Hey Good Lookin' (1982) Movie Script

Hey, Garbage.
How long we know each other now, huh?
About 6 weeks, Charlie...
And it's been a gas.
You know, you and me and all this rubble.
Just passing time bullshittin'.
It's been good, but I'm
starting to feel my age now...
and I'm looking forward, you know,
to my final resting place.
So I can relax and not have
any rats chewin' at me anymore.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, you and your heaven again.
You sure that this heaven
is all that's cracked up to be?
Hey, what's wrong with 'cha?
Ain't you a believer?
I used to be, but...
I don't know anymore.
You can't be too careful
what you believe in, nowadays.
Always a cynic, Charlie.
You gotta believe,
you gotta believe!
Hey, what's that loud noise?!
That's it!
That's it!
- What?
- Just like the great book says.
- What's it?
- God comes with a rumble.
Picks ya up and carries ya away.
Goodbye, Charlie.
I'm going to my rest.
Sunshines, trees...
Goodbye, Charlie!
Fuck this city!
He.. hey.
Hi, girl...
What are you doin' out alone so late?
Lucky for you, I'm a nice kinda guy.
What are ya starin' at?
Oh yeah, yeah. I know.
I'm cool. I'm cool.
Hey, uh...
look, lady.
I ain't no pervert or nothin',
but my night's a bust.
How 'bout a kiss in that alley?
Over there.
No, wait.
Don't go.
Here, look at this.
Go ahead,
pick it up.
Oh, what have you got there?
Does it still shine?
Is it pretty?
Is it old?
Does it bring back memories?
Come on,
don't cry.
Give it back to me.
We can talk about it,
come on.
Give it back to me!
That's it.
Oh, look at that.
Do you know what that is?
Here, smell it.
Take it.
It's a black jacket, right.
Yeah, yeah.
That's it. That's it.
Kiss it, like it, love it.
Etica, that's it. Oh, boy!
Let me tell ya where it comes from.
Let me tell ya who owned it.
Now, when we was younger.
We had to dress real cool.
Black motorcycle jacket,
tight Levi's, pointed shoes.
Oh, and you had to have the
best D.A. in the whole neighborhood.
Yeah, seein' now.
That was really important.
It counts, you know?
Vinnie's best friend was Crazy Shapiro.
Hey, what's this?
My zoot suit?
I gotta get my suits outta here.
I hate that ugly kid of mine.
No one was surprised at that shooting
'cause Crazy's pop was Saulie the Cop.
Are ya in yet?
Did you hear about Brenda's ring?
One half carats with baguette.
I heard Mickey knocked her up.
The wedding...
- Okay.
- Tell me.
- Alright. It's like this.
- Alright? Alright.
When I'm up on the roof.
It's like nothing can touch me.
You know, it's all so
quiet and beautiful...
with the whole city right
out in front of my eyes.
So what?
Well, sometimes.
I want to draw a picture of it.
A picture?
Hey, hey, Norman Rockwell.
Draw me a picture.
Here, c'mon, c'mon.
Draw me a picture.
I can't draw.
It's just like I feel
like it, sometimes.
Hey, listen to me, will ya?
There's two million faggots in
Greenwich Village that feel like it.
You know what I mean?
You want to be two
million and one, huh?
Your mother.
Ah, c'mon.
Now, c'mon asshole. Do it...
- You're doing it wrong. Now, do it again.
- Okay.
- C'mon, hit my face. Now, try it again.
- Okay, okay.
C'mon. Trouble shoulder,
will ya?
Now, you're gonna get
killed turning those roundhouses.
Listen to me, will ya?
- Okay, I got it.
- Now, try it again.
No, no, no. Now, you try
and hit me now.
Yeah, yeah. Now, c'mon.
Now, try it again.
- No, I'm not foolin'. Try it.
- C'mon, will ya?
- C'mon, chickenshit. Try it.
- I'll kill ya.
Oh, really?
Oh, yeah?
Very funny, asshole.
Very funny.
Hey, what are you guys doin'?
New ball, huh?
What are guys tryin' to do?
Frizz my hair?
Hey, kid.
Hey, gimme the ball.
Up yours.
Did you say what I thought you said?
I'm gonna let it go this time,
because you're new around here...
and you don't know that
this is Vinnie you're talkin' to.
That's it, huh?
Just a shmuck.
Alright, that's enough.
Hey, Rozzie Featherschneider.
Little Rozzie Featherschneider.
Where have you been?
Where have you been hidin', huh?
Gee, you could really work fast,
didn't ya?
Come on.
Give me my jacket back, you creep.
Hey, come here.
Come and get it, huh?
Getting kind of tough, huh?
- Give me my jacket back, Vinnie.
- Pass.
Go, go.
- Give it to me. Thanks.
