Het Tweede Gelaat (2017) Movie Script

Based on the novel Double Face
by Jef Geeraerts
- Mr Verstuyft.
- Sorry.
- Here.
- I've already got one.
Thank you.
- Good evening, Eva.
- Freddy.
You're looking fantastic again.
Hmm, and it smells good already.
It was this evening, wasn't it?
It's next Friday.
And the day before that and the day
before that. Come on then, come in.
There's more than enough.
I'll set another place.
- I'll get another plate.
- OK.
Vincke should have been made
Superintendent ages ago.
But I'm convinced certain people are
preventing it from happening.
The person preventing it
from happening is here.
- Who? Me?
- No, no, silly. No, me.
I wouldn't want to be responsible
for so many people.
- And besides, I'd be a terrible boss.
- That's true.
You're a difficult man.
And a right fusspot.
- God, this is good wine.
- No, thanks.
I'll write the name down.
I'll get it translated into Bulgarian then
the guy in the night store can order some.
- Eh?
- Nothing.
- Didn't you hear your phone?
- Yeah.
- A call-out.
- Yeah. A call-out. There, ready.
No ID in the clothes.
The labels have been cut out.
Fingertips have been burned off,
probably with acid.
All the blood has drained away.
And I needn't hope for any footprints
or tyre tracks, eh?
In that loose sand?
- You let him leave?
- You mean Bertie?
He's just an elderly bricklayer
from the village.
A bricklayer? What was he doing here
at 5 in the morning?
He's been caught snaring rabbits a few
times. You'll get a copy of his statement.
Nothing special, apart from the fact
he heard a car drive off.
Personally, I think
he disturbed the perpetrator.
That's what I think. The perpetrator
dropped everything and fled.
Dropped everything?
What about the head then?
Come on, search. Come on, search.
We've got something here.
Be careful. Make sure
it doesn't damage anything.
There's something here too.
Something here as well.
Something here too.
- Is she among them? I want to see her.
- We don't know yet, Mrs Tissot.
I can tell if it's her.
I'm her mother.
Yes. But there's no need
for you personally...
I mean, if your daughter is among them
the lab will identify her.
- She's got three moles here.
- Yes, it's in her file.
We also have her DNA. I imagine
we will probably know tomorrow...
No, not tomorrow. Please, no, now.
I know where those moles are.
I can show you right away.
I realize that, madam. But we have
to follow a certain protocol.
Hold on a minute. Eh?
Sit there.
This is the most recent victim.
How far have you got?
Six at once, our department
isn't equipped for that, eh?
I've done an initial external examination
of the three that have decayed the least
and I haven't yet found anything on the
bodies themselves that indicates violence.
- No violence?
- No.
- Not on the latest victim either?
- No. And I don't know how fresh it is,
- I think the body's been in the freezer.
- In the freezer?
All of them? The others too?
So how can you say with any certainty
when they died?
Well, that was already very difficult
but now...
- I've asked Ghent for assistance.
- Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning.
I'm sorry.
Is there anyone we can call?
I'll get someone from Victim Support
to come.
- Morning. Morning.
- Morning.
- Freddy.
- I'll be right with you.
- Good morning.
- Have any more victims been identified?
Yes, one of the older bodies had had
some serious operations on the tibia.
Vera Vandijk.
Missing for more than three years.
Her bike was found in Breda at the time,
halfway between a nightclub and her house.
Breda? That's at least 40km from
where the body was found.
That's why we're checking
all disappearances in a 50km radius.
That's not many, eh?
Did you go back five years?
No, not yet. We're waiting for some files
from the Netherlands too.
Elise Tissot, 25. Julia Steegmans, 44.
Tissot, librarian.
Vera Vandijk, doing a PhD in biochemistry.
Iris Sluys was a prostitute.
She's small and voluptuous while Tissot
is more of the model type, shall we say.
Blonde hair, brown, black.
No similarities.
- That's what I mean.
- Why would they be similar?
A serial killer goes for
a certain type, eh?
Why? I've had girlfriends
in all shapes and sizes.
Yes, and in all price categories.
- That's not funny, Benji.
- Why them? That's what we want to know.
I want you to go through their laptops,
Facebook page, social media,
videos, everything.
Why them? What's the connection?
They were the easiest prey
in that place at that time.
I want to contact an old friend of mine,
Anton Mulder.
- Mulder? The Dutchman?
- A profiler, wow.
Vincke, come on, not a profiler? You might
just as well ask a fortune-teller.
Well, I'm going to ask him.
This case is too big to do it on our own.
A Dutchman, guys.
Great, great, great.
They've found a woman in Doel.
Well, well,
the kindergarten cops are here.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
Where is she?
She's not there anymore.
She's no longer where he said she was.
He? Who's he?
A guy on a bike who thought he saw
a dead woman as he was cycling along.
- Thought? He didn't go and look?
- No, he cycled straight to the station.
He looked more dead
than alive himself so...
As white as a sheet,
- from the shock.
- Oh, was it a ghost?
- Let's go and see, come on.
- Come on. We're going this way.
We're from the police.
Freddy Verstuyft, Chief Inspector.
Come on, come here. Come here.
It's OK, it's OK. Here, it's OK. Here.
There, that's better.
Do I know you from somewhere?
- I'll put the heating on.
- Yeah.
Oh, my hair is red.
- There.
- Thank you.
Do you remember where you were
yesterday and last night?
I had to... I had to get away from that
party and it was too cold and dark and...
and it was... it was dirty and
there was a lot of dust and I... I...
I couldn't... I couldn't breathe.
That wound on your arm, may I see it?
How did you get it?
From... from the car.
Your car.
How did you get here?
Can you remember?
Must've been a wild party.
