Hidden Man (2018) Movie Script

Let's strike together.
I'll strike first.
My pistol is faster than your sword.
My sword is the best sword in all Japan.
Muramasa used it to kill
and replace his master.
He did it for fame, and I for the throne.
But not under the banner of master li.
Master li is not my birth father.
So who then?
Zhu is the name of the ming emperors.
Evidence proves I am their descendant.
No one escapes.
No one gets out alive.
Tianran, today I betroth
your stepsister to you.
- Agreed?
- Yes, master!
Let's make it official!
Good boy.
My wife gave birth to your stepsister.
On my 38th birthday,
I found you near beixin bridge.
Now, I'm 48.
How old does that make you?
Nice arithmetic!
Today all three of us celebrate our
birthdays. Your stepsister is 18.
You're 13.
My wife is five years older than me,
your stepsister is five
years older than you too.
This tradition keeps us virile.
Why didn't the dog bark?
Master, I'm here to
celebrate your birthday.
I didn't invite you.
No, but I had to come.
Get up.
I'm no master to an opium dealer.
Master for one day, master for life.
This is nemoto ichiro, my Japanese partner.
You rescued me from the
streets when I was three.
You've been my master
and father ever since.
I come bearing gifts every year.
Today, my gift is extra special.
I'd rather raze it to the ground
than let the Japanese grow opium.
Master, our martial arts are
no match for their guns.
If you agree now,
a million taels of silver will be yours.
You and your wife can go wherever you wish
and live like royalty.
Go buy a house in hokkaido.
Where is hokkaido?
Madam is right.
Why don't the Japanese
grow opium in their home?
- Civilized people don't grow...
- Get out!
As you wish.
Shut it!
Wrong place, wrong time brother.
Forgive me.
What's wrong with the gun?
Give me your gun!
Great job!
If you didn't kill him,
he would want revenge.
One, two, three!
Hey fella, watch it! For Christ's sake!
"Fifteen years later"
"San Francisco, u.S"
Hey, hey, hey! Come on!
The boss wants to see you!
Bruce, I've approved your application.
I can go back to Peking?
Peiping, my boy. Peiping.
The "king" in Peking means capital,
and now that nanking is
the capital of China.
Peking has been reduced to peiping.
Anyway, China and Japan
are on the brink of war.
And I believe that peiping is where
the first shots will be fired.
That's why I'm sending you
back to your hometown.
This is quite a surprise
after waiting for more than ten years.
I love surprises,
and catching our enemies
with their pants down.
You must set sail soon.
Yes, sir!
Peiping is more important than nanking.
Chiang Kai-shek is just a puppet.
His government is loose assembly of
different factions
each with its own mind and agenda.
And the result is
a dysfunctional central nervous system.
Your arch Nemesis Japan, on the other hand,
is like a rat, shrewd and nimble.
It can burrow into the brain of
an enemy many times its size,
and suck the bones dry.
Your country, brain dead with
a dysfunctional central nervous system,
needs you now.
Am I to serve chiang Kai-shek?
You're to serve the enemies of Japan.
I am the enemy of Japan.
Yes, I'm well aware of your blood feud with
nemoto ichiro and zhu qianlong.
I can finally have my revenge.
Yes, you can have your
revenge, my dear boy.
But remember,
mission before vendetta.
Yes, sir!
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
I've just given you the secret code.
What are you waiting for?
What's the correct response?
C'est la vie.
C'est la vie.
You must not act
until your contact has given you
specific instructions.
Yes, sir!
Yes, sir!
Dad! Here, over here, dad.
It's me!
And here you are.
I shouldn't have come to meet you.
Come on, dad. Did you miss me?
You're not happy to see me?
It's a surprise!
It's not a surprise.
It's a goddamn shock!
This much snow in peiping?
Of course it snows this
much in goddamn peiping.
I can't believe you!
Cut out your nonsense!
Why didn't you cable me in America,
why only 5 hours ago?
Because I know you wouldn't
let me return from America.
Zhu qianlong is now the
chief of police in peiping.
In charge of executions!
That Japanese guy, nemoto,
is now the boss of hundreds of assassins!
You've come back to die!
I'm not here to die but to deliver life.
I'm now a gynecologist who delivers babies.
By the way, I've been
accepted at your hospital.
We're colleagues now.
I'm about to move back to New York.
I'll have to be your successor then.
You've changed since I last saw you.
You've learnt to lie.
Yes. I've changed from a
coward into a soldier.
Dad, shouldn't you let him go first?
This is peiping!
Come on, dad!
You've changed.
Why do foreigners in peiping
all become such assholes?
Since you've become so civilized,
why are you back for blood?
Dad, why has the imperial
walls been torn down?
No demand, no supply.
Don't change the subject!
Tell me! Why return to die?
When master's family died,
I did nothing.
I can never forgive myself...
Forget your nightmare.
I sent you to study medicine in America
so you can live the American dream.
Dad, don't worry!
Our motto is "mission before vendetta".
You think you're a real spy, huh?
No! I think I'm a real doctor.
You must be the son of... of Dr. handler?
Call me Mr. Ian. We've
never met but I know you.
It's an honor.
Mr. Ian, - don't dare
what are you up to?
Off to buy vinegar.
Wrong way!
There are two vinegar shops that way.
They don't sell my kind of vinegar.
Wow! Your vinegar sounds great.
Better than the greatest!
Put it this way,
I make dumplings just to savor the vinegar.
Come over for dumplings some day.
Jingle bells,
dad, - jingle bells,
- who is that dumpling guy?
- Jingle all the way,
he's the vinegar guy.
Our house boy? Living with us?
No. We are living in his house.
Our landlord?
He's got 12 properties like
this in peiping alone.
In the 12th year of your
great ancestor's reign,
100 artists painted his portrait.
Upon seeing them,
he had 95 of the artists slaughtered.
This portrait is by one
of the five survivors.
Why did they have to die?
Were the portraits no good?
No, but because they made
your great ancestor look
too dignified to look like himself.
Good! They deserved it.
If not for his wisdom to
leave this life-like portrait,
your bloodline would now be lost.
No! The zhu name lives on in me.
My great ancestor,
your direct descendant salutes you.
My god! Extra pure imperial breed.
Get a camera.
I want a photo with him before
I revive his dynasty.
Look this way.
I look where he looks.
Hey, look at me, look at me!
Who are you?
I'm your son.
What's your name?
Li tianran.
Dr. Bruce handler!
- Okay. Dr. Bruce handler.
- No, not okay.
Your mother is not from peiping.
She's American Indian.
And don't ever tell me
that you're a soldier.
Soldier my ass!
I'd rather you be a coward.
But I'm not a coward,
you've no chance! Zero!
Nanny xi,
you make a killer black
eggs with green pepper!
You like? My recipe.
And that white crepe with blue stinky tofu!
Don't bother, no one's eavesdropping.
Cheers, dad!
No ice! No ice in single malt!
It's expensive whisky!
So what? This is 59 degrees!
He gets drunk and fools
around without remembering.
Tell your dad not to get drunk.
- Yes, madam!
- Not madam, I'm nanny.
Not assassination but get them face to face
and tell them it's
punishment for their crimes.
The law should decide their punishment.
Okay, fine. Should I go
report them to the police?
Go to zhu's office to confront him?
Chief zhu, you killed your master's family,
now execute yourself! Right?
You don't even know where
the police station is.
You are totally clueless, boy.
And what police chief sits
in his office all day?
- Where is he?
- He's everywhere, everywhere, man!
Hand made by yours truly.
- Seven dumplings each, while hot!
- Sure thing.
Where did you get my ancestor's portrait?
From puyi, the last emperor.
Did he rip you off?
No big deal.
Mr. Ian, I must repay you somehow.
Let me do something for you.
- Don't mention it!
- I insist.
Help me kill someone?
