Hider in the House (1989) Movie Script

What is this disgusting?
And you call her dinner?
I work all day for you
and what do you do?
- Yes, you do it with that bitch!
- Excuse me, what did you say?
If you have something to say, speak aloud!
And then look at this house!
All those colors and those
sheets on the floor!
- Where's Tom? Tom!
- I'm going to look for him.
Tommy! Are you in here?
- Mom!
- Come here.
Do not worry, we will not punish you.
- Stop hiding!
- Tom, your father wants to talk to you.
I told you to go out!
I said to come out!
Get out of there, little monster!
- What are you doing there?
- You lied to me '?
I told you to collect everything,
but you never listen!
He lied to you, so what?
- You will always be a failure!
- Stop Please! No!
That's enough!
Tom, how did you get these bruises?
I fell while playing.
- And these signs on the arms?
- I do not know.
Open this door!
Exit immediately from here!
And why should I?
- Come here, I'll blow you up!
- I hate you!
My God, I kill him!
You will not hurt me anymore!
Never again!
I'm sorry...
I did not want to, I'm sorry.
Let me in.
Are there any messages for me?
Watch out for the cigarette!
There is this.
This is from the hospital.
The hospital called you
to make an appointment.
The pharmacy wants you
to go get the medicine.
The boss said that if you do not pay
by tomorrow, he'll throw you out.
I have a check, it's from the hospital.
Can you change it?
If you want to change it, go to
the bank and do not break up!
I told you to be careful
with that cigarette!
I lost control for a moment.
Now everything is fine.
That's just crazy!
I have to check myself.
John, can you let me in?
Hi Tom.
Be good, Tom.
How old are you in this design?
Seven or eight.
And where are you?
Under the sink.
Comfortable? Under the sink?
My parents could not find me
and if they did not find me, they
would not beat me. I was safe.
Yes, safe. Not comfortable.
Yes, safe! Not comfortable.
Are you safe now?
I have no violent reactions for some time.
I feel that there is hesitation.
NO, no long-time
violent reaction.
Maybe because now
you feel safer.
- I never feel as safe as I would like.
- This does not happen to anyone.
Let's talk about your future.
Where you live now '?
I decided to live in a house.
In a kind of pension '?
You know that the mandatory sessions
will be finished next week.
What do you think about it '?
All right.
I believe I have been leaning
on you for too long.
Wait, do not go so strong!
Wait up!
Black with black
it is green
with green.
- Julie!
- I'm up here!
- Where are the guys '?
- I have Holly
and Neil is pulling
Rudolph out of the car.
Come here baby!
Do you like here?
- Come on, I'll show you the rest.
- Come on, baby!
Come on, baby!
- Do you like '?
- Yes, a lot.
- Neil, then?
- I do not like.
- Never ask for the opinion of the children!
- Why do we have to come here?
Because your father did
not like your friends!
- Mom, stop!
- Look, high technology! Hello!
- I can try?
- Sure.
- Ready?
- There's another one in the living room.
- Where is it '?
- In the living room, throughout the house.
- Also in the bathroom?
- Yup.
Get out!
Come here.
Come here.
- Beautiful!
- Yes, it's big.
- It is huge!
- Here we go!
Neil, take Rudolph.
- What dinner?
- Get the pizza.
- I'm coming with you!
- Ok. How do you like pizza?
- With salami.
- And you '?
- Cheese!
- Then let's half and half!
Hi, Rudy!
Here it is.
What was it?
I heard a noise.
The big houses are full of strange
noises, you'll get used to it.
And Holly.
And you, Mr. Fudolph,
you'll be on the veranda.
- Hi dear.
- Hi, honey.
- I have a presentation tomorrow.
- It's our first night here!
The bank must decide tomorrow
whether to invest in this deal.
I'm sorry.
In a little while 'arrival.
What is that '?
A welcome gift.
- I did not get you anything.
- Do not do anything, open it.
Wait up.
A toast. At the new house!
