Hiding Place, The (1975) Movie Script

She was taken ...
Corrie ten Boom, HER FAMILY
Face the darkness.
Haarlem, Netherlands, Spring 1940
a BBC broadcast,
His Majesty
the Queen of Holland.
Dear Dutch,
the lights went down
free over the Netherlands.
Two weeks ago we were a
nation of free men and women
created in estimated tradition
of Christian civilization,
and now there is the silence of death.
oppressed, threatened ...
watched everywhere ...
by a power that can remove
all hope of man's soul.
the unhappy people of Holland
only remains to pray in silence,
for those who lost their voice ...
but lost
his hope or his vision
in combat
atrocity barbarism.
FLonga the Dutch life
Caf ..
... In the living room.
Attention! Caution
By order of
Commissioner Reich,
all citizens are required
to surrender their radios ...
and any other equipment
Attention! Caution
By order of
Commissioner Reich,
all citizens are required
to surrender their radios ...
and any other equipment
Good morning, Mr. Ten Boom.
I apologize for the intrusion.
- They are collecting all the radios.
- I see.
And Dutch police to help!
We do what we are commanded.
All citizens
must surrender their radios.
- A radio, does it?
- Upstairs in the living room!
Take it.
You have many nice watches here.
The box appears to be
Style Berringer.
Yes, 1886.
Well you know ... watches?
My father is a watchmaker.
I grew up under his desk.
And look what it became.
- What city?
- Mattenbraw.
Mattenbraw ...
Mattenbraw, 1895.
- Splendid.
- You should have seen the state ...
when he arrived here.
The way some people
treat a clock without care ...
without ... understanding.
It was a gift in my
70th birthday.
"When Grandpa Ten Boom
Children of Haarlem.
March 26, 1935. "
Give him the speaker.
- Over any radio in the house?
- No, no.
Good day then.
Quena not anything too expensive,
Then there's one here ...
seven rubies, manufacturing whisker,
but all the craftsmen are
German immigrants. It costs 42 guilders.
It's a birthday present.
I spend a little more.
Well, we have this ...
Bamendor style.
Excuse me.
Daddy, is leaving?
I will not be hanging around this house
doing nothing.
Excuse me ...
Yes ..
See ...
you can have notched Io ...
or you can order in Io ...
white gold.
The white gold costs 60.
... residents
in occupied Holland
must present themselves as
the following rules.
- Someone is considered Jewish ...
- Take your star.
Or partly Jewish if ...
- Next.
At least one grandparent
of Jewish origin.
A grandparent is considered Jewish
one belongs or has belonged
a synagogue.
You should not be here.
I came for my star.
They are for the Jews.
You do not have a "J"
in his identity card.
You could get it for me.
If they do not we use all
know the difference between ...
a Gentile and a Jew.
Go home, please.
Go home.
I will use my star!
And I will not take it until
God says I should take it!
The God of Abraham and Isaac ...
and my God, too!
Leader who?
Come on, hurry.
Let's go there!
Good day ...
Not Miss. Ten Boom?
Children, stop.
The watch?
Ten Boom, street Berteljorisstraat!
You took our radio.
I wrote to my father.
- I told him about his shop.
- Who are these guys?
Why do not prevent
to disturb the man?
They are young Dutch patriots.
They say he made derogatory remarks
the Reich and our Fuehrer.
Are expressing their outrage.
Who are these kids?
They are my students.
Talk to them about God.
At least that's what I did.
This will be the Iast class.
Through the new orders
on unauthorized meetings.
Mlle. Ten Boom ...
the measures are temporary.
When all this has passed
and order is restored,
then all will live together Aryans
as our brothers in the Reich.
Men live together as brothers
only in the kingdom of our Lord.
Can we go?
Come ... yes.
Children ... Children ...
Come on! Come on!
Grab some cookies. Yes ..
Jan always comes running
for the wafers.
Lisa, yes.
Carol ... ah, yes!
Ha! Biscuits?
I can not then be
with you for a while.
But Jesus is still here ...
always looking out for you.
See ... without Jesus,
we are thus.
We can not do anything.
But when Jesus fills us with ...
with His love,
then we complete.
We can do anything.
We can do anything.
Nothing serious, pastor.
Maybe just a bit dirty.
He is delaying
5 seconds per day.
Maybe a good cleaning solved.
You can do it now?
While I'm here ...
really would be great.
I'll go up and talk
with his Father
I heard he is
wearing a Jewish star.
Stubbornness is the daughter of pride, and pride
is the first of the seven deadly sins.
I'll talk to him about it.
I need to be
back to the church at 1:30.
Will be ready.
Dr. Heemstra!
Mlle. Ten Boom.
I can only stay a moment.
We need milk for him,
no soup.
Good heavens, I hope
not intend to stay with him!
But they can not!
It's illegal!
You may all be arrested!
He's gorgeous.
Pastor ...
You were sent by God!
Do you live in the countryside!
Nothing could be safer!
