Hidimbha (2023) Movie Script

We give water to the plants that we have at home.
Who will give water to these trees?
These will have more hunger,
so God will shower rain to satisfy their hunger.
What about deer and rabbits, which roam here?
He will satisfy all the animals' hunger
in the jungle within the jungle.
Rabbits eat small plants; wolves eat rabbits;
and tigers and lions eat wolves.
Each one of us has been created
to survive on the other.
Daddy! Why has God given hunger to all?
My son, hunger is God.
It will make everything come together,
separate, and hunt.
If one living being feels hungry,
another's life comes to an end.
[Background music]
Another young woman was missing.
Usha, a student studying in Chennai
College on the city outskirts was missing,
this issue is terrorizing the city.
In the limits of the Veluru commissionerate,
a womans missing case has been filed by the police.
In OMR, a woman named Bhargavi is missing.
9 o'clock at night, she was
last seen in CC camera footage.
With that evidence, the investigation is going on.
Missing cases among women are increasing day by day.
A software employee is missing.
A woman was missing in Porooril.
Jyothirmayi, studying in college
at G Perumbathooril is missing.
The CM should speak about the series of missing
women, as demanded by opposition parties.
We want justice.
We want justice.
Security should be provided for women.
Not one or two
A total of 16 women are missing; the police
are not answering, and the CM is silent.
Till now, they have not been able to find a single clue through which one can understand how wonderfully the police are working.
The portfolio of the home ministry is also kept by the CM.
Sir, answer this matter.
Tell us whether the missing women are alive or dead.
Till now, nothing has been said.
Why no information?
I'm waiting for the update, sir.
I'll keep you informed.
Let me know as soon as you get it.
ok, sir.
What is this article?
This government has introduced
many schemes for women.
Sir! We have not written about schemes.
We wrote about missing women.
16 women were missing,
even though the cases have been registered.
Until today, their families have been visiting
the police stations.
Just in the name of inquiry,
They are wiping the parents' tears.
It took some years to catch hold
of the prime minister's murderer.
These are all small cases.
We will definitely catch them.
Sir, one minute.
Thank you!
See you again.
Sir! You ignored the question about serial missing
people in the city without telling the truth.
Some truths should be avoided
rather than communicated.
Until the interrogation is over,
I shouldn't say.
I called the missing women's parents.
Because if this news goes out,
there may be a problem.
Our daughter, sir
I'm giving you my word as a CM.
I'll get back to your daughter,
it's my responsibility.
If a girl is missing, the press and
media will discuss it all the time.
They will damage your family
dignity and state's prestige too.
So, please don't publicize this issue.
Come and cut the cake.
I'll cut the cake only, if Daddy comes.
What happened?
Are you okay?
Drink some water.
-It's okay.
Come to the office.
Okay, sir.
Daily, we can roam.
They brought a girl for the girls' case.
Do you need it now?
DGP is inside.
We should not hide bad luck
and thirst for anybody, Mr.Reddy.
If it smells, it will come to know.
Does it smell?
No! Did I get Corona again?
It's vodka
Oh! We can tell it's grape juice.
This is the footage we got from the team.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Morning Abhay, please sit down.
Thank you, sir.
You will not perform the duty anyway.
At least, you have to come on time.
What is that beard?
Shall I give a charge memo?
Leave it, Durai.
Abhay! This is Adhya.
She is a special officer who came to
investigate the women's missing cases.
Adhya has dealt with a serial
murder case in Kerala before.
She is a very sincere and efficient officer.
Adhya! He is the primary
investigation officer in this case.
That's why the case hasn't
moved forward in four months.
Because of you.
So, did you find any leads in the inquiry till now?
Yesterday evening Bindu's boyfriend celebrated
a party in an English cafe at OMR.
At the end of the party, he misbehaved
with her under the influence of drugs.
While she was leaving, he followed her.
But after crossing Narsingh,
no CCTV camera recorded their car.
Who are you?
Where were you yesterday night at 12 o'clock?
Why do you need it?
Tell me, Where were you yesterday?
Hello, sir.
Give him the phone.
Yeah, sir! Giving.
Tell me.
Hey, have you gone mad?
Not you sir. One minute.
Additional DGP.
What are you doing there?
Inquiry, sir.
Don't have so much interest
Leave him.
What happened now, sir?
A special officer is coming on a high priority.
Because we have done nothing.
Sir! With your permission,
we will take Vikki into custody immediately.
What do you say, Adhya?
No, sir.
Vikki is not a criminal.
After Bindu left the party,
Vikki went to his farmhouse.
He attended another party with his friends,
who came from Mumbai.
As soon as I got to know
I alerted my team.
According to their inquiry,
he was at another party at Nungambakkam.
Here is the footage.
If not Vikki, who kidnapped that girl?
Who kidnapped 16 people before,
the same serial kidnapper, sir.
We have done complete research
on the old missing cases.
16 cases haven't moved forward.
Because of the team that was dealing
with these cases.
First, we need to take action against these people.
If you hadn't interfered in our actions,
we would have shown progress long ago.
Did I stop you?
Victim 1 in Nandinis case
Karthik Hospital MD Rangarajan's son Karthik kept him
as a prime suspect, but who told him to leave, sir?
It's you, isn't it?
If his car moves on the same road before the
crime scene. Will he become a suspect for that?
Nandini is working in his hospital, sir.
The hospital is also on the next street;
maybe he is coming from there.
Moreover, his father is related to a minister.
We both will land in trouble.
If we interrogate without any proof.
