Hidden Truth (2016) Movie Script

Hey, Zoe, you ready?
Hey, Zoe, you ready to go?
Hey! Gotta get going.
Hi. You ready to go?
Okay. Just one second.
I didn't even start wearing
makeup until I was in my 20s.
Times have changed, Aunt Jamie,
times have changed.
Yes, they have.
Trust me though, you don't want to
grow up quite as fast as you think you do.
Oh, but I do.
You look just like your mom.
That's what I keep hearing.
Zoe, come on, I'm leaving.
Okay, you coming in?
- No, thanks, I'm good.
- Okay.
Wait for me here, okay?
- Hey, Jamie.
- Hey!
- Hi!
- Morning!
That is a good choice.
Hey, Michael.
I mean, I used to be
in the music industry.
It is my niece's birthday and
I want to get her something.
You know what?
Let me see that.
Well, you know what?
Oh, yeah. She's going
to like this one much better.
- Yeah?
- Yup.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Yup.
- Nice to see you.
- You, too.
- Say hi to Veronique.
- I will.
- Okay.
Hi, you've reached Zoe's
voice-mail, leave a message.
Zoe, where did you go?
I told you to wait for me.
Can you call me, please?
Hey, sis.
Zoe took off again.
Yeah, she tends to do that.
She's your daughter. Why am I
the one trying so hard?
I know you are, and I'm grateful
for everything you're doing.
You checked by the park
by the east side of the lake?
I found her there a couple of times after
Layla died hanging out with her friends.
All right, I'll check there.
- It's her birthday tomorrow.
- I know it is.
I haven't forgotten.
Well, I'm having a birthday
party for her at the house.
So maybe you want to come.
She thinks I abandoned her.
She hates me.
Her mother hated me.
Pace, please stop playing the victim.
You asked me to look after her.
You needed to get your drinking
under control after Layla died.
Yeah, well, the whole town
thinks I killed my wife.
I still get dirty looks everywhere I go.
I got nothing here, Jamie.
You got everything.
Oh, yeah. A marriage that
fell apart after a year.
Yeah, how's that house
you got out of it?
Yeah, well, that house is
why I'm able to look after Zoe.
Will you please just come tomorrow?
It would mean a lot to her, whether
she shows it or not, and you...
gotta start getting out of here.
You can't hide like this all the time.
Yeah, I'll think about it.
Thank you.
I said I'll think about it.
Good. Thank you.
- Okay, all right. I'll try.
- Okay.
Bring a present, please.
- See you!
- Yeah, see you.
I got you something.
I didn't get you anything
on your birthday.
What is it?
Well, open it and find out.
I only had enough money
to buy you one charm,
but you can always get more.
Let me do it.
It's for luck.
I need all the luck I can get
to get out of this town.
It's nice. Thanks.
Happy birthday.
There's a whole world waiting
out there for us, Natalie.
Mmm. I like it here.
It's easy.
Maybe for you.
Right. Sorry.
I know it's been rough for you.
I'd do anything to get out of here.
I've almost got enough money saved.
Saved? From what?
You don't have a job.
I've got a sponsor.
That sounds potentially gross.
Nothing is as gross as the thought of
me spending the rest of my life here.
Trust me.
It's kind of cool of Jamie
to throw you a party.
Can't wait.
Oh, come on.
It might be fun!
All right, well, you can
go and stand in for me.
She's just trying to do
something nice for you.
Yeah, I guess.
Speak of the devil.
You couldn't have told me?
I texted you!
Yes, you did.
I'm just going to hang out
with Natalie, okay?
Well, okay, but you don't want to have
lunch? I was going to buy it for you.
I'm dieting. Can I please just stay
here and hang out with Natalie? Please?
Okay, I'll see you at
home for dinner at 7:00?
- Yeah, sure.
- 7:00!
Bye, Natalie.
How annoying!
Oh, she's fine.
How's my little bird?
Ew! I'm not your little bird.