This is ...
I have my family to look after.
We could lose everything
because of this child.
What would my church
without a shepherd?
- Ah, but ...
- No, Betsie!
The minister has decided.
It's the law!
And Christians should obey the law!
Think of the risk they are running,
because of a Jewish baby.
Will give us away, pastor,
if the baby gets
for a time with us?
Corrie ...
must obey the state law
if it is not against
the higher law of God.
Pastor, you want
I no longer wear the star.
Okay, do not I will.
But we are left with the baby.
As a Christian ...
I regret that any
Man has to suffer;
no matter who
or their race.
- But remember, are the Jews ...
- Who gave us the Bible ...
and our Savior!
Be as you wish.
I take my watch tomorrow.
Good Morning, Ten Boom.
God forgive him.
He had no bad intention.
How can he
to give the title of a Christian?
Living in a cookie jar
does not make a mouse
a wafer.
What do we do?
- We need milk!
- He has to go to the field.
Beware, it will choke him up.
- Where will send him?
- Only God knows.
The doors are opening
throughout the Netherlands.
Last week a farmer and a
Baroness slept in the same bed.
And now you have
a little Moses in a basket.
Corrie, please.
- Willem!
- He can not cry!
- You are very organized.
- Oh, is not the first time.
We helped in the escape of Jews ...
for a day or a week.
He hid it from us, Willem?
Before they were German Jews,
and now the Dutch.
We do what we can.
The Nazis only happy when
there are no Jews in Europe.
They hurt the girl's eyes
of God. I have for them.
- I hate them.
- Ah, Corrie ...
You can not hate someone
and walk with the Lord.
You could have told us,
Willem, we would have helped.
The most important thing is to take
our little friend here.
It would be hard to explain
this sudden gift of heaven.
Son, I'll walk
with you a little.
Goodbye, Moses.
We're doing well.
Sometimes we have some potatoes ...
and occasionally even eggs!
So far we have not been bad.
And of course ...
- This is a peasant?
- Grandpa!
Kik, you got anything?
The carbon in the waste basket,
Io if you hold the light,
can see.
See, Papa ...
- We have a contact in the Gestapo ...
- Quiet!
It provides us with deportation lists
whenever he can.
Alright, Kik?
Bye, Grandpa.
- God bless you, Kik.
- Hold tight to the hand ... good!
Pope ...
Now every day ...
they are sending 400 Jews
Central Station in Amsterdam.
Help those who can.
We know someone on the list?
- Sorry.
- No, please ...
sorry ...
for disturbing Ios.
Maybe he ...
Dad ...
There is a gentleman up there.
We met.
- Well, it was too late ...
- He had nowhere to go.
Daddy, he is a teacher.
Willem studied with him.
They closed the university.
All Jewish teachers
were forced ...
Ah, Betsie ...
Good morning again, professor.
I apologize for the intrusion,
Mr. Ten Boom.
Please ...
Professor ...
Give us the honor
praying thanking?
Blessed art thou ...
O Lord our God,
you give us the bread of earth.
How lucky that Aunt Bep
had large feet.
E. .. what is your date of birth?
August 19, 1885.
Name of the Father?
Casper Ten Boom.
Cornelia Ten Boom.
Her maiden name?
Mlle. Ten Boom ...
If we stopped, I ...
I could never
I pass you by.
Professor Ziener ...
There is no "if" in God's world.
He brought
this house;
and you will see that
depart in safety.
This is where we turn, teacher.
Stay close to me.
I'll try.
Well done, professor!
We're almost there.
- Katrien!
- Tia Corrie!
- Tia Corrie!
- Katrien!
I need help from his father.
You should have seen the teacher Ziener
entering the boat.
Katrien's father as if he were helping
Queen Willemina entering the yacht!
Cornelia, do you think is
having too much fun with this?
Me having fun?
No, I was terrified.
Except when kept
to laugh at him dressed as Betsie ...
Thank God.
He kept away from the patrols.
Remember to save a piece
cake for a friend of Willem.
It's all very mysterious.
Is anyone he wants
we know.
What you said when Willem
Professor Ziener told him?
This is not a joke to
when they want to have fun.
If you get involved
this work
people have to
entrust their lives to you!
I told you, Willem.
We gave him my documents.
We plan everything
very carefully.
And if they questioned the ...
Does he sing soprano?
He had a ...
sore throat.
Excuse me.
But you walk around
picking people at random?
How did they know
they could trust him?
I knew him.
And he knew what the Lord told me.
Pope ...
You're the boss of this house.
The head of this house ...
orders that the door is opened
anyone to beat.
We can not afford to
skip to anybody
to engage seriously in this work,
regardless of their methods.
Perhaps allow us to ...
help with this.
Thanks for the delivery, Mr. Smit.
Only for emergencies!
We have a contact in the phone,
but you never know
if the line is not bugged.
We hope to develop
their own sources.
The less contact
have me,
or any other ...
know half of Haarlem.
