HHhH (2017) Movie Script

Halte! L'attaque touche.
Touche Riehl, 2-zero.
En garde.
Halte! Halte!
L'attaque touche, touche Heydrich, 2-1.
En garde.
Halte! Halte! Halte!
I'm so happy you
asked me to come.
Let me take that.
- Thanks.
- Good trip?
- Birgitta, give me my dance card.
- Sorry.
It's already full, darling.
No it's not.
Not him, Lina,
he's weird.
Steer clear if you
want to stay intact.
Maybe I don't.
My name is Heydrich.
Write it down.
It's so sad, our country
has become so weak.
Yes, well, it's not going
to change any time soon.
Don't be so sure, there's one
man who could change everything.
If we have to take this any further,
I'd rather you knew my beliefs.
Does it bother you?
Well, you'd absolutely have
to read Hitler's book.
Which book?
Mein Kampf of...
Reinhard, you have so much to learn!
Okay, a lot, a lot to learn.
Do you like the picture?
I love the picture.
You look...
- What?
- Beautiful.
Thank you.
When I was a little girl, I would
imagine that each of these trees
was a sentry watching
over me as I passed by.
I wish you could have
seen it in those days.
We had a party every weekend.
There were vast buffets,
flowers everywhere.
There would be an orchestra
who would play all night.
And when it was
time to go to bed
I would hide under the piano
so my mother couldn't find me.
I wish you could have
seen it in those times.
You've seen my parents.
No one escapes the crisis.
And they're proud, so they
keep their heads held high.
But I know it grieves them
to think of those lost years.
What I want
more than anything...
is to live that time again.
And one day I will.
Shoulder arms!
To the colors,
present arms!
I've never seen that
woman before, Sir.
Her name is Christina
Wiegel, she lives in Berlin.
She says she met you at
a dance 18 months ago
and that you conducted
intimate relations since.
She says she's visited
you here, several times
where you've taken
advantage of her virtue.
And it was her clear assumption
that you were betrothed to her.
She's a lying bitch, Sir.
- Calm down, Reinhard.
- How can I calm down, Sir?
This woman... this woman is
trying to ruin my reputation.
You've been summoned
to appear in court.
With immediate effect.
- For a court martial, Sir?
- Yes.
You're a good soldier, Reinhard,
but there is nothing more I
can do to help you on this.
This young woman's father is best
friends with Admiral Raeder in Berlin.
Your Honor, this scurrilous
accusation is nothing but lies.
Yet this is your
signature, is it not?
This young lady did come
and visit you at your request.
But it was never a
serious relationship, Sir.
And Miss Wiegel was
always aware of that.
So, you did have sexual relations
with this young woman?
I ask you again, did you or did you not
have sexual relations with Miss Wiegel?
She was the one who
insisted upon seeing me.
And now, out of nothing but pure
jealousy is trying to ruin my future marriage.
I know you know what I mean.
I know you all know what I mean, none of you,
none of you men would marry a woman like this.
This court does not consider such behavior
befitting an officer of the German Navy.
I pity the man who
has to call you "son".
You're relieved.
No visitors! I said no visitors!
None! None! None!
Open the door!
We need to think
about our future.
She was nothing to me.
She meant nothing to me!
You'll never, ever speak of her, about this again.
And be a man.
Don't cry.
Pull yourself together.
You want to be
my husband...
you be my husband.
And I mean it.
We will never, ever
talk about this again.
Put some clothes on.
Your future father-in-law
told me a lot about you.
How long have you
been a Party member?
- Two months, Herr Himmler.
- Not long.
- I was in the Navy before that, Sir.
- I know.
- You were disgraced.
- Yes.
That's of little concern to me.
I'm looking for someone to run
the new SS Intelligence Unit.
Its objective is to gain
information on our political enemies.
And expose infiltration by
government agencies and foreign powers.
Tell me, what is your
philosophy on intelligence gathering.
Intelligence is a marriage
of instinct and information, Sir.
