Hidden Agenda (2001) Movie Script

Hold it!
- Hey, hey, hey, easy, easy.
- Hey, what's his problem?
- Stop! FBI!
- You can't go through!
Yeah, one passenger just went through.
I'm sorry, sir, you can't go through!
- FBI!
- We need security, security right away!
There's three people
that just went through.
- Come on.
- Eat and run.
- Whoa!
- Hold it!
FBI, we're taking your truck.
- Get out of the car!
- Price.
- Special Agent Turgenson.
- Does this asshole look like
Vincent Moretti to you idiots?
Were you with him all the way?
- Yeah.
Except for the men's room.
- Where is he?
I'm not fucking around!
He's a key witness against
the Bar in as drug cartel.
- You got him to turn
and hung him out to dry.
- We're giving him protection.
- And a stand up job at that.
Too bad the hit last week
almost got him killed.
the system ain't perfect.
- Mine is.
Find yourself another dude.
- No fucking way!
We have spent two years on this guy.
No wonder we kicked your ass out.
Arrest him.
- Release him.
- This is an FBI operation, not NSA.
- I'm changing that.
Let him go.
- I'm gonna catch up with you, I swear.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Be a lot better if I
knew why I'm hiding a witness
that could put the hurt to Bar in as.
- You won't be doing anything, Price.
We are.
It's a work for hire, like always.
Need-to-know basis.
- That's bullshit.
- Moretti was one of our plants.
We have larger fish to
fry with the cartel.
But those idiots at the Bureau.
Always lose the big picture.
From now on, Price, remember this:
We don't ask about the
private clients you run
through our system.
Don't ask about ours.
- Tastes great, guys.
Everything okay?
Yeah? Good.
Welcome to The Breezes.
- Thank you.
- Um, take care of them?
This way, please.
Ladies, gents, for the pleasant evening.
- Thanks.
- I can't believe it.
We're broke and he's
giving away $50 cigars.
A $38,000 loss this
month for The Breezes.
$176,000 for the year.
And now this.
It's an IRS garnishment for back taxes.
- It's been difficult.
- Difficult?
It's disastrous.
Every penny we're making gets
swallowed up by this eatery.
- Kev, you know we can't
promote the restaurant.
It could expose us.
- I just want some relief
for Christ's sakes.
- You know the deal with the NSA.
They get two freebies a year from us
and we get unlimited
access to the network.
- And that's great,
except that all we've done
this year are the freebies.
Forget it.
I need a drink.
- Sorry, we're closed.
- Even for your best friend?
- Sonny!
- Hey.
- Look at you.
Undercover suits you well, I see.
Where you been?
- Seattle.
- Seattle's got rain
and the Icarus Group.
I know the Bureau doesn't
give a damn about rain.
I heard you got Paul Elkert
to turn state's evidence
against the syndicate.
Nice work.
- Thank you very much.
How's biz?
- Not bad, we're winning
awards, but I got a feeling
that's not why you're here.
- Turgenson.
He's pissed about Moretti.
I knew the judge, I
intercepted it for you.
I thought I'd give you a heads up.
- Too bad he can't take a joke.
- Hey look, man,
you pulled his pants down
in front of a lot of people.
He wants payback.
Be careful. All right?
- All right, thanks.
Come on, now, let me fix you something.
- Oh, no.
I'd love to, but I got a
grand jury waiting for me.
Justice never sleeps, man.
- Hey Sonny, anything interesting?
- Yeah, sure.
If you got looking at window
washers all day interesting.
- What about the periphery?
- We got two guys out back.
It's all clear.
- All right, here we go.
I'm going inside.
- Sure.
- Sonny here yet?
- Yeah, he's inside, sir.
- Good.
- How about getting us inside, too?
Or haven't you guys heard?
The Cleaner's on our case.
- I've heard and I'm not worried.
- Of course not,
a bullet to his head
couldn't do too much damage.
- Shut up.
- Hi.
- All here?
- We've been detaining them separately
for the last five days.
- Good, we don't want them
comparing testimonies.
They friendly?
They're gonna finger Yoesky?
- They like the deals and the
protection we're offering.
That's why there are no lawyers here.
- Good, let's do it.
