High School Confidential! (1958) Movie Script

"Shaking at the high school hop."
"Bopping at the high school hop."
"Well, everybody's bopping,
everybody's hopping."
"Bopping at the high school hop."
"Bopping at the high school hop."
"Bopping at the high school hop."
"Shaking at the high school hop."
"Bopping at the high school hop."
"Well, everybody's bopping,
everybody's hopping."
"Bopping at the high school hop."
Hey, wise-guy.
I was going to park there, big-shot.
The name is Baker. B-A-K-E-R.
And I park where I want.
- That space is mine.
You got 32 teeth, buster.
You want to try for none?
Hiya, sexy. You look real cultured.
Let's cut to some drag-and-eat pad, huh?
Oh, wow.
Cool it.
- What's that, chum?
Beat it.
You want to start a rumble?
Drop it, buster.
- The name is Tony Baker.
And maybe the chick here
likes me to hold her arm.
Come now, Joanie.
I put it down but you
ain't picking it up.
Maybe later.
Yeah, dad.
Much later.
Oh, man.
Don't be so fast to start a rumble with
the president of the Wheelers & Dealers.
You know who that is?
- No.
Well man, that is J.I. Coleridge.
I didn't know that, man.
So J.I. is the top stud
around here, huh?
Kid, if you get in with the
Wheelers & Dealers and...
You will be a top stud yourself.
I got news for you, man.
Before this crummy day is over...
Every crummy stud in this whole crummy
school will know who Tony Baker is.
See, I don't join them, man.
They join me.
Dig me?
- I dig you.
I'm putting it down.
- I'm picking it up.
Come on.
I never saw him before. Did you?
No, but he's a real character.
Sounds like you're interested.
Where is the warden?
If you mean Mr Robinson,
he'll be back in a minute.
Take a seat.
I'm looking to graze on some grass.
Okay, chick. I guess I
dialled the wrong number.
Young man.
- Who do you think?
I don't know.
No time for guessing games.
Give me that.
Watch out. That weed may be too strong
for you. Would you prefer a cigarette?
You know, if you were 20 years younger
I'd hate to be stuck with you on a date.
Why of all...
- Now, don't flip your lid.
What do you want here?
A transfer from Ross High in Chicago.
Come here.
I see you live with your aunt and uncle.
That's the way the bongo bingles.
Please leave those papers alone.
Your scholastic record is very bad.
So what? I'm no teacher zombie.
This is your seventh
year in high school.
Two as a junior and three as a senior.
I know. And two more
years for Uncle Sam.
So let's skip the ancient history.
What's the scoop now?
If you're trying to
create an impression.
I am unimpressed.
There is a 2-dollar deposit for
a year's supply of gym towels.
Got change for a twenty?
I think you'd better see our principal
Mr Robinson when he returns.
And please take this to your home room.
Give me a ring, doll.
Now, some slang words have been
accepted as correct English usage.
But slang is such a temporary thing that
it's apt to fade into non-existence.
It's hard to tell beforehand
whether a word will live or die.
Slang itself changes with
each successive generation.
A 15th century student for
instance might say that...
Columbus believed the world
was round instead of square.
However, today the word... 'square'.
Has an entirely different connotation.
[ Wolf whistle ]
Do you belong in my class?
And you belong in my class too, doll.
You know, for a teacher
you're pretty cool.
Why don't we cut out and go to
your pad and live it up, huh?
Class, please.
Take a seat.
And be quiet.
Hiya, kitten.
I said be quiet.
Now let's take the slang word: 'scram'.
It originated with the verb 'scramble'.
To move about on your hands and knees.
The slang word scram means...
To get out or to go away.
You will find the
word in your dictionary.
Whether or not you should use
the word is another question.
I know the answer to
that question, Teach.
I don't remember asking a question.
Look. You know you
could be the most but...
I mean all that old-style jive you got
written up on the board is nowhere.
I will tell you when to speak.
Look, take it from this stud will you.
I mean that stuff is strictly for the
tinners that live around the block.
Look, if I were to say
to this kitten here.
If I were to say...
Let's blow this joint. Let's hop in
my car and take off for the Casbah.
Will you shut up.
Okay, I'll break it off but I just want
you to know it takes a lot out of me.
I don't want you to call me Doll.
My name is Miss Williams.
- Why be so formal?
I mean you can call me Tony. Or Daddio.
I've had enough of this.
You will report to Mr Robinson
with me right away.
Slam bam, thank you, ma'am.
So, it's back to the Warden's office.
Huh, doll?
For the last time, will you
stop calling me Doll.
That's no way to talk to the future
president of the Wheelers & Dealers.
Man, I've got the gold to take
her on a trip to cloud nine.
Here. Come on, cats. Cool it.
Come on now. Cool it, cats.
How would you like J.I. to
lay a little history on you?
You heard that swell bit she put down
about Christopher Columbus our founder.
Now, I ask you.
Is this a bring-down?
Why man, he was the hippest.
Now one swinging day when Chris
was sitting at the beach goofing.
He dug that the world was round.
And with this crazy
idea stashed in his lid...
He swung over to the royal pad for a few
touches with cool-chick Queen Isabella.
Who was a swinger.
They all took a long look
at him and said: Christy.
What's this jazz you putting down
about our planet being round?
She said everybody
is hip that it's square.
The only thing square about this
world are the cats what live it.
He said: now look I'm in your
pad for one swinging reason.
He says I know I can make
it east by swinging west.
Now, I don't want to take
some nonstop studs...
To go in a deep pool of water with me
and maybe come up with a New World bit.
If I'm straight.
Where everybody swings.
And if I goof and run into any of
them flip Indian kiddies over there.
I can sit down and smoke a little pipe.
And who knows baby, maybe run off with
deeds to a groovy piece of real estate.
She said: Crazy man.
