Hidden Assassin (1995) Movie Script

Over there! That building!
Somebody call an ambulance!
Come on, help me out! Hurry!
I know, I know, I'm losing hair
and gaining weight.
It's good to see you.
You, too.
Let's go.
Feel strange being back?
I'm fine.
So where are we going first?
To the Embassy?
What's that, a joke?
Mickey, on this gig, there is no Embassy.
For the next 48 hours,
you never even heard of us.
Shit, you're not even here.
They're coming in.
Powell's over my back
because we don't have the information.
I can't do a thing until I got them.
Now what the hell is going on?
-Hey, Marty.
-Hi, Alex.
What the fuck took you so long?
My Czech's a little rusty.
That's "hello", right?
I think so.
His plane was late.
Mickey, this is Dick Powell,
head of European Operations.
A couple of people I want you to meet.
This is Alberto Torena,
Cuban Militar Intelligence.
And his chief aide, Juan Belgado.
This is Michael Dane, US Marshal.
How you doing?
Sit down, Dane.
Make yourself comfortable.
Time's a little tight, Dane.
You don't mind if we launch right in?
How much do you know about
the assassination in Manhattan last week?
What's on the wire?
Cuban Ambassador to the UN.
Lone shooter in the storm drain.
She lives here in Prague.
Simone Rosset.
Living under the name Jana Mitlova.
Cohiba Lanceros.
Reed said they're your preference.
Yeah, me and Fidel.
Not anymore.
He quit.
I asked Mr Torena to bring a box
from Havana especially for you.
Go ahead. Enjoy.
Then get that bitch out of my life.
You got that fax?
Yeah, it's just coming out
of the machine now, Mr Powell.
Here you go, Mr Powell.
Excuse me, sir.
Can I speak freely?
Go ahead.
Simone Rosset hasn't pulled a trigger
since '89.
Why start now?
Is he here to help us or not?
He is, I can assure you.
Sit down, Dane.
This isn't your area of expertise.
Political assassins
have political agendas.
I know her agenda, sir.
Everybody at justice does.
Just this target doesn't fit her profile.
This target was a Cuban patriot
killed on American soil.
It was a signature job, Mickey.
Distinct MO.
Weapon was traced to a gun dealer
here in Prague.
Same guy she used on the '80s.
-But the Ambassador...
-She's dying.
-Excuse me?
-She's dying!
Our guess is,
she wants to go out with a bang.
Now, in two days,
history is going to be made on my watch.
The city of Prague will host a summit
between the US and Cuba.
Now that's the roomful of targets.
Like goddamn ducks on a pond.
I don't want to be the guy...
...who fucked up the first chance
in 30 years for the two to shake hands.
Are we clear?
Or shall I have Reed here
take you back to the airport?
If my aide can be of any assistance...
Then I'll expect reports.
Of course.
...good to be home?
Hey, I mean, back to the Motherland.
Home's New York City.
Enjoy the smokes.
Hey, nice boots.
Sorry to come down on you, Dane.
Cubans like a string chain of command.
I had to put on a show.
Will, bring your phone!
Remember the city at all?
Vaguely, I was a kid.
10 years old when you escaped.
I know.
Good to meet you, Dane.
By the way...
...if you buck me in front
of those fuckers again,
I'll have you skinned.
Come on, we're out of here.
...did you find it?
How much does Powell know about her?
The whole file.
Does it matter?
Wouldn't it matter to you?
Forget about him.
You know who you are.
Around here, I keep thinking
about who I was.
Ancient history, my boy.
Come on, let's get to work.
So how many units on her floor?
She knows all her neighbors by name.
Two deadbolts on her door,
no access through the window.
She owns a cafe with Marta,
stays until midnight.
Bartender drives her home,
walks her to the fucking door.
There she is.
Right on schedule.
Everyday at 4:45, just to torture me.
She stretches.
And she goes.
Done with your beer?
Come on, come on!
I am now.
Relax, she takes the same
fucking route everyday.
That's not a woman with leukemia.
No shit!
Powell made that up.
Powell couldn't convince you
she was the shooter...
...and he didn't want to look bad
in front of the Cubans.
So he pulls leukemia out of his ass.
Anything for expediency.