- Here is your jacket, Roz.
- Hey, uh... Rozzie.
- Yes?
- I want to tell you something.
- Rozzie!
- I'm not doing anything, pop.
You're doing everything!
Hey, Crazy?
What are you a rabbi already, today?
Rabbi today.
Yeah, that's me. Rabbi today.
Crazy rabbi, look at me...
Oh, dig the boobs of that chick.
Hey, hey, hey.
Father's comin' there.
Hi, Mr. Featherschneider.
How are you? You look good.
I was just saying hello to Rozzie.
Just to babysit for you, remember?
Vinnie Genzianna, yeah.
Well, she's not little anymore, you know.
She really grew up, right?
Go home!
I'll kill you!
- Okay. I'm goin', I'm goin.
- Faster! Faster!
Hey, Roz.
I'ma see you around.
Yeah, Roz. I'll see ya around.
Bom bom bom bom.
The sun is shinin'. Oh, happy day.
I'm in love,
'cause Rozzie let me touch her tits.
And so the next morning,
I dressed in my best and I hung around.
Waiting for Rozzie to walk by.
I was acting cool.
Just hanging around.
You know, doin' nothing.
Just being there.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey. How you doin', man?
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Yeah, how are ya?
- Hey, hey.
- You look great.
- Thanks. Yeah.
- Beautiful.
- Not bad, yeah.
- All dressed up.
- Yeah.
- Going to church.
- Funny, funny. Let me write that down.
- Funny.
- I thought it was quick.
What are you doin' here?
I live here.
What do you think I'm doin' here?
What are you all dressed up about?
- I'm work...
- That's the magic word.
- What?
- Why are you dressed up?
I like to get dressed.
There's gotta be a reason.
There's gotta be a reason.
Oh, you awfully...
12 o'clock at night,
standing there like that.
There's gotta be a
big reason for that.
It's almost 11:30.
No, no, no. There's a mystery goin'
down here. I gotta figure it out now.
- You're a fuckin' pain in the ass.
- R, give me a R.
- What?
- I think it's an R... O Z.
- It's Roz, that's what it is.
- What?
It's Roz!
Yeah, it's Roz!
It's Roz!
It's Roz!
Yeah, waiting for Roz.
All dressed up.
Shut up!
- I can't believe that's what it is.
- Shut up!
That's what is it.
- Good job.
- Shut up! Shut your mouth!
Shut your mouth!
Shut your tit!
Shut your mouth!
Shut your mouth.
What you hit me for?
I just figured out
why you're here.
It's Rozalyn!
I wasn't doing anything, pop.
She wasn't doing anything.
We weren't doin' anything!
Alright. Come on, putz.
Let's get out of here.
I got it, I got it.
We're gonna rob Persky's car.
Listen, I'm tired of doin' nothing.
Let's do it.
Crazy Shapiro, true friend to Vinnie,
is always prepared with kicks.
My only zoot suit.
Where ya goin' now?!
Let's go, Ace. I'm ready.
Somebody come up here.
Oh, where are you? Come here please!
You're too much, Crazy.
Tell me. how you do that, pal?
Oh, Vinnie, I love you!
You really love Rozzie?
I don't know. Yeah.
Yeah, I love Rozzie.
But, you know...
You got to keep your head, man.
Just because you're getting a little bit,
you know...
doesn't mean that it's
really love. You know?
These girls gotta do somethin' else
to prove she really loves ya.
I don't know.
Something, you know.
- What?
- Something!
Eva ain't got what Rozzie's got.
She don't know what's happenin'.
Listen, hey.
Don't let that get ya, alright?
She got you.
How dumb could she be?
- I want to have a good time.
- I'm bored. Can I tell you this?
- What?
- I'm bored.
I know, because you're depressed
and you're thinking about Roz.
Alright. From now on,
I'll call Roz, Harry.
Don't say that name.
I get, ooh... I go bananas.
Okay, I want to pick up
a couple of girls tonight.
- Girls?
- Yeah!
Oh, well. That's good.
What are we doin' here?
What are we doin' here?!
- There should be a couple...
- There isn't even a fag out tonight.
What are we doin' here?
Look around.
Hey, Howdy Doody!
Bartender, two drinks for the young ladies!
Hey, hey. That ain't no way to act.
Listen to me; will ya listen to me?
- Who's the teacher here?
- Go ahead.
Spendin' money on
sweet bops like that.
Hey, it ain't no good.
You know what I mean?
- Gettin' it for nothin', that's the way Vinnie does it.
- Show a little class.
Vinnie gets it for nothin'.
'Scuse me.
You're excused.
- Thank you very much.
- You're very welcome.
Listen, uh...
my name is Vinnie.
Hello, Vinnie.
My name is Marsha and
this is my girlfriend, Shirley.
Hi, Shirley...
