Higuita (2023) Movie Script

[Radio jockey's broadcast
from FM radio]
Watch out, dear.
She's too weak.
Don't worry.
How many months is she due?
It's her third month.
She's been throwing up
since this morning.
She hasn't eaten anything till now.
No need to admit her.
Observation would do.
Put her on a drip.
Get her to consult with Dr Rekha tomorrow.
There's nothing to worry about.
Tell me.
Yeah, I'll call you!
-Come and see the doctor tomorrow, okay?
-Get these medicines from the pharmacy.
-Pay the bill at the cash counter.
Pay for the auto-rickshaw as well.
Are you leaving already?
I gotta go.
You want me to come?
Get going.
'Take the back route and come fast."
-Hello! - All okay?
Hurry up!
In ten minutes!
Don't keep bugging me! I'm at the grove.
And... come to the back door.
Listen... The oracle performance has
only just started.
Will Murali stop halfway and come home?
What will you do if he comes?
Stop laughing!
-Alright, I'm there.
-Hurry up!
-You got a matchbox, boss?
Looks like you're in quite a hurry, huh?
See Master! This is Vinod!
-Vinod! Vinod!
-Argh! Mother!
Ow! Mother! Mother!
Tell us! Who did this to you?!
Dare you block
Pannyannoor Mukundan's car, huh?!
That too in Kannur!
Never in your wildest dream, kiddo!
Hey! Aren't you done yet?
Where is he?
I'm asking you, where is he?
I didn't see him.
My God!
I had told George sir that
we'll be there by 4 PM.
What do I do now?
Such useless children!
But what can I do about it?
Don't do anything!
I'll show you all!
You better go to the ration store.
Don't expect me to do that as well.
What the hell is he doing?
Look at the way he's standing!
Awesome! Enough!
Come here.
Such a loser!
Lose your frigging weight first.
-Losing against small kids!
-He's Punnapra Messi!
Jump, hop or run, whatever you do, no use!
You won't lose weight!
We've been seeing him since 12th grade,
Yeah! Keep grinning!
It's already 4 PM. She'll be here soon.
-What's it?
His friend!
As my other half you bind to me
And engulf my depths
These long journeys
Here turns eloquent
-She will call now.
-Call who?
This idiot!
They've reached home. Come back now.
What's going on here?
That girl is from Kuravanthodu.
She studies at ST College.
And she's in love with him!
-Oh! Really?
He met the girl on the bus
while going to PSC coaching
-And then?
-Then what?
When she proposed to him,
he chickened out.
He's a scaredy-cat, you know!
Stop it! I've no fear!
You saw her brother, didn't you?
There's another such elder one
at her home.
She should've proposed to me instead!
I don't even know what fear is!
You wish! Stop it!
Well... Shall I get going, then?
You got a ride?
I might have to ride away!
-Look there.
-What? -Where?
-Oh. no! Mom!
-We're screwed!
W...what do we do now?
-Hello, Mom!
-Where are you off to?
Nothing as such!
Come on, then.
I need to go to Pazhangadu.
Do I have to invite you separately?
Get in, you!
In this attire? Let me take a bath and...
Hop on, you!
Attire, my foot!
Give me some space!
Is she going to butcher them?
This is his situation, sir.
He neither got a responsibility
nor any sense.
Have tea.
I understand your age and thoughts, son.
Don't we have to pay heed to
our conditions?
Understand the situation?
I'm not blaming you.
You know how difficult it is
to secure a government job.
To study hard for several years,
and to get into the rank list,
there are so many people around,
who do this and wait with hope.
In our case, you tragically
got this opportunity.
Your Dad passed while in public service.
But, haven't you got to continue your life?
Join your Dad's job,
take care of your Mom and sister.
Your life too will flourish, right?
Do you know the reason he told me
to not take up this job?
He's afraid of the police job, it seems!
What more can I tell him
if he says this?
I've worked with your Dad
for ten years.
He used to tell me about his kids everyday.
He wished to see you
as a sub-inspector.
I'm not asking you to follow
your parents' dreams blindly.
But, you gotta learn to
adapt to the situations and live.
You delayed this matter to this extreme.
At his age, he could've gotten into
the police force itself back then.
He just had to clear the physical test.
If a person dies while at service,
as per the rule, the heir should
join that job within two years.
As it got delayed this much,
I'm not sure if it is still possible.
What can we do now?
Would anything help?
I'm coming straight to the point.
The party members might be able
to get this done if they wish.
That's the truth.
If the party considers it,
the government too will.
It's not the DGP or IG officers
who make decisions about Kerala Police.
It's the leaders of
the associations and the party.
If the party centre wishes so,
any file will move forward.
The black will turn white,
and the white will turn black.
One who doesn't even attend tests
will secure a rank, too.
But, the party has to consider it.
It's necessary for them that
the partisans are in force.
-Your grandma took part in
the Punnapra uprising, right? -Yes.
Well, that's pointless in this era.
Yet, meet the necessary people
and mention these things.
If you're lucky, it will work out.
Aren't you eating, Mom?
-Let me help you, Mom!
-Move aside, you!
Hold on, Mom. Let me explain.
I don't want to hear anything!
I know what you're about to say.
I've heard enough of it.
How can one be sincere to others
when he is not sincere to himself?
How can you face life?
What will you do, then?
You're scared,
you're not capable, you don't like it,
you'd make such hundreds of lame excuses!
I've no idea if this will work out.
But I will try my best
to make it happen.
Aparna is 18, anyway.
Let her take up the job.
After all, she's more sensible
and courageous than you!
Keep this in mind, my son.
Life is not a bed of roses!
We ought to rise,
no matter how much ever we fall.
Thanks to all the beef fests and food fests
we conducted,
I can't imagine having food
without beef now!
Ayyappadas, right?
Listen, Comrade Ayyappan...
Comrade Ayyappan...
Comrade Das. Let's go ahead with that name.
It suits our line of action.
Let's get rid of 'Ayyappan'.
So, Nadeer...
The matter you mentioned,
it's a bit troublesome.
Troublesome doesn't mean
it is impossible.
But I can't assure you.
He was my classmate, Comrade.
Moreoever his family supports the Party.
But their current situation is quite lousy.
This is their last hope.
But what's the point?
Don't we have to do things
at the right time?
Isn't this case expired?
Several fellows who got into the PSC list
are protesting these days.
If I do something out of the way,
things will screw up.
This is not going to happen
in a straightforward way anyway!
And to influence the home affairs ministry,
-the district secretary has cooperate.
-Sir, the bill.
What do we do? Huh?
-Here. Pay the bill, Nadeer.
-No, sir. I will pay it.
No. Take this money and pay it.
Go ahead.
Though we're popularly known as
the Party of poor and destitutes,
it's not the street food vendors
or hawkers that we need.
The middle class is our aim.
Government employees.
If they're in the police force,
we'll be more interested in them.
I do have interest in your matter.
The reason is, I too, belong to 'Ezhava',
the lower caste community.
I too wish to see our community flourish.
Besides, as we, the communists
don't regard Ambedkar,
we mention caste openly. Got it?
And listen. Once this Party
interferes in somebody's life,
his life won't be under
his sole control anymore.
That life will have a claimant.