At the new house!
You did it, did not you?
- Do you like '?
- Yes, it's nice.
Really cute.
Tomorrow or Thursday
they come to disinfect.
Do not worry, I thought about it.
You're really efficient.
Thank you.
Dear, I think we should sleep.
Come on, Julie! I told you thank you.
I know, it's just that
it's been a long day.
All right.
Come here u.
Hello. Come on, come here.
What's up, honey?
A man scared me.
A man '?
You must have dreamed it, love.
Do you want to sleep with me?
Rudolph 1.
- I can not find.
- He does not want to be with us anymore!
Someone will read the plate and bring it
back to us. What do you think about it '?
We did not have to come here!
- Did you see the briefcase?
- He was on the desk.
He was there last night,
but where is he now?
- Hi, George.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Good.
- Who had put her on the ground?
- Hello. Beautiful house!
- A paradise!
- How nice to see you!
I always say: "If you start from
the top, then it's all down!"
The stairs are from that side.
Make them all out!
Honey, I go.
I'll be late tonight.
- Hi dear.
- Hello guys.
Hi Dad.
How long have you been there?
You can not escape me.
A nice surprise awaits
you, little mouse!
Mice '2 - Yes, they
live in the cavities.
- Can you get rid of it?
- Sure.
But you have to go out for a
couple of hours, it's a big job!
We leave immediately, thanks.
Neil, Holly, let's go!
Ok, mom.
Miss, are you comfortable?
- It's so exciting!
- Of course, it's your first day.
- Hello.
- I'm Gary Hufford.
I live next door,
I'm your neighbor.
A welcome gift.
A rhubarb pie! I did it.
Thanks so much. I'm Julie Dreyer.
They are my children, Neil and Holly.
Hello, glad to meet you!
How are you '?
- You have a beautiful house.
- Yes, it's beautiful.
- And then in a nice neighborhood.
- That's right.
There is also a nice pool!
Excuse me, now I have to
take the children to school.
I go to kindergarten!
How beautiful!
I'd like to go back to kindergarten!
Maybe with you!
It was a pleasure to meet you!
Enjoy yourselves!
Who are you? What are you doing here?
You're not going anywhere!
What the hell are you doing?
He's drunk!
Hi Tom. When are you coming back '?
It took me a long time
after the fire
to understand that it was not my fault.
They forced me.
It was a terrible experience.
But why are you talking about it now?
I want it not to happen again.
Why should he?
If they were to attack my home,
then I should defend myself.
Excuse me a moment.
Dr. Spencer, can we see
each other a minute?
- Sorry.
- It 'does not matter.
- So, do you like the new house?
- Very.
Do you get along with others'?
There is a family that lives
there and I really like it.
They make me want
to have a family.
Maybe one day you'll have it.
I'm thinking about it.
- Excuse me, I'll be right back.
- Ok.
- Dr. Gordon.
- Hello. Thank you.
There's Tom Sykes in there.
Today was supposed
to be his last day.
But I do not know, I have a
strange feeling about the boy.
Today it seems a lot more paranoid...
Without evidence that it is a
danger to himself or others
we can not hold it back.
But this boy has been mistreated
by his parents for years.
Yes, he has made progress.
But we're talking about a
boy who set fire at home
burning his parents alive.
Dr. Gordon, we have
our hands tied.
All right.
I just wanted to ask.
Good day, doctor.
So, Tom.
This is our last session.
Tom, do you feel ready
to live on your own?
I'm doing my best.
My best.
Ok, so let's go to Mr.
Patrick at eleven.
We bring the bikes there and
put the stuff in a paper bag.
Then we set fire to the
envelope and ring the bell.
As soon as they open the
mat will catch fire.
Is this the dog poop joke?
Dog poop?
No, it's the joke of dog shit.
You are new, are not you?
Yes, we just moved.
Who taught you to interrupt?
- Nobody.
- And why did you do it?
That's why, you have big ears!
Sleep, my love. Do not Cry!
