Hidden in Plain Sight (2019) Movie Script

[birds chirping]
[intense music]
[man grunts]
It's no use, Katie.
Nowhere left to run.
Come on, Nick.
What are you gonna do?
-What, are you gonna kill me?
-Why not?
-You're already dead.
-Just don't do this, Nick...
Nick, don't! No!
[Chloe] We're doing much better,
so I think
we're gonna get away
this weekend.
-Yeah, you can cover for me?
-[chuckles] Absolutely.
Actually, um,
that was my last table.
Do you mind if I cut out early?
[Chloe] Not at all.
[Anna] All right, thanks.
Oh, you just got somebody.
You want me to take it?
No. No, that's okay. I got it.
-Good afternoon. My name's Anna.
I will be your server
this afternoon.
If you have any questions,
just let me know.
Will do. Hey, um...
Don't we go to the same gym?
I'm sorry, I meant
questions about the menu.
Right. Uh,
what's, what's good here?
Um, let's see.
The fried catfish is good.
Um, the halibuts,
roast chicken is really--
You know, I watch you sometimes.
At the gym.
I just meant that I noticed you
'cause you, you know,
you stand out.
I know you're not from here
and people don't,
don't really move to this town.
Where are you from?
So, I think
we're out of the shrimp tacos
and also the salmon, I think.
I can double-check with the chef
if you like.
It's okay.
I see what you're doing.
What am I doing?
Trying to throw me off my game.
Well, that's very cute.
-That you think you've a game.
You know, you sweat a lot.
That's true.
You maybe wanna
go out with me sometime?
Uh, like,
like a different restaurant?
[Anna] Uh...
You know what, I-I'm sorry, no.
-I don't think so.
-Why not?
I don't date customers.
-I'll find another restaurant.
-I'll leave right now.
-And another gym, as well?
Yeah. I'll cancel
my membership, whatever.
Just think about it.
Nice try, though.
[upbeat music]
Danny, that was amazing!
-So you don't like him?
-Blue eyes, from the restaurant.
-He's cute.
-Why were you so mean to him?
Mean? I was flirting.
Okay, so maybe
I'm a little rusty.
[Chloe] Mm,
you're way beyond rusty.
Do you even want a boyfriend?
Why do I need a boyfriend
when we have all of this?
[Anna] Nice one.
-Good job, guys.
-Good job.
-Hey, babe. Do you want another?
-[Chloe] Uh, no, I'm good.
-Good. You? Sure?
-I'm good. Thanks, Leon.
[Leon] All right.
[Chloe] When was the last time
you went on a date?
Ugh... I don't know.
Before Danny?
Look, you don't have kids, okay?
-They change your priorities.
-I have Kayla.
She's Leon's daughter.
You don't live with her.
I still have, uh,
maternal feelings.
Maternal... [chuckles]
Darling, that top
does not say maternal.
Oh, I do know that
just because you have a kid
doesn't mean
you stop having sex.
No, honestly, guys don't even
really approach me.
Well, because you give off
that stank
do-not-talk-to-me vibe.
Wow, "stank." That's harsh.
Okay, wow, harsh.
I-I don't do it consciously.
He's obviously into you.
Just go out with him.
He seems so cool.
-Cool, huh?
-Hot. [mumbles]
Well, if you like him so much,
why don't you go out with him?
I have a boyfriend.
Oh! Do you?
[indistinct chatter]
-I'll be back.
New girlfriend.
Nice to meet you.
[indistinct chatter]
Danny, nice one. Come here.
Mm. Are you having fun?
-Kayla's beating me.
Well... Are you having fun?
Hm. That's what matters then.
No, I wanna win.
You wanna win?
You wanna win?
Someone wants to win?
Who's gonna win? Okay.
How about you beat me? Huh?
Come on, Danny,
we're gonna be late.
Danny, come on.
Danny, come on.
What are you doing?
What's happening?
How come you never
talk about my father?
Well, why are you asking that?
Kayla says it's weird
I don't have a father.
Hey. Of course,
you have a father.
W-where is he?
He's in the military,
How come he doesn't call us?
he's on a top-secret mission.
What kind of top-secret mission?
I don't know. That's why
they call it top-secret.
Sweetie, look.
I have a very complicated
relationship with your father.
I'll explain it to you
when you're a little older.
I'm not a little kid anymore.
I know. I know.
Do you miss him?
But sometimes I miss the life
I had when I met him.
[upbeat music]
[mellow music]
Oh, absolutely.
So what do you think?
About the painting?
Sure, why not?
Let's start there.
I like it.
Are you considering buying it?
-Possibly. It depends.
Well, I'm just
the assistant here.
I can introduce you
to the gallery owner
if you'd like.
I want your opinion.
I'm a fan of the artist.
And he moved here from Russia
with literally nothing,
started over here and now he has
his own solo art exhibit.
-Well, it's very inspiring.
-Wow. Yeah.
Yeah, I read that
in the brochure.
I just can't decide
if I love it.
Don't buy it.
-You seem sure about that.
-I am.
I mean, you're gonna have
to look at it every day. Right?
So you should love it
without any reservations.
You feel that way
about relationships, too?
Who said anything
about relationships?
Show me your favorite painting.
-Oh, yeah.
-I'm Nick.
I'm Kate.
My friends call me Katie.
Right this way.
[Katie] Hi, Grace.
Do you mind if I, um,
show this gentleman up here?
[clears throat]
Thanks for taking
my recommendation.
It's a beautiful piece.
Well, I can tell
you have impeccable taste.
I might.
Do you have any idea
where you're gonna hang it?
Oh, I can use your opinion
on that, too.
