Hidden Gems (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
Look, there it goes
right there.
Oh, I see it.
Oh, there it is. Oh.
Striped shore crab.
Definitely a striped
shore crab.
And look at that sunset.
There's something magical about
a sunset over the ocean,
isn't there?
It's not magic, Grandma.
It's a scientific phenomenon
called light scattering.
I know you're my little science
genius but I promise you
that magic is everywhere
and it's very real.
But how can you prove it?
I can't prove it.
That's what makes it magic.
Take my engagement ring.
That is a golden pearl
from the South Sea.
From a golden-lipped oyster.
One of the rarest
gems in the ocean.
Your grandfather found it
when he was in service
in the Philippines.
Can I try it on again?
That's the symbol of love
between me and your grandpa.
And that love brought us
our family and our children
and our grandchildren.
If that's not magic,
I don't know what is.
Are we there yet?
What-- sorry,
what, Dad?
Are we there yet?
Dad, you're the one driving.
That's right, I forgot.
I'm trying to keep you
from getting
blisters on your fingers.
You're gonna wear
those things out.
I think I smell smoke
coming off of you.
Okay. Look,
I have a lot of loose ends
that I have to wrap up
before we take off. That's all.
All this wedding
stuff is exhausting.
Mm. The things we do
for love, right?
The only truly good reason
to do anything.
Oh, hey.
Pull up to the left over here.
Excellent choice.
Ryan will take care of you
at the counter.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm just here to pick up
the bands for
the Strickland/Watson wedding.
Strickland/Watson, yes.
I have them right
here ready to go.
- How do they look?
- Oh.
They look perfect.
Seems you're wearing
your engagement ring
on the wrong hand.
Oh, uh.
No. I mean, yes,
no, you're right.
It is an engagement ring.
It's just--
it's not my engagement ring.
It's a keepsake
from my grandma.
My sister's the one
getting married.
I'm just her maid of honor.
May I take a closer look?
Yeah, sure.
- It's so beautiful.
- Thank you.
Such a unique band.
Diamonds complementing
a South Sea Pearl.
I would love the opportunity
to appraise it for you,
free of charge.
No, this ring is and always
will be priceless to me.
this is Kate with Dear Watson.
How can I be helpful
to you today?
Oh, I'm sorry that
you're having a sizing issue.
My team is gonna help you
find something
that fits you perfectly.
And if they can't
then we will make something
that fits you perfectly.
Yes. I am, in fact, Kate Watson.
Yes, the Kate Watson.
Oh, well, the pleasure
is all mine. Hi.
Hi. Are you taking
customer service calls
during your final fitting?
I don't wanna be too out
of touch with the customers
when we get back.
You can send me another call.
No, no, no, no. Don't,
don't send her another call.
Okay. Come here.
All right.
So ladies and gentlemen,
I have a little gift
for our bride-to-be.
All right.
This right here
is an official bride card
issued to Kate Watson.
It is valid through the end
of her honeymoon
and it entitles the bearer
to get out of any
unnecessary work duties
and get her way
whenever she sees fit.
This could come in handy.
Uh-hmm. Use it wisely.
Okay. So this means
that as of this moment,
the boss is unplugged
and off the grid.
So filter any pressing issues
through me
and I will handle it.
This is for your own good.
I promise.
- Hi, guys.
- Hey.
Who put your fianc
in the corner?
You know he can't see me
in my dress before the wedding.
Well, you showed me
all your designs beforehand,
so I really don't see
why it matters.
- It matters.
- It matters.
Okay. Yeah.
This way,
I've got something.
Thank you so much.
The coast is clear.
I got it.
Thank you, Mom.
Okay. So...
I know that we're all gonna
have a fantastic time this week
but before we get
everything rolling,
I just wanted us all
to be together
when I give Addie
her maid of honor gift.
Ooh, okay, okay.
Now, you're already acting
like my full partner
in the company but
I just wanted
to make it official, in writing.
Full partners, 50/50,
until the wheels come off.
Isn't it wonderful?
Well, if it isn't wonderful,
I don't know what is.
I just--
I wasn't expecting this.
I-- wow.
I'm so grateful.
I just wanted to show you
how much I appreciate you.
I know that you do
but this is--
I mean,
this is too much, Kate.
You deserve it.
You're the glue
for the family,
for the company,
for the wedding.
We all lean on you
for support.
Come here.
Okay. So you look over
the contract when you have time
and we'll dot the I's and cross
the T's when we get back.
Oh, here.
- It's so pretty.
- I know.
Look at this place.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're checking in for
the Strickland/Watson wedding.
I'm Addie Watson.
I think you have four
reservations under my name?
Yes, indeed. Right.
I have four rooms
including the Bridal Suite.
Yes, that is correct.
We're the first wave of people,
so more should be checking in
later tonight or tomorrow.
We will be ready
and waiting to greet them.
I'm going to sleep off
the jet lag.
Wake me up for
the welcome party thingy.
Don't worry.
I'll have him back in time. Okay.
I'll make sure that
your bags get to your rooms
but before I do,
I would like to introduce you
to our concierge
and event coordinator, Hannah.
Thank you, Angie.
I'm here to help you
with everything and anything
you might need to make your
stay with us more enjoyable.
No request is too big
or too small,
as long as
it's nothing too weird.
- And how weird is too weird?
- Weird is a relative term,
especially when describing
one of your relatives perhaps.
Rest assured it's my job
to manage the weird
and make sure your event
all goes smoothly.
Now that you've got boots
on the ground,
I'd like to take you
for a quick tour of the resort.
If you'll kindly follow me.
This is our dolphin habitat.
Our dolphins get
expert care from the amazing
Dolphin Quest staff.
To the left is the pool.
It's open 24 hours a day.
And our beach caf
has a frozen coconut mojito
that's to die for.
- I will be there.
- Right, right?
Scooch on over here
and this is where
the magic will happen.
- This is fantastic.
- And it seems
the weather will be on our side
for your entire stay.
That is great news.
I said it seems that way
but we are in Hawaii,
so no promises.
You actually signed a weather
waiver in your contract
that clears us of liability in
the case of inclement weather.
What did we sign?
Hey, it's fine.
It's fine, right?
If we have rain,
we'll have rainbows.
Couldn't agree more.
Now what do you say
we iron the details out
with your fully
capable maid of honor
and let you
and your betrothed
enjoy the rest of the day.
Have fun.
- All right. Let's get to it.
- Okay.
Hi. This is Addie Watson.
I'm just calling to get
some more general information
about enrolling
in your summer program.
Yeah. I--
you know, I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna have
to call you right back.
Okay. Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hi, Kara.
Did you just get in?
Oh, straight from the airport
to your door.
Yeah, it's too early
for me to check in.
Can I change here?
I wanna make it
to paddle-board yoga.
No, yeah. Of course.
Are you not going?
Um, no. No, I'm not.
Something actually just came up
that I have to deal with.
Ah! Kate.
Ooh, I am so glad
you could make it.
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
Okay. Now, what do you mean
you're not going to yoga?
I just came in here to get you.
Something just came up,
so just go without me,
you guys. It's fine.
What came up?
Bridesmaids things?
