Highway Society (2000) Movie Script

I'm really hungry this morning.
One egg and juice may not be enough.
You were hungry last night, too.
I have to make the most of it
while you are still here.
Don't get me wrong, Jack.
I can't manage here alone.
Maybe I'll sell the business.
It's no place for a woman on her own.
Don't worry about it.
Live for the moment.
That's all that counts.
A beautiful car you have there.
It seems to be having a bad day.
The engine is overheated.
You're probably quite right.
But that's your smallest problem,.
I think it's the water pump.
OiI and water, a bad mix...
You need a new thermostat.
Maybe a new cylinder head.
- I just want to get the car going.
They have a brunch at 13:30.
On Sylt, with champagne and caviar.
They have to settle for a curry wurst.
We should have taken the Mercedes.
Remember that this vehicle
once belonged to the Windsors.
The Queen of England
was chauffeured in this coach.
Think he's the
right man to handle it?
If I remove the thermostat
you might make it to Hamburg.
Excuse my attire.
I was still busy in bed.
You say it's the thermostat?
- Yes.
I'd be grateful
if you took care of it right away.
My chauffeur will gladly assist you.
Good morning.
- Hi.
How long will it take?
- Wait in the car.
It'll be fixed.
It's so stuffy in the car.
I need fresh air.
Fresh air? This hardly qualifies.
Off to the sea?
- Yes, to Sylt.
It's none of his business, Elisabeth.
- Mother...
Excuse me.
I didn't catch your name.
- Jack. I didn't catch yours either.
Mr. Jack,
we appreciate your concern, -
but the sooner you start the sooner
we can leave you to your...
It's okay. Just a little car trouble.
Is there a bathroom I could use?
- Go there.
I can't believe it.
- There's one inside. You can use it.
It's all right. She'll show you.
Is that your dog?
- Nobody's.
He does what he wants.
We're going, Elisabeth!
Nice of you to help us.
- Well, it's my job.
It'll get you to Hamburg.
I know a top garage there.
Got a pen?
- Yes.
Give him whatever
you think is fair.
Keep it.
No charge for first time customers.
Borchertstrasse. Ask for Wolfgang.
Thanks, pal.
- Straight ahead and to the right.
You look beautiful.
- I like to watch you work.
You're so young and strong.
Is that how you dress in Korea.
- When I was a girl.
I brought you a drink.
- Thanks.
Customers. Call me if you want more.
- I'll be finished soon any way.
My associate called
about 1976 Citroen hubcaps.
I've been expecting you.
They're in top condition.
- They seem fine.
Where is this from?
- An artist made it. Great, huh?
- Bruno!
I'm familiar with his work.
I knew you'd end up a junkyard dog.
- Bruno and Popo.
Hold on, Popo!
- What?
Go to the car and clean up.
He wanted to kill me!
- You'll get your chance. Go!
Go on!
So we meet again.
I had no choice.
- No choice?
Cops were every where.
I had to save myself.
I already had their money.
Imagine how I looked.
Double-crossed by a two-bit punk.
Me? Your contact bolted
when it got sticky.
The truck was located two days later.
Dozing in a parking lot.
Only you and the goods were history.
You don't appear to be on welfare.
And what's this?
She's more my style.
- Hands off!
Time to pay your debt, Jacky.
I'll pay when I sell it
in Stuttgart next week.
Give me the papers.
- It's worth many times your loss.
You have to make a big decision.
If you give me the car, we're even.
If you disappear, remember that I
know where your slant-eyed granny is.
I don't know what you
have going on here, -
but I'll burn
this place to the ground.
Anything else?
You've got 48 hours to pay.
Good day, ma'am.
- Goodbye.
I have to go to town.
- On business.
I may be gone for a few days.
Be careful, Jack.
I will.
My God, the gorgeous car!
That was incredible.
You were really lucky.
Hardly the right word...
- Are you all right?
I've had better days.
- Didn't you see the sign?
The horses are getting cold. Let's go.
- I'm sorry.
You didn't get far either.
- The radiator is dry.
I called that garage, but they
can't get here until evening.
There goes our tow...
- We don't need it.
- Ready.
How much farther to Hamburg?
- An hour's drive.
Here's a copy of the police report.
- Luckily nobody got hurt.