Yeah, but he knew you'd tell me.
He didn't care.
He just wanted the conversation over.
They guy's an asshole.
He's a fucking spook.
What do you want from me?
It's company policy, Mickey.
We lie in pursuit of truth.
This is a long shot.
Let's get her tonight.
Look at that.
Leather boots up to her thighs.
So, what do we know about her?
She runs, she flirts.
She likes to commit an occasional murder.
"Mom, Dad, meet Simone."
Who's that?
That's Marta.
They own the cafe together.
God, I hope not.
Jesus Christ! Goddamn!
This was a mistake.
Let's get out of here.
Hold on a second.
Relax, will you?
I like it in here.
We stand out a bit, wouldn't you say?
Are you shitting me?
Nobody's here to look at us.
She blows a lot of kisses.
Yeah, I know.
It's killing me.
Alex, this ain't going to work.
You got somebody
who can break us into her cafe?
That's the bartender
I was telling you about.
Markus, bartender slash bodyguard.
He's the one who walks her home
every night.
Where is this guy?
I pulled him out of a dead sleep,
for Christ's sake.
He's on his way.
You love this, don't you?
A stake-out on a shooter.
Two in the morning.
You could do this every night.
As long as the coffee's hot.
The bartender's leaving.
And Paula is where?
I told you.
She's in Palm Beach, visiting her folks.
her folks live in Pensacola.
Ain't it just like you to remember that?
She used to drag me down there
every Mother's Day until I was 15.
So, what does she want?
She wants me...
...behind a desk in Langley...
...where it's safe.
She's entitled.
Yeah, I know.
Listen, if you want to remove
me as your official role model,
I'll understand.
I just want her happy, that's all.
So do I.
You know something?
Safety's overrated.
Fuckin' A!
There's our boy.
You have got to love
the Central Intelligence Agency.
I don't know why
I ate those fucking hotdogs.
What's this?
It's an invitation to a wine tasting.
Oh, yeah, she's a wine collector.
Hey, keep looking.
I'll check the wine cellar.
Table for one, please.
Please follow me.
Can I offer you something to drink?
If you don't mind, I brought my own.
Nothing personal.
I must warn you,
our corkage fee is outrageous.
I understand completely.
One must have a policy about these things.
One must have new drapes.
This one we'll uncork for free.
No, I really must insist.
Cote Rotie LA Turque '88,
and you'd honor us by drinking it here.
It's my pleasure.
Actually, I never touch the stuff.
I just use it as a conversation starter.
Could I offer you a glass?
No, I'm not...
Why not?
I'm Jana Mitlova.
James Doyle.
Great nose.
Incredible nose.
Beg your pardon?
Wonderful grape.
My favorite grape.
You have excellent taste, Mr Doyle.
This one's a legend.
A good friend graced me
with a case of this stuff.
So what should I do but enjoy it?
You have a case of this stuff?
Or two.
So I hear there are many
wine collectors in this city.
Do you happen to know of any?
You're drinking with one.
Would you like to see my cellar?
It's just below.
I'm certain it's very impressive.
It is.
I'm also certain it's a bit low
on La Turque '88.
A wine merchant.
I might have known.
You have a price?
You know a buyer?
I was here last Wednesday.
You weren't here.
You must not have looked very hard.
I haven't missed a day in five years.
You, I would have noticed.
Either way, I'm glad you tried again.
I think I'll let you choose
which one we'll open next.
Miss Mitlova, I must
respectfully inform you,
I'm hammered.
Me, too.
So let's go down the cellar.
Maybe I better stay here.
Come on.
I don't think so...
Watch the step here!
Don't you ever send this guy home?
What? Does he live here?
No! One doesn't drive
after drinking great wines, Mr Doyle.
One is driven.
What do you think of this?
First impression.
Very impressive.
-Told you.
I know just the perfect wine.
Coti Rotie '85, La Mouline.
-Wait a second.
-What do you think of that?
Wait, wait, wait.
Didn't you say I could pick?
Okay. Try and do better.
-Test. Test. Go ahead.
-Wait, wait, wait.
Not with your eyes closed, come on.
There's an incredible story
attached to this one.
Something that happened to me.
It was about six years ago.