I want you to be able
to enjoy yourself on this trip.
Maybe Kara can take
some of that off your plate?
Hmm. Put me in, coach.
It's fine. It's fine.
- I will go.
- You will love it.
You will feel
so energized afterwards.
upward dog, everyone arms up.
Exhale. Swan dive down.
Forward fold.
Arms up, halfway up.
Love and light.
Let go of any anxiety
with this final flow.
Thank you for letting me
instruct you
on this beautiful morning.
That was just what I needed.
How was it for you, Ad?
Oh, yes. So relaxing.
Not stressful at all.
What's wrong?
My ring. I lost my ring.
I lost my ring.
Are you sure you didn't
leave it back at the hotel?
No, no, no, I never take off
my ring. I don't...
Wait, wait,
hold on, take a breath.
Let it out.
It's gonna be fine.
- We'll help you find it.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Hey, no, Addie,
it's really deep out there.
We need help. Hannah.
- Yeah.
- We'll ask Hannah.
Maybe she'll have some ideas.
- Come on.
- Great idea.
Ad, come on.
It's right through
those double doors.
You're welcome.
Have a great day.
How did you enjoy
the yoga session?
Yoga was great. Unfortunately,
- Addie lost her ring in the bay.
- Yeah.
It's an incredibly
important family heirloom.
I'm terribly sorry
to hear that.
Fortunately, our dive instructor
might be able to help.
- Okay.
- He has a high recovery rate.
- Oh, great.
- Okay. Uh...
That sounds great.
Where can I find him?
Shoot what? Why shoot?
Today is his day off.
He will be back
with us tomorrow.
Hannah, this ring
is incredibly important to me.
Is there any way that we can,
like, get him
on the phone or something?
Jack is extremely off grid.
He doesn't have a cell phone.
But even if he did,
he probably wouldn't answer it.
Okay. I don't-- maybe you could
tell me where I can find him.
Like, please.
I will make it worth his while.
I promise. I just, I don't wanna
waste another second on this.
- Please.
- I'm never gonna hear
the end of this but Jack lives
on a sailboat at the Marina.
It's called
the Gem of the Ocean.
The Gem of the Ocean.
Okay. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- I'll get you
- the address of the harbor.
- Okay.
- Do you want us to go with you?
- No, no, no.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
Actually, Kara, can you help me
set up Kate's welcome brunch?
Yeah, of course.
You got it.
Okay. Thank you.
I promise I will be back
before it even starts, okay?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Sorry.
- Just go. Go, go, go.
- Yeah. See you in a bit.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Ahoy there.
Are you Jack Wilder?
That depends who's asking.
Well, that would be me. Um...
I'm Addie Watson. I'm...
staying at the resort actually.
Um... I lost my ring in the bay
this morning
and I was told that you might
be able to help me get it back.
If the resort,
meaning Hannah,
told you where to find me,
she probably also told you
that today is my day off?
Yes. Yes, she did.
But I really twisted
her arm on that one.
I'll be at the Dive Bungalow
bright and early
tomorrow morning, 7:00 AM.
Well, look, this ring is--
it's incredibly
important to me.
Like really,
really important.
- Yeah, sure. I'm sure it is.
- Yeah.
But the fact remains,
I'll be at the Dive Bungalow
bright and early tomorrow
morning at 7:00 AM.
Um, is there any way
that I could get you
to start the search today? I--
Look I will make it
worth your while.
Okay. I promise you.
please just help me out here.
Um, okay. Look,
you don't understand, okay?
Look, I really need
this ring back.
I did not expect that.
I surprised myself actually.
Here, put this on.
Uh, no, no, no, no.
- I know how to swim.
- My boat, my rules.
I'm responsible
for your safety
when you're on my boat,
so put the jacket on, please.
Gosh, I am just not--
ugh, not myself today.
Well, the island can have
a magical effect on people.
It brings out the best in some
and the worst in others.
It is not magic, okay?
It is desperation.
Can you please
just take me back to the harbor?
As much as I would love
to part with your company
as fast as humanly possible,
sadly, I cannot.
We just left, it will take you
like five minutes to get back.
Five minutes,
I don't have, grab the wheel.
I'm headed to the other
side of the island.
I can't get caught
between tides.
Um, I have wedding obligations.
And my family
is gonna be looking for me.
Hey, should've thought of that
before you stowed away
on a boat heading
the opposite direction.
The bad news is they're gonna
have to get by without you.
The good news is not much
can happen at a wedding
without the bride.
Uh, what makes you so sure
that I'm the bride?
You fit the profile.
All right.
And what's the profile?
Oh, spoiled, entitled,
doing what it takes
to get your way.
Okay. Well, you know,
first of all, um,
I'm the maid of honor.
And second of all,
my sister is the bride.
Sounds like a real treat.
You don't even know her
so just watch it.
Yeah, I don't have to,
they're all the same.
And, uh, maid of honor,
excuse me,
is just a bride in training.
Oh, really, okay.
Says the, uh, off the grid,
free-spirit who's probably
never even come close
to being married.
Are you trying
to make me cry?
Can you please just take me
back to the harbor?
You created this mess,
it's not my problem.
I'm not gonna have my day off
high-jacked by some
overly demanding
pirate bridesmaid.
That's rule
number one actually.
Okay. Fine. Fine,
we will use this time
to discuss your rates
for finding my ring.
Rule number two,
no business talk aboard the Gem.
Okay. Then let me at least
just show you a picture of it.
Rule number three,
no cellphones.
I'm sorry.
Give me my phone back.
Uh, either it goes in the safe
or it goes overboard.
You got to be kidding.
Oh, get the wheel,
get the wheel.
This cannot be happening.
You know,
people pay big bucks
for a private sailboat ride
by a skilled naval officer
such as myself.
Move, please.
All right. Fine.
How much?
- How much?
- How much what?
How much is it
to charter your boat?
I will pay your charter fee
for the rest of the day
if you please, please
just take me back to the harbor.
Indulge me, please,
please for you own benefit,
just take a moment to appreciate
where you are, okay?
That island over there
and the water around this
they're all living,
breathing entities.
This boat headed into the wind
silently picking up speed,
headed towards
the infinite horizon,
all the joys of sailing
come to you in a rush
setting you free from all
the troubles of the mainland.
Oh, will you please
just take me back to the harbor?
I already
told you, I cannot do that.
Thank You.
No text, no calls.
It's not like
Addie to go off grid.
It's too early
to get worried.
The girl sleeps
with her phone under her pillow.
Well, maybe she has bad service.
- Try her again, Mom.
- Okay.
I found her.
- What?
- Oh.
Hey, wait,
wait, wait, um,
that's my resort can you, um,
can you just take me to shore?
This is as close
as I can get. Keep the jacket.
You can safely swim
from here and get back
to your beloved
wedding obligations.
Oh, wait,
so you just want me
to jump off
the side of a moving boat?
Why not?
You had no trouble jumping on.
Now or never.
I'll see you tomorrow
morning bright and early,
Dive Bungalow 7:00 AM.
Oh, Addie.
Who's the hunky sailor man?
Hunky sailor?
Please don't ask.
