Highway to Heaven (2021) Movie Script

People say ordinary miracles
happen every day.
But I know better.
Miracles are never ordinary.
They're carefully planned
as my boss sees fit.
Every now and then
some of us need
just a little extra care.
That's where I come in.
So, Miss Stewart.
Oh, please, call me Angela.
Well, your training's
We don't, we don't see a lot of
master's degrees here.
And from Del Rey University.
Go Kings!
Wait, you went to Del Rey?
Well, my baseball team did
a summer exchange there
sophomore year.
Huh, no kidding.
You ever catch any games
when you were in LA?
Oh, as many as I could.
Go blue!
Wait a minute, that's my team.
Oh man, I miss seeing them
in person.
Nothing like that live organ.
Except maybe for the best
hot dogs on earth.
Oh, you know.
You certainly have a bounty
of experience.
You know we only need
a temporary guidance counselor,
Well, that's exactly
what I'm looking for.
I just want to be clear
that there's no long-term
job potential.
Well, Principal Banks...
No, Bruce is fine.
I believe my calling is to help
as many people as possible.
A few weeks in one place
can be enough to change a life.
If you've been here for a long
time, daily, 20 years?
Twenty-one in June.
Well, you're clearly meant
to be here,
and so am I for the next
six weeks.
I can start today.
Must be 9:07.
9:10 actually.
We're making progress.
I'm done with this kid, Bruce.
Welcome to the daily team.
- Oh, I'm hired?
- You're hired.
We'll celebrate later, come on.
The inmates are running
the asylum, Bruce!
Cody Grier, that better be
a quadratic equation.
It's true.
Mr. Delvecchio's mustache really
is geometry's worst nightmare.
I see nothing funny about
incomplete for everyone!
You having fun in Mr. D's class?
You want to do it again?
Because that's what you're
looking at if you fail math.
Repeating eighth grade
all over again.
You're a better student
than this, Cody.
How can we fix this?
We can count my drawing
as extra credit.
Wrong class, wrong attitude, and
honestly that chin is way off.
Unless you want to be the only
kid in junior high
old enough to grow
his own mustache
I'd listen to Mr. Banks.
He is trying to help you,
and it looks like you need it.
Cody, say hello to our
new guidance counselor,
Angela Stewart.
I can't wait to hear what
fun facts you discover
when you meet with Angela.
No way!
You see her or detention.
This is a sad little garden.
Does anybody ever show it
some love?
Okay, we will cut
the small talk.
Tell me about your mom.
Bravo, you read my file.
Cody, losing a parent
at any age is hard.
But at 13?
Great. So, feel sorry for me.
I don't believe it's about
people feeling sorry for you,
but more about them feeling
Your loss is a reminder
of how fragile life is.
I bet you heard all the clichs,
that she's in a better place,
that you need to move forward.
It's all a part of the circle
of life.
How'd you know about that?
That song, "Circle of Life."
My mom used to sing it
when I was a kid.
Get all sentimental
and choked up.
We'd laugh about it.
It was stupid.
Oh Cody, she sounds like
a cool mom.
You don't know anything
about her.
You're right, I don't.
But I do know that you have
no idea what to do without her.
But you can "fix me", right?
I don't believe people
need fixing.
But there's some stuff
that you need to deal with.
Cody, you used to be
a straight A student.
I was a nerd.
So, you don't mind
failing eighth grade?
Ninth won't be any different.
We done?
Not quite. I need to talk
to your dad.
What time does he pick you up?
I walk home.
Oh, well look at that.
I've got on my walking shoes.
Lead the way.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
Hey Code.
How was school?
Same as always.
Hi. Mr. Grier, I'm Angela.
I'm Cody's new
guidance counselor.
- Uh please, call me Jeff.
- Hi.
What did he do this time?
Must be bad for you to come
to our house.
Well, there was an incident
in math today.
- Math again.
- Yeah.
What is it with that class?
I don't know,
but he's failing and he may
end up being left back.
Principal Banks asked me
to see him, to help out.
We had a session today
and it was a good start.
Uh, can I, can I get you
something to drink?
Um, water would be great.
- You got it.
- Thanks.
Oh wow, you're a chef?
I was.
And you're opening
your own restaurant?
Yeah. Well, that was the plan.
But uh, what is it they say?
Man plans and God laughs?
Definitely has a sense of humor.
You seem great.
And I appreciate
you coming here.
But there have been a lot of
counselors in Cody's life
over the last year and well,
you see where we are.
He doesn't open up to them
and he certainly won't
open up to me.
Do you have any support systems?
Do you have any extended family?
My family's all over the place.
Florida, London, Peru.
No. No one in driving distance.
Well what about
your wife's family?
We were Melissa's only family.
Dad, it's happening again.
Relax Cody. The water pressure's
still set too high.
I'll take care of it.
You said that last week!
Cody, enough. I said
I'd deal with it.
May I use your bathroom?
Um, right at the end
of the hall.
So? What happened
at school?
Why can't you just fix
the bathroom?
This is not the time.
We have a guest.
What was that?
Oh, jeez.
I told you!
You never listen to me!
Cody, I'm doing my best.
We need some, some plumber's
tape or something like that.
Do we even have that?
Yeah, maybe.
Check in there.
All we have is masking tape.
Yeah, that's good enough.
Oh, no! The water's all the way
out here!
The closet!
It's going to ruin mom's stuff!
How do you know about that?
I'm not an idiot, Dad.
Make a barricade or something.
Keep it out.
I found the shutoff valve.
