Hibiscus & Ruthless (2018) Movie Script

Wow! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Do you know what that sound is? A party. That's the sound of mucking around. That's the sound of people
who don't have a plan. It's the first minute
of the New Year, and we're going to spend it
planning for the future. You're starting at
a new school this year. At lunchtime,
go and sit under a tree, read your books and
do some homework. Alright? Bring it! Bullrush! Whoa! Nah. - Oh! - And what? - On your face! Oh yeah? Ooh! Oh, what a Ruthless! - Oh, he's a concuss!
- Stay away! Stay away! Far, I'm gonna tell my dad on you. Go, then.
I'll smash you and your dad. Oh! You need to sit here
and think about it, Ruth. That was totally
inappropriate behaviour. Shh. What's your name? - Hibiscus.
- What did you get in trouble for? Nothing. What's that taste like? Ew! Yum. You wanna be friends? When you're angry,
face the wall, count to 10. - One,...
two, three. Hey, boy. Is that your $2? - Yeah, that's mine.
- Liar, liar, pants on fire. - Ah, shame!
- Ooh! His pants were not on fire,
Ruth. Sit down. Miss, that's cos I put the fire out. - Nah, give it here!
- Nah, I can do it. You don't even know! - Oh, my eye! Argh!
- Sit down. His eye walked into my whip, Miss. Nah, I got you. From now on,
I'm gonna call you Biscuits. Thank you. You wanna be best friends? Yeah-yah! I'm at your house. Thank you so much for letting
Ruth come around. Hibiscus has been
an amazing influence. Oh. Great. Hey, Biscuits, do you know
what a divorce is? So do I. So, what do you do for fun? Brush, brush, brush. Shake, shake, shake.
Take it. Take it. - Take it! Read the instructions carefully.
You have 30 minutes. - Biscuits, what is this?
- It's fun. Easy. Just keep trying. Boo As you know, nothing at all is
coming out at the bottom. From the table or even when you're
walking in front of anybody - tulou. From left to right or right
to left - any way, it's good. Hey, Biscuits. Come on. Oh, Ruth, you're so funny. You can set a record, Biscuits. - Can you not? This is important.
- Ah, so is this. - A'e? OK, let's go.
- Mmm. This is for my Island girl, Pasifika's finest pearl. You're the only one I see... Ow! Ooh, Bachelor Of Engineering,
four years. I'm leaning towards a major
in software. What about you? Um, I'll just do whatever you do. No, don't just copy me.
What do you wanna be? Uh, pretty. - Uh, mission accomplished.
- Ruth, I'm serious. Well, do engineers
make good money? - Yes.
- Oh. Engineering it is. You're the only one I see. You're the only teine
in the world. Captions by Able.
W.able.co.nz. - Hey!
- Hey. You know you're the hottest girl
in the club, right? I know. Do you know I'm gonna
buy you a drink? Do you know what time it is? Later, bo. What about the countdown? This is an important year,
your final year at university. And for you, Hibiscus,
what's the main rule? No going out and no boyfriends. Hey, those are the rules
that got you this far. Don't break them or I'll break you. - Oh!
- Shh. Here's to a successful year. - Hear, hear! - Good job.
- That is so hot. Your final year project will not be
graded, simply a pass or fail. An extension will only be granted
in exceptional circumstances. Fail to do this,
and you will not graduate. Every year without fail, we'll have
someone in our office crying. Don't let it be you. You'll be working
in a group situation, so choose your group wisely. Are you wearing a cape?
You look pretty stupid. I can always take the cape off.
Can you do that with your face? - Ruth, soia.
- What? Shots fired. OK. Preferred topics,
one for one. Go. You know how toilets have
a full flush and a half flush? - Mm.
- I'm looking at a mechanism that can bring a quarter flush
for pee-pee to save water and double flush where
you need extra clearance. I'm thinking automated mapping
of pedestrian traffic - for traffic-crossing optimisation. I'm thinking impact
measurement on skulls so I can punch people
in the head for science. - That's too broad.
- Nah, you're broad. Software that provides a report on
your cell phone use during the day. - Squashing bugs is boring.
- Well, do you have a better idea? Uh, yeah. Food-cooking thing
that improves food cooking. - I'm thinking...
- Mm? A productivity necklace. - What?
- A productivity necklace. It gives a short electric
shock every 10 minutes, safe enough not to break skin.
It's a psychological reset. How's this S&M bracelet
gonna benefit society? - What's S&M?
- Sausage and mince. - Test demographic?
- University students. - Budget?
- Keep it achievable. Gift vouchers and curiosity, eh? Secondary option will be automated
traffic. Done. I will write it up. Can you
give me a lift after my work? - Can I have dinner at your house-?
- Deal. And use your power and
your water? Oh, Biscuits. Hey, you forgot your... Good job, Ruth. Stop mucking around,
you fullas. Come on. Hey. How was your New Year's? - Quiet.
- Oh yeah. Me too. - What did you get up to?
- Oh, just chilled at home. - Oh yeah. Whereabouts do you live?
- Like, just down the road. Oh, so it's, like,
walking distance from here? Yeah. Yeah, pretty much. Oh, that must be so handy
when you finish late. - Yeah.
- It's really dangerous for me, and it's already dark by
the time we finish, and so- Yeah, you should try catching
a cab. Yeah. Real reliable. - Hey, we should go get a drink.
- Yeah, sounds good. Hibiscus, are you keen? No, thanks. My ride
should be here soon. - She's not keen.
- Wait. Did someone say drinks? - No, let's go.
- We didn't include youse. It's just the girls. We could go back
to your house, eh, Anthony? Hey, important question -
what did your mum make for dinner? Eh. Man, your mum can be eats. Why do I need to? When I was her age,
I was a size 10 too, eh? Oh, no, I'm too tire- I didn't even need to run.