That's too easy. How many?
- Just one.
- One? Give me the name.
Nemoto ichiro.
Why kill him?
He's currently helping me.
Change to someone else!
You believe this jap will make you emperor?
The japs do have a good track record.
They made puyi emperor again.
Let me remind you,
the japs used puyi and now are using you.
It's all part of their scheme.
You need to be careful.
Should I rely on chiang Kai-shek instead?
- He's even worse.
- The guy keeps a diary.
No decent man keeps a diary.
- That's right.
- Do you?
No. And you?
Who'd believe a diary
reveals true feelings?
Idiots maybe.
Cheers to idiots!
If 1 can't rely on the
japs or chiang Kai-shek,
who should I rely on then?
Rely on us.
I know you guys are powerful.
During the anti-imperial revolution,
the Southern Republicans
did nothing but fire one shot.
I know you guys in the north fired all
the shots to overthrew the qing.
Our northern army single handedly
overthrew the emperor...
- And brought the Republic.
- Yes.
But remember, we're still
active and scattered.
For you, I've already made deals with my
brothers in the south and west. We're ready
to help you build a great new ming dynasty.
Mr. Ian, I feel enlightened
when I talk to you.
- You know why?
- Our hearts are pure.
We're selfless.
Revive the great ming dynasty.
A worthy cause.
- I agree to kill nemoto.
- Right!
What's your offer?
My offer?
You've got to make an offer
to validate the deal.
- Otherwise, it would seem fake.
- Sounds reasonable.
I have limited resources,
can't offer much in return.
But I can help you remove
a Thorn from your side.
I have a Thorn?
The Thorn is the person
who makes you restless.
Who's that?
The Thorn's name is li.
Li tianran, you must remember...
- No. I'm Bruce handler.
- Great, Dr. handler.
you're an American gynecologist
at union hospital.
Li tianran died 15 years ago in that fire.
Li tianran?
That's right.
- He's pure evil!
- Pure.
- A criminal who deserves to be damned.
- Precisely.
I have to get rid of him
before I become emperor.
So, you kill nemoto and I give you li.
But what does this have to
do with killing nemoto?
Brother, how do you still not get it?
You can't be Japan's bitch.
In fact, we support you as
emperor to resist the japs.
This officer has something
to report to you, uncle zhu.
What is it?
No matter how many dead, Mr. Ian's
dumplings are not to be disturbed!
- Mr. Ian, I've got to go.
- Sure, sure.
Mr. Ian, I should come here more often.
You must! This room may not be much,
but the "dreams of red
chamber" was written here.
- Which school is your daughter at?
- The catholic one.
- Want somewhere better?
- What's better?
Peking? Tsinghua? I'll help.
Catholic's fine. Close to home.
A girl's virtue doesn't
depend on education...
- Mr. Ian!
- Who is it?
Dr. handler!
Finished your dumplings?
- Well... my guest needs to leave on urgent business.
- Hi, I'm Bruce!
- Hey, hey! Are you crazy?!
- Bruce handler.
You've only just operated on a corpse,
how dare you be shaking somebody's hand!
So shake my hand instead.
His father says he has
just dissected a body,
and may be carrying germs
that could kill you.
I'm about to examine the
body of an American woman,
who was killed by the city walls.
Her heart and liver have been ripped out,
her whole abdomen emptied!
You Americans shouldn't
venture out at night.
It's very dangerous here.
The front gate is over there.
Why are they going that way?
A lot of gates to this huge mansion.
It used to belong to
the sixth Princess of the emperor.
The cars go back out
the back entrance onto bensi alley.
But listen,
you heard it this is
really a dangerous place.
But dad, what you said
makes it more dangerous.
Who's gonna believe that
did I say at home?
I said at the hospital.
I want li alive.
But I want nemoto dead.
Get a good night's sleep.
This is the very room where the "dreams
of the red chamber" was written.
How do you know?
Mr. Ian told me.
He certainly knows a lot of people.
Are you sure that wasn't zhu?
You wish!
I don't need to know why
you brought li back.
But you can't expose him to zhu like that!
- You're angry.
- I'm angry!
- You're very angry.
- I'm very angry!
Please sit down!
I didn't want them to meet like that.
It was an accident.
You can bring him back
but I can take him away.
I'm his legal father.
You're just his secret superior.
You can't want to ruin my plans.
Just like that?
You said years of preparation for
one moment of glory.
You've prepped li for 15
years and I for over 20.
Am I also one of your pawns?
Dr. handler!
What's wrong with you?
We're brothers!
We're brothers from another mother!
My two sons even called you father!
I didn't catch you today, brother zhu!
I will get you and nemoto,
and kill you both while
looking you in the eyes.
I swear by whatever I hold sacred,
that I will carry out,
according to my ability
and my judgement the following oath.
To consider dear to me
as my parents him who taught me this art,
respected by all men and in all times.
But if I swerve from it or violate it,
may the reverse be my lot.
Dr. handler, your resume
is most impressive.
- Thank you very much
- Welcome, welcome.
I'll do my best.
Thank you.
Why don't you say a few words to everybody?
Oh, yes!
For me it's a pleasure
to work with you guys.
I just have one question that
why are we swearing an oath to a kidney?
This right kidney belongs to
a very famous Peking gentleman.
It is perfectly healthy,
but was removed by mistake.
The diseased kidney remained in him.
And just like that...
Accompanied him to the
end of his afterlife.
Which doctor performed that surgery?
It was... l.
I'm sorry, sir.
That's fine.
- Knowing one's flaws is brave.
- Dr. handler! Dr. handler!
The police have arrived and
the corpse is ready for you.
We need to go now!
Cranial bones are cracked.
The brain is lost.
Left eye socket's battered.
The left eye is missing.
Let's check the ribs.
No.3, no.4 is broken outwards.
The heart is completely removed.
The right kidney is... completely removed.
The uterus is 80% gone.
The bladder, appendix...
The bladder...
Yes, bladder.
What's with the bladder?
Chief zhu, why are you here?
You need to get out of here.
This is an infected area.
This is my space.
It's very dangerous. Come on!
But I was here last month!
But I've never seen this before.
The corpse is powerfully toxic.
You could die!
Ptomaine? Poison?
I need everybody out. Get out!
Out, out, out! Come on! Out, out, out!
Dr. handler?
Yes, I am.
No. You aren't Dr. handler.
He's my father.
What can I do for you?
Your father is not here,
you can give me my shot.
Go on. Top left corner.
Forever young? Anti-aging shot?
But you're hardly old!
Thanks to this shot.
Once a week.
I'm 70. Can't you tell?
Oh no! Only 69!
I prefer to get myself ready.
I hung it up over there.
Very nice.
Good boy.
I have to go out of town to
execute opium dealers...
I'll come do you later. Don't!
First corpses then executions...
I'll disinfect myself like your ass.
Please disinfect here again.
Sure. Why not?
Two japs, three Koreans
and the rest Chinese.
They're ready at the execution ground.
- Reporters?
- Also there.
International enough?
Not enough.
Make it enough!
Yes, sir!
Your touch is heavier than your father.
I will do better next time.
I like your style.
Thank you, madam.
Chinese style,
American style...
As you wish.
American style.
Smart boy. Bye.
You forgot your secret.
Hand the Japanese over to their consulate.
Yes, sir!
Take the Koreans back to the station...
For a good beating.
Yes, sir!
Only these?
Give me the gun.
Chief zhu!
The people's hero!
Folks, just like I always say!
The people's hero!
Good trumps evil!
He says good trumps evil?
He's the most evil!
Don't people know that I am the good?
But people see him as a good cop, a hero
and a model disciple.
When I kill him, good
will finally trump evil.
You'll kill a good cop, a hero.
They'll want your head.
No way!
Alright, I'll show you something.
For 15 years, every night I have the same
nightmare of them killing...
