bank, New Jersey.
- And how old are you?
- 21, detective.
- You got family?
- Yeah.
- They know what you're doing?
Why don't you just go home?
- What happened to your head?
- I just got in a fight.
I got jumped.
- Tino said that,
you and your girl...
- Yeah, yeah.
- She died?
- Yeah, she died.
- And you still,
- I don't inject.
You know, just every once
in a while for the pain.
- Right.
So what do you want from me?
- I just felt bad
about what happened.
- And you wanted to help me?
- Is that wrong?
- Maybe just a little
hard to believe.
- Well believe it.
- So you went and saw Davis?
- Yeah.
Ended up smacking
him upside the head.
- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.
- He's gonna come looking
for me eventually.
- Yeah Holly, you need to
stay away from that guy, okay?
He said he may
kill you next time.
- All this help
you're giving me,
and you don't want
anything in return?
- What could you
possibly give me?
- No, no.
- I'm clean, I've been tested.
- It's not, no, it's not,
I just can't do it,
I'm not over her,
and uh, no.
- It's okay.
- No, you just
look like her and,
- Dylan, it's okay.
- I'm sorry.
I mean, it was a
really great kiss.
Why don't you go home, Holly?
I'm not talking about
where you live here,
I'm talking about your family.
Why don't, wait, wait, wait,
why don't you stop by
the hotel tomorrow night?
- I'm not going back there.
- Yeah, I realized how
stupid that sounded
right after I said it.
Shit, I don't even know if
I have a job there anymore.
- What?
- Got in a fight with
a dickhead coworker.
Look, why don't you stay here?
- I've got my own place.
- Yeah but, you know,
that prick Davis.
Wait, here, look.
Could you write down
your phone number?
Just so I can call you
and check up on you?
- Gonna be keeping tabs on me?
- I just, yeah, yeah actually.
I just wanna check up on
you every once in a while.
Make sure you're okay.
If I call this
number, you'll answer?
- Yeah, I'll answer.
Bye, Dylan.
- Good, you start tomorrow.
Okay, see you then.
- That my replacement?
- No.
I fired Henry.
He shouldn't have
said what he said.
Well good, 'cause I was
going to knock him out
every morning until you
got rid of one of us.
- Sit down.
What are you doing?
- Huh?
- You're not just adjusting
to the night shift.
What are you on?
- You know, I just
been drinking a lot.
- That's all?
- Yeah, that's all.
- I heard you used
the water leak.
- Worked like a charm.
- I tried it once.
Guy didn't believe me.
Had to comp his room
for three nights.
- Patrick created it.
- Forget Patrick, dude.
You're better than he was.
Sure he was a charmer,
but some people,
he came off like a
used car salesman.
People believe you, Dylan.
No one, and I mean no
one, could have handled
that domestic abuse
incident like you did.
It just sucks though
because I have to fire you
because you're lying
about what you're on.
- You don't have to fire me.
- Tell me what you're on.
- This one time
a few years back,
Rachel and I were
visiting our friend Eliza
in Los Angeles, she
lived in the Hills.
And there was this
big 4th of July party.
Somebody brought fireworks.
And Rachel lit them off.
She was always doing
crazy shit like that.
And these two neighbors came by,
these guys who thought
they were all tough
and they told us
that we had violated
the city codes, what
the hell do we know
about the city
codes in Los Angeles
we're from New York
City, you know?
We told Eliza we'd
stop, and we meant it.
But these guys
wouldn't let it go.
They demanded to
know who did it.
They wouldn't leave til
them found out who did it.
And I ended up getting in a
fight with one of the guys,
and the cops came, and
the party was ruined.
- What's the point?
- The point is,
if these guys had just
taken our word for it
and believed us, everything
would've been fine.
The party could've gone on.
I like you, Chris.
You worked your
way up from bellman
to front office manager.
And I respect you.
But if I gotta tell
you what I was on,
I'm just gonna quit.
God, it's Thursday, I can just
start my weekend early.
But if you can just
believe me when I tell you
I'm not going to do it
again, and I mean it,
well then the
party can continue.
Welcome to the Century Grand.
- You're Dylan, right?
- Yes.
- I'm Dave, this
is my wife Gloria.
We were here two years
ago on our honeymoon.
You're the same guy
that checked us in.
- That's great.
- We had the most fantastic time
staying at the Grand.