How are ya?
Hi, Marsha.
- Hi, Vinnie.
- Uh...
This is called a move, the big move.
I'm movin' right up here.
- You're makin' a big move.
- Big move.
That's very...
Did you notice my elbow
was slowly goin' to the bar.
- Your elbow is...
- I'm assuming my...
I'm assuming my...
my uh...
...Alan Ladd position.
You go to movies?
You ever see me, in the movies?
- Are you a movie star?
- No, I go to movies...
Go to movies.
Hey, you got a good sense of humor.
You're something, you know.
Well, listen.
I've been workin' on it, you know?
Because I'm a little lame at these
kind of approaches, you know?
- A little lame?...
- Well, I'm a little...
Another sense of humor.
Crazy, I love 'em. You love 'em?
- Listen, I tell you why I'm here...
- Who you talking to?
Well, he's kind of hidden away
back there, you know. Behind the beer bar.
- Hello! What's his name?
- There he is.
He's a living person.
I call him Crazy 'cause...
He looks living to me.
Why'd you call him Crazy?
He's not really crazy.
You know why they call him Crazy?
- No, why do they call him Crazy?
- Because he's got three...
- He's weird? He's strange?
- No, he's got three...
- It's because a little bit up here...?
- No! He's got... I'm tryin' to tell ya.
- I'm listening!
- He's got three uh...
Things guys got,
you know what I mean?
Most guys got two;
Crazy got three.
We, uh...
We should waste no time, right?
- Right.
- I like that.
- I like that.
- Good, that'll cost you $25.
For what?
- What are you, a hooker?
- No, I'm a movie star.
Well, Ms. Movie Star.
Vinnie don't pay for it.
You know what I'm talkin' about?
Vinnie never pays for it.
Vinnie's out the door.
Hey, baby!
Wait for me!
That'll cost you $50.
Best evening I ever had in my life, man.
I mean, this is movin' with 'cha
- I knew we could have evenings like this.
- Happens all the time.
I'm so happy those
broads didn't show up...
because nothing would
have gone the way it went.
Everything is working out, just
the way I want it to work out.
Oh. C'mon, Crazy. Will ya?
Don't you get sloppy on me.
What's sloppy, man?
Those broads, I know if
they would've showed up...
- Why are you talkin' so much?
- Huh?
- Why are you talkin' so much?
- I feel good, man.
- Oh, okay. I'm gettin' tired.
- Huh?
I'm gettin' tired. I'm gettin' awful tired,
so I'm gonna check out...
and I'm gonna lie
down right over here.
- It was easy, it was silk.
- Aw, c'mon. Alright.
Alright, already.
Do me a favor, don't talk so much.
- Huh? Don't talk so much?
- Don't talk so much.
- Why?
- 'Cause I'm tryin' to go to sleep.
- Okay, sure.
- Okay?
Sleep well.
It ain't no good.
Listen, Frankie. Listen.
Angie never do this.
- Well, I don't know. It didn't last long.
- It's so goddamn hot.
- That's not what they tell me!
- Vinnie!
- Vin!
- You're steppin' all over me.
- Vinnie! Vinnie!
- What are you lookin' at?
Ay, I couldn't believe
what I saw when I woke up.
All those guys sittin' outside the
boardwalk, waitin' for their wives.
I mean, tough.
Sicilans, y'know?
They don't wear no black jackets,
they wear scars.
Oh, if these guys see us, we're dead.
- Where did you go?
- Well, then we went on a cruise.
- It was nice.
- My husband never took me on a cruise.
- Watch your bed.
You guys are in
very big trouble.
I'm givin' you one more chance.
You better let me up, right now.
You let me up or I'm gonna
tear your nose off your face.
Think, I smell...
Hey, Mr. Boogaloo.
- I've been lookin' for you... Hey.
- Hey, baby. What's happenin'?
Uh-huh. Well, how'd you
know I was here?
Hey, man. I ain't stupid.
I'm the leader of the Stompers, you know?
My job to know where
you are all the time.
Oh, yeah?
Where was I last night, fucker?
You watermelon.
- Hey, man!
- You can't say that, you jive turkey!
Hey, wait. You can't touch him,
that's the rules.
That if a Stomper's on nigga beach,
lookin' for me. It's official business.
- Official business.
- Right?
- Right.
- Right.
Hey, wait a minute?
What kind of official business?
There's one kind of official business.
That's the rumble.
It ain't like the Chaplains
to be ungang-like.
So, Vinnie here is gonna let
us know the time and the place.
Yeah, time and the place.
- And the weapons, and shit like that.
- And the weapons...
- Right, Vinnie?
And if your gang
don't want to rumble...
you gonna have
to fight us all, yourself.
Yeah right, Boogaloo.
Hey, you gotta admit, man.