Don't you know her? Eh? Rina Van Lierde?
A sort of psychologist. Wheeled out when
they want someone to criticize the police.
Been in debates with
her book about psychoactive drugs.
Vincke, a debate about a book?
No wonder I don't know her.
I think she has sniffed and swallowed
too much from her book
and, combined with alcohol,
this is what you get.
Or maybe he put something in her drink.
Maybe she was the next victim.
But our killer was busy digging
in the sand the night before last.
Maybe he was busy digging in order to
make room for her in his freezer.
No, just totally wasted
after some serious partying.
The hi-viz vest and hair died red looks
more like a prank by dodgy friends.
I'll ask Vice to look at her case and
if there's a connection...
we'll hear about it.
- Mulder.
- Hi, Eric.
- Oh, man, it's good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
- Well.
- Sorry. Freddy, Anton Mulder.
- Hi. Hello, Freddy.
- Mulder.
- Great to have you on board.
- Great, great, great.
Mulder has set up
a joint investigation team at Europol.
Great, great, great. Cassiers,
can you take these cases to the hotel?
- Which one?
- No, to my place.
Vincke thought it'd be nice
it I stayed with him.
Oh, cosy.
Mulder uses lists of fuzzy logic questions
to draw up his perpetrator profile
and ViCLAS, the Canadian upgrade of
ViCAP, which the FBI uses.
I know ViCLAS. Eighty per cent of
the questions are about the crime scene.
- Shame we don't have a crime scene.
- Sorry, we have to leave now
for the Public Prosecutor's briefing.
No, Freddy, three of us going is silly,
so I suggest you input the autopsy and
search reports into ViCLAS. Thanks.
- OK, see you later.
- Yeah. Bye.
Go on, Cassiers. You heard him.
Tap tap tap tap tap. Come on.
- I don't understand. Am I in danger?
- No, no, no, no.
Look, I'm here for my own peace of mind,
I wanted to be sure you weren't taken
by the man we're looking for.
What if I were?
If you were then... then you are
an important witness.
- A witness with a black hole in her memory.
- Anything you can remember may help us.
Only bits and pieces.
A party, some people.
A club.
Gin and tonic.
Gin without tonic.
What a stupid question! Doesn't that chick
know whether she was here or not?
I'm asking you, pal.
- Are there cameras here?
- Cameras...
We've got eyes, we have.
- What, and?
- Was she here, yes or no?
May have been. I wouldn't know.
- Right, thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Yes, honey?
- Abi. It's me.
Can you check whether there are
any CCTV cameras near the Roxy?
Anything for you.
Oh, a call has come in from Doel.
- Doel?
- Yes, Doel.
It was the night before
and nothing was stolen,
just a dog's blanket and a hi-viz vest,
and I immediately thought of you.
Sorry, I must have been cold, I suppose.
We found her there so if she came past
here she must've come from Doel village.
Yeah, yeah.
OK. Thanks.
I... I can remember hands on my face.
With cold water and...
someone fiddling with my hair.
- Yeah, yeah.
- There was something over my eyes.
Tape? Blindfold?
- Did he say anything maybe?
- I don't remember a voice but...
I think I was lying there a long time.
- Anything else you remember?
- Yes.
A smell.
The smell of grain.
Is it here?
I think so.
And? What do you think?
Were you here?
- Or does anything seem familiar?
- Yes, the smell.
And that dust, it catches my breath.
There isn't any plastic.
I have a feeling I was lying on plastic.
A sheet of plastic is easily removed.
Come here.
Come here.
Keep your head still. Relax.
Got one.
I was just starting to like you,
for a cop.
I'm going to have
the dye on your hair analysed.
A little souvenir.
Abi, babe, can you take this...
- Hold on. What?
- To the lab for me. Urgently.
No, no. Go ahead.
How come?
It depends. I'll call them in a minute.
OK, guys, your attention a minute.
There have been some new developments.
Europol has linked our bodies to
three older cases in the Cologne area.
The bodies were found on Wahner Heide
between March 2011 and April 2013.
So our new priority,
we are looking for men
who moved here from April 2013 from the
Cologne area, permanently or temporarily.
- So get on with it.
- Yeah, or heads will roll.
It's not possible to say for sure
if sexual violence was used.
But I've found traces of glue
on the most recent one.
- On the skin. Arms, legs.
- Taped together.
And the cause of death?
They... just...
stopped living.
I can't say.
Nor can my colleagues from Ghent.
There are no wounds on the body,
no traces of poison.
- The organs suddenly stopped.
- Shot in the head?
Hit, the jugular vein cut, stabbed from
behind with something thin and pointed.
Without the head itself I can't say.
- How was the head...
- Removed?
The head was removed mechanically,
with an angle grinder.
Certainly something with a fine cutting
action, some kind of saw is possible too.
Done very cleanly, I must say.
- Why's Harm Schlndorfer now on the B list?
- Intensive chemo and has relapsed.
Right. People who moved here
from the Cologne area.
Steve Serluppens, musician.
Ronald Hoybergs, game developer.
Conrad Breitner, a NATO soldier.
Bas Van der Gracht, a stockbroker.
And Ezra Cody,
he works at the American embassy.
Haven't received everything yet but, apart
from traffic fines, no criminal records.
- Not unusual for serial killers.
- Here.
Oh, thank you. Thanks.
Excuse me?
I want to show the photos to Rina. Maybe
she'll recognize someone from the club.
Rina? Is that the...
The wasted writer we picked up at Doel.
Vice is dealing with the case.
I know, but I just want to show her
the photos. So I can put my mind at rest.
Is waving those photos around before those
people have been screened a good idea?
- Come on.
- No, we're doing it Mulder's way now.
- Come on.
- Let's see what's here first.