- We have a shutoff valve?
- Mmmhmm.
- Help with these towels.
- Hurry!
Be the light that guides the way
to someone's miracle.
- Angela. Morning.
- Hey.
How are things with Cody?
I'm pretty sure he drove
Miss Delgado into early labor.
The walls are up pretty thick.
His dad has 'em too.
You met Jeff?
Yesterday. I walked Cody home.
And here I thought I was
the only faculty
who made house calls.
Yeah, I've visited a few times
since Melissa passed.
She was lovely.
You know, so involved
with the school.
Sick for years,
but always seemed like
she was going to beat it.
I, I was wondering
about your garden.
That's a very generous word.
Yeah, I was all aboard
the veggie train
when Michelle Obama was growing
tomatoes with sixth graders.
I got knee deep in the dirt
with the kids,
but that soil's a dense clay
that won't give.
I have faith.
Your dad is a really nice guy
and he's a chef.
You two must eat so well.
Hey! This is not phone
staring time.
This is talking time.
Your talking time.
So, talk.
Dad hasn't cooked
since Mom died.
All we eat now is takeout
and pizza.
Okay. And you're tired
of pepperoni.
And you're tired
of plumbing issues.
You were so determined
to keep water out of that
laundry room closet.
- Something special in there?
- I don't know.
I think it's my mom's stuff.
Pictures of her.
The blankets she made me
when I was a baby.
But it's all part of operation
"pretend Mom never existed."
So, no pictures, no talking
about her.
No visiting her grave.
For some people the memories
of loved ones lost is,
is too painful.
So, he gets to decide?
What about me?
I always slept
with that blanket.
It... smelled like her.
Why don't you try that closet
again today?
Because it's always locked.
Well, just humor me.
Hey Mom.
Dad and I could sure use
your help right now.
Christmas presents?
For me?
The teddy bear looks like
it would be for what,
a five-year-old?
And there were eight
all together.
Well, there's actually nine,
which brings us up to right now.
Age 14.
There's a return address.
Broomfield? That's only
one town over.
You have any friends
in Broomfield?
Well, you do now.
What's wrong?
My mom's favorite city
was Tokyo.
Who would know all this
about what my mom liked?
I don't know.
Why don't... why don't you ask
your dad?
No way.
One, he doesn't want to talk
about anything
that has to do with my mom.
And two, he's the one
that hid all this from me.
How do you know that?
Maybe your mom hid them.
Why would my mom hide
Christmas gifts from me?
It doesn't make any sense.
What's this address again?
7110 Mayburn Street, Broomfield.
Must have brought up a lot of
feelings last night,
seeing your mom's things again.
What was that like?
And sad.
And good.
The blanket still smelled
like her.
Oh, I found something!
Math marvels?
What's that?
It's an online math tutor.
Specifically, for junior high
school students.
So, you are in junior high
and you're failing math.
Look at this slogan.
We'll turn you into
a math superhero.
That's embarrassing.
It is less embarrassing
than failing.
I'm signing you up.
We're way off our target
for Toys for Tots.
We need to kick it
into high gear,
starting with Saturday's
PTA luncheon.
Unless we want to be
the embarrassment
of the Boulder County
School District.
I don't believe that
for a second Sandra.
Not only have you raised
more money for the school
than anyone,
you also care deeply for
the less fortunate children
of our community.
That's true.
I know you're going to make
this work.
I'll do my best but I'll need
some manpower.
Maybe you could help out?
I, I will do everything my
very busy schedule allows.
In the meantime, Gloria
will start the ball rolling.
We could recruit
some sixth graders.
Mm-hmm. And their fathers.
Wow. That was...
A homerun.
Sandra feels valued and she's
motivated to collect toys.
Hmm. And you got her
out of this office.
I inspired her.
That's one way to put it.
She's onto me.
In only two days.
Look, jokes aside
I hate these trivial ego-driven
competitions between parents.
I came here to raise up our next
generation of world changers,
but my job's less about kids,
more about slideshows.
You obviously didn't come here
for a soapbox speech.
What's up?
Oh no, I have the receipts
for the garden supplies.
Next generation of world
changers, huh?
Where, where did I hear that?
It's the, the slogan for HOPE.
Helping Open Possibilities
Through Education.
It's a nonprofit that provides
resources to at-risk kids.
There was a chapter at Del Rey.
Seems like you always knew that
you were meant to help kids.
Yeah, I had a flashier path
at first.
One that involved playing
first base,
hitting over 350
and leading our team
to their first back-to-back
world series wins.
Okay, so that explains all
the hardware on the shelves.
Is that one of your
homerun balls?
Not exactly.
Take a closer look.
Oh, my goodness.
Is this signed by...
Number 42 himself.
The man who broke the color
barrier in baseball.
Jackie is a lifelong hero of
mine for all kinds of reasons.
Same. Oh, I love this.
Yeah, half the kids
I knew growing up,
dreamed of playing pro sports.
None of 'em made it,
but I got closer than most
and ended up where I was meant
to be for the most part.
How about we revisit this
subject at the batting field?
Me, you, this Saturday?
The batting field?
Yeah, it'll be fun and I
haven't hit in years.
Yeah, well Saturday's
the PTA luncheon.
Oh, you should let
Gloria run it.
She'd love it.
Well, that's true.
Give her a chance.
- Oh, hey Mr. Grier.
- Hi Angela.
Cody has mentioned you
a couple of times,
which, well, he doesn't
really talk so.
That's a big deal.
