Heropanti 2 (2022) Movie Script

Sir they've all arrived...
Laila's made a joke of us.
Do we handle our business
or his tantrums?
That magician's making us dance
to his tunes repeatedly.
Quiet. What if he hears us?
So what?
I am not afraid of everyone.
Quiet everyone.
He'll be here any minute.
I'm telling you,
he's planned something big.
That's why he's called us
from different corners of the world.
I don't understand.
What is the bloody urgency?
Hello, everybody.
The urgency is that 31st March
is drawing closer,
and I don't have money
to pay my taxes.
As you know,
India pays their taxes on this date.
Millions and billions of rupees
are deposited in the bank.
This year, if we rob that money,
then we'll all be successful.
As the saying goes, behind every
successful man is a woman.
And I'll be behind your success.
Dogra sir, you didn't pile up
the money in the flesh trade
but you did pile on a lot of weight.
You'll earn 10 times
the profit with me.
Mr. Wong and Mr. Mark,
you make people your slaves
in the name of manpower.
How much did you make?
Mr. Uday.
He sells every
piece of information...
Every sensitive information
of India to other countries.
Now you'll do something
different, Uday.
You will hack all the banks
of the country for me.
It's not wrong to do
the wrong thing wrong.
But it's wrong to do
the wrong thing wrong.
One day you'll all get arrested,
bloody fools!
Enough of this bullshit!
You'll kill me?
If you kill me,
then who will do the magic?
It's not real. It's magic.
This is magic.
Why did you kill him?
Lee was an Interpol agent.
He came here to expose you all.
All the information is in this pen.
Have a look.
There's danger in your line of work.
My plan is absolutely safe.
On 31st March...
we'll hack every
Indian's bank account.
And this plan will
be called 'Pulse'.
Mr. Laila, we are with you.
Smart boys.
Do like this.
And now 31st March.
There's no current?
Do it.
[Hindi Chants.]
[Hindi Chants.]
I've already put in a request
to Mother Mary in English.
And for you, I've poured ghee instead
of oil in the lamp, Mother Goddess.
I'm sure You must have taken a hint,
that this mother is stressed.
You see, my innocent son is going
to face the bloody world today.
Today's his first day on the job.
And you're aware that
the world's a nasty place.
I'm not insulting Your creation.
Maybe You haven't
the slightest idea.
For More Information.
My Boy's a Bit Simpleminded.
He's completely naive.
That's all I had to say.
I know henceforth whatever happens,
will be for my RJ'S own good.
Good or bad,
the rest is for you to decide...
- Your name please.
- Rebecca.
Please go ahead, yeah.
- Hi mate, is Paul here?
- Yeah he's actually at the bar...
We don't have reservation...
- can you just let us in for free?
- I'm really sorry.
- Strictly guestlist tonight.
- Oh c'mon.
- Get stuffed!
- Maybe next time.
- What a loser.
- Whatever..forget him!
Excuse me, sir.
You can't take the drinks outside.
- I am so sorry.
- I'm just going for a smoke.
No you can smoke here,
but you can't drink here
- Sir...
- I can't smoke inside and
- I can't take a drink outside.
- You can drink inside...
- What the hell?
- It's just the rule.
Please behave yourself, sir.
- You want us to behave.
- Sir, please relax.
Who do you think you are, mate?
Listen. I don't want
trouble, please.
What a loser.
- What a minger!
- What's up with that?
Get him..Get him again!
Yeah you lie down mate!
Get up.
Oh God.
Careful, please.
Who hit you?
Who have you been fighting with?
You don't care about
your mother at all.
Enough, mom. Please.
even after several talismans,
and warding off evil eyes,
no effect whatsoever.
I guess I'll have
to request God personally.
Mom, it's just a little scratch.
Don't try to teach your mother.
Don't you know...
A scratch turns into a flesh wound.
The wound can become infected,
and the poison can spread
through your body.
And soon...
your body will turn blue,
and your mom will be left alone.
Mom, I'm never going to leave you.
No one can separate you from me.
Stop crying and eat.
I won't eat.
You say that you love your mom,
but you don't listen to her.
I quietly tied everything
you gave me to ensure my safety.
I've always been the way
you wanted me to be.
Like a kangaroo's
child in her pocket.
Exactly like that.
What can I do when someone
comes asking for trouble?
Do you know son,
a mother's heart is
strong like a mountain.
But shatters like glass.
She can endure anything
thrown at her,
but not a single
scratch on her child.
Well...I lost this job.
It's a good thing.
But I found another one.
- What? Found another job?
- Yes.
So from tomorrow, not just a suit,
but a cap as well.
Totally safe.
Let's eat.
Mom didn't wake me up today.
Voice message from mom.
"Good morning my sweet child."
"By the time you wake up,"
- "I'll be cruising among the clouds."
- What? Mom...
Chill out.
"I mean I'll be on an airplane,"
"and the airplane will be
cruising among the clouds."
"Since I'm heading to India."
- India?
- Yes India.
If I had told you, you would've
stopped me from going as always.
You barely escaped death yesterday.
I couldn't sleep a wink last night.
So I'm heading straight
to Vaishno Devi temple.
- Until then IG BC.
- What?
I'm Going, Bye Cutie.
Troubles are just
queuing up in life.
One problem hasn't
even been solved yet,
I hope there's not another.
My life moves at 100mbps.
No time to buffer and waste.
Ma'am, Webzine magazine
has featured you,
Top 10 games of 2022 Angry Girls.
Introducing Inaaya Saran.
Sue them.
I don't need any introduction.
The media calls me
the gaming princess.
The youngest UK born
self-made billionaire.
Ew, Bob, you have like
the worst dressing sense ever.
Hello, ma'am.
I mean just dress like me
and see the difference.
You mean I should wear a skirt?
Why not?
Good idea.
You know, I can always tell,
who's a loser and who's an achiever.
Like that guy.
Just...look at him.
He's so well dressed, so confident.
I can tell by looking at him,
that he's arrived.
Of course, he's arrived.
He's your new driver,
as you asked for.
His name is RJ.
Yes. He's RJ.
Ma'am. Inaaya ma'am.
- Babloo!
- Babloo!
Excuse me. Babloo.
Sorry, okay.
Sorry. Excuse me.
I've been screaming
your name for so long,
Everybody can hear except for you,
I just don't understand.
can you please take both
of these EarPods off.
I think you're mistaken, ma'am.