At the roundabout, turn right.
Straight ahead.
When by? By yesterday, Kris.
- It said turn right.
- Straight ahead, straight ahead.
Kris, I want the hair analysis first.
Top priority. Understand?
Make a U-turn if possible.
Here, onto that driveway.
- What is this place?
- What do you think?
A car park.
Behind Vincke's back.
I don't feel good about this.
If you don't feel good, ask for a pill.
I'm sure they'll have one for you here.
- Hi.
- Gentlemen. Come into my office.
This is my colleague Cassiers.
Sorry to disturb you at work
but I wanted to show you these
as soon as possible. Here.
That's them.
Take your time.
Do you recognise him?
No, just a vague feeling of familiarity.
But I often get that feeling.
I felt it very strongly with you too.
Yet I know for sure
I'd never seen you before.
I would've remembered that.
So... you had a vague feeling
about this one?
It's gone now and I don't want
to accuse anyone falsely so...
But something may come back later.
May I keep them?
No, we'd rather you didn't.
They're from a current case.
Those are copies I made specially for you.
Here, keep them.
I have to report that, Freddy.
Cassiers, don't forget you owe me, pal.
- Come on.
- I've just got one thing to say.
Dirty Dave. Dirty Dave.
- I've paid you back a hundred times.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is now 101.
My silence is priceless, my friend.
Friday night?
My husband looked after Zachary.
I went to a staff party.
Zachary, do we do that? No, we don't,
not on people's leg. Sorry.
Oh, someone seems to have
filled her pamper.
- A normal man.
- Yes. A very normal man, eh?
So keep him under surveillance.
- Follow me...
- Sure.
Mr Hoybergs?
These people are from the police.
We'll continue our meeting later.
- Hoybergs, CEO of Fly Swat Games.
- Verstuyft, pleased to meet you.
- How can I help you?
- A few questions. You lived in Cologne.
All over Germany.
My father was a major in the army
and we must've lived on
all the Belgian bases.
Right. But between 2011 and 2013
you were in Cologne.
Oh, from memory...
Except for a few months for
a workshop in LA, yes. I think so.
- Do you know which months?
- My secretary can look it up.
Is there a particular reason
why it is important?
- Well, you're on a list.
- Oh. What an honour.
Freddy? Come here.
I've received the lab report
for an urgent job.
That's quick.
I made an impression.
Lab requests always go via me, Freddy.
You know that.
You can't order your own tests.
The labs can hardly keep up as it is.
- Yeah, OK.
- No, it's not OK.
Rina van Lierde is Vice's case now.
Full stop.
What does the test say?
Rina van Lierde's hair was dyed
with Party Hair,
a temporary, easy-to-remove spray
or mousse.
Right. Something anyone can use.
Freddy, analysis of the hairs themselves
indicates regular use of pills and coke.
So I think our Miss Party Hair was
off her face for a while.
Vice thinks so too. It's not the first
time she's disappeared for a few days.
Or that she's been picked up
under the influence.
- What about what she remembers?
- Could be autosuggestion.
You get that with binge drinking
and black-outs,
gaps in the brain are filled with
the first information that comes along.
- Via the media, Facebook, Twitter.
- Or memories that come back.
Or is that too simple for profilers?
It's nice you asked him.
He's very good at what he does.
- It's not too soon?
- No.
It's not. He says
he has everything under control.
As long as Freddy doesn't keep
having a go at him.
Can't you just tell Freddy?
Tell him Mulder's recovering from
serious depression?
Freddy doesn't know what's going on in his
own head. And he's wasting time on a lead.
- Let me guess. A female lead?
- Yes. And his...
His gut feeling insists this woman has
something to do with our case
but I'm afraid this is
a feeling from below his gut.
Not just here but in Cologne too all six
were going somewhere at night alone.
On foot or by bike.
From a bar, a nightclub, a bar,
a nightshift.
After an argument with her boyfriend.
Because it's an organised perpetrator, we
can assume he calmly watches his victims
until the right moment occurs to strike.
The physical murder doesn't satisfy him.
He dumps the bodies
but he keeps the heads.
So it's about the heads for him.
And his motives are sexual.
He wants to reconstruct something,
probably a traumatic event from the past.
And he needs those heads for that.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Those heads don't look like each other.
In your theory those heads should
resemble someone from his past, eh?
Yes, you've got a point but...
a perpetrator is creative and
a head is easy to alter. Make-up, wigs.
Dye hair. Dye hair, eh?
- We have to go by victims we're sure about.
- OK.
Right. That's why we are going to
dig deep into these men's past. OK?
School, work, hobbies, social media.
Mulder will give you the full checklist.
It's important you fill in the questions
in a uniform way
so the computer can process them.
Well, lads. We're no longer needed.
The computer's going to solve it.
Stop having a go at Mulder.
Just pointing out the weak points of
this profiling hocus-pocus.
It's not hocus-pocus.
He tries to predict behaviour.
Behaviour can't be predicted.
Behaviour is very predictable.
Especially yours.
Rina is a case for Vice,
we're investigating the past of
those men from Cologne.
Yeah, yeah. But sticking to
one perpetrator profile is never good.
You can end up heading nowhere.
It's up to you if you don't believe in
profiling. Moan about it in the bar.
But here in my department
we are now following Mulder's method.
- Your department?
- Yes.
So why are you letting him take charge?
Other countries are involved. It's logical
someone from Europol coordinates it.
- Why are you letting him take charge?
- I'm still in charge.
And I'm saying stop it. Stop the moaning.
And no going solo. Stop it.
You work as part of the team or
you don't work here. Understand?
- Understand?
- Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
Hi. Here you go.
- Seen any movement?
- No. Only from the meat in your wrap.
- Oops, heads-up.