- And I am paralyzed there.
- You're a doctor.
You know it's traumatic stress disorder.
Everyone, including animals,
would react the same.
Just this morning,
I dreamt those two pointing their guns
at me. And I froze there like a rock.
And I froze there like a rock.
Hearing the gunshots. Bang!
Get lost! Bastards!
Calm down! I'm an American doctor.
Who is your commander?
Hey, what's going on?
Where is your commander?
I'm the commander.
Oh! Captain Sushi!
You and your donkeys have to move!
Or I will shoot!
You entered my military area,
and interrupted our drill,
and blocked my tank.
Your tank?
This is a donkey trail.
Your tank can go anywhere it wants.
I like this road. You chink!
I like this road.
My ass likes this road.
Then I will shoot!
I will shoot you now! You chink!
Here's my passport.
You wanna know who you're gonna shoot?
How dare you threaten me with
your American passport?
I am threatening you with
my American passport.
If you got it in you, shoot me!
Come on!
You hairy ass man!
You're gonna have to follow my ass. Okay?
Your donkeys don't have passport, right?
I will shoot your donkeys!
The great imperial Japanese army.
What do they have to do with two asses?
With mini tanks, mini japs...
My tank will charge all
the way to Washington...
- Into the white house.
- Great!
You know I'm too busy,
but I'll send my ass to wait
for you in the white house.
Yes, farewell!
Farewell, bastards!
American passport is a piece of paper
but it can stop the army.
Yeah, that's cos we've got bigger tanks
and bigger armies, man.
The japs are not civilized.
No, they're not.
Once they've been hurt, they'll learn.
Zhu erected this statue of your master.
Every year, the mountain is
full of people paying their respects.
Zhu and his men.
Zhu stays on his knees for hours,
crying his eyes out.
The press and the people
are touched by his devotion.
It's made him very popular.
He murdered my master,
and now he mourns for him.
But no one suspects him as the murderer.
Then, who's the murderer?
Not only did you murder your master, but
you've also become a dog kneeling before him.
I'm back.
I will avenge you.
You burst my pig bladder.
It's expensive! Pay up!
- Sorry.
- You'd better pay up!
Pop goes the bladder, here comes the buyer.
Sorry, I'm not buying meat.
Then why did you pop that?
- I just paid your relative.
- Who?
- The tall skinny guy.
- I'm the skinniest in my family!
You've been conned by a junkie. Catch him!
My money!
I gave them all the money.
But I can give you your wallet.
Save one life, save the world entire.
Thank you, my brother.
I've cleared last month's debt
and paid next month's too.
Today, fortune has brought us together,
we'll still be friends in the next life.
Getting high while studying Japanese.
Getting high while studying.
How great is that...
Give me back my money.
- Welcome!
- No shot!
That's my money!
No shot!
No refunds but we can offer
you a shot every day.
How dare you inject me!
I'll sort you out!
Such a handsome young man,
pity you're a junkie.
Pity you're a cripple.
Mr. pan's bike?
This belongs to sir Reginald,
the last emperor's tutor.
He left it to his favorite pupil, right?
This must be the residence of
peiping's top film critic, Mr. pan.
Wrong again.
This is the tailor shop
of madam guan qiaohong.
Could I please have some water?
Please come in, young master.
Feel free to look around.
I'll make you some tea.
Calligraphy from the last emperor!
Old friend. Old boss.
You make costumes for the Peking opera?
It's for the Paris fashion week.
I thought it was the emperor's.
His majesty is now with the Japanese.
But the honorable sir Reginald continues to
fly the qing flag on his
island in Scotland.
The material and tailoring is exquisite.
Where the hell am 1?
Have I come to the wrong place?
Miss tang, the suits are ready.
I will deliver the imperial
robe when it's ready.
These are all yours?
Yes, I've always loved men's clothing.
Remember what I wore,
when you gave me my shot?
Exciting... remember 69?
Chinese style.
You can now make it down the stairs.
What progress!
I'm taking the clothes. Great work!
You're most welcome.
Have you met? The best
seamstress in peiping.
Guan qiaohong.
Ms. guan.
You're the one I was looking for, qiaohong!
Ms. guan.
Ms. guan,
please forgive me for my rudeness earlier.
Have we met?
Yes. I shouldn't have called you a cripple.
I am a cripple.
You just need rehabilitation
after your foot surgery.
That's why I'm here. I'm a doctor.
What kind of doctor?
Mr. pan, time to see our guest out.
Young master, please leave.
I'm a doctor with the union hospital.
Dr. handler is my father.
You took some strong stuff...
To think you're the son of an American.
I don't serve junkies.
I'm really a doctor.
- Go.
- Sir, please!
Please don't call me sir.
There's been a misunderstanding...
Hey, I'm not even allowed upstairs!
I'm here.
When did you go down?
I never went up.
Why didn't I see you?
I've always been here.
What are you doing?
My father respects you a lot.
He said you were the first woman
to surgically correct your bound feet.
He said your dream was to run
but this is the wrong way,
it may even stop you from walking.
You need a scientific way...
Or you will be a cripple.
- Have some tea first...
- It's terrible.
Before you become a cripple.
Use a cup!
Sorry, sorry.
Science says rehab is twice
as important as the surgery.
Leave your feet to me.
Pennies from heaven?
I must be hallucinating.
You look just like my stepsister's twin.
With the drugs,
everything looks like your stepsister.
Money doesn't just fall from heaven.
This is payment for tea and clothes.
Who from?
Flew away.
A very modern way to pay!
Best seamstress,
can you make me something special?
An invisible cloak, so no one can see me.
Look at that piece, it's
that what you're after?
That's it!
You've made it for me already?
In peiping, you're not the only one,
who wants to be invisible.
I'm not going to do anything shady.
Such a fine-looking man,
shame you're an addict.
I don't do drugs.
I'm not an addict!
You have no idea how much
I hate opium and its growers.
Especially the japs!
One day,
I'm going to get rid of them all.
Young Dr. handler...
A real man never boasts.
I speak from my heart.
Under the city wall,
over there,
the warehouses are full of Japanese opium.
If you can, go burn it.
Alright, I'll go now.
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
Waiting for you to burn the opium stock.
You don't look like a seamstress.
And you don't act like a doctor.
If you are familiar
with them, they forget their position.
But if you keep them at a distance,
they are discontented.
Confucius says,
of all people in the world, young women and petty
men are the most difficult to keep in the house.
If you are familiar with them,
they forget their position.
But if you keep them at a distance,
they are discontented.
What does he mean by women and petty men?
He was speaking of his
concubines and slaves.
Difficult? That's his problem.
Not for me.
I'm not even married.
One is the child of the divine law.
After one come two, after two come three.
After three come ten thousand.
L, therefore, have ten thousand wives.
I have not seen one
who loves virtue as he loves beauty.
I have not seen one
who loves virtue as he loves beauty.
When a man at forty
is the object of dislike,
he will always continue what he is.
I have not seen one...
Dad, I'm back!
Dad, I'm... back.
A man needs presentable clothes.
Miss tang?
If these fabrics don't
suffice, I can send more.
It's ok. The seamstress refuses to
make me clothes.
Don't worry,
good tailors are a dime a dozen in peiping.
- Thank you.
- No need to be polite with me.
I have a favour to ask in return.
Dr. handler parties too much.
You will administer my shots from now on.
What party?
The orgy party.
You've never been?
Oh, no...
It's too cold.
Why is it that all foreign men want sex,
and all Chinese men want the throne?
Might it be that all Chinese women
want to be empress?
Do you think I can be empress?
You should ask your man.
I couldn't care less what I become,
but he has big ambitions.
By ming dynasty customs,
when he dies all his concubines
will be buried with him.
Only the empress is spared.
Oh my god!
You have to be empress.
From the start,
I knew you were a kindred spirit.
Help me!