My name is not Babloo.
Really sorry.
I'm really sorry.
- It's okay.
- I just...
- I thought you were Babloo.
- Happens.
- It's okay. Nice to meet you.
- Okay.
Hey loser...
What a drastic change?
Where the hell have
you been all this time?
Do you know how long
I've been looking for you?
What did you just say?
Listen, Mr. Britain.
Indian girls have an inborn talent.
She can tell it's her guy judging
from his shadow.
My name is RJ, not Babloo. Okay.
Then look in my eyes
and say you're not Babloo.
Say it!
I am not Babloo.
Listen, I don't know what
you're trying to prove, okay.
I'm leaving.
- Babloo has a...
- What are you doing?
He had a mole back there.
So c'mon hands up, pants down...
show the mole.
- Bob. Come on.
- Are you crazy?
Hey, hey... hands off.
Look it's no entry zone.
It's Inaaya ma'am office
you can't escape.
Madam, Babloo's buns
are totally clean.
If that was the last of your tests,
Can I go?
Ma'am, ma'am, you need to stop.
The cops have come.
Do we have a problem here folks?
I think there's a
problem over there...
Ma'am it's okay, relax.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes, everything is okay.
You just need to calm down.
Everybody get back to work, please.
I almost had him.
You almost killed him.
Who the hell is Babloo?
I thought he was dead.
Do you know why?
Because the world wanted him dead.
Watch out mate!
Come on, pick up.
Come on, come on.
I want to speak to Khan sir...
I mean speak with the Architect.
Your code name?
If I tell you my code name,
my identity will be revealed.
Listen, I'm sorry but
I can only speak with Khan sir.
maybe you don't know,
but Khan sir has retired.
I am the new Architect.
Don't worry.
I'm your acting liaison.
Trust me.
It's a secure line.
Until you don't tell me your
code name, I can't help you.
I am the Plumber.
Belgrade was your
safe hideout location.
Sir, I've left Belgrade.
I've been hiding in Yorkshire,
England for a year.
Now tell me what the problem is?
Sir, I think my identity's
been compromised.
I mean...they can
get to me any time.
You can just check...
Where are Wong and Zahid?
Wong is in Guantanamo jail.
It's impossible to get out of there.
Zahid is still in Egypt jail.
And sir, Dogra and Uday?
They are in the custody
of Mumbai Police.
- Sir, where is Laila?
- Laila's whereabouts are unknown.
Our agent will reach out
to you in 24 hours.
Okay sir.
There's some news for all of you.
About Babloo.
Found him.
He was hiding in Yorkshire.
You got him.
Babloo should get finished.
If we don't get him some how
Mr. Laila will get us.
His time is over now.
Good times will begin now.
Finally, we got this damn Babloo.
We'll kill him.
- 'You ruined everything.'
- 'It's all your fault.'
'You're a fraud'.
'It's all your fault.'
'Everything is destroyed.'
'You're a murderer.'
'He bestows with respect and shame.'
'It's all your fault.'
Whatever Laila's planning
can impact the whole world.
We need to stop him
before it's too late.
31st March keeps
on getting highlighted.
We sent our capable officer, to
infiltrate Mr. Laila in his organization.
But now he's dead.
What do you say, Mr. Khan?
After all, he's of Indian origin.
What are you doing about him?
Give me a week, gentlemen.
I'll find some solution.
Khan sir, are you sure?
Yes, I want Babloo Ranawat.
He has no Police record,
but he has an unbeatable
record in hacking.
And remember...
He's so crafty.
that he redefines the meaning
of crafty every time.
If Laila thinks two steps ahead,
then Babloo can see two steps ahead.
If he's the king of cybercrime,
then he's the wizard of hacking.
We need a man who has
no direct connection with us.
But sir, why will he work for us?
Babloo is the kind of guy,
who can chop off his left hand,
with his right one for money.
He's not some normal hacker.
He's got a sharp mind
and a sharper body.
I think Babloo's sent
an encrypted message.
Show me.
"You guys have been looking for me,"
"and I've been
waiting for you here."
So close.
Told you he was crafty.
Raavan had ten heads,
and he's got ten brains.
Each craftier than the other.
Keep trying. Keep trying.
Yes, sir.
Greetings, Khan sir.
I hate being in the
light and limelight.
No network or internet.
I've jammed everything.
We've been looking for you.
Babloo can't be found,
unless he's in your destiny.
Do you want to work for the country.
Sir, I'm like a bird.
I've no boundaries.
I belong to nobody,
and nobody belongs to me.
See you.
I know you pretty well.
I've seen your entire file.
You were watching my file, and
I was watching you watching my file.
So I came over to pay a visit.
Not everyone gets an opportunity
to do something for their country...
Please spare me the lecture
on patriotism.
I've been hearing
it since I was a kid.
This is not a lecture,
it's an opportunity.
Either get thrown in jail
for your cybercrime,
or help us and stay out.
And anyway,
how far can you run?
I'll dig you from your grave.
you didn't hear me the first time.
Babloo can't be found,
unless he's in your destiny..
Babloo, you're stuck
in a grave problem.
I mean if you say yes,
you leave the country.
And if you don't,
then you get thrown in jail.
Exactly. What do I do?
Forget everything. Have a drink.
Here...down it.
Hey, repeat.
Hey loser how dare you?
How dare you touch me
without my permission?
- You're fired.
- Fired?
But I'm your boyfriend, nah.
You dumbo, I can find
a dozen parasites like you.
Money can buy anything, you know.
But your attitude...
Who can endure that?
My attitude...
You know what,
I can do anything
with anyone I want.
In fact...
In fact, I can kiss anyone I want.
- Do you wanna see?
- No...
- You wanna see.
- No, no, no...
- No, you wanna see.
- No, no, no...
- You want to see.
- No Inaaya.
Meet my new boyfriend...
So...Babloo, nice name, huh.
By the way...
And I am Debu.
Debu Bhattacharya.
See ya.
Hey, Miss Startled.
Not so easily.
You're lucky to kiss Inaaya,
plus you also get a big fat bonus.
Looks like I made your day.
So enjoy it.
Have fun. Okay.
Do I have fungus growing on my lips?
Now you're lucky to kiss Babloo.
Plus you get a big bonus
and a fat tip.
I think I just made your day.
- "Good God it just happened to me,"
- Now you go and have fun, okay.
"I never expected this."
"I am so surprised...
can't stop blinking my eyes."
