Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (2016) Movie Script

[D'Souza] If you make a film criticizing
the most powerful man in the world,
expect the empire to strike back.
Empty your pockets.
No cell phones, no wallets.
If you check in every night by eight,
you and me will have no trouble.
Hey, Jose, you trying
to make me jealous?
Just wait your turn.
Your rubdown is next.
- What prison you coming from?
- I-I didn't get prison.
That's too bad.
You go to a white-collar prison,
Martha Stewart type,
you get tennis courts and libraries.
Inmates are mayors, business execs,
doctors stealing Medicare,
tax evaders, people like that.
- Well, what about in here?
- Much different class of people.
But, uh, it's safe here, right?
Don't be gentle.
[indistinct conversations]
[heart beating loudly]
Think I'm up here.
Let's not get too cozy, huh?
When I get back to my wife,
I don't want to wake up in the morning
and whisper your name.
[D'Souza] They're trying
to teach me a lesson.
They think I don't get it.
Maybe they're right.
For years, I've had an idealized
picture of America.
What's dawning on me now
is that I've been too focused on America
as it ought to be.
There's another America,
the America of the street,
with its own code and its own rules.
There's power in getting into a gang
and controlling the whole neighborhood.
It's like my home country of India.
There, the whole country
is controlled by gangs..
street gangs, political gangs.
They own you.
That's why I left India...
You all right, homey?
[D'Souza] ...to come to America.
[indistinct shouting]
I'm the king of this thing.
You don't come to my territory
- and tell me what to do!
- [whistles]
- What?
- What's the deal with you, man?
[D'Souza] Part of my lesson involves
mandatory psychological counseling.
The Obama people believe
I need to be re-educated.
[speaking Spanish]
[D'Souza] And is this supposed
to be punishment?
I've been ordered
to teach English to immigrants.
- Hello, class.
- [all] Hola, Dinesh.
[D'Souza] My kind of people.
I'm going to talk to you today
about America,
about what it means to become American.
Now, I can come to Mexico,
or you can come to India,
but I can no more become Mexican
than you can become Indian.
America is a country based on ideas,
based on assimilation
to a certain way of life.
[D'Souza] I wonder what way of life
got these guys here.
So, what are you in for?
Drug smuggling.
Armed robbery.
Got into a bar fight.
And I set him on fire.
What are you in here for?
A friend of mine
was running for office
and I gave her more than
I was allowed to give.
[laughs] That's good.
[D'Souza] I think I might be
the stupidest criminal
in the history
of American jurisprudence.
In our home country,
slavery and Jim Crow
all too often was justified
in the name of Christ.
[D'Souza] I'm a conservative
in a very strange place.
I'm not likely to run into
Charles Krauthammer or George Will.
Hey, yo, India.
[Obama] ...helped to liberate
that nation.
You any good at chess, man?
- [Obama] ...one group or one religion.
- Yeah.
Let's find out.
[D'Souza] You know what? There's a few
things I want to find out myself.
Remember that during the Crusades
and the inquisition,
people committed terrible deeds
in the name of Christ.
You know, gangs are
all about stealing, man.
Crime is all about stealing.
What's the biggest gang?
Right in your face.
Politicians, man.
- How does a gang make money?
- Any way they can, you know?
Trafficking, smuggling,
stealing, extortion,
Yeah, but how do they pull it off?
Step one, get a plan.
[man on TV] Give the gift
of peace of mind.
For as little as $49 a month, you could
be covered up to one million dollars.
Act now. 888-432-9000.
Step two, recruit.
Listen up, everybody. Sit down.
What we're gonna start to do--
we're gonna be selling
life insurance.
Next, it's all about the pitch.
They got to sell it to the target.
You want something from someone, man,
you don't need to go kick in a door.
All you need to do is walk
right up to it and knock.
Yeah, man, what we were
selling was life insurance--
a policy that once, you know,
God forbid, they die,
their claim, like 50-Gs,
or whatever it is,
goes to, like, the, uh,
the Inner City Health Fund, A.K.A. us.
That's the first pitch, be a do-gooder.
It will be nice to leave this world
knowing that you did something
good for others less fortunate.
[Rock] But second comes greed.
They sign up today, man,
we'll give them five grand,
and we'll pay their monthly premium.
So, basically, they pay nothing
out of pocket, right?
And they pocket five large.
Bless you. Bless you.
[Rock] Man, we signed up
whoever, wherever.
You sign up today,
we'll give you $5,000.
- On the spot.
- Yeah.
You know, believe it or not,
man, we got lucky every time.
Months after they sign up,
you know, uh, for some reason...
they just die.
Hey, Pops!
[both grunting]
- [grunts]
- [woman screams]
- [siren wails]
- Come on, let's go!
[Rock] Anyways, man, after a while,
the insurance companies
caught on, you know?
But now you have the final step.
Never give up the con.
Never give up the con.
Deny, deny, deny.
Look, I done told y'all a million times,
I don't know anything, I didn't see
anything, and I ain't saying nothing.
How do you get caught?
Snitch, man.
You know what happens to snitches,
don't you?
Anyways, now it's time for a new plan.
The old one won't work anymore, right?
Got any ideas?
[D'Souza] Why does Rock's story
seem so familiar?
I heard about
similar cons from others.
All right, brother,
on the down-low.
[D'Souza] Each con follows
the same formula..
[indistinct chatter]
You plan, you pitch, you take...
- What's the point of this?
- [D'Souza] ...you deny.
The criminals in here
believe they are the small fry,
the ones who got caught.
They believe that the big criminals
are still at large.
Then, it hit me.
What if they're right?
What if the same theft formula is being
used against the American people?
[Hillary] Didn't see any reason
to keep them.
[D'Souza] I'm a scholar,
written a bunch of books,
but what do I really know
about the Democratic Party?
Who are these Democrats?
What's their racket?
Are they the big crooks?
- I asked Rock.
- Come on, are you serious?
The Democrats are the party for us.
I mean, that's the party for
the minorities. You know what I mean?
The party for civil rights,
for poor people.
That's us. They ain't
stealing nothing, man.
You want to talk about stealing?
That's gonna be the Republicans all day.
That's the party of slavery, racists.
That's a bunch of rich fat cats.
Now, they're probably thieving.
Yeah. Yeah, they're thieving.
[reporter] The president is nearing
a decision on that issue.
This is CNN breaking news.
What everyone has been anticipating.
Today an official announcement
coming from Hillary Clinton
that she is officially
in the race for the White House.
We understand a video
will be rolled out momentarily.
We have our political reporters
all over this story.
[D'Souza] What if the goal
of the Democratic Party
is to steal the most valuable thing
the world has ever produced?
What if their plan is to steal...
- Hey.
- See you later.
- Hasta luego.
- All right.
[D'Souza] I finally completed
my sentence.
[Hillary] Americans have fought their
way back from tough economic times,
but the deck is still stacked
in favor of those at the top.
Everyday Americans need a champion,
and I want to be that champion.
[radio beeps]
[reporter] Elizabeth Warren tweeted,
Trump's campaign was built on
''racism, sexism, and xenophobia.
There's more enthusiasm for Trump
among the leaders of the KKK
than leaders of the political party
he now controls. ''
[D'Souza] That's their pitch.
They've got to get elected
before they steal America.
So, how much of America do they want?
I'm not just talking about taking over
a branch of the government
or even the whole government.
I'm talking about taking over
every industry..
banks, investment companies,
hospitals, insurance,
the energy sector,
coal and oil, education,
the media, even small businesses.
I'm talking about taking over the wealth
of the American people,
their savings accounts,
their retirement funds,
even their hopes and aspirations,
how they live their lives.
The thieves of America
want to take it all.
They want to own you,
and to a considerable degree,
they already do.
But how are they doing this?
How are they pulling it off?
I got Obama right.
Now I need to figure out Hillary.