How about this,
I can help you in a scientific way.
Yes! I believe in science.
I respect science.
But can science really
measure human feelings?
Science can detect lies, right?
- Then, it can also detect feelings.
- Makes sense!
I'm thinking that I can add a few
ingredients to your anti-aging shot.
After the shot, your body will release more
dopamine and serotonin.
Followed by more oxytocin.
Then when you're intimate
with your partner,
it'll trigger him to release
masses of male oxytocin.
- That's right!
- I learnt that in Cambridge.
Sounds very scientific.
Let's get down to it!
Come on!
How come I fell asleep?
- Just a side effect.
- How long was I out for?
It's sunset already.
The sun was already
setting when you arrived.
You dishonored me.
No, not yet!
Nanny xi was tending you the whole time.
I fell asleep on your bed
and you didn't even dishonor me.
I've never been so dishonored in my life.
I'm sorry.
But remember,
don't take a bath for a
week after this shot.
Who did this cupping therapy?
It's all uneven.
How come it's square cups?
"Nemoto's collection"?!
Who the hell did this?
I'll tell you after you make me empress!
Marry me first.
Get out!
Miss tang.
Get out!
Out? You mean me?
I wasn't talking to you!
Miss tang,
you know the meditation,
the anti-aging shot.
I'm going back to America.
- Can you come and...
- Dr. handler.
Chief zhu?
Are you leaving?
Just for a short time.
Your son too?
No, he's not going.
Well, then. Let me treat you to dinner.
There's really no need...
Make it tomorrow night. At the grand hotel.
Mr. Ian too.
See you then.
What's the matter?
My gut tells me, your cover's blown.
They've invited me to dinner tomorrow
in order to kill you.
If they want to kill me,
I'll kill them first.
Not within 500 metres and you're dead.
I can get within a foot of
them without detection.
Down to business.
- I have a patient...
- What's that?
Whose airline is test flying
the peiping-New York route.
There's a flight in two days,
you fly back to New York.
Hello you ass.
Why did you brand your
seal on my woman's ass?
My seal has been stolen.
By whom?
The artful dodger of peiping.
I executed him a long time ago!
My sword... is also missing.
Your sword is missing.
On my woman's ass, your name is flashing.
Someone is targeting me.
Is that Mr. nemoto?
Mr. Ian?
It's me.
You alone?
Me too.
Someone stole my sword and seal,
used my seal to brand zhu's woman's ass.
He and his son blocked our tank,
disrupted our military exercise.
- Is this person still alive?
- But he's your tenant. You get rid of him.
Mr. nemoto,
now it's not easy to get
rid of an American.
Your conditions?
I can tell you our military plans,
which cities we are going to attack.
That doesn't help.
Chiang Kai-shek is no match for you.
Then what about a confidential list
of all who collaborate with the Japanese?
That's better.
Give it to me now.
Kill this American first.
Tell your men to tail every jap.
How about this then.
Can't we just kill them all for you?
Killing is not your job.
Tailing them is your mission.
Look! What's this?
A bicycle.
This is a rehab machine I designed for you.
Really? Aren't you a gynecologist?
That's why I know that stretching out bound
feet is more painful than childbirth.
Look! French clogs.
Put your foot inside and
it will be fully extended.
Peddle, peddle hard!
Your bones and tendons will
eventually be realigned.
Push through the pain for an hour,
three times a day.
I guarantee you will walk like flying.
And never be a cripple again.
Why do you care if I'm a cripple?
Because I do.
Because when we first met
I called you a cripple.
How come Dr. handler never
mentioned he had a son?
He'd rather no one know I exist.
He didn't want me to come back to peiping.
Now he wants me to go back to New York.
Do you think I should?
I think...
You should listen to your father.
I should go then.
Three babies are waiting for birth.
I need to get back to union hospital
hey. Wait...
Your hat...
Keep it
and wear it when you're cycling.
Hands up!
Turn around.
I'll make you a coat.
Come get it in a few days.
I can't accept your bicycle for free.
When you give my woman
her anti-aging shots,
is it on the left or right butt cheek?
She comes for the shots once a week.
On the left one week, the right the next.
And the last time, which side was it on?
I can't remember.
Was it you who gave the shot?
No attention to details!
The left? As you like.
Maybe in the middle.
Mr. Ian!
I took you for a man of decency!
You already get to see her ass,
how dare you dishonor
it with nemoto's name?
Honey, Dr. handler doesn't remember.
Take off your pants and help him
to refresh his memory!
You stop this!
Let's change the subject.
Don't! Don't take your pants off.
I'm too shy to look.
But I don't get it.
What did her ass do?
What name?
Someone stole my sword and my seal,
then used the seal to brand
miss tang's backside.
That's easy to resolve.
Shouldn't miss tang know?
I did it myself.
let me make it clear.
I had the seal carved for nemoto and
made a copy for myself.
I stamped it on myself.
Oh, thank god!
I've told you in bed. Marry me first.
Are you sure it was Dr. handler
who gave you the shot and not his son?
He has a son?
- Why haven't I met him?
- I've met him.
I remember I only shook
his hand the other night.
- You should introduce him.
- He's on the night shift.
He's not leaving. Only me.
Mr. Ian,
remember what we discussed
on the city walls...
Of course, I remember!
I was wondering what was
pressing into my ass...
Dr. handler,
you branded "nemoto's
collection on my woman.
And you think you can just leave?!
I'm not sure I understand you.
What I mean is you're not going anywhere.
Nowhere at all.
And what if I did?
What are you gonna do?
Dr. handler,
if you leave,
I'll be without my imperial physician.
I've been observing you for a long time.
After I succeed,
I'll make you my chief imperial physician.
I said you wouldn't be going anywhere!
The champagne is chilled.
I'm having a serious conversation
with my cabinet members.
You've interrupted me four times.
Sir, please leave.
We don't serve men who dishonor women.
And our boss is Belgian.
I dishonored my own woman.
What's it to him?
He dishonored his own woman.
What's it to you?
If you won't leave, I'm calling the police.
Hush... I am the police.
He said he is the police.
This is the legation quarters!
It was leased to you by
the qing government.
It's not valid with me!
Yesterday, you promised to marry me.
But I've heard nothing but
"ass" since we arrived.
That makes us even, right?
You are all insane. Just you wait!
Your slaps woke me up.
What was I saying?
Before that.
Marry me.
- Before that.
- Champagne.
Yes, that's it!
Serve it!
I finally appreciate what
my great ancestor had to go through.
When the going gets tough,
I look at his portrait.
You tuxedo wearing refugees!
This hotel is mine!
Get out! Get out!
You want to see something hairy?
Well get a load of this.
Let me tell you something...
Get off of there!
Shut up!
The grand hotel belongs to Americans!
Alright, alright.
Listen to me. Hush...
It's all my fault.
My friend is drunk.
He has to leave peiping tomorrow.
He is obviously distraught.
Let us finish this bottle?
You have two minutes.
One is enough.
Goodbye! Goodbye!
Champagne, champagne for all!
You brought li back without my knowledge.
I know that you are
using his vendetta to kill your enemies.
Why not do it yourself?
Years of preparation for a
single moment of glory!
Your pawn is leaving with me.
Your plans are ruined.
He won't leave with you.
I've already sent evidence to the press.
One phone call and all of peiping will know
the young Dr. handler is
in fact li back to get his revenge.
He has no option but to leave with me.
Dr. handler,
- you will get him killed.
- No chance!
Our marines will escort us all
the way onto the plane.
We are going to America, to New York.
It was for his sake that
I made you his father.
It was so that he would
bear the handler name.
I've financed you for 15 years.
I buy you, I buy you!
Hey, Mr. chink!
You think you can buy us
with your dirty money?
To me,
the nips, and you,
are just like clothe-wearing monkeys.
Dr. handler, let me be frank.
Li is mine.