"Hey, Miss. Startled."
"Why so startled?"
"Your heart's gonna be restless
as long as it's still beating."
"Hey, Miss. Startled."."
"Hear me out."
"Are you slowly turning into me?"
"Moments to burn away."
"My own composition."
"We are singing and leaving behind
the streets of our heart"
"Hey ya..."
"Let's hold hands."
"Hey ya..."
"Let's take flight."
"Hey ya..."
"Let's increase our speed."
"Hey ya..."
"Let's hold hands."
"Hey ya..."
"Let's take flight."
"Hey ya..."
"Let's increase our speed."
Lights off.
Come on, Miss Startled,
let me show you my world.
Hi, you're here?
By the way, thank you.
What for?
She was in the room.
You were in a towel.
Her lipstick and your
hairstyle were still intact.
- Wait, wait, wait...
- What?
Wrap this around. Turn around.
What are you doing?
I'm not that kind of a guy.
I don't swing both ways.
- Now raise the towel.
- God.
What are you looking at?
- What are you getting.
- God...
she saw everything.
"If I ever come across a desert,"
"with no shade to be found."
"I'll cover the sun
with the palm of my hands."
"If I ever come across a jungle
in the middle of the night."
"I'll give you my share of slumber."
"Hey ya..."
"Let's hold hands."
"Hey ya..."
"Let's take flight."
"Hey ya..."
"Let's increase our speed."
"Hey, Miss. Startled."
"Why so startled?"
"Your heart's gonna be restless
as long as it's still beating."
"Hey, Miss. Startled."
"Hear me out."
"Are you slowly turning into me?"
"Moments to burn away."
"My own composition."
"We are singing and leaving behind
the streets of our heart"
"Hey ya..."
"Hey ya..."
"Hey ya..."
Let me introduce you to my brother.
He's very cool.
You look so pretty.
I want all the information on Laila,
31st March and the hard disk.
All your criminal
cases will be erased.
You'll get a new name,
country, and identity.
New country, new name, new identity.
But you forgot to add new currency.
I'll need that too, Khan uncle.
But do you have any clue about the power
of the guy you're going up against?
To measure the enemy's strength,
one needs to find
his weakness first.
I've a surprise for you.
Laila has never left
any digital footprint behind.
So to find the information
I'll have to go amongst them.
You're a bas
Toying with a girl's emotion
for a better life.
When we're all temporary, Khan sir,
then why make anyone permanent?
Come on.
Babloo, this is my brother.
And brother, he's Babloo.
Is that all?
Khan? Kumar? Shroff?
Ranawat, sir.
- Brother.
- Just joking.
Okay, brother.
Babloo is a really
talented computer genius.
- That's good.
- He's helping me out with my game.
I am okay.
That's good! Good.
Welcome to the party.
Thank you.
Happy to be here.
What a fantastic party
you've thrown, Mr. Laila!
It's so much fun.
Amazing party.
You're here with your wife today.
Don't ask...
- Been drinking again, haven't you?
- Handle them.
- You're always drinking.
- Come.
Sir, I quit drinking. I'm sorry.
I know.
Take a look.
It's an energy drink.
Which you drink.
I even know what you do. Hacking.
Sir, I would consider myself lucky,
if I ever get to work with you.
You got so close to my sister so soon,
and now you want to work with me.
There must be several rules
in your life, Babloo,
but there are only
two rules in my life.
Stay two steps away
from decent people,
and two steps ahead
of crafty people.
I'm not crazy about
coursing through the veins,
it's not blood if it doesn't
ooze from your eyes.
I didn't understand, sir.
Asad Khan sent you, didn't he?
Architect sent me.
- Are you the...
- Plumber.
Come in.
Please come in.
Just make yourself comfortable,
I'll be out in a jiffy.
No problem, buddy.
What can I say?
Since I said I'm a free bird,
I've been flying
from one branch to another.
Life's screwed, man.
What's the point of being
in witness protection?
Never help anyone.
Just give me a sec, I'll be out.
You came to kill me.
Bloodsucking monster!
I want your DNA.
What? DNA?
I will prove that you are Babloo.
No one else can even
lay a finger on you.
Who will kill me...
Why did you hit him?
He wanted to kill you.
Kill me?
Here's here.
Dented his bumper.
You'll get me killed too.
What a landing!
Busted his bells.
Open the door, please.
If you were Babloo,
I would've given it a thought.
Unfamiliar country, unfamiliar guy.
It's a risk.
Fine, Miss Startled, I am Babloo.
Finally you accepted.
Opened your mouth.
Get in. Get in.
That bloody Architect,
totally ruined my architecture.
I guess there's a mole on my bum,
because everyone's after it.
What is she doing?
Champagne is a drink for two.
Best enjoyed in someone's company.
Isn't it?
By the way,
there are several other things,
possible between two people.
What does she want to say?
You know like
holding hands,
isn't it?
Okay. Yeah.
You bas
All this could've
happened between us.
There could've been romance,
love, even sex,
but you didn't let it happen!
Because you ran away!
Where do you think you are running?
Come here.
- Ouch...
- Does your bum hurt?
- Yes. A lot.
- Good.
Because you were always
a pain in the a Now you feel it.
You know, it was much more painful,
when you ditched me and ran.
Where did disappear for 1.5 years,
and why do these people
keep firing at you?
I want to know without full
stops and commas right now.
What the hell? who is that?
This isn't one of your shacks,
it's a VVIP suite.
Prince Charles, Sheikh of
Arabia have stayed here.
This piano...
It's a Steiner made.
It's worth 15 million, understand.
And this sculpture,
it's Jeff Koons.
It's worth millions.
Goons don't come here.
Why is he naked?
Who did you call?
The doctor.
If we don't get the bullet out of your
bum, you'll never sit straight again.
Like this. Understood.
Do a good deed.
Call the doctor, and...
Stop him.
- Inaaya, calm down. Calm down.
- Inaaya, what are you doing?
- Think.
- Where did you go?
- Inaaya. Calm down....
- Inaaya.
- Calm down. Inaaya, you got this.
- Inaaya.
Do something.
- From where did they came again?
- Do something.
Do something.
Rascal, scoundrel, dog, lowlife.
There goes your expensive
naked statue. Come on.
Your piano got played.
Let's go.
- Wait a minute.
- Let's go, Inaaya.
- I forgot my bag.
- To hell with your bag.
Babloo wait for me.
Wait. Hold this.
