Hiding Out (1987) Movie Script

[Whispering, water splashing]
lions gate entertainment
[birds chirping]
Boy George:
I just got to live my life
I tell you, baby
this is no way to live
make sacrifices
till there's
nothing to give
everyone says
there's rules to obey
I can't follow
when things never change
holdin' my checkbook,
got a leak in the pipe
food on the table,
but the landlord knocked twice
I want more
than the shirt on my back
worked too hard
just to repeat the past
No, no, no, you don't
like the bruins
because you don't
understand the bruins.
You want to watch
people skate nice,
you watch tai and Randy.
You want hockey,
you want to see guys
messing each other up
with sticks,
that's what people
pay to see. Primal shit.
[Camera clicks]
That's not hockey,
that's violence.
When the game's
played right,
it's about movement.
It's like dance.
So what are you, Bambi?
We live in a jungle.
We gotta have outlets
for our aggression.
Hey, look, you know,
i don't want to argue
with you this morning, ok?
Hey, bill, loosen up
the sphincter, huh?
You're all bottled up.
Good morning, Andrew.
How you doin', Joey?
Hang in there, Joe.
oh, yeah
oh, baby
[camera clicks]
the roof is leaking
stack of pillows
on my bed
no way to wake up...
Yeah, it's ok.
But I gotta tell you,
word's already out
on the street. It's too late.
I can't talk about it.
[Overlapping conversations]
All I can tell you
is if you want to swim,
you gotta jump in the pool.
On that one, I got...
129 1/2.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa!
Hold on! What do you think,
I'm an octopus?
I only got 2 hands here.
Hold on.
It's up a half.
Uh, lunch would be good.
Now, wait.
Not this week, though.
Monty, you want security,
I'll get you a blanket.
You want to get
the big bucks,
you're gonna have to
trust me.
Yeah. no,
i wouldn't touch it.
What they all do
and not do?
Yes, uh, can you get me...
[Loud overlapping
Hey. just don't
trust that guy.
He's a Harvard asshole.
[Loud overlapping
I'm working now.
[No audio]
Hey, Neil, yeah,
i gotta get back to you.
[No audio]
No, no, no, no.
Forget it!
Yeah. no, no...
Ha. this is getting
very weird.
Jesus Christ! Point that
thing the other way.
What has gotten into you?
it's not safe, Andrew.
I just got it
off the news wire.
They're delaying the trial
another 30 days.
If we have to wait
that long, forget it.
We're dead meat.
Oh, come on. What do you
think kapados is gonna do,
he's gonna kill us?
Come on!
He's a businessman.
It's just business.
That's what we thought
when we took
his bullshit bonds.
You don't pass off
that much
in counterfeit paper
on your own.
I'm telling you,
we were chumped.
He had us laundering
money for the mob.
Bill, bill,
ok, go make some money.
You'll feel better, ok?
That's what I'm gonna do.
Now, please,
sign that thing
before you
blow your balls off.
is it true what I heard
last week and today...
You want to testify against
kapados, fine. Not me.
What is the big deal?
You stick your hand
on a Bible,
you swear to tell the truth,
they find the bastard guilty.
Yeah, and they find us
for having
done business with them
in the first place.
Look, my uncle Fred's
got a dealership
in Springfield.
I'm gonna be selling
used pintos, man.
Yo, morenski,
back me up here.
Tell the man.
Bill, bill.
This whole thing's
gonna blow over.
And meanwhile
the 3 of us
can get back to what's
important in life.
Forget it.
Andrew. Andrew.
You see this curly one
at the bar?
The one in the green?
She's been checking you out.
Do you know her?
What's her name?
Um, she trades
for first Boston.
Yeah. janey something.
Listen, I heard Eddie Decker
on the phone today.
This wasn't a lending file.
American drainpipe.
That's more money
down the drain.
Not if you get in today.
This won't be on the street
for 5 or 6 weeks.
What's her last name, guys?
...closed out today at 4 5/8,
and the day this hits,
it's gonna go
right through the roof.
Yeah, it goes through
the roof,
the roof leaks, you're
gonna need a new drainpipe.
Rooney. janey Rooney.
There you go.
American drainpipe.
But keep it under your hat.
Let's go, boss.
Tokyo market's
just waking up.
I gotta fire up
the modem.
Um, listen, ahern,
I think, uh,
I think I'm gonna stay
here a little while.
So could you
do me a favor
and make sure
quick draw here
gets home in one piece?
Am I the only one here
that sees reality?
We're screwed.
Andrew sees reality.
It never stops him
from trying.
Go for it, tiger.
Come on, Wyatt earp,
we're history.
why don't you
join my bed
we gotta come
So, I'm a little
on edge.
A little?
Looks like we're
gonna have to swim home.
Hey, yo, taxi!
[Siren in distance]
[Music plays]
[Music playing]
[Turns up volume]
[brakes squeal]
Hey! hey, you!
Hey, you can't park
your car over there!
You need a ticket!
Hey, Jimmy,
don't you see the sign?
You need a ticket!
Back off.
He said back off.
Mr. morenski?
Agent Pratt, f.B.I,
this is my associate,
agent bakey.
Why don't we go
back upstairs
and pack you
a suitcase?
A suitcase?
What are you talking about?
It's for your own
Come on.
Ahern, what the hell's
going on here?
what happened?
Where's bill?
Where's Rodriguez, ahern?
Will someone please
tell me what's goin' on here?
[Car doors open, close]
[Engine starts]
[Strikes match]
[Train horn honks]
What took place
at yasgur's farm?
I gotta use the phone.
I swear to god, I won't tell
my clients where I am,
but it's been 2 weeks,
other brokers
are going to be
stealing them away from me.
He's stalling again.
Can you believe this?
Every question,
it's the same thing with you!
Give me a break!
I'm tired, ok?
Yasgur's farm, Andrew,
what happened?
We cover the same
territory over and over.
We're not gettin'
any place like this.
Now, let's have it.
What happened?
[Sighs] a farm, right?
Ok, um, does it, uh,
have anything to do
with Charlie manson?
The category
is entertainment!
Ok, guys, I'm not
stalling now,
I'm quitting, that's it.
I've got a bad case
of the trivia d.T.S.
Yasgur's farm, Andrew.
It's where they held
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I knew that.
Where do you think
you're going?
I'm going out
to mail a birthday card
to my grandma.
Is that ok with you?
Do any of you guys
got a stamp?
Sorry, pal, no way.
We can't let you out.
I don't believe this!
Kapados is the criminal!
He's out on bail!
I'm stuck here like
some kind of axe murderer!
Where do you guys
have ahern?
Does he have the same kind
of deluxe accommodations?
You want luxury or
you want to be kept alive?
Give me a day
to think about that.
Listen, it's nothing
personal, guys,
but I gotta get
some fresh air.
No, you're not going out,
and you're not making any calls.
Come on!
Well, I could use
some real food.
No. look, morrill
specifically said--
morrill's nads have been
tied to a desk for 20 years.
I know the street.
This hour of the day,
very indistinct,
I'm with Richie rich.
Let's go.
Ha ha!
[Train horn honking]
Hey, hey, hold up,
hold up.
No calls, all right?
That's something
that we can't be flexible on.
This book is just
my clients, you know?
It's my people.
If I don't have it with me,
I get tense, ok?
