Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie (2017) Movie Script

[sweeping orchestral music]
- Grandma! Grandpa!
You have to see this!
I found a map.
A map...
the key to finally finding
my missing parents.
[tropical birds singing]
[dramatic musical tone]
This has got to be them.
[melancholy music]
[exciting music]
[foreboding music]
Where are you?
both: Arnold!
- Mom! Dad!
- I can't believe
how much you've grown!
- And you're still wearing
the hat we gave you.
- Wait.
I've been looking for you,
trying to find you.
- I know.
What have we missed?
- Show us the neighborhood.
- What?
This is really weird.
Mom? Dad?
both: Yes, Arnold?
- You've been lost
for so long.
I mean, I always believed
you were alive somehow,
- Stella! Miles!
I need you
for one last mission!
- Wait!
Where are you going?
- We're off on another mission
with Eduardo!
- No! Not again!
both: Bye, Arnold!
[dramatic music]
- [gasps]
[melancholy music]
I wonder if
I'll ever find them.
[toilet flushes]
I know, Grandpa.
Don't go in there for a while.
- [chuckles]
You know me so well,
short man.
- Did you wash your hands?
- I knew I forgot something.
- Grandpa,
I had that dream again.
- Oh?
What happened this time?
- My parents were here--
well, sort of--
and it seemed like
they were gonna stay.
- But then they left
on another mission.
Oh, I'm sorry, Arnold.
I miss them, too.
But I'm glad
you get to see them,
even if it's only in a dream.
Oh, it's better than
the nightmare I keep having.
I live in a run-down
old boarding house,
renting my rooms
to a bunch of weirdos
who always want things from me.
[plates shattering]
- Hey, Gramps,
what's for breakfast?
I'm starving here!
Starving, do you hear me?
- Imagine that.
It's a living nightmare.
- Make me a sandwich, old man.
- Crispy fries and a tofu
burger for me, please,
and step on it!
- Hey, Arnold!
Finally, someone
with some sense around here.
- Hi, Ernie.
- Hey, Arnold.
- Hi, Oskar.
- Hey, Arnold.
Good to see you.
- Hi, Mr. Hyunh.
- All power
to the working stiffs!
All power to the proletariat!
We demand a living wage!
- Morning, Grandma.
- Hello, dear.
- You're not fooling anyone,
Back in the kitchen.
- [laughs]
Abner, I don't have any food.
Oh, except this apple here.
- [sniffs]
- I know what you want.
[smooth jazz music]
Bye, everyone.
Come on, Abner.
- A pig eating bacon?
It's very creepy.
- See you, Arnold!
- Arnold, be well!
[animals chattering]
- Hey, Arnold, ready
for the best day of school?
- The best day, Gerald?
- Yeah, today's the last day
of school.
Therefore, by my calculations--
- It's the best day.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Where do you two
think you're going?
- School, dad, remember?
Kids? School?
The place we go to get away
from doofs like you?
- Fine, go learn.
Come right back
and help me sort beepers.
- Didn't you get the memo, Bob?
Nobody wants beepers anymore.
Ever heard of cell phones?
- It is true, Helga.
A communication device
used to alert someone
to make a phone call--
a relic of
an obsolete technology.
- I hate beepers.
And the only thing that I can
kind of tolerate is--
- Oof!
- Oh!
I mean, I said,
everybody out of my way,
Hair Boy!
What are you, blind?
Don't you even know
how to not crash into people?
- Got one more, Helga?
- Ha! Yeah.
Maybe you should get
walking lessons
for your birthday, Arnold.
- [chuckles]
Whatever you say, Helga.
- Ooh, good comeback,
Doi! Come on, Phoebes.
- Following.
[school bell rings]
- All right, class, settle.
I know you're all excited
about the last day of school,
but get ready
for even more exciting news.
- Is it that I can do...
- No, it's not, Harold.
Anyway, the news is,
we've been selected
to compete in
a very special contest!
A great humanitarian
in Central America
that helps the less fortunate
is sponsoring it.
They build habitats
that provide living space
in the rainforest,
and they want to
celebrate kids
that exemplify their spirit.
- Mr. Simmons?
What do we have to do
to win the contest?
- Excellent question, Phoebe.
We submit a video presentation
of our class
being humanitarians
in our own neighborhood.
- What's the prize?
- Curly?
A class trip
to San Lorenzo!
- San Lorenzo?
The San Lorenzo?
- Is that the new
Mexican restaurant?
- No, that place has been there
a while.
- Close, Stinky.
It's a beautiful, proud
republic to our south.
This is where we'll go
if we win the contest.
- To a Mexican restaurant!
- No, to San Lorenzo,
the country,
and the organization
that will host us
is called
"Helpers For Humanity."
- That was the group
my parents worked for.
- And isn't it
the same San Lorenzo
where your parents disappeared?
It's almost like this contest
is designed for you.
- Quiet down, jerk-faces.
I'm trying to concentrate
on the clock.
- Class,
I know you're excited
to get to work on
this video presentation,
even though
it's the last day of school.
[school bell rings]
School's out for summer!
- I have a summer
of stuff to eat!
- So long, suckers!
- I'll do it.
- I will, too.
- Great!
We're on our way to winning.
It's due in a week.
[smooth jazz music]
- Okay, we'll make
the best video ever.
- We'll win this thing,
go to San Lorenzo,
and find your lost parents.
- Yeah, but the prize isn't
a free trip for me
to go looking for them.
- True, but how can you not
try to find your lost parents,
especially since you've got
your best friend to help?
- [laughs]
Let's win this contest.
- And get you some answers.
It'll be our secret.
Now we just got to do something
- [humming] Monkeyman.
- I know.
Let's build a habitat
for Monkeyman,
right here on the river.
- You're a bold kid, Arnold.
- Hey!
[seagull screeches]
- Where once was
a dirty urban riverbank,
we've provided a comfortable
floating dwelling for one,
as well as a habitat
for the local bird life.
- Monkeyman!
- Great, Arnold.
Now I just shoot
some more angles
of our awesome
completed habitat.
- I was hoarding that!
- My tire collection!
