Hideout (2021) Movie Script

[dogs barking]
Let's get in the car.
Get in the car.
Is he bleeding?
Is he dying?
- Sarah.
- What?
What happened?
What's going on.
Shit, shit.
[Sarah] Hang in there. Reed!
Don't let me die.
[Sarah] He got hit in the side.
You were supposed to
watch him! Goddamn it!
The bullet didn't go
through, there's no exit.
Fucking idiots,
we practiced this.
Shut up, just drive!
How was I supposed
to know he had a gun?
Did you kill him?
What are you talking about?
You shot back at the guy, Reed.
What the fuck else
was I supposed to do?
We can't go to the hospital.
We have to go to
a hospital, Kyle.
He's gonna fucking
die, you asshole.
- Rick!
- What?
Turn, turn, turn there.
[Reed] I can't feel my toes.
I can't feel my feet.
Look at me, look at me,
Reed, hang in there.
You're not going to die, okay?
You're gonna stay right here.
[Rick] Where the
fuck am I going?
What are you doing?
Go get them to open the door.
[knock on door]
Hello, help!
[knock on door]
May I help you?
One of our friend's
been shot, in the side.
He's bleeding pretty
bad, can you help us?
Bring him in.
Bring him in.
[Bee] Come on, get him in here.
Hurry up.
[Kyle] Get him down, get him
down, get him down, come on!
[Kyle] Fucking damn it, come on.
[Bee] Get him down.
The hell happened?
We were hunting it
was getting late,
it was getting dark, we
should've stopped a lot earlier,
but we fucking didn't.
I need to call an ambulance.
No, no! Listen ...
He doesn't want to go.
I need to call an ambulance,
[Bee] he's bleeding out.
He doesn't have insurance.
He doesn't want to go.
Is there anything
else that you can do?
I have pliers and string.
Rick, go get the first
aid kit from the trunk.
[branch snaps]
Jesus fucking Christ!
Just hold that.
Shhh. It's gonna be okay, okay?
Where the fuck is Rick?
There is no kit
and Rick is gone.
[Sarah] What?
He's fucking gone, Sarah,
I don't know what you
want me to tell you.
Settle down.
We have to get the bullet out.
Hey, listen to me, buddy.
Listen to me.
[Kyle] Reed. Reed, look at me.
This is gonna hurt, okay?
But we're gonna do it, okay?
Ready, on the count of
three: one, two, three.
[Kyle] Oh my God.
Hold still.
Easy, breathe.
[Kyle] What the fuck.
[Kyle] Oh my God.
[Bee] Breathe! Breathe.
[Bee] You have to be still.
[Sarah] All right.
All right. All right.
[Kyle] Jesus fucking Christ,
Jesus fucking Christ.
Oh God, Oh God. Is he dead?
No, he's fine.
Jesus fucking Christ.
He's gonna be fine.
Jesus fucking Christ.
[eerie music]
[Rose] Did you let them in?
[eerie music]
He's been shot, Rose.
Who are all you people?
I'm Sarah. This is Kyle.
Look, if we could just
stay here tonight and rest,
we'd be gone by the morning.
We need to wait for
our other friend,
we need to find Rick,
he should be back soon.
Of course, honey,
anything you need.
Do you need to use the
telephone to call someone?
No, this will be
best for us to just
stay here tonight, and rest.
Do you think he'll be okay?
Yes, he's gonna be fine.
But I would probably get him
to the hospital tomorrow.
Well, y'all must be thirsty.
We can't thank you enough.
My pleasure.
Are you all from around here?
Yeah, well, not
directly around here,
but around the
area. In the area.
This is a very nice house.
It was my grandfather's.
It's very, uh ...
... classically sleek.
Where's your grandfather now?
[glass breaks]
We don't get many guests.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go
outside for a smoke.
I'll go with you.
You have a very
pretty granddaughter.
I wish I had some
of those genes.
That's Rose.
She came to live with
me a little while ago.
I'm not doing so well.
That's nice.
You know, the way you
handled yourself earlier
was really good.
I try my best.
You remind me a lot of myself.
You were probably
really a good kid, huh?
Yeah, I was.
This is very good.
Thank you.
I've been making that
lemonade my whole life.
My father would walk me
down to the lemon tree
that laid on the
property of our land
and we'd pick those lemons
and carry them
back into the house
and start squeezing.
