He's Out There (2018) Movie Script

There once was a mouse,
happy as can be...
who lives in a field right
under a tree.
Without a care in the world,
he wasn't afraid.
He played every day and
he slept in the shade.
Then one morning the mouse
heard a loud cry...
and a crow black as night
flew down from the sky.
The crow lowered his beak and
tilted his head...
then frightened the mouse
with the next thing he said.
The Darkness hides in the light of day.
Better run little mouse
before it comes out to play.
Because the Darkness is evil
when it plays Hide and Seek.
And it can go anywhere as it
sneaks and it peeks.
The mouse took a few steps
and looked all around.
He spun in a circle, and then
looked up and down.
There's nothing dark here,
you crazy, old bird.
The sun shines so brightly,
that's completely absurd.
But the crow laughed out
loud and said...
"you silly, little rat...
"don't let the Darkness hear
you talking like that.
Now there's one thing to do,
so listen to me.
You must see it first,
if you wish to be free.
Baby Zombie! She's gonna eat
Maddie! What did you do?
Look at your hands.
Okay, no more markers for you.
But I'm bored.
Well, here, draw me a picture...
while I finish packing the car,
Last chance to say goodbye!
Maddie, stay away from the
street, please!
Okay, Mama.
I'm sorry, this is the one day
this guy is in town, honey.
Put it this way. You're gonna
have plenty of time to figure...
out how to make it up to us...
on the long lonely drive
by yourself.
Daddy, look, it's me and Kayla.
Wow. All right, come on, up.
I can do it.
Okay, put your seatbelt on.
Thanks, Daddy.
Don't be mad. I'm sorry.
If you were really sorry,
you would've stuck to the plan.
We'll still have a great time.
I'll just be a little late.
And please call me when you
get there...
so I know you got there okay.
Don't be so dramatic. When will
you be leaving?
This afternoon, so I'll be there
by midnight, at the latest.
Okay. Maybe you could bring me
a midnight snack.
Say goodbye to Daddy.
Bye, Daddy! Love you.
Bye, I love you.
Girl's night out.
Have fun.
I love you.
Bye, Daddy, I love you.Bye.
Okay, we're here.
Are we there yet?
Oh, come on.
Who are you? I'm Owen.
Uh, hi.
Just gotta loosen up the
tumblers on the inside.
Wow! Thank you.
No problem.
I'm what passes as local
security around here...
probably because me and my
family are the only ones...
that live here year round.
Wish we could do more of that.
What, living?
There used to be two families
living out here.
Other family lived right here
in your house, for years.
'Til their boy went missing.
Was about my age...
name was Johnny.
Was kinda slow-witted, if you
get what I'm saying.
They never found him?
No. Family was really tore up.
Put the house on the market and
never seen 'em again.
Uh, well, I'm Laura and this is
Kayla and Maddie.
Girls, say "hi".
Nice to meet you, ladies.
Don't see much of anybody out
here after season's over.
Gets pretty lonely out here.
Yeah, well, we thought we'd
squeeze in...
at least one trip this year.
Don't blame you.
Well, I appreciate the help,
Owen, thank you.
Just you girls and Mom this
weekend, huh?
And Daddy.
Yeah, he's... he's on his way.
He's right behind us, actually.
Oh, well, that's good to know.
Uh, well, tell Owen "thank you",
Thank you.
Any time.
Thanks. Y'all take care now.
Tag, I'm it.
Girls, stay away from the water.
You better be calling
from the road.
Actually, I'm running a bit
Oh, you gotta be...
Kidding. So you guys made
it okay?
Yeah, we made it fine.
Hey, girls, it's your dad,
he's on speaker.
Hi, Daddy! Hi, Daddy!
Hi, girls!
Is the house still standing?
Daddy, when are you gonna be
Bye, Daddy! We love you!
What's that noise?
Uh, it's nothing. I actually
just stopped off to get gas.
I should be there by 11:00.
Okay, I might wait up.
You better.
We'll see. You could get lucky.
I'm planning on it.
Oh, hey... eggs. I forgot eggs.
Eggs. Got it. I'll see you
in a bit.
Drive safe, bye.
Hi, uh, I'd like these gift
wrapped, please.
And two bottles of your best
So what'd you do?
Girls, I'm putting books and
toys in the playroom.
No, the playroom is scary.
No, it's not. Don't be a baby.
I'm not a baby.
Hey! I'm watching you.