His hair looks good.
You better let me up, right now.
Get up, I'm givin' you one more chance.
Oh, Eva. I can't stand it.
If you seen... If you really
ever looked at Vinnie's shape.
I think Vinnie's so beautiful. I
think he's so exciting-looking...
And when he gets angry. When he...
Oh god, when he gets angry...
I could die.
Could you die, then?
Oh god,
the way his mouth just...
- ...just curls up at the end, you know?
- Oh, that curl.
Those teeth. I have never
seen such teeth in my life.
You know, if he saw you
in that bathing suit, he'd drop dead.
- You really think so?
- He would just drop dead.
- Are you serious?
- You look so terrific and that...
What do you think?
You think I look alright?
- You look fine.
- I'm losing weight, you think so?
Well, um...
Yeah, right here on the side.
- I'm losing a little weight.
- It looks a little thinner on the side.
Yeah, because I've been making
my sandwiches a little smaller.
Do you think this color's right for me?
I think you look so beautiful,
I could drop dead.
- Do you think Vinnie would like this color?
- I mean, you look really...
I mean, this is a drop dead
bathing suit you're wearing.
- You really think so?
- If he saw you today, he would die.
Eva. Eva, hold my hand.
I can't stand it.
Oh my god, Evie.
He's comin' down the beach.
Look at him. Look at him.
I can't stand it!
Oh, hold my hand. I think
I'm gonna go to pieces.
- Oh god, he's wearin' the pants.
- I think I'm gonna be sick.
- Damn, just what am I gonna do?
- Wait a second.
- What should I do?
- Make some sandwiches.
What kind does he like?
Um, anything.
Put a lot of onions on.
- He loves onion.
- I was in real trouble.
I mean, this was serious.
I had to get my gang, the Stompers,
to fight the black Chaplains...
...or I was gonna have
to fight them all alone.
And that was no bullshit.
And I was scared, but cool.
Want a liverwurst sandwich?
Let it be...
All your faith in me...
Vinnie, this is my song to you.
From Rozzie to Vinnie
with undying love.
When two hearts meet, they're one.
Hi, Vinnie.
Hey, kid.
How's it goin'?
Was waitin' for ya.
Come here.
Hey, you guys.
Still here, you know?
Just around.
I'm right here, you know.
What did I get invisible,
all of a sudden or somethin'?
Enough aleady, you guys.
Come on.
- Enough, already.
- Ah. Jesus Christ, Eva.
- Would you drop 'em already.
- Thank god.
Hey, Vinnie.
Wiping out these guys is
liable to make us famous.
Roz, I told you. Keep the
thing going, that's all big time.
All it did was make Crazy
and Mr. Vinnie here, famous.
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
I mean,
what do you mean?
Tell her what you mean, Vinnie.
Crazy, shut your mouth.
Will ya?
And for you girls,
you get dressed.
'Cause uh.. We're gonna meet
you at the party tonight, right?
I don't believe it, man.
We're famous.
- Listen...
- Famous.
Now, if we're such big shots.
What are we gonna
do to really prove it?
How will you...
How do you wanna...
How do you feel about
rumblin' the Chaplains?
Alright, let me ask the
Stompers at the party tonight...
when they want to do it.
- No kiddin'?
- Yeah.
Hey! Get your hands
off my tits, damn it!
Vinnie, you think my hair looks
like Tony Curtis's hair today?
If anybody looks like
Tony Curtis, it's Vinnie.
Tony Curtis,
he's Italian.
- Italian?!
- Yeah.
I'm gonna give ya a
piece of information, baby.
His real name is
Bernard Schwartz.
- Ah, c'mon. Will ya?
- Isn't he crazy?
His real name is
Tony Curtsio, I know.
- Tony Curtsio.
- Yeah?
Guys used to know
him from the Bronx...
Any amount of money you want to bet,
his name is Bernard Schwartz, man.
You got $5 on ya?
He's a Jewish guy from the Bronx and he's
got four cousins that look exactly like him.
Jewish guys don't look like that.
That guy's schvitzy.
Jewish guys ain't...
Oh, I'm sorry, Crazy.
Jewish guys look like you, Crazy.
What's the matter with you?
C'mon. I love you, Crazy.
C'mere, c'mere.
Tell you what I'm gonna do, really.
You're gonna love this.
You come back...
you come back to Eva.
And I'm going to, uh...
I'm going to set up
the rumble with the Chaplains.
How's that?
Come on.
You got it, Ace.
Hey, guys.
Hey, goddammit!
Vinnie here got something to say to ya.
Hey, baby.
What's happenin', huh?
Where's he at, huh?
Hey, hey, hey.
C'mon now, c'mon now.
Listen, uh... There's somethin'
I got to talk to you guys about.
We're gonna rumble tomorrow.
