Hi Nanna (2023) Movie Script

What are you going to sing for us today?
This is a special one.
And it's in my mother tongue... Malayalam.
We just have to check your voice.
Let's see if you got it in you.
Thank you.
Just determine inside and see...
It will be done just like that
Your dream has to come behind...
Following you like a shadow
Listen to the thunders
Stretch your hands for the raindrops
Like seven colors
Hundred years
You have to flourish
Ready, guys?
- Sir!
- What is tomorrow's schedule?
Meeting with the cloaks at 2:00 p.m.
- After lunch, right?
- Yeah, right.
We have a calibration call with the
Bronocks for the upcoming fashion week.
And we need templates also.
They will be ready.
- You will receive the email.
- Okay, sir.
Viraj! Did you deny shooting
for the Bravokis?
- Yes.
- Why? It's such a big company.
We will lose our goodwill if we refuse.
- When is the shoot?
- Next month, 24th...
- First!
- Hallelujah!
Send Amul.
Tell them I recommended him.
Amul? Hey, wait!
- Amul won't do it.
- We'll be stuck in traffic.
- The company will not spare me!
- You may go. I'll walk.
- Okay?
- You need to do something about it.
Look, I have committed.
I will be screwed if you don't do this.
Then get screwed.
Your favorite fish. Hog it.
Thank you.
What's up with the drawing on the plate?
Something must be wrong.
What happened to my darling Mahi?
There is a boy called Varun in my class.
- Pluto...
- Is this an age to think about boys?
Who is he?
I don't know which school he came from.
He has been topping the class
since the last two exams!
He beat me with one percent.
You misunderstood.
Mahi... it's okay.
It's not okay, Grandpa.
It's just one percent, dear.
One percent, Dad!
With one percent, I've lost my reputation!
How can you say that?
Remember one thing.
It isn't about the goal.
The journey should be amazing.
Not the result,
but the experience must be important.
Winning and losing is God's will.
Is this something you would discuss
with a six-year-old girl?
Says the father who assumed his
six-year-old daughter had a boyfriend!
What's today's story?
A brand new one.
Alright then, let's go!
- Once upon a time, there was a king.
- Wait.
Whom should I imagine as the king?
Who else? Me!
Okay. Continue.
And the king had
a beautiful daughter named Tara.
That's me! That's me!
One day, the king, his minister,
and his commander...
- Dad, one minute!
- I got it.
Grandpa is the minister.
Justin is the commander.
Okay. Continue.
So... they all went...
And that's how Tara found the wand
and saved the king and the kingdom.
That's it?
That's it.
So, there's no Mom in this story either?
You always keep doing this!
Do stories exist without mothers?
Some do.
Then I want a story with Mom!
Otherwise, I won't take my tablets.
You always come up with excuses.
You have to tell me now.
Even my school friends
ask me about my mom.
Fine, I will.
But not now.
When you beat Varun
and get the highest rank in class.
Then, I'll tell you...
Mom's story.
Mother promise?
Will you take the tablets now?
Dad, I want a ukulele for this birthday.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, dear.
Good night.
Good night.
You're narrating stories
that don't have a mother.
One day, you'll have to
narrate a story without lies.
Will you be able to?
There is still time for that.
She has begun asking me
when you are not around.
What should I say?
Do you know what people around
have been discussing?
- We should...
- I don't care what people think.
I only care about my daughter.
She is at an age where she is
susceptible to believing anything.
You can ignore it.
But you are answerable to...
What's the update on
the doctor's appointment?
I spoke to her.
She is an expert in 65 Roses.
As per Sweden's time, 9:30 p.m.,
which is 2:00 a.m.
You have a video appointment.
Don't stay up too late.
Good night, son.
Come here, my dear glass doll
I'm your father and mother
My heart is a cradle branch to you
This swinging hand is my love
Lay on my heart
And hear it beat
Play in this abode
Let me sing you a song
Don't go away from me
Which one's better among these?
I like the green one.
I will bear these tiny feet
As the ground
When you stumble while playing
You will end up on me
I will keep both my ears
With you and leave
So that whenever you speak
I can get back to you in a minute
Leaving everything behind
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
- Dude!
- Dad?
You know you can't eat this, right?
Oh, forget the cake.
We will party with pasta.
I will stay as a guard
To your tripping breath
I will carefully monitor
Every inhale and exhale of yours
Any kind of light rays
Has to cross me
Before they reach your sight
For that, I will become your eyelid
You are my life
What happened to her mother?
Who knows?
Rumor is that he left her!
God knows what the poor wife
must have gone through!
Miss Greeshma Desai, you are fired!
Seema, it's your last warning.
Come here, my dear glass doll
I'm your father and mother
My heart is a cradle branch to you
This swinging hand is my love
Lay on my heart
And hear it beat
Play in this abode
Let me sing you a song
Don't go away from me
Justin, cancel the whole goddamn event!
Yes, you heard it right.
It's not about the money.
It's about our reputation.
- Did Mahi take her medicine?
- Yes, sir. But she isn't sleeping.
Fine. You leave.
I said I'll talk to the client!
Just cancel the event.
Why haven't you slept yet?
Class first.
Not just one percent.
I beat Varun with two percent!
I knew you'd do it.
Congrats, Mahi baby!
Thank you, Dad!
Dad had a very long day.
I'll go and take a shower.
Come back quickly. I'm waiting.
Waiting? Why?
I got the first rank in my class.
Well, I congratulated you.
That's alright,
but what about Mom's story?
I told you, Mahi.
Dad is exhausted.
I have a lot of work to do.
So, some other time.
But, Dad, you promised me.
I got the first rank too.
I know, Mahi.
Please try to understand.
Dad had a really bad day at the office.
Some other time for sure.
But you promised me!
What promise?
Why don't you understand?
How many times I've told you,
not to come into this room?
Viraj, get up!
Viraj, Mahi is nowhere to be found.
I got a call from her school.
She's not there either!
Viraj, I've searched everywhere.
Pluto is also missing.
I'm coming to the school now.
Please let me know
if she comes there.
Stop, Pluto! Stop!
Stop! Stop, I say!
Somebody, please help!
Somebody, catch him, please!
Good dog. Good dog.
Down, boy.
Here you go.
- Water?
- No, thank you.
I don't drink outside water.
Only... only warm water.
