High Flying Bird (2019) Movie Script

Does the NBA have a system in place
for dealing with rookies?
Yeah, we have... It's called RTP,
Rookie Transition Program, so, um,
mine was the year after.
Anybody that was drafted in 2011
or lockout class,
you'd probably do it the year following,
but when you're drafted,
you're with your team for a while,
you have a good four- or five-day period
where they bring you together in New York
and go over
the ins and outs of the league
and things to expect, but, no,
I think they do a good job
in trying to present everything
that's gonna be there
but there's nothing like the experience
and living it is still...
Someone telling me what I'd go through
and living it was two different worlds.
I tried to prepare
to the best of my ability, but...
it's a monster that I don't think
anybody can prepare for.
- What you promise?
- Ray, I ain't promise shit.
You must've signed something.
You said he's calling, threatening.
- You must've promised something.
- I came to you.
Erick, I'm asking you about this.
When the first negotiation failed
with the league and Players Association,
I said, "Let me hold something
to float me by."
- I came to you first.
- I said it didn't look good.
How many agents
give players money?
There's precedence.
It's not protocol. Not during a lockout.
Last time this happened, folks went broke.
- Who tryin' to be broke?
- You still broke!
You ain't even in the league yet...
- Everything okay?
- Yeah. Check, please.
Uh, wait a second. Here you go.
So, what? Now you rushin' me off?
I am no longer having a good time.
Yeah, me and you both.
- He got yo' ass.
- Who?
You a owl now? You.
You just telling me this now,
jumping at me, Erick Scott,
when you got got.
That man ain't meet you by happenstance
at your homie's party six months ago.
He meant to rock up to whoever's
pre-season soiree was going down
and catch him a rookie.
And he caught the big fish, yeah.
- Come on, man.
- Oh, the number-one signer!
He got yo' ass.
Don't get me wrong. You helped.
Smilin'. What'd he say?
"Big fan. Saw all your games at LSU."
Couldn't wait for you to sign to New York,
wouldn't have to travel to you?
Gave a nerdy laugh,
made you think he was a cornball?
- Damn.
- Mm-hmm.
See, he heard about the trouble.
Meetings happening and no resolution.
Everybody expecting something to come down
to the wire, as always,
and the owners or players to fold,
but if they didn't...
"Wonder how people are gonna survive."
He scared you, describing how a lockout
doesn't affect the Stephs and Durants.
"They got that long money.
It'll take a minute
before it affect their daily life.
But those check-to-check fellas
just starting out, the rookies..."
- He said... He used the term "freshmen."
- Mm-hmm.
He saw you panic and offered you
some dumb interest loan from his bank.
You should have asked yourself then,
"What's his angle?
Why is he being so damn generous to me?"
Then you should have said,
"Hey, man, I'm doing all right.
My agent, who isn't being paid
during the lockout,
told me don't take a loan
unless I can pay for it."
At which point, I'd have said,
I being you in this case...
"That's stupid."
That's right, Erick. "That's stupid."
It wouldn't be a loan
if I could pay it back then.
- See that logic? Don't take loans.
- I needed money.
For the fuck what?!
You had money to move here.
You moved here. Your rent is paid.
Now I'm shouting.
- Look, Ray, I'm sorry...
- Hey, E, spare me your apologies, okay?
This isn't Sister Ray's Prep Academy
where you do something stupid,
I rap your knuckles,
tell you to say the rosary
and all is forgiven.
You just being you.
Here's what you thought
signing to the NBA would be.
Not a chance to show your talent,
not as a vehicle to a better world
or to change how the game is played
by pushing your limits,
your team's limits
into athletic glory. No.
You thought, "I can't wait to sign
that contract and stunt on these fools.
It'll be a big 'fuck you' to the naysayers
and the hateswayers.
Just wait till I swag out,
finally get Moms a new spot
and use Ray as the daddy I never met."
But signed or not, we are in a lockout.
Time for you to get
that daddy's dream dick out your mouth.
- Yo, pause, bro.
- Or after you made that stupid decision,
you could've told Joe Blow loan shark,
"Thanks, man.
Yeah, I got your money,
I spent it on some dumb shit.
I know it was a six-month,
very short-term loan
with very stupid, dumb-ass interest,
but I thought I'd be playing by now.
I'm not, so I don't got money
to pay you back.
Fuck you, have a nice life."
What's the worst he could do?
Give you bad credit?
- I already got...
- Rhetorical.
My point, Erick, is...
he can't do shit else.
He's gon' call non-stop,
maybe send a summons,
but you're stressing
like he can schedule a drive-by.
- You wrong.
- On what? Climate change?
I didn't come to the league
to say fuck you to nobody.
- I was made for the league.
- The league is a business.
- It's all business?
- Yes, Erick, business.
We are in business. Hey!
You want to get back on the court
and I want to get you there.
But right now, we have to wait, okay?
You can do that.
Or I don't know, man, practice.
Still got your pregame ritual down?
- No sex before a game.
- I'll assume you practicing.
You think these fools,
these rich white dudes
gon' let the sexiest sport
fall by the wayside?
I mean, football is fun,
but it don't sell sneakers.
You can't see the players half the time.
Baseball... is a whole lot of tradition,
but in order to move merch
and inspire rap lyrics,
they need your services.
Too much money at stake.
So, just chill the fuck out.
Wait on the Lord, Job.
Man, did they ever let you
go to class at LSU?
Yo, stop low-key stupiding me.
My apologies.
When I'm hungry, I get mean.
- This money?
- A bible.
Bible? We finna pray?
Not the Bible, a bible,
and don't open it now. Excuse me.
Ray, the card's denied.
We tried it a few times and called.
They said to cut it.
Here. I have cash.
Ray, look...
You right.
I got caught in a bad position,
I got taken advantage of, I know.
I just want the game. That's what I know.
That's what I want.
We'll get it for you, I promise. But...
you ruined my lunch.
Next one's on you.
When should I open this?
You'll know.
Need a ride?
Nah, I'm up the block. I'm good.
Hey, thanks, though, man.
For real, I mean it.
All I'm saying is
it's only of interest
because there are
no actual games to watch.
She can talk all day about how good
Jamero Umber is.
We've seen the tapes. Come on.
But, listen, he spent it on something.
I'm not the man's accountant.
Does his mama have a Tesla?
A what?
How am I supposed to know?
- You give him the bible?
- Just now.
- Mr. Starr is in his office.
- I hope the hell so.
He needs to explainwhy
my corporate cards are deactivated.
You need me to call you back?
Nah, that's Sam,
walking with me every step
towards my meeting that is not with Sam.
- Sam, I'm on the phone.
- I know. I tried to call you.
- I'm trying to...
- I appreciate it.
I like my news no-chaser, but thank you.
Spence, I'm trying to see
how far the kid is in over his head,
so that I can manage him.
- Ask him.
- Then he'd know I was trying.
He's about to be a 30 for 30 episode.
- Who?
- Erick Scott.
Hey, man, stop talking to me
while that woman is talking to you.
I called to find out
if any of the players you manage
are coming to the Back Court Day.
Let me call you back. I think
we're preparing for a nuclear strike.
We deporting people
or something, Samantha?
Oh, now you want to talk to me?
