High Life (2018) Movie Script

It's okay? You are very calm.
I'm here, honey.
What are you doing, Willow?
What are you doing, Willow?
One two Three.
There you go.
A little pee.
Like that.
Certain le.
Everything is fine.
Who is it?
Do not drink your piss, Willow.
Never eat your shit.
Even if it is recycled.
Even if it does not look like
to piss in shit.
Not at all.
It's called a taboo.
Ta ...
Bo ...
You weigh me, my little heart.
Anyway, for me.
But not for you ...
Not for you.
My little girl.
If my friend saw me ...
"Break the laws of nature ..."
and thou will pay the price,
"Little fucker."
Wait for me!
Come on!
Wait for me!
Where do you hide?
In the speckled shade
The depths of the shaft
Spiders and centipedes
Crawl on your hands
Climb on your lap
The dog is hungry.
Number 149, report.
I removed the defective portion of the external magnetic panel.
I replaced with another that I made.
To save power, I will relieve myself of everything superfluous.
I am aware of the consequences.
The baby is healthy, and me too.
My blood work is normal, my view is stable.
And even if you do not read me before a century,
fuck you. Completed.
Report saved. Valid.
prolonged survival system 24 hours. End of procedure.
You are light, Mink!
Barely there.
disabled cryogenic cells.
Stop, stop.
So many tears in a small body!
Stop, I beg you, stop.
Please, you're gonna kill me.
You're gonna kill me, please!
I fear, Willow.
I could drown like a kitten.
It would have been easy.
First you, then me.
These whores images of the Earth.
How they can still arriverjusqu'ici?
After all this time.
Looks ...
pursuing us.
As parasites.
I hold on.
I stuck it out.
I never wavered.
I'll hold on.
She's mine.
I'm at it.
Since we left the solar system,
it's radio silence.
Apart from these wandering images.
Maybe even programmed
to keep us on a leash.
We believe in a possible return.
It was invented rituals.
The first hygiene.
Kali Yuga is the last age of man.
You know that there is always behind my leopard?
Professor, I am surprised that you accepted
come in such a cold country for a conference.
Why did you leave your hills of Assam
and responded?
Out of curiosity.
You had a more serious motivation, is not it?
Yes indeed.
It engages in radical experiments in space.
We select on death row as guinea pigs.
This is really how the West hopes to manage his criminal?
I highly doubt it.
We did not tell them the truth ...
What about?
They will not return.
even we can not contact them.
Their reports will take years to reach us.
It will be only the bone dust and they darken again
through space.
It's almost there.
We were scrap.
The dregs of society.
Someone had the genius idea to recycle us.
Some had taken boonies.
Others were in the death row.
The Agency made a proposal:
Serving science.
And given our ages,
we had nothing to lose.
At this point, we left the solar system for three years.
Yet almost all alive.
The acceleration creates an artificial gravitation
and spare us the discomfort of weightlessness.
The body lives better.
No sedative.
You already put too much water.
You have not missed me, little sharpshooter.
They lied to us.
And you knew.
You knew it.
doctor slut "second chance".
When I met you, you were a dirty little cameo.
Look at you now.
A fine specimen.
Dirty killer of children.
Finally, you have a nervous system?
Look at her!
You're going to kill her, fuck!
Calm down!
Do not you understand that nothing will ever grow in us?
Kiss my ass.
Sale madam!
It's dirty.
Our first strawberry.
Hold on.
Hold on, my angel.
Dr. Dibs
galrait to collect viable fetuses.
Guys voulaientjuste their dose.
And my little bonus?
Thank you.
Why are you bent on taking their sperm?
Even if you could inseminate a girl, the baby would die irradiated.
The odds play against us,
but when my work reaches perfection ...
So what?
You're gonna fly away?
Except me.
I kept my fluids for me.
She thought me a favor.
One day...
This kind of bitch.
It not seems to do you good.
More than you think.
It's so degrading!
You got a runny nose.
I know I look like a witch.
You call me all Vultura.
You're good and you know it.
But how can you still believe in your crappy job?
You became
the shaman sperm.
It's your new religion.
This is because I am completely devoted to reproduction,
monk blessed.
You're going to sow your fields?
Block of cudgel.
Like all others, I used the Box.
But with time, I preferred abstinence enjoyment.
Chastity strengthened my shell.
Mr. Burnes on fire.
Tone monk trip,
it's cool.
So pretentious!
You surprise me.
I love being here.
It reminds me of home.
And the jail.
It's like in the army.
I understand your abstinence.
You can branlerjusqu' to burst.
But baisodrome,
mess is a bottomless pit.
You use it.
I had to promise my wife to raise our son kindly.
It makes me feel good to tell me he has a good life.
Your son, he is old now.
Perhaps death.
This small garden
teaches me to enjoy the present.
There's nothing else that matters.
Cherny, it's not your real name?
No, a Russian instructor called me like that.
I think it means "black".
Why "Monte"?
Your old are Italian?
I was raised by my dog.
I open the legs to survey the area.
crappy ship.
At 99% the speed of light,
all heaven converging before our eyes.
The impression
backwards when we advance,
to move away when approaching,
sometimes I can not anymore.
According Dibs,
is unfit to manage stress.
Bad genes ...
Its cells are eaten away by leukemia.
His eyes are more sensitive to radiation.
All he sees is wrapped with a black halo.
I have good genes.
Leave me alone!
Watch out!