We have no interest in trades
without a return.
So, can I count you in?
-How did it go?
So, any luck?
It turned out to be okay.
If Comrade Abhayan gives the word,
consider it done.
That's good.
And moreover,
if the district secretary recommends,
it'll be done.
The Party members can get such things done
in a jiffy, right! Awesome!
Liju, buddy! Don't you slander my Party.
We can get anything done here.
Because, we are the ruling party.
And, about him.
You'll join the force for sure.
My dear Nadeer!
Do you think he's capable
to be in the police force?
Stop being so negative!
Hey, it's a good job.
And, the final decision is yours.
Think thoroughly and decide.
I can't disappoint Mom anymore.
If police, let it be!
Whatever happens, happens!
It's done, sir.
Can I play web series in this?
Yes, sir. It is connected to the internet.
You will get services such as
Amazon Prime and Netflix in this.
I want to see 'Money Heist'.
-Please set it up.
-Okay, sir.
The entertainment sector is ruled by
the American capitalistic bourgeoisies.
Yet, I can't stop watching this!
I see!
So, coming back to the matter...
though you could've secured the job
via compassionate appointment,
why did you delay it this much?
Hand over his documents to
Biju from the association office.
I will call and tell him.
Our Party has always been there
for the common man!
The Party that resolves his problems,
whatever they be.
So, get ready.
We will get this done.
Carry on then, Das.
Come in.
I'll manage it.
I am right here.
Okay, sir.
Thank you.
Did you get into the force
on any political recommendation?
Y...yes, sir.
Oh, I see.
In that case, it's time for you
to repay that favour.
Here, take this. You can relieve
from the camp tomorrow.
Report at the S.P. office
the day after tomorrow. Okay?
Oh, is there such a problem?
I wasn't aware.
Yeah, I will let him know.
Yes. Reached Chandanakavu.
I will call you back, okay?
What's the matter?
-Huh? Come.
-Go ahead.
Oh! You were here?!
What's the matter?
Hey! What's wrong?
He just returned from
the Alappuzha S.P. office.
He's gotten into a tight spot!
I am going to be...
relieved from that camp.
They're posting me on a special duty.
That, too, under the S.P.
What duty?
A gunman's duty.
So what's the big deal about it?
Being a gunman is not the issue here!
But the problem is whose gunman he is!
Get straight to the point, man!
The duty is not within the force.
It's outside.
I need to give special protection
to a political leader, it seems.
Ugh! He won't be able to manage it!
Tell me who it is.
Pannyannoor Mukundan.
Hey, it's true.
As per the latest intelligence report,
there's a threat
to Comrade Mukundan's life,
and safety must be ensured,
the news said.
But never in my wildest dreams
did I expect it to fall on you.
Is he such a hardnut?!
Wow! Awesome!
You never watch the news
or read the newspaper, right?
Tell him who he is, Nadeer!
Those who are going to give him protection
are likely to die!
Who else would go?
That too, at what place?
At their hub, the Kannur!
Anyone who loves their life
would dare go there?
Usually, it's the native cops,
or their union members
who get appointed as a gunman.
Choosing someone from the police camp
is quite rare.
That too, from another district.
Yeah, so it is correct.
They didn't have a second thought
about appointing you
because they had this trap ready for you!
Such an awesome Party, mate!
Reserve your party rivalry
for a later occasion.
Buddy, can you help him?
Don't you know the Punnapra monument?
This idiot has no clue
what it is all about!
How can they hire this guy
as the gunman of such a political leader?
That too, at a place like Kannur!
You won't be able to make it, buddy!
Just look up on the internet,
about who he is!
He used to be the Party's
supreme decision-maker once.
One who has no qualms
about bloodshed or killing!
Ultimately, the Party suppressed him,
fearing that he might
rise beyond the Party.
You'll be scared to death,
if you hear the things he did while
he was the district secretary of Kannur.
The right-wingers made
many attempts to finish him off.
Once, he was even hacked down
right in front of his wife!
Yet, he was reinstated!
Dear Chandran!
All these rumours about him
are mere stories.
Not just that,
he is pretty composed now.
Just that he's a member of
the state committee.
And Kannur isn't as problematic as before,
unlike what he said.
Maybe that's why
the Party hired you for this.
Don't get nervous.
Everything will be fine.
Of course, you will defend him!
I told you what I had to.
Nadeer, buddy...
Only you can help him out now.
Please do something.
Please try to work some sentiments out.
Please get him out of this.
So, only your mom and sister
are at home now?
It'll be difficult
to leave them alone here.
Well, seems like a problem!
Have you heard about Comrade Abhijith?
When he was hacked to death
by the Islamic terrorists
at Maharajas college,
he was barely 20 years old.
Many such young hearts
unconditionally sacrifice
their lives for this movement.
Yet, people like you
who got benefitted from the Party,
come up with such lame excuses!
Isn't it inappropriate, Ayyappadas?
Once you reach Panoor, pass this letter to
Comrade Kunjananthan master.
Our guy will come and pick you up
from Thalassery railway station.
They will take care of all your things,
from then on.
That means,
if the Party asks you to go,
that has only one meaning.
You must go.
You shouldn't have come here with him
for this matter, Comrade.
protest, if the Party asks you to!
Run, if the Party asks you to!
Die, if the Party asks you to!
Obedience and discipline,
A Party worker ought to have
these qualities.
Else, we will have to make you obey.
You won't prefer that, will you?
Good boy!
Then, here you go.
Get going.
Buddy, Das...
Please don't feel miffed towards me.
You know I have no control
over this, right?
Carry on.
I gotta some work to do.
Will call you, okay?
Hey, come here.
Hop on.
Why do you look so perplexed?
C'mon! Hop on!
-Panoor Suneesh?
Aren't you Ayyappadas, the gunman?
Get on!
Will you need my whole biodata
and horoscope for getting on the bike?
-First time in Kannur?
It was so evident from your panicked look!
So, what do you do?
I run a workshop. It's a nice job.
I never go there and open the shop!
There's no need, that's why.
Each day around the year
is a hartal here!
The cops have got hectic work here.
-Are you scared?
-A bit.
Don't be scared, okay?
It's a nice place.
And yeah, one or two get killed
every now and then.
Such minor issues only.
You're not scared about it, right?
It's a nice place.
Very comfortable to live.
Dare you step out of your house
on a hartal day?!
Wait! Looks like there's some mayhem!
-We won't spare your flag or your head!
-Don't you understand? Bug off!
Holy mother! They aren't our guys.
That's a problem.
They are Islamists and right-wingers.
Let's scoot!
Looks like fortune is smiling on you!
They'll attack you like rabid dogs
if you get into their hands!
I don't like them. They beat us up badly!
They're such a pain in the butt.
It's them who always create trouble
in Kannur.
It's our territory from here on.
Nothing to worry about now.
See 'Kadirur' sign board?
It's not that I was scared, anyway.
I backed off as you were with me.
I would've made a fuss there otherwise.
You gotta lose weight, okay?
My bike is leaning to the left!
Nevermind, you'll lose your weight
in a few days, anyway!
Well, aren't there any strike here?
Strike? Here?!
In our Party village?
What are you even talking about?
If any issue has to happen,
we will have to initiate it here.