Why today?
"How may I help you?"
Ain't that what you're supposed to ask?
- You are my assistant, yeah?
- No.
No? What, you mad?
No, I work for Avery James now.
Avery James? In golfing tournaments?
Yes, and I could've told you
if you'd responded
to any of your phone calls or emails.
I know you're old school.
I sent you a fax.
Whoa, are you crying?
I am not any emotion
except for maybe urgent right now.
- Oh, urgent isn't an emotion.
- I'm aware.
Listen, I'm sure Starr has a good reason
for moving you.
It's temporary.
Starr don't know shit from Shine.
I taught you well, yeah?
Hey, maybe you'll be happier with Avery.
She answers faxes.
Why does it look like the interns
are preparing for a visit from Mar-a-Iago?
What the hell's going on?
What do you think
I've been trying to tell you?
I'm clearly trying to make
a shitty situation sound less shitty.
Uh, the point is, Ray,
we can only take on so much weight.
But you're not taking on any weight.
We aren't making any money,
anything for almost six months.
You aren't making the money
you're used to making.
Ads are still running. That's a trickle.
The larger agency has concerns.
Tell 'em not to.
Don't do this.
The division, this division,
nobody expected it in the past 15 years
to run the way it does.
Most of our clients are basketball.
Why would you want to rep hockey?
We built this machine
out of nowhere.
And it runs and it will run.
Repetition - do not do this.
Listen... when you started,
no one, not even you...
Okay. All right. You know what?
Please don't put me in the category
with everybody else.
Right, 'cause your blood is in the game.
You care about the game.
You think this is personal?
You think I'm here
because my feelings are hurt?
Do you like this?
Well, I hate this part of the job.
What part? Are you firing me?
No, but it's bad news.
Pump's off near six months,
the sand's drying up in the mirage.
It... I know, I messed that metaphor up,
but you know what I'm saying.
You've been in this all your life.
So, you have been calling me,
leaving messages,
to tell me that this is my life's work.
Why you got to be snippy?
You know, I came in today.
- First time in weeks!
- We are in a lockout.
I've been trying to stop... No, I have
stopped players from leaving this agency,
players who called me saying, "I don't
think I can be signed with you anymore,"
until I showed themthe money
management fund I furrowed away
from my 15 percent for a rainy.
- You did what?
- Why you think my list is so long?
Thought you didn't want to work for
the big shots, the Brons, the Kobes - RIP.
- Kobe is not dead.
- You wanted to work with guys
the level of your cousin before he...
Look, Ray, you cannot take
a cut of your commission.
It's my commission.
it's what the players are asking for -
a larger cut of the gross for that day
when the court ain't dry
and they lose an ankle
or they piss off a coach or...
The owners will cave.
- How much are they making...
- Not enough.
- So, you're on the side of the players?
- I rep players. Who else's side...
- You want this over, yes?
- Is that what you want?
That's what you want too,
just a quick "over"?
- It's coming.
- When?
My corporate card wasn't being honored
at places where our company is respected.
It'd be nice if you could fix that.
Well, I can't.
All expense accounts
for the division are frozen
until we see signs of life
from the owners and the PA
and that includes...
I am afraid, your salary.
I make salary here?
Freddy, box her! Box her out,
put your ass in her chest.
Let her get a rebound,
why play defense at all?
Okay, stop.
Take a break.
And by "break," I mean run your asses
around this court until I get tired.
Working 'em hard?
Somebody got to.
They ain't do it themselves.
Even if they were,
you'd still be cracking that whip.
"I love the Lord
and all His black people."
That's better.
You here to tell me
none of the players you represent
can come to the event?
- Nah, we gon' get some out here.
- Erick?
I can get Erick.
Good, I gotta make some money this year.
I'm trying to buy them some new jerseys.
Stop staring off into the distance.
What the hell's wrong with you?
Spence, when did you know it was time?
Oh... it's that bad, huh?
They aren't built for change.
None of 'em.
The owners, the Players Association...
The firm is just a siphon.
The smallest shift in the system,
everything gets fucked up.
Player gets hurt, his life is fucked.
Team owner says "Negroes," his life is...
Well, annoying, but more effectively,
his players get fucked.
City can't afford to house its home team,
Brooklyn gets fucked.
- Brooklyn gets fucked.
- I'm sitting,
looking Starr in his face, he's acting
like the life of that company
is gon' be worse off than some
of these players about to go back to...
- Ray...
- I'm just saying, man.
You care all the way
or you don't care at all, man.
Getting ready to preach?
They snatching 'em out the womb, like...
- You preachin'?
- Cats your boys' age,
they hungry to get them out there.
Ain't even really finished high school yet
but they won't explain 37% tax.
- They won't explain agency fees.
- Hmm.
there's a reason why
the NBA started integrating
as the Harlem Globetrotters exhibitions
started goin' international.
They wanted the control of a game
that we play, we played better.
They invented a game... on top of a game.
The question is...
what you gon' do?
You in or you out?
I'm not out.
I'm just outside.
But I'm about to pull up a chair.
Hey, man, you can't save 'em all, man.
Couldn't save Gavin.
Hey, man, I gotta go.
- Back Court Day.
- Yeah, I am, I'm coming.
I'm gonna bring you an event...
you won't forget.
That's a promise.
Gotta go talk to Myra first.
Did they come to an agreement?
Ain't nothing but a modern-day auction...
"I love the Lord...
and all His black peoples."
I think the biggest rookie mistake
that you can make
is being satisfied with making it.
You know, the satisfic... satisfaction
of making the NBA
is the night of the draft
when you get drafted,
the night after the draft or the dayafter
the draft I'll even give the rookies,
but there shouldn't be no satisfaction
when you get to work.
When you get to work,
you've already had the glory,
you've been patted on the back enough
about making it to the NBA.
It's time for work now.
Now you have to fight to keep your job
every single day,
and being satisfied with making it
and just running through the motions
is the biggest mistake
any rookies can make.
Hi, Myra!
- Yes?
- It's Sam.
Samantha. I'm Ray Burke's assistant.
Oh... Oh, yes! Didn't you just call me
to confirm the meeting with Ray?
Oh, yeah, same Sam.
Um... You think
I could get a ride with you?
He just... seems off.
When you say "off,"
are his eyes wide, like, open,
like a deer?
And his jaw is clenched as though
he's chewing on bad steak?
Wow, that's really specific, but yes.
That's not off.
That's in.
He's up to something.
Thanks for the heads-up.
- Wait. No, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying...
- No, it's too late now.
You done let it slip.
Don't worry, though.
Ray's "up to something" is usually good.
Like I said, he can see the business.
He's a few steps ahead.
When I first met Ray,
he was on a strategy.
I thought he was just trying
to curry favor
for his already then star-like cousin,
but he... the cousin had a secret.
Things like that were hard to hide,
even before social media blew up.
You know, no one knows this
and Ray, he'll deny it to this day,
but he kept trying to get Gavin
to get out ahead of it.
He kept telling him to use it,
you know, make it a part of the appeal,
a part of the whole package.
I mean, Gavin was one of the best.
And when you have
one of the best hiding something,
it either eats away at the game
or the person.
In this case, it was mostly the person.