But in the same hospital where organ trading
is going on, there are many allegations, sir.
That news came out a day before Nandini got kidnapped.
Maybe you are right, Abhay.
In that case, what about Anitha's kidnapping?
In an inquiry, we got to know that
she is doing much illegal trading, sir.
But that company belongs to ex-minister binami, sir.
Got to stop before we proceed.
This is the pattern, sir.
He knows where we are diverting,
before we deal with a case.
It makes sense, but, Adhya, last time all cases
were struck with different issues without preceding.
But it's really High time.
We need to catch him at any cost.
Sure, sir!
If we can solve the serial, we will find him.
I'll solve it, sir.
In this inquiry, your team and
Abhay's team work together.
And your jurisdiction for the past 6 months.
I need all the details related to the missing cases.
I need all the details of the victim like google
time, Hospitals records, and employment details.
My team has already started this
We need your support.
Let's crack this case.
As early as possible.
-Am I clear?
-Yes madam.
That day, there was a power cut in the colony.
Does he belong to that colony?
do an inquiry on it...
on Saturday when you are in the auto stand
the last scene footage is from this camera.
Did Bindu tell you that somebody was following her?
Could be anyone's reason out of the four "L"s:
love, lust, loot, and loathing.
We have to find which of these "L"s it is.
Why didn't the girl get into
the auto when it came?
Did you know why?
We have already found out,
he does not know anything.
Let's play it again.
Adhya! What's the progress?
-We are digging into the roots, sir.
-Make it quick.
How many days like this
have you spent on the road?
Both of us, let's surrender, sir.
We will stay happy inside.
In the last six months, has anyone had
any contact with human trafficking gangs?
No madam. Madam, we are
involved in small extortion and threats.
But we don't kidnap and touch girls, ma'am.
Has anyone had contact or not?
If they need us, they will call us.
We will not be in touch with anyone.
Mr. Srinivas Reddy checked into Tasmac Elite.
Oh, there are a lot of new brands.
Long ago, I bought and drank.
What a big bottle! S-U-L-A
It's Soda, sir.
Oh It's Soda It is very big.
Oh! Is it, sir?
You are telling me lies?
Where are you Ready?
My son is suffering from a cough,
so I came for cough syrup.
Then why is the location shown as Tasmac Elite?
How can you believe it, sir?
Don't you know about my sincerity?
Reddy! Technology will not lie.
So you think I'm lying?
Stop babbling and you'll be in the workplace in half an
Ok, sir.
Cough syrup!
Shall we go?
It's been four days, and
we haven't moved anywhere.
It's okay, Adhya.
In the short time you want to
complete everything, it's too much.
Some things we should leave
to time with no other option
Leaving and letting it go is very easy
for you, Abhay.
But I'm not like you.
I'll put an end to it.
Adhya, try to understand what I'm saying.
Stop it, Mr.Abhay.
You sleep in the investigation.
If we go out, you feel like you are on vacation.
What would you tell me?
You don't have a target to solve the case at all.
If someone goes missing from their
family, Do you know how the family feels?
Okay, What do you want me to do now?
Be professional.
Behave like a cop.
That's what I expect from you.
Yes! Madam.
Reddy! Technology will never deceive us.
Madam, reports of missing girls
These three girls' phones were not found.
Yes, mam.
Three missing girls' phones
were not found, wasn't it?
What is their update?
We can't trace them until someone
puts a SIM in those phones.
To trace them, you don't need to change the SIM.
To use the phone, they should unlock it first.
To unlock the iPhone,
it should connect to the Internet.
If it's connected to the internet,
then all applications will get activated.
So please check the last active
dates of their social media accounts.
Yes, mam.
Deepthi went missing on March 29th.
It was her last login date, ma'am.
Anandini on March 7th.
Ramya on November 23rd.
But the last login date is showing as April 4th.
She was off social media for nine minutes.
She went missing for four months.
How could her account have been active a week ago?
Somebody tried to use it.
Trace the location; I need the entire details now.
How can I help you?
My phone is hanging.
Man after a drink, and
phone after usage, will hang.
It's hanging too much.
Maybe she used it too much.
It will take two days to fix, Madam.
Are there any important videos in there?
I mean, do you want to replicate
the data or get a new phone?
I can't live without my phone.
Give me another phone.
The whole world can't manage without a phone,
you are not exceptional.
Which phone do you want?
IPHONE 14 Pro Max.
Oh! that one.
That is the most recent version.
Why will it be present?
You will find it in an Apple's store.
If you wish, I can offer you another phone.
Who are you?
Are you cops?
A phone was logged in and out of this IP
address last Thursday between 7 and 7.10 p.m.
Where is that phone?
Thursday means Miea Malcova, Sunny leone and Dan.
One minute madam.
DamWhere did I keep it?
I found it.
This one, madam.
He sold it for 20 thousand.
This guy sold the phone at Sunny Mobiles.
We don't know his whereabouts.
His SIM identity is also fake.
Normally, all thieves do this.
They generate fresh numbers and
discard them after the crime.
So the number was operational
at the time of the kidnapping?
Yes mam.
Show me a timeline of all
active days when it was relocated.
This is his timeline mam.
According to this, he received several
calls from the Mount road.
Ma'am, the girl went missing from the
same place and on about the same dates.
It indicates that he conducted a reconnaissance
for two weeks before to his kidnapping.
So any outgoing call?
He made a number of calls to one number
mam. And it shows as Kartik hospital.