This is the Party village.
And this is the Party office.
The village of Pannyannoor Mukundan,
the roaring lion!
It's Comrade's eldest son in the photo.
The one in the centre.
The rest are martyrs.
He's a brilliant guy. Quite studious.
He lives in Trivandrum. Not here.
He too, would've become a martyr
had he been here.
Come on.
Watch the stairs.
They're as old as my grandpa.
Tomorrow's train blockade
is a litmus test for us
Keep in mind, it's a protest against
the central government.
So, don't forget what I said.
There might be provocations.
But no mistakes must happen
from our side.
-You know the current situation, right?
-Our demigod, the geek!
Red salute. You may disperse now.
It's a delicious snack. Have it.
Comrade, where are you exactly located
in Alappuzha?
In a sense, a political journey
from Punnapra to Kuthuparamb, right?
The village where Comrade AKG met
Susheela teacher.
Two places,
where our Party rose high
flourishing working-class.
Alappuzha and Kannur.
So, Kannur won't be
unfamiliar to you, right?
Yeah, he caught a glimpse on his way here.
So, where's his stay arranged?
At the first floor of Sugunettan's house.
It's all set.
-Aren't you joining tomorrow?
May your selfless service be
an asset to us, Comrade.
That's cool.
Here, take the keys.
So, remember everything
Kunjananthan master said, right?
From today onwards, you are
Comrade Mukundan's better half!
You gotta protect Comrade Mukundan
no matter what, okay?
And your life!
Don't give much importance to it.
It isn't significant, anyway.
Comrade's life is of
utmost importance to us.
So, don't forget these.
Go inside and close the door.
Off I go. Red salute.
His damn escorting
at the break of dawn!
Will show you!
Inform media that the S.I on duty
was attacked by the sand-smuggling gang.
Yes, sir.
No matter how much his Party leaders try,
he shouldn't walk free from this!
We faced such catastrophic floods,
and yet you didn't learn! Go now.
-Get the report written by Abu sir.
What's the matter, Bibeesh?
He is Pannyannoor Mukundan sir's gunman.
Came here to meet you before joining.
A gunman's job is usually straightforward.
But you'll be screwed!
You'll be running around
with your butt on fire!
What's your name?
Aren't you a Party worker?
Vibeesh too is a staunch Comrade.
It doesn't feel right
when the cops are politically inclined.
What happened, Shereef?
No, tell me.
At town?
-Sajin, get the car.
You come. We don't have
enough cops, you too come.
Be right there, Shereef.
We've started from here.
Yeah, let's go.
You bitch! If you dare act smart
I'll kill you!
Go swear at your family!
-Hey, what's it?
-Shut up, you scum!
I'll burn you alive with your rickshaw!
Go bad mouth your family!
Do you know the value of family?
You don't have to teach me!
-I live more dignified than you!
-Dignity, my foot!
-What's it, Shereef?
That woman has been assaulted, sir.
Hey, what's going on here?
I just got this rickshaw
serviced this morning, sir.
This is the third time
they have done this to me.
Don't I have to survive, sir?
How dare she say this?
-What's the reason for this?
-What reason, sir?
Because I support another Party.
Because I didn't join their union.
I'm a tribal woman, sir.
They can't bear to see me living
without depending on anyone.
Rowdyism and intimidation
in the name of the Party!
It's been quite a while since this started.
This is my hometown, too.
Don't I have to survive here?
Their stunts won't work on me!
She's blatantly lying, sir!
Do you know what she does?
Bad mouthing about
customers and rickshaw drivers!
She snatches trips from us!
She files petitions against people
towards whom she has a grudge!
She even boozes!
We won't let such acts here, sir!
He's just bluffing, sir!
Ask the public if you have any doubts!
-Did I ask you anything? Did I?
When there is a problem,
shouldn't you listen to both sides, sir?
Isn't that only fair?
Dare you assault a woman in public
and prattle?
Let go of him, sir. It'll be a problem.
Things will go out of our hands.
What problem?! You must file the case!
Those who assaulted this woman
won't get away from this!
I'll arrest whomever
took the law into their hands.
Mohan sir! Get more police force
from Kuthuparamba.
Let's see!
Just because you're Party members
you can do any thuggery you want?!
This's gonna be a huge pickle!
It will blow out of proportion!
Oh, God! Totally lost it now!
Don't spare them, sir.
I can go to any extent for this cause.
They even spread rumours
that I am a prostitute!
What all lies is she saying, Sunil?
What's the matter, Mohanan?
Are the cops' up to cause problems?
Shouldn't you try to resolve them instead?
Didn't you see, sir?
What they did to this woman...
Just leave it as a petty dispute between
the rickshaw drivers.
No need to file any case.
That's not it, sir.
As she has a complaint...
But nobody here got any complaints!
Do you have any complaints?
Do you?
Learn the political background of a place
before you try solving an issue there!
Especially when you're a newbie here?
Shouldn't you?
Hey! Come!
[Billboard praising Comrade Mukundan]
This isn't a problem we started, Comrade.
She's intentionally creating chaos.
This Party is constantly facing
many intractable problems.
And is this
your generous contribution to that?!
She's a woman, Chandran.
Wouldn't society and media
take only her side?
You ought to have the common sense
to understand that.
Such a problem should not be solved
in front of the public,
right in the middle of the road.
There are specific ways
to solve such problems.
You shouldn't tarnish the Party...
whomever it might be!
It's shameful for us if she rides
that rickshaw again in our stand, Comrade.
Only if she rides again in that stand,
If she does, we'll look into it!
So, we end this matter right here.
Carry on, then. Don't skip work.
See you then, master.
You've been fumbling around there
for a while!
Who are you?
He's your new gunman, Comrade.
He came here yesterday.
Yeah, I'll pass it on to him.
It's Ravunni master.
Hi, master.
I'm at the Party office.
We can't just forget Ajayan
like that, right?
-Are you the new gunman?
Hi, Rajesh.
What's up?
Haven't heard from you for ages!
I'm here only, bro.
She was somewhere here.
So, you're not coming?
Oh, is it?
I'll pass it on to her. Yeah, she's here.
Sister, it's Rajesh.
Hello, Rajesh!
What's up?
You promised you would come a day before
and fooled me, right?
Grandpa was just around.
Where's grandpa, Ramettan?
I didn't see him, dear.
Just a minute.
Jithu bought a new bike, heard that?
Didn't you know?
Why? As if you don't know Beena!
Serve them well, Rupesh!
Serve water to the people in the front row.
Ajayan's biggest wish is
going to be fulfilled tomorrow.
But he couldn't be here to witness it.
My poor daughter!
My son gave up his life for the Party.
Yet, the Party workers
never cared about us.
I wasn't blaming you.
How do I thank you for this?
It's not from me but from the Party.
You must take it that way.
Let me take your leave.
I have a hearing at the court tomorrow.
That's why I came tonight itself.
You came all this way
taking her father's place.
Please eat something and go.
Or else she will be hurt.
Okay. Come.
-Rajesh ettaa, they're asking for curry.
-I'll get it in a sec.
Raghavan, our Comrade is here!
Call Suja! Come on, everybody!
Hi, Mukundettaa.
-Hey, dear.
I saw you there earlier.
