Hidden Exposure (2023) Movie Script

After surviving
relentless attacks from mercenary forces
in the escalating oil wars,
sources tell us that pleas
have finally been answered
for the besieged employees of
Yutime Chinese oil refinery
in the Middle East.
Professor Cheng, Yutime's
Director of Operations,
tells us that a private security
team from China has volunteered
to carry out the high-risk mission of
extracting her trapped oil workers,
who are facing certain death,
and escorting them to the
safety of the Green Zone.
Commander Luo,
we're approaching the LZ.
Copy, Captain.
- Dragon Luo.
- Yes.
Cheng, head of Yutime Oil.
Hello, professor.
Thank you
for coming to rescue us.
Can you
bring me up to speed?
- Of course, follow me.
- HaiMing, unload.
You two, follow me. Hurry up.
Yes, sir.
We are
only safe inside the refinery.
Don't worry,
we're here to escort you out.
Our planes are waiting
for you in the Green Zone.
Do you know who the rebels are?
I don't know.
They want us to give
up the refinery.
We've been surrounded
for two weeks.
They launch an attack
every couple of days.
We've increased our security
but if they launch another
attack like yesterday,
we won't make it.
We must evacuate immediately.
How many
are we evacuating?
Four hundred and
ninety eight including the children.
There's a lot
of things to do before we go.
We plan to leave at dawn.
Gets it all and
is happy with it.
Looks happy, looks concerned.
He's concerned now.
It's in the sand.
I made it.
How's it going, Chris?
You're late, Henry.
Jesus, Chris.
Here's your money, as promised.
We go in and out. Nobody hurt.
You're gonna count it?
Hell yeah, I'm gonna count it.
Listen, you're family
but you're a thief.
Bald Eagle over there, he
doesn't care if I count it.
Bit of a misread on me, I think
he does care if I count it.
Or-or was it the nickname?
You guys do nicknames?
You guys don't do nicknames.
Are you kidding me? Nicknames are
like the heart of team camaraderie.
Huh, you guys are in luck,
nicknames are like my superpower.
I've been giving 'em out
since peewee football.
Yeah, bro,
these guys are a
little bit on edge.
I'm gonna take the edge off.
Bald Eagle,
like the one from the Muppets.
There's a double meaning.
You'll figure it out.
Tomb Raider, because I just...
I just feel like you'll
haunt me long after I'm dead.
Full disclosure, there's
a lot going on here, uh...
I'm drawn to "Graffiti"
'cause it looks like some
teenagers vandalized your face.
That's not it.
It's just a start for
me, but I got you.
can you be serious
for one second?
Have you given any more
thought to my plan?
Like, one more mission,
five times the money?
Can't do it. I've already
done way too much.
You're telling me this place couldn't
use more money to fix things up?
Don't start.
Yeah, well, it's a big job.
- No.
- Moving target.
And it's for Unicorp, bro.
Not interested.
You remember that rebel attack
on Area Seven, don't you?
When five of our
guys got popped.
This is the son of a
bitch who armed them.
And right now
a team of mercenaries is escorting
this dirtbag back to China.
You wanna take on the Chinese?
No, no, no. It's
not the Chinese.
It's an international
criminal, all right?
She's being extracted
on the Highway of Death
back to the Green Zone.
Big Dog, come on.
Stay there, I'll pick you up.
Highway of Death?
The most dangerous
road in the country.
You know that.
You're an idiot for
even thinking about it.
Yeah, Dad would've
done it, though.
That was low.
Even for you.
Keep your eye on the ball, okay?
Almost, almost.
Now let's let it
rip. Hit the mitt.
You got it, Funhouse, come on.
Hey, Soraya.
Hello, Owen.
You look beautiful today.
What? No!
I hope you don't mind me
saying, but that, um, abaya,
it really makes
your, your skin glow.
Owen, stop.
Always working.
No harder than you, my friend.
So what about the pipe?
It's bone dry.
And you're wasting your time.
Pump's rusted.
Pipe's disconnected.
Damn, I hate this company.
Well, I hate we
don't have water.
I mean, I have a little.
I got buckets and charcoal, so
we bring a little at a time, but
it's not enough. I mean,
they built that dam.
They cut this place off.
If you want, I can go talk
to Unicorp headquarters
but you know how that goes.