You are so beautiful.
[bell ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
-Hey, you need help?
-No. I'm okay.
-You got it?
Oh! Honey,
oh, don't forget your lunch.
-Bye, sweetie, I love you.
[instrumental music]
[line ringing]
-[Evelyn] Hello?
-Hey, mom.
Did you change
your phone number again?
[Katie] Um, yeah.
I got another brand new phone.
-I know I sound paranoid.
-Oh, I get it.
I just worry about you being
stressed out all the time.
[sighs] I'm fine.
I'm, uh, I'm driving to work.
I just dropped
Danny off at school.
Oh, sweet thing. How is he?
Too smart for his own good.
He started asking about Nick.
Well, that was inevitable.
What'd you tell him?
I told him he was overseas,
in the military.
He's gonna figure out
you're lying.
Kids are very intuitive.
I know, I know.
He's already asking
a lot of questions.
I can't wait to meet him
-You will.
I don't know.
I wanna see you, too, Katie.
I wish you wouldn't
call me that, mom.
You're always gonna be
Katie to me.
Aren't you tired
of living like a criminal?
You know,
I really don't have a choice.
I just want you home.
Hey, listen, check your PO box.
I sent you a package.
New pictures of Danny.
Oh. Wonderful.
Listen, just please don't put
them where anyone can see them.
I know. You don't have
to keep telling me that.
-I miss you. -You know I miss you, too, mom.
Every day.
[Evelyn] Bye.
[intense music]
[music continues]
Hi, I'll have a bag
of your Kenyan blend.
-Sorry, we just ran out.
-Oh, that's a shame.
I'll just have
a cappuccino then.
Just give me a second.
Let me get that.
I'll have a cappuccino as well.
-It's okay, I got it.
-I insist.
Name for the order?
Hey there, Evelyn.
I'm sorry.
Just a bit of a shock
seeing you after all this time.
-How have you been?
I've been away.
Just got back to town.
How about you?
I'm getting by, you know?
You must miss Katie. I remember
how close you two were.
I think about her every day.
Look, I wanted
to reach out to you
ever since Katie's memorial.
Why didn't you?
I thought you might blame me,
you might hold me responsible.
She was a troubled girl.
It's not your fault
she did what she did.
I just wish I'd seen it,
you know?
I wish I knew
how much pain she was in.
We all do.
But I, I think
she's in a better place.
I hope so.
She was such a special person.
She was.
And I'm still angry with her
for what she did,
but... at some point
we have to move on
with our lives.
Yeah. Of course.
I'm actually
engaged to be married.
Oh. That's wonderful.
I'm happy for you, really.
[man] Evelyn. Nick.
Well, it was nice to see you,
Can I tell you a secret?
I have a fantasy.
Katie's still alive.
What do you mean?
That she didn't actually
kill herself.
It was all a grand plan...
'cause she was
such a clever woman, you know?
That's impossible.
I know, I know. It just...
It just makes me happy
thinking of her living her life
somewhere free,
no trouble...
That is a lovely thought.
-Good to see you, Evelyn.
-You, too.
And thanks for the coffee.
That chick in the yoga pants
has sent her food back
three times.
-Oh, yeah. Sorry.
-She hates me.
-She just has it out for me.
-Yeah. I-I saw that. Sorry.
What the hell
are you doing here?
-Hey, Leon.
-Coming to have lunch.
Since when do you eat here?
I miss you.
I miss our movie nights.
-Don't... touch me.
-I miss cuddle time.
Why are you always acting like
I'm some kind of player?
My grams still does my laundry.
Mom, are you calling
from your cell phone?
-I told you that's dangerous.
You're right. I'm sorry. I was
just excited to talk to you.
[Katie] What's going on?
What would you think
of me visiting you?
[Evelyn] How long do you think
the drive is?
-Five or six hours?
-Mom, you know we can't do that.
-No, that's impossible.
-No, listen.
I ran into Nick today
at the coffee place.
-And he's changed.
-Wait a minute, he's back?
Oh, please tell me
you're kidding.
No, he's moved on, Katie.
He's, he's engaged
to be married.
You spoke with him?
He's different
than I remember him.
-He's lying.
He's manipulating you, okay?
That's what he does.
It's not like that at all.
I bet he followed you there.
What did you say?
Nothing. I played the role
of the grieving mother.
-You'll be proud.
-Tell me exactly what he said.
I can't remember every word.
He said he has a fantasy
that you're still alive,
that you're just living
your life like normal.
He knows.
Do you really think
he'd follow me?
Yes, mom,
that's why I have never
given you my home address.
That's why I drive 50 miles
to the next town over
to deliver a package.
But it's been years. Don't you
think he could've changed?
Mom, he is a dangerous man.
Okay? We cannot
underestimate him.
There are things
I never told you.
What things?
It's better you don't know.
Look, I, uh,
I gotta get back to work.
Please be careful. Okay?
[Nick] Thank you.
What have we got here?
-[Katie chuckling]
You always pay
with the big bills.
Is that unusual?
I don't know. I guess
I'm just not used to this.
You know,
chef's menu, sommelier.
For me it's usually
just pizza and Netflix.
Maybe you're hanging out
with the wrong crowd.
I don't know.
Maybe. Maybe.
There's something old-fashioned
about you. You know that?
You don't like it?
I didn't say that.
So, tell me about your business.
What do you want to know?
You never really
talk about work.
-What exactly is it that you do?
-I'm an investor.
I make loans to people
who get rejected by banks.
Loans? So you're, like,
a loan shark?
No, it's, it's connected
to real estate.
It's not that interesting.
-I'm interested.