I was visiting these friends in Avignon.
So we decided to go for what we thought
would be a very quiet stroll.
Get the girl!
Come on, Alex! Push it!
-No! No!
-Come on.
-Simone Rosset, I'm a US Marshal.
A warrant has been issued
for your arrest...
...for the assassination
of the Cuban Ambassador to the UN.
I've done nothing!
-Once on the American soil...
-No! No!
Don't hit muscle!
Don't worry.
She's out.
Look at her.
Jesus, why did you let her
bring the grizzly down here?
There's two of us, two of them.
Sounded fair.
Call Powell.
Tell him I need that chopper now,
and a plane standing by in Munich.
Sweet dreams, honey.
Knock it off.
Just checking her out.
What did you expect?
A confession?
Yeah, it would have been nice.
Maybe she's the guy, maybe she isn't.
Either way, Powell says she's the guy,
so we did our job.
A couple of hours ago,
you said he was an asshole.
He is an asshole.
That doesn't mean
he can't be right on occasion.
Look, I know her history.
She's not...
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Look, I know her history, too.
In one five-year stretch,
she was personally responsible
for 10 high-profile assassinations.
Now whether you agree
with her politics or not,
that's 10 people.
Got it?
And the only thing we could make stick
was a year for illegal immigration.
The one thing she didn't do.
What's that got to do with Manhattan?
She was in Manhattan the day of the hit.
I mean, everywhere she goes,
somebody dies.
Personally, I don't give a shit
if she offed the Ambassador or not.
Her account's past due.
Hey, Alex, I'm sorry.
It just doesn't sit right.
You know what?
How it sits doesn't matter.
You just took this lady into custody,
which is what you were supposed to do.
Second-guess is a waste of time.
Jesus Christ, you got a conscience
the size of a house.
Do you know that? You always did.
Thank you.
It wasn't a compliment, asshole.
What if you're wrong?
Ever consider that?
What if we let her go
because you're not sure?
And she turns that summit tomorrow
into a shooting gallery?
What then?
The world would have
two more dead diplomats.
Of course,
compared to what would happen to us,
the guys with bullets in their backs
would be lucky.
You know the only time
self-doubt is useful...
...is when you're starring
in fucking "Hamlet".
The rest of the time,
it's a huge pain in the ass.
-So you ignore it?
-Just follow orders.
-And cash the paychecks. You got it.
-And that's enough for you?
-Fuckin' A, that's plenty.
Bullshit, I don't believe that.
Believe it.
Guys who need things in black and white
don't last long around here.
Just get her back
to the States, all right?
I don't want to stay in this city
a second longer than I have to.
You know that.
Atta boy.
Can we change the fucking subject?
So how's your love life?
Same as the last time you asked.
Sorry to hear that.
I only ask because Paula wants a report.
What the... What the fuck!
-Goddammit, she jumped!
-Son of a bitch!
Stop the car!
-Where is she?
-Shit! She's up there!
Holy shit!
Where the hell is she?
Still think she's not the guy?
I'm reconsidering.
You've got to be joking!
Hold your fire, Alex!
Hold your fuckin' fire!
Don't stop, goddammit!
I ought to kick your ass.
What the hell did you stop for?
What did you shoot for?
The summit's tomorrow.
You want the lunatic running around?
Congratulations, boys.
The Secretary of State
now knows who you are.
Pentothal must have worn off.
It was a fuck-up
of career-altering proportions.
I had just gotten done telling
DC you had her.
The plane was on the fucking tarmac
in Munich.
And you assholes lose her?
It was my fault, sir.
I take full responsibility.
No need to be so goddamn noble, Dane.
I'm handling you full responsibility.
Jesus, you two are enough to set back
the cause of foster parenting...
...by about 50 fucking years!
The girl is gone?
I want to know what's being done
to discipline these men.
Mr Dane will be on a flight
back to the US by to the 6 AM...
...with full report on his conduct
made by me to his commanding officer.
What about the other one?
That's not your concern, General.
It's not my concern?
There is an assassin out there,
and an envoy from my country
is her next target.
This is why I asked you
to take care of this internally.
I told you, General,
we're just diplomats here.
We can't run around kidnapping citizens
from our host country.