One day I wanted to go
and he did not want to.
And I threw a fit
and he got mad.
So he went in, you know,
to his favorite
chair and sat there,
until he eventually fell asleep,
just right by the window.
It was his favorite chair.
So I decided, being a
little rebellious girl,
that I was gonna go myself,
and I did.
And I really wish I hadn't.
It was a very dangerous thing
for a little girl
to do, you know.
So, but I went
and, um ...
I wish I hadn't gone.
I regret going.
I wish I had just stayed home.
I don't think I've ever
told anyone that before.
I don't think you
hurt your father.
[Sarah] He's probably
proud of you,
making your own decisions.
Maybe he was just hurt
you were growing up.
You know what I hate?
What's that?
The way nobody has any
manners anymore, so rare.
You have manners though.
Oh, do I?
I can tell a lot about you.
Like what?
I know you want to fuck me.
Well, that ain't hard to tell.
I know you had a
dog named Beans,
when you were little.
Excuse me?
I'm a psychic.
[Rose] Can I see your hand?
Uh, it's nothing.
[Kyle] What is it?
It ...
I ...
What the fuck did you see?
Holy shit, you should've
seen your face.
I was kidding.
Jesus, you're easy.
Then how did you
know about my dog?
You have a bone key chain,
with Beans written on it.
[Kyle] Cool.
All right, let's go.
[Sarah] How's everything going?
Bee, we're gonna
go check on Reed,
we'll be right back.
[Bee] Okay dear.
He's breathing.
No fever.
You told them our real names.
So, they've seen our faces,
what does it matter
what names we tell them?
Do you think Rick left?
I think Rick left.
Fucking asshole.
Where do you think he went?
Who cares?
Do you think they know?
Who, them?
Absolutely not.
Why would they?
Hey, no, I think they
bought what we were selling.
Right now, this is a
perfect place to hide.
Besides, if Reed's
not in any shape,
tomorrow we may have
another day here.
Battery is dead.
[Kyle] How's your battery?
Mine's almost dead.
And I have no
service here either,
like literally nothing.
[Weather Reporter]
Midnight forecast.
Thursday low of 60, high
of 73 with clear skies.
Wednesday low of 62
What is with you and that thing?
You watch it all the time.
So, what do you think of them?
Harmless, harmless, harmless.
[TV Reporter] Breaking news
in the Tri-state area tonight.
Just hours ago, there
was an attempted
armed robbery at a
local liquor store.
One employee is in
critical condition tonight
after an exchange of
gunfire that took place
inside the store.
Now suspects are at large
and are armed and dangerous.
Police are asking
residents to stay indoors
and lock their
doors and windows.
Without any witnesses,
information on the car
driven by the suspects has
not yet been identified.
Although the armed robbers
were wearing masks,
one apparently dropped his
cell phone at the scene.
Police have so far been
able to identify suspects
involved through a
slew of text messages,
planning the robbery.
Stay tuned for updates.
This is Gail Scott-
Key reporting.
Please, what are you doing?
[Rose] What are you going to do?
Shoot us?
I already told you
you could stay here.
Just don't hurt us, please.
Shut up.
[Kyle] I don't feel bad for you.
Who opens her door to a stranger
in the middle of the night?
Are you for real, with this?
Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not.
That is some secret you're
not sharing with us.
Why don't you come
a little closer
and I'll whisper it
in your fucking ear.
[suspenseful music]
Do I look like a fool to you?
You have three seconds
to put down the knife
or I shoot you and this
old bitch right here.
Now, you want to save
your grandmother's life,
then shut the fuck up
and put down the knife.
Now hands up.
Into the living
room one at a time.
And when I say one at a time,
I mean one fucking
slow and steady time.
[Kyle] Now we're
just going to wait
until this blows over.
[eerie music]
Hey, what the fuck do
you think you're doing?
[Kyle] What fuck
the is going on?
I woke up to them
both in the kitchen,
they were talking.
[Kyle] How long
have you been awake?
Did you call the cops?
Are they on their way here?
We didn't call anyone.
What were we supposed to do,
lie around until morning?
You're the ones
that fell asleep.
[painful scream]
Hey, what's going on with you?
They're lying to us.
No one knows we're here, Kyle.
Stop it.
We need to hide the car.
Take her with you.
I'm not going to try anything.
[Sarah] Let's go.
Hey, hey.
You don't want them
to find you, do you?