You need to run. - You want a hiding?
- Yes. - Come on.
- What, build ups, huh? - Build ups? Hey, can you help me with ipu ki
this afternoon? What is it this time? - Do you know my cousin Luisa?
- Yeah. Yeah, well, she's getting married. My auntie asked my mum to help
her organise it, which means I'm gonna organise it, and by
helping, she means I do all of it. Stink. Is it a...? - Pretty much. You should just get
someone else to do it. No one in the family wants to do it.
Anyone else would just stuff it up. - Hibiscus!
- Ooh! But we have to cut it down to 200. We can't afford 300
at the reception. Then you need to cut down
some of yours. - Hey, cuz.
- Hey, cuz. Oh, thanks. Sorry to do
those last-minute ones. She's been on my case all week. I got you. Just try and relax.
It's your special day. They want a big wedding,
but money's gonna come from where? I don't want people to mock us. - It's not about them.
- Easy. I got you. I'm so glad I've
got my on-to-it cuz... his family are useless. - Oh, just hurry up. No problem. Hibiscus. Yes, I've got a plan and a schedule. Stick to it and everything
will turn out fine. Firstly, we will lock down
your wedding dress. We've borrowed a couple, but we will
find something that you like. I really like this one. No one would even know
you're pregnant. Except everyone at your wedding
is from your church, and they gossip to the days. True. Next, we will take
care of your lineup. So, I was thinking we should
have 15 in each of our lineups, you know, like two rugby teams.
Cos you know I was first 15. - You know, like a metaphor.
- Like a stupid. No, but if we can pay
for the clothes as our- Yeah, nah, that's not gonna happen. - Sad.
- What's your budget? - We got, like, 2000. Uh, OK. Maid of honour and best man.
Everyone else, thank you. Goodbye. Don't have a cry! After the service, we'll stay local, and I'm giving you
one hour for photos. You want us to take our photos here? That's where we used to
hang out heaps, eh? - You guys like the photos?
- Yeah. We love them. Cool. Moving on. The reception will be in a school
hall to save money, 3.15pm start - no Island time. Minister opens with a prayer,
then we serve the food. - How many people are we expecting?
- 300. I don't wanna leave people out
and piss them off. Make it 200. Uh... We can ask people to bring a plate. Hibiscus, this is your
problem. Solve it. We can't have it catered, so
we are going to cook it ourselves. - Ruth, you're gonna help me.
- Oh, come on! Yes, please. We will give them
something to talk about. We are going to serve
seven small dishes. That's not going to be enough. Only if we serve it buffet-style,
so we are going a la carte-style. Oh, you fancy. It gives us portion control rather
than everyone making mountains. We'll have... People won't be happy at first. We weather the hate,
and they'll be surprised that they get their fill from
smaller but more numerous portions. After that, we'll have
the cutting of the cake. Luisa's Siva Samoa. The newlyweds' first dance. And then we'll only have two items - one from the girls
on the bride's side. OK. From the groom's side,
what did you guys wanna do? Oh, we're just gonna do, like,
a little dance thing. - Sounds dry-balls.
- It's like a Magic Mike. Oh. Well, let's see it
before we judge it. It's a family show. Not too much magic;
just a little bit. A agi le matagi, agi e agi e, Agi a luga, agi a lalo,
agi a folau ai. A agi le matagi, agi e agi e, Agi a luga, agi a lalo, agi a- Shake it. This is for my Island girl. Gonna make your body twirl. I'm gonna make you feel that
you're the only teine in the world. Of all of the other ladies,
you're the only one that... Minister closes with a prayer,
be done by 4.30, and then start the cleanup. Hey, Mum. What did you think? Good. It's done. Make sure you clean
up properly so we can get the bond. I'm leaving. I'll see you at home. OK. Can you guys
move all the chairs-? - Hey. Awesome organising.
- Thanks. I've never been to an
Island wedding that's... - On time?
- Yeah. - Can you guys-?
- Achieved the impossible. - Do you do this for a living?
- No, I'm at uni, just final year. Just doing it as a family favour.
Can you move all the-? True. I'm at uni too, doing conjoint
- commerce and law. What about you? - Engineering, majoring in software.
- Hey, you skux guy. - Hey.
- What's your handle? - Charlie.
- Got a girlfriend? What? Uh, no. Oh. Later, bo. How many people
were at the reception? About 300. When do you have to
settle the invoice? - Do we have to pay for it?
- Ae a. How much is in your
faalavelave account? - About 1500.
- Huh? About 1500. OK. Use that,
and I'll cover the rest. OK. What's your plan for the week? Just a future graduates' evening, where we have to meet
prospective employers. So... what are you wearing? No. What else do you have? Um, I have that, um... Why don't you have
any business clothes? You dress for the job you want. That's not wasting money -
that's an investment, huh? How much have you put
aside for clothing? I haven't budgeted anything. Oh? So you haven't
planned properly, then. Wear something from my wardrobe. - What is-?
- Don't. OK. - That Charlie guy from the wedding.
- Who? The one your mum
snapped you staring at. Shame. Eventually, your mum
will set you free. She's one of those ones -
no boyfriend, no boyfriend. And then I finish uni,
and then it's,... 'Why don't
you have a husband?' - True. Hey, but Mum's right. Don't grease up -
she can't hear you. Luisa had to put
her studies on hold. So you're saying that I'm gonna
be next in one of your-? - No. I'm saying Mum is looking out.
- I know that, but- - You thirsty. Hmm? You hungry.
- No. No. It's OK - women cannot
live on carbs alone. Uh, can you not? Are you saying guys
are asking you out now? No. Yes. Maybe. So if they ask you out, just say no. But what if they're, like, the one? - Why would they be the one?
- You never know. It's not your job to be
looking out for the one. - If opportunity knocks-
- then you get knocked up. Not even. Before that,
your mum will knock you out. - I can take her.