I'll sing you a lullaby.
Bra goes!
Now you sleep.
Do you want a kiss '?
Good night little one.
- I do not like it there.
- Because?
There's a kid named Bernard
who treats me badly.
You're new to that school.
Sometimes it takes
some time to adapt.
Can not go to the old school?
We no longer live in
that neighborhood.
I do not care, I
miss my friends.
I know how hard the first day
of school is, I remember.
But everything will be fine.
You'll make new friends, you'll see.
Good night.
Goodnight Mom.
Sweet dreams.
- I love you.
- Me too.
I love you too.
I love you too.
Goodnight Mom.
Goodnight Mom.
I love you too.
You made me take a shot!
- Excuse me, I heard you enter.
- And you have to get behind me like that?
I did not get behind you.
- What's up '?
- I had a shitty day.
- Why '?
- I was presenting the report
on the Davis project.
I'm coming to the end and
when I'm about to take stock,
I realize that the sheet
containing the total is gone.
- Thing?
- Disappeared!
I was there in front of eleven
people to look like an idiot!
- How could it have happened?
- Good question!
Yesterday evening it
was all on the desk...
before you moved 24 hours.
I have not touched your 24 hours.
The boys were sleeping.
Do you think she moved alone?
I do not know what happened,
but I did not touch it.
you had a difficult
day, let's go to bed.
I can not, I have to work.
So I should talk to you about
something before tomorrow morning.
- Thing '?
- The landlord called...
The House!
Julie, please!
We do not talk about the house!
I'm sick of talking about the house!
I'm not even sure
we can afford it!
- Should I go back to work?
- No.
I know you have to be with
children, I'm not saying this.
Calm down, do not scream.
I'm not screaming, damn it!
I do not understand what's happening.
And that's the problem!
- What do you mean?
- Leave it.
If there's a problem, I'd
like to know what it is.
Do you want to know what the problem is?
You only think about this stupid house
and neglect the family.
And I'm fed up!
Did you think that moving was easy?
I'm not talking about moving,
I was there when we did it!
I do not want to hear details
of all the workers I discuss.
- Did not I help you with the move?
- I'm not saying this.
That's enough!
Is not it enough that I
pay for this damn house?
All right!
Not bad!
- Guys! How are you '?
- Good.
- Beautiful house.
- Thank you. Take something.
- You're beautiful!
- Thank you.
Julie, did you start
the party without me?
- Phil!
- How are you?
So, what is this'?
It must be hung on the wall '?
Holly, honey!
New house, new neighbors!
- How are you '?
- Great!
I'm glad I recommended you.
Julie did a great job.
Thank you.
You seem destroyed.
What happens?
I think I'll see her again.
Are you kidding?
I thought it was just an escapade.
- So?
Sometimes I would like to close this
story before it becomes too serious.
But sometimes
I feel like wanting
something for me.
Do you understand?
The only thing...
Neil, get out of here!
You are very nervous.
Maybe you're right.
The other night I could
not even thank Julie
for a gift that made me.
I can not believe.
I can not believe.
Where will you meet?
At the Century.
Thank you.
- Good day.
- Do not you have breakfast?
- It's late.
- Why such a rush?
I have a lot of things to do.
I have to go, baby.
I have to go, baby.
- Mrs. Dreyer?
- Yup.
I'm Frank Reed, a
Phil colleague.
He had to run away, but he asked me
to tell her to join him for lunch.
Really '? When '?
Now, at the Valentino restaurant.
At the Hotel Century.
Good! Thank you for calling.
- Can I help you '?
- Yup.
I'm waiting for my wife. Her name is
Julie Dreyer, she is tall like that
and has red hair.
Can you give this message '?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
I would like a nice coffee.
Can I help you?
I'm really looking for my
husband, but I do not see him.
- What's his name '?
- Phil Dreyer.
He left her this.
- Thank you.
- Imagine yourself.
And I thought
romanticism was over!
Fuck, Julie!
