Hex (2017) Movie Script

- Father of Earth and Heaven,
I call thy name.
Around me the smoke and
shout of battle roll.
My eyes are blinded
by the dazzling flame.
Father, sustain an untried soldier's soul.
Life or death or what ever be the goal.
In this, we beg.
For the sake of Jesus Christ,
our Lord.
Who goes there?
- Soldier.
- Stay back.
Where are you heading?
I have been travelling--
- Have you seen battle today?
It's a dull day for the enemy.
- It is.
- It is.
- Have you eaten?
- I have food to spare.
- Should I break bread with you?
Round head.
- My quarrel is with
your king, not with you.
- Than you shall have a quick death.
Round head!
Show yourself!
- We have sinned against thee
because we have forsaken the Lord.
Now deliver us
out of the hands of our enemies
and we will serve thee.
- Why do you wait?
- I'm not used to that look.
- What look?
- The look of a man ready to do.
- You shouldn't be so certain.
- Have you seen many of our outcomes?
- You might miss.
- At this range?
- It might jump.
Wet from the rain.
- It was under cover.
- And you still haven't
pulled the trigger.
You see, every second you wait
is another chance you give me.
- It matter not.
Neither of us will leave this place alive.
Something ungodly lingers here.
You must remember.
At the church?
- I remember you hiding like a mouse.
- Surely you heard them.
- You fear murmurs and
apparitions more than steel?
- I fear what I saw.
And I saw her.
- Will you not be a man and
the pull the damn trigger?
- It would be a shot wasted.
When she comes,
we will need every chance we can get.
- You stabbed me.
You stabbed me in the back.
- She's out there.
- Must be a night prowler.
- It is her.
- Wild dog or stag would make noises.
It would not approach the flames.
- Denying the Devil's work
will not make it disappear.
- This must be an animal.
- Tis a creature.
But not one of this earth.
A witch.
She found her way into your mind.
Into your dreams, didn't she?
She will seek to confuse us.
Poison our minds with fear.
She may even
take control of our bodies.
So that we turn on one another.
She is coming.
- Enough of this.
Who goes there?!
- Come back.
Come back.
Can't you see?
After last night, we know
what she's capable of.
- Crafting symbols and mind games
will not stop me walking
out of this forest.
- I told you what I saw.
- Perhaps she is too
deep inside your head.
- You underestimate her.
We survive together.
- The battlefield awaits us both.
If we should meet in combat,
I will repay your charity.
With a quick death.
- Sir, I fight for king and country.
How did you come to be here?
I pray thee,
speak to me.
Forgive me.
What must we do?
- The forest is hers.
While she has control,
we will never find her.
You must bring God back to this land.
- The church.
- We bless the church,
we track the witch,
we do what needs to be done.
Destroy it.
Leave the armour.
Wait here.
Kneel with me.
- What now?
- Welcome God Almighty
back into the forest
and into our hearts for protection.
Be strong in the Lord
and in the glory of his might.
With him,
his wisdom and strength,
he hath council and understanding.
Let us try our ways.
Find mercy of the Lord.
What is it?
If her visions torment you
then embrace God.
Your mind will be cleansed of all demons.
- I can not.
- Why not?
- These demons are my own.
As they haunt my mind, I fear
God will never be welcome.
- He is listening.
- Our regiment besieged
a town west of here.
It was a dull day.
I was on the front.
The field was thick of men.
I was surrounded,
cutting my way through the enemy.
the tides were turning in our favour.
Parliament were falling back.
But in the smoke and cannon fire
I don't know how I even
heard the footsteps
approaching from behind.
I turned.
Thrust my sword into the attacker.
But it was my own officer on
the other end of my blade.
I watched the life drain from his eyes.
That's no way for an officer to die.
Killed by one of your own.
The village of Hopton was ours.
I was hailed for my bravery
and our dead were hailed
for their sacrifice.
No one would know of the shame I carried.
Now you understand.
Why would God protect me?
What has taken you?
This isn't you.
She has entered your body.
Don't let her into your mind.
I will end this.
Don't let--
- This is me!
She is not in my soul or mind!
Only I reside!
- I didn't...
- My brother died at Hopton.
Should I care about your officer
when my own brother lay beside him?
Probably by your hand as well!
- I swear. Just stop.
- My brother!
- Have you not killed a brother?
Or a son?
Are we not soldiers?
And I tell you, if I
had slayed your brother,
then he has my respect.
But not my sympathy.
The fire of war claims many.
Those who are left must keep on the fight
or else the fire burns for nothing!
I don't know if God is with us,
but your brother is at peace.
- God is with us.
I saw on to you,
love your enemies.
- "I say onto you,
"love your enemies."
We have no might against this great evil
that cometh against us.
Neither know we what to do,
but our eyes are upon thee.
- Shouldst
thow help the ungodly?
Or bring thy holy fore upon them?
- Do not I
hate them, but hate thee?
And I am not grieved with those
that rise up against thee?
- I hate them
with the perfect hatred.
I count them mine enemies.
- I hate them
with a perfect hatred.
I count them mine enemies.
- It's a path.
- I remember a warm
day when I was younger.
I would pick the wheat from a field
on the hillside overlooking the land.
Down below stood a village.
Name escapes me.
The wind carried the
sound of music to my ears.
Laughter too.
Banners hung from the houses.
Flowers from the trees.
Soldiers greeted the locals
with swords sheathed
and uniforms neat and clean.
I'd never seen such a vibrant display.
Then came the screams.
Hard to pick out at first.
But then they were all I heard.
Ringing in my ears.
An old man beaten in the dirt.
A woman humiliated and dragged
through the celebration.
But the music didn't stop.
Some rejoiced as they were strung up.
Others danced as they hung.
I wish I could've just
danced with them and forgot.
But I won't forget the screams.
- Be still.
Avoid her eyes.
She will ensnare us.
- Don't do this.
- You have brought
damnation to these woods.
For that, Hell awaits you.
- I didn't--
- Speak no lies.
- God is all-seeing.
There is no hiding your discretions.
- Why is a soldier's
mind always so clouded?
You claim your God is
all-seeing, yet you are blind!
- Why do you deny your actions?
You summoned the dead
and tormented our minds.
- Are they not tormented already?
If I can't bring change,
I will bring to the surface
that which you wish to hide.
There will be no sin in that.
- Your symbols desecrate the house of God.
- It was ruined long before I was there.
His symbols don't stand
for anything anymore!
- Put down the knife.
- I've had to defend myself my whole life.
I won't stop now.
- Grant not, oh Lord,
the desire of the wicked.
Further not her wicked device.
- Hexes can't help you against the sword.
Renounce your evil thoughts
and I will not have you suffer.
- You offer death with kindness?
Your hate engulfs the world.
- Stop!
Yeh hath sinned against the Lord.
We will cleanse this wretched evil
from the roots of the earth.
- Evil?
I am the rain
trying to put out the forest fire.