Hey Sinamika (2022) Movie Script

- Yes, sir?
- What beans do you use, sir?
Coffee beans, sir.
I know that.
But, what kind of coffee beans?
We use good coffee beans, sir.
- You work in a coffee shop, sir.
- True.
You must be well-versed
with all kinds of coffee.
Is it Arabica or Robusta
or Liberica or Excelsa?
It's excellent coffee, sir!
Very well.
Bring me one excellent coffee!
You got it, sir.
Mr. Bean!
Come this side!
Catch my bag!
My purse!
Trust me.
Trust me!
Where are you going?
- Everyone's going that way!
- This way!
Stand here.
Why are we standing here?
Blind spot!
"Blind spot"?
That's my book!
Safety zone.
So, we're safe?
Are you Tamil?
Yes! How did you come to know about it?
Won't you talk in Tamil?
If I go to a place, I eat local
cuisine and speak the local language.
- How about English?
- That's only when we go to England!
Why must I go with you?
My apologies. Grammar mistake.
Do you know Malayalam?
I know enough to understand that
you don't speak it very well.
What brings you here?
The language of the wind!
I came to study it.
I'm a paleotempestologist.
Wow! This is the first time
I've met a paleotempestologist!
You study storms, right?
For the first time, I've met someone
who hasn't asked me what's
a paleotempestologist!
What do you do?
Most recently,
I've been fired from my fourth job.
I'm a boring software engineer.
It's not quite the exotic
profession as yours.
I love cooking.
I came to study the cuisine of Kerala.
Ramaserry idli, Thalasserry biryani,
Kozhikode halwa, prawn fry,
Malabar chicken curry,
muttamala dessert,
elanji, pathiri, fish..
I didn't understand what you said.
But when I hear you talk,
it makes my mouth water!
If I get someone like you,
I'd cook for them my entire life!
If I marry someone like you,
I'd be stuck at the gym my entire life!
I'm not married yet.
My name is Yaazhan.
I'm Mouna.
On the shores of Malabar.
On a stormy day
I saw a flower, standing tall.
As rocks quaked in the wind.
As elephants scuttled in fear
I saw an unquenched flame.
As clouds pounced and fled.
As trees quivered and shivered.
My heart fell as a feather, in love.
As clouds crash in a lightning flash
The skies drum up a beat.
Leaving their nests, clapping hands
Birds too take to the skies.
As they lock lips in an embrace
Bears two are set ablaze.
On their fur that sizzles
Drop by drop, the honey drizzles.
She plucked me from my roots
And poured love in all my shoots.
She made a world anew
And planted me afresh.
Taking fish in a stream
She sent them leaping in the air.
Asking them to shine as stars
She let them out in the skies.
Hand in hand Heart in heart.
Lips on lips
She touched my very core.
As clouds crash in a lightning flash
The skies drum up a beat.
Leaving their nests, clapping hands
Birds too take to the skies.
As they lock lips in an embrace
Bears two are set ablaze.
On their fur that sizzles
Drop by drop, the honey drizzles.
As clouds crash, in a lightning flash
The skies drum up a beat.
Leaving their nests, clapping hands
Birds two take to the skies.
As they lock lips in an embrace
Bears two are set ablaze.
On their fur that sizzles
Drop by drop, the honey drizzles.
As clouds crash, in a lightning flash
The skies drum up a beat.
Leaving their nests, clapping hands
Birds two take to the skies.
As they lock lips in an embrace
Bears two are set ablaze.
On their fur that sizzles
Drop by drop, the honey drizzles.
Don't fling the newspaper
like you normally do
at the third house painted white.
Gently drop it off at the doorstep
quiet as a mouse...
and make a run for it
as fast as you can.
- If he catches you, you're done for!
- Thank God!
- Are you new to the job?
- Yes, bro.
Didn't the owner tell you to ring the bell
and hand the paper to me?
He did not, sir.
He said if I ran into you,
I'd be dead meat.
Besides, three people ran away
from the job, thanks to you.
They ran off because I asked them
if they knew how to read the paper?
Do you read it?
What's in it?
Why must I read it?
Asking questions, huh?
I'll show you how to read this.
- I need to hit forty more houses!
- Come!
- Let go!
- It's no big deal to be late.
Here. Have some Chicory coffee!
You asked what is in this, right?
You must not look at
each article separately.
I'll show you how to do it.
Trump proclaims global warming is good.
In response, this young girl
speaks against him.
A man was killed in Kuwait
last month for supporting this girl.
After the demise of
Vandalur keeper Nallakannu...
the rhino that he lovingly raised,
passed away.
Her name was Selvi.
She was named so by the Chief Minister.
With Selvi gone...
- This chap is a goner!
- The Animal Welfare Board protests
against the government and the zoo.
Today marks the fourth day
of that protest.
This guy has cheated ten women.
That doesn't concern our story.
Jim Long, a Chinese business king
who got stuck in traffic in Chennai,
wants to build a factory.
Like the iPad, he aims to build and sell
a "CheapPad" at low price in Chennai.
People are going to
buy it in large numbers.
Everyone will read the news on it.
There will be no need for newspapers.
Your job is gone!
- What?
- It's gone!
Will I lose my job?
Did I lose my job because
of that goddamn Trump?
- The owner warned me..
- Have some coffee and leave.
Get lost!
As it is, I have lost my job..
The milkman is here, brother!
- Finish him off!
- You snitched me out, evil fellow!
Good God, he's here!
- Good morning, Muthu!
- Please spare me!
Do you understand
the logic of milk bottles?
I'll shut shop and leave town!
- Read that article I told you?
- If I did, why would I be stuck with you?
- I am leaving!
- Why are they running away?
Garden mint!
A magic beyond our realm of perception!
Its scent...
When it graces your tongue,
its freshness pulses across the nerves!
You can just say,
"Go and brush your teeth."
Don't torture me about the magic
of garden mint first thing in the morning.
Go brush your teeth!
Paperboys don't read the news anymore!
Milkmen know nothing about milk!
School teachers know nothing
beyond their syllabus!
Eye doctors are ignorant of noses.
Engineers don't even know engineering!
Film folks don't watch movies!
And the politicians?
Never mind them.
How inquisitive we were as children.
We don't have a single question
after we grow up.
No one likes it when we ask one, either.
Do you hear me?
Coffee is ready!
It's piping hot.
I figured that you were done
brushing your teeth.
Drink up.
It won't be good if it cools down.
It's different.
Which bean have you used?
It's Kopi Luwak.
I got it from Indonesia.
Wild cats eat those beans
and poop it out!
The beans are recovered from that poop
and processed to get this coffee!
Not "ouwack"!
It's "Luwak."
I have told you so many times
to not talk in this manner!
That applies only at the dining table.
Isn't this a bathroom?
Don't waste it.
It's very expensive.
400 dollars for a pack!
It's your money!
Even the cat wouldn't be so expensive!
It's no ordinary cat.
It's an Asian palm civet!
It's not a household pet!
Drink this crap..
Have this coffee yourself!
It tastes fine!
Those civets hook up
only when they mate.
But they're always alone at other times.
It's called "privacy"!
What is this?
Cele Alabaster Cacao Butyrum Kokon!?
- In English, please?
- Chilled white chocolate butter cake.
- Do I have it here?
- A cold cake in a hot shower!
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
It has the same cocoa butter
as your shower gel.
Why is the heater switched on
all night for a morning shower?
That's a lot of power wasted!
Good God! What are you doing?
Just as I thought!
You've lost some weight.
You got to have a big breakfast today.
Give me your bag.
Eat this first.
Will that get mad if I eat this first?
You wear pants over your panties, right?
If you reversed the two,
will the panties get mad?
Hey! Don't touch that!
It's all I have of my
mother's remembrance.
Just don't touch that one
when you're mad, Mo.
I mean to say that
you care a lot about what others see.
But you don't respect your own tongue.
In this messy world, such tiny things
bring us simple joys!
Finish eating..
You leisurely wake up,
leisurely brush your teeth and
sleep in the bathroom as well.
But why do you have to rush while you eat?
It's what I meant
when I said we don't respect ourselves.
Respecting our tongues and tummies
is self-respect!
Oh, no!
Did you forget to say "I love you"?
You forgot your phone, Mo.
Wait! Headphone...
Cutie pie!
Drive safely, Mo!
- Bye.
- Bye!
Did you adjust the side mirror, Mo?
Seat belt?
- Did you release the hand brake?
- Yaazhan!
- Where are you?
- I'm at the third cross. Why?
Make sure you turn on your blinkers.
- There's a huge speed breaker there.
- I know!
Okay, cool.
I've made a special dish for you.
Try it and let me know how it is.
You moron!
Learn to cross the road properly!
- Stupid!
- Why smack your head over some moron, Mo?
How did you know?
Didn't I make a video call?
We'd always be on Skype
when we first got married.
These days...
I'll call you during my break. Bye!
Don't hang..
You hung up?
I'm very sorry!
I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
- Okay.
Is everyone here?
The PG group has sent us a cake
for successfully completing
the Paddington project.
Thank you and
congratulations to all of you.
- Yes!
- Super!
We have another project starting
in Pondicherry, guys.
It's the residential tower project.
A person from our company
must go there to inspect it.
It's quite a windy area.
The material strength, AOO, and
other things must be supervised on site.
It's a yearlong project.
Who's willing to go?
- Sir!
- Boss!
- Sir.
- Boss.
Come to my cabin.
It's hard to decide.
The client asked for her as
she's worked with them before.
Do you remember Mr. Veeravarman?
Mr. Veeravarman?