Julie, wait!
Julie, listen...
- We need to talk.
- There's nothing to say!
- What are you doing '?
- I'll throw you out of the house!
You can not do this!
My love I'm sorry. I was wrong.
A big mistake!
I want you out of here!
This is also my home!
Love, please, let's talk!
I do not want to see you or talk to you.
Do not approach, go away!
Get out of here u.
Please listen to me!
I have to go, baby!
So, guys, things are like that.
Your father and I had
a fight and so...
we have to stay away for a while.
Why did you get angry?
You know when you and Neil fight
and then you do not talk
to you for a while?
Sometimes adults also fight.
Dad teased you?
Yes honey. And it bothered
me just like you.
- Where it went '?
- He'll stay with a friend for a while.
Why did he have to go?
Your father and I must
clarify some things.
But you do not have to worry,
everything will settle.
Did he go to Rudolph?
I do not believe, honey.
Mom, are you awake?
Mom! Do you get up or up?
Go downstairs and make
cereals for your sister.
- Can not do it alone?
- Give it a straight line!
Oh God!
Holly, what's up?
Neil says dad will
never come back home.
- Neil, why are you doing this?
- But it's the truth!
No, I told you last night.
We just have to clarify some things.
It's all right, honey. It's not true.
Everything will be fixed.
Now please, go downstairs
for breakfast.
- Neil.
- What's up '?
Remember that I come to pick you up
at 3 to take you to the dentist.
Look, there's Neil.
- Neil, do you still wear diapers?
- Asshole.
What did you say?
Did you call me an asshole?
You're a fucking head.
Come here.
- What happens?
- Leave me!
Mom, I'm fine!
Everyone is watching us!
Thank you.
- Tom Sykes.
- Julie Dreyer.
- His children come here?
- No, I passed by chance.
I went home and saw the quarrel.
- Bernard started.
- We'll talk about it at home.
Bernard started, I saw him.
- Thanks again, Mr. Sykes.
- Tom!
Thanks, Tom.
- He was very kind.
- I did what I could.
- Here we go '?
- Yup.
- Pleasure.
- Goodbye.
Hi, Neil.
Mom, how do you know my name?
- He will have heard you say it.
- No, I did not say it.
Then he will have heard
it from someone else.
"Dear Julie,"
today it was a pleasure to
meet her and protect her son
from the school's bullet.
If I can do anything
to help you,
"do not hesitate to contact me at..."
To contact me at...
Here it is.
Come here under the covers.
- Goodnight Mom.
- 'Goodnight, honey.
My goodness! Neil, stay back!
What the hell did you want to do?
- Sorry.
- That's all '?
Ask apologize and everything is settled?
Do you have any idea how
dangerous what you did '?
- You could burn the house and kill us.
- I know.
Why did you do that '?
Explain to me why you
burned the toy soldiers!
I asked you a question!
- I was not burning the soldiers.
- So what were you doing?
I pretended they were daddy!
He does not care about us!
He left us and he will not come back!
No, listen to me!
Honey, look at me. Listen.
Your father loves you.
It would do nothing to hurt you.
You have to believe me!
He does not even call us!
Honey, he had a lot to do.
Yes sure!
You have to believe me.
He would always like to
be with you and Holly.
So why did he leave us?
He left because we had a fight.
I told him to leave.
It's not your fault, honey, you
have nothing to do with it.
I promise you, everything will be fine.
Let's go downstairs.
- Leave it to me!
- No thanks.
It's the least I can do for
a beautiful lady like her!
Whenever he wants, I'm
always here next.
I spend a lot of time alone,
but I'm fine.
Here, put everything there.
- Perfect.
- Thank you.
- Mom!
- I'm here.
Look who I met out here.
Hi... Tom, right?
Yes. Hello, Julie.
Neil wanted to offer me a drink for...
As you said '?
- Saving my ass.
- Yeah!
I'll be right away.
- I am in detention.
- Because '?
I played with matches.