Kartik hospital
Karthik hospitals MD Rangarajan's son Karthik
We retained him as a top suspect,
but who told you to leave him, sir?
That implies a connection between
this case and Kartik Hospital.
Did you connect it?
Yeah! sir.
I put in the same port which you want to.
These are all normal patients' reports and bills.
Wait, there is one more server is there..
This is connected to the Dark web
Let me check their mailbox.
Need fresh kidneys.
Can you arrange human bones?
Money deposited to offshore accounts.
Arrange a heart.
Some many mails
Requesting organs.
They are supplying organs
for the orders for Dark web.
-Abhay! Let's go and get a search warrant.
-Wait, Adhya
Where will you go and search for what?
We can see it in front of us.
They'll have deleted everything
by the time you go down the stairs.
They will give you a warning from our
superiors before you receive the warrant.
That means nothing can be done?
We need evidence to do anything.
These are not enough, Adhya.
Moreover, our minister's
cousin is a partner in this hospital.
They are very close to our DGP.
It's not like we should have
any idea who the kidnapper is.
We should find out with clarity who is
kidnapping the girls and supplying them.
If we can catch one among them,
we will find the entire Web.
Murthy, keep an eye on every
call that comes from this hospital.
Get a 6-month call list of all
employees who are working here.
Yes mam.
So, gentlemen this is our bank.
Is your bank proposal succeeding?
Ofcourse it will work out.
The concept is king. We are supplying them.
Live organs
Human will spend anything to save his life.
We may have legal problems if it comes out.
You don't worry about it.
We have partners in the government.
But supply?
We have one person for that.
Hey boya, where are you, man?
Where would I be, sir?
At our area.
New batch has not arrived.
I'm waiting here.
I'm on the job.
I'll send it by tomorrow.
Excellent stuff this time.
Do it fast man.
We also need to fill new floors.
You will receive a double
percentage on the next load.
Take care.
We got him.
Murthy! Trace whose number is that.
Yes, ma'am.
I need it right now.
Sir, his name is Fahad. Boya's right hand
Who is this Boya?
No one knows from where he
came from or to whom he was born.
They say that at the age of 10,
he came here from Kerala.
He was a member of Moula's gang.
He kidnaps only girls.
He will send them out after
keeping them for a few days.
He is a demon.
Everyone believes he consumes human blood.
That's why we should catch him.
It's difficult to enter into their area
and impossible to catch him.
From businessmen to political leaders,
all have connections here, sir.
Moreover, we only know the area
exists, but no one knows who it would be.
If they stop new people and
suspect them, they will kill them.
What is this?
So far, no cops have entered into that area.
Maybe 15 years ago, a police
officer entered that area.
10-year-old boys cut him into pieces and killed him.
Anyway, we need to go there and catch him.
It's very difficult, sir.
If you ask, it will help some people.
I can't be involved in this.
But I'll help you.
Who will go there?
I will.
I'll send someone who knows that area well.
We have to threaten him today.
Yeah! Brother, he is doing too much.
Hey sultan
Who is he?
He came to provide medicine to party.
Wait, I'm coming.
Why are new people coming to our area?
Hey, what is there in the bag?
What is it?
Tiger balm.
Get lost.
Brother, be careful.
I have a sister too.
If something goes wrong, I'm finished.
You don't worry.
You now have not just a sister
but also this brother.
Why is nobody seen on the roads?
They will only work at night.
During the day, they will sleep.
I warned you that the ball would explode.
We get New ball
Brother! boya stays there.
Sultan has come.
Ask him if he has a ball?
Why aren't you playing cricket, Rahu?
Ball blown off.
Isn't it?
have a ball.
I'll give it to you,
but will you give me batting practise?
Hello uncle, do you know how to bat?
To whom you are asking?
Do you know he's good at batting?
With a single bat century
Do you know or not?
I know, boy.
Come, let us see.
You will see.
You can't see.
The ball will hit the ground quickly.
Hey, Sultan! The next bat is yours.
I'll bowl him with the first ball.
Okay okay
You're not even the size of that ball,
rubbing it too hard.
If it had been tennis, it could
have been good. I'll run gently.
You stop it.
He is out now.
Oh! Once again, the ball landed at Boya's house.
My God
Abhay, there are girls!
Okay, let me go and get it.
Hey where?
Stop there.
Hey sultan! You go and get it.
Hey! If this ball falls here again,
I'll bash you. Get lost?
Ok, brother.
Hey, who are you?
Get lost from here.
My bat.
I think this sultan brought
some policemen into this colony.
Go and kill him, brother.
Drone, follow him.
Abhay, take right from there.
(Heavy breathing)
Where from here?
Straight or right?
(Heavy breathing)
Fast Abhay fast
Mr. Satheesh, you go...
-Yes madam.
-Go fast.
Abhay! There is an exit gate.
Akbar, stop him.
Don't allow him to get out.
Kill him kill him.
Hey close the gate
He should not get out.
Sir! come fast
Sudheer, take the boy to the hospital urgently.
-Sir! you then
Abhay, what are you doing?
What are you talking about, Adhya?
With whose permission did you entered into that area?
Sir! girls are there, sir.
If you support us
We can achieve it, sir.
Abhay is in danger.
We need your support, please sir.
Wait, wait.
Let me discuss this with CM, sir.
A police raid in that area?
That too without my knowledge?
Hey, what is happening in that state?
Sir! We have vital information with us.
There are some unidentified girls with Boya.
What! girls?
Our government has achieved something
that no government has done before.