I know his family really well!
- Quite the act!
- Boss...
please send me over.
I'll stay there until
the project wraps up.
I really need this break, boss. Please.
Boss, my wife, and I have many
issues going on between us.
It's been going on for four years.
- Here we go again.
- Everyone here knows it.
I just signed the divorce papers.
- I'm sorry.
- Congratulations! How'd you do it?
- Why is she congratulating me?
- I'm sorry, boss.
I can't sleep at night!
I met with a psychiatrist.
He said that a change in scenery
would do me good.
And you just happen to mention
this project right after that!
I realize God exists
when I see people like you, boss!
Boss... my reasons are
more compelling than his.
- You wheat-ball!
- I need to go to Pondy! That's it.
You rice-bag!
You have three days.
Only one of you can go.
Decide amongst yourselves.
- Please let me have this, Mouna.
- Don't start..
- I'll be able to drink cheap beer.
- Get lost!
- Buy some at the local liquor store!
- Mouna!
- No means no!
- Two people can't talk at once in a call!
- You can't be the only one to speak!
- What now?
- Please hear me out.
- Hi.
I have a confession to make.
Do you know why I want to go to Pondy?
- Let me call you back, Ram.
- Hello?
No one here would've seen such beauty...
Your fingers are so sexy.
Just like my wife's fingers.
- Every finger..
- Yaazhan?
You said you'd call.
You didn't even send me an emoji.
Is that why you're flirting with the okra?
There were multiple
celebrations at work today.
The Paddington project wrapped up.
A new project will kick off soon.
And Ram got divorced.
He gave us a lunch treat.
A treat for a divorce?
After swearing to never part...
you live under the same roof,
sleep together,
and then decide to separate
and lead lives alone.
You talk to the okra itself!
This is the first act of violence
by a man or woman on each other!
Got it? Are you in your senses?
- Ram?
- Go ahead.
You must be feeling so good.
You can do anything.
You can eat whatever you want.
I feel like I'm in prison!
Pondy is my only escape.
Please, buddy!
I can go to Pondy if your problem
is solved, right?
- What?
- Your fight for freedom begins tomorrow!
All your trouble with Yaazhan
will soon fade away.
Your life will start anew!
Shall I make pasta with okra for dinner?
We are here to plan a separation
between Mouna and her husband.
Good grief!
Quit kidding around, Ram.
Am I kidding?
A lot of thought goes into
pulling a brick from a building.
We put a lot of effort for the same.
- You want to demolish the basement!
- Correct.
It can't be done in a jiffy.
First tell me why you want to split up.
My first reason is his talks.
He just can't stop talking.
Right from dawn to bedtime,
he keeps talking.
He even talks in my dreams!
Scary, indeed.
But isn't yours a love marriage?
Weren't you aware of his
talkativeness back then?
He was learning Malayalam then.
So, he wouldn't talk much.
That's what I liked the most about him.
We came to Chennai
after we got married...
and that's when he began talking in Tamil.
He started way back then.
He still hasn't stopped!
Have you tried talking to him about it?
All this has happened
because of all the talking,
then, why are you asking
her such a question?
What the hell does he talk about?
He talks.
And talks.
And keeps talking.
I never asked you to talk.
I only ask you to listen.
Do I ever ask you
what to talk about?
I simply wish to share with you,
everything I read and hear.
Why don't you like that?
Why do we speak?
Why do we think?
Why do two people converse?
So, you could answer my questions.
And I could answer yours.
If we know all the answers,
there would be no reason to talk anymore.
I have a billion questions in my head.
Speech is like my blood circulation.
It's like breathing.
It must keep going.
It must never stop.
Why are you trying to stop my breath?
Mo! Wait up!
Where are you going?
Our path is this way!
We need to go this way!
There may be snakes over there!
Oh, no!
He talks without stopping for breath!
Looks like his yammering will tire us out!
To him, speaking is like breathing.
So, it's because of his talking that you..
Second reason.
He loves cooking!
What in the..
Despite working out at the gym
for two hours every day...
I keep gaining weight!
Thanks to him.
Take a look at this!
- Damn, you have gained weight!
- Hey!
You need a kick!
Are you scolding him or praising him?
If I ever landed a guy like that,
I would...
You can have him!
- Thanks!
- She has a point.
Why do you eat everything
that he offers at odd hours?
Why can't you deny it?
You idiots!
It's not "odd hours."
It's "those hours."
Those hours?
Oh, buddy!
Do you get it?
- Those hours!
- Good God!
One second!
Oh man!
Way to screw up, bud!
This is an ice cream
made from durian fruit.
Eating it now
will enhance the experience!
- Have some.
- This is horrible!
It'll be like that at first.
You'll get used to it!
- Try some!
- You killed the mood! Buzz off!
After all, what is a "mood"?
It's a recipe for inner peace.
That's all.
It means shut your mouth and get lost!
Durian ice cream.
- Hey!
- Yes.
What are you searching for?
The durian ice cream
which you just mentioned.
Thought of giving it a shot.
- Am I a joke to you?
- I'm sorry. Don't get mad.
Feeding you that stuff in the bedroom,
especially during that time, is annoying!
Why does it bother you more than her?
- What's your problem?
- Nothing.
Any further problems?
The next reason.
A.R. Rahman.
He united so many lovers.
He, of all people, split you both?
Hey angry belle.
O fiery one.
Should you leave, orphaned will poetry be.
You're not aware which Rahman song
suits what occasion.
You haven't understood Rahman properly!
The way he goes "Hey..."
Ever thought why that "Hey"
is stretched out like that?
- In the next verse...
- Somebody, please kill me.
He goes, "Hey, hey".
- I'll jump off!
- Hey!
What the hell are you doing, Mouna?
What if something happened?
A.R. Rahman himself
wouldn't have thought of it!
The fourth reason!
Please stop, Mouna!
My brain is already fried!
- I need no further reasons! Please!
- Fine.
We'll develop solutions for you!
We'll start with the easy ones
and go to the hard ones. Okay?
Each of you suggest ideas
and I'll jot them down.
- Ready?
- Okay.
Just don't react to whatever he says.
That's what I've done all this time!
Assume that you go to a theme park.
In certain rides, the train moves.
In other rides, the track itself moves.
No matter what moves,
the destination is the same.
What are you getting at?
You didn't get it, right?
I'll explain it in a better manner.
You don't have to split up with him.
But he can split up with you, right?
Don't follow your routine
once you get home.
Don't shower or change clothes.
Remain sweaty!
Don't put your shoes in the rack.
Just kick them off onto the floor.
It'll make him angry.
Do you think you're in school?
What's this new habit of not bathing?
It's actually good.
There's no fragrance of soap and shampoo.
It's just my Mouna's original scent.
This is my real Mo!
- Let's eat.
- Next, don't eat whatever he offers!
Tell him you're fasting
in the name of Palmali Baba!
- I'm not eating today.
- Why?
- I'm fasting.
- Really?
Yes. I'm fasting
in the name of Palmali Baba!
- Oh, no!
- Why do you fast for such fraud godmen?
For the crap he spews,
he must be starved to death!
He claimed a sheep turns into a cow
if it goes through a black hole.
Here you go.
The press call it "breaking news"!
This is Xylokean Insta Plus.
It'll make the tongue
go numb in 30 seconds.
The cranial nerves will go numb
for two to three hours.
He will be muted.
And your happiness will get started.
I've added garden mint to it.
It's delicious, right?
Stealing money alone isn't corruption.
Spreading misinformation...
zou zhe peeple like theez
iz alzo corrupzion.
Zat mann iz a fraud.
- A twat..
- You never abuse anyone!
My tongue is zlurring.
A fart!
He'z a fart!
Dzou don't go tou hiz azhram.
Zhey are imbecilez.
Like turning zheep into cowse
by zending them through zhe black hole...
intelligent peeple turn into
imbecilez after gozing in zhere.
Don't go to zhe azhram, Mo.
He'z a fart.
- Good god!
- Underztand zhis, Mo.
Zhat man...
Zou not zpoil your health
for zhat Palmali Baba zhap.
Lizten tou mee, Mo.
Zhat Palmali Baba...
What iz itt, Mo?
I lurve youz, Mo.
What happened, Mouna?
We are always tested
on our road to victory.
We need to get past it!
Oh, God!
Not "we." It's me!
Ideation is where it ends for you.
Torture is what I endure!
What can you do that'll make him mad?
He will get mad.
The only weakness in all men is...
Idea number three, dirty flirting.
I'll call you tonight.
Flirt with me.
Or rather, pretend to flirt with me.
That's when he will start questioning you.
A fight will happen.
And then, you will get freedom!
Just repeat what I say.
I just...
took a hot shower...
I just took a hot shower.
I am dressed right now.
I am dressed right now.
I've paused it.
We'll continue watching after you're done.
You keep watching, Yaazhan.
This film's pace is so slow
that it seems like it is paused!
- You go ahead, baby.
- This movie has won many awards.
We were watching a movie.
- Fine, I'll watch it myself.
- How about you?
Not that kind of film!
Good God! Not that kind of film.
I haven't watched those
since college days!
I watched those
during college days.
How do you know my size?
Hey! Don't repeat it exactly like that!
- What do I do with you?
- What?
Your horrible flirting is the reason why
your wife must have run away!
I'll teach you how to flirt!
Basically, there are 23 rules to flirting.
Twenty three?
I'll go over each one.
Remember them.
Rule number one.
Rule number eight.
Praise her.
- Don't overdo it.
- Okay, sir.
Don't go overboard with your praises.
Tell her there is something
different about her beauty.