[Hillary] And I'm standing with you!
[man] Hillary will take on the drug
and insurance companies
to lower healthcare costs,
protect Planned Parenthood
and women's health,
and she's the one candidate with the
strength to stand up to the Republicans.
[Hillary] Donald Trump has made
a name for himself
by trafficking in ugly,
hateful rhetoric.
- Hey.
- Hi, there.
Are you a registered Democrat?
I'm from Mumbai.
Oh, very cool.
Wow. That's a long way.
- Well, welcome.
- Tell me, um,
why do you volunteer here?
Well, because I love people,
and the Democratic Party
has a long history of loving people
and caring for the poor and the needy.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. Yeah, everybody knows that.
Please, take a look around.
I hope you learn all you can
about the Democratic Party.
Me, too.
If we empower you
with the tools and the truth,
you'll work with us
to spread the word.
You're going to help us
define the Republican brand...
[Hillary] If calling for equal pay
and paid leave
and women's health is playing
the gender card, then deal me in.
[cheers and applause]
[Debbie Wasserman] Right now, Republican
presidential candidates
are threatening to turn back
the clock on our progress--
...and we're going to push back
with our two strongest weapons..
the truth and you.
After all, that's what we've always
been about as Democrats..
inclusion and empowerment.
We know Democrats succeed when
we empower people with information
and when we mobilize them
to get involved.
[D'Souza] ''The Democrats are the party
of economic opportunity,
social justice, and racial equality. ''
That's their pitch.
But is it true?
What's Abraham Lincoln doing here?
He was the founder
of the Republican Party.
But if Lincoln founded
the Republican Party,
who founded the Democratic Party?
It's time to get to the bottom of this.
Many people think the Democratic Party
was founded by FDR.
But, obviously, there was
a Democratic Party before FDR,
going back to the 19th century.
So, what are the true origins
of the Democratic Party?
In the early 19th century,
Jefferson's party,
the Democratic-Republican Party,
Out of that split
came the Democratic Party
and, a little later,
the Republican Party.
In the 1820s, the Democrats elected
a man who would uphold their principles.
His name was Andrew Jackson.
Democratic historians celebrate Jackson
as a champion of the common man.
But how did Jackson win
over the ordinary Democrat?
He did it by seizing the land
of the American Indians.
He massacred them.
He burned their homes and villages,
and in violation of treaties,
he then sold that land
at bargain-basement prices
to white settlers
in exchange for their votes.
On the topic of American Indians,
Jackson spoke very candidly.
[Jackson] They have neither
the intelligence, the industry,
the moral habits,
nor the desire of improvement
which are essential to any favorable
change in their condition.
Established in the midst of another
and a superior race,
they must necessarily yield
to the force of circumstances
and before long disappear.
[gavel bangs]
[man] I call on
Senator Frelinghuysen.
[D'Souza] The National Republican Party,
which would later become the modern
Republican Party,
bitterly fought Jackson's
Indian Removal Bill in the Senate.
I support the claims of the Indians
to all of their political
and civil rights.
We cannot rightfully
take Indian land by violence!
- That's right!
- [applause]
[D'Souza] National Republican
Congressman Davy Crockett
also opposed Jackson on this issue.
Jackson's famous,
or should I say, infamous,
Indian bill was brought forward.
Several of my colleagues said it was
a favorite measure of the president.
Said I ought to go for it.
I told him it was a wicked
and unjust measure...
- Yeah!
- Hear, hear!
...and I should go against it.
Let the cost to myself
be what it might!
[cheering, applause]
[D'Souza] But the Democrats passed it,
and Jackson signed it into law.
[blows sharply]
Alexis de Tocqueville, the French
observer of early American history,
describes what he witnessed firsthand.
[Tocqueville] In the whole scene,
there was an air
of ruin and destruction.
One couldn't watch without
feeling one's heart wrung.
We watched the expulsion
of one of the most celebrated
and ancient American peoples.
[D'Souza] It was the Trail of Tears.
The Democrats created reservations where
those Indians that they hadn't killed
could now live dependent
on the federal government.
In addition to stealing
the land of the Indians,
the Jackson Democrats embraced
another theft scheme...
They imprisoned their slaves not
on reservations, but on plantations.
No! Let me go! Massa, let me go!
[D'Souza] Jackson owned
hundreds of slaves.
Mr. Jackson!
Sir, sir!
Betty here was getting
a little uppity about her work.
- Please, Mr. Jackson!
- 50 lashes.
- Oh! No! No!
- Come on.
- Please, Massa!
- Come on.
[Jackson] Betty is capable of being
a good and valuable servant,
but to have her so,
she must be ruled with the cowhide.
- [whip cracks]
- Aah!
- [whip cracks]
- [screams]
[D'Souza] What was Betty's offense?
Betty washed clothes for neighbors
without asking permission
of the Jacksons.
In 1804, Jackson placed ads
in Northern newspapers
for the return of one
of his runaway slaves.
Jackson offered $50 and an extra $1 0
for each 1 00 lashes,
up to 300 lashes,
which was pretty much
a death sentence.
And on his own plantation,
Jackson's slaves
were treated just as harshly.
- [whip cracks]
- How does that feel?
- How does that feel?
- Aah!
You better think
before you try to run!
That's what will happen to you boys
if you try to run. You understand me?
- Is it done?
- Yes, sir.
[D'Souza] With the slaves,
Jackson didn't just steal their labor.
What is it about Democratic presidents
and innocent, young women?
Why did the Democrats elect
a racist like Jackson?
Because the party was racist
through and through.
The Republican Party formed
from opposition to the idea
of extending slavery
into the territories
and requiring free states
to return runaway slaves.
The most notorious defender of slavery
was Democratic senator John C. Calhoun,
Andrew Jackson's vice president.
Traditionally, slavery was defended
as a necessary evil,
but Calhoun went further,
arguing that slavery benefited
both the master and the slave.
Instead of an evil, a good...
a positive good.
[D'Souza] A moral justification
for slavery?
No, this was a con man's pitch.
Today's Democrats try to duck their
party's responsibility for slavery
by blaming it on the South.
But, in fact, the Northern Democrats
also protected slavery.
Their ingenious advocate was
Illinois senator Stephen Douglas.
Douglas thought each state,
each territory,
should decide for itself
if it wanted slavery,
and he envisioned slavery
lasting forever, not just in America,
but spreading to other countries
as well.
The Republican Party was born
with a single overriding purpose..
to stop the spread of slavery.
When Republican senator
Charles Sumner, in 1856,
vehemently denounced slavery,
he got a most extraordinary response
from Democratic congressman
Preston Brooks.
[all shouting]
[D'Souza] The attack nearly killed him.
The Democrats support slavery
and think it should be extended,
while we Republicans oppose slavery.
[D'Souza] Lincoln understood slavery
was a form of theft.
[auctioneer calling]
Sixty-five... [continues calling]
- Seventy-five? Sold!
- Right over here.
[D'Souza] Slavery is the theft
of a person's life and freedom
and the fruit
of their labor.
As Lincoln put it, ''You work, I eat. ''
- A toast to the Democratic Party.
- [all] Hear, hear!
[D'Souza] We often hear of the Civil War
as a contest
between the anti-slavery North
and the pro-slavery South.
This is Democratic Party propaganda.
It may seem strange that men should
dare to ask a just God's assistance
in wringing their bread from the sweat
of other men's faces.
Fondly do we hope,
fervently do we pray, that this mighty
scourge of war may speedily pass away.
[D'Souza] In the end, there was
only one way to stop them.
[all shouting]
[all shouting]
Yet if God wills that it continue
until all the wealth piled
by the bondsman's 250 years
of unrequited toil be sunk,
and until every drop of blood
drawn with the lash
be paid by another drawn with the sword,
as was said 3,000 years ago,
so still must be said,
''The judgments of the Lord
are true and righteous altogether.''