- Goddammit.
They can smell it when we start eating.
Oscar 26 to dispatch. Cody is leaving,
we're following. Beta team stand by.
- Take that.
- Go, go, go. Benji?
What the fuck?
The American embassy doesn't like
you shadowing Mr Cody.
Shadowing? We just happened to be
in his vicinity regularly.
It wasn't inconspicuous enough.
We never obstructed
Mr Cody's freedom of movement.
I should hope not.
You must realise, Mr Vincke,
in cases in which diplomats are involved,
especially American diplomats,
political pressure is considerable.
The ambassador himself protested
against the unwarranted harassment of
an American citizen.
So I'm asking you
how serious is your suspicion of him?
We're at the start of our investigation,
as you know,
but he is one of the eleven
who moved here from Cologne.
Moving here isn't yet a crime.
Certainly not it you leave Germany.
It's called good taste.
Let me talk to him.
Mr Cody seemed to be a reasonable man
who appreciated we had a job to do.
As I understand it, it was at Mr Cody's
request that the ambassador stepped in.
I'm sorry, Vincke.
There you go.
These are from a car park on the square
and a side road.
- You'll go straight to heaven.
- Or straight to jail.
- Him. He's acting suspiciously.
- So are you.
It's 1 o'clock at night.
- Look, you come out here.
- Yes, so I see. In great form.
There, that's him.
He looks around a bit and then leaves
in the same direction as you. Here.
Did you notice that man in there?
- I'm going to circulate his photo.
- No, it's no one.
What d'you mean, it's no one?
So you know him?
Is he a friend?
An ex?
Is he one of your patients?
What is he being treated for?
Depression? Addiction? Tell me.
He's good-looking, is very intelligent,
is from a wealthy family.
He has everything going for him.
But sometimes he becomes extremely anxious
and then he takes all kinds of things.
And... that's why he's staying
at our clinic.
And he's allowed out on the town
in the evening, just like that?
The aim of the therapy is
to help people lead a normal life again,
not lock them up for the rest of
their life, doing sudokus.
- What's his name?
- No.
- What's his name?
- No.
Involving him in such a gruesome case
won't... won't do him any good at all.
His anxiety is under control,
his medication sorted out.
- He was there that evening.
- Yes.
He followed you. He may have been the one
who spiked your drink.
- Don't be stupid.
- Being concerned isn't stupid.
Patrick is staying in one of
the patient rooms on the ground floor.
Where's Verstuyft?
Um, he said something about
entering reports in the system.
Chief, that Hoybergs... Eh?
You know, from those games.
- He gave us his diary, didn't he?
- Yes.
It doesn't always tally with his alibis
and the locations of his mobile.
Bring him in.
He can come and explain that here.
We can't, he's at a gaming congress
in Stuttgart until tomorrow.
He asked if he could go. The investigating
judge saw no reason to refuse.
Do you do talking therapy on the couch?
We don't talk all day, don't have
a petting farm and don't do group crafts.
We investigate substances that
unbalance our patients, in our lab,
and we sort out their medication.
Patrick is in the swimming pool.
Great. Alright? OK?
Patrick? This is Freddy.
Freddy wants some information.
Hello. Police Chief Verstuyft,
pleased to meet you.
It's information about me.
It's nothing special. It's about me, OK?
- OK.
- OK, OK.
I'll just go and take my wet things off.
I've had to talk to you before about
the rules on how to behave with patients.
You are too familiar. The rules are there
for your own protection.
Sven has barricaded himself in a room and
I think he got pills from somewhere.
- I can't come now.
- You're the only one he listens to.
- I'll be right back.
- Oh, OK.
So you make the guys sweat.
What? No, I look after the swimming pool.
- I also do the golf and the gym.
- Sounds a bit like Club Med. Eh?
- Yes.
- What kind of people come here?
All kinds. People with addictions, depression,
anxiety. All kinds of problems really.
Except financial ones.
Yes. Here it's mainly business people
and people from the media, politicians.
- How long has Patrick been here?
- Is he in trouble?
Thanks. Right.
He specializes in game design.
He has developed some violent games.
Zombie, horror, that kind of thing.
Then he moved here.
And for someone in IT,
he's not very active on social media.
He doesn't have Facebook or Twitter.
There's very little to be found about him.
His number of hospital admissions
is striking.
- Were you at the Roxy Saturday evening?
- Yes, I was there.
I try to go there now and then.
On Rina's advice, in fact.
I have to challenge myself,
mix with other people.
Did she say she was going to be there
that evening too?
No. I only spotted Rina when she left.
She didn't reply and
was walking unsteadily.
I was worried and I went after her.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And... what was the problem?
She'd already gone by the time I came out.
No, I can't... I can't reach.
This one. Oh?
Here, this doesn't float anymore.
Here, that's it.
That's the right one.
- Hi, Freddy.
- Is Vincke home?
Yes, good evening.
- Hi, Freddy.
- Eric...
Rina needs protection.
We can't justify that, Freddy.
We have...
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
One of her patients who was at
the same club the night she disappeared
is also a member of the library
where one of the victims worked. So...
- We'll check that out.
- OK.
But Hoybergs is our priority
at the moment.
Picking up Hoybergs the moment
he enters the country.
- Hoybergs?
- Hoybergs, yes.
If you'd done your job and not got
carried away with an attention seeker
- then you would've known.
- Why would Rina be seeking attention?
I don't know. Maybe because
her book isn't selling so well. Perhaps.
Is that his brilliant conclusion?
Come on. Come on, Freddy, sit down.
There's some dessert left.
Colleagues from Vice have checked her out.
Between studying pharmacology
and psychiatric assistant training, she
was in a convalescent home for two years.
- Excuse me, I'll just...
