Hidden in America (1996) Movie Script

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten,
eleven, twelve, thirteen,
fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,
seventeen, eighteen,
nineteen, twenty.
Okay, ready or not, here I come.
Where are you, Willa?
Gosh! Sorry.
Dad, this is Willa Januson.
Nice to meet you, Willa.
Caroline, dinner's almost ready.
I'll be there in a sec, mom.
Willa staying for dinner?
I thought her brother was
supposed to be coming.
Maybe he missed the bus.
I'm sure he'll be here.
Why don't you call your
mother, make sure you can stay?
Willa's mother's passed away.
Well... lucky me.
I get to have dinner
with someone named Willa.
Me and Willa tied in
the spelling bee contest today.
You won?
We tied for eighth place.
Getting better.
Is my sister here?
Yeah. Hold on a sec.
This would be cool
in your time capsule.
Find a penny, pick it up.
All that day,
you'll have good luck. Hey!
I'm gonna get you. Come here!
You're not supposed to cry
when I do that, you idgit.
I'm trying to help you get
tough, Willa.
I know, I'm sorry.
I won't do it again, okay?
"I hope you find this time"
capsule in 100 years,
and I hope you are a being
from another planet, somebody
who will ride the galactic
waves of the star nation,
"like the silver surfer."
Willa found this on the bus.
Hey, that's state of the art.
Put it in the time capsule.
Oscar likes my company so much,
he's keeping me on nights.
Can you handle looking after
things a bit longer?
What's it worth to you?
A swift kick in the bazooka?
"Swift kick in the bazooka."
I'll kick you in the bazooka.
"This... is me,"
but doesn't really look like me.
"I'm the one on the left."
Don't put that one in.
I want to look at it.
So, she dreams animal
protesters close me down.
Your wife ever try and
change your whole life
because of a dream?
My wife used to...
Vegan burgers on my menu?
The place would be crawling
with hairy-legged people,
smelling like vitamins,
wearing birkendorfs.
Hey, that's the way
the cheese melts.
Hey, that's the way
the burger flips.
That's... Yeah. Hey...
could you get me
a few more hours, Oscar?
Sorry, Bill.
30 is all I got.
That's the way the soda pops.
See the game last night?
Yeah, I was there.
At least Martinez went 3 for 4.
Yeah, but you gotta
look at their ribbies.
He's got, what,
35 ribbies for the year?
Ribbies or not, the guy was
batting champion for
two years in a row.
No, he isn't. Tony Gwynn
was batting champion last year.
No, no, no, no.
Basket, please. Martinez.
No, it was Tony Gwynn.
I'm right, you cover me at
the community clinic
for three days.
No way I'm giving up three
days for that clinic, Vince.
You're right, and I'll do
your emergency
rotations for a month.
Come on, Michael.
Somewhere beneath that cautious
exterior lurks a
reckless gambler.
You think I'm crazy enough
to give away my free
time on a baseball stat?
All right, just as long as
you're clear it's Martinez.
It was Gwynn.
Dr. Millerton?
Seems like I just can't
stop wheezing today.
This should make you breathe
a little easier, Mr. O'Neal.
It's called ceftin, and it's
an antibiotic for bronchitis.
Thank you, doctor.
You're welcome.
Did I miss something?
It's routine with
you volunteers.
Don't take it personally.
It's been a while since
I had my papers graded.
Look at our price lists.
Our patients can't possibly
afford the medication
you've prescribed.
Hey, over here, over here!
Here, pass, pass!
Can you spell "Mississippi"?
She's embarrassed, having
a friend's dad for a doctor.
Well, this'll be just between
you and me, okay?
Okay, I want you to push
against this hand...
Hard as you can, okay?
Hard as you can.
You left no. All right.
Tale of the tape. Where is it?
They usually have
one around here.
It's, usually...
On a wall, or... Yeah.
Is this it?
Jack and the beanstalk.
you want to come stand here?
Just put your back
against the wall.
Okay, get up on the scale.
Not a big appetite?
Must be my cooking.
Well, let's do some
tests, all right?
I'd like to run a C.B.C.
And a urinalysis
on Willa Januson.
Follow me, Willa.
We'll let them go.
God, she's a good kid.
Yeah, she likes your girl, too.
You want to...
So, you have a son? Me, too.
He's going on 16. Is that right?