Honey, are you taking
sailing lessons?
No, I am not taking
sailing lessons.
He is a dive instructor
who I went to talk you
about helping me
find my ring.
How did you get
onto his boat?
Long story.
this isn't like you, you know,
we've been worried,
we've been trying to reach you.
Yeah, my phone--
ugh, it doesn't matter.
I'm gonna go change.
I will be back. Okay.
Excuse me.
What do you think?
How hunky is the sailorman?
See for yourself.
- Oh.
- Fair.
I mean, he's okay looking.
Yeah, keep telling yourself
that Nate-dog.
He looks like a Kennedy.
All right. I'll
finish up here. Great job today.
Thanks. You too.
Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.
Oh, um, hi, sorry, excuse me.
Hi, sorry, um,
I recognize you,
you're from, uh--
you're from Bios, right?
Uh, Dr. Mazur I presume?
Wow. I usually don't get
recognized outside
of our facility or at
our facility,
- come to think of it.
- No, sorry.
I'm just so excited.
I recognized you
from your website.
Um, I'm Addie Watson.
I'm staying at the hotel,
I used to study
Marine Biology and, uh,
I was actually hoping
to come tour
your facility this week
to get a better sense
of what you guys are doing here.
Call my assistant.
We'll be happy to set-up
a time for you to come
in and tour the facility.
Wait? Really?
Oh, my gosh thank you.
Thank you so much!
Thank you.
Good morning.
Good mornin'.
I'll trade your life jacket
for a cell phone.
Gladly. I had no idea
how to turn it off.
The thing was squawking
all night long.
Made me feel better
about not having one.
How do people
get in touch with you?
They leave a message
at the hotel.
Oh, that is wildly inefficient.
Well, you found me
without a problem
so from my perspective,
system works just fine.
Look, I'm sorry
if we got off
on the wrong foot yesterday
but I really do need
your help finding this ring.
Hannah said that you were
the best and that you were
a very reasonable negotiator.
Did she now?
Yeah. Oh...
Uh, hold on one second
I just have to take this.
Uh, Dear Watson,
this is Addie speaking.
Okay. Shyla,
Shyla, what's going on?
Is everything okay?
Okay. So please tell me
that the company
is not imploding on us.
- Okay, hey, I'll be right back.
- Yeah.
Okay. So tell me
what's happening?
- Good morning, Jack.
- Good morning.
I have an updated schedule
for today.
Thank you.
I see that Addie
was able to track you down.
Hey, remind me of my rule about
telling guests where I live.
She was so upset about her ring.
I didn't want it
to ruin her vacation.
Yeah, better
to ruin my day, huh?
I was only trying to help.
It seemed like a win-win.
Help someone in need.
Earn funds for your trip.
How thoughtful of you.
I say this
with nothing but love.
I know you've been
through a lot,
but you can't shut
the world out forever.
I can try.
But If there's a real emergency,
still call me, don't call Kate.
Okay. I'll talk to you soon.
- Oh, Hannah, hi.
- Hi.
I found Jack.
I see that.
Good luck on your search.
Thank you.
So what's Dear Watson?
it's my sister's company.
Well, um,
our company sort of.
Cool. What do you sell,
uh, magnifying glasses,
wooden pipes, cool little hats?
Elementary Dear Watson.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't do accents.
- Yeah. Yeah. Nice.
- Normally.
Uh, no, no,
we, uh, we sell clothes.
Yeah, but good catch
on the reference.
My dad is a very big
Sherlock Holmes fan
and, uh, it's our last name,
so yeah.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- Can we get this thing going?
- Ladies first.
No I never speak first
in negotiations.
Neither do I.
So what do we do now?
Uh, okay. How about
I start with showing you
a picture of the ring.
Oh, wow. Is that
a Golden South Sea Pearl?
- Uh-hmm.
- What's it worth?
Uh, I don't know actually.
Does it matter?
I base my recovery fee
off a percentage
of what the item is worth,
minimum 10, maximum of 30.
If I find it quickly,
I charge less.
It's proportional to my effort.
I only get paid
if and when
I find your ring.
Okay. Well, yeah,
Hannah said that
you had a high recovery rate.
I had to have
a discussion with Hannah
about conversational boundaries,
but, yeah,
let's try this
from a different angle.
What is it worth to you?
I-- it's not an easy
question for me to answer.
Well it, uh,
belonged to my grandma,
so it's completely unique.
My grandpa found the pearl
and he designed it himself.
I don't know, no,
I would never dream
putting an actual price
on it.
It would--
it would just jinx it.
Jinx what?
Okay. This is gonna sound
really silly.
I understand that.
But my grandma believed
that the ring
would bring me good luck.
She went as far as to claim
that it has magical properties.
Does it have
magical properties?
I mean, um...
Okay. The only thing
that I know for sure is...
I love my grandma
more than words
and she was a really,
really special person
in my life, so...
wearing her ring just...
guarantees that she's
never far from my thoughts.
Sounds like magic to me.
Okay. Look,
what if I give you
a $2,000 guarantee
up front,
and then a $2,000 bonus
for when you find the ring.
I'd say that's
more than fair. Yeah.
All right. I just need you
to be as motivated as possible.
I mean, I'm only here
for a few days
and it would kill me to leave
this island without it.
That's a lot of pressure.
You know I can't guarantee
I'm gonna find it, right?
I know. I know. I just--
I need you to promise me
that you're gonna try
your very, very, best, please?
- Let's walk down the shoreline.
- Really? Thanks.
See if we can get a rough idea
where you think you had it last.
Uh, so, I don't know.
I'm thinking that I lost it
somewhere in the middle.
- And what time was that?
- I don't know for sure.
I didn't even realize
that I lost it
till we got back
on the beach but--
I'm sorry. Did I hear
you say you lost something?
- Nope.
- Yeah, I lost my ring.
No, she-- it's all good.
No, she said ring, right?
No, she said, uh,
ain't no thing.
Yeah, we're just enjoying
the view man, so...
- All right.
- Yeah.
Okay. Well, you guys take care.
If you need my service,
my name is Doug.
Doug Chamberlain.
- Have a good one.
- Yeah, you too.
Uh, okay.
What was that all about?
Why didn't you tell him,
he could've helped us?
Trust me,
he doesn't wanna help you.
The last thing you want
is the word to get out
that you lost something valuable.
Beachcombers like Doug,
are real sharks,
they smell a little blood
in the water and they swarm.
Oh. Geez. Okay.
I never thought of it
like that.
- We just got to be careful.
- Yeah.
There's deep water
out there, plenty of reef.
Lots of places
for your ring to hide.
With the tide
rolling in and out,
there's no telling
which way it could've drifted.
I have about a two-hour window
to dive each day
when I'm not obligated
to the resort.
Uh, well,
how soon can you start?
Today soon enough?
That would be perfect.
All right. We got a deal?
One more thing.
What's that?
Well, when I'm available
and not in the middle of my
sisterly duties,
I wanna dive with you.
- That's a deal-breaker.
- What? Why?
I mean,
I just told you how important
this ring is to me.
You really expect me
to sit on the shore
and just do nothing?
I'm highly skilled.
Former US Navy Diver.