Ah, you know you are.
You've been avoiding me.
It's my Aunt Jamie.
She suspects something.
No, she doesn't.
You don't know her.
She's all over me with questions.
I do know her.
But I'm not stupid.
She has no clue what's going on here.
None at all.
Well, that's not very nice.
After all I do for you.
I'm only doing this long enough to
have enough money to move to LA,
and then I never have
to see you or this place again.
Ow! You're hurting me!
Let go!
Quit it! You're hurting me!
You know, I want to see you tomorrow.
I can't.
It's my birthday.
You will, and I'll make
it worth your while.
You want the rest of your money, so you
can get out of this place once and for all.
Same place, same time as usual.
Get out.
Zoe, what happened? I thought
you're meeting me for dinner.
I'm really tired. You can
lecture me in the morning.
Get back here!
I'm not lecturing you.
I'm your guardian.
You're going to have to start
following some of my rules.
- This wasn't my idea.
- No, it wasn't mine either,
but your dad is my brother.
- Who didn't want me anymore.
- No!
Who loves you very much, and so do I.
And both of us want what's best for you,
and he couldn't do that
for you after your mom died.
She was murdered.
Zoe... I know that!
Yeah. And the whole town, my school...
the Sheriff thought...
No, wait...
Still thinks he killed her.
Yeah, and that's exactly
why we stand behind him.
Right! The way you stood behind me,
when he handed me off to you.
Hey! Are we going to keep
going in circles like this?
That's all they do here! They just
go in circles, never going anywhere.
I want out of this stupid town!
I want out from the staring eyes and
I want away from my drunk father.
He's been sober for months!
Yeah, and you weren't around when he wasn't,
so don't try to step in now and save the day.
I don't need you!
I can take care of myself!
Aunt Jamie.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
How's the marina project coming along?
Okay. It'll be better
once the town approves things.
You're awfully tense.
Just been working too hard, I guess.
Well, you know what they say
about all work and no play.
Um, don't we have a tour
group coming in today?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
I will be more in the mood once
the town approves my plans.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Happy birthday.
Hey, birthday girl.
Zoe? Hello!
Zoe, it's your dad. Just wanted
to wish you a happy birthday.
I'm hoping we can talk
at your party. I love you.
See you tonight.
Hi, you've reached Zoe's
voice-mail. Leave a message.
This was the last time.
Is it?
You said you were going to
give me the rest of the money.
Mmm. Did I?
Yeah, you did.
And if you don't...
You'll what?
I'm only 16...
well, 17.
You could go to jail.
All I'd have to do is say the word.
Are you...
Are you threatening me, huh?
No, I'm bargaining.
Just like you always do.
You hear me?
I'm done with you!
Now back off!
I can take these.
Thank you.
This is my fault.
I left her a message saying I
was going to come to her party.
No, that's the right thing to do.
Was it?
Now, sweetheart, you
don't call the shots.
I'll call the cops!
They'll take you away!
I'll tell your wife!
I'll tell everyone
about you and my mother!
Give me that!
Hey, Zoe!
Zoe, will you please just call
us and let us know you're okay?
I won't ask any other questions.
I'm just worried.
Mrs. Nevin, everything's all cleaned up,
and my dad should be here
soon to pick me up.
Aw, thank you, Natalie.
I'm sure Zoe just
forgot about the party.
Yeah. Yeah, that's probably
what happened.
- I'll see you
- Bye.
Where are you?
Zoe? Zoe!
Oh, my...
Are you looking for this?
Have you considered that your niece
may have run away again?
She's just never been
gone this long before,
and we've been getting
along better recently.
But there was trouble at home?
Yeah, but nothing serious.
I mean, you know the situation.
- But...
- Okay.
We're checking the bus
and the train lines,
and we sent a report to the LAPD,
in case she's headed there.
You call me, if you need anything.
My cell's on there, in case
I'm not in the office.
- Okay.
- Thanks, Mrs. Nevin.