Seven more to go?
Rule number twenty one.
Please forgive me, Mr. Yaazhan!
If I ever call your wife again...
then, feel free to smack me
with your flip-flops!
You misunderstood me.
I have absolutely no problem
with you talking to Mouna.
If you don't mind, can I please say
three final words to Mouna?
She dozed off while watching TV.
Were we talking that long?
- Did you just realize it?
- Should I wake her up?
Please don't, sir!
Not at all!
I'll talk to her tomorrow morning, sir.
By all means,
but remember rule number seventeen!
Did the call get disconnected?
- Please forgive me, Mouna!
- Hey!
- What are you doing, Ram?
- You're a saint, Mouna!
- You're a saint!
- Good God!
You take the Pondicherry assignment.
I've spoken to the boss!
Get going right away!
- Nailed it!
- Nailed it!
Just buy me four beers before you leave!
For how long?
A year.
I tried telling that
Ram could go instead of me.
But Kaundhi said I must be the one to go.
I just finished setting up the terrace.
The plants have begun to bear fruit.
I can't come with you.
I know that!
That's why I refused to go.
But I have to go.
I'll definitely come every weekend.
I promise.
Hey. What is it?
I'll miss you a lot, Mo.
I'll miss you even more.
Without you,
I'll have no idea what to eat...
and also as to where my clothes are.
I don't even know to make coffee.
I'll miss you!
My husband's wife is going out of town!
The sky beckons me
To break free from love's prison.
The sky beckons me
To break free from love's prison.
Leave the bed
Break the bondage of kisses.
O heart, be a little bird
And hatch out of your shell.
Go rogue Run away from your nest.
O word Break free from the tune.
Freedom... Freedom... Freedom...
Freedom from love.
Freedom... Freedom... Freedom...
Freedom from love.
Freedom... Freedom... Freedom...
Freedom from love.
Splitting the sky apart
Flying like a rock dove.
The sky beckons me
To break free from love's prison.
Good morning! Hope you all
are enjoying your morning coffee!
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
While you wonder how to make lentil curry
as the lentil prices have spiked,
a fiery song is coming your way.
Listen and enjoy!
I am RJ Shiva.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
Look how she sleeps!
Is this a boring TV show?
A smack is what she needs!
You yawned thrice when I was on the air.
How will I get the flow?
At least pretend to enjoy it!
- You expect people to listen to your crap?
- I don't!
- Our show only got nine emails last week.
- Really?
Six of them were junk mail!
No one even thinks of texting us
on WhatsApp.
Yet, you ramble on and on!
- Do your work. Don't expect rewards.
- Really?
It's Mouna!
Hello? Hi, Mouna!
- Come by to our old caf.
- Are you in Pondicherry?
I'm on my way!
Hold on!
- Hi, Mouna! Over there, Shiva.
- Hey!
- This is Shiva.
- What's up?
Hi! How are you?
So, what's up, you guys?
Not bad at all, Mouna.
You look exactly how you did
back in college!
What are you saying?
- Yes!
- But Shiva, she's a bit quiet now.
Back in college,
she just wouldn't stop yapping.
What a torture!
That Mouna went missing two years ago.
What are you saying?
You had a love marriage, right?
How can you say this?
Let's not talk about that.
Officially, I'm here on a project.
Personally, I've come for some quiet time.
For a whole year, I want to relax
and have coffee with you both.
I want to go home and sleep
without having to hear anything.
I want to eat what I want,
when I want.
I've come to enjoy
my one year of freedom.
Is that all?
We can guarantee that!
Let's make joy!
- Stop!
- If I do, you'll hit me!
Listen to me!
Don't run!
Get up!
Get lost, you wretch!
You deserve no respect.
Come by the house,
I'll hack off your legs!
Good omen!
"Good omen"?
- Thanks, doctor.
- Come along.
Drop the act!
Come on!
Just me... in my sky.
My wind... my breath...
My path... my time...
I become the real me.
My beat... my melody... my lyric...
The sky beckons me
To break free from love's prison.
- Let me know if you need anything. Okay?
- Okay.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye.
- Bye, Mouna!
- Bye!
The sky beckons me
To break free from love's prison.
Change these chains that bind
Into wings and swiftly unwind.
At your service!
Unbelievable, right?
I think you can't take the shock.
Many people can't bear
unexpected joy or sorrow, Mouna.
It's much like when we
can't hold back tears.
It's not healthy to
hold back joy, either.
Laugh, Mouna.
Laugh your heart out!
Have a seat.
I was cool with your weekend arrangement.
But you can't do anything
without my help.
You can't even make coffee!
On top of that, you said you'd
miss me more than I'd miss you.
It made me feel bad.
So, I came over right away.
Until your project wraps,
I'll be by your side to care for you.
Why aren't you eating, Mo?
I don't like the food.
Don't like the food,
or don't like to eat?
Big difference there!
I don't like anything!
My stomach hurts.
I'm going!
Where are you going?
Where does one go
when their stomach hurts?
The toilet!
Will you follow me in there too?
Dig in!
Look at those structures. Why don't we
just bring the same thing down here?
Bring the scaffolding down.
- Hi Mouna! Welcome!
- Hi, sir!
- Team, this is Mouna.
- Hi, sir.
- India's finest paleotempestologist.
- Hi.
Mouna, this is our team.
- Parvathi.
- Hello.
- Samanth.
- Hi.
Arivu, and Raja.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Excuse us, guys.
- Please!
- How's your wife, sir?
- She's fine!
- What are Mythili and Minmini up to?
- Oh shucks!
Minmini has a bridal party tonight.
She's getting married tomorrow!
Oh, my God!
Please don't get angry with me
for the last-minute invite.
Of course not!
- Please!
- The video of your dancing
at Mythili's wedding went
- viral with my family!
- Oh!
You know what she asked
- when you got here?
- What is it?
"Will Mouna dance?"
- Today, sir?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Great.
- You carry on, sir. I'll see you later.
- Okay. Bye!
- Parvathi!
- Sir?
Even if you are lovers, it is not right..
No! We're not lovers.
We're just colleagues.
I thought you wouldn't notice.
- Please don't tell anyone. Thanks.
- Okay.
- Mouna?
- Yes?
Don't forget to bring your husband!
He's quite the conversationalist, right?
- What was his name again?
- Yaazhan, sir.
But, he's in Chennai.
- I can make it by myself.
- Okay.
- Bye, sir. See you.
- Bye.
Spread those wings
Open your cage.
A bird, you be, and forget the sea.
Over peaks, take flight
To touch the night.
Dance with the sky, the earth and me.
- How was your first day, Mo?
- Really good.
- Why are you wearing my dress?
- Isn't it nice?
The movers and packers
truck got a flat tyre.
My clothes will only be in tomorrow.
- What would you like for dinner?
- I have to go to the office.
- At this hour?
- Yes. I'll be back late.
- I have a meeting.
- With whom?
It's Mr. Veeravarman's birthday party!
It'll take me a while to get back.
- You can order out if you want.
- Okay.
Oh, God! Please don't step out
wearing this dress!
Why? Isn't it nice?
Why? Is he a baby?
Why are you all hosting
a surprise party for him?
And that too at this age?
How old is he, by the way?
Around sixty?
See you.
Good night.
Bye, Mo!
I need to get dinner ready.
Hey! You forgot your bag, Mo!
Not me!
- Hold up, Mo!
- Bye!
You forgot your bag!
Mo! Hey!
Oh, no!
The key...
Is it here?
Sorry, Lord Ganesha!
- Mr. Veeravarman!
- Yaazhan?
Happy Birthday!
When did you come to Pondy?
It's not my birthday.
It's Minmini's bridal party!
- You're coming, right?
- To the party?
I'm not in party wear, sir.
That's alright, Yaazhan.
You must definitely come. Okay?
No excuses.
I'll be expecting you.
I'll send you the address.
Alright, sir.
Send it.
How can I go in this dress?
- I told. It's true!
- Yes, you are right!
Oh, hi!
- Hello, sir!
- Hi, Samanth!
- How are you? Mythili's waiting for you.
- I'm fine.
- Please carry on. Come.
- Thank you.
- Hi, Meena!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Welcome! Why so late?
You guys catch up. I need five minutes
to wrap up a client call. Bye.
Fine. You come along.
- Hi!
- Hello, Uncle.
- Hi, Auntie!
- Thanks for coming!
Let's go.
Hey, delicate damsel.
Why the fear?
Why so shy?
Shed it and dance away I beseech.
Step up, O damsel.
For the beat in my heart
And in yours to meet.
The time is ripe.
Dance away like magic I beseech.
Won't you leap like a golden fish?
Won't you dance like today is forever?
Won't you dance even if your feet tire?
Won't you join me and take this stage?
Spread those wings
Open your cage.
A bird, you be, and forget the sea.
Over peaks, take flight
To touch the night.
Dance with the sky, the earth and me.
Spread those wings
Open your cage.
A bird, you be, and forget the sea.
Over peaks, take flight
To touch the night.
Dance with the sky, the earth and me.
Feet-less moon girl.
She dances on the sky.
Sightless storm girl.
She swirls on the land.
As a flame in the darkness
Leap above and dance away.
As a cascade on rocks
Flow down and dance away.
With your eyes wide shut
Did you fall in love?
Until you fall.
Life's a moon.
After you fall, it turns a cocoon.
- What kind of dress is this?
- It's Mouna's!
- Is it nice?
- It's awesome!
Your wife is killing it in there!
Welcome, Yaazhan.
- Have something to eat first.
- Okay, sir!