We discourage riders
from using the roads.
But it's not prohibited by law...
Is that you, Emma?
- God...
I still don't know what happened.
You just left me.
I'll explain it all some day.
Do you still live in Lueneburg?
- Of course I do.
Where did you go that day anyhow?
My bags were packed
for our trip to Milan.
Something came up.
Then I was unable to reach you.
We have to get going.
I'll call you next week. I promise.
Wait! I want to know what happened.
To us.
Don't you know what you did to me?
Do you really live in that junkyard?
- You can visit me.
We can't accept your invitation.
Actually I meant Elisabeth.
We hardly have room for both of you.
Elisabeth is engaged.
And even if she weren't,
I'm thoroughly convinced -
that you two are
absolutely incompatible.
So you really are engaged?
I'm completely out of the running?
Her fiance is
baron von Greeten's son.
Not Uli?
- Do you know him?
Well, sure I do.
I'm a little surprised, however.
I thought everyone knew.
- That he's gay.
I beg your pardon!
No, wait, he's not gay.
He's bisexuaI, a double dipper.
So it should all work out.
What are you going to do, Jack?
You can come to Sylt with us.
We went through this already.
Mr. Jack has things
to take care of here.
I don't care if we're late.
Punctuality is a royal virtue.
Your generation has no
finesse and no style.
Hundreds of girls would love
to be in your place, marrying Uli.
Don't bet on it.
Nobody asked you.
We've had more than enough
of your impertinent remarks.
It's time for us to part company.
Your wishes are about to come true.
I worked with the owner 10 years.
He know all about English cars.
Yes, Hans?
I'll give it to him.
What is it?
Drive straight on until
you get to Grosse Pfahlstrasse.
Take the second or third left.
Marienbader Strasse.
Then I'll tell you the rest.
We're here, Frau Dirberg.
Stop flirting with that person.
- Why should I?
Stop it right now, young lady!
You're engaged.
Ulrich von Greeten
is a unique opportunity.
Why is it so important?
We have all the money we need.
I want more!
- And I have to sacrifice my life?
How melodramatic!
You can marry into
an old aristocratic family.
And you will! It's what I want.
I don't care what you want.
I want to marry the one I love!
- That's enough!
It's all settled.
It will take 2-3 hours.
If you can't wait, take a cab
and get a train to Sylt.
Yes. Thank you, thank you.
Thanks for your help, Jack.
Sorry about your car.
I'll get over it.
Be sure to give my love to Uli.
You'll surely forgive me if I don't.
- Bye.
It's worth 50000 D-marks at least.
Blue metallic. In top condition.
Wait a moment.
I'll call you right back. Shit!
- What?
Come look.
What do you say about that?
It's time to give him a pasting.
It will take a little longer.
I'm going through hell.
How expensive is it?
How many carats?
So it isn't that expensive.
I'll take a nap in the car.
Remember to take your medicine.
- Of course! Stop babying me!
Okay, very good, very good.
Excuse me.
The car will be fixed in two weeks.
I'll come to Frankfurt then.
Of course I'll do it.
That's not what we agreed.
I've done you a favour be fore.
It's just that I need money now.
It's no use if I get it later.
Hi, Jack!
- Got another beer?
I came to talk to you.
- I'm all ears, kid.
Where are you heading?
Why are you interested in that?
I'm not.
I don't care where you're going.
But take me with you.
- Just like that?
You're my last hope.
I don't know what to do.
I must get out of this prison.
What a fate...
Most people would give anything
to be in your position.
In 24 hours you'll
have caviar withdrawal.
Let me stay with me, Jack.
I'll be good. I'm begging you.
Hey, come on...
It's all right.
Once I'm on Sylt, I'm trapped.
I'll never escape.
You're really my last hope.
I'm your last hope?
Know how much money
I have on my account?
Less than in your handbag, for sure.
How much do you have?
- Less than 300 marks.
That's all...
- I do have deals pending...
I don't care about money any way.
Our differences
aren't only financial.
I'm too old for you.
How old are you, 18 or 19?
Almost 21.
Is that so? I'm 31.
I'll be an old man soon.
Trendies are more your style.
- That's nothing.
I'm 15 years older than my wife.
Does she still love you?