No, of course not.
For that they have
the Department of Justice.
So, what happened?
Was she too strong for you two?
Get the fuck out of here.
Okay, brother.
Fucking asshole.
Will, phone.
Look, I was the one
who handled the syringe.
You can't cut Dane loose.
Nobody's cutting anybody loose, Reed.
So that was for show too?
There's no profit in the honesty business.
You know that.
Just find the fucking girl.
Ted! Dick.
No, no, no, not to worry.
Not to worry.
I got it all under control.
Couple of these, we'll go straight to bed.
I'm not going to sleep.
Simone's going to contact Marta tonight.
So we trace her calls.
No, I'm going over there.
Are you expecting much of a welcome?
Once she hears my story, yeah.
Hey, kiddo.
Hold on! Wait a minute!
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm giving Marta a reason to believe.
You're crazy.
-You got a better idea?
Get some rest.
If you still think this is a good idea
in the morning,
I'll slice you open myself,
right after I butter my toast.
You know that guy, Belgado,
the way he laughed at us back there?
Fuck that guy!
He's an idiot.
I fucked up, Alex!
You passed over a million guys
to get in here, and I fucked up.
I owe you better than that.
For what?
Mickey, there's no debt.
I mean it.
Hell, Paula never had
to change a diaper...
...and I got a kid to throw football
around with.
Mickey, come on,
I'm telling you, this isn't the way!
Then don't watch.
You said it yourself.
You lie to pursue the truth.
Who is it?
Please I need your help.
We met tonight at the cafe.
-I'm calling the police.
-No, don't!
That's where I'm running from.
So is Jana.
-Where is she?
-I don't know.
I need to talk to her.
I know she'll call here.
Please. I need your help.
All right.
This way.
This way, please.
Take your jacket off.
What were you doing in the cafe?
I was there to collect her.
We were working on a job.
It had to be planned.
What kind of job?
Oh, my God!
What kind of job?
An assassination.
Her name isn't Jana Mitlova.
It's Simone Rosset.
There's a lot you don't know about her.
What about you?
I mean, I know why Simone does it.
Or she used to anyway.
But what about you?
I got my reasons.
She told me about guys like you.
The ones who do it because it pays well.
My mother ran an underground newspaper
with a man who betrayed her.
Czech secret police, busted in,
killed her.
It was April 9th, 1969.
Nobody had to pay me
to pull the trigger after that.
Were you taken too?
I hid.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. I didn't mean to...
Do you want a hit?
Might make your arm feel better.
No, I just need some sleep.
And then what?
Then, if she hasn't called by morning,
I'll leave.
I'll get you a blanket.
Simone talks about you a lot.
She loves you.
Not enough.
I'm sure your phone is tapped.
Pick a place she'll recognize
without hearing its name.
And don't mention I'm here.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know who else to call.
I have to leave Prague for a while.
I know.
How do you know?
We have to meet right away.
-I'm at the...
-Don't tell me where you are.
We're not alone.
Remember where we listened
to Chopin in the rain?
I'll bring you some clothes
and all the money I have.
Just take care until we get there.
I see.
I'm sorry.
-I'm so sorry.
-Everything is okay.
Big kiss.
Shit! Give me the keys!
-No way.
-Look to your right.
He's following us!
Give me the keys!
Come on!
I've got to lose this guy. Hold on.
Hang on!
For Christ's sake, Mickey,
don't overdo it.
Kiss this.
Now, will you tell me where we're going?
Which way?
This way.
This is where you listened to Chopin?
You keep underestimating us.
The arrogance.
You're only doing your job.
I know that.
Mr James Doyle.
But I suggest you keep away from us.
I'll kill you if I have to.
The keys?
Hold it! Come out!
Where is she?
Where is she?
You know what you are?
You are a kidnapper.
If the Czech police
would go to Pittsburgh...
...and smuggled an American back here
to stand trial...
Save it!
My friend is innocent!
Yeah? Then why isn't she running
to the police?
Wake me when I get to Vienna.
Will! Bring us some more McCallan's!
Gentlemen! I propose a toast.
Personally, Mike,
I think you deserve a medal.
Seeing as how you broke about 30
international laws getting her here,
a toast is the best I can do.