An hour before, we revealed all the
anti-social activities that involved Polianthopu,
and we put an end to their criminal history.
All the girls who were rescued from there,
We are leaving them safely at their homes.
We shall turn over this case to the CBI
for investigation very soon.
Don't get too excited over his arrest.
The entire hospital is under our control.
On the right, We're going to murder him.
Don't worry.
I appreciate it.
Thank you, sir.
We will not know who is behind
him until he becomes conscious.
We don't have any other options either.
You go and get some rest.
Abhay is also injured, so take him home.
Once Boya is up
We'll inform you.
Thank you, sir.
Take care.
Will you not invite me?
Should I invite you?
When the dog sees a new person, does it bark?
It is watching daily and can't bark.
Adiya! I'll just get ready and arrive.
It's easy to break up
but difficult to forget, right?
How are you staying Abhay?
The wound that has left memories
for that even medicine is a memory.
How much?
I will give you Rs.150 to get into the Jeep.
Get lost.
As if she were pious, she wants Rs. 500.
For this useless fellow, I have to go for Rs. 150.
What is it?
Will you take care of my father?
I will just go and get bread.
What business? go.
You have come at the right time.
I am closing shop now.
Take it.
Brother! Move the vehicle.
Ok, Brother!
Hey! What's the matter?
Ma'am, there is one more missing case.
Yes, ma'am! The housewife was missing.
The last scene location is Serlingampally.
I just got the info, and one more thing, ma'am.
Among the girls we rescued, there was
a missing complaint about one girl.
The remaining are unknown,
and they are not local, ma'am.
-So the case is still on.
-Yes, ma'am.
What is this adiya? One more missing.
If Boya is caught, all problems will
be solved, but it is back to square one.
The last missing person took place one
week ago, and here we have another one.
Are we going in the right direction?
Yes, 100%, sir, but this is unexpected.
Sir! Since we have arrested Boya, maybe somebody
from his gang has taken this counteraction?
To give such a contraction,
somebody must be left in that gang.
Kalabhanda is already under police control.
According to Fahad, the information that we got
and the girls who went missing are different.
So there is no connection
between the Boya and Messi cases,
and regarding Bindu, there are no details at all.
So, what we have seized is the
biggest crime hold in Chennai , sir.
Adhya! I want to clear this case,
not Boya and his bloody gang.
We will look into that;
just concentrate on this case.
Generally take the wrong step
when you are stressed.
Try to be calm.
I am not getting this point, Abhay.
With great difficulty, we caught Boya.
We cleared the entire criminal world.
Don't they need that?
They don't want a problem to be solved.
They want their problem to be solved.
Hmm, you are right, Abhay.
they just want the missing girls.
Then what about the other cases?
Why is he doing it, and how is he doing it?
Why are we not able to think like him?
Until we get a new clue,
this case will not be solved.
You are right.
There are masks that hide eyes, but there is no
secret that cannot be reached by intelligence.
Just close your eyes.
Open your mind.
Red dress,
Red car,
Red stoll.
[Phone rings]
Do you get this?
Hmm! Pictures of all the missing girls
What is new in this?
Let me explain.
Every kidnapper in the process
of fixing his target follows a pattern.
In this case, the pattern that he is following is red.
So far, all the girls who went missing were wearing red.
It may be a top a bag belt or anything.
Though the three girls were not
wearing red yet, their belongings were red.
Till now, we did not know
what he was searching for.
We have been looking for a clue because of this.
Finally, we found a clue.
That he is selecting his target in red.
Interesting Adhya, but why only red?
That we need to find out.
Is there any specific reason behind
the kidnapping of the red colour?
Generally, a human eye can only see 100 colours.
Every colour in nature has
an effect on us in some way.
White represents peace.
Blue represents happiness
Black represents evil.
Likewise, red increases hunger,
anxiety, and anger.
If we come back to our case, do you know
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook?
His eye identifies only blue colour.
Oh! Is that so?
Yes! Facebook is usually blue because of this.
Yes! you are right.
Like our finger prints,
even our eyes are not similar.
Each one is unique.
Likewise, you have many...
Keanu Reeves, Bill Gates, Christopher
Nolan, Mark Twain, paul Newman
and many more like this.
But if this has remained as a
form of colour blindness in a few,
it changes to achromatopsia
in the rarest cases.
And people who have this achromatopsia
can't see all the colours like us.
They can only see white and grey.
Sometimes they can see only one colour clearly.
It may be any colour, according to RGB.
It can change according to his brain condition.
Do you mean to say that he can only see red?
There might be a vibration in his brain too.
No two people with the same
disease can have the same behaviour.
It's a brain thing.
According to the emotions in the
brain, they may or may not see colours.
This is very rare.
It is hereditary.
Brilliant work, Adhya! It seems like
you're going to crack the case this time.
What's your plan?
To trap him, I want to play on his weakness, sir.
For one week, the city must
have an atmosphere of curfew.
However, no one may tell anyone outside, sir.
So far, we've never understood where and how he
attacked, and that's why we couldn't proceed.
But now we will instigate him
to go ahead with the kidnapping.
According to our information,
Kidnapper is colour blind.
He can only see red.
So we are planning to De coy it.
Operation red.
It seems too risky.
do you think it will work out?
For a person who can commit crime if he sees red.
If we just make him see only red,
he will be out of control, sir.
But if the entire city is under curfew,
whom will he kidnap?
The girls whom we show with red colour.
According to the previous kidnapping pattern,
This time we will choose an area
that is kidnap-prone and target it.