- Throughout our long marriage.
Worships the ground beneath my feet.
How long have you been married?
- Three years.
Wait two more. By then she'll
have a fresh young lover.
Stay out of it.
You don't know her.
I don't mind your age
or your poverty.
Glad you're here.
I forgot the papers.
Curacao Blue, straight, no ice
- I'll have water.
Separate tabs.
It seems things have changed
since our conversation this morning.
Know what, Bruno?
You're like a carp.
Compared to the bigger fishes,
you're just a small one.
Jacky the poet...
What is it, Jack?
- Some old friends.
What's this, a new
girlfriend? - No. - Yes.
Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Bogart.
- Bogart. I like that name.
- Well, you can't have it.
What do you want, Bruno?
- Come with me.
Come on.
Here's how to pay your debt.
- I'm all ears.
I expect a delivery of medical
supplies from Finland.
The driver won't
be able to make the trip.
You'll take over and pay your debt.
And I might be inclined
to donate 15000 marks to you.
From Finland?
Would 15000 marks
make me compatible?
I don't care what mother thinks.
- It wouldn't buy the dress she has.
If the deal cannot be made,
many will lose money. Me too.
Do this, and I'll wipe your slate
clean and we can do business again.
No, Bruno.
You overestimate the attraction.
I trust you
despite what you did to me.
Your last chance, buddy.
- Borders arranged?
- They're no problem.
But you must leave tonight.
Give me the details
and I'm on my way.
There's 500 marks for expenses.
The plane leaves at 8:30 p. m.
500 marks? That's peanuts!
Be back in four days,
not a minute later.
Frau Bogart.
Well then... Goodbye.
I want to come with you!
- No way. Go back to your mother.
What are you doing there!
- Go away!
I said go away!
This is fun.
You don't belong here, kid.
- Don't call me that!
Did you think I'd take you?
I overheard everything.
Finally I get to see Finland.
This isn't an Easter egg hunt.
I can't take care of you.
I can take care of myself.
I was fourth in the dash in school.
Fourth in a class of Barbie dolls!
Not that I don't like you.
You're cute, in a way.
But this is my life,
not a dancing school.
Wherever you go, I go.
Don't you see
what a nuisance you are?
Too many people here.
Don't forget to congratulate Uli.
- I won't go voluntarily.
You can try throwing me out.
I'll kick and scream.
Don't think I won't.
- You can try.
What do you mean, try?
- You can't do it.
I have my strengths.
So you have strengths?
We're are all talented in something.
What's yours, then?
Screaming and making a scene.
So it's your normal behaviour.
Being a spoiled brat.
Want to see?
- Enough...
The party's over.
- I won't get out.
I have no time to play.
I can help you.
- No you can't.
Let me go!
Everything okay?
- Keep your nose out of it.
Are you all right, young lady?
I'm not sure.
Just a lovers' spat.
Could you leave us alone?
Is he beating you?
- Pulling her leg.
Her leg, my eye!
Get out, dear.
Yes, get out, dear.
No, I'm really all right.
These people want to see
that you're unharmed!
That's not necessary.
Thank you for your concern.
I spank her daily. She needs it.
You're proud of it?
Know what you need, you wimp?
A real pounding.
My people can do it.
It's not necessary...
- It is, too!
We're off. Punished enough, dear?
Yes, I'm in ecstacy.
- We're off, then.
Don't let them go.
That's not normal!
What they do privately
is their business.
Have you seen my daughter?
- What does she look like?
What? Elisabeth!
We set Women's Lib way back!
Serves them right.
Butting into our affairs!
I'm dumping you any way.
The first chance I get.
A romantic honeymoon!
You're certain the girl you saw
is the on in this photo?
Yes! He was beating her
and dragging her into the car.
Unshaven, in a motorcycle jacket!
That's him, Mr. Jack all right!
He's an animal, right?
Oh, God!
You let him take your daughter out?
I knew from the start
that he's a dangerous beast.
And where's your intuition?
Why did you insist on helping him?
I demand that you find her!
We've alerted our patrol cars.
They'll get her.
I should hope so!
Baron von Greeten.
I'm so glad you called.
Something awful has happened.
Elisabeth has been kidnapped. Yes.
No, don't tell Uli.
He'd be so upset.
