High Road to China (1983) Movie Script

Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Do you have a reservation for me?
My name is Shane.
Thank you, sir.
- Yes?
- There's no Eve Tozer.
- I see.
- May I help you?
No, I'll...
I'll find her later.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me?
- Yes?
I'm looking for Miss Eve Tozer.
- Oh, try over there.
- Thank you.
The only explanation I can think is
he's a married man.
And I kept saying,
"Darling, I can't possibly accept this."
I just can't.
He wouldn't take no for an answer.
- He wouldn't take...
- Excuse me.
Charlie Shane!
What a surprise.
How the hell are you?
Could I have a word with you
for a moment?
Ah... Yes, sure.
Excuse me just for a minute.
Now, what is going on?
There has to be something to get you
out of that cubby hole of yours in London.
Where is your father?
He hasn't written me
in over three years.
The last I heard, he was on a retreat
or something in Afghanistan, why?
Bentik has influenced a judge in London
to declare your father dead.
Now I got a three-week stay,
but there are only 12 days left.
If Bradley Tozer does not appear
in a British court within that time,
you will lose everything.
But Why?
The original agreement between Bentik
and your father...
stated that in the event of death...
the company's assets would revert
to the surviving partner.
That's ridiculous, Charlie.
Daddy never would have done
anything like that to me.
The agreement was drawn up
before you were born.
How am I going to live without money?
Well, if you sell your jewelry you could
live happily for the rest of your life.
Oh Charlie, you know the way I spend money,
it wouldn't last me a year.
Well, we'll just have to find him
and get him back to London, don't we?
Twelve days?
Stay right here.
Don't move.
Which one of you would like the honor
of loaning me an airplane?
The RAF would be delighted
to lend you an aircraft, Miss Tozer.
I'll have it back in two weeks.
Oh, wait a minute, I thought you
meant just for the night.
I'm terribly sorry.
Anyone else?
No champions?
So long boys.
Can I see you for a minute?
Excuse me, Charlie.
All right, Lina, what have you got?
Well, you gotta promise me you won't say
a word to anyone, especially my husband.
Lina, darling, you know you can trust me.
On my honor.
Afraid that's not good enough.
I promise.
Two miles northeast of town on
the Jianguo Road you'll find an airfield.
Ask for O'Malley, some kind of war hero.
Anyway, now he gives flying lessons.
Is that what you call it, dear?
You promised remember?
My lips are sealed.
Thank you.
If it's really urgent...
you'll find him every night
at the Blue Nile Club.
Can't miss him, dark hair, dark eyes,
about six foot four.
Sounds big.
Yes, he's big.
Come on, O'Malley.
Come on, boy.
Atta boy, that's it.
Put your arm around me.
Walk, one foot.
That's it. The other foot.
Ah, look, he's walking.
Did I drink too much, Struts?
No. No.
Let's get another drink.
We're broke, O'Malley.
Oh, I hurt your suit.
You know, old Struts...
I got a feeling lady luck
is just around the corner.
Stay away from my wife.
Get out of here, you rotten bum.
Come on, baby.
Come on, for papa, huh.
Come on.
Excuse me.
Is your name O'Malley?
- That's O'Malley.
- Hmmm...
Wake up.
Wake up.
Dammit, this is ridiculous.
Hold on to this kid.
Right under there, don't let it go.
Whatever you do, don't let it go.
Hold, hold, hold.
See, he's up. He's up.
He's up and around.
He's gonna be well again.
Everything is fine.
He's got great recuperative powers.
Mr. Struts, come quick, come quick!
Excuse me.
Now what have you broken this time, kid?
- Mr. O'Malley.
- Huh?
I really think you should reconsider.
Surely we can find someone else
besides this person.
I already have reconsidered, Charlie,
and I don't see that we have any choice.
I hear you give flying lessons.
Not today, I'm hung over.
Beat up is more like it.
I wanna rent your planes
for the next two weeks.
Oh, really?
What for?
Ten thousand pounds,
and I supply the fuel.
Ten thousands pounds?
Okay, what do you wanna do with them?
I want to fly them to Afghanistan.
It's a little early in the morning
for this kind of nonsense, isn't it?
Besides, my friend here is a mechanic,
not a pilot.
- So?
- So, who's gonna fly the other one?
I Will.
You ever flown one of those kites?
You ever shave?
Oh, boy.
Okay, come on.
Please, Miss Eve,
you're taking a terrible risk.
Oh, Charlie, I'll be fine.
Here, hold this, will you, dear?
Hey, hold on to this...
Oh, the hell with it.
Hey, what are they doing?
I'm not quite sure,
but I think they're going to fly.
Get in.
Excuse me.