That's interesting, he said
the same thing about you.
Um, I'm just making space
for him to open up.
You really don't like talking
about her, do you?
One of the counselors
suggested it.
Cody was talking about her
all the time.
He was visiting her grave
and watching videos and...
Well, he was just trying
to reconnect with his mom.
But it was becoming obsessive.
So that's why I put Melissa's
stuff away.
But obviously that didn't work,
not at all.
Jeff, you really have to let
yourself off the hook.
You and Cody are grieving
the person you loved most.
It's not an easy process.
You know what?
Take these.
I don't know who I was trying
to kid.
It's not like I can call myself
a chef anymore,
the restaurant is just sitting
there collecting dust.
What about if you take them?
Dust off your skills and make
something delicious out of them.
I think Cody would really love
that and I would too.
Did, did you just invite
yourself for dinner?
I like that.
Yeah, sure. Friday night?
Okay. I'll see you then.
Hi. I'm Kaia, your tutor.
What can I do for you
What? Wait.
You're my math tutor?
You're a kid.
This is ridiculous.
Cody, do it for me, please.
Why don't we start
by looking over
the assessment test
you uploaded?
Uh... That's wrong, that's
wrong, that's definitely wrong.
You didn't square the root of X,
you didn't add your fractions,
and you improperly inverted
your integers.
How did you do that so fast?
I'm not going to bore you
with a list of all my awards
and certifications, yada, yada.
But know this.
I just passed 10 million
in my Minecraft score.
So, shall we get started?
Angela Stewart.
Okay, Miss Stewart
from Del Rey University.
Where are you, Angela?
Do you even exist?
This beats math, but why bother
with this mess?
Well, take it as a lesson
in faith and TLC.
Azaleas were my mom's favorite.
I'd garden for her when
she wasn't feeling well,
we'd always end up covered
in dirt, laughing.
Even on her worst days
gardening made her smile.
It's pretty cool, isn't it?
Such beautiful flowers
growing out of something
people consider dirty
and hopeless.
Well, nothing like gardening
to work up an appetite.
Mmm! Mmm!
This is delicious, Jeff.
You have given peas
a new purpose.
Mm, and the beurre blanc sauce
goes perfectly with the halibut.
- Mm.
- You think?
Yeah. It's really good.
Well, I guess I haven't lost
my touch with the uh,
French stuff as Cody says.
French food is meh.
Except the fries.
That's why our restaurant
is going to be
a French Asian fusion.
- There? Right there?
- Mm-hmm.
Yep. It's Mom and Dad's
big dream.
Dad's the head chef,
I'm in charge of the advertising
and the art, of course.
And Mom was going to
basically run the place.
That's amazing.
A total team effort.
Yeah. We were getting really
close to making it happen
before Mom died.
We had to put it on hold,
But maybe we could check in
on it this weekend,
see what there is left to do.
There's a ton.
There's painting and
construction and design,
not to mention all of
the other things
that I can't even think about
right now.
It's not like we have
to open next week.
Maybe it's time that we just
start prepping.
I don't know if...
It's been almost a year and
all we've done is sit around
and be miserable.
This is something we could
actually do.
The thing is Cody...
I don't think I can do this
on my own.
What do you mean?
Your mom and me,
this was our big dream.
I can't imagine doing this
without her.
I've been thinking.
Maybe it's time we let
the place go.
Batter up.
Hey, you playing ball
or you buying the team?
Angela, what are you doing here?
You forgot?
Batting field?
I didn't think you were serious.
I have the PTA thing.
I have to go.
Angela, are you coming
to the luncheon?
I've got all the tables set up
with flowers.
They're so cute.
I, sadly, can't make it,
and neither can Bruce.
Can you cover for him?
Oh, my gosh.
Of course, I can.
Thank goodness I got here
two hours early.
Bruce has no doubt
you'll make him proud.
Go get changed.
I remembered your favorite
French dish.
Look Code...
We both know that your mom was
the one in charge around here.
I mostly just followed her lead.
Without her...
I'm kind of lost.
Well, that's pretty obvious.
Gee, thanks!
I didn't mean it like that.
It's okay.
No, I deserve that.
Look... the whole not talking
about her thing,
I thought that was going
to help you.
I realize now how messed up
that was.
So... do over?
I promise we can talk about
anything that you want.
I want to see the restaurant.
I forgot about the name.
Are you really just gonna
give up on it?
I just can't see doing this
without your mom.
I'll help you.
I know.
You know, maybe, maybe we can
look at it again in a few years
after we've had some time to...
Cody's. I mean,
don't get me wrong.
It was a great name but Dad,
this sign...
It's so bad.
Look at you, slugger.
Going for MVP if you
couldn't tell.
You know, being here
takes me right back to LA
and my favorite hot dog
smothered in relish and mustard
and a ton of onions.
No ketchup.
Never ketchup.
Your turn.
Wow! Nice swing Madam Freud.
I think you might have missed
your calling.
Trust me, academia
is my happy place.
It's funny you say that,
you know,
all our talks about Del Rey
got me reminiscing
about the good old days
and, you know, so I went looking
through the alumni page
but I, I couldn't find you.
What, do you want to see
my transcripts now?
No, your library card
should suffice.
Okay. I missed one ball.
You beat that, I'll show you
my graduation photo.
All right.
Hey batter, batter.
Again, that was...
that was a blast.
I had so much fun.
Do you mind if I come in
for a sec?
The thing is, I really have
to use the bathroom.
I can't be coy anymore.
Alrighty then.