Maddie, ready?
You look funny, Kay-Kay.
What's that?
Where does it go?
I'm a grasshopper.
Oh, really? But you're not
Do we have any green paint?
No, only blue.
Hey, Maddie! Get your shoes off
the bed, come on.
All right, I left your pajamas
out, girls.
Now why don't you get dressed
and get changed into them...
and come on downstairs.
Kayla, what is that?
I just saw you put something
in there. What is it?
It's for Daddy.
Well, let me see. Is it alive?
It better not stink up the
It won't. It doesn't stink.
It smells good.
Alright... well, get changed
and come on down.
I'm gonna make some pizza.
The mouse took a few
steps, and looked all around.
He spun in a circle, then looked
up and down.
There is nothing dark here,
you crazy, old bird.
The sun shines so brightly,
that's completely absurd.
But the crow laughed out loud
and said, you silly little rat..
Don't let the Darkness hear you
talking like that.
Now there's one thing to do,
so listen to me.
You must see it first,
if you wish to be free.
I know what it is.
You do?
I wanna go to bed, Mama.
You do? The story's not over.
You don't want to eat your
No? Okay. Go on up.
I'll give you a hint, it hides
in plain sight.
It lives in the dark even
when there is light.
It walks close behind you and
watches you play.
Floating beside you, from your
head to the hay.
Maddie drew this, didn't she?
No, that was already there.
Oh, really?
All right, Kay-Kay.
Maddie, are you hot?
Here. Yeah, that's better.
Maddie, are you okay?
What are you looking at?
Hey, hi.
Hey, is everybody alright?
I've been calling.
Shit, I left the phone in the
car, I'm sorry.
Okay. What y'all doin'?
Nothing... uh, the girls played
while I unpacked...
and we had some pizza,
now they're sleeping.
What about you, where are you?
Past halfway, so a few more
hours, I guess.
Babe, you should see it,
the lake is just perfect.
It's gorgeous out here.
Uh, that's cool. So all you
wanted was eggs, right?
Shawn, you're ruining it.
I'm sorry, I thought you were
done. Please continue.
It's, uh, really interesting.
You're such an asshole.
At least I remembered the eggs.
Dude, you are so not romantic.
I'll see you in a couple hours.
Oh, hey, I left the gate open
for you.
The pad lock's all jammed up.
I think we might need a new one.
I'll take a look when I get
Okay. You hurry up, I love you.
I love you t...
Something's wrong with Maddie.
What is it?
She's in the playroom, but she
won't tell me.
Maddie? Madison?
Sweetie, hey, why is the
window open?
Oh, it's okay.
It's okay, Kayla. She's just
Here, you... there you go,
Maddie, are you okay?
Here, let me wipe that up.
Mommy, is she okay?
Yeah, she's fine, she's gonna be
fine. She's just sick, honey.
Maddie, hey, breathe, breathe,
let me see, what's in there?
Get your hand out, come on,
let me see, Maddie.
Come on. Maddie, let me see.
Let me see. Maddie?
Okay, I got it. I got it. I got
it. Okay, breathe, breathe.
Okay, all right, we got it, we
got it out. Are you okay?
Take a deep breath. Deep breath,
deep breath, you okay?
Mommy, what's that?
What is this? Did you girls
eat something?
I didn't.
You stay with your sister.
Maddie, look.
A Tea Party!
I saved mine for Daddy.
Where'd you get this?
In the forest.
Maddie, look at me. Did you eat
one of these cupcakes?
Yes, you did. She's lying.
Okay. Maddie, honey... you're
not in trouble, okay?
Mama just needs to know, did you
eat one of these cupcakes?
Tell Mama.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, sweetie.
What's wrong? What's wrong?!
Mommy, what is that?
I don't know.
I'm scared.
Honey, hey, here, here, sit on
the couch. It's okay.
There, right by your sister,
right there. You okay, Maddie?
Mama, my tummy hurts. I know, honey.
Mamma? What's wrong with her?
I don't know.
Mommy! I need my phone.
Don't leave. No, Mommy, please!
I'm right here. Stay on the
couch, okay?
I'm gonna be right in the
kitchen. Stay right there.
No, don't go! No, turn that back on.
Ssh! Quiet, quiet!
I'm just gonna go to the car.
Let's go, let's go.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
No, Mama.No. No!
Get up, come on, stop. Kay-Kay,
we gotta go, let's go right now.
I don't wanna go outside.