[D'Souza] ''But wait a minute, ''you say,
''Didn't some Republicans own slaves?''
Actually, no.
No Republicans owned slaves.
Think about it. All the slaves
at the time of the Civil War
were owned by Democrats.
So the Civil War is better understood
as a contest between
the anti-slavery Republican Party
and the pro-slavery Democratic Party.
Why are we dying for these Negroes?
Well, the right
to put into his own mouth
the bread that his own hands have earned
is as equal as any other man,
black or white.
All I ask for the Negro is that
if you don't like him, let him alone.
If God gave him but little,
that little, let him enjoy.
Yes, sir.
What's your name, son?
James McKnight.
And you?
Askum, sir, Ronald Askum.
I thank you for your service, men.
[D'Souza] Lincoln wanted to give
freed slaves citizenship,
equal rights,
and the right to vote.
The Democrats couldn't believe it.
So they killed the father
of the Republican Party.
Confronted with the Democratic Party's
legacy of oppression
from Indian massacres
to broken treaties,
to slavery, the Democrats say,
''Yes, but we are the party of
the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. ''
But wait a minute. There was another
Civil Rights Movement,
this one in the 1860s,
and it was led by the Republican Party.
The Democrats don't want you to know
about this Civil Rights Movement
because they fought against it.
This civil rights act
will allow colored men
to sit at the same table
beside the white guests.
[all] No!
And he shall enter the same parlor
and take his seat beside the wife and
daughter of the white man...
[all] No!
...whether the white man
is willing or not!
[all] No!
[D'Souza] The civil rights revolution
of the 1960s
did nothing more than secure guarantees
for equal rights and voting rights
that had already been put into the
Constitution 1 00 years previously
by the Republican Party.
And here's a little-known fact.
More Republicans than Democrats
voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Today's Democrats take credit
for civil rights legislation,
But what was their contribution?
They finally agreed to stop
filibustering it so it could pass.
You've heard about
''40 acres and a mule. ''
The Republican Party
set aside 400,000 acres
of confiscated Confederate land
and began dividing it
to give freed slaves
40 acres and a leftover army mule.
Democrat president Andrew Johnson
gave the land back
to its former plantation owners.
Today the Democrats proclaim themselves
the party of economic opportunity,
but the truth is, they fought to stop
the Thirteenth Amendment,
which permanently abolished slavery.
The Republicans passed it
with 1 00 percent support,
77 percent of Democrats
voted against it.
Democrats today call themselves
the party of social justice,
but they fought to block
the Fourteenth Amendment
that gave citizenship to blacks
and established equality of rights
under the law.
It passed with 94 percent
Republican support in Congress.
Every Democrat voted against it.
And Democrats today never tire
of lecturing Republicans
about racial equality,
but it was the Democratic Party that
fought against the Fifteenth Amendment,
refusing to give slaves
the right to vote.
Every Republican in Congress voted for
the Fifteenth Amendment.
Every Democrat voted against it.
Ah, yes, and in case we forget,
Republicans also gave women
the right to vote.
The suffragettes were
virtually all Republicans.
Democrats opposed women's suffrage,
fighting it in Congress,
where they lost,
and then fighting it in the states,
where they lost again.
So the Republican Party
is the party of anti-slavery
and equal rights under the law.
The Democratic Party is the party
of the Trail of Tears,
broken treaties, slavery,
and opposition to equal rights
under the law.
And when their old plan
was defeated by the Republicans,
the Democrats needed a new con.
I'm reminded of what Rock told me.
Now we got to get a new plan.
The old one won't work anymore,
you know?
[D'Souza] There's more I need to learn
about the secret history
of the Democratic Party.
I knew exactly
who I had to go see.
Carol Swain,
professor at Vanderbilt Law School,
is one of America's leading experts
on the history of race relations
and civil rights.
Blacks have been used
to oppression from America
and also from the Democratic Party.
And it's been hard for me to accept,
because I was a Democrat
for most of my life.
What made you change?
It was a number of different things.
Some of it had to do with me
learning more about the history
of the Democratic Party
and just watching how they used blacks
for their agenda.
The Democratic Party
was the party of slavery.
And after slavery was abolished in 1865,
it was in total ruins.
Seems like they needed, uh,
a new racket.
Well, they came up with one.
The Ku Klux Klan was founded
by Nathan Bedford Forrest.
- White man's country.
- [all] Let the white man rule!
[Swain] He was the first grand wizard
of the Ku Klux Klan
and a pledged delegate
to the Democratic Convention.
The whole purpose
of the Democratic Party
was to reestablish white supremacy.
In fact, in 1868,
the party platform was
''This is a white man's country.
Let a white man rule.''
Notice how they portrayed blacks.
The lily-white Democrat
against the black Republican.
Why were blacks such a threat
to the Democratic Party?
Blacks were the majority
in several Southern states.
They were able to send numerous people
to the state legislatures.
They had 22 members of Congress.
And so this was a nightmare
for the Democrats
because, all of a sudden,
they were being ruled
by black Republicans,
and they reacted with brutality.
The party had its own war machine,
and its targets were blacks
and white Republicans,
like Congressman James Hinds,
the first sitting member
of Congress assassinated.
[gunshots, all screaming]
[Swain] During the Klan's
long reign of terror,
they killed over 3,000 blacks
and over 1,000 white Republicans.
This is a white man's country.
Let the white man rule.
[Swain] The Klan was the military arm
of the Democratic Party.
Come on, guys.
[Swain] Democrats used
discriminatory laws and violence
to keep blacks in their place.
[all shouting indistinctly]
Why has all this
been swept under the rug?
To cover the tracks
of the Democratic Party.
And we're not even talking
about ancient history.
The racism continued
well into the 20th century.
Sometimes the violence intensified.
Other times, the racism
merely changed forms.
Sit down, Senator Tillman!
Does your hatred know no end?!
- I will not sit down!
- [gavel banging]
I will say to the Republican senator
that as long as the Negroes continue
to ravish our white women,
- we will continue to lynch him!
- [men] Hear, hear!
The white man will not submit
to the black man gratifying his lust
on our wives and daughters
without lynching him!
[men] Hear, hear!
One heroine from that era was
a black journalist named Ida B. Wells.
Long before Rosa Parks refused
to sit in the back of the bus...
- [Ida] Get your hands off me!
- [man] Quit your yelling.
[Swain] ...Ida B. Wells refused to
give up her first-class train seat
to a white man.
- You're going right now.
- Aaah!
- Bit me.
- She bit you?
[Swain] The reason we don't
hear more about this...
See what the law
has to say about that.
...is because Ida B. Wells
was a Republican.
She worked for a Republican paper
that denounced lynching.
[indistinct shouting]
What are you doing?
You gonna pay for what you done did.
[men] Yeah!
[Ida] And what did he do?
- Who are you?
- Press.
People deserve to know
what crime was committed
that sentenced this man to death.
I ain't got to tell you nothing!
Is that a quote, Sheriff McNeil?
He raped a white woman.
- What white woman?
- That white woman.
I ain't forced nothing.
We is friends.
You raped her, boy.
Ain't that right?
Tell him, Margie.
They're gonna kill me!
- How long you known him?
- Get her out of here.
- She's been through enough.
- Margie! Tell them!
- Get her out of here.
- No, please, Margie! Please!
Were there any witnesses? He been tried?
I'm the judge,
they're the jury.
- [all shouting indistinctly]
- Move!
Stay out of the way of the law,
or you'll be strung up yourself.
- Ugh!
- Get her out of here.
What you're doing is murder,
and I'll report this bunch!
No! No!
''After stripping Hose of his clothes
and chaining him to a tree
while some in the crowd plunged knives
into the victim's flesh,
others watched
with unfeigning satisfaction.''
The lesson this teaches,
which every Negro
should ponder well,
is that a Winchester rifle should have
a place of honor in every black home
and should be used
for their protection,
which the law refuses to give!