Ain't that cute?
It's like his
little Teddy bear.
You guys have no idea
how hard it is
for a broker to line up
quality clientele.
Bakey and Pratt:
Quality clientele?
Like kapados?
Pratt: morenski,
just go for the pancakes!
[Indistinct chatter]
Or go for somethin'.
We don't got all day
uh, the waffles.
It says here
that they're
golden brown.
Is that really true?
Uh, ok, I'll have
the number 5
waffle breakfast
with the bacon
extra well done.
How about a nice
glass of milk?
That they can make
golden brown.
No, actually,
I'd like a scotch, please.
Dewar's, straight up,
please, thank you.
Baby doll, it's 6:00
in the morning.
Oh, then make it
a double, please.
Let's see some I.D.
I don't believe this.
Let me show you mine, huh?
You don't identify yourself,
not to anybody,
not anywhere, period.
I don't know if you're
aware of this,
but once you testify,
they're probably
going to get you relocated.
It's uncle Sam's way
of keeping you alive
after you spill
the beans.
You get a new name,
you get a new town,
you get
a new everything.
Yeah, a lot of guys end up
living in national parks.
They become forest rangers.
Trust me, you'll love it.
Bakey, bakey, I already
got a name, ok?
I got a job,
a Maserati,
got a 2-bedroom
apartment in Cambridge.
Come on, I'm located.
That's it.
End of discussion.
Hey, they're really
into plastic surgery.
I'm getting hip
to you, bakey.
I can tell when
you're bullshitting.
Yeah-yeah, right,
I'm gonna let the f.B.I.
Relocate my noose.
You gotta be nuts.
I gotta take
a wicked dump.
There's the individual.
Classy joint.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I found you a stamp.
Oh, thanks.
The way I figure it,
at least you don't have
a wife and kids.
That's when it gets
really tough.
No calls.
If I wasn't
on duty, I'd--
Pratt? Pratt!
[All screaming]
Son of a bitch!
[All screaming]
[Tires squealing]
Get out of the way!
[Tires squealing]
[Men shouting]
[Honks horn]
[Man talking on P.A.]
Ugh! oh!
[All yelling]
[Train horn honking]
Dark hair,
kind of tall.
Oh, yeah, and he had
this hair-do,
some kind of
Dracula hair-do.
We put our best manpower
into finding morenski.
Is your best
anything like bakey?
he's an embarrassment.
He's a solid agent,
for Christ sake.
25 years experience
with the bureau.
Doesn't show.
Now I'm short 2 witnesses.
Well, at least morenski
got out out alive.
You hope.
Please don't let him
take me off the case.
I'm to blame,
i know I'm responsible--
bakey, for Christ sake,
i bought you some time.
But you can't
blame that guy.
His whole case
is going down the drain.
Kapados will walk.
That son of a bitch
of a bastard killed my partner!
You just find me
If he's hiding,
smoke him out,
if he's dead,
bring him back to life.
But find the man.
I will do everything--
I don't wanna
hear nothin'.
[Truck horn honks]
[Brakes squeal]
Thanks a million.
Truck driver:
Any time.
[Truck horn honks]
And if there's some reason
that you left the trash can--
[telephone rings]
I'll get it.
Can I help you?
Andrew: who's this?
Who's this?
Your cousin Andrew.
is that you?
Yo, cuz!
Hey, kid, what a relief.
I thought
i had the wrong number.
well, how you doin'?
Uh, well, I'm alive.
I heard you were in
some kind of jam,
with the f.B.I.
Uh, Patrick, aunt Lucy,
is she around?
Oh, yeah.
Hey, guess what?
I really don't
have the time.
I'm days away from
my learner's permit.
As a matter of fact,
we were just
going out to practice.
Wow, that's-that's terrific.
Can I speak
to your mom, please?
Hey, where are you
calling from?
Uh, well...Beats the shit
out of me.
It sounds like
you're calling
from the Maserati, huh?
Can you please put your mom
on the phone, Patrick?
Hey, maybe you'll let me
drive it sometime?
I've been practicing
day and night.
Left turns suck,
but other than that--
Patrick! put your mother
on the friggin' phone!
Whoa, are we
a little tense?
Uh, nurse,
it's the stool pigeon.
Hey, I'll go pull
the car out.
Andrew, that picture of you
in the paper was awful!
[Dog barking]
[Starts engine]
[Rock music
playing on radio]
Oh, my god!
Patrick, my god!
I'll clean it up
later, mom.
[turns music down]
Your cousin Andrew's
coming to stay with us
for a little while.
Yeah, he's
meeting me tomorrow
in the school office.
Now, that's just
between you and me.
Not a peep,
Ok. be careful.
[Tires squealing]
[Clutch grinding]
[Starts engine]
Uh, nosebleed.
Major nosebleed.
[Truck horn honking]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Water running]
[Toilet flushes]
Man on radio:
All right,
and now back to more
easy listening.
New Jersey's mellowest spot
on the dial,
Where metal
never gets heavy,
and the rock
never gets hard.
[Car horn honks]
Yo, mister, mister,
uh, may I have
a cigarette, please?
Oh, uh, yeah, sure.
that's a, uh,
that's a real nice coat
you got there.
You wouldn't want
to trade it
for this one,
would you?
No, I don't want that coat.
I just want a cigarette.
Are you crazy?
This is a $500
Italian-made coat.
I bought this
in Milan.
You paid 5 cs for that,
and you're asking me
if I'm crazy?
Ok, I'll give you
the coat--
the shirt--
And a pack
of cigarettes.
No--it's a deal.
Hey, wait, wait,
wait, wait.
For my grandmother.
Thanks a lot.
Enjoy it.
Have a pleasant day.
Hey, guys, look
what I got! Cigarettes!
[Music playing]
Um, excuse me,
can I, uh,
possibly get
a cigarette from you?
Oh, thank you.
Got a light?
[School bell rings]
Anybody got
a light?
Man on P.A.: A reminder
from Mrs. billings,
there is absolutely
no smoking
on school grounds.
This includes all faculty--
[indistinct chatter]
Excuse me--
take a seat.
It'll be a minute.
2 head humbuckers!
5 position rotary switch.
24 frets, nickel board
bridge in black.
Hey, that's pretty serious.
You three, sit up!
Come on inside.
It's ok, I didn't
call your parents...Yet.
Uh, no, I think you're
making a real mistake.
Oh, and taking a blowtorch
to the couch
in the teacher's lounge?
Was that also, perhaps,
a real mistake?
But, i--
hey, man, you did it,
and now you're what, sorry,
maybe depressed a little?
Hey, I am not the enemy.
So why don't you just
come on in, uh, Shawn?
Go ahead and call in
my parents!
I didn't do shit!
Come on in, Shawn.
Go ahead
and call them, man!
I didn't do shit!
Man on P.A.:
Attention, students,
all students.
The second bell
is not a warning bell.
It is a late bell.
Young man?
Are you supposed to be
in this office?
Let me see your pass.
I don't, um,
I don't have one.
I'm new here.
Have you been
to the registrar's office?
Oh, here. Here's the pass.
Go down to the end
of the hall, take a left,
then up the stairs
and turn left.
Thank you.
Man on P.A.:
Warning--get to class!
The second one says
you're late.