Hey, Crazy.
I mean, take it easy. Uh...
We're gonna rumble.
Tell us in the back.
Watch this.
- Whatcha doin', Vinnie?
- What's happenin', baby?
Ain't he beautiful, Sal?
Uh. Listen,
I got a little announcement here.
Sorry to break up the, uh, the big party
here, but... I kinda got some bad news.
The Black Chaplains, uh,
stop me on the beach.
See, I was lookin' down to
pick up some chicks, you know.
They put me down, you know.
Now, uh...
Our honor's at stake.
I call a... I'm calling for a rumble
with the Chaplains to protect our honor.
- Stupid mother!
- Bullshit on the rumble.
- No rumble.
- Screw rumblin'.
- Hey, fuckin' loser!
- No way, man.
Hey, you wanna rumble?
Eat this!
I'm dead.
I'm gonna put on a dress
and sneak outta here.
Hey, you uh...
Why aren't you out
there enjoying yourself, huh?
I get nervous, you know.
Yeah. Well, I know, kid.
You get used to it though, baby.
Takes a little time.
How can they do this, you know?
You know how this looks?!
Big ass Stompers chickenshit
to fight a pack of niggers!?
Hey, wait a minute. Shit for brains.
What's the matter with you?
You gotta go slow.
Slow down, asshole.
You gotta learn to go slow.
Them stompers are just kiddin' around.
Trust me, I know that.
You ain't been on the gang
long enough to know that.
I know that.
This I know.
These things are gonna take
a little time. You trust Vinnie.
You're full of shit!
Tell you what I'm gonna do, Crazy.
I'll forget you've done that.
Don't forget it!
Now listen, Crazy.
I don't wanna get pissed off at ya, alright.
You like it there, huh?
- Yeah, I like it there.
- You do?!
- This is very unprofessional.
- I'm pushin' it right in you.
- Who got you in the gang?
- I don't care.
Who's shirt you wearin'?
I like you, you know that?
I like you.
But I ain't gonna like you very long if
you don't take that thing away from my...
I ain't movin'!
Here I am,
right in the middle of it.
Defiant youth in action.
Hey, hey, hey.
- You didn't think I chicken out, right?
- Oh, man. I really make a mistake, man.
You wouldn't think that Vinnie
were gonna chicken out.
I'm sorry.
- You really looked out for us.
- Hey!
The rest of the stompers didn't wanna
rumble. You and me, we go it alone.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm really a jerk for this.
- You really a good guy.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey
- We're pals, right.
- You're dynamite.
- You bet your life.
- Yeah. You're a killer, man.
- Will you listen to me? I know.
- I love you.
Okay. Hey, hey.
Okay, it's okay.
You guys are so great,
brave and strong.
You guys are so great.
Let's tell the Stompers now.
Let's tell 'em we're not chicken.
- We don't have to tell 'em now.
- I wanna tell 'em now.
Okay. Okay.
We're gonna tell 'em now.
- Okay. Go ahead
- Right now. Alright, take it easy.
You chicken, Stomper fags!
what are you yellin' about?
Everybody's gone down to the Paramount
to catch the Rock 'n Roll show.
Come on, Vinnie.
Why don't you take me, please?
Come on, Vinnie.
Yeah. Why not, huh?
Crazy, take me too. I wanna go.
Please, take me too.
Hey! Stay out of it, Eva. Huh?
I want to be alone with Roz.
Where you goin'?
C'mon, Crazy! Hey, I want to be
with Roz before the rumble.
Gotta a few things I wanna tell her.
Crazy and Vinnie are heroes.
They're gonna fight the Chaplains alone.
Somewhere in my heart, I know.
You're gonna fight those
Chaplains just for me, Vinnie.
You can squeeze my tits now,
if you want to.
Hey, Crazy.
Honk honk.
Honk honk.
- Honk honk.
- Hey!
- Hey, moron.
- Hey.
You wanna move your car, man.
Hey, you.
Oh yeah, baby.
Recognize the face?
I'm in the papers.
We're celebs here.
See you around, asshole.
I don't think Crazy was so funny.
I think he was actin' very immature.
I ain't immature.
Hey, man. You want your ass
kicked back to Brooklyn.
Hey, man. You bad enough
to bop with a Stomper.
Hey, man. That's really
a piece of trash you drivin'.
I'll wipe you out anytime, simple pimple.
- You gotta be kiddin' me, man.
- I'll take you standing on my head.
Hey listen, tonsil juice.
I'll take you
standing on my head.
I'll throw that ripped bop.
You don't mess with Crazy Shapiro.
What's wrong, Sal? Huh, huh?
Hey, that Vinnie sucks.
Who he think he is, anyway?
What's he doing
runnin' the Stompers?
He ain't do nothing.
He's got no balls.