Mine just turned 11.
So, what do you find
more challenging
I've been lucky.
They're both pretty good kids.
Are you a satellite fan?
I lived on those burgers
all through med school.
Yeah. We kind of live
on them now... i work there.
Has Willa had any recent surgery?
Any accidents with
loss of blood?
Is there any anemia
in your family? No.
What did your wife die of?
Seven months ago.
I don't see how I could
raise my two kids on my own.
How's it going?
It crosses my eyes
once in a while.
But they come first no matter
what, right?
So, is there something
wrong with her?
I don't know.
I want to see some numbers.
I sure would appreciate
it if you could deal
with this now.
No offense... I learned the hard
way, sometimes doctors
don't do all they can.
Let's just see
what the tests say.
If Willa had a broken arm
from playing too hard,
that'd be one thing.
But headaches? A little kid
shouldn't be getting them.
Not at this age.
Let's just see what
the numbers say first, okay?
And then we'll see.
235, 250... Utilities...
Can't sleep? It's hot in there.
So, when are you gonna
bury that space capsule?
When we get a house again.
You gonna put your
skateboard in there? No.
I decided I couldn't
live without that.
How are we doing?
Broke or busted...
Take your pick.
But we'll make it.
Did the doctor say Willa
was gonna be all right?
He took some tests.
We'll have to see.
Don't worry, we're not gonna
let anything bad happen to
her, right? Yeah.
The plant's got to be
hiring sooner or later.
What would you do?
I'd be a rookie,
wiping down cars.
That isn't right.
You're better than that.
You think I should be
running the company?
I'll find something
better to tide us over.
Can I help?
Hey, you keep looking
after your sister.
That'll help.
Let me take care of the work
front, okay?
You should learn
about cyberspace.
Then you could get a good job.
You should learn
about cyberspace...
Teach me what you know.
Mom was gonna fix this.
This is weird.
Sometimes I look around
a corner, and I think I see her
coming towards me...
Like she was here.
I'll see what I can do.
The money's not great,
but it's 40 hours.
Daytime! Good,
'cause we miss you at nights.
Good luck, dad.
You can get the job.
I think the concept
is to open it.
See you guys later.
I was thinking...
If we had a solar cell,
we could get all our energy
from the sun, and we could grow
our own vegetables, and we
wouldn't need much money.
That's a good idea.
Look after your sister.
You can use me as a
character reference
if you want to.
Yeah, come on in.
You have no direct
retail experience?
Not exactly.
I'm kind of a...
A Jack-of-all-trades.
You are currently employed?
Flippin' burgers.
Making nothing.
Used to make $16 an hour...
You have no high school diploma?
I put in 17 years
on an assembly line.
Weld line.
But hey...
I can do this job, no question.
Well, we'll keep in touch.
I do have skills, I don't
want to give you the
wrong impression.
Thank you, we'll call you.
Hey, that's a good deal.
We're offering samples
as an incentive
for people to buy.
I'll take one.
The spicy is good.
I'll take one of those, too.
Would you take 35?
You're gonna have to
put something back.
You'll never catch
me taking a handout.
That's what's wrong with this
nobody wants to work for a living.
We thank thee, o lord, for
that which thou has sent us.
Keep our lives in sweet accord
with thine omnipotence.
Amen. Amen.
It was a dark and stormy
night, and a band
of robbers were sitting around
a campfire, talking.
One of the robbers said,
tell us a story." And so he began.
Bit bwas ba bark and bormy
bight but a bunch of bobbers
bere sitting babound ba
bampire, balking.
Bun of ba bobbers baid,
"beaber, bell bus ba bory..."
beader, beader.
"Beader, bell bus ba
bory." And Bo be began.
Cit cwas ca cark and corcy
"cight, when a can of cobbers..."
cen a can of cobbers.
"When a can of cobbers..."
cen a can of cobbers.
Cen a can of cobbers were
citting around a
campfire, calking.
Con of the cobbers caid,
"ceacer, cell cus ca
Cory." And co ce cegan.
Dit das da dark and dormy
dight dut a dunch of dobbers
dere ditting daround da
dampdire, dalking.
Dun of da dobbers daid,
"deader, Dell dus da dory."
Dand dohhh de dedan.
Fit fas fa fark and formy
fight ut a funch of dobbers...
Fand fo fe fegan!