Okay. Okay.
I've got a condition called 65 Roses.
Everyone says it is extremely fatal.
But, Dad says that it is all a sham
and nothing will happen to me.
Normally, I'm not supposed...
to jump or run...
or even eat that cotton candy.
But whenever I'm angry
with my Dad, I tend to eat it.
Thank you for your help. Bye.
- Bye.
- Come, Pluto.
Come, Pluto.
Pluto, come.
Pluto! Pluto!
Pluto, come!
- Yeah, okay.
- She's nowhere to be seen.
- You better go to the police station.
- Hello?
Is this Mahi's father?
- Yes.
- Come quickly to the location I've shared.
Mahi, are you crazy?
You got away without telling anyone!
Do you know how worried I was?
Do you think this is a game?
My dad.
You didn't think twice, did you?
Hi, Dad. This is Yashna.
Did you know what just happened?
Pluto! Pluto, come!
The speed at which that truck approached
us, I thought this was our last day!
- In a fraction of a second, everything...
- Thank you. Thank you so much.
Not me.
You should thank that truck driver.
What is this, Mahi?
Why did you come here?
To eat cotton candy.
Cotton candy!
You know you aren't supposed
to eat cotton candy.
Don't you know you aren't supposed
to break your promise?
She studied extremely hard,
day and night, for one month
and got the first rank in class
by scoring two percent more than Varun
to listen to her mom's story.
And what did you do?
If you can break your promises,
can't she eat cotton candy?
- Ma'am...
- Yashna.
Miss Yashna.
I'm really grateful for your help.
But I need to speak to my daughter
in private.
Yeah, please. Go ahead.
Did you tell her everything?
What now?
Your mom...
You want your mom's story, right?
I'll tell you everything
in the evening. Promise.
A "mother promise" didn't work!
What can a normal promise do?
After you reach home, what's the guarantee
that you won't come up
with some lame excuses?
We don't trust you.
Okay, what's your problem?
I will tell her whenever I want to.
Who are you?
Look, Viraj...
I was there today to save her.
I won't be there every day.
I promised Mahi that I would have you
tell her the story.
I can't break my promise... unlike you.
Anyway, I'm done with my shopping.
I'm free till the evening
and I have my coffee with me.
And we are all ears!
Mahi, we don't even know who she is.
She is Yashna, my friend.
Don't I have a choice?
One cappuccino.
Once upon a time, there was a town...
where I lived.
Come on, hurry!
Are you done?
There was a marvel in front of me.
A wonder!
The rain was the witness.
Dad, wait!
- What happened?
- Whom should I Imagine?
Who should I imagine as Mom?
Mahi, look at me.
Imagine me.
Dad, continue!
Oh, Time!
I swear you've helped me amazingly
You have
You've gifted my eyes with her beauty
Isn't it enough?
Come on, don't be hasty
Where would this story go?
Where do you think she is going?
Finally, where would this end up?
Oh, Time!
I swear you've helped me amazingly
You have
You've gifted my eyes with her beauty
Oh, who is she?
Is she a walking star?
Is she a scintillating flow?
I can't sleep looking at her
Did she speak?
Her jauntiness is amazing
I have been swaying ever since I saw her
Your eyes have absorbed
Every ounce of blue from the sky
There is some magic in your glare
The times of golden rains
People like us never expected
Those naughty lips can spin the earth
It's showing a new dimension in you
The silence in your orange cheeks
Is staring at me
Your mesmerizing beauty will take my life
What are you doing?
Are you in love?
Cam... camera.
- I'm talking to you.
- Sister, what happened?
Aren't you ashamed to click pictures
of a girl you just saw?
What happened, madam?
What's the problem?
This man...
This man has been following me
and taking my photographs
without my permission.
Sister, let's file a police complaint.
- Hi.
- What's it, brother?
Are you crazy?
Don't get smart with me.
He is behaving like a goon.
- Camera.
- Idiot!
Hello, excuse me!
Why did you scold my friend?
Be glad that I didn't kill him.
Doesn't he have any shame?
- He is clicking pictures of strange women!
- Hey!
- Sister, let's file a police complaint.
- Police!
He is a passionate photographer.
Have you heard about Manish Lakhia?
He is a renowned photographer in Mumbai.
He is making a portfolio
to work under him.
Look at the pictures in the camera.
You won't find a single vulgar picture.
He was clicking your pictures for his job,
not because he's in love with you.
Hey, Pomeranian!
If you touch him again,
I'll file a police complaint.
- Hi...
- Viraj.
Viraj, I was not aware of all this.
I'm new to this town.
We are not even friends.
What else would I think if you
trailed me to take my pictures?
- I'm really sorry. I...
- I love you.
What are you doing?! Don't humiliate her!
Say sorry. Apologize!
It's love at first sight.
Sister, I'm really sorry.
I don't know who this man is.
You can file a complaint if you want to.
I'm really sorry.
My photography mentor
always used to say one thing.
Every photo we capture must tell a story.
I didn't understand the meaning
until I met you.
Do you understand?
The first time I clicked your picture,
I found a story.
My story.
Our story.
How I met you?
How I fell in love with you?
How did we end up marrying?
The story I'm going to tell
our kids and their kids.
I don't know if I did the right thing.
But I felt that my first word with her
must begin with the truth.
Dude, my camera!
It's with my wife.
To hell with you!
- 35 mm.
- What's that?
He will use those lenses.
If I don't get back the camera
that girl took,
I will use this rod to finish you off.
Give me a 35 mm lens.
What can I do now?
I can't find her anywhere.
A prime lens is a lens
that has a fixed focal length.
- Prime lenses are typically...
- She has come to the studio.
And they offer
a more narrow field of view.
- And...
- Hi, Uncle.
Hey, Varsha!
What a pleasant surprise!
How come she's here?
I just wanted to come and say hi to you
and take some printouts.
Seriously? Are you laughing?
We are done for.
I will go and join my uncle's tea estate.
You join Gopi's Xerox shop.
You. Come here.
- Me?
- You! Come.
He's calling you.
You and I are not related.
Now get going.
Go on.
- He is coming, sir.
- Sir...
That's him, sir.
She needs a few printouts.
Don't worry, Varsha.
- Go with him. He'll help you out.
- Thank you, Uncle.
See you.
So, students, prime lenses are often used...
- Hey!