Okay, thank you.
Pace Nevin's kid.
No telling where she's gone.
Michael. Oh, my God, they just found
Zoe Nevin's body in the lake.
They think it's murder.
Michael, did you hear me?
Oh, my God.
First her mother, then her.
- Sorry, I'm late.
- No, I'm glad you came.
How you doing, sis?
What about you?
How you doing?
I've had my moments.
Any news?
No, the Sheriff's not saying anything.
Nobody else is saying anything.
Yes, it's just a matter of time.
What? What do you mean?
I've already heard the rumors.
Pace, no. That's not
going to happen again.
Hey, Natalie.
Hey, Mrs. Nevin.
I'm so sorry.
You think you know people,
but you really don't.
What do you mean?
People are like prisms.
Lots of sides.
Take Pace Nevin.
Seems like a good guy.
Has a business.
But he has a dark side.
He beat and killed his wife, and I'm
betting he did the same to his kid.
You still believe that, huh, boss?
Oh, Nevin has a side to him you don't
want to see. You trust me on that.
I've known him since he was a kid.
Lots of issues, problems.
His sister is the only good Nevin seed.
That's just Michael Evans.
What's he doing here?
He's probably paying his respects.
There you are.
Sheriff Connell's here. He asked
to talk to you about Zoe Nevin.
Okay. Tell him
I'll be there in a second.
Sheriff. A surprise visit?
Just investigating Zoe Nevin's death.
Very sad, very sad.
Can't say I knew her.
She worked for you
apparently, last summer?
Her mother worked for you, too.
Sure. Ah, right. Right.
I remember her.
She quit before the season was up.
So you do know her.
Yeah, sorry, we have so many people come
and go from working here, don't we, honey?
I understand.
We haven't actually seen her
around since she worked here.
But you went to the memorial
service yesterday at the lake.
I was...
Yeah, I was just driving by.
I saw people at the lake. Was curious.
You know, had to look.
Didn't actually go to the service.
- Got it.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, well, we're just asking everyone
to be diligent here with this
because it's just been a year
and a bit since her
mother was also killed.
So horrible. A mother and her daughter.
Of course, Sheriff Connell.
Is there anything... anything
else we can do for you today?
No, that's it for today.
Thanks for the coffee, Mrs. Evans.
What happened there?
Oh! Oh, yeah, yeah.
I cut me head on a...
nail in the storage room.
Nasty wound, huh?
That's a big nail.
Yes, it was.
You gotta be careful these days.
That's what my wife says.
You have a good one now.
You, too, Sheriff.
I found a $1,000 in her room,
and she didn't have a job.
So, someone gave it to her.
Maybe she had a job
you didn't know about.
Maybe she just saved it up.
I just don't think that's possible.
With all due respect, Miss Nevin,
a lot of real parents don't know a
whole lot about what their kids do.
Okay, I might not be her "real parent,"
but she was like a daughter to me.
Okay then.
So what about physical evidence?
The body was in the water for two days.
What DNA and physical evidence
there was is long gone.
There was a white nylon line, the
kind you use to tie up boats
wrapped around both legs and arms.
He could have tied it to an object to weigh
her body down and somehow it came off.
Cell phone?
We haven't found it.
It's probably at the bottom of the lake.
But we have been over her
calls, there's nothing unusual.
Friends at school, your number.
Text messages?
Phone company doesn't keep a record of text
messages. They're stored on the phone.
I do have the autopsy report,
if you want to hear about it.
Are you sure?
Water in her lungs,
but the coroner believes she was dead
before she was placed in the water.
By the bruises and
contusions on her skull,
he believes the likely cause
of death was blunt-force trauma.
Um... and was she...
No, no. There was no physical
evidence to suggest that
your niece was raped, but she was sexually
active, possibly just before death.
This homicide...
is a crime of passion by
someone who was very angry.
What does that mean?
I mean, what are you getting at?
I believe it was someone she knew.
