Hide, The (2008) Movie Script

Waves coming from the Middle
Did not come anything yet
I'll call you later when something comes around
Let's let something
Span a quarter-
This is a very large number
What's this
This one is ready for the boat
Will show him the last
Will tell him about it and will not know anything
Here is
All going, going all
Dennis, Dennis, Dennis
Can you hear me, about
Let's talk with the nation
Come on Come on Dennis
About Dennis
About Dennis
About Dennis
Can I help you?
This is a special place
I will not
There are some things or to see some papers and evidence
Well, if you
Well I have to know this
And why?
Are you a tourist accidentally
You are a member somewhere
Tstttsa and will not catch up with him
For the enemy
Manner, and his presence
The rest will be sent at any moment
I do not know what you are talking
Well you are not deceived
I am not by any one
In this case you must ask
Why are you here
I stay opposite to the village
Can I ask you not stay there
This friendly on what is apparent
For perhaps to see
Just need to wait until it stops raining
This is good with the Task Force Aviation
This country is free, is not it
Will sit here
Only for a moment
Well, you're trying to look weird
Let me just finish and will
Stumbled on this
Do you want to smoke?
No I'm fine
Do you have anything
For this problem
I do this and will find it unacceptable
All the oxygen in the
This is only a
No, I certainly do not do
Because it is not allowed smoking in public places
I do not find this place fun start
Will cause a fire in this place
Does this seems more true for you
The midwife
There are a lot of people
I know interconnected
My name is David
No, we do not do this
See it worth
I do not deserve this
Do not pay attention to this
I love her
This love has a brighter and things are sometimes
Comes from the Middle East
If you look out there you see
The left side?
There is Tstttsa to see
Appear as the wandering white
This is quite
This color is very sensitive
You have green and purple
And Snow White
If you look good and can get
Some kind of good things
Is Tstttsa to see it?
And back again
In doing so,
Meet with the people closest of his relatives
Certainly sir
All of this
I get the grand prize strike
And there are places
Is this possible
This is exactly what has been written
Birds fly together
And for this
That's for sure
That's for sure
They issue the Voice of strange is not it?
This is the name given by
Can you?
Just Listen
Do you heard?
Here is
This is part of being a bird
Then you have to
I said to change the
This is much Osgb
I have traveled these birds from Africa
This word has a lot of different meanings
Will think that comes
I have a right
Look at
I have been able to get here
You can say a lot of this
And an effective way to say
Some do not agree with this
But identical Tqerbaia
I think you can say that?
There is no need
There is no need
Well for this song
I call this some votes
I have been very good this, let's tags
Then another beautiful voice
On one occasion
Well I'll enjoy
Do not tell me this
This is what happened
Just seemed a bit bad
He threw some slides
This is what has
No one should be surrounded by four walls of the
See there
They are free, have made a free
Need to be free
You can see their eyes
What is ridiculous about this?
There is nothing funny about this
Only this that we Aleghan
And you feel that you are free
You have told me this
And control Tabort
Good horses are confined to
That's ridiculous
And between four walls
No one will do this to me
A ??
See it all
Beautiful white
This is possible, but this is the real thing
Free and wild
That's right
This is what we call gossip
Voice of geese
This seems like small talk they make together
You have to know more about the species
Can you imagine that kind of
Queuing things in the world
Killed geese
This is weird
More slowly
I want to see black
I think the best
This depends, in any case
Little friend, there
This would be more fun to sit there in the cold
And between the rocks
Your friends will remember this last year
Cruising on the enemy throughout the city
We arrange things
Wait for it
Place and put things
How long does it?
Not really
What he talked about
What we talked about, stupid
I will write this
The time now is sixth and thirty in the morning
, 200 yd
For about 200 yards from the swamp
There is
Recorded images
And there are more than five hundred type
Also found today found 566
Look at this
Certainly supernatural
This is very rare in the book
In any case
The last time I was out here
I have been watching the geese
In any case,
Today the situation is exactly the same and I
Is ready to confirm
Lucky, but the most important
The way her last
Watch this
A final word in the book
British units
Will be united in the bird-watching
Know this is really fun
Go and get this
This is me
What a funny way
What do you mean?
To put your name so
Certainly this
Roy Rover, Roy Rodrj
The name that I have
Dave John
Dave John -
For -
Dave John
David John
Now slowed
There is a word for this
Why do we call it
Why pray?
When Name contains the whole question two names
De Martin
And another Jism Chirib
Can you write this?