We have friends everywhere!
My dear,
Ios know it's something ...
- Know their political stances ...
- God knows!
And ask Him to guide us.
We understand your concern,
Mr. Sluring.
We are not the perfect candidate.
But since there is a need,
should do everything possible to service it.
People have the most varied reasons
want to work secretly,
emotion, perhaps.
Mr. Sluring,
have passed the age at which the emotion
was important in our lives.
Actually ...
rather do anything else.
I wish to close the door
and not open it anymore.
Until all this horror
has ended.
But that's me.
My Lord Jesus ...
says to open the door
for anyone who comes.
Share His love
the way I can.
And I will listen to his voice ...
and not mine.
We passed the inspection?
How can you get?
We ... Mom's room,
your old room
Aunt Anna's room,
Bep aunt's room
and our 3 / 4 ... are 7.
We can sleep in the same bed
if necessary.
So, our hotel is ready
for guests.
Not yet.
What will
the Gestapo appear?
You will receive a visit
Jan Smit.
There are actually two houses.
For over 100 years
they were joined.
The front has 2 rooms
a long and wide.
The back, here ...
has 3 bedrooms.
On top of one another.
Pope, this is Mr. Smit.
Mr. Smit.
I know some Smits in Amsterdam.
And the family that Smit ...
Father, this is the man
I told you about.
He came to
inspect the house.
A building inspector?
It's yours office
Grote Street in the Hous?
No, Papa, he is not building inspector,
and his name is Smit.
- Not Smit?
- Excuse me, Papa.
We have to see the rest of the house.
The living room ...
Mealtime ...
is preferred for a hit.
Beware the dumps ...
and ashtrays.
We need a place
the highest possible.
Increases the chances of escape to a place
safe while looking down.
- These are all rooms?
- Yes.
If there is a night raid,
will have to take
their bedding,
and can not forget
to flip the mattress.
The favorite trick of the Gestapo
is feeling the heat of the bed.
What's up there?
The roof is just above.
Who sleeps here?
I sleep.
The wall ... will be ...
The sign is in the window.
You see,
There is a different brand,
we can always recognize
a Flenstadht.
What a beautiful day, Aunt Betsie.
Peter, no!
- I turn to look on Tuesday, then.
- Good
Mlle. Ten Boom!
That beautiful wood!
My father has already made a box like that.
Ah, he spent months riding
polishing, varnishing.
But it's just a case ...
we need to put
inside a machine.
How much will it cost?
Well, it'll take months to assemble Io.
Name your price.
Steep until I paid.
I liked the clock.
- Can I afford the best!
- But ...
not have machine!
Very good.
Tuesday, Mr. Ten Boom.
Kik! Quick!
Aunt Betsie, how many times
I have to tell you?
Take the sign of the window
when it is not safe!
Kik ...
Sorry. Sorry!
Grandpa ... just look!
Tea, Mr. Smit?
Ah, thank you!
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
- Good morning.
- Milk!
No milk! Ink!
Betsie! Betsie!
Fred Koonstra?
Sure, it made reading
our clock by light years.
Her daughter was our student.
- Milk!
- Ink.
Elsie Koonstra.
I know her name, I'm trying
remember some faces.
She must have some
twenties now.
Yesterday I learned that Fred works Koonstra
the department of nutrition.
Where to send
ration coupons.
I'll be frank.
We had unexpected visitors.
First, a baby ...
then a man,
and last night a couple.
All Jews, Mr. Koonstra.
Why do I say that?
Remains only 3 of us
home now.
My father, my sister and me.
And our ration coupons
are not sufficient.
All coupons are conferred.
Are checked
in several ways.
Yes! Yes! I know.
I should not have asked for.
I thought maybe you
could help me.
The office in Utrecht
was stolen last week.
- The men were caught.
- And dead.
If it had been at noon, when
just me and another employee are there ...
We would have to be tied
and gagged.
How many coupons
do you need?
I know someone
you can achieve.
Pope, now!
- Ready.
- How long?
47 / 2!
It is better not to send
nobody bigger than me.
Our Lord, we ask Thy blessing
on this secret hideaway.
Eat what you want!
- Herren, is not kosher.
- Do not worry.
Could you pass the potatoes,
My God!
Go, go, go! Go!
Quick, quick.
One in the head, another on the other hand,
and one on each side.
You're spilling!
A minute and 15 seconds.
That's long enough
to wrap the stomach.
Peace be to this house
and all that dwell therein.
- The peace of the Lord God ...
- Come in, do not get out there praying.
I hear you have accommodations.
I need a room for me
quiet to study,
preferably without children.
Well, can I stay?
Well, yes, I think so,
but there are many questions ...
I would eat something.
My meal was Iast Sunday.
Thanks! At noon.
This house is kosher?
Well, we tried, we have many requests
we can not answer.
And no children?
Well, not at the moment,
but they come and go.
Not coming
while I'm here.
It's around here?