You want us to
bribe 'em for water?
There's only one thing
more expensive than oil.
The more desperate,
the more expensive.
How much?
Probably a 100 grand.
I'm sorry, I'm doing all I can.
It's just that it...
I'll get a crew together if
you guys can get the money.
Do what you can.
This place is gonna
die without water, man.
The weather
conditions are clear.
Let them know we'll
arrive at the Green Zone in two groups.
One at nine a.m., the
second at four p.m.
Got it.
English, please.
What about air recon?
Your primary and secondary routes
to the Green Zone are hostile.
Sir, all the other
options are rebel controlled.
Then we're still taking
the Highway of Death.
It's the fastest way
from here to the Green Zone.
Nonstop, eight hours.
where are we going
to get the $100,000?
I'll think of something.
Sector four, ready.
Sector three, ready.
Sector two, ready.
Sector one, ready.
are shutting down.
Got it.
we need the dongle.
You feeling better?
Not really.
System off.
- Mei, hold my bag for me.
- Okay.
Be careful.
we must go right away.
ready, everyone, we're going!
- Do a head count.
- Yes, sir.
Come on.
Follow me.
Come on, come on.
Professor, there's
still another seat on bus eight.
You can go with your assistant.
Excellent. Let's go.
you are on bus one.
I'll see you in the Green Zone.
Please be careful.
Dr. Mei.
I saved a seat for you.
Shadow Squad.
Let's go!
Yes, sir.
Move out.
You hold tight.
Okay, let's go.
Commander Luo,
the helicopters are pushing
ahead to the Green Zone.
You're on your own now.
Radio check one.
Two check.
Three check.
Four check.
Five check.
Six check.
Seven check.
Eight check.
Nine check.
Ten check.
Eleven check.
You can't
stand the whole way.
Road's bumpy, it's dangerous.
I'm fine.
stubborn than your mom.
So you
still remember her?
The Highway of Death.
It looks so tragic.
A lot of people
died here during the war.
It's still dangerous here.
Don't worry, we'll be okay.
Watch the sides.
Prepare yourselves.
Please sit down.
Seatbelt please.
a minefield ahead.
I can
see them coming!
know. Don't worry.
Stay in formation. Be careful.
What are you doing?
no mines there.
You see?
It's all a trap.
They want to lure you in
somewhere you think is
safe and take your life.
I'm here to protect you.
You are here
to be a hero not for me,
but for them.
Your name was
on the evacuation list.
you brought your team all
the way here to save me
just for my forgiveness?
It's not gonna happen.
You broke my mom's heart.
And mine as well.
I'll never forgive you.
It was your mom
who took you away from me.
That's just because
you never cared about us.
My mom was lying
there in the hospital,
she couldn't get out of bed
but you never bothered to
visit her, not even once.
How could you be so cruel?
I was on
a top secret mission.
Our country needed me.
country needed you?
What about me?
I was so little.
Mom was in the hospital,
she needed you more.
But what have you done for us?
As an engineer here,
I'm grateful for you.
But as your daughter,
there's nothing left to say.
on your one o'clock.
Attention, everybody.
There's a sandstorm up ahead.
didn't you say the
weather was clear?
I've been
keeping an eye on the data.
It shows the chance of a
sandstorm here is zero.
If we don't keep
going, we'll miss our window.
Jing and Yan, close the hatches.
We need to get through
as fast as possible.
This sandstorm is very unusual.
HaiMing, do you copy?
don't copy either.
Strange, there is no signal.
Hey, is that...
Nothing. I thought
I saw something.
Should be
close to the target.
Tell me what you see.
There it is.
Our objective plus
four of her core crew.
Toothpick, Tomb
Raider, we're on the X.
Scribblehead, extract
and drop. Let's go.
My name is Knox.
How is it
causing so much interference?
Get back on the main road.
You having fun yet?
Just keep your head on a swivel.
Everybody down!
Nobody move!
On the ground!
You, got a hearing problem?
On the floor, don't move!
On the ground!
All clear. Lane secure.
Down, down, get down.
You, wanna die?
On the floor! Don't move.
are they going?
Yan, HaiMing?
Does anyone copy?
Gather round!
Hurry up!
Why isn't
anyone answering?
Our comms went
completely down just now.
about you guys?
nothing. No signal.
all the buses here?