Um, this is a weird thing
to ask.
But you don't have a toothbrush?
Oh, I... I haven't
really unpacked.
Okay. But no suitcase either?
All my stuff is in,
is in the closet.
Right. Of course.
You know, it's just um.
You showed up out of nowhere
with stellar credentials
for a job that only lasts
six weeks.
You made incredible progress
with a student everyone
gave up on.
Okay, come on Bruce.
You're questioning me
because I do a good job?
I know how ridiculous
this sounds, but...
I... I think you've been great
for this school, Angela.
But things just aren't
adding up.
I mean you have to admit, you
kind of are too good to be true.
I mean, your teeth are perfectly
white even without a toothbrush.
There's just something,
I don't know.
Otherworldly about you.
I don't have a toothbrush
because I don't need one.
Bruce, I'm an angel.
You, you, you, mean like,
like figuratively.
Like you bring good things
into our lives.
No, I mean that I am actually,
literally, really, a real angel.
I'm an angel.
Well, come on, don't say
stuff like that.
I'll have to report you to
the school psychologist
except you are the school
It's not something I go
around advertising.
Most people wouldn't even
believe it.
My boss, he gives me liberties,
when, you know,
when it's necessary.
I'm your boss.
When someone is open enough
or they, they ask me outright.
So, I'm... I'm...
I'm telling you.
Angela, stop.
I can't have you tending
to the mental health needs
of our students if you yourself
are delusional.
I'm not delusional.
Bruce, I promise.
I, I travel light.
I go where I'm needed.
I, I move around a lot.
I just try to be the light
in someone's darkness.
It's my calling.
I've got to go.
I'm sorry.
Goodnight Bruce.
Where's Kaia?
She's never late.
Oh, sorry. She sent an email.
She has to cancel today.
What? Why?
Uh, she didn't say.
But if I'm not mistaken,
um, you seem disappointed.
I have a test tomorrow
and I was hoping to like, pass.
Well Mr. Delvecchio did say
you have a C-in his class now.
- A C-?
- Mm-hmm.
What's the point of tutoring?
After a semester of failing
tests and ignoring homework?
Honey, this is progress.
But I might have a fast track
to something better.
It's a STEM competition.
You use your math skills
to code a robot.
You give it stuff to do.
That sounds so nerdy.
Eh, get your pocket
protector ready.
What's a pocket protector?
Mr. Delvecchio has agreed
to count the competition
as half of your grade.
I don't know anything
about coding.
But you have Kaia.
The guidelines say students
can work in pairs.
We just need to set up in-person
tutoring sessions.
I guess I could give it a shot.
Have your dad sign this,
I'll get everything together
and then we'll get you a robot.
Both: Yay.
Hey Angela?
Hey. Uh, hi Bruce.
Could I uh, borrow you
for a, a moment?
If this is about
what happened...
I thought we should touch base
about Saturday.
Yeah, I really... I don't want
this to be awkward.
Awkward? What?
Never even crossed my mind.
I had a great time with you
at the batting field.
You know, but then,
in your room...
I... I... I'm still
not sure what that was about.
I was exhausted and rambling.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I've, I've, I've made my share
of bad jokes over the years.
Look, I... I...
I, believe in the idea
of what you were saying,
you know,
you know, the right
person coming
into someone's life
at the right time.
I've seen it. I have.
And I, I love, I love the idea
that you want to be that person.
I've also been betrayed
by people I trusted,
you know, people
with good intentions.
And I, I just want to make sure
you're not going
to get caught up in grandiose
ideas about saving the world
and... and hurt
Cody and Jeff
and any of my students
in the process.
I just want to finish my job.
Great. Great.
So, you know, no more
My lips are sealed.
Oh, this is pretty.
- Are you ready Freddie?
- No.
Oh, somebody is coming.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're here for our first
in-person tutoring session.
With Kaia?
Yeah, of course.
I'm her mom, Vanessa.
You must be
Cody. That's my real name.
Oh, I love that name.
Come on in, please.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Lovely home.
- Thank you.
Cody, hi! It's so cool
to meet you in person.
- You bring your robot?
- Yeah.
Uh, I think the first task is
to get it to pick up a pencil,
but I can't even get mine
to move in a straight line.
It might be an error
with the control panel.
Let's test it out.
Can I offer you a coffee
or a tea or?
Oh, I'd love that.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
It's been a real season
of transition.
My husband owns
a contracting firm
so, he's working projects
after projects,
and he just wants
something stable.
I do PR and it's just-
everything's been so
cutthroat lately.
We're both looking to start
a new chapter.
She got it to move!
All the way across the room
all by itself!
You recoded it.
Now we have to teach it
to pick up that pencil.
Okay, how about a snack first?
- I could eat.
- Okay.
Hey come here.
That's me at the Math
Marvelous games.
That's me at the National
Scholars of Merit
and the Genius Jamboree.
- So, you're like a celebrity.
- Nah, more like a geeky one.
That's me and my mom.
You okay?
I wanna go. Now.
I, I'm, I'm so sorry.
Is everything okay?
Is there something we could do?
Um, I think we need to go.
Cody. Say something.
Jeff: Hey guys.
What's going on?
I don't, I don't know.
We were at Kaia's prepping
for the JuniorBotics tournament
and all of a sudden, he just...
What? Who's Kaia?
What's JuniorBotics?
The thing he was supposed
to get your approval for.
You didn't sign
the permission slip?
I definitely did not.
Cody, you lied to me?
Are those? Are those
your mother's things?
How did you get them?