Is he all right in that condition?
Oh, don't worry.
He's all right in any condition.
Take it, kid.
Mr. Struts.
He's an ace.
Hey, kid, what did I tell you?
O'Malley's a great pilot, huh?
Was it all right?
This one will do,
it takes a lot of punishment.
What about Mr. O'Malley?
He'll go along.
Do you have five pounds, darling?
I never saw you do a twist
in a double loop before...
especially with a cracker of a hangover,
it was great.
Here you are, Ace.
Now, this is for the flying lesson.
You get the rest
when we arrive in Afghanistan.
- Afghanistan?
- That's right.
Come on, lady. Will you?
Tozer. Eve Tozer.
- The society dame?
- So what, do we have a deal?
I'll say one thing for you,
you are determined,
but you got more money than sense.
Look, you fly better than a quart of gin,
but Afghanistan?
Oh, Waziristan to be exact.
Either way, it's over 1200 miles.
What the hell does a dame like you
wanna go there for anyway?
I am looking for my father,
Mr. O'Malley.
He was headed in that direction
when he disappeared.
Crazy. Go hire yourself a couple of camels.
I want a drink.
Don't blow it, O'Malley.
Don't blow it.
What? The dame is nuts.
She maybe nuts, but she's rich.
- It could be very dangerous up there.
- Charlie. Mr. O'Malley.
Mr. O'Malley, the only thing
that I can't buy is time...
and you have the only two available planes
in the territory.
Now, you're probably
a damn good pilot...
Oh, come on, lady,
Waziristan is at war with the British.
Well, we'll tell them we're Americans.
That's right, we're Americans.
And if they shoot first?
I'll take that chance.
Good, you take that chance.
All right, you can have another
10,000 pounds for dangerous natives.
And what if there's no place to land?
Another 5000 ought to
cover any damages.
That's fair.
And there's the plague.
And another 5000 for the plague.
That's 30,000 pounds, Mr. O'Malley.
Uh-Uh. You can't buy me, kid.
Ah, we have a man of principle here,
All right, I double my offer, 60,000.
You just bought yourself one slightly used
flying instructor and one ace mechanic.
I want half the money now,
and the other half in a London bank.
No, Mr. O'Malley.
We'll give you five percent now...
and the rest in a Swiss bank.
Pay them will you, Charlie.
Take care of her, Mr. O'Malley.
We're rich. We got it.
It's all ours. Everything we wanted.
Do you still got the Lewis guns,
Yeah, what for?
You better mount them.
We're going to Afghanistan,
we're gonna need them.
Thank you.
Thank you, very much.
Careful with the champagne, Tom.
Yes, madam.
Before I leave for London,
I'm gonna have a word with the manager.
That bill is really far too high.
I'm sure they've cheated us.
Oh, Charlie, worry, worry, worry.
But your father would never forgive me
if anything happened to you.
You know me, I'm gonna be fine.
You've got to look after yourself.
Give my regards when you see him.
Absolutely, give me a kiss.
- Evie, look out.
- What?
Ah! Charlie! Charlie!
You'll see.
You just mark my words.
We'll be nursemaids
all way there and back.
Oh, no.
She's okay, she's a good kid.
She just got a lot of spunk,
that's all.
She's a rich spoiled-brat.
If we don't watch out,
she'll get us all killed.
Hey, come on, O'Malley,
don't blow this one, huh?
If she comes through
with just part of it...
that dame'll bail us out
and get us back to the States.
Mr. Struts, Mr. Struts.
Lady is coming.
All right, kid. Come on.
Get off the plane.
That's it. That's it.
Let's go, Mr. O'Malley.
What's the hurry?
It's after 3:00.
So it's after 3:00, so what?
This isn't a train station, you know.
What the hell is going on here,
Let's go. Go.
Get off the field, kid.
You know I don't want you getting hurt.
Wonder whose husband that was.
Mr. Bentik, Mr. Bentik.
Mr. Bentik, I...
Ah! Mr. Bentik.
Mr. Bentik, I...
- What is it?
- I'm sorry to disturb you, sir.
But our agents have been unable to stop
Charlie Shane from contacting Miss Tozer.
- What?
- The girl has escaped.
She has hired two planes
and she flew off.
Flew off? Flew off, where?
Well, our agents aren't sure.
They tried to contact an Arab boy
who works at the aerodrome...
Well, stop her. That girl must not
be allowed to reach her father.
Stop her, don't just crouch down there.
Stop her, stop her.
Lucky I had the older girly chit with me.
Excuse me, sir.
Yes, what is it?
There are two unidentified aircraft
Oh, well, I'm gonna have a look
I suppose.
Excuse me, chaps.