I'm using him and guiding him.
Guiding him?
What about your sons?
You guided them.
One died in combat at
the hands of a warlord,
the other in combat at the
hands of the Japanese.
You guided them, didn't you?
Dr handler,
my sons died for their country.
Don't you ever insult them.
You know I have nothing
but respect for them.
The insult was meant for you!
You guided them to their deaths and
you'll do the same to li.
Why bring him back to kill?
Not him, someone else will do it.
Zhu will kill nemoto for him.
Then he kills zhu?
I'll trade li for zhu killing nemoto.
Then I'll control zhu's army
once he is the jap's enemy.
You're worse than I thought.
I'll take your plan to li and let him kill.
And the first kill will be you!
Dear friend, pardon?
I said the first kill will be you!
I'm sorry, I am sorry...
I'm sorry, I am sorry...
Dear friends and the honorable chief zhu.
That would be me.
I admit my guilt.
I killed Pamela.
He said he killed Pamela.
I ripped her open,
I fried and ate her organs.
To divert chief zhu's attention,
with the pretense of a shot,
I stamped nemoto's seal on
the backside of miss tang.
I am a sick man.
Please forget me.
Death will not absolve me.
Wallace handler.
He didn't steal the sword or the seal.
He didn't brand miss
tang's backside either.
Nor did he kill Pamela.
He took the fall for you.
I'm sorry.
I'm to blame.
I killed him!
It was me!
I killed him.
It was me! It was me!
- It was me!
- It was me!
I killed him with my own hands.
My dear Bruce,
I'd hoped that you would never
have to hear what I'm about to tell you.
However your actions and
the dire situation you've put us in
leaves me no choice but
to tell you the truth.
Mr. Ian is your real superior.
He's also your adoptive father.
From now on,
you must obey him, unconditionally.
Fifteen years ago,
on the night of your 13th birthday,
Dr. handler was intoxicated.
It was Mr. Ian who dragged
your burning body out of the fire.
It was Mr. Ian who carried you
in his arms to the hospital.
Indeed, it was Mr. Ian who arranged
for your adoption to Dr. handler
and sent you to America.
And it was his money that
paid for the best education
you can get there.
Now I want you to go to him.
Look him in the eyes and call him "father".
Father, tell me,
what am I to do now?
How can you be so foolish
to brand zhu's woman with nemoto's seal!
I was out of my mind on opium.
I stole the sword, I stole the seal,
I branded her ass.
It was all me.
If you make another mistake,
you'll lose another father.
If you act like this again,
I'll be the next to die for you.
Yes, father! I will always obey you.
Good. Now close your eyes.
Ian Ian.
Why am I here?
I need you to stay here.
This place is 108 meters above sea level.
So I'm 38 meters above ground.
From now on, I want you
to ring the bell everyday
so that I know you are alive.
But remember,
don't come looking for me. I'll find you.
Repeat it.
Don't come looking for you. You'll find me.
This is my messenger.
Open it.
Eighteen short, eighteen long.
Eighteen neither short nor long.
The bell count.
Ring once every four hours,
Way back,
someone gave my grandfather
this bottle of Brandy.
He drank a quarter and
passed it on to my father.
My father drank a quarter
and passed it on to me.
I drank a quarter,
and I was going to pass
it on to my two sons.
Father, I am your son!
That's good.
They say this bottle of
Brandy is 100 years old.
If you drink this much everyday,
it should last you two months.
In two months, I'll come for you.
If I don't, war has broken out.
In which case,
you can kill at will!
Kill as many nemotos as you can.
I thought killing him could stop the war.
If you kill nemoto now,
war will break out immediately,
and we will be blamed for everything.
Mr. Ian!
Hi uncle zhu!
Learning to drive with your dad?
Time for bed.
Yes, sir!
Mr. Ian.
What you did was too reckless.
You wrote that suicide note.
Your fingerprints are all over it.
That makes you the second suspect.
His son is the primary suspect.
The way I see it, we had a deal.
Handler is dead.
I'm waiting for nemoto's head.
I will eliminate anyone
who gets in my way. Anyone.
Are you threatening me?
No. You're threatening me!
Give me li.
Give me nemoto's head.
Shall we talk over dinner?
Is that eye of yours better?
Well enough to see you.
You give me nemoto,
then I give you li.
It was him, after all.
let me remind you,
the next time it could be
more than just your eye.
The evidence is all here,
now bring him to me.
I'd love to
but you're stopping him.
I could have summoned him anytime.
But now I can't.
- Why?
- I no longer have the tools.
What tools?
My messenger pigeon.
Where is it?
You cooked it.
Mr. Ian!
My dad didn't commit suicide.
He couldn't have killed Pamela.
He was murdered.
If you won't avenge your father,
then get lost.
I don't want to see a man
crying like a coward.
I'm not a coward!
Then what are you?
If you don't,
you should kill yourself
to redeem yourself.
Who are you?
How can you be so cruel?
Those seeking revenge must be cruel.
You're scared, aren't you?
Then I'll avenge him myself.
Just because he healed your feet?
Yes. Isn't that reason enough?
He made me to believe in myself again.
He allowed me to run again.
Only with these running feet,
can I have my revenge.
Who branded your ass?
I told you, me.
Fine. Let's do it the proper way.
here's another one for you.
Yes, sir!
I confess.
It was the young Dr. handler.
He branded me with his own hands.
He said it was the scientific way
to detect your true feelings.
I was afraid you wouldn't marry me.
This isn't your way home.
I'm not going home.
Are you scared?
I can't go home.
Who's stopping you?
Don't follow me.
Why is he stopping you?
You can't come any further.
How you thought about his intentions?
Are you a fugitive on the run?
Go back!
Mr. pan!
Can't I say it's shit without seeing it?
Why must I watch the movie?
I won't watch it and I still say it's shit.
If I won't watch it then it must be shit.
The director is an asshole?
Even as a eunuch,
I know more about loving a woman.
Does China need screwdrivers?
China needs movies.
That's a woman for you.
You give her a seed,
she gives you a baby.
You give her a house,
she gives you a home.
You give her a smile,
she gives you her heart.
You branded me with nemoto's name,
I branded with my name a thousand times.
Have you detected your man's true feelings?
I have.
Zhu's an asshole.
He's history. I want to
serve you, your majesty.
I've bought two islands
south of the Maldives.
My schoolmate from Cambridge told me that
the new ice age was coming.
The sea level will continue to drop.
These two islands are
going to get bigger and bigger
until they join up with Australia.
By that time,
the Southern hemisphere will be ours.
We can sun bathe and make babies everyday.
Soon we will give birth
to a whole new nation.
The kingdom of handler.
Sorry I can't leave.
Because of that seamstress?
Because of my mortal enemy
who murdered my whole family.
I'll help you get your revenge.
No, you can't.
Why ever not?
Tell me.
He killed my master and his whole family.
We were both adopted by master.
His name is zhu qianlong.
What money?
If you think this is about money,
then we're not friends.
Don't talk to me about money.
Sir Reginald used to say,
there are three things
never to Sully:
The first is movie.
The second is movie.
- Where is he?
- What?
- The third is movie. You know?
- Where is he?
- My film review.
- Hang up!
If they hear you abusing me,
no one will want my reviews.
I'm your father's friend.
I'm here for your father's
unfinished business.
I stay out of trouble
but you bring a gynecologist home
to treat your feet.
I feel ashamed for you.
I feel grief for your
father and for myself...
Come here.
Can you stop this nonsense?
What nonsense?
I was only writing film reviews...
You don't watch movies
and you are illiterate.
Fake film critic.
My reviews are only five characters.
Try writing a sixth.
Straight for the jugular!
This iron bar was left on the doorstep...
Clothes left here and your
bike is toppled over...
Was the young Dr. handler here earlier?
- Yes.
- Where is he now?