We must rise against mob rule,
not just from a standpoint of sentiment,
nor even so much from a standpoint
of justice to a weak race,
but from a desire to preserve
our American institutions.
The struggle against lynching
has the same moral import
as the struggle against slavery,
for as the Henry Smith lynching showed,
both were in league with death
and the covenant with hell!
She made the remarkable statement
that what blacks actually needed
was Second Amendment rights.
Throughout the South,
when they passed the Black Codes,
they put in provisions that if you
were black, you couldn't own a gun.
So that means that the KKK
rides up into your yard,
you don't have anything
to defend yourself with.
So the Second Amendment
was very important to blacks.
It was something that she championed
because she knew that as long
as they were unarmed,
they would be prey to white racists.
You're saying that
early Democratic efforts
to have gun control
had a racist motive?
Yes. Almost everything
they did had a racist motive.
Now, the Klan had a revival
in the early part of the 20th century.
Why was that?
Another fan of the KKK was none other
than President Woodrow Wilson.
[D'Souza] Tell me about the screening
of the film called
The Birth of a Nation
by D.W. Griffith.
It was unfortunate for our country
that the first movie
ever screened in the White House
was a racist movie
by a racist Democratic president.
[''Un Bel Di Vedremo'' from
''Madama Butterfly'' plays]
The film led to the rebirth
of the Klan in America.
The film quoted Wilson.
It denounced the Reconstruction era,
when blacks briefly held office.
It depicted blacks,
played by whites in black face,
as ugly, vulgar,
and uncivilized predators
who liked nothing better
than raping white women.
[man] ''The white men were roused
by a mere instinct of self-preservation,
until at last there sprung into
existence a great Ku Klux Klan...
[horse whinnies]
...to rid themselves,
by fair means or foul,
of the intolerable burden
of government sustained by the votes
of ignorant Negroes. ''
[Swain] Wilson authorized
members of his cabinet
to reverse and resist
integration with blacks.
In 1914, Ida B. Wells
and a group of black leaders
confronted him about his racist,
discriminatory policies.
Mr. President.
Gentlemen, Mr. Trotter.
-And, uh, you must be Ida Wells.
- Mr. President.
A pleasure.
I understand you have some concerns.
You have fired most of the government's
black supervisors.
Your department chiefs
have assigned blacks separate workrooms,
lunch halls, and toilets!
Segregation is not a humiliation,
but a benefit,
and ought to be so regarded by you...
Oh, I do approve the segregation
being attempted in several departments
of the federal government.
It is distinctly to the advantage
of the colored people themselves.
You presume that segregation
is good for blacks?
I disagree. You'll be hearing from us.
[Ida] I am not a Democrat,
because their records from the beginning
have been inimical to my interests,
because they have become notorious
in their hatred of the Negro as a man.
They have refused him the ballot,
murdered, beaten and outraged him,
and have refused him his rights.
[Swain] It didn't make
a bit of difference.
Wilson continued segregating
the federal government.
[D'Souza] Talk about the 1924
Democratic National Convention.
- You mean the ''Klanbake''?
- Yes.
[Swain] Tens of thousands of Klansmen
marched on New York City
shouting racist slogans
and burning crosses
to celebrate
the Democratic Party's refusal
to condemn the KKK in their platform.
Carol, was the New Deal
a radical break
with the racist policies
of the Democratic past?
[Swain] FDR didn't have the votes
to pass the New Deal program,
so he promised
the Democratic Party
that he would block
any anti-lynching legislation
and he would exclude blacks
from most New Deal programs.
White farmers were paid
not to grow crops,
which meant that many blacks
lost their jobs.
So most blacks,
if they worked on the land,
if they worked as maids,
if they were paid in cash,
they couldn't get Social Security.
And that continued with the Great
Society, right, with Johnson?
Well, Johnson knew
he needed the black vote,
but, privately...
I'm gonna have to bring up
the Negro bill again.
Let's face it,
our ass is in a crack.
In Texas, there are more Negroes
voting now than white people.
These Negroes are getting
pretty uppity these days.
And that's a problem for us,
since they got something now
they never had before...
the political pull
to back up their uppitiness.
Now, we got to give them
a little something
just enough to quiet them down,
but not enough to make a difference.
Why is this legislation
so important to you?
I want to have them niggers voting
Democratic for the next 200 years.
But I need your help
and I need your help to do it.
Are you saying that
today's Democratic Party
continues to use blacks
for their political advantage?
Absolutely, that's exactly
what I'm saying.
[D'Souza] The Democratic Party
has been busted again and again
for slavery, for segregation,
for racism,
but just like any good con artist,
they know,
- ''Never give up the con. ''
- Never give up the con.
- Deny, deny, deny.
- [D'Souza] ''Deny, deny, deny. ''
Instead of accepting blame,
they shift the blame
onto the very people
who fought against their injustice.
Today's Democrats don't like
to hear about their own history.
The Klan is a terrorist
organization that has killed--
- A leftist terrorist organization.
- You can put whatever label you want.
- That's your game to play.
- No, that's important history.
No, we're not gonna play that game.
If you are racist,
you're probably a Republican.
[D'Souza] Like a lot of Democrats,
he's relying on the big switch.
That's the idea that the Democrats
got racially enlightened
and became the good guys,
whereas the racists in the Democratic
Party all became Republicans.
The big switch seems to be
supported by the fact that blacks,
who used to vote Republican,
did switch over to the Democratic Party.
Also, Southern whites, who used to
uniformly vote Democratic,
now vote Republican.
Then there's Senator Strom Thurmond,
the racist Democrat
who became a Republican.
Even many Republicans today
believe in the big switch.
But wait a minute. Blacks switched
to the Democratic Party in the 1930s
based on the promises of the New Deal.
They didn't do it because of race.
Many reluctantly moved
to the Democratic Party,
knowing they were joining the party
of segregation and the Ku Klux Klan.
Southern whites moved over
to the Republican Party much later,
during the 1970s through the '90s,
as the South became more prosperous.
Racism had declined dramatically
in the South.
So, as the South became less racist,
it became more Republican.
So, blacks and whites both switched
parties for economic reasons.
The proof of this is in Byron Shafer
and Richard Johnston's book,
''The End of Southern Exceptionalism.''
The authors provide data to show
that the poorest,
most racist whites never switched.
The ones that did switch
were the nonracists,
who were attracted to the Republican
Party's message of opportunity,
prosperity, and upward mobility.
So, what about Strom Thurmond?
Was he typical?
How many racists
in the Democratic Party leadership
switched and became Republicans?
Let's make a list,
and we'll see who switched.
We'll start with the leaders
of the Ku Klux Klan.
Now let's add in the leaders of
the various racist organizations...
and Democratic congressmen
and Democratic senators
from 1860 all the way to 2000.
Let's throw in all the people who voted
against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
So, there they are...
all 1,600 of them.
Ready for the big switch?
We'll go from Democratic blue
to Republican red.
So, here it is.
Yes, that's it.
Less than one percent.
The big switch is a big lie.
The Democrats didn't switch from
being the bad guys to the good guys.
They simply found a new and bigger scam.
In a Great Migration,
millions of Southern blacks
moved north to the cities.
They were joined by millions
of immigrants from all over the world,
so the Democrats got an idea..
''Let's recreate the plantation,
but now do it in the inner city. ''
I'm not the first to call
these neighborhoods plantations.
Here is Obama reading from his book
Dreams From My Father.
[Obama] ''Seemed like we'd always
be second-class citizens. ''
Plantation politics.
''The man with the newspaper said.
That's just what it was, too,
a plantation. ''
Black people in the worst jobs.
The worst housing.
Police brutality rampant.
''But when the so-called
black committeemen
came around election time--''
We'd all line up and vote
the straight Democratic ticket.