I'm gonna start with Paolo Bucci,
then Renee Brooks and with Elkert.
Got it?
- You know anything about a warrant
I'm supposed to get on your
buddy, Price?
- I have no idea.
I'm goin' for a smoke.
- Take
Bucci and escort him
to the grand jury room.
- I gotta go.
Look, genius, unless you want
me to ruin your snappy shoes,
I suggest you let me out.
- What, you want to hold
the toilet paper for me?
Uptight pricks.
- Please place your
left hand on the Bible,
raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear that
the testimony you shall give
to this court and jury
today in this matter
on trial will be the
truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?
- I do.
- Please be seated.
- Mr. Bucci, let's
begin with a description
of your duties with the Icarus Group.
- Look don't just stand
there, do something!
- Outside! Get outside!
- Who are you?
You can't just kill me like this.
No don't, no.
Help! Help!
- Shut
up, shut the fuck up!
- What's goin' on? What's goin' on?
- Shut up!
Get to the bathroom.
Check in the bathroom,
see if he's there.
- Damn it!
God, will somebody turn
off that fuckin' alarm!
- Hey.
- I got a court order
right here, authorizing his release.
- We cannot
guarantee his safety
if he's not in our custody.
- Are you kidding me?
He stays in your
custody, he gets Killed.
- Let's go.
- Who the hell did this?
- It's got the Cleaner
written all over it.
- As in the assassin?
- It wasn't Sarah Lee, you idiot.
- So, tell me, you saw nothin'
but window washers all day, jerk-off?
- Yeah.
- Well, I think you missed something.
- What are you lookin' at?
- Price, we need to talk.
Do you know who I am?
- Yeah, Paul Elkert.
- Good.
Then you know why I'm here?
- Not really.
- Did you read the morning's paper?
- Look.
I'm a restaurateur.
- Come on, Price.
You know the situation I'm in.
It's all right there except one thing.
The gunman?
It's the Cleaner.
- Right.
- I'm telling you I saw him.
- You saw the Cleaner?
- Yeah.
It was dark, he had a hood on.
But it was him, all right.
He walked right up to me,
put a gun to my head
and then he frisked me.
- What was he after?
- I don't know.
- Yeah, right.
He didn't find it though,
you wouldn't be alive then, would ya?
- That's very perceptive of you, Price.
- Probably missed it
because it was taped
under that rug of yours.
- Now I am impressed.
- I'm not. What is it?
- Key to my safety deposit box.
- The money you stole from Yoesky.
- So, Price, you gonna help me or not?
- Your case is too hot.
Icarus wants you bad.
FBI even worse.
- I'll pay you.
My understanding is you're
having some financial trouble.
IRS liens, fed pressure.
I can make it all go away.
$1 million.
- 5 million.
- Five?
- Plus half the money you stole
to a charity of my choice.
- You're out of your mind.
- And you're out of luck.
- Shit.
Wait, Price!
It's gonna take me some time.
- 48 hours.
- I could be dead by then.
- No, you'll be safe.
- Mr. Price.
Will you behave if Ivan
and Nikolai let you up?
- I'm not the one breaking arms here.
- You know who I am?
- Ed McMahon of the Prize Patrol?
I got an idea.
- Where's my money?
- Behind door number one, asshole.
- It's enough.
Can we talk?
- I don't know where
Elkert put the money.
I can't tell you where he is.
- We are going to find him
and we'll be back.
Have a good evening, Mr. Price.
- This'll piss
off the Feebs to no end.
- I'll understand if you don't want in.
- Ah, screw 'em.
We need the moolah anyway.
But can I ask you something first?
The DC Home for Boys?
- It's an orphanage.
- Yeah, I know that.
It's a lot of money.
- Hey, we get five.
Okay. We're going deep on this one.
- Deep?
Shit, we're not even supposed
to know where they end up anyway.
That's NSA policy, right?
But we do.
- They don't know that.
- True, but this time we won't
and neither will they.
- I don't get it.
- It's Icarus and the
Cleaner we're dealing with.
So, I'm making sure Elkert goes
beyond the vanishing point.
- How?
- We'll get to that.
Connie, get your comm lines
open to these providers,
secure lines only.