Why didn't you do something?
You had the chance.
What do you mean?
When you were in the kitchen,
you could have called the cops,
taking our guns, ran away.
I could've slit your
throats in your sleep.
I thought about it.
Not all of us are monsters.
This is your fault.
I didn't do this.
If you would have
just stayed put,
we wouldn't have to be here.
I'm locking them in the closet.
Well, I could stay awake.
They have pillows,
they have blankets.
They'll be fine.
[Sarah] Oh, shit.
Whatever you do,
get rid of them.
Do you hear me?
Don't do anything stupid or
he will shoot you in the head.
[knock on door]
[suspenseful music]
Answer it.
Good evening, Miss,
I'm Detective Lopez.
Hello, Officer, is
there something wrong?
Sorry to bother you.
I don't know if you've heard,
but there's been a
robbery in the area.
Right now me and my team were
just checking door to door,
and just seeing if anyone's
seen anything suspicious.
Intel's led us to believe
that the four suspects
are actually somewhere
in the area still.
Have you seen anything
strange tonight?
No, nothing.
I wish I could help.
[Detective] Okay well,
again, sorry to bother you.
If you see anything
out of the ordinary,
make sure to contact
us and don't worry,
we'll catch them.
Have a good night, Officer.
[glass breaks]
My cat, he's terrible,
always making a mess.
Good night.
Good work, team.
I think it's time for bed.
Maybe we should just leave.
We can't leave, Kyle,
we're being hunted.
We have to stay here.
We have to hide.
Do you want to go to jail?
I don't like them, Sarah.
Now that they're out of
state and out of mind,
I really don't
fucking like them.
Maybe I should have
pointed at another house,
that I'm so sorry for not
accommodating your preference
of household family.
Hey, look, now I know
this is my stupid fault,
and I'm sorry,
but I got you and I'm
not gonna let anything
bad happen to you.
You always were the
best big brother.
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
[Sarah] Hey!
What is going on with you?
[Kyle] There was a...
There was...
You're scaring me.
The banging...
There was banging.
And you were gone.
It was terrible.
What do you mean I was gone,
I've been asleep right next
to you this whole time.
Your face
was cut off.
Hey, you need to
hold it together.
I swear to God, Sarah,
it felt so real.
I was walking on
my own two legs,
and the noises woke me up.
Maybe you were just
sleepwalking or something.
I have never
sleepwalked in my life.
Stress can cause a
lot of strange things.
I was awake.
Okay ... Okay.
[Rose] He's fine.
Can I use the bathroom upstairs?
At least put on some deodorant.
I smell like a
Goddamn lumberjack.
Did you hear that?
She has to use the bathroom.
And if she's not
back in two minutes,
I'm gonna kill you.
How are you feeling?
My fucking side hurts.
Where are we?
What's going on?
You've been shot.
Are they after us?
[Sarah] Yeah, they know.
They know what?
They know who we are,
we're all over the news.
[TV Reporter] The liquor
store employee now identified
as 29 year-old, Michael Kuvan,
who was hospitalized
in critical condition,
has now died from the
gunshot wound he received
during the attempted robbery.
Now all suspects
are still at large,
still presumed
armed and dangerous.
Authorities are confident that
they are closing in on them.
We'll keep you updated
on the minute by minute
on the unfolding situation.
Where's the money?
Did we get the money?
The giant sack of money
from the safe. Where is it?
Are you telling me
we did all of this
for fucking nothing.
That one of us fucking
killed someone for nothing.
That I got fucking
shot for nothing.
[Reed] Hey! Hey,
look at this. Look!
You fucking assholes.
What a mess this is.
Who is this?
[Kyle] She's the one
who stitched you up.
And if it weren't for
her, you'd be dead.
[Bee] I'm Bee, this is my house,
I live here.
She stays here with
her granddaughter.
She's upstairs right now.
It's just the two of them.
[Kyle] It's been
getting long enough.
I'm regretting letting
her go upstairs at all.
Your time is almost up.
Do you hear me?
[Kyle] Rose, you have 20
seconds to get down here.
20, 19, 18,
17, 16, 15,
14, 13, 12,
11, 10, nine,
eight, seven, six,
five, four,
three, two...
Kyle, please.
I swear the next time I'll...
You know, they say chances are,
you've already been in
the place of your death.
[music from upstairs]
Haven't met her yet.