Someone with a history, a bad temper.
My brother did not kill his daughter.
Yeah, Connell?
Just wanted to talk about the
last time you saw your daughter.
When was that?
About a month ago, I guess.
You guess? Could you be more specific?
I may randomly seen her around town, but
if that happens I try and stay out of sight.
And she lives with your
sister and not you. Why?
Well, come on now, Sheriff.
The whole town knows that story.
The time you hit her, she called us.
And then she wouldn't
cooperate with the charge.
Did you have something to do with that?
No, I wasn't even there. Went back
to the Roadhouse, got more drunk.
Sheriff, I haven't had
a drink in six months.
I'm trying. So let's just get down to
it and tell me why you're really here.
I told your sister I believe
you killed your wife Layla.
Oh, well, that ain't no newsflash.
You had nothing on me.
I also think you may have killed
your daughter the same way.
Now unless you have something
to charge me with,
we're done here.
I may not at this moment, Pace, but
you'll mess up and I will be there.
I've done my messing up in life.
You're looking at the wrong guy.
- I love my daughter.
- And your wife?
No, I didn't love my wife.
I sure as hell didn't kill her.
I got work to do here, gentlemen.
You have a nice day.
So you told me that you saw Zoe
the day of her birthday party.
What did she say to you?
She wanted me to leave her alone.
Let her think. Had something
on her mind I guess.
Do you know what it would have been?
Natalie, if you know something,
it's important that you tell me.
I promised her I wouldn't say.
Honey, she's gone.
Everything's changed.
And you can tell me.
She said she'd been saving money,
that she had this sponsor.
An adult?
She didn't say, but I assume.
None of us have jobs
or any money saved up.
So it must have been an adult.
Hey, I just wanted to say
how sorry I am for your loss.
Thank you.
She was a friend, I imagine.
She was my best friend.
I am truly sorry
for both of your losses.
Please have lunch on the house.
Anything on the menu.
On me. It's my pleasure.
Thank you, Michael.
It's my pleasure.
That's a lot of money
for someone her age.
I mean, whoever was giving
it to her was...
not paying her for babysitting.
Who do you think it was?
I don't know.
I thought you might.
I don't know a thing about
her for the last few years.
Sheriff Connell stopped by.
Like I said,
it was just a matter of time.
No, it's not. He tried this last
time and he couldn't prove a thing.
Well, it's a small town, sis.
He could if he really wanted to.
So now what?
Do you believe him?
Jimmy would lie to a priest for a beer.
For a six pack, he'll tell you
anything you want to hear.
Pace he was in there all night.
There must be other witnesses.
Oh, there are. And all back
his alibi, same as last time.
But he's sober now.
What's he doing in there all night?
He says he's shooting pool
and drinking non-alcoholic beer.
All right, so now what?
Pace Nevin's no dummy.
He didn't leave a single piece of
evidence before when he killed his wife.
Let's hope he wasn't
as careful this time.
I've always been afraid to ask you what
happened that night with you and Layla.
We were over at Jimmy's
Roadhouse getting drunk.
She wanted to stay for one last round, I told
her she had enough, she wasn't having it.
She started rubbing up on some guy.
I left, went home.
Leave me alone, Pace.
- Layla.
- I'm not coming home!
Layla, I'm coming to get you.
That's it.
Pace, go to sleep.
- I'm trying to have some fun.
- Layla!
I passed out.
I woke up the next
morning, she was gone.
Where do you think she went?
Beats me.
Sheriff Connell thinks I killed her
and dragged her body into the lake
because she was publicly
embarrassing me.
What about the person
she was with at the bar?
Never seen again.
That wasn't the first time.
She had plenty of men around town.
If you leave this car, I swear to you...
Don't touch me, Michael.
Hey! Hey!
No! Michael!
Who actually did it, I don't know.
Betting that I knew her so well, she
probably threatened one of her men.
She liked to go after the married type.
But I didn't touch her.