- Well hopefully you'll have
an even better time this time.
- How've you been?
- Good, I'm the
night manager now.
- That's fantastic.
- I think we have
a king room booked,
hell, I don't know.
Maybe I can give you 100 reasons
why you might want to
move us to a suite?
- Those are great reasons.
- Oh man, I remember
these golden keys!
- Enjoy your stay, folks.
Enjoy your honeymoon
I'll have a complimentary
bottle of wine
sent up to your room.
- He give you a tip?
- $100.
Smartest tip in the
world, hotel manager.
- Those two bedroom
suites are $550 a night.
- Thank god no more Henry
to piss on my parade.
- The old Dyl, nice
to see you back, man.
- Where's Linda?
- Huh?
- Linda. I haven't seen her.
- Me neither.
- Hey guys.
- Cesar, come here.
- Yeah, what's up boss?
- Have you seen Linda?
- You didn't hear?
- Didn't hear what?
- She got killed.
- Shit.
- Her ex-husband
found out that she was
turning tricks in
order to feed her kid.
She came home from
working, he was there
waiting with a shotgun.
It was in the Times.
- Wow, that sucks.
- Those exes, they'll
get you every time.
Sir, let me get
these bags for you?
- Hey, Tino.
- Yo, you met up with Holly?
- I did.
- Got that settled?
- Yeah, man listen, do
you know her address?
- Why?
- I need to find her
man, what's it to you?
- I ain't heard from
her in like a week.
- Do you have her address?
You owe me this.
- 353 west 34th Street.
I don't remember her
apartment, though.
- Yeah, what is it?
- I'm looking for Holly?
- No, I don't know any Holly.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, you ain't
following me in here.
- Why not?
- Who you here to see?
- Holly.
- Holly who?
- Holly Stevens.
- She ain't answering,
she ain't here.
- No no, please man, I'm
her friend, trust me.
- Kind of friend that
beats the shit out of her?
- That wasn't me, I swear
to god, that wasn't me.
No no man please, c'mon.
I think something bad
might've happened to her.
- What do you mean
something bad?
- Get the fuck out of my way.
- I'm calling the police!
- Dylan!
What are you doing here?
- Christ, Holly.
- Holly, you okay?
- I'm fine.
He's a friend.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- I thought you
were dead, Rachel.
- Wait, Dylan.
- It's okay.
- Why did you leave me?
- What do you mean?
- I asked you to stay.
But you didn't.
- Dyl, I don't
know what happened man,
but I covered for you.
He came in with this new
guy Tim this morning,
and I told him you had to
run out for an emergency.
So you're cool.
See you Sunday night.
I'll take a walk
round the block
To ease it up
Clear my head
and tire myself out
I'll test myself constantly
Just to see where
I end up so afraid
Of messing up
Don't you believe
That it's better to be free
Of the things
that make you ill
All those pills,
they make you ill
It's kind of ironic,
Given that is your name
You will
But at the same time,
they eat away at you
The doctor gave me
the wrong damn thing
I've looked it up
Seems I know myself
better than you know anyone
Don't you believe
That it's better to be free
Of the things
that make you ill
All those pills,
they make you ill
- I'm headed back to New Jersey.
- That's good,
I'm happy for you.
Thanks for that night.
- You were worried about me.
- Yeah, I was.
- You called me Rachel.
- I'm sorry, I
didn't even realize.
- It's not your fault what
happened to your girl.
We make our own
choices in this world.
- I know.
If you ever need anything
I'll rent a car, I'll
come to New Jersey.
- Why would I need you?
- Would you just let me
be a guy for a minute?
What're you gonna do in Jersey?
- I dunno.
- Look, I know you have to
go, and I think it's great.
But I don't...
- What?
- I don't want you to
go without knowing...
Butterflies, tinted eyes
falling down to the sea
At high tide, bringing me
Back to the place
I can feel
She bring me back home
Coffee cup,
belly up to the bar
We walk in pairs
Scattered by numbers
Dare us to stare at the signs
Written everywhere
The end of time is here
If you believe
There's a heaven
Somewhere between
You and me
You and me
Well I will try
To believe there's a heaven
But the angel gone blind
In the sweet summer snow
I hardly remember
What I used to know
What I used to know
What I used to
Rattling across open place
Truth look on with disdain
At the fear
No one will claim
at the end of the day
Desire remains
And if you believe
There's a heaven