Get my driver, will you?
I'll do the talking, I want to get us out
of here as soon possible.
They find out where we're headed,
they'll stop us.
I'm not a fool, Mr. O'Malley.
We need fuel and supplies,
I'll handle this, I know the army.
Yes, but I know men.
So kindly stay out of it.
Look here, do you both realize you're
trespassing on His Majesty's property?
Major O'Malley.
Who's your C.O.?
My God, O'Malley.
You don't remember me, do you?
Johnny Silversmith, 24th,
how are you?
Sure, sure Silversmith.
Still collecting army pay?
That's right.
You got us a little bit of a surprise
for a moment.
Thought you might be
someone dropping in from HQ,
to give us a bit of spot check.
Not to mention the bloody Waziri, been
giving us plenty of headaches recently.
Why, he tried to come over here last week.
It never stops, does it?
Listen, I thought we might be able
to buy some petrol to get us back.
Yes, I think that might be possible.
Where are you going?
Mr. O'Malley has been kind enough
to show me the sights, how do you do?
I don't believe we've been introduced,
my name is Eve Tozer.
- How do you do?
- O'Malley, come on.
What a pretty fort.
Yes, it is pretty, isn't it?
I imagine it must get
awful lonely here though.
It's not too bad really.
One gets the odd London paper.
And a bit of mail from time to time,
once or twice.
Well, that's something, isn't it?
Tell me, is there some place
that I could tidy up?
Yes, of course.
Better come along with me.
I do hope you'll be able
to join us for dinner.
Oh, isn't that sweet of you,
I'd absolutely love to.
Good, come along with me.
Jesus, ace.
It was...
It wasn't funny at the time.
It wasn't funny at all.
We dived straight down...
then old Dicky, God rest his soul,
he took out the gun...
You know I tell you about this magnificent
evening I spent with Topi Robertson.
I haven't seen him for years.
A very dear old friend...
- Topi?
- Topi Robertson.
A very, very dear old friend of mine.
Now, I was in London
and he telephoned me one evening and said:
"Would you like
to come to the theater?"
And I said,
"Topi, this is a magnificent idea."
I said, "Before we go to the theatre,
Come around
and we'll have a few cocktails."
...break in two.
When I pull out of it I got that third
son of a Hun right in the belly.
Remember Stan Allman?
Jesse Mathews.
Had our popsies...
- In popsies?
- Yes, yes.
And anyway, excellent show,
and then...
Tell us about Verdun, sir.
The captain said that you got 12 kills
in one week, is that true?
Yeah, sure that's right,
I did.
They sent schoolboys into the air,
couldn't even do a loop.
Got a medal for that one.
See that's all the Germans had left
to send up against us, were kids.
They should have been home
going to school.
It wasn't a battle, it was a slaughter.
Wonder what else...
if you get close, really close...
you see the fear in their faces.
Remember Al Lease in Paris,
this guy put away 32 pints of Guinness...
without taking a piss
on independence night.
All the experiences that I've learned
over here learning to cope...
with people like the bloody Waziri...
who can make your life so...
Darling, I'm absolutely fascinated,
if you just hold that thought
for one minute, excuse me.
Sounds jolly dangerous, sir.
That's a piece of cake, right, Struts?
- Excuse me, Mr. O'Malley...
- What?
I think you've had quite enough to drink
for one evening, don't you?
I don't need you to tell me
when I've had enough.
- Well as your employer...
- Piss off.
Well, I say, O'Malley
that's really just a bit too much...
Maybe we ought to get
a little shut eye.
You siding with her?
Listen, Ace, I don't buy all this phony
garbage that you're handing out...
The only phony around here
is the one I'm looking at.
All you rich bitches are the same.
Oh, don't give me that, O'Malley.
The only reason you're here
is because of money.
You're damn right, it is.
For all I care you can take your money
and shove it.
Hey, come on, O'Malley,
let's get back to serious drinking.
Mr. O'Malley, I will be leaving
first thing in the morning
with or without you.
You're disgusting.
Thank you, ma'am.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
All gassed up and ready to go.
- Mr. O'Malley?
- He's ready too.
O'Malley, come on baby, wake up.
O'Malley, wake up, come on baby,
come on.
Where am I?
Fort Kipling.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
I made a fool out of myself last night,
didn't I?
- You've done worse.
- Where is she?
In her plane. You okay?
Yeah, I'm all right, I'm fine, let's go.
Hey, right on time.
Mr. Bentik,
they've contacted that Arab lad.
They think the girl is going to Waziristan.
Where is Waziristan?
In Afghanistan.
Of course, I know that.
Where about in Afghanistan?
Never mind.
Contact all my agents in the district.