All you'll do
is slow me down.
I couldn't even certify you
before it's time for you
- to get on a flight.
- No, no, no, no.
I am already certified.
In fact,
I am... a dive master.
What do you need me for?
You know the reef
and we're gonna cover twice
as much ground together.
You don't trust that
I can find it on my own, do you?
Okay. Look, my sister
encouraged me to enjoy this trip
and I really,
really enjoy diving,
so, yeah, it might not be
the most ideal situation
but I plan to take
full advantage of it.
And you know what,
it gives me the perfect excuse
to get back
into something that I love,
that I've been away
from for far too long honestly.
You might've led
with the dive master bit.
Yeah, it's too much fun
watching you
get all bent out of shape.
Only time I can dive today
is right now.
Let's do it!
The sooner, the better.
Where is he?
I set the buoys.
Have you ever done
a compass grid search?
I understand the basics,
but never done it before.
All right,
it can get pretty murky down there
when we start
moving things around,
so the trick is to rely
on your metal detector.
Uh, yeah, just follow my lead.
Uh, you'll figure it out
pretty quick.
We could be as strategic
as we want down there,
but in the end,
the only way we find it,
is that the ocean lets us
find it if we're sincere,
respectful, you know,
we got a shot.
All right.
I will, uh, do my best.
Let's dive.
- I got something.
- Really?
Show it to me,
show it to me, show it to me,
come on, come on, come on.
Hope you got it.
I'm so damn excited.
Hold on.
Let me see. Let me see.
What do you think, is that it?
No. No, it's not it.
Oh, no, it's not it.
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Nothing to see here folks.
- No.
- No, that's not it.
- You keep moving on.
- No.
we'll try again tomorrow.
Yeah. Yup.
Hey, what are you gonna do
with that ring?
Uh, hand it off to Hannah.
She'll reach out
to the resort guest list.
See if we can find out
who lost it.
Well, I'm sure that the owner
will be thrilled to get it back.
They probably thought
it was lost forever.
You know, my dad taught me
to dive when I was a kid.
There's this unwritten code
that you have to make
every possible effort
to find the rightful owner.
A lot of these things have
real meaning for one of them.
My dad used to call them
the "Treasures of the Heart."
I love that.
Let's bring
the gear up, yeah?
These are places you've been?
Oh, places
I'm, uh, headed to.
I've been planning
a, uh, sail around the world.
It's taking, uh,
a bit longer than I expected.
- Life happens.
- Wow!
You know, I was gonna do
something like this
after I finished school.
Why didn't you?
Never finished school.
Now I, uh,
put my plans on hold
to help my sister
with the company.
Hey, so, uh, only time
I have to dive tomorrow is,
uh, bright and early, sunrise.
If you're available?
I will see you
bright and early.
We're almost there, girls.
Ugh, God, we need to
exercise when we get back home.
- Oh, gosh.
- Guys, look at this view.
This is so beautiful.
Thank you, guys.
- Oh my gosh, what a surprise.
- Thank you.
- Wow.
- Thank you.
Hey, Addie,
I'm sorry I meant to ask you.
- How did the ring search go?
- Oh.
Oh, uh, well,
we covered a lot of ground,
but we came up empty-handed.
So we're gonna go diving again
first thing in the morning.
I still can't believe
you're a certified dive master.
- Yeah.
- Yes. It's like a...
you know,
a relic from a previous life.
If you could dive on your own,
why do you need
the hunky sailorman?
Oh, yeah,
that is a great question.
Well, first of all,
his name is Jack
and he asked me
the same question.
He, you know,
he knows the bay.
And he'd have
some recovery experience.
- Hmm.
- Uh-hmm.
- I'm not buying it.
- Uh-uh.
Oh, Kate, please.
It's simple math, you guys.
We covered twice
as much ground together.
- Addie...
- Hmm.
...do you like this guy?
Okay. If you met him,
you would know
that makes absolutely no sense.
Well, jumping off a dock
onto a moving sailboat
- doesn't make much sense either.
- Uh-hmm.
Okay. Everything that he does
and the way that he does it
just gets under my skin.
I don't know. But then again,
if I'm being honest--
- There's a "But."
- Hmm. Uh-hmm.
I don't know. He...
He said something before
that made him seem
remotely endearing,
about his dad,
but he lives on a sailboat,
He can just pack up and vanish
in a moment's notice. Nope.
He sounds like a romantic.
Or like someone
who just doesn't wanna grow up.
Or like someone who's willing
to follow the magic.
Now, you sound like Grandma.
Follow the magic?
Our grandma was a big believer
- in reading the signs.
- Uh-hmm.
You know,
finding the magic
and meaning in everything.
Aw. That's so sweet.
Well, despite her best efforts,
Addie here
has remained a skeptic
in regards
to all things magical.
I like facts and logic.
Things that I can wrap
my head around.
Things that just make sense.
Yeah. When she turned eight,
Addie refused to make a wish
before blowing out the candles
on her birthday cake.
Tell me that's not true!
I don't believe
in placing my faith
in irrational superstitions.
Look, I would love nothing more
than to believe like Grandma,
but nothing in my life has,
you know, led me to believe.
Well, she's no longer
with us,
but I think she may be getting
the last laugh on this one.
Hey, to Grandma!
Still setting up
her granddaughters
- from beyond the veil.
- Yes!
I'll drink to that.
Uh-uh, yeah, no, no.
- Cheers.
- Come on.
Welcome to the main event.
The bride
and the bridesmaids
versus the groom
and the groomsmen
in the Photo Scavenger Hunt.
Woo! What are
we competing for?
Bragging rights
that last till death do you part
and a hundred dollar gift card
for each team member.
There are five items
on the list.
Your mission
is to be the first team back
along with a group photo
with three of the five items.
Oh, we got you beat.
You're going down.
Oh, we'll see about that.
Oh, yes, we will.
Ready, set, go!
- Okay.
- Okay, okay.
Uh, "Strike the bell,
the gong will sing.
And peace of mind, the sound
will bring." All right.
"By light of the moon
and oft by fate, make a wish
by this twisted gate."
- Three, two, one, break.
- Twisted gate.
Okay. So...
Uh, it's like a...
Something like a--
like at nighttime...
Hi! Hi.
It's, um, it's Jack, right?
Uh, yes, I am.
You must be
the, uh, bride to be?
Yes, I'm Kate.
Addie's sister.
This is our good friend Kara.
Thanks for bringing Addie
in one piece yesterday.
Yeah, you're welcome.
So, we were sent
on a scavenger hunt
by the resort.
Do you know the island well?
- I do.
- Hmm.
Would you like
to play tour guide?
Oh, no.
I am sure
that Jack is far too busy
to chauffeur us
around the island, so.
As luck would have it
my, uh, next dive
just canceled,
so technically I'm free.
But I should probably
use that time
to dive for Addie's ring.
Yes, yes, you should.
So I'm sorry, ladies.
But Jack is technically
on the clock.
Yeah. Technically,
that's true.
But, um, you forgot
about this.
Sorry, Jack, I'm pulling
the bride card on this one.
Looks pretty legit.
Oh, it's platinum level.