I'm gonna have to
give your hair a cut.
Put your hands out here.
Let me see how steady they are.
You think you're old enough
to give me a haircut?
Let's stare down.
That's one eye. You lose, I win.
Want any more? No.
One eye.
Get out of here with your one eye.
No, that's how we play.
I dusted you. You lose.
You lose. You lose.
Robbie, you can have it now,
but what are gonna do tomorrow?
We gotta do without
a little longer.
I wish mama was coming back.
She is, isn't she? No. I know.
Will you read me a
silver surfer comic?
I'm doing this.
How come you just
don't use paper?
'Cause it'll decompose.
I want this to last 100 years.
Listen to this.
Did you write it? Listen.
"This is a time capsule"
from planet earth.
Maybe in 100 years, you'll find
time capsules from other
planets, where the
silver surfer rides
the galactic waves.
I think you probably will.
You never thought we'd walk
on the moon 100 years before.
But I thought of you guys
traveling to lots of other suns
and other planets.
So, if you ever wonder
if we thought it
possible, "I did."
Good night, Bill! Night, Oscar!
Sweet girl.
Look what I have for you.
Good night.
Where are you going, Robbie?
None of your business.
Dad's gonna be mad if he
finds you're cutting school.
I'm not doing anything bad.
Besides... Who's gonna tell him?
Pick me up at Caroline's.
Can I get that for you? Sure.
It's a brown Jeep Wagoneer.
Hey, Angus.
Did you miss me, honey?
You good little guy.
That's Angus... he's a good dog.
Hey, aren't you supposed
to be in school?
I'm a home-schooler.
Here you go, young man.
Thank you. No problem.
Okay, you get the food,
and I'll get the tablecloth.
You can be the Princess.
What should I get?
Anything you want.
You're the Princess.
Come on.
Let the queen's banquet begin.
Hear, hear.
Let's say this is magic tea.
You first.
We're having tea and pork chops.
King, get the people ready.
Bear it needs milk.
There's something awfully
screwy going on around here...
All reports confirm that
the world is witnessing
an unprecedented
shower of meteorites.
At observatories,
astronomers are...
See you tomorrow. Okay. Willa?
Do you want to take
these home with you?
I'll drive you on the
way to the hospital.
Bye, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.
Who is it? Willa. Bye. So long.
Why didn't you come and get
me, Robbie?
You forgot?
Did they give you dinner? Yeah.
My book bag.
I must've left it in his car.
Wait, I'll get it.
Hey! Hey! Wait!
My sister forgot her book bag.
I'm sorry.
There you go.
You're the doctor she saw?
That's right.
She stays sick.
She doesn't get better.
Is she supposed to?
I expect her to.
Why? You seem concerned.
Well, you know...
She coughs all night.
It keeps me up.
Excuse me. Millerton.
Dr. Greenfield needs
you in emergency.
I'm on my way.
Look, I gotta get to
the hospital, but why don't you
tell your dad to bring her
by the clinic tomorrow, and
I'll see what I can do, okay?
Take care.
I think your father thinks
I put you up to working
in the free clinic.
Well, he probably thinks
he trained me better
than to give me skills away.
I didn't tell you, I saw
Caroline's friend Willa
and her father at the clinic.
What's he like?
I think it was hard
for him to be there.
I saw Willa take
some food today.
I didn't know what to do.
I mean, I didn't let her know
I saw her, but I don't know
if that was the right thing.
Maybe I should've talked to her.
I don't know what I'd
say, though.
It makes me want to have her
here for every meal,
every single day.
I wish there was a mom...
Someone to relate to.
Well, her brother's
really worried about her.
Hey, there he is.
Right over here in the corner.
Slim pickings on the cans today.
Hey, see this kid?
He's got something on the ball.
Gus's auto repair.
I'm thinking of building
a solar cell, where you could
get all your energy
from the sun.
How much energy do you think
one family would need?
Is that car out there
yours, Gus?
That old beater?
Yeah, afraid so.
What are you gonna do with it?
Bound for the junkyard.
If it was mine,
I'd get it running.
I bet you could sell it
for at least 100 bucks.
I can get 150 from
from the junk man.
Could it run?
I thought you knew something
about fixing cars.
Blue book's maybe a couple
of thou, if you cherried it up.
What would you do with the
money, buy drugs?
You could make that in an hour
sellin' stuff on the street.