Tell them that girl must be stopped
at all cost.
We don't have any agents in Afghanistan,
Mr. Bentik.
The Waziris killed them all.
Offer a hundred thousand rubees
to the first one who sees her.
You mean rupees?
I said rupees.
Yeah, but that's only 23 pounds,
Mr. Bentik.
Very well then,
make it a million rupees.
Offer a million rupees,
offer them 10 million rupees.
We don't have 10 million rupees,
Mr. Bentik.
I said offer them 10 million rupees.
I didn't say pay them 10 million rupees,
you fool.
- Why are you wearing that idiotic tie?
- Well, I thought...
Take it off at once.
Couldn't you have found
a better place to land?
Want to tell them we're Americans?
Very funny.
Which one is the Khan?
He'll get here.
And when he does,
I advise you to keep your trap shut.
Oh, boy.
We come here as friends.
We are at war with the English.
Great and famous, Suleman Khan,
you can see we are not soldiers.
My people are angry at any white face.
For years,
we have been fighting the British dogs.
This land is our land.
Soon, every English infidel
will be dead.
We are not English,
we're American.
Tell that woman to shut her mouth.
Do as he says.
I find her eyes objectionable.
Lower your eyes.
Do it.
Very good.
I see you know how to treat women.
You will be my welcome guests
for dinner.
Does that mean he's going to eat us
or feed us?
I think you really enjoyed that.
Get up, it wasn't bad.
Are you going to ask him about my father?
When the time is right.
Excuse me.
We are looking for my father.
Silence. Quiet.
The woman.
She shows some courage.
Let me see the photograph.
Ah! Of course, him.
He is dead.
- That's impossible.
- Quiet!
How did he die?
There was an unfortunate accident,
he was blown up.
A valuable and interesting man.
He is dead.
I have given your presence here
much thought.
We will talk about our plans
for tomorrow.
- What plan?
- The English.
They'll be marching against me
from Fort Kipling.
My spies tell me they are camped
over the mountains.
With your flying ships,
we shall destroy them.
I have wonderful explosives,
that you will drop from the air.
Surely the wise and powerful
Suleman Khan can see...
that I have brought
a woman on this journey.
And that it a mission of peace.
You refuse me?
If I do?
You will not live to see the dawn.
I think you will do this for me.
Your friends will remain here,
under my protection.
I could fly-off and leave them.
My eldest nephew
will sit behind you in your machine...
pointing his gun at your back.
I do not think you'll fly away.
You hold all the cards.
Look, Miss,
maybe the guy was wrong.
Maybe he got him confused
with somebody else.
I mean it's...
...it's hard to recognize
someone just from an old photograph.
I don't believe he's dead.
Franjten Khan, my master's
youngest brother,
would like to buy this woman.
That must be worth a fortune.
Yeah, it's a fortune.
We could buy a whole
new fleet planes with that.
Sopwith Camels,
a couple of new Avros.
Um-hum. Must be worth a couple
of hundred thousand pounds squirt.
Do you really think that those people...
are gonna let you get out
of here with that stuff?
You must not speak.
It is a matter between men.
Tell the Franjten Khan,
I am overwhelmed by his more
than generous offer.
Tell him,
that she has serviced me
faithfully for many years.
That I will think it over very carefully.
We will return tomorrow
for your answer.
You still have my father's picture.
Yes, I will bring it to you later.
Is he alive?
Jesus, O'Malley, that don't sound
like too good an idea to me.
I mean he can't be that dumb.
What do they know about airplanes?
To them they're just
some kind of a flying ship.
You sit in it like a wagon.
Supposing it does work,
what happens then?
You two run for the other plane
and I'll cover you.
You'll cover us?
- Yeah.
- How?
Okay, forget it.
You two think of something.
Listen, O'Malley, I...
If you or one more person
tells me to speak or not speak...
or to lower my eyes,
I'm gonna let you have it.
I don't care, if you kill me.
I'm gonna let you have it.
What are doing down there?
I've come to help you.
Help me, how?
To escape.
If you allow me,
I want to go with you.
Hey, that's great.
You don't happen to have
a couple of machine guns on you, do you?
Do you know
if my father is here?
No, he escaped.
He's been gone for a year.
Where has he gone?
We spoke many times
in my village in Nepal.
He said he would go there
when he left.
All right,
why didn't you go with him?
I was captured four years ago
by the Suleman Khan...
and my brother was killed.
He was tortured to death
while I watched.
I've been a slave here now,
since then.
I wish him a death
like my brother's.
Is there any chance that you
can get some clothes for these two?
Hats, robes?
Yes, I can.
How far away from here
is your village?
Forget it, I know what you're thinking
and you can just forget it.