Yeah, you're coming
with us.
What are you doing?
What? You gave it to me.
Oh, yeah. No, I know,
I just didn't expect you
to use it against me.
I am well within
my bridal privileges.
Oh, I know.
I just feel like
this is something else.
I'm just trying to figure out
what you're trying to do.
I am trying
to win a scavenger hunt.
Okay. All right.
I will, uh,
I will call us a ride.
We can take my Jeep
if you want.
Oh, even better.
Of course, he has a jeep.
"By light of the moon
and oft by fate,
just make a wish
by this twisted gate."
It's the Moongate.
I'm telling you.
I guess we'll see.
Oh, the boys
are never gonna find this.
You're welcome.
Okay. Here.
Take a picture.
- Oh, yeah.
- All right. Awesome.
Now, let's get
on the next clue!
Oh, hold on. Hold on.
We have to make a wish first.
You can't pass a moon door
without walking through
and making a wish first.
What is this, amateur hour?
Oops, sorry, okay.
Oh, I love that.
Uh, you should make a wish
to find your ring.
Oh, isn't that
what I hired you for?
I can use
all the help I can get.
Oh, um, Addie doesn't believe
in making wishes.
Why not?
Well, I just, you know,
I think you're just setting
yourself up for disappointment
- when they don't come true.
- Okay.
You're kind of missing
the point.
Now, what would that be?
Positive energy,
good vibes, karma,
good old-fashioned hope,
that's what
a wish is all about.
Without hope,
you got no chance at all.
Okay, fine.
How did you come
to live in Hawaii, Jack?
Well, my parents
honeymooned here
and they loved it so much,
they would visit
every single year.
All of my favorite memories
are from right here
on this island.
are you single?
I am.
May I ask why?
Why does this feel
like a job interview?
What's the problem?
Problem, I mean--
all right, fine.
To answer your question,
I don't know.
I tend to size people up
very quickly
and see who they are
underneath the surface.
I don't like to waste my time
if I know
something doesn't have a chance
of working out.
I know exactly
what you mean.
Oh, well,
at least you two
have one thing in common.
"Strike the bell,
the gong will sing.
And peace of mind,
the sound will bring."
Now, this is a ritual
I can get behind.
All right. Pose.
All right. Smile!
Okay. Next clue.
"You're almost done,
you're on the brink,
so snap a pic
with a spiny drink."
Spiny drink.
Spiny drink.
Who made these?
You know
I know it, right?
Hmm. Did we win?
Mainly because
the groomsmen gave up
and decided to go play golf.
Those stinkers!
Still, we had a great time
with a really great tour guide.
Yes, thanks, Jack,
it was a lovely afternoon.
The pleasure was all mine.
Can I borrow you
for a minute?
Scheduling question.
Excuse me.
You should go
on a date with him.
No. Huh. No.
He's helping me find my ring.
That is it.
Okay. He got you,
the most skeptical woman
on the planet,
to make an actual wish.
It's kind of epic.
I was just being a good sport.
Okay. Trust me.
It was a lot easier
than getting
into a philosophical
argument about
irrational beliefs.
Well, maybe you should
start an argument
over dinner and wine.
Guys, what time would
I even have to go out with him?
If I'm not out
searching for my ring,
I am taking care
of wedding duties.
The wedding.
Now, there is an idea.
- Jack.
- No, no, no, no. Wait.
- Jack! Jack!
- No. What are you doing?
I'm making time.
So, you know, we,
we enjoyed your company
so much this afternoon.
I would be honored
if you would be a guest
at my wedding.
Oh, whoa,
you know,
good luck getting Jack
to attend the wedding
because he hates them.
Spoiled brides
and blah, blah, blah,
am I right?
I would be honored.
Far be it
for me to deny
a bride's request
during her wedding week.
Exactly. Thank you.
- That would be bad luck.
- And you didn't even make me
pull out
the bride card again.
- I appreciate that.
- Yeah. My pleasure.
Well, I guess
it will be my pleasure
to make sure
that there's room for you
at one of the already
very, very packed tables.
Oh, I'll be fine
at the misfit table.
Every wedding has got one
and to be honest,
that's where I fit
in best, so.
See you in the morning.
Shh. What are you doing?
Stop, you guys.
You're acting like
we're back in high school.
Stop it.
The fact
that you're trying so hard
not to like this guy
only confirms
- that you really like this guy.
- Uh-uh.
From what I can tell,
he likes you, too.
Jack can be many things,
but I've known him
long enough to know,
he's a really good guy.
But you didn't hear
that from me.
Also your Great-Uncle Newt
called from Florida.
His cat, Mr. Coconut,
isn't feeling well,
so there will be plenty of room
at the misfit table.
His words.
Come on, Hannah has all
the details covered.
Hey, one day left
until the wedding,
why not make it count?
I think I owe you
an apology.
What for?
I'm the one who hasn't found
your ring yet.
No. For the, uh...
the grilling
that Kate and Kara gave you.
Uh, it's only fair
that I get to return
the grilling.
Yeah, no, that's fair.
- That's fair.
- Uh-hmm.
All right.
Why are you single?
Oh, wow.
That really is the worst.
Hey, what makes you
so sure I am?
- I don't know.
- What is that supposed to mean?
Look, if you're not comfortable,
you don't have to answer it.
No, no, it's fine.
Uh, okay.
Um, no.
A couple of years ago,
I, uh...
I went through a really,
what at the time felt like
an earth-shattering breakup.
Um, I thought I met
the man I was gonna marry
and he did wanna get married.
Just not to me.
Hey, definitely his loss.
Well, to make me feel better,
my, uh, my grandma
gave me her ring.
She said it would bring me
nothing but good luck.
- Ah.
- Uh-hmm.
So after that,
I told myself
that I would never
let anyone be
with my heart again.
And I don't know,
ever since then,
I just feel like
I haven't met anybody
who's made me feel
the way that I wanna feel
or at least the way
that I think you should feel
to take things
to the next level.
I think we're all
just hoping
to find someone
we're comfortable enough
to be ourselves around.
You're pretty easy
to talk to.
Yeah, I try
to be a good listener.
For the record,
if you don't want me
at your sister's wedding,
I won't go.
Oh, hey, no.
That deal was made exclusively
between you
and the bride-to-be.
I have absolutely no say
or stake in the matter, frankly.
- I don't care.
- Now that that's settled.
We covered
a lot of ground today.
I feel like
we're getting closer.
Yeah, I feel like we're, uh,
we're getting closer, too.
Well, uh...
yeah, I better get going.
I have some errands to run
and a lunch date to get to.
Oh, really?
Like a--like a date-date?
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Hi, uh, this is--
this is Addie Watson.
Dr. Mazur told me
to call this number
to set up a tour
of your facility.
Yeah, um, the thing is,
I'm only on the island
for a couple of days.
This afternoon?
Yeah, no, I can do that.
I could definitely
make that work.
That's perfect.
Thank you so much.
Okay. Bye.
You know, I didn't
expect the head of the program
to act as my personal
tour guide.
I'm always eager to chat
with anyone
who shows interest
in our work.
You know, I read
the study that you published
on the Sea Urchin
Cancer Research
and I thought
it was fantastic.