If you don't hear
the second bell,
see the nurse right away
about having the wax
taken out of your ears.
Edna, my nephew,
he's supposed to meet me here.
I'm running a little late.
First name first,
last name last.
Andrew... [coughing]
Are you all right?
Yeah. my name.
Oh, you want--
you want my name.
Maxwell what?
Last school
Cornell. high school!
In, uh, Texas.
It's a small town in Texas.
Uh, my, uh, records
could take weeks.
Everything takes weeks.
All right.
Here is the spectrum
of human sexuality.
Oh, hi.
Maxwell--am I pronouncing
this correctly--hauser?
all right.
There's a seat for you.
You just make yourself
at school.
And who would like
to tell Maxwell
what we've been
talking about, Mike?
And specifically,
the area of--
No, sexual preference.
Maybe this is an area
you've touched on
previously, Max?
Oh, well,
I've touched on it,
but a refresher never hurt.
All right, at one end
we have heterosexuality--
[writing on chalkboard]
And, at the other end,
I know this is not
a subject that we feel free
to discuss
easily and openly,
I have to remind you
that if we don't share,
if we don't communicate,
then we can't begin
to understand who we are.
At one time or another,
whether you choose
to acknowledge it or not,
every one of us,
every one of us,
has experienced feelings
at all points
along this spectrum
including homosexuality.
I don't expect anyone
to stand up in this room
and proclaim their gayness--
That is really
courageous of you.
[School bell rings]
[Indistinct chatter]
Oh, no!
Wait up!
Man on P.A.:
Attention, sophomores.
Softball tryouts
take place next Friday
in the band practice room.
No band practice
next Friday.
The chess club
will be holding--
rape! rape!
Ah! get back, don't
make me have to hurt you.
Well, look, bub,
here's the spectrum, ok?
On this side,
we got homo--
And over here's hetero,
and here's me,
way the fuck over here.
Now what other people do,
different lifestyles
and stuff like that,
that's all fine
and dandy with me--
but, Patrick!
I love you.
Oh, god.
Like a cousin.
Andrew! oh, Andrew!
Oh, thank god!
Max, it's Max.
Ah, jeez.
What happened
to your head?
Long story.
Jesus Christ, this is
not how I remember
high school girls
Half these girls
look like they're 35
and just got
Yeah. hey, yo, penny,
my man, how you doin'?
Hey, what's up?
That guy's
a friend of mine.
What the hell are you--
don't breathe!
Uh, nice day.
fascist ayatollah.
Mr. morenski,
may I ask
what's under
your foot?
Uh, linoleum?
Uh, I was smoking,
and, uh, it's my first day.
No smoking
on the school grounds!
Sorry doesn't cut it here.
All right, Max,
let's get something straight.
You left the outside world,
you gotta
orient your thinking.
You gotta think repression,
think limits,
think humiliation
and despair.
You're in high school,
for Christ's sakes.
Patrick, wait up.
The acid test. You'll never
get away with it!
You want
to make a bet?
How much?
If she doesn't
recognize me,
you do my homework
the whole time I'm here.
If she does?
You still
do my homework,
only I pay you
100 bucks.
No, I'll do your homework,
$100 if I lose, 2 if I win.
Oh, come on!
You know I'm trying
to save up for a car.
easy money.
Hi, mom. Mom, I want you
to meet Max.
He just started here.
Honey, I want to get home
and check the machine.
I'm concerned
about your cousin.
He never showed up.
No? you're kidding.
Are you sure?
Patrick, come here.
He was in
all the papers today.
Somebody's trying
to kill him.
I just hope grandma's
not freaking out.
You know how she is
about Andrew.
Oh. so, mom, mom,
mom, mom!
You definitely
didn't see him today?
Patrick, now didn't i
just say that?
I'm going now. You want
to practice driving,
you can take me home.
Uh, no, I think
me and Max here,
we'll just hang out
a while.
Oh, Max, say good-bye
to my mom.
Mom, this is Max.
Nice meeting you, Max.
Honey, your dinner's
in the freezer.
I have class tonight.
Mom. mom, mom,
mom, mom!
Heh heh heh heh!
So what is this,
someone's trying
to kill you?
I need a stiff drink.
Yeah, so do I.
Son of a bitch.
It even made the papers here.
Watch it, Patrick,
don't bust my stool.
Ok, we got 2 wild cherry
slush buckets.
Mega for you
and colossal
for goldilocks
over here.
Did you ever ask yourself
how did I get here?
Well, I used to.
Now I just
ask myself
how the hell
do I get out.
So, um, who wants
to kill ya?
Oh, this money guy,
Victor kapados.
Our company had a lot
of bonds he wanted us to handle.
Millions of dollars worth.
The whole thing was set up
to look legit, but it wasn't.
What's up, dork?
So that's not
your fault.
Yeah, but I'm a witness,
and the justice department
wants me to testify
that I accepted the paper.
So that's you, huh?
Me, and ahern and Rodriguez.
Now, Rodriguez
has an excuse.
He's dead.
But, uh, ahern
they still have in custody,
so he can testify.
What they did
to Pratt, though...
I've never seen
anything like it.
Is that gonna be cash
or cash, huh?
Oh, let me consult
with my accountant here.
Yo, Max, old pal,
can I, uh,
borrow your wallet?
Oh, hey, and gertie,
while you're at it,
could you throw in
a bag of potato chips,
a tube of bazooka
and a snickers bar?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let's get out of here.
A comic and a tube
of bazooka.
Hey, gertie.
Patrick left this behind.
Yeah, yeah.
We'll mail it out.
[Rock music playing]
Hey, Patrick!
This one isn't too bad.
Can I wear it tomorrow?
[Knocking on door]
Lucy: Patrick!
Wait just a second!
[Both yelling]
Here, come in here.
Down in here.
Mom, mom, this is my room,
this is my sanctum!
I knocked,
but you didn't hear.
I thought you left.
[Turns music down] I did.
But then it occurred to me,
I really should
call the f.B.I.
Mom, you called
the f.B.I.?!
Oh, my god!
Why are you so upset
about that?
Upset? do I look upset?
Me, upset? No.
I've been trying for the last
half hour to get through,
then I finally I did--
i got a recording.
[Exhales] mom,
i say we don't
tell the feds
anything, huh?
I mean, maybe the cuz
just, uh,
maybe he just needs
a little breathing room.
What are these?
Oh, mom, I wouldn't
touch those if I were you.
Please, please,
I'll wash them, I promise.
I thought we had a deal.
Think about it! If you don't
have any underwear tomorrow,
who are you gonna
complain to?
Mom, I didn't have
any underwear today.
Did you hear me
make a peep?
This sanctum
is worse
than the black hole
of Calcutta.
She's always saying that.
Has she ever been
to Calcutta? No!
[Door closes]
It's ok, Max, it's safe.
Max, Max!
I am dismayed.
I am deeply,
deeply dismayed.
Now, can anyone guess why?
Would you care
to hazard a guess?
I didn't think you would.
Your essays, class,
were execrable.
All right!
I am likening your work
to human bodily waste.
With one notable exception.
Impressive work,
Mr. o'roarke.
Momentarily forgetting
your impoverished vocabularies,
your misinterpretation
of historical facts,
Allow me
to site an example.
And I will,
however, spare
the unfortunate author.
In selecting for a topic
the Nixon years,
our author shows
a stunning naivet.