- I'm taking it all back!
- Thief! Thief!
- They took my stuff!
- That bird's my lunch!
- No!
[all yelling]
- Oh...
- [stammering]
- Hey, Arnold,
where are you going?
- That was my last chance
to find my parents.
[child laughing]
[camera shutter snaps]
[Abner squeals]
[baby giggling]
- [cackling]
- Monkeyman!
all: Monkeyman!
- Give me the leg.
I like the dark meat.
- Hey, sheesh, Arnoldo.
Watch it.
Stop crashing into me.
So, taking a walk
and thinking about
how you've completely flopped
so far
in winning
the San Lorenzo contest?
Ha. This just in:
you equals failure.
- [squealing]
- Actually, I was just kind of
thinking about my life,
and how I haven't
seen my parents
since I was a baby.
I wish I could see them again.
- Well, I--
that's news.
I mean, if you wanted
to talk about...
- [angry squealing]
- Sorry, Helga,
I think Abner's
got to do a number two.
See you.
Come on, Abner.
[Abner squeals]
- [groans]
Thwarted by a dirty,
imbecilic pig.
All I wanted to do
is tell that stupid Arnold...
[romantic music]
That I'm here for him.
I'm listening.
I'm remembering
everything he says.
Every deep thought,
every soul-searching utterance,
yes, even every hem and haw!
I've tried to tell you,
but you've yet to show me
that you've noticed,
that you have feelings too,
so I resort to
what I do best:
being scorchingly mean!
[playful music]
Ow! Okay!
I'll be kind...
And understanding, and...
- [wheezy breathing]
[glasses shatter]
- Aha! If I help Arnold
win that trip
to that crazy San Lorenzo
and help him uncover
the mystery
of his long-lost parents,
maybe even find
the lost losers,
then Arnold will be
eternally grateful
and might even
return my love!
It's win-win!
What a great plan! Whee!
[dramatic music]
- Phoebe, I need a hero video,
- Right.
Arnold tapes
155E, 17C, 101F.
- How does this thing--oh!
- Hey, I think
he's starting to trust us.
- Oh, that's right.
Arnold even saved
that dumb turtle.
- Don't worry, buddy.
We're busting you out
of this joint.
- He's helped half the city.
I'll show those
fancy-pants judges
why he's got to win!
We're gonna need more,
but now I need someone
to actually make something
out of all these.
[smooth jazz]
- Mm-mm-mm!
This is an epic story
you're asking for, Helga.
Where'd you get this footage?
- Security cameras, okay?
- Uh-huh,
all labeled and organized
in perfect sequence.
That's Arnold's bedroom.
How'd you--
- Never mind.
- Major creep factor aside,
you know this footage is what
we need to win the contest.
I thought you hated Arnold.
Why are you suddenly
helping him?
- Because...otherwise,
I'd have to watch
that stupid football head
mope all summer!
We've got to make
this video work
so Arnold can get
to stupid San Lorenzo!
It really matters to him, doi.
You in?
- Okay, I'm in,
but only if you
get everybody to help.
- No problem.
They can just talk
to old Betsy here.
- All right.
Let's do this.
[melancholy music]
- Well, that was
one long, sad walk.
I almost rented your room out.
- [sighs]
Hi, Grandpa.
- Someone came to see you.
They're up on the roof.
- The roof?
- I don't know.
I just work here, short man.
- Shh, shh.
- [gasps]
all: Surprise!
Arnold! Arnold! Arnold!
- This is incredible.
Everyone's here.
- You better have a seat,
- Why? What's going on?
- Lights!
- The legend of Arnold
will be passed down
from kid generation
to kid generation
and onward,
and Gerald is the keeper
of all legends,
the teller of all tales.
Take it away, Gerald.
- [clears throat]
We call him Arnold.
Friend to all,
force for decency,
doer of good.
He's the most dependable,
trusty, true-blue friend
I can imagine.
Help you in a second,
no questions asked.
And I know plenty of others
feel the same.
Let's hear from some people
who Arnold has helped.
- I would've never
left my stoop,
and now look at me,
sitting on
the biggest stoop in the city,
and it's all because of
Now I can harass people
from my stoop
and from off my stoop!
[laughs manically]
Anyway, guy's got
a great heart.
- He helped me
get over myself.
Now I'm tolerant, gracious,
and self-effacing.
Oh, and humble.
I'll get a copy of this, right?
- Arnold put me back together
with my old partner, Don,
and remade my career.
I get applause from fans,
but Arnold's the real star,
- Arnold helped me escape
the cage
of my old rooftop habitat.
Now, I'm as free as a bird!
Merci, Arnold.
- Arnold listened to me
and treated me
just like another friend.
He's, you know,
pure of heart.
I'll never forget that,
- I can inaudibly say
that the over-esteemed Arnold
put the "coach" back into
Coach Wittenberg.
- I was a one-dimensional
until Arnold showed me
my sensitive side.
- Arnold? Never heard of him.
- Arnold almost killed me...
But then saved my life,
got me a new fish,
kept me from going bad!
[motor revs]
Thanks, Arnold.
What a pal!
[pigeon coos]
I'm okay!
- Pure of heart.
That's Arnold.
And that's why he deserves
to win the trip to
San Lorenzo--
because he's done
so much for others.
He's a humanitarian,
just like his parents
and the Helpers for Humanity.
- Monkeyman!
- Hey, Arnold.
You're a bold kid,
and a true hero.
- [laughs]
[cheering, laughter]
- Thank you all so much,
but aren't we too late
to enter the contest?
- I have wonderful news,
Once the Helpers for Humanity
saw this video,
we were immediately selected
to go to San Lorenzo.
That's right! We won!
[all cheering]
- Mm...
- Never fear.
I have every minute
planned out for this trip.
Getting anyone lost
is definitely not
on this agenda.
- Mm-hmm.
You ever travel
with a dozen kids before?
- I know this video
wouldn't have happened
without you, Gerald.
I can't thank you enough.
- You should thank Helga.
This video was her idea.
You should see
all the videos she has--
- Of the things...
around the city!
Anyway, it's done.
We're going to San Lorenzo.