Not that night at least.
I think it was the same person.
What do you mean?
I mean the murders are so similar.
I don't think it's a coincidence.
I think the person who
killed Layla killed Zoe.
I gave it to Zoe for her birthday.
You're sure?
It was attached to a bracelet,
but yeah.
And this was the day
before her birthday?
She put it on right away.
Okay, thanks.
I think Zoe left this
when she moved in with you.
She took the rest.
You found this in a row boat?
Needle in a haystack.
How long did Zoe work at the Pines?
For half a summer. Before she moved in
with you, she quit. Wasn't her thing.
Didn't Layla work there?
What did Layla think of the Evans?
She didn't really say.
Although I had to pick her up
a few times at the Roadhouse,
and Michael was there, just
about as drunk as she was.
Oh, and his wife?
Never really saw her. Maybe at the
lodge bar, but never outside of there.
The Evans are pretty
well-to-do for these parts.
Don't you think?
Yeah, you can definitely say that.
Excuse me, Veronique.
Hi, Jamie. We're not actually open yet.
I know.
I just wanted...
to stop in and see if Michael was around
so I could ask him some questions
about when Zoe worked here.
Hi, Jamie.
Jamie wanted to ask
about when Zoe worked here.
I actually have some work to do.
- Goodbye, Jamie.
- Thank you.
I'm as sorry about what
happened to her as anybody.
Maybe I can help?
Well, I was hoping you could tell
me what she was like as an employee
and if you remember why she quit.
Well, Zoe wasn't
meant to be a waitress...
You know, kept getting the orders wrong.
I offered to let her work
in the kitchen,
but she refused, so she... she quit,
- but... no hard feelings.
- Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.
So you never saw her after that?
From time to time around town...
in passing, yeah.
- Why?
- Um...
You weren't giving her money
for any reason, were you?
She had a lot for someone her age, and I'm
trying to figure out where it came from.
It didn't come from me,
if that's what you came to ask.
And I don't like your implication.
No, I am sorry.
That's it.
That is it. I have a business to open.
Please let yourself out.
Miss Nevin, please come in. Sit.
Thank you.
So I believe...
that Zoe was killed on the
opposite side of the lake,
and she was put in a boat and she was
dropped in the middle of the lake.
And you can prove this, how?
I found a charm from
a bracelet she was wearing
in one of the rowboats on the opposite
side of the lake from where she was found.
So, Sheriff, I want to ask you...
what is the motive for my brother
to kill his own daughter.
Miss Nevin...
what if Zoe knew something that could
implicate her father in his wife's murder.
I mean, we all know the story
that Zoe saw her mother
getting in a vehicle,
which is hardly convincing.
Zoe, you need to be absolutely
certain what you saw last night.
My mom got into a car.
Whose vehicle?
Did you see it?
It was dark.
- It was out on Main Street?
- Just down from the lodge.
Could it have been your father's vehicle?
Is it possible she got in with him?
How could you be sure?
Did you see him the rest of the night?
No... I don't know.
I didn't go home that night.
So he could've gone out,
found her drunk on the street.
Maybe. I don't know.
But it is probable that she
was covering for her father
and knew more than what she was saying.
Or she was just a scared
and confused 15-year-old.
Since we can't ask Zoe.
Maybe this is speculation,
but if it's not... it means your
brother had plenty of motive.
I just think you're wrong.
You think we're wrong?
This charm came from her bracelet,
and the rest of that
bracelet is still somewhere.
This is the money
I took out of her room.
I'm sure you can get prints off of that,
and then there's this.
So I'm not the expert
here, you guys are.
But my gut is telling me that
Michael Evans is connected to Zoe,
I think as far back as Layla.
Those are some serious allegations.
I'm aware of that.
Michael Evans is a very
upstanding citizen in this town.
Well, he's also one of the only ones who
has this kind of money to throw around.
Sheriff, I just want
you to look into this.
Please, will you do that?