It's too early for me.
I'm going to look at this lady.
She's sleeping.
Then she won't even notice.
Some night, huh, boys?
Some night.
You left bodies piled up all over Prague.
A hell of a mess.
He was just doing his job.
Just like you taught him, huh?
What he does, you can't teach.
Shame you can't lay claim to his genes.
He said he came in here to check my oil.
He's lucky he's still breathing.
You think you're so tough, eh?
-Hey, take it easy!
-Hey! Don't you fucking touch me!
Easy, goddammit!
On behalf of the US government,
I apologize.
You won't be disturbed again.
Mr Belgado, why don't you and I
step out by the fire, where it's cooler.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
The chopper's at the rendezvous point.
You got time for a meal
and a couple hours of sleep.
Be on the road by 10.
She's off to Czech soil by noon.
Unless of course you want to save us
a lot of trouble and dust her right now.
Yeah, good fucking idea.
Just a thought.
Please, Mr Powell, look at him.
Come on, this guy is not a killer.
He's fucking Mr Nice Guy.
Come on.
Why don't you just take her back there
and put one between her eyes?
It's easy.
It's like coming, only louder.
You need professional help, Belgado.
I tried. No one will take my case.
That will do.
He's only been gone five seconds,
and I already miss him.
You did great work, Dane.
It was half Alex.
You're working for the US government now,
my friend.
Ducking credit is a lousy strategy.
A little advice.
Somebody tells you you did a good job,
you just nod your head and say thanks.
Be careful today.
The hard part's over.
See you, Mickey.
I'm proud of you.
Hey, Alex.
It was half you.
You're not so sure I belong here, are you?
You're a suspect,
that's all I need to know.
I don't believe that.
That's your problem.
You never look me in the eyes.
That tells me a lot.
I've told you before.
I haven't left this country in five years.
And I can prove it.
Or would you be happier not knowing?
Come on, you'd say anything.
Anything you think might work.
I need a bath.
It's not going to happen.
What? Do you think
I can walk through a wall?
It did cross my mind.
You can watch if you like.
I know you've serious about your job.
Come on, look at me. I feel dirty.
Everything hurts. I just need a bath.
You haven't told me your real name.
It doesn't matter.
There is a reason
Powell wants me out of the way.
Yeah, you got this habit
of shooting people.
I shot monsters.
-I've read your file.
-Then you should know.
I've retired.
Come here.
Your arm. Come here.
That story you told Marta,
about the Czech police
killing your mother.
Is that true?
Those are the kind of men I killed.
Why do you think people like Powell
never tried to stop me before?
I'll be outside.
You know,
there is one lie you told
without even knowing it.
I'm not going to receive a fair
and impartial trial.
I'm not going to make it
off Czech soil alive.
Powell can't allow it.
We'll be on a plane in three hours.
You don't see
how impossible that is, do you?
You'll get your trial.
That's a promise.
La Turque '88.
Courtesy of the US Marshall Service.
The envoys you were sent here
to protect...
...are going to be assassinated today...
...by a man in a storm drain.
Tomorrow my body will be found...
...and the CIA will claim
I was the assassin.
You'll be back in the States...
...counted on to say nothing.
You talk a lot, you know that?
When Powell left,
did he not ask you to kill me?
If I live,
his plan fails.
Mr Dane,
may I have the keys
to those handcuffs, please?
Excuse me?
There's been a change of plan.
You are to proceed to Munich solo.
We'll take the suspect from here.
On whose authority?
That's only a need-to-know basis only.
Who's in charge?
Promise me something.
The sins I'm paying for,
they're mine.
Don't get killed for me.
-Are you in charge?
What's going on here?
Just give us the woman
and get out of here.
I'm not giving you shit.
Put your hands on your head.
The key. Thank you.
Grab his gun.
Miss Rosset,
you want to undo the handcuffs
and step out of the vehicle, please.
Step down!
-Go on.
Okay, okay, okay.
Give me the cuffs.
You have to get out of here.
Germany, Austria, anywhere but here.
-You're not coming with me?
-I'm going to Prague.
To Prague? Why?
I have to get to Alex.
Who's Alex?
My partner.
They're coming after him next.