- On it.
- Kevin, transportation.
Minimum 5,000 access
points and reservations.
All modes, everything
cancel able in 30 days.
- Shit, I'll order.
- Yep.
That's why Charlie's
crunching route permutations
on Daedalus.
Patch me through.
- Can we get started, please?
- All right.
We'll be using a
Mersenne prime algorithm.
That makes shadow tracking
that much more difficult.
Elkert will get a hand held unit
with an encrypted flash memory card.
He'll have more than 150
links along the way.
We'll need all our resources.
Call on the least used
providers in the NSA system.
Providers are wanting to
know what it's all about,
but are looking for a trigger
code, a break in the chain,
an infiltrator that
needs to be disposed of.
If there is a match, it
gives up a new envelope.
He'll get birth certificates,
passports, subscriptions,
then on to the next link.
- I've run the provider list
but there are two noted as unknown.
- That's our ace-in-the-hole.
Something I've been
saving for a rainy day.
Static drops.
Providers who can't give up information,
even if they wanted to.
If you remove the human element,
there can be no betrayal.
He must enter the correct code here
or he dies.
If he gets through without mistakes,
his trail will forever be erased.
He'll be a ghost.
I ought to install a revolving door.
You boys got reservations?
- Shut up.
I told you I'd be back
to see you real soon.
Now, we can do this the
easy way
or we can do this the hard way.
- This pillow talk, Sam?
- You think you're gonna try to-
- Relax, relax, I'm
not going to interfere.
But I got an interest.
- Really?
What's that?
- Let's just say Price tricked us, too.
Elkert's so deep we
can't even track him.
I want to talk to him.
Well, I want the skinny
on Price and his people.
- Hey, buddy.
- Sonny.
- Tried to warn you, man.
- Yeah, now you're here to
offer me a friendly deal.
- No, nothing like that.
Though, you did put a whole new
twist on this Icarus affair.
- Elkert's still alive.
- I might not be, though.
- Jason Price, FBI Academy
'81, top of his class.
Youngest special protection
agent in division history.
Eight commendations, including
a Presidential Citation,
but was suspended twice
for insubordination.
- What do I look like? An idiot?
I know all this shit.
Give me the post-Bureau stuff.
- Icarus knows I was a plant.
The Cleaner's been
contracted to whack me.
- Jesus, Sonny.
I mean do I have "stupid
written on my forehead?
- Look, wiretap on Yoesky's phone.
Conversation took place this
morning with the Cleaner.
- Find
him and while you're at it,
there's another haircut
I want you to schedule.
We already discussed that,
this thug's not a mark.
- I'll
double the fee. Just do it!
- We picked him up right
after the second suspension,
put his skills to use in East Germany.
With NSA funding,
he devised the most
sophisticated protection system
in the world called Daedalus.
It was used for hiding Western
agents who had been exposed,
never lost a runner.
But when the wall came down,
the usefulness of the
program came to question.
So, Price made a deal with
the NSA and went private.
- Son of a bitch.
What about his people?
- That information is
beyond even my clearance.
- I don't know what the
hell you want me to do.
- Yes, you do.
- You're FBI, Sonny.
I'm not touching this.
- You would give a scumbag
like Elkert a fighting chance,
you won't even help your best friend?
- How could you put me in this position?
- Because I don't have a fucking choice!
You know how screwed up the FBI is.
I mean, hell, your own kid,
Charlie, just hacked
the system last month.
And he emailed the director
a list of protected witnesses
just to piss him off.
The fucking system is a joke!
Please. I got nowhere else to turn.
- So you know
where all the guys already stashed?
- You wanna find Elkert
or don't you?
- Rival agencies sharing
a private moment.
How touching.
- What happened to Elkert, Price?
- What happened to I don't
ask, you don't ask, Frank?
- That only works one way.
- Well then, it's my way.
- You have a good thing going
here, Price.
I wouldn't spoil it.
You have a lot more to lose.
- Fuck you.
I designed Daedalus.
So if you want to play
hardball, remember this,
the only losers will be the
marks I ran under for you.
- Is that a threat?
- No.
I just think that on
a heed-to-know basis,
there's some pretty important people
who'd would rather not be known.