- He left.
- To do what?
He went looking for a screwdriver.
Damn. Something's wrong.
Everyone in peiping knows that
the killer was the 13-year-old
younger disciple.
The name of the younger
disciple is li tianran.
He's the one kneeling
by his master's statue.
But your name is Bruce handler...
I am the younger disciple.
My real name is li.
Then I should call you Bruce Lee.
If you can't help me with my revenge,
at least give me something to wear.
Wait a minute.
What did you inject me with?
The same as you gave me.
Where is he?
Bruce Lee...
Where is the screwdriver?
Where did you go in
search of a screwdriver?
I was kidnapped.
By a woman?
How did you know?
Because you stink.
It's perfume.
She must really stink
to use so much perfume.
I've got something to tell you.
Put on pan's pants.
Mr. pan?
You're naked.
Oh sorry!
Wait for me by dongsi archway.
I'll come find you.
I've been waiting for an hour.
You told me to pedal for an hour.
What? You...
Fine. I'll carry you over.
No need. You go first.
No need.
Come on. Jump towards me.
Don't move!
I'm gifted.
My feet were bound when I was three
yet I still could ride a motorcycle.
Now that your father has
stretched them out,
I have much better support.
I can jump over any archway.
You're the bell-ringer?
Eighteen short, eighteen long,
you heard?
Who cares?
I ring it perfectly every time.
How long do you have to do this?
One more month.
If my father doesn't come get me,
it means war has broken out.
I can then have my revenge.
Do you want a drink... I've alcohol.
- My great grandfather left me...
- Where do you live?
- I drank a quarter, every day
- Where do you live?
Come on in.
Get in.
Put your feet here.
Hold on tight.
Look! Flying above peiping like a god.
Like an American.
Such a huge bell is loud
enough to kill someone.
Yes. They all died so
now I have to toll it.
Why are you living here?
It's father LAN's summer palace.
"Dreams of the red
chamber" was written here.
You just lost your father handler,
but you seem to be in a playful mood.
Have you forgotten him already?
Your real name is li,
li tianran, right?
You're the dog kneeling at
the foot of the great wall,
You're not just a seamstress.
You're not just a doctor.
You're also a murderer.
I'm not.
- Don't move.
- Turn around.
Ian's mansion is now a police station.
Ian is under house arrest.
Zhu has a warrant for your arrest.
You murdered handler.
He's the murderer!
He killed my master and his family.
He probably murdered handler, too.
You say he did it,
he says you did it.
What's your evidence?
He gave me these burn
marks and bullet scars.
You wear women's clothes and
stamped with her name!
Why should I believe you?
If you don't believe me
you can shoot me now!
I have a hundred reasons to shoot you,
and only one reason to spare you.
My master's whole family was killed and
I didn't dare move.
I've been a coward my whole life!
What are you waiting for?
Kill me!
Kill this goddamn coward.
I'm beyond redemption.
If I die,
I'd rather die at your hands.
Why have you come here?
To get you out.
Nonsense! Ridiculous!
Did the seamstress tip you off?
I can't just let you die.
You can't save me.
I'm just an ordinary guy.
I can't go flying around.
Mr. Ian, it's time to eat.
Great dishes today.
I have a question for you.
Why am I in custody?
Because you've hidden li.
What does he look like?
I've no idea,
but there's his photo
on the wanted posters.
Do you know this guy?
It's li!
Get him over here. Quick!
Hold him! Hold him!
Father, what should I do now?
This food is good. Take it.
The more commotion you
create on the outside,
the safer I am here.
- Ian!
- Calm down!
You should take the camera
and have your men develop it.
Thanks for tipping me off.
I went to him
and received the order to create commotion.
Thank you for your gun.
This is nemoto's sword.
Keep it for me.
I told you to burn their opium
but you stole a sword.
I'll keep my word.
I saw ads for the sword.
First it was a cash reward.
Then a duel for the sword
but because you didn't show,
he's now labeled all Chinese cowards.
So what? I will eventually
settle all scores.
If you tell me everything,
aren't you afraid I betray you?
I'm ninety percent sure
you won't betray me.
It's usually the ten percent that matters.
Oh? I blinked!
We both blinked in this one.
Where is he?
He's right here.
Aiming his gun at you.
Now I'm one hundred percent
sure you won't betray me.
Why did zhu want to kill your master?
Zhu was also adopted by master.
He and nemoto wanted to
grow opium on master's land.
My master refused.
So what were you doing when it happened?
Wow, delicious!
I prepared these specially for you.
You made it?
- Yes.
- You stole it, didn't you?
Where's your great grandfather's alcohol?
I knew you'd come.
This is over 100 years old.
Every time I drink this much.
Warm it up on that stove.
I'll be back.
Who drinks hot Brandy?
Hot show paired with hot alcohol.
Who are you?
What are you doing?
Hey, you bastard!
One, two, three, four.
Disguised as chocolate!
Is this show hot enough?
Hotter and hotter.
I have you to thank.
What for?
Without you, there wouldn't be this fire.
If you hadn't gone to my father,
I wouldn't know he was detained.
He couldn't leave,
and told me to create a
commotion like this.
The more commotion,
the safer he'll be.
You think he will be safe enough?
More than enough.
I'm burning it down for
my father Ian and for myself.
They burnt master's home to grow opium.
In return, I burnt their warehouses.
You should kill them now.
Once the Japanese occupy the city,
you won't have the chance.
I'm waiting for the right time.
Action speaks louder than words.
Take action!
Is my Brandy warmed?
Where is it?
I drank it.
I was going to pass it on to my son.
You need to find a mother
for your son first.
You need a husband?
I have sons.
You still haven't explained
why you spared me.
My feet aren't fully healed yet.
Let me heal them now.
- Not now.
- Now.
- Let me do it!
- No!
Let me do it!
Stand up you bastard!
Opium is our war fund.
The burnt opium in that warehouse
destroys our campaign.
You lost our funds and deserve to die.
this could be a blessing in disguise.
Bloody idiot!
Please don't be angry.
Opium is addictive. Such a large warehouse
with so much opium smoke covering peiping,
the number of potential addicts will
surpass expectations.
There's no doubt that opium sales
will at least double.
Four times at least!
At least four times. Yes, sir!
"The lu gou qiao incident"
however important, you can discuss it here.
Why the hell not?
I have to take him somewhere else.
Why go out?
It's chaos outside.
I'm taking you out.
Can't you talk here?
Mr. Ian,
it's something important.
Here or outside?
I promised you kill American first,
I give you list.
Here it is, French restaurant.
This counts as a list?
You call one name a list?
Everyone knows zhu is a traitor.
This is not confidential.
Rumors are unreliable.
This is an official confirmation from
the imperial army.
We Japanese are always reliable.
You Japanese, outstanding.
Outstanding! Outstanding!
Nemoto sensei,
the way you teach confucius
- is like confucius reincarnated...
- Out!
Okay, enjoy.
The man on the list, if necessary,
we can help you kill him.
You keep him.
Didn't you want him to be a traitor?
He's of no use to us now.
The imperial army is taking peiping anyway.
If you want to replace him,
we can help you.
Please don't help me. I am useless.
But general zhang is useful.
He is about to attack the Japanese.
You can hand over general zhang to us.
I don't know any zhang.
According to our intel,
general zhang is in your hands.
In my hands?
Look, I have nothing in my hands.
But even if I had him,
I can't give him to you.
I don't want to be a traitor.
I heard that all the rickshaw
pullers in peiping are your spies.
I don't quite understand your Chinese.
Kajioka, do it now!
Rickshaw! Rickshaw!
Sir, mission completed.
- Anything else?
- Well done! Dismissed.
Yes, sir! Let's go!
Hurry up!
Please take down their names, professors.
Zheng shilong.
- Duan haochen.
- Hurry up!
Lu Cheng.