Unfortunately I can not do that
There are things that must be obtained
Well I'll give you that
George Michael
George Michael
I will give you
What is call him
You can also determine the sex
Debbie Harry
Well I will be back so
I know
Looks delicious
You can know what we gave the world
We have given the world's energy, we gave the world the phone
I mean, where did all this
You are viewing the Ctirti
I would like one
If you can
If I could
I have worked for thirty years
This tradition must take from this side
Why is there
I figured that the chicken separate from the rest
To have wings though
Has a beak
The truth is that chicken producer, has worked in those
This specific
Can be used in the soup
Can be used for frying
Can be used for sausage
Can be used to make sandwiches
Can be used in the diet of conventional
One other
For the hope of
I'm starving
Did not eat for three days
A friend that does not feed you?
Any friend?
Friends of the village
My friend for a very specific
What a pity
One other
Anyway I have Obtni
At the top I would go back years
Then they took me down to the store
However, today,
Certainly started the action
And had to leave some people
And gave me a pension and a lifetime supply of
Chicken Sauce
And I put them in my garage Bkhoznat safe
I answered your questions
For sure I can leave one
Is hot
Are so
Will begin this so be careful
They are used to tell my mother
She used to say
I love the man who will act correctly
I've been starving Oaddour
What would you say
This is what I'm saying
The same thing Roy
Did not say this
So I told the joke about the nun
No nun
No nun
Is a joke
This conclusion
Thank you for this anyway
What you need is some tea
Drink This
I need something
I love her more
Are distinct
Can I
May have forgotten I am very sorry
We have made a promise and I can not keep it
What do you mean?
The interests and desires
Some of these things
I would like to do this
This is a fantastic
I do not like music
You dancer
I love movies
Excitement and movement
I've been trying to
You and I, my friend in the work of
Your Preferences
Invite this
Thousands of boats
Do not have the best of this
Twelve thousand
Do you feel the difference
Is this a joke
I do not do this often
Do you feel the use of force policy?
I do not know
Maybe that's the name they call this
I took two more
Two thousand and a half
And some
Nine inches
Know the nine degrees of normal
It's delicious
I've been trying behind it
Seem clear to the head of
And making the highest and most annoying thing I got it
I think that in order to
God VI
Sex on the presence of
For this what I said about the
Dennis sticking can hear me
Dennis Can you hear about
Tell me
Did Davidaly thing with celebrities?
How it
This time I got it
What about you?
Well I have appeared on the news time with my garden
Zandra copy of the medical drama
This has everything I own
You know the children leave the room
In order to know
But you should know about Hypnosis
Will not forgive them
This is what was found
Someone else did it for him
They are too busy
For giving me a copy
Commitment of last resort
When I was the youngest man man
I have to collect something
Think that in order to
This is the work
There are a lot
Many of them arriving plane in the airport
As it locked inside
All those colors pink and yellow
When you are in the ninth
Some of us is a combination
And some seek him
This reminds me of a return to reality
When was the first time I watched the wild birds?
No meaningful to be honest
Seems to me that this is not enough
I need other things
Those things are used in many
Should be out there and see
Do you want to see
This is the sixth number Avatm
Woe to the
This is difficult
I was not very pleasant with the young man
This means that away from the road
Unit VI
We have a Ghartk
A man on the run
We are looking for a white man
Of those?
This formally,
Looks nice
The still you see
In my dreams
Still love her
Tstusa know not drive these people out easily
What do you mean?
When they enter the
I had the same friends for years
We spent time together
Fifteen years lost
So what
We have let me down
Therefore, no longer exist
There are several things
Where is she now
So what do you do?
There is a cool place
So do not know that
Do not know on what you will get these days
What do you mean?
Is it that way I have described?
I think that this is good
That's right
Can you tolerate this?
Your spouse even greater than this nonsense
How does this make you feel?
Do you exploited?
What if Istkhaddmtk?
This looks bad, what I see
Where have you seen?
This is the truth
To move there
This is
Not find the meaning of this?
Becomes empty
In order to know myself
And there is not anything there
Will think about this at another time
This is the reality
That good
He went away and mockery of cartoons
I know
This is something interesting
And this is not something
Roy had insulted David and David angry
And David is right to be angry
And will apologize and ends this
David Please do this
This is good will enjoy
Come on
To wait until it stops raining
This will occur
Will prepare some food and snacks
And two cups of drink
A lot of fun
How is she?
Come and take one for the road would be fun
Only slightly
Have you thought about seeing someone else?
Someone else
I've stopped
But did not try to meet a
I've done
What are this?