I saw bus
eight leave the convoy.
Where did it go?
- Where is Yan?
- Bus 11 is gone too.
wrong with you?
You lost two entire
buses in a sandstorm.
storm is not natural.
up, hurry up, go!
Go. Go.
Hey, these the guys
that armed Area Seven?
- Yeah, why?
- These guys?
What's a criminal supposed
to look like, bro, huh?
You remember Typhoid Mary?
She killed like a 100 people.
Yeah, she was just a cook.
We got it!
Captain Azir, we lost two buses.
We need both helicopters here.
Copy, Commander.
We are circling back.
- Take the second helicopter.
- Okay.
- Follow me.
- Where?
familiar with this desert.
Isn't this part of your job?
I have surveyed this area
with Professor Cheng before.
I need your help
finding the missing buses.
Don't worry,
I will protect you.
It's breaking up.
This doesn't happen
in the canyons.
the sandstorm was man-made.
They used jet engines
to push the sand.
head north.
Dragon, Dragon!
Can you hear me?
We were ambushed by mercenaries.
Who were they?
They were very fast.
Very organized.
You stand down.
Connect with HaiMing.
can you get a GPS
position on bus eight?
can't locate it.
scan a 10-mile radius
for any fast-moving vehicles.
Report if you find anything.
Circle around.
What's your problem?
I knew I couldn't trust you.
Bro, you are paranoid.
Shit. Incoming!
Cover fire.
Must be them! Go, go, go.
Dragon Luo,
there's suspicious mercenaries
and they're firing on us!
Let's go. Head east.
join up with the rest of the
team and head to the Green Zone.
I'll meet you there.
get the convoy rolling.
I just lost my lead.
Etch-a-Sketch, you're
up, you take point.
It's Knox!
Cyclops, push ahead
and set up an ambush.
My name is Knox!
He's moving too fast.
Hold on!
Tomb Raider, cover me now.
Tramp Stamp, I'm
drawing this helo away
and you stay behind
and take it out!
We need to keep going.
We got no chance with
that thing in the air.
You take care of the bird.
I'll get 'em to
the exchange site.
Tramp Stamp, take it out.
I'm out.
I'm out.
We're clear.
Goddammit, Knox, take your shot!
I got it.
We're going down.
going down like this?
Be careful.
Dragon Luo,
they took five people with them.
Azir, five missing.
I need Mei down here.
What's going on?
Who hired us?
- Unicorp.
- Don't lie to me, Henry!
What are you mixed up in?
Go easy on him, Chris.
It's like you said,
no one works harder than me.
Hey, Mei,
they took Professor
Cheng and her assistant.
Professor Ying Cheng.
I'm very, very thankful
you could make it.
Have we met?
No, I'm afraid I haven't
had the pleasure until now.
I hope my men didn't cause
too many problems for you.
It was you attacking
our refinery?
Please understand, professor,
it's not personal.
Let's talk.
I've been all over this country.
You know what I've found?
This isn't a desert.
Everything here is a gold mine.
And I'm wiping the
company out, Chris.
I watched them get rich
while I busted my ass off.
Sixteen years of false promises.
I even gave up having
a family for them.
And for what?
But now it's my turn.
I'm taking this war private.
I'm taking back
what they owe me.
What they owe us.
Listen, Owen, what you got going
on here that's your business.
It's between you and her.
Dragon Luo is leading the
Chinese security team.
He's gonna come
after the professor.
If you can keep him off my
tail, I can make you rich.
Not interested. I
just want my money.
When the job is done.
The job is done.
Henry said dropping...
Henry's young and desperate!
You can't trust people
who are desperate.
It's our time.
You don't want to pass
this up, my friend.
And remember,
no money,
no water.
Selfish son of a bitch.
I'm selfish?
You know what selfish is?
Staying here and hiding.
I'm done with you.
Whatever you want.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, you're
just gonna let him walk?
He's your brother.
You stop him.
Chris, wait.
I-I need to collect our
money and we gotta finish.
Get out of here
while you still can.
Well, go on then.
Just like you did when
you bailed on our old man.
Be at the village at 1600 sharp.
Bring the rest of my
money and don't be late.
We don't need him.
I can handle this Dragon
Luo guy on my own.