- This way.
What's going on? Tell me!
Hey! Dude!
This way.
I'm sorry. I didn't know
that our boss was your uncle.
If you knew, wouldn't you have
said those things to me?
You're lying, right?
Take the printouts.
I don't believe in love at first sight.
Like you.
Not just love at first sight.
In fact, I don't believe in love,
marriage, or even kids.
May I know why?
They have every right to know!
Tell me!
- How can you say that?
- Where were you and with whom?
You were never there for us.
I want you and your brother
to pack your bags.
You're going to Coonoor
to stay with Uncle Mahendar.
My parents are getting divorced.
Probably because
they thought we had
enough love or because
we were grown up.
I don't know.
They were together
for us all these years,
and now parting
ways for themselves.
This is my story.
Not as beautiful as you assumed.
These are wonderful pictures.
If you think they can help your career...
go ahead.
All the best.
You've given me permission
to use the pictures.
But we're not even friends, right?
I mean... do you mind?
I will be here for two weeks.
If you can give a pause
to your love story,
we could be friends.
Were you just friends?
Your mom asked me to pause the love story,
not to end it.
So, for the time being,
we are good friends.
Your mom's attachment circle is so tiny.
I somehow managed to enter it.
But my poor Pluto couldn't!
Yeah, your mom doesn't like dogs at all.
- How's it? Good food?
- Amazing food!
Really nice. It's not at all spicy.
Have you...
You alright?
No, Uncle, just try this.
It's so good. Delicious!
Just try it.
It's good, right?
Excuse me. I need to use the washroom.
I'll join you.
What are you doing here?
Did you get it?
- Open it. Open it!
- Wait.
Just determine inside and see...
It will be done just like that
Your dream has to come behind...
Following you like a shadow
Listen to the thunders
Stretch your hands for the raindrops
Like seven colors
Hundred years
You have to flourish
Performing the same song on a grand stage
will drive the audience wild!
Not really.
I wrote this song during my childhood.
My mom doesn't like all this.
Please sing for me once.
If I sing again, I will fall in love.
With the song!
Leave me!
I said leave me!
Let go of me!
Just leave me!
What the hell?
Damn it! You're always
making a scene in public!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Don't you care about our reputation?
What the hell did I do?!
I saw you flirting with that freaking...
Do you care about that?
She's just a friend of mine, damn it!
Are you okay?
You always lie!
Who's there?
Stay here.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Come on, I'm right here!
- Get him!
- Catch me if you can!
- Come on!
How did my attention turn on you?
Like afresh
When did this magic happen?
It's really crazy
Once upon a time
It feels like a story
And it's just starting
What happens in the end?
It won't tell me
It's like a whirlpool
And I have been dragged into it
Even before I'm drowned in it
It's tying a knot around you and me
I won't leave you, my darling
If I leave, can I survive?
Shall I pair up with you without leaving?
You won't leave me
Even if I ask you to
I need to tell you something, Viraj.
Me too. Look at this new camera.
Canon 550D. 45,000 rupees.
I finally bought it.
Check the image quality, madam.
18 megapixels.
Single-lens reflex.
I can also click pictures of the stars
with this camera.
All of this is due to Pluto's blessings.
What does that mean?
It means a rich family has taken him.
Did you sell him?
No, I didn't sell him.
They only paid me.
Besides, I can't afford him
in this position.
Now, he has a big house,
and people to take care of him.
He will be very happy.
Big house, people, cars, money.
Maybe he doesn't want all of that.
Do you know how rich I am?
Let's say...
I loved you and came with you.
Will you abandon me as well
just because you can't look after me?
How are these things related?
All you have is love...
and no sense of responsibility.
Why are you taking it personally?
You didn't even like him.
I thought the same until I came here.
Why are you just walking away?
It means I'm leaving...
and I won't return.
Just like your mom and I
had a disagreement,
her mom and dad
had a significant disagreement.
Why did you come?
Why did you come to Coonoor?
Because of my ill fate.
I didn't know you'd be there.
But I came here knowing
that you'd be here.
Why did it take so long?
Well, that's because of Pluto.
I would've come earlier
if I knew you'd hug me like this.
Will you go if I let you?
Is this friendship?
So... is this love?
No, this is called love!
Thank you.
Get the cheque.
What do you do?
I'm... I'm a photographer.
How much do you earn?
How much do they pay
you monthly for the photos?
Don't you have an answer?
Never mind.
Where do you stay?
Nearby. Thane.
We live in Malabar Hill.
How far is Thane from Malabar Hill?
Roughly 35 to 40 kilometers, I assume.
- From Coonoor to our house?
- Mom!
No. He should know
the distance between us, right?
- Ma'am, cheque.
- Give it to him.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Mom, this is too much.
- You invited him. So, you should pay.
- Sir.
Can't he even afford the food we ate?
I can't believe
you chose a guy like this!
I will go and check on Pluto.
Please give me five minutes.
Thank you, Viraj.
What are you trying to prove?
He is after your money!
Do you consider love and marriage
to be a joke?
Do you understand the factors
to analyze before marriage?
You need to consider his background
and financial status.
You considered everything
and got married to Dad, right?
Did that stop you from getting a divorce?
My failed marriage doesn't become a reason
for you to love someone random.
I'm at least crying in a bungalow.
You will grieve on the roads
if you marry him.
He must've left long ago.
Pay the bill.
Let's go home.
- People tip 200 rupees in the hotel.
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
This is a tip.
I've paid the bill already.
Don't mistake me for a rich guy.
I was skeptical about paying the bill.
It was my monthly salary.
Luckily, I got it yesterday.
I paid it out of sheer luck today.
But five years later,
it will be because of my hard work.
Ma'am, it's 1200 kilometers
from Coonoor to here.
It took a couple of trains, one bus,
and three auto-rickshaws to reach here.
In the future, it might take just an hour.
I paid the bill today
with my entire month's salary.
But after I set up my own studio,
I might earn this amount in an hour.
You are measuring
our distance in kilometers.
I measure it with time.
Your distance will never change.
But my time certainly will.
Varsha, every single word
of your mom is true.
I really am a poor guy.
All I have is a two-acre farm
from my father.
If you come with me,
I'm clueless about taking care of you.
if you are with me...
I feel like I can manage anything.
In fact...
I will win over the world.
will you marry me?