I ain't gonna fight no Chaplain for him.
Eh, stop it already.
You're such a child.
Are you takin' me to
the rock show or not, Sal?
Alright, get in.
Who's car is this?
We're taking it.
what's the difference?
I don't like it.
Eh, you're such a child.
Yeah. Well, let's get
out of here. Huh?
- Hey, what's going on?
- I don't know. Just play it cool.
Hey, uh...
Vinnie, right?
Uh, my name is, uh...
Is... is Sal, man.
I represent the, uh...
the Bronx Baldies.
And, uh...
What you did on
the beach, man, was...
You know.
Uh, solid.
And, uh...
Uh, I...
Uh, Vinnie?
Aw. That's cool.
That's cool.
I love you, Vinnie.
We're family, man.
You're my idol, man.
I love you.
Yeah, listen. I love you too, Crazy.
But you're getting me wet.
I'm sorry, man.
Okay, we're gonna get
the show goin' tonight.
And I'm gonna tell you what
I'm gonna do to start it off.
I'm gonna start it off...
We're dedicating this song...
Our very first song of the night...
to our boys, the Stompers.
The Stompers are chickenshit.
Now, you leave the Stompers to Vinnie.
- You're lost.
- I ain't lost.
You're lost, I tell ya.
Eeh, get lost.
Eh, you're such a child.
Sal, ain't that Boogaloo?
- Where?
- There. You blind or somethin', already?
Hey, Boogaloo.
Hey, Boogaloo Jones.
Where are the Chaplains?
The Chaplains suck, sweetheart.
I got something for you, baby.
I'm living, day to day
Hoping we can stay together
- [Off-key] Hoping that we stay together.
- It's true
Forget your foolish pride
Don't say goodbye
Boogaloo did it.
Boogaloo, he did it.
He bought me and Sal a crash.
Sal's in there.
Sal's in there.
He's in there.
They crashed? We crashed?
Oh, Vinnie.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, poor Vinnie.
That's it!
I've had it!
Enough's enough!
Alright, all you Stompers outside!
Everybody outside!
Rozzie, we'll take care of you.
Just take a look at him.
He's like a tiger.
Come on, we'll wait for him in the car.
You're all nothin'!
You don't care
about your chicks...
about your reputations.
You Stompers are all shit!
Now, me and Crazy gonna
fight these Chaplains alone.
Vinnie's being tired of being stepped on.
We're gonna do it...
for our girls...
...so they know,
they got men behind them.
Ah, that's cool.
That's cool.
And they can walk any
block they want to walk.
And talk any talk
they want to talk.
Well, Vinnie's giving you one more
shot to come behind me and Crazy.
So, what do you say, chickenshits? Huh?
What do you say, punks?
What do you say, fags?
Or what do you say, Stompers?
We're gonna rumble
with them Chaplains, right?
Yeah, we're gonna rumble tonight.
Hey, Vinnie.
Let me tell ya, it was Crazy's idea to
go to the drive-in hamburger joints...
to try to find Boogaloo's
drones before the rumble.
Look this way, will ya?
- That's enough for you, Eva?
- Uh, alright.
Great. Now, let's go some
place and park and we can eat.
Get it, Vinnie?
Hey! Be cool, Crazy.
Oh, boy. We're gonna get
bopped this night, baby.
Hey! Hey!
Be cool, will ya?
There's ladies in the car.
They're here and they don't want to hear
the filth that's coming out of your garbage mouth.
You're right.
You're right.
These ain't no ladies.
She's one of them broads.
- Damn straight, Crazy.
- Right, Rozzie.
Boy, I sure love Brooklyn
on a Friday night.
Crazy, why don't you pay
a little attention to Eva. Huh?
Yeah, Crazy. Show her a good time.
'Kay, I'll show you a good time.
Alright, Eva?
You brought her along, you know.
Yeah. Tell 'em, Cheeks.
Get you!
Get you, too.
Have some more wine, Roz.
Soon as I get back
from the little girl's room.
Wanna come with me, Eva?
Um... Okay, Rozzie.
Soon as I get this food off my lap.
You guys will be here
when we get back, won't ya?
Yeah, you bet your sweet uh...
Hey, you guys go ahead
and eat all you want.
Don't worry about us.
You broads have a good time.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Did you cup a tit yet?
- Hey, ya! Alright!
I haven't tried yet.
She's got beautiful boobies, baby.
Not bad, you know.
Hey, uh... Let me ask you.
Why ain't you uh...
Why ain't you messin' with Eva?
- Eva?
- Eva!
- Are you shittin' me?
- Eva!
- I wouldn't shit ya.
- I heard you.
Hey, she's a beauty.
Big big big...
big ass.
Fuck you, she's a beauty.
$5 says you can't bang her.
That ain't enough.