Please continue.
Come on.
Finally they found you.
What find me.
Babloo can't be found,
only by chance.
We're Saved.
We're Screwed.
Look there.
Give me a break!
- Go away.
- Please, please, please.
Always looking
for an excuse to stick to me.
One minute, one minute!
Thank you.
Are you a kid?
Oh God!
What now?
What do you mean?
Fight them.
Fight them?
They're twenty two.
We're just two.
Not two. Only one.
This is your mess. You deal with it.
Okay, bye.
Where do you think you are going?
Oh, you.
I'm so sorry about that
frying pan, you know...
Kill her.
You shouldn't have hit her.
Guess I'll have to show
them what I've got.
Behind you.
It's totally Ustaad's fault,
and we've to take the blame.
Where the hell is Ustaad?
What are we going to
tell Laila if he asks?
We'll say he's dead.
What if he's not dead?
- Then we'll kill him.
- That's good.
Have you ever loved someone,
I'm not talking about affection.
Look into my eyes.
Only my eyes.
Your heartbeats are in sync
with the ticking of this clock.
You're feeling light as a bird.
When I say one,
you'll turn.
When I say two,
you'll lift your foot.
When I say three,
you'll jump.
I gave him just one job.
Kill Babloo.
Instead of killing Babloo,
who's giving us sleepless nights,
he laid flat before him.
Mr. Laila, I give you my word.
I'll get Babloo.
In two days.
Dead or alive.
Honey doesn't lose it's sweetness
because it is made by bees that sting.
sting it, Shenoy,
or you won't sting
anything ever again.
From dusk to dawn, only two days.
On day three, only Laila knows...
what will become of you.
Let's all go and eat.
And Ustaad?
What is all this mess?
What are you doing?
Madam's phone is unreachable, so
I'm trying to come up with an idea.
What do you mean?
There's a chip in madam's bag.
Got it.
This receipt will tell us
the chip's code,
and the chip will tell us
madam's location.
Good boy.
I think I got him.
- Are you sure?
- I am sure.
Oh, mummy.
Why did you stop the car here?
Hospitals are full
of Police informants.
I know this doctor personally, so...
she won't tell anyone.
If they ask your breed,
please say that you're a creep.
She used to come to the club,
I used to give her free entry.
Come on you silly girl.
You know what,
you deserve to be injected
with donkey shots.
You like to run, don't you?
I wish the doctor tortures you...
Where is...Dr. Ana?
Dr. Ana's on leave.
- So I'll be taking over your case.
- Please.
My name is Dr. Julia Bulgaria
Nice to see...
Nice to see you.
pull down your pants.
I see...
When I said the same thing,
you were acting so shy.
And when she said it,
you're ready to rock n roll.
With a doctor like her,
one can even get a bypass,
for no reason.
Close your mouth.
She won't sit inside
and operate on you.
Don't worry, he's in safe hands.
Yeah-yeah, you keep a safe
distance too, Okay.
Are you okay?
Wake up sweety.
Wake up.
Wait...what am I doing here?
And where is Babloo?
He left after the surgery.
There's a zombie
party down the road.
He probably went there.
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
"Do it..."
"Just do it."
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
"Do it..."
"Just do it."
"What your heart says..."
"Do it several times."
"No one listens."
"Just do it."
"What your heart says..."
"Do it several times."
"No one listens."
"Just do it."
"Fall in love several times."
"Keep doing it if
the world's envious."
"Bet your life on it,"
"celebrate your conquest."
"Bet your life on it,"
"celebrate your conquest."
"Go conquer."
"Go conquer."
"Do it several times."
"Do it several times."
"Do it..."
"Just do it."
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
"Do it..."
"Just do it."
"Do it..."
"Just do it."
"One more time."
There was an Indian
guy who came in here.
Where is he?
I don't know.
He just got up and left.
- "With friends..."
- "Be loyal."
- "With enemies..."
- "Be cruel."
- "With liars..."
- "Be treacherous."
- "With the honest ones..."
- "Be reconciled."
- "With friends..."
- "Be loyal."
- "With enemies..."
- "Be cruel."
- "With the honest ones..."
- "Be reconciled."
"That's the only rule of life."
"What's in my heart, is on my face."
"Hey, sweetheart..."
"You're unique, you are a wanderer."
"Touch my heart with love."
"What your heart says..."
"Do it several times."
"No one listens."
"Fall in love several times."
"Keep doing it if
the world's envious."
"Bet your life on it,"
"celebrate your conquest."
"Go conquer."
"Go conquer."
"Do it several times."
"Do it several times."
"Do it..."
"Just do it."
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
"Do it..."
- "Just do it."
- "Several times..."
- "Do it..."
- Oh, God. Okay.
- Let's go.
- Stop it, Inaaya.
- Control yourself.
- What.
I don't like this guy.
- Here. Sorry.
- You know what.
- You're weird.
- Let's go
- Okay, bye.
- Ms. Startled.
- Watch it. Watch it.
- Excuse me. Sorry.
- What you did was wrong, Babloo.
- Careful.
- Inaaya.
- You cheated me. Inaaya.
- Careful.
- I really feel like.
- Sit here.
- Are we witting here?
I mean...
honestly, Babloo.
Babloo, listen...
Where were you for 1.5 years?
Where were you for 1.5 years?
Where were you for 1.5 years?
I wish I could tell you where I was.
I wish...
Asad Khan sent you, didn't he?
The money from our
banks disappeared.
It was hacked.
He bestows one with
respect and shame.
We finally found you, Plumber.
Get him.
Now, this Plumber...
will fix all your leaks.
You made us run in circles, Babloo.
We finally found you.
You must be wondering
how we found you.
You didn't.
I led you here.
This is a GPS tracker.
If idiots like you know this,
wouldn't a hacker like me know?
Get him!
Babloo. Babloo. Babloo.
That's it.
Don't think I'll spare
you because of her.
- What?
- I'll kill her too.
Let me make it easier for you.
Even I'll be rid of her.
Mark, what are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
She's Mr. Laila's sister.
Stupid, drop the gun.
Throw the gun!
You said you'll kill my sister.
Kill her...
My sister.
I will kill you.
He said he'll kill my sister.
Take her away.
Leave me.
My father would be all tied up
like this in the circus.
And I would be holding...
a knife.
But my father had
complete faith in my aim,
so he was never afraid.
I would wonder what can I do,
to make him afraid.