- Wow, thank you, Helga.
[electric buzzing]
[romantic music]
[fireworks bursting]
- [sighs]
And I...
have to go wash my socks.
- So that's the story:
a football-headed kid
wins the contest...
- Whee!
- And gets to go with
his whole class
to the Central American
of San Lorenzo.
- Believe it or not...
[sinister music]
[computer beeping]
- [maniacal laughter]
- Well, short man,
your passport's here.
- All right!
- Ah, ah, ah. Not yet.
Now, Arnold, I'm still worried
about you taking this trip.
Remember all the trouble
your parents got into
with that evil river pirate
That was practically
the last time we heard
from them.
Oh, fine.
Don't forget to sign it
with your name
as it appears
on your birth certificate.
- Arnold Shortman.
Grandpa, San Lorenzo
is a big country.
I'm not going to look for
this Lasombra guy
and I doubt if
I'm gonna run into him.
- [scoffs]
Let's hope not!
This is just a school trip
to visit the rainforest,
not about you
finding your parents.
- Don't worry, Grandpa.
I'll stick with my class
the whole time,
but since I'll be
in San Lorenzo,
I have to at least
look up Eduardo.
He was my mom and dad's
best friend.
- [sighs] Well,
you could at least do that.
[trumpet blares]
- Venture forth
armed with this, Kimba.
- Pookie!
Arnold will never get
a handmade blowpipe
through security.
Oh, and...
Here, short man.
Take this instead.
It'll remind you of home.
- Um...
both: Just be careful, Arnold.
[upbeat music]
- That sure is
a lot of luggage, Miss Rhonda.
- One bag for every day
of the trip.
That's how I pack.
- Harold, why do you have
a deli platter?
- My mom gave me this
in case there's no food
in San Lorenzo.
- There's plenty of food there,
No platter necessary.
- No platter?
cat yowling]
[playful music]
- Oh, Arnold,
though on the outside
I appear to hate the idea
of going to some godforsaken
jungle with you,
'tis merely a guise!
I'll help you find
your long-lost parents
and just maybe...
- [gasps]
- Surprise, baby sister!
I'm coming along
on your San Lorenzo trip
as the student teacher-slash-
- Are you kidding me?
This is the worst news ever!
- I'm worried about your safety
in this St. Lawrence place,
- I'll be fine.
Thanks, Bob.
- Oh, good, you're here.
Take this bag of beepers
with you
and sell them to the locals.
- Arnold.
You're going to the jungle,
so don't catch
any tropical diseases
like malaria,
or diphtheria,
or cholera,
or yellow fever,
or hookworm,
or elephantiasis,
or leprosy,
or tennis elbow!
[exciting music]
- Ah!
- Or itchy armpits!
Or boom boom fever
or Aulder's neck rash!
- Hey! Crazy lady!
Get out of my stair truck!
- [cackling]
- Or Palmer's knee,
or Borneo's disease!
Or--I don't know,
athlete's foot!
- You know, I'm really gonna
miss Grandma and Grandpa.
- [squeals]
- Abner!
What are you doing here?
- [squeals happily]
- Guess your grandpa
wasn't gonna let you
leave your pig behind, Arnold.
- [laughs]
I guess we've got a stowaway.
[percussive music]
- [screams]
My hair!
- You know what they say,
It's not the heat.
It's the humidity.
- Class, let's stay together
while we explore
and then go to the river docks
at 3:00 p.m.,
then it's on the boat, and--
[children yelling]
Running is not on the agenda!
River docks at 3:00!
- Come on, baby sister!
- [squeals]
- [screams]
- Miss me?
- Ugh!
- Well, Arnold,
we made it to San Lorenzo.
So, where do we start
looking for your parents?
- Sorry, Gerald, I promised
Grandpa I wouldn't,
but he did say I could find
their best friend, Eduardo.
[horn honking]
I found this old envelope
with Eduardo's address on it.
[tense music]
Here it is.
[knocks on door]
- Whoa.
- What happened?
[television blares]
It looks like Eduardo
kind of left in a hurry.
- [sniffs]
[anxious squealing]
- Abner, what is it, boy?
- I don't know
what's bugging Abner,
but we better get back
and meet Simmons, Arnold.
We can't miss the boat.
[crowd cheering]
- Hello! Welcome!
You must be Mr. Simmons
and your PS 118 class.
My name is Eduardo.
all: Hi, Eduardo.
both: Eduardo?
- [gasps]
Could it be?
Arnold, it's me,
your parents' best friend.
Qu buena fortuna.
I am the captain
of this boat,
and I will take you
up the river to the rainforest.
We'll go straight
to the habitat
that my group,
Helpers for Humanity, made.
- Yes, like my parents.
- Of course.
We all worked together.
- Hi, I'm Gerald.
What a relief.
We thought something bad--
- Captain Eddie?
Is there a toilet
on this boat?
- Of course, of course,
Where are my manners?
Everyone, all aboard!
[all cheering]
- We're on the boat,
we're on schedule...
The captain even knows Arnold.
This'll be a perfect trip.
- I couldn't agree more,
Mr. Simmons.
- I want to introduce
my crew.
This is Paolo.
- Hey.
- Steve.
- Hola.
- And Che.
[bright Latin rhythm music]
- Oh!
- Everybody loves Olga.
[whistle blows]
- I still can't believe I'm in
San Lorenzo with you, Eduardo.
- Is it fate?
Who knows?
- Eduardo, I have to know:
where are my parents?
Are they alive?
- Ah, qu lstima.
That's a mystery I have not
yet solved either, amigo.
But I bet you'd like to hear
my stories of your parents.
- Yes, please!
- Ha! Let's see.
Eh, your father...
was always bumping into things
and breaking them.
I think the first three times
he met your mother,
he broke something.
His arm, his head...
They were both
my best friends.
[tranquil music]
[haunting pipe music]
Your father would want you
to have this.
It was a gift to him
from the Green-Eyed People.
You know,
they helped each other
many times.
- Huh?
- Ay, qu--
I've never seen
this happen before.
You truly must be chosen,
chosen by the Green-Eyes.