Ha ha.
Now, none of you
are old enough to remember,
as I do, how Nixon's
countrymen betrayed him.
But, was Richard Nixon
really to blame?
He was a target.
A victim.
Campus radicals
needed a scapegoat
to justify their own
shoddy idealism.
Hmm. Mr. hauser,
you appear to be
writhing in your seat.
Is this
a nervous condition?
Oh, yes, it is,
it's a nervous condition.
What? no, no,
it's not a nervous
Mrs. billings,
i don't mean to be rude,
but, uh,
no one destroyed
president Nixon.
The man destroyed himself.
The secret bombings
in Cambodia,
he rigged
a presidential election!
The media didn't
create that.
He put it down on tape!
You're not old enough
to know who did what.
That's my job.
And the one thing
i will not have
in my classroom
is anarchy.
Anarchy? the man lied!
He resigned a disgrace!
I mean, is it anarchy
to discuss the facts?
Mr. hauser,
this is my classroom.
I decide what are
and are not facts.
You, sir, are in my class.
Please sit down.
Mrs. billings,
we're all adults here.
I mean, you seem like
a fairly reasonable person.
I mean, really,
is it your class...
Or is it our class?
It's her class,
I didn't expect to see you
back in here so soon.
[Indistinct chatter]
Thank you.
Man on P.A.: Last night,
our intrepid football team,
your own topsail pirates,
play their first game
of the season
against new Hanover.
It was not our most--
here's the guy Max
that did it.
Hey, Max.
Yo, Max.
What's up?
Make a move, morenski,
and you're dead.
What do you want?
Your car keys
and your credit card.
Patrick! that's not funny!
Hey, relax, I was
just kidding!
Max, how you doin'?
I don't get it, Patrick.
People I don't know
are talking to me.
Hey, you asked for it.
I mean, word is out.
Hey, noble move,
The man has
definite potential.
We should talk,
know what I'm sayin'?
Bust a move, fellas.
I wish I could
walk like that.
what's he talking about?
Oh, it's no wonder young girls
are turning to bulimia.
What is this stuff?
You don't
want to know.
Oh, hi.
Max, uh,
this is Chloe,
and this is Ryan.
Well, uh, hello...
Chloe and, uh--
I heard you had to go
see Dr. gusick.
I'm really sorry
about that.
Oh, it's my fault.
It's my big mouth.
No, but I still
owe you one.
[Both giggling]
Max: why is that?
You were defending
my essay.
Oh! so, uh, you're
the unfortunate author.
That's me.
Better be careful.
Max: yeah. Oh, please,
sit down, sit down.
Well, it sounded like
a really interesting essay.
I'd love to
read it sometime.
Her father was
a pilot in Vietnam.
I hear his side
of it all the time.
Uh, well, Maxwell,
gotta motor.
There's a dodge aires
out there
with my name on it.
Hey, uh,
you stay off
the streets, all right?
See you later, Ryan.
thanks, Patrick.
If you'll
excuse us...
Come on, Ryan.
I gotta go.
Um, can I meet you later?
No, I have
practice later.
Then after that,
I have a campaign meeting.
Come on.
I'll be there
in a little bit, ok?
Yeah, sure.
I'm out of here.
Ryan: Kevin...
Me, too. I'll see you
later, Ryan.
Wait up, Kevin.
Did you really
mean it?
That you want to
read my essay?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I did.
Oh, heh.
Here, but you have to
ignore all the red ink.
Billings kind of
had a field day
with the comments.
Wow. heh heh.
Wall street journal?
Not the usual literature
for an anarchist.
Well, uh...
I'm not
the usual anarchist.
I kind of
sensed that. Heh.
Bye, Max.
Bye-bye, Ryan.
[Tires screech]
Both hands--
two hands at all times,
two hands.
Slow down.
Making a left--
what's the drill?
check the mirror.
Then when it's clear,
make the move.
Give me a left.
[Tires screeching]
We're gonna be killed!
Step on the brake!
stop it!
Pull over!
Look out for that car!
Patrick: oh, god!
[All screaming]
Student: hey, look, man,
let me out.
Me, too, man. I can't take
any more of this.
what? what?
That wasn't even close.
just pull over!
Man on P.A.: Senior class
elections coming up.
I'd like to remind you all
that nominations must be in
by no later than
this Friday.
Girl: whoo!
Check with miss billings--
ha ha, Maxwell!
Check this out.
I'm running your
campaign, Max.
You're gonna take down
you know
what I'm saying?
He's overwhelmed.
I knew
you'd dig it.
No! no,
i don't dig it.
Check it out, check it out.
These posters
are only the beginning.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Yo, bust it!
all: vote
for the man,
the man is mad Max
yes, he will
give us justice
abolish the tax
he'll make
lunch longer
and make
class shorter
we'll get Perrier
instead of water
now, the dickhead
has been
2 years standing
now, listen to
a word
of what
we're demanding
so, the thing
to do
if you want
big fu-un
just vote for
mad Max
all: 'cause he's
down with Clinton
I did mention that
you might not be interested.
Check it out. We already
put up half the posters.
Oh, no. You can just
take 'em down.
Y-you should have
asked me.
Hey, listen, I get a little
ahead of myself, but that's me.
That's the way I am.
You know what I'm sayin'?
I have an idea.
Why don't you run?
Nah, man,
that's not my thing.
My thing's
behind the scenes.
See, I'm a mover, a motivator.
You know what I'm sayin'?
That's me.
That's the way I am.
Well, this is me
declining the nomination.
I'm really honored,
but, you know, that's me.
That's the way I am.
You're a natural. And just
think how good it's gonna look
on your college application.
And the girls--
the girls will be on you
like white on rice,
you know what I'm sayin'?
The power thing's
a turnon. Ha!
Check it out.
Before you say no,
answer me this.
You ever run before?
You've run before, Max,
haven't you?
Recently, in fact.
Listen up. Kevin o'roarke
been president
for 2 years now.
This school needs
some fresh blood.
Believe me, my blood
is not that fresh.
You'd be surprised.
[Beeper beeps]
Hey, that's
my man Lamar in the gym
working on
the pompom squad.
You see, I'm a mover,
a motivator.
I'll catch you later.
That's him.
That's the way he is.
I'm absolutely
not running, no--
check it out, check it out.
Save it for
your campaign speech.
Yo, bust a move, fellas.
I'm d.
and Davey d.
All: we make up the force
of Clinton's posse
[Strums out-of-tune guitar]
How do those guys
do that?
Oh, this is getting worse
by the minute.
Last time I picked up a girl
at her parents' house,
I can't even remember.
That's how long ago it was.
Heh. same as me.
I can't believe you set up
a date with Ryan.
I didn't.
She set it up.
How do I look?
Well, uh,
here. Try this.
Oh, Patrick, I haven't
the slightest idea
what high-school girls
like to talk about.
Well, you're
on your own there, Max.
They don't like to talk to me
about anything. Heh.
Patrick, maybe
this tie is why.
Nah, I'm kidding.
They will.
Don't worry about it.
Well, I'm not
worried about it.
I mean, all that is
gonna change
as soon as
i get my license.
Of course, I don't have
a stack of credit cards
or a decent stereo
or a fine set of wheels.