Nice to see a kid
who's straight.
Want to be partners on it?
What's the partnerships?
I own the beater,
I got the know-how.
Come on.
Januson Willa Januson? No-shows.
Is there an outreach person
that can check up on them?
People move.
They don't tell you.
Most don't have telephones.
We serve a pretty
transient population.
Tillis? Can I see this?
Hey, Bill. This a cafe call?
Kids still crossing your eyes?
You're lucky you found me.
I usually work nights.
I'm working a double shift.
That's why we couldn't
make the appointment.
Did you find something...
About Willa?
Is there someplace we
can go talk in private?
Come on.
I just wanted to let you
know that the blood
tests showed that Willa's
really anemic.
Her hematocrit is at 28,
and the normal range
is between 38 and 48.
And her white blood
cell count is low.
What does that mean?
Her immune system is weak,
which makes her
vulnerable to infection.
All these things point to her
not getting enough iron.
Willa's problem seems to be
related to poor nutrition.
You understand what I'm saying?
Every single day of my life.
Well, kids at this age
are growing and developing
so rapidly that any period of
time without adequate nutrition
can have long-lasting
implications, you know?
We can't make up for that.
What can be done about this?
Is there a problem here?
I'm an inadequate provider.
why didn't you say something?
Like, "hey, buddy",
can you spare a dime?"
I'm not a social worker.
I've never done this before.
Why'd you come here?
your kid is a friend of my kid.
I gotta get back to work.
Look, these are iron pills,
and she needs to take them
twice a day with food.
I mean,
they're hard on an empty stomach.
I'm not sure I can cover these.
No, don't worry about it.
I appreciate you wanting
to help my family, but I
want to help my family.
Maybe I shouldn't expect
someone like yourself to
understand how I got into
a situation like this,
but a year ago,
I had a house, a good job,
the whole nine yards.
I'm not a bum.
There he is.
we got us a weekend warrior.
The guy's 43, 30 pounds
overweight, hasn't played
basketball in 20 years.
Goes up for a rebound,
breaks his ankle, and some
doctor tells him, "exercise",
it'll make you feel
better." Can you imagine?
It's good he got
a second opinion.
So... where have you been, partner?
Well what?
You see it on my face.
What, that ingrown hair?
I'm feeling guilty, Michael.
You can cancel the bet.
I know you miss your family.
No, I'll finish.
Michael, you're a man of honor.
I thank you for the two days.
My girlfriend thanks you.
I said I'll finish it.
You're liking it there?
Where do you live, Robbie?
Around town.
You live with your parents?
Kind of.
I live in the star nation.
The what?
That's what the
Indians call the sky.
All right.
From now on, I'm gonna call you
Robbie Skywalker.
What are you doing?
I'm trying to get this
freakin' thing warm.
What's it for?
I got this wicked earache.
I tried cold,
and that don't work, so...
I just wish Rudy was
here to blow in my ear.
Earaches are what little kids
get, Angela.
Gotta go.
So, is it tight enough, Gus?
Yeah, it's tight enough,
but you got the firing
order screwed up.
You listening to me, goofus?
Are you on something?
Pay attention.
I feel like an idgit.
So, what are you gonna do with
the money when we sell this?
You mean if. If.
I thought I'd get Angela
a new set of sparkplugs,
get her in first gear.
She's hanging out with
that jerk Rudy... just sits on
bed, drinking beer and
watching TV all day.
Hand me the five-eighths, kid.
I figure...
I get her a makeover, sign her up
for dates of destiny.
Maybe that way, she'll have
the guts to dump him.
What about you, kid?
What are you gonna do?
Help my dad.
Why, what's wrong with your dad?
Except my mom died.
I'm sorry, kid.
That's a rough break.
We ought to bondo this, or what?
Finished? Yes, sir. Very neat.
Now, listen, our busses do not
speak to the customers unless
they're specifically
asked for something.
The job pays minimum wage.
Again, Steven.
Plus a 15% share of
the waiters' tips.
You are allowed one
free meal a day.
You'll have about 50 a week
above your basic pay.
You provide the white shirt,
the black tie, the shoes
and the pants,
and we provide the apron.
Can you start Monday? What time?
Come in at 10:00.
Mr. Tatum, you won't regret it.
We did it.
You got a new job, dad?
All right! Doing what?