Who is this in the photo?
This exact picture
was at Kaia's house.
Why would she have one?
Did she know Mom?
Who is this?
That's Vanessa.
She's your aunt.
Mom had a sister?
Why didn't you tell me?
That means Kaia's my cousin.
Look Cody, it's,
it's complicated.
Your mom was the big sister
who looked after Vanessa.
When your mom got sick it was,
it was too much for Vanessa
to handle and she ran.
Your mom and I just thought
it was best to let it be.
Mom wouldn't hide her family
from me!
I think we should let things
cool off for a minute.
Let me walk you out, Angela.
I'm so sorry.
I thought you knew about Kaia.
I mean, that's how we found her,
through the presents.
They were in the closet too.
We thought we were doing
the right thing,
not telling Cody.
Vanessa caused our family
a lot of pain.
Melissa and I planned on sharing
the story with Cody
when he was older but...
Cody's going to get
through this.
You have my number.
Call me at any time.
And for what it's worth,
Cody really loves
spending time with Kaia.
They've got a special
Makes sense, huh?
Ah, I'm not being unreasonable.
I know there are things
that are beyond me.
Things I'll never understand.
Some people fare better
than others.
Some people really do seem
to have soulmates.
Others can't even get
the love of their lives
to return a simple email.
But an angel who loves baseball?
That is wholly outside the realm
of the plausible, right?
Could I get a sign or something?
How do you set this thing?
Oh, careful.
I forgot to-
Turn it off.
Where's my backpack?
It has my robot in that.
I need it.
I left it at Kaia's.
Well, I guess I'm going
to flunk math,
because there's no way
I'm going back there.
Jeff, what are you doing here?
Oh, my god.
Kaia's student.
That was your Cody.
He has turned into such
a nice young man.
I just came for his backpack.
Is this your daughter, Kaia?
Yeah. She'll be 13 in a month.
I can't believe I'm going
to have a teenager.
So, she's only a couple years
younger than Cody.
Which means that you must have
had her shortly after...
Wherever you disappeared to.
Luke and I met in Amsterdam.
We fell in love and it changed
my life.
Meanwhile your sister was
in the worst pain of her life.
Did you do this?
Bring the kids together
behind my back?
Of course not.
But I always wished that a
miracle could bring our family
back together again,
and besides...
Cody met Kaia through
her tutoring service.
I have no idea how he found her.
It was the gifts you sent.
He found them.
I meant them as
a peace offering.
Melissa didn't need gifts
for Cody.
She needed an apology!
You know she wouldn't admit it,
but I saw how much Melissa
missed you.
Every single day.
Kaia. Hi.
I can't believe Cody's
my cousin.
Is he okay?
He won't answer my messages.
It's been a rough few days.
I know you can't betray
his privacy.
My mom sees a therapist.
I'm going to go with her so we
can talk about what happened.
Sounds like your mom
is really trying
to work through all of this.
There's only a week till
JuniorBotics tournament
and we still have so much
further to get with the robot.
If I email you some codes
to help Cody
will you make sure he gets them?
Yeah, of course I will.
And please tell him I'm sorry
about all this
and that I know it's hard
but I've always wanted
more family
and I'm so happy that Cody's
part of mine.
Thank you, Kaia.
You are one of a kind...
Hey Jeff, come on in.
What is he doing here?
This is my time.
And you've been using it
so well.
We're going to sit in this room
for as long as it takes
for you to start talking
to each other
and actually listening
to each other.
Well, like I said before...
When you were six months old
your mom was diagnosed
with cancer.
The same kind that
her mother died of.
Your mom was so scared.
It was like
history was repeating itself.
I didn't have any family nearby,
so we needed Vanessa's help
to help us through the surgery
and the treatments
and the hospital.
And your mom also needed
her love and support.
But on the day of your
mother's surgery,
Vanessa just disappeared.
I think that's what
hurt us the most,
especially your mom.
She and your mom had
a huge fight.
They stopped speaking.
It was, it was really awful.
So why did she send
those presents?
It sounds like your mom
and, and Vanessa
had very different
Your mom took care of Vanessa.
She sheltered her
from the hard things
that happened
when they were young.
She looked out for her.
Vanessa probably had
no idea what to do
when her protector got sick.
But that's, that's no excuse.
No. But when she sent
those gifts,
it might have been Vanessa
trying her best.
People give and receive love
in different ways.
And when there's
no communication,
there's, there's really no way
to understand the intentions.
I think Vanessa knows she made
a big mistake.
The question is,
can she admit it
and can you accept...
And forgive?
- Hey.
- Hey!
So, this is the restaurant, huh?
This place is awesome.
It's a disaster.
The walls need painting,
the convection oven is busted,
the ventilation is not
up to code.
I know it's going to devastate
Cody but I'm a chef.
Melissa was the entrepreneur.
How's he doing?
Honestly? I have no idea.
I mean, we were making
such great progress
but now he is so angry at me.
He says he blames Vanessa, but
somehow, I'm the bad guy too.
Cody's confused and overwhelmed,
And he doesn't have Melissa
to help him through it.
I heard from Kaia.
She wanted to check on Cody
and see if he was progressing
with the robot.
She sounds like a great kid.
Yeah, she is.
One that Vanessa raised.
Vanessa's taking Kaia
to therapy and,
and being honest with her
about her faults.
Vanessa's setting an example
for me?
Oh, how the tables have turned.
What if, what if we got
you guys together?
And you talked things out?
You know, shared
your perspectives?