Surely you know that
when you were born,
that you silenced
the erupting volcano,
Volcn Turriable?
- It was in my dad's journal.
- The Green-Eyes saw that, too.
It fulfilled a prophecy.
Maybe when we are upriver,
we--you and me--
we will find
the Green-Eyed People.
Maybe they will know
the answer
to the mystery
of your parents.
- Hey, Arnold.
It's buffet time.
- I, uh...
- Go on, play, Arnold, play.
Friends should be
with friends.
- I love buff-ets!
- Ooh, pitaya!
Well, I guess I'll add pitaya
to my allergy list.
- I finished all
the deli sandwiches,
the carne con whiskers...
[stomach rumbling]
Clear the bathroom! Emergency!
Kill me now!
- [giggles]
- Man, Olga makes it look
so easy.
What's her secret?
Besides being pretty
and charming and nice.
- I'm queen of the world!
- [gags]
Time to feed the fish!
- Hey, ocupado!
- Hey, Eduardo.
What are you looking at?
- Oh, nothing, Arnold, nothing.
But this is the jungle,
and you must always be aware
of the dangers here.
- Like Lasombra?
- So, you've heard about
the infamous Lasombra?
He was not happy
that your parents
stole back from him
a precious treasure
called the Corazn.
- Is he after me?
We're in danger, aren't we?
- We could turn around
and head back to safety,
or we can continue ahead,
and maybe
find out about your parents.
- What?
But I promised...
With you to protect us,
we keep going.
- Now, don't tell the others
what we spoke about.
I don't want
to worry anyone.
[haunting music]
- Anything wrong, Arnold?
- Uh, nothing.
Everything's fine.
- Come on, man.
There's no secrets with us,
And now you've got
some secret
with this guy you just met?
- [exhales]
Arnold, what a surprise.
I came up here to think
about life and stuff.
- Yeah, me too.
- So...up here,
staring into the night,
trying to figure out
how to tell me something, huh?
- [sighs]
Well, actually,
I do have something
to confess.
- Confess?
Like a confession?
Like a deep-seated secret
you've been harboring
and haven't told me?
- Yeah.
You ever feel like
there's a hole in your heart?
- Yes.
All the time.
- This whole trip's
been about one thing.
I want to find
my lost parents.
I feel like I'm about
to put us all in--
- Yeah, yeah, I know
all about your parents.
How do you feel about me?
- Huh?
- You wouldn't even
be here without me.
Oh, Arnold, I may act
like I don't care,
I may even say
I hate you,
but that's a cover.
I actually do care about you.
- Huh?
- Don't play dumb, Arnold.
You know
what I'm talking about.
You're like some
weird old wise man,
for crying out loud.
I know you can
handle the truth,
and I can, too.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm talking about the fact
that I really like you, Arnold,
like thunder likes lightning,
like faces like fists.
You know, like-like.
In fact, I lo--
- Uh-oh.
There's a boat coming.
[sinister musical tone]
- [screaming]
[dramatic music]
- [wheezy breathing]
- Eduardo!
- [sniffing, snorting]
[distressed squealing]
- Eduardo!
a ship.
[dramatic musical tone]
[people shouting]
- Arnold, it's Lasombra.
- I knew it!
What are we going to do?
- We'll fight back
and get away.
Stay down where they
cannot see you!
- But what about my friends?
- Forget them!
[shouting, swords clashing]
- Oh, dear, a pirate attack?
Not on the agenda.
[dramatic choral music]
- Fight hard, Che!
But don't hurt
your runway-quality
chiseled face!
[dramatic music]
- Hold on tight, amigo.
[engine revs]
Yes, my friend.
I'm changing course down
the Ro De Oscuridad.
It has tricky
and dangerous rapids.
He wouldn't dare to follow.
[all screaming]
- Ugh! Who booked this?
- Bueno.
Lasombra may be
a ruthless river pirate,
but he's not crazy--
no, far from it.
[all screaming]
- Whoop!
There we go.
Down again.
Oh, this is so fun!
- Aah!
- Hold on, Helga!
- Can this get any worse?
- Hold on tight!
[all screaming]
- I'm okay.
- Everyone!
Abandon ship!
- Abner! Abner!
[camera shutter clicks]
Here, boy!
Where are you?
- So...
who's starving?
- Oh, I have snacks
in my other luggage.
I'll just go back
and get them.
Or not.
- Now, friends,
let me explain
what has just happened
back there.
- A thrilling classic
chase scene!
And now we're shipwrecked
and lost!
- Untrue.
We have escaped
an unexpected attack,
and yes, our boat
is unfortunately wrecked,
but there's good news.
We are not lost.
We can hike from here
to our jungle habitat,
a safe place.
- Is the habitat
a short walk from here?
- Oh, no.
No, it's many, many,
many miles,
over rough trails...
- Oh, that is such bad news.
- Through steep,
muddy jungle...
- Ugh, just got worse.
- But then it smooths out...
[all gasp excitedly]
- And becomes
an enormous swamp.
[all groan]
[sharp whistle]
- Okay, I demand
an explanation, mister.
What really happened
back there?
Who attacked us and why?
- We were attacked
by river pirates.
Their leader is called
He is after Arnold.
[confused chatter]
- [gasps]
- Who's that?
- Why is this Lasombra
after Arnold?
- That is Arnold's business.
Let's get going.
- We didn't sign up for this,
but you knew that already.
Now we're literally
up the river
without a stinking paddle!
- No, no fighting,
no fighting.
We have one big job
to do now, friends: to walk.
We can do this.
And take only what you need.
[militaristic march]
- Oof!
- [blows raspberry]
- Oh, gross! Get it off!
Oh, I think it bit me.
- Ooh!
It's like Christmas.
[thunder booms]
- My Beatle boots!
- [gasps]
I see the habitat!
[all cheering]
[hopeful music]
- We're safe!
Thank you, Eduardo.
- Vmonos, amigos.
You can rest and dry out
and have a hot dinner.
[excited cheering]
- I'm starving!
- [munching]
- We're back on schedule.
- Yeah, I guess
it all worked out.
- Um, eh...
may I have your attention?