Playing center field
for the tigers.
Come on,
how much are you getting an hour?
Listen to you.
I'm working at a pricey
downtown restaurant.
Isn't this for mom?
You took this to the pawn shop?
How much?
Never you no mind.
15% of tips isn't exactly
fat city,
but you should've seen this place.
People put down a lot
of money for a meal.
Cheapest entree was 22 bucks.
It's all right with me
if I don't have to hold
Willa's hand every night.
That's a privilege,
boy, not a chore!
Yeah, yeah. Table for two?
Right this way, sir.
Take the lady's arm right
here, there we go.
Menus! Thank you.
So, this means we're
not poor anymore?
No, it means we're not gonna
be hurting for food.
So, can Caroline come
over for dinner? Sure!
And now...
Sink your chompers into this.
That's well done,
just as you ordered, sir.
P.U.! You sweat too
much to be a waiter!
Some perspiration on your
steak, sir?
Get outta here!
Hey, sit over your body, girl.
Your check, sir. Batter up!
Bottom of the ninth,
it's all tied up, two outs,
he goes into the wind-up,
the pitch, and...
He drills it past him!
The crowd goes wild!
We win the pennant! Yeah!
Just make sure there
are no spots or marks on
the dishware or cutlery
or glassware, okay?
Mr. Tatum, good morning.
Good morning, Bill.
I'd like to have a word with
you, Bill.
Christian, could you
retrieve the napkins, please?
Yes, sir.
I'm all set to go.
Where do I start?
Well, the owner decided
to hire someone else, Bill.
He did it without telling me,
so there's nothing I
can do about it now.
It's his nephew or something.
If it was up to
me, I wouldn't...
What am I supposed to do
with the clothes I bought?
You know what they cost me?
I don't need them
except for this job.
You said it was mine.
This centerpiece
really is annoying.
Could you exchange that?
I would've phoned you, only...
You didn't have a telephone.
You shouldn't give a man
a job, then take it away.
I've got kids.
It's a very fancy restaurant.
How are you doing?
I'm doing good.
How are you doing?
Are you going to the party?
My job. Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!
My job!
I think you'd better go home now.
That's okay.
Hi, Robbie.
Is your dad here?
He's over there. Bill.
How's it going?
Caroline called and...
You okay? Yeah.
So... what happened?
I got stiffed on a
job I had lined up.
And he quit his other job.
Is this your conversation?
Is there anything
I can do to help?
There's people a lot worse
off than us that need help.
Yeah. But you've had quite
a string of bad luck lately.
There's no shame in
getting some help.
What do you mean, help?
I'm no welfare loser.
You ever feed your
family from a food bank?
I'm getting the feeling somehow
I'm supposed to be
accountable to you.
Why are you trying to embarrass
me in front of my kids?
I didn't mean to do that.
We'd better go, hon.
Hey, I got an idea.
Why don't Willa and Robbie
and you join us for
dinner on Sunday?
We'll have a barbeque.
Throw a couple of burgers on.
I can't digest charity food.
Who's talking
about charity food?
We get together with parents of
our kids' friends all the time.
It's no big deal.
No, I don't think so.
Okay. We'll see you later.
See you, Willa. Robbie.
I had that job. I had it.
Pace yourself.
Kid, pace makes the race.
Come on, take a break.
A man comes into my shop,
I can tell right off whether
he can go the distance,
whether he's worth his salt.
What'd you think of me?
I said "a man".
You're coming along.
Can a man be worth his salt
if he didn't have a job?
A man's not a man
unless he pulls his weight...
The way I see it. Yeah.
That's the way I see it, too.
For sale this time?
No claim check? No.
30 bucks. Take it or leave it.
That's mine.
How are you gonna get tough?
I'm hungry. I hate this.
You're not supposed to like it.
What am I supposed to do?
Trust me to take care of you
like I always have.
I used to pull down
$16.25 an hour.
I worked 17 years at that
plant... don't you forget that.
Willa's sick all the time.
There's never enough to eat.
Yeah? Well,
you're just another mouth to feed.
You can't even keep it
shut when you ought to.
Brush clearing!
Number 27, number 28!
There you go, fella.
You're on your way.
Car wash, number 29 and 30!
Looks like this
is our lucky year.
He's growing so fast.
Both of them. I know.
It's amazing.
So fast.
Am I a good father?