- He's free to go.
- What?
We had a deal.
We had an understanding.
- Changed my mind, agency prerogative.
- This is fuckin' blackmail.
I'm going to the director.
- You do that.
- I'd watch my next few
steps very carefully.
We will be.
- Do what I told you?
- Yeah.
Utilities on, bank account's open,
mail's running, gym membership.
I even went to the dentist.
- Yeah. Like you're staying put.
- Except I'm somewhere else, right?
- That's right.
- Where am I gonna be?
- Here.
Rub off the gold seal.
Use your thumbs so you
don't damage the chip.
Then pop the card in.
- Connecticut?
- Just a first leg of many.
- How are you gonna know if I make it?
- I will, I will.
See the car in the parking lot?
- Uh-huh.
- Key's in the visor.
- Will I ever see you again?
- No.
- Remember Sister Sarah
from the boys' home?
She gave me this thing
when I was eight years old.
She said as long as I wore it,
I'd always be taken care of.
I want you to have it.
- Thanks.
Good luck, Sonny.
- Yeah, see ya.
- Burned out car was found
in a ravine yesterday
by a couple of hikers.
Coroner puts the time
of death at 52 hours.
- Jesus. You sure?
- Yeah.
Threw us at first, because
there were two sets of IDs.
One for Carl Sands from Connecticut.
Then we found Sonny's FBI
badge, halfway up the hill.
- Can't be.
- We ran a dental check
on some teeth we found.
Care to comment on these, golden boy?
- Fuck you.
He was a friend.
- He's a dead friend now.
You got a lot of explaining to do.
And this time you won't
have the NSA around
to cover your ass.
- Okay, okay, come on, Jason.
Come on.
- Have a nice day.
- What now?
We double checked everything.
What happened? What went wrong?
- Well, that's just
it, nothing could have.
I've done this too many times.
The only way the Cleaner
could have gotten to Sonny is
if he was already inside.
- But how's that possible?
- I don't know.
But we're gonna find out.
- Kev, we're
reconstructing Sonny's route.
I need all transport details uploaded
to Charlie for processing.
-I'm on it.
I should have the first
leg within the hour.
- What a dump.
- Let's go.
- You're sure this is it?
- Kevin confirmed the
point with Charlie.
It's a provider.
Step back.
Wait here.
- Okay, Jason, I got it.
The next provider's in
Pittsburgh, 163 Red Maple Street.
- Afternoon.
What'll it be?
- Daedalus.
- Well, I'll be.
I never thought I'd hear that word.
So, what do I do?
- Show me your provider Kits.
- Oh yeah, that's right-
- Check him!
- He's dead, Jason, let's go.
- I know, let's get out of here.
- Jason, there's
a break in the fifth point
but you gotta hurry.
- Thanks, Charlie.
- What is it?
- We've reconstructed the third
and fourth link of Sonny's path.
Those providers are dead, too.
Gotta get to the next one fast.
- If you don't get the rust-proof,
you're gonna be unhappy
about the whole thing.
Trust me on this.
You get the rust proof it's
all gonna work out for you.
So yeah?
- All right.
- Personally, I think
you're gonna be very happy.
- I'm looking for Jerry.
- Oh, that'd be me.
Can I help y'all?
- Yeah.
Let's chat about Daedalus.
- I'm sorry, I don't understand.
- The hell you don't.
So, you're a big talker, Jerry.
-No, no.
-Are ya?
- No, no.
- Who'd you talk to, Jerry?
- No one, no one.
- It was a fake voice, fake voice!
- What did they want?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
- They wanted to use the flashcard,
they wanted to use the flashcard.
- You know the rules!
Why'd you do it?
What'd you give 'em, Jerry?
- Nothin'.
- What?
- Nothin'.
I gave them the address that came up.
- Anyone else show up?
- Later. This guy.
I gave him the stuff.
That's it, I swear.
I swear.
- Get me your provider Kit.
If I find out you lied, I'll be back.
And it ain't gonna be for TV.
- Ugh!
- Yeah Jason, it's me.
- Go ahead, Charlie.
- There's some good news
and there's some bad news.
First, the good.
Daedalus' extrapolation
couldn't pinpoint a hole.