Pluto, you and I.
That's enough!
Thank you, guys.
Thank you so much.
Well, this song is dedicated
to my husband.
It's my third anniversary.
Thank you, but he is late as usual.
This song, I wrote
in my mother tongue Malayalam.
And... I hope you guys like it.
Here we go.
Won't my life go bonkers, my dear?
If you bind beauty to yourself, my dear
I'm still in the dream, my dear
He keeps saying this
And doesn't leave me all day
Hey, he keeps asking for a kiss
And I find him cute
When he says my feet shouldn't
Touch the ground, I find him cute
When he is carrying me on his back
I find him cute
Even in anger, I find him cute
While sleeping on your lap
While caressing your hair
I will become a kid
I will smile silently
True, I asked for half of you
But you put the entire world
In front of me
Tell me.
You have to sell my land.
Sell it and come to Mumbai.
We're starting a studio.
What happened?
I will explain everything
once you come here.
Eyes without tears
Would suffice if those were yours
Watching your smile
My eyes are dampened
I asked for a shoulder to lean on
You spread the sky and walked me
Won't my life go bonkers, my dear?
If you bind beauty to yourself, my dear
I'm still in the dream, my dear
He keeps saying this
And doesn't leave me all day
Hey, he keeps asking for a kiss
And I find him cute
When he says my feet shouldn't touch
The ground, I find him cute
When he is carrying me on his back
I find him cute
Even in anger, I find him cute
What are you thinking?
If we have children,
will they get your nose or mine?
What happened?
I thought I was clear
about the kids, Viraj.
What did you say
when you asked me to marry you?
It'd be just you and me.
We don't need anyone else.
Didn't you say that?
Yes, I did.
- So, why are you saying this now?
- Kids are not outsiders.
They are our extension.
Wow! Good one!
Do you know how
much I love you, Viraj?
I was ready to go through
what my mom went
through in her marriage.
But I'm not ready...
to let my children suffer
like I have suffered as a child.
What are you trying to say?
That we won't stick together?
Who's to say?
It has just been three years
since we got married.
Can you promise me that
we will always be happy?
You are scared to make a promise.
I'm not scared to make a promise.
I'm scared of your thought process.
No one lives without
disagreements and conflicts.
While I'm anticipating a beautiful future...
you are anticipating troubles?
Do you know
what you are talking about?
I'm not saying we will have trouble.
Our kids will have them because of us.
If something goes wrong in the beautiful
future you are foreseeing...
our kids will suffer, not us.
You've gone crazy.
You're mad.
You... Forget it!
Talking to you was my mistake.
I made a mistake leaving the studio.
I should have stayed there.
Who is stopping you?
Go wherever you want to!
Why did you come
if you were so bothered?
Because I was a fool.
Do whatever you want.
Marrying you was a mistake!
I'm sorry.
- Was marrying me a mistake?
- Sorry.
Fine... we'll do as you say.
It's up to you.
Even if you want to...
No, there's no need.
Let's see whose nose the kid will get.
I never believed in love, Viraj.
But you proved me wrong.
I never believed in marriage either.
But look where you have brought me.
I thought of not having kids.
But I know you will prove me
wrong once again.
But I'm scared Viraj!
Hey, trust me.
This will be the best
decision of our life.
Be it a boy or a girl,
this kid will bring us lots of joy!
Promise, promise, promise.
Then let's get pregnant.
Do you call this love?
This is called love.
my world calls me Dad.
What about me?
What happened to me?
Yeah, sorry.
What happened to her?
She was always very passionate
about singing.
And she left chasing her passion.
This doesn't make any sense.
A girl who despised love and marriage
left everyone for you.
And when Mahi was born,
did she choose her career?
I don't believe it.
It isn't folklore for you
to believe it or not.
It's a true story.
Even then, it doesn't add up.
You're hiding something.
Tell me the truth.
Mahi, you asked for Mom's story.
I told you.
We are done. Let's leave.
I got it.
There was a time when you
struggled to pay the bill.
Now you have the means to spend
2000 rupees on a single coffee.
So, your priorities may have
changed due to your status shift.
Mahi, let's go.
You must have left her
like you left the story.
Dad, did you leave Mom?
I don't care about others,
only my daughter's opinion matters to me.
You heard Mom's story.
Should I tell you Dad's?
With lots of beautiful things
The world is waiting for you
For your arrival
The times are waiting with all eyes
Hoping that someday
You will play tantrums
I have prepared to shower love on you
This wind has become my voice
And kept humming
It's a baby girl.
Dr. Ranjan.
The baby has a condition
called Cystic Fibrosis.
It is a fatal condition.
She may not live long.
She was put in an incubator.
You are here.
Look at our baby.
I can't figure out
if she got your nose or mine.
They say it's a lung disease.
She won't live very long.
Even if I try to feed her,
they say her heart might stop beating.
They're not letting me touch her, Viraj!
You promised me, right?
This would be the
best decision of our life!
You said this kid would bring us joy.
I had refused already.
Why did this happen?
-I asked for beautiful raindrops
-Without knowing a thunder would strike
I called the seven sparkles of colors
But the black has joined like destiny
Anyway, the fault is mine
I showed you dreams
But I gave you sorrow
I won't ask forgiveness of the heart
It won't happen again with my knowledge
The eyes are left with tears dried off
White would be the correcting agreement
Mahi, wake up.
Mahi, wake up.
I'll stay here. You go home.
It's okay.
I'm not saying it for you.
I'm saying it for her.
She hasn't moved since yesterday.
She won't talk to anyone.
She will return to normalcy
only if you talk her through it.
It's been four months since
you spoke to me properly.
Trust me...
nothing will happen to her.
I'm with you, Varsha.
Talk to me, Varsha. Please.
I wish I hadn't come to Coonoor.
I wish I hadn't met you.
I wish I hadn't fallen in love with you.
I wish I hadn't married you.
When you asked for kids,
I wish I hadn't agreed with you.
I wish Mahi hadn't been born to me!
Don't say anything further.
Let's go home, Dad.
Mahi, please look at me.
- Mahi, please...
- One minute.
Viraj, what did I do?
Why isn't she talking to me?
She imagined you as her mother.
she is upset with me
because I disowned her.
tell her I'm not the real mother.
Don't worry.
She will be fine by tomorrow.
Can you please call me
once she is alright?
