Hideaways (2011) Movie Script

There are some things
we can hide from...
things we can leave behind.
and there are other
things that are inside us,
carried with us,
wherever we go.
Things that are
a part of us,
before we've even
left the womb.
Don't worry, Cathy.
Everything's going to be all right.!
I suppose every family
has its own share of quirks.
But the Furlongs were always
a little more peculiar than most.
Just like Philip's father,
Charlie Furlong.
One day, Charlie saw something
he never wanted to see.
Something that had
a profound effect on him.
Ever since then, whenever
he thought about sex
Charlie Furlong went blind
for 37 minutes.
Mr. Charlie Furlong?
Yes, Mrs. Charlotte Furlong?
I'm ready for you.
It caused him a
lifetime of problems,
not least on his wedding night.
Their son,
also had an ability.
Like Charlie...
Open your mouth.
and all the Furlong
men before him...
he, too, had a strange gift.
Whenever he got frightened
it knocks out everything
electrical around him.
This should not have
been a problem for him.
Cathy, you still with me, Love?
Oh my God!
Help me, Philip.
Cathy Furlong passed away
before she even saw her baby.
But she had already
chosen a name:
if it was a girl.
And if it was a boy...
James Furlong.
By the time he
was ten years old,
James Furlong had
lost his grandfather, too.
Charlie Furlong died
in a car accident.
He passed an advertisement
for a Wonderbra...
then crashed straight
into a tree.
Look, but don't touch,
you'll ruin his makeup.
Look, here is the first time
I saw you in a photograph.
Having lost her husband
and daughter-in-law,
James' grandmother regarded
the Furlong Condition
as nothing short of a curse.
And she was worried about
its potential for James.
It was she who tried to warn
him about his family history.
She moved in and
home schooled James,
keeping a close eye on him.
Come on, James, it's easy!
But instead of listening to her,
James secretly wished
that he, too, had an ability.
Like walking through walls,
or bionic strength,
or, the ability to fly.
Where the hell have you been?
I got kicked.
But who?
There's something wrong with the cow.
what happened?
What did you do, poison 'em?
Calm down, Philip.
Don't tell me to calm down!
Half the herd is lyin' dead out there.
Even the fuckin' grass is dead!
What are you talking about?
I knew there was
something wrong with you
from the day you were born!
- Come back here!
- Oh, Philip, Philip.
Get out of the car!
How dare you even
set foot in there!
You ruined everything!
What did you do?
Oh, don't worry, James,
it's only temporary,
until we find a nice family for you.
C'mon, kids. Keep it going!
Keep it going!
Ah, don't be scared,
that's just Tinker,
He's a sweetie. He'll be fine
once he get to know you.
This is the dormitory
and that is going to be your bed,
where I'm sure you'll
be very comfortable.
And why aren't you boys
at hurling practice, huh?
This is James.
and I want you to make him
feel very welcome here.
Yes, Mrs. Moore.
Could you please take
our new friend down to
the laundry room and
make sure he's given
something good
and warm to wear.
Yes, Mrs. Moore.
Now, run along!
Here, you can wear this.
It looks good.
Where's your clothes go?
Hey, gorgeous,
where you hidden your cunny?
Come on, let's go.
Come on, Liam, then.
They're so stupid!
They always hide
them in the same place.
Thank you.
Look who's robbing
the kitchen again?
You want some jelly?
Go get them, fagot!
Hurry up, Furlong!
Move your ass!
- Liam! Run!
- Shut your fucking mouth.
Last night an incident took place.
A very serious incident,
that involved the death of one
of our family here at St. Jude's.
Coach Hanley's beloved dog Tinker.
Quiet, Boys!
This is no laughing matter,
believe you me!
I wish to speak to each and every
single one of you individually today
to find out exactly what happened.
And Kevin, you can
take that smirk off you
face and come with me.
I think I'll start with you.
You little fucker.
I should have squealed on you.
Why did you let him go?
- Kill him!
- You killed that dog for me.