Matches are dangerous.
I know for sure.
Neil, go immediately upstairs.
- All right. See you later.
- Yes, see you later.
- Is water okay?
- Yes thanks.
- Do you take something?
- No thanks.
I put the expense in place.
Gary Hufford.
I live in the next house,
I'm the neighbor.
Leave it to me!
I can do it.
No, I'll take care of it.
Are you passionate about sports?
Yes, I'm Julie Dreyer.
- He saved my ball.
- What's your name?
- Holly.
- I'm Tom.
Give me your hand.
Hold on tight!
Yes, it's strange.
When I left, he was climbing
upstairs with the equipment.
I wish I could help her.
It's all OK '?
Yes, it was the disinfestation company.
A week ago they came to us.
They found the van in town, but
he's been missing for days.
I saw him leave last
week, he was drunk.
He zigzagged with the
van and nearly crashed.
- Call them.
- Good idea.
Call them from your house.
Yes... I really have to go.
Play my team.
We are last in the standings,
but I'm a loyal fan,
I never give up!
- Goodbye, Mr. Hufford.
- Gary!
- Thank you.
- For what?
He saved my ass!
He kept it at bay.
Please have a seat.
That man scares me a little.
I know that spies me.
- Where does he live '?
- In the next house.
And where do you live?
I'm in Woodcliffe.
Bring your family here,
we will have a barbecue.
I have no family.
Then come alone.
- Are you inviting me?
- Yes, we're doing this weekend.
We had a welcome party
for old friends,
but I would like to know new genete.
Where did he get them?
I did them.
Really '?
- I can?
- Sure.
It is really beautiful.
Thank you.
- Do you like this here?
- Yup.
Take it.
- Seriously '?
- Yup.
- Is it safe?
- Absolutely, I insist.
I've got this rabbit leg, I've
got it since I was little.
It means a lot to me. I insist!
Okay thanks.
A little luck will make me
comfortable these days.
- Have you ever thought of selling them?
- NO.
It would be fun to
see what happens.
Why do not you do it?
I do not know...
My husband finds them stupid.
I do not think they are stupid.
In my opinion they are very beautiful.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
- Rita!
- Julie!
- How are you?
- Good.
I'll introduce you my
friend Rita, he's Tom.
I'd better leave it alone.
Do not go because of me.
I really have to go.
Glad to have met you, Rita.
- See you, Julie.
- I accompany you.
- Thanks for the bowl.
- Thanks to you!
Good, goodbye.
What's up '?
And who is he?
His name is Tom Sykes and he
lives in the neighborhood.
- It's not like you're thinking.
- And what do I think?
I know what you're thinking!
All right, I will not say anything.
But if you decide that you do not want it,
I'll be happy to take it from me.
Thanks, dear!
What is that '?
How beautiful the sun is!
You're in a good mood.
It's true.
Maybe Tom has something to do with it?
He's a good boy, that's all.
- That's all '?
- Yes, he's kind and caring.
He's a good boy.
You should come out.
- I hardly know him.
- That's why people come out!
It is not the right time.
Phil did not call you, right?
It's time for you to think about yourself.
Oh my God, what is it?
It is Rudolph!
Oh my God!
Calm down, I do not want
children to see it.
Here we go.
Come. I believe I will stay
with you this weekend.
Yes, it's an animal! Who deals with it?
Someone killed the dog and
buried it in our garden.
I am quite upset and I would
like the police to intervene.
But this is an emergency!
My goodness!
An animal buried in private property
does not concern the police!
If I dissect it and show that it
is Rudolph, then they will report.
- It's too tight '?
- NO.
Do you like the new house?
Yes, it's not bad.
I miss old friends
and that road.
I'm your new friend.
Bernard still wants to fight?
Yes, he takes it
with me every day.
- Everyday '?
- Yup.
I'll be back in a minute.
Put the backpack down.
Do you know why he takes it with you?
Because he knows you will not react.
When I was little, there were
people who brought me every day.