The codes received were all in order.
No penetration.
- Charlie,
he knew Sonny was going there.
So don't tell him he couldn't
have cracked the system.
Anything is possible.
- Sonny, wasn't supposed
to be in Virginia.
The code should have directed him
to South Dakota where he'd link-
- Wait, wait.
South Dakota?
- Yeah, but Kevin's checking
all the transport routes,
but so far there's no redirect
in the database for Arlington.
- That doesn't make sense.
- Unless what?
- Sonny.
He figured it out.
- Check the back door.
- Be careful.
- Let go of me!
- Who the hell are you?
- If you'd get off of
me, I tell you, you jerk.
I thought you were
with the FBI or Icarus.
- Don't sweet talk me.
What's your name?
- Renee Brooks.
I was one of Paul Elkert's
associates at Icarus.
The Cleaner tried to kill
me at the courthouse,
but I got the hell out.
- How'd you manage that?
- I was in the bathroom.
I heard gunshots.
So I climbed through the
window as fast as I could.
- Still doesn't explain
what you're doing here.
- You always this sympathetic?
No wonder you and Elkert
got along so well.
- What do you know about me and Elkert?
- He told me he was coming to see you.
And that I should, too.
Because I got this.
- What is it?
- It's a key to a safety deposit box
in the Caribbean worth a
hundred million dollars.
- Do you expect me to believe
that Elkert would hand you
a key to money he stole?
- He trusted me.
I took care of his finances at Icarus.
Besides the bank requires two keys.
- Why would he hand one to you?
- He didn't have a choice.
He keeps one with him.
The other one was in his safe at Icarus.
When the FBI raid went down,
I grabbed what was inside.
- And now you're gonna get it to him?
- No doubt for a price.
- 10% is my standard safekeeping fee.
- When did you last talk to him?
- The day of the hit.
I was supposed to come to you
after he was safely hidden,
but you weren't around.
- And why should I lead you to Elkert?
- For the money he owes you.
- What if I don't?
- He'll contact me anyway.
I'll just have to wait.
- You don't really buy that phony story?
- Of course not.
But there's a link to Elkert there.
We need to keep her close
in case he does contact her.
- I don't see why.
- The Cleaner is inside
going after our biggest fish.
And that means the FBI has a shot at it.
It also means all our
people are exposed.
I need to put a stop to this
before someone else gets hurt.
- I haven't decided yet.
Where's your car?
- Got a rental.
She your girlfriend?
- What's it to you?
- Just wondering why
she doesn't like me.
- Likes got nothing to do with it.
It's trust she's thin on.
- I think it's you who's lacking.
- Maybe, but I want the truth
and I don't think I'm getting it.
You okay?
- That truthful enough for ya?
- Tell me more about Elkert.
What you did for him.
- I set up shell companies
that billed Icarus for services
in out of the way places like
Africa and the Middle East.
Trouble spots, places
no one would go check.
It worked for a long time.
Then he got reckless,
kept wanting more,
taking bigger risks.
- Greed?
- Control.
He was consolidating power and
assets to challenge Yoesky.
- What happened?
- Sonny.
He was playing both
sides against each other,
setting Icarus up for the FBI.
- When did Elkert find out?
- Not until it was too late.
Sonny lured Elkert with a
billion dollar weapons buy,
involving four countries.
The feds were waiting.
Elkert was floored.
He trusted Sonny like his own.
He made everyone look bad.
- So that's why Yoesky put the hit out?
And the Cleaner?
- What do you mean?
- You were on the inside.
Must have heard stories.
- Just a Killer.
Never misses.
And no one knows who it is.
- That's a stock answer.
I was hoping for an idea
of who I'm dealing with.
- I couldn't tell you who it is.
I'll tell you this,
I think the Cleaner's
looking for a way out.
- What makes you say that?
- Because it's what happens
when you work for the mob.
You do things you don't really wanna do,
just so you can believe you're
actually getting somewhere.
When in fact you're only buying time
until you can no longer
do what they ask.
And then, you're eliminated.
- Kind of sounds like an excuse.
- Maybe, but it happens to everyone.
Elkert, Sonny, me.
It'll happen to the Cleaner.
Do you have a rest room?