Go on.
Intelligence requires
organization and industry.
No one, Herr Himmler, will work harder
than me and no one will be more organized.
Can you prove this?
Your chicken farm.
It makes no money,
am I correct?
It's not your fault,
Herr Himmler.
You have 6 sheds, 70 chickens
in each, but you have foxes...
getting inside, I noticed the holes
along the fence as I arrived.
You're not here enough to insure adequate
maintenance and your farm hand is overweight
and unable to perform
physically demanding work.
For an efficient farm
you need proper up-keep and economies of
scale vastly in excess of what you have now.
See, I could run this farm for you
and I guarantee within six months,
I would give you a
ten-fold increase in profit
and a complete
eradication of fox attacks.
Or I could run your new
SS Intelligence Division.
You could.
So, you're saying he's married to a Nazi
Party member, but he's actually a Communist?
Absolutely, Sir.
- And you can prove this?
- It's confirmed by different sources, Sir.
Excellent, Dormer,
thank you very much.
Right, Sir.
- You're Mueller, yes?
- Yes, Commandant.
I've been assigned to
you by Herr Hitler.
I know. Heydrich. Welcome.
Our first objective here, Mueller
is to put an end to
these communist criminals.
I no longer want to see their posters
on our streets, or on our nation's walls.
No German should
have to read this filth.
The Communist Party is the only
party that protects the workers!
All power needs men...
in the shadows,
taking care of the
most important secrets.
Do you agree, Rohm?
You tell your comrades there is one party,
one people, one Germany, one Fhrer!
I've heard a lot about you,
and all about your methods.
They say you have spies and
informants all over the capital.
And enemies of the Party
are in terror of you.
You should join the SA, in fact.
Aw, come, you have 40,000 soldiers
already, isn't that enough for you?
Jealous are you, just because your
little SS is operating out of a shoe box?
I've known Adolf
for a very long time.
Yes, you are important to him now, at
least until he gets the Party into power.
Well, we'll see about that.
- This wine is really delicious.
- Yes, it is.
- To Germany!
- To Germany!
- ...put him in a shoe box!
- Yes, he's the man with the shoe box.
Yes, he's funny, he's a germ.
Yeah, I'm going to mop the SA with it.
You know who Hitler is?
That's him, see that man in the picture?
That's our leader?
And he's just been named the Chancellor
of Germany. Do you know what that means?
It means that he'll be
able to save our country.
That's why mommy and
daddy are so happy today.
Mein Fhrer, I stand by the
principle that only the best of our people...
the racially, most
carefully selected
of excellent character, and pure spirit,
are capable of providing a service to combat all
that is negative in returning our Nation to greatness.
I am German, Mein Fhrer,
and I love my Country.
Commander Heydrich has assembled elements
confirming the Fhrer's doubts about Rohm and his men.
It is our duty,
as members of the SS,
to eliminate anybody that stands in
the way of the Fhrer and his great plan.
Our time has come to purify the Party
and eliminate all dissident members.
Never leave dirty
glasses on the table.
Lina, stop running around
like a headless Chicken.
Come, sit next to
me for a moment.
We are so happy that you
made the time to see us today.
But, of course.
- You must be very proud.
- Ah, two boys, it's wonderful.
I mean about Heydrich.
You were the one who put him
on the right path to the Party.
- He will go far.
- I knew he would.
Reinhard is special.
He's very special.
You know what the
Fhrer calls him?
The man with the iron heart.
A boy or a girl?
You are the elite.
A new political warrior.
Chosen because of your racial quality,
your ideological commitments,
your competence.
The Fhrer has trusted us with
the most important of missions...
The Germanization of the newest Reich.
Where the Wehrmacht conquers,
we must cleanse.
All aliens, all sick,
all hostiles to the nation,
will be eliminated.
This is too much for the
individual. For us, the SS,
the Einsatzgruppen,
will be strong!
I'll anoint you
of your sacred oath.
Spare neither your own blood
nor the blood of others.