Would be rude of me not
to introduce myself.
I don't believe we've met yet.
No, not officially.
You must be Rose.
Kyle's very angry. Why
aren't you downstairs?
You're all boring me.
Well, you don't know
me very well yet.
I am not boring.
You listen to me
you fucking snake,
you may be able to creep
your way around them,
but not me.
This is not a game.
From now on, you don't do a
Goddamn thing unless I say so.
I run the show now.
Any questions?
Why can't a girl dance in peace?
Are we clear, you fucking bitch?
[eerie music]
[Rose] Crystal clear.
We need to think of a plan.
Where the fuck do you
think you're going?
Away from you.
Is this because...
You didn't have to murder her.
You took it too far,
way too fucking far.
Oh man, are you gonna cry now?
You're always so weak,
making me do all the work.
You know what?
Why don't you do some
of the work for once?
Get rid of the body.
Go get fucking rid of it.
She's starting to smell.
[Reed] I think she shit herself.
You should've taken
us more seriously.
Did you do this?
Hey, hey, you did this.
Why did she have to die?
Because you weren't
playing by the rules.
She should have
let you bleed out.
Maybe so, but she didn't.
[eerie music]
[Kyle] What are you doing?
You. You were...
We were just talking
and you walked away.
I thought you...
I thought...
I thought you...
You were just...
Can you just give
me a minute, Kyle?
Where do you want me to put her?
What are you waiting for?
Now, come on, let's go, do it.
What the fuck?
I'm starving,
Do you have any fucking food?
Well then, what do you eat?
I've never seen a
kitchen so bare.
You don't have a piece of
fucking bread in there?
What do you think, Kyle?
He doesn't like me very much.
Yeah, I don't remember
asking you a Goddamn thing.
I read his palm last night,
he didn't like it.
Of course you did.
You know, how did you
morons manage to pick
the one house with the
biggest fucking weirdo in it?
I can see the future.
I can see the past.
I can read yours if you like.
No. Thank you.
You know what, why
don't you just shut up
and stop whatever it is
you're doing over there.
Hey, cut it out you creep.
[eerie music]
You're all going to die tonight.
[Kyle] I know what
it looks like.
A couple of crazies
come into your house
and kill your grandmother.
And here you are an
innocent, sweet young girl
who will be saved.
That's the way it's
got to seem, huh?
Isn't it?
Well, I know what is going on,
I can feel it.
And it is some dark, dark shit.
Jesus Christ, man,
what are you blabbering about?
Holy shit, let's not
lose our minds now, man.
[Kyle] I'm not losing my mind,
I'm thinking perfectly straight.
She's just a girl,
Kyle. All right.
This is just a
house, we're the same
as we were yesterday.
It's the pressure.
The pressure will
make you crack.
Now pull yourself the fuck
back together, my friend.
Where's Sarah?
Watch her.
You know, some people make
up their own nightmares
to distract them
from the real ones.
Don't move.
I told you to watch her.
Look, I'm not crazy.
There's something
going on in this house.
Now I don't know
if it's the house
or the old woman or this girl,
but something is going on,
and I know you feel it too.
We have to go.
They are not who
they say they are.
We're leaving.
We have to get out of here.
- When?
- Now.
[Reed] Right now.
[Kyle] No.
[Reed] What do you mean, no?
[Kyle] It's not safe.
He's right.
[Reed] Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you guys need
more time having fun
exploring the fucking house.
I don't mind if you leave now.
Shut up.
Kyle is right though, Reed.
It's too dangerous
in the daylight.
Okay, fine.
[Reed] But when the night falls
we had straight for the border.
[Sarah] Sundown.
[Sarah] Are you good?
Yeah, I'm just great.
[Kyle] This is not a good idea.
[Sarah] Why not?
It's too dangerous.
Even if we leave
now or daylight.
We don't really have
a choice now do we?
The longer we stay here,
the more they close in on us.
We have to make a
run for it tonight.
In what car, Reed?
They know the car we drive.
[Reed] Where's your car?
We don't have one.
[Reed] Well, our car it is then.
We leave at sundown.
Tonight is the night.
You're just afraid of your
wound getting infected.
Don't put us in danger due
to your personal interests.
After all we've
been through, Kyle.
You're like a brother to me.
Thought we were a team.
We always were a team, Reed,
just not a very good one.
Oh yeah.
We're leaving tonight.
Sarah and I already
decided on it.