Aren't you good at everything?
Has Willa been around lately?
You can't stop thinking
about that family.
It just doesn't seem right.
I wish we could do something.
Bill doesn't want my help.
I can understand that.
The guy is proud.
I thought I could, you know,
ride in on a white horse
and extend the hand
of friendship, and his life
would be instantly better.
You give someone something
he can't give himself,
he can feel bad...
Like maybe he's not your equal.
You know, sometimes I catch
myself saying, "there, but for"
the grace of god."
I mean, what does that mean?
Here I was born to privilege.
I have these skills.
I'm not saying that we're
not equals, or that I'm better,
but... we're not the same.
So, what am I saying?
When I really think about him,
there's no way I could live
with what he has to live with
every day of his life.
Well, what does that mean?
You think you'd die?
You're saying that Bill is
a better man than you?
Yes. You are privileged.
And you should never forget it.
But you can use it...
Well... or not.
Maybe that's the grace.
Phoebe, do me a favor...
Send off a letter to
Bill Januson.
"Just wanted to let you know"
of a possible job opening
here at the hospital,
and I'd like to again invite
you and your family over
to dinner on Sunday.
Give me a call.
"Sincerely..." etc., etc.
Did I miss a partnership
meeting, or was I purposely
left out of the loop?
What's this about a job opening?
We're talking about
a janitorial job here, Vince.
Who's Bill Januson?
He's somebody I've been
following at the clinic.
As in "patient"?
That sounds pretty intense.
Well, I'm considering
staying on there for a while.
But don't tell anyone?
I like to keep a low profile.
Dr. Low profile.
Well, you know, you start
off with one trajectory, and
you try something different,
and your colleagues
look at you funny.
Who gives a shit what
your colleagues think?
There's enough shame
attached to being poor.
It's a real drag when
a do-gooder has to be
ashamed of doing good.
Well, hey! You decided to come.
Come on in, come on in.
Good to see you. Hi, Bill.
Nice to see you.
Glad you came. Come on in.
We have guests, everybody.
Hey, Willa.
Looks like we're
gonna have a party.
This is my father Edward
and my mother Marian.
My wife Dee.
This is Bill Januson,
and his daughter Willa,
and son Robbie.
Better get three more
plates, Kenny.
I'll get some more food.
I'll help.
Come on, come on over here.
Dee... Who are these people?
Willa's a friend of Caroline's.
Michael met her
father at the clinic.
That community clinic?
She goes to Caroline's school?
She's a busing student.
People from those
neighborhoods these days...
They're in all sorts of trouble.
Is it right exposing Caroline
to something like this?
What do you mean?
It could be upsetting
for Caroline.
I just feel bad for
the little girl.
Is on the rise among the poor.
She doesn't have T.B.
What are you two ladies
whispering about?
You know us silly women.
Just gossiping, gossiping.
Caroline and Willa are
in school together.
The school Levy's
high this year.
School taxes have just
skyrocketed in the
last few years.
Marian and I went to the
theater the other evening.
We saw blithe spirit.
It was really very amusing.
The rep company did
a marvelous job.
What was the name of the man
that played the lead?
I can never remember
the name of actors.
You know the type... he's always
playing the anti-hero.
Michael, you remember the name.
No, I don't know who he is.
Hope it stays nice.
The weather says it's
supposed to rain.
My wife always used to say,
"don't worry about it
till it gets here."
Where I come from,
right about now, the humidity
would be settling in, and you
just want to swim
in the lake all day.
Where would that be? Michigan.
Kenny, why don't...
I think it was a great meal.
Two peas in a pod.
They seem to be.
Well, I'm real glad you
could make it, Bill.
Nice place you got here.
Thank you.
The pay must be pretty
good at that clinic?
No, that's volunteer work.
My bread and butter
is private practice.
Is that right?
Anyway, thanks for inviting us.
And for setting up
that job interview.
So, what kind of a job is it?
I don't know.
It's service-oriented. Okay.
I'm sorry I didn't ask if
you had any special skills.
Special skills.
No, Jack-of-all-trades.
So, it's nice... me having
a little extra pull here.
I wish I did, but,
there's no guarantees.
It's just...
give it your best shot.
In the interim,
if there's anything I can do,
I'd really like to help.
I probably should've taken
you up on that last time.
The offer still stands.
I appreciate it.