- Through there.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Key, listen.
I need you to call
Charlie on a secure line.
I want the two of you to
gather all statistical data
on Sonny's run.
- Specifically?
- Route corridors, phone calls,
bank charges,
credit card bills, whatever.
I'm looking for anything abnormal
that will confirm my suspicion.
- Which is?
- If the Cleaner was on the inside,
how come he was a step behind Sonny?
- He isn't.
He got him.
- Not where he was supposed to be.
That's what's not right about this.
Something's fishy.
- Okay. I'm on it.
-Who is it?
- There's someone outside.
- Go, go upstairs. Go.
- FBI, everybody freeze!!
- Price, we know you're in there!
We know she's with ya.
Price, we got a-
- Exit plan.
- Somebody break a window!
- They're gone, I think we're safe.
- You don't really need
protection, do you?
There was some jaunt
you did on that agent.
Where'd you learn to fight like that?
- When you work for Icarus,
you'd better be ready.
- They're gonna start
coming down hard now.
Did Kevin talk to Charlie?
- They ran the matrix.
There's something.
- What?
- He said you should
see it for yourself.
Do you mind if I leave her with you?
- No way!
- Now listen, both of you.
In case you haven't noticed,
we've got a big problem here.
I need to go and see Charlie
and I can't take either of you.
So can we be adults
for two seconds here?
Thank you.
Just take her to the safe
house and wait for me there.
So, what'd you want me to see?
- While cross-checking through
some 975 million calls made
during Sonny's run,
we came up with a
remarkable coincidence.
The provider at every one of
Sonny stops received a call
within an hour of his arrival.
- How could that be?
- It can't.
I mean, one of the providers
is fisherman in Bar Harbor
who hadn't had a call on the secure line
for the last two years.
And that was a wrong number.
- All right, guess we're
gonna bring Elkert in.
- I thought there was
no way to trace him.
- Think I tell you everything?
- Well, this is interesting.
- It's safe.
That's all that matters.
- So, how long you and
Price known each other?
- Long enough.
- For what?
- To know when he's
not thinking clearly.
- You always warm up to
everyone this quickly, Connie?
- It takes a lot more than
a damsel in distress routine
to sell me.
- Well, lucky for me,
it's him who's buying.
I'll take the bedroom.
Thank you, good night.
- Reverse the factor by
the 29th Mersenne prime.
Match your beta code.
- Sending these codes
could expose the providers
and their locations.
You sure want to do this?
- We have no choice.
- I wonder if the runners ever knew
they were leaving a DNA trail behind
by rubbing off those gold patches.
- Doesn't matter now.
- So, you found the remote
that bombed her car,
now personally, that is fucked up.
- Hey.
- Sorry.
It sounds to me she's
after all the money.
- Yeah.
- Well, then why keep her around?
- Well, I need her at arm's length
and there is another possibility.
- What's that?
- She's not who she says she is.
- Think we hit a static drop.
- Let me do it.
- A static drop coordinates?
Back door.
Next card's not coming up.
- He didn't use it.
He jumped track on his own.
That's what he planned all along.
- Then he could be anywhere.
- Back up to the previous provider.
What did he give Elkert?
- Plane tickets.
- Okay.
Match that provider with all
tickets ever issued to him.
- Two hits, Phoenix and Boston.
- Nope, but there are two
high probability addresses
for those areas and I can't tell
if they're providers or final covers.
- Okay, call Kevin.
Tell him I'll pick him up in an hour.
- Okay.
- Well, at least you two
didn't strangle each other.
- Spare the chitchat. Did you find him?
- No, but there are two possibilities.
- In other words, he's lost.
- He broke protocol, jumped track.
But there's still a chance if we move.
- What do we do?
- We split up.
Kevin's already arranged flights.
You and him hit Phoenix.
We'll go to Boston.
- Come on. Let's go.
How well did you know Sonny?
- Not real well.
And only for about two months.
I was the last one brought
into the circle by Elkert.
- And he trusted you?
- It's why he trusted me.
I had no allegiance to anyone else.
- And Sonny managed to fit in it.
- It wasn't so hard.
He had more mob in him
than a lot of made men.
- Sonny? No way.
