Highway Dragnet (1954) Movie Script

See taken?
- Reserve. - For who?
a guy who smiles
- how's this
A long time between
smiles as if this.
For I come from a
million laughs on day. Beer.
Freshen that up.
I'm not here for that.
just rental for the school
but your line was to?
- real estate. - Around here?
Korea. Things
are booming there.
I got this a long time between smile.
oh yeah
- several last week
what you can do?
- oh I don't know.
I can make a lot of noise with a bazooka
I mean a flamethrower
a real close friends.
Salary reasonable will travel.
Delivery on you?
- Yeah, my suitcase.
There's a get a little
lonely at night? - Sometimes.
What do you do?
- I collect these.
Combat medals. - A bravery in action.
- If I didn't have a date tonight I'd be...
you know you do well.
I always do well I always went by
and made fashion model in New York.
Fashion model?- Youbeth. Is my
picture on the wall when I was Milan.
You were really beautiful then.
What do you mean then?
- I'm sorry I didn't mean it that way.
I don't like cracks like that.
From it comes like you before.
Think you're gonna saw the lake?
- Look, this but I said I was sorry.
Stop everybody's looking at you
- enough hey don't look at me
Thank you.
I keep that one where it is
and get the other hand up with it.
What's the big idea?
I won't call the hood of the
car and put your arms across it.
Move fella.
It's hot. - Yeah there's
gonna get hotter. Now.
Look, I want to know what
this is all about, I don't get it.
It's clean.
- Hold out your hands.
I don't know what
this is all about I said.
Look, do you want to do this
easy way or the hard way fella?
All right, I get in.
We're gonna play this
game again sometime.
Cool as a breeze.
I was going someplace
that I get the law?
Then why the pickup?
You the boss here?
Yeah. Joe White Eagle.
Lieutenant Las Vegas police. - These
characters act like I'm a secret weapon.
I don't like being pushed around.
Why letting me see
your papers sergeant?
Papers, please.
- I'm not going any.
Henry. James Henry.
Separated last week.
Silver star, Bronze star with a cluster.
Very good record.
- ESCO there were this.
u-haul in everybody to pass it
through his lousy tongue?
I'm a very good
likeness is it.
And I was a Marine myself.
This reminds me of you only
they say this one's a lot tougher.
What a pinch, lieutenant?
Great branch the Marines.
Oh, you're not pinched James.
I thought you could help us.
Got a funny way
of asking for help.
Why and answering a few questions?
- Let's get it over with, I'm in a hurry.
Where were you at 3:00 this morning?
- In Vegas with a friend.
We found your friend.
Why did you kill
her? - Huh.
Hey I didn't kill her,
I didn't even know.
What a partender and
15 witnesses say you did.
So I walk into Baba and sit
down on the stool next to her.
You picked her up
your drank with her.
You made a pass she got mad.
- I didn't make a pass, she was loaded
I shut her up.
- You shut her up all right,
with a stripe
around her throat.
You're not gonna put a
murder rap on me.
I didn't kill her and I
can prove it. - How?
I already told you I
was in Vegas last night with a friend
Who? - Paul barthlemy
captain, we had a date in town.
Why? - She's
a buddy, that's why.
We were together from
midnight till 6:00 this morning.
- The sunset hotel.
Why don't you check it.
I got a problem he
was helping me with.
It you've got a problem all right.
45 service automatic government property
- it's a souvenir.
So all right I'll pay the fine.
So the shirts got bloodstains on it, I
fell on the bushes getting off the truck.
one khaki service shirt,
fifth and six buttons missing
- lieutenant sunset hotel
Yes. Oh yes.
Bartlett. - Paul C.
Paul C. Bartlett. Captain.
US army captain.
Yes... yes
thank you
both sleeves torn blood on
left sleeve...
What about the call?
you should have burned the shirt
What about captain Bartlett?- There's
nobody by that name registered last night.
Well of course why didn't I think of it.
He's not using his own name
he's on some security thing, classified.
What name was he using?
I don't know.
Where can we reach?
- I can't reach him right now.
I'm gonna meet him
before 9:00 in the morning.
Why don't you stop lying.
You didn't know the girl, a
lie, you didn't fight with her, a lie.
You tore your shirt
on the bushes a lie.
you spent the night
with a buddy a lie.
It's the truth, I did.
- And why did we find this
bracelet in her
bedroom under her body?