But like this is a sick bit you win.
And if you find out that
the world is square.
This is why it's easy, baby.
We just tool off the deep end and
dig a little infinity. That's all.
Now Isabel. He says: Dig me hard, baby.
He says: I know you are hung with
the affairs of the court jab.
He says: But I need
scoffing for this trip.
He says: Baby, and that takes bread.
And in the bread department I'm nowhere.
She said: Man...
Man, you're like a real bringdown.
So you pump me up with that crazy story
and expect me to spring for the gold?
She says: You just cooled the whole bit.
She says: you know the
kingdom is next to Tapsville.
And if I ever lay this story out on
my old man, why he'll flip out.
You know how square Bernie is.
He said: Belle, listen baby.
You're the swinging-est chick
in the whole mother kingdom.
And I'll bet than if anyone
can score for the bread it's you.
Well kiddies, the next morning she
came up with a real wicked plan.
To hock the royal house.
And after Chris met his boat
connection and scored for three.
He got some cats together with eyes for
adventure and split across the Atlantic.
And go, tomorrow-style.
That's very interesting.
Take your seat.
Mr Robinson.
Just a moment, please.
We've got a problem in there.
A new student.
A boy who is without doubt the most
arrogant, insulting, indecent...
Don't get excited, Mrs Dodge.
We've had problems before.
- But not like this one.
I usually handle them.
Get out of my chair.
Okay baldy, you'd better sit down
anyway before you fall down.
Man, you look like
you've been goofing off.
I'll take that.
Right now.
Don't cut yourself now.
That thing you are smoking.
Get your feet off the table.
Just what are you trying to accomplish?
I don't dig it.
Oh, I see. Dig me.
I've no objection to your
hip talk or hep talk...
Or whatever it's called at the moment.
But in my office let's talk just
plain, old-fashioned English.
It will help us understand each other.
- Man, what is there to understand?
Come to the point. You're dragging
your rear axle in waltz time.
I have no idea what
you have been saying.
What I said is...
Don't make a profession out of rudeness.
And no more knives.
If I ever hear of you having one I
will report to the juvenile authorities.
Now go back to your classes.
For nothing.
Hello Tony darling.
Hi, auntie.
Are you getting up or going to bed?
How did it go at school today?
It went.
If you would rather have coffee
Tony there is a pot of fresh.
No thanks. I think I'll cut out
and size up this townsville.
You're looking for excitement?
Why not? I'm a citizen.
I hate to think you running
around all by your lonely.
Hey, I'm a big boy now.
I even go out with girls.
That's why I worry.
Thinking about you coming up
against those young, tight sweaters.
You ought to know.
Stop treating me like a stranger.
With Vic out of town it's lonely.
Relatives should always kiss each
other hello and goodbye polite-like.
You're getting paid
for my room and board.
But not enough.
Tomorrow afternoon when you
have your usual coffee brandy.
Why don't you put a little more coffee
in your brandy and coffee, huh?
Goodbye now.
Now, you can see the difference between
a real cigarette and marijuana.
And there will be no mistaking
the texture or contents.
If you were to handle it.
The darker once has been
rolled in wheatstraw paper.
In most of the reefers a double
thickness of paper is used.
Now, in the language the
addicts use among themselves.
Marijuana is referred to
as 'Mary Jane', 'Pot'...
'Weed' or 'Tea'.
They never say to each other:
let's smoke a marijuana cigarette.
They say: let's turn on
or let's blast a joint.
Commissioner, don't you
think that you are...
Magnifying his issue?
A marijuana cigarette.
Was found on the floor of
one of your classrooms.
And another was found in the Girls Gym.
And that's enough to start a big
crusade in Santa Bella High?
Mr Burrows, please understand.
Miss Williams, like many of us
believes in the progressive theory.
That there's no such
thing as a bad boy or girl.
There is a high school in Indiana.
I don't know whether they followed
your progressive theories or not.
They had no problem three years ago.
But out of a total enrolment
of 1,200 students.
285 were found to be
using marijuana or heroin.
And this dreadful condition.
Was only uncovered through
a horrible accident.
One student.
Desperate for money
to pay for his habit.
Sold bennies for quarters and dimes.
To kids in elementary school.
It was the death of a 13-year old.
Who had been addicted to
marijuana and then to heroin.
That exposed the ugly facts.
But by that time.
It was too late for forty-one
teenagers who were addicted.
It can happen here.
Oh man, like everybody
is talking about you.
- Yeah, you're famous.
You want to make some bread?
- Yeah, I'm picking up.
But are the Wheelers & Dealers?
- They are your type.
I thought you were good people.
Tell me something.
Is that doll J.I.'s parking pet?
- She sure is.
What's her name?
- Joan.
I dig pretty kittens.
Especially rich pretty kittens.
J.I. is pretty rough.
In my book man, he's a Shmoe.
From cocomon.
- From cocomon.
Hi. I'm Steve Bentley.
That's too bad.
I'm president of the Rangers.
Well I'm sorry, but I'm
looking for some real action.
We get most of the football players.
No, no. A different kind of action.
Okay, see you around.
- Why not?
Hiya, darling. Tony Baker.
- My name is Mary Jane Ann.
Mary Jane.
Well you've pulverized me.
Hey, Petey. Know what this
girl's name is? Mary Jane.
Oh yeah?
Mary Jane is a crazy name.
It just makes me frantic.
Mary Jane, we've got to get together
sometime and have a ball.
What do you say, doll?
Well, I've been going steady for...
- I dig competition.
And I sure get my kicks
from saying your name.
Mary Jane.
Its hip, man.
I'll take care of the tab.
And I'd also like to by
dessert for all the cool cats.
Gee, thanks.
I tried to get you last night.
I know. I was on a
cruise in the big city.
I am dry.
I just don't know what I'm going to do.