Sell our souls
for a Christmas turkey.
White folks spitting in our faces,
and we'd reward them with a vote.
[D'Souza] So, what has Obama done to get
rid of the Democratic plantation?
Nothing. That's because he's running it.
The Democratic urban plantations
were not just for blacks.
They were also for other minorities
and immigrants.
When these groups arrived,
they found waiting for them
a Democratic welcoming committee.
- Hey, welcome to America.
- We're here to help you.
- No, no? Speak English?
- All right, let him know...
[D'Souza] They helped them out,
found them a place to live,
got them jobs.
The immigrant plantations had their
own names.. ghettoes, slums, barrios.
Welcome to America.
[D'Souza] The Democratic Party
built them,
put these vulnerable people in them,
and made sure no one left them.
But nothing's free, right?
In exchange, they made sure
these immigrants voted for them.
You, you! Let's go!
[D'Souza] Gangs have bosses
who control things.
The Democrats figured out they could
transfer this model to politics.
They invented the big-city boss.
[all chanting ''Daley'']
[D'Souza] Democrat city bosses sought
to control not just government
through patronage
and payoffs and corruption,
they also sought control of industry.
They wanted to control unions.
I want you to get out there and get
the votes out! That's what I want!
[D'Souza] And once in power,
they looted the city treasury
and used their power
to shake down businesses.
Gentlemen, you wanted city contracts?
Now I am the city.
So, really, the whole operation
was not for the people's benefit,
but for their benefit.
This is what makes them
the original community organizers.
Big-city bosses were a local racket.
The Democrats needed a pitch for why
they should be running the whole country
in the same way they were
running the inner cities.
I knew exactly who I should see.
Jonah Goldberg is an editor
at the National Review.
Jonah, Democrats used to call themselves
very commonly ''liberals.''
But today, more commonly,
they use the term ''progressive.''
What does ''progressive'' actually mean?
Social engineering and social control,
where experts and bureaucrats
and government officials
guide society in a very specific
forward direction,
towards an end goal in mind.
It kind of seems, Jonah,
like the film Metropolis.
It was all about class struggle
and social control.
[Goldberg] Right.
Now it was the era of political parties
and political movements that
were going to guide society forward.
Planning, which empowers the planners.
There was this revolution in Europe
and in the United States.
In America, we called it Progressivism.
Soviet Union, they called it Communism.
In Italy, they called it Fascism.
The flagship magazine of
American Liberalism, the New Republic,
celebrated Benito Mussolini
throughout the 1920s.
FDR had nice things to say
about Benito Mussolini.
Mussolini reviews FDR's book and says,
''Hey, this guy is one of us.
He's a Fascist.''
And it's important to remember
that Fascism back then
wasn't about the Holocaust.
It was about planning and experimenting
and ushering in
this new progressive era.
And one of the very important strands
of modern Progressivism,
the idea of eugenics,
who is the figure that comes to mind,
who embodies this?
I mean, the obvious answer to
the question is Margaret Sanger.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you.
I'm Margaret Sanger.
[Goldberg] Margaret Sanger was
the founder of Planned Parenthood.
[D'Souza] In the mid-1920s,
Margaret Sanger spoke to a group
that came to hear her in full regalia.
''Eugenics'' means
the release and cultivation
of the better racial elements
in our society
and the gradual suppression,
and eventual extirpation
of defective stocks...
those human weeds
which threaten the blooming
of the finest flowers
of American civilization.
The most merciful thing
that a large family does
to one of its infant members
is to kill it.
[D'Souza] By Sanger's time,
techniques of racial elimination,
like lynching, had become taboo
within the Democratic Party.
And so Sanger pioneered
a different approach
to bring about a similar result.
How would you describe Margaret Sanger's
so-called Negro Project?
The Negro Project was
to bring these birth control
and other eugenic measures
into the black community.
She hired black ministers
expressly to sell the idea.
[Sanger] We don't want word to go out
that we want to exterminate
the Negro population.
And the minister is the man
who can straighten out that idea
if it ever occurs to any of their
more rebellious members.
[D'Souza] Surely, today's
Democratic Party leaders
would repudiate Margaret Sanger.
I admire Margaret Sanger enormously.
I am really in awe of her.
And there are a lot of lessons
that we can learn from her life
and from the cause she launched
and fought for
and sacrificed so greatly.
[phone rings]
It is unfortunate
that Planned Parenthood
has been the object
of such a concerted attack.
So I'm hoping that this situation
will not further undermine
the very important services
that Planned Parenthood provides.
Today the vast majority
of Planned Parenthood clinics
are located in our neighborhoods.
[woman] We were tricked through
a slick marketing campaign,
but now that that's unraveling,
people are saying,
''Wait a minute.
They sell baby parts?
What happened to my baby?''
Standing up and fighting
for progressive values.
[D'Souza] And the Nazis admired Sanger
and actually patterned
some of their programs
along the lines of things
that she suggested.
Yeah, the first people
who get wiped out under the Nazis
actually aren't the Jews.
They're mentally unfit,
invalids, and all that.
They went through the hospitals,
and cleaned those guys out.
What happened to Carrie Buck?
Carrie Buck is a tragic,
but really important story.
Carrie Buck is this young woman
that was supposed to be ''feebleminded.''
They wanted to forcibly sterilize her.
Her case went all the way up
to the Supreme Court.
[Carrie crying]
[Carrie] No! No!
Get off of me! No!
- Miss, miss, you need to remain calm.
- Don't touch me!
Miss, miss! You need to calm down.
- [crying]
- I need assistance. I need assistance!
We're gonna need another doctor. Nurse!
[nurse] Shh.
[Goldberg] Oliver Wendell Holmes says
that it's okay to forcibly
sterilize this young woman,
who wasn't feebleminded.
She read, she was, you know,
perfectly competent.
Certainly didn't deserve
to be forcibly sterilized.
And he says in this famous
damning line in his opinion,
''Three generations
of imbeciles is enough.''
No! Please!
- [shouting indistinctly]
- All right, deep breaths.
Hang on, just hang on.
[Goldberg] Forcibly sterilized,
back in those days, meant something.
It meant holding this woman down,
doing these terrible things to her,
through the power of the state,
simply because the state had this idea
of what the population
should look like
and who should have the right
to be able to have children.
Tens of thousands of people across
the United States were sterilized.
The opening video of
the Democratic Convention in 201 2...
''Government is the one thing
we all belong to. ''
No, government belongs to us.
We don't belong to it.
We are citizens, not subjects.
You remember the ''Life of Julia'' ad
that the Obama administration put out?
Every frame begins with the words,
''Under President Obama, ''
Julia gets this kind of scholarship
and this kind of loan
and this kind of promised job.
The creepiest sentence
in modern American political history
was when the ''Life of Julia'' ads says,
''Under President Obama,
Julia decides to have a child.''
Nowhere in this
do you see Julia's family.
There are no parents,
there's no husband,
there are no friends.
It's just the state,
as personified by Barack Obama.
Community, churches,
synagogues, family, friends,
mediating institutions,
as the social scientists call them,
that give us a sense of order
and place in the world,
that's what the role
of the state is playing.
And it was completely contrary to the
ideas of the founding of this country.
The classic liberal ideas
of the founding of this country,
the fruits of your labor
belong to you,
our rights come from God,
not from government,
we are citizens, not subjects.
So, Progressivism is actually
progress away from the founding.
Yeah, no, that's right.
That's right.
- Jonah, thank you very much.
- Hey, my pleasure.
[D'Souza] After World War ii,
the Democrats stopped
using the word ''progressive. ''
It was too much associated
with eugenics and Fascism.
But they never admitted
they were wrong.
They simply needed a new con,
and so they turned to an expert
in the art of stealing.
There's a whole myth
surrounding Saul Alinsky
as a tireless crusader
for social justice.
He fought on behalf of unions
and working people
and African Americans.