Thank you, Myra,
for telling me all that you could.
Thank you for... trespassing.
I'm sorry.
But, you know, desperate times, right?
Hardly. Lady, you have a bright future.
Sure I didn't overstep
with that licensing suggestion?
- "Overstep"?
- Mm-hmm.
That's where we were headed
if this lockout hadn't happened.
- Come work for us. We could use...
- Ooh...
I don't like to be used.
She beat you to the punch, Ray-Ray?
You know, I hate when people not my mama
call me Ray-Ray.
Is there more in the bowl, My-My?
We'll see. You're buying the rounds,
you're late.
I'm just asking for confirmation.
You want this over. Everybody does.
- Do it for the kids.
- What kids? You don't even have kids.
To the future.
- You still want 'em?
- What?
Do you still want kids?
You all still trying?
- Look, Ray, don't...
- I'm just asking.
- You know we do.
- Hmm.
- We've tried.
- How's it going?
Oh, we running some tests.
Caroline was gonna have the baby, but...
now we're running some tests
to see if I can.
So, you gonna be needin' some time off.
- You are a shit.
- I'm just trying to figure...
My womb isn't blocking you, Ray.
I want this shit over too.
You just seem relaxed for a meeting
that doesn't seem to have good news
with a pool of,
what did you call 'em, horny sharks?
Maybe you need to go on leave early.
Maybe your head's not in the negotiation.
- Fuck you.
- So, like, Surrogate Ray? Uncle Ray?
The meeting is a formality.
- Nothing's changed, twat.
- So, why have it?
It's an up-or-down vote.
The owners aren't budging.
They like the 50/50 split on our revenue,
but the players don't
because they have to spread it out
amongst too many other players,
especially with the surge in income.
The meeting's just there as a formality,
just to say we met and tried
before the holiday weekend.
Even if I was trying to get pregnant,
it wouldn't happen before Tuesday.
So, my head is in the game, dick,
and the Players Association, which I rep,
has spoken
and they are not moving.
And the owners, well,
they don't even give a fuck.
Half of 'em won't even show.
- Hey...
- What?
You need some coffee.
There's a spot right on the corner.
Trying to enjoy that burn while you can?
Man, I was never that girl!
Even in high school, I had friends
who couldn't wait to be moms.
But not me.
- Shit, and now...
- She wants them more than you.
- And I want her more than the world.
- Mm.
That's beautiful.
- Sounds like honey whiskey.
- "Heavy with mood."
I know... What is that? I know that.
Ah, it's college lesbian music.
I knew you were one of us.
- Go home, Ray.
- Good, and...
- "And"? Ray, no...
- Advise everyone at the meeting
they shouldn't put off till tomorrow
what they can do today.
What are you even talking about?
- What are you up to?
- Doing my job, Myra.
I'd like to do my job.
It's a lockout, Ray.
Go home, hmm?
Tell 'em.
Just tell 'em.
I come from a family where we don't...
It's really three of us -
my mom, my sister, myself.
We don't really trust anybody.
For... Rightfully so,
we don't trust anybody.
We just stay within ourselves.
And it's worked, you know,
for my whole life.
And we met with...
I wanna get this right,
maybe three agencies,
you know, and the agency I'm with now,
CAA, was the first meeting,
the longest meeting. I make jokes
all the time, it was, like, five hours,
but, um, it just felt like I was at home,
you know.
That's been the consistent... constant...
consistent throughout my career,
you know,
Louisville felt like I was at home.
When I went to Brewster Academy
for high school, I felt at home,
like that home vibe
I can be comfortable with, you know?
- Hey, good to see you.
- You too.
I'm the last person you want to be
trapped in the elevator with.
I was giving you a hard time in there.
You can handle it.
I like that they send you
to represent the big boys.
You headed someplace nice
this long weekend?
We don't have to talk.
I'm headed to Australia.
Not a moment too soon.
You're planning a weekend trip
to Australia?
Well, I guess I don't have to spend
just the weekend anymore, do I?
You weren't planning to be here.
Our youngest is dating a reef specialist,
wants us to meet him.
I think it'll be nice.
- You believe in family, don't you, Myra?
- Tch.
You should go somewhere nice with yours.
I'm supposed to be here
in case negotiations...
You know,the Players Association
could sue your ass.
You weren't negotiating in good faith.
Neither were you.
- You don't seem surprised.
- I'm not.
- I got your address from the off...
- You're my assistant.
- Former.
- They wipe your memory or something?
I guess I'm just saying
you don't seem that upset.
I'm not.
I need you.
I'm glad you finally see that.
Okay, look, Sam...
you were a really great assistant, okay?
But please stop whining because
I didn't pay you special attention.
Now, I know there are people
who buytheir personal assistants gifts
and whatnot,
but it's really because
they hate their assistants.
But they need 'em so they buy 'em things.
I told you you were indispensable,
now you want me to say sorry - for what?
Not remembering your birthday
or your last name?
I mean, what is this? Date two?
Well, thank you.
For what?
Tch. Ah...
Don't thank me yet.
Come on, inside.
You know I chose you.
- "Chose me"?
- Mmhmm.
I graduated top of my class
and I came in entry level,
so that I could work with you.
I knew you were a hard-ass
and everybody else knew you already
had old-man tendencies at almost 40.
Hey, watch that "four word," lady.
Yeah, well...
you do it for the right reasons.
I know you'd never admit it,
but you lean into it and the work shows.
Yeah. Not lately.
Yeah, well, 'cause the problem is
we've run out of story.
What's the story here?
Remember that Paul Meghan thing?
When he was caught
publicly punishing his daughter
and everybody thought he was done?
But then you leaked that video
of him crying at his daughter's recital
and that changed everything
and that became the story?
We need to get at Erick Scott.
"Get at him"? You mean, like...
Wait, what? No!
What is wrong with you?
No. I'm talking about activate him.
Like... what story's gonna activate Erick?
We gotta get a game goin'.
Ladies and gentlemen,
our next station stop -
Philadelphia 30th Street Station.
If you're leaving us,
check you have all your belongings.
As you exit the train,
mind the gap between the train
and the station's platform.
Thank you for choosing our train.
Philadelphia 30th Street Station is next.
Have a pleasant afternoon.
You have a lovely home.
Not what you were expecting?
When you walked up.
You stopped, looked around.
Guess you thought we were
one of those stories.
Boy has hoop dream,
mother pushes him to succeed
so he can buy her a house.
Oh, no, I didn't.
I already have a house.
Don't need a house.
- A very lovely one.
- Mm-hmm.
Ms. Umber...
Uh... Emera...
"Mrs" is fine. You believe in God?
Um... Well, I was raised Baptist.
But from whom do you draw your strength?
You scared I'ma ask you to recite a verse?
- "Jesus wept."
- Oh...
Well, Mr. Burke, I believe in God.
And not the "He is everywhere"
Creator version in your mind.
The God who asks for obedience.
- Hey, hell is a place.
- Indeed!
And I intend my sons
to know heaven here,
in this world.
They have the opportunity
to do that right here.
They have the skill, the charm, the drive
to be the best in this world.
And they don't drink or smoke
or any of those other natural afflictions
- that can halt a man.
- Right.
And I think they should be
compensated for it.