I'd be open to having her back
in our family.
Meeting her husband and Kaia,
starting over.
But Cody's not ready.
And it has been a long time
since I have had his back,
and I need to change that.
Give him some time
to come around.
- Yeah, time can be healing.
- Yeah.
The JuniorBotics tournament
is coming up real soon.
Cody's going to need some help.
I got it. It's okay.
The two of us working on that
robot together is the perfect
opportunity for the two of us
to reconnect.
Don't worry, it is going
to be great.
My dad is terrible at this.
This is a level two
coding challenge.
Neither one of us can do it,
and the competition goes up
to level four!
The tournament's going
to be a bloodbath!
Well, at least you're spending
time together, Cody.
One of us slammed the door
and stormed off.
And it wasn't me!
Did you try the codes
Kaia sent you?
Cody, none of this
is Kaia's fault.
She got a brand-new cousin and
a family she never knew about.
Couldn't figure out
the code she sent.
I'm going to fail miserably
for the whole world to see.
Oh Cody, you're catastrophizing.
It won't be that bad.
Maybe you're right.
Mr. D sent tournament tickets
for friends and family.
But since I don't have
any of those,
at least no one I know will be
there to witness my humiliation.
Well, Kaia and Vanessa have
both reached out to me again,
and they'd love to come.
No way. My mom didn't want them
in my life, neither do I.
End of story.
Suit yourself.
- Hi Mr. B.
- Hey.
What was that?
I don't know how you did that,
but tampering with student
email is inexcusable!
Bruce, I can explain.
My Boss...
No, no, Angela!
No, no. You are not an angel!
And with this kind of behavior I
can't allow you around students!
You need to leave.
I'm calling the school board.
What is going on here?
Why is the phone dead?
Okay, I'll find another phone.
What is happening?
What are you doing?
I am an angel. And I am here
to help,
not just Cody and his family
but you too, Bruce.
I know all about you and Leila.
You aren't the only one
who believed
in raising a generation of world
changers, she did too.
And when you joined HOPE
she came to California
with you that summer
and you fell in the most
beautiful love.
You were going to change
the world together
in between baseball games.
You went to every one.
You would have contests to see
who could eat the most hot dogs
and she always beat you.
Angela, Angela,
please, please stop.
Bruce the moose.
Oh, you shared something
so deep with her.
You shared something deep
with Leila.
She's the reason why you
became a teacher.
And when you made principal,
you threw a party to celebrate.
But she didn't show up.
And you never saw her again.
Why, why, why
are you doing this?
You've been walking around
hurting for years,
all because you don't know
what happened
and you don't know why.
I... I went to the police.
But there was no need,
she, she just didn't want
to talk to me.
Not everything is about you.
Is she um.
Is she all right?
She's doing better now.
She moved around but settled
in California
where you two had the happiest
days of your lives.
Why didn't she tell me?
That's all I can say.
Leila's not a part of
my mission,
but she can be a part of yours.
Oh Bruce, my Boss has such
big plans for you.
But you gotta let go
and learn to trust,
and that begins with believing
in me.
Angels are real.
We come to those who are
actively searching for a miracle
and just need a little light
on their path.
Will you please give me
two weeks with Cody and Jeff?
Can you do that for them?
Cody: My robot's a failure!
It's supposed to organize
the markers by color,
not scribble all over the place.
I'm going to fail eighth grade!
Hey, hey.
You have just been through
the hardest year of your life.
Of course, you got
behind in school,
but you worked really hard
on this and you didn't give up.
Your mother would be so
absolutely proud of you,
just like I am.
I say we present this robot
with our heads held high.
And then I'll go talk
to Mr. Delvecchio
and beg him for mercy.
Do you want to go sit with your
mom's stuff before we leave?
That might help.
Yeah, I'll pack up. I'll see
you at the front door.
You've had a tough time
It seems like nothing
is going your way
It's been a rough time
I know you are praying
for the end of the day
But you know
Whenever you're down
Just know, you know,
I'll be right there
This is great!
We have students from half a
dozen schools participating.
I'm hoping we can sponsor
a group to go to
the state competition.
Bruce is considering it.
Speak of the devil.
Who are the suits?
School board members.
I didn't know they were coming.
Joan, Larry, Carson,
wonderful to see you.
You all remember Gloria Sanchez,
my VP.
She put together this event.
And this is Angela Stewart, our
temporary guidance counselor.
We spoke about her earlier.
I'm sure whatever Bruce said
is just an exaggeration.
No. I've known Bruce for years
and I trust him implicitly.
He says you've managed
to work miracles
with some of the students here.
I, I'm, I'm, I'm just doing
my job.
Oh, Angela's being modest.
One of our students was on
the verge of flunking out.
Today he's representing
the eighth-grade class
in the competition.
Where is this wonderful student?
Jeff: Cody!
Cody? Come on,
we're going to be late.
What happened?
You're okay?
What are these?
This is Mom's handwriting.
Where did you get them?
In the jewelry box.
There's one for you, me,
and Vanessa.
Your mom never kept anything in
here so I didn't bother looking.
Do you think...
maybe she wrote these letters
right before she died?
Hey Kaia, Vanessa.
Hi Angela. This is my husband,
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
I can't believe Cody invited us,
but I'm so glad he did.
Where is he?
I don't know. Cody and Jeff
are not here
and they're not answering
their phones.
I think I need to go check
on them.
Well, I want to come.
I walked away once
and I lost my family.
I am not losing them again.
Well, let's go.
I'll see you in a bit,
I'll call you, okay?