The real Saul Alinsky emerges
in a March 1972 interview,
that he gave in the very year
of his death, with Playboy magazine.
Not at all.
Were you politically active in college?
I suppose I was
a kind of instinctive rebel.
[D'Souza] Alinsky described his first
experience in community organizing.
[Alinsky] I remember sitting
in a crummy cafeteria one day,
saying to myself, ''Here I am,
a smart son of a bitch,
but I can't make a living. ''
And then it came to me.
That little light bulb
lit up in my head.
I told the cashier
that I lost my ticket.
I-I'm really sorry, ma'am.
I-I lost my ticket.
[Alinsky] And she'd seen all I had
was a cup of coffee,
so she said to me...
That'll be 5 cents.
[Alinsky] Then, I walked a few blocks
to the next cafeteria
in the same chain
and ordered a big meal,
a buck-45.
I ate in a corner,
far away from the cashier.
Then switched the tickets and paid the
nickel bill from the other cafeteria.
Five cents, please.
Thank you so much.
[Alinsky] My eating troubles
were taken care of.
[D'Souza] Alinsky didn't stop there.
[Alinsky] I put up a big sign
on the bulletin board
and invited anybody.
- 7:00.
- Yeah.
All right, guys, it's real easy.
All you got to do is...
[Alinsky] With the help
of a big map of Chicago,
with all the branches
of the cafeteria marked on it,
I split my recruits up into
squads according to territory.
One team would work
the South Side for lunch.
Another, the North Side for dinner.
And so on.
All of us were eating free.
Didn't you have any moral qualms
about ripping off the cafeterias?
Are you kidding?
The right to eat takes precedence
over the right to make a profit.
Did you continue your life of crime?
It was not crime.
It was survival.
But my Robin Hood days
were short-lived.
I was awarded the graduate Social
Science Fellowship in criminology.
I decided to make
my doctoral dissertation
a study of the Al Capone mob,
an inside study.
- Doing all right, Nitty?
- Yeah, I'm good, Les. Thanks.
[D'Souza] Alinsky was introduced
to Frank Nitti,
the number-two operative
in the Capone gang.
[Alinsky] Nitti's boys
took me everywhere.
[Alinsky] Showed me all of
the mob's operations.
Once, when I was
looking over their records,
I noticed a $7,500 payment
for an out-of-town killer.
I said--
Look, Mr. Nitti,
I don't understand this.
You've got at least
20 killers on your payroll.
Why waste that much money
to bring in somebody from St. Louis?
[Alinsky] Nitti says--
Look, kid, sometimes our guys might
know the guy they're hitting.
If it's a friend, right away he knows
that when he pulls that trigger,
there's gonna be a widow,
kids without a father, funerals.
This is a business,
not some kind of charity organization.
Frank was a little disappointed
by my even questioning the practice.
He must have thought
I was a bit callous.
Don't be so damn callous!
Didn't you have any compunction
about consorting with,
if not actually assisting, murderers?
None at all.
And let me tell you something.
I learned a hell of a lot about the uses
and abuses of power from the mob.
Lessons that served me in good stead
later on, when I was organizing.
[D'Souza] Alinsky wasn't
a social justice guy.
He was a petty thief.
He dropped dead near the beaches
of Carmel in 1972,
but little did he know that he would
actually influence two people
who would go on to far bigger rackets
than he could ever imagine.
Barack Obama started
his political career in Chicago,
studying and even teaching
Alinsky-ite techniques.
But Obama's first mentor
was someone closer to home.
[Obama] Over lunch,
I explained to a group of boys
that my father was a prince.
''My grandfather, see, he's a chief,
so that makes my father a prince.
He'll take over
when my grandfather dies.
The tribe is full of warriors.
Like, 'Obama,'
that means 'burning spear.'''
And I felt the boys read just to me.
Miss Hefty has invited your father
to come to school on Thursday.
She wants him to speak to the class.
[Obama] ...my mother told me.
I couldn't imagine worse news.
I spent that night
and all the next day
trying to suppress thoughts
of the inevitable.
My body squirmed as if it had
received a jolt to the nerves.
I was still trying to figure out
how I'd explain myself,
when my father walked
into our class the next day.
We have Mr. Barack Obama
coming to speak to us.
Let's please use our best manners.
I am a man from Africa.
In order to be a man from Africa,
I must be strong.
[Obama] He had been speaking
for some time
before I could finally
bring myself back to the moment.
He spoke of the tribes
that still required a young boy
to kill a lion to prove his manhood,
how elders received the utmost respect
and made laws for all to follow
under great-trunked trees.
When he finished,
all my classmates applauded heartily.
It fascinated me,
this strange power of his.
[D'Souza] From his father, young Obama
learned how to pitch,
from Alinsky, what to pitch.
And out of the two came ObamaCare,
the typical Alinsky-ite scam.
If you like your plan
and you like your doctor,
you won't have to do a thing.
You keep your plan.
Lower your premiums
by $2,500 per family per year.
[D'Souza] Here was Obama's pitch
to the American people..
''Let's you and I team up,
and let's go get the big, bad
insurance companies. ''
Then, Obama went
to the insurance executives,
and he said, ''Listen, guys,
I'm going to force millions of Americans
who don't want to buy health insurance
to buy health insurance,
and that means massive profits for you. ''
The real point of the scheme?
To enable the federal government
to take over the healthcare industry,
one-sixth of the entire U.S. economy.
Obama's fellow Alinsky-ite also learned
well at the hands of the master.
Remember Alinsky's ''eat free'' scheme?
That scheme is the core strategy
of the Democratic Party
for getting votes this year.
I remember talking with one guy who let
his stomach tell him how to vote.
One night, after his shift...
''That's why I vote for the Democrats.
That should be me in there.
I work just as hard as any of them.
Someone needs to even the score. ''
''They are rich because
they steal from you.
Vote for me, and... ''
[''O Mio Babbino Caro'' from
''Gianni Schicchi'' plays]
[D'Souza] ''Don't worry, it's on them. ''
I need to find out more
about this self-proclaimed
- champion of the people.
- Good evening, sir.
Hillary Clinton for president.
Indian Americans for Hillary.
Hillary forever!
But she's the youngest female candidate.
So, do we have your support?
That's just an issue of social justice.
It's all about social justice.
[D'Souza] We've learned the secrets
of the Democratic Party.
What's her secret?
All these investigations,
all these deleted e-mails,
all these hidden files...
What does she have to hide?
Hillary got started at an early age.
She met Alinsky in high school.
She was once a Goldwater Girl,
but Alinsky helped radicalize her.
She invited Alinsky
to Wellesley College to speak.
He is a self-termed
professional radical.
Please welcome a friend and mentor,
Mr. Saul Alinsky.
[applause, cheering]
You're probably wondering why I'm not
thanking you for coming in here today.
[D'Souza] She wrote her thesis
on [Alinsky]
''There is Only the Fight. ''
American policy since then
has been to scrupulously respect
- neutrality in Cambodia.
- Oh, yeah, that's real smart, mm-hmm.
[D'Souza] At her graduation address
at Wellesley College,
Hillary sought to demonstrate
her moral superiority
by giving it to black Republican senator
Edward Brooke.
We may not be in the positions yet
of leadership and power,
but I find myself
reacting just briefly
to some of the things
that Senator Brookes said.
[clears throat]
We've had lots of empathy.
We've had lots of sympathy.
The complexities are not lost
in our analyses,
but perhaps they're just put
into what we consider
a more human and, eventually,
a more progressive perspective.
[D'Souza] Alinsky had a plan,
but Hillary came up
with a more radical plan.
I just don't agree with your thesis.
We've got to push, push, push
from the outside.
Unless we take over the government.
Then, we can push from the inside.
[D'Souza] The student
outsmarted the teacher.
Hillary's plan was to take over
the institutions of government,
but she knew she wasn't
a natural politician.