You failed, Henry.
That makes me so sad.
We need the hostages.
Take him back to the radio tower
and make it look like
Chinese payback, okay?
Also, close the loop on Henry's
bullshit with the French.
We can't have them
interfering with the plan.
Let's go!
Follow that car.
Copy, sir.
What's up ahead?
I don't know.
There's a
village there in Area Four.
But it's dangerous.
Follow him.
We're low on fuel.
I can make it, but that's it.
You stay
in the helicopter, okay?
Chris, we play.
Almost, bud, almost.
Come on, Henry.
That took a bad
hop, took a bad hop.
You lost?
I come for my people.
What are you doing
in my village?
What are you doing
in the desert?
I'm fishing.
What are you doing
in the desert?
I'm fine.
I'm playing baseball
with a bangchui.
I came for my people.
You got the wrong guy.
Chris, we play.
You caught it, Funhouse.
That was awesome.
I told you
many times to behave yourself.
You will get punished next time.
where are you going?
I'm going to get our
money. I won't be long.
See you on the other side, bro.
Why are you following me?
Why are you in the desert?
Oh! Ah!
You killed my people.
Ahh, I didn't kill anyone.
Yes, you did.
I know it's you.
Fishing in the desert?
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You killed my people.
They killed your people.
They killed my brother too.
going on here?
Where is my money?
You speak French?
That's all.
Where is my money, Mr. America?
For the weapons.
Looking for money?
Get in line.
Hurry up. I think
they're gonna shoot you.
Because the first
time I see you,
I wanted to shoot you.
Start shooting!
- Magazine!
- What?!
Hey! Bullets?
What kind of bullets?
Seven six two.
Seven six two.
Seven six two. Seven six two.
- What are you doing?
- I'm loading for you!
Just give 'em to me!
- What?
- Forget it!
Give me a grenade!
Yeah, grenade.
You get it!
What are you, crazy?
Too dangerous.
You're closer.
Me go?
Shit, shit.
Here we go, come on,
come on, come on!
Who killed my people?
Come on.
Who are they?
- It wasn't them.
- What?
Come on.
Hurry up, grenade!
I gotta find it!
It's in the bin.
In the bin.
Pull the pin?
Okay, here!
Why'd you pull the pin, man?
- Pull the pin?
- I said "the bin."
I pulled the pin already.
I think they're gone.
How do you know?
No more shooting.
Take a look.
You look.
- You.
- You look!
You closer.
Yeah, I think they're gone.
Don't look one direction.
Who killed my people?
You ever give up?
No. Who are they?
You shoot me,
you're never gonna find out.
Gotta go check on my truck.
You have flat tire.
Your car has a name?
Is that weird?
Come on.
- Can't leave the weapons.
- Or the bodies.
It's weird.
Owen Paddock runs
everything for Unicorp.
He's got your people.
Which company? This company?
No, that one.
Get in the car.
Hey, no time! Come
on, come on, come on.
Hey, where's he taken them?
I don't know.
But it's too dangerous to
do anything here at night.
Even for you.
By the way,
what's your name?
It's bangchui
, isn't it?
can speak Chinese?
Yes, I can.
Let go!
Where you learn Chinese?
I was in Shanghai
working for a dead man company.
A dead man company.
Dead man company?
Yes, private security.
pronounced private security company.
Not "funeral parlor".
Private security company.
First tone, not third tone.
security company.
You speak English!
The refinery is
protected by quantum encryption.
It's not happening
without the dongle.
All right, professor,
I need you to get
the oil flowing.
Where's the dongle?
You're gonna steal our oil.
Some of my men, my...
friends have died
and their families, they
didn't get anything, so...
I'm just taking back
what they owe us.
You're gonna help me.
You're stealing.
I think everyone is
stealing from this country.
We buy it.
I also need the codes, please.
It's a very complex process
and there's not...
Please continue.
Yeah, with the codes, right?
And the dongle?
Where are they?
Why would I kill you
when I can kill your son?
Everything in my bag.
Where's the bag?
No, I don't know where is it!
Where's the bag?
It's not with me right now.
I don't know where is
it! No, please, please!
No, please trust me...
I'm so sorry.
It's not with me.
Track her phone!
Her phone.
It's in her bag.
Go get the bag.
Big dog!