- Yeah.
But Freddy...
I've also been drawn too far into
an attention seeker's story.
But sooner or later
they all get caught up in...
Go and have a fucking shit, pal,
just go and have a shit!
You and your feeble theories.
- Eric.
- What?
- Rina, where are you?
- Freddy?
- Did you get my messages?
- No.
Hello? Dammit, I can't hear you
very well. Can you go outside?
What did you do to Patrick?
What did you do to Patrick?
Nothing. I simply asked him
some questions. He was very calm.
- I thought you were different. Silly of me.
- Rina, Rina, I...
There's something I have to tell you.
I'm dancing.
Cassiers, what was so urgent?
I think I know why Hoybergs spent
so much time in hospitals. Here.
That's from the local news section of
a national newspaper. May 1977.
He may not be on social media
but his past is.
Hoybergs was disabled.
- Rina, is everything OK?
- Yes. Where were you?
Fuck it. There was someone downstairs.
- Let me see.
- I have to report it.
- My phone's broken. May I borrow yours?
- Calm down. Sit down a moment.
- You're going to have a scar.
- Yeah.
Shame you won't be able to see it
with all your hair.
A scar...
on a man, that's...
that's sexy.
I can get suspended for this.
Only if I tell someone.
Look at me.
Don't you dare come.
Eleven back operations.
Four in Germany, five in Switzerland
and two wear-and-tear ones here.
- Eleven operations.
- A back is corrected gradually.
Followed by painful rehabilitation
each time.
Has it had any effect psychologically?
The pain can sometimes overwhelm him.
At times he stills sees himself
as a sort of hunchback
and thinks everyone is staring at him
and reacts very defensively.
Defensively or aggressively?
Medication has kept that under control
for a number of years now.
But the painkillers,
that's a different matter.
I know he's been hospitalised in
a private clinic a few times for that.
- Is that that rehab centre's site?
- They must've really helped Hoybergs.
He made a serious donation.
He paid for a gym.
Then we'll have to go and
have a chat with them.
Sorry, hold on.
Go back to the previous photo.
May I? Sorry.
- Oh. He knows Rina.
- He knows his victims.
Freddy was right, dammit.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Patrick repaired my espresso
Not with a hammer, I hope?
This was in the bathroom.
Patrick can't control his anxiety
if he hasn't hidden a hammer somewhere.
It's like a cuddly toy for a child.
Gives the illusion of safety.
- When was he here?
- Yesterday.
You don't think
he was the one prowling around here?
Why would he prowl around here?
He only needs to ring the bell
and I'll open the door. Always.
I do to all my patients.
How well do you know Patrick?
- Are you expecting someone?
- No.
Oh. Vincke.
Yeah, I... I spent the night here
because I saw someone
prowling around here last night
so I thought it best to...
to stay here.
They attacked me. Hit me, here.
Hit me on the head.
But I haven't been able to report it yet
because my phone is broken.
I'll write my report right away,
I promise, I just wanted to have a shower.
Good morning.
There have been some new developments.
You're getting protection.
Thank you.
Do you recognise this man?
There you are.
Maybe this will jog your memory.
That photo was taken at the rehab centre
in Valkenburg, where I did a placement.
The opening of the gym.
I saw him there, he was a patient.
Rina said at the beginning that one of
the photos seemed vaguely familiar.
- Eric. Hold on.
- Go ahead.
- You slept with her.
- I slept in her apartment.
Yeah, yeah. I'm not an imbecile.
I'm not.
Are you stupid? Sleeping with
someone involved in the case.
Oh, now she's suddenly
involved in the case.
Indecent assault, abuse of
your position, breach of trust.
She can get them to throw the book at you.
Get you in serious trouble.
- Rina won't do that.
- No, because she's really stable, eh?
- There aren't any witnesses.
- No? What about me?
And those two saw you half-naked too.
I have to report it.
- What?
- Report it. I'm obliged to report it
- or she can report us all.
- I just said that Ri...
I'm sick to death of it. You do it by the
book. That's how you like doing it anyway.
Stay far away from her,
don't stray even a millimetre from
the tasks I or Mulder give you.
Go and write that report.
Include everything that happened yesterday
and what you know about Rina.
From now on focus on Hoybergs.
And you're staying in the office.
D'you hear me? In the office.
Yes, that's Vronique's...
As soon as there is any more news,
we'll contact you.
- Maybe we shouldn't think the worst.
- No, of course not. Let's stay positive.
Maybe she just spent the night
with some cop. Eh?
Federal Police. Where is she?
- Who?
- Hands to the front.
- Where is who?
- Where is she?
- Who?
- Hands to the front.
- Could you be more specific?
- Where is she?
Take him in.
If she's still alive, then tell us.
I don't know what you want from me
but I don't know those people.
Don't let her die.
If you help us save her, that will be
to your advantage during your trial.
You can be here
but all you're allowed to do is breathe.
Why was your phone turned off?
So we couldn't trace you?
It's a games fair, my phone's always
turned off during demos. It's polite.
We checked your hotel. You didn't appear
for breakfast this morning. Not hungry?
- I rarely have breakfast.
- Yeah, of course.
The diaries you gave us
don't tally with the reality.
My diaries are never correct.
There are always last-minute changes.
I don't think Mr Hoybergs realises
how tight the noose around his neck is.
Similar gruesome events happened in
the Cologne area when you lived there.
You're in a photo with one of the victims.
I'm in thousands of photos
with thousands of people.
Rubbish. You are in very few photos.
Maybe that's why you've stayed
under the radar for so long.
Where is she? Come on, redeem yourself.
Tell us she's still alive.
Think about her parents,
what they are going through.
- You've got children too, eh?
- Yes. Stop this.
I haven't done anything.