Should I eat alone?
Give me a taste of this, brother.
You call this "chapati"?
Open up.
How do you shamelessly
call this "cauliflower"?
It's all soggy!
Chapatis are as hard as papadums!
Papadums are as soft as chapatis!
There's no salt in curd rice.
And there' no tamarind in lentil curry!
It's just water that has
retained its taste.
You charge so much, yet you cheat them.
Who is your manager?
- Where is he?
- What's the problem, sir?
What kind of idiot would
serve curd rice on a chapati?
Why do you serve food
without proper combinations?
As if he knows what goes with what
when he's in a dress!
Women can wear shirts and pants.
Can't men wear a dress?
I'm wearing my wife's dress.
What's your problem?
- Is it just the dress or...
- Yaazhan!
Why does my innerwear concern you?
- Should I show you?
- What the hell are you doing?
- Nonsense!
- Come!
- What else do you want to know?
- Yaazhan!
- Come with me!
- Are you his husband,
or are both of you wives?
- Uncle!
- Sorry, Mouna.
- He's drunk.
- Don't stop me, Mouna.
- No, dear.
- No..
If they're both wives,
how can they have kids?
- Just like how your parents had you!
- Yaazhan.
- I'll give you a closer look! Come!
- Let's go!
How did you get here?
Why did you lie to me?
You can't keep quiet.
You'll cause trouble.
I can't bear it
if someone hurts you.
That's why I lied.
Had you told me the truth,
I would've just stayed home.
I wouldn't have humiliated myself
by wishing your boss a happy birthday!
You must not feel humiliated.
Isn't that what this is?
I embarrass you.
I have no job. I am a househusband.
We've not had kids for two years.
How can you introduce
me to your friends?
Isn't that the problem?
Don't talk too much.
"Don't talk too much.
Don't talk needlessly. Don't talk at all!
Don't say this at the dining table.
Don't say that in bed."
How can we ever understand
one another without talking?
Am I Google, to offer all the answers
only when asked?
Don't try to smother down anger.
It's not good for anyone.
Don't try to smother my anger.
How are you?
I'm fine, doctor.
But I still can't stop being
suspicious about him.
I stayed quiet for a
week as you suggested.
I didn't question anything.
He always comes home late.
He doesn't eat.
The other things don't happen, either.
I just left it as it is.
He even left me alone
at a party, last night.
And Parvathi was missing as well.
He came back as the party was
winding down, saying he had a call.
So, you're saying
you still suspect Samanth?
No, doctor.
He's a good man.
I think I'm the one with the problem.
No one can fool all the people
all the time, Meena.
If they do wrong,
the truth will find its way to you.
Until then, stay calm.
How will it find me?
Hey! What the hell is this?
- What have you done?
- It's not me, Meenu!
- You had me doubting myself!
- Listen!
- Someone sent you wrong info!
- Oh, my God!
At last night's party?
Is she Parvathi?
- Yes, doctor!
- Listen to me, Meenu!
- What the hell have you done?
- Won't you believe me?
- Just this girl alone, or..
- Not you too, doctor!
That's not me, doctor!
It's trick photography!
Like you're bloody cupid
and people go around morphing you!
- Behave yourself! Don't hit me!
- You dare tell me that after what you did?
Don't run!
Hold it!
- Hey, Samanth!
- Stop!
- Hi!
- Hey!
What are you doing here, Mouna?
- Baby.
- Who is she?
- Is she your another girlfriend?
- No, baby!
- You'll never change! Let go of my bag!
- Baby! Baby!
- Please trust me, baby!
- Let go!
- No, baby!
- Let go of me!
She's my colleague, baby.
- Baby! Baby!
- I should kill you for what you did!
- Please let me explain, baby!
- Let go of me!
Please stop the car.
Why did you do that?
You put an end to my on life.
- What did I do?
- Don't you know?
If you had any problem,
you could've either told me or Paru.
Instead, you send pictures to my wife!
Now, she's left me!
We've been together for nine years.
- You split us up! Happy?
- Lunatic fellow.
- Excuse me?
- Yes?
I need to meet the doctor.
- First time here?
- Yes.
- Alright. I need your details. One second.
- Okay.
Your name, ma'am?
Mouna Yaazhan.
- "Yaazhan"?
- My husband.
Do you love your husband?
Is that a standard question?
No. If you have even a bit of love
for your husband, please leave.
Married couple come in happy.
But when they leave,
it's a different scenario altogether.
That's why I'm warning you.
I'm still not able to get
married for abetting this sin.
I advise you to leave this place.
If not, bid your husband goodbye!
Super. In that case,
I need an appointment right away!
Is she crazy or what!
Please don't tell my boss
what I told you. Alright?
- Don't worry.
- Anyway, she'll split you two up.
If she does, you won't curse me, right?
- No. I won't curse you. I'll bless you!
- Okay then.
- I need an appointment right away, please.
- Just a second.
The last client, ma'am.
Send her in.
You may go in, ma'am.
Hello, doctor.
Hi. Weren't you dancing
at the bridal party yesterday?
- Yes.
- Nice!
You're an amazing dancer.
Thank you, doctor.
You can call me Malarvizhi.
I noticed you taking pictures
of Samanth and Parvathi, yesterday.
I can't talk to
you about my other clients.
It wouldn't be ethical.
Sorry, Mouna.
You don't have to talk.
But I can, right?
I hear you've split up
many couples like this.
- So..
- You have the wrong impression about me.
That is not my job.
Splitting up or getting back together
is an individual's choice.
I've been under immense torture
for the past two years, doctor.
In that case,
you need to go to the police.
I can recommend a good lawyer.
No, I didn't mean it like that.
You misunderstood me.
Let me ask openly.
Use your methods, either to deceive
or seduce my husband
and make him fall into your trap.
What do you say?
I can split up with him
using that as an excuse.
It doesn't matter how much it costs.
Excuse me.
Please leave!
Please, doctor.
Please. Please. Please.
Get out!
Where are you going?
Are you mad?
What the hell are you doing, Mouna?
I've tried everything
to split up with him.
I came to you as a last resort.
You can't do anything about it as well.
I have no other alternative!
So, are you going to commit suicide?
At my house, of all places?
I would've jumped from my own roof!
But if he started talking while I did it,
I wouldn't even be able to die in peace!
But you kicked me out
without even hearing me out.
So? How can you blackmail me for that?
Get down from there!
Get down!
Just come down.
I have tried everything.
Nothing worked.
You have given me hope.
But doctor, make sure he doesn't get hurt.
He's a very good man.
He doesn't cheat me.
He doesn't lie to me.
More like you're not aware he does.
There is no such thing
as a "good man."
He's not like that.
You just need to prove
he is what you think.
Using that, I can split up from him.
Please make him cheat on me.
It can be with someone else
or maybe, even with you...
That's another line of work, Mouna!
I'll take the plunge
if you won't help me!
Okay, Mouna!
What does Yaazhan do?
He's at home.
- Work from home?
- No.
The house is his work.
Cooking, gardening, books, music.
That is his world.
He needs to step out of that world.
He needs to get a job.
Only then can I observe him.
What does he like doing?
Cooking and talking.
Find him a job
where he can do something related.
What he likes, is talking.
- Hey, Yaazhan.
- Hi!
- I'm Shiva.
- Hi, Shiva.
- Hello, Yaazhan. How are you?
- Hi!
- Welcome to our office.
- Looks great!
- It's a superb jacket.
- Thank you.
It's not ready yet.
We're still working on it.
Mouna asked me to be a guest
on your show.
Aren't guests usually celebrities?
Nothing like that.
Get up!
Being a local radio station,
we tend to experiment a bit.
Even "Paratha Granny"
is a huge celebrity to us!
We got three emails
raving about our show with her.
Why must you pressure
him right off the bat?
Don't be scared.
It's nothing.
Starting trouble.
But you needn't get worked up.
Just speak like you casually would
with your friends. Okay?
- Okay. Yes.
- Shall we begin? Ready?
Hi and hello to everyone!
Welcome to our show.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
- Joy knows no end here!
- Joy knows no end here!
In today's edition of "Local Voices",
we have a special guest.
Mr. Yaazhan, a recently
arrived resident of Pondicherry!
Just chill.
Hello, Yaazhan!
How will our listeners know
you greeted us with folded hands?
- I'm sorry.
- Go ahead and speak up!
Greetings, listeners of Isai FM.
My name is Yaazhan.
My wife came to Pondicherry
because of her job.
I came along with her.
So, you have no job?
- Yes. I'm a house husband.
- Great! Very proud!
You make it sound so epic!
Hats off to you, Yaazhan.
I don't know how many men
would uproot their lives for their wives.
I'm very impressed.
Your first question on the show today, is
"what are the things you like"? Tell us!
Well, that's a... difficult question.
Then talk about the stuff you don't like!
Be short and sweet about it.
I don't like talking short and sweet.
One must pour their heart out.
I don't like hyper-energetic people.
Is life a running race?
Running a marathon
for environmental awareness,
but littering the city on route.
Eating needless stuff
in the name of diet.
Not eating the good things
that elders recommend.
Laughing forcefully at a comedy club.
But not laughing in real life
when required.
Setting an alarm for water breaks.
Standing up when an app tells you to.
Buying clothes and vegetables online.
Making hollow speeches on optimism.
I despise all such people.
We can have an entire show on this!
Right! So, Yaazhan is talking about
things he doesn't like.
Let's keep listening. But before that,
here's a new song for you.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
- Joy knows no end here!
- ...no end here!
- We're getting a call?
- Hey!
- I'll take it!