-Hey, come on.
I got you something.
-Oh, yeah?
-What is it?
-Open it.
Nick, these are beautiful.
Try 'em on.
-They look really expensive.
You're so beautiful. I want you
to have beautiful things.
Don't you think we're moving
a little fast here?
What, I can't buy you gifts?
Well, sure you can.
Just not expensive ones.
Why not?
Because I think it creates
certain expectations.
I'm only 26, I'm just now
beginning to figure out
who I am.
I don't want my whole identity
to be just someone's girlfriend.
-You know?
-Yeah, no. I...
I get it.
I'll just,
I'll just bring the Ferrari
back to the dealership,
you know?
Well, I'm sorry. It's just...
We've been dating for a while,
you know, and I thought...
Hey, no.
Look, it's sweet. It's just...
I know, we've only been dating
for a month, you know?
Maybe just slow down a little...
enjoy each other.
Of course.
Of course.
[intense music]
Scream and you're dead.
[muffled whimpering]
[man 1] Quiet.
Tell me where it is.
Where's the money?
Nick! Nick!
Nick, Nick!
Nick, be careful.
Oh, my God! Nick! Nick!
-[man groaning]
-Nick, stop, stop, stop.
Nick, Nick, stop! Stop it!
Stop, you're gonna kill him.
Nick, you're gonna kill him!
Oh, my God!
Nick, stop! Stop.
[sobbing] Oh, my God, Nick...
[sobbing] Oh, my God...
[Katie] No...
-Are you okay?
-I'm fine.
-Where's my phone?
-[Nick] What are you doing?
-I'm dialing 9-1-1.
-Give me your phone.
Nick, Nick, it was self-defense.
-Anyone can see that.
-Get dressed. You should go.
What... Wait,
what are you talking about?
-We have to call the police!
-I can't have police here.
It won't look good
to my employers.
What employers?
I don't have time for questions,
He tried to attack me, okay?
He's-he's wearing a ski-mask,
for Christ's sake.
The police
are not gonna blame you.
-No police.
-Why not?
Kate, if there's any suspicion,
you're an accessory.
I'm trying to protect you.
W-why can't we just
tell them the truth?
'Cause I can't go back
to prison, okay?
-Why were you in prison?
Put your clothes on and get out!
[intense music]
Don't you tell a soul
about this. You hear me?
Not your mother,
not your friend at the gallery
and definitely not the police.
[music continues]
Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah.
-You looked upset.
-No, I'm, I'm good.
-I'm good. Thank you.
-That's all right.
-All right. Let's go.
Can you believe
he showed up to my work?
Like, well, he thinks he's just
gonna show up
with his baby-blues,
and everything is just fine.
[doorbell rings]
Well, hey there.
Nick, what are you doing here?
I got the coffee you wanted,
Kenyan blend.
Thank you.
It's very thoughtful.
Aren't you gonna invite me in?
Well, I'm a little busy
right now,
but it was very sweet of you
to drop by.
-I'll just stay a minute.
-Now is not a good time.
I wanna continue
our conversation from earlier.
It really got me thinking.
Lovely home.
Just as I remember it.
Hm. Changed the couch,
though, right?
I got it reupholstered.
Oh, look at that.
So beautiful, isn't she?
Yes, she was.
Yeah, she was.
I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.
[Nick] Who is this
little fellow?
My godson.
-Godson, huh?
My best friend from high school.
It's her grandson.
Cute, isn't he?
He really is.
What's his name?
How old is he?
How old?
Around eight, I think.
He looks just like me
when I was that age.
Really? That's funny.
Yeah, almost exactly,
it's uncanny.
Well, if you're gonna stay,
why don't I make us some coffee?
-Where is he?
-My son.
-What are you talking about?
-Where is my son?
-I don't know what you mean.
Don't. Do not play with me,
-You won't win.
-No. I don't know what you mean!
-Last chance.
-I don't know...
I don't know where they are.
Some town up north.
She won't tell me.
Where's the envelope
this photo came in?
Thanks, Evelyn.
[door opens]
[intense music]
Hey, can I help you?
Yeah, I got a, uh,
to-go order. Lucas.
[Chloe] Yeah, uh,
just give me a second.
-[Lucas] Yeah.
-Hey, Anna.
Do you have a to-go order
for Lucas?
Got it.
I thought I scared you off
the other day.
Yeah, maybe a little bit.
Hey, do you like bowling?
Yeah. Yeah.
Who doesn't like bowling?
Wanna go sometime?
Yeah, how about tonight?
Oh, um, I'm sorry,
tonight won't work.
My son, I-I don't have a sitter.
But, um, maybe--
I can babysit.
There you go. She can babysit.
So, how about eight o'clock?
-Yeah, eight o'clock is good.
-He wasn't asking you.
Um, how about
you just give me your number?
-I'll give you a call.
Cool. See you tonight?
-Yeah. See you later.
-All right.
Very funny.
I'm gonna get out of here.
Is that cool with you?
And you'll get pretty
for your date?
[chuckles] I'm going to pick up
You're welcome.
[cell phone ringing]
-[Katie] Mom?
-You were right, Katie.
I underestimated him.
-What happened?
-[Evelyn] He was here.
-In my house.
He knows about Danny.
He saw a picture on my fridge.
-I'm here.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine, I...
I knew this would happen
at some point.
Does he know where I live?
He took the envelope you sent.
So he knows the general area.
-What are you gonna do?
-I don't know.
-Maybe I'll move again.
-You can't do that.
Danny just started school.
-Did he hurt you?
-No. I'm fine.
He just scared me.
Katie, how much longer
can you keep running?