Gee, I wish I could help you
Joanie. But what can I do?
Hi, people.
May I sit down? Thanks.
Petey, why don't you sit there.
The school is sure getting
What's your beef, man?
I just want to play friends.
Is that a crime in this state?
Or are you just afraid
of a little competition?
Well, talk up man.
I don't sound you at all.
Now look what you have done.
You've gone and made the kid nervous.
Come on, let's be henchmen.
I'll make you vice president
of the Wheelers & Dealers.
Maybe I'll even make you
executive vice president.
What's the good word, Joan?
If you dig me like I dig you.
Stop that, Baker. She is my girl.
I got a scoop for you, J.I.
Things are changing
around here as of today.
What's the matter, Joan?
You feeling sick?
Looks like Joan has got a bad
case of the screaming mimmies.
It looks like Joan is
none of your business.
Ah. You're not tuned in, J.I.
I'm making it my business.
You're looking for some
awful bad trouble, boy.
Maybe. Maybe.
Why don't we make a meet
and settle this personally?
We're going to be settled.
My way.
J.I. looks rough and ready.
Well, if I'm going to take over
I may as well start right now.
You know, that Joan is a sick girl.
You know what I mean,
don't you, weedhead?
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Hello there, Baker-boy.
You said you want some action.
Yeah, but just between you and me.
Why this here is just some
of the Wheelers & Dealers.
I kinda figured if you want to take
over, now is the time to do it.
I will just stand here
and watch the fun here.
That way I don't get
no blood on my pants.
Alright, fellahs.
That's right.
Play it cool.
I lost one of these things
in a principal's office.
I don't want to lose another
one in one of your bellies.
So don't be foolish, chums.
Or I'll let the air out of all of you.
Now school is over so why
don't you all go home?
And tell the rest of the Wheelers &
Dealers that they've got a new Prez.
Go on, beat it.
Quite a big guy with
that aren't you, Baker.
Big enough to take over.
I'll make a deal with you, J.I.
I'll let you be vice-president, even
treasurer of the weedheads at school.
If you don't stay away from Joan.
Even that thing isn't going to help you.
Hey, Teach.
Do you want a push?
I think my battery is dead.
Well, hop in.
Come on.
Leave it there. I'll give you
a lift home in a real cab.
I don't want to impose on you.
What's the matter, are you scared?
I'll call the auto club.
Who are you afraid of? Me or yourself?
You don't have to worry.
I'll see that you behave yourself.
I mean, after all a teacher has
got to behave like a teacher.
I will... I will call the
auto club from home.
I wouldn't want you to fall out.
I am afraid I'm taking
you out of your way.
Don't be silly. I just happened
to be going your way.
And which way is 'my way'?
Any old way.
This is very sweet and
thoughtful of you.
A crack like that could
hurt a guy's reputation.
How about stopping for a beer?
Aren't you under age?
Well, maybe I can pass
for a teenage adult.
What's your angle?
Is there a law that says a
guy has got to have an angle?
You always seem to me to
be trying to prove something.
Teach, it's all in your mind.
Is it really?
I'm not the one that tried
to disrupt the class.
I didn't go in the principal's
office with a cigar and a knife.
I'm afraid you wouldn't look
very good with a cigar.
You're just not the type.
What's your type?
I am the 'satisfied' type.
No, you're not satisfied.
- Oh yes I am.
No. You're not satisfied.
That's why you always try
to make people notice you.
You want to be considered important.
Okay, have it your way.
But when I checked into this crummy
school Monday, I was just another kid.
Now everybody in that school
knows who Tony Baker is.
Who is he?
I'll soon be president of
the Wheelers & Dealers.
Does that mean so much?
To be the leader of a small
group of would-be hoodlums.
You got a better offer?
I mean like being a...
President of the Arlene
Williams personal service club.
That's not a bad idea.
Maybe we'll start with a beer, huh?
I'm sorry I brought it up.
Turn at the next corner.
Are you expecting me
to act like a gentleman?
No. I wouldn't want to give
you a nervous breakdown.
Ooh, you are getting a sense of humor.
Hey, I'll pick you up in the morning.
My car will be finished then.
I know. But we got a lot
of things to talk over.
Do we? What?
I don't know. I'll figure out something.
Well, when you find out let me know.
I'll be glad to meet you.
In the classroom.
Goodbye. Thanks for the ride.
Baby, you look like you
got the shock-horrors.
J.I. I've got to get a stick.
Money can buy anything.
- I'm clean.
I've used up my whole allowance.
I can't ask my dad for
any more advances.
Well, that's soft toenails. I mean.
Why bug me with your sad story? It's
your problem where you get the gold.
What do you want me to do, steal it?
I knew you would come
up with something cool.
Do you really expect me to steal?
Now come on, Joan.
It was your idea, not mine.
Did you cop a look in
the principal's office?
You're switching channels on me.
The records only show that he
is a transfer from North High.
An orphan living with his
aunt on Seaton Street.
I've got to get a stick from Jukey.
J.I. Won't you lend me the money?
If you need the money,
try the merino gimmick.
Stop bugging me.
I'll take those two dresses, Kitty.
- Very well, Miss Staples.
The usual charge, kid.
Mr Morino.
Miss Staples would like to
charge these two dresses.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
Miss Staples, your taste makes our
business a sheer delight. Believe me.
Don't overplay it blabbermouth.
Joan didn't try anything on.
Let's see. Adorable, adorable, adorable.
When the alterations are done we'll
send it right out to the house.
Would you sign here
please, Miss Staples?
Thank you, Miss Staples.
- Thank you.
Did you get the new import in yet?
- Yes, I did.
One and one alone. It's for you dear.
It's hanging right in the back there.
This is adorable. This is you.
You. Turn around, dear.
Lovely, lovely.
Here you are.