Mom said that you'd be coming over.
Suja is happy now.
How are things, Satheesan?
Are you in your austerity period?
Yeah, the pilgrimage is planned
for next month.
-Start serving food then, Satheesan.
-Sure, I got it.
Is it Biryani? I don't eat it...
I know.
You can eat plain rice, right?
Go and keep an eye on the food.
You ought to be careful
about everything, okay?
-Is this being served?
Who are you?
I am Comrade's new gunman.
This is safe, isn't it?
It's... part of the protection.
I need to check
if the food is not poisoned...
Ought to test it, isn't it?
You're so brilliant, sir!
If there is poison in it,
won't you die if you test it?
How can you speak like this
at a wedding event?
He seems pretty over-smart.
We too have seen gunmen, sir!
Talking nonsense!
Do you know who Mukundettan is to us?
Simply pestering!
You gotta be mindful
when you say things here.
Got it?
Where do you find such losers, Feroz?
He's gonna bring shame to Comrade!
It's better if you take him away.
Go ahead. He's calling you.
Go ahead, man!
What was your name?
Ayyappadas, I've been dwelling in this land
for the last 50 years or so.
The Party might have fears,
but I don't have any!
So, don't cause trouble. Okay?
Look who's here!
Why do you look dumbstruck?
Come with me, sir.
Gotta tell you something.
Come on, sir!
It's an urgent matter.
-I'm on duty.
-Duty, my foot!
Are you nuts?
Gulp up a few pegs
before he finishes his meal.
I've heard whatever he told you.
Such an ill-mannered monster!
Yeah! Not just him! His Party members, too!
But, you are also...
What's so wrong if I support another Party?
Will I have freedom of action here?
I need to survive here.
Hence I wear this mask of comradeship!
I'm 36 years old now.
I can't even get a girl
as I belong to this place! Crap!
You don't want it? Too hot!
My dear Ayyappadas,
I'm telling you this
because I care for you.
Things are not as you think.
They all are scapegoats!
Their game will be over at any moment!
Always maintain a distance.
The killer won't care
if you're a cop or a gunman.
Anything can happen anywhere, anytime!
Perhaps, it can happen right now,
at this nuptial house!
A bomb might explode all of a sudden!
Do you even have a clue who this man is?
His name tops the opposite Party's
hit list since 1990s.
Pannyannoor Mukundan!
Till now, he was a so-called geek
and know-it-all!
But that's not the case anymore.
You got it?
You might've read in the newspapers.
Vinod murder case.
They finished that guy a few years back,
during the 'Theyyam' ceremony.
Mukundan is the ninth accused in that case!
Vinod was the strength of his Party.
Would they spare Mukundan then?
The witness examination of that case
begins tomorrow.
Be careful.
-Go fill up diesel and come.
[Party workers shouting the slogans]
RPIM Zindabad!
Long live the martyrs!
Long live Comrade Sudheer!
Inquilab Zindabad!
Pannyannoor Mukundan Zindabad!
MAN [OVER PA]: Comrades,
Our Comrade P Mukundan,
the darling son of Panur,
the fearless, braveheart,
who faced saffron terror
with his willpower and strength,
Kannur's own Mukundettan,
Shuddering the saffron and green forts
here he comes...
the valiant candidate
of the Left Democratic Front
the spark of Kannur,
the precious disciple of Comrade MKR,
Mr Pannyannoor Mukundan!
Here he is,
coming right behind this vehicle,
electrifying the streets of Koothuparamba!
Here he declares,
"communal antics and violent politics
have no place in this Red Fort."
If the birds veiled in blood red
Flock together
If the birds veiled in blood red
Flocks together
Will turn a formidable force
Red Salute to the rising Sun!
Red salute
The street shivering
in the freezing shower
Witness a firm chest with each beat
Reciting 'Red Salute'
Red Salute
Red salute
Red salute
Red salute
WOMAN [On TV]: 14th of April, 1998,
a festive day that turned fatal for Kerala.
Comrade Pannyannoor Mukundan,
who marked the history of Kannur politics
before and after him,
was brutally attacked on that day.
He was seriously injured and unconscious.
The RPI(M) activists took him
to a private hospital in Kozhikode.
Those were dark days for Kannur.
The incident triggered
a series of violence and murders.
Although he could not regain
his old physical health condition,
Mukundan's comeback was astonishing.
He opened a whole new battlefront
in the politics.
'Pannyannoor Mukundan' became
a name controlling Kannur politics.
Mukundan, who reached the Legislative
Assembly twice consecutively
from the Koothuparamba constituency,
with his organisational proficiency
became Kannur district secretary.
Mukundan, who started his political career
through the student movement
as the lineage of Brennen College
vice-chairman Comrade and PM Sudheesh,
who was killed by his political opponents.
In 1982, after being a disciple of
MK Raghavan, the spark of Kannur
he rose as an undeniable leader.
After MKR left the party,
following his inflexible approach
Mukundan was later hailed
as the dangerous leader of the RPIM.
When he became the District Secretary,
his approach brought Kannur
into a wild and terrifying conflict.
Eventually, realising the threat,
the party expelled Mukundan
from the post of secretary.
It was a political downfall.
Shocking his fans and followers,
who were awaiting his comeback
he got attacked again!
They can never apprehend--
[TV turns off]
Good afternoon, sir.
Do we still need to hold the news?
That's what we are also thinking.
We're waiting for your decision.
The media is also waiting.
Tell me, comrade.
Is it?
That is what we are discussing.
I saw that too.
As if they are surer than us!
Then, let it be so!
I'll communicate it.
Yeah, I'll be here.
The State Secretary has arrived below.
I'll call back later.
Don't give media and staff any updates now.
Inform the PRO.
So, that is the decision!
Let's hold it.
It's the mightiest leader of the state
who has been attached.
You can't blame
if people react against it.
We have decided to convey this
to the countrymen
during the March to spread the peace
leading by Anvi Gopinath.
During the left-wing government
ruling Kerala,
even after providing special
security systems like gunmen,
if such a situation has occurred,
isn't the blame on the police?
Aren't the Home ministry and
the government the culprits here?
If there is any failure by the police,
it will be examined.
There will be
a proper investigation into it.
If there's any negligence from the staff,
including the gunman
it will also be assessed--
[TV turns off]
Holy crap!
Negligence means...
There will be a rapid department enquiry.
-You'll be screwed.
It's a matter about
the negligence of the home ministry.
Won't they need a scapegoat to save face?
A suspension is guaranteed!
Perhaps, a dismissal too!
Everything depends on the enquiry report.
As per the online news articles,
there is another problem that we don't see.
What if that man dies?
I mean, you know
what sort of a place is this!
In case he comes back to life...
won't he just let you walk free?
But I saw the man who stabbed him.
What if I inform this
to the party members and the cops?
In that case, your corpse
will reach Alappuzha in full throttle.
This is a political issue
that has been going on here for ages.
Let them settle it by killing each other.
You saw him. But he didn't see you!
Lucky you!
Do a favour.
Go and sit upstairs.
Let me go out and check.
Darn! Now it's all on my head!
No one else saw you coming, right?
I'm not sure.
Things are not how we think.
He was out of danger yesterday itself.
I get to know it secretly.