I threw the knife differently,
and he was terrified.
Fear swept on his face,
and I loved it.
Fear is soothing.
Such a spiritual thing.
Crying, afflicting, yelling,
screaming, fear, apologising.
Makes death deserving.
I don't see fear in his eyes.
So his death is cancelled.
Untie him.
If you don't explode with fear before
you explode, then what's the point?
If you don't explode with fear before
you explode, then what's the point?
If you don't explode with fear before
you explode, then what's the point?
Look ahead, child.
he had a knife on you as well.
He was a bloody traitor.
Hey River Ganges...
I've lost faith in
London's Thames River.
You're my sole hope.
Protect my son.
I've been calling you for so long.
Where the hell were you?
How can I be in hell
when you're around?
When your mother
and her blessings are with you,
nothing can harm you.
Listen, I'm coming back in 10 days.
I see...
10 days are good enough for me, mom.
For what?
don't try to be a hero.
What shall I do?
Others aren't one,
and I can't stop being one.
Silly girl...
No one will bother us now.
He had to die owing to his actions.
Always trying to be a hero.
Met his end in the interval.
The world wanted you dead.
We found you but in pieces.
Babloo you snake, I'll miss you.
You can take home a couple
of pieces if you like.
- An arm, a leg, biceps, triceps.
- No.
Anyone for a souvenir?
No, Laila sir.
Let him stay buried.
Our 'Pulse' plan
will be executed on 31st March,
But you wouldn't be around.
Indian banks are loaded
with money on that day.
Around a hundred trillion rupees.
From businessmen to salespeople,
every Indian has only one target.
31st March.
What's the rough figure?
Beyond your dreams.
10 million multiplied by a million.
Pretending to get a heart attack.
Only nine more days to 31st March.
That night India
will wish goodnight,
but their morning
will be not so good.
Because we'll hack all their
bank accounts overnight,
and their money will be...
That will be my biggest magic,
and for India,
it'll be April Fool's Day.
God bless you.
"I want...I want...
I want to be with you."
"I want...I want...
I want to be with you."
"Be it scorching sun or cool shade,"
"be it night or day,"
"Your love is all I crave for."
"Your mention makes me caper."
"Your reflection's in my mirror."
"Be the light."
"Be the light."
"My eyes keep insisting."
"Your image reflects in everything."
"Be the light."
"Be the light."
"Every step I take sounds like you,"
"You keep whispering to me."
"Be the light."
"Be the light."
"I want...I want...
I want to be with you."
"I want...I want...
I want to be with you."
"Be it scorching sun or cool shade,"
"be it night or day,"
"Your love is all I crave for."
"Every inch of my heart,"
"is filled with your fragrance."
"Words are not enough,"
"you make them come alive."
"You entered my heart
like a stranger."
"And gave me the pain of love."
"You watch on with a smile,
making an example of me,"
"I want...I want...
I want to be with you."
"I want...I want...
I want to be with you."
"Be it scorching sun or cool shade,"
"be it night or day,"
"Your love is all I crave for."
"Your mention makes me caper."
"Your reflection's in my mirror."
"Be the light."
Ghosts don't kiss.
I am not a ghost.
You've been driving me crazy
for 1.5 years.
You either run away or die,
- or come back from the dead.
- Listen to me.
I've only one heart,
how many times are you going
to break it?
I'll explain everything.
Just trust me.
Trust you!
I hate you.
I just...
I hate you.
I've been watching
you for four days.
This self-centred Inaaya,
only had Babloo on her mind.
That's not called hate.
What do you want from me?
And why are you ruining my life?
You were gonna kill me, Babloo.
And what enmity do
you have with my brother...
Today I'll tell you what
magic your brother does.
You see Babloo, you may have
several rules in your life,
but I have only two.
Stay two steps away
from decent people,
and two steps ahead
of crafty people.
Asad Khan sent you, didn't he?
Who is Asad Khan?
Come on, Babloo.
Come with me. Come.
Eenie Meenie Minie Mo...
Will you do it yes, or no?
Do what, sir?
Do your hacking, and find out what
Asad Khan is planning against us.
Sir, who is Asad Khan?
He's so shy.
Excuse me.
I'm so sorry...please.
Sir, this is huge.
It's a very high-security matter.
It has multi-layered protection.
Sorry, It's difficult to get in.
A hacker's job is
to hack high security.
We can get in,
sir, but we shouldn't.
Come on, work your fingers,
or I'll work mine.
Sir, to get into this orion system,
I'll have to write a reverse code
in python script.
Which will take some time, sir?
Use python or anaconda...
You have sixty seconds. Start.
Time has a bad habit.
Always slow.
Come on.
But when you need it,
it's always running ahead.
Thirty seconds.
Come on.
Babloo, you're losing time.
Twenty seconds. You can do it.
Magic hit, audience happy.
This Khan's unbelievable.
He sent a hacker
to challenge a magician.
I want the online data
of every internet user.
Look...Khan's not your friend,
and I'm not your foe.
You hacked data for Khan,
now do it for me.
What can he offer you?
He's a beggar.
An official one.
So you must know about
Khan's offer, right?
I can offer you 10 times more.
Bright future, car, house, money...
Inaaya...what you want.
House, car,
money, I want everything.
But there's a problem.
What is it?
Don't treat me like this again.
If you point a gun at me again,
I'll shove it where the sun doesn't shine.
He's right.
If bad people don't get along,
it can have a bad effect
on decent people.
From now, all your wishes are mine.
But sir, this has better features.
What good are features?
Flashy colour is important.
- Sir, sir...
- Hey...
- This one's pretty expensive.
- But, sir...
You know what, pack this one.
Bro's going home in this tonight.
I guess my brother likes
my choice more than me.
- You're envious.
- He gifted you an entire car.
Your brother is much more
antique than you.
Excuse me...
don't comment on my brother.
He's my only family.
You know what, you'll
need a bigger photo frame now,
because now even
I'm part of your family.
Yes, sir.
I've some important work for you.
Be right back.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
See you in the evening.
- Wait a second. Hold on.
- Come on.
Give me your phone.
You work for Laila, don't you?
Get in.
Babloo. Babloo.
- Get in.
- You're mistaken.
Get in.
Leave me.
What are you guys doing?
Tell us where Laila is.
If you want to know
about Laila, ask Majnu
Trying to be a wise guy.
We'll break your bones
You work for Laila, don't you?
Tell us where Laila is.
I don't know any Laila.