- He may have been FBI,
but he loved the high flying lifestyle
the syndicate afforded him.
Houses, boats,
personal well-hidden assets
in countries the government can't touch.
- Nonsense.
- I set it up for him.
- Okay, I don't wanna hear.
- How long did you know Sonny?
- Since we were kids.
We were orphans in
social services together.
Grew up in the same streets,
same foster homes, eventually
joined the FBI together.
- So, if you happen to run into
the Cleaner during all this,
what will you do?
- I'll ask him to walk away,
leave my runners alone.
- And if he doesn't?
- I'll Kill him.
Or her.
Come on.
- What?
- We're being followed.
- By who?
- Someone who doesn't really know
what a bottle of Ripple can do to you.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, come on.
- Gimme your hand, come on!
Come on!
Big baby.
- Thanks.
- Well, you know, one
back scrubs the other.
Speaking of which, I think
I'm gonna take a shower.
Everything okay?
- Yeah. Why?
- Well, you're looking at
me like I have nothing on.
This is nice, who's this from?
- Used to belong to Sonny.
- What is it?
- I need you to wait here.
- Why? Where are you going?
- If I'm right, to meet Sonny's killer.
- Hello.
- Charlie, it's me.
The Boston address is a static drop.
Anything from Connie?
- She's still in the air.
- Okay, call me when she lands.
But I think hers is a dead end.
- What makes you say that?
- Faith.
- Jason! It's me.
- Sonny?
What the hell?
Get up!
- Let me explain, man.
- Shut up! Shut up!
I knew I was being tracked.
Just couldn't figure out how.
What the hell is going on?
- Faked my own death.
The dental work, to
scatter some teeth behind.
- What the hell is wrong with you?
I helped you.
- Oh, man.
I fucked up.
- No shit.
Why'd you do it?
- It's fuckin' Turgenson,
he's after the money.
He knew about some perks
I took from Icarus.
He told me he'd nail
me if I didn't do it.
- Do what?
- Penetrate your system.
- Why?
- If you were convinced
that the Cleaner whacked me,
you'd think the Cleaner was
inside and getting close.
We have no choice but
to go back to Elkert.
Save him.
Man, I would fuckin' follow you
and I would deliver him to Turgenson.
- You kill those providers?
- No, I didn't do that!
That was Turgenson, he killed
them after each pickup.
I had no idea, I swear.
- I knew something
stank about your death.
- Man, the pressure is huge.
My sources are telling me
that the Cleaner's close.
- Your sources? Who are they?
Who are you, really?
- It's me, man.
- Who's the Cleaner?
- I don't know.
- Yes, you do.
- Fuck, it's the Cleaner.
- Doesn't give a rat's ass about you.
Those are Yoesky's thugs.
Come on.
Get your gun!
- Make sure you leave no trace of him.
- Let's go.
- Oh! Okay, what now?
- Jump.
You bastard!
- Jump.
Room 56, when'd she leave?
- About an hour ago.
- She make any calls?
- Seattle.
have reached the mailbox
of Renee Brooks.
Please leave a message after the tone.
- So what was it?
- So, Elkert or somebody contacted her.
All right, where do we go from here?
- You're go with me.
I'm gonna have a little
talk with Elkert.
- After all that's gone down,
why you dragging Sonny along?
He's my prime suspect.
The way to find Elkert is
through a safety deposit box.
It has to be registered
in his name at a bank.
- Jeez. We don't even know which one.
I'm not exactly a
specialist in bank systems.
- Well, I know someone who is.
Time to recall another runner, kid.
And that's where we are.
I need to put your knowledge
of bank systems to use.
What are we looking for?
- The safe deposit box and
its owner, Paul Elkert.
- What bank?
- Now that we don't know.
Caribbean, somewhere.
- Shit. That many?
- Cayman Islands alone have 1,034.
Ten thousand banks.
That's 10 million accounts
all with passwords.
- Renee hid assets for
you in the Caribbean.
- Bet you used the same bank
for Elkert, for control.
What was it?
- Aruba.
Banco Financier de Aruba.
- It's a hit.
No personal info, just an email.
- Can we use it?
- ISP's out of Canada.
Could use the AC program I once wrote.