So why don't you stop
being such a pussy?
You know what's coming, Kyle.
She will be our downfall
if we don't get rid of her.
We need all the time we can get,
and she's certainly not
gonna help with that.
We're already in too deep.
I have to get rid of
her before we leave.
And don't tell your sister,
she's not gonna like that idea.
Well, you're going to
have a hard time leaving
without the keys.
Do you think they'll come back?
Who, the cops?
I don't know, maybe.
Probably not.
Oh ...
We're leaving tonight
though, don't worry.
Do you believe in God?
Yeah, I do.
It's good to believe in
something, to have faith.
Do you believe in the devil?
I've, um, never really
thought about it.
Well, if there's good,
there must be evil, right?
Night and day, light and dark.
I suppose he's real too.
Oh, he is,
and he's not some red monster
with horns and a tail.
He could be the most
alluring creature
you've ever met.
But people forget,
he's just a wicked
manipulative angel,
and he used to be God's dearest.
You, you've got to talk to him,
he's out of his Goddamn mind.
I'll talk to him.
You want to know what?
I don't care if you
do, or if you don't,
I'm getting out of here tonight.
[Reed] Go check on the car
and make sure it's good to go.
When the night falls, I want
to leave, immediately, got it?
How are things going in here?
Hey, so what's
going on with you?
We have to get
out of here, Kyle.
We have to leave tonight.
[Kyle] I don't agree with that.
When do you want to leave then?
When would be a better time?
It's not safe.
What's not safe?
Out there, in the world.
Ever since we got here,
you've been acting so strange,
but listen, I don't
care about any of that
because I love you.
We've always stuck
together, our whole lives.
Please, don't leave
me hanging now.
I don't trust
Reed, I never have.
You're really concerning
me, you know that?
Yeah, whatever, um ..
we'll leave tonight.
Last night after I found you
in the middle of the night
after your dream,
I couldn't sleep.
There's something
strange about this place.
I told you.
I was trying to stay awake,
I thought about
when we were kids
and how you were
always there for me.
And even though we
don't always act like it
or say it out loud, most of
the time, I know you love me.
And why does that matter?
I just wanted to share
that with you, Kyle.
I don't know, I thought
you should know.
You wanted to share.
I am tired of you
screwing up everything.
My whole life I had to
clean up your messes.
I'm ... I'm not.
But, I'm under a lot of stress.
And do you know what
stress does to your body?
It fucks with your mind.
Do you know how hard it is to
concentrate on this situation?
I understand that, but...
But, but, but, what?
Huh, it's time you grew up.
This is not my fault,
this isn't Reed's fault,
this isn't Rick's fault.
This is your fault.
And now you have
to let me finish
what we've started.
I'm not blaming
you for anything.
I trusted you, I
never blamed you.
You love to blame me.
We needed the money,
Kyle, you know this.
It was the only way
to get the money fast.
Mom needs the money.
[eerie music]
Mom is going to die,
whether we can afford
her treatments or not.
[Sarah] Guys, we have a problem.
The car hardly has any gas,
we're not gonna make it.
Yeah, I know what that means.
Well, now we have to get gas
before we go, like now.
And how do you
suppose to do that?
We are all over the news.
They've seen our faces.
We will bring, her.
She will go to the gas station,
fill up the car and drive back
and I will be laying
in the back seat,
making sure she
does exactly that.
Let's go.
Kyle, give me money.
I don't have any.
Here, use my card.
What do you mean, you
don't have any money?
Why don't you use her card?
I dropped my wallet in the safe.
You know what?
We would have plenty of money
if you're dumb ass didn't
forget the fucking bag.
You have nothing.
You have absolutely
nothing, Reed.
[Kyle] You are nothing.
This is why you dragged me
and her into this bullshit.
I should have known better.
Fuck you.
No, fuck you!
Reed, stop.
No, I get it, he's your brother.
You love him, you
trust him, right?
And I'm just the
asshole with the gun?
Well, why don't you go
ahead and tell her Kyle.
Tell me what?
[Kyle] Stop it.
What he was planning on doing
with his portion of the money.
Shut up!
What did he tell you?
That he was gonna use
it for your mommy?
That that was the
point of all of this?
It was out of love,
for your family.
Well, he was never going
to use it for that.
You want to know what
he was gonna use it for?
A plane ticket to Florida
and a brand-new pad.