From madhavaram to perungalathur.
Within your PS limits, in different areas,
each lady constable has to be dressed in red.
Every day, shuffle them.
I don't care whatever it takes.
Every girl must be covered by drone surveillance.
This time, when he comes out,
he will be caught, sir.
No one come here.
Anything happened in the city please inform.
Here no issue sir
Everyone come to the commissioner's office.
Girls, if you find anyone suspicious,
immediately inform us.
Yes, ma'am
Okay, ma'am
Okay, ma'am
Yes mam
Yes mam
Ok mam
What about suburban?
Father, I am hungry.
Hunger is never late.
It is late for food.
Until we find it, we must search for it.
Must wait till it is cooked.
Until it is dried.
Then the hunger will be satisfied.
Anything suspicious?
No, sir.
Be alert.
Sure, sir!
Hey, stop the vehicle.
Take reverse.
Okay, sir.
Hey, what is your name?
What are you doing right now here?
By the time I finished my work,
it was delayed.
We are going home.
What is in that bottle?
Honey, sir.
Go home.
We have been starting operations for four days.
If he does not come out,
something is fishy.
Do you think the kidnapper knows
that we are searching for him?
[Birds chirping]
I am hungry.
It's time for hunting.
It's 3 o'clock. that's all for the day.
Everyone can leave.
Thank you, Sudheer.
It's okay.
Hey Divya! I think the jerkin is torn.
No problem. You leave.
Take care.
Not needed all this is not needed.
Hand over the case to the CBI
and ask the SIT group to leave.
Shame on you.
You can't save your subordinate.
How will you solve the case?
You said the red theory
You said thepattern
Missing Divya wears a blue jacket.
Your theory is a total disaster.
Not that, sir.
Somewhere, some mistake has taken place.
I made a mistake by believing in you.
18 girls are missing.
Now, what response should I give
to the CM and the public?
The press has been paying more attention.
It's no use trusting you people.
Let's dismiss this team.
Adiya! you are the person
responsible for divya's missing.
Curfew is your idea,
we have to prosecute you.
Do not leave the city without intimating me.
Please leave... out.
Sorry, sir!
Divya wore a blue jerkin.
Divya wore a blue jacket, ma'am.
It was torn at the back, I informed her.
She took it off and noticed
Did she wear it again after taking it off?
I did not observe that, ma'am.
I quickly moved from that place.
It's mine.
I found it.
Why will you snatch?
-Give it to me.
-I'll not
I'll tell your mother.
I saw it first.
Give me.
I won't give it to you. Its mine.
Give me.
I saw this Doll first. That's why it's mine.
Adhya! I told you not to take this mask.
I'll not give it my mask.
I won't give it to you. Its mine.
Hey, where did you find this mask?
There while we are playing.
We found it.
Oh my God!
What happened to Daddy, Mom?
Today is my birthday, Daddy.
please don't go anywhere.
Is this a clue?
We can find a lot in Pallavaram.
I thought we were going on a vacation to Kerala.
It is not a typical playing doll seen in many stores.
It's been chasing me since my childhood.
Are you okay?
Okay okay
Why the unexpected visit, Adhya?
Nothing, Mom.
Hi Aunty.
He is Abhay.
She said, Break up.
No, Aunty, we again patch up.
Patch up!
Jeevan, get the luggage.
okay, madam.
-Please sit down.
-Thanks, aunty.
I'll get a coffee for you.
What is this, Adhya?
Same mask.
I told you this, right?
I told you this.
There is some connection between
our case and this mask.
Same wood, same texture,
same carving and same age look.
What happened, mom?
Why did you take that out?
If it's out again, it suggests
something is about to happen.
Because of this, we lost your father.
You're wearing the same mask.
I'm very scared.
Aunty, why are you so afraid of seeing this mask?
What happened at that time?
He'd been nervous for almost a week.
He was awake all night as well.
He used to think something while holding this mask,
and he seemed to be very disturbed.
That day was Adhya's birthday.
You said you would take leave today.
It's urgent work, so I should go.
She will feel, dear.
I have to go, Gayathri.
Adiya preferred that he stay at home.
Daddy! where are you going?
To station, dear.
Today is my birthday, Daddy.
Please don't go anywhere.
I have urgent work at the station.
I'll be back in the evening.
There is a small girl like you
who is crying for her mother, it seems.
You should not go, Daddy, please.
Can't you understand what I said?
He shouted at Adhya for the first time.
Adhya, come and cut the cake.
I won't cut the cake till Daddy arrives.
Adhya wants her father to be present
when she slices the cake.
I begged her to cut the cake,
but she refused.
If Daddy arrives, I'll cut it.
It's okay.
Don't bother her.
She will cut the cake when her father returns.
Come, we will go.
The cops arrived after everyone had departed.
They said he went into the forest
on an inquiry into a missing case,
But he disappeared
Only they found his bike
and gave it to us.
Mom, what happened to Daddy?
After so many years, it has finally surfaced.
What does it mean?
If something happens to you,
Don't worry, Aunty.
Adhya will be safe until I'm with her.
My father went in quest of something
and has not returned.
We should find the truth behind this.
Don't allow this type of person
to sit in front of the station.
Take their details and send them.
Okay, sir.
How is Mom?
All good, uncle.
Come inside.
No, no. It's alright.
Tell me.
You should tell us, uncle.
Newly begun, old case.
Tell me about its backstory.
We received a woman's missing
complaint at our station one day.
The stupid thing you have done again and again
Who are these?