- Yes! But before ...
- My contacts told me ...
that most of its guests are
in transit, are fleeing the country.
- Most, yes.
- Well, it's not my case.
I am a teacher and soloist
of Congregation Beth Kodesh.
I will not be taken by those German
and his thousand-year Reich.
Who is this man?
As a patriarch Isaac or Jacob,
father of nations.
Papa, we have a new guest.
This is my father, Mr. Ten Boom.
Pope, this is Mr. ..
Wijnstok, Meyer Wijnstok.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Ten Boom.
God willing
and the accommodations are good,
I'll be with you
to end this madness.
- You're welcome.
- Thanks.
Mlle. Ten Boom,
my room, please.
Aunt Betsie!
My friend needs a place Jan
to stay for a while.
He fled the train.
At noon tomorrow will
new identity papers.
But ...
where they got the uniforms?
Not all Germans
Nazis are, Aunt Betsie.
His name is Jan?
Corrie! Mr. Wijnstock refused
helping in the kitchen again.
He has to study.
If you want to eat, he has
to do their part in the work.
- Where is he now?
- In the living room.
Could I ...
Oh, sorry! Sorry.
Corrie, he was upset today.
He discovered that the call
of "Eusie" in the back.
He was considered an honor.
I should be flattered to be
compared to a scholar!
But a scholar Gentile. He said ...
we should compare the Io Josephus.
Rules are rules!
Mr. Wijnstok, my sister said
you refused ...
Mlle. Ten Boom, I'm praying.
Already refused to work on Saturday
because of the Sabbath.
After he refused to work Sunday,
that was our day of rest.
I was just trying to respect
the customs of this house.
But today is Tuesday.
Tell me, Miss. Ten Boom,
because they found it necessary
give me a nickname?
We call Eusie because ...
Eusie is the kind of name
we would give to a cat.
As a guest in your home
should not be more respected?
We're totally changing
the subject.
However, as this
seems to give satisfaction,
please have the courage
to use the name in my presence.
If you want Eusie,
so be it.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
It's past seven!
Feel the smell of coffee?
Betsie ...
Good morning!
- What?
- Today is day 18!
- Birthday Dad and Mom!
- Oh, no!
54 coupons for sweets.
Tell Mr. Klassen
what's for Dad.
Corrie ...
Corrie ...
that blouse and skirt ...
You should not use. Not today.
But ...
You'd look like a flag
Stretched on a mast.
But you always
like this blouse.
The blouse is beautiful and you're beautiful
But the combination of you,
the blouse and skirt ...
is impossible.
Santa Fluc
Santa Fluc
Pope Ten Boom, you
is an extraordinary man.
To a great man ...
there must have been a great woman.
Well, this is not
just a song ...
is a more ...
It means
"May the Lord bless you,
and keep you,
and to illuminate
His face upon you. "
You want the whole
Haarlem you listen to?
I did not ask to be born Jewish.
I'm tired of having to ...
carry the burden of suffering
Just because the name
my mother was ... Stein.
Then you will be another Esau
selling his birthright
for a mess of pottage!
Do not want your
great Jewish heritage!
I want nothing to do
with his Lord God Jehovah.
It is not easy
be in the palm of the hand of God.
Betsie, answer the door.
- Betsie, go!
- Yes, yes I will.
Yes, one moment!
Is Mrs. Beukers.
Betsie, are you insane?
The whole street can hear
Jews singing.
Thank you.
the BBC's international service,
have special greetings
love for 2017,
soldier Sidney Harris,
of his mother.
to 1433, cable Munen Phillip,
his wife Doris.
anyone seen or have news
Alan Stokes
who was last seen
in Bournmouth
His father is hospitalized
FLondres, is very ill.
Alan Stokes, contact
Hospital Whitehall 9527.
Whitehall The number is 9527.
The next attraction is
a song played by ...
How will I remember all this?
The way we were passing messages
in church.
- Kik!
- Tia Corrie.
All these numbers ...
what they mean?
Different things,
general instructions.
Instructions for what?
Well, there may be a pilot
lying around.
The numbers may be
coordinates to the rescue ...
or perhaps to explode
a Nazi supply train!
Stuff like that.
This means
blood on our hands.
It is the Netherlands.
And it justified?
Lying, stealing, killing?
to help the Netherlands is certain.
I need the message, Tia Corrie
are waiting.
As we become
when this is over?
Mlle. Ten Boom?
I appreciate your promptness.
Heard a lot about you.
About their work.
- Actually it is the work of my father.
- I'm not talking about watches.
His other work.
You mean to children?
We had to cancel classes.
Mlle. Ten Boom,
many of us who can not
express our feelings,
greatly appreciate
the work they are doing.
People call his house
"Hiding from God."
Is this some kind of trap?
Use the name of the Lord
is not correct.
If it was a trap, would be
another room, talking to the Gestapo.
This will not leave.
So why did you call me here?
I want you ...
pass the name of this man
to your friends.