Wow. You did your homework.
Oh, my gosh.
I desperately wanna go back
to working in the water.
You know, the quickest way
for you to get back into it
is through
our summer program.
What area are you
most interested in?
Well, I interned
with a Marine Animal Rescue when I was back in school.
And it was the best job
I've ever had.
Although it never
really felt like a job,
to be honest with you.
That's the real dream, right?
Do what you love
and you'll never work
a day in your life.
Uh-hmm. Some wise words.
It's feeding time.
Would you like to join
some of our local
residents for lunch?
Uh, yeah.
- Yeah, I would love to.
- Okay.
Let's get you suited up.
- Wait. Really?
- Yeah. You're certified
and Jack will keep you
safe in there.
Of course, you know Jack. Hi.
- Woo!
- Oh, my gosh.
That was so much fun.
You were great.
- Thanks.
- That was awesome.
- A little pro down there.
- Yeah.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
- So this was your lunch date?
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
- Busted.
- Uh-huh.
So what are you doing here?
Uh, just, you know,
- taking a--taking a tour.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Nice.
- Uh, is it a wedding thing?
- No, no,
it's just a--
it's just a me thing actually.
Kate wanted me
to make some time for myself
while I was out here.
I was studying Marine Biology
when I left school.
And lately, I don't know,
I've been thinking
about getting back into it.
Yeah, this is
the first use I've had
to reconnect with this world.
Well, let this be
a splash course
to get you back in the game.
Oh, man. That sounded
way better in my head.
Um, I'm hungry.
- Are you hungry?
- Yeah.
Yeah. I could eat.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Mahalo.
- Mahalo.
Uh, very good.
Thank you very much. Mahalo.
- Hmm.
- So this is
the best pulled pork
on the island.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah. I would know.
I've been to every barbecue
joint on the island.
- That's impressive.
- It is.
Okay. So if that's the best
pulled pork,
that means that this has got
to be the best mac salad, right?
- Oh, hands down.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- All right. Woo.
I'm excited for it.
Are you ready? Okay.
Yeah. Moment of truth.
Moment of truth.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Oh, my God.
- Right? Isn't that incredible?
That's so good.
- Can we come here every day?
- Every day.
- Isn't it amazing?
- Uh-hmm.
- It's the best.
- Okay. So I might
- just take...
- Get in there.
All right.
Best in the world, right?
Hey. So how serious
are you about
joining the summer program
at the aquarium?
Well, if it was up to me,
I'd say a hundred percent.
Who else is it up to exactly?
I mean,
there's a lot of factors.
You know,
there's, uh, the company,
my family,
and not to mention
my own head and heart,
which are very much at odds
at the moment.
What's your biggest concern?
Well, everyone kind of
depends on me for everything.
So I'm just worried
if I go to do my own thing
that it would leave Kate
in a tough spot.
And I'm just not sure
that Dear Watson
could totally
function without me.
I thought you said
it was your sister's company.
Yeah, it is.
Well, I mean, was.
Um, okay.
So shortly after
she started her business,
she got a really big order
for her designs
for a huge retailer
and it was her big break,
she needed some help.
So I postponed school
and my parents
invested a big chunk
in the seed money,
and I used my tuition
to cover the rest.
Wow, that's a pretty
selfless thing to do.
I mean, it was her big break,
you know, I wanted to do
whatever I could to help.
I mean, she's such
a talented designer.
And, uh, yeah, now, the company
is really taking off
and she wants me to be
50/50 partners with her.
That's amazing.
But that isn't your dream,
is it?
I don't really know anymore.
I'm really proud
of what we've built
and, uh, I obviously love
working with my family, right?
But just the thought
of going back to school
really excites me.
And it makes me really happy.
Uh, but I don't-I don't know.
I just don't know
if I can start all over.
I think you gotta ask
yourself what's worse.
Starting over or giving up.
You know what?
I have an idea.
What are we doing here?
All right. We got to find you
a replacement ring,
until we find yours.
Don't want you to wear
out your finger.
I don't even realize
I'm doing it.
Oh, yup.
This is made of black coral,
which is the official
state gemstone of Hawaii.
It's not gonna hold
the same sentimental value,
but the Honu is known
to bring good luck.
Sea turtles
were believed to have led
the original Polynesians
to this island,
so maybe it'll help us
find what we're looking for.
Thank you.
I love it.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, you're welcome.
Oh, time.
Oh, my gosh.
Uh, rehearsal.
I got to go--
uh, I got to go
back to the resort.
Yeah. Yeah. I should
probably try to get
another dive in
while there's still light.
Can I give you a ride?
Uh, well, that depends.
Yeah. I'm listening.
If I can drive your Jeep.
All right.
If you burn the clutch out,
I'm putting it on your bill.
- Oh, worth every penny.
- Yeah.
So the music starts
playing and we're walking.
The father of the bride
takes the gorgeous
bride down here.
We stop, we trade places.
And now, you're the officiant.
Look at that. Beautiful.
You greet everybody
with welcome remarks
and then,
we start the vows.
So then,
the father of the bride
says the vows and then,
you read your personal vows
to each other.
You ask for the rings, best man
hands over the rings. We do the
ring thing.
Did you
find your ring?
Uh, no.
No, this is a temporary
replacement ring.
- A gift from Jack.
- Who's Jack?
The hunky sailorman,
Oh. I see, I see.
So how's the maid of honor
speech coming?
Um, I got it covered.
Did I ever tell you the story
of how I met your dad?
Only about a million times.
But I will never turn down
hearing it again.
Well, I was out
for some drinks
with some girlfriends
and your dad was bartending
to put himself through college.
He told me
he could see the future.
Do you remember
what you said?
I think it went a little
something like this.
From the moment we first met,
I knew my life will never be
as good as it can be
if you're not in it.
I know what's ahead of us.
The ups, the downs.
But no matter what,
we will get through it
because we'll be together.
We will make the life
we both want,
the life we both imagine.
And I believed him.
Lucky for me,
it all came true.
Hi, guys.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Um, so, you don't have
to read it now but, um,
I had the PR team
draft an announcement
regarding our upcoming
partnership before we left.
Uh, I just wanted
everyone to weigh in on it.
There's no rush, though.
Look at it
when you look at it.
But I am excited
for the world to know
that we're in this together,
through thick and thin.
- Cheers to that.
- Yeah.
Ahoy there!
I was just gonna
write you a note.
Yeah? What was
the note gonna say?
Uh, just that
I won't be able to, uh,
go diving with you
tomorrow morning.
It's wedding day,
so I got to stick
by Kate's side, you know,
give her the royal treatment.
Just didn't want
you wasting any time
waiting around for me.
That's all.
Nothing else
on your mind?
Uh, what makes you
ask that?
Well, you came
all the way out here
when you could have left
a message with Hannah.
I don't know. I guess I'm just
getting a little nervous
that we're not
gonna find my ring
before I have to leave.
Don't leave.
I wish it were
that simple.
Right, the whole,
uh, business thing
with your sister,
the 50/50 partnership.
Uh, that's a big deal.
You come any closer
to making a decision?
Uh, nope.