- Oh yeah? - Oh my gosh!
- Biscuit said she's gonna- - Shh!
- Smash your face! - I was just joking.
- Brave with your buildup. OK. You're right. - I will need your help, then.
- Why me? - Because you're, like-
- Choose words wisely. - Experienced.
- True. I know all the things, Biscuits.
I chase down all the waterfalls. Like when I went out with
that guy with the flash car, who still argues with his dad
for petrol money. She's waiting. Please. Please, Dad. Or the guy who made me watch
his first-15 highlights and talks about making top
side and getting that contract. Or the guy who tries to show off
his hot girl to everyone. This is my missus!
Have you met my missus? The cheap guy who keeps
forgetting his wallet. And that guy whose face I can't
remember, cos he's ugly. So, you're thirsty
and you want me to... - get me through this year.
- Dehydrated. Yep, keep me on the
straight and narrow. Rather than the curvy and the wide. I'm serious. I can't afford
to stuff up this year. OK. I got you. - Eh?
- Eh? - Oh!
- Hey! - Go make me some food. Get off me. He ain't got it on me. It's what
I thought, and now it's maybe. He's got me tripping. He could be the one. Hey. What? I forgot.
This was all I had in my bag. Girl, out of all the things
you could have worn... - Shh. Where's your shoes?
- Why are you looking at my feet? Fetish much? Hey, sis,
can I borrow your jacket? OK, we've talked to
a couple of companies, and you should start
making your rounds, OK? Yeah. Least we'll get some
free pens or something, eh? Hey, and don't start by asking
about the money, please. Sis, this smells like church. Shh. I'm serious.
Don't bring up the money. Excuse me, ladies. Bye-bye. You'll be well looked after.
So even if you were in the deep end- How much money will
I get in the deep end? That's a very good question. It does
vary based on a number of factors, but you're looking at
between 52 and 55 K- Later, bo. We are looking for those with
high technical competency- - How high is the money?
- Ooh, 58 to 60 K. Hmm. Mama needs new shoes. Automation is a continually
growing field, and we're working really hard
to be an attractive opportunity. How attractive can you make it? We're looking at around
58,000 to 65,000. And would you be looking
to talk to someone with top-class technical competency coupled
with a strong team-focused outlook and a personality that mitigates the stress levels of
a demanding environment? That would be someone we- Cos that would be
how I describe myself. Then you'll be someone we'll be
wanting to have a conversation with. Oh, if you insist. Too much. Welcome to the
Hunger Games, suckers! Hey, hey. The alternative,
as you know, is the OE, the traditional overseas experience, a truly amazing,
lifetime experience. So the question is,
should you take an OE? No. - Why?
- More opportunities for promotion, and if there is a shift in the
industry, because of the OE exodus, then it could leave you in
a stronger negotiating position. But you are discounting
the value of experience. An investment in the human
experience can pay dividends. The issue is maintaining an
uninterrupted earnings trajectory. Money cannot buy happiness. Being broke, you can't buy anything. Ooh. How could a narrow, uninformed world
view be of any value to a company, in an industry that is
constantly requiring innovation? Backpacking across continents
with diminishing funds, unpaid student loans
and shrinking employment prospects, where you're forced to take what
you can, rather than what you want, doesn't exactly put you in
a position to be of value to anyone. Life is to be lived.
You can see the world. Sitting on six figures in seven
years, student loans all paid, parents debts cleared,
a step on the property ladder, I would say I had
the world at my feet. Oh! Smashed 'em, bro. But is it an experience, that can
aid in your career progression? Hello! Hey, hey, hey! Remember me from the
Future Graduates' Network? - We had that rigorous debate.
- OK. I'm Stephen. Pleased to meet you.
Are you free to grab a coffee-? - I'm actually heading to class.
- After class, maybe? - Good conversation is hard to find. I can give you the 2 minutes
it takes to walk to my class. I'll take it. - One minute.
- So precise. Spontaneity is not your style? Talking to strange guys
in the park is not my style. Fair enough. The cornerstone of progression
is discussion and critical thought. Bet you never thought a guy like me
could make a point like that, eh? Uh, thank you.
Your 2 minutes are up. No, thank you. No doubt
I'll see you round. 'Sup? Hello. Later, bo. - Honest to who, that guy likes you.
- We were just talking. Oh yeah. Talk, talk; nek minnit - 'Uh, Ruth, can you give me
a lift to the maternity ward?' - Not even.
- Sis, remember the plan. - I'm not attracted to him.
- I saw you looking at his Afro. Stop it. Hey, whatever he offers, just give
him a polite statement and leave. OK. OK. Any guy that wants to talk to you,
report back to me - name, location, topic of conversation. So what are
you gonna do next time you see him? - Polite statement and leave.
- Good girl. Here's a treat. Can you not? Oi. What's that? Course readings. Couldn't do the readings. What are you studying? Commerce,
but dropped out first year. - Would you go back?
- Mm, it's not really my thing. Hey. Since it's a slow night, I was looking to do more
kitchen and less floor work. Could you... show me how
to make a dish or two? - Uh, yeah, sure.
- Oh, sweet. Um, let's start with the salad. OK. Cool. What do we need? - Up here.
- OK. - Hey, cheers for the lesson.
- No problem. - I'll catch you next shift.
- Yep. Laters. - Why are you sitting on the bonnet?
- Warming my bum. How's work? Slow night. - Who's that guy?
- What guy? Uh, the only guy walking with
a bunch of girls from your work. - Oh, that's Anthony.
- Man, he's ugly. - What? No, he's...
- What did I say about guys? - I was gonna tell you.
- Sis, the plan. - It's nothing.
- Stick to it. - I am. Yep. Good
morning. Coffee, no obligation? I know you're a woman
with no time to waste. - I don't drink coffee.