You're gonna pay for it!
Stay out of it!
Kick the life out of him, Kevin! Yeah!
Okay, now, we're just gonna
take a look at these stitches.
So if you want to, just hold
this back for me there.
It's all right, Baby,
it's the last one.
Stitches look good!
Gorgeous, aren't they?
Mountain people think
I had a cesarean section.
What do you think?
I'm afraid the incision's rather bigger
than we normally do for a cesarean.
Well, I'll just say
I had a giant baby, then!
Be serious for a second, will you!
What the verdict, Doctor?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Would you excuse us for a moment, Mae?
I don't think
she's going to recover.
How long, Doctor?
Well, it's really
anybody's guess. Could be
3 weeks, could be 3 months.
The most important thing we can do
is make her feel as
comfortable as possible.
Oh, my God!
- Hi, Liam.
- Oh, hi.
You're looking
better today.
The wonders of makeup!
So, um...
What did the doctor say?
They gonna operate again.
No, he says I've made
a miraculous recovery,
and I can go home whenever I want.
Then what are you
still doing here, then?
Good question, Liam.
Are... are you going for a walk?
Hey, Mae, you know youre not
supposed to leave the grounds!
What are you gonna do,
tell on me?
Hey, Mae, where are you going?
Every family has
its own legacy.
Good or bad,
we inherit it all.
From allergies,
to bad eyesight,
big noses, to cancer,
which is what I got.
Not the big nose,
but the cancer.
I would have preferred a big nose,
or a weak heart,
or a humped back.
But my father didn't
have any of those, either.
In each generation, going right back,
from prostate to bowel,
throat to brain tumor,
we've had every
flavor of cancer there is.
Mine was in my intestines.
So I decided it was okay to keep smoking.
Hello! Is someone there?
I'm not contagious, you know.
Don't let the clothes fool you.
I'll go as soon
as the rain stops.
You'll never even
know I was here.
Can you pass my bra?
These are by P which is Greek to me.
I'm Mae, by the way.
Mae West?
My mother named
me after the film star.
What's your name?
Just James?
Did you make these, James?
You're a real chatterbox,
you know that?
It's my music.
You want to listen?
I'll trade you.
This is spectacular.
Is it duck?
Is it duck?
It's... pheasant.
And squirrel.
Did you like it?
Of course you did,
it's Motown.
Of course... Motown.
I don't think it's a place.
It's a record label,
from the '60s.
Diana Ross and the Supremes...
My dad used to play it.
So, what happened out here?
It looks like a
nuclear bomb went off.
It's been like that for a while.
Must be something
wrong with the soil.
So, what's the
story with you, James?
Are you some kind of
woodsman or something?
How long have you lived here?
A few years.
And you like it?
I've never eaten an owl before.
There's owl in this, too.
How many other, cute, little
animals am I eating here?
Thanks for breakfast.
Is there anywhere
I can wash?
You head that way,
until you reach the stream,
and then you follow it
to the river.
Goodbye, then.
Thank you for the food...
and everything.
You're welcome.
Thought you might
need that for the swim.
It's beautiful.
I haven't been swimming in ages.
- You probably go all the time.
- No.
Why not?
I never learned how.
You can't swim?
Well, it's easy.
I could teach you!
You shouldn't stare.
I had a cesarean section.
What's that?
It's when you have a baby.
You had a baby?
You're very gullible, James!
I have a tumor in there.
Is it bad?
If you like being alive...
yes... bad.
They cut me open a couple
of times to dig it out.
So it's gone.
They got some of it...
but it's spread further now.
So they can't operate anymore.
So that's one
good thing at least.
So, what happens now?
Good question.
Did you run away?
You make it sound so dramatic.
You've no family?
Just me and my Mum.
My Dad died a few years ago.
That's where I got it from,
his side of the family.
But I got his smile, too.
So, it all balances out.
Will she come here
looking for you?
You can sit beside
me if you want.
That's great!
How did you do it?
- Where? Here?
- Blow hard!