Who is he?
An entrepreneur.
He denounces people
to the Gestapo.
He receives 75 florins per head.
Just pass the name ...
and they will take care of him.
If I did what you asked ...
would be to kill him
with my own hands.
I can only put Io
Lord's hands,
and ask Him
that reach your heart.
Do it, Miss. Ten Boom.
The demons are on the loose today.
He thought he could sleep
with any noise.
Want some tea?
You know, Miss. Ten Boom ...
we are very similar.
Stubborn ...
firm ...
Still not doing
their share of housework.
We are equal, yes.
But I'm more ...
then ... I won!
Did you know ...
I have a wife and young son?
That's right.
Prefer not to expose myself.
They fled.
At least ...
I think it fled.
I will not run around
like the others,
compassion and safety.
We know so little of each other.
You mind
with our needs.
Certainly has
their own needs.
People like us,
Mlle. Ten Boom ...
have waves of fury
behind the stubbornness.
No rage.
Could say my life
has been ... monotonous.
Until all this?
Until all this.
Marriage has never been considered
Ten Boom by sisters?
Betsie had always
a delicate health.
She knew
could not have children,
then decided not to marry.
And you?
I had a boyfriend,
but I was not thin enough
for his family.
I had no style.
I was the first woman to obtain
license to watch the Netherlands.
And you have your father,
and his religion.
Is that enough?
More than enough.
God has been good to me.
Yes, I ...
I think so.
And I think ...
that already go to my bed.
I will pray for your family.
Do not think that will do me
peel potatoes, Miss. Ten Boom.
Good morning.
Mlle. Ten Boom?
My name is Vogel ...
Jan Vogel.
I came from far away
It has a clock to fix?
I need 600 florins.
I hear you have some contacts.
I do not understand.
It is my wife ...
she was arrested.
She is Jewish.
It's a lot of money.
There's a cop who goes
arrange everything for 600 Fl ...
and then she will need
a place to hide.
Somebody come and get it
within an hour.
Mr. Jan Vogel.
He is from Ermelo.
His wife was arrested.
It's for a bribe.
You're impossible.
Listen here ...
I'll handle it.
You can go to bed please?
But Willem and Tine are coming.
- You can go down later.
- So you call me.
I'll call.
- And use the steam kettle!
- Yes, yes.
I feel that today the Lord wants
we read Romans chapter 8.
Who shall separate us
the love of Christ?
Shall tribulation, or distress,
or persecution or famine
or nakedness, or peril,
or sword?
This means that God
abandoned us? No!
In all these things, however,
are more than conquerors
through Christ who loved us.
Because I am convinced that
neither death nor life ...
nor angels, nor principalities ...
can separate us from the love of God.
Nor things present ...
nor things to come, nor powers ...
nor any other creature
can separate us ...
Side door.
Come on.
All upstairs!
Yes, I am sorry, but we
closed until 2 am.
Mlle. Ten Boom ...
marked time with his sister.
Mr. Vogel?
I need the money now!
- Yes, of course, I'll pick him up.
- Please! Mlle. Ten Boom!
- On your marks, everyone!
- Come, quick!
- Please, Miss. Ten Boom.
- Yes, just a moment!
I'm taking the money.
Stay here, I see up there!
Mlle. Ten Boom?
Ten Boom, Elizabeth.
Where do you hide your
ration coupons?
I do not know what you mean.
- Where are the Jews?
- What Jews?
O Lord Jesus, help me!
Where are the Jews?
Where is the secret room?
Stop it!
We did nothing
wrong in this house.
So why are all these
ration coupons?
To feed an army?
What does your book
about obeying authority?
There is a moment ...
where we choose
between God and man.
Keep walking.
- Name?
- Cornelia.
Ten Boom, Elizabeth.
- Name?
- Ten Boom, Casper.
Only six?
God is with us.
Ten Boom ...
Give me your word
that will behave,
and may die in peace
in his bed at his home.
If I get back,
open the door to anyone ...
beat that asking for help.
May close.
Sealing the house.
Out! Out! Out!
Corrie, hold my hand.
- My sister needs a doctor.
- Move!
God be with you, Daddy!
And you, my children!
I have to go in there.
The fever dropped?
You left them worried.
I kept a loaf of yesterday
for you.
Listen, I have family here.
My sister, my brother,
My father, my nephew,
Ten Boom family.
You can find out where they are?
Perhaps, listen ...
Can I get soap,
aspirin, cigarettes.
You can pay me when
begin to receive letters.
Soap, 25 Fl, Aspirin, 50.
Cigarettes, 100.
I can almost everything!
You can get a Bible?
Kik It! They can leave now.
Oh, thank God!
For the roof, quickly.
The roof!
- Where is your family?
- Fast!
- And Ten Boom?
- Still in prison.
That's all I know.
My mother made the quilt
my bed ...
was his outfit.
The table-side mirror is ...
Do not go away!
Stay ...
They think they have
to give you food.