- No coffee, no worries. We have tea - Earl Grey, English
breakfast, green tea; soy latte, cappuccino, mochaccino,
hot chocolate, apple juice, orange juice, pineapple,
iced water, tap water,... overpriced water; and on the
off chance you are feeling something... different... - 'Otai? - Looks like we have a winner. OK. You enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you. Mmm. - Uh, hold out. - Is this 'otai?
- 'Otai. That's what I said. This has Afro boy all over it. He said no obligation. - He's a nice guy.
- No. Lucky I'm hungry,
or I'd throw this at you. I'll see you later.
Bring the list for the project, OK? - Hey, polo! Ooh! Hey! Hello. - Not sure if you remember me.
- Charlie from Luisa's wedding. I must have made
a good first impression. No, I just remember who you are. True. How long are you gonna
keep secrets from me? - Like what?
- You keep ankle-tapping me. - I haven't talked to anyone. Liar, liar, G-string on fire.
If you had a G-string. You headed home for the day? What about Charlie
from Luisa's wedding? - Wait. You're stalking me now?
- It's called surveillance. Enjoy the rest of your day,
and all the best with your studies. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nah.
You too. See ya. Thank you! Don't hide-and-seek with me, sis.
I'm the master seeker. My ancestors were master seekers. They found your ancestors
on the other side of the world and told them about this guy
who was born about 2000 years ago. Nek minnit, all your Sundays are booked out
for the rest of your life. - That's my pedigree, so you remember
who you're rocking with. Once again, I will not keep you.
I know time is of the essence. - A favourite colour.
- Red. Mine's blue. Would you like to
fight? I kid. I kid. Just a bit of street-gang humour
there. Favourite food? - Lasagne.
- Chicken fettuccine. We both like Italian. Lasagne, marinara and Parmesan,
Royal Doulton ceramic. Chicken fettuccine,
Mainland Tasty cheese, Tupperware. Thank you very much. How would
lunch fit into your schedule? I'd love to get your feedback
on my cooking. Uh... Uh... Say yes? Um,... - yes?
- Awesome. - See you there.
- OK. I know this great Italian place
in town. Amazing food. - I would have to check-
- Answer me this - are you having a good time? - Yeah.
- Do you think we are... - connecting on some level?
- I guess so. So dinner wouldn't be
too uncomfortable? Just putting it out there. Say yes? Hey. The homeless
shelter's that way. - Get lost.
- Get an arts degree. Same thing. - Ooh!
- Did you hear that? - Calm down. Down.
- I'm gonna ACC his face. Biscuits, fia ai. There you go. Mmm. Mmm. This is good. Where'd you get this? Did you make it? Stephen did. - Ooh! Why? - Give me my jandal. - Give...
- He asked me out and I said yes, - but I wasn't thinking.
- The... - I didn't know what to do!
- Jandal! Stop! I thought I could handle it,
and then I got caught up, and- That's how it is. You know this. But it's different
when you're treated- nice. Yeah, I know.
I know these things, Biscuits. I know all the things. OK. Go on a date with the guy
who makes nice lasagne. And after that, just let him know
you ain't feeling it, and we'll be done with it,
you can get back on track. You mean... - I literally said exactly that. - Do you want me to help you - or give you a hiding?
- Help me. Please, help me. What do I wear? What you're wearing now.
Go with that. You want him to like you more? - No. She always comes in time for dinner. We have to go back in to uni
just to finish- Malo. How's work, Mama?
Damn, that smells good. I'm just gonna take some
for our studies. Hibiscus said it's for
an assignment. Yeah. Study assignment, eh? Cool. Well, we better bounce. Bye. Open the bag. Be back by 10, no later. - Yeah. Fa.
- Fa. What are you doing? What are YOU doing? I didn't wanna go wearing just this. - Who cares?
- I care. I wanna look nice. Oh, you are taking stupid risks
for a stupid guy. He's not stupid. Beautiful flower
for a beautiful flower. Thank you. I hope you don't mind -
I've ordered a merlot for us. - Oh, I don't drink.
- Just pour you a glass anyway, see if we can persuade you of
the merits of a good red, yeah? I've also an entree, main
and dessert just for you. OK. Thank you. I take it a place like this
is quite a unique experience? Uh, yes. What makes you say that? Just connecting the dots. I presumed
you frequent fast-food restaurants. - Uh, tell me about yourself. - Do you have any siblings?
- Two others. I'm the eldest. I set the pace for the family. Which
reminds me. One moment, please. Fakaalofa lahi atu. - How is your entree?
- Uh, it's great. Uh, I was just wondering if
I could get some bread, please. Bread? Uh, yes. What kind
of bread would you like? Oh, just bread that I can butter. Very well. Yeah. Yeah. - Apologies for that.
- No need to apologise. I'm actually trilingual - English,
Niuean, and my third language... is success. - Uh, yes. - Who's calling?
- Sorry. Excuse me. - Hi, Mum. Sorry. I was just in the library,
and I just had to get out, because- You could answer the phone
and walk outside. Yes. I should have
done that. I'm sorry. - Have you finished yet?
- No. No. - Who's there? Uh, students.
There's heaps of us here. Oh. So you're mucking around, huh? Uh, she's gone toilet. Then walk to the toilet
and put her on the phone. Ruth, now. - We better bounce, Biscuits.
- What's going on? I'm sorry. We just need to
get home - strict parent. - Trying to skip on the bill?
- Sorry? It's only fair
we go halves on the bill. The entree was 45,
the merlot was 98, the main is 55, and the dessert is
33 apiece, so that's- - 231.
- Impressive. - If I had asked. If need be, I can-
- It's OK. I can pay for it. Hibiscus... If you need to do work
at university, get up early. La. No more late nights. Can you get a rough prototype
by the end of this weekend? Yeah. Uh, have you started the app? Yeah. I'll design
the UI this weekend. Put your schedule
in the shared docs. Hey. You OK? Yeah. - Keep me in the loop.