Gospel of Prosperity! Amen!
But, again, it's not about me.
- I don't want their money. It's theirs.
- Oh, I hear you.
No, you don't.
If you did, you'd get up
and go on on from here.
Mrs. Umber, I want to speak with you
about an oppor...
About repping Jamero Umber.
Uh... Yes, but in a different way.
I already manage Jayvier.
He's in the NFL,
since we're in a lockout...
Oh, please! I see old white men
and young hoteps trying
to rise up off my baby, same play.
I'm the manager. Agent.
And you ought to be ashamed of yourself,
trying to cash in on somebody
during the lockout.
Erick Scott ain't working out
like you thought, is he?
you can't have a percent
of my baby's earnings.
I'm an old school accountant with Bell.
I know how to pay they taxes.
I want sweeping exclusive deals
that match their worth
and that can be jettisoned
if the brand becomes unfit.
I can negotiate that.
And if I can't, I have a lawyer that can
and he's paid by my
and my husband's trust.
So, Mr. Burke...
we do not need you.
I appreciate you coming to Philly
to see me, though.
Gives me a great idea ofwhat kind
of company the competition keeps.
Where you been?
- You smell like drink. I need a drink.
- Philly.
- Philly?
- Yep.
And I'll tell you why
when you turn on your TV
and tell me that you've accepted
Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
- What are you talkin' about?
- What happened with Seton?
David Seton is the Lord Voldemort
of owners.
- Lord...?
- The Dark Lord.
Harry... Walder Frey.
- GOT I know.
- I'm sitting in this meeting yesterday
when I should be home, comforting my wife.
- We're still in the lockout?
- Fuck you.
- I'm just making sure.
- Yes. Yes, we are.
And I thought we would be.
I thought I was just dealing
with hard-ass businessmen
who didn't want to give their players
proportionate pay.
Fuck, that's what unions and businessmen
have been fighting for since...
- Yes!
- I love the Lord and all His black people.
What are you even saying?
I'm listening.
- We're being played, Ray.
- Yeah.
The owners galvanizedby
that wet spot Seton from what I can tell.
They're holding onto this lockout
so they can renegotiate terms
with the networks.
- Those contracts expire.
- They expired last week.
- I know, I checked.
- Lawsuit?
For what?
I can't prove any of this shit.
I just know.
They'll probably settle with the networks
in a couple of weeks for bazillions
and then agree to some weak-ass form
of 0.5% increase
- every five years over 20 years and...
- So, it's a month.
- It's another month.
- In baby time, that's a lot.
- Don't start.
- A lot of guys not prepared
- for a full six-month strike.
- I know.
Players'll probably cave
before the network deal's done,
- the owners won't have to agree to shit.
- Fuck, I know.
We gotta stop 'em.
Why are you talking like that?
What are you looking at?
Turn it up.
Oh, man, this is getting crazy!
Jamero Umber and Erick Scott
seem to be going at it in public,
calling each other out on Twitter.
You never wanna make these things public,
but these guys have,
taking issue with each other's lifestyles
and doing it all
- in a hundred-odd characters.
- Oh, no, Ray!
- What have you done?
- Seems Jamero's having problems...
Sometimes everyone bumps heads.
It's just like anyone at work, you know.
You may bump heads with your co-worker
from time to time,
but for me, as a teammate,
I always remind each other,
you know, all of us,
that we're teammates, you know,
we're family. We're in this together.
I'm not here not only...
I'm not here just to be here for myself,
I'm here to help everyone.
You know, I'd rather have somebody
talk about me to my face
rather than talk about me to...
behind my back
or sub-tweet and I have to guess
what you're trying to say
rather than we just air it out
and we figure it out amongst the family
and, you know, we're happy to go do it
in front of everybody else
and find a way to keep moving
in the right direction.
You're never off the clock.
That's one thing that I know.
You're always on the clock.
You could be at home, anywhere.
With the technology now,
anybody needs to pick up with a soundbite
and put your name behind it,
even if it's not true,
you make headlines,
so that's the one thing I learned.
I don't know why that dude came
at me like that.
Why? Are you scared?
Hell, no! It's just... Just whatever.
It's just some of that stuff ain't right.
Come on.
I'm deadass. If I got some shit to say,
I'ma say it straight to a nig... a dude.
I'ma say it to a dude's face.
Don't need no tweets.
But everybody says that
then their shit goes viral,
then they're like,
"Oh, no, that wasn't me."
But it wasn't.
Okay. But is it true?
Are you better than him?
You're both signed with New York,
both wanna play, but...
Are you better than Jamero?
Look, put it like this.
There's street ball
and there's organized ball.
Me and this cat's supposed to be
on the same team.
If it weren't for the lockout,
we'd be in training together, but...
He plays organized ball.
I'm from the streets.
I know iso, one-on-one.
Take the clock off, till 21,
I'll light his ass up any day.
- "Light... his... ass... up..."
- Whoa, girl, what you doin'?
- Whoa! I'm grown as fuck.
- Okay, lady, why you send that?
Because you said it's true!
You wanted Ray to help you
make a statement that was true
- and didn't sound confrontational.
- Ray. You're not Ray.
You're right.
And I don't work for him either.
Wait, since when?
Yo, Jamero's talkin' mad shit about you!
No, his mom was.
Yeah, but you can't sayanything
about his mama, so...
Look, I was hacked earlier.
They was talkin' about how I was chillin'
and slackin' during the lockout
and they hope I be ready
if the game came back
'cause I'm just support for Jamero.
Like, tha fuck?
Yeah, you wrote that, too.
"Tha fuck?"
That's me, that's how I talk. That was me.
Okay, so you didn't say,
"Get that wet nurse off your timeline"?
No, see, that's not how I talk.
That's corny,
I don't even know what that mean.
So, did it make you mad that they were,
like, "You're just the backup"?
- Yeah.
- "You're a bench player"?
I was heated 'bout that.
Oh, so you did say,
"Jamero so drunk off that mama's milk,
now he lookin' for a spanking
from his daddy."
No, see, but I'm startin' to wish I did.
Why didn't you?
- You scared?
- No.
like I said, I make the rim shake and move
with my fury.
"Shake and move with the fury...
of my discontent."
See, that's good.
- It's cute.
- There go Ray right there.
- But we had no choice.
- "We"?
I mean, Sam ain't really...
It was all me.
I did it, you know?
Fuck homes and his fam.
That is your teammate, sir.
That will be your teammate.
You don't think the coach,
the team's management or David Seton
are gonna pay attention
to its star players bickering
before the game is even back on?
- If the game ever get back on.
- What did I just tell you?
Look, Ray, I'm sorry.
That act's getting a bit tired,
especially since
it's not bringing in any money.
- So you do worry about the money?
- You funny. You funny, man.
You got bad press
without stepping foot on the court,
but you got jokes.
And you...
He called to schedule an appointment.
Did you tell him
you're no longer my assistant?
Well, I was going to,
but when he told me why,
I figured you'd want
to have this discussion in person.
all you had to do was say, "No comment."
Emera Umber's just tweeting
from her son's account,
trying to get you hyped. Just say no.
- Yo, Ray, this you and Gavin Burke?
- Yeah.