That's right, the big dog is back and
performing his brand new hit single,
- Old McDonald. Here we go already.
- Hello?
Old MacDonald had a farm
-And on his farm
he had a dog
-With the big dog here
and the "widdle" dog there
Big dog, "widdle" dog
big dog, "widdle" dog
- -Old MacDonald had a farm
-And on his farm
he had a cow
what's your location?
We just
arrived at the Green Zone.
Are you on the way?
No, but we're safe.
We'll be back as soon
as we find the hostages.
-Meow here and a meow there
Here a meow, there a
meow Everywhere a meow
Old MacDonald had a farm
-And on his farm
he had a chicken
called you just now?
Oh, someone was
calling Professor Cheng's phone.
Who was it?
No idea. They
hung up when I answered.
-Old MacDonald had a farm
What do you think
of him? Can we trust him?
He has
spent years in this desert
taking care of these orphans.
He must be a decent person.
-...had a farm
-And on his farm he had a...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What? I was just getting them
warmed up. They were loving this.
That's not the monkey.
- You hear 'em out there?
- No.
What's this?
Yeah, yeah, gorilla.
That's the monkey.
That's the monkey.
What's that?
That's "your face is smashed."
No, that's a bulldog.
- That is a good-looking bulldog.
- Yeah. What's that?
That's a-a-a different bulldog?
- Young bulldog.
- A younger bulldog.
What is that?
It looks like you're
hanging from a wire.
Let me guess: you're
suspended from a building.
- A giraffe?
- Yeah, what's-what's that?
You-you look like a statue.
No, human. Just me.
Oh, that's pretty good,
'cause I mean that was real.
That was good... You were
actually a human being.
He's good. He's got a good bit.
Time for the meal.
- Good work.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Excellent.
- You do it every day?
Every day.
Let's let the kids eat.
See ya.
Big dog, big dog.
Thank you.
Why take two buses?
You only needed bus eight.
Hey, man, your friend
dropped her book.
I'm no idiot, I don't see any
chemistry there between you two
so I figured I
would use the book
as like an in, you know.
I mean, I put my number in the
back or something, 'cause I mean,
look at her, man.
She is hot.
That booty.
I mean, I'm no freak
kind of guy but...
She's my daughter.
Uh, of course she is. I...
You... Now that you
mention it, she...
She looks just like you.
She is your daughter.
How did I not see that?
Mei and I,
Her mother died.
For Mei, maybe I'm dead, too.
Wait, you said
you never give up.
In war, yes.
In life, not so easy.
Why are you here?
Me and my brother used
to work for my dad.
Private contractors?
Yeah. Damn good too.
Every one of us, Special Ops.
Two years ago, my old man got
a job on the Highway of Death.
Turned it down.
First time I ever
heard him say it.
So I convinced him to take it.
And we... drove right
into a rebel ambush.
Forty-eight hour firefight.
In the end, I... hatched up a
plan to get us out of there.
I-I-I needed to hold the line
so my dad could move.
But I signaled to him
that I needed to move.
And we both moved
at the same time.
And everybody got wasted.
My dad got killed right
there in front of me.
Your father and your men,
they died because
it was their time.
This is the life we choose.
Don't look for reasons why.
Yeah, before, man, we...
fought for honor or
a flag or something.
I fight for my family,
my people, my
country. That's all.
They were my family.
The village is your family now.
By the way, what's
your real name?
It's not bangchui.
It's Chris.
Get the kids in
the classroom, now.
Go, go, go!
Come on, come on, hurry.
You go high, I'll go low.
- Where is it?
- Where's what?
I'm okay. You okay?
- Get off me.
- Okay.
Did you say, "I go
high, you go low?"
I did go low.
Then I went high.
Okay, from now on,
no more talking.
Hand signal.
You know hand signal, right?
Good signal, huh?
Six, six.
Six o'clock!
Can't you read the signal?
What signal?
Let's go.
Don't you know what this means?
Yeah, call you, have a beer,
relax. What do you mean?
One, two, three, four,
five, six, six o'clock.
How does that mean six?
Just say, "Behind you."
This time you go high, I go low.
Remember, bangchui.
Shit! Ah!
Give me your phone.
The phone! Gimme the phone!
Hey, you looking for this?
Looks like we got ourselves
an old-fashioned standoff.