Sir, she is their daughter.
She is missing, it seems.
He is their son-in-law.
They suspect him.
He has destroyed her life by
having her married to this idiot.
It is true that I have beaten my wife in anger.
But after that, I took a load
and went to Coimbatore.
She was nowhere to be seen when I returned.
You should do justice to me, sir.
This is because you beat your wife.
-Put him in prison.
Begin the interrogation and investigation
the first week, wherever he went.
Hey, come.
Sir! I don't know anything, sir.
I have inquired at all the places about him, sir.
What he stated is correct.
Two days ago, he came into the village.
At this place, she was seen for the last time.
We met Ediky Station SI when we were
on an inquiry about a missing woman.
He said he also came upon an inquiry
into a missing woman's case.
Yes, sir, three weeks ago,
a woman went missing.
We are on that job.
Even before we could close old cases,
new complaints were coming in.
Old case?
Yes, sir.
Up until now, we have received
eight complaints about missing people.
Eight people?
When your father heard
about so many pending cases.
He thought something was fishy.
He enquired at all the surrounding police stations.
Hello! Koticona police station.
Vediparyar police station.
Hello, Ediky police station.
Two months back, sir.
Tina, Supriya and last week sujatha.
Sir! For the past six months,
we have been receiving complaints.
Rena, lincy and Anjali.
We will update you on any new complaints.
Preeti is 22 years, Ramya 21years, and Reshma 25.
All these cases have been pending for one year.
I had some doubts and inquired
about all the stations in the district.
I found that for the past three years,
missing cases have been filed.
It happened between time gaps,
so no one has taken it seriously.
There are a total of 36 after counting.
All were women who were missing.
Missing cases have been filed in the last three years.
What happened to them?
There could be more than one reason, sir.
Every police station has a forest backdrop.
All of the missing spots are in the forest.
So, what's your plan?
First of all, we need to alert the public.
After that, we should search the forest.
All the villagers are requested.
Since women were missing from surrounding areas.
Not to go alone and not to
come out of their house at night.
The cops have issued a warning.
In your Village or nearby
If anyone is seen as suspicious, immediately inform
the gram panchayat or nearby police station.
Have you seen any new people in your village
or nearby villages?
No, sir.
Have you seen any new ones in the village?
Another missing case has been registered in Ediky.
There is no evidence of animal killing.
A girl who went for firewood has not
returned. A complaint was filed.
It's like a Mystery, sir.
We are not able to understand
why only women are missing.
The woodland is under cops' monitoring,
and the cops have alarmed the people.
On the other hand, your father
and I have been investigating.
However, the disappearances did not end.
[Owl screeching]
When we went out on an investigation
in the forest one day,
Our vehicle stopped in the Idukki Forest area.
What is it that's suddenly stopped?
I will see that, sir.
Hey! Will you give me some water to drink?
The water is inside.
go and drink.
What? What did you say?
Sir, I have bad eyesight.
You are all alone? Away from village.
Aren't you scared?
That is what
There are lions and tigers;
aren't you scared?
what will that do, sir?
They mind their work, and I mind mine.
You speak fluently, but your accent does
not indicate that you are from this region.
Where did you come from?
I went to every corner of the forest
that my hunger attracted me to,
but I can't recall the name of my hamlet.
And if you talk about my accent,
it is the one that suits the forest, sir.
There is so much honey in the house.
Is it to sell?
Yes, sir.
When you go out to collect honey,
did you see anyone suspicious?
I can't see properly.
How will I find out, sir?
Sir! vehicle is ready.
You came to town to sell honey, right?
I will bring two bottles, sir.
Not needed.
Just come and see me at the station.
Hmm, ok.
What is your name?
The vehicle is ready, sir.
After that, when Sir came back to the station,
a farmer was waiting for him.
Thilak! what is this doll?
Sir! It seems he found this in the forest,
so he brought it here.
What is it?
Sir! I saw someone in the forest
on my way to work yesterday.
When I inquired who he was? He rushed away.
In his haste, he left this doll behind.
I saw this and was doubtful,
so I brought it to you, sir.
The fellow who ran away,
how does he look?
I couldn't see his face,
but he had long, thick hair.
We observed a man in the forest that day.
Should we approach him and interrogate him?
No, no. Don't be hasty.
How can we interrogate a blind
person if we have no evidence?
Send this Mask 2 forensic and ask them to check.
Ok sir!
The wood that was used for this
mask was existing 100 years back.
Since there were many blood groups on it,
they could not find out the blood group.
But there were many 45 DNA samples on it.
When those matched the missing girls DNA.
The department went into a shock.
The similar mask appeared on the cover
page of a Sanskrit book named Hidimba.
And if we read it,
it will be helpful for the case.
We got the book, but it was written in Sanskrit.
Since we had all Christian colleges here, there
weren't any who could read this book for us.
So your father started off with the person
who wrote this book.
Hello, sir!
I am Nanda Kumar, inspector of police.
Glad to meet you, sir
-Please sit down
-Thank you.
Hidimba, where did you get this?
What is hidimba?
It's a long story.
As days pass by, some stories become history.
But, Some stories remain in history.
Huawei, iroreo, sentinel
curovoy, moscopido, Kurebo,hawaiiva, etc
We know about such dangerous tribes in the world.
But one more tribe is hidden,
which is very dangerous.
In the year 1857, with the soldiers' revolt,
the British received a major blow.
Major Dickens, unable to bear the insult,
He desired to instill dread in these rebels.
He made the decision to build a jail.