Yeah it's yours.
- Now just a minute.
Johanssen gainst the wall
You to.
Get those feet out.
First guy that moves
gets a gun full of let.
Now dead heroes, Ben.
Hold it Ben, not yet.
All right!
Of all a fool look. - Do you think we
could have found the trouble by now.
Maybe I should just a
cobbler. - Good, do it.
I don't know which
one of these gadgets it is.
Susan we've got
to get this car started.
I'm sorry mrs. Cummings but I
don't know anything about these things.
Maybe we ship them
a ride back to LA State.
I told you before we're not going
back to Las Vegas we hadn't the time.
Tyger, stop it
Turn on the charm
make him help us.
Don't try to get it where I'll shoot.
You know anything about loaders,
we've been here for hours.
What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Stick Greece.
- I knew it looks good.
I'm gonna take it off anyway
How about it take
a look at the engine?
Say, did you people see a police car
go by here fast? - No officer, we haven't.
How long have you been
here? - About two hours.
We'd still be stuck here if there's...
- Somebody step on the starter.
Well, we thought you
might be moving. - Okay, thanks.
They better get
a leash on that dog.
Shall I start the car now?
- Just a second.
The offices right mr. Cummings, we should
have Tiger on the leash. Do you have it?
Well no, I thought you did.
Okay, now start it up.
Susan I'm sure he's
gonna ask us for a ride.
Not hope don't.
- Think it's a good idea.
That should do it.
What do you want me rock back?
- You've been very kind, but we...
What is proud you too much?
And we're very grateful to what
you've done but you see we...
Tyger! Tyger!
Let me take care of them.
We're on our way to Apple
Valley to take pictures of the hotel.
Oh. You're a professional photographer?
No, no, not me, mrs.
Cummings. I'm just her model.
I mean, like in Vogue and Hoppers?
- All the tops Lex.
It wouldn't have happened if
Tigar would been on his leash.
I can't imagine what happened to him.
- Don't talk about it, it's too late now.
I keep thinking maybe I lost it
Was I the last one to know now...
You took him walking. - I don't
want to hear any more about it.
I asked you to stop it,
so stop it. I'm sorry Susan.
That's all we find on it.
That's all we need.
Dog tags, ribbon, feed, more colors.
- You'll arrest the big
Then get the snap
out on the wires
and make sure it gets
out to the paper. - All right.
Do you think
he made the state line?
He didn't get these
for stubbing his toe.
Better call the border
stations anyway. - Right.
Unit 14 f3 to control one.
I'll break it up then we've
got everything we need. - Check.
Go ahead, 14 f3.
White Eagle I got the
serial number on James Henry.
- 8-9-1-4-6-3.
Right.Put it out on a
teletype to the Navy Department.
I'll buy this car back
to town.
You better call your wife
when you get home. - What's up?
Trip to California.
Teletype Barstow tell them we're
on a hot pursuit, might need their help.
Why don't we stop somewhere
and get a bite to eat.
We didn't even get any
breakfast we left so early.
Sit anywhere folks.
Service is quicker at the counter.
- We'll sit there.
So hungry I could eat a horse.
So am I.
She must be pretty
upset about the dog.
Belly part of it, she
lost your husband last year.
Circumstances were rather
shocking. - What'll it be folks?
Hi boys.
- Oh, sorry.
Hey, why the work clothes
I thought you were both off.
We're all four rockers to
be out to eat like this, right Harry?
You know they caught us in
from a fishing trip up at me. - Ha, ha.
Just to keep tabs on you baby.
Ha, ha, if you be a couple
of smart cups, you can do that.
Sign yet? - Hamburgers, three.
- Maybe I don't want to have it.
Hey fella. You don't
want a hamburger neither.
Way not?
- Heartburn.
What do you mean heartburn?
Might 100 hamburgers two years
ago. Never been the same since.
He wouldn't know a
good burger but bit him.
It's not he's just peed
because I called him back to work.
Well, would you be out chasing some
character just hundred and twenty degrees heat?
Surge you're right.
I wish I know who
it was I'd warn him.
This boy don't warn Sally.
All he can understand is a gun.
May we have the
hamburgers, please? - Okay.
Three hamburgers
on another planet.
Because commies your Hamburg.
Worried about.
- Maybe we better go.
I'm starved.
Could you wrap those hamburgers
miss, we need them on the road.