- All have been released.
- All?
Except her sister Betsie
and his father, I think.
- Not sure.
- Oh, thank you, Lord!
O Lord, thank you!
Here is a bread bakery
guards ... is cool!
Oh Lord ...
You have done wonders.
I do not deserve
a little credit?
Lord, bless this angel.
God bless you!
You think you can last here
doing this? Praying?
The only way to live here ...
is hating.
Hate can put it into
a prison worse than this.
I am 3 years into this hole.
It was difficult to get
this position.
And I live for revenge
Pigs who betrayed me.
You owe me 75 guilders!
Are you cold?
For me it is very pleasant.
Here for violation
the rules of rationing.
Care to say where he got
these extra coupons?
they just appeared.
Like so ... appeared?
Were tucked under the door.
Other times I have been
market data.
By whom?
- A Mr. Smit.
- Mr. Jan Smit?
Can you tell me
about their activities?
My sister and I
we took classes on the Bible
until these classes
were banned.
And we worked
with exceptional children.
- How?
- Like what?
As they worked with?
We taught them about God.
What a waste!
If you want to convert,
certainly worth a normal person
delayed more than all the world.
In the eyes of God,
a child may be worth more than ...
The daughter of a watchmaker.
Maybe ...
but I know that He is always
watching over me.
You really believe that?
I believe that He is looking
for you too, Lieutenant.
Tell me, Miss. Ten Boom,
how can one believe in God
leaving an elderly man
die in prison?
And your body be buried
in a common grave?
My father?
It seems that he was taken ill
after 10 days.
He was taken to a hospital in The Hague,
but unfortunately ...
there were no beds.
He apparently
died in the hallway.
One type of administrative malfunction.
In these circumstances,
nobody complains when the body ...
is difficult to know where you are.
I know where my father is,
That's all,
Mlle. Ten Boom.
Do you have news from home.
Pope ...
Pope ...
It's my sister!
- Betsie!
- Corrie!
Oh my God!
You may not save
any personal belonging.
There are no exceptions.
Take off your clothes ...
I can not!
They are taking everything!
What He asked us,
It will help us do.
Want to die
because of a coat?
- I can not.
- There will be no exceptions.
- Where do they go?
- Bathrooms, please!
For showers,
use drains.
Please understand,
she is very ill.
- Name?
- Bridget Marie.
- Name?
- Priest, Frances.
Quick, take off your coat.
Will send us back here
after bathing.
Yes, yes you can.
Thank you!
I found my shoes!
How much does an underwear?
The loaves a week.
O Lord, You have given your word
and hid everywhere!
Now open a way for us
pass through the gates of hell.
You are in God's hands now.
- Name?
- From Greuther, Elisa.
- Rating?
- Politics.
- Name?
- Yedmuelle, Grace.
- Rating?
- Criminal.
- Next!
- Ten Boom, Elizabeth.
- Rating?
- Politics.
- Next!
- Ten Boom, Cornelia.
- Rating?
- Politics.
- Next!
- Berte, Liza.
- Rating?
- Politics.
Ten Boom, here!
Can you imagine
what Mom would say?
Ravensbruck ...
is not a holiday camp.
Call at 4:30 every morning.
7 days a week.
Tomorrow, distribution of tasks.
Those who can not work,
submit to the ward ...
and is better than
patients are the same!
You will receive
200 grams of bread ...
and a pint of soup per day.
A small observation
which their lives depend on ...
There is only one way
to freedom.
Raise it!
Raise it!
Are you Dutch?
I have relatives Dutch.
From her mother.
You are not the only
surprise to be here.
I figured it would work in
redistribution center ...
Supplies are very limited.
A listing needs is essential.
I know very well the hospitals,
I've been kind of a nurse.
That must be why
that you sent here.
I was a midwife.
I helped bring Jewish babies
the world.
Never touch anything here.
Soap, vitamins, analgesics ...
yeast, quinine.
I have the only key
this cabinet.
However ...
will realize that sometimes
forget to lock him up.
I hope you understand ...
... 66685.
Thank you, Lord!
He does not expect
thanks for this.
It's hot!
I am grateful for every moment
we have together.
We can at least sleep together.
There must be a plan, Corrie.
There'll be grateful for lice.
God makes no mistakes.
How are you doing in hospital?
True, it has to be with
more than 40 degrees to be admitted?
That's the rule.
There is a guard in the laundry
that sells underwear.
- In exchange for what?
- Rations of bread.
- Do not cut too!
- What you want, or hair lice?
Will learn
to love these creatures.
The guards will not come close
this nest of lice.
Door inside ...
We can do everything.
Even lice!
6-6-7-2-7 is not here!
Someone lost time.
The mad.
Ah, Corrie ...
We are in hell!
Why keep us here
so long?
To fall apart.
Betsie, look!
She was sure that nobody died,
we all go back home.
In those days the train,
the Lord seemed to have promised.
How did I misunderstand?
O dear Father, help me.