Or a mortgage
or student loan payments
or lower back pain--
believe me,
you got a lot
to look forward to.
Anyway, it's not bad,
all that stuff--
oh, give me that.
Just learn to be
your true self.
My true self?
I'm talking to a guy
who stole his name
off a coffee can.
Trust me
on this, Patrick.
I used to be
exactly like you.
I was a short, horny,
hopeless dork.
look at you now.
Well, I'm not short.
Hey, uh...
Good luck
on your date tonight, Max.
I mean it.
Thanks, Patrick...
You little shit.
[Crickets chirping
and dog barking]
Please, oh, please
answer the door, Ryan.
Last thing I need is to
talk to this girl's father.
[Doorbell ringing]
[Soft rock music
playing inside]
Max? hello,
I'm Ryan's father.
Come on in.
Hi, sir.
but in this man's world
you'll always be...
You can call me Bob.
Listen, Ryan will be
right down.
What can I get
for you?
Uh...i'll take
a scotch and soda.
Sorry, Bob!
Bad joke. Uh...
Just a soda.
Just soda.
Yeah, thanks.
You, uh, have
a lovely home here.
Thank you.
Stop it. You're
sounding like Eddie haskell.
no way,
i refuse, I refuse
I defy inhibition,
escape definition
I refuse, I refuse...
My hobby.
[bangs piano]
Heh heh heh.
Just soda.
Heh heh. Thanks.
She's up there
Well, don't let me
take you away from anything.
No, no, no,
it's all right.
Just finishing up
some paperwork,
and this new tax code--
it's got me all screwed up.
Oh, yeah,
tell me about it.
So, are you taking
the standard deductions,
or are you itemizing?
I'm, uh...Itemizing.
Oh. well then,
let's take a look here.
[Computer beeps]
Ok. what--oh.
Yeah, you got
that one. Heh.
Oh, but...What about
this loss here?
You see, you can offset
the dividend income there.
Wow! I missed that.
Yeah, that's like
1,000 bucks right there.
Heh. uh...
You're in
the same classes with Ryan?
Max: oh, yeah.
oh, hi.
You guys
getting along ok?
Uh, it's great.
[Both giggle]
Ok. ready?
Oh, listen.
Wait, Ryan.
I want to
treat you guys.
Here's some cash.
ok, see you later.
Tell mom I'll be
home early.
Ok, I will.
Nice meeting you,
Boy, that was weird.
20 minutes ago,
he was screaming about
the heating bill.
Oh, yeah? Heh heh!
I have big news.
I found out today.
University of Iowa--
i got an early admission.
Oh, great!
That's--that's terrific.
What about you?
Where are you gonna go?
Uh, I don't know yet.
I haven't heard.
well, allow me.
Iowa, huh?
Ever been there?
I know it's where
they grow potatoes.
Yeah, I knew that.
Are you ready for
the Jersey jet?
I don't know.
[Engine starts]
So, where are
we going?
Uh, I leave it entirely
in your hands.
It's your town.
Whoa. where did you
get this car?
Oh, my mom drove it when
she was in college--
original brakes,
original transmission.
You know, I still have
my original foot.
We better walk.
[Brakes squeal]
Heh heh!
[Pop music playing]
you came into my life
the look in your eyes
took me by surprise
it's you
and nobody else...
Ok, come on.
I am descending
from heaven above
so, catch me,
I'm falling, baby
hold onto my love...
Ok, come on.
You can do it
the long way.
Ha ha ha!
catch me now,
I'm falling...
whoa. whoa.
Cha, cha, cha.
Cha, cha, cha. Ok.
Ok, come on.
Ryan: Max, Max!
[Indistinct chattering
and video games beeping]
Max, do you
need a hand?
Nah, I'm going good now.
Oh, watch out.
Oh, be careful. Oh.
Whoa, oh.
Oh, wait, wait,
oh, ok. Heh heh!
oh, Max.
You wanted
mustard, right?
i like ketchup.
Ha ha!
Oh, no, wait.
Here, I'll go get it.
Max, I'll go get it.
It's ok.
Man on P.A.: Everyone
clear the floor, please.
Your next number will be
ladies' choice,
[Soft pop music playing]
I was all right
for a while
I could smile
for a while...
Would you believe that
i haven't been on skates
in 15 years?
Yeah, I believe it.
Wait. that means
the last time you skated,
you were 2?
I wasn't even
very good then.
Try bending your knees.
It'll help.
Heh heh heh!
So, you come here often
with Kevin?
Hardly ever. He's very
concerned about being cool.
Wait a minute. You mean,
this isn't cool?
I'm out of here.
Get back here!
Heh heh heh.
Where you're from, do you
have a girlfriend?
As a matter
of fact, I do...
Or, I did.
We were together
for 3 years.
We came this close
to getting married.
Yeah, she was
my skating instructor.
I can see
why we broke up.
Heh heh!
Oh, Max.
left me
standing all alone
alone and crying
it's hard
to understand
that the touch
of your hand...
it looks like you made
a big impression
on my father.
Oh, yeah.
He's terrific.
I think I broke
one of his planes, though.
what about you?
What are
your parents like?
I, uh...
I lost them in a car accident
when I was real young.
I was raised by
my grandmother.
Max, I'm sorry.
Oh, no, it's ok.
Really, it is.
than I did before
but, darling,
what can I do?
Ryan: I'll drop you off
at your house.
Um, you know, actually,
it's such a nice night.
I think--
i think I'll walk.
Oh, it's no problem.
No, actually, right here,
right here is fine--
this corner.
Right here?
Yeah. yeah.
Ok. heh heh.
[Brakes squeal]
Well, heh...
I had a great time.
Me, too.
Is something wrong?
Actually, there is
something I have to tell you.
What is it?
Think I'm coming down
with a cold.
a cold?
Yeah, I'm very
paranoid about germs.
Not me.
Bye, Max.
Bye, Ryan.
See you in school.
[Car engine starts]
yes, now you're gone
and from
this moment on
I'll be crying
yeah, crying...
Gee! Patrick. Heh.
I told you
not to do that anymore.
Sorry. must have been
some date.
Oh, it was.
What's all the hubbub, bub?
G-men! that's
all the hubbub, bub.
Oh! I'm in trouble, Patrick.
I got a real problem.
Man, that's what
I'm trying to tell you--
I was expecting nothing,
but she's really wonderful.
I could look at her face
the rest of my life.
The rest of your life may
not add up to much, pal.
And she likes me, too,
no question about it.
Do the words
"statutory rape"
ring a bell?
Hey, I was
a perfect gentleman.
And believe me,
it wasn't easy.
You should have
jumped her
while you're still
a free man.
Come on, I gotta
show you something.
come on, get up.
Get up.
Come on.
shh! get down!
Right now,
there's 2 dozen
Ephraim zimablist jrs
eating cheese and crackers
in my living room.
You never saw
so much polyester
in such
a confined space.
What are they
doing here?!
You're such
a smart guy.
Where are you getting
all your money from?
a bank machine
over on--
[Snaps fingers]
Oh my god,
the bank machine!
It's all
in the computer! Ohh!
Luckily for you, they're
looking for Andrew,
not Max.
Yeah. I guess
the present accommodations
just aren't
gonna do it.
I got that covered.
Come on.
Lead on, Rambo.