Okay, mister.
What are you guys gonna have?
Omega burger's, hurried up with you
we gotta check with the watch commander.
So just why did they
call you guys back from leave.
They got a one out. - Some guy
murdered the Dame up in Vegas and escaped.
Heading this way?
No. The only sure way
he's headed is to the morgue.
Don't let that be a lesson to you.
- You're gonna teach me a lesson?
Just don't be picking up any
hitchhikers on your day off, you understand?
And what this Dame didn't
got a strap around her neck.
Maybe I'd better go and
see if mr. Cummings is alright.
How do you feeling?
- Oh I'm all right.
Sorry I'd have been such a nuisance.
- I want to talk to you alone.
Anything wrong? - The police are
looking for someone from Las Vegas.
They are?
- Someone strangled a woman.
With a strap.
They said it was a hitchhiker.
Jim's a hitchhiker. Why
don't we leave him here?
What about his bag?
- I'll take it to him.
Keep the change.
- Hey, fella!
I want to talk to you for a minute.
What about? - Harry and I've been playing
at Colonel white stores not to scare the ladies.
this is pretty serious
I wouldn't think I've been a hit checker
said whatever you Spacely fits a marine.
I'll watch it.
- And driving long? - Chicago.
Chicago. Hey Harry.
He's from Chicago.
You should have brought Sally
some that good Eastern beef.
I don't know what to tell.
- For heavens sake Susan,
you'll be out in a minute, this
is no time to get sentimental.
It's not that. I just...
- He'll find it here. Put it down.
In a car. Quick.
Looking for this?
I've told you this
was my sister's car.
Open the back end.
- Look all you gotta do is call.
We will. - Open the
back end will you, please?
Any fruits plants
or seeds? - No.
Would you mind putting that on
the rack and open the trunk for me?
huh mrs. Cummings we'll have to check
the certificate of ownership ma'am
Would you mind taking it in
the office? - Of course not officer.
I've never had to show the
certificate of ownership before.
it's the strat killer
missus I'd almost forgot
What's all this marine
stuff doing in here?
I'll take it from
the air. - Right.
What are you doing
with a Marine uniform?
I am a Marine. The general
gets awful mad when I don't wear.
What are you doing in civvies then?
- When I'm off-duty he don't mind.
Where'd you spend last night?
What is this manga, quiz program?
Answer the question.
- In Vegas with a lady friend,
and I got an empty
wallet to prove it.
Your lady friend alive when you left her?
- She wasn't even alive when I was with it.
Hey Steve! Vegas
police on the phone.
Better come along.
- Now wait a minute Mac.
I'm due back at Pendleton the generals
gonna be awful sore if I don't show up.
Come on.
This is okay. Step away.
Yeah. I'll be right you.
Yeah, we're checking on the marine
now. - Tell him I got to get back to town.
I'll talk to you in a minute.
May is see your driver's license, please
Yeah, what's that again,
about the pictures.
Yeah. Yeah, get them
down to as fast as you can.
The description we got
could fit a million guys.
I'll let you know, all right.
I still can't find it. I know
it's somewhere in my prayers.
House only one thing to do.
When you're traveling it seems
everything winds up in your purse.
Yes, ma'am.
- I wasn't expecting this.
I've never shown my
car certificate before.
Is these something new? - No, ma'am,
Vegas police is looking for someone.
Thought they might
try to cross the state line.
See how they could
with all you officers are.
On it's been done.
We're human we make mistakes.
Here we are.
You're mrs. H. G. Comings? - Yes.
- Who the other occupants of your car?
Miss Susan well when she works for me
And the gentleman? - James
Johnson does he work for you too?
Look Mac I'm in a hurry
Who isn't? - I gotta
get back to camp ending...
Take it easy. Nobody
crosses the state line
until we're satisfied
with their identification.
That'll be all mrs. Cummings.
Thank you very much. -Thank you.
Look Mac, what about me?
Yeah. Yeah, what's that?
Yeah. Yeah. Look,
I'll call you right back.
Hold that car!
you could get in a lot
of trouble without this,
at your California visitors per minute
if you stay in the state over 30
days you have to buy California plates.
just got a call from Vegas on that
want he might have gotten this far.
Well, if he has been
carrying contaminated food
that's your problem not
mine. - I don't know
Ever get contaminated about 45.
You remember when you
came out of the lunchroom
you found your your
bag outside the car?