When the fate of the
Nation depends upon it,
future generations will
thank us when they realize
what we have undertaken.
- I've kept you waiting, General.
- Not at all, Sir.
You've had a long journey?
You move quickly, General.
The war goes well.
It appears your troops have no
equal, they sweep all before them.
I know you're busy so I'll
come straight to the point.
My Einsatzgruppen cannot
perform as expected...
without the proper support and
co-operation of the Wehrmacht, Sir.
I run a regular army,
General Heydrich.
We fight other armies,
your men are thugs.
The Fhrer, Sir,
is fighting a war unlike any other.
A war?
I'm a general of the Wehrmacht.
I was fighting at Verdun
before you even reached puberty.
Don't try to tell
me about wars.
You are right, you do your
job and I will do mine.
And my job, General,
is policing and intelligence.
Yes, I watch, I take notes, and I inform.
And I will be informing the Fhrer's office
of your predilection for young whores.
I beg your pardon.
Berlin Brothel, 22nd of August.
Ilena Mandel, 21 years of age.
22nd of November,
Katarina Werkt, 17 years of age.
- February 9th...
- Enough!
You are a high ranking
officer of the German Wehrmacht
and fucking impure women and
bringing disgrace upon your family.
I doubt any court martial
will look kindly upon you.
You'd know all about that,
wouldn't you?
I will send you all the information gathered by
the Wehrmacht on the opponents of the regime.
But you can only begin your
cleansing after we have left.
Ready? Fire!
Step forward.
There a problem?
The guns are jamming
in the heat, General.
H minor.
Okay, from beginning.
It's so nice to spend
a little time together.
Well, we're going to be spending more
time together once we get to Prague.
The Fhrer has made your father
High Protector of Bohemia & Moravia.
From the beginning.
No, watch your pedal.
- How long have you known?
- We'll be getting there in a month.
Pick it up... again.
A month?
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Klaus.
Because it's confidential.
Come on, you can do better than that, okay?
We stand at a unique
moment in history.
Prague, alongside Berlin and Vienna,
has been chosen to become the first
city free of Jewry in the new Reich.
My predecessor's
policy of tolerance
is no longer enough to
achieve this objective.
All Jews will be required to immediately
report to the nearest police station
and are required to wear a
distinctive symbol testifying to their race.
All Czech resistance organizations will
be destroyed and dismantled without mercy.
At the same time we will increase the salaries
of all Czechs working in the armaments factories.
The Czech people must know that so long
as they are our friends, we will be theirs!
You're leaving?
Where are you going?
- Berlin.
- Berlin?
- Why?
- Because it's Berlin, because...
I have a very important meeting.
- I see.
- Yes.
Were you going to
tell me about it?
Reinhard, the only reason I know you're
going is when I see your cases in the hall.
- I can't take it anymore.
- Take what?
I feel you've
abandoned me here.
I don't know who I am and I don't...
know who you are.
Yes, well...
You're doing brilliantly, I know.
But I go out in the streets
and everybody knows who I am,
and I feel like some
sort of strange animal.
What is it that you
want, did you want me...
did you want to go back
to Germany, is that it?
I want to be with you.
You are with me.
But I want to be with you.
Thirty minutes.
Thirty minutes,
is that all I get?
Reinhard, you wouldn't even
be here if it wasn't for me.
Have you forgotten
about our past?
Who saved you?
Okay! Enough!
You're my wife.
One more word and you
won't be much longer.
I'm sorry.
In addition to the wider issues of
methodology and timescale of the cleansing,
there are important clerical and legal
decisions to be made at this meeting.
I've itemized them as follows.
Please hand them around.
Jews with military decoration.
Half Jews, quarter Jews,
Jews of mixed marriages.
We shall review them all one by one.
Will you please turn to page 5, gentlemen,
this will give you some idea of the task at hand.
The figures from our most recent census,
dated the 1st of January 1942.
Germany: 700,000.
Poland: Two million.
Latvia: 300,000.