Only fifteen?
- Tough.
These dresses cost fifty each retail.
We have them marked up at seventy-five.
We can't go any higher.
After all, your father's secretary
isn't that much of a dope.
Yes, but last time you gave me...
- This is it.
If you want a cash kickback and...
If me and Morino are to
be paid for our services.
But only fifteen?
- Take it or leave it.
You never know when the set-up backfires
and when it does we get hurt, not you.
Do you want the cash or
do you want the cash?
You're a crook.
Aren't we all?
I'm still short twenty.
Look sugar, I spoke to
Jukey like you told me.
And he said he wanted
all the green stuff.
I stuck my neck out to do you
a favor. What more can I do?
Why shouldn't he give me a break?
Didn't he turn me on?
Come on, you turn yourself on.
You ought not to talk like that.
You know, he may get mad at you.
My old man was a
bread-stasher all his life.
He never got fat.
He wound up with a used car,
a 17-inch screen and arthritis.
Tomorrow is a drag, man.
Tomorrow is a king-sized bust.
They cry: put down pot,
don't think a lot.
For what time, how much
and what to do with it.
Sleep man, and you might wake
up digging the whole human race.
Giving itself three days to get out.
Tomorrow is a drag, Pops.
The future is a flake.
I had a canary who couldn't sing.
I had a cat that let me
share my pad with her.
I bought a dog that killed
the cat that ate the canary.
What is truth?
I had an uncle with an Ivy League heart.
He had life with a bell from the back.
He had a button-down brain.
Wind up a bell from the mouth
and a buttoned-down lip.
He coughed blood on this earth.
Now there is a race for space.
We can cough blood on the moon soon.
Tomorrow is dragsville, cats.
Tomorrow is a king-sized drag.
Tool a fast short.
Swing with a gassy chick.
Turn on to a thousand joys.
Smile on what happened or
check what's going to happen.
You will miss what's happening.
Turn your eyes inside
and dig the vacuum.
Tomorrow drags...
Ready for the race?
The Wheelers & Dealers
are ready to race you now?
As long as you have got enough
money to make it worthwhile.
These rangers have some cool rods, man.
Is it a bet?
I'll let you know.
- Not me you won't.
You'll talk to my secretary here.
He handles all my business.
What do you boys want?
I'll have a cup of coffee and...
Give the man here what he wants.
Give me what I want.
Ginger ale. Coming up.
Miss America.
Forget the chicks, man.
We've got more important...
What's up?
The fuzz just came in.
Don't you feel the heat?
- Yeah.
They're checking to see that nobody
is spiking the drinks using other stuff.
Man, I can spot them blindfolded.
Most of the time I can smell them.
Those fuzz, man.
Did you sound out the boys?
I already told them you
were grazing for grass.
Crazy, man.
I got a message for you Joan, but...
It's private and personal and
kinda fits in with the beat.
La cucaracha, la cucaracha.
Marijuana puff along.
Relax chick. I'm with you.
You with it, Daddio?
I'm thinking of taking a lease.
We'll live it up, you and me.
What gives, Doris?
Not so good.
What's the matter?
- I'm, burning up.
You just had the shivers
a few minutes ago.
I'll go make you a cold malt.
I'll help you.
Come on. You've not been
swimming for weeks.
Hey, get with it.
You said you were steaming hot.
Maybe I should cool
you off a little bit?
Come on, give the kid a break.
Let's go in the pool.
- You're welcome.
Needs something else other than a malt.
You know a lot.
I know enough.
- Like what?
Like, do you have any
weed to torch up on?
Petey said you were good people.
I know what's happening.
I am dying to blast but I'm clean.
How about it, Tony? You holding?
Sorry, doll. I am trying to
make a connection myself.
You see, I've got to go but...
No connection.
Where are your folks?
They're at some luncheon
for Doris's father.
He just got back from Paris.
It's some layout you got here.
Someday I will hock the whole
place to pay off my debts.
Just to get myself some reefers.
I told you I've got the gold.
Now if you will just tell
me who the right guy is.
Come on, give me a chance to score.
Come here.
Check the guy on the diving board.
He is a regular comedian.
What's his name?
- Jukey Judlow.
What are the details on him?
He is a hard nose.
He wouldn't lend me any
money when I begged for it.
Just because I was a little short.
Come on, in the pool.
Into the pool you go.
Throw her in.
Why don't you introduce
me to this character?
I will... see that you don't
have to hock anything.
I didn't know you were a weedhead, Tony.
All my friends are.
If you song me.
I want to song you plenty.
We are good henchmen, you and me.
Get out of here.
Shut that door.
You'd better get a coat or something to
cover up these arms. See she gets home.
Well, what are you waiting for?
I thought she was just
a weedhead like me.
She was. She graduated.
Don't look so surprised.
I have to spell it out?
If you flake around with weed
you end up on the hard stuff.
Go on. Get the coat, will you.
What's the idea?
You home?
- I don't dig you.
Well, I'm looking to
graze on some grass.
You're way out, man. I don't sound you.
Now Joan told me that you
could straighten me out.
See, I want to score like the yanks.
Joan told you?
- Uhuh.
Yeah. She said you and Mary
Jane were going steady.
What do you mean, you're going
steady with another chick?
I'm your girl.
Yeah. Go and... go and play in traffic.
Man, you shouldn't treat Joan so rough.
In her condition she's not a good advert
for someone who is pushing the stuff.
I'm all tears.
She don't beg, she don't get dust.
What about Mary Jane?
- Oh.
I'd like five pounds.
Five pounds, man?
I don't carry nothing like that.
Just a stick or two.
You know what I mean.
It picks up a couple of
the heads at school.
I'm no big operator.
Joan said you were.
Joan has got me figured wrong.
Well, I thought I'd score a can, but...
I'll take a stick or two
if that's all you got.