Look, here's your
tracking device
but you don't know where the girl
is and you're not gonna find her.
I'm only here for the bag.
The bag?
Hey, where are you going?
Ah, no, no!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
This is my family!
I protect this village!
If they want that bag,
I'll just give them that bag.
You speak...
can speak Chinese?
Yes, that's how
mad I am right now.
What's so important
about that bag anyway?
The bag has the USB
key and the passwords
to open the flow
from the refinery.
How much oil?
Millions of barrels.
Yeah, who cares?
To get that much oil out of the
refinery they'd need like... 500 trucks
and then they gotta
drive it to the coast.
There is an underground network
that flows across the country.
That's what those pipes are for?
They use the pipes
and fill tankers.
Each tanker holds a 100 million
in oil. That would make it...
The biggest oil
heist in history.
We gotta get to the refinery.
But we need something that
can drive through the gate.
I got something.
You in position yet?
We're on the
station. Standing by.
prepare to dock.
I'm coming too!
I know the refinery
better than you do.
I can help you guys.
dangerous there.
You should wait here.
I promise, I'll
come back for you.
Be careful.
The refinery is very flammable.
Don't use guns.
You have to remember
never to use guns.
- Take it s...
- Shut up.
Okay, you're right,
you're right.
Hey, put your seat belt on.
Safety first.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
and put in the hole.
Yeah, see? So easy.
You happy?
We can go.
Let's go.
Get working.
Fingerprint, please.
And passcode.
Seven, nine,
four, two.
I hear it
turning on. Start filling!
It's flowing.
We're a go.
It'll take 24 hours.
I know.
I'm not an idiot.
Let's fill the trucks. Get moving.
-They're being filled.
Once we cross into
the demilitarized zone
they can't touch us.
Enemy approaching!
Enemy approaching!
Oil truck!
Follow me.
Sorry. See?
What are you doing?
So they can't stop it.
We're rolling out.
You stay here and
watch the hostages.
But kill them once
the tankers are full.
I can't jump.
Hold on!
Thank you.
Dragon Luo!
It's an honor to meet you.
It's a shame you have
to do this on your own.
I'm not alone.
- There's a...
- Huh?
- Few more. You'll be fine.
- What?
Come up when you're done.
Help them.
I got Skullface.
All right.
Professor, let's go!
Hurry up!
Hey, magazine.
Magazine. Catch!
Come on.
Hey, Knox,
I've been racking my
brain this whole time
to try to think of a
perfect nickname for you.
Sharpie Head or
One-Eyed Trouser Snake
Daddy Issues...
But I just figured out
right now
the perfect nickname for you.
Dead Man.
You know why?
'Cause you out of bullets.
You go, I got this.
- You sure?
- Sure!
All right.
Everyone head out to the DMZ.
Let's go.
That settles it.
More cardio starting Monday.
That's my truck.
I'm gonna kill him.
I swear I'm gonna kill
him. I don't want to...
Where's my father?
Why are you driving Susie?
Stay in the car.
Let's go.
You keep a machine
gun under the seat?
Guns everywhere.
Professor, leave now.
Easy, easy.
There goes the new clutch.
Shift. Shift.
Yes, I'm trying, but
the transmission is loose.
Don't listen to her, Susie.
Hold on.
Contact, six o'clock.
How do you work these?
Start swerving.
Oh, Chris.
Aw, come on.
We're out of bullets.
They're out.
Take her off the road, now!
Let's see if she's
ready now, Chris.
Follow them. She can handle it.
Hey, hey, hey!
Faster. Go, go, go, go, go, go.
They're still
behind us. Faster!
Your nickname
shouldn't be "Dead Man."
You look more like a
frozen Peking duck.
Professor? Professor?
They broke the dongle
and I can't shut the refinery down.
It's all up to you now.
Stay here.
I will be back right away.
Come on.
No, no, no, no.
- No, no, we'll never make it!
- No, we'll make it.
- You don't have a chance.
- Just trust me.
S-sorry, Susie.
Get away!
Sorry, what are you...?
Slow down!
- Dad!
- Can't you see me?
Slow down!
I see you have a...
Make a flat tire joke,
swear I'm gonna lose it.
I just want to say let's go.
Hey, hey. Hey, hey-hey.