She has my number.
I don't know if I can ask you this.
But if you don't mind...
may I know what happened later?
I'm really sorry.
I wasn't aware of all of this...
It's okay. What can you do?
Some stories are like that.
I'm actually really sorry.
Please don't cry.
It's been years.
We moved on.
Don't worry.
Pluto, get in.
Pluto, get in!
Shards of dreams...
-Now fallen apart
-I'll take your leave.
Echoes of you
Still haunt my heart
In the pain
- Congratulations.
- Where our love used to be
Lies the ghost of you and me
What happened?
Nothing. I'm fine.
How's Mahi?
She's asleep.
Everyone's asking for the bride.
What are you doing?
Nothing, Mom.
I'll be right there.
You can't see her!
I've every right.
- She is my wife.
- No, she is not.
She doesn't even remember you, Viraj.
She doesn't remember that
she is married and has a child.
In fact, she doesn't remember
that we are divorced.
She has forgotten everything.
Shards of dreams...
Traumatic amnesia.
We didn't think that she would survive.
You should thank Dr. Aravind.
We do not have control over
recovering lost memories.
Still haunt my heart
Why did you do this?
Shards of dreams
Now fallen apart
Echoes of you still haunt my heart
Somebody, please help!
Shards of dreams, now fallen apart
Echoes of you still haunt my heart
She wanted a divorce.
She spoke about it two days ago.
She has suffered enough
for loving you once.
This is another life for her.
At least now, let her go. Please!
I don't know which God she prayed to.
But she prayed for it firmly.
I wanted to see her without tears.
But that didn't happen.
We'll never come into her life again.
Hi, Dad.
This is Yashna.
Shards of dreams
Now fallen apart
Echoes of you still haunt my heart
What's going on here?
Does anyone in this house
intend to speak?
Are we playing dumb charades?
Hindi, English, Malayalam?
Say something.
God, no one in this house
wants to talk to me!
That was quick!
You continue with your cold war.
Whether it's the paperboy or
the milkman, I will befriend them.
You just keep watching.
How do you know me?
How do you know me?
You match exactly the way I pictured
you when Viraj was telling the story.
But how do you know me?
Well, I...
How is Mahi?
How do you know this address?
I got it from your office.
How's Mahi?
She's fine.
Since last night,
I've been researching her condition.
And according to what I read,
does Mahi seriously...
That's right.
They put her in an incubator.
They said she couldn't leave the hospital.
You know what I did?
I came home and readied her room.
I firmly believed
that she would come home.
In a week, she was home.
They said she couldn't join the nursery.
I secured her enrollment in the school
until her 10th grade.
Now, she's first in the class.
They said it would be a miracle
if she survived past the age of three.
Now that miracle's age is six.
I have planned
a wonderful 60 years for her life.
How will I let her go if she leaves?
I got this thread for Mahi's well-being.
But now I understand.
This is for you.
If you are safe, she remains safe.
She is lucky to have you.
What is 65 Roses?
It's Cystic Fibrosis.
One day she overheard me
discussing her condition.
She couldn't pronounce it properly.
We never corrected her.
Can I see her once?
Not now.
Please. I won't take much time.
I promise you.
Please try to understand.
- She is not in the state...
- Dad...
Are you still angry with me?
I'm sorry.
For my rude behavior.
Do friends apologize to each other?
So, are we friends?
friends usually hug and kiss each other.
You know what?
I have a surprise planned for you.
We will go out in the evening
and we will have lots of fun.
When will she return from her school?
Four o'clock.
- So, I will come by five.
- Dentist appointment at five.
- Well, then...
- Six to eight homework.
Dinner at eight, and nine is her bedtime.
Are you sure?
Can't you change her schedule?
Dad, tomorrow is Saturday. Holiday!
Nine o'clock. Fixed!
I will reserve a table at the Hyatt.
You may also join us.
I have a surprise planned for her.
Bye, Mahi. See you in the evening.
Sharp at nine. Don't forget.
- Bye.
- Bye, Yashna.
See you!
See you. Love you.
Ta-ta! Bye!
Why are you quiet?
Dumb charades?
What do you want me to say?
Are you taking Mahi
to meet her in the evening?
No chance.
- Dad, my school is that way!
- You're not going to school today.
Justin, what shoots do we have today?
You'll stay here.
Amul and I are covering Goa.
I'll also come to Goa.
And we're taking Mahi with us.
What about tomorrow?
Saturday is a holiday.
Did you forget?
Viraj, what you're doing is wrong.
I know.
Because of an accident,
we walked out of her life.
And now, by stopping an accident,
she came back into our lives.
She turned up at my house for my daughter
with just a brief introduction
at the cafe yesterday.
Would she have come if she knew...
that it was her daughter?
Mahi couldn't cope just
imagining her as her mom.
Will she be able to handle it if she
finds out that she really is her mother?
They can't refrain
from meeting each other.
But they also can't live together.
It's their fate.
How far will you keep running?
I don't know.
Didn't it occur to tell me
that Yashna was in Mumbai?
She is getting married in a week.
I didn't know how to tell you.
You just asked me how far will I run.
Just a week.
And then, our paths will never cross.
Brother, this is the plan.
Here we are planning
for the pediatric division.
- Hello.
- Yashna.
- Where are you?
- Goa.
Why are you in Goa?
I waited for you last night.
Do you know how many times I called you?
I don't know.
Why don't you know?
I don't have a phone, Yashna.
Never mind.
Now, listen to what I say.
Happy birthday, Mahi.
May you get everything you wished for!
- Do you remember?
- Of course!
How can I forget your birthday?
But Dad doesn't remember.
Okay, I will call you later.
Is everything okay?
This hospital will be the heart
of the country.
In case, we leave for the US
after we get married...
my brother will look after this place.
He will be the managing director.
Aravind, I have to leave.
- Any problem?
- Everything is fine.
I've got some urgent work.
Sure. I can drop you off.
No, I have the car. Bye.
Did you take my phone?
Are you lying?
Don't tell Dad.
I thought you forgot my
birthday for the first time!
Ukulele! Thank you, Dad!
Mahi, come.
I got a special cake for you.
Hi, Viraj.
How did Yashna
remember Mahi's birthday?
Why wouldn't she?
Your daughter has told her everything
including your ATM pin.
Didn't she figure that out?