That's pretty wild.
A magnetic box, huh?
- Uhuh.
A buck a stick.
Hey... when do I meet the ace man?
I'm tired of fooling around
with this penny alley stuff.
The ace man will have a
can for you at the race.
Tomorrow night. At the old airport.
A good deal.
You want to see me?
Ah Tony. Yes.
Would you sit down please. There.
I've been thinking about you, Tony.
- Well, that sounds romantic.
I've been trying to figure you out.
Don't knock yourself out.
Like the book says. I'm a bad
customer. So just mark me lousy.
Well, you weren't a good
student at North High.
You certainly haven't tried
to learn anything here.
What do you want, blood?
I want to help you.
If I knew you better, I think I could...
- Now that can be arranged.
Any night this week.
I usually see my students at tea time.
You know my address.
I will expect you at six o'clock?
For a cup of tea.
Well, I can't tonight. I am...
I'm busy, but maybe some other night.
Alright. We'll try again sometime.
But I could make it
maybe about, say like...
Forget it.
You'd better get back to your class.
I remember when I was a teenager
just before prohibition was repealed.
We used to sneak a drink
or two from a hip flask.
My mother and father thought
it was the end of the world.
So what happened?
Absolutely nothing.
I settled down happily with your mother.
And a pretty successful
business if I do say so myself.
So, what's all this shouting about?
Well dear, perhaps they had some
reason for wanting the parents to meet.
This police commissioner
Walter Burroughs doesn't fool me.
He is making political hay.
Impressing the voters with
another sensational scandal.
Only this time he's added
something new. Narcotics.
Now that, I don't like.
It goes a little too far.
What do you know about narcotics?
Oh, nothing, sir.
I've read a little bit about it, but...
And you, baby?
Why dad, I haven't even read about it.
You see what I mean?
The effect of the commissioner's plan
will make the kids ask questions.
And god forbid they even use narcotics
because he's created an interest in it.
Well, I can't make the police
commissioner's meeting.
I've to be at the Better Music Society.
We have to be going.
Nice meeting you.
- Goodnight.
And children, behave.
Of course, mother.
Mother, you don't have to
worry about those kids.
The only problem children I know are
the ones that have problem parents.
That leaves us out.
Cheers, darling.
You sure you don't want to turn on?
No. With me it's strictly business.
You know, I knew a boy once
who gave himself a little fix.
And he dropped dead.
Just like that.
Man, you won't ever catch me
fooling around with that hard stuff.
One look at Doris and I'm
convinced to stay with reefers.
Well, just take it easy will you.
You'll stink up the upholstery.
We got together eighty bucks
to say our car will beat yours.
Covered, man.
Hey, that's a hundred-dollar bill.
Don't worry. I'm just
letting you hold it.
I got a better idea.
Why don't we join forces?
Sorry. I planned it my way.
About time you got here.
We have a jet change in the jugs.
Take a look at this swag man.
Hey, Tony.
You going to drive with this hearse?
Put your money where your mouth is.
- You tell 'em, Joan.
Hey Petey, take care of the car,
will you. I got business.
Man, are you going to drive this bomb?
- Yes.
Hurry up with this thing.
Jukey set me up for something
but I am still looking.
Well, you can stop looking.
As of now.
Don't tell me you are my connection?
I'm holding, man.
You got any complaints?
Let's play follow-the-leader, huh?
Hey Petey, don't take all
night with this thing, man.
Oh, are you going to race daddy's car?
Why don't you make like
bubblegum and blow, flat-top.
Oh, wow.
Hey man, what you got here?
A real live motor?
The great Tony Baker.
With egg on his face.
Let's stick to business.
How many joints you got to sell?
A hundred.
Only a hundred?
- Yeah.
And it will cost you a hundred.
Wait a minute, now. Now that's a
retail price. How do I make a profit?
I just wanted to see how hip you were.
I'm selling at seventy-five
cents apiece.
I always paid only sixty.
Yeah, well the price went up last night.
You see, the heat is on now.
I know I don't have to tell you what the
rap is for pushing stuff in this state.
Five years to life.
I know. I am all in tears.
Why not make it sixty-five and
I'll buy all the caps you got too.
Come down now, boy.
I'm not pushing hard stuff.
I'll just take my business
someplace else then.
You had better buy your
stuff from me, friend.
Mister A don't like to be bugged.
Now who sets it at seventy-five?
You or Mister A?
I'm just a travelling salesman.
I pick up, make deliveries
and collect my ten percent.
Now do you want it or do you want it?
- Okay.
Okay, I got no yen to bug Mister A.
I guess that what's good enough
for him is good enough for me.
You sure got the bread, brother.
There is a lot more too.
If you will just help me get some...
Some H, some coke and some goofballs.
It's like I told you, friend.
I just work here.
Why don't you spread the word
around that I need a supplier.
Why don't you advertise
in the newspaper?
Oh, now that's really funny.
- Yeah?
- I thought you'd like that.
What's the matter with this thing?
What you think's the matter?
It won't start.
Come on, guys. Push, will you.
One, two, three.
Tony. Come on.
You're holding up the action.
I got to check the wheels first.
- Okay, man.
Okay doll. Out.
Do you think I'm chicken
like the others? Let's roll.
Anything you say.
Faster, Tony. Faster.
Come on. Let's go!
Now, Tony. Now.
Oh Tony, this is crazy.
Let's make it exciting, honey.
Come on, we'll show 'em.
Get your foot off of there.
Step on it, Tony.
Who is driving a hearse now?
Tony, there's the fuzz.
Let's get out of here.
The fuzz. The fuzz.
Alright. Stay where you are.
This is nice.
Come on. Get out.
Come on, get in there.
Suppose you quit shoving.
- Suppose you keep your mouth shut.
Hey, Wyatt Earp.