As long as I have to.
Why aren't you
returning my calls?
-I don't wanna speak to you.
-Did you go to the police?
No. Did you get rid of the body?
Look, I'm sorry you got mixed up
in my business,
but at least
now you know the truth.
What is the truth, Nick?
What are you,
some kind of gangster?
Hey, I told you.
I make loans
for some very powerful people
who depend on my efficiency
and discretion.
You lied to me about everything.
I don't trust you.
I know you, Katie.
You don't mean that.
No, no, I'm sorry,
this, this isn't gonna work.
I don't think we should
see each other again.
I can't lose you.
Baby, you are everything to me.
Not anymore.
-I decide when this is over.
-Let go of my arm!
-Don't test me, Katie.
-Don't threaten me.
You know what,
I will go to the police.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
Because I will destroy
everything you love.
-I don't believe you.
-Yeah? No?
I don't make empty threats.
Believe that.
Let go of my arm,
you're hurting me!
I'm sorry.
I won't hurt you, baby.
I love you.
You're out of your mind,
you know that?
-This isn't love.
-Where are you going?
You'll never get away from me,
Katie, never.
Do you hear me? You will never
get away from me!
I will find you wherever you go!
I will find you!
-[door thuds]
So remember I was telling you
about dodgeball
and everyone ganged up on me?
Well, today
I was the last one standing.
I was, like,
the king of dodgeball.
Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie, I...
I have a lot on my mind, okay?
-Did something happen?
-No, no, I just...
I got into a small disagreement
with your grandmother.
-That's all.
-[Danny] Oh.
I wish I could meet her.
[mellow music]
You will, someday.
It's a promise.
Hey, Danny, what would you say
about us moving somewhere new?
But I just started school.
I know.
[sighs] Why do you wanna move?
Uh, I, um, I got a new job offer
in another city.
What kind of job?
Uh, an office job.
-Is that better?
-Well, it's more money.
But... why?
Uh, I don't wanna move!
It's not fair!
Okay, okay, calm down.
I was just asking.
You don't have to get all crazy.
Well, you make me crazy.
[clicks tongue]
Danny, what's the matter? What,
are you not talking to me now?
Why don't you wash your hands,
okay? Dinner's gonna get cold.
-I'm not hungry.
Lucas. [sighs]
Where's the little guy?
I brought flour and all
the stuff to make cookies.
Bet it'd be fun for Danny
since his mama never cooks.
[sighs] Yeah.
Aren't you gonna change
for your date?
-I'm sorry. I'm not going.
-What are you talking about?
I'm sorry. I'm not in the mood
to go on a date.
I should have called you.
I-I apologize.
What are you doing?
-Making an excuse.
-No, you're not.
Can you give me back my phone,
No, you're being totally rude.
Chloe, this is really
none of your business.
Yeah, it is my business.
I helped you set up the date,
and... [sighs]
And I'm your friend and I don't
want to see you self-sabotage.
Look, you don't understand.
Then explain it to me.
I was in a really bad
relationship a few years ago.
-Danny's father?
He was abusive.
It was really bad and...
And now he's resurfaced
and he is harassing my mom...
God, it's a nightmare.
Is that why you moved here?
To escape this guy?
-[instrumental music]
Okay. I get it.
Yeah, there's a lot of,
lot of bad guys out there...
but I don't think
that Lucas is one of them.
He seems like a good guy.
And I think that we should
reward the good ones, don't you?
Do the right thing.
You know you want to.
[skittles rattling]
[Lucas] Um, I can't believe
you beat me twice, I--
-I killed you.
-It's embarrassing.
-I mean--
-I know people here.
-You know, Danny likes to bowl.
-So I get a lot of practice.
-I bet.
-So how'd you guys end up here?
-[clears throat]
I don't know, we...
We needed a change, you know?
-What about you?
-[Lucas chuckles]
-You do that a lot.
You give a vague answer to me
and then bounce the question
right back at me.
-It's kind of your thing.
Sorry. [laughs]
I guess I do do that.
[laughs] Um...
I haven't been on a date
in a while, so...
It's okay.
Yeah. I'm rusty, too.
I'll go first, uh...
I grew up in this sleepy town.
And I moved to Brooklyn
and opened up a store.
-What kind of store?
-Uh, watch repair.
-[Katie] Oh, wow.
It's beautiful.
Well, it's really nice,
it's like, it's like art deco.
-That style.
No one's ever gotten that
-I like it. Nice.
-Yeah. Thank you.
-Did you like Brooklyn?
-I don't know.
Honestly, uh,
everyone there is, like,
tryin' to be so authentic,
it just feels inauthentic.
Yeah. Yeah.
No, I know what you mean.
Are you in touch
with Danny's father at all?
-You all talk?
No. What about you?
You want kids?
You're doin' it again.
You're right.
Listen, I don't wanna talk
about Danny's father.
Is that okay?
Of course.
And, yes. I do wanna have kids.
But I don't know
if I'm ready yet.
You're never ready, you know?
It just happens.
I did have a girlfriend
in Brooklyn.
-She was a dancer.
Gorgeous, talented, smart.
We were practically
living together.
But I had two roommates,
so it was, it was tricky.
And, uh, she got pregnant.
And... everything changed.
I mean, suddenly I, you know,
I couldn't just live
in the moment, I was thinking
about the next 18 years.
I was thinking about
being a dad--
And she had the baby?
Yeah, she did.
You left her?
I did.
Missed this town, I guess.
What about your kid?
It wasn't my kid.
-It was my roommate's.
-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
They would hook up
while I was asleep.
[inhales sharply] That's rough.