They have kept the news confidential
to create a wave of sympathy.
They need to answer it
tit for tat, after all!
The police haven't collected
his statement yet.
DySP Premachandran sir will be
in charge of the investigation.
If the comrade testifies favouring of you,
you will escape this.
That's not gonna happen.
Somehow reach the hospital,
fall on his feet and cry for help.
If he feels sympathy and gives a statement
in your favour,
you will be saved.
Will you?
He doesn't like me at all.
I don't know any of that.
This is the only way out I see.
Come, won't you?
-EMS hospital, right?
-You mean AKG?
-Yeah, he said it wrong.
Get in.
Don't blow up. Get in fast.
Poor our comrade! What an ill fate!
Are you going there to see him?
No, he's in the same hospital,
that's the reason I asked.
Moreover, I am saddened to see
our comrade lying like this.
What was the need, after all?
-What's your name?
-Vipeesh, why you asked?
Will you sacrifice your life
for someone else?
Will your friend do that?
It is not something
that ordinary people can do.
They do it for the movement they trust on.
He's going through that hell
with no hope of coming back.
He lies there wounded, not for his own
or for his family's sake!
Did the enemies try to kill him for
their personal vendetta against him?
This is the reason we call them comrades!
Thank God! Reached the hospital!
Anyone outside Kannur
may not understand what I said.
It's not your fault.
Hey, no. I'm from Kannur.
He too.
Right? Yeah, I swear.
And yet you are confused
between EMS and AKG?!
Seems like a party fanatic!
Leave it.
Isn't this the way to hospital?
We'll get caught if we take the front gate.
If someone identifies you,
it will be a trouble.
Let's take the back gate.
Don't hang around there and come quickly.
I'll kill this loser today!
O, my!
Come quick.
Hurry up.
Go in.
I said go in.
Me alone?!
No, bring the whole Panoor market
for company!
Just bravely go in.
You're terrified, man!
I'm not timid like you.
Come in.
Son of a #$! Will show you!
Where are you running to?
Is Domanic, the security incharge there?
Oh-n! Premettan is there!
O God!
Make way, sister!
Can't you just tell me before you run?
-There were CCTV inside.
-Everything went out of hand.
We're screwed!
Don't act stupid. Listen to me first.
No way, Vipeesh.
I'm scared to stay here.
It won't be good if I stay here anymore.
I can't let people beat me to death.
My things are in that rented house.
I'll take them later.
I trapped you as well, didn't I?
Yes, you did!
And you are scooting?!
Face it, man.
How far will you run out if fear?
No, bro.
It's a call from the police station.
Yes, sir.
Yeah. He's here.
-Where's your phone?
-Phone is off.
Sir, the phone signal is a bit off here.
Okay, sir.
I'll tell him.
Who was that?
Circle inspector.
You summoned in the SP office
tomorrow morning.
What shall we do now?
How's it? Did you get him over the phone?
No, Mom. I called to Vipeesh's phone.
He's with him.
I couldn't talk to him.
He's very upset and stressed out.
This issue may affect his job it seems.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
No, thanks, sir.
Yes, sir.
Take your seat.
I thought of opening a PR for you
yesterday itself.
But now, I'm congratulating you.
The police force is proud of you.
Yesterday we took the comrade's statement.
That's when we got a clear picture.
He talked highly about you.
He is very impressed
with your efficiency in duty.
Did any of the attackers
catch your attention?
I mean, can you identify any of them?
No sir, they had their faces covered.
Yes, from the CCTV footages
we received from the town
we found that the attackers
had covered their faces.
And the jeep number is fake as well.
The biggest issue before us is that
the CCTV in the court
wasn't working either!
This is a well-planned attempt.
After Saidar Palli,
the vehicle gone missing.
They must have entered Mahi,
for the Kerala police can't enter there.
Otherwise, they could have gone to
Thalayi, Chalil or Mottambram.
Let's strengthen his protection.
I'm also personally related to him.
So, let's go with that.
Comrade has specifically said that
he needs you to continue as his guard.
Yes, you may go.
I may summon you again
for a detailed testimony.
Yeah, I saw him.
No, all well.
Will deal it.
Call you later.
You got luck today!
Do you even know how am I surviving here?!
Can I even complain?
People are throwing bombs, slashing,
stabbing and all!
I have seen such stunts only in the movies!
I've lost my sleep.
Let me tell you something
and bring more joy to you.
You will roll on floor laughing.
What's it?
Your old girl, Saranya,
that PSC coaching girl, don't you remember?
She got married!
You are sad, huh?!
You still have feelings for her, right?
Then, it's not she,
but her brother got married!
And guess what,
he actually eloped with a girl.
That too the girl is a christian.
See how men deal it
when it comes to their own affairs!
Okay, you hang up now.
I'll call you later.
-This is enough.
-Hmph, alright!
"A leader who fearlessly fight off
the violence: The come back story."
Oh, it's you!
I thought you would have gone to bed.
Hold this once. My dhoti is loose.
Comrade Mukundan summoned you.
I came to tell you this.
Go to office and meet him.
I have no clue. He didn't tell me.
There may be some reason.
Alright. I'm off.
What about this?
This seems heavy.
Is this coconut?
This... is for a neigbour's wedding
An uncle in distant relation,
his grant daughter's wedding.
They are very nice people.
He's a congress follower, bloody scamp!
He didn't invite for the wedding.
I felt really bad.
That's not how we conduct a wedding,
right?! These are locally made bombs!
-Don't worry, it's local!
Hold this.
I need to throw a couple of them
and ruin the wedding!
Wanna try? Wanna try?
Not interested?
Okay then. Don't forget
about tomorrow's programme.
Let me make arrange a feast
for the wedding!
Go in. You are summoned.
Be seated, Ayyappadas.
Come, dear.
Be seated, man.
I've kept your medicine there.
Let me drop our daughter and come.
Are you not sitting?
Or, will you run off
like you did yesterday?
Tell Firoze to not let anyone in here
for a while
How's your friend, that policeman?
He's good.
So, you are on duty from today, aren't you?
You didn't come to Kannur alone.
You had someone with you.
The person who is always with you.
I mean, fear.
Ain't I right?
It is the worst word in the world.
So, don't be a coward.
A coward man is a big mistake.
A scared man is the greatest obscenity.
Did you get me?
So from now on I want
the valiant gunman Ayyappadas.
What say?
May my land flourish
May my village prosper
May this hundred-year-old soil
Flourish in my loyalty
Commitment to my land is my devotion
I know it now! May you flourish!
The temple got ready
For the festivities
During the Sunset, mates wait for you
Under the shade of banian tree
Come quickly
May this hundred-year-old soil
Flourish in my loyalty
Commitment to my land is my devotion
I know it now! May you flourish!
May my land flourish
-No, sir.
-But, the fare?
-No need, sir.
Aren't you the Comrade's new gunman?
The Motherland calls out
For the heros who led the country
Remembering every bravehearts
Who gave me strength
After roaming everywhere in the village
The Oracle goes,
My heart must take every stab
But never a scatch on you, my Land
Spreaded fire mat
For those born in fire
My heart obtained sharpness
Singing this ballad
Wrap your body in silk cloth
Still you own only six feel land to rest
The truth touched my heart
And guided my time
May my land flourish
May my village prosper
Prosper... prosper... prosper...