There's been a misunderstanding
which I would like to correct.
I am not Eduardo.
[unsettling music]
I am Lasombra.
[all gasp]
And you are now my prisoners.
- No!
- And you will remain
my prisoners
until this football-headed boy
shows me where to find
the Corazn.
- Thank you, all of you,
for walking right into my trap.
- How could you?
- Easy. See?
Eduardo, Lasombra.
Eduardo, Lasombra.
Abraham Lincoln,
Frida Kahlo. Easy.
- Yeah, that's hilarious,
La Bozo,
but I'm Helga G. Pataki,
and I'm not staying!
So if you'll just
open the gate,
we'll be on our way.
- You are staying.
I went to the trouble
to arrange
that whole phony contest
and class trip
just to lure Arnold here.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have a question.
Does this dump get Wi-Fi?
- Yes.
- [excited gasp]
- But I'm not giving you
the password.
- You monster!
- How did you guess?
Go change it
to the other password!
And don't forget
to write it down this time!
- Okay, Lasombra,
you have me now.
You can let my friends go.
- Arnold, come on,
don't be mad.
You're my partner, remember?
Our secret?
[unsettling music]
- Partner? What secret
is he talking about?
- No! I mean, he--
- Oh, Arnold didn't tell you?
We planned to go look for
his precious Green-Eyed People.
all: Green-Eyed People?
- No, no, he's twisting it
all up.
I thought maybe
if we found the Green-Eyes,
they could tell me
where my parents are.
- Arnold, say it ain't so.
You weren't actually
helping this jamoke?
- I knew it!
Why didn't you just tell me?
- I'm sorry, Gerald.
- You've gone Benedict, Arnold.
Benedict Arnold was a general
who defected to the other si--
all: We know, Simmons!
- Sheesh!
So what's so great about
this mega-doofus, anyway?
- The ancient Green-Eyes
that a child of the volcano
will save them,
and they believe Arnold
to be that child.
For years, I have sought after
the mysterious Green-Eyes
to get my hands on
their even more mysterious
- Corazn.
Translation: heart.
- With him by my side,
the Green-Eyes are sure
to show themselves to me.
As you see,
I've made a career
of stealing and selling
all that is precious
in Central America,
but one treasure
still eludes me:
the Corazn.
- Psst!
Do you need an inside man?
I can be the camp snitch.
- Sorry, kid.
You are too loco,
even for us villains.
- Great job,
bringing us all here
for your bogus contest
and instead, you sap,
we're all prisoners of
some stinking psycho
river pirate!
- Listen, Helga, I--
I didn't want to hurt--
- Ah, save the speech.
You'll be fine.
As for all of you,
lock them up.
- [gasps]
- You heard the boss.
Move it.
- I can't believe
you did this, Che.
- Muvelo, muvelo.
Rpido, rpido.
- This is all your fault!
- This is really bad.
- Way to go, Arnold.
- I'm really disappointed
in Arnold.
[all gasp]
- Next chance I get,
I'm knocking
that dingus Arnold
into next week.
[melancholy music]
- [snoring]
- Mom, Dad,
all these years, I hoped
that we'd find each other
and be a family again.
I guess I'm never
going to find you.
I'll never know
what happened to you.
[Arnold sobs]
Good-bye, Mom.
Good-bye, Dad.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[romantic music]
- Oh, Arnold...
you poor tortured creature.
Having known the depths
of your despair,
I wouldn't have left your side
in your time of loneliness!
If ever you needed my love,
it's now, and you have it,
forever and always.
I must do anything,
make any sacrifice,
to help you find your parents.
Oh, Arnold,
you magnificent specimen!
I'm coming for you!
[music fades]
- [wheezy breathing]
Uh, Helga?
[romantic music]
- Brainy? Oh!
I could hit you!
[upbeat tune on pipes]
- Phoebe, Gerald!
- What's up, Helga?
- Look, Arnold may be
a total sap
who traded all of our lives
for a bag of metaphorical
magic beans,
but he needs our help.
We've got to do something!
- Ugh.
That kid's gonna be doing
my chores for weeks
to make up for this,
but I'm in.
What's the plan?
- Phoebe?
- Hmm...
We can't all escape
at the same time.
They'll certainly notice
our absence
and capture us again.
- Okay, so, Helga,
you and I bust Arnold out
so we can find
these Green-Eyed People,
and Phoebe...
- I'll take care
of everything here.
- [crying]
I miss Arnold!
[sly music]
- Yah! Hi-ho, Silver!
- Oh, no, Curly has gone
completely crazy!
Get him off of me!
- [chuckles]
- [yells maniacally]
- See you on the other side...
- [laughing]
It tickles.
- [grunts]
- What's go--
- Shh.
- What are you guys
doing here?
- We're your rescue committee.
- I thought you guys hated me.
- Well, of course,
everyone hates you, bucko,
but we've got to bust you
out of here
and find those Green-Eyes
if we want to save ourselves.
- But what can we do?
Lasombra won.
- Don't you give up now!
Your blind optimism
is one of your
most annoying qualities.
after the Green-Eyes help us,
they might have
some information
on your parents.
[rousing music]
- Come on.
- [snoring]
- Grandpa said
this would come in handy.
- Hmm?
Oh, what--
what are you--
- Grandpa was right,
football head.
[Curly yelling]
- This isn't funny anymore!
- Nadine, now!
[dramatic music]
- Oh, araa--
- Whoo.
We did it. We're free.
[warm music]
- Thanks for not
giving up on me, Gerald.
- Ah!
And now that you've
dragged us
to stinking San Nowhere-zo,
how do we find
these Green-Eyes?
- Don't worry,
I've got a map,
and according
to my dad's journal,
the Green-Eyes live
somewhere around here.
Come on!
- Cute. He's got a map.
- [grunting]
- What's going on?
- Jefe, the weird-headed
mocoso escaped.
It's not my fault!
- So, did a small child
knock you out,
or did you just fall asleep,
- [crying]
Please, Jefe, don't kill me!
- [chuckles]
[laughs heartily]
[both laughing]
- Ah, well done.
You did exactly
as I wanted.