- It's OK. I'm OK. - I'll get over it.
- Sweet. Hey, team. Looking for staff
for an off-site corporate for next Monday evening. Before
I hit these lists, who's keen? - Time and a half, eh, boss?
- No. Why would it be? Oh, sorry, boss.
I'll be busy sleeping. Yeah, I've got a thing. Yeah, so sorry.
I've got the same thing. - Uh, yeah, what she said. Sign me up. Thank you,
most reliable person here. - I'm keen.
- Thank you, Anthony. I can do it too now.
I'll move my thing. - Yeah, I'm keen.
- OK. - And me.
- Thank you. See you there. Hey. I'm just about to lock up. - Sorry. I'll just wait outside.
- Nah, nah, it's all right. - You waiting for your ride?
- Yeah. - You alright? - Yeah. Just some dramas. - Thought you'd be immune to dramas.
- Me too. Well, if you need
any advice, ask away. What I lack in qualifications,
I make up for in drama experience. What is it? Money? Family? Boys? - But never again. Oh, that's probably a good plan.
My parents used to say, 'Get your 'education before you go chasing
girls.' And I would say to them... - Wait. You speak Samoan?
- Yeah. Mum's Samoan. Dad's French. Fa. Yes, yes. Um, manuia le po. - How's work?
- Fine. Just the usual. How much is in your
faalavelave account? I need 800. OK. I'll transfer it over. Ruth. Watching the internet. Aah!
I mean, uh, Bible things. And I'm turning that
modem off as well. - Aw!
- O le a? Nothing! Now is not the time
to be slacking off. Whatever your project is, it should
be well into the development phase. This is where the hard work begins. - Come to mama.
- Mistakes, errors in judgement... Come wake up mama. Aw. Remember to keep your
development logs updated. OK? - Anything else, Mum?
- Where you rushing off to? Uh, to sleep. I need to
wake up early tomorrow. OK. la... Tell me the occasion, and I promise
I'll get you what you need. - Uh, thanks. I'm just looking for-
- What's the event? - Um, drinks.
- Ah. For when you're thirsty. Is he hot? Uh... Is he real? Like, have you
seen him in real life? - Yes, he's real.
- Oh, good. - Did you have a look in mind?
- Well, I'm just... I like... I like that one. Well, if it speaks to you,
let it preach. That's us. - Hey.
- Hey. Do you want me
to take out the trash? Um, no, it's actually done. - Cool.
- Yeah. - You still good for drinks?
- Oh, uh, yeah. Sweet. Um, can you give me,
like, five, 10 minutes? Yeah, no prob. See you soon, eh? Cool. Thank you. And that's how I got
all my injuries - my groin, my Achilles and my delts. - Oh yeah? All in one game, bro?
- Nah, all in one tackle. - Oh, stop it, sole. Um... - Hey.
- Uh,... - hey.
- Sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, no worries. - We can head down the road.
- That sounds good. Hey. Sorry to keep you waiting. Uh, this is too much.
I am so sorry, but I just- No, wait. Wait. No.
No, you look beautiful. I'm flattered you think
I'm worth dressing up for. - Thanks.
- Um, what can I get for you? - I don't drink.
- Never had a drink? Uh, first time for everything. Nah. Save your first drink
for something special. Don't waste it on me. The kitchen boys tell me you're
a scholar - Bachelor Of Engineering, final year, on your way to
first-class honours, amazing cook, - making more per hour than me.
- Not if you're including tips. Only child, no boyfriend. OK. I tell them way too much. They didn't tell me you were
beautiful; I worked that out myself. Sorry. Why are you just opening
your eyes now? Uh, I had to, ... uh, do some stuff. - What stuff?
- Just some uni notes. Why are you doing notes after work?
That's why you have a schedule. Everything has a time
and a place. Look at the time - aren't you supposed
to be in class now? - Uh-
- No early lecture today. DIY peer reviews of our
development plans for our projects, - eh, Biscuits?
- Still shouldn't be sleeping in. Sorry. I'll keep to
the schedule. And you're on dinner tonight. And why are you still
in your pyjamas? Oh, yeah, right.
Better go get changed. Why are you wearing it? Why are you saying yes to the dress? Mum's gonna see it.
Hide it. Put it back. Oh. Just a new dress.
What do you think? - Take it back. It's too big.
- Aw. Really? OK. How do you know? Firstly, that guy is hot.
So credit... where credit... is due. - It's nothing.
- Hmm. This dress doesn't say
that it's nothing. First, just admit that you like him. It's OK. You don't have
to be ashamed about it. - I'm not ashamed.
- Then say it. I'm guessing he hasn't made a move
yet. If he doesn't, we're all good. If he does... OK. Thanks, guys. See you next time.
Thanks for coming tonight. Drive safe, please. Whoo! What a night! Who's tired? Let's get this place tidied up, eh,
and let's get out of here. Come on. - Hey. I haven't seen you all night.
- Uh, yep. - Uh, need a hand?
- No, no. It's OK. - Just wanna pack up and go home.
- Are you sure? Yep. Ah, sorry. Sorry, man.
Can I get one more song, please? Yeah. What do you want? Guys, one more song.
Play one more song. I've been saving
these eyes for you... Hey, come here for a sec.