- No, I will!
Hello! You have reached Isai FM 103.2.
This is RJ Divya.
Who is this and where are you from?
My name is Mahati.
A guest on your show today
was speaking of his dislikes, right?
What is his name?
Can I say it?
I really like him!
This is the first productive show
you guys have done. Just have...
...him anchor the show from now.
The callers are raving
about you, Yaazhan!
Not a word from you.
Join us as an RJ.
How can one not say a word
and be an RJ?
- Go on.
- Heard the show?
Yes, I did.
Told you he talks a lot!
He not just talks too much
but demands a lot of salary as well!
I'm willing to pay as much as he asks.
He's asking for 75,000 rupees!
- "75,000"?
- Yes!
Okay. Fine.
I'll bloody pay it.
Congratulations, Yaazhan!
- For what?
- Welcome to the Isai FM family!
Thank you!
- So, are we colleagues now?
- Indeed!
- When do I start?
- Right from tomorrow!
Joy knows no end here!
- You've gotten the swing of it already!
- Thank you.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- I'll lose my job because of you.
- Hey!
Like I'd ever forsake you?
Once you're through with your work,
- don't worry. Just carry on.
- Okay, sir.
- No problem. We'll handle it from there.
- Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.
Raja and Parvathi,
I'm counting on you guys.
Okay, sir.
- Hello?
- All done for the day, Mo?
Can you come to the caf?
- Why?
- Pull over, brother.
Hello? Yaazhan?
- Just come over!
- Okay.
Let's go, brother.
- Hi!
- Tell me, Mouna.
Yaazhan's called me over to the caf.
What do I do?
- Yaazhan!
- Mo!
- I got a job!
- What?
- At the radio station. Thanks to you!
- Congratulations!
Have a seat.
What will you have?
- The usual.
- Waiter!
- Hi, bro!
- That's home-cooked food!
- I made it myself. Hope you like it.
- Give it to me. Thanks!
You've brought us food? Awesome!
- Hi, Divya!
- Hi, Yaazhan!
- Ready for your first show?
- Yes!
First, I'll teach you some basic controls.
The system's been turned on already.
Let me adjust your mic.
- May I keep my bag here?
- Of course!
And headphones!
Shiva has already adjusted
the sound levels.
To go on air, hit these two buttons
and go two levels up here. Got it?
- Okay.
- Done?
Come on, Yaazhan! It's your first show!
All the very best!
Five, four, three, two, one, go!
Greetings, listeners!
My name is Yaazhan.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
- Joy knows no end here.
- Joy knows no end here. Yes!
I was a guest yesterday
and have become an RJ today. Wow!
Our listener texted us
after yesterday's show.
My first fan.
Their WhatsApp message says...
"Hi, Divya.
I heard your show with Yaazhan."
He thinks differently.
Whatever else he says is fine
but you could've asked him
why he doesn't like optimism.
Keep interviewing such unique people.
"Warm Regards, M."
- Thank you, M.
- Hey, thanks.
You asked why I don't like optimism.
Optimism is all about seeing the good
in any situation.
I absolutely hate that.
How can one only see the bright side
of everything?
India lost the World Cup.
But Rohit Sharma scored five centuries.
That's optimism.
A person was hanging out of a train
and lost his hand while taking a selfie.
But then, at least
his phone was recovered!
Driving a school bus under the influence
led to the death of 40 kids.
But the drunk driver survived, right?
Four men sexually assault a woman.
But at least she's still alive.
That's optimism for you.
I love people who find fault
with everything.
I love them a lot!
A bus driver's video recently went viral.
He requests passengers to throw
trash outside to keep the bus clean.
Everyone praises that
and shares the video.
This particular comment popped up
on the video.
"Why do you throw the trash outside?
Throw it in a dustbin!"
People like these shape the world.
A father who always finds fault.
A teacher who never overlooks an error.
Political pundits.
Investigative journalists.
Film critics who rip movies apart
by giving them a half-star.
People like these bring about progress
in the world.
Hey, break in ten seconds.
Feel free to rip me to shreds on WhatsApp
as part of your feedback to my first show!
Here's one of your favorite songs.
I am RJ Yaazhan.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
- Oh my God, Yaazhan! You killed it!
- Killed it!
- He nailed that first segment, right?
- As I told him to!
- Marked those emails, right?
- Yes.
Let's have a look.
Yes. Hi, Malar.
When are you going to start?
I need to know more about him.
Give me some time.
I need to observe him.
Alright, but please speed things up a bit.
Speak to him!
- Hello?
- Hello?
Feel it. Sound sexy.
- Hi, honey!
- Hi, honey!
Excuse me.
I think you sent your photo by mistake,
thinking it was your boyfriend's number.
So what?
I always want to do wrong things.
Your voice is very manly!
Thank you.
By the way,
do you like my picture?
- It was nice.
- What do you like the most about it?
I like your tattoo.
- So naughty!
Listen, ma'am.
Getting a tattoo isn't anything new.
It's been around for forty millennia.
Tattooed mummies were found in China,
five thousand years ago.
Back then, only criminals had tattoos.
I think getting tattoos for love
began in India.
- For favorite actors.
- Damn.
For sentimental value.
For numerous reasons like this.
How long!
Tattoo removal stories are much sadder
than tattoo stories.
I deserve to whack myself!
This is all your fault, ma'am.
Tell me
Why did you pick this tattoo?
And that too it's so close to your heart.
I'm curious.
- Are you still there?
- Still not over? Good God!
Tell me the truth.
Yaazhan is gay, right?
No, he's not!
He's tough.
Tougher than I thought!
Did he have any affairs at school
or college? Any crushes?
Not a chance!
And that too him of all people!
I need to know everything you know
about Yaazhan, right away.
- What does that mean?
- I need to know everything!
What actor does he like?
Does he prefer cricket or football?
Who's his favorite musician?
What books does he like to read?
Does he like you in a sari
or modern wear?
Tell me everything about him!
He loves comedy films.
Cricket is his favorite sport.
He loves growing plants everywhere.
He loves books and music.
- Damn! She's working me to the bone!
- Bring that over here.
- Let me count. One, two, three, four.
- Good God!
If you don't mind me asking,
why have you kept all these out here?
They're old stuff.
They've taken up space
since the times of my great grandmother!
Do you know the value of these?
All their love and fragrances
are etched in these utensils.
It's full of memories!
How could you throw them away?
The same elders told us not to keep
anything around that gives us no pleasure.
If you don't mind, can I take these?
By all means!
I won't take them for free.
Coffee? At my place.
I stay right there.
My name is Yaazhan.
I'm Malarvizhi.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Hi!
- What kind of mood are you in?
- Why do you ask?
There's a type of coffee
for every mood.
It will help me choose the type of coffee.
Normally, this is a question
I ask my clients.
Someone asking me about my mood
feels different.
Thank you.
- I'm very tired.
- Robusta bean espresso, it is!
A dash of milk to reduce bitterness.
Your tiredness will fade away.
- Less sugar..
- No sugar, right?
You seem to be a great coffee expert.
Are you a psychiatrist?
I'm a psychologist.
It's my favorite subject.
More than half of my
library is filled with your topic!
Don't know if you've read Erich Fromm.
I love his writing.
"When we believe we've reached
the zenith of knowledge
even an ounce of disappointment
can crush us like a ton of bricks."
Coffee is ready!
Where did she go?
Ms. Malarvizhi?
You can call me Malar!
Ms. Malarvizhi?
Was it something I said?
No, it isn't.
Needless memories.
I should've excused myself.
I'm so embarrassed. Sorry.
People usually start crying
an hour after I start talking.
You started crying within five minutes.
I didn't get it.
Have some coffee.
It may have gotten a bit cold.
- Shall I make you a fresh one?
- It's okay. Thank you.
- May I?
- Sure.
Reading Bharathiyar's poetry
always brings inner peace, right?
My mother used to sing his songs
to me when I was a child.
They would lull me to sleep.
When I was ten...
she passed away.
But, she stills lives within me
in the form of Bharathiyar's poetry.
My favorite.
"Whence emanate the tender notes?"
Does a lute breathe this tune?
Does it gush down from lofty peaks?
"Does it rain down from silvery skies?"
Whence emanate the tender notes?
Does a lute breathe this tune?
Does it gush down from lofty peaks?
Does it rain down from silvery skies?
Does it ride atop a resounding chariot?
Does it swirl soaked in nectar?
Does it soar high on the wind's shoulders?
Does it flow drenched in young love?
Please don't take it the wrong way.
Your smile is infectious.
When I see you enjoying this song,
it's like I'm enjoying it.
Many girls must have
fallen for your smile, right?
They sure have.
The minute they hear me speak,
they run for their lives.
You must have plenty
of college love stories.
Never mind love!
I couldn't maintain a friendship
for more than six months at school.
Books are my friends.
Can I become your friend?
You couldn't even bear
for five minutes.
That's a different story.
I've been with you for one hour.
You didn't say one wrong word
or flirted with me.
You didn't try to get nearer to me.
Our tastes match well, right?
So, will you...
No! Can I be your friend?
What button must I click
to accept this friend request?
No clicking needed.
Just a hug will do.
Did they bombard you with commercials
to get you to buy jewelry and saris?
They work so hard
to grab our attention.
Never mind that.
I saw a food truck on Beach Road.
They serve piping hot chicken there.
I noticed the logo on their van.
An image of a chicken
serving fried chicken on a plate!
Can we imagine the image of a mother
serving her child on a plate?
We are animals as well.
Animals who eat few other animals.
Few animals eat us.