Please, for Zoe?
Just look into it.
Thank you for stopping by, Miss Nevin.
Are you really this close-minded?
I know as well as anyone that
my brother has had troubles,
but Sheriff, you've known me and you've
known Pace since we were babies,
and I'm telling you
there is more to this,
and I believe that you will know
that if you just look into it.
I got this from the Nevin's.
It's an interesting photo.
Wow! Uh, yeah. I don't even remember
getting that picture taken.
Have you told me everything
about Zoe Nevin?
Of course, I have.
About that injury to your head?
Okay, I told you.
I hit it on a nail in the storage room.
Okay, would you like to see?
Yes, I would.
Very well then.
Right this way.
Right there.
Okay then.
You get that checked out
at the hospital by any chance?
Uh, no, no.
It's not that bad.
Just cleaned it up myself.
You should be careful.
The nail is a little bit rusty.
You don't want to get a tetanus shot.
Those suckers hurt.
I didn't even think of that.
Thank you, maybe I should
get it checked out.
Um, and I wish you luck in
getting to the bottom of this.
Mammoth Lakes really,
really needs some closure.
Is there anything else?
Very well.
Get this cup to the lab
and analyzed for fingerprints and DNA.
And tell them I want the results today.
Copy that, boss.
There was no Styrofoam cup
in that boat when I was there.
The cup tested positive for your
brother's fingerprints and DNA.
That puts him at the crime scene.
I can't believe that.
Maybe not, but it's enough
for the state attorney
to go forward
with a manslaughter charge.
We're booking Pace now.
What? No! Did you look
into the money I gave you?
Did you look into the picture?
Did you?
Jamie, listen...
Hey, Ed.
- Hey.
- Just gonna get this.
I'm really sorry about what happened.
- Thanks.
- This town ain't the same anymore.
You know that alley
in the side of the building?
I see a lot of things going on out
there at night. Drug dealing.
I've called the Sheriff so many times.
Yeah, well, don't get
me started on that.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
I don't know if I should
be telling you this,
but I did see your niece in that alley.
- When?
- A few times.
Yeah, but when was
the last time you saw her?
Maybe a week ago.
Was she by herself?
She was by herself.
A car pulls up, she got in it.
Okay, what did the car look like?
It was dark color, it's all I know.
And it was a car, or was it an SUV or...
It could've been an SUV.
You didn't get a look
at the driver, did you?
- Ed?
- Back so soon?
Yeah, where do you keep
your surveillance footage?
In the office.
Can I take a look at it?
Yeah, come on back.
Okay, anytime after
4:00 p.m. should be good.
Pause it there.
Can I get this printed?
Anytime, Bill.
You have a good one now.
Sheriff Connell.
Your office said I could find you here.
So whoever owns this car
picked up Zoe that day.
I'll have it looked into.
It was very hard to tell if what you're
seeing is actually what you're thinking.
This is getting ridiculous.
It's insane. You have a man in
jail for something he didn't do.
I'm bringing you evidence.
I'm giving it to you,
you're not doing anything with it.
Miss Nevin, you have
to let me do my job.
I don't see you doing your job!
Yeah, I use that alley
once in a while, and...
sure, yeah, it could be my car.
This is from the day before
the Nevin kid was killed.
Did you use it then?
You didn't ever see or meet
Zoe Nevin in the alley?
I hardly knew her. I already
told you that, Sheriff Connell.
I mean, why this questioning?
You know...
I would never hurt a kid.
I know. This case is, well...
It's complicated, to say the least.
Okay, fine. If there's
anything I can do for you.
Please let me know. Okay?
But, Michael, I do need
to ask you a question.
Just so I can clear things up.
That afternoon, and evening...
October 14th, Friday, where were you?
I was here, of course.
Do you... Do you want me to prove it?
Honey, on that day
the girl was murdered,
I was here the whole day, right?
Yes. Yes, he was.
Well, that's all I need to hear.
- Okay.