Thank you, Ray.
Isn't this the envelope I gave you?
Why are you carrying it around?
- Thought it might be a good time to open...
- It's not. You'll know.
Okay. Yo, you used to rep buddy, right?
Yeah, he was his first client.
He brought him to SAV.
- Can we all just...
- I'm right, right?
He was your brother?
I never made that connection, fam.
Yo, buddy die, right?
Yes, Erick, he's dead. We good?
My bad.
Was it hard?
Man, what are you talking...
Let me check the temperature for you.
We have not heard from New York.
They haven't hit us up,
haven't said anything about the beef.
That's good, it gives us
a minute to recalibrate.
You did go down the rabbit hole
with Alice and the Dormouse,
but it's cool 'cause you back now.
So, let's put our heads together
and figure out how
we can get in front of this thing.
Who you calling?
It's time for you to go home.
It's a free country still, I think,
or at least there's an illusion of one.
That's your legal advice?
I'm headed home, Ray.
But yes. No, he's not scabbing
if he wants to shoot the ball around
with neighborhood kids
and take a couple questions
from the press about it.
Thank you, Myra.
Tell Caroline I said hello and...
I will.
Stop by the court if you get bored.
Thank you, but I won't get that bored.
You're welcome.
So, what you 'bout to do?
- Nothing.
- Wanna hang out?
- It's not.
- Yes, it is.
- You wouldn't know.
- I'd know.
Well, I think the first thing
is just being more efficient.
You know, it kinda goes back to being
that rookie that's all over the place.
There are moments where I felt
I was out of control,
shooting shots that are, like,
"What are you doing?"
But you're just out of control.
It's my first year
so I'm learning and making mistakes.
It's not as easy as it sounds.
You're not just given a boatload of money,
like the old-school cartoons.
You're not given a roomful of gold coins
and you get to dive off a diving board
and swim in it.
That's one thing I'll say -
90% mental.
Once you get to this level,
everybody has the talent.
It's really about unlocking your mental,
unlocking your confidence,
um, learning how to deal with your vices.
- You got it, girl. Come on.
- Keep going, guys.
She's open!
Come on,
you gotta find your light-skin light.
- Wait, what?
- Your light-skin light.
You move around
until the light's in your eyes
and you gotta squint because it's windy -
that's how you know
you got your light-skin light.
And don't worry,
all the filters work on light-skin light.
And then all you've got to do is,
you know, act light-skin.
And how's that?
Like LL. Lick your lips.
- Quincy Brown pucker?
- What?
- Kardashian scowl.
- Chris Brown smirk.
What's dark-skin light?
Eggplant Fridays!
- Come on, man!
- Get it together!
Darius. Freddy. Focus.
- Pay attention.
- We was just...
You don't own this court, Mr. Spence.
From the start of practice,
till y'all little Twitter asses go home,
I own you, son.
Wait, was that...
A slavery reference?
Where are you?
I don't work for you anymore.
I know that. Why do you keep...
Look, is Erick with you or not?
Yes, he's right here.
Do you want to speak with him?
I'd like for y'all to be here.
I told Spence
you'd be here 30 minutes ago.
Okay, yeah, I know, but we had, like,
a wardrobe malfunction.
Please just get here.
All right, okay. Bye!
Jesus Christ!
So, who's gonna tell him?
I don't kiss and tell.
I'm deadass. This our business, right?
Ray don't need to know
what happened between us.
Okay, I guess you're right.
No reason to talk about it
if it's not gonna happen again, right?
Wait, what?
Every year, we have this day
to celebrate or at least commemorate
those who balled before.
We bring our young players out and talk
to them about the game and how it started.
The reason there is a pro league is
because we had a league of our own before
that was good for us and our community.
We gave that up for...
more money.
So, like, today,
like you are doing,
my players don't usually listen to me.
But usually,
players from the major teams
come out to talk to our players
and sign autographs,
but since the lockout, I guess...
I'm guessing
that they're at home or in Florida,
where they claim properties for...
tax breaks.
with us today,
to celebrate the street ball
that made him,
is the number-one draft pick,
Mr. Erick Scott.
But before we hear from Erick,
I would like to call up...
his agent and friend,
Mr. Ray Burke.
Ray, come on up.
Come on, Ray.
Come on, Ray.
You got this, brother.
You got it.
How y'all doing?
I said, how y'all doing?
- Good.
- All right.
Well, um...
Listen, y'all might notice that things
are a little different this year.
No cameras out here,
just a few journalists from the papers.
And since we got a little time...
and Spence asked me to say something
to the youth, I guess I'll speak on it.
Is that all right?
- Yeah.
- Is that all right?
- Yeah!
- All right.
You know, I'm not from where y'all from.
This neighborhood's where most of y'all
come from, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, it didn't look like this
when I was your age.
It looked more like the town
that my people are from, my cousin..
Is from.
You know, I used to, uh...
used to visit him every year
in Jacksonville.
And we would, you know,
do what cousins do -
play each other, dare each other
to get better every summer.
Now, I kept my part of the bargain.
He did too. See, his daddy helped him,
even though he never met him.
My cousin had a growth spurt one summer.
Yeah, man.
I went back down there
the summer before high school and...
Gavin had done shot up to six-six!
A mango season, they called it.
"All you need is a mango season
and everything'll change."
And it did.
Everybody was coming down there
to see him play.
Now, I guess this is the part where y'all
expecting me to say I was jealous.
Oh, I was.
But not of him.
I couldn't be jealous of that fool.
Nah, I was jealous of the cats
that got to play him.
Gavin loved...
loved this game.
He was thankful to God for his height
and his talent and...
and then he lost all that.
He lost that love
and then he left the game.
He lost his life.
Y'all don't lose that love.
Even if yo'...
Even if yo' mango season ain't come,
won't come, passed,
hold onto that love.
It'll get you through.
But I want to introduce you all
to somebody
who hasn't lost that love and never will.
And even though
there's a bunch of talk going around
about status on teams
and whatnot, fu... Um...
Forget all that.
Ain't no teams right now.
So, put your hands together and give it up
for your Back Court king, Mr. Erick Scott!
All right!
So, your last year at LSU, did you know?
You never know.
- He knew.
- He knew.
Yo, the girls in New Orleans sexy?
LSU in Baton Rouge.
They sexy?
Yeah, girls in college sexy,
especially when Southern
right down the street.
HBC proximity - nice!
- Thanks. Appreciate it.
- Yeah, dawg.
Excuse me.
Yo, that's Jamero Umber.
- Oh, snap! Come on.
- Let's go check.
- Hey, what's up, man? How you doing?
- How you?
- Fine, thanks, man.
- How are you?
What's up?
Yo, get his autograph.
- Whoa!
- Wow!
I didn't know he'd be coming!
What's up, fam? Ma'am.
What y'all doing over here?
We came to support the young players.
This is a New York tradition every year.
All the top players come out to Spence's
for Back Court Day, right?
This year should be no different.
This ain't every year
and your court in Philly.
No. This my court now.
Watch how you talk to Mother.
You call your moms "Mother"?
- Yeah.
- You a weirdo, bro.
Got a problem with that?
You had all that slick shit
to say on Twitter, fam.
Talk that slick shit now.