[Crickets chirping]
[Patrick beatboxing]
Max: cryin'
over you
over you
That's not a rap song.
I don't believe this.
You got keys to this joint?
Patrick: well, my mom's
the school nurse.
I got the run of
the place.
You might
find this amazing, Patrick,
but there was a time when
i wanted to be a teacher.
As a matter of fact,
that's what it said
in my first
high-school yearbook.
Why would someone
wanna work so hard
and get paid
so little?
Oh, the money's
not that important.
This school
really got to you.
I mean,
you're delirious. Heh.
Well, uh, look,
i better get back
before the g-men start
asking questions.
Oh, by the way,
Dr. gusick's office--
yeah, the shrink?
He's got
a really nice couch--
I mean, plush naugahyde.
You can sleep there.
I know. I spent
some time on it last week.
Well, here.
You gonna be ok?
Thanks, Patrick.
over you
The doctor is out.
Hee hee hee.
[Mic squeaks]
Heh heh heh.
Calling all cars.
Calling all cars.
Be on the lookout for
a white male Caucasian,
age unknown.
This is
president Maxwell
coming to you live
from the oval office.
And I don't
have a pass.
Teachers, where are
your passes?
Where are
your passes?
[Bell ringing]
[Indistinct chattering]
Boy: hey, brother,
wait up, man!
Teachers, I want to see
some changes around here.
Now, class--way too long.
Come on, you can sort out
the major points
in 15 minutes. Be real.
Out goes the dress code.
[Toilet flushing]
Well, he wants to
take his time.
He's romantic.
I think it's sweet.
I don't think it's sweet.
I think it's suspicious.
Aah! aah!
All: I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the United States
of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
one nation under god,
with Liberty and justice
for all.
Uh, we'll have the venison
and the pheasant, please.
Ok, let's talk
for a moment about roaches.
Can we get the shop class to
start building a few motels?
We have a real problem here.
Thank you.
You approve?
the wine list, please.
And in the future,
report cards
will be given by students
to teachers.
Spanish teacher: Lista...
Students: lista...
De las...
De las.. .
Chorus of men: yeah
and that's
just the beginning.
I am for
progressive education...
So, watch out.
Ha ha ha!
[Pop music playing]
ow! Ow! Ow!
ow! Ow! Ow!
ow! Ow! Ow!
ow! Ow! Ow!
ow! Ow! Ow!
ow! Ow! Ow!
ow! Ow! Ow!
Oh, shit!
What are you doing
sneaking around in here?
Wait, you're
the, uh...
You're the janitor.
Custodial engineer--
ezzard Williams.
And you're mad Max.
I've seen you in here
every night for weeks, boy.
This is a high school,
not a holiday inn.
Tell me
about it. Heh.
Whoa, ezzard. Uh...
Got any more
of that stuff?
Heh. oh, hell,
come on.
I ain't supposed to
be in here, either.
[Both chuckle]
You're pretty cool
on these things, boy.
You're an ex boxer, huh?
You don't get
a nose like this
mopping high-school
hallways. Hmm.
that's one of me--
sparring with
hurricane Jackson,
steel pier,
Atlantic city,
New Jersey.
Heh heh.
Still got the fast hand.
[Imitating punches]
Heh heh.
Quick combination--
hey, wait, wait.
Ha ha!
All right.
But I had to
quit the ring.
Tried working
the corner--
didn't dig
that stuff.
But you find
other things to do.
One thing I can smell
with all of this
is bullshit--
hiding out,
sneaking around,
tearing down
your own posters.
I've been
watching you.
Now, who are you, boy?
Well, ezzard...
You are looking...
At a wanted man.
[Ice cube clinks]
Hmm. you don't say.
You don't get
a nose like this
breaking stocks.
I'm a stockbroker,
damn it!
What is in this stuff?
This has a lot of proof in it.
high-school kids--
have you noticed this?
They're so...
Am I crazy?
They seem so...Young.
Heh heh!
You're the guy
they're looking for
in the newspaper,
from up there
in Boston.
Ha ha! You're him!
How you like that?
I don't.
Ha ha ha!
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
ha ha ha!
Here's to you, Max...
Or whoever you are.
[Ezzard laughs]
Ezzard, ezzard,
ho ho ho!
Why are you living here?
Don't these people
pay you?
Sure, but I'm moving
next year.
My buddy ray and me,
we gonna open us
a doughnut franchise
in San Diego,
Oh, yeah?
a doughnut castle.
Ohh. ah, look--
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, boy.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
Ray is already
out there, so,
I'm trying to
save up my money.
How do you got it
In a savings account.
A pass book?
Oh, ezzard! We gotta
sit you down, dude.
There's stocks, bonds,
high yield c.D.S,
American drainpipe.
Ohh, man.
Don't you worry about me.
Come on.
Oh, I don't like
giving stock tips, anyway.
Where are we going?
You can pretty well
set yourself up in here
and not worry about
being seen.
Thanks, ezzard.
I used to sleep
like a lump of coal in here.
Good night, ezzard.
Heh heh heh.
American drainpipe.
Yeah, Max,
American drainpipe.
[Indistinct chattering
in distance]
Ezzard: hey, I've been
reading all the stock pages
you've been leaving around.
It's interesting.
Hey, mack.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
What's the matter?
I don't believe it.
Ahern--they brought him
to the stand
and he refused to answer
any of their questions.
He clammed up.
cat got his tongue?
a cat named kapados.
[Glasses plop]
Patrick: yo, Max!
Hey, hey, Maxwell,
guess what?
You are not the only one
with a date.
that's great.
By then
I'll have it--
I'll have
my driver's permit!
Wake up, Max!
This is major shit.
It was so simple.
I just go the girl
on the line and said,
"yo, baby, you and me
Friday night--
be there." Period.
She said yes.
It was unbelievable.
Hey, check out
the do, Max.
Clinton went to work
on my head.
Ha ha! You like?
Oh, yeah.
It's great.
Listen, man,
I'm out of here.
I got some serious
campaigning to do. Later, man.
[Birds chirping]
Hey, what's
the problem?
Patrick, I can't
take this anymore.
What are you
talking about?
Hey, you are
Mr. popularity, man.
Everyone's gonna be
out there voting for you.
I keep thinking about
Rodriguez and Pratt.
I haven't slept
in weeks.
Take my advice--
just start boning up
for the s.A.T.S.
[Bell ringing]
[Indistinct chattering]
Mr. o'roarke?
I'd like a word with you.
Boy: wait up.
What do you think?
Do you expect
to win Tuesday?
Uh...i've got
my doubts.
Good old Clinton's
been all over school
drumming up support
for Max.
Oh, you never know.
Support can come from
very unexpected quarters.
I'm the chairperson of
the tellers committee.
We count the ballots.
Uh, Mrs. billings--
I would love to
chat with you, but...
I have so-called
parent conferences
all afternoon.
It's nice of you,
Mrs. billings, really,
but I don't wanna--
save the gratitude.
Man on P.A.: All students
who have failed to return
their signed
insurance waiver
please see Mr. lessig
in the driver's ed office
I've just
put the kettle on.
You can come
right through here.
Oh, thank you.
You would
call immediately
if you were to hear
from Andrew,
wouldn't you?
Did you say
you wanted tea?
Did you,
Mrs. morenski?
Hear from him?
It's important,
please, think.