But Elisabeth has been kidnapped...
This mechanic is urgently wanted.
Mrs. Dirberg accused
him of kidnapping.
She is very concerned about
her daughter's poor health.
What poor health?
She's overdramatizing.
A reward of 100000 marks
is promised for finding her.
The suspect is about 30 years old
and is driving a brown Ford Combi.
All tips leading to his arrest
and safe return of the girl -
will be rewarded by the Dirbergs
with 100000 marks.
The dumb jerk.
He's ruining everything.
Don't get upset.
- What?
Don't get upset?
Are you nuts? Takes a runaway
to the Russian border.
Interpol will stumble on our loot.
Let me take care of him.
- What's that supposed to mean?
Wait a minute...
What if we outrun the cops?
Your deal plus 100000 marks.
- Listen, Popo...
The plane leaves at 8:30 p. m.
You get the girl.
Then you'll put Jack on the plane.
Get going!
What now?
- We're staying the night here.
Not very inviting.
- Perfect. You don't have to come.
There's the shower.
- There.
Hi, Jack!
Still here, Detlev?
- Not for long.
Our suite.
- Just one bed.
And no restaurant.
- No five stars.
That's why so few women
make it in this business.
Men don't care where they sleep.
They only care about money.
That's funny coming from you.
Stop complaining or call
your mother to pick you up.
Say you decided to hitchhike.
Pretend to have amnesia.
And I don't lie to my family.
You never lie,
just fib and fabricate.
Bend the truth to make life cozy.
That maybe fine in your circles.
But you come from
the planet of the saints?
Your father...
- What about him?
I know he had
a real estate company.
And that's a cut-throat business.
Of course he kept
you and your mother out of it.
You may think that
dishonesty can help you.
My father got where he did
on decency, integrity and brains.
I'm sure your father was as honest
as he could in his business.
But look at it this way:
If you try to play it clean
when everybody else plays dirty, -
you'll sit on the edge of the sandbox
with clean, empty pockets.
Learn the ground rules.
You have to go to bed with
characters you don't fancy.
Dad never cheated on mom.
He adored her.
It was a figure of speech.
Hey, come to bed.
This is Popo. We're screwed.
It was a no show.
- How's that?
No show here.
- What does that mean?
That they didn't show up.
- Shit...
Going north?
Come in.
We'll talk like two adults.
Much obliged.
- I'm appalled.
Your department is doing a lousy job.
We have leads.
It is only a matter of time.
How encouraging.
We're covering a larger area
thanks to Interpol.
Uli, my angel. Good morning.
This is Ulrich von Greeten,
my daughter's fiance.
I'm sure you've heard of his father.
- Afraid not.
Von Greeten Jr.
is better known in police circles.
Weren't you arrested for destroying
a hotel room in Berlin?
Don't remind me
of that dreadful place.
Berlin contacted us...
- Lieutenant!
Is that why you are here?
- No. Excuse me.
The lieutenant suggests
I retract my offer of a reward.
We've received too many false leads.
Each one must be
recorded and checked.
Is my opinion worth anything?
- Yes.
False leads are better than nothing.
One may turn out to be a hot one.
Care to join me?
Never mind. I'll be at the pool.
When are we eating lunch?
Oh, I've already eaten.
Oh well...
I'll order something to the pool.
Goodbye, lieutenant.
- Goodbye, Mr. von Greeten.
This touches him deeply.
- I noticed.
It's me.
Not here either.
There is only one ferry to Finland.
Maybe they're going via Sweden.
Fly to Helsinki.
I'll arrange an escort.
Get the girl back and ensure
Jack accomplishes his mission.
That's what I'm doing, you idiot!
Bye now.
Am I more compatible as a man?
You're nuttier than I thought.
But you're okay.
Hello. What do you want?
No. Who am I speaking to?
Where are you now?
No, we can't.
We'll have to meet.
Pier 17.
Who was it?
Oh, the call...
Claims to know where she is.
- Why doesn't he come here?
He wanted to meet elsewhere.
- I'll come with you.
Don't get your hopes up.
Probably a leech.
I'll get to the bottom of it myself.
And it will be our secret.
We won't inform the police.
Not a word.
Don't worry. I won't be long.
Remember this, Popo:
Only talk to me, on the cell phone.