In the end I could not do
it anymore and I reacted.
What happened '?
They no longer hurt me.
Hi, Tom. Hi, honey.
- Can you fight?
- I think so.
The school's bullet!
Hit your hands.
Try again.
You have to keep the guard
high in front of your face.
Keep your eyes open on me.
Try again.
Come on!
- I will never learn!
- It takes time.
I have no time, Bernard
beats me every day.
So do it.
When you're about to fight us,
give him a strong kick in the balls.
You take him by the hair,
hit him and throw him down.
A punch in the face so does not get
up and then a good kick in the mouth!
You'll see that it will
not bother you anymore.
Neil, go get ready.
Hurry up, in a quarter of an
hour we go to the grandparents.
- I'll see you!
- Hello.
Tom, I do not like you
teaching those things to Neil.
It's wrong.
- Sometimes it's the only way.
- I decide that.
All right.
Excuse me, I got carried away.
I'm sorry. Goodbye..
I know he just wants to help him.
See you soon.
- Ready!
- Then we go.
Grandma made sweet potato cake.
- What a squalor!
- You are shabby!
- What are you doing here?
- I...
I keep an eye on the house.
What's wearing?
This is Phil's bathrobe.
I know.
Phil left.
- Did Julie talk about the two of us?
- NO.
Really '?
Julie needs someone to stay
home when she's not there
to protect...
the children. What's he doing here?
I'm trying to explain them.
Now I live here with Julie...
If HG Vada.
Do not scream!
Please do not shout.
Do not scream!
Good ..
That's better.
She does not know,
let me explain.
Casa Dreyer, leave
name and phone number.
We will call you as soon as possible.
Julie, it's still me.
I've been calling you all week.
I know you're angry, but you
could at least call me back.
Honey, I'm sorry for what I did.
I miss you, call me back.
I love you.
"Julie, I miss you.
I'm sorry, I love you so much.
Mom, is Rita here?
- I do not see your car.
- Maybe Rudolph came home.
Holly 1.
One punch, two...
- Stop that!
- I was joking!
Damn, everybody's looking for me!
Hi, I'm Rita.
Leave a short message,
not the story of your life.
Rita, where did you go?
Maybe you're in Mexico with
some guy, but I'm worried.
You have not left a message.
Rita, damn it! Call me soon!
I just saw someone in the garden,
help me close the windows.
- What's he going to do '? Will it rise on the ledge '?
- I'm serious!
Get up, you have to help me!
- Where is your sister '?
- I do not know.
Hello Mom.
I do not want you to play here.
Take the toys and go downstairs.
All right.
Hi, Julie.
I was passing by here and I thought
we could go to the cinema tonight.
I read that there is a circus in the city.
Would you like to... NO?
Then it will be better for me to go.
I have to go, baby.
I have to go, baby.
Julie, let's have a coffee '?
Hi, Julie.
I was passing by here and
I thought that tonight
we could go to the cinema.
Hi, Neil.
Where's your bodyguard?
- It's not my bodyguard.
- If he was not there, I would break you.
Now I'll settle you.
Get up!
What the hell...
- Yup '?
- Hello.
I was passing by here, I saw his
car in the courtyard and...
I thought maybe we could
go to the cinema tonight.
To tell the truth...
- I chose a bad time '?
- Yes, I'm a bit dazed.
- What's wrong '?
- Anything.
It's strange,
but it seems to me that our
little fish has grown at night.
- Fish grow.
- Yes, but this is different.
I do not think it's the same fish.
- Maybe that friend who was here...
- Rita? Did you see it?
So how do you know she was left here?
I imagined.
Julie, let's go to the cinema!
Tom, thank you. You're very kind,
but it's not a good time.
Excuse me, I have to go now.
I only went to say hello.
I read in the newspaper that
there is a circus in the city.
Would you come to the circus with me?
Now I really have to go.
Maybe it would be better if you
did not show up for a while.
Take a coffe '?
- No...