Come on. Come on. Come on. - No, please don't. Though I've never
been here before,... this feels like fate. Don't. Never have I felt this way. I just witnessed heaven's display and all its beauty walking my way. This feels like fate. Please don't turn away. I fear my feelings
for you can't change. Cos when you danced my way, I saw the river sway, wind and fire play, and the stars, they shine away. - This feels like... - Ooh. Sa ou fa'atali mo oe taunu'u ta fa'amoemoe E mo'omo'o lo'u loto fa'aafe mo oe ia avea a'u mo oe o ta iuga. I see you thinking it over. Just let go. Let me be the, one I can show you it all. If you're who I've waited for, just let me know,
and I'll give you it all. Just say the word, and it's yours. And if you feel
you can't tell if it's right, just listen to that
whisper inside. Till we find our way, this feels like fate. I've been saving
these eyes for you, cos no one else will do. Though I've never
been here before, Still feels like fate. Ooh. Still feels like fate. I'm sorry. Hey, there's nothing
to be sorry about. I'm just not allowed. - Parents?
- Strict mum. You ever try negotiating? I don't think there's
a Samoan word for 'negotiate.' True that.
But you don't know until you try. I'd like to see you try. Thanks for the dance. Yeah. I liked the part
where you took the lead. I liked the part where you followed. Well, you should
have thought about that! Oh! Told you, Grandma! No. - Hibiscus!
- Ooh! Yeah? I know I'm probably the
last person you want to see, and I certainly respect the rules
you have set out for Hibiscus. If you know that,
then why are you here? Let the boy finish. As a token of my appreciation,
I've brought gifts. The purpose of my visit is to ask
permission to ask your daughter out. Who do you think you are, coming here with your tiny pig
and your tiny... brain? So you're asking permission
to ask permission? Yes. But if you know what rules I've set,
why are you bothering to ask? I believe in living a life
without regrets. Sometimes you have to take
a step into the unknown to truly find yourself.
You have to be curious- Shh. Have you ever heard the saying,
'Curiosity killed the cat'? They say satisfaction
brought him back. Oh? What kind of satisfaction
are you looking for? Huh? Oh! I only have the most
honourable of intentions. And if I say no? Then I'll respect your wishes and... leave Hibiscus alone. Hey. Have you been going out with boys? How many other boys are gonna be
showing up at our house? Well, if they do show up
and they bring food, it's good. Look at the pig. - How?
- He's been respectful - he came through the door;
he didn't climb through the window. So a guy brings food from the
bakery, cheap flowers and a pig, and it's OK to let
your granddaughter go? Don't uplift your voice.
I may be old, but... Hibiscus... This is why we set down these rules. OK. You want my permission? You have my permission. Thank you. Hibiscus, would you like
to go to dinner with me? No. I appreciate- What a waste of a beauty boy! But I insist you stay
for a cup of tea, OK? Host him yourself. - Ruth.
- OK. OK. No hug-hug and
no kiss-kiss, you know? I'm going to leave you. I'd better
go and see if that girl's eating all the things for the cup of tea. Home, university, work,... home - nothing else. She's been fighting hard to hide it. Telling lies like she don't like it
The infatuation's Screaming wild and she
don't even mind it. She's got that love... virus. Hey. I have to go catch my bus.
So I really need to go. I could give you a ride if you want. No, thanks. It's OK. Lucky. I don't even have a car. OK. Straight up - would you
like to go out sometime? Coffee? Dinner? Denny's?
Wendy's is not too far - from a bus stop.
- Hey, Charlie, thank you. I know it takes a lot
to ask someone out, and I really do appreciate it,
but I really can't. Completely understand. I'm sorry. If you don't mind, just for my
peace of mind, could I have, like, - a reason?
- No time and strict parent. Ha. I'm living, like,
the exact same life. So no girlfriends? I'm not allowed to go out with a
girl until I make 50 K before tax. - That's really specific.
- Yeah. They're, like, 'Bring home the bacon
before you bring home the pig.' - What?
- Sorry. - I don't mean it like that.
- So, wait. If you're not allowed any
girlfriends, why did you ask me out? Uh, when you like someone,
you do crazy things. I'm really sorry that I didn't
give you the answer - that you were looking for-
- Nah, it's all good. I'm fine. I'm just gonna go have
a cry in the corner... and do some CrossFit. See you later. See? Get more done when you're
not mucking around, huh? Look who's back. Oh. - I will pray for you. - Laters. - Hey.
- Hey. You look... stunning. - Thank you.
- What changed your mind? And your mum? Well, we kind of have to finish
this date in 15 minutes, sorry. - So a speed date, then.
- Talk fast, and then eat fast. - All right.
- Ready? - Set.
- Go. - What do you like about me?
- Mm. - Sorry. - Your personality. - Eat faster. This is really good, though. - Just slow down, mate. How was your day? OK. Hey. I was just wondering
if you could help me look for... Don't preach to the choir, sis. Can't deny I'm falling for you, falling for you. Tell me you feel me. Baby, I feel you. I'm getting ready. Yeah. OK. I'll see you soon. Can't deny I'm falling for you. Oh, no. I got it. I got it. Can't deny
I'm falling for you... It's OK. I've got this. - No, no, no. I can chip in.
- Please. My shout. I insist. - Are you sure?
- Yeah, of course. - How old are you, 13?
- What? No. It's fine. I went out
of my way just for you. - I guess later in life, you'll regret not taking
the opportunity before you. If you can be more accommodating,
then maybe we could try this again. - Maybe? You think I'm playing. Lately, I've been changing. Can't deny I'm falling for you. Can't deny I'm falling for you. - Argh! Hope you feel it too, feel it too. - Recommended first drink?
- I'm thinking something classy. Wine? Well, you should save it
for a special occasion. - This feels special enough.
- Really? Well, it's better than
a box and a car park. True. You keen to try something different? What did you have in mind? Oh, far. - It's better than a drink.
- Yeah! - Come on. It's all in your head.
- Yeah. All in my head. It's all in...
There is no fat in my head. - Best date ever! - Yeah.
- We should do this every day. Yeah. Hey. Sorry. Sorry I'm late.
I lost track of time. - Why is that?