Why not shoot it out with me?
Hey, the broads.
Look guys. Say nothing. Don't even
give the fuzz the right time of day.
Dig it, man. Dig it.
What you doing to me?
- Yes.
I do nothing to you, Mr Staples. Just...
- Don't apologise. The damage is done.
I'll sue for false arrest.
I'll have you thrown off the force.
- Take it easy, darling.
Take it easy.
You 2-bit heroes.
Making life miserable
for innocent children.
Why don't you go and
hunt real criminals?
We got a tip on this drag race.
But when we found the marijuana...
Well sir, that's a very serious charge.
I don't believe the kids
have touched the stuff.
File suit against the Commissioner
first thing tomorrow.
Mr Staples, let's get out of here.
Don't cry, darling. It will be alright.
You were figuring on clobbering him.
It would be the waste of a good punch.
You see, Staples is no exception.
The other parents will soon
be here jumping all over us.
Not my child? Oh no,
it's a horrible mistake.
They won't believe the truth
because they don't want to.
Until it's too late.
And then they will call us bums
because we didn't warn them in time.
Take care of this, will you.
Now, what's the score?
How come I am your client?
First, you should know the name
is William Remington Kane.
- Correct.
I remember reading about you.
Don't read so much. Wend your way home
with whatever rattrap you call your own.
How are you going to get
the judge to turn me loose?
I'll try to convince him it's
weak case against you.
That you come from a broken home
and all that a sort of claptrap.
I guess I got to thank Mr Staples
for having such a good lawyer?
Mr Staples? Dear me, no.
I'm merely acting
under instructions of...
Of an associate.
Now. Goodnight.
Don't play games with me, Kane.
I like your tailor but...
I still got to know who
my fairy godmother is.
Don't kid me, buster.
Surely you must know
I work for Mister A.
I want to see Mister A.
You want to climb up awful
fast, don't you sonny-boy.
Look man, I don't want
to cut in on your list.
I'm not interested in making
just a buck or a half-deal.
I want the hard stuff.
If you help me get it
I'll cut you in for half.
Man, look. I dig you see, but...
Man, you sure told off
the fuzz in the pokey.
You got some new admirers.
Can I help it if I'm charming?
You know, you could have
been hurt last night... or killed.
Look, I can get killed
crossing the street.
Now, excuse me, will you.
I have to go and see a man.
Tony... just a minute.
Why, you're not stupid.
There is no point in risking your life
just to be fawned on by a few teenagers.
I'm not risking anything. I can drive.
If you want I will give
you a demonstration.
How well can you drive when
you're hopped up with marijuana?
Now wait a minute.
It says someplace that a man is
innocent until he's proven guilty.
Marijuana was found near your car.
Look, the cops plant that stuff
all the time just to make arrests.
Alright. I've tried to help you.
I guess the only person that
can help you is yourself.
Wait a minute.
I will make a deal with you.
Why don't I come to your house
and we'll talk the whole thing over?
I'll even drink your tea.
No. I've suddenly run out of tea.
[ Doorbell ]
I left it open for you.
In a moment, honey.
Are you Mrs Dulaine?
- Yes.
Are you Tony's aunt?
Well I'm Arlene Williams,
his counsellor from school.
Oh yes.
Won't you come in?
- Thank you.
The house is in kind-of a mess.
Sit down.
Now, about Tony.
About you first.
Tony said he had a good-looking teacher.
Now, really.
- He was right.
Thank you.
Of course, every student feels
that way about their teacher.
Unless of course she has two heads.
I'll bet.
You know, the school usually arranges
these meeting with the parents, but...
Because of the seriousness
of the situation the other night.
I know all about it.
He was in the pokey on a bum rap.
Big deal.
Mr Robinson tells me we should
meet with the parents or the...
Guardians as soon as possible.
You mean you want me to squeal on Tony?
No sale.
Even if I had anything
to say I wouldn't.
You see, there is this
group at school and...
They seemed to have
formed some bad habits.
Look, Miss Dimpletoes...
If you people at the school
think that Vic and me...
Vick is my husband and
he is out of town on a job.
If you think we are raising a
juvenile delinquent, say it.
No, Mrs Dulaine, we don't...
- Don't doubletalk me.
You've got me pegged
as a no-good relative.
The only reason I came is...
- Come on, honey.
Don't draw diagrams with me.
I'm no idiot child.
I just don't believe all that
stuff the papers said about...
Wild reefer parties and fates worse
than death in the bushes at night.
I know Tony, even if he's only
been living here a short while.
He's almost a grown man who wants to get
a bang out of life just like you or me.
I think if Tony's interests
were channelled that...
There's nothing to channel.
He is healthy and normal and...
And full of fun.
You know what I mean too.
Don't say you never rode a hotrod or
had a late date on the second balcony.
Or maybe you haven't.
I think I had better go, Mrs Dulaine.
- Goodbye.
Hi, Arlene.
- Hello Tony.
What's wrong now?
I was just paying a little
call on your aunt.
I hope I haven't
inconvenienced Mrs Dulaine.
What have you two been
doing then, pulling hair?
Your teacher and I were fighting over
the custody of your body and soul.
Now I understand things better.
Cut the yakkety-yak, will you.
She has no personal interest in me.
Oh wake up, sonny-boy.
Your teacher has got a yen for you.
You're nuts.
And don't forget.
I really know you're not a baby.
Hmm. I have to go change.
I... I don't remember
inviting you in here.
I won't look.
What's cooking?
I'm going to the drag
to hear a new combo.
I'd like to hear them too.
I'll go with you.
Sorry, I got a date with Joan.
Forget her. Pay a
little attention to me.
No. Now. I'm lonely.
I found some marijuana cigarettes
when I cleaned your room today.
I wish you had.
We could sell them to the
weedheads at school.
Who are you kidding?