But we'll be all right.
So, what'd you do
before you came here?
I went into the gm
auto plant, just like my dad,
granddad, uncle... 17 years.
Yeah. Never went on disability,
never cheated the system.
Worked my butt off.
Weld line. Weld line?
We put the frames together.
So, what happened?
A robot got my job.
The company downsized, and...
Well, they didn't need me.
Didn't need me,
didn't need any of us.
I took the buyout.
And my wife got sick.
And... No health insurance.
I thought I could do
better out here...
Fresh start and all.
But now...
We don't have a pot to piss in.
But, you know, that's...
That's the breaks.
But you... You know how...
You're brought up to think that
a father's a breadwinner first?
And a situation like this don't
do much for your self-respect
in that department.
I don't know myself anymore.
Before we came here, we hadn't
eaten since yesterday.
And I never thought something
like this would ever happen.
I work all my life, and...
Now I can't provide
for my family.
That'd be something?
You and me...
Fellow lunch buckets.
You know, if... if...
Sweetheart. Yeah?
Head hurts. I'm sorry.
My head.
I'm sorry this is
happening, sweet girl.
Daddy's here.
Daddy's here. It hurts.
Where do I go?
That line right over there.
Right over there.
This can be filed
on the same day.
Make sure you fill it out
and sign at the xs, okay?
Next this is my first time
applying for food stamps.
Do you have any children? Yeah.
You're in the wrong line.
This is G.R.
You need A.F.D.C. over there.
I don't understand. This...
We're general relief.
You need aid for families
with dependent children.
Over there. Thanks.
When do we get the stamps?
You have to be interviewed
by a case worker to determine
your eligibility.
When does that happen?
Three weeks after we receive
your application, and then
another ten days after you're
processed before you actually
receive the food stamps.
So, we can eat in
four to five weeks.
Next in line, please.
My girl's sick.
The medical line is over...
From not eating enough.
If you can prove you don't
have any money at all, you can
get emergency food
stamps within five days.
Next in line, please.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you know what time it is?
Williams, mullen, and Januson.
You have recently sold quite
a lot of assets, Mr. Januson...
Your house, your car.
That money's long gone.
I'll need to look at
bank statements...
Closing statements, bills of
sale, etc., for verification.
The money went to pay hospital
bills, and...
I don't have a bank account.
We'll need to see proof.
It's all going to be compared
to the numbers in the computer.
You think I'm a thief?
We have to abide by
federal rules, Mr. Januson.
You're saying you're destitute.
Do you have any cash on hand?
Well, we can't get you
any food stamps today.
We'll have to schedule
another appointment tomorrow to
approve expedited food stamps.
We'll need a set
of fingerprints.
We'll see what your
numbers come up with.
Where do I go?
You go right up there.
Number 12?
Hi. Thanks.
Do you have a card on file? No.
Is this your first time?
I'm picking up for a friend.
I'm sorry.
We don't allow that here.
Your friend will have
to come down in person.
He would, only he's sick.
He's got a bum ticker.
We do outreach.
Where does he live?
It's for my family.
How many in your family? Three.
I wouldn't be down here
if it wasn't for my kids.
I understand.
What's your name? Bill Januson.
They shut down the
plant where I worked.
I know, it's happening all over.
Do you have cooking facilities?
Now, take this choice sheet
and fill it out, and go to that
line over there,
and they'll take care of you.
This is just temporary.
Don't worry about it.
We thank thee, o lord, for
that which thou has sent us.
Keep our lives in sweet accord
with thine omnipotence. Amen.
So, we're not better than this?
It's not so bad, Robbie.
You said we didn't need to do this.
You said we were better
better than this.
Don't start.
It's not so bad, Robbie.
You lied.
Liar. What did I lie about?
You said we would
never take handouts.
Carburetor's beat to hell.
Can we fix it?
Nah, that's throwing
good money after bad.
How much do we need?
Rebuilt? Jeez.
100 or more probably.
We gotta sell this car.
Hey, kid, where you goin'?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I thought you were
looking for work.
I thought you were in school.
A lot you care.
How long has it been
since you've been gone?
Three weeks.
So, all this time,
you've been lying to me?
Don't you care anymore
about yourself?
No, I don't care.
Duck bread... look at the way
we live. I don't want to live
like this anymore.
We live like this because
we don't have any choice.