- Um, I was just... Hey, is that the necklace? Oh. That looks good. Really? It's a start. It's a prototype. We should have been
at this stage weeks ago. We still have to test
the bloody thing. You started the app? Uh, yes. I loaded it up
this morning, and it's a draft. - I wanna smash your face.
- What? This looks like
a 10-year-old made it. The font is Times New Roman. Why don't you just spit in my face?
It'd be less offensive. This is rushed BS, Biscuits. Straight up, how many hours
did you spend on this? I'm going out with Anthony. I- Please don't be mad.
Please don't be mad. - One,...
- I'm really sorry. - I know I should have told you.
- Two,... And I know we've talked about
the plan, yes. But this is- - three, four,...
- It's just he's really different. He's not like the guys
that you go out with. - Five, six,...
- If you just please just sit down, and I will tell you everything.
I'll explain everything. - Eight, nine,...
- I'm really sorry. - Please. Ruth, can you just...?
- 10. Please. No. Wait. No. Please don't go. Ruth, don't go. Don't we...? Please. I laid down my trust gave you it all. You said lean back, said I won't fall. No peeking. Just come on.
Take a few steps to your right. Slowly. - Am I here? Right here?
- Yep, right here. And... open. Look - it's our picnic. Thought I'd
do something special. - You all right?
- Uh... Why did you pick this place? I mean, look at it. It's beautiful. So,... - when are you gonna tell your mum?
- I've got that figured out. I'll just tell her when I graduate. - OK.
- You can come and congratulate me, and then give me flowers,
give me a kiss, a hug, and then when Mum asks who you are, then I'll just say that
you're my boyfriend. And then we live happily ever after? - Yeah.
- It's a long time to keep a secret. You are sad to my plan. But what
about you? What plans do you have? Um, I'm not sure. - Yeah.
- You'd still work at the cafe? Yeah, probably. I make a lot of
money there, so it's all good. Oh. OK. Well, what was that? - What was what?
- Was that not good enough for you? No, no, no, no, no. I'm just saying, like, you don't wanna work there
forever. You can study or train. But what if I did? Uh, then yeah, that's OK, I guess. Are you trying to
tell me what to do? No! No. I just like planning ahead.
I'm sorry. Come. I'm sorry. - Yeah.
- I really am sorry. It's all right. I forgive you. Falling. Even if I try, I can't
stop walking toward you. Seems like no one matters.
Can't stop talking talking about this one
who's got me stalling... - Like that, and push. But I had to get to know you. Said I'd say no.
I'd be lying till it's over... Said I'd say no
Said I'd say no... Psst. Oi. - Ready?
- No. Wait. - It's gotta be on the same hand.
- Yeah, my left - your left. - No.
- Yeah. Just watch. - I drink it to you. There you go.
- Drink it to me. - Yeah. So, this side means
I'm single, right? Yeah, and on the left side
means you're taken. And what if I put the flower here? - It means go brush your teeth.
- Eh. - Oh my God.
- Easy. OK, then. - Babe, are you all right?
- It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. Oh my goodness. Hey. Nice tat. - Are you Samoan?
- Yeah. Oh really? You don't look it.
Whereabouts are you from? Fa. - Why are you being sad?
- I'm not being sad. You just dissed them. I was just showing them
that you're taken. Look. I know this is all new
to you, so let me spell it out - you have to trust me. So, what, if guys
were to come up to me- Why would guys come up to you? - What?
- Please just... I'm sorry. - Don't make a scene.
- Don't touch me. I thought you said you were tired. I'm just trying to unwind
and thinking about uni stuff. What sort of uni stuff? Math calculations. - Hey, girl. - Be productive. - Ooh! - Yeah-yah.
- Argh. Not funny. Harden up. A 'well done' and a 'thank you'
would be nice. Yeah, thanks. So you're gonna get the
sample size and do the tests? Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
I will get it running sometime. - Uh, just really busy.
- Oh. Yeah. Laters. I'd like everyone to give
a warm welcome to Susana, who'll be working on the main floor. Whoo! And that's how you make
a lot of money. - Say that again?
- I always wear it in my ear, and the girls ask why.
I say, 'Oh, it's cos I'm single.' - Get heaps of money. - What are you doing?
- Uh, my job. Yeah, but I just saw you
talking to that new girl. No, why are trying to walk away
from me? Just talk to me. Look, if I've done something wrong,
then just tell me and I'll fix it. There's nothing to fix. Then what's wrong? No. Don't. Stop. Please.
Can you just tell me what-? Do you know what?
I don't wanna hurt you, but- - Then don't hurt me.
- I don't think this is working out. What? I think it's better if we
go our separate ways, OK? Not here, please. Let's just
be mature about this, OK? I know. It sucks. Um, let's just put this to one side. Tai lava. Hey, why don't you just take five,
get some fresh air? Just take the rest of the night off. Can't take it, said here's my love -
don't waste it. And after all this waiting, you take my heart and break it. What's this? I'm sorry. Wait. Let's talk! - Who did this?
- No idea, boss Unlucky, uce. How long was I mistaken? Holding hope in love that was fading. Can I end this conversation? What are you doing? I'm just, uh, getting
ready to go to bed. With farewell.
I wish we made it. Lies with people.
Consider this proverb - if you want to plan
for a year, plant rice; if you want to plan for
10 years, plant trees. Can't confess on an empty stomach. Aw. Why for you cry? Anthony broke up with me. Oh wow. Can you not? - What did he do, then?
- He was just saying all this stuff, and there was this new girl who
looks like a prettier version of me. - So she looks like me?
- Please. Not now. - Sorry. Reflex.
- Then I saw him flirting with her, and she was flirting back. And then I... I just quit my job. Wow. Efficient as. I really thought he was the one. Really? You know, why can't you just leave
me alone and get lost? We still need to
finish up the project. Biscuits, this is
a pass or fail for both of us. I know! Leave the food. - Hey. Hey.