We, the people of Kannur
value Mukundettan more than even our lives!
Even though it's part of your duty,
you did a great deed, son.
Flourish... flourish... flourish...
You all know that the Kannur district
conference is nearing, don't you?
All the area committees across the district
have completed their conferences.
Except one area committee.
Panoor area committee.
seeing two prominent leaders
of this district
perform well at association level
as well as parliamentarian level,
there were attempts to portray us
as Gopinathan-clan and Mukundan-clan,
and grow sectarianism within us,
from the bourgeoisie media,
and the corporate capitalist forces.
We must set aside such sectarian thoughts,
and conduct the Panoor area conference
at the Pattiom ground, on 17th this month.
Don't ever fall for sectarian thoughts,
and acts against the Party,
Hello? Yes.
What's the matter?
There will be stingent action
from Party side.
Further details about the conference,
and the future courses of action,
Comrade Kunjananthan master
will talk to you further on these.
Red salute, Comrades.
the district secretary
Comrade N.V. Gopinathan,
spoke to us clearly.
To conduct the Panoor area conference
on the aforementioned date successfully,
without any complaints,
is our duty and responsibility.
You wanted to go to the bank, right?
Get down here.
-It's this way.
Didn't I tell you?
This is the number.
I feel that somebody's following me
since the last few days.
A jeep is always behind me.
Let's give this to the cyber cell.
My friend Bineesh is there.
Let go of it.
We'll see to it.
Maybe it's your imagination.
Hey, Narayanettan.
Wow! 'Kozhikkal, the snack'!
The conference is on 17th, right?
It'll be quite exquisite this time!
It's the first conference
after your Comrade's return.
He's got such a huge mileage now!
What a fan following!
"Long live martyrs!"
"Long live, Comrade Sudheesh"
You like football, Das?
I play sometimes.
See this, master?
The young Comrades
from north India.
Delhi march.
Look at their photo.
What's so belittling about it?
It's not that. Look at the way they flee,
scared of the cops' baton stick!
The young generation of the current days
lacks fighting spirit, after all!
Today's youth strikes are
just to trick the public!
Aren't they only interested in
promoting themselves?
How can you say that way, master?
One might have to flee sometimes,
to protect their lives.
No matter who rules,
the police is always the same!
Look at our experience itself!
Not even a single person
has been arrested till date,
for attacking Comrade Mukundan.
And who's the ruling?
Our party!
Or has the regime changed?
And, people like you, master,
may sit at safe places
and call for protests.
And advise others to
face the police at the front-line!
And, master,
Leaders shouldn't be there
only for calling strikes!
Well, I only shared my opinion.
The details of the conference
have been published to the social media.
The parade is planned to start
from Pookode, right?
We must ensure
the participation of women, okay?
Yeah. On it.
-I'll talk to him.
-That's good.
This establishment too have
leeches that feed on the Party's blood.
Ones who trick others
with their cunning speech.
Ones who have reached safe sanctuaries.
But, don't count everybody into that group.
My bones have been broken
by booted feet and swaying batons...
They have immobilised me.
I didn't come back to claim anything,
but as I couldn't chop off this red flag
that has been merged within.
And because
I can't detatch it from myself!
There are martyrs amongst
the living too, Comrade!
People like you can see them
once you open your eyes.
Our Party today is the result of
the protests and strikes,
people like me did,
shedding our blood and sweat!
History prevailed before us.
After us, tomorrow too,
the history will prevail.
You shouldn't forget it.
You ought not to forget it.
Through a thousand eras
As a slogan of truth from within
It resonates on the earth
It never culminates, the 'Inquilab'
The boundaries they built
Among the children of the motherland,
We will tear them down,
And hoist our red flag over
Red salute
Red salute
Red salute
as the Panoor Area Conference
draws to a close,
I am glad to have the opportunity
to address you.
So far our president has talked about
the history of class struggle.
All struggles that have existed till date
are class struggles.
Between the master and the slaves...
Between the lords and the subjects...
Between the landlords and servants...
Between the guild master
and the labourer...
In short, the oppressors and
the oppressed remained bitter enemies
and fought endlessly,
sometimes in secret and sometimes in open.
This struggle has on each occasion ended
in the total revolutionary
reorganisation of society
or the general destruction
of the competing classes.
These words are from the song of praises
we sing everyday.
Not just the words,
even that era is outdated now.
It should be abolished.
I am not saying this to deny history.
But to modernise history.
It requires ideas, not violence!
So, regarding the attempts to
silence me with weapons,
I just despise them.
It's the communal forces
and the sectarians who resort to violence.
You all know, right?
We communists are not the ones
to be afraid of petty spectacles!
Mark my words,
I testify to you who brought me back,
even if one Mukundan falls,
this establishment will bring
a thousand Mukundans before you.
Brace yourself!
You haven't forgotten anything, have you?
We too are not the kind who forget.
We have swam through
many rivers of blood to reach here.
You, the communal fascists,
ought to learn history sometimes.
Your history is about deceit and trickery!
Also about genocides and foeticides!
Vipeesh. Just a moment.
What's it?
Do you know who he is?
He's Comrade Raghu.
The leader of the Labour union.
Gopinathan's right-hand.
What happened?
-What's the matter?
-Nothing, bro!
For that, this establishment
must always persist here.
This establishment's rights and wrongs are
our rights and wrongs, too.
There is no personal right and wrong
for people including me.
Let me not extend my speech further.
Thanks to everyone
who made this conference a success.
Red salute.
For vote of thanks,
I invite Comrade Kunjananthan master
to the stage.
Isn't it quite late?
Feroz will drop you. See you tomorrow.
No, sir.
There was a call from the police station.
They said I have to be with you 24x7.
Full-time duty.
And, there's also a message
that we should be alert
as the elections are approaching.
-Ok. Feroz
Set up the office room.
Das too will be here with us, from today.
This house has a history of being bombed
by the enemy many times.
Are you nervous?
Go ahead, then.
-Shall I ask you something?
Do you have any enemies
within the Party, Comrade?
Do you know when does
somebody become a real Comrade?
When he cares more about others' sufferings
rather than his own life.
And help them selflessly.
This Party is comprised of such Comrades.
So, I don't like such questions...
from anyone.
The third line which is marked.
It's very important.
-Hey. Ayyappadas.
-Yes, sir.
The reason why I wanted to see you is,
we've got a confidential report.
From the 'Intelligence'.
The thing is, there could be
an attack against Mukundan sir any moment.
Four prisoners have been released
from the central jail after their sentence.
Other than this, some other groups
are also targetting Mr. Mukundan.
Did you have a word with
the Alappuzha district secretary earlier,
that you are not interested
in taking up the gunman duty?
Well... that...
It means, you're doing this job
without much interest.
-Is that right?
-I... back then...
This ain't no child's play!
Election is just a few months away.
What will happen
if one more attack on him takes place!
You don't understand
the gravity of this situation, young lad!
Do you understand what he said?
An experienced and trained gunman
could take your place.
We had talked to Mukundan sir about this.
But he's not ready to accept it.
He said you can get releived from the job,
if you want to.
the decision is yours.