He researched the whole world, and in the
Andaman Islands, he established a cellular jail.
And begin to punish the Indian soldiers.
He created fear for Andaman Prison.
But the prison rooms got crowded
with Indian soldiers.
They had no idea where to keep the new prisoners.
And for that, they have chosen
the Hidimba Islands.
The cannibals that belong to Hidimba live in this place.
They give our Indian prisoners as food
to this Hidimba community.
In 1947, the British gave independence to us
and our leftover country.
They left hunger and the Hidimba community behind.
There were nearly 235 people in that community.
Because there was no food for them,
the community shrank in size.
At the same time, the Indian
government released an act.
All the zamindars wanted to save their wealth,
and They didn't give it to the Indian government.
They are looking for a place.
They learned about this island.
Nobody has identified the territory on the map.
They hoped that this acreage
would protect their hidden treasure.
They drove the Hidimba community there.
For the fear of their lives when they moved from there,
After a few days, they landed in a village called Chennoor.
In the morning, when they saw a woman who went for
her nature call, they were reminded of their hunger.
Come soon, sister!
Somebody is killing our
Ratna sister and eating her.
Ratna sister
Ratna sister
Uncle! Someone has killed our Ratna sister,
and they are eating her.
The villagers were present.
They tie them up and kill them.
Are you humans or something else?
You eat humans?
Burn them alive.
Burn them alive.
That way, the Hidimba story came to an
end without anybody being made aware of it.
Only with them have I seen such masks;
now I see them again.
That means somebody from
that community is still alive.
Hellow police station. Please tell me.
Tilak, our suspicion is right
that fellow is the killer.
What are you saying, sir?
All the missing girls were kidnapped by him.
How could one blind man kidnap so many, sir?
What did he do to them, sir?
He eat them.
Is it true?
It's true
He was a cannibal who ate human flesh.
He is not blind.
I am already starting to go to his place;
you should also start and meet me there.
Sure, coming with the force
I want to become a police officer.
The damage had already occurred
by the time we arrived.
Both the body is where at the same spot.
The Commissioner does not speak about this cannibal.
The public will panic,
That's not good for society.
We buried him without his family there since
the news would be too shocking for them.
After that, we declared that
your father had gone missing.
Can we just see the files
that you have investigated?
Sir, all the records are at the SP office.
Here it is.
Give it to me once.
Red churidar
Red dress
again red.
Same to same.
Even at that time, the girls
who went missing were red.
According to what Tilak said
Vetti doesn't have anyone, right?
Then who is in Hyderabad?
I think somebody from that Hidimba clan is still alive.
We must meet Professor Jaykant.
After Mr. Nand Kumar met me and left,
he didn't call me for many days.
When I inquired with the department, I got to know that he
was no more and learned about the classifieds too.
In the same manner, the police also stopped
their investigation into Vetti after his death.
But out of curiosity, I wanted to know how
that cannibal survived in the community.
In 1989, there was a man sitting opposite
Emmanuel's mutton shop in a village called Eduki.
Are you hungry?
You want work?
From that day on, he started working very hard.
He was staying away from people.
He stayed alone and
never mingled with people.
Immanuel, who was impressed
with this fellow's work,
got him married to a girl from that village.
The village people saw happiness
on Vetti's face for the first time.
He adored his wife.
Within a year, they were blessed with a son.
After a few days, his wife died
due to some disease.
He also suffered from color blindness.
He could only see the color of the blood.
This is called color blindness; I read
about it in medicine, and I could not see.
If we get him operated on,
No use.
On the one hand, he had lost his wife, and on
the other, his health situation was depressing.
Since he did not like the village in
which his wife died, he left that place.
He changed villages every year.
According to police records, there
were a few women missing in each village.
When I inquired about Vetty's son.
A manual told me that he joined
some Christian missionaries.
I met that missionary's father, that is true.
He was getting educated here.
He used to meet his father on the weekends.
When he learned that his father was no
more, they said that he had gone missing.
My investigation stopped there.
I can't believe that all this is true, Abhay.
There are many things that we
can't believe in this world, adhya.
Only when we face a crisis can we believe.
Yes! Tell me, dear.
Doctor, according to what you said,
Can achromatopsy disease attack a cannibal?
When you get used to human meat,
Many genetic mutations take place.
Doctor, is it hereditary?
Oh, yes! It is 100%.
If the father has it,
the son will definitely have it.
Hangers are always with us.
They don't create any problems for us,
the problemis with our reactions.
Karthik and I will be fixed
if you take the wrong move now.
More than you are revenge,
our business is too big.
I'll handle whatever business I have with him.
Till then, remain silent.
How to keep silent,
I took the beating, not him.
To me.
Call to Kerala.
Thank you!
Take this.
According to what the professor said,
the doctor's analysis,
and what we knew about Boya,
all these seem to match well.
All the women found in were in red lingerie.
His place also highlights red.
He and Red have some connection, and he
is definitely the last cannibal left out.
But even when he was caught,
there were a few missing cases.
Abhay, that might be a setup.
Maybe whoever is behind him is trying to mislead us.
In that case, we need a biological proof.
Hello, lekha.
Mam! boya has escaped.
Yes! We got the information just now.
Has Boya escaped?
How do you know?
Hidden escape, they help them escape.
Before giving anything for sacrifice,
their tradition is to break a coconut on their head
Who are all these?
If they have helped in escaping even
after the public got to know the truth,
Did you still not understand
who could have been behind him?
Just because we touched him,
if there was an attack on us.