How can she?
You replaced Yashna with Varsha
in your story.
And you portrayed me as her brother.
Yashna didn't know that
she came to Coonoor.
She didn't even know that
my parents were divorced.
She thinks my dad has been
with me all these years in the US.
He seldom meets my sister.
I never liked you.
Just like my mom,
I thought she had a tragic life with you.
What changed?
I know a great deal about my sister.
Giving birth to a daughter
with you says that
she must have been in a happy marriage.
let Yashna be with Mahi
for at least a few days.
They planned a lot of shopping
and lunch for tomorrow.
Dimitrov! My diva, from Russia!
Hey, fix your hair, baby. Yeah.
Dimitrov! You're looking beautiful!
One more pose.
One more pose.
Where is Viraj?
Viraj is dealing with the Gone Girl. Okay.
One more shot. One for Putin.
One for me.
No, I won't.
You're not Viraj.
Where is Viraj?
You're also not Deepika Padukone!
How insensitive!
Excuse me?
Did you forget me?
Hey, Pomeranian!
How can I forget you?
Oh, that reminds me.
Where is your sister?
Hi, Dad.
Thank you for today.
I can't fathom
how I forgot Mahi's birthday.
I can never forgive myself.
I met with an accident
six years ago, just like yours.
You just forgot an event.
I forgot a great deal.
But I don't regret anything.
Do you know why?
I have my people who
will remember things for me.
Similarly, even though
you forgot her birthday this time,
I remembered it.
So... chill!
What happened?
Why are you profoundly staring at the sea?
Phytoplankton algae.
Very rarely seen.
Do you mean the sea will glow?
No chance!
What if it does?
I will miss the photograph.
You sat here
waiting for an unsure occurrence.
But don't you have a photograph
of your wife, who lived her life with you?
Shouldn't Mahi know
what her mother looks like?
I don't have any photos.
What about the photograph you took
of her in the rain when you first saw her?
- Don't you have that?
- I don't have them!
Okay. Sorry.
I'm sorry. It's okay if you don't
want to show me a picture of hers.
At least you can describe
her looks, right?
Did you forget her appearance?
Don't you even remember her face?
Small eyes.
Her smile would cause her cheeks to swell,
making her eyes appear even smaller.
Her skin is like this sand's color.
No matter how irked I am...
she has a heart-melting sight.
Seldom she wears a sari.
In a black sari...
it feels like she smeared
all the darkness on her body.
A black dot on the forehead.
A nose piercing...
balancing all the beauty.
After taking a shower,
she probably intentionally...
leaves the hair wet.
All the hair falls on one side...
and it becomes kind of wavy.
In one word...
she looks like this.
Why do you love her so much
even after she left you?
I just described her.
Is this called love?
this is called love!
What are you doing, Yashna?
Are you remembering everything?
Or am I triggering those memories?
Is it because you saw me again?
Would you consider this the truth...
or a dream?
Or would you assume
that I cooked up a story?
If I continue to stay close to you, would
you pull me close to you like a wave?
Like the swinging wave
Did you flatter me
With those dangling hair?
Are those the same naughty eyes?
See the same thunder again
Isn't this a dream?
To join the heart again
Has the river walked down?
My life has become a rock and it's still
This is just like the first time
It's shaking up my heart
Like a breath, like a breath
Is the skin tone the sand's color?
The sari looks like a dark sky
During the night
Your nose-piercing is appreciating you
Your hair is caressing your forehead
Memories have walked back
You have mesmerized me
You have shaken me up
I have been left speechless
This is just like the first time
It's shaking up my heart
Where is she?
You know how marriages work, right?
I think she just started to get cold feet.
She said beaches calm her down.
But if I don't allow her...
she said she would ask her Dad.
And I don't want that.
What's so special about the Goan beaches...
that you can't get on Mumbai's beaches?
Well, my dear friends and family!
I have some good news
and some bad news.
The bad news is that
Yashna won't be joining us.
But the good news is...
- Mahi...
- She is sleeping.
I will take her.
Why? Let her sleep here.
- It's okay.
- Viraj.
Come on! It's just one day.
I'm sorry. I insist.
Please don't mind.
Why do you have to be so stubborn?
What will happen over one night?
You are here today.
What about tomorrow?
What if she becomes accustomed to you?
So, you'll be harsh and take her away?
You know how happy she was today?
You don't know a girl's needs.
She needs a feminine touch.
- She needs female parenting.
- Buying a few accessories...
and clothes is not parenting.
I'm not in a position to hear it from you.
Vacation is over, right?
Please leave us alone.
Was she hurt?
A lot.
What to do?
Go get my sister!
One shot.
You have to do a shot.
Come on.
- Hey!
- You are such a baby!
Can't you do one shot?
Bring out the comfort inside you
Throw out the guy inside you
Don't hide anything anymore
Your job is to freak out
Bend and look at the sky below
Paint new colors to the air
Let tomorrow swallow the yesterday
Why do you need it anyway?
Pour some excitement in one shot
Pour some joy in one shot
Pour some resentment in one shot
And pour everything inside the body
Oh my god, this heat!
EDM-like beat
Radium-like light
Here and there in this party
Oh my god, this heat!
EDM-like beat
Radium-like light
Here and there in this party
Feel high, feel this high
Join hands with me
Why do you stare at someone else?
Time moves, the brain gets sloshed
Leave everything and come to me
Pour some happiness into a glass
Pour some thought into a glass
Pour some fury into a glass
Empty every glass
Oh my god, this heat!
EDM-like beat
Radium-like light
Here and there in this party
Is it vibrant or I'm tipsy?
What happened to life?
Did the imagination feel like the truth?
Or did truth feel like an imagination?
Is the dj vu spinning
Or is it spinning me?
Your past is an underworld
There is Kailash in this ebriety
There is Vaikunth in this vibe
This stupor is salvation
Oh my god, this heat!
EDM-like beat
Radium-like light
Here and there in this party
Oh my god, this heat!
EDM-like beat
Radium-like light
Here and there in this party
I heard your love story
and imagined it as a great one.
And here you're getting drunk
and dancing with heroines.
God, I wish that kid didn't give me
that puppy back.
My life would have been blissful.
What kid? What did you just say?
I dare you to speak loudly.
Speak loudly? Then listen!
Your wiring in the brain
got screwed in that accident!