Halfway we were,
to four years from our destination.
deceleration maneuver was initiated to address the black hole.
One of the closest to our galaxy.
A little.
That was the purpose of the mission.
Notre mission-suicide Class 1.
Try to extract rotational energy from the black hole.
And become "heroes"
we would have provided humanity with unlimited resources.
According to Penrose.
I want to fuck you.
It stew.
The usual stench.
It makes me hard.
Cherny was put to sleep in the garden.
I'm glad to be weak,
losing my blood.
Shut up.
Stop lying to you.
One day, you'll spend there.
You're not as strong as you think, big ball.
Who are you talking to?
Its good.
- You're so ... - Shut up!
Do not tell me to shut up.
You're really shit.
Sometimes when I look at you, I feel like smashing your ass.
Your little mouth.
Your silly smile.
This voice!
You are going to hurt yourself.
The washing is the amateur work.
He will still have to tie you up?
Go back to sleep.
It's good.
Fucking bitch!
You are a bunch of pathetic, small players.
Only my crime is worthy of the name.
radiation alert
Even in space,
Blacks go first.
You're sick?
You want to clog the pipe?
It was his will.
I forbid you.
You're a sick!
This is what his god wants.
Never do that again.
Fuck your baby mission.
Your hormones is shit.
It is our desire that kills the fetus.
It's a stroke.
Do not tell anyone.
Shit, the report!
He was screwed.
It was perhaps too.
The mission.
And all the rest.
Number 149, daily progress report.
All systems are operational.
The team submits to the experiences of the mission.
Report saved. Valid.
prolonged survival system 24 hours. End of procedure.
Fire extinction.
Always alone
Alone with my cockroach
I have nobody
To share my dark thoughts
Person that takes me
That is all mine
I think I'll always be alone.
There's nothing to be scared of.
I promise you.
Everything will be alright.
No one helped me as I help you.
Nobody shorten my suffering.
I stay alone with my remorse.
Suck me.
Let go of me!
What are you doing?
Fuck off me!
Help me!
Leave her alone!
Let her go,
Terah out!
No, do not do that!
Shut up!
Come on, untie me!
He farted nose!
I'll kill this motherfucker.
Get out!
Fucking work!
You do not want me to wear?
It does not come with you so easily.
My body obeys me.
Everything is fine.
I never have children.
I am sure.
You really killed your children?
Thou hast stifled?
In their little bed?
With their small pillow?
And your husband?
I stabbed him.
I would have committed suicide.
I tried.
They put you in a plastic pussy.
Dibs was loading dose when we wanted her thank you.
It fell like flies.
To sleep for hours.
I am the driver.
You can not sleep.
You feel so good ...
This may be because you never asked me anything.
I have the right to take you now.
Why you never hold me in your arms?
If I close my eyes,
I know I feel you in me.
I know it.
I feel you near.
Fill me.
Fill me Monte.
Thank you.
Grandis, baby.
Grandis warm.
Grandis warm.
My baby.
They had me.
They had me.
My beautiful baby.
Come down.
I hate my bed
Come on!
Go back to your seat.
You're too heavy now.
Little crazy.
You are too far.
Shabby and failures.
That's what you were.
I read all your files.
You killed a girlfriend for a dog.
But Follette.
This is a goodbye that I see in your eyes?
You're a real driver.
None of us can go.
You made your choice.
Why are you crying?
I am touched.
Leave me alone now.
Where are you going?
In the garden.
This is not Nansen.
This is not Nansen!
This is Boyse!
molecular cloud
The child is your daughter.
Following your genes.
She has a good constitution.
Like her mother in beautiful ball.
For me, it embodies perfection.
"I'd bury me in the ground"
having lost you instead of you cry
"When you fulfill your mission."
What are you talking about?
That's what my wife said.
I did all that for her and for our son.
To transform our humiliation to glory.
She said the mission came back to bury him twice,
my idea of fame was bogus.
He does not answer.
It is similar to ours.
It is the same.
The same vessel.
There is maybe...
On board.
So what?
They could help us.
We do not need help.
You are scared?
It's certain?
These are dogs?
You took the little dog?
I had to leave.
Why did not you take it?
We could keep it.
No, we can not.
I so want a dog!
A small dog to cuddle.
You know why.
Recedes. It was dirty, there.
I have to disinfect it.
He will die.
It's cruel!
What do you know about the cruelty?
You know nothing.
I have to wash myself. Me disinfect.
Get out the door!
Get out of there.
You were right, Dad.
I beg your pardon.
I have everything I need here.
Ski, dippy.
What are you doing?
It prie.
You know what god to pray?
You pray what god?
I saw it on images of the Earth.
I wanted to know what it was.
The dog is hungry.
Number 149.
Local Day:
Earth Day:
It looks like a crocodile eye.
Or a mouth that will swallow us.
He is huge.
You should try it.
I feel good.
You feel good?
I thought we were vagrants.
But it's so big!
The density must be very low.
I believe this time.
I am sad that you have deleted the data.
Even your criminal records.
Perhaps you were criminals, but you are my hero.
The wall of fire will destroy everything when the black hole suck the ship.
There is no fire wall. I am sure.
We will pass.
You never answer my questions.
I look like my mother?
Look well.
My eyes?
My hair?
Not at all.
My nose?
My mouth?
You rodent teeth.
As a small rat.
Rats are very intelligent animals.
Do not you think I'm pretty?
You are special.
If different.
Like nobody.
And I like it.
Let's go?
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