I was hacked.
You are a hack.
We'll see on the court.
You on the court now, young bull.
That's cute!
I mean a real game, though.
Mm... You're the one who said,
"Take the clock off."
One-on-one, you'd smoke somebody!
Well, here we are.
Come on. Protect this house!
I mean... Look, I...
I just had sex.
Excuse you?
Not with you...
Not with Moms... your mother...
- I just told you, watch your mouth.
- Ray, get your boy.
- Watch it, mofo. Who you talking to?
- Be cool.
- I'm talking to you.
- What's up?
- What's up?
- Erick, just walk away, man.
Walk away, boy.
Yeah, keep laughing.
- What you gon' do, bro?
- Come on, man.
Come on, E. Scott. Come on, man.
Nah. Give him the rock.
You don't wanna do that.
Good girl.
That's a good girl.
- Your drink.
- Thank you.
Who's ready to fly?
Are we ready to fly? Oh, yes!
Who's ready to fly?
Are you ready to fly, baby girl?
No one knows how the game started.
You're seeing Erick Scott and Jamero Umber
at a charity event in New York City.
Tensions were already high
after going back and forth with each other
on social media.
The only reason we know about this game
is because
some kids that were there recorded it
and posted it online. Take a look.
We don't know
who actually won this game,
but there's a lot of people calling
wanting to see this video.
This is the match-up
everyone's been dying to see.
Only if you planned it.
Did you plan it?
Spence has had that event
every year since I was 19
so... Spence planned it.
Don't put that on me.
I called the team rosters
and nobody got back to me... but Ray.
- Who invited the Umbers?
- Well, who...
You're not supposed to be here.
I don't represent you yet.
I'm not supposed to see him.
I just want to know
what we might be up against legally.
- Well, to be fair, I'm not sure.
- I mean, it was a charity event.
You and Jamero, you're private citizens
that were asked to come to that event.
There were no officials there.
There weren't even any rules,
or you woulda lost.
Oh, man.
How come we don't know who won?
Ray stopped the game.
- Wait, why?
- They don't need bad blood.
This lockout will end eventually
and they gotta be on the same team
so, right when they were tied...
He held the ball like a spoiled schoolboy.
- Or a smart salesman.
- Hey, what you mad about?
We had a bigger crowd,
we coulda sold more raffle tickets.
Uh-uh. No, you couldn't have.
That's what I've been telling you.
If you knew they were coming
and you knew they might play,
Erick has an NBA contract. He's signed.
The contract was already in play.
You know that message they play
at the beginning
of every basketball game on TV?
"Any use of this telecast
or any pictures, descriptions
or accounts of the game
without the express consent..."
Exactly. That could have been considered
an NBA event
if you got NBA players there
and they were recording.
That's what I mean
about owning their own image.
We're at the height
of the information era.
- It's true.
- I mean, his likeness is everywhere.
And the team gets to decide
whether or not he can post a selfie
- or whether it's unflattering?
- Wait.
I can go to jail?
Technically, you're... on neutral ground.
I'm what?
Well... Look,
in New Orleans, we say the neutral ground
is the place where black slaves
and white folks...
Neutral ground is the median
where black vendors could sell to...
Why are y'all acting like this?
You just spoke about slavery
in front of Spence.
Yeah, and?
I have a rule on my court.
This is my office.
I'm here.
My court.
Anybody who refers to the institution
of slavery in front of me,
particularly in reference to basketball
or its players,
must say the words
or they are banished forever.
You've got to be joking.
You should probably just say it.
- It's mad short too.
- What?
I mean, you referred to a black person
as a commodity
or a vendor during slave times...
I'm not gonna parse on it
because the metaphor wasn't really...
It's Sunday, I have a fucking hangover.
What are the goddamn words?
"I love the Lord
and all His black people."
I'd love for you all
to get the fuck out of my office.
- Yes!
- We got this taped!
That remind you of you?
Hey, I was never this cool.
Even at my video-game zenith,
my tech savvy paled in comparison.
Well, you still know how
to employ those who can.
You primed him up. He played the game.
Yeah, well, he's not really talking to me.
You bent his heart.
You didn't have to do that.
- I didn't ask you to.
- I wanted to.
Umber was about to assassinate him.
I've never seen E so shaken.
I guess that's why
he doesn't sex before games.
Yeah, well, nobody does right before.
Except maybe Wilt.
What did you start as for your cousin?
- He was your first client, right?
- Yeah. Publicity.
- You ran his marketing?
- Mm-hmm.
First, there wasn't much to handle.
Moved into representation a little later.
Did you tell him
to hide the fact he was gay?
Do you regret that?
I regret many things, Sam.
Protecting my cousin's not one of 'em.
You think, uh...
think he'll be too hurt?
- Who?
- Erick.
It's hard to tell.
He could rise to the occasion.
We good?
Just remember:
keep your head straight, tone light.
"It was all justfun.
I wasn't tryin' to start nothin'."
I got you.
Thank you all for coming
on a weekend at short notice.
We just, uh...
Well, I wanted my client
to have a chance to...
Listen, his intentions were and are good.
Both he and Jamero Umber were there
as guests of the Back Court charity event.
They were set up...
They were set up by me.
What you all saw
on your smartphones and tablets...
was raw.
It was palpable and it was real.
It was the beginning of change,
change of this game that's been played
behind the game.
What you saw yesterday...
was just a glimmer,
a lightning flash of what could be
the beginning of a whole new industry.
Any questions?
Is Erick going to the NBA or not?
We'll have to wait and see.
You said,
"Don't worry about the money."
- Change of plans.
- What are you doin', man?
This is my career! I always dreamed
of playin' in the league.
Is that what you dreamt of
when you were on the court with Spence?
'Cause he said he was always having
to dig you out of some girl's room
- or away from some hangout.
- I was a kid, fam!
That's what kids in New York do
during summer camps.
Girls in the Heights like you more
if they know you gon' be gone in the fall.
Look, all I'm sayin' is
I was serious about the game then
- and I'm serious about the game now.
- Hey, E!
This didn't mess upyour chances
with the team.
Your contract is only pending
because of the lockout.
As soon as the owners
and the PA come to an agreement,
your check will move from escrow
to your account.
Not if they think
I'm tryin' to pimp pickup games!
Come on, E!
Did you just hear me, man?
Huh? You are not currently
legally bound to them.
You are in the sweet spot.
You have a chance, sir, to do
what has never been done before.
We are disruptors - you, me and Umber.
So, you just want to rep him, too?
Why do you think so small?
Man, you didn't feel it
when yousnatched that ball
out of Jamero's hand,
when he thought he had you crossed up
and you picked his pockets?
You didn't feel it?
Man, the whole world stopped.
Those two kids watching
haven't stopped dancing
and selfieing since.
- You didn't see it?
- No, man.
Man, when a million faces
that would normally record the game
and fast-forward to the good parts,
when they had to hear about it
at the water cooler,
man, I knew right then
that we had they ass!
We had something
that they can't bottle up.
What would you pay
to be at an event so exclusive
that you could only catch glimmers of it
on Snapchat and YouTube?
Facebook called and said
they'd pay you and Umber
for streaming rights to your one-on-one.
- How much?