Ah, bullshit.
5 and a half.
Ah. You're on, chump.
Well, Eva.
You're gonna do it with Crazy.
- Do it?
- Sexual intercourse.
Oh no, Rozzie.
You got the wrong idea.
We're gonna get married...in a church.
Oh, Jesus.
Church smirch.
Don't you know what desire is?
Are you gonna let Vinnie do "it" to you?
Listen. I'm no kid, you know.
- Hey, knock knock.
- Ah, come on! Will ya?
- Ah, come on! Knock knock.
- Um... Alright, who's there?
Bisquick who?
Bisquick your pants
are on fire.
- Uh, knock knock.
- Who's there?
Oh, hey.
Hey, meek.
Open the door, the girls are back.
- You guys havin' fun?
- We was until you got back.
Would you like us to
leave you two lovers alone?
Roz, lighten' up.
Will ya?
Crazy's foolin'.
- He's making with the jokes.
- Excuse me, Crazy boo.
Hi, Vinnie.
How you doin' there, Cheeks?
Hey, Eva.
Let me help you with your hamburgers.
Where you been?
Your food's gettin' cold.
Well, as you know,
I went to the little girl's room.
By the way, Eva.
Did I ever tell you,
you got some keen hamburgers?
Oh, I know.
They got lettuce, tomatoes, cheese...
I love those hamburgers.
I love to eat them...
Excuse me, Crazy.
- But wouldn't be easier...
- If I ate the french fries?
- French Fries!
- Crazy!
French fries!
Hey, Jesus Christ.
I don't believe that guy.
- You believe that?
- I don't know. It's that kind of unusual.
- Tomatoes!
- Tomatoes?
Hey, Vinnie.
You got the five and a half ready?
Did uh...he say some
of that five and half?
No, no, no.
He meant ten and a half.
Ten and a half.
Boy, I sure love these hamburgers.
Oh my God.
- I'll see you around.
- Crazy!
- He's like the last of the Mohicans.
- He's like a savage.
- An animal.
Hey! You want me to break it up, Roz?
Is it disgusting?
Vinnie, let's not talk about them.
They can work it out.
I'm sure.
Eve is a big girl.
- Hey uh... You know, kid.
- Yeah, Vinnie.
Want you to know somethin'.
- Yeah, Vinnie?
- C'mere. C'mere.
- You're really swell, Vinnie. You know?
- Yeah, you think so?
I think you're drunk.
Hey, come here.
I ain't drunk.
- Hey, Vinnie!
- Come here.
- It's him!
- Who?
It's Boogaloo.
It's Boo-lagoo.
Hey, what's a Boo-lagoo?
That spook who ran us down.
He's turning into the drive-in.
- I say, let's get him.
- Hey, hey. Lighten' up, will ya?
You mean, Boogaloo.
That ain't Boogaloo.
Where is that son of a bitch?
Hey, man.
That ain't Boogaloo.
Who cares?
They're jungle bunnies, ain't they?
Let's get 'em.
I don't understand.
Meatloafs are like people.
Hey, man.
What are these dudes doing?
I don't know, man, but we better
get back to our neighborhood.
Yeah, you got that right.
Let's get the hell out of here.
What are you lettin' them go for, Crazy?
Ain't a bad idea lettin' them go, you know?
Man, I ain't lettin' no one go.
Just watch old Crazy Shapiro.
Hey, shit for brains.
What about weapons?
I'll show you weapons, man.
- Vinnie don't need weapons.
- Yeah, that's right.
Rozzie, do you think anybody'd mind
if I hid under the dashboard for now?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come out and play, jungle bunnies.
Hey, Chaplains.
I really got ya, huh?
Hey, you're Crazy.
Sounds like we got gas to me, man.
- He must be loaded.
- I don't care what it is, man, but shit.
Oh, woah.
Look at the nasty old chains.
Man, I'm really scared shitless.
Hey, Chaplains...
Eat this.
Hey, man.
Why don't you get your say now, huh?
Come on, get up.
- This guy's a really...
- You crazy freako.
Come on, chickenshit.
You fucking maniac!
God damn it!
You lousy creep.
I'm gonna kill you for that.
Put the gun down.
Put the fucking gun down!
You're gonna die, shit for brains.
Right now.
Don't... Don't.
Oh, man.
Did I scare the shit out of you?
Look, it's empty.
They're dead.
Hey, they're dead.
Come on, Crazy.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, Roz?
Did you see the funny way I scared Vinnie?
- You're a fuckin' riot!
- Come on, Vinnie.
Come on, Vinnie.
Get in the car and let's get out of here.
Rozzie, the guys are dead.
We can't just get out of here.
The guys are dead.
There's nothing we can do.
Get rid of the gun and
get behind the wheel and drive.
What happened?
Nothing happened.