Do not let me hear my voice
and think that it's Your!
Oh, Jesus ...
Show me how to live in this place.
You also love Him?
Put it in the mattress.
Not now! It's yeast,
and not spread around.
I can not get to everyone ...
This method was to paint
of pure colors on the screen.
And the mix of colors was done ...
to paint dots of different colors
alongside one another.
Then, at a distance, the two colors ...
seemed blended in a new color.
Jesus Christ has enabled us ...
have direct access.
- There is a repetition at this point.
- In the second movement?
There is a slowing
the end of the third bar.
Ye soldiers of the cross
Raise her banner
You're wrong,
the slowing is after.
He must not suffer loss
Attention! Attention!
Find space.
German prostitutes ...
were examined at the hospital ...
So that the yellow badge?
It's a shame to the class.
It was caught
worker with a Slavic.
She is a child.
You stepped on my foot!
Do not push yourself too hard, countess.
That's all I can bear.
More than that
and I have to stop time.
I decide who to!
I decide who to!
No hate, Corrie ...
without hate.
- I want the hottest clothes.
- You owe me two days of bread!
I'll pay you next week.
You idiot!
Jesus knows what we felt.
He promised that when two or three
gathered in His name,
He would be there ...
even in Ravensbruck!
Before, in our lives,
would be separated from Him,
very distant.
But now the distance
separated us was eliminated.
And we can see the truth:
Jesus in each one of us.
Light in the darkness.
And we praise Io together.
Father ..
blesses the German people
with your huge
stock of love.
Forgive them, for the love of Jesus.
not take into consideration
this place to judge them
Forgive them ...
even before
know what to ask.
Two days of bread.
I will pay only one.
Two ... or else
not have the scarf!
- I give you one now and another tomorrow.
- I'll meet you.
We will now rub!
A train full of Polish
arrived last night.
- Vulture.
- Same to you.
- I have a shirt.
- Look ahead!
- It's wool.
- No!
- Two days of bread.
- My comb.
I picked up later.
None of the comb.
Scrub hard!
- Rub.
- Thanks.
The sky is so quiet.
Political prisoners do not talk
with people like us ...
We are all equal.
I grabbed a tray ...
the ward.
Continue, continue!
I thought it was clever.
You drew attention
for you in the queue.
Imbecile! Could not wait
before returning to the shed?
It's just so greedy?
German bitch!
I should leave
that kill.
His great ...
disgusting, worthless!
You may want to go alone,
no light, no water.
You'll never do
such idiocy!
Now I ...
I'll bandage his hand.
"Comfort the feebleminded,
support the weak,
and be patient with everyone.
Behold that nobody
repay evil for evil;
always make good
to each other.
Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing,
in everything give thanks;
because this is the will
of God in Christ Jesus. "
For fools
the words seem comforting.
This place is mockery!
God did not make this place ...
men did!
But he has power.
Certainly could stop Ios.
Unless, of course,
that is a sadist.
No! He is love, only love.
Then he is impotent.
It can not be both,
my dear!
You see what is
around them.
We see another world,
as real as this:
Our life with God.
Every day ...
it gets deeper and stronger.
You think the two can not exist
side by side, but we know they can!
We live them both!
Enough to know that we
a lot of manure,
going from nothing to nothing.
But you should know
your God
feel the stench
coming out of these chimneys
and refuses to do something!
If only ...
you know his love ...
I am Mary Wrochek ...
First violinist
Warsaw Symphony Orchestra.
Your God wanted it?
We have no answers.
I can only say that the same God
who is accusing
came and lived
here in our world.
He was beaten ...
was humiliated ...
and died on a cross.
He did it for love ...
for us.
And why do you think ...
that your loving God
sent it here?
To obey Io.
If you know it
not need to know why.
First squeeze oranges 4,
and put a dash of cream
and a cup of sugar.
I only use 3 / 4 cup of.
You must use the whole cup.
You then put the peels aside
grating, and beat the cream.
What kind of cook are you?
Forget the eggs.
Make your own recipe, then.
We need more sand.
Corrie ...
Corrie ...
do not ignore me ... please.
You know you can only
leave in the hands of Jesus.
Think not that I have prayed?
But I hate them.
All Nazi hate this place!
We can not be
more than we are.
Only Jesus can free us
of ourselves
what happens.
Sister ...
You can not protect me.
You should not try.
I can not shake it.
Get this ...
hate ...
of my life ...
Your love and put in place.
there are so many things
I do not understand.
Do not let me go crazy ...
followed by myself.
You know how I am.
Salvador ...
keep me in the center
Thy will.
How long?
Four months.
And you with it?
Daughter ...
You want to see me cry,
is not it?
To play a mother to me.
I just want to help.
What difference would it make?
Everything dies here.
Damn! That nasty whore!
We need vitamins
cIcio and all you get.
You're too naive.
In her two anois
hit him with a whip!
It's a baby, Katje,
a new life!