You need not go back to the training camp.
You can get into the police station duty.
We can consider this matter.
What do you think?
Okay, think about it.
you should not disclose this meeting
with anyone.
This has to be confidential.
-You may go.
One should only venture out for things
he's absolutely sure he can do!
Else, it can lead to problems.
In every sense.
Do you get it?
Alright, you may go then.
The S.P. was right.
You leave this place as early as possible.
Everybody's insane here.
That's what they too want, bro.
They want me to leave.
His henchman will join as the replacement.
Things will be easy for him, then!
Let them do whatever they want!
When someone like Gopinathan
is trying to finish Mukundan
with the help of Comrade Raghu,
are you even a hurdle for them?
They've worked together for
around 35 years.
It's Mukundan, who introduced Raghu
into the politics and nurtured him.
Raghu used to be his right-hand.
But what's the point, anyway?
What was that?
Shall I take your leave, then?
Are you scared of going alone?
Be careful.
Mukundan's enemies are all behind you.
You're yet to encounter the real terrors.
How did it go?
We made him panic and run
from the stadium through the library road
till the bus stand.
He's quite horrified.
He might not have slept last night.
So, it's time for me to see him.
Gunman Ayyappadas!
It's the same situation in
other borewells of the colony too.
This is the biggest problem in Kannur.
Throwing hair into the well.
They can't use that well anymore,
without deep-cleaning it.
Hapless folks.
We didn't do anything wrong, Comrade.
They butchered our cattle.
They tore down our boys' vehicles.
They've been doing this for
quite some time now.
What can we do, sir?
We will fix all these.
We don't have any issues.
But we shouldn't let them go scott-free,
after what they did to us.
We will pay them back dearly,
for what they did to us.
With due interest.
Don't be distressed.
This is my word.
KJP worker got hacked in Kannur.
It was Parakkandi Rajeesh,
who got hacked in Panoor.
He was admitted to Calicut medical college
as his injuries are critical.
Over the last few days,
houses of RPI(M) members
faced widespread attack in Panoor,
RPI(M) alleges KJP to be
the ones behind this act.
But KJP alleges that RPI(M) is turning
Kannur into a riot zone again.
Ever since the RPI(M) leader
Pannyannoor Mukundan was attacked,
both the Parties are on constant quarrel
in Panoor.
Considering the tension and turmoil
in the area,
the Collector has called
an all-party meeting tomorrow.
Both Parties may disperse,
on the mutual agreement
that no more issues would happen.
we've dispersed on mutual agreement
several times before!
This farce called 'all-party meeting'
has been running for ages now!
And the common people pay the price!
So, let's not give words to each other,
that we can't keep.
It doesn't help if we only make promises.
But, if we give a promise, it will be kept.
Everybody here knows
who started the problems this time.
So, if this is going to continue,
our retaliation won't be so kind like this.
Don't try to intimidate us.
We too have the same thing to tell you.
Here comes Comrade Gopinathan flying!
You may relax a bit, Das.
I have some Party-level discussions.
Hey, Das. Come.
Let me tell you something.
Don't shout.
If you try to run away,
we will finish you off right here.
There's nothing to be scared of.
Just listen to what I say.
Somebody wants to see you.
It's a matter of just an hour.
Get into the jeep.
Greetings, Ayyappadas.
I enquired the whereabouts of
the number you gave me.
Damodaran Nambiar.
A first-class communal fascist.
He was a communist in the earlier days.
But the Party expelled him,
on the grounds of corruption.
For the last 30 years or so, he's been
a member of 'Hindu Clan Syndicate.'
He's a billionaire.
He plays explosive communal games
in politics!
Keep this face in mind.
You know me, don't you, Mr. Das?
Me and my men need
something from you, Das...
Err, I mean, Ayyappan.
We need your favour.
It's dusty, isn't it?
We started this press around 30 years ago.
In the memory of
our soul friend, Ramakrishnan.
Do you know the name of the first accused
who killed him that day?
P. Mukundan!
Later, he outgrew himself into
Pannyannoor Mukundan.
This game of bloodshed started right then!
We on this side and he on the other!
That's how Suresh lost his left arm.
So, what I was saying is...
we are going to end this game, Das.
We're tired.
Aren't we too old for this?
The best way to end this is...
to finish the leader himself.
By leader, I mean
Pannyannoor Mukundan.
You don't have to stress out.
We don't need your service for free.
We will reward you more than
what you can imagine.
A job which you can't even dream of!
Hey, don't think that it's the first time
a gunman is doing this.
Parties here have influenced
gunmen many a times before as well!
They've finished those
who don't obey them too.
Right, master?
How would he know
the history of this place?
That's right.
Your Comrade ain't no saint, anyway.
There are stains of sin on his hands too.
No need to regret about it.
Once he is finished, this Party too
will come to an end in Kannur.
Do do the political killings here!
If not us,
someone else will finish him off.
But we can't wait for anyone else anymore.
We got a lot of work to finish.
That's why.
We take up the responsibility,
to safeguard you, without anybody knowing.
These are no empty promises.
Give it to me, Suresh.
On the 22nd of this month,
a Party conference will be held
at Peringathur.
He will be inaugurating it.
His car will break down, after the meeting.
Make him travel in 'Gurudevan' bus,
which is scheduled at 6:10 PM.
Our guy will wait at Pattavayal.
He will finish him off in the bus.
Just like how they finished
our Raghuttaman.
You shouldn't take a move.
Got it?
You don't have any other option, Das.
We happened to meet, right?
We happened to talk this long, right?
You may leave now.
Hold on.
One more thing.
The act of yours, to find out
the whereabouts of a phone number
by telling stories to your cop friend,
don't dare do that anymore!
22nd is a possibility.
Let's see what he does.
We shouldn't give him time to think.
He'll panic, if he thinks.
He'll then do something stupid.
Such a gullible guy!
Hey. Come.
Is the Peringathur meeting on 22nd
Yes, it is. Why?
This is a companion which I carried along
as a part of my body for a while.
After you became active,
I don't take it with me anymore.
This is Kannur, Das.
A land where death can happen
anytime, anywhere.
Have you heard?
There will always be death
in the land of death!
Anyone can be a prey!
Where have you been?
The meeting is over,
and Comrade is looking for you.
Do it that way then.
Shall we go? Get the car.
Car's got a slight trouble.
It got a flat tyre.
Gotta fix a spare tyre now.
But I have a Party meeting at 7.
What do we do now?
Mukundettaa, there's a bus at 6 PM.
Why don't you catch it?
Shall we go in the bus then?
-You fix it and come later.
Should we be going in the bus?
There are concerns over the protection.
Can't we go in our car later?
Alright. Let's go afterrepairing it.
-Shouldn't we understand his situation?
-That's right.
-How about Nadapuram team?
-That's not the right way.
-Let's plan it the other way.
-Yeah, let's see.
-Hey, Das.
Be seated.
It's been a while since we came.
What happened?
Why was the plan changed
at the last moment?
I am just a regular policeman, sir.
Please let me out of this.
I won't reveal anything to anybody.
Please don't call me again.
I won't come.
So you wanted to meet me
to say this, huh?
Shall I tell you
a teeny-tiny tale then, Das?
You'll like it.