Yes. You know what
was then? - No.
I was killer and we
were trying to get away.
What made you change your mind?
Well, you couldn't be guilty and possibly
get past all those officers could you
I'm sorry.
You play tennis?
- Tennis?
Yes, the tennis court the
swimming pool of the hotel.
Thanks but I've got a very
important date tomorrow.
Sounds like a matter
of life and death.
You still mad?
No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
I'm still got to try to change
your mind we'll get to the end.
Not a man driving?
Looks like a man and
two women to me.
Thanks for the litmus coming.
- That's quite all right.
Sorry I couldn't
convince you.
Are you sure you won't stay?
Well, maybe for an hour or so.
Maybe ice cream up
a few more convinces
and change that hour
is so Tuesday as though.
I'm afraid not.
But thanks anyway.
Well ate forever. - Oh, Susan.
- I'll be there in a minute.
I see you later.
Two more to set up beach
bag convicted bill a few minutes.
Flew to the truck. - How you deliver
the papers on the way I don't press.
I guess I left the end before I go
and check that man out to women.
A paper to Mrs. Cummings.
Cottage number 23.
Now, hurry, hurry.
Hey, let me help you.
A for effort.
Did you say something
Ankles trim, legs, hmm...
waist 20 plus 34.
What does the girl have?
What are you muttering about?
I'm just taking inventory.
- Inventory of what?
Inventory of what... Susan you're
as white as a sheet. What's the matter?
You hadn't read the whole story.
The one that was murdered
was Terry Smith. The same Terry Smith.
The same little tramp
that Harold killed himself over.
You've got to call the police.
Susan you're not listening. But
don't you know what that would mean?
They find out about
my husband and Terry
After all I went through
to keep it quiet.
The whole filthy mess
would come out in the open
just because of
that little tramp.
Whoever killed that
creature deserves a medal.
But if we don't call the police,
he might murder someone else.
Had you thought about me Sue's?
I was in Las Vegas last night.
I had every reason to
wish that woman dead.
This the whole
thing comes out.
I... I just couldn't stand it. I
couldn't face that I couldn't.
They might even try to
connect me with the killing.
But they couldn't possibly
believe a thing like that in you.
There's no telling what people will
think when things like this come out.
This doesn't have to come out.
I'm the only one beside yourself who
knows about mr. Cummings and Terry.
You're right Susan.
I'm the only one who
could connect you with her now.
Yes you are, ain't you? - And I promised
you that I won't mention it to anyone.
You're wrong.
- Of course not.
I know you didn't kill Terry and the
rest of it is none of their business.
All right Susan.
We'll call police.
- Hang up that phone!
I'm sorry I have to get you in deeper.
The police have set up a roadblock.
I'd stay here for a while.
- Please, go away.
I'll leave as soon as I can.
Just a minute.
We shouldn't have done that.
Whoever it is get rid of him.
Mrs. Cummings, guess what?
I just received this
wire from Trick magazine.
They'll take our picture layout
if we give to them by next week.
You do think you can make it in
time don't you? - Sure. - Oh, good, good.
Now, all we got... oh I don't
think we've met. - Jim Johnson,
Mrs. Cummings assistant.
- How do you do Jim?
Now, everything is all
set up out of the pool.
Isn't it wonderful
about trip magazine?
Could we start right
away? - We're ready.
No we're not. We have several
things to check mrs. Cummings.
What things Jim? - We got some
homeless to fill mrs. Cummings.
I filled them all
before you came.
Did you check the flash
guns too mrs. Cummings?
Of course she did, I helped it.
To better check him again.
Guns are funny.
Sometimes they go off.
Now would you mind helping us
with some of this equipment
Oh, well, sure, sure.
- Be glad to dad.
I'll see you at the
Pope. - Yeah, uh, yeah.
Strapped killer, huh. Well, he
certainly looks like a criminal.
I can spot him like that.
You know, you sure
got beautiful equipment.
Mr. Carson.
Oh, you forgat the telegram.
Oh, yeah, thanks thanks.
I'll see you outside the pool.
Don't ever try
anything like that again.
You've trapped
yourself haven't you?
I don't know.
You can't stay here, and I on you don't
dare go to the pool. What are you going to do?
I'm gonna take a
chance and shoot pictures.
I hope that's all I shoot.
Mr. Carson?
- Yes?