Lithuania: 150,000.
Estonia: Already cleansed.
Satellite countries.
Slovakia: 88,000.
Croatia: 40,000.
Allies: Italy, including Sardinia: 58,000.
Neutral countries: 18,000.
Sweden: 8,000.
Turkey: 55,000.
And so on, down the page.
The Einsatzgruppen are already
working at maximum efficiency.
Elimination of between 11 and 12 million
individuals requires a more systematic approach,
requires more advance technology.
There's much work to be done.
The final solution aims to group
our Jews in concentration camps,
separated by sex, those that can work will
build roads, et cetera, in these territories.
Which should result in the
natural reduction in their number.
The rest, we should apply treatment
more conducive to mass extermination.
And in the head, look!
Accept defeat, Private Gabcik.
You can come over here
and just whisper in my ear.
- You tell me!
- I'd like to but it's above your pay grade.
Slovak to Slovak, you tell me,
you are going to go, right?
You are going to go and
join the Three Kings.
You're wasting your breath, Gabcik.
- Why, why am I wasting my breath?
- I already tried.
- Jan, Jan come, come.
- Guess what?
Soldier to soldier.
Yes, you're going to go and
you're going to join the resistance
you're going to fight
with Moravec, yes?
Who knows?
All right, Valcik.
If you have to go that badly
we have been given a mission...
Well, Valcik, we've been asked to go in, rescue,
and safely bring back all the President's suits.
- It's true! It's true!
- You lie, liar.
Finally! Finally!
Now I understand.
No more commission, Valcik.
We're about to prepare for Pilsen!
Jan and Jozef come first.
The others in 5 minutes..
No, it's still tangled, Jan.
God damn it!
Do you realize the resistance
dropped two parachutists last night?
Yes, Sir.
We are working on it.
And where are you
with the Three Kings?
We're still looking.
Do you need my help?
No, Obergruppenfhrer.
Let me know when it's done.
Of course.
I really thought we'd lost you.
The security checks are getting
tighter. Especially going into Prague.
We'll have to split up,
blend into the crowd.
Work certificates.
Wear this when you arrive.
The contact will know you.
Hello, Jozef.
Your papers.
- Which department do you work for?
- Lipanska.
This is my family.
Say hello to your cousin.
Hello, Jozef.
- Hello.
- Hello.
We don't talk in
front of them.
Actually, don't talk at all,
everyone is a potential enemy.
The Nazis starved us,
then they told us information was priceless.
That's how they turn
people against each other.
Thank you.
Your friend is safe.
Tonight you will sleep here, but tomorrow,
both of you will join your new family.
Since they spotted the aero plane,
the Nazis have been tailing us constantly.
Heydrich wants the heads
of the Three Kings.
- I still need to meet them.
- Yes, of course.
I will tell you where and when.
First, a contact from your
new family will meet you.
- Sorry, we are closed.
- I just wanted a quick shampoo.
Don't worry, I'll take care
of him, I'll close up after.
You're Jozef.
I've been waiting for you.
Sit there, we're going to
charge you this shampoo.
You can come in now.
If you need anything
else, just ask.
My wife left some
clothes on the bed for you.
- Make yourself at home.
- Thank you, Mr. Novak.
Good night.
Go to your room!
Normally this is my room, but,
I'm going to sleep with my sister.
This is a good cover for you if we
walk through the city together.
This is true, yes.
Don't tell father.
Where is he!?
Talk to me! Huh?
Where is he!?
- Jozef Masin, he can hear me, yes?
- Yes, he can.
It's Heydrich.
The Reich protector.
Vaclav Moravek, where is he?
Stand up.
- He's paralyzed.
- He's what?
- He's paralyzed.
- Then get him up!
Where are the parachutists?
What do they want?
What does England want, Jozef?
Vaclav Moravek, where is he?
Long live Czechoslovakia!
Long live Czechoslovakia.
There are Three Kings, gentlemen.
Find Moravek.