I'm not your nurse
Red Cross!
I'll never get enough
for you, she and Betsie too!
- What are you doing?
- Nothing! I was just ...
I asked what are you doing?
We have a pregnancy at 28.
A girl of 18. She is ...
I do not care!
All pregnant women are transferred
for the experimental ward.
Yeast, vitamin B
It will aid in digestion.
There have been a midwife.
Usergroup 5, 100 women,
present themselves for inspection.
Prisoner 146723
submit to the administration
for processing.
All this crap German
should be good for something.
German newspapers, thick
as head of the Germans!
There are rumors running! The Americans
are halfway to Reno.
Well ..
We will protect it from cold winds.
Katje, thanks!
You two are funny.
Well .. Tell us ...
We need to laugh!
They are always talking about love.
I bet none of the two
was a man.
We had boyfriends.
You loved the father of her baby?
I was hungry.
He was cool with me.
I feel so strange.
- I can not.
- Well, try it!
It seems wood.
I'm so weak!
Thankfully, God is strong.
Katje, Katje!
Betsie, try ...
please try.
Corrie knows,
will be released!
Before the new year.
We two.
We two?
The Lord ...
showed me ...
a dream.
You'll see!
- I will not die, Corrie.
- No.
Enough already.
Leave it there.
- Please.
- Let her!
All prisoners
present themselves in the courtyard.
- Please let me stay with her.
- Go for the call!
Block 41 ... dismissed.
Block 28 ... dismissed.
Block 33 ... dismissed.
Block 35 ... dismissed.
The prisoner is being
transferred to the hospital.
Prisoner 66730 requests permission
to accompany her sister.
What's the score?
Block 20: 4 dead.
Block 21: 3 dead.
- Block 22: 6 dead.
- You can go.
- Block 23: None.
- Must have more. Count again.
Thank Him, Corrie.
Thank the Lord ...
- For all He has done for us here.
- You will get better soon.
Together ...
you and me ...
Always together.
Can I sleep here?
Just this evening?
It's too cold.
So we have two blankets.
If God so loved the Betsie ...
Suffering does not mean that
God stopped loving us.
Sometimes ...
we have to accept things
we do not understand.
I love Betsie ...
and I love you!
This is his sister.
Corrie, you should look ...
otherwise never know.
She is beautiful.
We have to do many things
by others.
And we go everywhere.
We tell people ...
that no pit is so deep ...
He can not reach.
They believe in us ...
because we came here.
Betsie spoke about heaven
as already been there.
No one wanted to
she returned.
Read by Betsie.
Read all of us.
"For we know that
Our earthly bodies,
the ones we have now
which will die,
must be transformed
in our heavenly bodies,
which will not die ...
They will live forever.
Then the scripture will be fulfilled.
Where, O death, where is thy victory? "
Therefore, my beloved brothers ...
since future victory
is right,
stand firm
and unshakable.
Always give yourselves fully
the Lord's work,
because we know that, Sir,
our work will not be meaningless ...
what if
there was no resurrection.
And this is good news,
that Christ died for our sins,
according to the scriptures.
as the prophets had said.
For God so loved the world
that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him
not perish ...
but have eternal life
The following prisoners
must present
and await selection.
No, she can not walk!
Bring it on!
He died last night!
Corrie ...
What you said,
I want, I want it.
So ask.
I do not know what to ask.
He knows. Just ask!
God is with you!
Pope ...
Sleep well, Corrie ...
- Papa?
- Yes, Corrie?
How to die?
When you and I
go to Amsterdam
when do I hand him
the passage?
Shortly before entering the train.
So it is with death.
When the time comes,
our wise Heavenly Father will give you
all the strength you need.
Prisoner 66730,
Ten Boom, Cornelia.
Ten Boom, Cornelia.
Sentence served,
Dee 21 December 1944.
What is this?
The prisoner stated that treatment
received during his arrest
was adequate and humane
and that no accidents occurred,
disease or injury.
know, Corrie,
we will be released
before the new year.
We'll ... I know!
Casper ten Boom
He died in the Hague Municipal Hospital
on March 9, 1944.
He died in the Concentration Camp
Bergen Belsen. Date unknown.
He died of hepatitis contracted in prison.
December 12, 1945.
Betsie ten Boom
He died in Ravensbrck
on December 16, 1944.
Released from Ravensbrck
on December 28, 1944.
Years later it was learned
that my release ...
was due
of an administrative error.
what some might call
Shortly after being released ...
women of my age
were performed.
Yes ..
I'm Corrie Ten Boom ...
am 80 years now.
Some questions remain ...
but should not be feared.
Our Heavenly Father
has everything under His control,
even our questions.
As for me,
years after Ravensbruck,
the Lord sent me
more than 60 countries.
And I have said
to everyone who can hear:
"No pit is so deep ...
He can not reach. "
With Jesus ...
even at
the good remains ...
and the greater good
is yet to come!
I promised my sister
I would say that ...
and I tell you!