- Hi. - Hey.
- Hey. - Uh... Charlie. Charlie. - Do you wanna try on my necklace?
- Uh,... - It shocks you.
- I would, but I got to get to class.
Maybe next time? OK, then. Whatever. Does anybody wanna be productive? Anybody? Does anybody wanna try on
my necklace, please? Anyone? Please help me graduate. - Ow! They're gonna ask about real-world- examples,
development progressions, failures and troubleshooting.
I know. I'm not stupid. - So you're gonna take care of it?
- I just said I'll do it! See ya tomorrow, then. I hope my sis turns up,
cos I don't know who this is. Ruth? Goodbye, Grandma. - Productivity. And that's our productivity
necklace. Thank you. Thank you. Question - any issues encountered? Uh, just finding a balance between
assembling the components in a way that maintained cosmetic aesthetics, keeping in mind the commercial
demands on such a product. You only tested it on one operating
system, on just one type of phone? Um, it's more efficient. OK. Given your sample size and the
duration of 10 days for testing, you should have begun your testing
about three months ago. But your development logs show that your first working prototype wasn't
even ready until six weeks ago. Would you care
to explain the discrepancy? Uh,... that might be a typo. Hibiscus,... you were testing the necklace -
raw data. How did the participants
track their progress? Just filled out forms
that I provided for them. So, we haven't received these.
They were done in a digital form? They were done by hand. I see. OK. OK. So if I were to give
you the time to go and retrieve these from the 50 people from your
sample who filled these out by hand over a couple of weeks,
you could get them for me, right? Um, no. Was this data fabricated? Yes. Hmm. Everybody take 15. Next group, prepare yourselves. I would be doing a great disservice
to both of you to let you into the real world without
adequate preparation and compromising
the integrity of the degree. Please, it's my fault.
I'm fully responsible for this. - I failed, not Ruth.
- This is a group project. - Please. Please, please.
- Responsibility is shared. If there were any issues, they should have been brought
to our attention a lot earlier. Why are you cooking in my suit? Does it matter? Oh, there's a funeral
this weekend. I need $300. Well, I don't have 300. - How much do you have?
- I have nothing. I spent it all. - On what?
- On life. - What's your problem?
- I don't see why we have to give money to people
that we don't even know. Dinner's ready. Help yourself
when you guys are hungry. Eh. I'm going to sleep, man. Oh, this is how you act
when you don't get your way. There's no point sending you to uni
if you're gonna be so stupid. Technically, I'll pay off
my own student loan, so you're not sending me anywhere. Oh, and where do you live?
Who pays for your food? I pay for board.
I pay for the internet. I paid for your niece's wedding.
I've lost count how many times I've paid for people's funerals
that I don't even know! - So you think you
don't have to pay? - I think I'm owed a break, Mum.
- From what? From you! You and your stupid rules! Those are the rules that
got you where you are now. I do anything and everything for
you, but it's still not good enough! And what do you wanna do?
You wanna throw them away for what? So you can have a boyfriend?
So you can go out with that guy? - I don't wanna go out with him!
- Then what? - I already did!
- You what? I did! And now it's over!
Are you happy? Are you happy?! Does that make you
feel happy? I stuffed everything up. We failed our project!
I failed it for Ruth! And if we have to graduate, we have
to start the whole year again! What, do you like
always being right? Does it feel good
to always be right?! Get out. Get out! Sorry, Mum. I was going to do a Bachelor
of Science, travel the world, come back here and buy a house. I had so many plans. Then I met this handsome guy, fell in love,... got pregnant. We had a beautiful baby girl. It all happened so fast.
Things got so hard, I had to work. Had to send money back home. Studying wasn't an option. Once you turned 10,
I thought, 'This is my chance.' But your dad said no
and forced me to choose. So I did. I made a promise to myself... that my daughter wouldn't
make the same mistake. I was just trying to keep you safe. I'm sorry I let you down. No.No, you haven't. I'm so proud of you. I don't tell you that enough. But I stuffed up. We both stuffed up. Did you really fall for that guy? - Yeah.
- Spend money on a new dress? Yeah. Hair and shoes too. - Did he ask you for money?
- No. - Pay for him at times?
- Yeah. Forced you to do things
you didn't wanna do? We did CrossFit. - Other girls go after him?
- Yep. - Beat them up?
- No. Oh, yeah, good. Regrets? Lots. Oh. But I'd do it all again if it means
I get to have you in my life. I'll make it up to you, Mum. No, my baby girl,... not to me. We've had an interesting year. It's been challenging,
but the best we've had as a family. I realise it's time for a change. So... the old rules...
will no longer stand. We've raised you
to use your initiative, based on our family values. We trust that you can
make the right decisions. The only thing is that you
talk to me no matter what. And I will make sure to listen
and guide you best that I can to deal with whatever
the world throws at you. La. Here's to a successful year. Yeah. Happy New Year. First-class honours - Ruth Olivia Prendergast. - Well done, Ruth.
- Shot Uce. - Hibiscus Telesia Vaveao. - Well done. Siva siva maia. Siva maia ia manaia lo tatou aso. Siva siva solo. Siva i luga ma lalo. Aue ata ata maia. Ata maia ia manaia lo tatou aso. Ata ata solo. Ata i luga ma lalo. Aue lue lue maia. Lue maia ia manaia lo tatou aso. Lue lue solo. Lue i luga ma lalo. Siva siva maia. Siva maia ia manaia lo tatou aso. Siva siva solo. Siva i luga ma lalo. Aue ata ata maia. Ata maia ia manaia lo tatou aso. Ata ata solo. Ata i luga ma lalo. Aue lue lue maia. Lue maia ia manaia lo tatou aso. Lue lue solo. Lue i luga ma lalo.