Definitely, there could be
political power behind him.
Describe is not the smallest one, but this
might be the biggest organ Mafia.
Not just missing girls, but we
must expose this organ of the Mafia.
We must catch Boya and the route with it.
Search all the information about
Boya's school and education.
Bring the biological evidence that he is a cannibal.
We will finish both.
Hello, sir! Are you okay?
I always meet you on the flight
what do you do?
I have a small business in Kochi that
I keep doing up and down.
What are you?
I am Abhay ACP.
Greetings, sir.
Praise the Lord!
Father John
He passed away three years ago.
Tell me, what do you want?
20 years ago, a few children from Idukki district
and Kotturu village were brought to this school.
I wanted there details.
You will get records in nearby village Church.
Thank you, father.
Tell me! what do you want?
In our inquiry, we need a few records, we
want details of those Idukki village students.
We come to know that records are here.
Which year?
1996 to 2003.
25 years old files?
Hello, sir.
Tell me, Reddy.
I'm trying since morning sir,
Boya has escaped it seems, sir.
How far may rat run away?
It should come to the rat hole
and he will show it as that place in live.
We kept tracker in his body.
don't tense.
This area contains all the files that you requested.
Shall I send someone to help you?
No, thank you sister, You can leave.
He has come.
Hey, you would have been alive for some more
time if you were calmly staying in a coma.
I have come.
Where will you flee now?
We'll see who wins and who runs right now.
Is it?
We'll see.
Kill him.
Do you show your strength?
Joseph Thomas
A big Mole on the neck.
Burn marks on left hand.
Kishore, what's Abhya's first name?
Joseph Thomas, Adhya!
Divya! Please open your eyes.
Divya, get up Divya.
Divya please! Divya.
Divya, open your eyes.
She hasn't died yet.
Stop there bloody cannibal.
If somebody is caught,
he will try to escape, Adiya.
but not me.
Your true image has been revealed,
so you are trying to cover it.
Joseph Thomas.
Adiya, I attempted to hide it all the time,
but this is my original.
Are you scared?
We'll do one thing.
Shall we have a talk?
Maybe we will not get time like this to talk.
Because only one person can leave from here.
It means to escape from the
case you are trying to divert to them.
If a criminal plans something,
it's called a conspiracy.
If a police officer plans it, it's called a trap.
Shut up! Abhay.
Do not combine selfishness and service.
Whoever you killed and ate
may be a one-time meal for you.
You may call it hunger.
What you are doing is a crime,
it's violence.
If it's like that, all humans are criminals. Adiya
800 crores of the population in this world are killing
800 crores of animals every year and eating them.
Isn't that violence?
Every hunting animal has an
empty stomach or a burning stomach.
For your need and thirst for blood, you are
killing people and using hunger and God's name.
People like you have no right to live in society.
I have the right, and you people have given it to me.
Nature will order all types of living things
to live differently in different places.
Forests for animals and lands for humans.
Cannibals who lived somewhere in the Hidimba Islands
were brought here by humans for their silliness.
But not their hunger.
God has given us life to live.
Everyone has a distinct level of hunger.
All because they want to live a luxury life.
But I'm doing it for the sake of survival.
I lost my mom during my childhood, Adiya.
Since I would not eat or drink anything.
My father used to worry
about my deteriorating health.
He tried to force feed me too.
But he couldn't do so.
My father returned home one day
and slept with a cut finger from work.
He sensed something biting his finger.
I was drinking blood from my father's cut finger.
My father recalled his entire life.
How he grew up as a cannibal
He remembered the pain and the changes in his
body after he joined normal human society.
He understood that his son had his genes too.
My father has made the decision that
I should not face any problems like him.
He wants me to grow up like him as a cannibal.
That night
He killed a human on an island
and started his old life again.
Even when I was in school,
we both used to go for a hunt on Sundays.
It's very easy to hunt the ladies.
We never felt that the tiger was wrong to hunt the deer.
Not only do they have life,
mine is also life.
If civilized people kill a wild boar,
it is a crime.
If it's done by tribal people, it's their right.
There will be no cases for them because it is their meal.
The habits, Laws, good and bad,
will change from place to place, Adiya.
You have killed many girls.
Look at Divya!
Aren't you concerned that she is your colleague?
People who have this problem
will have more photosensitivity.
If some light flashes in their eyes,
then they can't see for some time.
(Cell Camera light flashes)
Whatever you don't want to happen will happen.
Snake can't see when it's sharding its skin, Adiya.
It will strike anyone nearby.
Me too.
If i'm hungry, I will see nothing but red color.
Humans require significant help
to overcome their flaws. Adiya.
I received it in your affection a while back.
Adiya, we feel bad if we lose someone we love.
But if you lose someone who loves you,
it is like hell.
That day, I went far away from there.
Afraid that something will happen to you.
That day, each step I took to get far away
from you made me come close to this hell.
When I was thinking about
how to get out of this hell.
You were involved in this case.
Then I understood the meaning of a happy ending.
It's not a meeting, but it means getting separated.
That's why I treasured every minute with you.
And made you find every clue in this case.
I don't belong in this civilization,
I'm a guy of the jungle.
Please help me, Adiya.
Please relieve me of this curse.
Uncivilized man believes that
everything is discovered is edible.
He makes weapons out of everything.
Everything is acceptable for survival.
In that situation, people like Karthik are more dangerous
than others like Abhay, who do this to relieve their need.
The fact is that creation does
not exist in its current state.
Wild animals attack, and tsunamis arise.