-I'm-I'm sorry.
Yeah, it was pretty humiliating.
But it was also a bit of relief,
you know?
Can I make an observation
about you?
You are way too sophisticated
to be working as a waitress.
-[laughs] No, I'm not.
Look, I don't mind it, you know?
I mean, it's a job.
It's not like I'm independently
wealthy or anything.
What if you were?
I mean,
if you could do anything,
what would you do?
I don't know, maybe I'd be...
curator at an art museum.
Or, um,
I'd own my own gallery.
-Those sound like city jobs.
-I guess.
-[Lucas] So I'll ask you again.
What are you doing
in this part of the town?
Beating your country ass
at bowling.
That's what. [laughs]
You know what? One more game.
-Oh, yeah?
-Put your shoes back on.
-One more game.
One more chance to redeem
yourself. How about that?
-That's all I need.
-One more chance.
This is my home turf, right?
-I got to defend it.
[indistinct song on car stereo]
So you always wait
till the third game
to, like,
pull out all the stops?
-That's right.
-To impress the ladies?
That's why I turned it on.
-Is that, is that right?
You're gonna kick my ass
at putt-putt next time?
[laughs] I might.
They used to call me
the putt-putt queen.
Oh, really?
You've a really nice smile.
Thank you.
[instrumental music]
[Katie chuckles]
[indistinct chatter]
I used to be a master. Tsk.
-Then make out...
-Oh, yeah?
...after the bowling.
Mm-hmm, at the, uh...
-And the unbutton, and the...
[laughs] On the first kiss?
Maybe we should just save that
for another time. Hm?
There gonna be another time?
-There might be.
-If you play your cards right.
If I'm still in town.
You planning on leaving town?
I'd like
to keep my options open.
-You are an enigma.
Just private.
Wanna go back to my house?
We don't have to do anything.
Well, as long as
you have a cute roommate,
I'm totally down.
-Too soon?
-Yeah. Too soon.
[exhales] No, listen,
I would love to hang out more,
I just...
I should get going, you know?
I, uh, left Danny with Chloe,
-You don't trust her?
-No, she's great.
I just... I worry.
Well, one more.
-[Katie] One more?
-Yeah, maybe two more.
[music continues]
[Chloe] You need to go to bed,
little man.
Your mom would kill me if she
knew that you were still up.
I think I ate too many cookies.
Ugh, me, too.
Hey, do you know my dad?
Your mom doesn't like
to talk about him very much.
And I assure you
there's a good reason for that.
Well, he is my dad.
I'd like to meet him.
You are lucky you have a mom
who loves you so much.
[dramatic music]
I didn't meet my dad
until I was a teenager.
And trust me,
I was not missing much.
What's wrong?
There's a man out there.
[Chloe] Where?
There-there was a man
looking into the window.
[knocking on door]
-Who is that?
-Danny, uh...
-Why don't you go to your room?
Danny. Just do it.
[Danny groans]
[knocking on door]
[banging on door]
[intense music]
[banging on door]
[banging on door]
Who is it?
[Leon] It's me.
What the...
You're stalking me now?
You don't return
my phone calls.
I don't wanna talk to you, duh!
-Why are you holding a knife?
-You scared the crap out of me.
Can we just talk for a minute?
No. You shouldn't be here.
Okay. I admit it.
I, I flirt with other women.
Because it feels good.
And how do you think
that makes me feel?
I know it's wrong, but it ain't
like I'm gonna go
do anything with them.
Yeah, but you're my boyfriend,
you shouldn't even
be thinking about other women.
I'm not! Well, not s-seriously.
You're the only woman I want.
I mean, I'm not out there
stalking them.
Am I?
That is strangely logical.
Do you miss me?
-Admit it.
-I'm still holding a knife.
-You need to leave.
-Call me.
[owl hooting]
[both gasping]
Are you okay? I'm sorry.
[laughing] I'm sorry.
[sighs] It was fun.
He's a good guy.
Did you kiss him?
[chuckles] Come on.
You like him.
Look how flushed you are.
I just, I don't know
if it's the right time
for a relationship.
-How's Danny?
We had a visitor.
I'll tell you about it later.
Danny asked about his father,
Yeah, I'm gonna have to tell him
the truth at some point.
Yeah. Sooner rather than later.
He's a bright kid.
Not much gets past him.
All right,
I'm gonna leave you this mess.
-Okay. Thank you so much.
-You're welcome.
-Goodnight. Mwah.
-You're the best.
-All right, bye!
-Have a nice night. Bye.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
Hey. What's wrong?
I'm pregnant.
It sucks.
Now what am I gonna do? I...
You know, I-I feel so trapped.
He's never gonna
let me go now. No.
You don't have to keep it.
I know.
I know, I...
I mean, I want to...
You know, I want to protect it.
He's going to find out, Katie.
[dramatic music]
I mean, my life is over.
-What am I gonna do?
-No, don't say that.
I wish I could just disappear,
you know?
-I don't know, I...
I just feel like
my life would be so much easier
if I was someone else.
Can I tell you something
in confidence?
Do you know how Sergey managed
to defect from Russia?
He forged his own documents.
A passport and a work visa.
Otherwise he would have
never gotten out.
[man] Name?
What... I'm sorry, what?
What'd you say?
-What name are you using?
-Um, um...
Oh, shit, I haven't thought
about that, um...
-I guess something simple--
-I need it, now.
Okay, um...
Anna... Jones.
That should be it.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
Hi, guys.
How's everything over here?
[music continues]
[woman] Did you hear me?
I-I'm sorry. What?
-We're ready to order.
-Uh, of course, yes.