- Hmm?
I did?
- See?
I intended for him
to escape.
The Green-Eyes would not
have shown themselves
if I was with him,
so I put a tracking device
on him.
Now, he will lead me
straight to them.
Gather the crew.
We're going hunting
for Green-Eyes
and their precious Corazn.
- [crazed yelling]
- [gasps]
Oh, no!
They've already discovered
that Arnold has escaped!
Baby sister!
- Don't panic, Olga.
Do you still have that bag
of Big Bob's beepers?
- Right here.
But these can only
receive messages.
It's one-way communication.
Just like me and Che.
- But Rhonda's phone
can send a message.
- News flash: nada bar-os.
- I can tap into
Lasombra's Wi-Fi signal...
- My phone!
- And transmit
a low-data package
that will bypass
the need for a password.
Now we need to scavenge
some additional parts.
[upbeat music]
8-0-8 for "Bob,"
and 5-0-5 for "SOS."
We now have
a long-wave homing beacon
sending our
precise coordinates.
- [snoring]
- Thanks for the help
on the new display, Miriam.
[beepers ringing]
- Huh?
Uh, I'm up, I'm up.
- Beepers are freaking out.
I don't get it.
What does--
What does 505-808 mean?
- Oh, that's beeper code
for "SOS, Bob."
"SOS" means "help."
- I know what "SOS" means,
but who would want
my help now, Miriam?
- Aren't the girls
on a field trip?
both: Olga!
[frantic music]
- Oh, and the other one.
- Oh, right, right, Helga.
[doorbell buzzes]
- All right, all right.
Keep your pants on.
- [desperate squeal]
How in the Toledo
did you get here?
- Oh, my!
What happened?
- [squealing]
[ragtime music]
- What?
- [squealing]
- No.
- [grunting]
- [gasps]
- [squeals]
- Are you kidding me?
There's no way
that happened.
Oh, my stars.
Well, you are blowing my mind.
- [grunting]
- Well, then what--
- [soft grunting]
- Oh, what?
[record scratch]
They serve shrimp cocktail
in first class?
- You came all this way
to tell us about
shrimp cocktail?
- No, it's Arnold!
He's in trouble.
- But Arnold's in San Lorenzo.
[dramatic music]
- Well, what are you
waiting for,
an invitation?
We got to rescue Arnold!
[tires squeal]
A-ha-ha, yeah!
- Oh, Pookie,
not the fake hitchhiking leg!
- Oh, stick in the mud.
- Phil? Gertrude?
You guys are still alive?
- Imagine that.
- What in the Big Bob's Beepers
are you doing there?
- Trying to get to San Lorenzo.
- Hey, us too!
- Well, you need a ride?
We got a plane.
- Wow.
Fancy plane.
The beeper business
must be booming.
- Oh, no, that's not us.
This is.
[Abner squeals]
- So, how do we get past
this waterfall?
- Okay, my guess is that
I don't know.
[eerie music]
- Hey, football head,
your shirt is glowing.
- What?
Because it's next to the map?
Look, it's a key!
There's a hidden path
behind the waterfall.
- Are you sure you're even
reading that map right?
- I'm positive.
- Oh, sure.
So there should be
some sort of giant eyeball
You got us lost,
football head.
- Did I hear someone
mention a giant eyeball?
- Arnold,
fork over the map.
Oh, for crying out loud!
[haunting music]
- Good thinking, Helga.
You're brilliant.
- [sighs]
Well, at least one of us
can read.
- Booby trap!
- Did I say
it was okay to touch me?
- Oh, boy.
- Oh, my gosh.
This shows us which tiles
to avoid.
Forward, forward, forward,
left, forward...
all: Forward, left,
forward, right...
- Maybe we're supposed to--
[all screaming]
Hold it.
It says there's some kind
of false floor here.
Follow my lead.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Gerald!
[all grunt]
- It looks like
we have to hug the wall.
[foreboding music]
This way!
- Well done, volcano boy.
[tracker beeping]
Qu es esto?
[all yelling]
- Andale, ndale!
[twangy music]
- [weak groans]
- What?
[foreboding music]
Please, you first.
- No, Jefe, you first.
- No, no, no, I insist.
You first.
- Shouldn't have gone first!
- Impressive.
Let's go.
Good luck coming back
the way we came.
- Esprame!
[stones rumbling, crashing]
[weak groans]
- Eyes on the prize.
- Hmm.
The amulet stopped glowing.
There's no more information
on the map.
- Oh, for crying out loud!
- Well, if you don't mind,
I could use a break.
My dogs are barking.
- We'll have to find
the Green-Eyes
on our own from here.
- You have got to be
kidding me!
This is the middle of nowhere,
football head!
- Whoa!
- Gerald!
Are you okay?
- Gerald?
[mysterious music]
- Mm-mm-mm!
That statue sure looks
a lot like you.
- Hmm.
I got to say,
it's not half-bad.
I've seen better.
[all gasp]
- It's them!
It's the Green-Eyes.
- [gasps]
- Class, with a little
we can transform tragedy
into a teachable moment.
Okay, class, listening ears!
- Well, so much for
adult supervision.
We have to break out now,
and I'll need
everyone's help.
First, Olga,
you distract the guards.
- Yoo-hoo!
El guard-o!
- [laughs]
Ow! Oh!
- Next, Nadine,
you get us the keys.
[militaristic music]
- Oh! Ah! Ah!
- Harold and Sid,
you get the other guards
to come down to ground level.
- Air guitar!
- Look at me!
I'm a distraction!
- I'll use my makeshift
to disarm the guards.
- Huh?
[guards yelling]
- Next, unleash the Curly.
- Free the animals
in the zoo!
[wild drum music]
[animals screeching, grunting]
- [roars]
- Mama! Ah!
[adventurous music]
[merry piping]
- Class...
- Let's go, buddy!
- With the guards
safely locked away,
we simply walk out
the front door.
- [growls]
- Phoebe,
what do we do now?
[engine drones]
- Geronimo!
- Sacagawea!
- Gesundheit!
- Wow, Phoebe.
You thought of everything.
[triumphant music]
- You kids okay?