And, of course, lots
and lots of drugs.
Isn't that right, Kyle?
[Sarah] You said that we
were doing this for mom.
You said that this was
supposed to be simple,
and that no one
was gonna get hurt.
I would have never
gotten involved in this,
and you know that.
You lied.
Kyle? Is this true?
Now you have nothing too.
Go ahead, do it.
All these secrets people have,
always been more
about what they hide
than what they show.
You know, I've been thinking,
you remind me of an
ex-girlfriend I once had.
You're a good girl,
you know that, right?
Pretty girl.
Very pretty girl.
Maybe I've been too hard on you.
Maybe I should have
been nicer to you.
I still catch myself
thinking about it,
how I should've let
you keep on dancing.
I know you want me.
I know you wanted me
to see you dancing
half naked up there.
The way you didn't care
that I was watching
and the way you didn't care
that I could have killed
you right then and there.
What was I doing
up there anyways?
It's like you ...
It's like you called me
up there or something.
Anyways, what I'm
getting at is, uh,
we might have time for
a quick motel stop.
All we gotta do is fill her
up, and we're good to go.
What the...
Pull over to the
side of the road.
Did we seriously
just run out of gas?
God! Pull over.
Son of a bitch!
Fucking piece of shit!
What are we gonna do now?
We have to get back to the
house before someone sees us.
Sees you.
Did you do this?
Are you trying to sabotage us?
How would I have had a
chance to get to the car
without any of you seeing.
What the fuck are
we gonna do now?
All right, okay,
this is what we're gonna do.
Maybe they don't know me.
Maybe they didn't
watch the news.
We can just hitch a ride
and get back to the house.
Listen, I will do the
talking, all right?
Don't say a fucking
word, do you hear me?
Do not open your fucking mouth.
[Reed] Hey there.
You need some help?
We're just having
some car trouble.
We live a couple of
miles up the road.
So we're just walking back.
I could give you a
ride if you want.
Yeah, sure.
Get in.
[Reed] Hey, thanks again
for the ride, uh ...
Hey, no problem, I'm
not in any rush today.
[Marshall] So where
are you coming from?
Just a couple of
miles up the road.
I've never seen
you around before.
Did you just move here?
He is my boyfriend. We're
taking the next big step
and moving in together.
I've been there a
couple of times.
Never again.
Staying single forever.
Hey, you know, my girlfriend's
brother is a mechanic.
I can give him a call.
No, actually her
dad is a mechanic.
He lives around here.
So, we're just going to
give him a call, thanks.
[Marshall] I was just offering.
I hope it's nothing major.
By the way, be careful outside,
there's a lot of cops around,
it's been in the news.
What news?
A few guys robbed
a store and fled
and it's just
crawling with cops.
Oh, wow, geez.
We haven't been
home much today so.
I'm sure they're
gonna catch them.
Yeah well, we will have
to keep our eyes peeled.
[Reporter] We interrupt
this broadcast
with an emergency alert.
Authorities are in lookout
for a silver two door sedan,
license plate number J eight...
[radio clicks off]
And the radio, that's
all they do, is talk now.
They should stick to
just playing music.
And their commercials,
I don't listen to
them anyway, ever.
By the way, what's
the make of your car?
I think I had a similar one.
Say what, it's a
pretty good car.
Oh, you know what?
[Reed] What are you doing?
I just gotta make a call,
I'll just be a moment,
you just sit tight.
Don't fucking move.
Listen, look, man,
there's no need
to call the cops.
Back off.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Look, I'll turn myself in.
I'm ready to do it.
I never hurt anyone,
I'm just embarrassed.
Okay, okay, okay, okay,
look, I'll turn myself in.
You're right, all right.
I'm ready to do it just...
Please, man, all right.
Let me do it with some
dignity, all right.
Let me turn myself in.
All right.
I'm just afraid.
I had a thought this morning.
Something I want you to hear,
I just don't know how to say it,
so I'm gonna say it out loud.
I hope to God that mom
dies before she ever
finds out what
we've gotten into.
There's two sides to a person,
one is like a friend,
someone you love,
and the other side is
a complete stranger.
I'm sorry for lying to you.
I know it doesn't matter now,
but I'm sorry for
hurting you and mom.
Whether you believe me or not,
I was going to use some of
the money for mom's treatment,
just not all of it,
like we talked about.
I'm sorry, Sarah.