But they are about to do
a press release
to tell the world
that I have.
Everyone is just so thrilled.
I should be thrilled. I...
I mean, turning down
such an amazing opportunity,
that would be just--
that'd be crazy.
Wouldn't it?
What are you
more concerned with,
what your family wants
or what you want?
I don't wanna upset them.
What about
upsetting yourself?
You don't wanna
become a supporting player
in your own
life story, right?
You wanna be the, you know,
the leading lady.
Oh, gosh, you are--
you are insufferably insightful.
Yeah, I know.
It doesn't make it
any easier, though.
I know.
All right. Well, uh,
I'll see you at the wedding.
Uh, hey! Um,
do you wanna go
on a night sail?
Is that a--
is that a thing?
One of my favorite things.
Are you gonna make me
wear a life jacket again?
- Absolutely.
- No.
Wait, don't you need
to be steering the boat?
Do you remember
that large piece of metal
I threw into the ocean?
It's called an anchor.
Okay. Well then,
can I take this off now?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- You look good in red, though.
Ah. Yeah.
Ah. Yeah.
A girl could
get used to this.
I knew
you'd come around.
No, you didn't.
That's true.
But I hoped you would.
So, how close are you
to having enough
money saved
for your big trip
around the world?
- Close.
- Really?
And once I find this
elusive ring of yours...
- Uh-hmm.
- ...the recovery fee
should put me
over the top.
Well, that makes me
really happy.
For you and my right
ring finger, of course.
- Of course.
- Of course, yeah.
Uh, yeah, it's funny.
You know, I've been saving up
for this trip for so long,
it just kind of seemed
like it would never happen.
And now that it's within reach,
that it's a--
it's a real possibility,
my emotions are just
kind of all over the place.
Well, why do you think
you have so many emotions
tied up in this trip?
After my mom died,
uh, my dad and I planned
on sailing around
the world together.
But before we got
around to it, he got sick.
He made me promise
that I would make the trip
after he was gone.
He refused to let me
sell The Gem
even to help
with the medical bills.
I think he knew this old boat
would keep him around,
even after he was gone.
Well, thank you
for sharing that with me.
I know that's not easy.
People come and go
so much on this island.
I think that's why I choose
not to get close to anyone.
It's just easier
to be alone, you know?
But I wasn't expecting this.
This is the last thing
I was expecting
to find on this island.
At least
we're on the same page.
Thank you! Thank you!
You're very talented.
It comes in handy
when the karaoke
machine goes down.
Where are you
coming from?
Uh, I went
night sailing with Jack.
Say no more.
Oh, no, no,
this is his move, isn't it?
Night sailing, really?
What a line.
Addie, I've known
Jack for years,
long enough
to consider him a friend.
And in all that time,
I have never known him
to take a guest out sailing,
unless it was paid charter.
Do yourself a favor
and don't overthink this one.
You got a big day tomorrow.
Just get
a good night's sleep, okay?
Yeah. No. I'll try.
Thank you for everything.
It's my absolute pleasure.
All right,
are you ready?
Oh, be careful, Mom,
you're gonna
ruin your makeup
before the ceremony.
Everything is set.
We'll start
when you give the word.
How are you feeling?
- Perfect.
- Uh-hmm.
Yeah, completely at peace,
everything came together
so seamlessly.
Thanks for always
being by my side.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Let's get you married.
We are gathered
here today
to join Kate and Nathan
in holy matrimony.
My dear mother,
your loving grandmother,
Helen believed in magic.
You're the most incredible
woman I've ever met.
I choose you today,
and every day,
for the rest of my life.
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
I'm so glad you guys
are married.
How are you, guys?
- I am so...
- Are you having fun?
Well, yeah,
I'll see you soon.
Hi. Oh.
You've been so busy taking
care of everybody else,
I figured it was my turn
to take care of you.
- Oh, thank you. Cheers.
- Cheers.
Hmm, how beautiful
was that ceremony?
- Every bit of it.
- Hey, how was this morning?
We're getting closer.
We know where it isn't.
- Uh-hmm.
- Right?
And, uh, there's not much
more ground to cover so,
I mean, at least
we're narrowing it down.
I won't stop until it's back
on this finger.
Oh, wow.
Well, that was a move.
I thought so.
Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have
your attention, please?
It's time for the Maid of Honor
and Best Man speeches.
Knock 'em dead.
No pressure, thank you.
Aloha, everyone.
For those of you
who don't know me,
my name is Addie,
I am Kate's little sister.
First off, I just wanna
say thank you so much
for making the effort
in spending
this very special day
with Kate and Nathan.
When I look around
and I see the love
on Kate and Nathan's face,
and the love here,
it almost feels like magic.
I know what you're thinking.
I am known as the skeptic
when it comes to believing
in anything that you cannot
see with your eyes
or touch with your hands.
But, I mean,
what these two have,
it's just--it's undeniable.
It is enough to turn
even the hardest
of hearts into a believer.
So I would like to make a toast
to not only the bride
and groom,
but to the long line
of believers out there.
You all helped me
believe in magic.
So cheers to Kate and Nathan.
We love you, guys.
Your speech
destroyed the best man's,
by the way.
There's no contest.
Well, I mean, he did bring up
an ex-girlfriend,
so instant disqualification.
- Total rookie move.
- The rookiest.
You enjoying yourself?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
I'm having an amazing time.
Oh, I'm glad.
Not just tonight,
the whole week.
Good. So have I.
You know, I can't believe
I have to leave tomorrow.
I know. Uh, that's why
I got you a little,
um, going away present.
I got it for me,
but I think you'll understand.
In this case,
it truly is the thought
- that counts.
- Okay.
I haven't quite
figured out how it works.
Smartphone might be
smarter than me.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Um, just to, uh, clarify this,
you're the only person I'm
trusting with the number, too.
Okay. I'm so flattered.
Um, well, okay, um,
turn on your Bluetooth and
I will AirDrop you my contact.
- I'm--what? You would--
- Yeah.
- Give it to me.
- Okay.
I will just do it
the old-fashioned way.
All right. Okay.
All right.
Stay in touch, okay?
I want a picture
every port that you stop at.
- All right, deal.
- Okay.
And, uh,
you got to let me know
what you decide to do with
your sister and the company.
Yeah. For what it's worth,
I really hope you decide to do
what you think is best for you.
And I know
you're leaving tomorrow,
but I wanted
to tell you that I--
I'm gonna find
that ring of yours.
You know,
I mean--well, I mean,
I'm not gonna stop looking
for it even after you go.
Don't lose hope.
And if there's any magic
left in that ring,
I know it's gonna turn up.
I hope you're right.
Well, I should get going.
- Yeah.
- Try to get some sleep.
I got an early dive
in the morning.
Yeah. No worries. No.
I should probably
get back to my family.
let me finish that dance.
You know,
I thought you'd never ask.
...leave early.
Hello. Welcome.
I'm here to help
with everything and anything
you might need to make your stay
with us more enjoyable.
No request is too big.
Oh. And so it begins.
- Hmm, the office?
- Yeah.
What? What's the drama?
No, no, no. Technically,
you are on your honeymoon,
so I'm not gonna
bug you with work.