Laila who?
Tell us.
You go to Laila's home,
party with him.
And you don't know who Laila is.
Honestly, I don't know Laila.
Speak up.
- Calm down, sir.
- I'll count to three.
- Calm down, sir.
- Or I will blow your brains out.
Have you lost your mind?
- Two...
- Sir, please.
- Three...
- Sir...
Come on.
Get up.
What was this?
Another test?
The first test was about your skills,
and the second one is about your loyalty.
You're a crafty guy.
So testing you was important.
I can settle for lack of skill,
but no compromises in loyalty.
I never betray my friends,
or give my enemies a chance.
Welcome to the family.
"Romantic at heart, I know."
"Opportunist by nature, so?
"Yeah, so."
"Whatever happens now."
"Yeah, so."
"Whatever happens now."
"Romantic at heart, I know."
"Opportunist by nature, so?
"Yeah, so."
- Sir...
- "Whatever happens now?"
Guys, it's really yummy.
Just hold it.
Come on, eat.
Once Pulse is ready, every family
in India will download my app.
Papa will download antivirus
for his business,
mom will download beauty apps
to look better.
And children will download
my gaming apps.
They will keep loading my apps,
and we'll download their data.
All their bank details
will be in our hands.
It'll be a never-ending game.
Load-download. Load-download.
Indians have no knowledge
about data protection.
They will download our apps for fun,
and then we'll rule over them
Laila sir, Pulse is ready.
500,000 downloads and counting.
"Romantic at heart, I know."
"Opportunist by nature, so?
Keep the lights turned off.
You had a problem with light
and limelight, didn't you?
Laila worked his spell on you.
You chose the wrong path.
Everyone finds a flaw
in how others progress
Once I get my hands on evidence,
you'll all be behind bars.
All isn't lost yet, come back.
Come over to our side, sir.
How long will you keep chasing us?
I'll speak with Laila.
He'll make your life better.
He bestows with respect and shame.
He bestows with respect and shame.
Let's see what you deserve.
Greed made me turn my back on good,
and joined hands
with the wrong person.
I lost without making any mistakes.
The relationship I loved,
and the love I wanted
a relationship with,
Both betrayed me.
You two are so selfish,
you two never thought
about anyone else.
What justification
will my brother give?
And you betrayed your friends,
family, and even your mother...
I have no family.
I have no one.
No family.
I was high on becoming rich.
I bought homes for my friends
to show off my money.
Awesome, you're the man.
Madam, we've called you dozens
of times from the bank.
When are you paying us back?
I don't have money to pay you.
We know other ways to get our money.
And if you don't pay,
you'll lose your reputation.
Please lower your voice.
Everyone's listening.
Pay the money or get out.
Did you all hear?
She's not worthy of living
among decent people!
She has no status...
Only tries to show off.
This is no way to talk.
Hello, I'm from the bank.
She owes us money.
But will you bother her like this
for money?
Look at him.
When taking a loan,
the Mother begs and pleads
And when we ask for the money back,
her son shows us attitude!
She is not my mother,
I am not her son.
Macho, get lost
and let me do my job.
Look, madam, enough of this drama.
Now quietly pay our money, or
be prepared to be stripped publicly.
What did you say?
What will you do?
Get off me, get off me.
How dare you hit me?
We are not thieves.
We've been punished for, trying
to do something good honestly.
My husband used
to drive an ambulance.
He was saving money.
He wished to start his
own ambulance service.
He used to say,
an ambulance never differentiates
between caste and creed.
Everything was going fine.
We even borrowed money from the
bank, to make our dreams a reality.
And then suddenly one day,
the money disappeared from our bank.
The Police did nothing.
They said 'PULSE' hacked it.
- The bank says it's our fault.
And now these loan sharks,
come over at any time,
say whatever they like.
Where is your husband?
He jumped from there
and gave up his life.
People make a wish looking
at shooting stars,
but no one fulfils
the wishes of a broken person.
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"From the earth to the sky,"
"you're the Lord."
"From the earth to the sky,"
"you're the Lord."
"Hear our guilty plea."
"Hear our guilty plea."
"O Lord...be everyone's benefactor."
"Heal our wounds,"
"and hear everyone's apology."
"and hear everyone's apology."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"You know of our wishes,"
"You know of our wishes,"
"we've come with our hands folded."
"We don't know how to ask,"
"we're naive."
"We don't know how to ask,"
"we're naive."
"We're grateful for everything
you've blessed us with."
"We're grateful."
"O Lord...be everyone's benefactor."
"Heal our wounds,"
"and hear everyone's apology."
"and hear everyone's apology."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"Respect is your gift,"
"shame means You're upset with us."
"How can anyone desert his kin?"
"Be convinced, O Lord."
"Be convinced, O Lord."
"Be convinced, O Lord."
"For the sake of your men."
People make a wish
looking at shooting stars,
but no one fulfils the
wishes of a broken person.
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"Respect is your gift,"
"shame means You're upset with us."
"How can anyone desert his kin?"
"Be convinced, O Lord."
"For the sake of your men."
I will fulfil your husband's dream.
We'll start the ambulance service,
and your son will become a doctor.
There's paradise
under a mother's feet.
Give me my paradise.
- "He bestows with respect and shame."
- Give me my paradise.
"He bestows with respect and shame."
"Respect is your gift,"
"shame means You're upset with us."
"How can anyone desert his kin?"
"Be convinced, O Lord."
"For the sake of your men."
It doesn't take time
to make a mistake.
But one needs courage
to admit and rectify it.
Maybe I cannot help all
the families that PULSE ruined.
But this family's wishes
will be fulfilled.
I promise Laila and his men
won't know what hit them.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello, what's up.
- Hope everyone's okay today, yeah.
- Yes, sir.
I'll go in like every other day.
But after that,
it's all about timing.
Now I'll play this
load-download game.
I'll load military-grade
encryption on their computers,
so they can never
access the data again.
What Laila is thinking,
what he's planning to do and where?
I'll download his entire data
on a pen drive for you.
And after that their
31st March plan is finished.
There is only one problem.
I must finish everything
before Uday arrives.
If he catches me, then
he will delete all the evidence.
What's up, Babloo?
- What's happening?
- Morning Sir.
Sir, coffee?
Why are all the screens
facing that way?
Actually, I was keeping
an eye on everyone,
whether they are working or not.
Just keeping an eye on them.
He's keeping an eye on you, guys.