"We fought so hard together.
"I don't want to leave you
and Cody,
"but I... I don't think
I have a choice this time."
"I need you to know that you
are the strongest person I know.
"You can do this.
"You are an amazing father
and an awesome chef.
"You're going to open
our restaurant
"and you'll find joy there
every day.
"I'll be with you when you're
making your famous beurre blanc
"and when you kiss
our son goodnight.
"And one day, far in the future
I'll see you on the other side."
"You have all of my love,
What was that?
We were worried
when you didn't show up.
You guys came to
the JuniorBotics thing?
Of course. Kaia's there now
with her dad.
Did Melissa, did she write that?
Yeah. She wrote one
for you too.
"Dear Sis.
"I can't believe I'm not going
to see you again.
"I would have done anything
for you,
"and the idea that you wouldn't
do the same for me
"broke my heart.
"When the gifts for Cody
started showing up,
"I know that you meant them
for me as an apology,
"but I wanted more.
"I wanted you to say you knew
how scary it was
"that I was sick like Mom.
"But I could've reached out too.
"I was just as scared as you.
"I hope one day you'll find your
way home to Cody and Jeff."
"I love you little sis."
I messed up.
We've all made mistakes.
I should have called.
It's okay.
I didn't get to say goodbye
to her.
She knew you loved her.
And we know.
I'm not the person I was
10 years ago,
and I really, really want to
show you how much I've changed
if you'll let me, okay?
Melissa would've loved that,
for us to be a family again.
And uh, well we're game,
right Cody?
Do you want to read your letter?
You can do it now or
on your own, if you like.
No. I want to do it now.
It's blank.
She didn't have one word for me.
It's weird, suddenly
having family.
I'm still failing math, though.
God, Mr. D's going to kill me
for missing the tournament.
You didn't get a letter
from your mom.
Should we talk about that?
There's literally nothing
to talk about.
It was a blank piece of paper.
Yeah, but I'm guessing it led
to a lot of feelings.
Big feelings.
Cody, I can think of
a dozen reasons
why your mom wasn't able
to finish that letter to you.
Or, you know, start.
Did you bring your robot?
This better not have
anything to do
with me apologizing
to Mr. Delvecchio.
It was not my fault I missed
the tournament.
Trust me, Cody.
Trust me.
Well, he sure has character.
Woo! Yes! Well done!
Look at that go.
- Oh.
- Oh, oh, oh!
JuniorBotics tournament Day 2
and you didn't invite me?
I figured your schedule
was full,
what with you entertaining
half the school board.
Did you bring those people here
to scare me?
Do angels get scared?
That doesn't seem like a
particularly celestial emotion.
Okay, so now you're
an angel expert?
I guess not.
Because I always thought
angels were supposed to be
perfect, you know?
Otherwise what makes you
different than the rest of us?
Bruce, there are many types
of flowers in my boss's garden,
and my boss's idea of perfection
is different than yours.
You know, that thing you said
about Leila being part
of my mission.
What did that mean?
It means what it means.
Have faith, Bruce.
Cody looks, dare I say,
He actually likes math
and he's not going to flunk.
It would've changed his course.
Sorry for being a jerk.
But he's still got some hills
to climb, you know?
Those hills have anything to do
with why he missed
JuniorBotics tournament Day 1?
He got derailed when he found
a stack of letters from his mom.
One to his dad
and one to an aunt
that his parents hid from him.
Wow that's, that's tough.
Then there's also his
family's restaurant.
It was their dream, all of them,
when Melissa was alive.
Jeff just doesn't think that
he can handle it by himself.
Does he have to?
This hidden aunt,
I mean, is she glad to be back
in the picture?
Oh, very much so.
She wants to make up
for lost time.
What does she do for a living?
Uh, I think she's in, uh, PR?
And the husband is a contractor.
And they're looking
for something new.
Well, I can think of
one good suggestion.
- Oh man.
- Yeah.
Hey. You ready to go?
Angela and Principal Banks
are going to be here any minute.
Almost. I just need my shoes.
Are you sure that you don't know
what this is about?
If you're in trouble I'd rather
hear it from you first.
Not in trouble.
Besides, didn't Angela sound
excited when she called?
Yeah, she did.
And she also said
that Mr. Delvecchio
was very impressed
by your robot.
- He seemed cool with it.
- Good.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Totally.
Are you sure you don't want me
to drive?
No driving required.
Just a short walk.
Where are we going?
Right here. This
is your restaurant.
This is just a preview.
Call it an appetizer.
Did you know about this?
Aw, come on.
Okay, you ready?
Hello Mr. Grier.
So nice of you to join us.
We have a table ready for you.
Welcome to our grand opening.
Our space is newly renovated
with work from my favorite
contractor, Luke Hudson.
And we hope to commission
our favorite local artist
Cody Grier, to do some more
artwork for our walls
and also to design our menus.
And all of our food is available
in dine in.
So, we cannot wait
to open the doors
to the new hippest restaurant
in town.
I know you don't want to run it
on your own,
but it might be a different
story if...
With us.
We really want to do it.
You'd be helping me out.
And I want to do this
more than I can express.
Bringing Melissa's vision
to life
and being there with you and
Cody, it's what I'm meant to do.
I don't know what to say.
Melissa and I have had this
dream since we first met.
And any time I'm in here,
I see her.
And now I, I can feel her.
You know, Cody.
I thought I was putting your
mom's stuff away to protect you.
But truthfully, remembering her
also meant thinking about
all the moments in the future
that we'd be missing out on.