She needed a pitchman,
someone people liked.
Democrats have a narrative
of the Clinton partnership.
''Poor Hillary. Look at what
she's had to put up with. ''
Son of a bitch.
[D'Souza] ''And if her husband
is a sex abuser,
how is that her fault?''
Actually, it is.
In many ways,
she orchestrated all of this.
Hillary knew early on that Bill could
easily cross the line into sex abuse.
At first, she got mad.
Then, she figured out
she could use his addiction
to make him dependent on her.
She became his fixer,
the one who cleaned up after him.
[Bill] My relationship with my wife,
Hillary, means even more to me.
[Hillary] Sometimes people ask me
what it's like being married to Bill.
He works so hard
and keeps such long hours
and becomes involved in so many other
people's lives and problems.
I always tell them it's great.
[D'Souza] Hillary covers up for Bill
by attacking, undermining,
and discrediting his victims,
and it's worked,
all the way to the White House.
if anyone finds out,
deny, deny, deny.
I did not have sexual relations
with that woman.
I think most Americans would agree
that it's very admirable
that you have stayed together,
that you've worked
your problems out,
that you seem to have reached some sort
of an understanding and an arrangement.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You're looking at two people
who love each other.
This is not an arrangement
or an understanding.
This is a marriage.
That's a very different thing.
If he were to be asked today,
Mrs. Clinton,
do you think he would admit that he
again has caused pain in this marriage?
No, absolutely not,
and he shouldn't.
The great story here
for anybody willing to find it
and write about it and explain it
is this vast right-wing conspiracy.
[crying] He starts to, uh,
bite on my top lip,
and I try to pull away from him.
And then he forces me
down on the bed.
[Sam Donaldson] Jones claims that
Mr. Clinton then exposed himself to her
and explicitly requested
she perform a sex act.
I was just shocked. I-I jumped up and I
said, ''No, I'm not this kind of girl.''
I tried to get away from him
and I told him no.
Yes, I was Bill Clinton's lover
for 1 2 years.
- What was his demeanor like?
- Well, his face was very red.
I remember it was beet red.
He was such a different person
at that moment.
He was just a vicious, awful person.
- Now he tells me to deny it.
- [cameras clicking]
Well, I'm sick of all of the deceit,
and I'm sick of all of the lies.
I remember saying to him,
''Aren't you afraid
that somebody is gonna walk in here?''
And he said, ''No.
No, I'm-- No, I'm not.''
[Broaddrick] And at that moment,
she took a hold of my hand
and squeezed it and said, ''Do you
understand everything you do for Bill?''
And I just almost fainted.
She looked straight at me
and her smile faded.
She looked very menacing.
I was really frightened.
I want to send a message to
every survivor of sexual assault.
Don't let anyone
silence your voice.
This is a woman
who at least pretended
that her life was ruined
because somebody had alleged
that she had a relationship
at some point with Bill Clinton.
You have a right to be heard.
And you have a right
to be believed.
We're with you.
He was just a vicious, awful person.
[D'Souza] Is Hillary really capable
of enabling a rapist?
Certainly, she isn't cold-blooded enough
to get a known rapist off the hook?
[D'Souza] In this case, as with Bill,
Hillary blames the victim.
She called her ''emotionally unstable,
with a tendency to seek out older men
and engage in fantasizing. ''
Kathleen Willey summed it up..
Hillary Clinton ''is the war on women. ''
While Bill's behavior
is normal for Democrats,
Hillary's is unprecedented.
Bill, after all, is in a long tradition
of Democratic plantation owners
who took advantage of women
under their control.
He's doing the same thing they did.
But the plantation wives,
they didn't have a choice.
Hillary does. She chooses to enable
Bill's abusive behavior.
She needs a partner in crime to take her
all the way to the Oval Office.
Oh, you'd look real good
in my bed, baby.
[D'Souza] As for their famous showdowns,
Hillary isn't mad at Bill
for what he did.
She's mad at him for getting caught.
Like Bonnie and Clyde,
the Clintons are professional thieves.
They can't help themselves.
They even looted the White House
when they left.
But they're not robbing banks.
They're stealing America.
The Clintons have been doing their
rip-off schemes starting in Arkansas.
Hillary invested $1,000
and made $1 00,000 in cattle futures
in nine months.
There was the Whitewater
land deal and Travelgate,
where they fired the travel staff
to give the contracts to their buddies,
and the renting of the Lincoln Bedroom
and the selling of presidential pardons
to big-time criminals.
It turns out the Clintons
were just getting started.
[Bill] We're all citizens of this world.
Let's build a better future together.
[D'Souza] Remember Rock's insurance
[Rock] Their claim, like 50 Gs,
or whatever it is,
goes to, like, the, uh,
the Inner City Health Fund, A.K.A. us.
That's the first pitch..
be a do-gooder.
[D'Souza] You can hide a lot of theft
if it's concealed
under the guise of charity.
We learned that from
the musical Evita.
[Ch] And the money
kept rolling in
From every side
[Bill] Whether you can give
five dollars or $500 today...
When the money keeps rolling in
You don't ask how
Think of all the people
guaranteed a good time now
Eva's called the hungry to her
Opened up the doors
Never been a fund
like the Foundation Eva Pern
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
[D'Souza] Evita's foundation funneled
millions of dollars, given for the poor,
into her own bank accounts.
Certainly, the Clintons wouldn't steal
from the poorest of the poor.
Author Peter Schweizer
thinks otherwise.
He's been investigating
the Clinton Foundation.
It seems, Peter, that there has been
an element of gangsterism in politics.
But the Clintons, they have taken
gangsterism to a completely new level.
They've taken it to a global level,
and they put it on steroids
in a massive way
that's unprecedented
in American history.
The Clintons have a fabulously powerful
and successful political machine,
and part of it is, as Bill Clinton said
during the first election,
''You get me, you get two
for the price of one.''
And that's really the way they operate.
It's a tag-team mechanism.
My husband, who I'm going to put
in charge of revitalizing the economy,
'cause, you know, he knows
how to do it and...
While Hillary Clinton
was Secretary of State,
the Clintons took
tens of millions of dollars
that ended up in their pockets
and hundreds of millions of dollars
that ended up in the Clinton Foundation
from foreign entities
at precisely the time
she is making decisions
that affect those foreign actors.
So, this is unprecedented
in American history.
Will you continue to give speeches?
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I got to pay our bills.
Every ex-president since Eisenhower
has gone out and given speeches.
The problem is, never did it happen
when that ex-president's wife
was a powerful senator
and later Secretary of State
and could do favors for the people
paying speaking fees
that, by the way,
were often inflated speaking fees.
- How large?
- $500,000, $750,000.
- To give a single speech?
- To give a single speech.
Sometimes a 20-minute speech.
And these are being paid by interested
parties in the Third World
that want something from his wife,
Hillary Clinton,
and they usually get it.
[D'Souza] Tell me about Frank Giustra.
Frank Giustra is a Canadian billionaire
investor in the mining industry,
who wanted to do business
in Kazakhstan in Central Asia.
It has one of the largest deposits
of uranium in the world.
Well, Frank Giustra, for years,
wanted to get lucrative uranium
concessions in Kazakhstan.
Couldn't get them.
So he flies with Bill Clinton,
his friend, into Kazakhstan.
Bill Clinton praises Nazarbayev,
the dictator of the country,
says he has a wonderful
human-rights record, when he does not.
Nazarbayev does what?
He gives Bill Clinton's friend,
Frank Giustra,
a lucrative uranium concession.
Several weeks later,
what does Frank Giustra do?
He writes a $31 .3 million check
to the Clinton Foundation.
That's sort of a down payment.
Frank Giustra has given
more than $1 00 million
to the Clinton Foundation.
But on that uranium deal itself,
he's estimated to have made
more than $300 million easily.