For tomorrow's newspapers in nanking.
Your excellency,
by your orders I shot three traitors.
Good job!
I can make you a hero,
or make you a traitor.
It's time for you to act.
Yes, I've been wanting to.
But my father doesn't want
me to make any mistakes.
- It could trigger a war.
- War has already broken out.
See, the japs are attacking
guang'an gate now.
I'm ready to kill.
Just waiting for the right time.
Ask yourself.
Do you really know what you want to do?
I swore I'd get them together,
and kill them the way
they killed my family.
You should kill one first.
Then the other.
That would be only partial revenge.
Hardly satisfying.
Half now is better than waiting.
My father was an army officer.
He was captured by the enemy.
They cut his head off
and hung it on the city
wall for three days.
To avenge this atrocity,
I have prepared myself for ten years.
What have you done?
My enemy was a warlord,
with many soldiers under him.
I was afraid that I could
not succeed alone.
So I sought help.
That's how I met my first husband.
And then?
He told me to wait for the right time.
I bore him two sons.
Then he said,
you should forget about revenge.
You don't need to kill him.
God will punish him.
He's right.
What did you say?
I told him,
get the hell out.
Did he?
Yes, he did.
From then on,
I realized that
revenge is personal.
One person, one gun, that's all it takes.
You opened a tailor shop?
Peiping's elite all come
to me for their clothes.
I thought my enemy would show up one day.
Has he?
Not yet.
So, if you know where your enemies are,
don't look for excuses.
Kill them immediately.
The imperial army will enter
the city on the eighth.
You have five days left.
Give me li, or you're dead.
Five days!
Give me li
and I will let you out.
Give me li.
You don't have much time.
Change your mind.
The countdown starts now.
Bye, Mr. Ian.
It's so damn dark.
How can I tell what day it is?
Where were you that day?
Which day?
The day your master's family was murdered.
You asked me that before.
You took a piece of pork
and said "wow, delicious.
Why do you have to dwell on this...
Pennies here as well?
Ms. guan!
Pennies fall wherever I go.
The cucumbers and tomatoes are ripe.
Thank you!
Who are they?
My customers.
Ms. guan
go and pick some cucumbers.
You know all these people?
By name?
So what were you doing that day?
I watched zhu and nemoto slaughter them.
Why didn't they kill you?
Zhu pointed his gun at my forehead.
I dodged the shot.
You can dodge bullets?
Compared to your story,
zhu's is more credible.
What did he say?
He said you raped your stepsister behind
your master's back.
He found out and was furious.
That's why you killed them all.
He's brilliant.
He killed his master,
built him a statue.
And made me a dog kneeling at his feet.
So let's assume you did dodge his bullets,
what happened then?
I ran.
They chased me and shot me from behind.
He dragged me back and
doused us in gasoline.
They set us on fire.
Didn't you see my bullet
scars and burn marks?
If you could dodge bullets
from a gun pointed at
your head, why couldn't you
dodge them when you ran?
How can I convince any of you?
For revenge, you don't
need to convince anyone.
You are always making excuses.
You're afraid.
Right. I'm afraid.
I am a coward.
I deserve to die.
Zhu should have killed me 15 years ago!
What does that have to do with me?
You asked me!
It's between you and zhu.
It's not my business.
That's right. It's not your business.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving right now!
I'm not going to come back anymore!
A map!
A map!
A map...
A map...
Tell me about li.
Say anything else and I'll kill you.
- Map!
- What?
- Map!
- What was that?
A map!
There are three critical elements to war:
The time, the place, and the person.
Timing, location, and the human factor.
None can be neglected.
So who is the person?
Li tianran.
Bingo! And who is li?
He is a murderer.
Who can't be caught by force.
Only with guile.
Furthermore, li is not alone.
How many men has he got?
A whole team.
There is only one solution.
I must pretend to help him take revenge.
Tell him you two are together.
If I lure him to you,
you can finish him with a single shot.
Yes yes.
So location is also key.
Li is capable of scaling
walls and rooftops.
I've thought long and hard.
The perfect place is Jade
island by the north lake.
It is surrounded by water on all sides.
He can't escape!
Very well thought out.
The problem: Li is obsessed with revenge.
He's paranoid.
We must do nothing to arouse his suspicion.
Between the east and west districts.
So do not post any of your men
With human factor and location figured out,
that just leaves the timing.
No hesitation. Time is running out.
I'll bring him to Jade
island today at noon.
Mr. Ian, good plan!
Then let's go. Time waits for no man.
Let's go...
Look at me.
Take them, Mr. Ian.
Just in case.
Where did you get these?
I found them cleaning your rooms.
I found him.
I'll bring him back for you.
The man...
Who dishonored with your lovely ass.
Half past twelve. See you
under the bell tower.
Miss tang.
Please come in.
Li's about to be killed!
You have to save him.
Sure. Where is he?
Half past twelve, today.
They're meeting him at Jade island.
Is this a trap?
Of course it's a trap.
They're going to catch
him and then shoot him.
I meant you.
Why would I trick you?
I don't know where he is.
Nor did I kidnap him.
How could I save him?
Well well.
I should be the jealous one.
I asked him to elope with me.
He turned me down because of you.
If I hadn't kept my mouth shut,
zhu would have arrested you both.
I have to go now.
Dad, how did you get out?
Zhu released me.
Because I promised to
take you to Jade island.
Why there?
Because zhu and nemoto are
waiting for you there.
Is it time for revenge?
Or for them to kill you.
How so?
Because there are many
people wanting you dead.
- What kind of people?
- Zhu's men.
- How many?
- Not many but enough.
The 29th army has left but
the japs have not yet entered.
Zhu's men are guarding the city.
But he has enough people
left to deal with you.
So, what now?
Jade island is two miles away.
Ten minutes' drive.
We've come to a dead end.
- Take it.
- I have.
Take it!
Shoot me if you think I deserve to die.
Father, do you know what you want?
Son, do you know what you want?
I know exactly.
- Really?
- Yes!
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am!
I've been playing this chess
game for 20 years and,
today, I've run out of moves.
Worst, we end up dead. Why cry?
But that isn't how I planned the endgame.
How did you plan it?
To have zhu and nemoto kill each other.
Using you as bait to get
zhu to kill nemoto.
In other words,
whenever zhu brought me nemoto's head,
I'd hand you over to him.
So, it's you preventing
me from revenge! Right?
My son,
how many times have we met?
Five times.
If you include the time
I pulled you out of the fire.
Well, for us,
we've met...
Too many times.
Do you know why I want to kill zhu?
Because I hate betrayal.
He killed his master for his own gain.
Are you going to betray me?
I've been betraying you from day one.
The first time I saw you,
I knew you are the one
I've been looking for.
Your fate has imbued you
with so much hatred.
Someone I can use.
For 15 years,
I thought I wanted to kill zhu and nemoto.
Why is it now you, father?
- It's fate.
- I don't believe in fate.
I will finish what I started!
Me neither.
That's why I've used betrayal
as a means to meet you,
to discover if there may
be another way out.
Don't cry or we'll
overshoot our destination.
I'm controlling the speed.
You didn't betray me.
You betrayed yourself.
But since you're messed up this game,
let me fix it.
I forgot to tell you,
you can kill freely now!
Since the japs have started their attack.
We've already passed our destination.
Where are you going?
We're being followed.
Doesn't look like zhu's man.
There, that one!
Here, here.
Do you see it?
Father, you are a master schemer.
I may not be the best.
But certainly not the worst.
Look, the rider's back!
- I know that motorbike.
- Do you?
- Yes.
- Then go quickly.
What about you?
We have a better chance if we separate.
Mr. Ian!
- Why are you crying?
- Am 1?
- Have you got li in your car?
- No.
- Where is he?
- I let him go.
That's not funny Mr. Ian!
It's funny for me.