Sergeant Barnett,
Las Vegas poice
Working the California
police special keys.
Whar can I do
for you sergeant?
That's a free Ford convertible girl been
here while ago two women man driving.
Oh, yes that was mrs.
Cummings, our photographer
and a couple of people
have worked with her.
He'll vouch for them?
- Certainly.
Ever seen him before?
Let's see.
Of course,
now I remember.
He's the strap killer.
- You've seen him?
- Where?
In the afternoon paper,
he's pictures on the front page.
I have mad time to read it
Hey, wait a minute. You don't think
you'll find him around here, do you?
I don't know. I'm not familiar
with the habits for a strap killer.
Well, then thing we can do to
help we'll be too happy to cooperate.
I like to check your hotel register
on the way out, then I'll be on my way.
Oh, by all means,
come along now.
O-ho, here comes a photographer.
We got to take some very
important pictures.
I wonder if you would mind boy
at the office will help you out?
Sure thing. Thanks a
lot mr. Carson. - Sure.
I hope you don't think I'm trying
to tell you your business mrs. Cummings
but for our efforts I do think that the
first shot from be from right around here.
Now, you come over here
honey, well here the diving board.
I've got a swell spot for you,
get right out here and sit down
and face this way turn
your head over this way
and smile now that's it
over this way a little farther,
isn't this a wonderful shock mrs Comings,
I think it's just wonderful.
Smile little more a little more
that's it there's no funeral you know
come on bigger smile that's it.
Oh, I completely forgot.
The life preserver. I had a
repainted especially for you.
Publicity you know
it's in the office.
Oh, say, this is just
wonderful, wonderful.
This might even make the front cover.
If you don't mind may I
I'm a camera bug too, you know?
Of course, I haven't got the
kind of equipment that you have.
Would you like to use one
of my cameras mr. Carson?
You know I was trying
to hope you'd ask me that?
Get a 4x5 mm motor out
of the casing mr. Carson.
don't know 4x5 here
When mr. Carson can use this one.
Just a minute.
Just want to make sure
you have the right film.
Certainly. Wonderful to
work with professionals.
Ah, now, now let's see,
now, don't tell me, don't tell me.
Don't forget to pull slide mr. Carson.
hold yes I know, I know, I know, I know, I
know you have to pull the slide to get the picture.
Yeah Anything the matter mr. Carson?
I don't think I can
hold this pose much longer.
Would you hurry it
up we got a lot to do.
Did you pull the slide mr. Carson?
You forgot the life preserver.
You know, the one
you had specially painted.
With the name of the
hotel on it in your office.
Office, yeah. Oh, yeah, as office. Huh that
just reminds me I've got to go to the office.
Aporater, please hurry,
this is a matter of life and death.
Lieutenant why they are.
- This is mr. Carson at the end.
The strap killer, he's here.
A little louder please mr. Carson.
- The trap killer, he's here.
Cut him on this. Yes, yes.
put this on the air - roadblock 2.
Now just keep calm mr. Carson,
do exactly as I tell you
and no one will be hurt.
Hold it just a moment.
Tell the boys on roadblock 2- to put
a barrier across the hotel entrance
and hold it until we get there.
hello mr. Carson I'll
just listen carefully.
The man is armed
and dangerous.
If you can warn your guests
without arousing his suspicions do so.
If he attempts to leave and you could delay
him without endangering yourself do that.
But under no circumstances
take any chances.
Yes, yes we'll be there
very quickly mr. Carson.
This trap killer he's out
of pool. - Trap killer?
And please, don't get
excited, everything's under control.
I'll call the police
they'll be here soon.
The strap killer, mr. Strauss!
Get up.
Come on over there.
Faces to get back at the Sikh
Radios are shot.
Get up the hotel use her phone.
hello pasto this is special unit 14 f3
suspect just crash roadblock 2.
Heading south at highway 18.
Notify all units.
Alert roadblock 4. Repeat.
Alert roadblock 4 to intercept suspect.
Warning. Suspect has two
female hostages riding with him.
Fill it up and hurry.
- Buenos dias, senor.
Hey, some bad wreck.
I do worry to repair work.
I just want some gas. Hurry it up.
- I make a special deal for you.
I said hurry it up.
Can't you make it any faster?
Not with my old friend.
But after tomorrow she arrests.
Tomorrow morning you punks.
Jaime remiel Jeremy's mother so much
what these are some banana yeah. (?)