Listen, don't you tell me...
Our deal was to get to Waziristan.
Nepal is on the other side of India.
Our deal was to find my father.
Finding your father
has nothing to do with that.
I wasn't that drunk.
You're always that drunk.
All right, hold it.
Look, why don't we just figure
how to get out of here,
and worry about fathers
and deals where it's safe.
These are the explosives
you will use against the English.
My eldest nephew,
at your back with his gun.
He will see
that you will do it carefully...
and return when you need more.
No, no, no.
Your nephew here
can have the honor.
Of dropping some
of these bombs himself.
How true?
No, he must get in the front
so that I can steer from the back.
Remember, the English lives
or your friends.
Could you please ask him...
to keep the gun out of my face
until we're in the air.
Thank you very much.
Clear them away.
We will celebrate your victory
on your return.
Good going, Alessa.
Struts, come on.
Look, I found a gun.
Don't panic, don't panic
just keep going.
Come on, girls, let's go.
Come on,
let's go, let's go.
Run, run, run.
Get in.
- Get in.
- Get in. Get in to the front.
Hey, wait a minute,
take this.
- Get her in.
- Okay, get down.
Get your head out of sight.
Get down.
Get your head down, real low.
Oh, shit.
Do you read me?
Yeah, I read you, O'Malley.
Are you all right?
We're fine.
Hey, O'Malley.
You were pretty good
back there, Ace.
Thanks, you're not so bad
Alessa says we should make Nepal
in about a day in a half.
No, we're going back.
No, wait.
Come back.
Mr. Bentik.
Oh, God, what is it now?
Excuse me, sir,
but she has been seen in India.
You told me
she was in Afghanistan.
I know that, Mr. Bentik,
but she has been seen in India.
We have a definite report
she's on her way to Katmandu.
Are you trying to drive me insane
with all these names?
No, Mr. Bentik, I'm just telling you
what's in the reports.
- Where is she now?
- India.
Going, it is believed,
towards Katmandu, that's in Nepal.
I know perfectly well
where Katmandu is.
Stop moving around.
Stand still and pay attention.
Now listen, you are to contact
Major Von Hess in Delhi.
Tell him that whatever happens...
he is to intercept her in Katmandu
before she reaches her final destination.
What is her final destination?
How do I know her final destination?
You silly little twerp.
Don't ask asinine questions.
Do as you're told.
Why aren't you wearing a tie?
I've run out of them, Mr. Bentik.
Well, run out of here.
Through there.
Alessa, Alessa!
Alessa, could you ask her,
if my father is here?
He's not here.
Thank you.
Any luck?
No, he isn't here.
Alessa, Alessa.
How is she?
Oh, she is okay.
A little fever, but mostly tired.
A good night's sleep
and she will be the same sweet kid again.
Yeah, disappointment
can really wear you down.
I could use a drink.
I wonder what kind of hooch
these people brew.
- They don't.
- What?
They're Buddhists and drinking alcohol
is strictly against their religion.
- No kidding?
- Yeah.
They can't all be that religious.
She is sleeping well now.
My mother says
that her father was here in the village...
but he is now gone.
But does she know where he has gone?
No, she doesn't.
But he spent many hours with Zura
and maybe he can tell you.
Grandfather Zura.
Alessa, my child.
These men
would like to speak with you.
Yes, yes.
Come and sit down.
Mr. O'Malley.
I expected you.
News moves quickly
in a small village.
We came to find out
about a man named Bradley Tozer.
It is his daughter
that has come to find him.
Do you know where he is?
Sometime ago, a group of people
came through a pass in the mountains...
from the province of Xinkiang.
It is there that he has gone.
Xinkiang, that's on the other side
of the Himalayas in China.
- Yeah.
- A very dangerous journey.
I shall pray to our Lord Buddha
that you have a safe crossing.
Is there anything else you can tell us?
The oxen are slow
but the earth is patient.
Thank you very much.
Okay, squirt, come on.
There you go.
- O'Malley?
- Yup. Come on.
That's it.
There you go, come on.
It's okay.
What's your first name, O'Malley?
- Patrick?
- Uh-huh.
That's a nice first name, Patrick.
Yes, I know it is, come on.
There you go.
Okay, back to sleep, come on.
I'm so cold, I'm so cold.
Go to sleep, baby.
It's okay.
Oh, my God.
O'Malley, you son of a bitch.
Get away, just get away from me.
I can't believe it, you slob.
You drunken slob.
- Shut up, you witch.
- I'm not a cheap...
Don't flatter yourself,
nothing happened.
Don't flatter yourself, O'Malley,
nothing ever will.
- What the hell is going on?
- I think you're disgusting.