Not here, not in Cologne, nowhere.
In Cologne I worked with my colleague
day and night, all day, every day.
- He can confirm that.
- What's this colleague's name?
- Menken. Andreas Menken.
- OK. Now be very careful what you say.
I shall send people to Germany
to check every word with Menken.
You can save yourself the expense.
Menken lives in Brussels.
He travelled back and forth for a few
weeks at a time and slept in our office.
He went back and forth? You said
he was with you all day every day.
Menken was in Germany then and
now he's here. He's not on our list.
Mr Menken? Police.
It's no use, sir.
I haven't seen him for a few days.
I think he's got a girl somewhere.
- Do you sometimes see him here with women?
- No. Why?
- Is he wanted for something with women?
- We just want to talk to him.
Not for those women with no head, eh?
I don't believe this. Really?
I've got a master key.
- No, no, no, Mr Lemmens, thank you.
- Oh, I suppose it's not legal?
I never do it, of course.
I swear on my grandmother's grave!
Search warrant?
No, Cassiers, you're right. We haven't
got enough for a search warrant.
Let Roth stay and watch that building.
You come back
and try to get as much information
as you can from your German colleagues
about this Menken
OK. Right, I've got to go now.
What do you want me to
tell you about Menken?
He's a loner, a game designer,
a bit of a nerd.
Like most of them.
Parents are divorced.
When the company asked me to set up
a branch here, I brought him with me.
- Is he in a permanent relationship?
- Not that I know of.
I don't see much of him.
At the gun club now and then.
Pistol shooting. Army sons.
Is there anyone at work he is close to?
Menken usually works from home
because it's quiet there.
Now and then he rents something abroad
to be able to work in peace there.
Then his phone is turned off too. Artists.
What are you doing here?
Weren't you guarding Rina?
Yeah, and then it was called off.
- When Hoybergs was picked up.
- Fuck.
What if it isn't Hoybergs?
Rina, watch out. Who's that?
- It's Freddy. Look.
- Watch out, Rina.
- It's Freddy.
- Watch out.
It's Freddy.
- Patrick, it's me. Remember me?
- Freddy is a friend. Freddy is a friend.
- He's not a friend. His eyes...
- Don't you remember me?
- His eyes.
- Freddy.
- Freddy is a friend.
- He's not a friend.
He's stopped taking his pills
and that's your fault.
- You have to take your pills, Patrick.
- Those aren't my pills.
They're poison.
- I'll call the emergency services.
- No. No, no, no.
Patrick, Patrick, Patrick, Patrick.
- Freddy likes us.
- He likes you. He wants to take you away.
- No one's going anywhere.
- You want to take her away, eh?
No one's going anywhere.
Come on.
Give me your hand.
OK. Stroke him.
OK. That's it.
When he wakes up
he'll have forgotten everything.
You can't stay here.
They're no longer sure it's Hoybergs.
I can stay at the clinic.
There's always someone there.
- Help me. We'll put him in the car.
- You have to stop this.
- Take his feet.
- He's too dependent on you.
Him coming to your home
isn't healthy, is it?
Take his feet.
Eric, an enormous red flashing light.
A fire.
Menken's mother died in Germany in a fire.
When Menken was fifteen.
Most killers start with arson.
Arson and cruelty to animals, eh?
- Is Menken's name mentioned in the case?
- No proof it was started on purpose.
- But there was an investigation.
- Menken wasn't home that weekend.
He was supposed to be at boarding school
but wasn't.
Wait till you see his alibi.
Alice Neumann, Menken's mum's best friend.
Until mum caught her best friend
with her son.
This Alice was 36, Menken just 15.
His mother almost tore her to shreds.
But Menken and Alice carried on
seeing each other in secret
and she stated he was with her
the weekend of the fire.
- So she was his alibi.
- The best is still to come.
Alice Neumann committed suicide
a few years later.
- Laid her head on a railway track.
- Eric, pal, this is textbook stuff.
Loveless childhood
at boarding school, isolated,
sexual transgression,
re-enacting the decapitation.
Mum was probably his first victim.
And he got away with it.
There. Menken is our man.
I've never been in this Menken's place.
- Damn.
- That was to be expected. Danny?
Come with me.
What's up?
Uh? What's going on?
Goddammit, it's deleting all the files.
- Shit.
- Goddammit. Close it. Close it.
- Goddammit.
- Shit.
Shit, I pulled the plug out but
it's carrying on. There must be a battery.
That's all they could save. It's the first
level in the game he was developing.
His description has been circulated
but we haven't released his name yet.
We don't want him to panic.
No. Or Vronique Stassyns stands
no chance.
- No, no, we're going out via a side exit.
- The press is out front.
- Scared of the press? Hm?
- Our people will take you home.
Not necessary. My lawyer will take me.
His meter is running.
Our apologies, of course.
My lawyer will put a figure on
your apologies on the way home.
Here, a national newspaper's website.
- Dammit.
- Now he will go into hiding.
Which idiot leaked his name to the press?
- I don't believe it!
- Shit.
No, no trace of Vronique or anyone else
being held in that apartment.
Or Menken is an obsessive cleaner.
That's possible too.
He has somewhere else. You won't get
a woman past that caretaker unnoticed.
Urgent call over the radio from
one of the teams. Suspicious movement.
- Menken?
- No, Cody.
- Cody?
- Cody stopped by a young woman.
We're keeping our distance
and watching him.
Hey, Mulder is from Europol. Europol isn't
allowed to take part in interventions.
Sorry, Mulder.
- Hey, you have to stay in the office.
- What?
In the office.
He has picked her up.
- The hen is with the rooster.
- Yep.
They are driving north,
towards Esmoreitlaan.