- Yup.
- Please!
- NO!
- Just a coffee.
- No!
I have to go!
Julie, you can not do this to me!
Come on!
Julie, I need to talk to you.
Tom, I told you not
to come here anymore.
I know, but I'd like to see you.
- Julie, open and let me in.
- No! Tom, please, go away.
And your boyfriend '?
No not at all.
He's just one of the strange
characters around here.
What are you doing here '?
It was the only way to talk to you
since you did not answer my calls.
- What calls'?
- I called every day...
and I left a message.
I did not receive it.
I called him, you must believe me.
And your friend?
Hello guys!
- I missed you!
- Are you coming home?
I still do not know, honey.
At the kindergarten I made
a drawing by Rudolph.
- Really '?
- Dad, guess!
At school there's a guy named Bernard
and it bothers me every day.
- So I got it...
- Guys!
Neil, sorry.
Daddy and we have to talk,
can you take Holly upstairs?
Tell me later.
So, your friend?
It's over.
The truth is that there has
never been anything serious.
And you expect me to believe you?
It is the truth.
I've never loved
anyone except you.
And I'm sorry...
Do you really think it's that easy?
No, I did something
incredibly stupid
and I'm sorry. I do not know what...
You're a bastard!
Forgive me!
Julie, do not hate me.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
I'm really sorry.
I did not mean to hurt you.
I want to forgive me.
I love you.
I love you too.
We have many things to fix.
Are you willing to try '?
So I'm going to get
my things, all right?
I will forgive myself,
I promise you.
- Hello!
- Dad, come back to live here?
That's right!
I'm going to get my clothes and
then I'll be back forever.
- Can I come?
- What do you say?
- Then I come too.
- All right.
- Both.
- Hurry up.
- Hello Mom.
- Hi, honey.
My God!
You did not have to get it back.
He does not deserve it.
It was I who prevented
Holly from drowning.
Did you know that '?
I was the one who taught
Neil to defend himself.
You did not have to lie to me!
I do not understand.
When did I lie to you?
You invited me to you.
Do you remember? You invited me and
then you slammed the door in my face!
Come here u
leave me
come here.
I protected you. He was going
with another, did you know him?
Leave me immediately!
- Julie...
- You're right, Tom.
I did not have to let him come back.
You did not have to '?
So why did you do it?
Children need their father.
I could be the father!
Of course, you could be you.
I could be the father.
But Tom, you never
told me anything.
I did not know you saved Holly
and you never told me how you
feel about Holly and Neil.
I did not know your intentions.
I did not know.
Now you know.
I did not know I could choose.
If I had known I could choose,
I would not let him come back.
But I did not know it.
Do you understand me '? I did not know.
- Now you understand '?
- Yup.
Yes I understand.
Tom, why do not we go downstairs?
Let's go downstairs and then
when Phil will arrive...
we will tell him that
he no longer needs him.
We'll tell her.
- Let's do like this '?
- All right.
Sit here.
Here it is.
- It's better here, no?
- Yeah.
I prepare something to drink '?
What do you say?
- That would be nice.
- Yes, all right.
- Tom, take the kids away.
- What is happening '?
- Who are you?
- It's Tom.
Phil, take the kids out.
I do not know who you are or what happened
when I was not there, but now I'm back.
Careful, he's crazy!
Mr. Hufford!
Open the door!
Tom wants to kill our parents.
Come here.
You lied to me!
You lied to me!
Why did you lie to me?
I trusted you!
I trusted you!
You did not have to lie to me!
Why did you lie to me?
Son of a bitch!
You do not deserve Julie.
And you do not deserve children!
Why did you come back?
You are worthless.
You did not have to come back.
Put your head next to mine.
I'm sorry I'm not
like you wanted me.
I'm sorry.
- How are you '? Where is your sister '?
- Here she is.
Dad, how are you?
When you come back home '?
I do not know, why do not you
come visit me to the hospital?
- Can I come too?
- Sure.
- Rome