- Glad to see you, my friend.
- Oh, yeah?
- How are you?
- I'm good and you?
I'm okay,
I've been reading books.
- You've been reading?
- Yes.
I don't believe it!
I'm with these old people who just
drink tea and play bridge all day.
I'm going out of my mind,
I'm starting to miss England.
You poor thing.
What's that face?
- What's that face?
- That face?
- It's my face.
- You've seen some action already, haven't you?
- No.
- Uh-hm.
Don't lie to me, Jan.
Smell this... smell.
- You smell like lavender.
- Lavender!
You know there's a war on?
Where are you getting
lavender shampoo?
That's Moravek.
Please, sit down.
Something serious has happened.
The SS found our hideout.
They killed Balaban.
And Masin must be
dead by now, too.
I am the last of the
Three Kings left.
And apparently Heydrich has
heard about the operation.
He's desperately trying to
find out why you're here.
He'll know it
soon enough, Sir.
Listen to me.
This is not just a new mission
London has entrusted you with.
Understand me?
Yes Sir.
You have one of these?
I know someone who can
fill you in about Heydrich.
- When can we meet him?
- Tomorrow.
Prepare the operation.
As soon as you are ready,
I'll tell you about your escape plan.
You can leave now.
What do you do at the chateau?
We take care of the house.
And you work there all week?
Yes, at dawn until Mrs. Heydrich
tells me to leave, usually quite late.
I want you to make a note
of the time that he leaves
and the time that
he comes back.
He ever take the
paramilitary as an escort or not.
You will pass on the information
to the contact of your own choice.
Think of someone in the
suburbs in the north of the city,
Where the soldiers never go
for fear of getting their boots dirty.
Jozef will come in person, pick up the information
every afternoon at five at the tram stop on Turska Street.
I want to know
every move he makes.
I want to know all
his little habits.
I'm fit today.
Give me a sample,
you can have the rest.
So, I found the place.
It will be on the bend on the road on the
outskirts of town where you pass it every day.
Ten o'clock, every day,
as if clockwork.
Ideally we would make a triangle, so somebody
could stand in the top of the van as a look-out.
We need three to make a
triangle, or don't we?
- Well, I'll ask Moravek for another man.
- Moravek?
- You heard from him?
- No, but we will.
I hope so, Jan, because without him
we're not going to get out of Prague.
- Dance with me.
- Dance?
Jozef is Slovakian, isn't he?
- How did you two meet?
- In Poland two years ago.
I had just escaped across the
border to join the Free Army.
Hitched a ride in the back of a farm truck.
Jozef was in the back.
He talked all the
bloody way to Krakow.
Promise me
you'll get out alive.
Moravek's inside,
he has no way out.
Good, get him.
Your Three Kings are dead.
The Resistance is finished.
Go home, tell your family,
tell your friends, it's over.
Read this.
Sweet Jesus!
We have a message from London.
We are all Czech here,
so this concerns all of us.
If you kill Heydrich,
you're not only putting your own lives in
danger, but the lives of everyone in this room.
Think about the people.
You know what the reprisals
will be if you succeed.
Forget about orders from
London, this is about our futures.
He's right, Jan.
Think about your loved one,
think about what they will go through.
Think about my loved ones.
I do, I do think
about my loved ones.
Sometimes I wish they even
chose somebody else to do this.
So, give up the
mission, Jan.
Heydrich must die.
- At any... at any price?
- You talk about the Resistance, you talk about...
All the people in this room, what do
you think we are here for, Opalka?
Think about everybody else
who has to live here, too?
- Curda, we are fighting a war.
- I know what we are fighting, Jan.
But this won't change the war.
This won't change anything.
Curda, you are wrong. Not one
high ranking Nazi official has
ever been assassinated by any
resistance... across Europe.
It is our job, our duty as
men, as soldiers, to do something.
The world has to see that
they are not invincible.
Okay, I agree.
And the world has to see that
Czechoslovakia will fight... we did not fight.
This is a suicide mission.