In that drawer under your handkerchiefs.
That's where I found them.
Skinny brown cigarettes.
Honey. Those are imported
short cigarillos.
If you don't like it...
I don't like being
brushed off all the time.
I could forget myself and say the
right things to the wrong people.
Well, if that's the way
the ball bounces.
Don't push me.
You had better tell the
Staples kid to drop dead.
Not tonight.
See you later.
Man, that swings.
Hey. Are you torching up?
Look, don't be a drag, kitten. We don't
want to get caught with a reefer again.
I've had enough of the
pokey and all of that jazz.
I'll get my kicks out of you.
Can I have the next waltz?
Will you join us for a drink?
No thanks. I never touch the stuff.
It's bad for us baseball players.
Come on, boy. We got five minutes.
You mean...?
- Uhuh.
The man wants to see you.
- Do you have to go, Tony?
Yes. It's some Wheeler & Dealer stuff
but it will only take about an hour.
Just stay here and keep
mellow for me, will you, kitten.
I must get some cigarillos
so I'll meet you by the door.
What a drag.
You bug this joint like a real L7.
Got the tools?
Up my sleeve.
- Uhuh.
But I don't know where
J.I. is taking me.
Do you like this combo?
Yeah, it's crazy.
Hello nephew of mine.
Didn't think I could make it, huh?
Later, Gwen. I'll be late.
- See, I can get a date if I want.
I don't have to come crawling, see.
Not good enough for you, huh?
You hear that, Billy-boy?
He says I'm not good enough.
He's got a schoolteacher.
Come on, Billy-boy.
This is an aunt?
Boy, she can chaperone
our next dance any time.
Come on.
- Any time.
This here is Bix.
You two will probably be
seeing a lot each other.
What are you picking up on, man?
Whatever you are putting out.
I'm just trying to play it cool.
That's the most, man.
Always play it cool.
Bix likes it cool.
Hi, Bix.
- Hi.
Close that door will you, Bix.
Doris don't feel so hot.
A tough little broad.
She still won't say yes.
Mister August.
I'd like you to meet Mr Tony Baker here.
You have already been apprised.
It's my sincere hope you two are going
to have a long, profitable friendship.
I've tried to tell that chick that
no hop-head ever becomes a lady.
It just ain't on the cards.
You're the new pusher?
- Well...
Put that drink down.
You know what alcohol
does to your system.
Well, it's my first one.
- Now look.
I pay you for a class family.
Upper class. Let's keep it that way.
Just lay off the booze.
Now get out.
Alcohol is murdering the system.
That Doris sure has something
wrong with her system.
You know her?
Yeah. She is a friend of Joan
Staples. Lives right next door.
She is sure all strung out with a habit.
I told her I'd give her a fix if she'd
join some girlfriends of mine.
A nice little home up state, but...
She wants to be a lady.
She is kicking it bad.
And she is cracking up.
It looks like she is ready to give.
J.I. tells me you are real good people.
You've been throwing your gold
around like you made it yourself.
I take a little, leave a little.
You hit Santa Bella like a tornado.
A big noise.
But, what else?
I've got four big ones
and I'm looking for junk.
Now they tell me that you can handle it.
If not... I'll connect down south.
Easy, boy.
Just because you're straight with the
low-balls don't mean you're good people.
Mister A always likes to make sure.
We had a Federal roper try to
ace himself in two years ago.
When we got through with him...
He was too wet to plow.
I checked on you personally.
You are good people.
Glad to know you, Baker-boy.
- Same here.
Just a little bit surprised to hear
that you got busted for using H.
Oh that. Well, I was just joy-popping.
I'm not a habit man.
Bix, give everybody a pop and...
See if the lady in the next room wants a
fix. That's if she's ready to cooperate.
Be my guest, Baker-boy.
Crazy-looking tools.
Nothing but the best.
After you, Baker-boy.
I forgot my cap.
- I told you to beat it.
Okay, okay. I'm going.
Have a ball now, hear.
Man, that's a good needle.
What about your pop?
I just gave you a final exam.
You passed.
Easy, Mister A.
I never took a fix and I never will.
I just wholesale to hop-head pushers.
If I ever took a shot and the big boys
heard about I'd be out of business.
Did you ever know a
hype you could trust?
The kids want it fine.
If they don't we get the other kids to
pass the word around they're chicken.
The more kids that get hooked,
the better for business.
But no junkie young or old will
ever get the bigtime rackets.
How come you let me have a shot?
Who said you were big time?
You're just a big customer.
Nothing more.
If you try to rat on me it's just
junkie's word against mine.
And me?
I'm a solid citizen. I am clean.
No marks.
You're going to wind up like
that chick in the other room.
What do you want to buy and how much?
Half a kilo.
It will cost you a lot of bread.
I'm ready.
Well, pay Bix and we'll
tell you when to pick it up.
No. First...
First, I see the stuff.
Then you get the bread.
Smart boy.
It's going to cost you
four big ones though.
The high cost of living.
You got his phone number?
We'll call you in about an hour and
tell you where to pick up the stash.
Later, man.
I'll drop you off at your wheels.
This way, sonny-boy.
- Hello, Mike.
As soon as Quinn called
I alerted everyone.
We've got Mister A's place
staked out by most of our men.
Quinn is staying on at the drag.
Watch yourself. This is a bad bunch.
Do you still want me to tape the buy?
Yeah, if you can.
How is Gwen behaving?
That 'aunt' bit is getting pretty rough.
Well. Good luck, Mike.
Thank you, sir.
You know, after this I will have
to take another training course...
To learn how to behave
like a human being again.
See you.
Crazy Mister A.
"I never took a fix and I never will."
"I wholesale to hop-head pushers."
What won't they think of next?
No bedroom should be without one.
What are you doing here?
I got tired waiting all by my lonesome.