If I hand him over,
we'd both be dead.
With one gone, both survive.
I'm going to kill you!
Come on!
Let's take cover.
No cover!
Cut it out!
Why are you rescuing me?
Why rescue me?
How did you know where to find me?
Where are you taking me?
How dare you treat Mr. Ian like that!
Do you know who he is?
Do you know who I am?
Does she know who I am?
Is she always this brave?
Now I can answer your questions.
First, I told you I could always find you.
Second, this is nemoto's home.
I've brought you here for revenge.
W ait for me here.
Is nemoto ichiro home?
When will he be back?
Can I borrow your needle?
How many characters do you know?
I know every word you write!
You're good.
Look here.
Chinese. Sword.
- Sword.
- Give me the sword.
He must come get it.
Understand? Please tell nemoto
to come and fetch his sword.
9 o'clock.
Altar of the sun.
Yes. If you don't kill
them, they'll kill you.
Not just you,
many others,
including me.
I won't let that happen.
I've thought of revenge everyday for
the past 15 years.
I went through all kinds of
training to prepare myself.
But when I finally came to peiping,
when I finally laid my eyes on them,
I became afraid.
Afraid of dying?
Not of dying.
I'm afraid that I will freeze
again like 15 years ago,
unable to move.
Are you trying to kill me?
Looks like you weren't hallucinating.
You really can dodge bullets.
Mr. pan!
Where's the sword?
The sword!
I'm asking you.
Mr. pan!
Mr. pan!
Isn't he good at martial arts?
Take the police car.
Go meet nemoto at altar of the sun!
Kill him!
And you?
Go now!
Beat harder!
Make him speak!
The Japanese are very honorable,
you actually came alone.
I thought it was a lady.
You don't deserve to fight her.
I am the one who wants to kill you.
You're nothing but a thief.
That's right. I stole your sword.
To be fair, I give you three free strikes.
Where's your weapon?
I'm li tianran. I'm my own weapon.
You insult me!
You're not worthy of my insults.
Your bravery extends to killing women,
unarmed women.
Here's your chance.
Kill me.
You have balls.
I'll give you a quick death.
The first strike.
Your first chance.
Your second chance.
What's wrong with me?!
The third strike.
Your last free chance.
Your last chance! Come on!
Kajioka, save me!
Come help me!
You play dirty.
I'll go dirtier.
Where will I find you?
I can find you.
Clean up the scene.
I'm a doctor from pumc.
Nemoto-San was hit by a car.
Could you show me the way, please?
Mr. Ian, why are you still alive?
I must be alive.
Give li to me.
I don't know where he is.
Shut your fuck up!
You fucking bastard!
Let me show you what a real bastard does.
Pull out all his teeth!
Keep pulling them out
pull out all his teeth!
Until he delivers li tianran!
Get nemoto on the phone.
Can you hear me?
It's me. I'm zhu qianlong.
Stop the hello-ing, please.
Stop the hello-ing, won't you?
Keep pulling!
I'll get nemoto.
Nemoto, why were only hello-ing?!
The imperial army is about to enter...
Where's my backup?
Li, you were the one hello-ing!
Killing you with a single shot
would be too easy on you.
Did you write that?
Did you change your name?
Where are the four missing strokes?
They're on your face.
There are only three on my face.
You're still missing one.
I'll add it when I kill you.
Brother, let's reestablish peace.
Or let's settle this according to the law.
I am the law, brother.
I've waited 15 years for this day.
I was to attend the imperial
army victory parade.
I'll just have to kill you first.
Of course.
Your safety is still on. Mine is off.
Okay, no guns.
Let's fight the way master taught us.
Let's throw our guns away.
My brother,
I've got you all figured out.
You're smart as me.
It takes one to know one.
No more fooling around.
Let's throw our guns away for real.
Are you trying to be funny?
Yes, it's funny for me.
That was three more chances to kill you.
But I don't want to kill you right away.
I'll make you feel the
fear I've had to live with
all these years.
throw the gun away then.
Kajioka, save me!
Kajioka, are you here?
Let's call it quits!
We had the same master.
We can't outdo each other.
Let's use moves we learnt elsewhere.
Bring it on, then.
Nice one, you dumb ass!
That must be painful.
you die...
You'll die!
Bleed for me!
Good job!
Why did you kill master?
You killed him!
I'm avenging master!
I'll kill you!
You killed master!
It was you!
I saw you do it.
I saw you kill him.
With nemoto!
I won't admit to it!
It was you!
I won't admit to it!
- You killed master!
- You killed him!
I won't admit to it!
What are you doing on the roof?
Looking for a gun!
There are five guns down there.
I forgot!
Now you know why I came on the roof!
No one has ever broken
free from my death lock.
You should have lived the American dream.
Why did you come back?
Do you regret it now?
Eight seconds later and you're dead.
Eight, seven...
Three, two...
I'll cut your head off!
What's wrong with me?! How did I miss?
Once again.
What's wrong with me again?!
Oh, the sword is the wrong way.
You're done!
Zhu qianlong!
Please brother, hold on.
I have to tell you the truth.
I know the truth.
The truth is I'll kill you the way
you killed master.
My brother, see if you can
dodge my bullets today.
You're beyond foolish.
Ian used you.
Ian was willing to sacrifice you.
I don't care.
It was Ian who killed handler.
You told the world I killed master.
You bastard.
You made me a dog, kneeling
there for 15 years.
I don't believe you!
Even if you kill me,
would that bring master back?
So, what's the point?
I can send you to apologize
to master in person.
But it was you who killed him!
Why should I apologize?!
Let me ask you, my brother.
If master had allowed you
to grow opium on his land,
would you still have killed him?
Of course not.
Don't cry. We'll be done soon.
You killed my father handler.
Zhu told you that, right?
Zhu killed your master and said you did it.
How can you believe his word?
Who can I believe then?
Believe me! I, your father!
Nice shot.
How can I believe you, father?
You have no other choice.
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
C'est la vie.
Long live the Japanese emperor!
Doctor Morris! Doctor Morris!
Paul Morris! Doctor Paul Morris!
He's dying!
Doctor Morris!
He's over there. Go! Go! Go...
No! You stop here!
Paul Morris.
- You guys can go.
- Save him.
He's the only father I have left now.
Not looking good, I'm afraid.
Not looking good.
Come on Paul, you have to save him!
He's my father!
I saved you once,
you saved me once.
I'm not your father any more.
Then who is my father?
You should go to find yourself a son.
Save him, Dr. Morris.
Photo me!
I said I can find you.
Your house is on fire.
It was a funeral for Mr. pan.
Mr. pan...
Come on.
Take off your jap clothes
and put on your new robe.
I finished it ages ago
but never had the chance to give it to you.
Thanks for helping me.
I have to thank you.
I used you as an experiment.
I shared your fears and nightmares.
I healed my feet, practiced shooting,
opened a shop,
all to avoid doing what I have to do.
The experiment showed that
if you can do it, I can do it, too.
What a handsome young man!
You are the doctor
and I am your Guinea pig.
Thank you for curing my deepest fears.
I can find your father's murderer for you.
I don't need your help.
In fact,
my father's murderer has
already been to my shop.
But I froze there,
just like you,
like a stone.
He looked old and kind,
holding a little girl by the hand...
You didn't tell this before...
I'm sorry.
I didn't tell you the truth.
I forgive you.
Come with me.
I don't need your forgiveness.
And I am not going with anyone.
Look at me,
a handsome young man!
Why won't you come with me to
the ends of the world?
You've watched too many Hollywood movies.
Or I can come with you,
I can help you.
You can. But you should
kill more japs first.
I want to settle this score by myself.
Where do I find you?
I said,
I can find you.
When you shot at me,
weren't you worried you'd kill me?
You don't love me.
Silly boy.
They were all blanks.
Qiaohong, qiaohong, qiaohong!