-What can I get for you?
I would like a glass of wine.
Uh, red or white?
-How about ros?
-Ros. Excellent.
What, are you still angry
with me?
Are we moving away?
[sighs] I don't know yet.
[dramatic music]
What do you keep looking at?
Nothing, I just...
I-I keep thinking
I'm seeing the same car.
Goodnight, mom.
[dramatic music]
You guys back together?
We'll see.
He's making dinner
for me and Kayla tonight.
Oh. That's nice.
She's with him this week?
Wait, what time is it?
Oh, I gotta go pick up Danny.
Sorry. Do you mind finishing up
for me?
-You owe me.
-Thank you.
Oh, come on.
[dramatic music]
[line ringing]
[James on voicemail]
You've reached James Madison
Elementary, if this is
an emergency,
please hang up and dial 9-1-1.
We are either out of the office or busy on another call.
Please leave a message
and we will get back to you
as soon as possible.
Hi, um, hello,
this is Anna. Anna Jones.
I'm-I'm Danny's mother.
Um, listen.
I am running a few minutes late,
but, um... [sighs]
if you could just make sure that
someone keeps an eye on Danny,
uh, okay? It's very important
that he's not left alone.
Please. I will be there
very soon. Thank you.
[cell phone beeps]
[traffic bustling]
Mom's runnin' late. Hop in.
Who are you?
You don't recognize me?
I'm your father.
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
-Well, okay.
-[spanner clattering]
-What's going on?
Someone slashed my tire.
[Chloe] What kind of jerk
would do that?
You think he's here?
-None of your business.
I got to get to Danny
before he does.
-Let me do it.
-No, no. I-I got it.
No, really, let him.
He's a machine.
[crow cawing]
My mom doesn't like me
eating fast food.
Good thing I'm not your mom.
Does she know you're here?
No. I wanted to surprise her.
She doesn't like surprises.
She once told me if anyone ever
tries to have a surprise party,
I should tell her immediately.
All right.
Well, I think
she'll like this one.
So, what's your mom told you
about me?
She said
that you were in the military
on a secret mission.
Is that true?
Yup. I just got back.
How come you never call us?
We're not allowed to, pal.
Like your mom said,
secret mission.
Do you think about me?
Every day.
Where d...
Where did you get that?
Your mom sent it.
[dramatic music]
Danny? Hi, hi.
Have you guys seen Danny?
Do you know Danny? No?
Danny! Danny!
[grunts] Come on!
Damn it! [grunts]
Come on, pal.
Hi! Room for the night, please.
Seventy-nine dollars.
-We're spending the night?
-It'd be fun, pal.
-Who's this little fella?
-I'm Danny.
-He's my son.
Where's your mama, Danny?
She's at home, I think...
-What's she doing at home?
-[Nick] Hey. You mind?
I've been driving all day,
I really want to lie down.
You want a cot for Danny?
[Nick] Do you have double beds?
[Maggie] Twenty dollars extra.
And I'll need to see some ID.
[laughs] Unreal.
Okay, have a good look.
There you go.
What do you think, huh?
Could we hurry this along maybe?
Will you be requiring
extra towels?
Two will suffice.
Are we done?
Checkout is 11 a.m.
We don't do late checkout.
Room 209, second level.
-You want a dollar?
[Nick] Put it in
the soda machine or somethin'.
[Danny] Can I call my mom?
[door latches]
Not yet, I told you.
It'll ruin the surprise.
She's gonna be mad.
Yeah, well, tell you what,
let's get settled,
then you can call.
You take that bed.
[Nick exhales]
I don't have my toothbrush.
-[Nick] It's okay.
-I can't brush my teeth.
Hey, you can go one night
without brushing your teeth,
they're not gonna fall out.
Are you really my father?
[mellow music]
Of course, I am.
[instrumental music]
[cell phone ringing]
-[Nick] Hello, Katie.
So good to hear your voice.
Eight years is a long time,
especially when spent
in a six-by-nine room
with nothing to do but think.
Nick, I had nothing to do
with you going back to prison.
Oh, I know, Katie.
You were dead.
What have you done to my son?
-Don't you mean our son?
-He's not your son.
Don't insult me.
We both know he's mine.
Why didn't you tell me
we had a child?
Oh, that's right, you were too
busy being dead.
[sobbing] Let me speak to him.
God, God, he must be scared
out of his mind.
He's fine.
[Katie] What do you want, Nick?
-I wanna get to know my son.
-[Katie] Oh, yeah.
You didn't have to kidnap him
to do that.
[Nick] It's not kidnapping.
He came willingly.
Bring him back to me now!
[Nick] Or what?
What are you gonna do, Katie?
-I'll call the police.
-Oh, you will?
I would love, love to see
how that plays out.
-Is that my mother?
Danny? Nick,
Nick, put him on the phone.
Please, please let me speak
to him.
Careful what you say, Katie.
-Oh, my God. Sweetie?
It's so good to hear your voice.
Mom, I want to come home.
I know you do.
But your father just wants to get to know you a little, okay?
I-I don't have my toothbrush.
I can't brush my teeth.
[chuckles] You can brush them
twice when you come home.
Mom, I don't wanna sleep here.
Sleep? Sleep.
Uh, honey, where are you?
Nice try, Katie.
Something you don't
understand here, Katie, but...
you don't control
this situation.
Not anymore.
Nick? Nick?
God! Damn it.
I don't like the way
you talk to her.
[scoffs] We fight sometimes.
All couples do.
When can I go home?
You're not going home, pal.
You're coming to Los Angeles
with me.
-But I don't wanna go!
-You don't have a choice.
Back inside.