But it's gonna change.
Yeah, well,
it's changing for the worse.
A man's not a man unless
he handles his weight.
Instead of flapping your
gums at me, you should be doing
something to better yourself.
I am doing something.
What you're doing nothing!
You're just a bum!
Just another mouth
you can't feed.
Clean yourself up and
go back to school.
I'll go back if you get a job.
You need me to take you back?
Dr. Michael millerton
referred me.
Do you have your
application with you? Yeah.
There's a lot of
turnover in service.
We might have an opening
in three weeks or so.
I'll keep this on file.
Thank you.
Hey, Bill. So, how'd it go?
She said she'd keep my
application on file.
Maybe in a few weeks,
it'll work out.
Yeah, maybe it won't.
Suppose I float you a loan.
It wouldn't be right.
It's not a question
of right or wrong.
It's about the kids.
I know you're struggling.
You don't know nothing about it.
I know your kids are hurting.
Want to read a comic book?
Where were you today, Robbie?
Sorry I didn't meet
you at the bus stop.
Come on, Willa.
I'll show you something.
It's a secret. What?
You gotta promise not to tell.
The surprise will be so great.
I couldn't tell you sooner
'cause I know you can't keep
a secret for that long. Can to.
Anyway, I'm telling you now
'cause the beater's
gonna sell any minute.
What's that?
And someone's gonna buy it?
Of course they will.
It's a sure thing.
Wait here.
Hey, Skywalker.
Hey, good news, kid.
He's really gonna buy it?
He's been honking in my ear
trying to get me down on the
price, but he finally gave in.
Picking it up tonight.
How much? 1,855 bucks.
Come by tomorrow.
We'll split it up.
All right. Hello? Gus'.
Flashlight's on the floor.
Hey, what's the deal here?
What are you doing?
What, are you crazy?
Hey, look...
I didn't hire you, did I?
I didn't hire you.
You need anybody?
I'm looking for work.
I need a job.
you wait till you're hired.
Who's that?
What are you gonna say to
him, Angela?
What am I gonna say to him?
I'm not gonna call him.
Angela... I can't.
No, forget it.
You've got take
responsibility for this.
None of this would've
happened if you'd let Rudy
move in in the first place.
Come on, Angela.
You sold it, Gus?
Good news and bad news, kid.
Good news is...
Bad news ain't the end
of the world.
She just didn't see the guy
comin', kid.
Who? I'm really sorry, Robbie.
There was an accident.
I had to go see Rudy, right?
He couldn't come and see me.
And I didn't have
any way to get there.
I was just gonna
borrow it for an hour.
It was an accident, kid.
Thank god nobody got hurt.
I'm really sorry.
Can't we fix it up?
How bad could it be?
Come here, kid
we'll do another one, okay?
No, you don't understand.
Here, here's 20.
Take it. Hey, come by tomorrow.
I have some more soda cans for
you, okay?
Hey, kid! Is that my car?
Yeah. Hey, listen!
I'll give you a little more
when I junk it, okay, partner?
Right, partner?
You okay, Robbie?
Want to read a comic book to me?
Want to go play in the hall?
You can scare me,
and I won't cry.
I didn't tell anyone about our
secret, Robbie.
Talk to me, Robbie.
Say something.
It didn't used to be like
this, Robbie.
Daydreaming on the job?
Right, sorry.
You know, we tried out
three guys just this week.
Well, let's go fill
out the paperwork.
Excuse me?
You got yourself a full-time
job, buddy.
We could somebody around here
who hustles like you do.
One less mouth to feed.
I got a surprise, Willa.
Robbie! Robbie!
Robbie? Rob? Robbie?
Robbie! No! No! No!
My god. Will, don't come in here!
Call an ambulance, quick!
That's my son.
I don't know if I can
handle this alone.
He was always...
Such a happy kid.
Do you know why he did this?
He must've thought I'd given up.
Maybe I did for a while.
Is he gonna be all right?
We'll just have to wait and see.
Hey, Rob, can you hear me?
You're okay, Robbie.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I took your money.
We can make this right.
I love you.
I'm always gonna
be there for you.
I'm hungry, dad. Yeah.
Here. Here, son.
That's it, son.
Want some corn on the cob?
Remember? You're the Princess.
Want some more tea? Yeah.
Sugar? Thank you.
You're welcome.
One, two, three.