We got your message.
[all roaring]
- Oh no.
[all scream]
- Oh, daddy!
That boy was mean to me!
- [growls, roars]
You and me are gonna
go round and round!
- Yah!
- Eat wrench! Take it!
- Agenda coming through!
- [scared yelling]
- Aha!
[rousing music]
- Ah!
- Ah!
- My poor hair!
- Ya-ha-ha!
- Don't go in there
for a while.
- Watch out for the boss!
- I'm like the big ball
in that movie!
- Ah!
- Qu pasa?
Oh! Pardon me! Ow!
[sad trombone sting]
- Arnold!
Where are you, short man?
- Mr. Shortman,
Arnold's up there.
- Oh.
[dramatic music]
- Come on, guys,
we need your help.
Our friends are prisoners
of Lasombra.
- Yeah, I got that.
[both panting]
- Hey, what's the big idea?
[stone grinding]
[wondrous music]
- Whoa.
The Green-Eyed People's
hidden city!
- Yeah, yeah, "Arnold."
We get it!
[crowd cheering]
- Do you notice anything
strange about this place?
There are no grownups here.
- [giggles]
- That's the weird part?
Finally, a bigwig in charge.
- Literally.
crowd: Arnold.
- What? She's a kid, too?
- Arnold.
- Please, can you help us?
- Don't suppose she
hablas ingls?
- I got this.
Hey girl, how's it going?
- What the--
- Man, why can't I ever
be the chosen one?
[faint tinkling music]
- All right.
Close enough, sister.
- Hey, Arnold, check it out!
- Looks like the king is...
Lazy much?
- This must be about
the sleeping sickness
that my parents came here
to cure.
- Arnold...
[speaking native language]
- Looks like she's giving us
the grand tour.
- It better be grand.
We've come a long way
for this.
- Look, there's a bunch
of people sleeping
over here, too.
- So is this what happened to
all the grownups in this joint?
They're asleep?
- Mom, Dad.
Do you know where they are?
Please, do you know
these people?
- [speaking native language]
- Oh, my gosh.
These paintings are, like,
straight out of
my dad's journal.
That's the first time
they brought the serum
to the Green-Eyes.
- The serum?
- Yeah, the cure
for the sleeping sickness.
[melancholy music]
But at some point
they didn't have enough?
- What's going on here,
- My parents are making more
of the cure?
- [speaking native language]
- It's the Corazn.
- The treasure Lasombra's
so crazy about?
- Child of the volcano.
Is that supposed to be me?
- [speaking native language]
[speaking native language]
[dramatic music]
[soft music]
- What am I supposed to do?
- [speaking native language]
- I know you want me
to do something,
but I need more
to go on.
- This...
whatever it is
looks like the thing
from the painting.
Up there, in the middle.
- Hey, yeah. And they've got
the Corazn there, too.
- But...I don't know
what to do.
- I know what to do.
Buenos das,
[all gasp]
- [speaking native language]
- So you've heard
of me?
How flattering.
Well, I am infamous.
[haunting music]
At last.
The Corazn.
The sacred treasure
of the Green-Eyed People
is finally mine!
- No, it's not yours!
We need it!
It's got something to do
with the sleeping sickness!
- Oh. You think so?
Well, it's too late.
It's mine now.
And you, my fabled
football-headed friend,
led me right to it.
- What?
- Oh?
You did not realize
you were wearing
a tracking device?
- The amulet?
- Gah! Of course!
- Yes.
I used the Green-Eyed People's
own treasure against them.
I thought that was
a very clever evil touch.
And after centuries
of being hidden,
you, Arnold,
brought me right to them.
- Where are our friends?
- Ah, don't worry.
My guards are keeping
an eye on them.
Speaking of which,
who is guarding this place?
[foreboding music]
You are all children?
- Uh, doi.
Welcome to five minutes ago.
- A hidden city
full of treasures
and no guards, only children,
to stop me
from taking it all?
Why stop at the Corazn?
- No!
You can't take their things!
- You're right.
Why take anything
when I could bring people here
and sell it to them?
I could charge admission!
I can see it now:
"Hidden City-Land."
How dare you?
You meddling--
don't understand capitalism!
[amulet chimes]
[all gasp]
- [speaking native language]
- I can see we're not wanted
here, Arnold.
- No!
- No?
I need you, partner.
- Oh!
[ominous music]
- Ah!
[both exclaiming]
- Come on.
- Arnold!
- Stop!
- Guys, wait, don't!
- Oh criminy.
So of course I've got to go out
on the stupid rope bridge
to save the stupid
football head.
- Oh man, I can't believe
I'm doing this.
- [grunts]
Go back!
both: Ah!
- Oh, whoa!
[both screaming]
- Helga, Gerald, hang on!
- [laughing]
Come here, volcano boy.
- Let me go! Ugh.
- Let you go?
You are the only one
who can open it.
- No!
We need to save my friends.
- First, open the Corazn.
Then you can play
with your little amigos.
[soft music]
- Take your time, Arnoldo.
We just love
hanging out here.
- Oh...
- It's the heart of gold.
[warm music]
- Out of my way!
So beautiful.
And it's all mine...
[music fades]
Ooh! Ah!
- Ah!
[scream fades]
- I want to un-see that.
- Take my hand!
- Pull!
- I'm trying!
- Try harder!
- Whoa!
[tense music]
[all screaming]
[hopeful music]
- Come on up, mijos!
- Who's that?
- Who cares?
[all grunting]
- [pants]
Aren't you...
- Eduardo!
It's really you?
- Hello, my--
- Wait.
Not another Eduardo,
your parents' trusted friend
with a moustache?
Ha! I've heard that before.
Why should we trust him?
- You are welcome
to climb back down.
- How'd you find us?
- I have been following you
since your class
came to San Lorenzo.
I suspected that Lasombra would
use you to get to
the Green-Eyed People somehow.
They broke into my place
and kidnapped me.
I escaped, but got to the dock
too late.
I hate to chase you
in another boat.
- Oh.
On the river!
We thought we were
being attacked by pirates.
- No, it was me.