Locate and wait. And no going it alone
unless the woman is in danger.
And be careful, guys.
He has a gun permit.
We're heading for the river,
for the river.
Not too close, Benji. Benji, not
too close. And turn your lights off.
I don't believe it.
- Where has he gone?
- I don't believe this.
- Where is he?
- Shit.
Yes. There.
What's up?
- Can't hear him now.
- Don't tell me you lost him.
- He turned in here somewhere.
- He can't be far. The engine's off.
OK, split up and when you see him,
tell the rest right away.
OK. I go left.
The car is 200 metres along, past the fork
in the road, on the right, by an oak tree.
- Leave him alone.
- Calm down, calm down.
- What's happened?
- Nothing. He hasn't done anything.
That's the point.
He was going to tell his wife.
But no, a quick fumble in the woods.
You bastard. That's all I'm good for, eh?
I hear you're looking for me.
Has he said where Vronique is?
It's not him.
No, it's not him, Vincke.
And you established that in half an hour.
All his profiling. His past, his running
away. Everything we found at his place.
- All out the window?
- Yes.
- Why isn't it him?
- Because I believe him.
OK, OK. You believe him.
He's been in a monastery in France
for 2 weeks.
He regularly goes there
so he can work uninterrupted,
no phone, no internet,
no cable TV, nothing.
He came back cos someone who'd just
arrived had seen his photo in the paper.
I don't believe it.
There must be another explanation?
Someone is on their way to the monastery
but you'll see, I'm almost certain
the monks will confirm his alibi.
- He thinks his boss dropped him in it.
- Hoybergs?
- He knew where he was. The whole time.
- Why didn't he say anything?
There's only one thing to do, take a very
close look at Hoybergs, from scratch.
But without me, I have to go and put
some clean underpants on
for my appointment with the investigating
judge at half past eight.
I have to go and explain
where and who I slept with.
Thank you.
Good morning. Freddy Verstuyft.
I've come to see the investigating judge,
at his invitation.
- OK. May I have your ID card?
- Of course. Here you are.
- You can stay there. I'll come and get you.
- OK, thank you.
Why are you calling with Rina's...?
Are you OK?
Fucking hell.
Rina, goddammit, say something.
I think it happened last night, I was here
with the water aerobics group...
- Where's Patrick?
- He...
- Where is he?
- He's in sleep therapy.
Good thing he wasn't here.
He'd have freaked out.
Out the way. Move, move.
Fucking hell. Did anyone see anything.
Are there any witnesses?
You can find that out, Cassiers.
We're off.
You weren't allowed near her.
- But that animal is? Eh?
- Freddy, leave her here.
She's not safe here.
She is safe here.
And we have to take her statement.
My uncle hasn't been here for years now.
Come in.
Take a seat.
So you don't think it's that Menken.
Menken thinks his boss dropped him in it.
So now Hoybergs is
the favourite suspect again.
I really do have to go back and see the
investigating judge. Sorry, but I have to.
It won't take long.
You're safe here. Alright?
- OK.
- OK.
I've already said.
He got a call last night.
Did you hear that call yourself?
If my husband said he got a call, he got
a call. He had to go out for a while.
- Do you know who called him?
- No.
- He didn't say anything about that either?
- No, he was upset.
- Maybe it was Menken.
- Have you had any contact with him since?
He turns his phone off
when he goes to meetings.
OK. We'll circulate his picture.
Mrs Hoybergs.
The investigating judge has
just left the building.
I must say, he wasn't in a very good mood.
Right, you have to come back,
without fail, tomorrow at 8.30 a.m.
- OK?
- Yeah, yeah.
I caught something too.
From the fridge in the night store.
I found something else
among your uncle's fishing gear.
What? Are you going to arrest me?
It's pure. It's from my pharmacy.
I'm not going to take that.
It's no fun if one person takes it
and the other doesn't.
In it together.
Goddammit, the investigating judge.
Fuck. Fuck. Shit.
I can't decide, Freddy. Is walking out
on the investigating judge twice
the stupidest thing you've ever done or
is it your affair with Rina?
Mulder thinks the latter. But he doesn't
know our public prosecutors.
Personally I'd say
the investigating judge.
Yeah. That's why I'm here.
The case is solved now
so I thought maybe you could put in
a good word for me with the judge.
Beyers, can you go with him?
Make sure Chief Inspector Verstuyft goes
straight to the investigating judge.
You only have yourself to blame.
So you can sort it out.
I'm finished, Eric. I'm finished.
- I...
- We ask a lot of you but have no choice.
And you have the talent.
It's gone. Went years ago. It...
Maybe it was never there.
Of course it was.
I'm going to do something else
with my life, Eric.
It's over.
- Patrick, I have to let you go.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
do you understand?
Oh. Is everything OK?
Hey, Patrick.
What's the matter?
What's the matter? I'm here for you.
Suzy, not now.
Rina here, you know
what you have to do, after the beep.
Sorry, Freddy, the investigating judge
thinks you should wait 24 hours too.
So Hoybergs fired the gun like this?
Yes, but then there should be
more blood on the sleeve.
Here, look.
Traces of blood everywhere.
- But not here. See?
- So?
- May I? Yeah?
- Yes.
Only this can explain
the lack of blood on that sleeve.
So someone held his hand?
The hair dye. Identical to
the sample brought in earlier.
- From Rina Van Lierde?
- Yes.
- And the cause of death?
- In the case of the three I've examined,
trauma caused by a blunt object,
a different murder weapon each time.
But almost certainly a hammer each time.
- Reminds me of Freddy.
- Which Freddy?
- Which Freddy? Freddy Verstuyft.
- No one called Freddy works here.
I get it. Freddy, who no longer
works here, sent me an email
about one Patrick Manteau.