- You're eating it.
- It's wild garlic.
I think I could find my
way back from here.
Thank you, James.
I had a really nice time.
I would hope.
Well, I'll see you around.
Mae West O'Mara!
We've checked every inch
of the building and grounds.
So, I think it's time
we widened the search.
These are by P which is Greek to me.
Think we should
dredge the river?
No, she didn't kill herself.
Mae is not the kind of
angsty teenager who's
going to do herself in.
She loves life!
And that's the problem;
that's why she left.
Maybe you should go home,
get some rest.
I'm not going anywhere
until you find my daughter
and bring her back safe.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry I didn't
say anything before, it's that...
I didn't want to
get Mae into trouble.
What are you talking about, Liam?
I know which way she went.
Are you okay?
What happened here?
You're bleeding.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
We've got a lot of ground
to cover before dark.
That's enough for tonight.
We'll start back here
in the morning.
Can't we just...
just another hour?
Is that your mother?
Why didn't you go out to her?
And just leave you here?
You should have.
It's okay.
You shouldn't be here.
You should have gone long ago.
You said you'd...
go as you said.
I'd never even know you were here.
You're the one who came after me.
I can't have people coming here.
You need to go back.
They're not going
to hurt you, James.
What are you afraid of?
You're not safe here.
You think I'm in danger?
Why do you want me to go?
no one can be around me.
Because I can't stop it.
I can never stop it...
not here...
not at the farm...
not at the Reformatory.
People have been dying
around me all my life.
No one knew
what had happened.
But it happened again
at the Reformatory.
I could...
I could feel it welling up in me...
I could hardly breathe.
I tried to fight it back, but...
it was too late.
The lads...
closest to me were already...
Couldn't hide from it anymore.
It was my fault.
All I could think of was to run.
At the far end of the grounds,
I saw Liam.
And he was slumped on the ground,
right on the edge
of the yellow grass.
He called me.
But I knew I couldn't be
around anyone anymore.
I ran into the woods
as fast as I could.
I ran for hours.
Got lost.
I was so scared.
I was only small.
I was tiny, really.
I found some berries.
And I finally ate something.
It made me so sick.
I must have...
I passed out sore.
I was sure I was going
to die there in the woods.
And then this man...
came out of nowhere.
And he...
picked me up and
carried me out.
When I opened my eyes...
I was here.
This is his home.
I didn't know
what was happening.
And, in the night...
the pain had got worse.
And I begged him to go...
I begged him to go,
to leave me,
because I knew
what would happen.
But he stayed.
A few hours later...
I woke up and...
I tried to leave.
I walked out the door,
and there he was,
half buried in yellow leaves.
Mister! Mister!
Please, get up!
It was over.
He'd taken me into his home.
He'd saved me.
But now he was dead,
just like all the others.
Then what?
You killed them all?
Is that what you
want me to believe?
I know it's going
to kill me, James.
It's not you.
I'm not afraid of you.
Are you going to
pass this thing down
to all your sons
and daughters, too?
The girls won't get it.
I don't know why.
It just goes from son to son.
Furlong to Furlong.
Are you okay?
Can't they do anything
to make you better?
Anything they can do,
they've already done.
And you're a palm ready now?
It says you're going to
live a long and healthy life.
And have lots of babies.
And give them all weird names.
- You're cold.
- A little.
I have to go back soon.
Stay a little while longer.
Can we leave the
interrogation there, Sergeant?
She needs her rest.
Just one more question, please.
A couple of my men
ran into a young man in the woods.
About 18.
Looks like he might be living there.
Did you come across him?
Are you sure?
Look! I already old you everything.
I ran away and got lost.
It was a stupid thing to do,
and I'm sorry I caused
so much trouble, but...
I'm here now.
All right.
Of course.
The important thing
is that you're safe.
I hope you feel better soon, Mae!
She never even met the guy.
Call the lads back,
we're done here.
Thank you for not
being angry with me.
What makes you
think I'm not angry?
I'm fucking furious!