Email the account and
attach Trojan virus,
hack their billing database.
But it might easily get traced.
You might not be the only one.
NSA, FBI, you name it.
Anyone might get this info.
- Don't worry, anything
happens, I'll take care of you.
Something on your mind?
- Just wondering what's going to happen.
- My guess would be someone's gonna die.
- All right, what do we do?
-We go in.
- What kind of fuckin' plan is that?
- It's the only one I got. Let's go.
- Fuck!
Get down!
- Okay, I'll take the back.
Look for a way in.
Don't betray me again, Sonny.
Elkert, this is Price!
- What do you want?
- I'm here to help you.
Your life's in danger.
- You never should have come here.
- Stop shooting! It's me, Renee!
- Renee! What are you doing here?
- She's gonna kill you, Elkert.
- Shut up, Sonny!
- God damn it, who else you got here?
- Pop off the Cleaner, Elkert.
- The Cleaner?
What the fuck you talking about?
- Take a pick, either one.
- Fuck you!
- Elkert!
- Kill 'em, kill "em all.
- Sonny?
Jesus. Hey.
- Stay away from me, Price.
- Take it easy. I'm here to help ya.
- Bullshit.
You led them all straight to me.
- You called Renee.
- Why the fuck would I call that bitch?
- She had your second key.
-I don't need a second key.
That safety deposit box is in my name.
You only need a second
key if you're not me.
- Hold on.
The Cleaner's been after this key-
- The Cleaner doesn't exist, Price.
- You said...
- I just mentioned him so you'd help me.
Yoesky invented the Cleaner
to scare people shitless,
that's all.
- Well, how about the courthouse hit?
- Sonny set that up for me.
I made Sonny a rich man.
He owed me big time.
Ask Sonny.
Think about it, Price.
Who else but a government agency
would know the exact time,
location and the layout of
a secret grand jury hearing?
- Stop shooting.
I can get you out!
I'm the last chance you got.
- I don't need your help, Price.
Fuck you if you're gonna
get any of my money.
But I trusted you.
- You expect me to believe
she shot Elkert to save you?
- That's right.
- Horse shit.
I'm gonna tear your story apart.
- Like you did to my providers?
You murderer.
- I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.
- They were innocents.
- Nobody's innocent, Price.
- Drop it, Turgenson, drop it!
Place him under arrest.
- You can't arrest me, I'm FBI.
- You're wanted on five counts
murder in the first degree.
Get him outta here.
- I warned you this case could go bad.
- Why'd the NSA want Elkert dead?
- You picked up on that.
- Not so hard, considering
your panicked reaction
when I ran him under.
- Elkert was too hot.
We have certain jurisdictional rights.
But we couldn't seize them from the FBI
without raising a red flag.
- So you had him come to me.
- We thought we would track
him, quietly.
We weren't expecting your
static drops. Very clever.
- So, you were working
with Icarus all along.
The mega arms deal
Sonny got involved with,
only the NSA had the interest
and resources to set that up.
So, you were using the syndicate
to illegally divert weapons
to some dirty little war
somewhere, right?
That's what Elkert had on you.
That's what you didn't
want the FBI to know.
- You don't have to
worry about that now.
Icarus has pulled out.
Your actions have torpedoed
important national operations
and objectives.
- Bullshit.
Was she your Cleaner?
- Does it matter?
- No, I guess this is one
time where there was no need
to know on my part.
- You take care of yourself, Price.
- Thank you.
- And I've arranged for the NSA
for a five million wire transfer
to each of your accounts.
- Whoa, Powell agreed to that?
- If I shut Daedalus down forever.
I did explain to him
the potential downside
of having a motley crew
like you guys running it.
- Thanks.
- Look after yourself, will ya?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Who's gonna mother me now?
- I'll send you monthly emails.
- Yeah, yeah.
So what do we do to get you under?
- Nothing.
This one's my own doing.
- The ultimate vanishing act, huh?
- I'll miss you guys.
- How can you just
disappear on us like this?
- It's the only way I can
leave it all behind, Con.
- I guess things never
did settle right for us.
- Everything okay?
- Fine.
Free as a bird.
So where are we going?
- If I told ya, we wouldn't be safe.