That's fine but we can
respect a fellow life, right?
Think about what I said
as you listen to this song.
I am RJ Yaazhan.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
Come along with me, Yaazhan.
I'll drop you off.
- I'll walk.
- It's too far!
It'll be fun.
See you guys!
- Doctor?
- Hi! Come along.
Bye, guys!
- What a snub! Shall we go?
- Stop.
Why don't you walk home?
Why are you so silent, Yaazhan?
Are you stunned seeing me?
No. I was enjoying the rain.
Would anyone enjoy the rain from inside?
Where are you going?
It's time.
Let's go, Malar.
Mouna might be back.
You fear your wife so much?
I like her so much.
The pureness I saw in none.
I see in you.
Wishes I never had before.
I sense now, because of you.
Like a shadow of my own heart.
You extend in my path.
For me to rest.
If you become the playful ocean.
That splashes on my eyes.
What can I do?
Please tell me.
O friend.
My precious friend.
Please tell me.
Hold on, Yaazhan.
Who is that lady?
You refuse to ride with me,
but you go with her.
She is my friend.
- Then what am I?
- My colleague.
Hey, my mirror.
In you, my reflection is unlike me.
Hey, my radio.
In you, my words I hear as drizzles.
O my confidante.
Can an untamed silence speak so softly?
O door of life.
Even as you open.
Can a thousand fragrances waft in?
O friend.
My precious friend.
Please tell me.
Are you the one who falls upon my soul.
As unending raindrops?
To relish poetry, a companion, you are.
My companion, you are.
If you ask me
To reveal hidden abstractions.
What can I do?
Please tell me.
My friend.
My precious friend.
Please tell me.
- Hey!
- Hi!
- He told you everything?
- Yes.
He is roaming around town with you.
He is being close to you.
He told me everything.
You gave me free rein.
I don't think you like my methods.
No. Nothing like that.
But can you try something else?
Yaazhan is like this marathon, Mouna.
Got to run until it's finished.
And what if I can't finish?
I can't run anymore...
I hate leaving halfway.
If I start something, I need to finish it.
If you wish to get what you want,
run all the way to the end with me.
Hello and welcome
to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
This is RJ Yaazhan.
We have Murugan on the line now.
Go ahead, Murugan!
Hi, bro.
A call came in on my wife's phone.
I picked up and said
she was in the shower.
For that,
she sent me a divorce notice!
Her name is Mahati.
She's a fan of yours.
- Please convince her.
- What is this?
Murugan's problem
sounds hilarious, doesn't it?
Few days ago, my wife told me that her
colleague gave a party for his divorce.
What is a marriage?
Is it a nuptial thread, a ring,
or a document with two signatures?
How much planning goes into it!
But divorce?
It happens at the click of a button.
I recently read about the
strangest reasons why people get divorced.
A woman in California
ended her 22 year marriage
because her husband
voted for Trump.
Is that even a reason?
I'll tell you more!
A 93 year old man
who was happily married for 70 years,
divorced his wife over a letter
she wrote to her lover forty years ago.
What do you do when your spouse
hides something from you?
A woman in UAE divorced her husband,
because he was a very good man.
You're doomed if you are bad and
you'll also be doomed if you're good.
What can our boys do?
They need a girl to propose her.
A guy for being "seenzoned" on WhatsApp.
A guy for disliking the film Frozen!
What are you?
A mere image you have created of yourself.
An image.
And your spouse?
Images they have created of themselves.
When your opinion of yourself clashes with
their opinion of you, trouble begins.
There are billions of reasons
to split up, Mahati.
But the only reason
to stay united, is love.
Murugan's love for you
is what makes him offer this apology.
Talk to him, Mahati.
This song goes out
to Mahati and Murugan.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Murugan's marriage is not at an end!
- How's it going?
- Great.
Excellent smell.
Please check if it's ready.
I'll get it.
Is it cooked?
Good morning, everyone.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
We have our next caller.
Is Uncle Yaazhan there?
"Uncle Yaazhan?"
What's your name, kiddo?
I am Madhav. Grade one, section C
at St. Joseph's Primary School.
Is it your parents' birthday?
What song would you like to dedicate?
No! I want to file a complaint
against them.
What's the problem? Tell me.
Aren't you Uncle Shiva?
Not bad. I'm a household name
among first graders!
Excellent. You're right!
I asked to speak to Uncle Yaazhan
because you won't understand!
Hold on. I'm coming.
- What happened?
- I think I should quit.
- Caller's name?
- Madhav.
RJ Yaazhan here.
Tell me what the problem is, Madhav.
Everything is a problem!
The school time table was
tormenting me at school
and now I get tortured at home as well.
I need to wake up at 5:00 a.m.
and brush my teeth right away.
I must have my energy drink
before I wash my mouth.
I must take a dump
before I set the glass down.
I must shower before I'm finished.
I must get dressed before I'm dry.
I must have breakfast
before I've tucked in my shirt.
The bus arrives
in the middle of breakfast.
Once I get on to head to school and
return home later, bruised and broken
I need to freshen up
and change clothes immediately,
eat whatever is offered whether
I like it or not, and do my homework!
Such a torture!
I hate this life!
I want to play with my friends.
I want to watch cartoons.
I want to sleep in on Sundays.
I want to eat ice cream every day.
I want to dance heartily in the rain.
My mother is a big fan of yours.
Could you please talk to her?
What's wrong?
I just talk randomly into the mic.
I see no one before me.
Are they listening to me or not?
I keep talking without
receiving reactions.
What am I even doing?
Why am I talking?
I have no answers to other's questions
and there's no answer
to my questions as well.
Okay, come on.
I'm going to show you something.
Here's the reaction you seek.
You talked about this truck
on a show, right?
Take a look now.
Just a small change, Yaazhan.
But in small ways,
this city is changing.
All thanks to you.
The answers you seek are in
the Bharathiyar poems you read.
Just cheer up!
When swimming in mummy's tummy fear
You had not any.
Boom, boom, when you opened your eyes.
It was a world, where fear ruled.
Right after the first drool
An interview in pre-school.
From home, you're shipped
To get your wings clipped.
In a uniform, you're stuffed
In a campus, you're pushed.
In homework, you're roasted and toasted.
Your tiny heart is foisted and wasted.
Your ten-year-old brain
Is ranked and failed.
Like a robot you're readied.
A fragile shoulder is boarded and loaded.
Your route to money
Is pre-made and re-laid.
Your bravery shield
Is battered and shattered.
To make you sing I am fearless
You are frightened and threatened.
There is no fear.
There is no such thing as fear.
There is no fear.
There is no such thing as fear.
Fear, fear, fear
In every waking moment.
Fear, fear, fear
As you walk the pavement.
Fear, fear, fear
At the mere thought of school.
Of teacher, of torture, of future.
Fear, fear, fear, to look at her.
Fear, fear, fear, to get closer.
Fear, fear, fear, to propose to her.
Even when the sky shakes
Falls and breaks.
When in doubt, when you find out
In fear, the world runs about.
When dreaming, on awakening
In fear, the world is spinning.
For the poor, for the rich
In fear, the world's in a ditch.
Fear of being single
Fear of being dumped.
Half of life in fear
Rest of it in terror.
Ghosts and ghouls?
Another virus?
A new infection?
Or a politician?
The stock market?
A pick pocket?
A terrorist?
Or a grocery list?
An interview?
Or a movie queue?
Don't yield, my friend.
Let's kill fear and go top gear.
There is no fear.
There is no such thing as fear.
No fear at all.
There is no fear.
There is no such thing as fear.
- Just a minute. I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Yes, Mouna.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing with my husband
in our favorite caf?
I am simply doing what you asked.
I can't watch you do this.
Then, don't watch.
Go home.
When will this wrap up, Malar?
This isn't one of your construction
projects to work against a deadline.
It may even take longer than I expected.
You need to trust me.
Go home.
Did she fell asleep?
Why are you late?
I told you about a meeting, right?
What were you watching?
Why did you shut the laptop
when I come over?
It's the script for tomorrow's show.
No one must see it until it's done.
Including you.
Are you happy?
I am always happy.
Do you remember the day we met?
Yes, I do.
That's all I have thought about
for the last few days.
I don't know.
But it's all I think about.
I love your smile.
Do you have any idea
how handsome you are?
Someone's here.
- Hey.
- It's okay.
- Surprise!
- Surprise!
- Time for celebration!
- Time for celebration!
- Okay. Whose birthday is it?
- Time for celebration!
- Birthday?
- Birthday?
They've chosen you to be a producer for
a prime time show at Isai FM in Chennai!
- Me?
- All thanks to our show in Pondy!
Our show is the top rated show
- on every station in Tamil Nadu!
- Wow! Congratulation.
Congrats, Yaazhan!
I don't get it.
Should I move to Chennai now?
A prime time show, Yaazhan.
Don't get it?
You are going to be
heard all over Tamil Nadu.
Tamilians all over the world
will listen to you every day.
But the two of us
will miss you a lot.
Same here!
The listeners will be fine.
- They love it when I talk.
- Hey!
But we'll miss you.
- Especially the biryani..
- Really? Is that it?
Don't lose sight of this cake
while you think of biryani. Cut it!
- Come, Mo!
- Come!
- Yeah!
- Go Yaazhan!
Here you go.
You've got the freedom you wanted, Mouna!
But don't forget about us.
Give us a huge treat! Got it?
- That restaurant..
- Shut up!
- We'll get going. Let's go. Bye.
- What?
- What's wrong?
- Bye.
- You blabbermouth!
- What did I do?
So all of you want me
to leave for Chennai.