And you only talk to me.
Only on the cell phone.
What did he say?
- Nothing.
He wanted 300000 marks and
didn't have a shred of evidence.
What brazen disrespect!
What gets into people any way?
Stealing our time
for no reason at all.
That's perfect.
This old crate?
Can't beat a 1967 Volvo.
Why can't we take a new one?
Take it or leave it!
The red Lada.
Can we stop to eat?
The police are on to me
and we're a day late.
You could have tried a faster car.
We're riding a camel.
- She'll get us to the Russian border.
Russian border?
- We were supposed to be there yesterday.
I assume 24 hours
won't change anything.
Can't we take something to go?
Temperatures will be below
minus 15 for the next few days...
Keep quiet. They're unpredictable.
- You're not impressing me.
This is it, but nobody's home.
I can't figure it out. How can you
succeed if you're so disorganised?
I'm not disorganised.
Nobody's home, that's all.
That's the point.
Get the hell out of here!
This is private property.
No Finnish, please.
Private property. Go!
Bruno sent us.
I had a pickup here yesterday.
But I had to take the ferry.
Why two?
- That's a long story, but she's okay.
Where is the truck?
I have to return today.
Eleven tons...
- So what?
It's slower.
There's no Customs seal.
- What for?
Where are the goods?
- In the zone.
What zone?
The no man's land
between Finland and Russia.
We always store our stuff there.
It's the safest place.
When do we get it?
I don't have all day.
You're supposed to get it
from the zone yourself.
But first some financial matters.
- I thought Bruno took care of it.
Yes, but there are other things
that have to be covered.
2000 Finnish marks.
- How much is that?
How much is it in German money?
- 700 D-marks.
700 D-marks.
- We don't have that much.
Bruno didn't give you anything?
Not that much.
Don't look at me.
Let's call Bruno.
Do you have a phone?
- At the cafe on the highway.
We'll be right back.
Damn Bruno! Some connections!
- But you sure drive a hard bargain.
You want out?
After watching you work,
Bruno might want me to stay.
It's a karaoke place. Want to try?
- I'm not into that any more.
Hello? Jack!
Where are you? What's going on?
I'm in Finland.
The deal is coming undone.
They want 700 marks to cough up.
That's because you're late!
The Customs agents are restless.
They're sitting on hot goods.
Can you wire some money?
Listen, Jack...
You're in the news. They say that you
kidnapped Elisabeth Dirberg.
You're thinking about the reward.
I would really like
to stay out of it.
Then what do you want?
Could she prove she's okay?
It would take some pressure off.
Do you understand?
- Okay. Then we'll split it 50-50.
If you say so.
Put her on the phone.
Just a minute... Elisabeth!
Bruno has trouble with the police.
Can you tell him you're okay?
Yes, Bruno?
- Hello, Mrs. Bogart.
Could you say something to your
mother? She'd be pleased.
Hello, mother. Everything is great.
Call off the cops.
Back soon to talk it all over.
You've got Jack all wrong.
His intuition for safe deals
and partners is weak.
But he's learning fast
and has great timing.
You are safe and sound
and your mother can rely on us.
You'll be back in town soon.
Speaking of rewards,
make a deal with Bruno.
You can learn from him.
- Thank you, Mrs. Bogart.
Could I speak to Jack?
- Yeah. Bye bye.
Stay right here!
Everything is okay.
My liaisons will fix it up.
It'll go smoothly.
I'll get the truck.
- I'm going too.
I promise to pick you up.
- I'm going with you!
Stay here, and I'll be back.
Know what I'll do if you don't?
- No, you won't.
Bruno sent me.
I was supposed to come yesterday.
I know where your daughter is.
I could be of assistance in
getting her home safely.
There's bad news, too.
The 100000 marks you mentioned
will not be sufficient.
How much more?
- 500000 all told.
- Unfortunately that's the minimum.
But I assure you that it won't go up.
I can live with that.
You said you could prove
that she is alive.
I was able to record a message
from your charming daughter.
Here's the tape.
Hello, mother. Everything is great.
Make a deal with Bruno.
You can learn from him...
The poor child...
So sheltered.
And now she's going through hell.
Look how much money I made!
It will cover the gas.
You didn't like it?