You don't have the wiring
in the first place.
Speak about anything but my accident!
What will you do?
- What will you do?
- Will you hit me?
Hit me, come on! Hit me!
One minute.
Why are we openly discussing things?
Oh, you won't remember this by morning!
So far, you deleted
everything selectively.
I won't forget.
I remember everything.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Say it again.
I don't forget anything.
Five seconds.
One, two, three, four, five.
Repeat what you just said.
You don't remember
what you just said.
What did you say the other day?
You have people who
will remember things for you.
That's why I have no regrets.
Why will you have regrets?
The one next to you...
with all the memory...
will have regrets.
You enjoy your shopping and your wedding.
You turn a blind eye to
what others are going through.
Superb! Amazing!
Wow, superb!
- How dare you?
- Don't hit me!
Don't hit me!
Don't you dare!
- Don't hit me.
- How dare you, Viraj!
Let go!
I will...
Go to sleep.
Can I ask you something?
Will you stay with us forever?
You seem quite confident
that we'll be blessed with a girl.
What did you think about the baby's name?
What's your name?
Apparently, Dimitrov has a boyfriend.
But Selena doesn't have one.
Justin. Where is Viraj?
Your application for the
lungs has been sanctioned.
That's it, sir.
We are saving her.
It's not about the lungs.
It's about Mahi's condition and her age.
The survival rate is just 0.1 percent.
And no doctor will take this risk.
If you leave her like this,
she might survive another six years.
Why are you taking her chances away?
Earlier, you said three years.
Now you are saying six.
When were you right?
Then or now?
We are getting what we've always wanted.
We don't have a choice.
We're getting this operation done.
No matter what.
Whatever may be the percentage.
My daughter and I will battle with it.
Were you aware that
you would have a daughter?
Mahi was the name of the girl
who gave you Pluto, right?
What are you saying?
I'm not understanding anything.
More than Mahi,
I might've imagined myself as Varsha.
I'm dreaming about things that
I didn't hear in your story.
I assumed all this was
because of my accident.
Because of my overthinking.
Because of my crazy fondness for Mahi.
I like you... Viraj.
I'm not assuming it.
I know it already.
Do you like me?
You are here.
I was searching for you in the resort.
What? Are you surprised to see me?
There is a bigger surprise
waiting for you.
Come. We're leaving.
Were you scared of the wedding
all of a sudden?
I heard these beaches calm you down.
So, I brought the whole
wedding here for you.
You heard me, right?
That's Yashna.
My fiance.
Did she have a
dream or was that true?
Fine, don't tell me.
But she returned
and expressed her feelings for you.
At least tell her.
And what?
You can get your life back!
Or start a new one altogether.
And then?
Don't be stubborn.
You, Yashna, and
Mahi can live happily.
Mahi, Yashna, and I.
Dad... Yashna!
All your dreams have
Melted in front of you
Still you're hopeful
What happened?
This love was born suddenly
For which I have no answers
Did you imagine things?
Did you love your life?
Oh, it tugged at my heartstrings
It tugged at my heartstrings
One bitter truth
And a haunting past
Have distanced our dreams
Once upon a time,
there was a young fairy.
She lived in a dense forest.
I really need you, Dad.
I really like someone.
His name is Viraj.
I have to meet Yashna.
I have to ask her something.
Mahi, you're aware that
her wedding is tomorrow.
We shouldn't disturb her.
Please, Dad.
We're going back to Mumbai tomorrow.
I have an important meeting.
You go to bed.
One bitter truth
And a haunting past
Have distanced our dreams
One bitter truth
And a haunting past
I didn't find her.
Where is Yashna's wedding?
You guys did a fantastic job!
Look for Yashna.
Looking for someone?
Yashna. My daughter...
- Yashna?
- Yeah.
This way.
It took two days to shop for everything...
Hi! Come here!
Where are you going?
Dad is looking for you!
Uncle, I need to talk to Yashna.
Come here!
Two minutes!
- Please!
- No, Mahi. Listen to me...
I think there is a misunderstanding.
He promised that he would never
show up again in our lives.
Is that why...
he sent you and his daughter?
You're unnecessarily worrying, ma'am.
I'm here to take the child away.
That's it.
My daughter survived
that accident,
not his wife.
No, ma'am.
Ma'am, please lower your voice.
Mahi doesn't know anything.
Did she come this far
without knowing anything?
Did they meet her without any plan?
Can Yashna bear the news that...
her child won't live long enough?
- I'm not sure what your Dad has told you.
- Ma'am, please.
- But let me tell you.
- Please, ma'am.
Please, ma'am.
- Please, ma'am.
- Yashna doesn't remember
that you're her daughter.
You too should forget
that she is your mother.
Please leave.
Do you know what he did?
I said go!
Viraj, right?
I know you.
I'm sorry for what my brother did.
He is a bit...
I'm Aravind.
I'm the one marrying your ex-wife.
I don't have a problem
if your arrival is a coincidence.
But if it's planned...
then we both have a problem.
She has suffered enough because of you.
I suggest you leave.
Where is Mahi?
Where did you go, Mahi?
Do you know how scared I was?
You left once for not telling
your Mom's story.
Now you are leaving searching for Yashna.
Do you remember that I'm here?
Did you never feel like
waiting for your Dad?
Where did I go so wrong?
Isn't my love enough, Mahi?
I won't leave you again, Dad.
Take me wherever you go this time.
You wanted to ask Yashna something, right?
Did you?
65 Roses.
Mom will cry, Dad.
I tried really hard.
Aunty spilled the beans.
You came for me, right?
You really like me a lot, right?
Just tell me you like me.
I will leave everything behind
and come with you.
Aren't you ashamed?
You're about to get married to someone...
and you want to elope with me?
What kind of a character is yours?
I'm not sure why you
imagined yourself as Varsha.
But you are similar in one aspect.
You both tend to run away from problems.
Just give up.
You are insulting me for being honest.
Mahi, did you hear what your father said?
Mahi... you tell me.
Didn't you imagine me as your mother?
I did.
But you are not my real mother.
Take Mahi with you.
Go on.
Deal with me.
I'll bear it.
But dealing with Mahi...
You've revealed the secret
I hid from my daughter.
Should I reveal your secrets
to your daughter?