Come here, Tony.
Joan, I didn't tell you
you could come here.
I've been hung up like a junior.
Look, what if my aunt comes home?
Who is this Mister A?
Why do you have to record it?
Don't you people trust anybody?
Jukey wouldn't trust me
for five stinking dollars.
You don't trust the
man that sells to you.
Who is this Mister A?
Lay off it. Lay off it, doll.
Be a big girl and stop goofing off.
Tony, I must be going deaf.
I thought I heard Tony Baker
say for me to stop blasting.
No more jokes.
Give me a joint.
Pretty please.
Something wrong, Daddio?
- Uhuh.
Yeah, now look.
Sorry, but I have business, honey.
Not now.
I know it's a drag but
I've got to cut out.
Aren't we even going to listen to
that cute little tape recorder?
That's just stuff I recorded in Chicago.
Well, let's call J.I.
and the other cats.
I'd like them all to listen
to that recorded jive.
We'll just have a ball.
Sure. Sure.
Look. I dig you. You stay here.
You stay put right here and I will
go and make a couple of calls.
I'll make a couple of calls.
And we'll have ourselves a real session.
Don't be too long.
- I won't.
[ Telephone ]
Yeah, this is Baker.
Hiya, Bix.
In half an hour? Good deal.
I will be there.
Hi. This is Tony Baker.
Look, I need your help.
What is this, a joke?
No, no. This isn't a gag.
You have just got to believe me.
I can't explain now.
Why should I believe you?
It is about Joan Staples.
Can you come over here right away?
Now Tony, just a minute. Let me think.
Look, the longer you think about
it the rougher it will be all round.
If you have ever believed in me
before now is the time to do it.
Okay. I'll leave the front door open.
Now, you've got to come over as fast
you can and try and keep Joan here.
I know I can trust you.
You have got to trust me.
Now wait a minute, Tony.
Look, it's late. I'm in bed.
Look, if you don't believe me
call Commissioner Burroughs.
Tony, I can't believe you.
Now please help me.
I haven't got time to talk any longer.
Just in time Tony-boy to have
a party with my old friend.
No, I'm in a rush.
- What's the matter?
My old friend here. My old friend.
What's your name, old friend?
Bill O'Flair. You know what I think?
I think I don't like this guy.
- What's the matter?
Is my old friend Billy-boy
not good enough?
Now look, sober up will you.
This is important.
Joan Staples is in my bedroom.
Look, you have got to keep her there.
This is important to Burroughs.
Joan Staples... in your room?
Now that's an insult.
Did you insult that little lady, huh?
I decided to pick you up, Baker.
We might not be able
to find our new drop.
I don't like a guy who
can't hold his liquor.
Don't give me that goody, goody stuff.
I'll have a good time when the time
is right and the time is right now.
Joan dear, listen.
You must control yourself.
Tony is a pusher. If I find a reefer
you'll not stop me from blasting.
I can try.
- You had better not.
Well now.
What's this, a class reunion?
What are you two doing here?
Go on, get out. Both of you.
I mean, you don't give the orders here.
After all, we're not in the school room.
Please J.I. give me a joint.
I've just got to have a blast.
I asked you before, baby.
What you doing here?
- Leave her alone.
Sorry, but you don't want to get hurt.
I said, leave her alone.
- After she tells us some things.
No. Not you, not Jukey.
Not even Mister A.
What's that you said, kitten?
You mean about... Mister A?
Yeah, I mean about Mister A.
What do you know about him?
- You'll not get away with this.
Shut up.
Well I ask you, what do
you know about him?
I am thin, J.I. Real thin.
Buy me a stick from Jukey
and maybe I'll tell you.
One stick.
Joan. Joan, please don't.
Now who told you about Mister A?
Tony is a very close friend of Mister A.
Even though he doesn't trust him.
Yeah? What does that mean in American?
I mean if you trust someone, do you
always take along a small tape recorder?
To check the deal that you make?
You know something, Joanie?
I don't believe you.
What are you doing?
Okay, the party is over.
I want my father.
Please god, where is my father?
I don't want them to hit me anymore.
Everything will be alright now.
Hey, Tony.
We can use you on the team if
it doesn't sound too square for you.
Try me a little later will you, Steve.
I might be ready for you.
Are you looking for a table?
Sorry. But we changed the reservations.
Come on.
Get lost.
Where is the bread?
Where is the stuff?
- It's here.
Pay the man.
Four Gs?
For half a kilo.
Over Bix's right shoulder
there is loose brick.
Which one?
You... sure play it careful.
You just got yourself the
best heroin on the market.
I know. That's why I came to you.
Let's have that again.
Yeah, I'm telling you.
Thanks man. I got you.
Did you get him in time?
You sure?
Alright, kid.
Roll up those sleeves.
Roll 'em.
Help him, Bix.
Bix. Tell the band
to play a loud number.
Now why don't we make a deal?
One wrong move and I won't
wait for the loud music.
Don't move.
Walter Burroughs said if I needed
any help I could depend on you.
I'm Quinn from the police department.
Sure. What's the deal?
Get your boys together and we will...
Look, the police know I'm here.
So, it would mean a murder rap for you.
Selling means life.
What's the difference?
Hold it!
Hit the lights.
"You have just seen an authentic
disclosure of conditions."
"Which unfortunately exist in
some of our High Schools today."
"But now Arlene teaches in a school that
cleansed itself of its ugly problem."
"Joan confines her smoking
to ordinary cigarettes."
"Gwen's problem is also solved."
"Her husband came home."
"For some of the people in our
story didn't have a happy ending."
"Mister A and Bix are
serving five years to life."
"J.I. and his boys are
in reform school."
"But the job of policemen
like Mike Wilson..."
"Will not be over until this insidious
menace to the schools of our country."
"Is exposed and destroyed."