Technically, you're still
in my bridal party.
So if I tell you
to shut your phone off
and enjoy the scenery,
you have to oblige.
- Are you serious?
- Uh-hmm.
Babe, need me
to get your bride card?
I don't think
that will be necessary,
- my dear husband.
- Okay.
Will it?
Come on.
All right.
- Happy?
- Yes. Good.
Hey, you'll have
plenty of quality time
in the office
when we get back home.
I just want you to enjoy
your last few moments
in paradise.
What do you think?
Is this Addie's ring?
Hundred percent,
without a doubt, that is it.
- Where did you find it?
- Oh, I went out
for a midnight hunt
last night as I'm wont to do,
and I found this baby
on the beach under about,
I don't know,
three inches of sand.
Tide must have
brought it in. Geez.
I figured a guest lost it.
I'd like to do the right thing,
get it back
to the owner if I can.
Yeah. That's fantastic!
She's gonna be thrilled.
Well, I said I would like
to do the right thing.
I just wanna make sure that all
of our interests are aligned,
you know, if you know
what I mean.
I don't, actually.
Uh, okay. Well, I'll just be
a little more direct.
Um, I had it appraised.
I was shocked to find out
how much it's worth.
And, uh, I figured
we can come to some kind
of arrangement
on a finder's fee.
- What kind of finder's fee?
- Uh, well, it, um, depends.
You know, I feel like I should
be talking to the owner.
They left for the airport
about an hour ago.
- I'll give her a call.
- Ooh.
Oh, it's going
straight to voicemail.
She might already be
on the plane.
What about Kate?
Can you call her?
Addie was
my only point of contact.
- I'll try one more time.
- Hey, whatever.
Look, give her my phone number.
Tell her to call me
whenever she gets a chance.
Wait. Hold on one second.
I don't think you understand.
- I need to get that ring to her.
- I think I'd rather wait
- to see what she wants.
- Well, how much do you want?
I don't wanna
sound uncouth here,
but yeah, according to Sonny,
I mean, this is what it's worth.
That there is on the low end.
- Is this real?
- Yeah.
Look, I'm not looking
to take advantage of anybody,
but I think maybe if
we come up with this right here,
- it'll help loosen my grip.
- Are you kidding?
- That's extortion.
- Hey, Sonny offered me
a lot more than that.
If anything, I'm the hero here.
I'll get you the money.
Terrific! Okay.
- When and where?
- My boat at the harbor,
Gem of the Ocean.
I'll pay in cash.
Even better.
You're kidding.
Excuse me.
Can we have a minute, please?
Yeah, you guys. Yeah.
I'm just gonna--
I'll just pop over here
while you guys
just figure that out.
What do you think you're doing?
You know exactly what I'm doing.
Maybe we can call the police.
- They might be able to help.
- It's too messy.
The second we call,
he's gonna be gone for good.
Trust me, we got to take care
of this right now.
What about your trip?
It doesn't matter.
It's the right thing to do.
- It's happening?
- Yeah.
It's happening.
Okay. Bye-bye.
Woo. All right.
Hey, you wanna talk about it?
Um, I don't know,
I guess I just have been
feeling a little lost lately.
- Addie.
- No. I'm serious. I mean,
you've always known
what you've wanted
and you've just gone for it,
right, with work,
with your education,
with Nathan.
I mean, look
how successful you are.
Thank you.
You know, I couldn't do
any of that without you.
If you're feeling
unsure about what's ahead,
you lean into
the people you love.
Talk it out.
And when the universe
sends you a sign,
you got to be
brave enough to follow it.
Wait, wait.
Um, can you turn left here?
Hi, guys.
I think
I just got my sign.
- Addie.
- Yeah.
Are you sure about this?
No, no,
I am not actually.
but I know that I need
to do what I truly love.
I got to get back in the water.
So I'm gonna stay on the island
and figure some things out.
Hey, I don't regret one minute
of what we did together, okay?
Okay. I am-- I am
so proud of everything
that we built and I am so,
so excited
to watch your dream grow.
But you're right, Kate.
I got to go after mine.
The door is
and always will be open, okay?
- Okay.
- And you'll always be
welcomed back with open arms.
I love you so much.
Aw, thank you.
I love you guys.
- We love you too.
- Go get your flight, okay?
- Don't be late.
- All right.
I love you.
Gosh, I can't believe that
there's room in the program.
I'm so excited to start.
From what I see
in your resume,
it seems like
you're a perfect fit,
- so congratulations.
- Thank you.
- It's gonna be great. Yeah.
- Oh, my gosh.
Yeah. I thought
about getting one of these.
So it's just a lot
smarter to rent, you know.
It's just smarter to rent.
Yeah, I'm a bit more of a
landlubber myself,
because, you know,
if I get the feel, you know,
the open sea to set
the sail.
Mind if we, uh,
cut the chitchat?
I'll tell you
right now if we can.
Let me take a look.
- It's all there.
- Looks good.
Everything is in order.
It is a pleasure
to do business with you, sir.
I assure you
the pleasure is all yours.
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
Please leave a
message at the tone.
Addie. Hello?
Uh, it's Jack.
Uh, I hope I'm doing this right.
You're probably a million miles
up in the sky right now,
but I...
I have some very important news...
...to tell you.
Uh, I think
you're calling me.
Yeah. I think you're calling me.
Uh, hello, Addie?
Did you miss me already?
Oh, hey. Where are you?
I thought you were supposed
to be on a plane.
Yeah. I, uh,
I was supposed to be,
but plans changed.
I-I couldn't leave.
I had too much unfinished
business here.
And I also couldn't leave
knowing that I left something
so important behind.
Hey, I think
I can help you with that.
Yeah. You know,
I, uh, certainly hope so.
Permission to come aboard?
Do you even have to ask?
Well, it hasn't really
stopped me before.
Are you up for a sail?
Oh, my God.
I can't believe
you got it back!
Uh, it wasn't me,
it was the island.
And the beachcomber.
The magic of the ring
brought it to him.
Oh, okay.
Oh, my gosh.
But your trip
and your savings, I just--
- Ah.
- I can't believe you did
- all that for me.
- Yeah. My trip can wait.
Plus, the look on your face
when I put it back on
was worth every penny.
Well, hey. I was thinking,
if your trip can wait
until after
my summer program is over,
uh, maybe I could join you.
Oh, I would love that.
Um, unfortunately,
it's gonna take me
a bit longer than three months
to earn that money back.
- Okay. Well, I can help.
- Uh-hmm.
And, you know,
maybe we can get sponsored
by some cool
and upcoming clothing brand.
Have you ever heard
of Dear Watson?
- Yeah. They're really cool.
- Yeah.
Do you have connections
in that world?
- Yeah, a few. A few.
- Oh.
Okay. So you got
your ring back,
you're gonna be
studying what you love
and you're planning
a sailing trip around the world?
With an incredibly
handsome man,
- I might add.
- Debatable, but I'll take it.
The point is,
the wind seems to really
be blowing in your direction.
And after all that,
was your grandma right?
Now do you believe
in the magic of this ring?
Does that
answer your question?
Loud and clear.