I lost you at the rapids
but I was able to pick up
your trail where you crashed.
- I'm so glad you're here.
We found the
Green-Eyed People's
hidden city.
It's where my parents
- So then you have seen them?
Miles and Stella are--
are alive?
- I don't know.
- [grunting, panting]
[foreboding music]
[all gasp]
- So, you finally
caught up to us, Eduardo.
You call that a moustache?
- Did you think you could
get away with this, Lasombra?
Miles and Stella protected
the Green-Eyed People from you,
and now, their son will, too.
- Always so presumptuous.
They're not safe yet.
[dramatic music]
[both straining]
- [yells]
[all grunting]
- Give it to me! It's mine!
- [gasps]
[forlorn music]
- You pest!
Just like your parents!
I'm going to throw you
over the cliff.
Go get it!
- [sighs]
He died the way he lived:
full of poison.
- The Corazn!
It was sacred to them.
Now it's gone.
- Hey, football head.
We're alive, okay?
Now let's go back
to that hidden city
and find out what happened
to your parents.
- One question:
How are we gonna
get back over there?
- Um, I prefer
the stone bridge, myself.
- Well, all right, then.
- [gasps]
[speaking native language]
[both speaking native language]
[continues speaking
native language]
- Arnold,
your parents are here.
She will take us
to where they lie.
[melancholy music]
- [gasps]
It's me.
- Arnold...
- Are they...
- No, no.
It's the sleeping sickness,
from over nine years ago.
- But...
they had a cure.
- Yeah,
and it had something to do
with that big stone wheel
thingy in the temple.
- Ol' What's-her-name's
got to know about it.
- [speaking native language]
- They believe that you
are the one
to open the Corazn,
and with a heart of gold
you would awaken
the sleeping parents
and reunite them
with their children.
- The Corazn was the cure?
- But...
It went over the cliff.
- We have to tell her
what happened.
- [speaking native language]
- [crying]
[all crying]
[speaking native language]
- But they're alive.
There's got to be a way
to wake up your parents.
[exciting music]
- Helga, what are you doing?
- This must be it!
You were supposed to put
the heart of gold here
and then, well,
something would happen.
I'm not a scientist.
- I know what this is.
These are the controls
to a machine
Miles told me about.
The Green-Eyed People
would put herbal formulas
in the center altar,
and the machine
would spread them aromatically.
- My dad and mom
knew about this.
It's in the mural!
[mysterious flute music]
So, instead of herbs...
They put the cure right here
so it could cure
the whole city at once.
- Ah, genius.
- But without
the heart of gold...
the Green-Eyes,
my parents...
they can't be cured.
- I might have something
that would work.
[soft music]
It's, uh, a heart.
I think it could fit.
This is just gold-plated.
It's not a very pure heart.
- I don't know.
I think your heart
is more pure than you know.
- [sighs]
You are such a football head.
- [speaking native language]
[warm music]
[speaking native language]
[speaking native language]
[speaking native language]
[hopeful music]
[speaking native language]
- Okay, what's going on?
- There's butterflies.
Could that mean...
- [speaking native language]
- Mama!
[stirring music]
both: Hey, Arnold.
[soft music]
[upbeat percussive music]
[all chanting]
Arnold, Arnold...
- Looks like you finished
the work we started, Arnold.
- I'm so proud of you, son.
- Mm-mm-mm.
Now I've seen everything.
- Good one, Gerald.
Hey, Helga.
- Ah!
Hey, Arnold.
- Helga, I've known you
my whole life, practically,
and you've always been
angry and kind of...
You know, mean.
- Yeah.
- But...
I've also seen you
be really loyal
and super brave.
So I always wondered if
maybe you were mean to me
well, you loved me.
- Love?
Well, yeah, sure, I mean,
like I'd love a root canal.
- Listen, I know
you tried to tell me before,
and I wasn't ready
to hear it,
but now,
this whole thing--
the trip to San Lorenzo,
getting away from Lasombra,
finding my parents--
it's all 'cause of you.
Your locket...
- Locket? What locket?
- Your locket--
it woke up my parents.
You did it all
just to help me,
[tender music]
- Mm-mm-mm.
- [faint whistling]
- Okay, now
I've seen everything.
- [sighs]
[warm music]
- [gasps]
Mom? Dad?
- Hey, gramps,
what's for breakfast?
I'm starving over here!
- Make me a sandwich,
old man.
- Crispy fries
and a tofu burger
for me, please,
and step on it!
[smooth jazz]
- Breakfast is served.
Eggs in a basket.
- Don't you mean
- We call it
- Finally, someone with...
- No disrespect,
but you've both been
asleep for ten years.
What do you know
about breakfast?
- [laughs]
Mom! Dad!
You're really back!
both: Hey, Arnold!
- Were you having
that same dream again,
where you never found us?
- Yeah, the same dream
I've been having all summer.
- It's no dream, Arnold.
You really came
and rescued us,
and now we're really
back home with you.
What do you say
we go on an adventure today?
I read that
the city botanical gardens
has a new rainforest exhibit.
- Sounds great, but...
it's actually
the first day of school.
- Oh, of course!
We knew that.
- Sure. We're hip.
- [squeals]
- Come on, Abner.
- Creepy.
- Who is that cute
little blond boy?
- Bye, everyone!
- Bye!
- Good-bye, Arnold!
[animals chattering]
- Well, Arnold,
you ready for
the worst day of school?
- You mean the first day
of school?
- That's what I said.
- Come on, Gerald.
Look at the bright side.
We're in sixth grade now.
How bad could it be?
- [sighs]
[discordant musical tone]
Hey! Who said
you could touch me?
[smooth jazz]
- Hey, Arnold!
- Hey, Arnold!
Can we walk with you to school?
- Yeah, we already miss you.
- [laughs]
Sure, Mom and Dad.
- Hey, Arnold!
- Welcome back!
- Hey, Arnold!
I still have a job!
- You'll have to stay outside,
- Okay.
- When will you be done?
[school bell rings]
- Uh, 3:30.
- We'll be waiting
right here.
[smooth jazz music]
[Helga sighs]
Yeah, yeah, Arnold.