I think you're immoral,
presumptuous, and disgusting.
No, you had fever and chills.
He was just trying
to keep you warm.
Will somebody tell me
what the hell is going on?
O'Malley, O'Malley.
Wait a second.
Listen, I'm sorry
I barked at you like that.
Alessa has just explained.
It was just a shock.
Oh, for God sake, O'Malley,
will you slow down?
If you'll drop it.
Drop it?
I'm the one who's saying I'm sorry.
Look, if you start apologizing to me
then I got to act all humble-like...
and can accept, don't I?
Well, I don't wanna do that, see.
So, let's just keep things
the way they are, okay?
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Will you wait a minute?
What do you want now?
- We found where your father has gone.
- Where?
It's through the mountains in Xinkiang.
It's a province in China.
Well, how soon before the planes can
be ready and we can get out of here?
Forget it, you're not going.
What do you mean I'm not going?
You heard me.
Since when are you in charge
of this expedition, Mr. O'Malley?
Come back here!
Come back here!
Hey, O'Malley, here she comes.
Oh, yeah, just ignore her,
maybe she'll go away.
O'Malley, I want to talk to you.
Don't bother me, I'm busy.
Listen, you son of a bitch.
This is my trip
and I am paying the freight.
Now, I have been robbed,
I have been shot at,
I have been beaten up,
I have been bombed.
You practically, sold me into slavery.
And then all of a sudden
you decide that some mountains...
are too tough for the likes of a poor
little defenseless creature like me.
Now that is garbage, O'Malley.
It is unmitigated garbage and if...
Oh, shit.
If you would just listen to me
for once.
Just listen to me all I want...
Hey, O'Malley...
You hear something?
Look, I put up the money
for this trip.
And if you think that I'm gonna sit here
while you fly off and get off and...
- Shut up.
- Don't tell me to shut up.
Get down.
Come on. Come on.
Let's go.
O'Malley, what should I do?
Just get out of here.
Go get him, Ace.
Clear it!
Is he all right?
I think he's okay.
- You all right, O'Malley?
- Yeah.
- Did you get him?
- Yeah, I got him.
Boy, he really shot you up, didn't he?
Yup, he did.
Well, what happened?
Where is he?
Never mind where he is,
I wanna know where he came from.
What do you mean?
Come here,
I wanna show you something.
Now, see that?
Jesus Christ,
look at my plane!
I want the truth.
Who was that guy?
Well, it might have been Bentik.
You know, the man who gets everything...
Hold it.
Hold it.
Let me get this straight.
There are people trying to kill us?
- Well, I wasn't sure...
- Hold it.
Just wait a minute.
That day when we left...
that guy wasn't shooting at me,
he was after you.
Yes, and I was gonna tell you...
Of all the rotten, dirty dealing double
tricks, that takes the cake.
Look at my plane!
Well, I'm sorry,
I never thought it would go this far.
Oh, that's a hot one.
You never thought of anyone else
but yourself in your entire life.
You're nothing but a spoiled, snooty,
rich little brat.
I'll buy you another plane.
You're damn right you will.
And that's over
and above the hundred thousand.
Does that mean you're still going?
Yeah, that's right I'm still going
but I'm going solo.
Oh, no, no!
I will not give you
one penny unless I go too.
That's not part of the deal.
So sue me.
I don't have to sue you.
I'll ring your scrawny little neck.
Oh, yeah, go on, do it.
Do it, do it, do it.
Look at my Dorothy.
Look at my Dorothy...
and then give me one good reason
why I should take you along.
He's my father.
You got any more little surprises?
You all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
How long do you think
it'll take us to fix her up?
Everything's gonna be okay.
Just needs a little patch up.
This means you're gonna go, huh?
Yeah, I gotta.
Her too?
Listen, you're gonna be okay here
till I get back?
- I'll be right here.
- You better be.
Hey, Ace...
would you do me a little favor, please.
Yeah, sure.
Just remember that...
...remember the "Ox is slow,
but the earth is patient."
Bentik, where is he?
- Excuse me, sir.
- What is it?
Well, I've been in touch with
Major Von Hess's headquarters in Delhi.
They've had no word from him.
They rather fear he may be, lost.
How do you mean lost?
They can't find his plane.
Well, where did they lose him?
If they knew that, Mr. Bentik,
he wouldn't really be lost, would he?
- Are you all right?
- Uh-huh.
You speak English?
You under arrest, under arrest!
You come, come!
- He speaks English.
- Um-hum.
After you.
Thank you.
Move, move!
Up! up'
Go, go.
Go. Go.
Sit, you sit!
You wait.
Daddy, I've been looking all over
for you.
Well let's have a look at you.