Ama Nzal
Come on
Is this the book
New entry
Police will get tired
I might as well
I do not have any memories of
Come on
Order and will only Oghty
At hate metal
Not quite
I am camped throughout Aellouk
Taken together
I took a deep breath
And I felt so
So back home with me
Do you know him?
What do you say?
That's right
The first time in my life
I am really happy
There's nothing you can or small world
To offer me
To stop
Do not ever call me anymore
What about me by my dear Roy
This is not balanced
Because there stupid
I can watch
This was crap
We are here
That's enough
This is something interesting
Why is there Roy?
?? ????
Do not tell me that we will consider -
Woe to you -
This is not a danger is not it
I told him about them
Even the minutest details
Do you think I will change my plans David
Woe to the plans
Open the door to wait for a moment
You do not have a reason to stop plans
Would you like to throw this in the water or sitting on the wall
This is the best port to get rid of this
This is
Sit down, David
David, I can not ask for a third time Sit down, please
David please
Woe to you,
Do you know what to do Roy?
Preparations is all it takes is good
Will be here in a few minutes
It does not matter
What do you do?
Do you know what happens?
I feel space
That's what happened
This at the moment
Did not have a choice but to Erslohm of bliss
What about you?
Do not do
This variable
I told you that I have a unique
Oh my God
Come on, David does not like it
We can be together forever
I can do this
Now found on a small boat
This is for you to reality
This points the boat
Do you want to go to sleep
Go up to the boat
Just fill the trailer with gas
This is when experienced has to sleep next to each other's clothing
I think that this looked like a poison in the blood
Keep it where they found
Place it in the car
Cover it with a blanket as
Put the key in the main gate
Then equipped with alarm system
This will be an effective
Clean white spirit
And then conclude this
In the end,
To the small jars
Just so
Did you do this
David I have a problem as you can see
I can see the lips melt together
Two years of continuous torture
Talk on 'laughter
These are the ideas that I receive
Can not be compared to win
Did not have the option had to behave
For only this
So you see me
No. No. No, David
David, I beg of you are probably right
In any case, when approaching this
Will stay here
I will work with Mr.
I fly with him
And when we get to the appropriate height and distance
Oh my God
This is not true
It takes me a day
Without any questions
Must deal with the situation that you found as you can see
This is the last card in the two lists and it is up to the clouds
That's all just luck
Roy on the great
David Do not be stupid
This day the great Roy
Even without Agafazk
Whatever happens
No problem
Preparations everything is correct
You should see that things are flexible name of the game
Found -
No -
Can not
What about the body
And the pilot
And wife and kids
Nothing to do with this
Curse them
This does not matter
But this rabbit
Are me
Do you see
Stop, pause
Mqarndt stops people in this manner
They are human beings
Free will
They are laughing and crying
Woe to you, Roy back to sanity
This will not work
Ama certainly will not succeed succeed
You will see
Look at
I co-operate and finished this time
I bring my hand will
This is what I will do my way,
You see
Do not try to let no one stop me
I will do planned and you will not say anything
Will cooperate with me this
This is what happens when I do,
Will not know
This is what will happen
You stupid
You say I'm
Will Itzkronni
Listen to me, boy
Listen to me, Listen to me
I need
I do not need to help
Stay away
I will help you
Listen to me Roy
Come on
I have terrible things Roy
But I can help you
Do not have to play this anymore
Do not mess with me
You're a good person
Woe to you,
What do you do to me
Well, David
See how it's all over
I will be frank with you I think you would appreciate this more
You should see what happens
We have grown some time the ground
And will join to that place
Hundreds of things you
What I dreamed of
And silence
I've chased so long
Three days ago
I still need it
What about the last row of Roy
Do you know anything about the laugh in the face of the gods
Do not tell me
Do not tell me that the angels will show me my way
Thanks Dzera
No, I'm not an angel
I just destroyed my life fool
This sent him
Do not do this for me David
I'm still there
This will seem strange
Forgive me
I'm glad we met
How does this
Odhan that you arrived
I've got it
No, this Mosmih Diqid Serbs Zkra
Can you see the contracts we
There are two things my father and I favor
On the trip
Guess this gentleman
Only Ntdn
Some of the work
This line
Can I do for you
Do not be silly I do not see the meaning of this
I must note that
But a friend
Do not touch anything
Here came
This is always true
Situation as last year just
Everything is final points
Will get there
What a day
The biggest day for Roy
What did you do?
That's funny Roy
To strange
And you brought this to yourself
Think so