Let's be clear about something.
I make the rules, you follow.
[cell phone ringing]
[Lucas] It's Lucas.
Oh, hi, Lucas.
Don't sound too enthusiastic.
Listen, this is, um,
this is really
not a great time to talk, okay?
Tell me what's going on.
I can't.
I'm not taking no
for an answer.
Thank you.
-Why don't you sit down, too?
-I-I can't.
I'm... I'm sorry,
I'm too wound up.
This is about Danny's father,
isn't it?
He has Danny.
-Does he have visitation rights?
-No, it's...
It's a long story.
Hey. Come on.
Start at the beginning.
Yeah, I worked at this
art gallery. It's...
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
Are you judging me?
No. No.
I just...
How did you do it?
How did you fake your suicide?
[Katie] I left my car
on a bridge.
It was the middle of the night.
I left my...
purse and my ID
on the car seat.
I left a note about how trapped and hopeless I felt,
how I had run out of options.
That was my...
first chance at freedom,
you know?
He was never gonna let me go.
And you were pregnant with Danny
this whole time?
That was a signal being
real positive,
you know what I mean?
Danny never felt like a mistake.
He was my first...
real piece of a new life.
That means...
Nick didn't know
that he had a son?
No, he didn't know.
You think that's fair?
I wasn't thinking
about what was fair.
I was thinking about surviving
and protecting my son.
You know, shortly after I found
out that he was sent to prison
on an extortion charge,
I looked into the case,
you know?
He got off it so easy.
Murders were happening all over,
and the DA couldn't pin it
on anyone.
I-I have no idea what kind
of business he was involved in,
but it was clear
that these, these killings,
these murders
were not gonna stop.
Look, look,
all I'm, all I'm saying,
all I'm saying,
is it, is it possible...
that he just wants
to get to know his son?
No, that's not it.
You have no idea how capable
this guy is. Okay?
I mean,
after, after everything I did,
after-after how careful I was,
he still found me.
And now it's like
he just wants to punish me.
It's like, it's like
if he can't have me,
he just, he just wants
to destroy me.
We need to go to the police.
We need to tell them
all of this.
I can't.
I don't think
you have any other choice.
Excuse me, sir. Um...
I need to report
a missing child.
[intense music]
[music intensifies]
[doorbell buzzes, door opens]
[door closes]
I couldn't go through with it.
Uh, he literally got away
with murder. You know?
A-and I've been the one
committing fraud here.
Jesus, I...
I left behind student loans, uh,
unpaid credit cards,
a whole city
searching for my body.
You know, they could see it
as a case where I kidnapped
my own son
and I kept him on the run
just-just to prevent him
from meeting his own father.
I'd look like the guilty one.
If the police find out who I am,
what are they gonna do?
What are they gonna do to Danny?
They're gonna put him
in the system?
Or worse yet, they're gonna,
they're gonna
give custody over to Nick.
-Just take me home.
-Hey, it's...
Just, please, take me home.
[owl hooting]
[footsteps treading]
[intense music]
[Danny] Mommy?
[music continues]
[whispers] Danny. Oh, God.
Oh. Oh, Danny.
Oh, sweetie.
-Oh, sweetie.
I was so worried about you.
What happened?
What happened? He let you go?
Mommy, I'm scared.
No, it's okay, sweetie.
You're safe, okay?
I'm not gonna let him hurt you.
He's here.
[banging on door]
[pounding on door]
[Nick] Katie!
-You okay?
Just... had a bad dream.
[intense music]
[door latch clanking]
[clanking continues]
[music continues]
Can I help you with something?
I need to call my mom.
Are you in some kind
of trouble, kid?
[telephone ringing]
Front desk. Maggie speaking.
Calling from room 209.
You happen to see my son?
No, I haven't.
Let me know if he turns up.
[Maggie] Of course.
What's your mother's number?
Where are you, pal?
Come on,
you should eat something.
[cell phone ringing]
-[Danny on phone] Mom?
Oh, God. Oh, God. Thank God.
-Danny, where are you?
-I'm in a motel.
-[Katie on phone] Where's Nick?
Danny, where is this motel?
It's next to a big road.
-A highway.
-D-do you know the name of it?
-I don't know.
Well, is there an adult there?
There's a lady at the desk here.
Let me speak to her.
She wants to speak with you.
[Maggie] This is Maggie.
Front desk.
Maggie. Maggie, listen.
My son, Danny,
he is in danger. Okay?
The man he is with, his father,
he doesn't have
good intentions.
How can I help you?
Uh, what's the name
of this motel? W-where is it?
[Maggie] Highway Inn,
off Route 46.
Highway Inn, Route 46?
-Fifteen minutes.
-Okay, okay. Maggie, listen.
I'm gonna be there
to pick him up soon.
Can-can you just watch him?
Just keep him safe
for 15 minutes?
[Maggie] Your husband,
I see him on the monitor.
He's on his way down here.
No, no, no, no.
Can you tell Danny to hide?
-He's gone.
Gone? Where, where did he go?
[Nick] Danny!
Hey, Danny!
This isn't a game!
[intense music]
[keyboard keys clacking]
-Hi, hi, I am so sorry.
I didn't see you standing
right there.
Are you sure
you haven't seen my boy?
I'm sure.
Don't you got security cameras
back there?
-I've been busy.
[Nick] Then how did that
get back there?
My son's backpack.
It says Danny on it real big.
Can't miss it.
Where is he?
Are you hiding him back there?
Don't you dare come back here!
Where is my son?
You want me to call the police?
This isn't over.
[intense music]
Have you seen a little boy?
No, sir, I haven't.