Why didn't you call the press?
We don't need publicity!
And what's that?
- Don't you like wigs?
I have all kinds.
Do you want to ridicule me?
- I just wanted to help.
You've really helped! I'm a day late
and Interpol is after us.
I'm sorry, but it was a matter
of life and death.
Your life and my death.
I'll explain it all and we'll
start a new life together.
It won't work.
You'll return to your family
after you've had your adventure.
I don't want a life like that!
I want you.
You want to live in a junkyard?
I don't think so.
You belong with them.
You'll forget me soon.
That's not true.
I don't want to marry Uli.
Why not?
Your money and his title.
What's the problem?
I'm the problem, Jack!
I don't want to be in circles
that don't mean anything to me.
I want to have a normaI life
like everyone else.
I understand you.
I doubt it would be your world.
When we'll get to Helsinki,
I'll call my mother.
Poor devil. Glad it's not me.
He may have to spend the night here.
- Somebody else will help him.
- We can speak German.
- What's going on, Popo?
Now you can really help me.
Go in the woods!
Put the gun away...
- Go in the woods!
That way.
Keep going!
Honeymoon's over.
Don't hurt us!
- Of course not.
Run, Elisabeth!
- Yes?
- Finally.
I have your girl.
- And?
Your girl is right here,
believe it or not.
I an even smell her.
I want 700000 marks.
Keep the change.
No, we didn't have
any such agreement.
Fix it with the Dirberg dame.
I'll call tomorrow, okay?
What did he say?
He has her.
But now he wants a million.
A million?
Somebody thinks I have
a money printer in my vaults.
We can't rule out the possibility
they'll ask for more later.
Guess I don't have much choice.
I need a drink.
You killed him!
- Afraid not.
But I'm not done with him.
You're worth a lot.
- More than your boyfriend.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- He's my saviour.
- Some saviour!
I didn't know you smoked.
I don't.
I wanted to know why the fuss!
Can't you help me?
- How did you do that?
- I'll tell you later.
I have to go to toilet.
- Jacky...
- Popo.
Give me a hand!
The lid!
Hold it down!
- Are you all right?
- Just a little tired.
- Popo?
- Bruno!
Jack! Hi, how are you?
We're having a streak of luck.
Popo fainted.
He's resting in the back.
What? What's Popo doing?
Listen, the deal is off.
I didn't agree
to a killer on my tail.
Is Popo soloing?
Jack, I had nothing to do with it.
Don't try to worm out of it.
We're even.
Don't get jittery. You get half.
You can keep it all, Bruno!
Let's talk like adults.
I'll reveal where to find the truck
and Popo. Then we part for good.
Elisabeth, wake up. We're here.
Hey, what's wrong?
Excuse me, when can I see her?
You will have to take a seat
and wait for the doctor.
I speak German.
Everything is under control.
There were no pathologicaI findings.
- What's wrong with her?
- Hard to say. Maybe too much stress?
- She became hysterical.
- She wasn't hysterical.
There are people who
under extreme stress -
go into hysterics involuntarily.
This condition can lead to
paralysis or even to blindness.
In her case to unconsciousness.
Her earlier illness was a factor.
The uncontrolled discontinuation
of tablets aggravated the symptoms.
What illness?
Didn't you know that
your friend had leukemia?
You can now go and see her.
She has been asking about you.
Thank you
Doctor Sahlstedt...
- You're still here.
- Of course.
How are you?
- Fine.
I'm sorry that I caused you
so much trouble.
Forget it.
You were crazy to stop
taking the pills.
I just wanted to have a normal life.
Go your own way in life.
Or else it is senseless.
The time's up,
she has to sleep.
- Jack Bogart?
- Yes?
I do know how to walk!
She refuses to press charges.
Then I can go.
This time.
But your file is thick, Jack Bogart.
Alias John Nisley alias Calvin Dix.
I was never too fond of Calvin,
you know.
A few new questions are open.
- Didn't Elisabeth tell you?
- Not what interests me.
Am I under arrest or not?
You're free.
The family even paid your fare.
But you'll have to come
for questions in Hamburg tomorrow.
If you decline to appear,
it will have dire consequences.
You can count on it.
It will work out. See you tomorrow.
Did you think you could
dump me so easily?