There is no way out.
This is why I'm asking.
If you do this, that you
understand, that you are sure.
Our talk is over.
Jan and I are going to kill Heydrich.
Valcik is going to help us.
Are you going to help us,
or are you going to sit by?
I will not sit by.
I hope you succeed.
For Czechoslovakia.
Good luck to all of you.
Damn it!
...the bike! I left the bike!
- Can you...
- Halfway... Latwas Street, halfway down.
- You need a doctor!
- The bike cannot stay there!
- Okay, okay, okay.
- ...please.
How could you let
this happen? How?
- I assure you...
- You were supposed protect him, nothing else.
Where is he?
- They're coming.
- What? - They're coming.
What are you doing?
- He is my doctor.
- This young woman is asthmatic.
With injured papers?
There's nobody here!
- Are they gone?
- Yes.
- Definitely?
- Yes, it's okay.
- Yes and you?
- I'm okay.
- They are everywhere.
- Are you all right?
I'll come back for you.
- Hey - Okay, okay.
- Yeah.
- Mom?
- Yeah.
- What is it?
- What happened to the cousins?
Never talk about them.
You hear me?
I come back in an hour.
I'm going to the church.
When we get out of here,
you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm going to win the war,
marry Libiena
and take her to America.
Well, but I thought that
was just a cover story.
I changed my mind.
What about you,
what are you going to do?
- Come to America!
- No.
I want to live here,
in a free country.
In a free country.
You'll have to leave the
country in these coffins.
So, how do you feel?
This will work.
Okay, give me a
hand, will you?
We have to move
them down to the crypt.
- My children...
- Tell me.
Raise our children...
good Aryans.
Worthy of the name.
Good Germans.
How will I live without you?
Just believe...
in the Fhrer.
Himmler is here.
For the Fhrer.
My father...
wrote an opera.
There is a line I remember.
"The world..."
"is a barrel organ."
"God turns the wheel."
"and we all dance to his music."
Make them dance.
Names now!
Jan Guzira.
Jan Mikalas.
There is a village outside
Prague called Lidice.
Some families there had a sons in the Czech
Army who escaped to join England in '38.
But we aren't sure if any of
them were involved in the assassination.
Does it really matter?
This is a message to the
people of Bohemia-Moravia.
Anyone with any information
concerning the murder
of the Reichsprotektor
who does not come forward
at once will be executed.
And the entire village of
Lidice has paid for these acts.
The men have been shot.
The women and
children are in prison.
This is a message to the
people of Bohemia-Moravia.
Anyone with any information
concerning the murder
of the Reichsprotektor
who does not come forward
at once will be executed.
Anyone who helps
directly will be rewarded.
This is a message to the
people of Bohemia-Moravia.
They don't stop.
We have to
hand ourselves in.
- Then they will kill us all.
- Yes.
My name is Karel Curda.
I have information concerning
the persons who killed the Protector.
Now you can make this stop.
Burn his eyes!
Burn them!
Mommy, no, no!
Tell me now!
Tell me!
You are going to tell me now!
You're going to talk to me!
Answer me.
Do you want him to stop?
You want this to stop?
For the last time,
tell me where they are.
Tell me.
The church.
There's two missing.
I want them alive!
- What are you doing?
- There has to be a sewer.
Under the street, we just
have to dig our way through.
I think there's
one here, come on!
Go, go, go, go, go!
- Is it done?
- Yes.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Go, go, go, go, go!
The hole's big,
come on!
Come on!
Come on,
what are you doing?
What are you doing?
It's raising too fast, Jozef.
We have six bullets.
What about America?
There's a sewer right there,
there's a fucking sewer, Jan!
Come on!
See you on the other
side, my friend.
Listen now. Okay?
You won't be alone.
To Krakow?
May I?
- Going to Krakow?
- Yes.
- Jozef Gabcek.
- Jan Kubis.
Good to meet you Jan Kubis.
- You smoke?
- Yes, I do, much too much.