Did I...Oh, yes!
He did call.
Very good.
Now can you
tell me when?
Did he say
where he was?
Oh, honeyboy said
that he was in his office.
That's downtown
on state street.
He's got his own window.
What do you
call him?
no, no, look,
he hasn't been
in his office for weeks.
was the name again?
Did I tell you that
i knew a Richardson once
when I lived in,
uh, hm...
Where was it?
i believe.
Frankie Richardson.
I was very young.
[Kettle whistling]
when did he call?
Oh, it wasn't Andrew.
I have
other grandchildren.
It must have been, uh...
I can't recall now.
I'll just get the tea.
All these photos
of your family?
Yes, yes, they are.
Are they close by?
I hardly ever
see them.
What's that thing
That looks
really uncomfortable.
It is.
Look, Mr. lessig,
maybe this
isn't the best time
for me
to take my test.
Get in.
Start your engine.
[Motor starts]
[Laughing and shouting]
Do you think that
maybe we could at least
talk about this
a little?
Kevin, we've said
all there is to say.
Haven't we?
No, Ryan, what's with you?
I've never seen you
act like this before.
Ryan, look,
I'm tellin' ya.
You're actin'
like an idiot
behavin' like this.
Because we're not
going out anymore?
No, because you trust
hauser, don't you?
Yeah, so what?
Yeah, so where's he from?
I happened to be
in the office yesterday,
and I looked up
a couple of things.
You what?
Where'd he tell you
he was from?
He's from Boston.
That's not what it said
in his file.
It said he was from Texas.
they made a mistake!
Kevin, I can't believe
you spied on him.
Hey, Ryan,
all I'm tellin' you
is you better not
trust the guy.
I know somethin's funny.
I checked my mirror,
i did everything right...
I wish there was
just some way
I could talk to ahern.
You know, maybe
see what happened.
My life is over.
My life isn't
in that terrific shape,
i know my bathroom cabinet.
There's no razor,
no valium, nothing.
There's a full jar
of chewable flintstones.
It's a large jar.
Come on, what kind
of problem is this?
Cool it, ok?
I waited 10 years
for this day.
So you can
take it again.
Sure, just like that.
Listen, I got serious
problems, all right?
To you they're serious.
You know, you're always
such a wise guy,
everything with you
is a joke.
is negative.
You know, you spend
so much time
worrying about yourself.
Who are you worrying about,
Oh, no,
it's a little different,
nobody's trying
to kill you.
All right, all right,
forget it, all right.
You got your troubles,
and I got mine, ok?
Ok, so why don't you
have a little perspective
and maybe grow up a little.
Me grow up?
I'm not the one pretending
to be a kid.
I'm not the one running
away from something.
You think my life
is so easy.
You don't know anything
about my life.
Oh, I used to be
exactly like you.
Right, used to be,
now you're the average,
middle-aged guy
running for senior class
Seducing a girl
half your age.
yeah, and it's easy
for you to tell billings
to go eat shit.
The rest of us
have to worry
about graduating.
By the way,
i don't exactly live
to do your homework.
Ok, wait, let's get
something straight here.
I am not middle-aged.
Let's get
something else straight,
you're not the one
who almost killed
their driving instructor,
and then drove
a brand new dodge
broadside into a whole
Van full of nuns.
I did.
[Laughs and sputters]
ha ha...
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
you failed your test.
I'm sorry
about a lot of things.
God, I hated high school
the first time.
Now I know why.
Well, at least
we agree on something.
You know what, let me
give you a little advice
about your date
tonight, ok?
Forget about Leslie,
just have a good time.
What's she
supposed to do?
Ride on my handlebars?
No, this is humiliating.
Meet her at the movies then.
No, no, this is bad.
All right, all right,
I'm sorry. Hey!
What about you?
What's your problem?
Anything I can do?
Well, I'm almost 30,
and I'm still
in high school,
and I hate it.
But I love Ryan.
And I want
kapados convicted,
but I don't want to die.
Well, you're
basically screwed.
Oh, and, uh...
Good luck tonight.
You, too.
[Birds chirping]
Did you really
lose your parents
in an accident?
I wouldn't make up
something like that.
I didn't
think you would.
Do you believe a person
has more than one life?
I don't know, I never
really thought about it.
I wonder...I mean,
if they're back.
Where they'd be.
Your parents.
I bet someplace warm.
And peaceful.
That's really funny
that you would
say that because, uh...
When I was, uh...
Oh, I guess
i had to be about 4.
They took me
on a vacation, and,
uh, there's a picture
of me and them,
and it's really...
Really one
of the last things
I remember about
when they were alive.
They took me swimming
around the shore,
and, uh...
There was
all this coral and...
You're very beautiful.
the matter?
I keep wondering
who you are.
Why you don't give me
your phone number.
Why you'd never show me
where you live.
Max, where do you go
when you go home?
Ok, you wanna
see where I live?
Come on.
I'll show you.
Come on.
First I stayed
at Patrick's.
Then here.
Max, you could have
said something.
No, I couldn't.
The people that are
after me want me dead.
I was afraid
to tell you,
I was--i was
afraid I might...
Put you in danger.
They're still
out there looking.
i said to you...
Max said...
Was from my heart.
Andrew's heart.
What are you gonna do?
I can't hide here
My grades aren't
that good.
Oh, Andrew.
Not just a car
full of nuns...
A whole Van
full of nuns.
I mean, the sisters
were pretty cool,
but lessig...Insane.
Die, lessig.
Eat shit and die.
That's not him,
that must
be her other grandson.
shall we follow him?
Killer: yeah, could be
going to see morenski.
I'm going into town.
So you didn't
want to see the ending?
I hated that movie.
It was disgusting.
I know, that's
what I liked about it.
I thought the decapitation
was totally realistic.
what now?
Uh, food?
I can't believe
you can eat after that.
Besides I'm on a diet.
Well, that explains
the small diet coke
and the large milkduds.
Look, you're not having
a bad time are you?
I know
where we should go.
The train yard.
The train yard...
That's deserted.
Oh, the train yard.
It's deserted!
Heh heh heh.
Look, I don't have my...
Alpha. it's in the shop,
i should've never bought
an Italian sports--
it's ok.
We can take mine.
This is yours?
My dad's.
He's in Hawaii
till Sunday.
Eh, bye-bye.
He just lets you
borrow his Jeep?
Not exactly.
Let's forget
about the train yard.
Let's go to your house.
Fine with me, Patrick.
Here, you drive.
I failed lessig's final,
and I don't even
have a learner's permit.
That's a darn shame.
It looks like a stick.
I think.
Oh, check out
this sound system.
[Pop music playing]
So, did ya...
Do you ever think about
wearing contacts?
My parents
have a jacuzzi.
How do you
work the lights
in this thing?
[Engine starts]
It's um--
oh, oh!
[Transmission grinding]
[Tires squeaking]
[Engine revving]
[Tires squeal]
I can't see a thing,
and I put my glasses down
a second ago.
I can't--
don't worry.
I'm doing fine,
trust me.
2 hands--
it's a waste
of an entire hand.
I had no idea you were
such a confident driver.
[Horn blaring]
Y-you just can't
see a thing, huh?
Well, everything
past 3 inches
in front of my face
is a total blur.
Patrick: heh.
No kidding,
a total blur, ha.