Hey, hurry up boy.
But senor, would make
some more. - Istance enough.
Get that chunk out
of my way. - Relax buddy.
Hey Pete what do I
do, wait for last week?
I said move it over.
Okay buddy.
I lay that rig across the road.
He shut up my toilet.
What are you going to do?
Put some water in the radiator.
- We only have a little water left.
Don't let the motor die.
- If you use that water, what about us?
Right now the car's more immportant.
Soon we've got to do something.
- We can't do anything.
Keep your foot on the
Don't let the motor die.
Uses the water we might die
out here, don't you understand?
We can't do right now.
- ?
Don't you understand, all you have
to do is pull it down and step on the gas.
- Yes, yes!
Before I move.
Running back? - Yes.
What do you think he's
going to do to us? Hurry.
It's cooling off.
He hasn't asked both luck for he.
- Hasn't come back this way.
So... he must have left the road
somewhere between this point and roadblock 4.
And the space of Phi in my
house he's vanished into thin air.
Into the desert.
Drove off one of those washes.
- Behind a check tonight.
We can wait. If we don't
get him, the desert will.
We're stuck. I need some help.
I said, I need some help.
Get out.
Please mrs. Cummings.
Aren't you proud of yourself?
Nothing will happen
to her, come on.
Guess we'd better will love
the blind of a fat dress.
When I say rocket, rocket.
Harder! Rocket harder!
Get some brush and
put it under the wheels.
Why we catch our breath first?
I get it.
That's enough.
You get the wheel.
You get up on the side.
Okay, let's go!
Keep in moving.
Hanny, stop!
Hanny, stop!
He is murder.
- Leave it.
Isn't still a human being
and you just say hi.
What are you thinking? That I
don't care about a human life?
Why'd you say that? - Please
mrs. Cummings, you're upset.
You're another than,
aren't you? - No.
I... I don't know.
I'm confused.
You read the papers.
- They can sometimes be wrong.
He was there.
- Summer week.
I was there that's what
you're really thinking isn't it.
But I had a motive.
If we ever get away from here
I'll tell the police to help save them
that's what you're thinking,
isn't? - I don't know what to think.
We've been
through a lot on I am upset.
I can't think maybe pipe addressed.
- Why don't you go to the car.
I am sorry Susan.
I'll be there in a minute.
Mrs. Cummings!
Mrs. Cummings!
Why did you let her take the car?
I could wring her neck
Why did not have straps?
I don't blame her
for doing what she did.
The poor woman's hysterical
you treated me the way you did.
She doesn't know
what she's doing.
I have you since I had
gone with it. - Why didn't you?
Because I happen to
be trying to help you.
I guess I'm supposed
to say I'm sorry.
Sorry for what? For being
a kidnapper, a murderer?
For bringing us out
here in the desert to die?
What are you gonna do?
- We gotta get that car. Come on.
Mrs. Cumings!
Mrs. Cumings!
Mrs. Cumings!
Mrs. Cumings!
What if Mrs. Cumings!?
- What about her?
You gotta find her,
she can't be very far.
Look it's getting darker. We better
get this car fixed and get out of here.
Believe it?
I thought you said anybody this
far out in the desert alone would die.
She knew that
before she took the car.
You better leave the both of
us here cuz I'm gonna find her.
Tthere's only one
way we can find them.
We have all to see
this from wherever she is.
Can't do any more.
It's warmer up here.
Yeah. Ah-a.
Give me that location
again, will you?
W9, error, I got it.
Yeah rice. I'll let
you know. Thanks.
Something hot? - Yeah, fire right
out in the middle of the desert.
Fire? You'd be crazy
light a fire out there.
It's like signaling.
Send a helicopter
out there, will you Ben?
I didn't kill a Susan.
I didn't even know her.
All I did was buy
her a drink. One drink.
And for 65 cents I bought a
martini mixed with dynamite.
The cops dragged me in at
all the questions and answers.
You can usually figure two and two
make four, but their arithmetic scared me.
That dynamite
went offline got panicky.
I had the same
feeling once before.
I was in a foxhole.
The whole world
seemed to explode.
Had to get out.
I got a medal for fighting
my way out of that one.
I can fight my way out of this group.
I didn't kill Iran I can prove it.
I spent the night in
Vegas for the friend.
Paul Bartlett army engineer
And the wonders with a slide rule.