Nothing, you didn't see nothin'.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
- What happened?! What happened?!
What are we gonna do?
Oh, Jesus!
Wow, that was incredible, Crazy!
Hello, Boogaloo.
You know these boys?
Yeah, they were choir boys in my church.
Don't wise-ass me, punk.
I know those boys are Chaplains.
Why ask me?
'Cause I want the
young punks that shot 'em.
What for?
They was just two dead niggas.
Why bother?
You might be right...
But when I find the
black gang that shot 'em...
It means I might get a chance
to blast some Chaplains.
And you know that
I look forward to doing that.
Chaplains don't waste
their bullets on themselves, man.
Tell the motherfucker.
Yeah, who did those Chaplains
waste their bullets on?
We waste them on Stompers, man.
You know, the other guys with guns.
The gang that your son's a member too.
I got it.
Let's go, Mac.
Hey, Mac. Did you see me scare
the shit out of those Chaplains?
Heh, Let's go.
Bam, bam!
You're done, Mack.
Hey, Rozzie?
Where'd Vinnie go?
He's leavin' town.
Why didn't he ask me to go with him?
Uh... Hey, Crazy!
Who's this?
The black Chaplains uh...
stopped me on the beach.
Seein' as I was just uh... looking
down to pick up some chicks, you know.
Now, uh...
our honor's at stake.
I uh, call uh, I'm calling for a rumble
with the Chaplains to protect our honor.
Yeah, yeah.
It's good. It's good.
Hey, Rozzie.
Rozzie, dig this.
Uh, you want me to break it up, Roz?
Is it disgusting?
Uh, Crazy is the uh...
last of the Mohicans.
A true savage.
Well, I guess this uh...
this makes me the
leader of the Stompers, huh?
I guess it does.
What's that?
- It's my crazy pop.
- Who?
My cop father.
What the hell is he doin' down here.
- I gotta see what he wants.
- I gotta get outta here.
Hey, pop.
I thought that was you.
What are you doin' down here?
- You finished?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Tell me!
Tell me who did it!
Tell me.
Stay away from me.
Stay away from me, you fucker.
Tell me who did it!
Tell me. Tell me.
Tell me!
Tell me.
Vinnie did it.
Where you guys been?
Where you guys been?!
I thought I'm gonna have
to fight them myself.
I've been waitin' here
for an hour and an half.
Hey, you know...
Them fuckin' niggas.
They ain't gonna show.
They know better,
you know what I mean?
Oh, shit!
They're there.
Okay, uh...
You guys ready?
You got the rhythm?
Hey, wait a minute.
Boogaloo ain't there.
- We ain't fightin' without Boogaloo
- Shit, that's what we're here for.
- We ain't gonna fight without Boogaloo, so...
- Knocking off some fucking heads off...
Stay loose and I'll be right back.
I ain't coming the Stompers to a rumble
as long as Boogaloo ain't here.
If Boogaloo ain't fuckin' showing,
your rumble is off.
These guys are really good.
Alright, Vinnie.
Get your hands up.
Hey, Saulie.
I ain't arguing.
Believe me, I ain't gonna argue with you.
Keep your ass right down there, Vinnie.
Hey. I got nowhere
to go, Saulie. Believe me.
You squealed and told on Vinnie!
You squealed!
Oh, Vinnie.
Alright, Vinnie.
It's all over, stand up.
Son of a bitch!
Stop Vinnie or I'll shoot.
Vinnie, stop!
Hello, Mr. Freed...
Yeah, I'll...
I'll wait.
Oh, uh...
Hello, Mr. Freed.
Hi, I like to dedicate uh...
Vinnie, leader of the Brooklyn Stompers.
For Rozzie, with an undying love.
Hey, good lookin'.
You made it.
Because it's your precious love,
this is my story.
And you can always...
See, baby...
Vinnie could do no less than leave town.
Seeing as he was heartbroken
over Crazy's death.
You're full of crap.
I ain't buyin' that, Vinnie.
Yeah, you're Vinnie
and I'm Rozzie.
Maybe, we ain't foolin' each other.
You chickened out!
Ya left me!
You never wanted to rumble.
Crazy had more balls
than you ever had.
I loved you and you let me down.
But guess what...
You know what we're doin' here?
Do you know, big shot?
Well, any second,
my husband walkin' through that door.
He's an animal, Vinnie.
A giant.
And he hates me drinking
with anyone, but him.
You're gonna have to fight him, baby.
You're gonna hafta...
You're gonna get your second chance.
'Cause I'm givin' it to ya.
So kick ass for me, Vinnie.
Be a man.
Hey, if there's one thing we learned
then, that's still true now...
If you turn a woman upside down...
They all look alike,
so why bother?
Hey, kid.
How's it goin'?
I've been waitin' for ya.