- Miss Evans.
- What's all this about?
- Nothing.
- Hi.
- Hi, can I help you?
Yeah, I'm wondering if you can tell me
if you've granted any land leases
to anyone on this side of the lake?
Hold on, let me check.
Ah, here it is.
The land lease belongs
to a Michael Evans.
He lives here in town.
Can I get a copy of this?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Are you the boy who found the
body on the lake the other day?
I saw you on the news.
Yeah, was that your kid?
Yeah. That was my niece.
So do you live around here?
Yeah, I live by the lake over there.
Okay, do you remember if a few
days before you found the body,
you saw or heard anything unusual?
Like what?
Like a struggle or two people
fighting or anything like that?
Look, I gotta go, okay.
I hope you find the guy who did it.
Hang on. Hang on!
Hang on, wait.
As we told you before the break,
this remarkable story spans three
continents and eight decades.
We begin our tale in this small
town in Southern Russia.
Katerinaslov as it was called...
...has not changed much
in the ensuing years.
You got lucky this time.
Stay the hell out of this,
you understand?
He just threatened me.
Isn't that enough
to at least question him?
I already did.
Well, what did he say?
He was at the motel the whole time.
His wife vouches for him.
- Yes, of course she did.
- Jamie.
Look, he tried to run
me over with his car!
Did you see him
or get his license number?
Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Hey!
Stop, I need to talk to you.
Hey. Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I got the feeling you didn't
tell me everything you know
about the night my niece was killed.
What do you mean?
Her name was Zoe.
The day she was killed was her birthday.
She was 17. How old are you?
15, almost 16. Going to get
my driver's license then.
So, did you hear anything that night?
Yeah. I saw something.
What did you see?
I'll get in deep trouble if I tell you.
My dad told me never to snitch.
What's your name?
Todd, this is really, really important.
Zoe had a really sad life,
and you can help her
by telling me exactly what you know.
There's this guy who has
a cabin in the woods over there.
My buddy Randy and I...
we sometimes go in. He's got a lot of
beer in there, so sometimes we take some.
That night I was in there alone.
I heard a car pull up.
I think it was black.
He was with a girl.
Your niece.
You saw her?
Through the window of the cabin.
I snuck out the back,
went in the woods. Not too long
after, I heard to hear screaming,
and then I saw him chase her out
of the house and into the woods.
Get away from me!
Where are you?
Zoe! Zoe!
And then, the screaming
stopped all of a sudden.
What did you do then?
I ran home.
You're not going to tell my parents
about me breaking into that house
and taking beer, will you?
No. No, I just need to speak to them.
No, please look, my dad, he will kill me if
he figures out that I broke into that place.
Look... if I talk to him,
he'll understand.
No, he won't.
He will. Just... I need you
to take me to your parents.
I need to talk to the Sheriff.
Please, Todd!
Is there something wrong?
No. Why? Should there be?
Are you going someplace?
Why would you ask that?
No reason.
Oh, Jamie, I know you're here,
and I know why you're here.
Hmm? You want to come to my house?
I know you're here, Jamie.
I know you're right here, Jamie.
No, no, no.
No! No!
Michael, stop!
Don't do it!
Evans' wife finally
spilled the beans on him,
and he finally confessed to everything.
Micheal was having
an affair with Layla also,
and she was going to tell Veronique,
so he killed her.
And Zoe...
She was going to tell people,
so he killed her.
Feds are coming in tomorrow,
so it's out of our hands now.
I've been Sheriff of this town for...
30-some-odd years.
These are the only homicides
on my watch.
Didn't they teach you
how to use those things?
They said it's going to be
another couple of weeks.
You did well, sis.
Really good.
You're like a...
Like a real-life detective.
I owe you.
You don't. We're family,
that's what we do.
You know, you should have this.
You should keep this.
Why don't we both hang on to it?
You know, she was lucky
to have you in her life.
Nah, it was the other way around.
I was lucky to have her.