Our whole lives I should have
been a better brother to you.
We're gonna get
through this, okay?
What was that?
What was what?
That noise, didn't you hear it?
I didn't hear anything, Kyle.
It's like a banging.
There's a banging noise.
How can you not hear it?
It's like some type of clatter.
[suspenseful music]
Your mother always loved
Sarah more than you.
[laughs maniacally]
I know this because she told me.
Don't take her from here,
she needs me here.
Don't take her.
Was it a nice sunset?
What's this?
They're gonna be after us.
We have to get out of here.
Come on, let's go, now.
Don't we have anything
to tie her up with?
I do apologize, but this
is the way it has to be.
Reed, come on, we can
be better than this.
Shut the fuck up, Sarah.
I need to go to the bathroom,
go get the car, I'll
be out in a minute.
Yeah, take your
time, why don't you.
Give me a fucking
second, would you?
Can you stay with her
until he comes out?
Hey, everything's gonna be okay.
Run, okay?
Get out of here.
[Reed screaming]
[knock on door]
[eerie music]
[knock on door]
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
[Sarah] Reed, open the door.
Open the door.
Open the fucking door. Reed!
Open the door.
Open the door.
Reed, open the door.
Open the door right fucking now.
Open the fucking door.
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
[Kyle screaming]
[glass breaks]
You should listen
to your brother.
Come out.
I just want to talk to you.
I know you're in there, Sarah.
Why did you hurt me?
Why did you do that?
I'm bleeding.
You stabbed me in
the fucking eye.
Go rot in Hell where you belong.
I'm sorry, Sarah.
I never meant to hurt you.
I was doing you a favor.
We don't belong
here in this world.
[Sarah] Maybe you
don't but I do.
You're never
getting out of here.
We are gonna stay here forever.
Open the fucking
door, you bitch!
How's that eye?
[eerie music]
Look what you made me do.
I know about the clothes
and the bones in the woods.
Oh, the children?
I was in a cult.
The first ones were my
baby brother and sister.
I was supposed to be watching
them while my parents
were out but instead,
I killed and ate them.
My parents and the town
suspected me of doing it.
They suspected me of
possessing some kind of evil,
unimaginable evil.
It put the fear of
God in all of them.
But they never
found a trace of me.
I never went home.
I've been out here since 1893,
moving from place
to place, hiding.
You're a monster.
What are you going
to do about it?
No one would believe you,
even if you had the
chance to tell them.
Are you really going
to kill a young woman,
in cold blood, in her own home?
Yeah, something like that.
[witch chant]
[Kyle screaming]
Where you're going,
there's only darkness.
[suspenseful music]
Come out, Sarah.
Don't be frightened.
We hardly got a chance
to know each other.
I wanted to tell you more
about the lemon tree.
I know Bee started
to tell you a story.
Did you drop something, Sarah?
Bee never got to
apologize to her family
and for going out to
the lemon tree that day.
She never got to see them again.
She never got to go home.
I abducted Bee when she
was only a little girl.
She was just a little girl.
She's not my grandmother.
I stole her away
from her family.
I was going to eat her
but for some reason
I decided not to.
Instead, I raised her.
More like a pet, really.
But tonight I'm going
to get to eat again,
now that you're here, Sarah.
I summoned you here.
I brought you here.
You didn't decide
to come here, I did.
This was no accident.
Every decision in your life
that you thought you made,
brought you here, with me.
I'm your only way
out of here, Sarah.
I'm your angel, come down
from heaven, to save you.
An angel, just like Grandfather.
Come on out, Sarah.
We'll have some lemonade.
[eerie music]
[laughing maniacally]
It's too late.
[banging on door]
[footsteps approaching]
[eerie music]
[low growling sound]
[police radio]
[TV Reporter] Disturbing
new developments
in this breaking story.
Police have found the
suspect's hideout,
where it is reportedly
a blood bath inside.
The owners of the house,
an elderly woman
and a young woman,
were found dead inside the home.
Two of the suspects found
in the house are also dead.
There is no sign of
the other two suspects,
one of whom is 27
year-old Sarah Richardson.
Authorities have been
searching extensively
for the last 90 minutes
with help from canines.
And she hasn't been
located on the property
or surrounding half mile radius.
If you spot her,
please do not approach
and contact police immediately.
She is believed to be
armed and dangerous.
More as the story develops.
Are you all right?