You see I own a home.
Pretty nice place, overlooks the
Salton sea from any room in the house.
The only trouble is it
setting in four feet of water.
Mom used to say we owned a five
room house seven when the tides out.
Paul thinks he
might be able to save it.
Something about lifting
the foundation panel.
I'm supposed to meet
them at the house... in the morning.
He's on some
kind of secret duty.
Can't even use his own name.
That's why the police couldn't
check me out in Vegas.
If I miss him... I've been a lot of
trouble before I can prove anything.
You know when a
mortar shell hits a target.
You don't have to
look twice to know it.
It gets falling the
most the same thing.
You don't have to look twice.
Guess I better
get the car fixed.
Have it running in a few minutes.
Mrs. Cumings. - Susan
I'm so terribly sorry
for what I did running
away and leaving you.
You don't seem particularly
glad to see me Susan?
It's not that. I'm just a
little bit surprised, that's all.
Is he here?
- Yes he sticks in the car.
So worried... you
alone with... murderer.
Nothing's happened to me.
- I'll never forgive myself.
It's been horrible out here alone
thinking of what I'd done to you.
I hope you understand I... I never
would have left you, it's only though...
Well, Jim had the car ready.
when I saw the fire
whether to come back or not.
After what I did to Jim, I
know what he might do to me.
If Jim made violence coming.
Yeah. Yeah.
Sure thing. Copter pilot.
It is, huh?
No, no, no thanks,
that won't benecessary.
- Did he land?
Yeah, fire still burning,
nobody's there.
Tire collected nakita car heading west.
Who knows. Tire
tracks heading west huh.
Spot that fire again.
w9. - And where did
he leave the highway?
Right here. - I'll extend the
line west through those two points.
Where do you come out?
Solvency. What are you getting it?
Probably a Navy Department
report on sergeant James Henry
gives his last known
address as the Salton sea.
Maybe's making his way home
they wouldn't catch him there.
Could I see that
address please?
The only thing you'll find here
is fish. the place is flooded out.
This is far as I go.
You can pick up the main highway
by going back about a mile and turning left.
And take it right
back to the hotel.
There's a sheriff's
office in Mecca.
What are you doing here?
Brougt you this.
- I don't need that.
I believe you.
But, you dont believe me.
Is that a house?
- Yeah.
Is water deep?
This is the kitchen.
I'm gonna get any
cookie not even salad.
What a worthless?
wWell there's the stove
looks pretty rusty right now.
I can do something
about that.
We probably got some
fish in the icebox already.
What is it?
Situation normal-
Brass fouled me up-
when you read this tomorrow,
I'll be gone yesterday!
Sorry- see you sometime, I hope...
What is it Jim?
It's like I got up on the
wrong side of the world.
You're under arrest. Hold your
hands where I can see them.
Got a gun miss of
45 automatic. Does he still have it?
Yeah, I still got it.
Without stepping
between us miss,
take his gun from him
and put it on the sink.
But officer I can prove
that he's innocent.
Do what he says.
But you gotta listen to me. I know
more about this than either of you.
We'll talk after the
guns are at the sink.
Where's the other lady?
That's what I
wanted to tell you about.
Her husband...
dead women.
Jim, come, he will drown.
Let him drown.
He drowned after he shot
you both resisting arrest.
Both? - What
else can I do?
You might hit before.
- Please, you must help me.
You'll kill that ladi.
- Jim, please, help me.
You kill her, didn't you?
- No. I didn't.
... don't go, come back.
Yes, I did that. I kill her.
Where did you kill her?
- Back in Las Vegas. In bedroom.
How? - With the leash.
The dog's leash.
I kill her with Tigers leash.
My husband shot himself
because of what she did to him.
Picked on me.
How did you please
you've gotta help.
You figured if they found
me dead you'd be free.
Don't go away, please wait!
You can't go down any further.
There's concrete underneath.
With going homicide charges
sergeant, we heard a confession.
A couple of other
minor items, like kidnapping
grand theft auto
and escape,
the other property
mother of thing.
Hod on, Ben.
Get in the car you.
Like guys got a list of ponies
against ... low.
We're gonna lose our
principal witness Ben.
My wife can't testify
against her husband. - Way?
You know Joe, some days I get
awful tired of the intercom.
You know things may be a little
tough before we get the place fixed up.
How tough can they be little
swimming pool in every room.