- It don't matter. I told 'em no.
Fuck you do that for?
'Cause Netflix wants a sit-down tomorrow.
Only thing they don't have
is live streaming,
but we could lead their market.
The money would go direct to you two -
no Players Association, no league.
Just ten percent for you,
then taxes, right?
It ain't about the money, man.
We talking about money 'cause that
makes them listen and pay attention,
but this makes you the decider, brother.
The game that they made
over the game is over.
It's your game now if you want it.
Come on, South Side,
we don't need the league, man!
We don't need the Players Association.
Let them battle that shit out
over network rights
and splits for the next few months
while you, me and a few others,
we wreck shop!
Paid event by event, like...
But without the brain damage.
Umber, he in?
What you think?
Now, I brought you to church,
so you know I wasn't speaking no lies.
I can't beguile you
in the house of the Lord.
So, you're saying it's the gospel truth?
Listen, I saw them do it with Jayvier
when he signed with the Jets.
The NFL was talking about how he was young
and this and that.
Oh, they had all this talk.
But I'm a mother.
God blessed me with two kids.
And what's the Bible teach us?
Sow your seed that you may have a legacy.
So, I was hard on 'em.
I was their mother and their father.
And you see how well Jay is doing
in the NFL.
That's what I want for Jamero in the NBA.
So, he can take his rightful place
on the throne.
Do you have anything you want to say
to the league, the PA about the lockout?
Oh, it's been said.
Uh-huh. That's all they do is talk.
They need to get out the way with
all the talkin' and let the future in.
- I would say...
- You don't know what you doin'?
I do.
Love it?
Man, it feels so good.
I know that feeling, you know.
I know.
It's like it's funny because...
You know, it's catchy, but not contagious.
You know, it's like, you know,
you see what nobody else can see,
but they all askin' for it,
they all want it.
When you all had the league,
what happened?
Well, man...
No... Well...
We made decisions
based on what we needed.
And the players wanted
to play more like they done on the courts,
so we allowed it, man.
Man, you... Man, you could jump,
you could slam on a cat
if he got in your way, man.
The whole game grew based on our hunger,
our hunger for it.
Whoa. But you couldn't pay for it?
Not enough.
For a second,
man, I could see a whole infrastructure
that put the control back in the hands
of those behind the ball,
instead of those up in the sky box.
- Nah, it can't sustain, man.
- It never had to.
Don't hit me with that Ivy League talk...
- Spence, man, Rutgers ain't no Ivy League.
- Black Ivy, man.
Why set it up
if it's not gonna last forever?
Why make a man if only to watch him die?
Playin' God now.
Nah, man.
I just wanted to snatch the game
out they hands for a minute.
I don't need it.
I just wanted to hold it,
just for a second.
So, they know... like I know.
How do you show a man his humanity?
You remind him of his mortality.
What's up?
Are you okay?
Tch... I don't know.
Erick's not Gavin.
I know.
- He's not Ray, either.
- You think he's listening to me?
You said you talked to him.
He reading his bible?
He's no visionary, man,
no revolutionary.
He's a player, exactly the type of player
who needs to be in the league.
You hire him to show up, play hard,
get upset about the world
and take it out on the game
- and he is one of the best.
- Yes, he is.
But he ain't a game-changer.
He's just happy to be playin' the game.
Well, you never know.
Are you mad at him?
Not at all.
He just barged in
and said you'd want to see him.
He parked himself in your office.
I didn't know what to do.
Just hold whoever called
or whoever comes by
until I can catch my breath
and catch up with the rest of the world.
Good morning, Myra!
Sorry to bother you first thing.
I thought you were in New Zealand.
Australia had to wait.
Something urgent's come up.
- It did?
- Oh, yes.
I thought you'd be happy.
I started reading this agreement
and I think I can talk the others
into a resolution.
These guys, these men are giving us
their top-earning years.
It's the least we can do.
How generous.
Well, I'm approaching retirement myself
No, no...
How generous do you think
you can talk the others into being?
Ah. Well, not far from what you're asking.
Hey there, fella.
You think you could move over a bit?
How are you doing, David?
I'm all right, Ray. And you?
Well, I've been stressed.
But you know that.
I mean, you don't know about it,
but you know.
Oh, that's not fair. I stress.
This spot does help.
I'm trying to enjoy it
while I can still afford it.
If you're trying to tug on pity,
that's not your style.
You're not some newbie.
I know you're stored for the winter.
Mayhaps, but the well's a little low
and I've got a farm to feed.
Well, you grew up in the city.
Metaphor and that.
I forget, did Gavin grow up in the city?
Family's from Duval.
Duval. Oh...
Your country cousin, huh?
His people and your people
still down there?
My aunt still lives there, yeah,
but, again, you know that.
Still gotta spend a little something
to keep her coming to court?
You know what?
- I'll let you have it.
- No, I got meetings to attend.
I just came in to clear my sinuses.
Guessing that's all the comfort relief
I'll get today.
Gonna go see Myra?
Nope, I already saw her.
That's done for today.
I'm gonna see if our friends over at ABC
and NBC want to talk now or later.
It's a long weekendso, they'll probably
be more interested in "later."
Yeah, that's fine.
Why don't you just give the boys club
what they're asking for?
"Boys." Ah...
You know better
than to call them that, Ray.
They are men.
Knew what they were getting into
when they signed.
And now they want to be surewhat
they're getting after the signatures fade.
Isn't that what they have you for?
Look, their payout is more, yes,
but they have agents, managers, lawyers
and most are still being taxed
as individuals. They...
They are fine. It's fair.
They get half, we get half.
Hell, we still gotta pay the organization.
Why should they get more?
Well, there's more of them... every year.
More mouths to feed.
You ever been in a relationship?
I mean, a real, beautiful relationship?
Sometimes, you gotta let it stall
- before you recognize what you got.
- Before it's gone.
Well, David...
where I'm from,Mr. Steal Your Girl
is more than just a song.
He's younger, he's faster...
and he doesn't have to show up
in courtside seats to make an impression.
You're not thinking of breaking up
our happy marriage, are you?
Excuse me.
Why am I not surprised?
Sorry to ambush you, Doug.
This agent, Ray Burke,
you know what he's doing?
Well, you've met him.
- He's smart.
- How smart?
You saw the charity video.
- Me and 24 million other people.
- Yeah, I don't think that's a real number.
I had Connie check it.
While I was watching, I got a pop-up ad
for a "Lockout street ball" event
in Vegas tonight,
which I found intriguing
for a variety of reasons.
Well, we've um...
We canceled that.
The game?
The ad.
We argued that the word "lockout"
is tacitly implying an NBA relationship.
- I'm pretty sure it's pulled.
- Well, why wouldn't they?
They'd already sold out
the fucking building.
StubHub's got a courtside single
for 1,400.
Tell me we don't have players
in Vegas tonight.
Well, we're waiting on a list.
And, no, I don't think
Ray Burke put this together.
That would be the bad news, David.
That would mean this thing's out there
breathing on its own.
Full disclosure,
there is a game in Miami tomorrow.
You mean
the "Bring Your Ring Three-On-Three"?
You know what I hate about this?
It's exactly what I'd do.
I think you can do better.
Well, why?