This is China, my God,
where did you come from?
Jesus Christ, look at you.
You're beautiful.
You've grown up, you're a woman.
Oh, boy.
You sure look like your mother.
- I do?
- You sure do.
How did you get here?
BY plane.
Oh, come here a minute.
- There's somebody I want you to meet.
- Okay.
Mr. O'Malley, this is my father,
Bradley Tozer.
How do you do?
You look like
you're a long way from home.
Nice to meet you at last.
Sit down, sit down, sit down.
Evie, I wanna look at you.
Daddy, what the hell are you doing...
all the way out here
in the middle of China?
Look around, you'll see there's
a war going on here.
Not much of a war as wars go,
but it's a war.
You see there is this local hoodlum,
he's been climbing
this hill for 20 years.
First he takes their food away,
and then he rapes their women.
I hate to be the one to break tradition...
but somebody sooner or later
is gonna have to stop this.
That's me,
I'm their General.
I don't know why they call me General,
but I kind of like it.
Now I gotta go with this guy.
Don't you go nowhere,
I'll be right back.
He's wonderful, isn't he?
Well, he's something,
I'll say that for him.
You know, I think I'd actually forgotten
how wonderful he was.
Even when I was a little girl...
he always seemed to be rushing around
doing something important.
You always call him "Daddy"?
Yes, why?
No reason.
We don't have much time
so if you tell him right away...
we'll try and fly out of here
before it gets too dark.
Yes, I'm aware of that, Mr. O'Malley.
I'm aware of that.
What's going on?
He's moving his cannon.
What shall we do?
Nothing, not a goddamn thing.
You come with me.
You stay here and keep an eye on him.
Hang Chou.
We're gonna gas up over night,
then another day of quiet wind...
one more day to Hong Kong.
Now, if we're lucky...
Are you listening to this?
Yes, of course.
That should give us an extra day,
to get him into a British court.
Well, that's it, it's like I figured,
he's moving his cannon.
He has seen your plane.
He's taken it as some kind of an omen
and he's coming.
Tonight probably.
Tomorrow morning at the very latest,
the two of you
gotta get the hell out of here.
But we just got here.
I know, and you just gotta leave.
You can't stay here, it's dangerous.
You might get killed.
But we want you to come with us.
I came here to take you back.
No, baby.
I can't go with you.
Take a look around.
You see these people?
These people need me.
They ain't gonna mean much
as far as the world turning goes.
I mean there's battles gotta be fought,
this may be one of them.
I bet you know what I mean, O'Malley.
Yeah, I told myself that a couple of times.
Sure you have, everybody has.
And I wanna to thank you
for bringing her all this way to see me.
It means a lot.
Now do you want to do me a big favor?
Load her back in that plane,
and get her back over that mountain...
just as god damn soon as you can.
Well, we can't leave until morning anyway,
it's too dark to fly.
Come sunrise you get in that plane...
you get the hell out of here
and no nonsense, you hear me?
He's coming.
He's coming.
I'm ready for him.
Now, Evie, you go with Chen Wa there...
she'll show you where you can clean up
and lie down.
O'Malley, you're gonna come with me...
I'm gonna show you just how
I'm gonna whip this little bastard.
Oh, actually, I kinda like to clean up
and lay down too.
No, no, no, no, no, none of it,
you come with me.
Let me take your coat
for you, O'Malley.
Off you go.
O'Malley, you come with me.
Now I built myself a foundry here.
Mr. O'Malley, are you coming with me?
- Sure.
- Good, come on.
Like I said, I've set up a foundry here,
I'm trying forge us a cannon.
It won't do a bit of good though,
I got no copper.
I can't make no cases, therefore,
I got no goddamn shells.
No shells, right.
What good is cannon
if you don't have any shells?
Well, it's part of the game, you see.
These people are peasants,
they're like children.
They figure this General Wang
has got a cannon and they ain't got one.
Explosives, that's my game,
that's the ticket here.
I set up 400 mines
in front of this town...
just waiting for him to come across.
I'll blow him off the face of the Earth.
Gotta whip this guy by myself.
Let's get out of the gritty nitty.
What are you and my daughter
really doing here?
Oh, no.
I think you better ask her that,
I'm just kind of the hired help.
A-ha! I got a reason for asking.
Tell me what she's doing here.
Well, your partner or someone
is trying you...
to have you declared legally dead...
so he can take over your company.
She just came hereto bring you back,
before he could do it.
I guess so.
Well, he's welcome to it.
What's left of it.
I'm surprised
he hasn't bankrupt it already.
You see, all the formulas and patents,
they're in my name anyway.
If I'm declared dead
that stuff all goes to Evie.