[Tires squeal]
Why are you
We're gonna
do a little test.
You tell me
when you can see me.
[Both gasp]
Hiya, chief, I hear
they're announcing
the winners tomorrow.
Yeah, can I have
a coffee please?
Extra black?
And a pack of marlboros,
hard box.
you look like crud.
Yeah, that's me.
President crud.
Kevin's in the back.
He don't look too happy.
Ma'am, when you
have a chance...
That's a nice shot.
Hey, I wanna
talk to you outside.
Oh, I'd like that.
You, uh, need to have
your whole entourage
with you?
However you want it.
[All talking trash]
So what happened
with the kid?
He's off
with some bimbo.
My instincts are
usually very solid.
Morenski's gotta be
in this town somewhere.
[Door squeaks]
Here I am.
I'm sorry.
What are you
talkin' about?
I'm sorry.
I didn't want anything
to do with your election.
Screw that election.
I'm talkin' about
how you moved on Ryan.
I'm sorry about that,
too, ok?
I'm not even gonna be
seeing her anymore.
I'm droppin' out.
What are you
talkin' about, Max?
Just call her, ok?
And when you do,
don't treat her
like a piece
of real estate.
Just listen to her.
Hey, don't tell me
what to do.
Hands off.
Where you goin', Max?
I wanna know
what she said.
What'd she tell you
about me, Max?
She said you were
a pretty decent guy.
Good luck
in the election tomorrow.
I hope to god
you win.
[Pool balls clacking]
Man: come on,
let's go.
Yeah, sure.
Um, excuse me, um,
there was a young man
sitting here--
That's right--Maxwell.
Uh, did you see
where he went?
Honey, they come in
and go out.
Couldn't have left more
than 3 or 4 minutes ago.
You got no idea
which way he was headed?
Sorry, sweetie,
I serve 'em
and off they go.
See, look,
I'm an old friend of his--
yeah, yeah, yeah.
Stay here.
[Marching band playing]
would everybody kindly
take their seats, please?
Everybody sit down.
You people over there.
Sit down. Everybody down.
Everybody, down,
come on, now!
Boy: come on,
sit down, you guys!
How 'bout a big round
of applause for the girls.
Yeah, Max for president!
Yeah, Max! Ha ha ha!
all right,
could I have
some quiet, please?
Hey, Max!
Principal: now,
the order of the day.
It's time to announce the new
senior class officers.
All of your ballots
have been cast.
Girl: way to go!
And you've
made your decisions.
Final tabulation's been made
by our tellers committee.
Can we have a big
round of applause for them?
Cheer 'em on.
Girl: boo,
Mrs. billings!
can I have the envelopes,
please, Mrs. billings?
[Whistling and cat calls]
Thank you.
The winner is
for treasurer.
Victoria Bradley.
congratulations, Victoria.
For vice-president...
Your new
vice-president is
Douglas roan.
How 'bout it?
There's a lot
of kids in there.
At the moment,
I'm only interested
in one kid.
Principal: finally,
topsail's new
senior class president.
Could we have
some quiet, please?
[Cheering continues]
It was a very,
very close race.
But the winner is...
Kevin o'roark!
[Cheering and booing]
Say a few words, Kevin.
Max: congratulations!
Say a few words,
All right.
Kevin: thank you.
As my first
official action
as your new
senior class president...
I think I'd like
to demand a recount.
a recount.
Wait a minute,
you can't do that.
as a matter of fact,
I think we can
do it right now.
Everyone here
who voted for me,
could you just raise
your hand, please?
[Audience muttering]
And now
how many for Max?
Kevin: come on
up here, Max.
Kevin: come on up here!
There's your real
Please, I'm not the person
you think I am.
Get down!
Down, everybody!
Get down!
get down!
I thought I was the only one
that wanted to kill you.
Take a number.
Easy, Max!
Andrew, you're pushing it.
You know, you're
a piss-poor hit man.
You seem a little nervous.
What kind of a--
what kind of a sniper
is afraid of heights?
What's your name?
You know my name,
what's yours?
How much is kapados
payin' you, anyway?
You know what Freud says
about people
who play with guns?
They have little dicks.
[Grunting and yelling]
[All scream]
Girl: oh, my god.
[Sirens approaching]
Bailiff: state your name
for the court.
Andrew morenski.
And do you,
Andrew morenski,
swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing
but the truth,
so help you god?
I do.
Mr. breach,
your witness.
Thank you,
your honor.
Mr. morenski,
how well do you recall
the first time
you met the defendant,
Mr. Victor kapados?
Andrew: very well.
In your own words,
would you describe
for the court
the circumstances
of that meeting.
Mr. ahern, Mr. Rodriguez,
and I were at our offices.
I-i believe it was in...
Make it short.
You have a plane
to catch.
I'll wait over here,
I have to go away
for a little while, grammy.
They wouldn't
tell me where.
Yeah, I know,
that's, uh...
one of the rules.
Well, it's a bad rule.
I'm your grandmother.
I can't tell you where.
But they let me
have a little bit of a say
in the decision so...
So I'll be fine.
No more trading stocks.
No, but, uh...
But that may not be
such a terrible thing.
Your parents would be
so proud.
And you already know
how I feel.
Good-bye, honeyboy.
Be good...
[Laughing and talking]
[Horn blares]
[Engine revs]
We're gonna bust
a move in a serious--
you know
what I'm sayin'?
Yo, Patrick!
Clinton, guy,
this is my new
set of wheels.
Patrick, my man,
get in here.
Yo, that's a live ride.
Check that out.
All right, all right,
picture time, let's go.
On 3--1, 2, 3!
Bust a move!
[Shutter clicking]
[Tower bells tolling]
I'm getting
my teaching degree.
My s.A.T. Scores
were not very good,
but I had a few friends
in the justice department.
I know this
is a little strange.
A little strange?
It's a lot strange.
Yeah, well, uh,
I've been here a while
tryin' to figure out
how to talk to you.
So, uh, are you still
seein' that, uh, g--
No, that
was high school.
I followed
the trial.
I'm really glad
you're ok, Max--
Oh, wait.
You stay right there.
Let's start
all over again.
Hi, I'm Eddie Collins.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, I'm new here.
May I?
Oh, thanks.
Ha ha--Eddie Collins?
It's just a name.
Is that the best
you could come up with?
It sounds so fake.
It is.
So, Eddie...
How do you
like college?
You know...
It's much better
the second time.
[ So different now
by Felix Cavaliere playing]
drivin' home
when a song came on
and played my memory
I remember
when I hear that melody
your eyes, your smile
long ago
we paint a picture
of our dream
it's all so easy
when you're 17
the more things
seem to change
the more they
stay the same
ridin' shotgun
and holdin' hands
drive-in movies
and rockin' bands
all that lovin'
in midnight sands
it's so different now
it's so different now
where's it gone?
the feelings that
were once part of me
drifted out like waves
upon the sea
they come
they go
play that song
the one that holds
a special place for me
'cause it makes me
feel so right
the more things
seem to change
the more they
stay the same
ridin' shotgun
and holdin' hands
drive-in movies
and rockin' bands
all night lovin'
in the midnight sands
it's so different now
so different now
lions gate entertainment
it's so different now
it's so different now
ridin' shotgun
holdin' hands
drive-in movie
good rockin' band