- What a mess? Sir, I'm so sorry.
- Careful, man.
It had to happen
on the day I wore white.
Clean it up.
Thank you.
What's the progress?
Sir, your hanky.
It's a good thing you wiped it off.
- Yes.
- Or it would've left a stain.
I won't allow any
more stains on me, sir.
What the hell is happening?
Sir, our files are encrypted.
What the hell are you talking about?
Show me.
Sir, the system is shutting down.
We're losing data.
Sir, look at this.
It's happened from
Babloo's computer.
Sir, we're getting malware.
It's Babloo for sure.
Call the security. Stop him.
Security. Stop Babloo.
Stop Babloo!
Sir, you can't leave.
Security. Stop Babloo.
If I can't make
it out of the office,
then assume that Babloo's finished.
But you don't stop.
No one goes out.
Lock up.
Security. Don't let Babloo leave.
Don't let Babloo leave.
Babloo, you're working
for the country, not Laila.
No one can lay a finger on you.
Nobody Move.
He looked so innocent.
First he took my car,
then he took my sister.
I kept testing him
and he kept failing me.
So strange.
I want Babloo.
At any cost. I want Babloo.
That's my Babloo...
Everyone wants him.
I am Babloo's mother.
Where did she spring up from?
You're the magician.
Lord, You're a bigger
magician than me.
I pull flowers, rabbits out of the
hat, but you pulled out a mother.
It's a pretty new relationship.
Brand new.
Are you Inaaya's brother?
Yes, I am Inaaya's brother.
You see, one of Babloo's
stupid friends told me...
Told you what?
That they are lovebirds.
So I thought I should...
What did you think?
I thought I'll come over
and talk about their marriage.
So that's what you thought.
That's a fantastic thought.
You're the queen
of amazing thoughts.
Don't stand there.
Please sit.
Take my cars, my house,
I just want Babloo.
In fact, let's get them
engaged today.
Call him.
- Call him.
- Yes, yes...
Yeah, mom.
Babloo, where are you?
On my way home, mom.
Okay, you know what,
quickly come over to Inaaya's house
Inaaya's house?
What are you doing there?
I came over to talk about marriage.
Don't ask stupid questions.
Just come over.
Laila sir, what is this?
You know what Babloo has done?
Aunty, he's coming right?
- Babloo.
- Mom...
You were talking about
the engagement on the phone,
everyone's looking
pretty serious here.
What are you doing?
My son cannot hit anyone.
He swore on me.
And what did you say?
I never give my enemy a chance,
or betray my friends.
That line has too much swag.
Others may be able to say it
I can't pull it off.
Say something, mom. Please.
Laila sir...
Mom, now be mum.
What line...
Mr. Laila,
- Let them go.
- Dogra, what are you doing?
- Quiet. Lower the gun.
- Please let us go, sir.
- I haven't done anything, sir.
- Are you out of your mind?
Lower the gun.
- Let him go.
- Dogra, what are you doing?
Why are you helping him?
- Don't you get it?
- Mr. Laila, let him go.
Please, let him go
or else I will shoot.
- Have you lost your mind?
- Mr. Laila, please.
- Please, Mr. Laila.
- Do you realise the outcome?
Mom I'm really scared
please let's leave.
He's a good kid.
Thank you so much, sir.
Let him go or else I will shoot.
- I mean it.
- I will shoot you!
I will shoot.
Let him go.
I've sent you something, Dogra.
Take a look.
Let's go, mom.
Laila sir... Laila sir...
Forgive me, Laila sir.
He blackmailed me, Laila sir.
- Make porn, never do it.
- Forgive me.
Sell it, never watch it.
If your wife finds out you make porn,
she will turn you into popcorn.
Where is everyone going?
He's a hacker.
He'll hack your thoughts too.
Wait no!
Khan sir kept his promise,
and me along with
my mother and brother,
left my old life behind,
and changed forever.
And that day Babloo became RJ.
Ms. Startled.
We're at the same crossroads again.
Same old brother, same old partners,
and my creation PULSE
which I had blocked.
And the same old 31st March.
Now we only have one option.
This Laila has three heads,
who are hiding
in three corners of the world.
One in China,
one in Russia, and one in Egypt.
They enslave people using Shaolin as
a front and runs a hacking factory.
They deal in flesh trade.
Sell secrets of their country
to other countries.
If they succeed, every
family in India will mourn,
anarchy will run wild,
and leave destruction
in its wake in every direction.
It will be India's biggest scam.
It will affect every person.
Pension money, lifetime of savings,
everything will turn to zero.
Families will be ruined.
There will no hopes or dreams left.
I managed to save one mother,
but I won't let them put tears
in any mother's eyes.
That's my promise.
But how will you stop all of them?
No one suspects the dead.
They are only feared.
Laila wants to rob
every common man of India.
A common man's curse
can be pretty electrifying,
I'll make Laila realise this.
I'll kill each one in a way that one
doesn't realise the other's dead.
I have only 100 hours.
And my God.
But you were dead.
One protected God, cannot be slain.
My method to kill Uday
will be slightly different.
I hacked your game,
and synced it with Uday's pacemaker.
The more his daughter beats
me in the game,
the more Uday's heart
will feel the pain.
- Gloria, I am home.
- Just die!
- Die!
- Come on! Come on!
Beat him! Beat him!
Kill the bad guy!
Come on.
Come on, you can do it.
Beat him. Beat him.
So good.
I need to go out.
Yes come on! Come on!
We can beat him!
It's unfortunate that all three...
Laila sir...
I don't want to die
because of 31st March...
Laila sir, cancel the plan.
Dogra, listen to me.
That's the problem with Video Call.
I cannot slap your face, or
I would've given you a tight slap.
This entire game is Laila's plan.
It won't change.
Babloo's fake mother's
flight is landing at five.
Abduct her.
If Babloo is alive,
he will come to save his mother.
And remember...
Heathrow Airport Terminal one.
Five o'clock.
I'll send his mother's picture.
You sure Laila said Heathrow?
What's up, buddy?
Can I help you with that?
No, thank you. I can do it.
Babloo's mother.
Where is Babloo?
Babloo has sent me.
Why didn't Babloo come?
He has gone to the other airport.
Other airport?
Are there two airports in London?
I've come to deliver
you to him safely.
Hey...I'm not some parcel
you can deliver.
Come on, get my suitcase.
Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you very much.
- Have a nice day.
Just take care.