Dare you block
Pannyannoor Mukundan's car, huh?!
That too in Kannur!
Never in your wildest dream, kiddo!
Vinod had worked with us
in the 'Parivar Party' for 10-15 years.
But he was killed for another reason.
Quite an interesting reason.
He had an affair with another guy's wife.
Not all the murders which happen here
are political killings.
Personal vendetta, extramarital affairs,
financial dealings,
all these could be the triggers!
And the veil to cover up all these,
is political violence.
Kannur politics is a game we play only here
as long as there are idiots
in the name of party supporters!
This land will keep on producing
more martyrs and victims!
Don't you want to escape,
without stepping onto all these?
December 6, the same day Vinod died,
the same Theyyam festival.
Mukundan will attend the festival
as he's around.
As it's a Hindu festival,
Feroz won't accompany him.
You will be the only one accompanying him.
The best chance to get him all alone.
The festival will go on till the morning.
No matter what lie you tell
by 12 midnight you have to get him
to the deserted Pattiyam Canal Road.
He will bring him. Right?
It's his last chance, afterall!
Now, neither police nor Mukundan himself
could help you in this!
You won't be able to escape.
We're capable enough to
finish one of our own guys,
and pin that blame on
a mighty leader like Mukundan.
For us, you're not even a worthy prey.
If you still can't be on our side,
you may tell us the same and leave.
But you cannot go beyond
Thalassery bus stand!
Has Aami gone to sleep?
Yeah, she did.
Do you really have to go to the 'Theyyam'?
Why, dear?
You know it's not a matter of
my religious faith, don't you?
I've never skipped it once,
whenever I'm around.
Should we invite more trouble deliberately?
You just faced one recently.
Is it the first time you're seeing
such a news?
This struggle of ours
didn't start off late.
We're a part of this, right?
And about the threats.
"The security of Pannyannoor Mukundan
will be strengthened: SP"
We ought to pull through it, right?
-We shouldn't be fleeing from it.
-But for how long?
Why are you saying like this?
On the political front,
this is a winning opportunity.
I like to see it that way.
you will continue
worshipping yourself.
Isn't it so?
Six of you will be on night duty.
Mukundan is not aware of
this protection wing.
I'm not going to let him know.
Your communication with the gunman
should be proper.
In case of any doubts,
contact the police station.
Ok, guys!
Hadn't the S.P asked you about
leaving the Comrade's gunman post?
-Yes, sir.
-So, what's your decision?
I will let you know my decision
after the 'Theyyam' festival, sir.
We have time till the election, don't we?
Okay, good.
By right, there should be two gunmen
who would take turns.
Comrade himself rejected it by saying that
it would incur additional expenses
to the government
Anyway, we shall see.
There's a visitor for you, waiting outside.
I decided not to meet you
at the Party office,
as I didn't want Mukundan
to know about this meeting.
Though I asked you to leave
the gunman post.
you haven't taken it seriously, huh?
Forget it.
So you know, right?
'Theyyam' is on December 6.
There would be chaos that day, they say.
Mukundan's wife Anitha had come and met me.
She is worried that
he might face an attack that day.
If something like that happens,
it won't be good for our Party.
The opposite Party would be thinking
that this is a fine chance.
Let them.
But under any circumstance,
should Mukundan not attend the 'Theyyam'.
This party has no history
of bowing down to someone's threat!
There are some contact numbers.
Whatever isuses happen,
you may call them other than the cops.
They are our Party members.
Don't we have to prove that we can protect
our Comrade without
even the slightest harm?
Alright, carry on then.
Two enemies.
One, in the dark.
And the other, in the broad light.
Today is everybody's target.
Perhaps, one of these two
might execute it flawlessly.
-What would you do?
I don't know.
They have lots of contacts
within the police itself.
If this truth is revealed
to the world through me,
they will kill me.
They might even be knowing that,
we are talking now.
Don't be sad.
Let everyone venture out!
Nothing will happen.
Just watch. Neither Gopinathan,
nor Damodaran master,
or anyone for that matter,
can't do anything at all!
Do you know?
To us, the folks of Kannur,
'Theyyam' is the God we see with our eyes.
The truthful God.
The One who hears our cries.
That God will not forsake you.
Pray to Him with all your heart!
Be brave, man.
-Hey, Comrade.
-Greetings, Mukundettaa.
-You leaving already?
We'll return by the time
'Chamundi' performance begins.
-Alright, then.
-Will see you when we're back.
This way. This way.
Where is he?
Near the make-up shed.
You sure it's Raghu?
And where's Comrade?
-Having millet porridge.
-'Vellattam' is done.
'Chamundi' performance will begin by 11.
You must stay with Comrade.
Bro... Please keep an eye on Raghu.
You carry on. I will do it.
[Holy commands from Theyyam, the oracle]
Shall we leave, sir?
'Chamundi' has only just begun.
S.P's special request is there, sir.
That's why.
What happened?
What's wrong?
What's this, Suresh?
What's with this show
in the middle of the road?
Nothing much, boss.
Shouldn't we settle our old scores?
Shouldn't we?
You don't understand anything, do you?
But he was able to understand well,
when we told him things.
He stood by our side.
No use looking there.
That road is blocked.
Our folks are there.
Go ahead.
Let Pannyannoor Mukundan's story end here.
Finish him off! Come on!
Son of a gun! Finish him!
Finish him!
Get hold of him!
Get hold of him!
Let go of me!
Take them aside!
Get them to the jeep. Take them away!
Sorry, sir. We got a bit late.
Das informed us 10 minutes back.
-You alright, sir?
I've arranged a jeep as escort.
No need of that.
I have my gunman, right?
Report to my office
tomorrow morning at 10.
With your service gun.
I wasn't being oversmart, sir.
I didn't have any other option left.
Please don't hate me for this.
Let's go.
I have one more thing to say.
You have enemies
within your Party itself, sir!
I'm afraid to tell you this.
I had seen the man who stabbed you
at the court's front yard.
-Sir, the one behind this is Gopi...
-Start the car.
I won't be around for the next two days.
You may stay or leave, as you wish.
Raghu, right?
Hey, Vibeesh bhai.
I called you to tell you
something very important.
What's it?
Don't get tensed, hearing this.
Let this stay between us
for the time being.
What's it? Tell me the matter.
Comrade Mukundan is being chosen as
the state secretary of RPI(M).
Discussions are going on at
the party centre. I learned it in private
Really? That's great!
The official announcement will be
on the evening.
But that's not the point.
There's something else.
-What's it? Tell me!
-Well, the thing is...
Tell me what it is, Bro!
Do you know the name of
his new political secretary?
What's it?
Yes. Comrade Raghu.
Did you get it?
Hello? Hello?
Raghu, right?
Back then, when I started playing for
'Kadiroor brothers',
my admirers used to call me by a name.
The name of a goalkeeper,
which the whole world
used to chant back then.
A rare one, who would stop a goal,
as well as score a goal in the same match.
In short, an octopus with many arms!
I was too nervous to respond,
or take a decision, back then.
And now?
Whatever problems may come,
will you face them?
I will.
I have covered my face and ears with a cap.
That doesn't mean I am a devil,
or a villain, though.
All these veils are
only for my relief and success.
For my success only!