Do not ever do that
to me again, Babe.
My God, I love you.
I do, too.
Well, you must be hungry.
Well, I'll bring you some food.
That was fast.
Hi, Liam.
You've found, didn't you?
I thought he was dead,
but you found that fucking
murderer, didn't you?
You know who he is?
Do you know what he did?
James didn't mean
to hurt anyone.
He didn't mean
to hurt anyone?
What are you saying?
He didn't mean
to fuck up my life?
He didn't mean to ruin my lungs,
and turn me into a freak?
He ruined everything!
It wasn't his fault.
Well, then who's
fault was it, huh?!
Get off!
Why are you acting like
he's some kind of a friend?
Why are you defending him?
I'm your friend.
I'm the one who
wants to protect you,
I... I love you.
Get off!
Are you okay?
You're leaving?
Haven't you heard?
Your girlfriend is
no longer missing.
She's not my girlfriend.
Maybe you should ask her out.
She's lying!
She met someone out there.
You have to go after him.
This was a missing
person case, Liam,
and as I just told you,
she is no longer missing.
But, you don't understand,
that guy in the woods,
he was in the Reformatory.
- He was here, he killed everyone.
- Liam, we've been through this before.
- Well, you can't just do nothing!
- Liam!
I saw him!
He killed the dog. He made the
grass burn. He's like the Devil.
He killed them, he killed everyone!
Let go! Let go!
Don't touch me!
Come on! Come on!
It's all right, it's all right!
Good night, Sweetheart.
Mrs. O'Mara?
I don't want to get your
hopes up, but there's
definitely been an improvement
in the last couple of days,
and to be honest, this
is very unexpected...
it's quite a turnaround really.
But she seems to be
showing early signs
of remission despite
her little excursion.
That's great news, Doctor!
We're going to run some
more tests in the morning.
Why it...
Thank you, Doctor.
I... I'm...
I'm looking for someone.
Mae West O'Mara.
Can you help me?
She's not on this floor.
Two floors up.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
You're soaking wet.
It's raining.
I'm sorry I left
without saying goodbye.
It's the only
way I could do it.
I didn't you
to see me die.
I've got something for you.
You made them better.
There were buds
on every branch...
and birds everywhere.
I don't think I can
take credit for that.
It was a late Spring.
But at least it will
be prettier there now.
Just when there's
no one to see it?
You're not going back?
I don't know.
You don't belong
out there, James.
I don't know
where I belong, Mae.
I wanted to see you.
I can't stay here.
You're not going
to hurt anyone.
Not while you're with me.
I won't let you.
Stay with me.
Everyone! Make your way
to the main stairwell!
No running, please!
Nurse! I can't walk!
It's pretty chilly outside, Michael.
So you're going to
need a good, warm coat.
Michael! Michael!
Come on, let's go!
It's okay. I promise,
No one's going
to hurt you, James.
I know what you've done,
and you're going to
have to pay for it.
You were my friend.
Liam, no!
Get off me!
Stop! Stay away from him!
You don't know
what you're doing.
You should have
never come back here!
I won't let you do it again!
You're not going to hurt anyone!
I'm not hurting you.
I'm not here to hurt anyone!
You were my friend, I helped you.
I stopped Kevin, he
was going to kill you.
- Me and Mae...
- You're a liar!
You're never going
to see her again.
She doesn't know
who you are, but I do.
Are you hurt?
Stay back, Mae!
Don't come any closer!
Then a few months later,
I saw his eyes again.
And his smile.
What about the leaves?
I don't make them die, do I?
You only inherited
the good stuff...
the best of them.
The leaves die
because it's part of life.
To make room
for new leaves.
Which is what you are.
A whole new
branch of the family.
A Furlong-O'Mara.
Diana Ross Furlong O'Mara.
The long line of Furlongs
had come to an end.
Their strange gifts
died out with James.
But I don't know if he ever really
understood what was inside him.
He thought
it was just a curse.
But love brought
out something else.
And he gave
me a future again..