It was just too painful.
But it is a lot easier
not walking it alone.
I mean, Mom would love this,
wouldn't she Code?
- This is too much.
- Cody!
Hey Cody.
I thought you might be here.
The azaleas are looking good.
Your mom would
really love these.
Don't do that.
Don't tell me what she would
or wouldn't like.
It's what everyone does.
She would be so proud, or
she wouldn't approve of this,
or that would make her happy,
but they don't know!
But what about your dad
and Vanessa?
I mean, they get to know,
don't they?
At least a little bit?
I trusted her.
But she hid so much from me.
I get it. Humans,
they make mistakes,
but she didn't have one word
for me.
Even her sister, who abandoned
her, got something.
She forgot me.
Your mom did not forget
about you, Cody.
How do you know?
Let me share a secret with you.
Come on up here.
Cody, I am not like anyone else.
I can see and do things
that other people can't do.
I can color outside the lines,
but my boss has to
approve everything.
And sometimes
when the situation is
very, very challenging,
I get to be creative.
What are you talking about?
I have a message for you.
Just trust me.
"My Dear Cody.
"I miss you so much.
"More than you could
ever imagine.
"Everyone else in my life,
"I figured out how to say
goodbye to.
"But not you.
"Leaving you was unimaginable,
"but there were things
I wanted to say,
"and now I see how much
you need to hear them.
"So, Cody, know this.
"You were the best thing
I ever did in my life.
"You have so much light inside.
"Don't hide it.
"Share it with the world.
"Don't let my death be the thing
that stops you from living."
"I love you so much. Mom"
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are these, the presents
from your aunt?
Figured I'd give them
to Toys for Tots.
The PTA's still collecting,
They sent me at least 10 emails
saying today was the last day.
This is going to set them
over their goal.
What a great idea, Cody.
Oh, Madam Freud!
Dishing out some last-minute
Christmas cheer no doubt.
And Cody, are those for moi?
Uh nope but check this out.
Wait, hold on.
A B+ in math?
A B+?
Oh, wait.
Well, this uh, this calls
for more presents.
Special delivery.
I found it on my desk.
"Dear Cody, may all of
your family's dreams come true."
"From Anonymous."
More mystery presents?
Who else do you know
in Broomfield?
Oh, my!
There, there must be like,
thousands of dollars in here.
Are you sure this is for me?
What am I supposed to do
with it?
Well, it does say
family's dreams.
The restaurant!
We need all sorts of licenses
and permits and construction.
- This is...
- A miracle?
I don't know who Anonymous is,
but I owe them big!
I gotta go tell my dad.
- Thank you, Mr. B.
- Oh.
- See you after break, Angela.
- Ok.
Wait. Cody Grier's
a hugger now?
Seems like.
So, um, you didn't tell him
your job was over.
Ah, why would I want to ruin
the moment?
He'll be off for three weeks
and when he gets back,
he'll forget I ever existed.
I don't think anyone
could forget you.
Well, Mr. B. or should I call
you Anonymous?
Oh, please, on my salary?
But #42 has got some
deep pockets.
You sold your Jackie ball?
Ah, you know what, he was,
it was getting bored on my,
on my desk, you know.
And with what's left over I have
enough to start my next chapter.
- Next chapter?
- Mmmhmm.
I am so sad to see you go,
You really brought life
back to this place.
Keep in touch.
Make sure you address
any correspondence
to Principal Sanchez.
- You're quitting?
- Retiring.
Teachers get good pensions.
Yeah, but I, I thought you were
excited about the school
and you had new purpose.
Don't worry, you lit a fire
under me.
Just not for this place.
I've done all I can do here.
Time to move on,
and maybe even find a new
mission as you would say.
I don't know very many people
who surprise me,
but you did it.
It wouldn't have happened
without you.
And your boss.
Like you said, he always
comes through, so.
Thank you.
Um well, it's been a pleasure.
You know, maybe our paths
will cross again one day.
I hope so.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bells are ringing
There's a magic in the air
Choirs are singing for
the joy and happiness
The stars are bright
as we share a winter's night
Here's to Christmas
Kids are smiling
Making snowmen in the street
People driving
To be home with families
The songs they know
playing on the radio
Here's to Christmas
In the window evening snow
is falling down
All the people who are closer
gathering round
Well my darling take my hand
in a winter wonderland
Hey, uh, what are you
doing here?
Did I, did I leave something
at the school?
Oh, no, no.
I just, um...
I wanted to ask you something
the other day,
but I, I chickened out.
It's, it's about
my next chapter.
Have you ever given any thought
to working with a partner?
A partner?
Yeah, it was fun teaming up
with you.
I thought maybe we could
make it a thing.
Wow, um, I would really
love that.
But, um, it doesn't work
that way.
- Says who?
- My boss.
It's a solo gig.
Uh, but, I think, you've got
great things ahead of you.
Just not with me.
Whatever you say, Madam Freud.
Walk you out?
Need a ride somewhere?
I'm good, thanks though.
All right then, safe travels
to wherever it is you are
going next.
Thanks again.
That's weird. I just
had it serviced.
Maybe it's your battery.
Or maybe it's your boss
trying to tell us something.
Humor me, get in for a sec.
Come on.
Well, would you look at that.
Seems like the boss is willing
to make an exception
to that whole it's a solo
gig thing.
I guess so.
So, where to, partner?
How about a baseball game in LA?
More magically appearing
hot dogs.
- Un-huh!
- This time you are buying.