It's gonna be okay, but we have
to go right now.
Carry me.
I can't carry both of you, Kay
Kay. You're gonna have to run.
No, Mommy! Please!!
Listen, honey... hey, listen
to me...
we have to get out of this house
right now, okay?
Do you understand? I need you
to come with me, okay?
I can't carry both of you.
You're gonna have to run
right by me, okay?
Mommy, you're scaring me.
It's okay, I've got you,
I've got you right now, here.
Quiet... be very quiet. Let's go.
Ssh, quiet.
No, I'm scared! No, Mommy!
Come on, Kayla, come on, come
on, let's go, let's go!
Come on, now get in the back,
come on, come on, come on.
Get in the car, go, go! Get in
the front, quick! Ready? Okay?
Seatbelt on, quick, quick,
Come on, get the belt off!
Kayla, close the curtains
in there.
Come on, quickly, hurry up.
Sit down on the rug. Get down.
Oh, Maddie, oh, Maddie.
Oh, Maddie.
Maddie, can you take a deep
breath for me?
Let me see that you can swallow?
Just take a sip.
I need to go get Maddie some
medicine, okay?
Will you be brave while I go
and get some in the bathroom?
Okay, good girl. I'm gonna be
right back.
I don't feel good.
It's okay. Mommy's getting you
some medicine.
Drink this, Maddie, it's gonna
make you feel better.
All of it, Maddie.
It's gonna open your throat,
it's gonna help you breathe.
Good girl.
Where's Daddy?
He's coming. He's gonna be here
real soon.
Girls, go upstairs right now,
go, go, go, go!
Kayla, hurry up, put your
shoes on.
How did our picture get
out there?
I don't know, baby.
Did you put it...
Why are our faces cut out?
My tummy...
I know, I know, it's okay,
it's gonna be okay.
Daddy's gonna get here soon,
and when he gets here...
he's gonna take us all
to the doctor...
and the doctor's gonna get all
the bad stuff out of your...
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry...
No, no, it's okay, it's okay.
It's not your fault.
Open up, all the way, come on.
Open, open, open.
Maddie, take a deep breath.
We need to go right now
and get help.
No, I don't want to leave.
Kayla, I need you to be brave...
Stop it, stop it, listen to me!
Look at me, look at me.
Maddie's very sick. We can't
stay here.
But you know what, we're gonna
go outside.
We're gonna wait out there so
Daddy can see us...
when he gets here.
But he's already here.
Who, Maddie?
Where is he?
Under the tree.
Is that Daddy?
Who did you see?
Hello? Laura?
What are you doing?
Hey, you locked the gate.
Goddamn it.
Hey, guys, it's late.
I've been driving all night.
Can we just, uh, prank me
Okay, you got me. I'm totally
scared right now.
Oh, shit... Laura, come on, god!
Laura, what the hell?
Laura, what the hell?
Come on... Come on...
What are you doing? What are you doing?
Laura? Laura?
Is that you? Is that you?
Laura... Laura...
Oh, shit.
It's okay. Breathe...
and we relax.
That's good, see?
Do you remember when Grandma
got sick...
and we had to take her
to the doctor?
And remember how brave she was?
Yeah, she didn't even cry.
No, she didn't cry.
She was so brave, and when we
got there everything was fine.
Gave her medicine and she got
When Daddy gets here, he'll take
you to the doctor.
That's right, Kay-Kay. When
Daddy gets here.
So until then, we all just need
to be really, really brave.
Like Grandma?
Yeah, just like her.
What is that?
Mommy. Shh, shh...
Laura? Kids?
It's Daddy.
Ssh, be quiet.
Hey, guys, it's late, been
driving all night.
Can you just... Laura?
Stay back, it's all right.
Laura, what the...?
It's me.
Shawn, is that you?
Is that you?
Laura? Laura!
Is that you?
Please, no... Shawn...
Girls, no!
Daddy! Daddy! He's outside!
It's not Daddy. Yes, it is!
No, it's not. Daddy!
No, it's not Daddy.
Yes, it is. I heard him!
No baby, it's a trick. It's a
bad man outside.
Daddy... It's not Daddy!
Daddy! No, Kayla, Kayla, stop it!
He's gonna hear you. I need you
to be very quiet. Ssh.
I need you to be very quiet,
both of you. Quiet, quiet...
I want Daddy!
Close your eyes. Close your
You are safe, okay?
Nobody is going to hurt you.