Divya didn't mean it.
If you wish, you can stay here.
What do you mean?
I was jobless then.
I had no friends.
You were all I had.
Yet you prioritized work
and came to Pondy.
For the first time,
I've gotten a job I like.
You know that well.
You could've said, "Let's go to
Chennai. I'll have someone cover my post."
Or you could've asked me not to go.
Why are you speaking for me?
You can leave if you want to.
So basically, my presence or
absence doesn't matter to you.
I'm wrong either way.
No. You needn't say anything.
I'm aware.
You didn't mean it
when you asked me to stay.
You like being alone.
Away from me.
As Divya said, enjoy your freedom.
I'm leaving.
Come over
whenever you want to see me.
Talk to me
whenever you feel like it.
I won't disturb you.
Enjoy your space!
Until then, you won't
even get a call from me!
It all began on this terrace.
It has come to an end.
Thank you, Malar.
It's not over yet.
He'll be back.
I'm not going to call him again.
You must not disturb him either.
- Hey! Yaazhan from Pondy, right?
- Yes.
- Welcome to Chennai.
- Hi!
- He's our boss.
- Hi, Yaazhan.
- Welcome to Chennai.
- Thank you, sir.
- This folder here.
- This one?
- Yes. This is how we answer calls.
- Okay.
- Good to go. All the best!
- Thank you.
Hi listeners of Isai FM Chennai!
This is RJ Yaazhan.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
The topic of my first show,
is something we all
love and that is, food!
Even the mere aroma of cooking
gets our stomachs rumbling!
Would you believe me if I said
those beautiful moments we wait
for food to be served, are getting lost
because of the fast food?
But that's the truth.
To counter fast food,
we must bring in a slow food revolution!
When we consume fast food,
to save an hour on cooking...
but we lose 30 years of our lives
to instant heart attacks.
Tell me what's important.
Option A, an hour.
Or option B, 30 years of your life.
Log in to the Isai FM app and vote.
Here's one of my favorite
food songs, for you.
This is RJ Yaazhan.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
A new special show comes
your way from tomorrow!
Isai FM's first live show.
To know more, watch it live
on the Isai FM app tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.
This is RJ Yaazhan.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
Why are they acting
as if they are possessed?
Just play along!
And at ease!
- Hail the saint!
- Hail the saint!
You may ask him your questions.
Only one question per person.
Hey! Ask him a provocative question.
- Hey!
- I meant ask one terrific question!
My name is Pradakshana.
SK Production?
She didn't say production.
It's Pradakshana!
Beautiful name!
What is this "inner doctoring"
you speak of, Baba?
Investing millions to get a medical degree
is a complete waste!
- All doctors are useless!
- Look at him go.
The heart is the true doctor!
If I simply say "heal", every ailment
in my body will heal!
Pain will fade away!
This art of learning
is known as "Inner Doctoring"!
- Got it, children?
- Hail the saint!
Now, on my way here,
I had a headache.
I said to it, "My devotees
are waiting for me in the scorching sun.
Quit torturing me!"
It just scurried away!
How about the time when you went to
a hospital in Singapore for treatment?
Only one question per person, dear!
You must take a special appointment
to ask another question.
- Have a seat.
- Next!
I have a question!
The third man with the beard
in the second line. Handsome guy.
The floor is yours!
My name is Yaazhan!
- I only have one question.
- Ask away, my child!
Come on, man!
After destroying fifty acres
of forest land,
taking loans to plant saplings,
buying a small island with that money,
raping 17 of your devotees
who came to learn "inner doctoring",
escaping their lawsuit by claiming
your spiritual age is three,
claiming to have created black holes
where sheep turn into talking cows,
speaking whatever you want,
and fooling millions of devotees
who applaud everything you say,
- how can you still be happy?
- Hey!
- So..
- Didn't you understand me?
One question per person!
You asked so many questions.
As per the rules of Tamil grammar,
I asked just one question, sir.
Was this a single question?
- Answer him.
- Answer me, Baba.
Millions of listeners are waiting live
for your response!
Listen up, kid!
You must not tarnish my image
with questions like these!
It's wrong of you to pose such questions
without evidence!
You acted inappropriately with a girl
in the name of teaching inner doctoring.
Her parents told me so.
They even filed a police complaint.
I have their video statement.
I asked you this question
based on that evidence.
Answer me, Baba.
Everyone's waiting!
We know.
But we won't answer!
- Tamannah?
- Yes, Baba?
You can answer me
while you put on your shades.
No comments!
Why, Baba?
- Make way!
- Answer me!
- Clear out!
- Our listeners are awaiting your answer!
- Bloody media hounds!
- Bless me, Baba!
- May you be ruined!
- Our listeners want to know!
- Answer us!
- Hey!
Let's hurry!
Get the jeep!
We filed a complaint based on the
parental testimony from last week's show.
Palmali Bala will be arrested soon!
But his political clout
will secure his release!
Or he'll run off to the island
he bought for himself!
But you need to teach your kids
good touch and bad touch!
There are several such Palmali Babas
all over town!
You're listening to "Battlefield"!
This is RJ Yaazhan.
This is Isai FM 103.2.
Let's bring an end to people like him!
- Hello?
- Hello, Mouna.
Yaazhan's killing it out here.
Everyone's talking about him!
How's our project going on over there?
I'm not feeling well, boss.
- Can I call you later?
- Sure, Mouna. Take care.
At your service!
Your favorite fish fry!
I came to tell you a truth.
It might shock you.
Or it might be what you've
been wanting all this time.
I have a new girlfriend.
I came to introduce her to you.
She's waiting outside.
Watch your step.
This is my new girlfriend.
Just delivered today.
My first trip was to see you!
The smell of fish?
Your favorite, right?
Congratulations, Yaazh.
You finally bought a car.
Thank you.
I must get going.
I'm still mad at you.
You haven't called me or texted me
or come to see me.
Kaundhi told me you were unwell.
So I came by.
Take care, Mo. Bye!
You can have dinner and go.
No, thanks.
You eat alone.
I'll only keep yammering.
Enjoy your freedom.
I'm sorry if I disturbed you.
Okay, bye.
It's Yaazhan!
Whose car is this?
It's mine!
I just bought it today.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Take me for a drive.
- Come!
If you ever buy a car, would
you take me on a long drive?
I don't think I will ever buy a car.
And even if I do,
who else can I take out?
You can get off here, Malar.
You've made it this far.
You can go a little further, right?
Let's not.
Mouna might misunderstand.
She's like a child.
You haven't done anything wrong yet.
Then why are you afraid?
Good night.
Good night.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Are you trying to kill me?
I did think about it.
I made a mistake, Malar.
I shouldn't have come to you.
I want my husband back.
Yaazhan has changed, Malar!
I must thank you for that.
He goes to work.
He talks less.
But I feel the same love for him which
I had when I saw him for the first time.
He has changed completely.
It's not he who has changed, Mouna.
It's you!
Yaazhan's the same as he always was.
You needn't meet
or talk to him anymore.
I want my Yaazhan back.
An unexpected thing
is happening in my life.
I'm in love.
I'm in love with your husband.
What the hell!
I told you to back off, right?
I am not some dumb toy
to follow your every command!
I'm a human being as well!
Yaazhan is my lawfully
wedded husband, Malar.
What you are talking about, is illegal!
Oh! Illegal?
Then, let's go to court!
Tell them that you paid me to seduce
your lawfully wedded husband!
Let's not talk about the court.
Let's go to Yaazhan.
Let's go right now!
Are you threatening me?
Fine. Go to the court.
Go to Yaazhan.
Reveal everything!
I am not afraid.
I'll be afraid only if I am alive.
Understand this.
By the time you tell Yaazhan
the truth...
I'll kill myself. Now go!
You played the suicide card
to blackmail me and to seduce him.
Now, you resort to the same trick
to separate me and him?
Threat. Plea. Blackmail.
Call it whatever you want!
I... I really don't care!
I just want my Yaazhan back!
You must not see him
or talk to him anymore!
I wore this around my
neck to remind myself
that there are no good men in this world.
Will you come out or not?
- Hey! Come out!
- Come here!
- Come out!
- Come out, you!
- Come out!
- Give me the knife!
- Come out!
- Come out!
- You flaunt your crappy degree.
- Come on out!
- Come out!
- Stop it!
- Stop it!
- You need a PhD to be a homewrecker?
- What are you doing?
- Who the hell are you?
- It's not her!
- Get going!
- Get going!
- Mouna!
Why are you interfering?
My fight is with Malarvizhi!
Quit yelling!
I have a problem with her as well.
Tell me what the issue is.
The four of us met at a bar.
While drinking over our tragic lives,
we realized that Malarvizhi
was the one who ruined us all!
I lost my life, my family
and every single thing!
Get her out here!
She won't let me meet
my five year old girl!
I want to meet Malarvizhi!
- Okay. Please!
- Call her here!
- Hey Malar!
- Please don't shout.
- Sheeba!
- Get out here!
- I'm not coming, ma'am!
- Sheeba!
- Don't be scared. Come here.
- Come out!
- Come here.
- Where's your boss?
- Please stop yelling.
- Tell her to call her.
Where is Malarvizhi?
I honestly don't know.
As usual, I came by to open the clinic..
To heck with..
- Stop lying!
- She didn't text me. Her car isn't here.
I think she'll be at Hiranandani
apartments in Chennai, ma'am.
Okay. Hold on.
Stay put.
Listen up, Ram.
- Don't you stay at Hiranandani?
- Yes.
Do you know anyone there
called Malarvizhi?