Because I know
some very valuable player's
having a conversation
with the competitors.
Oh, you mean the meeting
that Ray Burke is supposed to be having
with Hulu or somebody?
Yeah. No, that didn't happen.
We renegotiated with our networks
this morning.
Like I told you, My...
I had a real "come to Jesus" moment
about this whole thing.
I walked down there
and we figured out the contract,
numbers to be decided in good faith,
and I told them I was coming to see you
to put things to rights.
- Told who?
- The team. NY.
You know you're not supposed to
talk to them without...
No, I didn't talk.
I mean, I sent an email.
I mean, I may be old school,
but I know how to hit "send."
Yeah, I sent an email
at 9 a.m. this morning
stating that I would do everything
in my power to undo this lockout today.
Check your messages.
I CC'd you as players' rep.
Like I told you, I believe in family.
This team's my family.
I need us to be one big family again.
Have a seat.
I think the biggest thing
you have to also remember is you got
to make sure you reevaluate your circle,
you know? You gotta reevaluate...
"All right, does this person
need to be here for the ride?
Or have they been riding my coattails?
Have they been real to me?"
You know, it's always good
to sit back sometimes
and reevaluate, "Are the people around you
there for you
or are they there for you
after June 25th?"
That was my draft day.
So, if they're there for you
no matter what happens,
there's good friends,
but you must understand
sometimes even the people
who are there for you
may not be the people
you need to have around.
They may not be the best people to have
around you for your image
or for the journey
you're gonna be a part of.
Morning, Sam.
Need to talk?
I wanted to prime you.
I told you,
I like my news straight from the source.
Well, um...
Erick's gonna fire you.
It's a conclusion he came to
after we talked.
Or he thinks he's gonna fire you.
He's really just moving laterally
in the company.
It's his decision?
- All him.
- No coaching?
He's been coached his whole life.
It's actually good to see him choose
how he's gonna be represented.
- Hmm.
- Mm.
What, um...
What about you?
What about me?
You firing me too?
I don't work for you anymore!
Are you... "moving laterally"?
No, I'm just...
moving towards the goal.
Feel like it's a good move?
All moves towards a goal are good.
Starr know that?
Starr don't know shit from Shine.
- Well played.
- Mmhmm.
And when's Myra stepping down?
In, like, a year, after the baby's born.
Good. Gives you enough time
to learn the lay of the land.
Yeah, gives me enough time to learn it
and enough time to run it.
I don't like working for anyone.
- You'll be working for every player...
- Yeah, for now.
Well, you need help moving out of SAV?
Are you gonna take pity on Erick?
Think I should?
I like him better
when he stands up for himself.
He's good on defense.
Pray for me?
Go forth and...
sin no more.
You lied to me.
You said this was about the money.
Yo, Sam told me you ain't even talked
to the people today.
She said they called this morning and
confirmed you canceled. What happened?
Oh, you all outta stuff to say?
You used to talk shit about how
we gon' change the game and whatnot.
What happened, bro?
I'ma tell you what happened.
You realized there weren't a big enough
chunk for you without the league in it.
Without the league, there wasn't enough
for you to suck off of.
You weren't looking out for me.
Talking about all this money we gon' make,
but the whole time, you knew.
You knew the league
would've blackballed me.
You almost ruined that, Ray,
and you don't care?
Ain't "first do no harm" in the contract?
That's the Hippocratic oath.
I'm not a doctor.
Yeah, you fired, though.
I said you fired, man!
I heard you.
So, what you gon' do? Sam told me
you ain't even in talks with the Umbers.
Said Jamero wasn't ever down
with the one-on-one game style.
What you gon' do?
What I was born to do.
What I came to do.
Good luck, Erick.
Good luck.
Don't let 'em fool you
all your life, fella.
You were born for way more than this.
Don't let 'em fool you.
I tell you this.
Thank God everyone at the event
was thinking about the team.
So, you were loyal to New York,
even in the lockout?
Oh, I think this lockout is
on its last leg.
I really do.
For me, the beginnin' of the year
was my mental was all over the place,
worryin' about the Rookie of the Year
award and all this outer stuff
and I struggled.
You know, I've never worried about,
you know, these awards,
that's never been my mentality.
I come in here and I'm like,
"Who's gonna win it?
Who's doing this? Who's doing what?"
And, you know, I think I scored
a combined 22 points in ten games,
you know, like,
and, like, 20 turnovers
so I wasn't really contributing much.
So, I think I took a step back, you know.
I had the screensaver of
the Rookie of the Year votes on my phone,
that was my screensaver.
Switched that, took it all off and, like,
just went back to who I was.
You know,Steph Curry out there
playing completely free.
He looks like he's living
in his own world. You see Russ...
At the same time,
Russell Westbrook, those guys...
You can go down the line of guys who
look like they're playing the most free
and the guys actually enjoying
just playing basketball
are the guys having the most success.
You've got to find fun.
I think when you lose fun for the game
and the passion,
that's when everything goes downhill
or you just... quit.
You know, I think the biggest thing
about the game of basketball
that I love so much
and no matter what happens...
It's not even basketball,justanything
in life. I love the competition.
The better the competition,
the more fun it becomes.
I'm just trying to make
an awkward situation not sound so bad.
How bad is it?
- Ray, your assistant had...
- Former assistant.
Former assistant had to save
this company's relationship
with one of the best players
to enter the league.
Sam told me she advised Erick
to find someone else at SAV.
Well, as an assistant
at the Players Association,
I'd say that's good counsel.
You didn't know that's where she's going?
So, we lost an assistant agent
all because you were being reckless?
Mm... One vantage.
The way I hear it,
Erick almost lost his contract with NY,
therefore you almost lost him
for us as a client.
- Never.
- And then you're meeting with Netflix
without anyone from Legal weighing in,
without even running it by another agent.
We never met. I just set up a meeting.
Those are okay, yes?
- For what?
- So that people would know about it.
You're being snide.
- If I were in your position, I'd...
- You're not.
You might not be, either,
if upstairs got wind of this.
- What were you thinking?
- You told me to do something.
Not fuck up our cash cow!
Erick Scott is still here
and once the lockout finally ends,
he can play.
Ah. Well, thank God, at least that's over.
What, you didn't hear?
- The lockout's basically done.
- Hmm.
Myra and the owners sat down this morning.
I think that's a record.
Only took me... 72 hours.
You see it, right?
All that... You did all that?
All the players that were signed before
are still signed now.
And the well in the mirage,
as you put it, is back on.
Well, that's...
Erick Scott was never in any danger.
And Sam... she's in a better place.
She was not long for this world.
But 72 hours to somehow
get both sides to sit down
- and agree to put the game back on...
- Yeah.
Well, yeah. It's...
...I mean, you did it, Ray.
Yeah, I did.
You want to go upstairs and tell 'em?
You want me to?
What you think they might say?
Anything happened outside of the lines,
I was just following orders,
just doing my job.
No, you've done well.
You kept your head down
and your nose clean.
But now you gotta get up.
You're sitting in my seat.
Your 10:30's here.
Excuse me.
Dr. Edwards.
- Thank you for having me.
- Thank you for coming, sir.
- Thank you.
- Have a seat.
What's that?
You need to read this.