I will not let them.
Do you believe me?
Shh, shh, shh... quiet.
Come on, come on.
Now stay right here, hold that.
Maddie, can you run?
I don't wanna go outside.
Now listen to me. Listen, do you
remember what I said...
nobody's going to hurt you,
okay? I won't let them.
Okay, come on, hold on
to my jeans.
Just stay as quiet as you can.
Walk this way.
Kayla, let's go.
Maddie, oh my god, come on,
Come on, run fast, go, go, go!
Come on! Go, go, go!
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Tell me!
He's gonna get us!
Don't make us go outside.
No, we're not gonna go outside,
okay? I promise.
Let's stay inside.
Mommy... Mommy, he drew us.
Girls, go upstairs! Go, go, go!
Go upstairs, now! Mama...
It's okay. It's okay, sweetie.
Is he coming?
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
We just have to wait
until morning...
and everything's gonna
be alright.
No, Kayla, stay there.
Hi, Mommy.
Daddy will be here soon.
I wanna go home.
Me, too.
It's okay, it's okay, we're
gonna go home soon.
We're going home soon.
What, Mommy?
The eggs... the car, the car.
No! No, no, Mama!
It's okay, get in, get in,
get in.
Just to go and get something. Don't leave.
I'm not leaving. I'm just gonna
go downstairs.
No, Mama.
Come on, girls, it's okay,
hey, hey, hey.
Kayla, let go, let go,
stop, stop.
Stop. Kayla, you're such
a big girl.
You're so brave, both of you.
You're so, so brave.
I promise you, I will be right
back, okay?
Here, this lights up.
Here, I want you to look
at this. You count along...
with the second hand, one,
two, three...
and I want you to count
to 20, okay?
And I will be back before you
get to 20, and no matter what...
do not come out of here until I
get back, okay?
Start counting.
One, two...
12, 13...
17, 18, 19, 20.
We're gonna go to Daddy's car.
He's here?
Yes. Hold my hand. Let's go.
Hold my hand.
Get out of our house!
I have a gun!
Get the fuck out of here!
Up here!
Hey! Get up!
Hey! Help, we're up here.
Up here. Yeah, up here.
Mom! Help, up here!
Help! Up here! Help!
No, stay back, stay back! Help!
What are you saying?
I can't hear you.
Help us.
Oh, god.
No! No! Behind you! Behind you!
Behind you!
Come on down. Ssh.
What is it?
Kayla, Maddie, come on, we need
to go. Let's go.
No! No! No, Mommy, no!
No, Mommy, come back! Mommy! Mommy!
Mama! Ssh.
I don't hear her. She's not
coming back.
No, Kayla.Shh.
Ssh... Maddie, be quiet.
No, I want Mama!
Ssh! He's gonna hear you.
We have to get Daddy,
Maddie, come on.
Maddie, come on.No.
It's Daddy. Come on.
Are you sure?
Mommy said he's in the car.
I'm scared.
Here, you can hold it.
Do you want me to go first?
Do you hear that?
Mommy! Mommy!
Run! Run!
It's just a trick. It's not
Daddy. It's not Daddy.
Maddie, run! Go, go, go!
Go, go!
It's okay to be scared.
My name is John.
I grew up in this house
a long time ago.
You come here every year.
I've been watching you
for a long time.
Leave us alone!
I've always been here...
but you couldn't see me.
That book, the one you read?
It was given to me
when I was a boy.
I used to try and guess
the answer...
but I was wrong, just like you.
I left it here so you
could find it...
so you could understand.
Now I have to make a new book.
There's a darkness all around
you, but it's not a shadow...
the darkness is me!
No! No!
Maddie! No! No!
Maddie! No!
Maddie? Maddie, wake up.
Maddie, Maddie...
Oh, my god.
Mommy. My poor, little...
Mommy. Mommy.
Here we go. Come on, honey,
help me with her.
Mommy... Come on.
Help me.
Time's up, little Mouse.
The riddle is done.
Can you see where it is
so you don't have to run?
Because the Darkness,
it hides in the light of the day.
And if you're not careful,
it will come out to play.
Now if you're reading this story,
please don't be afraid.
The Mouse guessed right
and the Crow flew away.
So come little children...
let's play a little game.
Do you know where Darkness
hides on a bright sunny day?
And just like the Mouse,
if you guess right, too...
you don't have to worry
that it will come looking for you.
Mommy... where did he go?