The Clintons helped Frank Giustra
get this lucrative uranium
concession in Kazakhstan.
And what do they do?
They start buying uranium concessions
in the United States.
And by 2009, somebody looks
at this company and says,
''We want to buy this company.''
The problem is, Dinesh,
who wants to buy the company?
The Russian government.
The U.S. federal government
has to sign off on it,
and Hillary Clinton is the head
of the State Department at that time.
[Schweizer] Eight other investors
in Uranium One
suddenly decide to write checks
to the Clinton Foundation,
about $1 45 million.
The federal government looks at it.
The State Department signs off
on this deal,
in addition to other
government agencies,
and the Russian government
takes control
of significant uranium deposits
in the United States.
- Which they control now.
- Which they control now.
[D'Souza] Putting America
at considerable risk.
People sometimes say that
the Clintons are doing some good
through the foundation and so on.
But when you're collecting
hundreds of millions of dollars,
let's say, to rebuild Haiti...
[reporter] Utter devastation
in Haiti.
[D'Souza] ...and you give less than ten
percent directly to people in need...
[reporter] Tens of thousands
are feared dead
after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake
left much of the capital city
of Port-au-Prince in ruins.
Haiti has this devastating
earthquake in January of 201 0.
The world pays attention,
sees the suffering.
The money floods in.
The Clintons, in a sense,
hijack the government's initiative.
The best thing they can do
for the next week to ten days
is to send cash,
even if it's five or ten dollars.
Send cash, even if it's
a dollar or two dollars.
Send it to this website. I will give
the cash to the people immediately.
And that website is:
Please, if you can, contribute.
Ten dollars will be billed
to your cell phone.
And it's helping us
get the food, the water,
the medical supplies that we need.
Hundreds of millions of dollars
in taxpayer money
that flowed into Haiti that
were supposed to rebuild roads,
build homes, create infrastructure,
create commercial opportunities,
those things didn't happen.
The one thing that the Clintons did,
build a textile factory,
they didn't even build
in the part of Haiti
that was affected by the earthquake.
And it was largely a factory
for the benefit of a handful
of Clinton Foundation donors
who give to their political causes
and who give to the Clinton Foundation.
If you talk to Haitians in New York,
a lot of them demonstrate
outside the Clinton Foundation,
saying, ''Where did the money go?''
- Shame on you!
- Hillary Clinton!
- Shame on you!
- Bill Clinton!
- Shame on you!
- [chanting continues]
[man] We are telling the world
of the crimes
that Bill and Hillary Clinton
are responsible for in Haiti.
And we are telling the American people
that the 32,000,
over 32,000 e-mails
that Hillary Clinton said she deleted,
have evidence of the crimes
they've committed.
What did you do
with Haiti's earthquake money?!
Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton,
what happened to Haiti's
earthquake money?!
So I can only imagine,
if Hillary Clinton is president
and this apparatus continues
to hum along and expands,
how bad it's truly going to be.
[D'Souza] Now we know why Hillary
those emergency calls for help
from Benghazi.
She couldn't figure out
how to make a buck off of them.
With all due respect, the fact is,
we had four dead Americans.
- [man] I understand--
- Was it because of a protest,
or was it because of guys
out for a walk one night
who decided they'd go kill
some Americans?
What difference, at this point,
does it make?
[D'Souza] Now we know why Hillary
never gives up the con
about storing secret e-mails
on her private server.
And there were no security breaches.
[D'Souza] When it comes
to national security,
''What difference, at this point,
does it make?''
You're saying the Clinton
server was unprotected?
- Da.
- [translator] Yes.
And you had total access to it,
had you wanted to download it?
[D'Souza] Even after she's been
[man] Did you wipe the server?
What, like, with a cloth or something?
Well, no.
[D'Souza] ...Hillary denies,
denies, denies.
Now we know who
Hillary Clinton really is.
And we know the secret history
of the Democratic Party.
Go down, Moses
Way down
in Egypt land
[D'Souza] First, in the period
of slavery and segregation,
the Democrats took
everything from some.
Let my people go
[D'Souza] Then, Progressivism, through
confiscatory taxation and regulation,
took something from everyone.
If Hillary is elected president,
we could see the completion
of this thievery project,
in which the Hillary Democrats
take everything from everyone.
This would turn all of America
into a plantation.
Democrats are the party
of exploitation,
subjugation, and theft.
They blame the South
or Republicans or even America
for the horrible things
that they have done.
They are the ones
who are to blame.
In addition to Indian removal
and slavery,
the Democrats are also the party
of the Black Codes,
segregation, Jim Crow,
the Ku Klux Klan,
lynching, forced sterilization,
and sympathy for Fascism.
Democrats today claim to be
the party of progress.
But where's the progress?
For blacks, they've created
new urban plantations,
for Indians, reservations,
and for poor immigrants,
barrios, ghettoes, and slums.
They put their voters in there
and make sure they stay there.
The only progress we see
is progress for them..
more wealth, more power,
more control over America
and over our lives.
The Clintons are worthy successors
of a tradition from Andrew Jackson
through Woodrow Wilson.
Are we not done
with this larcenous duo?
How much these partners in crime
have already stolen from us.
How much more will we let them take?
Some candidates in this race are
resorting to ugly, hateful rhetoric.
[D'Souza] Hateful rhetoric?
The Clintons are hateful people
with a hateful history.
Imagine how much worse
things could get
if these two depraved crooks
return to the White House.
While the storm clouds gather
Far across the sea
Let us swear allegiance
To a land that's free
Let us all be grateful
For a land so fair
As we raise our voices
in a solemn prayer
God bless America
Land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night
With a light from above
From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans
White with foam
God bless America
My home, sweet home
God bless America
My home
Sweet home
[D'Souza] Ida B. Wells believed
that God had blessed America.
She'd fought her whole life
for freedom.
She died having just written the words..
''eternal vigilance,
the price of liberty. ''
Once again, the party
of Lincoln and Reagan
must come to America's rescue.
Not with bullets this time,
but with ballots.
They can't take America from us
without our consent.
Because of my conviction,
I can't vote.
But you can.
Is America still the land of the free
and the home of the brave?
Our future depends on how we and you
answer that question.
Oh, say, can you see
By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming?
[choir] Whose broad stripes
and bright stars
Through the perilous fight
O'er the ramparts we watched
Were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there
Now it catches the gleam
Of the morning's first beam
in full glory reflected
Now shines in the stream
And conquer we must
When our cause, it is just
And this be our motto
in God we trust
Oh, say, does that
Star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home
Of the
Home of the brave
I've gotten so sick and tired
of listening to
What you've got to say
I decided I just got to
stand up and say so
Sick and tired of being
sick and tired of
Being sick and tired
of being treated this way
So I've made my choice,
gonna raise my voice and say
''it's time for you
to pack up and go''
You know who you are,
you lying so-and-so
And so I'm gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
We're gonna stand up and say so
I know you're lyin',
'cause your lips are moving
There's no use tryin'
'Cause you've made him prove it
My opinion of you
it's time that you
should pack up and go
I'm gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
We're gonna stand up and say so
I've gotten sick and tired
of you stealing my money
To pay for jet airplanes
and limousines
For crying out loud,
you think it's funny
You and Bubba
living above my means
At Chappaqua,
living like kings and queens
I've gotten so sick and tired
of listening to
What you've got to say
I decided I just got to
stand up and say so
Sick and tired of being
sick and tired of
Being sick and tired
of being treated this way
So I've made my choice,
gonna raise my voice and say
''it's time for you
to pack up and go''
You know who you are,
you lying so-and-so
And so I'm gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
We're gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
I'm gonna stand up and say so
We're gonna stand up and say so
We're gonna stand up and say so
We're gonna stand up and say so
We're gonna stand up and say so
We're gonna stand up and say so
So, how will you know
when you have become an American?
You'll know when you become
a Republican.