Could he be
in one of these rooms?
-He likes to play hide and seek.
-All the rooms are locked.
-Yeah, I need to see inside.
-He's my son.
-I can't do that.
You should speak
to the front office.
Yeah, she doesn't like me
very much. Tell you what?
Would you show me?
Lucas, you really don't have
to come with me.
Come on.
We're in this together.
Okay, well,
can you move your truck?
-Let's just take it.
-Wait. Danny won't recognize it.
Yeah, well, neither will Nick.
What if this is a trap?
What if he wants you
to come to this place?
Okay. You're right.
Can you drive?
-[cell phone ringing]
[gasps] Hello?
-[Danny on phone] It's me.
Oh, my God! Thank God.
Are you okay?
-I'm in a motel room.
-[Katie] Where's Nick?
-Right outside.
-Are you safe, honey?
I don't know. I snuck in here.
[sighs] Good boy.
-Did he hurt you?
-No. He wants to take me away.
T-take you away? Where, where?
-[Danny] Los Angeles.
-What? No.
No, do not go with him.
Do you understand me?
Kick and scream if you have to.
Do not go with him.
-I can't talk, mom.
Okay, honey, I love you.
I-I'll be there soon.
-Same place?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[door lock beeps]
Sir, please, you're gonna
get me into trouble.
[Nick] Show me the next room.
[woman] I'll be fired. I--
[Nick] I don't care! Now!
It's gonna be okay.
-Just please drive faster.
[intense music]
[door beeps]
[Nick] Danny!
Come on, Danny!
Game's over! Where are ya?
Excuse me.
You're gonna have to leave.
-You're disrupting the guests.
-Oh, yeah?
You have a child missing
on the premises.
Maybe you should be more
concerned with that, grandma.
The sheriff is on his way.
[Katie] Where is he?
Where is he? I don't see him.
Here. Stop right here.
Stop right here.
-I want to come--
-No, no, no, stay in the car.
Keep the car running, okay?
Danny? Danny?
[Katie] Danny?
Honey, you can hear me?
Sweetie, it's your mom, sweetie.
[Danny] Mom?
[Katie] Oh! Baby!
-Come here.
Oh. [mumbles]
-Hey, guys, come on, come on.
Here, here, get in. Get in.
Rest down here.
[Lucas] Come on, let's go.
Come on.
[intense music]
[tires screeching]
Hands up...
or I'll blow your brains out.
Lucas, are you seeing this?
-Do you want me to go back?
-No. No, no, no.
She's got it.
Baby. Oh, God. Are you okay?
Hey, buddy,
you did a good job back there.
What now, Maggie?
We are gonna wait
for the sheriff.
I think I'm gonna pass.
[Nick] I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
Have a nice life, grandma.
Sweetie, wait. Are you okay?
-We're fine. Thank you.
-Let's get him inside.
Listen, I'm just gonna run in,
grab some bags
and then we're gonna go.
Thank you.
-Well, I'll come with you.
Run in to the house, okay?
Run to your room.
I've packed you a bag.
I'll be in a second, sweetie.
Look, I know you're trying
to help, but honestly...
You're not listening to me.
We're going, too.
-Plus, you're blocking my car.
-Hey, hey, wait, wait, wait.
-Where are you gonna go?
-I don't know.
Look, I know you're trying to
help, but honestly, I gotta go.
-Tell you what.
-He'll be here any second.
-Take this.
-[gasps] What's that?
-Just to protect you.
Look, I know you care about me,
but I don't wanna drag you
into this.
And I certainly
don't want a gun.
Look, we don't have time to talk
about this right now, okay?
Thank you for everything.
[intense music]
Danny? We gotta go. Come on.
Give me your bag.
Okay. Get in the car, sweetie.
Danny, go and get
inside the house, okay?
Hey, babe.
Aren't you even gonna say hi?
Where are you going? Come on!
Um... Okay, listen.
I want you to go to your room,
lock the door,
don't let anyone in, okay?
Do you understand me? Okay.
[Nick] Let me in.
What are you gonna do?
Where are you gonna go?
[music continues]
Come on, Katie, this is silly.
I just wanna talk!
Maybe I'll go back to the house
to get Danny.
-Boy needs a father.
You stay away from him.
[music continues]
It's no use, Katie.
Nowhere left to run.
Come on, Nick,
what are you gonna do?
-What, are you gonna kill me?
-Why not?
-You're already dead.
-Don't do this.
Shut up! You are so dumb.
You made it so easy for me.
Erased your identity,
isolated yourself.
-I'll just take Danny.
-Don't do this.
It'll be like you never existed.
Don't do this.
-Nick! Nick! Nick!
[Katie gasps] Lucas?
Lucas, be careful!
-[Katie] No!
No! Stop!
Anna, get out of here.
[Katie] Nick!
I know you, Katie.
You're too good of a person
to shoot me.
My name is Anna now.
[intense music]
[birds chirping]
[Katie] Hi, mom.
You made it.
[laughs] You're crushing me.
Ah, I'm never gonna let you go.
Danny, this is your granny.
Come here, angel. Give me a hug.
Is this Lucas? You didn't
tell me how handsome he is.
[laughs] Lucas,
this is my mom, Evelyn.
Oh. I got a hug for ya.
Oh. Thank you so much
for taking care of my family.
I hope to do it for a while.
-Your house smells good.
That's because I baked you
a big birthday cake.
-But it's not my birthday today.
-Well, I know.
But I've missed
eight of them already.
We have a lot of catching up
to do. Come on.
See what we have...
You know, we gotta make up
for a lot of lost time, too.
Yes. [chuckles]
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]