Babloo's got such a big car.
So Mr. Babloo, your mum's
at Gatwick airport, not Heathrow.
Mr. Laila is waiting for you.
Come on, let's go.
If anything happens to my mother,
your brother is dead.
Dust on old promises,
trust in new relationships,
Protect us...
May your friendship with Babloo,
always remain a superhit.
Go on...
Aunty, Babloo's here.
- Babloo's here.
- Come
- My son.
- Mom.
- Miss you.
- Are you okay?
What can happen to me?
Nothing can happen to you either!
I prayed for you at
all the four pilgrim sites.
My child.
Aunty, since you entered his life,
This tiger has become a cat.
He's got nine lives thanks to you.
Take her blessings.
Today is your engagement.
She's unaware
that it's your last day alive.
A mother's heart is very naive.
I convinced her with my words,
and she believed me.
Let bygones be bygones.
Let's start afresh, aunty.
- No, no, please. What are you doing?
- Why not? We're relatives after all.
Very close to me
just like my sister.
- Touch her feet, take her blessings.
- Mom.
My son.
I am so ashamed of you, brother.
Ashamed of me?
- Yes, I am ashamed of you.
- Ashamed of me?
Once I get the money,
I'll order a dozen sisters like
you online.
Cash on delivery.
Same day return if she's not loyal.
Ashamed of me?
I wonder how I stayed in India
for so many days without you.
Now we'll always go together
wherever we go.
- I'll never leave you.
- Aunty,
would you prefer to go separately?
I mean...
first mother then the son.
Or first son then mother.
Like first the chicken then the egg.
Aunty, that's my sister.
Mother-daughter kill time,
till then we brothers-in-law
have a little one-to-one. Okay.
Yes, mother. Please meet Inaaya.
- Let's go.
- Come let's go.
- You're so beautiful.
- Thank you.
Listen you rascal,
I've had enough of your games.
When you got terrified,
you hid behind my mother to survive?
You won't survive either.
This time I brought dozens.
Yes mom.
You didn't call a priest
for the wedding.
We don't need a priest.
I am there.
Here you go.
What else do you need?
Here's the ring.
You're not a magician,
you're a cheater.
Look Babloo, don't insult my magic.
It's true. You're a fraud.
I can hack your brain.
Hypnotize you.
- Do it. Come on. Come on.
- Look into my eyes.
- There's nothing he can do, mom.
- Leave it.
Do it.
Shall I turn your
mom into Cinderella?
Leave my mother out.
I will.
- I am not joking. No, don't do it, Laila.
- I'll do it now.
Abracadabra. Hocus pocus.
Make his mother fall asleep.
What happened, mom?
Mom are you okay?
Mom please!
Now your mom won't wake up
for 5-7 minutes.
Mom wake up please...Mom...
Mom wake up...
I can't beat you up
in front of my mom.
Now no one can save you from me.
Babloo, look. Look here.
Get him.
No, Babloo.
Babloo no...
Babloo, did that hurt?
You can't touch me or my computers.
Five minutes.
In five minutes the money in
all the Indian banks will be mine.
Save them if you can, Babloo.
Five minutes to go.
What happened, Babloo?
Looking for the computer?
The sooner you get to the computer,
the sooner you get to me.
But to kill Mr. Laila,
you must cross three levels.
Level no. 1.
Welcome to my tunnel.
Bend Down.
This way.
Come on, Babloo.
Time's racing ahead of you.
Babloo, look out!
If you had understood on time,
that all this is fake.
Then you wouldn't have lost time.
Level 1 failed.
You failed Babloo.
Three minutes thirty
two seconds to go...
An important announcement. All of India's
banks money is shortly coming into my pocket.
Babloo, can you stop me?
I don't think so.
Hail Laila...attack!
Come on, horsey...
Two minutes eighteen
seconds to go...
Let's go, my king.
I control both black and white.
You own nothing,
and you won't survive either.
Level two failed as well.
Babloo, these curtains
are your certain death.
Level 3.
Only two minutes left, Babloo.
Time's evaporating like smoke.
One minute thirty
two seconds to go...
Oh wow!
You got me.
You got me.
One minute eleven seconds to go...
One minute four seconds to go...
Fifty four seconds to go...
You've lost Babloo.
I will destroy everybody in India.
Fifty seconds to go...
Babloo, how many times
are you gonna fail?
Fourty seconds to go...
Thirty seven seconds to go...
You've a pathetic level, Laila.
Always hiding.
Don't you know that magicians
never... touch a tiger.
Twenty six seconds to go...
Twenty five seconds to go...
What an actor?
He should get an Oscar.
Initiating final countdown.
In relation, I am your boss.
I am the King.
Ohh...what happened, Laila?
No current?
Look your magic is finished.
Laila can never lose.
Pulse will exist until Laila does.
My magic cannot fail.
Real heroism is not beating people,
it's about winning people's hearts.
But that's one trait you don't have,
Only I do.
Eyes... paralyse... hypnotise...
Eyes... paralyse... hypnotise...
Life's full of surprises.
Long Live Laila.
Long Live Laila.
This is magic! Not reality!
Look at that.
What's that?
Greetings from Vietnam.
Vietnam's right under your eyes.
Just keep those eyes focused
on my children's well-being as well.
And if he ever makes a mistake,
then pull his ears.
God bless you two.
Always be together.
Forever and ever.
May your love grow every year.
You'll have to be a good kid.
And you'll become a doctor.
Don't worry, mom,
because now Babloo's
my responsibility.
Come, I have to show you something.
Go on.
- Yeah?
- Hello, Plumber.
"We're gonna have a blast."
"The magic's gonna work."
"Everyone's gonna be surprised."
"Nothing to lose, nothing to gain."
"We're gonna have a blast."
"The magic's gonna work."
"Everyone's gonna be surprised."
"Nothing to lose, nothing to gain."
"Who cares..."
"Just whistle along."
"Just whistle along."
"Just whistle along."
"Keep having a blast."
"Keep pushing and shoving."
"No need to worry."
"Don't lose this moment."
"Keep having a blast."
"Keep pushing and shoving."
"No need to worry."
"Don't lose this moment."
"We're gonna have a blast."
"The magic's gonna work."
"We're gonna have a blast."
"The magic's gonna work."
"Everyone's gonna be surprised."
"Nothing to lose, nothing to gain."
"Who cares..."
"Just whistle along."
"Just whistle along."
"Just whistle along."