One bitter truth
And a haunting past
Have distanced our dreams
One bitter truth
And a wounded past
Have distanced our love
What happened?
- Mahi!
- Mahi!
- Mahi!
- Mahi!
Mahi, wake up.
Mahi, wake up.
You're no one to us
We don't want you
When they say things like that
Why can't you listen to them?
Why do you cry, my heart?
In your imaginary palace
You don't have a place for yourself
Look, it has collapsed today
Like this
Was I delusional?
Or was I absent despite staying with you?
You keep saying
I'm no one to you
I'm losing my mind here
So, you're...
you're getting married?
You finally got the time?
I had some important work.
What is more important than your
daughter's wedding, Dad?
You like Viraj, right?
Why are you marrying Aravind?
He doesn't like me.
I thought at least his daughter liked me.
She was worse than him.
He insulted me for confessing my love.
He compared me with his wife.
He said that we are similar.
What he said was right.
Is that what you think of me?
When did I ever give up, Dad?
You know...
it's not when he said so.
When you gave up fighting for
your love after what he said.
That's when you behaved like his wife.
What else can I do, Dad?
Prove that you're not like his wife
and you won't run
away from problems.
His only daughter is in the ICU,
fighting for her life.
She may or may not make it.
Yashna, will you stand
with him and fight
or will you give up like his wife?
It's... your call.
we are running late.
You can speak to your dad later.
Everyone is waiting. Go.
It's your life. You love him.
You must battle.
Everyone is waiting.
Let's go.
One bitter truth
And a haunting past
Have distanced our dreams
One bitter truth
And a wounded past
- Go on.
- Has distanced our love
What happened?
Aravind, I have to go.
What are you even saying?
Is it Viraj?
Do you know Viraj?
Do you know Viraj?
Fine, you can leave
if you don't want this marriage.
But he isn't the right guy for you.
How can you say that?
You don't know how much
his wife suffered because of him.
Even he suffered a lot.
She wanted a divorce.
- No, she didn't.
- She did.
She must not have.
- I'm telling you, she asked for a divorce.
- I didn't ask for it!
I'm sorry.
She must not have asked for it.
This just... doesn't add up.
How could she?
She didn't.
She didn't.
She didn't.
She didn't.
Leave before I change my mind.
Are you insane?
Why did you leave her?
Tell me something.
Did Yashna really ask for
a divorce before the accident?
Did she?
I thought so!
She must leave him first...
to love me.
They beat him up unnecessarily.
Is he more important than your family?
You ruined your daughter's wedding.
My daughter got married long ago.
You didn't attend it
I saved it now.
That's it.
That's not even a marriage,
and it was not even a life she led!
Is tying the knot with someone
and living life on your terms
called marriage and life?
It will take you a lifetime
to find someone like Viraj for her.
Yes... he is more important than you.
That accident proved a point.
I felt he and my
granddaughter needed me...
more than my daughter
who forgot everything.
That's why I went to them.
I stayed with him.
There's no seminar owing to
Mahi's condition that he didn't attend.
There are no doctors that he didn't meet.
He fought with everyone who
suspected her survival chances.
He continues to do so.
He is the granted son
I never asked for.
It won't take a second for him
to demolish the glass castle
you built for Yashna.
But he wouldn't do that.
Regardless of what you think, he loves...
your daughter a bit more
than his daughter.
Every time he had to bear the burden,
he moved away from her
with all her memories.
Yashna lost her memory
six years ago, right?
He witnessed a great deal of life.
Her friends and family, and you
and I were present by her side.
Despite that, if she has ended up
falling in love with him again...
there's nothing we can do.
Some marriages are like that.
No matter how hard you try,
they just won't work out.
They fail like this one.
Like ours.
Despite differences, some manage
to find their way back and reunite.
Like them.
We failed as a couple.
Let's not fail as parents.
She said she would
never leave me again.
She isn't responding to me now.
Everyone thought...
Mahi survived because of me.
I survived because of Mahi.
I'm scared.
Look at me.
I left my wedding and came for you...
after knowing you just for seven days.
She is your daughter.
How will she leave you?
If you cry, she will lose.
You must fight for her.
She will win.
Nothing will happen to Mahi.
I was mad at him
and felt like killing him.
What did you do?
His daughter is in the ICU.
I didn't feel like hurting him.
It's Cystic Fibrosis.
The survival rate is zero percent.
Respiratory failure.
Vitals are dropping.
We have a lung, right?
What is stopping us?
But if we operate...
the child won't survive.
Will she survive if we don't?
- Maybe a few more hours.
- Anyhow, she is dying.
What is stopping you, sir?
This hospital is not equipped with
qualified doctors to perform surgery.
It has to be done under the guidance
of the likes of critical care,
pulmonologists, and so many others.
Sir, that's Arjun Srivastav.
He is a senior consultant and
pulmonologist at AIIMS, New Delhi.
That is Mr. Sudeep Bhattacharya.
He is a senior consultant,
critical care, Lilavati Hospital.
That's Joseph and Hari.
Two of the best anesthesiologists.
This is my brother, Ashok.
He is a general surgeon.
And I'm Aravind Bhatia, sir.
It was my wedding.
Not just me.
All my friends are doctors.
The country's best doctors are all here.
If not us, who will save her?
What if something happens to that child?
Our reputation will be at stake.
Then make sure she lives.
You saved me once.
Please save my daughter now.
I'll try my best.
Don't you want me?
Do you need me?
Can I stay with you people forever?
Just determine inside and see...
It will be done just like that
Alright, tell me.
What do you want to be
when you grow up?
A singer like my mom.
Stretch your hands for the raindrops
Like seven colors
Come back smiling.
I'll teach you the best song ever.
Both the sky and earth are yours
I can sing too.
If you believe in yourself
Nothing is impossible
The life inside is yours
As long as you have courage in you
Your smile will always accompany you
I wish I met you in Coonoor.
I wish I fell in love with you.
I wish I married you.
I wish Mahi had been born to me.
Turn time into your path
Write down
That the journey is your destination
Like the continents are your companions
Attract all those worlds
Like the stars are pals with your song
They should swing!
Both the sky and earth are yours
If you can believe in yourself
Nothing is impossible to achieve
The life inside is yours
As long as you have courage in you
Your smile will always accompany you
Breath turned into a string
Swinging in the heart
Listen to the sonorous tune
Oh, listen to it