- What?
- Sure.
He'll have the company,
but she'll have all the real wealth.
What's going on?
I'm washing my feet,
what does it look like?
Get your things together
we're getting out of here.
What you did do with my map?
What do you mean
we're getting out of here?
It's too late, it will be dark.
Come on.
Look kid,
this is me you're talking to now.
We can be a hundred miles away from here,
before it gets too dark.
Yes, but you heard what my father said,
he won't come with us.
He doesn't have to.
He explained the whole thing to me.
You'll have as much money, as you ever had,
probably a hell of a lot more.
- You've told him?
- He asked me.
- What did you say?
- What's the difference?
- What did you say?
- Your money is safe...
that's what you came here
to find out, isn't it?
So let's get out of here
while we still got the chance.
Come on, sit down,
get you're clothes on.
What the hell did you do
with my coat?
Well, what about him?
If we leave, he'll be all alone.
He was alone yesterday
and the day before.
So what?
He doesn't need us, he's got his war.
And you got your money.
Now if I can just find my coat,
it will be happy ending all the way around.
- No.
- No, what?
No, I'm not going.
Why can't we wait?
What for?
He wants you to go.
He can handle all this without us.
To him it's just a turkey shoot.
He's just saying that to protect me
and to make us leave.
No, I'm not going without him
and that's final.
- Final?
- Yes.
Final? You're nuts.
I said it all along, you're nuts,
and now that I've met your father...
I can understand why, blood,
bad blood.
You're nuts.
Insanity runs rampant in your family.
Well, I'm getting out, you understand, out!
What about your coat?
I don't need my goddamn coat.
Well, go on then, leave.
See if I care, I hate you!
I hate you!
Oh God, O'Malley!
O'Malley, are you all right?
Oh, my God, O'Malley
are you all right?
O'Malley, O'Malley, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean what I said,
please, O'Malley...
You rat.
You dirty rotten rat.
Oh, my God,
I can't believe what a rat you are.
Oh, yeah?
Well, what about you?
What about my hundred thousand?
You think I'm going
and you won't have to pay me, don't you?
Well, you're wrong, see.
I want my dough lady,
it's coming to me...
and I'm not going until you get it.
- You'll get it.
- You bet I will.
Why did you kiss me?
Because I felt like it.
Here is your coat,
the map is in the pocket.
We can leave tomorrow morning,
and as soon as we get to some place...
that's remotely civilized
I'll make sure that you get your money.
And then it'll be over, alright?
Yeah, sure.
Suits me just fine.
I didn't raise my boy
To join the army
I didn't raise him up
To go away
So take your wars away
Leave my boy to me this day
I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier
Rest well and get her out of here
in the morning.
You sure you don't need my help?
Ah, I can whip this bum in my sleep.
Take care of yourself
and thanks for coming.
Where is Eve?
Oh, Jesus, O'Malley,
I thought you'd be gone by now.
- Where is Eve?
- I don't know.
Too soon!
You're dropping them too soon.
It's okay.
It's okay, just stay calm.
Just stay calm.
Now, wait.
Wait. Now!
You dropped them too late,
you waited too long.
Wait, wait.
Do it, kid.
Do it.
Come on up here now,
you baby raping son of a bitch.
Come on, kid, pull it up.
Alright, Alright.
Pull it up.
She got the son of a bitch.
She got...
- Okay, now.
- Give me that.
You bring her back here.
Evie, you okay?
Are you hit?
Evie, say something!
I'll wring your neck.
"Speak," very funny.
Look at my plane, you wrecked it.
It was always a wreck, O'Malley.
Down, get your head down.
Here take this.
- Where are you going?
- To get the Lewis gun.
It's empty-
This is empty too.
When I fire the next time,
you start running.
Hey, Wong, it's me Tozer,
how do you do?
- Put your head down.
- What's going on?
Looks like your father
is starting his show.
Here, wipe your face,
it's dirty.
Take that, you son of a bitch.
Take him, boys.
Take him, boys.
Wire them.
- Hoist the colors.
- Yes, sir.
They're going.
It's over.
I guess your old man won.
Sure could use a drink.
Make it a double.
thank you, O'Malley.
What for?
For just about everything, I think.
For getting me here,
for taking care of me.
Ah, sure, squirt. Anytime.
Listen, you better get back
to your old man, he might need you.
- There you go.
- Oh, thank you.
What are you gonna do?
Well, I guess I'll just sit here
with my plane, figure things out.
It's a long walk back to Nepal.
Yeah, it's mostly uphill.
see you around, Ace.
Come here a minute.
Now, put your arms around me.
You know, I only made one real mistake.
What was that?
I should have sold you
when I had the chance.