"Do I know her?"
My life is in such a state
because of that divine soul!
She added my wife
to my college WhatsApp group...
When it comes to splitting people up,
she is second to none!
It's not just you, Ram.
There's an entire team in Pondy
that's out for her blood!
Will you do what I say
without asking any questions?
- Is this the place?
- Yes.
- Upstairs? House G-3?
- G-3. Yes.
- Check, one, two, three. Can you hear me?
- Yes.
Why is a man always blamed
when things go wrong in a relationship?
Why is there a gender bias in this regard?
Anyone can commit a mistake.
Our show "Battlefield" is meant
to showcase this.
This is Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here.
This is RJ Yaazhan.
Last week, we learned about Palmali Baba,
who ruined the lives of many women.
We exposed him as well!
This week, we have a mystery woman
who has ruined the lives of many men.
Who is she? What did she do?
Would you like to know?
Stay tuned to Isai FM 103.2.
This is RJ Yaazhan.
Let's ring the bell. Ding-dong.
All the best.
We're live, bro!
Hello. I'm RJ Yaazhan.
I'm with Isai FM.
I have a question for you.
You needn't state your name.
Your voice will be masked as well.
Go ahead.
We heard you have ruined the lives
of many married men.
Is that true?
I've only exposed men
who have ruined the lives of women.
Are their lives a joke to you?
We are the ones
who are a mere joke to men.
My father eloped with my mother's
best friend right after I was born.
My math teacher taught classes
while getting all handsy with me.
My best friend stuck his hands
down my shirt, while I was asleep.
My professor would only approve my thesis
if I got down on my knees before him.
And despite all this,
I fell in love with a man.
His name is...
That's not relevant.
I met him in Chennai.
After six months of roaming the town,
I was crazy about him.
I married him as well.
It was during our honeymoon I
realized that I was not his only wife.
Any woman in my place
would have been shattered.
But I am not like other women.
I have a PhD in psychology.
It wasn't just me who was betrayed.
My education, intellect and hard
work was a part of the betrayal as well!
Unlike other women,
I couldn't afford to be crushed.
They arrested him.
He was sent to prison.
That's when I realized the bitter truth.
Not a single man in this world,
is a good man.
And if any man is referred
to as a good person,
then I would be the to
prove the world wrong.
I ripped off the masks
of many such men.
Some of those men have given you
a wrong impression of me.
It was my strong belief
that there are no good men.
I had no love or warmth
or any such thing in my heart.
But one man proved me wrong.
He proved to me that
no matter how close a woman gets,
a real man would always take a step back
saying that it's inappropriate.
I have lost the battle.
Do you want to know the severity
of that defeat?
I fell in love with you.
Will that work?
Any further questions?
- What are you doing in the dark?
- Why are you in Chennai?
I've handed over my project to Ram.
I won't ever leave you again.
You're capable of one-word answers?
Care for some coffee?
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Why are you so dull?
I don't know how to explain it.
Please don't probe me, Mouna.
It's because of Malarvizhi, right?
What makes you say that?
It's not important.
It is important to me.
Will you tell me?
It's because it was me
who asked her to love you.
To strengthen our relationship.
Look into my eyes and speak, Mouna.
You're lying.
If I fell in love with her,
you'd use that as an excuse
to divorce me, right?
That's why I did it!
I didn't know how to handle you.
I'm a lunatic.
I tried all kinds of things!
Is that why you asked
another woman to love me?
You could've just killed
me with poison instead!
It would've been quick.
Please don't!
- Please!
- I'm an idiot.
I got deceived into thinking that I
had someone who matched my feelings.
You know, Mouna?
At times, I was afraid
I'd fall in love with her.
Please trust me.
It's all a lie. She's a fraud.
It was all an act!
Please... please trust me.
I see it now.
Everything was a lie.
Be it her or be it you...
Your smile is a lie as well.
Be it friendship or love,
everything is a lie!
No! That's not true!
Let's just...
start afresh.
Let's have a baby just the
way you wanted.
"Start afresh"?
"Have a baby?"
What the hell are you saying?
You've smashed me into pieces!
Why do you want this now?
Smash everything!
This home of ours!
Our memories!
Smash everything!
You killed us, Mouna.
You killed my Mouna.
Whence emanate the tender notes?
Does a lute breathe this tune?
Whence emanate the tender notes?
Does a lute breathe this tune?
Does it gush down from lofty peaks?
Does it rain down from silvery skies?
Does it gush down from lofty peaks?
Does it rain down from silvery skies?
Caressing a temple's spire.
Caressing the sea waves.
Caressing a temple's spire.
Caressing the sea waves.
Caressing a tall tree's leaves.
Does it come to caress my aching heart?
The beauty of the sky entire.
Is it sent as a song here?
Welcome to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here.
Greetings, listeners.
This is RJ Yaazhan.
This is my last show.
Yes, you heard that right.
This is my final broadcast.
Even today, many of you
keep asking about my show in Pondy
where I spoke of silly reasons
about why couples get divorced.
There's a similarly
interesting story in our city.
It involves a wife who doesn't know
how to part ways with her husband.
So, she asks another woman to seduce him
and make him fall in love with her.
And if he does fall for the other woman,
the wife would use that as a reason
to get a divorce.
When the husband, whose
whole world whirls around his wife
learns the truth...
what will he do?
Option A, he must forgive
and take her back.
Option B, he must divorce her.
You have ten minutes.
Get on our radio app and vote.
Your time starts... now.
Many of you are voting.
Don't forget that your vote
will decide the husband's future.
Time's up.
I'm closing the poll.
2,60,000 people have voted.
87% of you went with option B.
Divorce is what you have chosen for him.
So, be it.
Well... I'm the husband in question.
I accept your decision.
My wife wished for a divorce...
and I am ready for it.
I apologize to my station head
and to all of you
for misusing this show
for my personal issue.
I did not expect this beautiful journey
of mine to end so quickly.
I've only quit my job.
I haven't quit speaking.
You don't quit either.
Keep asking questions.
If we ever stop asking questions,
we cease to exist.
For the final time...
this is RJ Yaazhan.
You are listening to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end.
You weren't lying when you claimed
to love Bharathiyar's poetry. It was true.
If he wasn't your favorite, you
wouldn't have sung soulfully.
It's true you tried to deceive me
at Mouna's request.
But you weren't acting, Malar.
You were being yourself with me.
When I learnt Surya had deceived me...
I thought that all the
love, poetry and music
within me had died.
When I came into your house,
all that was dead sprung back to life.
I want to live my life with you, Yaazhan.
I can't pretend to be your friend.
I'm in love with you.
Living together would
be like being in solitude.
I see myself in you.
Everyone looks for ten similarities
in a partner.
But I looked for ten differences
between Mouna and me.
That was the beauty of our relationship.
She never understood that.
I cannot imagine a life beyond Mouna.
I cannot.
But after things got so toxic,
I cannot stay in that relationship.
I've sent her divorce papers.
I neither want Mouna.
Nor do I want anyone else
in her place.
I'm sorry, Mo..
I didn't come to fight.
I came to apologize.
For what?
I wanted to split up with
Yaazhan for my peace
but I didn't consider your feelings.
I didn't think
how that would affect you.
I shouldn't have said what I said
that day on the street.
I'm sorry, Malar.
You're an expert on storms, right?
You're well aware that our lives
have been struck by a raging storm.
It has wrecked everything
that took years to build.
What are we supposed to do?
We rebuild everything from scratch.
Start rebuilding your life.
What about you?
I was splitting up people
who were happy.
I will start uniting those
on the verge of splitting up.
Can we please take a selfie
with you, sir?
Thank you, sir.
Priya and Anand!
Come on in.
How are you?
You told me not to speak...
Or to text you.
But for all these months...
one question has been bothering me.
Can I ask you?
When you first saw Malarvizhi...
why was there
so much joy on your face?
The day you got the job.
At our caf.
Was Malarvizhi there that day?
A random girl was chilling there,
just like you.
It reminded me
of when I first saw you in Kochi.
I was thinking about you.
Was that Malarvizhi?
It's lunchtime!
Everyone come back at 2:00 p.m.
Your order, sir.
I will lose this job as well.
Sister, I don't wish to disturb him.
You place the order.
- Do you have coffee?
- Yes.
Cappuccino, espresso, double espresso,
caf latte, caf mocha or flat white?
Filter coffee?
Two filter coffees.
Nothing for me.
Are you on a diet like me
just because I'm asking
questions like you?
Do you know how much I miss you?
I read the books
you used to read every day.
J. Krishamurthi, Jayakanthan.
Their philosophies affected me a lot.
You be yourself.
I'll be myself.
I haven't changed anything for you.
You don't have to give up anything for me.
After all, what is true love?
Isn't it the freedom...
we give one another?
I know you don't believe me, Yaazhan.
I made the kind of mistake
no wife would have committed.
I know I hurt you a lot.
I'm sorry!
I want you, Yaazhan.
I just want you, Yaazhan.
All I need is you, Yaazhan!
Read how much ever you want!
Cook anything you want!
Talk as much as you please!
I'll keep listening to you.
I promise!
I promise!
I promise!
I just want you, Yaazhan! Please!
I can't live without you.
You be yourself.
I'll be myself.
I won't change myself for you.
You needn't change yourself for me either.
That's who I always was.
And will continue to be so.
Will you do the same, Mo?
Trust me.
Hi! Hello! Greetings!
Welcome to Isai FM 103.2.
Joy knows no end here!
This is RJ Malarvizhi.
You are now listening to the show
"Heart To Heart Talk" with Malarvizhi!