We're gonna catch him.
Shortcut, nine o'clock.
- What?
- What?
That's eight.
That's an eight? What do you mean?
-This is nine.
That's not a nine! It looks
like a baby pirate hand.
- Argh!
- Okay-okay, no more hand signal, okay?
Go that way.
Gotta go faster.
That's as fast as I can go.
Not if we use the jet.
If I were you, I'd hold on.
Stop the trucks!
Stop the trucks now!
Hit the back, not the middle.
Morgan, hey!
Well done, Chris.
You want to earn
a bigger cut of the pie?
You killed my brother.
Ah, yeah.
- I told you wear your seat belt!
- Go!
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, hey!
You're sinking!
Get the outriggers out.
the outriggers down!
Which switch?
- Where's the button?
- By the wheel.
By the wheel!
I got this, you drive.
You gonna run?
Get on.
- Yes.
- Ready?
Hit it!
Hold tight!
- Go.
- Go.
Jump on the count of five.
I can't hear you!
I know you said no
more hand signals!
This is an exception!
Don't be scared.
I'm here. I am with you.
Where is Chris?
How did
you get my diary?
You two
have always been with me.
I understand now.
It's a beautiful moment but
I really could use a hand.
I thought you'd never make it.
- Oh.
- Are you okay?
You too.
Oh, I'm scared-scared
of heights. I mean
I'm alive, I'm alive!
Oh, and I'm totally single
and now is a good time for me to
say that I'm disease-free, too.
- Uh-huh.
- Uh, I had a scare with hepatitis,
but it turned out to be
nothing. It was a cold.
Don't even think
about it, bangchui.
But I
thought we're family.
We are not family.
How do you think you even stand
a chance with my daughter?
What? What does that mean?
You have a lot to learn.
Okay, Confucius,
you know everything, right?
How do we get out of here?
I have idea.
This is your great idea?
You have any idea?
- Don't move.
- Get on the ground!
your hands behind your back!
The bridge
is now under control.
Pull, pull!
stay away from him!
- Dragon Luo!
- Huh?
We have just been notified,
there's a new mission.
You wanna join us?
- Action!
- Magazine, magazine! Catch!
Awesome. Cut.
You go. I got this.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Wrong hand.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- This one?
- Yes.
One more.
I'm wiping the
company out, Chris.
Yeah, no shit, Captain Obvious.
You got a bunch of Arabs in Ninja
masks bleeding this place dry.
And while you're wiping the company
out, you know what I'm doing?
- No.
- You told me to date a little more, so uh,
see Father Time over
there with the AK 47?
- Yeah.
- We've been talking online.
I met him through an app called
Finder. I thought it was "find her"
but it's really a "finder" app.
We share a lot of commonalities.
We both live in small villages,
proficient with firearms.
Both watched Lawrence of Arabia.
Come on!
Hey, hey.
Come on!
- Hey.
- Come on!
My man.
Look at her, man.
She is hot.
That booty.
I'm the type of guy to
bend that over and...
smack that ass. I mean,
Whoo... I'm a freak.
I will eat some ass.
I will stay down there. You
know what they call that?
They call that a capsized motorboat
because it's a motorboat upside down.
I mean...
- Dragon Luo?
- Yes.
I'm the lead
engineer here, Cheng Ying.
Thank you for
coming to rescue us.
Herro, plofessor.
Hello, how are you?
I am fine.
You keep a gun under the seat?
I also keep one in my pants but
it could be like a Walther PPK.
It's a small gun.
- Dragon Luo?
- Yes.
I'm the lead
engineer here, Cheng Ying.
Thank you for
coming to rescue us.
Hello, professor.
Thank you. Six o'clock.
Nine o'clock.
Ten o'clock?
Shit, oh shit.
Ah! You told me you
would be better.
name is Dragon Luo.
forgot your name.
You can call me
big brother or Jackie Chan.
That's a nine.
Uh, eight, now...
Just avoid the nine.
No more hand signal.
Oh! Go over there.
One more. You, your two
hands all block my, my face.
One more.
How was that nine? That looks
like a baby pirate hand.
Okay, here real quick: what's
a pirate's favorite letter?
R? No, you would
think it's the R,
but it's the "C."
He steal my shot.
He just keeps saying dialogue.
I don't even know
what you saying.