You'll die if you go back there alone.
You're crazy.
Good luck.
You're sure you want to be here?
I'm sure.
You know, Alex's apartment...
...is the first place
Powell is going to look.
Watch out!
Get down!
Hold on!
Let's go!
What the hell?
It's Powell, Alex.
The whole fucking thing.
Jesus Christ, get in here.
You two are fucking nuts, you know that?
If Powell sent you a couple suits
to take you out,
that ought to tell you something.
Your life doesn't mean a shit to him.
You should be as far away from Prague
as you can get.
And you,
you ought to be fucking glad
you're still breathing.
We're trying to save your ass.
Not a good enough reason.
Come on, Alex.
What about the Summit?
Those two men are going to die today.
That's closer.
That little fucker
had every base covered, didn't he?
Now, why would Powell want to stop
the US and Cuba from negotiating?
What makes you think this stops Powell?
We've only got half an hour.
I've got half an hour.
You two aren't going anywhere.
This is stupid.
We can't stay here.
You want to warn him, now you've done it.
Let's go!
Do not leave this apartment!
Don't even answer the door unless it's me.
Is that clear?
I should go with you.
Well, that's what I need.
A guy with a fucking bullseye
in his chest sitting right next to me.
Are we clear?
Be careful out there.
He shouldn't be out there alone.
And we shouldn't be here at all.
I should be out there, watching his back.
Right. Get yourself killed as well?
What good would that do?
Sometimes surviving is worse.
No, it isn't.
Don't answer it.
-It might be Alex.
-Don't answer it.
Hi, this is Alex.
Please leave a message at the tone.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
It's Alex.
We have to get out of here.
There has to be an explanation.
There is. He's one of them.
He can't be.
I'm telling you he's one of them.
Hold that.
Where's the hospital?
You can't save me.
Save yourself.
My name is Michael Dane.
It's Michael Dane.
Hey, hey, hey!
Drop it!
Drop it or I'll shoot!
No, you won't.
Walk away, Mickey.
Put it down!
Walk away.
I'll make it up to you.
Put that fucking gun down!
Go ahead, do it.
Do it!
You should've.
I'm dead anyway.
What the fuck happened to you?
What is all this?
Is it Powell?
You think Powell has the imagination
to do something like this?
You're a fucking murderer.
I've been a murderer for years, Mickey.
For Uncle Sam.
Torena pays better.
You're working for Torena?
Like I said,
if you want to remove me
as your official role model,
I'd understand.
So that's why you picked me, wasn't it?
I mean, who else could you put
on a string like did?
If I'm so fucking smart,
why am I sitting in a cesspool of shit...
...while my targets are inside
eating shrimp puffs?
If that fucking guy on the roof,
if he was a better shooter, I'd be dead
right now and you'd be home free.
That didn't come from me.
You've been around so many liars,
you're getting good at it.
Give yourself a few years.
It'll come to you.
Take care of Paula for me.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
It's okay.
-What the fuck are you...
-Reed's dead.
So are a few others from your office.
And the man who paid for those is inside.
Get me a gun.
What are you talking about?
Paid by who?
It's Torena!
Give me a fucking gun!
Give him the gun. Give him the gun!
Alberto Torena.
I'm a US Marshal.
A warrant has been issued
for your arrest...
...and the arrest of your accomplice
Juan Belgado...
...in connection in the assassination
of the Cuban Ambassador to the UN.
Once on US soil, you'll be given
a fair and impartial trial.
If found not guilty, you will be returned
to your home country.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Ambassador, stay down!
I'm with you, Dane.
There is only one way out of here,
the roof.
Hey, stop!
Don't do it!
Make sure Reed's prints
are off the rifle.
Yes, sir.
His wife gets no pension
if he goes out a traitor.
It's better for her,
better for the peace process.
-And better for you.
Reed just run out of gas.
It happens to the best of them.
Listen, Dane.
I got a little job in the Middle East.
That's yours.
I'll double your salary.
And so are these.
Will, take these and give me the phone.
Give my regards to Broadway.
Whose prints are going on the rifle?
Whose prints would you use?
George. It's Powell.
We got the shooter, just as we expected.
Simone Rosset.
Pretty girl.