And called him the man with the hammer.
Here, and I replied...
Who is Patrick Manteau?
And he...
Was that Patrick there?
At that rehab centre?
You said we had to ignore
orders from Verstuyft.
So you didn't check it?
He wasn't there. But I did dig deeper.
And Patrick Manteau was at
a semi-open hospital in Limburg.
Right by the German border and
only 25km from Wahner Heide.
- At the time when those women disappeared?
- I'm checking that now.
On one of the evenings he was stopped
by traffic police for reckless driving.
He tested positive for cocaine and
his passenger took over the driving.
- A woman?
- It doesn't say.
But it was 6km from the spot where one of
those women disappeared that evening.
And when I tell you
to ignore Verstuyft's orders, Cassiers,
- I mean ignore Verstuyft's orders.
- Yeah...
But well done.
Open the door.
The big Verstuyft.
When it comes to his mouth anyway.
I would've paid to put you in handcuffs.
And now look.
Maybe it's a good moment
to buy a lottery ticket too.
That'd be great.
Then you can retire, eh?
A disaster for your local bar but
a blessing for the police and society.
Sorry, Chief, we can't keep
the investigating judge waiting.
- That suicide was staged.
- What did you say?
And we have good reason to think
it was that Patrick Manteau.
Fuck, I knew it.
You should've listened to me.
We now think the guy has got Rina.
- No, no, no. He can't have.
- We don't know where she is, Freddy.
She's not at home, not at her work.
Where can she be, Freddy?
We found her colleague, Suzanne,
dead in his room.
Where can Rina be, Freddy?
Four texts to Verstuyft and
her last two calls are to Patrick.
- Is his picture being circulated?
- We need to redo the perpetrator profile.
No, I've had enough of perpetrator
profiles. Now I just want a perpetrator.
A perpetrator!
Patrick, I have to let you go.
It's over.
Patrick. Patrick.
I wanted to reassure you
but we haven't got him. You're not safe.
I'll try again later. I have to go and
see the investigating judge in a moment.
Vincke has been petty and
reported me for... for us...
Think of me.
- Look at the older voicemails. Here.
- Yeah.
- Here, 17 seconds. That's from Patrick.
- Yes.
Rina. I want to see you.
Where are you?
Rina, I'm already there.
That's the carillon.
He's near the cathedral.
- In Moriaanstraat.
- Car?
On foot is faster. Ask for intervention.
No sirens, we don't want to scare him off.
Team Bravo to all channels.
SWAT intervention requested
in Moriaanstraat, number 26.
Suspect is Patrick Manteau.
May be armed.
May be holding a woman hostage.
Goddammit, Verstuyft.
Car back. If he's here
we don't want him to panic.
- What about Rina?
- Cars back. Set up a perimeter.
No one goes in.
We wait here for an intervention team.
- Verstuyft is here.
- How the hell can he be?
He went inside via a trapdoor
in the street behind us.
Wait here.
- Dammit, Cassiers.
- Sorry.
- Doesn't anyone follow orders anymore?
- You can't go alone.
Fucking hell!
Rina? Rina? Rina?
Are you OK? Are you OK? Listen to me.
Are you OK? Eh?
It's me. Hey, hey, hey.
It's OK, it's OK.
- Freddy?
- Clear.
Goddammit. Stay here.
People are on their way. OK?
Stop! Stay there!
Where's Freddy?
Cassiers, call an ambulance
and lie on her to warm her up.
Freddy. Freddy, don't.
The intervention team are on their way.
Hey, take it easy, take it easy.
Sir? Are you OK? Are you hurt?
Stay where you are.
Don't move.
Stay where you are.
Stay where you are.
Police. Get back.
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
- OK.
- Yeah.
Don't let me go.
- Are you hurt? Should I take a look?
- I'm OK, I'm OK. It's fine.
I need to explain something, Chief.
The reason I've let Verstuyft
do as he likes lately is because...
Well, he knows something about me that...
Not the incident with Dirty Dave,
Cassiers? Everyone knows that.
Where is the key?
Has the lab taken stuff already?
No, everything is as it was.
- Where are they?
- They said it was OK.
They didn't even want to go to hospital.
The policeman said he'd take care of her.
Get them to look out for his car.
Use the traffic cameras to find him.
Now, Cassiers.
Why hasn't he been located? There are
thousands of cameras in the city.
She manipulated us. She knows
how profilers work and we fell for it.
We found her semi-naked and
groggy from drugs in Doel.
Suppose she was caught
burying those bodies,
the cleverest thing to do is
pretend to be a victim too, of course.
You're caught so you go and
hang around naked 50km away.
- Yes.
- It wouldn't occur to me to do that.
- Did Patrick say anything else?
- All kinds of stuff. He just raged on.
Did he say why?
I wasn't really listening.
Too busy not freezing.
Yes? Through the old tunnel
to Linkeroever.
Freddy, I'm going away for a while.
Why don't you come too?
Exhibiting those heads? She knew the
hammer injuries would lead us to Patrick.
When did those heads appear?
When we no longer had any other suspects.
So she sacrificed Patrick.
- Patrick was...
- Patrick is in the past.
Patrick bashed that woman's head in.
And that's an end to it.
Anxiety psychosis.
You saw for yourself. He's an animal
if he doesn't take his pills.
But who controls his pills?
- Yes, there, there.
- Fuck.
- Goddammit, Rina. What have you done?
- Patrick hit them.
As for who held his hand,
you can't prove anything...
The freezer. The freezer wasn't locked.
It's over now, Rina.
It's over.
It's starting now.
Dammit, Freddy.
It's me, Freddy. I...
I... Sorry, pal.
You have...
You have...
to tell the investigating judge...
that I...
will have to move my appointment again.